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Time to go on the offensive, no holding back.
You put your fists back up, working out the reach of her sword and how close her circle of lethality is.
Her calm has returned now, this is going to be harder. She's got speed on her side, but you're stronger.

Got to use your head.

Youmu darts forward, sword cutting an arc through the air, up and from the left. You drop to the ground, the blade passing within inches of your head. This time you don't stay down long enough for her to make a return swing, instead vaulting up and barrelling into her.
She neatly side-steps your sucker-punch, using your own weight to carry your body forward onto her sword.
But you knew that would happen. You duck under the blade at the last second and bring your other fist around.

"It was supposed ... "

She ducks your strike, eyes going wide. Keep her moving.

" ... to be ... "

Other fist, brass knuckles, at her face. She jinks to the side.

" ... a metaphor!"

Your fist connects with her ribs. You hear a crack and Youmu stumbles backward, gritting her teeth and clutching her chest.
"Ahh!" She nearly screams, but manages to keep the pain bottled inside.
You keep your fists up.
Youmu glances up at you, eyes full of hate. Then her gaze goes over your shoulder, her expression changing completely.
You turn to look.

Something flits from the alleyway between two buildings. And another, and another. You glance up and down the street, watching shadows and shapes emerging from the spaces between buildings, from the ends of the street, even over the rooftops.
Youmu straightens up, gritting her teeth, going pale.
"Shit." She mutters.
You just stare. As the figures emerge into the light of the street-lamps, you get a good look at them. Black and grey, wrinkled and pockmarked skin like burnt, shaved monkeys. They chitter and garble from jaws that look like they've come from some nightmare insect. The multifaceted, deep red eyes roll in the sockets.
They start forming a loose circle around you and Youmu.

Youmu rolls her sleeve back and presses a button on her watch.
"Okay, so we were wrong about you." She calls over to you, holding her sword back up again, but facing the things now, not you.
"You were ... what?" You can't tear your eyes away from these monsters. They're like the thing you saw in that video. Exactly like it. Some big, some smaller, but all nightmare fusion of ape and insect.
"We were wrong." Youmu calls. "And now we've alerted the hive."
She backs up towards you. You would turn around and defend yourself against her, but the shock of these slavering things is too much.
"No more fighting." She says, holding her sword out and tracing a circle on the ground around her. "Unless you do exactly what I say for the next," she checks her watch. "Three minutes and 47 seconds, then you're dead and I can't help you."

You glance up at the houses in the street. Some of the lights are on.
"Why doesn't anybody come to help?" You blurt out.
"They can't hear us." Youmu says. "Stop thinking like that and listen to me." She winces, grabbing her chest where you hit her.
"Stand and fight, don't run." She says. "This is only the first wave. We kill a few and they disperse. Then, and only then, do we run. Seven minutes to get to a safe-house."
The creatures are leaving massive gaps in their slowly closing circle. You point to one.
"There!" You say. "We can run!"
Youmu whirls around and grabs you by the collar, eyes blazing. "You run and they'll pick you clean in seconds," she hisses. "Stand and fight."
She lets you go and you just stare at her, wide-eyed. This is too much, you're losing it.

"Let's hope you really are an Oni." She says through her teeth.

The beasts hoot like parrots, scuttling forwards.

[ ] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.
[ ] Stand and fight. Ignore Youmu.
[ ] It's a trick! Run!
[ ] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

We'd know if she was lying
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.
[ ] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

Obviously non-fatal choice is obvious and non-fatal.
[ ] Grit your teeth and focus!
[ ] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

Oh, NOW you realize you're wrong. Thanks Youmu.
>Seven minutes to get to a safe-house.
>Seven minutes


[ ] Find the combat shotgun. Blast those zombie fuc- err, monkey bastards back to hell.

[X] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

Back To Back Badasses.

[X] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

Cooperation! Makes it happen~♪
[X] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

I hate this entire fucking group.
Hate hate hate hate hate.
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.
Dead rising: Chop 'till you drop
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

Its go time! Think BIG thoughts.
[X] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.
That's all for tonight, I'm spent after all that.



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B...blood?! You... vicious brat!
Don't forget Anon, the first thing we do whenever possible is either contact Satori, or have someone contact Satori because she's crying her eyes out right now and we need to correct the misunderstanding in her mind as fast as possible
>Seven minutes to get to a safe-house."


Yeah, and on that note we have a bone to pick with six of their group. Youmu got her rib shattered, which means we have five more knuckle sandwiches left to distribute.

And the three who voted otherwise, we could maybe buy them a soda or something?
>Youmu got her rib shattered
Shattered? I think it's just either a crack or a break, not a shattering.
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.
[x] Scream your complaints at the madness of it all.

fucking punched 3 girls since tranferring. first one thinks shes the goddamn riddler, somehow befriended the second, and now i'm trusting my back to the third to fight giant freaking insect monkeys?!? don't go stay out late! it should be okay tonite! you're real! you're not! oops! okay, maybe you ARE real!

>fucking punched 3 girls since tranferring.

It's like we're really from the southern USA!
The fact that they got Satori to lie really says something about the amount of control this group is capable of applying to their members. I mean, Satori liked us and they got her to lure us into what she must have thought would be our DEATH. That’s some fucking hardcore commitment or else they have some other way of manipulating their members. In either case I don’t think we should join up, assuming we’re even given the opportunity.

