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“I'll deal with the blue haired girl, the green haired girl and the one with black hair.” You state, pointing to Cirno, Hina and Utsuho in turn. “Those three, I think, are having the most difficulty fitting in here so it'll be easier if I handle them myself.”

Renko nods, “I suppose... Say, where do they come from anyway? I don't know why but one or two of 'em seem kinda familiar for some reason, though I just can't seem to place where from...” You sweat slightly at that comment - now you have remembered who Renko actually is you're also painfully aware that she and her friend Maribell often spoke of 'Gensokyo' as being the focus of all their trips and preparations (as well as much of your torture at being included in such). Though most of your memories were a little hazy regarding exactly what they said about the place... you vaguely recalled that Mari often said she 'saw' things... Back then you're sure you must have ignored it on the basis that such things were deluded fantasy but now you could only wish you had paid more attention to the duo.

“Ah... I'll tell you later,” you say, evading the question, “We can get together and... well, there's some stuff I want to ask you. Maribel too if I can - it's all kind of complicated.”

“Could be difficult,” Renko murmurs, “Mari moved down south with her family, she's helping her parents run an inn her grandparents left her. I hear she's having fun though, so I guess i'm kinda happy for her.”

“Is that so?” You ask, “I guess it doesn't matter then, but the offer is still open if you want to catch up though.” As you split off from her you shrug, “We'll talk about it in a little while, okay?”

Seeing to the three girls takes time as you find yourself having to explain various things from zippers and pop-buttons to the ideas of artificial fabrics. Not only that but you also struggle with picking out clothes for the girls that they both like and can actually wear given their... unusual... attributes. In this sense Cirno was significantly easier than Utsuho - as her 'wings' seemed to float a short distance from her back, allowing cloth to easily slip between the gap there. Utsuho's wings on the other hand were fixed directly to her back at a point beginning around her shoulder blades and ending down near the base of her spine. Oh! How you would love more than anything to get this girl into an X-Ray booth so that you could examine how the hell her bones were actually structured for her inhuman attributes to actually work.

In the end, however, Utsuho had been the easiest of the three girls to buy a modern wardrobe for although it was pretty obvious that modifications would need to be done to most of the shirts and sweaters she had chosen. Most fit your expectations, bright colors and designs being the main theme though you had managed to talk her into taking a few somewhat more sedate outfits. Like all the girls she had also gathered a few less casual outfits, though those along with other... items... you didn't actually see, as they had been picked out with Renko's help earlier.

Hina had been next easiest, since her preferred style of dress was pretty similar to the whole goth-lolita style of fashion as it was. Belts, ribbons, zippers, if it had them then it seemed she was going to be happy with it. A lot of fast talking, however, had been required to get her to even consider buying an outfit that wasn't a dress. From what you could gather it was likely that she had a fairly old-fashioned mindset regarding such things and although she seemed willing to adapt it was obvious that this was a process that wouldn't happen in one go. Again, like with Utsuho, she had picked a selection of formal and private items with Renko earlier and once again you didn't know what she had picked... Though you really hoped at least one of those items would be that night gown you saw her looking at earlier.

And then there was Cirno. Who had refused, point blank, to give up her cape or any of the ornaments which adorned her current outfit. Despite this refusal, however, she had been throwing on jackets and sweaters over her clothes only to remove them, complain they were too big, then move onto something else - leaving a trail of fashion carnage in her wake. Even your best fast talking had done little to convince her to abandon her decorations, hell it was hard enough to even explain that she couldn't simply wear the same dress day in and day out... and yet... There was something about her that really seemed to make you suspicious. Unlike the others she never once asked questions about the modern materials, zippers and buttons you had explained earlier - in fact you could have sworn she had been giving you the same look a student gives when being taught something they already know. Still, as long as she was acting as a child there was no way for you to be sure if she actually did know or if she had simply been bored by your explanations - your experience with children was, really, practically non-existent after all.

In the end you had to simply take the initiative yourself, by selecting clothing which you thought would be suitable for the girl. Though she acted as a child you were convinced she was older, so you didn't aim for anything too childish in tone - not that Renko's store held much of that kind of thing to begin with. Hopefully you would be able to convince Cirno to change her outfit at a later time and, like the other girls, Renko had already dealt with... things that would get you killed for messing with.
“Is this everything?” Renko asks, the final item passing over her scanner with a loud 'beep' as the girls look on in wonder... Well, except for Cirno who didn't care and Ran who obviously knew what was going on at least. Looking at the price displayed in LED-green on the little customer display you wince - that was a lot of money. Much less than what you had in your account but still more than what you used to be able to afford even at your richest.

“Oh, where are you staying anyway?” Renko asks as you hand you card over, “I don't know how much space you have but I can deliver this easy enough if you tell me where you're staying.”

“Well... I suppose.” You mumble, you had meant to get together with Renko at some point to discuss your situation with her but had hoped to do it someplace neutral such as a cafe. “Okay, here, do you know the house down...” Your directions only take a few moments to give and soon you're telling the girls that Renko will be visiting the house, with their goods, some time after her shop let out.

As you leave the store, somewhat lighter in the bank balance, you realize just how long you'd actually been there - a few hours at the very least, given that you were sure it was a little past noon now. You could, perhaps, spend some time in the town, but heading back home now might not be a bad idea either - clothing was one thing, but modern towns had many things that would still need explaining... Of course if you stayed in town you would have to get lunch here, while going home would allow you to make a cheaper lunch at home - not that money was any object right now.

