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You open your eyes. It's still night, from the looks of how dark your room is. You can hear the distant sound of party-goers still, seems there's some that don't quite want to give up for the night just yet. You roll over and try to fall back asleep, and that's when you notice something slightly off. The door to your room is slightly open. You closed it, didn't you? Maybe someone was looking for a room and accidentally started to come in before they noticed you? Ah, whatever. You kick the blankets aside and walk over to the door, reaching out to it, but stop. Instead, you pull it open a bit more and stick your head out into the hall. A few feet away from your door, with her back towards you, is Hina. She seems to be talking to herself.

“Uh, hello?” you call out to her, and she suddenly starts with a yelp, turning around to face you quickly.

“Oh, oh! Uh, h-hello Kenshiro,” she stammers, eyes fixed on the floor. “I-I was just looking for a room, a-and...” Ah, so that's how it is.

“I see,” you say, leaning back into your room a bit more then. She seems awfully worked up for something like that though. “Well, good night.” You lean back fully and start to close the door, when Hina appears back in front of you.

“Uh, wait!” she says, still not looking at you. “I-I...” she stutters again. She must have something on her mind after all.

“Do you want something?” you ask, trying to help her along. She seems a lot more jittery now, and keeps looking off down the hall. “Do you have a problem or something you want me to help with?”

“N-n-nothing like th-that...” she mutters, nervously playing with her hair. You can smell alcohol on her, and her face looks pretty red, she must be drunk as well. You can't take this anymore, she's obviously got something on her mind but she's having a hard time getting it out. You push the door open more and put a hand on her shoulder, pulling her into the room. “Wa-wait!”

“Come in here,” you say, taking her into the room and over to a chair, where you motion for her to sit. After a bit of fretting, she does, and you go back to the door, taking one look around for yourself before closing the door. You head back to your bed, sitting on the edge nearest to the chair, and light a lamp sitting on a table next to you to light the room. Hina still seems nervous about something, but she also looks to have calmed down a little bit as well. “Now then, I'm pretty sure you have something you want to say, so let's hear it.”

“Nothing, r-really,” she says quietly, still trying to pass it off as nothing, and still not looking at you. “I j-just was wondering... h-how you were...” Yeah, she's definitely covering for something now.

“Hina,” you say firmly. She looks up at you for a moment, then looks away. “If you don't tell me what the problem is, I can't help you.” Hina's hands grab at her skirt. You can see the worry in her face pretty clearly. A few seconds pass, and then a minute, nothing comes from Hina.

“I'm sorry...” she mutters. “It's about when you possessed me...” Hina looks at you, then away again. “So many things happened, but I only have a faint memory of them. I'm glad that Nitori finally understood my feelings, but I... that wasn't me. We haven't done anything like th-that yet, but Nitori was being... 'playful' tonight and... I don't know if I can do it.” You see where this is going. “S-So, if it's not too much trouble, do you th-think you could p-possess me again and use my body to please Nitori?” Wait, no, this is something entirely different.

“That's a bit much!” you state, leaning back a little. Hina seems to deflate, lowering her head a bit.

“It was a stupid question, I'm sorry, I just...” she trails off. She's wringing her hands in her lap. “I don't know what to do... so...” she looks down at her hands, and falls silent again. This is a bit of a strange situation, you could probably explain to her how to go about stimulating Nitori, but...

“So...” you start, causing Hina to turn her head towards you a bit. You're starting to think now that her redness wasn't caused by being drunk, but rather overwhelming embarrassment. “Have you ever, uh... touched yourself before?” Smooth icebreaker. Hina reacts by covering her face in her hands and shaking her head.

“I-I'm sorry, I can't-” she returns to stammering, standing up from the chair and practically rushing to the door, but she stops and hesitates for a moment before dropping her head into her hands again. After a few seconds, she turns back towards you, hands clasped under her chin, eyes closed. She takes an uneasy step towards you, and another. One step after another she walks to wards the bed, and you move aside, helping guide her so she's sitting next to you.

“Are you okay?” you ask.

“P-P-” she's stuttering hard right now, and stops, whining in her throat a little bit. “Please t-teach me...” You can't help but laugh. It's just a short snicker, but Hina looks over at you with a shocked expression. “What-?”

“Are you sure you can handle this?” you ask, able to see that Hina's actually trembling slightly. “I mean, it's this hard for you to ask for help, when it comes to it you're liable to just have a total meltdown. I think you should-”

“D-do it... to me...”