It's more badass to roll solo anyway.

Let's not get too paranoid here guys.

I don't see what's so paranoid about holding a grudge against shadowy organizations that think six out of nine is good enough a quorum to have some poor kid assassinated.
Then again they probably have a good reason for ordering the killing in the first place.

I think some sort of shadow war shit is going on.

Well, we should just listen to what Satori's side has to say, since the opposing side doesn't seem to be too...friendly.
>since the opposing side doesn't seem to be too...friendly

That's assuming there is only one opposing side. Big assumption.
Fuck them and their sides, we just need to save the people we care about from whatever bullshit is going on here.

I'm all for Satori route. Give the poor girl someone who cares about her wellbeing so much that they would rush headlong into danger just to help her.
We have one side with 9 people on it, of which two are Youmu and Satori, and then we have the insect side, and the people on their side, if any is unknown right now, though the whole alice in wonderland references might apply to this side due to all the queen references. More than likely though, we're at least looking at three sides.

In and above all, finding out which sides the people we currently know would come as most important, as well as which sides Suika and Yuugi are on since they'd be the most likely people to help us reach our full potential and if they are on opposing sides, we may be in trouble
>That's assuming there is only one opposing side. Big assumption.
The only opposing side we know of at the moment. Or me at least. Regardless, the only one I'd remotely trust is the one on Satori's side for now, since Youmu quickly stopped trying to kill us once the monkeybugs came into the picture and she figured out they were "wrong about us," whatever the balls that means.
Hmm... Thoughts on whether Rinnosuke and Nitori are a part of the 9 council or not? They're definitely a part of something at the very least.
All I know is that whoever voted for snuffing our ass is going to get a face full of fist.
>whatever the balls that means.
They mistook us for one of Yukari's philosophical zombies.
We know that Tewi is a member of Youmu's faction.

I have the disgusting suspicion that she was one of the three who voted for us being "real."

At any rate, the third individual who voted to consider us "real" is a bit of a mystery, though it would likely be someone we know and left a good impression on. Doubtful of it being either of the immortals, just because I doubt their involvement - they both probably would have considered us real. Wide range of people who could be involved, no way to know which of them it is.

If either Reimu, Rinnosuke, or both, are involved in this little organization, I think it's a safe bet that they voted against us. And deserve a slugging for it.

Damn, we need to swing by the shrine tomorrow and relax for a little while instead of getting caught up in anything. The wind was trying to warn us all night long - if Sanae can communicate with her gods in this universe, we need to swing by and allay her worries.
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

Guys, what's with all the comments about "seven minutes"? Is it some old meme from here or something? I mean, the only one unique to here that I know is the lake, but...

From what I understand, there are three sides: monkey-insects, Youmu's/Satori's, and Yukari's. Personally, I'd rather not join either of them, and instead try to drag as many people as we can into a sane alliance, or something like that.

Seven minutes is an old meme.

In a WUIG thread GM said she'd be updating in seven minutes, but as it turned out it actually took and hour or so for the update to come.

So basically seven minutes means that it'll be a while till the author updates.
>it actually took and hour or so for the update to come

Closer to three days, actually.

Huh. It's been so long I've forgotten that fact.
I'm pretty sure we have Sanae to thank/blame for the hive avoiding us until went to Satori's house so we should also thank her for that later as well.

Going by the assumption that Rinnosuke is in the group, it makes it possible that Nitori was the one who voted for us to being real and then Rinnosuke was of course just being a dick, and possibly would try to get closer to Satori afterwards. So yeah, after we reassure Satori that we're fine, and give her a hug, we should look into giving Rinnosuke something too
File 123753022783.gif - (50.50KB, 350x447 , knuckles.gif) [iqdb]
>we should look into giving Rinnosuke something too
No, no. We have to introduce him to our good friend.

His name is Knuckles. Is that a rapidly speeding fist, or is he just pelased to see you?

I think you misunderstood what kind of gift I wanted to give him. If someone can work up a write-in for punching Rinnosuke involving Knuckles that doesn't sound corny, I'd vote for it though. Has to not sound corny, or else it loses its edge over just calling him out for being a selfish dick and punching him.
Keep the sonicfaggotry out of here, this is not furry country.
Nah, I understood your intentions completely, I just wanted to post something along the line of a terrible joke.

Oh well then, the necessary response to that.

That was bad, and you should feel bad.
[X] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

Hmm. Punching people seems to always lead to good things. Maybe we shouldn't do that too much.
File 123753707246.jpg - (19.43KB, 360x360 , parseeburi.jpg) [iqdb]
>That was bad, and you should feel bad.
I support your lunch plan.