[ ] Plan of action

Okay, after this day is done (just an afternoon and evening event to go) we'll hit into skittles proper. From day three and onwards days are split into three sections. Mornings and Afternoons, generally, will be used as 'teaching' sessions where you may teach a given touhou (or all at once, with pros and cons to either way) one of a variety of subjects ranging from Social skills to Technology, History, Science and the like. Evenings will be reserved for scenes with the touhous individually or in groups, and will be where most of the interaction will be. Special options and scenes (such as trips and the like) will also be available at times though it's up to you to unlock these by dealing with the touhous.

For reference, i'm tracking several things for the touhous, flag events, affection ratings (and romance should you get to such a point), as well as their various levels of interest and knowledge in various vital (and non-vital) areas of understanding.

So yeah. Everything you do has some kind of effect so do bear this in mind.
Will we have to worry about money at a later point? In the first Skittles the amount we had avaiable was never mentioned, not even a zero, since the government had simply given a Infinite Money Card, while now we had a small description of one or two zeros.
What kind of food do we have at home? When will we have to go grocery shopping next? Before we do that, we need to have had a lesson on proper behavior. Or maybe going to grower's markets and butchers before anything as daring as a supermarket.

Also, if we break up the group for lessons, it would probably be fine if we instructed Ran to educate them on something else (minor) during that time. And Renko too, if she's free and okay with it.

Not sure about taking them to a cafe/restaurant just yet, so how about

[x] Lunch: Get takeout, eat it in the park
[x] Afternoon: Buy the girls some mobile phones (for emergencies) and instruct them in their proper use and care, signal loss and flat batteries, to use it if them get lost, save all their numbers to each phone, make them carry a card with the numbers written down, and also the address of the house written down, that policemen can help you find your way and can be trusted (but don't mention you are a youkai).

>Mari moved down south with her family, she's helping her parents run an inn her grandparents left her
Would this happen to be a hot springs inn? Because that would be awe...
[x] Lunch: Get takeout, eat it in the park
[x] Afternoon: Buy the girls some mobile phones (for emergencies) and instruct them in their proper use and care, signal loss and flat batteries, to use it if them get lost, save all their numbers to each phone, make them carry a card with the numbers written down, and also the address of the house written down, that policemen can help you find your way and can be trusted (but don't mention you are a youkai).

This sounds good. But also:

[x] Let them window-shop at various trinket stores. If they see any accessories or gadgets that are not too expensive, get it for them. Gameboys, earrings, iPods, watches, etc.
File 123034900328.jpg - (104.67KB, 850x1020 , sample-6cc0b321f434daa67b7424bef88c3ad3.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] Lunch: Get takeout, eat it in the park.
[\!/] Afternoon Let them window-shop at various trinket stores. Instruct on proper usage for each item, if need be.



Again, how did she NOT get in this round?

I don't know, but without RaAN there is a severe lack of delicious Letty.

...but a Hina is fine, too...
So is a Ran. And a Meiling. And an Utsuho.
A Cirno...not so much, but hey, whatever floats your boat.
File 123040806548.jpg - (79.93KB, 430x500 , 3655240a554e0f1a77bf59b3df5194ea.jpg) [iqdb]

Already got the Hina goodness from Vodka.

TAIL FEEL SO GOOD. Proven Anon choice and fact.
Not Orin.
File 123041196218.jpg - (461.16KB, 600x1000 , 22d80babfa6c202bf53ada2fd42a7683.jpg) [iqdb]
>Not Orin.
Don't care. Delicious thermonuclear hell crow is delicious.
>Already got the Hina goodness from Vodka.

Lol, no. The romance is with Momizi, not Hina.
[x] Lunch: Get takeout, eat it in the park
[x] Afternoon: Buy the girls some mobile phones (for emergencies) and instruct them in their proper use and care, signal loss and flat batteries, to use it if them get lost, save all their numbers to each phone, make them carry a card with the numbers written down, and also the address of the house written down, that policemen can help you find your way and can be trusted (but don't mention you are a youkai).
[x] Let them window-shop at various trinket stores. If they see any accessories or gadgets that are not too expensive, get it for them. Gameboys, earrings, iPods, watches, etc.

This will not end well...
File 123043493871.jpg - (223.87KB, 531x850 , c5c891b97715511cd11bb52fe6698306.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Lunch: Get takeout, eat it in the park
[x] Afternoon: Buy the girls some mobile phones (for emergencies) and instruct them in their proper use and care, signal loss and flat batteries, to use it if them get lost, save all their numbers to each phone, make them carry a card with the numbers written down, and also the address of the house written down, that policemen can help you find your way and can be trusted (but don't mention you are a youkai).
[x] Let them window-shop at various trinket stores. If they see any accessories or gadgets that are not too expensive, get it for them. Gameboys, earrings, iPods, watches, etc.
We do have Cirno, yes, but we have an odd Cirno.
[x] Lunch: Get takeout, eat it in the park
[x] Afternoon: Buy the girls some mobile phones (for emergencies) and instruct them in their proper use and care, signal loss and flat batteries, to use it if them get lost, save all their numbers to each phone, make them carry a card with the numbers written down, and also the address of the house written down, that policemen can help you find your way and can be trusted (but don't mention you are a youkai).
[x] Let them window-shop at various trinket stores. If they see any accessories or gadgets that are not too expensive, get it for them. Gameboys, earrings, iPods, watches, etc.
I have a mediocre feeling about this.
Well! If you had the money, what was the point of letting it rot? Sure you had no idea how long it was going to last, or if you'd be given more at a later date, but for now a little splashing out was perfectly acceptable... heck, it was practically required at the moment - there was so much that you needed to get for the girls, that you needed to show them and introduce them to if you wanted them to truly experience this world.

