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[X] Yeah, just relax for a change. Go through the stuff with Momizi, her day too.

"Ah, yes. Sorry." After brushing the dust off her dress, she pulls you up too and gives a smile. "What do you suggest?"
"Let's take a walk through the grounds." You're not sure if you want to head inside just yet. This way you can also show her what remains of the garden. "My day was a bit... Crazy, so why don't you tell about what happened at the mountain first?"
"There wasn't much really." She walks next to you as you start heading around the house and shrine. "Morning went by like usual, and the day was pretty slow except for... Hmm, no I shouldn't talk about this." A grin momentarily appears on her face.
"What is it?" That caught your interest, things that happen on the mountain usually turn out special.
Smiling widely she looks at the sky. "You wouldn't care about rumors that go on there, really!" She definitely wants to tell it.
"Come on Momi, that isn't fair!" Mock-pouting at her you cross your arms. "I tell you what I hear on the shrine, and what Chiyuri tells me about kappas too!"
"It's just a silly rumor, you wouldn't... Fine." After sighing she finally speaks with a slight smile. "You're not going to believe it, but this is about Aya."
"Ohh!" Yelling in excitement you grin. "She's been spreading rumors so much that it's only natural for something to come up about her too! So what is it, was she caught taking pictures of people bathing or what?" You say this, but you really like her, even if you appeared in Bunbunmaru news few times too, not always in the most positive light.

"No, nothing like that. Like I said, this is a bit boring when compared to usual stuff, but..." She takes a pause, and speaks. "...She might have a lover."
"You mean... Seriously?" Out of all things, you weren't expecting that. "Really? Not just somebody she spent a night with, but..." No, you don't know what to say about this.
"Crazy, isn't it?" Momizi continues smiling as she walks forward. "But it's kind of... Hmm, well, it makes sense doesn't it? She's ages older than me, think how long she has been without a partner."
Well, that's true, but... "What do you know about him? Or her?" It's silly, but you're not sure at all about who or what kind of people Aya prefers.
She lets out a giggle. "Ehehe, there isn't a much information on the detailed identity of the person, but one thing is clear." Momizi takes a dramatic pause, and then speaks. "He's a man."
Well, at least that's clear. "So... You don't know anything else about him?"
"Nope." Momizi shakes her head. "Sure, there are all kinds of rumors about that too, but I wouldn't listen to any of them yet."
"When did you even hear this one? It just came up today?"
"Believe it or not, yes. It's not often that new topics come up in the break room, but when something does happen, you can count on it being talked about."
"Hmm..." You're not going to even ask how this thing started, most likely hardly anybody knows that much anymore. "Too bad nobody can confirm it, though!"
"If we still lived at her house, it wouldn't be that hard..." She's stopped moving, and gives the mountain a longing look.
"Oh, don't be like that." You hug her from behind and ruffle her hair. "I'd rather have a nice house than find out if some fishy rumor is true or not."
"Ahaha, that's true too." She plants a kiss on your cheek and starts walking with you still hanging to her back. "Other than that... Hmm, at one point I heard some explosion. Kappas are always blowing things up so I didn't think about it too much before somebody said that it came from around here. You can guess what happened next."
"Aaw~" You give her a silly grin. "You abandoned your work just to check up here."
"Of course!" She sounds a bit offended. "Work is work, but my home is here."
You wait for her to continue, but when she doesn't you speak. "...Just your home? Nothing else?"
"Don't be silly." She pulls you from her back into hug of her own. "Some things are so obvious that you don't even have to say them. If you need to hear it, then..." She holds you for a moment, just quiet. "...I was worried about you the most."


"So how was your day?" You're just about to reach into garden when Momizi asks that.
"Like I said, crazy." You take a few jumps and peek into the garden behind house's corner, and see that everything is still(sadly) like you left it. "You'll see the climax of it in just few moments~"
"I don't like how you're keeping me in the dark, you'll have tOH MY GOD!" You guess that's an appropriate reaction.
Momizi grabbed a hold of you the moment she saw the destruction in the garden and spirits flying about. Now that you look at it for a second time, it... "Yes, it's pretty horrible."
"How did this even happen?" She loosens her grip, but still keeps her hold to your arm. "I can't imagine you doing something to cause this."
"Even if I wanted to, I could never cause destruction like this." You sigh and look as few spirits drift past you. "According to Ran it was just a matter of luck whether this happened in Hakurei shrine or here."
"Ran...?" Momizi looks at you. "She was in here earlier? What did she say?"
You sigh. "Yes, she was here, but she didn't say much. Just loosely explained the circumstances, but couldn't tell why this happened, or what we can do about it. Also, apparently there was 'exactly fifty percent chance of it happening here or there'. She made that bit painfully clear."
"That's a..." She is silent for a moment, obviously thinking if she should speak her mind or not. You don't have to guess what it is. "Pretty bad luck." Hearing it said hasn't gotten any better.
"I know." You look to the ground and hold your forehead. "We should be able to fix this, but..." Not wanting to look at the scene of disaster any more, you turn around. "Let's go over that during dinner. I want to hear Hina's and Clay's thoughts too."
"Ah, that's right. It's been a while from my last meal." Momizi follows behind you. "What did you cook?"
"...Oh." That's right. Since you didn't prepare meal after getting home, nobody probably did. Swallowing you just continue inside. "Well, I'm sure we can solve that somehow."

Inside Clay is resting at living living room table. Hina is nowhere to be seen.
"Sure took your time." He lifts his gaze. "And hi to you too Momizi."
"Hello Clay." Momizi bows her head in greeting. "Slow day again today?"
"...Can't help it if youkai aren't moving, and you wouldn't want them to get too annoyed with humans."
Those two are still bit stiff, but at least they aren't fighting anymore. Improvement has been slow but steady.
"Anyway, Adahn." Still at the table, he calls to you. "When are we going to have dinner?"
"...You can't honestly think I had it prepared with everything that happened?" He's not stupid, but sometimes you wonder just what goes on in his mind.
"I'm just asking when it will be ready." He looks at you with burrowed eyes. "It's not like I'm pressuring you, or anything."
So he wants dinner, huh.

[ ] Alright, you'll do it. Something simple should be enough.
[ ] ...When was the last time Clay made a dinner? You've been doing all the work recently.
[ ] ...When was the last time Clay made a dinner? You've been doing all the work recently.
[ ] If he makes an excuss about not knowing how then make him get off his ass and teach him.

[X] Tease him a bit. "No dinner today. I'm angry at your comment just now and I'm not gonna make the dinner for you."
[X] Cook dinner anyway.
[ ] ...When was the last time Clay made a dinner? You've been doing all the work recently.
[ ] If he makes an excuse about not knowing how then make him get off his ass and teach him.
[x] ...When was the last time Clay made a dinner? You've been doing all the work recently.
[x] If he makes an excuse about not knowing how then make him get off his ass and teach him.
[ ] ...When was the last time Clay made a dinner? You've been doing all the work recently.
[ ] If he makes an excuse about not knowing how then make him get off his ass and teach him.
[X] Tease him a bit. "No dinner today. I'm angry at your comment just now and I'm not gonna make the dinner for you."
[X] Cook dinner anyway.
[ ] Alright, you'll do it. Something simple should be enough.
"Why don't you make a dinner for change?" You walk past him without paying him too much attention, and turn to look back near the door. "Don't you think it's only proper for you to make something every once in a while too?"
"Wha-" He seems surprised for a moment, but quickly regains his composure. "Look, I'm not a chef or anything fancy like that. Food is not on my area of expertise."
"Oh?" You smile. "So what you're saying is that you can't cook?"
"...I never said that, but that's more or less right. You couldn't expect anything fancy from me." He must have an idea of where this is heading to, as he starts to sound worried.
"Then isn't this a perfect time to learn?" Clapping your hands together you head for the kitchen. "Momizi, would you get some aprons?"
"Yes, right away!" She follows you and goes for the closet. Hmm, you're not sure if you actually have anything for Clay, but you grabbed bunch of those aprons from Kourindou, so something should fit.
"Wait." He comes to kitchen too, still apparently unsure if you're being serious or not. "You want to teach me to cook, right now?"
"Yes," Momizi speaks while rummaging through the closet. "Skills like these are surely going to be useful in the future, no?"
"No." He stands at the kitchen door with his arms crossed. "This is idiotic, I refuse."
"Idiotic? Not really!" You wag a finger at him. "Men who can cook are so much more helpful, and it adds to their charm. One way or another, you will make the dinner, Clay."
Apparently done with the aprons, Momizi turns to Clay. "You sure have lots to pick from. Which one do you prefer, the pink one, or this with some text...?"
"Khh." Gritting his teeth he walks to Momizi and grabs one apron from her hands. "I'll be damned if I let you two tell me how to cook. Out now." He mercilessly pushes you and Momizi out of the kitchen. Even the idea of it must've been embarrassing enough for him, so you decide to honour his sacrifice and not make further mention of it.