Please stop writing like that, and abide by the THP custom.
I had to rewrite this several times to make it polite, so kindly do not shit up the thread with a storm of butthurt replies.
Hmm... For the 9 council, so far we have
Satori (confirmed)
Tewi (probable, know she is at least a member)
Nitori (At least if Rinnosuke is a member, her being one is likely and I don't think she'd vote no)

Youmu (confirmed)
Rinnosuke (Assuming he is one)
Unknown x4

On the other hand though Anon, if Nitori and 3 other of the Touhous we've encountered so far are part of the no voters, can you really bring yourself to punch them? The only other possible yes voter that comes to mind would be Mima, or Sanae, since they're the only two who've had enough interaction with us to make a yes decision honestly, unless of course we're all wrong and Rinnosuke said yes.
>if Nitori and 3 other of the Touhous we've encountered so far are part of the no voters, can you really bring yourself to punch them?

So we going around and breaking noses and ribs for all the non believers?

These clowns engage in conspiracy to commit murder and you think a busted nose is excessive?
You know, we're going to have to refer to Suika as "senpai," now, no matter her grade.

Giving way to a drunken loli? That shit's going to look humiliating.
On the plus side: Now we can drink at school!

"Have a good time at school today! Oh, and don't forget your tequila!"

...We should totally be a tequila-drinking oni. Sake is fucking old hat.
File 123754521063.jpg - (63.16KB, 480x760 , YoumuStreet.jpg) [iqdb]
Needed to draw something. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but then I realized it was 4:30 AM and quality/accuracy fell accordingly. Sorry.

Still loving the story, by the way. Keep it up!

Haha, nice touch with the 'ghost' on her sweater.
Just remembered the fact that as it stands, the 6 naysayers made Satori lie and cry her eyes out, so asking whether or not Anon can bring themselves to punch them is irrelevant actually since they've caused a large amount of pain to one of our best friends and we've already hurt one girl under the pretense that she was going to hurt a friend so shouldn't really change that much. That and it is highly unlikely for Sanae to be a member of the 9 council since if she was, they'd have known why we weren't attracting the hive. Mima is still a possible candidate though, and possibly our other yes vote if Nitori winds up being a no. Mima being involved in something at least is a high probability given what we've been told about her so far.
I just had a horrible idea.

Nine members. One of them might just be Cirno, and she was the third who voted in our favor.

The correlation between having nine members, and Cirno being a part of them came to mind, but I didn't put much weight behind it due to being way too obvious, but it is possible. Mimi is definitely wrapped up in this somehow though since she was able to trick Satori back in the cafeteria, and Satori didn't put a second thought into checking it out (If she can indeed still read minds in this). Koishi's involvement in this might also be possible, given that Satori is a part of it.

Apologies, but I'm not entirely sure what I did wrong. Was it the swearing? The lack of capitalization? What THP custom did I breach? All I did was list a bunch of contradictions that,were I the protagonist, make me shout "You gotta be kidding me!" in the face of it all. I was retiring for the night so punctuation be damned. If it is a serious issue then I'll make note of it next time I post.
>We know that Tewi is a member of Youmu's faction.
Where the hell did this come from?
>It's the voice of the person behind the camera in that video you watched last night.
>It's the girl from the video. The girl from last night. The one with the sword.
Right. Forgot about the video.
Wait a minute. We beat up Tewi which lead to Yukari turning us into a vegetable, yet the way Youmu says it, she's against Yukari. So which side is Tewi really on? All we heard was her voice, but we didn't see her. Could it be that Reisen was really the one holding the camera?

While I'm not the same poster you've referred to, I think I can handle this one.

Generally speaking, we here at THP like to try and keep up a mature and informed image. Lack of capitals and punctuation, excessive punctuation, random statements without context and the like detract from that and make it harder to read your message, as well as making the thread and the userbase on the whole seem less respectable. You can point to any number of examples and say "But he did it!", but on every occasion they've been frowned upon (though sometimes silently).

That you've taken the criticism civilly and with respect for all parties involved shows that you're more than capable of continuing to do so. Thank you for your understanding.

No, we only turned into a vegetable because we decided to take the oni thing a bit top far, leading to Sikieiki phoning Yukari who in turn made us into a lifeless husk. Cue bad end.
While i agree, you don't really need to take it to those lengths.
Sure, capital letters, punctuation etc. make it easier to read, but a slight lack of them wouldn't kill anyone- as long as it's legible and comprehendable it should be fine.

On another note, you could make a great PSA.

What turned us into a veggie was being found by Shiki and Komachi, Tewi vanished before they arrived. Also, they weren't exactly happy to find out it's probably Tewi.
As soon as they thought we were involved with her SOMEHOW, we got the veggie treatment.
[x] Stand and fight. Cover Youmu's back.

Anon already punched into submission Mokou and Youmi without even sweating a drop.

Anon is invincible!
>Anon is invincible!

Thoughts like that will bring us many many bad ends.
>>one update
>>73 replies

Anyway, writing soon.

What spawned all this talk of vegetables?
Thoughts like the one you referred to will bring us many AWESOME ends.
Youmu whirls back around to face her attackers. You do the same, putting your fists back up. Have to focus, don't think, just do.

The first of the nightmarish apparitions rears up in front of you, hissing, arms bending an inhuman angles. Too many joints, all going the wrong way. It's slow, far too slow. Heavy and bulky like an overweight ape.
The jaw snaps open, tiny mandibles inside clicking together. A smell like rotten eggs and blocked drains washes over you.

Too slow.