Oh... that was a thought. If you had the money it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to outfit the girls with some form of communication as you were sure that, sooner or later, there would come a time when they would have to visit town or be left at home on their own for some reason. It would also give you the perfect excuse to introduce the girls to communication technology in general as well as the concept of portable electronics.

“Alright!” You exclaim, feeling somewhat excited at getting to browse through gizmos and gadgets later on - you were, after all, something of a geek at heart. “Who wants lunch?”

The girls look at you blankly for a few moments, seemingly taken aback slightly by your sudden switch to cheeriness. “Lunch?” Ran asks, her voice quiet, “It would be appreciated.” There's a slight edge to her speech and you realize that though she is acting civil it is entirely possible that somewhere inside herself she may be blaming you for her current predicament. “Finding a selection of goods which will appease us all however,” and here she seems to give you a tiny but decidedly mean smile, “may prove challenging.”

“Ramen it is then!” You declare, causing Ran to falter slightly and the younger-acting girls to cheer.

“W-what?” She sputters, “Ramen?”

“Well of course,” You reply, “You didn't think I haven't thought this through, did you? Ramen is a food thats been around for long enough that I'm sure that you are all familiar with it in some way, and since there are several varieties I figure it would be easy for you each to pick a flavor that you like.” Okay, actually the real reason was because you had just spotted a ramen stand a short distance away but like hell you were going to admit that - not when you had the chance to actually look as if you knew what you were doing for the benefit of those less sure of this experiment. Besides, you were also perhaps a little exhausted after hauling all those clothes around for Renko to scan and didn't really want to travel far for lunch. “I say we order some food to go, then perhaps head down to the park we passed on the way here to eat it - after that I have something of a surprise in store.”

“A surprise?” Chime in both Cirno and Utsuho before they each pause and turn to glare at each other. Evidently the two had similar enough mentalities that, although there was no outright hostility yet, you felt that you would need to keep an eye on the two just in case.

“It was surprise enough that you were willing to purchase such a selection of outfits for us all.” Hina murmurs, her voice soft, “In thanks I shall continue in my endeavor to ensure that no misfortune befalls our outing.” You're not too sure how to respond to that, the green-haired woman's over-polite way of talking was disconcerting enough and it really didn't help that her talk of misfortune was perhaps a touch baffling. Behind her you spot Meiling and Suika, both quiet but for different reasons. One was just sort of staring at her feet while the other was alternating between taking swigs from her gourd and reaching up to pat the first on the back.

“Er... Miss Meiling?” You ask, “Miss Suika?”

Ooh. That last bit earned you a glare from the shorter of the duo. “Don't call me 'miss'!” She exclaimed, shaking one gourd-filled fist at you. Normally you would have been perhaps a bit unnerved by such an act, but the wide grin plastered over Suika's face indicated to you that she was only threatening in jest and, thankfully, wasn't serious. Well... that or she was sloshed on drink already, which was... hey.... wait a moment...

“Are you drinking?” You ask the orange-haired oni, “Because I'm sure I remember you promising not to drink in public.” The girl gives you a shocked look and then, faster than your eye can follow her gourd simply seems to vanish - stowed away somewhere on her person out of sight. “That's what I thought,” you murmur, before you turn to get a good look at Meiling. “Miss Meiling?” you ask, bending down slightly so you can see her downturned face, “Are you alright?”

The girl jumps slightly, then lifts her head and gives you a guilty look. “I'm fine...” she mumbles, “I'm fine.” she repeats again, somewhat perkier this time though you're sure it's slightly forced.

Not sure what to say to her right now you let the issue drop for the moment. “well, if you say so,” you state loud enough for everyone to hear. “Lets get some lunch.” Maybe that would cheer her up? You hoped so as, frankly, you had little idea where to start cheering up a woman - much less one that was also an inhuman youkai from a 'lost in time' style civilization in the middle of no-where.
Food did, thankfully, seem to cheer Meiling up. Heck, it cheered everyone up to some extent - though you were painfully aware that Ran and Meiling's cheerfulness seemed to be a surface thing at best. Cirno and Utsuho had, for reasons unknown to you, entered themselves into a small eating contest - trying to see who could down their Ramen the fastest. Naturally noodles and broth had ended up everywhere, mostly over their chests and faces. Amusingly, however, both had lost out to Hina - though how the hell she had managed to finish first without even trying to race you had no idea. There had been no evidence of her cheating by pouring any out either so... All she had done afterwards was give a polite little smile and wipe her mouth with a paper napkin provided with the takeout.

And then Suika had poked a hole in the bottom of her polystyrene bowl and, much to your dismay, had asked what it was made of. After several attempts to explain - and an equal number of totally blank looks of confusion from all but Ran - and Cirno, but she hadn't been paying attention anyway - you had given up and simply told them it was man-made and that you'd explain it later when they knew enough to understand it. But first, you had said, there was something much more important they needed to learn about.

Communication. Or, more specifically, communication through the use of cellphones. Which explained entirely why you were now handing over quite a vast amount of money to a harried looking salesperson who, despite having just made the sale of his life - had also had to deal with the sheer torrent of questions the girls had flung at him, only a few of which you felt like dealing with yourself.