"Do you think he'll be fine?" While you're walking towards your room Momizi speaks. "I honestly haven't seen him cook something. Ever."
"It should be fine, everyone knows how to make something." Truth to be told, you are a bit worried. This night may end up with nobody getting any food at all, or with sore stomach on everybody. "...If he has problems, I think he'll have sense to ask Hina for help."
"You think, but when does he act like you expect...?" Sighing Momizi pushes the door open, and you follow her in. It was only then that she seems to realize what's happening. "...Adahn, why are you here now? I'm going to change."
"I need to change too, so this should save time." As weird as it is, she's still a bit awkward about things like this... "Is it a bother? I can wait outside if you want me to."
She looks away, biting her lip. "N-no, it's fine. Really, just don't look."
"Fine then, you have to promise the same too, though." Giggling, you start getting undressed with your back turned to Momizi. "We share a room but you're like this... It's kind of silly."
"T-that's just how it is, you know?!" Sound of clothes shuffling, she's started too. "By the way, you didn't say anything about rest of your day."
"The morning was pretty normal, and... Hmm, I did meet Clay and Hina at human village earlier, but that wasn't anything special."
"Hm... And the 'doctor' visit?" She doesn't sound all that interested anymore. You don't blame her, Chiyuri hardly ever has anything to report, and even then it is something very minor. "As pressing as usual, with new big discoveries?"
Breathing in, you hesitate to answer. This visit really wasn't like usual, but should you tell it to her yet?

[ ] Tell her.
[ ] Don't tell her.
[ ] Tell her.
[ ] Tell her.

It works.
[x] Tell her.
[ ] Tell her.
[X] Tell her.
[X] Make sure you're completely naked at the point which you tell her.

Hoping she'll forget we're changing and turn around.
[X] Tell her.
"I'm pregnant."
[X] Tell her.
[X] Make sure you're completely naked at the point which you tell her.
[X] Tell her.
[X] Make sure you're completely naked at the point which you tell her.

This will be hilarious.
[X] Tell her.
[X] Make sure you're completely naked at the point which you tell her.
man i thought i missed something
[X] Tell her.
[X] Make sure you're completely naked at the point which you tell her.
[x] Tell her.
[x] Make sure you're completely naked at the point which you tell her.
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After a moment of thinking you continue undressing and keep talking. "Hmm... I guess it was something like that. At least I won't be forced to go there every few days anymore."
"Oh?" She lets out a small laugh. "Did she get tired of doing experiments that didn't led anywhere, or did she find more productive things to do?"
"Neither, she just found out there was nothing she could find out about my condition anymore, or for that matter nothing do about it." Nothing wrong with changing your undergarments too, right?
"Hahaha, you're kidding, right?" She still tries to laugh, but there is a hint of worry in her voice. "She couldn't do anything about... There isn't anything actually going on, right?"
"Hm... Nope. I mean yes, something is going on." You slip off your panties and finally tell the truth. "I'm turning into youkai."
"Wha- No, you're not seri--!" Due to her sudden stop you look over your shoulder, and see her now staring at your naked back with her face growing redder by the second. "Adahn... Why did you...?" No matter what she might be thinking, she doesn't look away. On the matter of her changing, she's currently in her underwear, holding her normal shirt.
"Hmm~? What are you talking about?" You turn around with a fake pout on your face, arms crossed on your chest. "More importantly, you looked! What do you plan to do now?"
"I-" You take a step towards her, and she... Doesn't move at all, or even turn her face away. "I don't... Adahn, this was your fault, you have to take responsibility!" She moves forward.
"...Momizi?" This isn't going as planned at all. Instead of her backing away it's you. "...Really, it's not that serious, you don't have to-!" And now you walked onto bed and fell down sitting on it. All the while Momizi keeps walking with her eyes fixed on you.
"Completely naked in a room with just me... What were you planning to do~?" Somehow you have a feeling this is getting dangerous. But no, this is Momizi. She wouldn't hurt a fly, much less you. "Are you luring me into some trap?"
"I-I'm not doing anything!" No matter how confident you are in your safety, you can't stop your voice from shaking. "It's you who's acting weird!"
She frowns. "Tengus should never trust humans, you're much better off dealing with kappa or other youkai, they say." Her face is getting closer to yours, without that incredibly focused look breaking for even a second.
"B-but I'm not a human anymore, right?" You close your eyes. "...At least not completely."
"That coming from even former human..." You can feel her breath on your face, and soon- "I won't believe it right away." Instead of kiss you get a poke on your nose.

"Ow!" Opening your eyes you see Momizi still holding her index finger on tip of your nice while grinning in a silly way.
"You really had me there. It's been a while since you got me to actually look." She retracts her finger and wags it at you. "Trick like that isn't fair at all!"
"Hmm, yeah..." You look down to the ground. Yeah, perhaps your credibility isn't too high when you're naked. "Let's just get dressed now. Can you hand me some clothes?"
"Maybe you'd rather stay like that a moment longer?" You wouldn't have anything against it if she was naked too, but that's just hopeful thinking at this point. You give her a glare and she walks to closets. "Don't be like that, you know I'm not serious."
It'd be more fun if she was, though... You grab the clothes she tosses to you and get dressed without further joking.
"Be serious this time. Chiyuri's examination was just like usual, right?" Normally she wouldn't even bother to ask again, but apparently that scene casted some doubt into her mind.
...Hmm. You're pretty much fully clothed now, so it should be safe to say it now. "It's exactly what I said earlier. I won't have to go there anymore, she found out what she wanted."
"...I see. But that..." She swallows and looks at you with hint of worry in her eyes. "Part about you turning into youkai was just a joke. Wasn't it?"
"No." You shake you head. "That's how it is, I'm turning into youkai. If you don't believe me you caAAAAH?!" And you're sent to bed again. This time due to Momizi pushing you down and sitting on top of you.
"Adahn. This is the last time I'll ask. Right now you're pulling a very bad joke, right?" She looks at you with intense eyes.
You shake your head again. "...No, at least if Chiyuri told me the truth. I'm turning into youkai."
"Hold still now." She leans closer and you do.
What follows is Momizi smelling your face and hair while holding your arms down. Unlike few months ago, there is no intense feeling or lust this time, it's just her most likely trying to find the some kind of change in your smell. And you let her do it.
"I..." Finally she stops and lets go of your arms. She doesn't let go of your hands, though. "I can't believe it."
You wait for her to speak, but she stays silent. "Momizi..." You bring your hand to her face. "Is this really so bad?"
"No, no no." She shakes her head. "I mean, I can't believe I didn't notice it before her. You see her for few hours every week, but I... I live on the same house with you! We sleep on the same bed!" Burying her face in her hands she speaks quietly. "Yet that stupid scientist playing doctor figured it first..."
"Momi, don't about think it like that. If anybody should've noticed it, that would be me. What does it say about me if I can't even tell what's going on with my own body?"
"You..." She looks at you from between her fingers, and slowly the cheerfulness get back to her. "I guess we're both fools."
"I think we both have just more important things to worry about."
"Oh, what do you think is more important than you changing from human to youkai?"
"Hmm, for me, maybe..." You bring your finger to your lips while you think. "You?"
"Hahaha!" She ruffles your hair and hugs you against her chest. "Not just a fool, but one with messed up priorities!"
"As if you'd be any better yourself!"

File 123777091856.jpg - (35.12KB, 640x480 , eggs1.jpg) [iqdb]
When you get back to living room smell of... eggs greets you. Out of everything it's that. No wonder, there already is some stacked table, with Hina sitting next to it apparently waiting for others.
You sit down too and look at her. "So what we have for dinner is..?"
"Eggs." She speaks in amused voice. "Just eggs." Yes, just them prepared in every possible way you can imagine.
Clay comes from kitchen, carrying a plate filled with deviled eggs, and bowl with salad.
"Uhm..." You run your eyes through the table. Sure, it's great that he managed to do something and you got a meal, but... "Clay, where did you get these eggs?"
"Hmm?" His concentration is broken from setting plates on table, and he looks up to you.
"Adahn is right, I'm confident that we didn't have nearly this much eggs in storage." No wonder Momizi noticed it too.
"You think this is much?" With a smile on his face he looks towards kitchen.
...No way, he can't be serious.
"Now, shouldn't we eat?" You all turn to look at Hina who has already picked something to her plate. "Food is best when it's warm, we can talk about everything during the meal."
"...Right." You nod, and start setting food on your plate. It doesn't really matter how he got all of this, as long as he didn't go to rob some store.
"You can just start without me." The chef himself gets up from the table. "I still have something to do in the kitchen."
After watching him head back there, you choose your meal from the incredibly varied possibilities.