Your fist crashes into the monster's forehead as it strikes, outer carapace shattering under your brass knuckles like rotten wood. Purple ichor and pulped brain matter explodes from from the creature's head and the eyes roll wildly in their sockets.
It drops the the ground in a twitching heap, another one leaping over the corpse.

At your back, your can hear Youmu's sword singing, extracting barks and hoots of pain from the monsters, lopping off limbs and bisecting heads. You glance over your shoulder, she's already killed three in the time it took you to face one of them. Far more of them are heading for you than her. She's getting too far away from you though, leaving her back exposed.

You duck a swipe from a lazy, gorilla-like paw, lashing out and slamming your fist into another monster's chest. It whines like a kicked dog and claws at itself in pain as you back up towards Youmu. She's far better at this than you are and you need to cover her back.
Just in time as well, as another one of the things crouches, hissing, then launches itself at Youmu, blind-siding her.
"Ah!" She tries to twist out of the way.
You strike out and grab it by the throat in mid-air, making it squeal and gasp before your fist caves in its skull.

You drop the body, turn back to the onrushing-
Oh, they're scuttling off, vanishing back into alleyways and around the ends of the street.
Youmu is panting with the effort, leaning on her sword amid a pile of dead things and assorted bits of dead things.
"Okay." She says between breaths, straightening up and sheathing her sword with obvious effort.
"Now we run." She winces and grabs her chest, where you hit her.
"What the hell was that?" You ask, looking at the horrible, nightmare corpses all over the road.
"No time for talking." She says, glancing at her watch. "Six minutes and forty seconds before the second wave."
"Wait, listen, I don't-"
Youmu steps forward and grabs you by the collar. "That was a scouting party, an automatic response." She glares at you. "The second wave will be combat drones. You can follow me or stay here and die." She says through gritted teeth.

Then she lets go of you, turning and sprints for the end of the street.

[ ] Follow her.
[ ] Don't follow her, run for home.
[ ] Follow her.
[ ] Follow her.
[x] Follow her.
[X] Follow her.

Choices for the sake of giving choices. Come on now.
[X] Follow her.
[x] Follow her.
[x] Follow her.
[x] Carry her if she is too wounded to run.
[x] Don't follow her, run for home.
[x] Follow her.
[X] Follow her.

One option, and one option only.
[x] Follow her.
Damn, fast votes for the middle of the day.

You pick up your feet and race after Youmu. If she's telling the truth, and the horrible things you just saw back her up rather easily, then you need to get to wherever the hell she's heading, fast.
Catching up with her at the end of the street, you can see she's having trouble, her breathing is laboured, she's clutching her chest where you hit her. She pauses for a moment and points over to the left, further towards the edge of town.
"That," she gasps. "Way."
You nod to her and you both set off again, shoes pounding against the pavement. Down this street, then another turn to the right, the houses start to thin out.
Youmu puts her head down, spitting a glob of phlegm as she runs, breathing ragged and hard. You focus on following her.

Your legs ache, your feet are heating up in your shoes, your lungs are burning but Youmu doesn't stop yet. She hops over a wall at the end of the street and you follow, over a patch of barren waste ground. This is the limit of the residential district now, ahead of you looms an abandoned multi-storey car-park.
"Where are we going?" You shout.
"Just have to get, uh," She grunts with pain. "Inside."
She suddenly slows down, heading between a pair of old shipping containers, straight for the car-park.
"In there?" You call after her and you slip in after her.
"Yes." She glances at her watch. "And we're out of time."

As you come out the other side, the multi-story rearing up into the night in front of you, you hear a huge, ringing, metallic clang, something hopping along the top of one of the containers like a demented elephant.
"Shit, go!" Youmu grabs you by the arm and shoves you through one of the pedestrian entrances to the car-park. You stumble down the short concrete corridor and into the massive open space inside.
Youmu emerges after you, her sword drawn, covering the doorway.
"What was that?" You ask.
"Shh." She hisses. "I don't think it saw-"
The sound of rending concrete, of something huge forcing its way through a very small space, echoes inside the car-park.
"There's stairs down on the other side, run!" She picks up her feet again, not bothering to sheathe her sword this time, heading across the empty car-park.

You don't have to be told twice, horrible noises like a giant, hungry pig coming from the entranceway.
Following Youmu through the gloom leads you to the stairwell, but it's blocked off with sheets of corrugated tin and rusted wire-mesh. A roll of barbed wire lies abandoned nearby.
"Shit, shit!" Youmu panics, then pulls a cell-phone from her pocket.
"What? Why are the stairs blocked?" You ask, glancing into the dark behind you, as something huge stomps through the car-park.
"Because somebody fucked up!" Youmu nearly shouts, holding the phone to her ear. "Tewi!" She says when the phone stops ringing. "Where the hell is Momizi!?"
A pause. Another stomping noise and then a long gurgling sound like a drain being emptied in reverse.

"Fuck." Youmu ends the call and holds her sword up. "We're screwed, no other competent fighters down below."

[ ] Run. Let Youmu deal with this. You can still get away.
[ ] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
[ ] Down below? Hammer on the barricade! Someone will hear!
[ ] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
[x] Down below? Hammer on the barricade! Someone will hear!
11 votes in 10 mins. Haven't seen that one since the times of GM.
many are F5 the site for updates.

[ ] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
[X] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.

Take responsibility, Anon.
[X] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
[X] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
[X] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
[X] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.

[X] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
[x] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.

Our strength will make them cry.
[x] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
[x] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.


[x] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
[x] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.

>Onianon noticed Rinnosuke's lie.
>Satori lied, but Onianon didn't notice it.

I take it we need a face-to-face confrontation to detect lies.

Congratulations, you're almost on Owen's level.
[ ] Down below? Hammer on the barricade! Someone will hear!

Well, fast updates, fast votes. Unfortunatly, once the speed is lost the votes seems to never recover it.

Anon is raw strength, the blood of those poor creatures compels him to become a demon of carnage.
Even if there are fast updates, if the story is not good there will not be many voters.
>You strike out and grab it by the throat in mid-air, making it squeal and gasp before your fist caves in its skull.
>You won't get away anyway.
With that attitude we certainly won't.
[x] Stay here and help her.
Okay, writing.
[X] Stay here and help her. You won't get away anyway.
You turn back to the darkness. Only one right course of action here.
"Okay er, Youmu?" You ask. She shifts her weight next to you.
"What?" She snaps.
"What are we facing here?" You ask, putting your fists up, but getting ready to run if you have to. "What exactly are we up against?"
Something huge and grey shuffles in the dark, heavy footfalls making their way towards you.
Youmu keeps her eyes fixed on the vague movements. "It's a combat drone, part of the second wave of hive response, we think-"
"No." You cut her off. "What do we have to do to kill it?"

She lets out a small sigh. "It's armour-plated, nothing like the scouts you pulped out in the street. Wear it down, hit the skull hard enough to crack it open or tear the plating off the back and rip the spine out."
"Is that all?" You ask, heart racing in your chest. This is sounding worse and worse.
Youmu shrugs. "Decapitation will blind it, but the brain is in the chest cavity."
You nod. "Plan?"
This time she glances up at you. "I'm faster than you, I keep it occupied, you get behind it and do some damage." She says. "Deal?"

You stand side-by-side, watching it emerge from the darkness ahead of you. The 'scout' creatures were nightmarish, in the way that only a horrible blend of animals can be. This thing is nightmarish in some far deeper way, triggering some buried instinct down in your memories. You must be feeling the same way humans fist did upon encountering a rhinoceros, or an angry bull. The urge to run away and climb something tall flashes through your mind.
Walking on powerful hind legs and gorilla-like knuckles, easily as big as a horse, skin matt black pockmarked hide underneath interlocking plates of yellowed bone-like armour. The head juts straight from the shoulders, covered in a helmet of bone, no neck. A dozen red, bug-eyes form a latticework, sunk into the skull, staring in all directions.
The mouth, a long, sharp beak, is in the middle of the monster's chest.

"Fucking hell." You say out loud at the sight of it.
"Don't panic, keep your cool." Youmu says. "Don't let it get close enough to grab you. Stick to the plan."
You nod. Youmu heads around to the right as the creature makes a clicking, squeaking noise with it's beak and pounds the ground with its fists.

It bounces forward, swinging at the air as Youmu fends it off with her sword. She connects with its arm, but the blade just screeches against the bone plating, leaving barely a mark.
You close in behind it. Several of the eyes follow your movement.

[ ] Wait for an opening.
[ ] Shout to Youmu, tell her to distract it.
[ ] Attack it now [how?]
[ ] Something else [what?]
This. This is awesome.

Thank you~
[x] Wait for an opening.

I'd assume that yelling would draw attention to yourself.

Keeping "bring the concrete ceiling down on top of it" on the backburner.
[ ] Shout to Youmu, tell her to distract it.
[ ] Deal some damage then pull back.
[ ] Dual Tech: Fast Ball Special!
[X] You can punch pretty hard, but how much force can you put into a throw? If there are any nearby pebbles, try launching one into one of the creature's eyes. If it takes out the eye, try and take out a few more - a crippled opponent is less of a threat than a fully functioning one.
[X] Try and close distance while keeping behind the creature - start your movement toward it slowly, and when you're sure that it can't turn, make a dash for it's back. You ought to be able to tear that plating open, or at least hit with enough blunt force to damage it's internal organs.
[X] If you can't break its armor, try wrenching it's limbs in the wrong direction - maybe you can break them enough to render them useless.

[x] Wait for an opening.

Sticking to the plan.
[x] Wait for an opening.
[x] Shout to Youmu, tell her to distract it.
[x] Throw your hardest haymaker straight at its back. Try and puncture the armor plating and rip out its spine.
[x] If that doesn't work, mount the creature's back and throw another punch at the back of its head.
[x] Wait for an opening.
[x] Wait for an opening.
[x] Wait for an opening.
[x] Wait for an opening.

Trust her, y'know, even though she tried to kill you in cold blood.
[x] Wait for an opening.
[x] Wait for an opening.
[ ] Wait for an opening.
Writing now.

File 123757849368.jpg - (430.75KB, 900x600 , faster than you.jpg) [iqdb]
Follow the plan, wait for an opening. The monster advances on Youmu, the beak in its chest clicking wildly now as its long fingers swipe through the air, grabbing for her head and arms.
She slips out of the way, carving a figure of eight with her sword to keep it at bay. You creep around behind it but the eyes keep following you, twitching but never blinking.