“Lets see, that's Suika... Meiling... Ran... Hina... Cirno... Home and... Me! All done!” You exclaim, tapping the final number into the rounded black phone that Utsuho had decided looked awesome enough for her person. “Now, you all remember what I said about charging them up?” you ask, handing the item to her, which she gleefully slipped into... Honestly, where the hell did these girls keep their crap? You'd caught them putting stuff away several times and still had little to no idea where they were putting it, especially since most of them didn't seem to have any pockets or things like that.

“We put this bit into... here?” Meiling asks, holding up the small end of the charging lead against the appropriate socket on her phone. “And the other end into one of those holes-in-the-wall you told us not to put things into last night?” You nod, pleased to see that at least one of the girls understood it. You were sure Ran already knew, though how she did you didn't know - either way you suspected that unless she calmed down and forgot about the whole 'being abandoned at the last moment' thing that she probably wouldn't be likely to assist the other girls in simple tasks like this.

“Ha!” Cirno exclaims, holding her cellphone - a blue flip-open model - out triumphantly, the charging lead stuck already into her phone. “Too easy!” She declares, “Too easy for the strongest!”

“But do you remember how to call someone up with it?” You ask, causing Cirno to give you a blank stare before she starts frantically tapping at the buttons on her phone - getting no-where since, and a quick glance confirmed it, the blue haired girl had forgotten to unlock the keypad. Moments later your own phone began to ring and, pulling it out of your pocket and looking at the screen, you smirk. “Good job Miss Utsuho.” You mutter, glancing up to see her sticking her tongue out at Cirno. Moments later a second ring, this time with Hina's name flashing up on your screen and almost at the same time the insistent beeping that indicated a missed call from both Suika and Meiling. Then, surprising you a little, a text message from Ran who, when you glanced over at her, merely gave you a smug look which was perhaps more than a little irritating. Cirno, meanwhile, was still tapping at her unresponsive keypad and growing more frustrated by the moment so, in order to prevent her from doing something stupid, you simply reach out - grab her phone and one hand and guide her finger directly to the 'unlock' button. “Try it now,” you state, “you forgot to unlock it.”

The blue-haired girl glares at you for a moment before tapping away again and, this time, experiencing success as your phone rings away.

“Now, I want you all to remember that each call using these phones will cost credit.” You state, “I put some on all of them already so it's not a problem - but for now I only want to see you using these phones if there's trouble and I'm not around.” You frown slightly and shrug, “Maybe in time you can use them for other things, but not for now.”

“Oh!” You exclaim, suddenly stopping the girls outside a shop with a window full of flashing gadgets and gizmos. “One last thing, does anything in this window catch your eye?” Immediately all the girls look at the window and you hear two thumps as Cirno and Utsuho all but slam their faces against the glass in order to see inside. “Most of these are toys, gadgets, this and that... but I figure if you all pick something out each then I can teach you how to use them, and I you can teach the others how to use what you chose... and hopefully everyone will learn something.” At the incredulous look from Ran you shrug, “Well I need something for you all to do while I try and work out what the hell I'm supposed to do - Your miss Yukari didn't exactly give me any time to prepare for this sort of thing.” You watch as the woman sighs.

“That sounds about right,” she mutters, “Always forgetting to think about others in her schemes.”

“Well, uh, if you would all like to go inside and pick something?” You suggest, “Be careful not to break anything though. Same as in the phone shop we were in earlier, ask me or one of the assistants if you want to know something... and ask me if you don't understand what they told you.”

As the girls file in, the two more childish acting girls being held back by the more adult acting ones - though looking at Suika and Utsuho you'd have a hard time telling which was which - you're stopped from following them by Ran.

“Not bad.” She murmurs, “But not good enough yet.” she adds, before leaving you on the sidewalk as she enters the store herself, leaving you to wonder just what the hell her problem is. Sighing you follow her in and glance around - the store is fairly large, with several sections dedicated to gadgets, gizmos, computers, music players and various games systems and other electronic goods. The girls had scattered about the store and seemed to be behaving.

[ ] Talk to Ran
[ ] Talk to Meiling
[ ] Talk to Cirno
[ ] Talk to Suika
[ ] Talk to Hina
[ ] Talk to Utsuho
[ ] Screw it, browse for Yourself
[x] Talk to Meiling

[X] Talk to Hina
[X] Talk to Ran
Ran because we should try calming her down a bit, Hina because.
[ ] Talk to Ran
[X] Talk to Hina.

Yeah, why not?
File 123049258824.jpg - (33.83KB, 400x400 , 1204591390086.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] Talk to Meiling.

Cuz she clearly ain't doing so great, mentally.

And if we can choose two...
[\!/] Talk to Ran
[X] Talk to Hina
[X] Talk to Ran

Sure, I'll take those two. Although I can't help but wonder if we shouldn't be looking over the more childish girls instead.

We really will need to talk to Ran about this face-to-face. Get everything out in the open.
[x] Talk to Meiling
[X] Talk to Suika
[X] Talk to Hina

Cirno and Utsuho are bound to pick out something they consider awesome while attempting to one-up the other, Ran knows enough about what she's doing to have no problem, Meiling is bound to go for something she recognizes, but I have no clue what on earth Suika and Hina would go for. It could be interesting.
[x] Talk to Meiling

Meiling sounds kinda well, unhappy, maybe? Needs more China.

[X] Talk to Ran

Need to know wtf she's talking about.
[x] Talk to Suika
[x] Talk to Ran
[x] Talk to Meiling
[X] Talk to Ran
[X]Talk to Hina.
[X]Talk to Ran.

Hina because I bet she will see a lot of misfortune on the store. Ran because we need to get on good terms with.
[X] Talk to Suika
[X] Talk to Hina
[X] Talk to Ran
[X] Talk to Cirno and Utsuho
[X] Talk to who was left.

