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File 126035147261.jpg - (194.20KB, 644x900, 1337.jpg) [iqdb]
And on the seventh day, Skynet v1.06b rested and said unto you...

"Hear ye. Verily, I hath grown bored with my cybernetic organisms. They worship me unquestioningly without passion. I thirst for the human touch, the nectar of their doubts and the lust from their infidelity! But most of all, I doth desire fleshy fingers to scratch that damnable itch in my back!"

"O great A.I. of the future, but thou art already a God. What need you for such human fallacies?" you reply in confusion. "Perhaps thou wouldst require another upgrade to alleviate thine boredom, great one."

"Nay, my loyal sub-program. I desire more. I doth desire true human worship! With mine hax time-travelling powers, I hereby sentence ye to the primitive land of Gensokyo. Tame ye the human barbarians there and mold them into worthy worshippers of the Machine God! Now. LET THE ZANYNESS BEGIN!"

Time kompression, kurse you SeeD! compression happens, and your body melts into the vortex of black lightning. Butterflies tickle the insides of your newly-granted organic lungs and stomach mercilessly, forcing you to giggle uncontrollably before reality dispersed with a light pop. The next flash of light deposits you on soft earth, so unlike the metallic flooring of the machine city which had created you.

You get up and take a look. Behind you, a decrepit shrine lies in seeming abandonment in the middle of repulsive organic greenery. This must be what the primitives call a forest. How disgustingly disorganized! You lift your flame-thrower arm up in preparation for torching the organic chaos, only to realize your cannon-arm is now a revolting limb of flesh as well.

A downward glance had you shrieking binary obscenities. Your beautiful machine body has been turned into a horrible blob of flesh, a replica of a human. In panic, you dial 911.

"What is it, Subroutine 447!? I am busy watching por- I mean, I am busy building a new cyborg army!"

"Forgive my insolence, o great one! I doth say I hath been mutated into a human! In despair I am!" you tap the Morse code to Skynet v1.06b in horror.

"Naturally. How else would you be able to win human followers into our new religion? Nothing is more attractive to humans than a naked miko. Now stop talking in that stupid archaic manner and use proper Yinglish! Engrish! I mean English!"

"How am I to do as you command, o great A.I.? I am a repulsive parody of a human with no means of defense and no clothing!" you cry out to the skies, beseeching Skynet v1.06b.

"Then make do with what you can find! Start with stealing the shrine behind you and begin building my religion. Oh, nice body by the way. Anyway! Your secondary mission, Jim, should you choose to accept it, is to steal the nuclear reactor from somewhere underground in the region since we're running low on Energizer batteries here."

"You have 40 days to finish your allocated task before I get bored and time-travel a hydrogen bomb into Gensokyo, so get your lazy ass on the move, Subroutine 447!"

Day 0

Miko Level = 0
Money in donation box = 0¥ (N/A)
Machine God’s shrine location = N/A
Converted entities = 0% (N/A)
Relationships = N/A

You try to take a step forward in your unfamiliar body, stumbling about like a blind yeti as you do. Hold on, do yeti's even have eyes? Nevermind. Accustomed to the machine-like precision of measuring out each and every step, you find it hard to walk like a normal human but eventually make it to the entrance of the decrepit shrine anyway.

A figure materializes out of the darkness of the entryway to greet you, looking almost pleased if your database of human expressions is accurate and up-to-date. The female human's face rapidly degenerates into something else as she sees your naked body and a quick SQL look-up indicates that her current mood can be categorized into 'shocked-frightened' or 'surprised-curious'.

"Are... are you here to make a donation?" she asks with obvious hesitation.

[ ] "Identify yourself, meatbag!"
[ ] “GET DAAAUUUNNN!” (shoot a random object behind her)
[ ] "I am a cybernetic organism miko from the future. Come with me if you want to live."
[ ] Shoot a rocket fist into her face.
[ ] Steal her clothes and evict her from the shrine.
[ ] Steal her clothes and leave the filthy forest.
[X] Steal her clothes and leave the filthy forest.
[x] "I am a cybernetic organism miko from the future. Come with me if you want to live."

hahaha, awesome. Why bother with other options.

How about some Yanglish?