The monster suddenly lowers its body, ducking below the reach of Youmu's sword, not that it needs to bother. It propels itself forward on powerful hind legs, aiming a shoulder at Youmu's stomach.
Her sword glances off the bony skull as she darts to the side, but she's not quite fast enough, the thing catches her in the side and sends her sprawling to the floor with a grunt of pain.

The monster tries to pick her up by the foot as she rolls away, but you leap forward. Now or never.

The eyes shudder and wobble in surprise as you grab the monster's back, jamming your fingers in under one of the bone-plates for grip. You wind your fist back and punch the head. The bone splits and buckles under your fist and the monster goes berserk.
It tries to reach around and tear you off its back, but you flatten yourself against it, hanging on as it flails wildly, trying to shake you off before you hit it again.

Youmu rolls out of the way and hops to her feet, trying to draw the monster's attention. But it just shakes itself like a wet dog, making your head spin as you cling on.

[ ] Hit it in the head again.
[ ] Let go, you can't focus like this.
[ ] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.
[X] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.

If we pull with enough force, we ought to be able to launch ourselves away when we tear it off.
[X] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.
[X] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.
[X] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.
[x] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.

Time to kick ass and take names.
[X] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.
[X] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.
[X] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.

Youmu and Onianon make a good team.
[X] Brace yourself against the armour-plate, rip it off.
If you try and score another hit on its head then you'll lose your grip and go flying. Instead you pull your legs up, bracing them against the creature's back and pulling as hard as you can on the bony plating.

The beak clicks and squeaks and warbles. An alien noise, but the panic is clear. The plate starts to give, coming away in your hands like bark from an oak tree, ripping scraps of flesh away as you tear it from the creature's back.

You really do go flying this time, tumbling to the ground, still holding the piece of armour-plating. It slips from your grip and lands on your stomach, knocking the wind out of you as the monster flails with abject panic and rage.
You scramble to get up, but it turns around and grabs for you, fingers grasping at your head. You grab the stolen slab of armour again and hold it up, swatting the monster's hand away with a grunt of effort.

Something moves behind you, metal being pushed aside.

Youmu darts out of the way as the monster tries to swat her away from its back. It gives you a moment to recover, heaving the armour plate off you and staggering to your feet.
But the monster is too fast, spinning around on the spot and raising a huge, clenched fist to smash into your face.

A figure bursts from the barricade behind you, from between a gap in the metal and junk. A motorcycle crash helmet obscures the face, a metal baseball bat held tightly in one fist makes a dull ringing sound as it bounces off the monster's skull, stunning it and redirecting the fist aimed at your head.
The other fist connects with the head of this new arrival, cracking the helmet and sending him sprawling. The monster shakes itself, recovering. The figure in the helmet lies on the ground, unmoving.

"Shit!" Youmu shouts from behind the monster. "Keep it off him! I'll go for the back!"

[ ] Try to attract the monster's attention.
[ ] Drag the unconscious man away from it.
[ ] Best form of defence is offence, right?
[X] Best form of defence is offence, right?
[X] Best form of defense is offense, right?

Knock knock
Who's there?
[X] Best form of defence is offence, right?

Did Rinnosuke take a facepunch for us? I mean, if it is him.
[ ] Best form of defence is offence, right?
[X] Best form of defense is offense, right?

His fists are made to destroy, not to protect
[x] Best form of defence is offence, right?
[X] Best form of defence is offence, right?
[x] Grab the bat.
[x] Try to attract the monster's attention.

Youmu's already called out her role so tank it up. Oni + club = massive threat hopefully. Worse comes to worst we can use the additional range to bash its chestface in for massive damage.
[x] Grab the bat.
[x] Try to attract the monster's attention.
Pissing against the tide.
[x] Grab the bat.
[x] Try to attract the monster's attention.

Why not. We never tried anything else beside fists on people/monsters. Who knows Onianon + Bat = power up?
[x] Grab the bat.
[x] Try to attract the monster's attention.
[X] Try to attract the monster's attention.

We're not the only one fighting - synergy is important.
[x] Grab the bat.
[x] Try to attract the monster's attention.
[x] Grab the bat.
[x] Try to attract the monster's attention.

Changing vote.
[x] Grab the bat.
[x] Try to attract the monster's attention.

Let's go clubbing.
[x] Grab the bat.
[x] Try to attract the monster's attention.
Oni + Bat = Well Done Anonymous.

Writing now.
File 123758394615.jpg - (252.97KB, 950x988 , Oni---Ongyoki.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Grab the bat.
[x] Try to attract the monster's attention.

And so the image was completed.
This story has been nothing short of epic.
File 123758492547.jpg - (73.06KB, 500x324 , f5f5f5f5f5.jpg) [iqdb]
File 123758551962.jpg - (16.54KB, 400x300 , BONK.jpg) [iqdb]
You grab the bat from the unconscious man, trying not to think to hard about what you're about to do. This is insane, this is madness, but deep down inside it just feels so right.
The rubber grip on the bat fits your hands perfectly. A quick swipe through the air brings the monster whipping about to face you. Perhaps it knows that you're the one who ripped the plate off its back. Maybe it just want to kill the unconscious guy in peace. Maybe it's just fucking crazy and none of this matters.