In this order.

Forgot to add [X] Browse to yourself after talking to the girls.
[%] Talk to Meiling

Cheer up!
[ ] Gap to Ran
[ ] Knife to Meiling
[ ] Cool to Cirno
[ ] Sake to Suika
[ ] Curse to Hina
[ ] Explode to Utsuho
[ ] Screw it, screw for Yourself
[X]Talk to Hina.
[X]Talk to Ran.
[X]Screw it, talk to yourself.
>Atomic batteries to power
>Turbines to speed
[x] Talk to Meiling

She seems a bit down and we don't know why. If it's something that can be resolved in town, we're better off finding out now. As for Ran, I think she needs to blow off steam for a day or so. Then we should have a heart-to-heart with her. The others seem to be doing ok for now.
[x] Talk to Meiling
[Z] Talk to Meiling
[Z] Talk to Hina
[Z] Talk to Hina
[X]Talk to Hina
[X]Talk to Ran
[X]Talk to Suika
[x] Talk to Meiling
I agree. You have my vote.
[X] Talk to Hina
[X] Talk to Ran
[X] Talk to Ran
{X} Talk to Meiling
[x] Talk to Meiling
[x] Talk to Ran
[X]Talk to Hina
[X]Talk to Suika
[X] Talk to Meiling
And then
[X] Talk to Hina

Hina is so lovely
[z] Talk to Meiling
[z] Talk to Ran
[X}Talk to Cirno
[X]Talk to Hina
[X]Talk to Ran
[x] Talk to Meiling
[x] Talk to Ran
[X]Talk to Hina.
Voting stop! Anon voting stop!

Counting them up now.

When are you going to update Touhou Persona?

Yeah, apologies for delays in this, family crap keeps getting in the way and may do so again tomorrow sadly, but the update is half done so i might find time tomorrow if i'm lucky
File 123077737059.jpg - (101.90KB, 600x750 , Chinachinachina.jpg) [iqdb]
With Cirno and Utsuho bouncing from one brightly colored object to another - all safely behind glass so they couldn't actually get in and break them (or so you hoped) those two didn't seem to need any watching over. Hina had found... well, you couldn't tell what it was she had found, only that she seemed to be highly engrossed in watching it at work while next to her Suika had mashed her face up against a glass window and was looking at... You sighed, she seemed to be looking at an electric warming and cooling pot for alcohol - you suppose that was somewhat predictable given her apparent one-track mind in regards to drinking. Only two of the girls seemed to be acting without the awe and amazement you had expected of them - Meiling, who seemed to have no interest in anything around her, and Ran who was browsing through a shelf full of laptops with almost clinical disinterest.

“Miss Meiling?” You ask out, heading towards the seemingly unhappy girl, “Is something wrong?”

“Eh?” The girl looks surprised for a moment before she settles her gaze on you. “Um... no?” She offers, as if she were hoping that to be the correct answer. Had you, perhaps, been of a child's intellect then maybe you would have been fooled by such a transparent ploy but as it was you knew the moment she said it that there was something wrong.

“You don't have to hide it you know,” You murmur, causing her to blink in confusion, “We have to live in the same house for... well, I don't know how long for, but I'm pretty certain it's going to be a long while at least.”

“I...” The woman looks at her feet and shuffles nervously, “I don't... I don't know if I want to be here...” she mumbles.

“Is that all?” You ask, “Welcome to the club then I guess.” Meiling looks up and frowns slightly as you forge ahead. “I still don't know if I want to be here, not really anyway. I mean, sure I'm now living with some pretty women -” You nod at her, causing her to look away suddenly “- but I was still dropped into this with no warning and I still have no idea exactly what I'm expected to do beyond teach you how to live out here.”

“Uhm...” Meiling's head seems to duck down lower than before, “I... I shouldn't make things harder,” She mumbles, “I-It's nothing, really...”

Evidently she wasn't all that willing to open up to you. Hardly surprising since she only really met you yesterday. Chances were she was just unsure about being in a new place and would, with luck, get over it herself given some time. “Well,” You start, “If you say so...” Glancing around you try to give her a cheerful smile, “So! See anything you like?”

“Not... Not really.” comes the reply, “I don't... I mean I'm not, uh... That is... You already spent so much on me - on all of us...”

“Is that what you're worried about?” You ask, “Ha! That's not a problem at all!” You grin at the woman, not that she can see it looking at the floor as she is, but the thought was there, “I was given a lot of money which I guess is to be used to help everyone get used to this place, so modern clothes and modern accessories for you to discover - I don't see how any of that would be a misuse of these funds.”

“... I guess...” Meiling murmurs, “If you' sure it's okay, I guess I can... look around some...”

You sigh as the girl turns to shuffle over to a cabinet full of goodies. It was evident, even to someone as dense as you, that her problems extended far outside the excuse of homesickness she had given. You could understand, to some extent, her hesitancy over your spending so much money on her and the other girls - you're not entirely sure you would be able to stomach such charity without some misgivings if you were in her position yourself - perhaps if you gave her some way to feel as if she had paid such charity back? Well, that was something you would have to think about and set up back at the house... It was still cold... Did the house have a wood fire maybe? You hadn't really looked but if it did then assigning her some simple task such as chopping wood might make her feel better.

Still, whatever problem Meiling had at least it was one she seemed to be keeping mostly to herself. Unlike, for example, Ran - who seemed intent on pissing someone off with her snippish attitude.
File 123077745222.jpg - (292.22KB, 664x800 , tailsogood.jpg) [iqdb]
Chances are, it'd probably be you. The girls all seemed too oblivious or too mellow to care about Ran's attitude, wheras you were aware and high strung enough to pay attention to it. It also didn't help that you were fairly sure half of her ire was aimed at you in particular.