“Heh?” you pause, unsure of what you just heard. Did she just-

“I-if you do it to me, m-maybe with experience, I won't-” Hina continues.

“Wait, wait,” you cut in. “Think about what you're saying here.” You sure are, since within seconds mental images of Hina start flashing through your mind.

“You p-played with Nitori, and she's gotten a little bold about it,” Hina murmurs. “I thought that, if you d-did that to me, then... maybe...”

“You're okay with that?” you ask, still a little stunned at the offer dropped on your lap. Hmm, actually maybe it's best to keep your lap out of the equation, it's gotten you into a spot of trouble already. Hina nods slowly, head turned away.

“I trust you, and...” she trails off, looking back towards you, actually making eye contact, face red as ever. “I-I kind of want you to anyway...” she trails off again, bringing one of her hands to her mouth. So, that's how it is then.

“Uh, okay then...” you're a bit lost for words. You slide back onto the bed a little more. “So, what do you want?”

“What you... did, with Nitori,” Hina pauses, breaking eye contact. “To me. It looked like it felt really g-good.” Hina inches a little closer, raising one of her hands to her chest. It takes you a few seconds to realize she's undoing the laces across her chest.

“Wait, are you taking your whole dress off?” you start, a bit shocked by the sudden progression. Hina looks down.

“W-well... I don't want to get it dirty...” she mutters. “You've... seen my body before anyway. And...” she pauses again, smiling slightly. Probably the first time she's smiled the entire time. “I don't want to be the only one feeling good.” At that, she undoes the final bit of lacing and slides the shoulders of her dress down while standing. She's not wearing much beneath, just a pair of plain white panties and a matching set of stockings. You'd almost say she wore these for a reason, one things for sure though, Hina's body is a lot better looking from an outside perspective. You have a lot more of the sight to savour as she walks onto the bed with her knees, sliding onto your lap, her breasts practically pressing into your face. Her entire body feels hot, though you imagine her face would feel the most of it, considering how red she is. You can't help but to touch her, running your hands over her waist and sides.
“You really do have a nice body,” you say, enjoying your perspective. Hina laughs slightly, though more of a nervous laugh than anything else. You can also feel just how much she's trembling as well. “You're really nervous too it seems.”

“M-m-maybe a l-little...” Hina stutters, trying and failing to contain her nerves. She leans her head in and buries her face in your shoulder. “Y-you can t-touch more if you want...” Not one to refuse an invitation like that, you move your hands from her sides to her breasts, cupping them in your hands and playing with her nipples. Almost every touch gets a sharp hiss of breath through Hina's teeth, and she wraps her arms over your shoulders. Probably an upper C cup by your estimate, nice shape to them too. You lift one up and start to tongue the nipple, which gets a small gasp in return.

“You like that?” you ask quietly. Hina shivers a bit, and you can feel her nodding into your shoulder. Her hair is kind of a nuisance right now though, hanging down like it is. “Do you mind if I untie your hair?” A shaking motion in your shoulder. That's that then, you bring your free hand to the bow tying up her hair and loosen it, then sweep the hair behind her back before returning your mouth to work. As you do, you rub her side with your free hand, running it down along her hips and over her ass, giving her a light squeeze, from which she jumps slightly. You run a hand down her thigh, and gently tug, signaling for her to raise herself up off your lap. She's slow to catch on at first, but she slowly raises her hips, and you slip your hand around to her crotch-

“Hah!” Hina suddenly jumps up, bouncing her head off yours and causing you to snap out of the moment.

“Ow! Whoa, hey!” you whisper. “What's wrong?” Hina's bright red again.

“I-I'm sorry...” she whines, seeming on the verge of tears. “I'm... nervous, and a little scared, and... kind of happy...” She looks so beautiful like this, hair down and misty eyed. You place a hand on her face, and she leans her head against it.

“It's okay, that's normal. You've said you've never done something like this, even by yourself, right?” you ask. Hina nods slightly, bringing her arms back to your shoulders. “You're likely really sensitive because you've never been touched like this.”

“And that's good?” she asks. You smile at her.

“Very, it means that it'll feel all that much better for you, but it also poses a problem. You might want to make noise, but since there are so many other people around, that could cause trouble,” you say, and Hina's eyes light up in surprise. Did... she seriously not think of that before now?

“I sh-shouldn't be talking so loud then,” Hina whispers. She'd hardly been talking about a whisper before now anyway, but still...