"Come on!" You shout at it, holding the bat up, ready to swing. It hesitates back and fourth between you and Youmu, swatting her away from the exposed spot on its back.
You should wait. You really, really should. But you can't, almost as if the bat is twitching in your hands. Like you've seen this set up before and the answer is so simple, so full of clarity.

You scream what you hope is an impressive battle cry, launching yourself forward at the monster, bringing the bat around in a wide arc. It finally meets you head on, hands grasping for you as the bat connects with its skull with a mighty clang.

The monster rocks to the side under the force of your blow. The bat dents and bends, but it stays in one piece.
A huge, gnarled hand closes around your rib-cage, trying to crush the life out of you. The monster barely has a moment to shake its head before you bring the bat crashing down again, bouncing off the skull as you struggle to breathe in under the force of the monster's grip.

The skull cracks down the middle, purple ichor oozing slowly from the gap. You can see real, mortal panic in the eyes just before Youmu slides her sword into the monster's back, severing nerve endings and breaking vertebrae. The eyes flicker shut for the first time, the fist releasing you as the monster spasms and totters backwards, lurching like a drunk.
You hit the ground on all fours, gulping in whole lungfulls of air and wincing at your bruised ribs.

"It's dead!" Youmu shouts. "It's toppling, get out of the way!"

The massive bulk of the creature wobbles forwards on unsteady legs.
You roll out of the way as it crashes to the ground, leaving a huge dent in the concrete, leaking insect blood from its head and back.
You stare at the corpse for a moment, still in shock. It twitches a little, then stops moving completely.
A few feet away, Youmu falls to her knees, leaning on her sword, exhausted. Then she glances at the unconscious man, scowling with anger and worry.

You're still gripping the bat.

[ ] Just lie here for now. Shit.
[ ] Get up, check on the man.
[ ] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[X] Get up, check on the man. Don't do stupid stuff like trying to remove the helmet. Possible spinal injuries, etc.
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.

We don't know if more might be on their way. Better get inside as soon as possible.
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.
[X] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] She takes one arm of the man, you take the other, and limp to safety.
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.
{X} Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
{X} Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.
he did, after all, open the barricade
[x] Get up, help Youmu to her feet.
[x] Drag the unconscious man to safety with her.
Calling it! Seven minutes while I do something, then more updating.

i feel spoiled, i just discovered the joys of CYOAs and i get such an express updater... why do i have the feeling not all stories are as fast paced as this one?

Because it's true.

They aren't. I won't name writers, but a good amount of the ones I enjoy move slower than a snail going up a 90 degree angle in winter. But eh, life and all.

It also surprises how this one has suddenly gotten a massive surge of attention. It seems like it was just a lucky draw. But this story also feels like Gensokyo Academy and early MIG1, so maybe that's it.
You pull yourself to your feet, gritting your teeth at your bruised ribs. It feels like you've been squeezed in a vice, each breath makes your sides ache and forces you to close your eyes with the pain.
The baseball bat clatters from your fingers as you step over to Youmu and offer her your hand. She glances at it and grabs on.
"Thanks." She mutters as she pulls herself up. You wish for a moment you hadn't done that, the effort sending a spike of pain up your side.

"Should we get him inside before more come?" You nod to the man as Youmu hurries over to him, obviously still in pain herself.
"There won't be anymore." She says, glancing back at you as she crouches down next to the man.
"What? Why?" You ask.
"We're inside a building, the hive doesn't actively seek inside any man-made, enclosed structures, unless it follows prey inside." She says, feeling for the man's pulse. "Be glad. That was only one combat drone, we escaped the second wave response."
"How many of those things would that have been?" You ask.
Youmu shrugs. "Between ten and fifteen, we think."
"You think?"
Youmu sighs. "We've never driven off a whole second wave." She reaches over and tugs at the man's helmet.

"Wait!" You say, stepping over. "He might be injured, his spine could be-"
"Doesn't matter." Youmu says, exhaustion draining the emotion from her voice.
"Because I'm going to fucking kill him."
The helmet comes free with a plop, Youmu catching the head inside with her free hand, stopping it from hitting the concrete. She cradles the man's head for a moment.

It's Rinnosuke.

Right. This explains the lie. He looks relatively unhurt, no blood leaking from his mouth.
Youmu raises her hand and delivers an almighty backhand to Rinnosuke's face. He jerks and his eyes flicker open. Youmu grabs him by the jaw, peering into his eyes.
"Rinnosuke, can you hear me?" She asks.
He blinks twice, hard. Then groans and nods.
"Any pain? Can you get up?"
He takes a few deep breaths and struggles into a sitting position with Youmu's help, rubbing his eyes and holding his head.
You glance around, into the darkness. Is Youmu sure nothing else is coming? You listen carefully, but you can't hear anything except Rinnosuke's groan.

"Uhhh, what happened?" He asks.
Youmu grabs him by the collar and glares into his face.
"You came out on your own! That's what happened!" She shouts at him. He blinks and stutters out a response.
"M-momizi couldn't make it. You w-would have been-"
"Then you don't come out alone!" Youmu shouts again. "You've got no training," she speaks through clenched teeth. "No skill, nothing. You don't fight alone!"
She lets go of him and stands up, blazing with anger.
Rinnosuke wipes his face with his hands and then finally looks up at you.