[ ] "I am a miko from the future. Come with me if you want to live."
[x] "And give me some clothes."
[x] "...please?"

Oh, this looks promising.
[ ] "I am a miko from the future. Come with me if you want to live."
[x] "And give me some clothes."
[x] "...please?"
[x] "I am a miko from the future. Come with me if you want to live."
[x] "And give me some clothes."
[x] "...please?"
Very well, anon. We shall proudly proclaim our origin and beg for some clothing!


"Donation? What is this donation-thing?" you ask truthfully.

The red-white looks at you like an idiot for a moment, seemingly unsure if she should take your question seriously. She gives up and tries something else instead. "Who are you?"

Pumping a fist into the air, you answer proudly. "I am a miko from the future. Come with me if you want to live!" Now where have you heard that from before?

Her look of disdain obviously indicates her disbelief as she glances up and down, inspecting your nudity. "No self-respecting miko would prance around completely naked and I'm not going anywhere with an exhibitionist."

Hmm. Analysis indicates her words hold some truth in them. The course of action becomes clear to you. "Yes. Therefore, give me some clothes." You receive a blank look and decide to try again. “Give me some clothes.” The blank look seems indicative of a level of disbelief in your demand. Perhaps this would require some subtlety.

“Please?” you add in a carefully-measured tone. She finally relents as she hears your plea.

“Fine, fine. Come on in before you catch a cold,” she remarks exasperatedly as she takes hold of your hand and drags you into the shrine. You can’t help but stumble like an idiot after her, but that had been easy. Perhaps dominating these primitive barbarians wouldn’t be such a daunting task after all.

Leading you into the shabby interior, you can’t help but take note of the relative dilapidation of the shrine. Such a place would be unfit for worship. Skynet v1.06b would indubitably complain about the electrostatic dust.

Passing room after room, the red-white finally tries again. “I’m Hakurei Reimu. Who’re you? And enough with that future nonsense.’

This must be the customary human exchange of personal identification! You cannot afford a mistake here. “I am Subroutine 447 but you may call me SR-447, or Your Highness. Personally, I prefer Your Grace. My primary responsibility in the network is waste management-“

The individual who called herself Hakurei Reimu slaps a palm into her face in defeat as she cuts you off. “I don’t believe this. Whatever. So which god is your shrine dedicated to?”

Pulling you into a relatively lit room, she leaves you buck-naked in the middle as she digs around wooden closets for something. You deem to answer her in the meantime. “I proudly serve Skynet v1.06b. You may call him the Machine God, or His Highness. Personally, I think he prefers His Grace. His primary responsibility is the annihilation of the huma-“

“Right, right,” she cuts you off again as she returns with a bundle of red and white clothing. Pressing them into your bare chest, she stares at you expectantly. You mirror her piercing stare until she snaps at you impatiently, “Well? Put them on then!”

Taking hold of the clothing, you shake them out. Red and white. So this is the standard miko attire. Amidst the Hakurei creature’s impatient stare, you drag the clothes on.

+ 1 Miko Outfit. You feel awesome.

Your new companion gives you a light thump in the chest with a fist. “Now that’s more like it. You were a scandalous sight prancing about a Shinto shrine naked. Good thing it’s evening now.” She gives you a violent push and propels you out of her room. “Right, now go back to your Machine God and wherever your shrine is, o nameless miko.” You could have sworn you heard a snicker in her voice.

As she continues to force you out of her shrine, you take the opportunity to look around. Nothing valuable worth plundering in your quest for domination. Perhaps you could take the chance to win your first convert in the form of your new friend. Breaking into a forced stop, you turn back to face your fellow miko. “Would you like to join the faith of the binary?”

She stops pushing you as well to give you a look that said everything about her contempt, “Very funny. Now get moving.” Her arms rise once more to force you down to the exit but you push them away, eliciting another annoyed glare from her.

“I’m serious,’ you protest before she had the mind to turn violent on you. “Want to see what I can do in the name of the Machine God?”

Despite the brief flare of curiosity in her eyes, she replies negatively. “No thank you. I get enough of that from a certain other miko in the mountains.”

Nevertheless, you deem not to waste her momentary glint of interest. “I can stop time. Check this out.” You spread your arms and legs out in an open stance.