“If you start to feel like you're going to make noise, tell me and I can slow down, or something,” you say. Hina nods hesitantly, and then settles down again. This time though, she doesn't bury her face into your shoulder again. You get back to what you were doing, slipping your hand back in between her legs. As soon as your fingers make contact she tenses up, raising her hips away from you, but you anticipate it this time, and follow her movement, keeping your hand in position. You run your fingers along the smooth outside lips, briefly wondering if she shaves or if goddesses are naturally hairless. It also briefly occurs to you that Hina is, in fact, a goddess. It's a ridiculous thing to consider at the moment, looking at the naked woman poised over your lap with your fingers poised to enter her, that she is a divine being. Never in a million years would you have ever expected to ever be in a situation like this. It doesn't deter you from business any more than a brief pause to think. Hina's settled down a bit again, lowering herself more, and you move a finger into the folds, parting her lower lips and sparking another jump and a gasp.

“Sorry,” she says quietly, looking down as she lowers herself into position again, and you slip a finger back in, getting only a shiver this time. You slowly work around the inside, running a finger along her entrance, and up to the hood, teasing the hardened nub of flesh at the peak. This gets another strong response, but no jump this time. She does bury her face back into your shoulder again though, and settles one of her own hands over top of your own.

“Feels good?” you ask. You get a rather fervent nod this time. Well good, you keep at it then, rubbing her clit back and forth with a finger. Her breathing rapidly develops into gasping breaths, you can feel her breasts pushing against your chest with each one, might as well get to them too. With one hand below, you return to her breasts with your mouth. The combined assault seems to have an increased effect, as a low whimper is added to her breathing. Despite what she said about being inexperienced, her body seems to know what to do naturally, as she sways her hips against your finger movements. Time to move on to the next step then, and you slide your hand farther along, pushing a finger into her, and she draws her hand back. She's so wet by now that she accepts you easily. Almost instantly, you feel her walls clamp around your finger as she reacts with another whimper. This is about where you expect that she'll start getting loud, so you take is slowly at first, drawing your finger out and slowly plunging it back in. Hina trembles with each ingression, her breathing having settled to more drawn out, sigh like breaths. Everything about her is lovely, it's a shame that this is the farthest you'll ever get, but it's still a monumental occasion for your life. Well, unlife.

“I feel so good,” Hina whispers into your ear, face turned towards your neck. Her voice is wavering slightly as well. That serves as your inspiration to increase the load.

“Then get ready for this,” you say, withdrawing your finger entirely and adding a second. Hina contracts instantly and her entire lower body tenses, her knees pressing against your legs as she gasps at the new intrusion. You've picked up the speed a little as well, well above the gentle pace you had been moving at before.

“K-Ken...” Hina whines, her voice shaky now. “Haah, Ken...”

“Sit up, Hina,” you say, pushing against her shoulder. She raises her head from your shoulder, keeping her arms looped around your neck and straightens out, and you lift her up a little more with your hand inside her, giving you more room to move. She's started panting again, with her whimpering moan. Her eyes are locked on yours now, the same misty look to them, combined with passionate lust. Every few seconds she stifles a moan by biting her lip, she's trying her best to be quiet, it's almost unfair to be doing this to her here. She's not got much longer to go, judging by the increasing contractions. “You're really feeling it now, aren't you?”

“Kenshiro,” Hina gasps, slowly starting to grind her hips against your hand. “I feel tingly and hot...”
“Well, you're going to start feeling better. You're getting close to climax,” you say. “I'm really going to pick up pace now. It's probably going to be hard for you to keep quiet. You can use my shoulder to muffle the sounds if you really can't hold it any more.” Hina nods slowly, and true to your word, you pick up the pace. Abandoning the long, full strokes, you opt to simply sink your fingers in up to the third knuckle and give fast thrusts, topped off by massaging her clit once more. The results are instantaneous as Hina's eyes snap wide and her entire body contracts and gives a surprised sounding gasp. She leans forward, and instead of pressing her face into your shoulder again, goes for the next best thing and pushes her lips against yours into a haphazard kiss backed with a muffled moan of pleasure. It takes a bit of effort on your part to use solely your lips and tongue to coach Hina into more than just frantic pecks, and once you do, she lets her moans feed straight into her deep kisses. Her whole body is shaking from the approaching wave, and as her muffled cries rise in pitch, you feel a flow of warmth spill over your hand, coupled with several powerful contractions. You stop, and simply let her ride out the wave, and once her shaking stops, she breaks the kiss and sinks her head into your shoulder again, and you lay back with her on top of you, your fingers still inside her. For a few seconds, she tries to speak, but can't seem to gather the breath to actually get a word out. You run your free hand along her back lightly, an action that causes her to arch slightly.