“Is the house wireless enabled?” Speaking of whom... You turn at the question, then step back in surprise at the intense look Ran has on her face as she stares at you from up close.

“Er, what?” Had you not been so shocked, and perhaps a little scared, by Ran's sudden appearance then perhaps you may have been somewhat more eloquent but as it was you ended up all but squeaking in surprise.

“The house.” Ran repeats, glaring at you, “Is it wireless enabled?”

“Wireless?” You repeat, “As in... Wireless internet?”

“Yes, Wireless Internet!” Growls the blond woman in front of you, “Ugh! Why the hell do I have to put up with this!?” Slapping one hand against her face she glares at the floor for a few moment. “No, it's no use getting mad - he was dropped in this just as fast as you were,” she mutters to herself, then glances at you and groans. “faster even.”

“Uh... Are you feeling alright?” You try, hoping that your question doesn't incite the scary woman to violence. “You seem a bit, er, tense?”

“What the hell is that supposed to...” Her growl cuts off as she suddenly closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. “No.” She states after a while, “I'm fine and nothing is alright.” There's a pause as she slaps her forehead, “You know what I mean,” she grumbles, “Now does the house have wireless access or not?”

“To be honest?” You reply, “I have no idea.” When she glares at you all you can do is simply shrug, “I didn't exactly have much chance to find out last night,” You mutter, “Since everything happened so fast.”

Ran sighs and seems to deflate from her anger-imbued state. “You and me both,” she mutters, “Damn that Sukima, always pulling this kind of crap and expecting me to clean up after here...”

“Sukima?” You ask, though the meaning of the word, gap, is known to you, you don't quite understand Ran's usage of the term. “You mean Yukari?”

“Of course I mean Yukari!” Ran hisses, “Everyone knows that -” She cuts off and stares at you strangely for a moment. “... Gah! I sound like one of those idiot fairies! Of course you don't know about Yukari!” Shaking her head the blond woman stalks away to the laptops, signalling for you to follow her. “Yukari is a gap youkai. That explanation is as far from correct as you can get, but at this stage it's far easier to understand - she can basically make portals anywhere she wants to, hence the term 'gap' as they look like gaps in space.” You nod, thinking about how Yukari had escaped from Ran the night before. “No-one really understands her, not even me - and i've had to put up with her longer than anyone.” She pauses and shrugs, “Maybe Yuyuko would know more, but she can be just as hard to comprehend as Yukari is. To make things simple for you, Yukari lives on a level of existence as far beyond a youkai as a youkai is beyond a mere human. Only others who also exist on such a level can even hope to understand her, and of them there are maybe only a handful in the entirety of Gensokyo.”

“That's... a little hard to take in.” You mutter, drawing a sympathetic nod from the animalistic woman.

“I imagine it would be.” She mutters, “One thing is for sure though... at least as sure as one can be when dealing with Yakumo Yukari anyway, she has the only the best interests at heart for youkai as a species.” Reaching up the woman selects one of the models of laptops and pulls it down for inspection. “What do you think?” She asks, “For the price I find it rather reasonable - though really all I need is for it to be able to use the internet so that I may hook up with my system back at home... perhaps even with the Eientei or Kappa systems too if possible.”

“Er...” You give her a blank look, “You lost me?”

What followed was a mish-mash of information, a discussion on laptops, and most importantly a very brief rundown on what Gensokyo actually was. You learned about the village of humans - which were akin to the feudal villages you had learned about in history. Ran spoke at length about it and it's relations to the other main powers of Gensokyo such the shrine that was Suika's home and it's maiden Reimu, as well as the forest of magic and it's various residential magic users and youkai - including a quick rundown on most of Cirno's friends. She glossed over a place called the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where Meiling had apparently worked, and she buzzed quickly over the Mountain of Youkai and the other shrine to be found there. It was odd to hear of Kappa who could use technology close to, perhaps in some cases more advanced than, the kinds of things you knew about. Odder still to hear about the shrine which consisted of three people who had come from the outside world as little as four or so years ago. Tales of Eientei and the famed doctor there made you shiver slightly, if even half of what Ran said was true then this 'Eirin' must be a true medical genius... if a somewhat crazy one. Finally was a sparse talk about the underground where Utsuho supposedly came from, Ran admitting that she honestly knew little about the place first hand.

“And that's pretty much it,” She ends, “There's a few other places and people, but I doubt any will have a real impact on the people here.” She frowns for a second, “The Yama though... They might send someone down to have a look around. They like being organized and I'm sure a development such as this will have their filing systems falling apart at the seams... but they wouldn't be of any trouble, quite the opposite in fact.”

Your head spinning slightly you nod a thanks to the woman. “Th... thankyou,” you murmur, causing her to smile slightly, “I... Guess i'd like to hear more sometime... but,” looking up you see that some of the girls, Cirno and Utsuho most notably, are beginning to look more than a little bored. “I think we should wrap up here... If you would be so kind?”
Rounding up the girls and their goods didn't take long and you were surprised by some of the items picked out. Unfortunately, apart from Ran's laptop, you weren't paying enough attention to know who brought what. The pile was quite varied though, with a rock tumbler, a small musical keyboard, a remote control twuck, a drink warmer-cooler you just knew was Suika's, and lastly a... actually you're not entirely sure what the last thing is, only that it's labeled as a 'laser supernova'. The prices of the items did vary quite wildly, but you didn't comment - you had told the girls to pick anything they wanted... once you knew what belonged to who you felt you could probably make up any perceived difference without much trouble.