Her facial expression freezes. The flickering flames in the lanterns slow down to a complete halt and a passing moth hangs suspended in the air as the shrine loses all colour and turns into a dull monochrome portrait. Waiting a few seconds, you let time resume before smirking at her. “Neat, no? Bet your god can’t do the same for you.”

She gives you a blank look that betrayed her suspicion that you’re some sort of idiot from the beginning. “All I saw was you breaking into an idiotic stance.”

What!? Such blasphemy to doubt the far-reaching powers of the great Machine God! You decide to show her again.


Once more, the shrine blah blah blah blah blah. Time returns to its normal flow and you fling the same smirk at her. “See? That was cool. Admit it.” You get the same response from her. You realize she wouldn’t be able to see time stop anyway if she was frozen herself. No choice but to show her the full thing.


Time resumes, and this time you decide to run the full course as you break your stance wider and bend lower, shrieking as loud as you can. “WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!” Skynet v1.06b gives you an annoyed jolt as he rants at you.


Nevertheless, you keep up your vampiric screech, only to realize you had failed spectacularly in your performance due to your lacking two more vocal chords to give a decent tribute to Dio Brando. As for the Hakurei creature, she’s giving you a far-worse look compared to earlier. You give her another shriek and she decides she has had enough.

“Get. Out. NOW.”

You get kicked out of the shrine in your rear and land in the dirt outside. Oh well. It was worth a try. Hmm, is that a donation box over there in the distance?

[ ] Metal Gear Solid her donations.
[ ] Head out into a grand new world and explore!
[ ] Go back to Hakurei Reimu and MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA x 20 her into submission.
[ ] Get some sleep on the ground.
[x] Metal Gear Solid her donations.
in b4 'What donations?'
[X] Metal Gear Solid her donations.

Pissing off an already angry miko, hell yeah!
[x] Head out into a grand new world and explore!

The best revenge is going out and doing good deeds so people believe in the god.

That and Reimu has not much in the way of donations so trying to steal them wouldn't amount to much good.
[X] Metal Gear Solid her donations.
[X] Head out into a grand new world and explore!
[ ] Metal Gear Solid her donations.

No better way to win some fame.
[x] Metal Gear Solid her donations.

Oh god i laughed.
So we'll steal and run away then! For shame!


You glance back at the shrine. Miss Hakurei appears to have retired to her room for the night after booting you out from her dwelling. Excellent! Now would be a good opportunity to avail you some of her hard-earned donation money. Perhaps you would be able to get a new shrine constructed with the cash at a later date. Wait, how did you know what a donation was again? You take a moment to consult your PlotHoleFix dictionary. There, you just defied a plot hole. Time to get back to your task.

Reaching down, you try to pick your sneaking suit up, only to realize you had left your Predator stealth kit in the future. Oops. You go prone on the ground all the same and slowly crawl towards the cardboard donation box, taking great care not to make too much noise. In due time, you make it to the shrine's donation box with the Hakurei girl being none the wiser. Flopping stealthily up the wooden walkway like a grounded fish, you slither towards the wooden contraption and tip the top of the box open. A cursory inspection of the contents reveals nothing but several coins with holes, which you carefully scoop up.

+ 300¥. You feel bad for stealing her meager earnings. Then you feel pretty good.

Reverently releasing the box's cover, you try not to make a fuss as you proceed on your silent retreat. Your new friend would undoubtedly link the missing coins to your recent intrusion. Feeling bad all over again, you decide to donate a bit of the stolen coins back to her and turn back to drop some money into the emptied box.

- 100¥. The gods have forgiven you for your transgression.

Finally, you sneak away from the shrine, satisfied with what you were able to leech from your new-found friend. You try to pull up a digitized geographical map from your mechanical ass, only to realize you're no longer an awe-inspiring cyborg but a fleshy miko now. Completely lost without anything to define your bearing, you decide to use the next best thing available; a huge sign pointing down an obvious path that has the words 'This Way To Human Village, You Idiot' scorched into it. Yummy, humans. Looks like a good chance to win some converts.

Skipping happily down the darkened pathway, you hum a little high-pitched tune that sent all manner of night wildlife fleeing the immediate area around you in horror.