The meal goes peacefully despite somewhat awkward tension in air. You probably should ask Clay about source of this meal, but... It might be better to let that wait until later.
"Ah." Yes, you nearly forgot!
"What is it?" Hina looks up from her meal.
"Nothing important." You wave your hand in reply. "It's just that when I was changing for shrine work today, I couldn't find my usual garb."
"Really? That's weird." Momizi lifts an eyebrow. "Are you sure you just didn't lose it somewhere?"
"Yes, you should know it's not like me to be forgetful about things like this." You look back to other two. "So, do you know anything about it?"
There is a moment of silence before either of them replies, but finally Hina speaks. "Your... Usual clothes?" Her voice is much slower than what is normal for her.
"Yes, the ones I usually place on the chair at my room." As you say this, Clay's eyes widen. "It's not that big deal since I have-"
"Krrrrmplh!" A voice resembling something like horse getting run over by truck cuts you off. "Khah! Khaah!" Apparently Clay got some food stuck on his throat. And just at the best possible time.
"Oh my- Are you alright?!" Hina noticed Clay's plight too, and has now hand on his back. "Can you breathe?!"
"I'm.. fine..." Hacking and coughing continues as you and Momizi stare at the scene unfolding in front of your eyes.
"Uh..." You hate to interrupt Clay, but he should make it. "About that..."
"Ah yes, your shrine maiden dress." Hina says and looks at you from Clay. "I'm sure it'll come up sooner or later. Hopefully sooner, but with the bad luck we've been getting I'm not so sure..."
Right. This is the point where you have to drop this subject.

After the meal it ended up being your job to clean. After all, that is not chef's job as Clay put it. What are you then, a maid? Now, after you're done...
[ ] Spend some time with Momizi.
[ ] Find Hina and talk with her, a lot happened today.
[ ] What about Clay? And that meal?
[ ] It might be best to check the shrine again.
[ ] Go look at that hot spring.
[ó] What about Clay? And that meal?

>"Clay, where did you get these eggs?"
"Our friend Aya seems to have forgotten the importance of contraception, so I took advantage of her absent-mindedness."

Here's hoping it doesn't turn out to be so...
[ ] Find Hina and talk with her, a lot happened today.
[X] Spend some time with Momizi.

Spending time after work with the wife~.
[ ] Find Hina and talk with her, a lot happened today.

Those eggs...
WUiG Anon is to Clay as Shirou is to Archer.
[ ] Find Hina and talk with her, a lot happened today.
[x] What about Clay? And that meal?

[x] Find Hina and talk with her, a lot happened today.
...what the hell happened to our clothes, and what do they know?
Obviously Hina tried them on for Clay and looked so smoking hot that they fucked right then and there. While she was wearing them. In our bed.
[X] Find Hina and talk with her, a lot happened today.
That's what I was thinking, but I wasn't sure I was catching it right.
Get back to work, you accursed seed of alcohol.
>accursed seed of alcohol
But potatoes are a root vegetable.
Best vodka is grain vodka.
[X] Find Hina and talk with her, a lot happened today.

Ahaha... I can't believe I've been sitting on the second page for a few days now and kept wondering why the board wasn't changing much when I refreshed.
File 123853768872.png - (5.89KB, 118x150 , 1238417152233.png) [iqdb]
Thou shan't be forgotten!
Every time I see this on the first page I think Vodka updated...



Don't worry Anon, he'll come for us... he'll come...
File 123854946119.png - (532.37KB, 850x1099 , a352d445acb26efd3480cf3350e30567.png) [iqdb]
You set the last few plates up to dry, and exit the kitchen to look for Hina. Today was an... unusual day for you, and most likely for her too. There will be a lot to talk about.

It doesn't take too long to find her. She's at the garden, looking at what remains of it.
"Ah, Adahn." Having noticed you, she turns and speaks. "There's water everywhere, don't get your feet wet."
"Ah, alright." You didn't notice it right away, but she's floating. Kicking yourself a bit up from the porch, you float next to her. "...What are you thinking about?"
"Nothing much." She sighs, and runs her gaze over the spirits around the place. "Hmm, did I ever teach you how to take care of ghosts and evil spirits?"
"...Aside from the basic things, no." Oh, this will be a problem.
"So I didn't remember it wrong. Sadly." She sighs. "I have to confess that I'm most likely just as much loss as you're with how to deal with this."
"It's not that bad." You try cheering her up a bit. "Nobody could hope to solve matters like these as soon as they come up. It might take few days for us to come up with way, but in the end it will turn out fine."
"Few days..." Hina speaks quietly. "Funny that time suddenly matters so much."
"What do you mean?"
"Spirits don't like being locked in one place for too long. Even if we replace those seals, soon here will be so much spirits that there won't be enough space. Guess what will happen then?"
"...Oh no." You swallow. An explosion of spirits... That would bother much more people than just humans.
"Well, before that they'd start leaking to house and shrine grounds." Hina speaks in tired tone. "We have to come up with somethi-"

You look up to the direction of the voice, and see Reimu eyeing down to you and Hina. "How are you doing?"
"Greetings Reimu, what brings you here?" Hina speaks with her eyes on the red miko.
You raise your hand in greeting. "Really, it's been a while." Well, Ran did hint she might be showing, but she really is a bit late.
"Hmm." Reimu gets closer to ground, but avoids getting her feet wet. "Wow. It's not nearly as bad as I feared, but better than I hoped for."
"Excuse me?!" You shoot her an angry glare. "What exactly did you hope for the results to be like, then?!"
"Hmm, maybe a part of the house gone, or this could've come up in the middle of shrine grounds..." You keep glaring at her when she speaks, and eventually she gets quiet, instead opting to look at you with a frown. "...Oh, come on. You know how it's with my shrine every time something like this happens."
"I haven't heard much, but..." She keeps looking at you, and you try to think of some example. "It is usually destroyed, right? Like when Moriya shrine appeared?"
Reimu nods and the look on her face eases. "Yeah, you gather misfortune here, and yet the end result was actually kind of lucky." She kicks one spirit that wondered near her. "Man, the irony is pissing me off."
"Actually, I heard that it was to happen either here or at your shrine?" Hina speaks in careful tone. "So, this was unlucky."
"Maybe for you, I could take care of something like this just fine." Reimu looks at the trashed garden again. "I've always wanted a personal hot spring, and yet you got one that was nearly in my grasp."
"Exactly what I'm talking about." Hina smiles sweetly when she replies.
"...ahahahaha." After a bit of thinking, Reimu lets out a weak laugh and buries her face on her hands. "So it works that way too. I almost can't believe it."
"You are right that hot spring appearing is hardly what you'd call bad luck. Adahn brought that up too." Hina spins to look at you too. "I think that answers why it came up here, hmm?"
Something that would be good luck to Reimu came over to you as good luck because... That would be misfortune to Reimu? No, that's too excessive, it's because her not getting it is more bad luck to her when compared to you not getting it since she can deal with her easily, and turn it into something good? That's insane.
"Although..." Hina continues, having brought a finger to her lips. "I do wonder why it didn't appear right under the shrine. For now we can only count our lucky stars with that one." She speaks in perfectly calm tone.
"By gods..." You can't be nearly as calm as her. Just a thought of all those misfortunes being set free at once is enough to make you shiver. Swallowing, you speak to Reimu. "A-anyway. You said you could take care of this?"
"Huh? Oh, that?" It seems she was lost in thought too. With her eyebrows lowered, she speaks with faint smile. "You mean you can't handle it yourself?"
"Uh, well..." You look to the ground. It's annoying to admit, but your powers aren't really for this kind of stuff. "...Yes, the experience I have with spirits doesn't help much here." You could always exorcise each of them individually, but with the speed they keep popping up that would be endless job.
With her arms crossed, Reimu gives the garden another glance and slowly smile spreads on her face. "...Since there isn't immediate danger with this thing, I should at least help you with the."
"That would be great!" You smile. "Can we start now, or...?"
"Hah, no way." Her reply cuts your new enthusiasm short. "Even I don't understand the situation too well, first thing we should do is talk."
"...That's true too." Well, she's the one who knows what to do in this situation. "Let's go to living room and I'll-"
"Not here." Another fast response.
"Eh, but that's..." You get quiet, and look at Hina. "...What do you say? Is this alright?"
"Hmm..." She thinks for a moment, then speaks. "I presume you have your reasons for wanting to go over this somewhere else?"
"It's not like me to do things just on a whim." Well, you wouldn't know about that.
"That is fine then." Hina nods, and then floats closer to the house. "Adahn, I have to do something. Take care of this, would you be dear?"

"Do you have any places in mind?" After Hina disappears inside Reimu asks you this. "I have no problem with going back to my house, but it might be better to talk this over a food."
"You make it sound like we wouldn't eat anything at your place." You smile, and cast your eyes towards the direction of kitchen. "And we just had dinner, so there really isn't a need for..."
"It's fine if you don't want to eat anything." She grins, crossing her arms.
"Oh?" You lift an eyebrow. "So you would be the only one talking over a meal?"
Reimu doesn't seem least bit shaken by your words, as she just keeps the smile on. "Isn't that fine? If it bothers you that much to not order anything, I could eat your share too."
"...Could it be possible that this meal will be the payment for your help?"
"As if, I never ask anybody anything back when I take care of their problems."
"Really? I hear that those problems have usually been incidents that threatened all of Gensokyo?" If it is true, you have to admit that it's a bit admirable that she doesn't get any kind of payment for that stuff.
"Right, but those were problems that bothered me too. So I was just taking care of itch on my back, as it were." You didn't know she was this humble about everything she's done! "With this one it's something that affects mostly you people, so I'm giving you valuable help here." Or maybe not. Rather than modest, she's just really honest. "It's only fair that you treat me a meal or something! Considering your situation, isn't this really good deal for you?"
"...Hah." Smiling as you lean back in air, you close your eyes for a second. "It's true, we're really in a pinch here."
"Spirits can really turn into a problem if you don't take care of them before long..." She gives an exaggerated sigh. "I remember one time few fairies were selling ghosts in bottles at summer to keep people cool, it was really a pain to clean up afterwards."
"I haven't heard about that one yet. What did you do?"
"No, a girl from netherworld had to take care of that one, she was nice enough to explain this to me when she stopped by." She shakes her hand. "I actually bought one of those bottled ghosts too."
Right, few ghosts scattered around Gensokyo wouldn't bother her that much, even less during a hot summer.
"Enough of that already." Reimu floats up and looks down to you. "Where are we eating?"