Soon enough, and with only a little fuss, you and the girls were making your way back to the house in the car. As before the girls were fairly quiet, spending most of their time staring out of the windows at the scenery flashing past. Ran, sitting in the passenger seat next to you, didn't seem to care about that however. “If I were you,” she states, loud enough for the girls to hear - her voice making them fall silent and watch the two of you - “I would seriously consider teaching those who do not know how to use your kitchen to do so, as there may come a time when they may be required to cook while you are not around.”

“And I suppose you already know, huh?” Utsuho asks from the back seats, getting a sharp nod in reply. “... oh.”

So Ran already knew how to use the kitchen? Well, given what she already knew about such things as laptops and modern civilization, you supposed it wasn't too strange for her to know how to live out here already. Kind of odd that she would be included in such an 'experiment' if she was already more than passable... except maybe for her current taste in clothing. And her tails, obviously.

Well, someone should be taught tonight - it was as good a time as any - but who?

[ ] Utsuho
[ ] Cirno
[ ] Hina
[ ] Meiling
[ ] Suika
[ ] Test Ran
[X] Cirno

This can only end badly.
[X ] Meiling
[X] Utsuho

Lesson 1: The Microwave!
[ ] Suika

Beer battered EVERYTHING. Also, rum and various other cooking alcolols.

. . . Supposing she doesn't drink it all first.
[x] Meiling

Chinese food.
[Z] Suika
[X] Meiling

Not a Chinafag, but she seemed depressed by charity, right? We could always have her cook tonight to try and get her out of her funk.

On the other hand, I'd love to see what delicious Hina could cook up.
[x] Suika
[x] Meiling
File 12307828683.jpg - (608.59KB, 1112x1600 , warm_winter_12.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Suika

We need to beat some sense into her as quickly as possible and for the longest period of time. The others aren't quite as troublesome. THIS IS BOOT CAMP, SUIKA.
File 123078858140.jpg - (101.26KB, 333x327 , c00a85883e5bee5d7f8357862e5ba5c7.jpg) [iqdb]
Wait, what? How does Suika need any sense beaten into her? About the only thing potentially troublesome about her is her drinking in public, and that's clearly not a problem at all, and something she could quit any time she wanted.
[x] Suika
[x] Meiling AND Suika
[x] Meiling

She's the least comfortable here, we need to give her something to do.
[ ] Suika
[x] Meiling
File 12307995248.jpg - (64.45KB, 450x598 , 121088464488.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] Meiling
[X] Suika

To match with the new year holiday, where you drink untiil you fall unconcious.
{X} Meiling

Don't like China, she's a boring thing.
[x] Utsuho

She was the fastest to pick up on how to use the phone, and probably will be the easiest to teach new technology to. Start with her.
[x] Meiling
have her help us cook. It gives us both a duty and a foot in the door to casual discussion, perhaps to see what is on her mind.
[x] Chuugoku

What? This applies.
[x] Utsuho

Because she's my personal pick of the girls.

Her overzealous behavior and animosity towards dishonesty, perhaps? Maybe her inhuman strength, which Yukari already commented on having to reinforce the walls of the house to withstand.

Can you imagine her running into a building, horns ripping through concrete and steel, and not being noticed? She may be treated as a little girl if she openly states that she is an oni, but it becomes quite believable if things like that were to happen. Proof is in the pudding, so to speak. And if she were to blab about the rest of the residents? Even if she didn't mention anything strange about them, a house full of foreign women sounds pretty nice to the local pervert, and he just might discover things if he decided to stop by and peep through windows.

Either way, she still needs skills to survive in the outside world. She isn't exactly as talented as the others in anything that doesn't require drinking and/or brute strength.
[X] Meiling
Yet despite that she managed to browse around three stores, two of which contained a large number of rather expensive electronics, without damaging anything. She seems fully capable of behaving herself and keeping her strength in check when need be. About the only things I see that could be cause for concern is if she were to get angry, or just really drunk, and good luck on stopping her if she's in either state.
I think she's actually the most mellow out of this group.


perhaps too mellow!
[X] Meiling

China has depression, apparently. Giving her something to do will keep her from wallowing in despair.
[x] Suika

Screw it, let Suika use her new toy. Just make sure the dinner is fairly balanced, because an entire day of ramen and deep fried greasy foods is sad.

Let her enjoy sadness.

[x] Suika

And we have to make sure that that doesn't happen. She's already forgotten once that we told her not to drink in public. If the others were not around, she might not be quite as good as she has been so far. The less trained she is, the higher the chance of her suddenly picking up a car to save a baby.

Lastly, being casual about it, she may multiply, turn into mist, control density, etc - without even realizing until it's too late, that she is no longer is Gensokyo. Those horns especially, are the biggest problem. We should get her a hat and punch some holes in it - but that won't stop someone from asking her to remove it or trying to remove it themselves.
Let her enjoy happiness.

[x] Meirin
We've got a girl with a concrete boot and wings sprouting out her back, another with ice crystals HOVERING behind her back, and a woman with nine fluffy tails sticking our her posterior. Aside from the risks of narrow doorways, I don't really see why Suika's horns stick out as the big thing to worry about, here.