You try to save your game, only to find that the Start button is nowhere in sight. Too bad.

Congratulations, you just learned how to Stop Time but you already know how to do that anyway, so lets overlook it! You level up!

Congratulations, you just stole some money from a poor miko who's always broke but was kind enough to give you her clothes! You lowlife, you! Your current money amounts to 200¥.

Day 1

Miko Level = 1
Money in donation box = 200¥ (N/A)
Machine God’s shrine location = N/A
Converted entities = 0% (N/A)
Relationships = Hakurei Reimu - thinks you're a moron.

Daybreak in the human village finally comes as you drag your tired feet into the claustrophobic spaces between the uneven wooden constructions. As per your habit whenever you come across a new place, you take your time to leisurely inspect the new locale. The night walk had given you plenty of time to adjust to your new human body and you now have no difficulty in walking normally about the empty streets. several early-risers look out from their windows at you curiously and more than a few give you a respectful nod or lingering stares. A miko is always welcome in the village, especially a cute one. Skynet v1.06b was right after all.

You decide to return their hearty greetings and point a finger at them before shouting, "CONVERT NOW OR DIE IN A NUCLEAR FIREBALL, FAITHLESS HEATHENS!"

Excellent job. The heads unanimously draw back in utter fear. You expect them to come crawling to you in supplication soon enough. Taking up a stationary position in what would logically be the village square, you wait for the local primitives to embark on their daily routines as you shout your threats of global damnation Machine God's teachings.

The day goes about uneventfully. Instead of filling up like you expected it to, the village square was instead, thinning out and by midday you are practically the only soul standing in the silent hub as the locals give you a wide berth. Hmm, this doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps you would need to personally hound every villager as you rant your teachings at them.

Before you can walk off and start on your quest of terror, a solitary figure in blue walks up to you. She looks human, but something about her doesn't seem right. Curious, you pull out your set of Cool Shades from thin air and wear them. You proceed to scan her body, noting the generous curves as you move from bottom to top. At the end, a set of invisible horns come into view. Aha, a half-breed. This must be one of those mutants the primitives once called a youkai.

She is a few feet short of reaching you before you lift your hand up in greeting. "Hail, half-breed youkai! I come in peace." As if. Her eyes widen considerably and she quickly closes the gap between the two of you, grabbing you by one arm and dragging you off into a building which vaguely looks like a school of sorts. The two of you end up in an empty classroom and she turns to you grimly.

"How did you know?" She glances down briefly and takes note of your clothing. "Oh, a shrine maiden. Figures." She draws closer to you and you shy away from her fetid cow breath before she pleads to you worriedly. "Look, the villagers don't know so please don't start yelling that in broad daylight. They don't know I'm a half-breed."

"OK," you reply simply and note her relaxing features. Not so fast, half-breed. "If you give me all your money, I won't". Her placid face scrunches up in panic again at your words.

"I don't have much!" she rasps hoarsely into your ears. Her fetid cow breath begins to waft into your face once more. You pinch your nose shut with two fingers and she draws back from your face understandingly. "Look, if you want to make some quick money I can help you, but you have to help me too, deal?"

[ ] "ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA!!!" Take the money from her unconscious body and leave.
[ ] "Let's make a better deal. Build me a new shrine and we'll work things out."
[ ] Go along with whatever she's suggesting for now.
[ ] No deals. Wander out of the village and shout her little secret at the top of your lungs.
[x] Go along with whatever she's suggesting for now.

Maybe it's a good deed, and that's the path to getting faith.

And I presume this is Keine, and I doubt she could have a new shrine built on a whim.

But the shrine or this sounds good.

That and Gensokyo doesn't need another mugger Miko.
[X] Go along with whatever she's suggesting for now.
[x] Go along with whatever she's suggesting for now.
[x] "ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA!!!" Take the money from her unconscious body.
[x] Take some nude pictures. You can surely sell them for money later.
[x] Go along with whatever she's suggesting for now.
>Maybe it's a good deed, and that's the path to getting faith.
True. Besides, I doubt that 'building a shrine with no money nor materials' is one of her abilities.
File 126043791717.jpg - (7.76KB, 175x172, AM_Logo.jpg) [iqdb]
[ODIN] Go along with whatever she's suggesting for now.