[ ] Some place at the village should be enough.
[ ] It has been a while since you were at Mokou's grill.
[ ] Here. You should be able to cook something fast enough.
Sorry. I've been worrying way too much about things in the story that... Well, don't need to be worried about. For example, I wrote this update twice.
Well, let's move on now.
[ ] It has been a while since you were at Mokou's grill.

Mokou Mokou!
[ ] It has been a while since you were at Mokou's grill.
[x] It has been a while since you were at Mokou's grill.
[x] It has been a while since you were at Mokou's grill.
[ ] It has been a while since you were at Mokou's grill.
[29] It has been a long time since someone called me a magician.
File 123858652012.jpg - (87.58KB, 300x300 , 3e20e3fbfe52a2248cab200878544870.jpg) [iqdb]
[ó] It has been a while since you were at Mokou's grill.


>I actually bought one of those bottled ghosts too.

Why my mind immediately associated a 'bottled ghost' with Mima - is beyond me, but the vision is amusing indeed.
File 123863208550.jpg - (140.17KB, 827x1102 , 2767579.jpg) [iqdb]
But can she refill all your hearts?
It's Mima. She'd empty them all out.
[x] It has been a while since you were at Mokou's grill.

Heed my hail, o' Lord of Alcohol! Bless us with your updated tale!
[x] It has been a while since Vodka last updated.
[ze] It has, indeed.
Why not go to Mokou's grill? She's always fun to deal with and it's been a while since you visited.
"Oh, I can promise that it'll be nice. You'll have to wait until we get there, though." Smiling you speak to her, and she lifts an eyebrow.
"...Eh, alright." She turns away and looks at you over her shoulder. "As long as the food is good I'll be fine with it. Let's go then."
Not paying her much attention you float over to house. "We're not leaving just yet. Hina will probably come along too, so it'd be rude to leave without telling her."
"Her, huh?" She sighs, and moves away. "I'll wait in front of the shrine. If I even think you're going to bail out I'll come and find you."
"Sure..." After watching her go, you enter the house and start looking for Hina.

First... There's nobody at living room, so you go for her room upstairs. If she's not there, things might get complicated.
Knock, knock. "Hina, are you there?" Knocking to the door's frame you wait for answer.
"Adahn?" Which certainly doesn't take too long to come. "Is something the matter?"
"No, not at all." You say, bit relaxed now that this should go by easily. "We just decided where we'd be eating. Reimu wants to go, so will you be done soon?"
"Eating...?" There's a moment of silence, and she continues. "Never mind, I'm sure you can explain it later. But as for time it will take for me to finish, not too long. Few minutes at most."
"Ah, that's good." Unless Reimu is really impatient, she won't have to come and get you. "I'll be waiting in the living room, then."
"Yes, I thank you for informing me."
You almost turn to leave, but then decide to say one last thing. "By the way, if you see Clay, could tell him we'll be gone for the evening?" You don't think he'd get worried or anything, but it's best that he knows too. "I'll try to find him before we have to leave, but if I don't..."
"Hmm, I see." There's some movement inside the room. "Then that I shall do, you don't have to worry about that any more."
"Hmm? Well, alright then." You wonder what she meant by that, but decide not to press the matter and just head back downstairs.

It takes about minute or so to check the rooms downstairs, but Clay is nowhere to be found. Looks like you'll have to take Hina's word on this.
While heading back to living room you see Momizi get inside. "Oh, what were you doing outside?"
Apparently not noticing you earlier, she turns to you and smiles. "Not much." She keeps talking while walking with you. "I saw Reimu standing at the courtyard, and went to ask if there was something she wanted."
Just standing? There are some chairs there, is she really that worried about you not coming? "And...?"
"Apparently she was waiting for somebody to take her out to eat."
You manage to avoid laughing, and just end up smiling widely. "She seriously said that?"
"Mmmh." Momizi nods. "I can't imagine why she'd be waiting over here, but when I asked she just said it wasn't my problem."
Tilting your head a bit you ask her. "And you just left it at that?"
"You should know that Reimu isn't somebody you want to annoy too much!" With her arms crossed Momizi walks forward, not looking at you. "If she tells you not to worry about something, then it's better that you don't."
"Ahaha..." Well, perhaps it's better that she doesn't... Actually. "Momizi, would you like to go outside?"
"Huh?" She turns to look at you. "Well, I don't mind, but where?"
"Mokou's grill. What do you think?"
She looks at you for a moment, and then speaks. "...Adahn, we just ate. Are you serious?"
"Oh, we wouldn't have to eat there!" Reimu is most likely going to eat enough for at least three people, anyway. "Just go there and spend time until it gets dark... Don't you think it's a bit nostalgic too?"
"Nostalgic..."Oh, you mean the time we ate there together?"
"Yep, our first date~" You hug her and run your hand through her hair. "So, how about it?"
"Hmmm..." With her eyes closed, she thinks for a moment before returning the hug. "...I guess it's fine, I don't have anything planned for tonight either."
Alright, so it won't be just you two together. You should at least explain that to her before Hina comes down. "Yes! Alright, let's just-" And speaking of the devil, she's just walked in. "...You got it done a lot faster than I expected."
"Yes, the matter wasn't as pressing as I suspected myself either." She doesn't even sit down, and heads straight for the door. "So, shall we get going?"
"Eh?" Momizi looks at Hina, then at you and finally at Hina again. "Going where?"
"Adahn didn't inform you yet?" She sighs. "We're going out with Reimu to discuss some matters regarding the deal with our backyard. I don't think it will take too long."
Momizi looks at you, and gradually a frown grows on her face. "...Explain."
"Ahaha, it's pretty much what she says." You rub the back of your head, and try to avoid Momizi's gaze. "I was just about to tell you, but... I'd still like it if you came along. You said you didn't have anything planned right?"
"Hmm..." With her eyebrows still lowered, she gives you a final glance and then starts walking outside. "Alright. I'll come along if you really want it that much."
"Hey, Momi!" Running after her you take a hold of her hand. "I'm sorry if I made you upset, but-"
"It's fine." She pats your head. "You can make up for this with some private time later, alright?"
"...Sure! Let's go, now!" Like you'd object to that!

"You know, I was totally taken off when you all showed up. I rarely get more than one or two customers at once."
"Really?" You sigh as you watch Mokou flip the yakitori on grill.
"Yeah, I finally got a chance to make some real profit." She pauses, and gives the three of you not eating anything a glare. "But then you tell me that only Reimu would be eatin'. Man, that kinda pissed me off."
"But it appears that didn't end up being a problem after all?" Hina speaks from next to you.
"Hmmm... Yeah, I guess so." Grinning Mokou stacks few more meat-sticks in front of Reimu. "I still can't understand how the hell you're eating all of this alone."
"Eh, whuh?" It takes a while for Reimu to notice somebody is talking to her from her eating. "Oh, that. When you get food for free, isn't it only common sense to eat as much as you can?"
"Right..." Mokou sighs and turns to you. "Listen, I'm sorry for what happened at your place."
"I already told you that it doesn't matter." Apparently everybody you meet wants to offer you their apology over the hot spring, as if it was their fault. "It should turn out well when we deal with the spirits."
"Hahahah, nice attitude!" Mokou slams her fist to the table. "If a spring came up in my backyard, be it hot or cold, there'd be hell to pay to whoever was responsible."
"Hmm... Speaking of the solution to this, Reimu?" Momizi looks at the shrine maiden who still hasn't stopped eating. "Isn't it about time for you to fill your part of the bargain?"
"...Already?" She puts the meat on the plate and frowns. "I'm not full at all, can't you just wait?"
"Nothing is stopping you from keeping on eating after the talk. And wouldn't a break be good for you?"