“That was... beyond my expectations...” Hina says, still as red faced as when you began, but not sounding quite as nervous. At least the quivering in her voice could be attributed to the body rocking orgasm she just endured. You pull your fingers out, which makes her twitch a bit more. Hina raises her head and initiates another kiss, still rough, but good enough. After a few seconds, she pulls away again, resting her head once more. She shifts a little, and slides one of her hands between you and her. At first you suspect she might be feeling herself, but you quickly notice a particular feeling dancing around your own crotch.

“Hina?” you ask, a little confused. She's got her head turned away from you.

“I-I would feel bad if I just left without... y-you feeling good too...” she mutters. “F-fair exchange...”

“Hey, are you sure about this? It's a bit different then that,” you state, surprised by this turn of events.

“I want to be ex-experienced... for Nitori,” Hina says quietly. At this point though, you're sure that it's more for herself than for anyone else. You rest your hands on her hips while she slowly feels your shaft through your hakama. It's damn near impossible to hide, you're just surprised she hadn't said anything beforehand. You want to resist, but damn your lack of willpower when a beautiful goddess is fondling your dick and practically begging for sex.

“Well, if you insist,” you say, pretending to be impartial while sitting up slightly. You help Hina right herself as well, pushing her back up to her knees as you push at the waistband of your pants. All you need to do is slip them down a little to free your member, and Hina draws her hands up to her chest, suddenly regressing into her nervous state at the sight. “Are you absolutely sure?” you figure you'll ask one last time, just to confirm. Hina closes her eyes and leans back slightly, it seems she might be changing her mind. She settles down after a few seconds.

“I... was lying. I'm sorry. It's not for Nitori, it's for me,” she admits, opening her eyes. She reaches down with one hand and lightly brushes your hard on with her hand. “Man and woman were meant to join like this, and... I want to join like that with you. I want more of you.” Hina's faint smile returns, and she makes eye contact with you. There's no doubt she's sincere, and no doubt at all that you can resist her request.

“Can't argue with that,” you say, placing your hands on Hina's hips and pulling her closer. She waddles on her knees, inching into position. Her lips brush against you as she approaches, still wet and hot. “This is going to be even more than before though.”

“I'm ready,” Hina says quietly, draping her arms over your shoulders again. You guide your hands back down, and using one to raise her up, you use your other to position yourself for penetration. Once in place, you bring your hands to her hips and ease her down. Every part of her body tightens it's grip on you as you enter, until she's fully seated in your lap. Hina sighs with content, and looks you in the eyes.

“You're okay, right?” you ask. Hina nods, then closes her eyes.

“So this is what it feels like,” she says, raising her hips, and then descending once more slowly with a sigh. She picks up naturally on her own, moving at a decent speed. You suspect it's because you already warmed her up with your performance, but you almost wish that you had a chance to prepare for this. You're already feeling the first shocks of pleasure, and given how tight she is you doubt you'll last for long. You get to have sex with a goddess, and your first and probably only performance is going to be short. At least it'll be enjoyable. You do what you can to meet Hina's motions, and before long, Hina's muffled moaning returns. She's succumbing to the pleasure already, picking up speed gradually, just as her gasps pick up intensity and volume. You welcome her vocalizations with your mouth once more as she starts bucking her hips, truly starting to ride you. The feeling is mindblowing, she's a natural at this for a first timer. Your initial prediction was off as well, even though you're going to come yourself very soon, you can already feel another one brewing within Hina as well.

“You're already going to come again?” you ask after breaking the kiss, with a slight mocking tone in your voice. Hina can hardly respond though, her eyes are closed and she seems entirely focused on hitting climax again. You place your hands on Hina's hips and lay back, leaving her upright. You match your movements to Hina, and combining thrusts of your hips with pulls from your arms, you give Hina a hard ride. She's beyond sounds now, reduced to heavy breathing and gasping. She opens her eyes as she begins to contract again, a trickle of warmth running over you. You're very close yourself, and you're not going to let this moment go to waste. You sit forward and start to turn over.

“Ke- Wait-” Hina weakly protests as you reverse the position, leaving her legs sticking straight up into the air. You hook her legs over your shoulders and position yourself, hands on her waist, and rapidly pump into her while she's still experiencing the throes of passion. Thrust after thrust brings you closer to your own end, and with a final thrust you have release inside of Hina with your own body shaking orgasm. Leaning back, you allow Hina's legs to fall naturally, laying over the edge of the bed, and you follow along, half sunk to your knees as you pull out. Hina nuzzles her face into your neck as you lower over her.