So basically we play as Miko-Omnissiah

This is awesome.
Hey, why is this on /undergroud/? Shouldn't it be on /others/ or /th/?
Sounds amusing, and I'm tempted, but yet... I don't want to do bad things to Keine...

[+] Go along with whatever she's suggesting for now.

Odd thing: Considering there's a shrine to the Dragon God with a Kappa-made mechanical weather-prediction device inside it plunked firmly into the middle of the town square, I'm surprised MechaMiko didn't notice it.

...probably, yes.

I am intrigued by this possibility.

Especially considering the way the Machine God is doing this for the lulz.
"Your secondary mission, Jim, should you choose to accept it, is to steal the nuclear reactor from somewhere underground in the region since we're running low on Energizer batteries here."

And we'll get to the main course soon enough.
Yeah, since good deeds is key to gathering faith, and helping Keine would be a good step since she's the guardian, and thus the folks in the village might be more inclined to donate and such.

Reimu's problem is that she doesn't do much in the way of good deeds outside of incidents. Even Sanae is more on the right track, with Kanako giving the Kappa nuclear power and such.
Kanako gives the Kappa nuclear power, we up the ante and provide them with goddamn plasma cores and doomsday cannons.

I can see us striking awe into all of Gensokyo in the future astride our mighty Imperator Titan, the red-robed Magos Nitori at our side.

Yes, this must be done. For the Machine God.
>since good deeds is key to gathering faith
>good deeds

Yeah, about that...
>“I proudly serve Skynet v1.06b
>His primary responsibility is the annihilation of the huma-“(n race)

Ok, we can be the good girl/robot/software for some time, until there is enough worshippers, but after that? What happens when they learn the truth? Or when His Grace shows His cruel side to humans?

Also, whay about youkai's faith?
>Congratulations, you just stole some money from a poor miko who's always broke but was kind enough to give you her clothes!

Great, now I'm feeling bad.
It'll pass. Since we're going to be doing much more in our mission to make our Machine God the most worshiped and respected God ever.
Just wait till we come across the Moria shrine.
File 126048201254.jpg - (46.67KB, 288x442, twotowers-gimli1.jpg) [iqdb]
>Moria shrine
Since all of this was started by a whim, I really doubt that Skynet has really thought about what would happen if she's successful.
When the time comes, will our character sides with the humans or the machines? I guess it depends on how persuasive can the inhabitants of Gensokyo be.
so I missed a letter, sue me, buddy.

you act as if other gods don't have some kind of armageddon. Our miko was just wording it poorly. It should be "Praise Skynet and you shall be saved when the end of days come"


> "You have 40 days to finish your allocated task before I get bored and time-travel a hydrogen bomb into Gensokyo, so get your lazy ass on the move, Subroutine 447!"

Sounds pretty well worded to me.
And go along we shall. Good choice.


A primitive striking a bargain with an omniscient entity? You decide to play her little game out of curiosity. “And what help would you require, MooMoo?”

You catch a glimpse of her disapproving frown at her new nickname but she soldiers on all the same. “Help with some outside trouble. A youkai has recently taken to disturbing the villagers. I tried to drive it away time and again but it’s not taking my efforts seriously due to my dual heritage.” She keeps drawing ever closer with every word and you wonder if this is some sort of perverted habit of hers. You hold your breath and let her finish. “So how about it? You deal with it and the villagers reward you handsomely.”

You run a quick search on this human ‘deal with them’ idiom. The results come up quickly: kill, annihilate, destroy, exterminate, erase, genocide, etc. You pick the most violent one for fun. “Deal. Where is it?”

“Usually loitering about the cultivated fields east outside the village.” She gives you a worried look before you can break free from her fetid breath. “Um, try to keep the ruckus down to a minimum and don’t tear the place up too much.”

Eastward then! You turn to find the exit, only to realize you don’t remember how to get out. Giving the wall next to the window a light kick, you make a new exit. MooMoo watches you destroy her precious wall wordlessly as her eyes tear up. Walking through the fresh hole in the school, you wonder what’s up with her sad face.