"Glad to see you made it." He says, struggling to get up.

[ ] Help Rinnosuke up.
[ ] Don't help Rinnosuke up.


[ ] Did Youmu really have to shout at him like that? He probably saved your life back there.
[ ] You should get inside as quickly as possible, regardless of what Youmu says. You're all wounded.
[ ] Where. Is. Satori?
[X] Help Rinnosuke up.
[X] Where. Is. Satori?
[x] Help Rinnosuke up.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?

Huh... From the looks of it, Rinnosuke actually voted yes for us. Oh well. SATORI!
[X] Help Rinnosuke up.
[X] Where. Is. Satori?

Share your tsundere love later.
{X} Help Rinnosuke up.
{X} Where. Is. Satori?
[x] Help Rinnosuke up.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?
[x] Help Rinnosuke up.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?

Because he came out to help Youmu? She didn't even tell them we were with her.
[x] Don't help Rinnosuke up.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?

She needs to know we won't hate her for this.
[x] Help Rinnosuke up.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?

Satorin~ I forgive you even if you can't forgive yourself~
[X] Help Rinnosuke up.
[X] Where. Is. Satori?
Hmm, with this change, it sets things up as being

Tewi or Nitori

Whoever out of Tewi or Nitori that didn't say yes
Unknown x 3
[x] Help Rinnosuke up.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?

We ARE going to hug Satori the moment we see her, right?

I fucking hope so, with cries of "You're alright!"
[x] Help Rinnosuke up.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?

Even if Rinnosuke voted no, this injury is his fair comeuppance. Five or four more knuckle sandwiches left to distribute, depending.

Indeed. We also need to ruffle Satori's hair, it's been too long.
[X] Help Rinnosuke up.
[X] As much as I'd like to sit and chat, I'm still mighty pissed that instead of saving someone who I thought was in mortal danger I was nearly cut in two by her and nearly crushed by that . So I'll make this quick.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?
[x] Help Rinnosuke up.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?
[x] Help Rinnosuke up.
[x] Where. Is. Satori?

Time for a new thread already.
So true ;_;

[X] Help Rinnosuke up.
[X] Where. Is. Satori?
I would rather prefer to hug Rinnosuke.

>>Time for a new thread already.

Indeed, shortly.

I did start this story with the intention of injecting a little more life back into THP. Not sure if I'd call it a lucky draw though, but thank you.

Well you certainly achieved that goal.
It's good and it updates very quickly. I wouldn't call that a lucky draw.

Don't let that go to your head. Once you do, you start sucking.
>>I would rather prefer to hug Rinnosuke.

Let's wait and see where he stands in all of this first. Even if getting smacked by that thing was his comeuppance, there's no way we're hugging someone who was okay with the notion of snuffing our ass out. That's definitely non-Bro behavior.
Considering he was glad to see us still alive when he came to see us, the probability of him voting no is pretty low at the moment. This leaves the other yes voter being probable that it is one of the people we've encountered since I can't see someone who hadn't met us saying we were real.
Most likely Tewi, as annoying as that is.
Well if Tewi voted yes, then going by the assumption that Nitori is a member of the group based on the discussion we witnessed Rinnosuke and Nitori having, it'd mean she voted no
What if Satori voted no? No one seems to be considering that, which seems odd given how she acted the last time we saw her.
Then guilt, and she says she's sorry, and when we forgive her we get relationship points.

That seems unlikely, after all, the first thing she said to us was something along the line of "you're real!" Though I could be wrong.

There's also the fact that's she's crying over her lie.
>Considering he was glad to see us still alive when he came to see us, the probability of him voting no is pretty low at the moment.

Or he's trying to ingratiate himself now that it seems he's stuck with us. I know I'd be doing the same thing were I in his position.
If Satori voted no, we'll just have to show her some tender love for it. It's highly unlikely she voted no though.

If he didn't honestly feel it though, I'd think we would have noticed since it'd be a lie
True, if there's one thing we do know about Rinnosouke, he certainly doesn't appear to be a good liar.

Just because he's glad to have another ally now that you've proven yourself to be one doesn't mean he thought you were when he voted.

As >>79810 said, if there's one thing we do know about Rinnosuke, it is that he is a poor liar. So overall, I don't think he'd be able to change his tune to the point we wouldn't detect it so soon

You don't understand. Of course he's glad you made it. Why wouldn't he be? Here's another person stuck in the same boat as he is; one skilled at combat no less. That however does not preclude him suspecting you at the previous juncture to be one of Yukari's minions or otherwise "not real".

Not everyone who voted no is going to have a personal vendetta against you. More likely, they were just acting in what they thought was their own best interest.
It gets attention because it's good and it's REAL-TIME. We vote, he writes, we vote, he writes. Everyone hangs around F5ing the thread instead of checking back the next day.

All the early CYOAs were like this, WUIG and MIG and the first "limited adventures" on the side boards. Hell, WUIG was on /jp/ for 2 weeks and it nearly took over.

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