"Eeeh..." After thinking a moment, Reimu leans back on her chair. "Fine. So, getting rid of those spirits. Mokou actually has a pretty good hunch of what's the easiest way for you."
"Wha- I said something like that?" Mokou's voice can be heard from the kitchen, from where she soon shows up from carrying jugs filled with water.
"Yeah. There'd be a hell to pay..." Reimu pours some water for herself and quickly downs the glass. "Basically you should go and beat up whoever is responsible for this, and tell them to put an end to it."
"Beat up?" You've heard of Reimu's way to handle situations like these, but you honestly didn't expect her to suggest the same thing to you. "Isn't there a more peaceful way to solve this?"
"If you manage to talk some sense to whoever caused this, sure. But as for other options.... I suppose I could spent a better part of a week, or month exorcising the shrine in your backyard, but for that I'd want a lot more than just free meal." She grins, and spins he glass on table. "I'm giving you the easiest option for you."
"Hmm..." Hina lets out a low hum with her fingers on her forehead, and speaks. "...You should know where these spirits are from, correct?"
"Yep. The underground, and that brings up whole set of new problems. But hey!" With her arms crossed she gives a cheerful smile. "Isn't it good to see the world sometimes? Gee, I'm jealous of you."
"You got to be kidding." Momizi speaks with a frown on her face. "You're seriously suggesting for us to go underground, and find whoever made the incident happen?"
"No, not all of you, that'd be stupid and unnecessary." Reimu shakes her head and points at you. "Just Adahn. But if you really want to, who am I to stop you from going there either?"
"That's even more insane!" Momizi slams her fist to the wooden table. "Do honestly think she'd be fine down there?! It has been... ages since somebody from here went-!"
"Momi, calm down." You put a hand on her back, and look at Hina and Reimu. "What's this about underground? Is it really that horrible place?"
"Not exactly." Hina speaks, now more composed than earlier. "Momizi was somewhat exagrating, but she does have a point. The underground world is a place many Youkai that couldn't be tolerated here were sent to. And just like she said, hardly anybody has been there."
"...You're a goddess. Are you saying that you haven't been there either?"
"That I have to confess. It seems that the creatures there have their own system of dealing with things, thus we have actually no need to go there."

"Well..." Reimu has a smug grin on her face. "You say that hardly anybody goes there, but I just happen to know somebody who visits there regularly."
"Wha- who?" This could really help.
"Oh, you know her too. Suika." Reimu grins and breathes into her empty glass. "Apparently she has some friends down there she likes to party with."
"Parties...?" That doesn't go too well with what they just told you. "So it's not actually that bad of a place?"
"Hah! Not that bad, if you're Oni!" Letting out hearty laugh Reimu swings her feet under the table. "Don't get your hopes up about asking her anything about the place though. She's been gone for few days now and I have no idea when she'll show up again."
"And knowing you, you haven't inquired her about the place either?" Rather than question, what Hina said was more of a stating the facts.
"Nope. It's none of my business, so why should I bother?"
Hina sighs, and gives you a concerned look. "..In the end, this is your decision Adahn. I'm not going to force you to go there. But know this, I think you should do it."

[ ] "There isn't any other way, huh?"
[ ] "Momizi is right, that's insane."
[ ] "...I'd still rather go with the safest option. How much do you want, Reimu?"
Sorry, been kinda sick recently. But that'd be a working excuse only if I had been feeling crap for more than this and the last day.
[ ] "There isn't any other way, huh?"

[x] "There isn't any other way, huh?"
[X] "There isn't any other way, huh?"

Someone write-up a stat sheet for the Adahn-Momi SA team.
[ ] "There isn't any other way, huh?"

Who shall we pick?

[ ] Adahn A (Momiji)
[ ] Adahn B (Hina)
[ ] Adahn C (Claymore)

And for that matter what support abilities will we have? And what bombs?
[X] "There isn't any other way, huh?"
[x] "There isn't any other way, huh?"

We're gonna need to see our team abilities and such.
[X] "There isn't any other way, huh?"
[ze] "There isn't any other way, huh?"
[x] "There isn't any other way, huh?"
[x] "There isn't any other way, huh?"

Badass fighter Adahn is mai waifu.
[x] "There isn't any other way, huh?"
File 123961401162.jpg - (180.86KB, 442x500 , 8f0265f2d45d0244be01a612e775ce23.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "There isn't any other way but to bump this, huh?"
File 123976086632.jpg - (69.64KB, 299x1080 , A claymore.jpg) [iqdb]
"There isn't any other way, huh?" You look down at the table and trace the lines in wood with your finger. "It would be best just to do it, then."
"Adahn!" Momizi stands up, with her hands at the table. "You.. Do you realize what you're going to do?!" Her tail is stock-still, in contrast to its usual swinging around.
"Hah!" Leaning back on her chair Reimu lets out laugh. "That's your first reaction? But anyway, that's not what you should be thinking about now." This remark gets her an irritated look from Momizi, and you shift a bit to block the way between two.
"Reimu, perhaps you shouldn't say anything now." Thankfully Hina is quick to step in too.
"Ehh, I'm helping here. Are you telling me you don't want me to?"
"Helping and helping..." Hina lets out breath. "Your advice is fully appreciated when it actually helps. For now, I ask you to stay quiet."
"...Fine." Apparently Reimu doesn't care enough to keep pressing the subject. "Can I have something more to eat? I think the break has been long enough." Thank the gods.
"Hu- oh, sure." Leaning over the counter, Mokou points to the plate next to grill. "I think there's enough in there even for you. At least for a while now."
"It better still be warm..." Grumbling Reimu moves closer to the plate and leaves you to to peace.

"...Really." Momizi sighs, her ears drooping a little. "I know you haven't lived here long enough to know about the world down there, but..."
"...It's supposedly really bad." Well, your life so far has been really easy. You turn from your water to look at Momizi. "But I got out of Scarlet Devil Mansion, and that's supposed to be one of the most lethal places here."
"That's... You really can't compare those two. Not at all."
"True, those both areas have their own complications and problems, but..." Hina shakes her head. "...It might be best just to explain the basics for now. Are you fine with that? I assure I'll get back to this in more detail later when you need to know." You nod. "Good. Long story short, surface and underground youkai aren't in good terms with each other at all, these days it's hard to find even anybody who holds a contact anymore. I think Suika might a sole exception."
"I gathered as much earlier. Please continue."
"The point is that when you were at Scarlet Devil Mansion we could easily go in and try to rescue you, no big problems." Momizi looks troubled, even more than before. "But if we were to do the same thing with underground..."
Hina continues when Momizi turns quiet. "It might turn out to be a complete disaster. Tengus might have to deal with political mess, and if worst came to it, a war."
"Just because of somebody goes there?!" This is unbelievable, is the peace here really built on so thin ground?
"If somebody goes there with aggressive intentions, maybe." Momizi breathes. "It would be a lot easier if we knew more about what it's like down there."
"So... What do you say I do? Go there and avoid getting into trouble?"
"Yes, that would be for the best. But..." Hina gives a small smile. "Don't think I'm looking down to you here, but I think that'll be impossible."
"Eh?" You lift an eyebrow. "What is?"
"Avoiding getting into trouble. With our current circumstances something is bound to happen, despite how careful you are. Or what do you say, Momizi...?"
"...Right. You're not going there alone, no matter what kind of methods Reimu might suggest, or use herself."

"I think you're worrying too about this right now." Mokou is leaning over the counter, completely ignoring her only customer. "Just do what feels right and see what happens. Come what may, you know?"
You look at her smiling face for a moment, and then nod smiling. "...You're right. No matter how well you plan ahead something will always go wrong. So what would you do?" After remembering what she said earlier you quickly add. "Other than beating up whoever is responsible, that is!"
"Hehh... What would I do..." She scratches her chin for a bit. "Maybe decide when I'd start taking care of it? I have bunch of other stuff to do too, so..."
You turn back to Hina and Momizi. "So, when? I don't have anything important planned for next few days."
"I believe we're all more or less free for the time being. Momizi?"
"Yes, aside from this nothing has happened back at the mountain. Would tomorrow be good?"
"Tomorrow is fine, but... Would we have all everything prepared in time?" You're not sure how long you're going to spend underground after all, and it's apparently really dangerous place.
"You really can't prepare that well for something like this." Momizi quickly looks up to the sky. "...Let's think about the details tomorrow, alright? It's getting late."
"Is i- Oh, yes." Looking past the leaves you really have to agree with her, it'll soon be night. You stand up from the seat. "So, I think we'll be going now."
"You're already leaving? What about, you know..." Mokou points at Reimu. "Her?"
Her stomach really is incredible. "...If she keeps eating, I'll just pay the next time I come here."
"Hah, I'm not letting you off the hook that easily!" She grins like maniac and looks for something under the counter. "You might die tomorrow, and this is the kind of goodbye you're going to give me?"
"I'm not going to die!" You almost step back when she slams a bottle to the counter. "And do you really think I should drink even when I know what tomorrow will be like?"
"Come on, I've been saving this for special occasion!" She spins the old bottle for a bit.
You look at it more closely, and then back at grinning Mokou. "...It's already opened. Just how special is this occasion?"
"Oh, you noticed? But never mind, this bottle is special." She's already pouring you all five a glass. Guess Reimu is part of the occasion too. "And all drinks after this are going to be free!"
Well, it's not like you to refuse free drink, but... "...Hina?"
"I don't mind. It's for the occasion, isn't it" She has already grabbed her own glass.
...It might be a while before you get back home.


Can't sleep.