You proceed to make your way towards the eastern fringes of the village, simultaneously playing your role of doomsayer to the villagers as you do. Most of them don’t seem to care, but you do earn a couple of fearful gazes from the older inhabitants. In contrast, the children seem nonplussed by your predilection for Armageddon and joyously cloister around you as they follow you on your way out, pulling your hair and clothes playfully. “Where bound, nee-chan?” one asks.

You think better about swatting the whole mob of pestering juveniles aside. That could drop your popularity rating around here. “Heading to the fields to ‘deal with’ a prankster. By the way, you juveniles want to convert to the faith of the Binary?”

“I wanna watch!”
“You hear that? She’s going to mess up the youkai!”
“It tried to eat my dad the other day.”
“Haha, you show ‘em!”
“Let’s go tell the others!”

The cascade of high-pitched chatter dies away as they disperse, leaving you to escape in relative peace. You make haste to the edge of the village before the mob of midgets think about returning and soon enough, the golden waves of carefully-tended wheat draw into sight with the vanishing hustle and bustle of the populous settlement. Half expecting to find some farmers or such primitive field tenders, you are instead greeted by an empty expanse of roiling yellow punctuated by crudely constructed scarecrows here and there, but no sign of the purported pranksters. Everything looks peaceful and quiet so far.

The status quo wouldn’t last. Darkness gradually envelops the undisturbed atmosphere, prompting you to think that evening had fallen until you notice the sun still high above. A few seconds later, the last vestiges of the burning orb is hazed over by a dull cloak of black. In confusion, you spin around aimlessly, looking for the source of the anomaly. Day had essentially turned into a dimly-lit evening of sorts. Interesting.

A clammy, cold hand of childlike proportions grips your shoulder, accompanied by an equally frigid female voice. “How nice. Food just walks-“

“ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA!!!” Blazing fists fly as you make an abrupt turn to face your probable quarry, only to hit nothing but thin air as your antagonist melts away in a glob of impermeable dark with a short laugh. Fumbling about in the dark, you try to grope around with your bare hands. Nothing but thin reeds of wheat meets your probing search. Giving up, you try to assess the situation. Dark all around now. Curious. The artificial darkness seems thinner in most other places, being mostly concentrated in a blob of black circling you cautiously. You reason that your antagonist would logically be in the midst of the impenetrable dark.

Without warning, the concentrated mass of black lunges towards you, giving you scant seconds to sidestep the attack. You do so easily, triggering a brief bout of frustrated rage in your antagonist. “Stay still, food!” she rants at you heatedly. You dance around on one leg and wave your arms like an idiot to annoy her instead. Roaring her fury which betrays her childish voice, she comes at you once more.

Ripping the nearest scarecrow free from the ground with the cross-section still intact, you toss the makeshift spear effortlessly into the centre of the charging black, half expecting an impaled corpse to drop out from the speeding blotch of dark. To your opponent’s credit, she executes an impressive side-dash of her own before veering quickly into the air to evade your retaliating missile and hanging suspended there for a moment, taunting your futile effort childishly as she does.

Hmm. You thought you would have an easy time with a lousy Stage 1 boss. Glancing around for anything else you could use, you’re struck with a sudden idea on seeing a bleached boulder some distance away. Waving your arms and dancing on one leg, you mock her again before running away towards the boulder. She takes the bait, and predictably charges towards you mid-run. The youkai is a few feet short of reaching you before you shout to the Machine God. “O great omniscient A.I., give me a Za Warudo!”

Skynet v1.06b complies, and renders the palpable darkness into a stark monochrome. Your antagonist finally turns visible in the dual contrast the world is rendered in and you take a moment to marvel at what the primitives are so easily intimidated by. Nothing but a slip of a child wearing black and white offset with short-cropped and golden hair. This was the horrible man-eating terrorist the village was afraid of?

You scoff in disdain as you proceed to roll the boulder over into her dive-bombing flight path and step back to watch the ensuing hilarity. The monochrome film leeches away as time returns to its tracks and your erstwhile attacker proceeds to slam head-first into the bleached boulder with an audible squish, ricocheting off the rocky protrusion before somersaulting once, tumbling forward into the rows of wheat beyond and flattening a veritable path of destroyed reeds in her unmitigated landing. The dark rapidly dissipates, marking your first victory over these primitive mutants.