“Thank you... for indulging in my selfish request,” she says, sounding out of breath. You give a weak laugh.

“It was my pleasure.”

This would be the picture I would use for the last post.

Anyway, I suddenly was hit by a fey mood, and since dorfs writefags do some of their best work in these conditions, I ended up writing this instead of working on Flight.

I hope this makes up for my laziness and inactivity lately.
Wonderful...I love you EZMode, this is so awesome.
Truely wonderful writing, EZMode, i've been waiting for a quality Hina scene quite a while now.

........And i'm feeling so ronery right now, goddamit.
Thank you Mode, Hina desperately needs more love around here.
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You're easily forgiven, never enough Hina, especially naked and horny.

It was Delicious!

You know what else we need more of?

Three Mischievous Fairies.
File 124969386063.png - (415.39KB, 480x480 , playtime.png) [iqdb]
They're kinda small.

I see them as more sister figures, but they can stand to appear more in stories, especially ones with Cirno, since they do look up to Cirno.

That and the Aki sisters in a decent role (the few stories with them show them as being nice supporting types)

And then there are the so-called forbidden routes.
File 124973851155.jpg - (84.61KB, 579x818 , 5ca94e2dd8394ce00dcb7d9230d6165d.jpg) [iqdb]
>Aki sisters in a decent role
THIS. Why doesn't anyone her grapes?
>And then there are the so-called forbidden routes.

The what now?

Seems there's some routes no one goes on that I've heard about

Mainly Meiling, Patchouli (and perhaps Koakuma), Mokou (excluding stories centered on her), Keine, Flandre (This is kinda understandable and Gensokyo high might go on a Flan route)

general point is few stories go that route almost as if it was forbidden.


True there's not alot of material on them, but it means more room for fans to take a character in directions, and I think they would appear more in Youkai mountain stuff, I'm certain that Hina knows the two, and the goddess of harvest is one person you want to bring to any party.

But as far as /youkai/ goes some of the more recent stories have them in a supporting role at least. But a Aki sister route story would be interesting, since one might learn more about the common life from those two.

I think normally Hina's considered moderate bust wise (not sure); but I'm certainly not complaining about a curvy Hina.

Personally, I don't really care for the Aki's too much. They don't really have a lot of interesting points to them, their powers aren't really that interesting, and there's not a whole lot of fanon to them either. Compared to other first stage bosses, they're the most boring.

Still though, Mokou is my least liked character, but I still handle her well, I think.
File 124975089730.jpg - (177.76KB, 830x600 , 2495189.jpg) [iqdb]
True, but that just means you make your own fanon. Minoriko's a good cook, Shizuha's good at painting (mostly using reds and yellows), something like that. And of course, the harvest festival. Just because the games never mentioned it doesn't mean they don't know or have reason to visit any of the other characters.

Also, I really like how Lion writes them.

Well, I do have ideas for them. For instance, both Aki sisters are upset when Autumn ends and Winter begins, so there's a bit of tension between Letty/Cirno and the Aki's for being related to the season.

It's just that they're so... well I almost want to say that they're the closest thing to basic humans despite being goddesses. While it's true they would know others, they're not exactly ones that you would find involved in situations that pop up in Gensokyo, either due to their position or simply because of their powers being unsuited for battle. They're more suited for something slice of life.

Also, in regards to this Hina scene... I'm kind of on the fence whether to pull an Alice and say that it's true canon or just leave it as an 'alternate reality' kind of thing, particularly since I have... interesting ideas, but they might be a turn for the worse.

Just leave any lost scenes out of canon. It'll save you a big headache later on. Probably.
>I'm kind of on the fence whether to pull an Alice and say that it's true canon

DO IT. Not only it will make the story richer, it won't have any time conflicting problems like Alice's scene would have, since the day has already and nothing important happened during the time Nobody was sleeping.

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking here. The Alice one I had no trouble with because, well, I'm not really sure. The aftermath of it was pretty minor, but served as a pretty good temptation/hook. Perhaps I'll write an epilogue kind of thing for this, so at least the idea doesn't go to waste.

Though not like there'll be many more lost scenes. Pretty much the only one I can forsee writing is for the end of the 'Hakugyokuro arc'. There are quite a few 'what if' ideas I have though, maybe I could do one of those...

It's not so much an issue with time of it happening. Rather, the aftermath.

Considering the subject matter, it's probably a simple guess what I could be getting at.
Alice scene is canon but Hina is not? I'm disapoint.
Curse babies?

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