After opening your eyes you're face to face with the empty ceiling.
...Thank god it's uneventful and quiet, and will remain that way. You couldn't stand it if your bedroom was under those two, you're not too convinced about soundproofness of these walls after all.
Well, it's not like you mind sleeping downstairs, but sometimes it really gets on your nerves. But if you have time to be annoyed about things like this, then...
"Life sure is easy..."

You can't sleep.

Sitting up in the bed, you stretch a bit.
Despite the darkness it's apparent that your room isn't very decorated. Just few cabinets filled with whatever you have, bedside table with miscenaleous small items and few books covering it and the katana hanging on the wall. You get the feeling she's not too happy there, but at least that's alot better than what you could do.
It's been about an hour since those three came home, Adahn and Momizi in... Not so fresh condition. Good for them. If you didn't know better you'd doubt if it even possible for Hina to be affected by alcohol.
Awake in the dead of the night, there is only one thing to do...

[ ] Go see what Hina's doing, no way she's sleeping yet.
[ ] Sleep. It is the night, after all.
[ ] Take a walk. It is the night, after all.
[ ] This is not cool, you don't want to be Clay.
[ ] Go see what Hina's doing, no way she's sleeping yet.
[ ] Go see what Hina's doing, no way she's sleeping yet.
--[X] Discuss the matter of Adahn's miko clothes.
[ ] Go see what Hina's doing, no way she's sleeping yet.
[X] Take a walk. It is the night, after all.
[x] Go see what Hina's doing, no way she's sleeping yet.
[X] Take a walk. It is the night, after all.

Always better than Hitchcock's cure for Insomnia.
[z] Take a walk. It is the night, after all.
[e] Go see what Hina's doing, no way she's sleeping yet.

>[ ] This is cool; you want to be The Clay.
I fully expect a Momiji and Adahn scene after this.
[o] Take a walk. It is the night, after all.
[o] Go see what Hina's doing, no way she's sleeping yet.

I like this vote.
First, to find something to wear... Eh, just pants will do fine. Not like you'd be heating outside, and the floor is warm enough.
That technology from mountain is really nice, despite some faults there might be in kappas them self, you can't deny that warm house is good one. Won't have to worry about freezing inside at the winter, at least.
Hmm, perhaps it's a bit too warm? Could be. You didn't bother to learn handling the heating as Adahn seems to be familiar enough with it, but even you can do as much as... Set that thing in the ceiling on.
Clicking the switch on the wall before you leave, a small noise starts filling the room. When you get back this place should nice and cool.

Rest of the house is dark and quiet. Good.
After going past few rooms you head up the stairs, as quietly as possib-
Oh come on, this is house is practically brand new and stairs are already like this?! No use sneaking around then.
You go up the last few stairs like usual, and are soon faced with door to Hina's room. For a moment your hand rests on the handle, almost ready to open it, but...
No. No no no, don't pay attention to that noise, whatever they do together is none of your business. Doing your best to ignore what's coming from room next to one you're heading to, you knock few times to the frame.
"You in there?" What kind of person doesn't inform of them self before entering lady's room?
"Clay..?" Sound of shuffling, she's probably already on bed. "Yes, do come in. Please."
And you do.

Inside... Her room is just like usual, save for few articles of clothing now lying on the usually clean table.
"...Too tired to get properly undressed?" The surprise sounds in your voice, and you collect the clothing to set it somewhere proper. "Or is it something else?"
Hina, now in her night-wear and her hair ribbons off massages her forehead. "Be quiet for a moment and you will understand."
For few seconds you comply, and then quickly pick up the conversation again as you push her clothes to a bin meant for dirty clothes after which you sit next to table. "I hardly see why you'd throw your clothes on the table because of those two." Anything to drown that sound out.
"Hah, you don't know half of it." She lays her head on the pillows again. "Imagine this: After drinking at Mokou's stand you first have to head with those two to Hakurei shrine so that Reimu can tell where Suika goes underground from, and after that get back here, obviously not forgetting to stop at the human village."
You're not following her too well but you understand enough to go along with it. "Why stop there?"
"You won't believe this, really..." It must've been one hell of a party at Mokou's. You wonder if Adahn saw her like this. "They wanted snacks."
"Snacks?!" No, she couldn't be making this up, but... "What for?!"
"Oh, they got a souvenir too."
"..." You let out sigh as you look at tired, and somewhat drunk Hina laying on her bed. "...It might be best if you told me what happened at the grill."

Her only reply to you is lifted eyebrow.
"That might give me better idea of what you're talking about right now.
"Oh!" Suddenly her eyes widen. "Oh, how silly of me!"
"Hmm-mh." You wait quietly as Hina composes herself.
"Alright," She speaks, now with some of her dignity back. "Come a bit closer and I'll tell aall about it."

[ ] Closer? Alright then.
[ ] Perhaps you'll stay here.
[ ] ...It might be best to talk about this when she's bit more sober.
[ ] Closer? Alright then.
[ ] Closer? Alright then.
[X] Closer? Alright then.

Can't resist the Hina.

Although, I do hope we're not missing out on any Adahn and Momi sexy time.
[ ] Closer? Alright then.
[x] Closer? Alright then.

Though I am also quite curious as to see what's going on next door.
[ ] Closer? Alright then.
[ze] Closer? Alright then.

...Vodka? We aren't missing out, are we? Aaaanswer.

Nah, they're just wrastlin, nothing much to miss.
[X] Closer? Alright then.

Your will be done, O'-Full-Of-Sex-Appeal.
She asked for it, so why not?
Not showing a hint of hesitation you stand up and move closer to her. How close, exactly?
Well, you ended up sitting on her bed, with you back to her. "This alright?" Gotta give her a bit of privacy, after all.
"Mmh, yes..." She replies sleepily, reaching for your hand with her. "Now that you're there, could you give me a massage too?"
"...Sure, but," You certainly don't have anything against it yourself. "Now?"
"Today was a haaaard~ day." Pulling your hand towards her in lazy way she yawns. "And tomorrow might turn out to be just as bad."
"I'm going to hold onto that promise of you explaining everything." Turning around, you feel her back with your hands. "Is it alright if I do this like that time few weeks ago?"
"Oh, that be lovely..." Hina sighs, resting her head on the pillow. "So, where to start..."

"The grill." You reply and massage her lower back.
"I was talking about the place for you to start the massage from, bu-mmmmh~ that's great..." Lost in bliss, she only lies motionless for few moments. "Aah, so, you know that we went to grill so we could discuss the matter of the spring with Reimu."
"Yes I do." She told it to you, after all...
"At the place we went through quite few possibilities, like Reimu showing up here every day for a month to take care of the spirits in her way... What do you think, how would you like that?"
"Not terribly much."
"Right." She attempts a light nodding motion. "So we decided that it'd be best if Adahn went to take care of it herself."
You stop the massage. "...Explain."
"I was getting to that, you don't have to be like..." She waits until you get on with massage and then continues. "Mmm, yes. You have... lived? ...here for about as long as Adahn so you don't know about the deal we have with underground world."
"Hmm..." Frankly you don't know much about the caves under the Gensokyo much either. Never bothered to research too deep into that.

"To put it short, they don't bother us, we don't bother them. Upper youkai suddenly showing up there would be... problematic."
"So you're sending Adahn who is still pretty much human to take care of it?" A fine plan in itself but there's something you're not so sure about. "Alone?"
"Oh, even we wouldn't be that careless!" Hina turns to look at you with look that's like you had just suggested the stupidest thing in the world. "We didn't talk too much about this in the stand, but... It looks like somebody is going to head down there with her tomorrow."
"Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of sending her in the first place?"
"No no no, not at all. Youkai with human is entirely different than youkai alone. Adahn will be the shield..." Hina ponders for a second. "...Shield? No... Well, you should understand, right?"
"Somewhat." Not as well as you'd like to, though.

You continue to rub her in silence, and when it looks like she isn't going to say anything more, you speak. "...Who is going to go with her?"
"Oh, that's yet to be decided. Ah, bit upper, please." You comply, and Hina lets out pleased breath. "Yees~, we're supposed to talk about that tomorrow."
[s]As the decision wasn't clear already.[/i] You almost blurt that out, but control yourself. "I wonder, who will go?"
"Pffft, hahahaha!" Suddenly she breaks into laughter, twisting on the bed, finally ending on her back, facing you. "Haha, you say that like you didn't know who she was going to pick!" So much for being considerate.

"But..." She seems to be lost for words.
"Hmm?" No use if she doesn't get anything out. "What is it?"
"Something weird might come up that'll prevent her from choosing Momizi."
"Like work in the mountain?" Yes, that's unlikely but certainly possible.
"Right, so one of us might have to leave after all."
Hmm, idea of seeing something new, like weird places or monsters is great, but when you think about who you'd have to go through it with... "...What do you suggest, then?"
"Let's celebrate!" Hina says cheerfully, throwing her arms in the air. So, her point was totally different than what you were thinking of. "I'm sure we can find something fun to do, let's go get Adahn and Momizi too!"
Where the hell did that sudden energy come from?!