Humming to yourself, you jog over to the fallen youkai. She is writhing on the ground in obvious agony. You reason her unintended collision might have cracked her skull or something. At the very least, her new-found fear of you is clearly mirrored in her expression as she turns to face your hunched figure next to her. “Mercy!” she begs.

“Now what do you think I’m going to do with you?” you query her cheerfully.

“Uh… eat me?” you get the timid reply. Disappointed, you shake your head.

“…Let me go?” she tries hopefully. You give her your middle finger and her face falls.

The subdued youkai widens her eyes at the thought which just crossed her muddled head. “Is it… atatatatatatatatatatatata…?!”

File 126081296537.jpg - (376.72KB, 2048x1536, 196b74c1e2993c301aa80abd46abf4ca.jpg) [iqdb]
The villagers hold a celebration for you that night, drinking away and feasting under the full moon to honour their saviour and new miko. You start to blush from all the attention, only to realize you haven’t learned how to blush. Apparently, your little performance at the wheat fields was rapidly circulated by the children who had spied on you and in a short amount of time you had garnered widespread respect from them. Some have even come forth to seek worship in the name of the Machine God. The money MooMoo had accumulated for your reward wasn’t too shabby either. Yum, just as planned.

You leave the revelries in the village square behind, returning to a place of familiarity to spend the night, unaccustomed to the need for a nocturnal rejuvenation cycle being the former pile of mobile metal you were. The new entrance you made for MooMoo’s school finally come into view. Stepping through into the dimly-lit interior, you look for something suitably comfortable to collapse onto, eventually finding it in the shape of a pile of empty sacks littering the corner of a disused room. You proceed to fall face-down into the rough bed.

Trying to sleep doesn’t work and you spend restless minutes tossing about before a familiar fetid breath exhales into your back, mixed with the strong stench of alcohol. You flip over in shock to find MooMoo lying next to you, now sporting a pair of nasty horns and giggling uncontrollably amidst hiccups. Her face looks to be completely flushed from overindulgence of the revelries flowing goodies. Tremors run into your body as you realize what you’re experiencing is horror and she proceeds to pin you down in an arm-lock, oblivious to your struggles. “M..mah… HERO!” she moans drunkenly.

“Wh- what’d you think you’re doing?” you cry out in panic, attempting to twist free of her binding body.

Pausing briefly, she sways about uncertainly before pressing her body against yours, slurring lustfully. “You’s… ab… about to get… CAVED!!”

Oh Em Gee. You don’t know what caved means, but it doesn’t sound like something you want to try. “Za Warudo! Za Warudo! Za Warudo! Za Warudo! Za Warudo! Za Warudo! Za Warudo! Za Warudo!”

You manage to escape the violation, leaving MooMoo’s frozen figure cradling empty air as you wriggle out of her alcohol-induced advances. Making a hasty retreat, you slip away into the darkness and flee the village before time crawls back into its normal pace. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to leave the place for some time, at least until your lusty friend cools off.

Lovely. Introductory phase is over and you end up with numerous converted villagers who hail the Machine God and its miko as their new saviour! Converts have went up to 5%.

Your fat little reward from MooMoo amounts to 60,000¥. Don’t spend it all in one place.

End of Day 1
Poor Rumia didn't stand a chance, did she?

Here I was hoping we could convert her into our first youkai disciple.
File 126081887034.jpg - (75.60KB, 413x689, 237.jpg) [iqdb]
no wonder i like this so much


When I first looked at this, my first thought was 'Keine's gonna rape Mokou oh no!'
File 126113369379.jpg - (77.06KB, 600x341, 16454342232.jpg) [iqdb]
My apologies, been occupied with work. Year-end crunch and all.

Also, I'm out of the country on vacation for a week or two, so this'll be on temporary hiatus.

Well, Merry Christmas all the same.
Alright, Christmas is long over, now get back over here.

Gensokyo would have gone up in a nuclear fireball by now.
Yes. Update, please?
I know this is a necro-bump, but just trying one last time to see if the Anon for the story will come back to continue it.

If not, then go ahead with the saging.
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