[ ] ...Well, this might be the last night you all have together for a while now.
[ ] Oh no way.
[ ] There's got to be better way to "celebrate" than whatever she's thinking. [Write-in]
An year ago on 17th of April I started writing SHaG, so there should be some kind of commendation for the situation, right?
Yeah, there was going to be, but the scene I had planned suddenly seemed very wrong, but apparently it's pretty good after all. I'd tell you to look forward to it, but there's no guarantee of this stuff with me.
[ ] ...Well, this might be the last night you all have together for a while now.


Here's to another year of enjoying your story.
[x] ...Well, this might be the last night you all have together for a while now.
[x] ...Well, this might be the last night you all have together for a while now.
[ ] There's got to be better way to "celebrate" than whatever she's thinking. [Shouldn't the meaning of this be obvious just because the word "celebrate" is in quotation marks? As such, I think it's trying to imply things, and I'm going to try and go for them while I can. You should too. If it fails, this is Clay, not Adahn. No real consequences for us.]
[X] There's got to be better way to "celebrate" than whatever she's thinking.

Jerl makes a decent point, but I'm more motivated to leave Adahn and Momizi to their own devices. After all, they're about to go on a dangerous little journey and all, so...

Well, it would just be nice if we could have some nice, private, uninterrupted intimate time with Momi once we switch back to Adahn.
[ ] There's got to be better way to "celebrate" than whatever she's thinking.
---[X] Why don't Hina try Adahn's maiden outfit?
---[X] Maybe get some ropes too. And oil. Lot's of oil.
[x] ...Well, this might be the last night you all have together for a while now.
[ ] There's got to be better way to "celebrate" than whatever she's thinking.
---[X] Maybe get some oil. And ropes, too. Lots of ropes.
[x] There's got to be better way to "celebrate" than whatever she's thinking.
---[X] Why don't Hina try Adahn's maiden outfit?
---[X] Maybe get some ropes too. And oil. Lot's of oil.

[X] There's got to be better way to "celebrate" than whatever she's thinking.
---[X] Why don't Hina try Adahn's maiden outfit?
---[X] Maybe get some ropes too. And oil. Lot's of oil.
most excellent indeed.
Could someone upload or link Anon to any Adahn fanart?

Sage for off-topic
Here's all of her pictures that I have saved. There might be more, though.

Mind uploading them in this thread? WinRAR gives me an error when I try to extract them. Something about an Unknown Method.

I used 7zip and it worked fine

This is awesome, thanks.
[x] There's got to be an update to "celebrate" than whatever she's thinking.
---[X] Why don't Vodka try updating a bit?
---[X] Maybe get some ropes too. And oil. Lot's of oil.
Oh no, that's not happening. Interrupting whatever's going on between those two right now would be a baad idea, and...
"Hey!" She yells as you push her back down to the bed. "What're you doing?!"
There's no helping it. She looks incredible even as she is, but with her hair down... Pinning her hands down you lean over her and look into her eyes. Frustrated, slightly confused, focused to you.
No fear. So doing this should be fine, right?
"Mmm." She doesn't fight back as you kiss her. Rather the opposite, when she gets over the surprise she welcomes you, letting you do as you please. "Hmmhh.." ...She really must be tired.
Nevertheless, the situation is too good. It'd be a shame to let this go to waste.
As you pull away, you feel a light bite on your tongue, but she lets go quickly before you can react. She's being surprisingly playful right now. "...Why don't we forget about whatever you had planned?" You brush of few strands of hair from her face.
"...I expect that you have something planned, then? This night will be loooong~ if we're going to spend it by boardgames."
"Planned and planned..." No way, but you're never short on suggestions for this stuff. "Why don't we start with you trying on Adahn shrine maiden outfit again?"
"Ahaha, are you serious?! Uh, I mean, yes. It was... Fun, but..." She looks away, red covering her already flushed face. "Do you think you could sneak into there now and come back with anything more than black eye?"
"...An excellent note." Snapping your fingers you stand up. "So, what else? I get few ropes and-"
"That." Her eyes beaming, Hina is sitting up again on the bed. "Oh, this is going to be so fun~!"
"Don't fall asleep now." With that note you make your way back into hallway.

...The noise from the other room has died down.


"...The hell?" The first to voice her wonder about the drinks Mokou offered is Reimu.
"Just what is this?" Momizi looks at her glass, smelling the clear liquid inside. "I don't drink much, but I'm pretty sure you can't find something like this in the Gensokyo."
"I can say the same for outside world." Distinctive shapes form out of the raising smoke as you shake the glass. "...If something like this existed, I should've at least heard about it." And would've most likely tried to get your hands on it too.
"There's something like..." Hina has her glass raised on her eye-level, looking deeply into it. "...I don't know what it is, but I sense something very unique about this. You wouldn't be trying to poison us?"
"Now, why would I do something like that? And if I wanted to I'd use some less-obvious technique, like that yakitori..." Although she doesn't seem too concerned about the matter herself, you cast a sudden glance at Reimu's empty plate. "Oh come on! I know better than try to kill her!" Well, she certainly isn't helping solve this situation.
Nobody has had a taste of the drink yet, with Mokou only grinning miserably behind the counter. Sure, it's very tempting, you're dying to know what this special drink that's only meant for occasion is, but...
"Oh, damn it." With a sigh, Mokou reaches under her table and pulls out another glass, pouring some of the liquor into it too. "If it'll make ya feel any easier, I'll drink too."
That would be excellent, if it wasn't for one little thing. "You're immortal, though."
She gives you a long, annoyed look. "Dying from poison is still painful as hell, and getting back to life isn't much better."
"I... I know Mokou. Sorry." Doubting one of your friends, that's not right.

"Then on a count of tree?" You all look at Reimu who made a sudden proposition. "If you're really worried, then at least we'll all go down at once."
"Except Mokou." You say half jokingly and grin at her.
"Oh, she's going down too." Reimu grabs her glass and looks at owner of the stand. "If I die then she's going down."
"...Seriously guys, there's nothing wrong with it." A bit downcast, Mokou takes her glass too. "If I knew it was going to be this much trouble, I would've just gotten something more normal."
"I'm sorry for even bringing this up." Hina lowers her head in apology, and prepares to drink. "Ready?"
"Three..." You start. The liquid in glass looks somewhat less appealing than few when you first saw it, but not as much as when you first saw it.
"Two..." Momizi continues, and takes a hold of your hand.
"One, go!" Almost immediately after Momizi, Reimu yells.

And you all down the drinks.

First there is nothing, other than sweet pleasant feeling in your throat. Then, a sudden distant feeling that grows, until your head is filled with pleasant feeling of somewhere far away, above wherever you were moments ago.
...But all too soon it's gone. You're back at the wooden table of Mokou's grill, with wide-eyed Momizi and silent Hina sitting next to you.
"There. Not bad at all, and certainly not poisoned, right?" Mokou grins, fully knowing just how good the drink was.
"Not bad at all?!" You speak from middle of the breaths. "That was... Incredible!"
With her eyes glowing, Momizi continues. "Right, the taste is out of this world!" As if realizing just what she said, she immediately corrects herself. "...But it doesn't fare against tengu brewing!" Hah, even when so utterly defeated she can't admit it.
"Almost as good as tengu brewing?" Leaning closer to Momizi's red face, Mokou grins. "You're flattering me!"
"Isn't it time you tell them what it was?" Reimu speaks with a smile. "That should be good shock after something so great."
"Hahaha, so you knew? And you still didn't tell them not to worry about it?"
"I did, in a way." She shrugs, leaning back in the chair. "If it wasn't for me, you might still be wondering if it was safe or not to drink that."
"I'm curious though. Where did you this?" Momizi speaks with her eyes locked in the bottle.
And is there any way we can get more of it, you almost add after her.
"Eeh, well... It's not that interesting, but if you want to know." She gathers the glasses from table, and hands everybody new ones filled with water. "Here, you should drink those now. Anyway, you know about the incident with moon few years ago?"
"The one where Yukari raised a huge fuss just so she could steal some sake?" Momizi is silent for a moment before realization spreads on her face. "You don't mean...?!"
"That's right." Mokou's grin is wider than ever. "I ended up with one of the bottles. Hah, I bet if the people up there knew I still had one, the second Lunar War would be reality!"
"And you just spared five drinks worth of it? That's quite..." You don't really know how to put it. Generous? Stupid? "...Something for so valuable drink."
"If I kept this around for the value, I'd still have it untouched after thousand years!" Mokou puts few more drinks at the table, although of more common kind this time. "With things like this it's best just to use them when you can."
"Hmm... I guess." Absentmindedly you take one and open it. "But is this 'occasion' really worth it?"
"If you think this is bad, you should seen the first one." She takes a long drink straight out of one of the bottles. "...Or what Yukari and Yuyuko did with most of the other bottles, for that matter."
"I'd rather not think about that." Pouring some of the liquor you realize just what's going on. "Hey, why are we drinking more?!"
"Damn!" Bringing her fist to the table, Mokou curses. "You saw through my clever marketing idea. I guess I'll have to give you a discount or something."
"That's not the point, I though we were supposed to only..." You feel a tug on your arm, and turn to it.
"Isn't it alright every once in a while?" Hina doesn't seem exactly like her usual self, but... You really can't put your finger on what's so off about her. "It'll be a big day tomorrow, after all!"
"Right," Momizi joins in. "I can't remember when we just relaxed and had a drink together... When it wasn't a party that is."
There's no way out of this, so you drink...

[ ] Like there's no tomorrow!
[ ] A lot.
[ ] Only moderately.
[X] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!

I want to carry her home.
[X] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!
[X] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!

[X] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!
[X] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!
[X] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!
[X] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!
I'm kinda confused as to what's happening now.

Did we skip forward and backward in time?
Yes, and hopefully because of >>84923
[ze] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!
[9] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!



[X] Just enough to stay more sober than Momi. You're not going to get sloshed enough to miss out on her adorable drunk face, with the super cute blush!
[x] Nothing.
[X] Nothing.
File 124148775826.jpg - (365.53KB, 750x1000 , 3011360.jpg) [iqdb]

Haha, now you HAVE to update.
... please?
Updates? ;_;
Right, it would be best if at least somebody stayed... Bit more sober than others. Hopefully Hina will be the one doing that so you can have all the fun you want!
Passing a glance at Momizi, you grin as you bring the glass to your lips. You've known her for long enough to know how much alcohol she can handle, and it's not a challenge at all to beat her...
But just that would be boring, and you've done that thousand times already. No, now you're going to make sure that no matter what, you'll stay more sober than her!
Slowly downing your first drink, you watch the others at the counter through the bottom of the glass.


Few drinks down, and you're starting to wonder just what it is Mokou is letting you drink right now. Sure, it's nothing incredible like what you had first, but... The alcohol hits you pretty hard.
That's not a problem at all though, since others seems to have it the same too.

"Mmh... Adahn, is there a problem?" With a slightly red face Momizi leans to you, and gazes at your half-empty glass.
"Wha- no, not at all." You take a quick sip of the drink and continue. "Why, is something bothering you?"
"...It just seems that you're not drinking as much as usually."
"Ahaha, you must just be imagining it!" Downing the rest of the glass you-woah, not the smartest move there.
"Hmmm...?" She looks at you for a moment, and then grins. "I think you're planning something. What are you planning?"
Holding your forehead you speak with your eyes closed. "N-nothing at all." Yep, you can feel it hitting your head. "It's just that... It'll be a busy day tomorrow, you know."
"Heehee~" Patting your head, Momizi gets on eye-level with you. "You can't hide it from me, I know just what you're thinking!"
"Eh, really? No way!" And you know her well enough that she can't know it!
"Yep! Really!" She uses this pause to fill your glass again. "You really want to drink a lot like rest of us, but think that you can't!"
Tilting your head to side you voice your confusion. "...Huuh?"
"Really! You said it yourself! 'Tomorrow is a big day, and you can't drink', but that's bad way to think! You don't hold back on goodbye parties because there's loads of work to be done tomorrow, you just have to put up with everything!" She's really being weirdly noisy, but...
Maybe she has a point? "Hmm." You shake your glass a bit, making the liquid inside spin a bit. Maybe you really should drink like others?
"What do you say~?" Smiling widely, Momizi still hangs her head in front of you.
Why not? It looks like you'll get to see enough of drunk Momizi no matter what you do, so might as well please her.


"Hahaaha... Reimu, have I ever said how amazing you're?" Leaning to the counter, shaking still half-full glass so that liquid spins spins around, you try to focus on red-and-white not-Momizi. "...Have I?"
"Uhm, I... I dun' think so!" Smiling widely she grins in response. "What's this 'bout now?"
"I mean, here we're... We are, you are, drinking with immortal..." Mokou puffs her chest a bit when she's mentioned, still on the other side of the counter. "A tengu..." Momizi pushes her head to your chest, and you just have to pause the exami... explani-
You have to stop talking to hug her back. "Momi~" bringing her face to your level you rub your cheek on hers.
"Ehehe, stop it Adahn~" She giggles, not making too big of an attempt to get away, so you just keep your hold on her.
"So uh," Reimu is leaning on her hands, trying to get a look on your face. "You were sayin' something about how I'm amazing?"
Oh yes you were! "Oh yes I was!" You remove one hand from Momizi so that you're still holding to her with one, and swing the free one around. "So here you're drinking with these two, goddess... and me! That's really something!"
"...Seriously?" Reimu lifts an eyebrow, as if not realizing what's so amazing about it! "I guess you could think it's amazing, but... Hina isn't really drinking much is she?"
"Humm..." Turning to look at your goddess, who is now quietly staring at you two, you kind of have to agree. She hasn't filled her glass nearly as many times as the others(you included), but "does that even matter?"
"Aalright then, that doesn't matter. But," Reimu points at you, her finger wobbling in front of your nose. "You're just a human, aren't ya? You're not that big of a deal?"
"Wah!" Not that big of a deal, she says? Hah, she really knows nothing, does she?! "No no, you see, I regularly drink with tengus!"
"Oooh? You do?"
"Yeah, and I do pretty well! Don't I, Momizi?" You give her girl on your arms a light shake to get some kind of reaction.
"Ah, hum, hey!" And just when she gives you annoyed glare you realize what you're doing.
"Oh my- I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!" Quickly taking your hand back from air, you wrap Momizi in embrace. "Will you forgive me? Please?"
"Tight..." She squeaks. "Too tight..."
"Aaah!" You scream, throwing your arms into air, almost causing Momizi to fall to the ground alone. Thankfully she managed to grab a hold of you, so you both fall.

...Ground of the forest is cool, and slightly humid, enough to get some amount of sense back into you. But that doesn't really help since on top of you there's hot, sweet, pretty girl holding onto you. How did she even manage to spin you under her in such a short fall?
"Owowow... Momizi, are you alright?" Well, if she hadn't done it you would've been angry with yourself for not breaking her fall.
"Ah, hum..." It takes a moment for her to focus, and when she does... "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to pull you like that, I...!" She buries her face to your bosom, wrapping her hands around you.
Well. You don't mind this situation nearly as much as Momizi, so you opt for laying back and running your hands through her hair with a silly grin on your face. "I don't mind~"
"Really, it was an accident..."
"It doesn't matter~"
"Will you forgive me?"
"Hmm..." Now, this you have to think about for a moment. She didn't really do anything bad, right? What would you forgive her for, drinking a lot? But you don't mind that at all, and you do it too. "...I don't know?"
"I... you..." You feel her shivering in your arms, before she pulls away pinning your arms to ground. "How can you say something like that?!"
"Momizi?" She's being unexpectedly forward right now, and you can't say you'd exactly mind, but... "Do you think this is the right time... or place for this?" You're not too sure yourself.
"...?" Momizi lazily lifts an eyebrow and looks around her. "What do you mean...?"
Now that you inspect the surroundings bit more, you notice that everybody else is looking down to you two on the ground, with varying levels of amusement. ...Yes, perhaps this really isn't the best time for this.
"...There's a problem?" And she doesn't notice it, getting back to giving you somewhat annoyed gaze. "So Adahn, we should talk."
"Eh... Right here?" No, she should understand it won't do.
"Right here." She nods.
Uh, so... Right here. Right now.

[ ] Right. She's right.
[ ] No no, she's not right at all. This has to wait.
[ ] You fall asleezzzzz...
Again, I owe an apology for disappearing without notice. And another one for not offering suitable explanation again. "Life sucks", or something.
[X] Right. She's right.

Throwing caution to the wind.
[x] You fall asleezzzzz...
[x] Right. She's right.

Gutsy option
[X] Right. She's right.

[x] Right. She's right.
[x] As long as she's going to ask for your hand in marriage.
Oh right, "disappeared", "Life sucks". More like you were too lazy a cunt to whip up an update.
[x] Right. She's right.
[ ] Right. She's right.

Now now, be nice. All good things take time.

[x] Right. She's right.
Yeah, but he has a point. My constant state of 7 minutes is ridiculous.
[ze] Left. She's right.
[x] ...When was the last time Clay made a dinner? You've been doing all the work recently.
[x] If he makes an excuse about not knowing how then make him get off his ass and teach him.

Oh sorry, I was voting on Vodka's schedule.

The writer is on another hiatus.
File 12431321472.jpg - (115.33KB, 600x500 , 3576356.jpg) [iqdb]
Pretty much this. I need to take break from SHaG, I've been writing about Adahn for more or less an year now, and I'd like to focus on something else for a bit.
I promise I'll get back on this, I just need some time to charge up on SHaG again and take care of personal stuff.

Sorry for all the inconvience.
It's not like you've spent a huge amount of that year in actually /writing/ SHaG now is it? More like you've been procrastinating in the general neighbourhood, hoping nobody notices how fucking lazy you are.

Oh lay off, it's not like he's obligated to do anything.
Of course he's not, but if he's making excuses then he shouldn't say something as silly as what he just did. Just saying he wanted to have a break would have been enough.

Being a writer myself, I can confirm that his statement is not BS. We should be glad he's actually telling us about the break instead of just fucking off like some certain others have.
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