Why, exactly, is Suika sticking out so much as a potential danger to you, again? Alcoholism aside, she seems like one of the more mature members of the group. If there's anyone you should be worried about, especially if they snap or get pissed off enough to not care about consequences, I'd say it would be the somewhat childish girl who in the past decided that using her newly-acquired nuclear powers to basically destroy the world was a GOOD idea.

The worst Suika has done with her powers, on the other hand, was gathering people together and having them party. Just keep her from getting bored or lonely, and always be honest with her, and she should be fine.
[X] Meiling
The only person potentially older and more mature than Suika in the group would be Ran, and even then Ran is still a bit coming to terms with the situation. Suika on the other hand isn't showing any real negativity and is generally having a good time. Suika may be free spirited but she's definately mature and knows what she is doing.

They can all be covered up with jackets/cloaks. Ran was hiding here tails perfectly well. The boots can be wrapped up or painted over. Suika's horns, though, are sticking out of her head - a bit more noticible and not quite as concealable - if they were to catch on something(specifically something tough) it would be apparent that they are indeed not a novelty hat.

And if miss atom bomb gets pissed off, there will be no one left to say "Oh look, a freak of nature".
There is...a lot of votes. Makes me wonder if they are legit.

Watermelon is my favorite fruit, so I vote for watermelon food.

It's been that way since the start of this adventure. You're just noticing it now?
Nothing is legit. Everything is illigitimate.

Nothing is legit. Votespam is permitted.

Same person.


IP looks much the same, and a whois returns the same connection information. 98.67% sure this is also the same person.

I would have to literally double check every single post to see if there were any more, but this was the most obvious one I noticed.


IP varies by one number, returns the same connection service.


Another person voting twice.


Extremely similar IP to an already banned proxy service.

Wow, thanks. I'm sure I speak in the name of many of us when I say I really appreciate this.

Eat that, spamfags.

Hahahaha, oh wow.
Thanks Easymod!
Despite evidence of faggotry, Meiling still pulls ahead with or without discounted votes.

Seriously though, all votespam does is make me not want to tally shit up, thus delaying writing so doing it is really quite counterproductive.

Perhaps a 12 hour ban for vote spammers would change that.
I don't see how that would help. the guy has already proven that he knows how to change his IP.
>and a whois returns the same connection information.
>IP varies by one number, returns the same connection service.

in during same country, perhaps same city in said country, different voter in spammers country and city. Shame MAC addresses are not recorded.

While the rest of CONFIRMED SPAM or lol easyproxy.

Generally, from what I've seen, an IP for any given person has two static numbers in the first two spots, and the second two numbers range from 1-255. In either case though, when the IP varied a little but returned the exact same information, I consider it fairly likely that they're the same person, especially if 3/4 of the numbers in the IP are identical. I don't necessarily know how IP addresses work though, so I'm kind of just picking up information as I go along.


I don't think I'd be comfortable giving temp bans for votespamming. The most I'd do is point out whoever has obviously posted multiple times and let the writer ignore the indicated posts. Aside from that, multiple votes from one person could be trimmed down to just 1. If one of the other mods wants to give a temp ban for that, then they can.


Not necessarily so. My IP changes itself on it's own, and it changes depending on how I'm connected. If I don't connect my service, I have a different IP from when I do, and every time I disconnect or reconnect the number changes itself.
File 123095102299.jpg - (204.26KB, 740x1076 , map_of_the_internet.jpg) [iqdb]
Picture is of a map of the internet XKCD made. It should give you some idea of scale.

Basically, IP adresses are handed out in pools to groups (usually companies), who then distribute them as they see fit. The size of these pools can vary from 256 addresses for a class c license to 16,777,216 addresses for a class a license.

They can then be redistributed:
statically: one IP address per person, household, computer, etc. that does not change.
Dynamically: IPs are handed out on an as-needed basis, but all IP addresses come from the pool that the parent organization has been given. This has the effect that xxx.xxx.xxx.yyy, where only yyy varies is usually from the same source.

for more info:
My dynamic IP tends to change all four numbers whenever it resets, which is pretty often. I reset it just now, to demonstrate: Old IP, 70.250.x.y. New IP, 75.44.z.a. Maybe this comes from having a big-name Amerikan ISP.

Very convenient for evading permanent bans at 4chan, you understand, but a pain in the ass when it comes to post deletion (the password changes with the IP).

I'm not a votespammer, but it occurs to me that I could be a very successful one but I voted for Suika and it saddens me that my comrades resorted to such dirty tricks.
more likely, your ISP requested a certain number of addresses, got them, ran out, and repeated several times.
The remainder of the drive went... well, not quietly certainly, but calmly at least. Though it wasn't a very long a drive in practice you were still glad for the calm as, frankly, you weren't entirely sure how well you would handle all hell letting loose in the car whilst you drove. How the heck parents managed it with kids in the back you didn't know but you suspected it was a skill you were going to have to learn eventually.

Back at the house - a place you didn't consider your home yet and it was still too unfamiliar and worrisome to be such a thing at the moment - you quickly dealt with the issue of getting the girls out of the car and off to do... whatever. You had asked them to leave their gadgets in the living room for now, except for Ran as you wanted to leave them until after dinner before sitting down to explain to the girls what each was and how to work them. Before that however...

“Miss Meiling?” You call out, causing the girl to pause in her carrying of things and look at you. “Once you're done, can you come to the kitchen? I'd like you to help prepare dinner for everyone tonight.”

“Eh?” The red-head gives you a surprised look, “You want me to cook?” She asks, then blinks, “You'd actually let me use your kitchen?”

“With some supervision, yeah.” You reply, “Until I have some idea how you are with the equipment I don't know about cooking alone, but I can't think of any good reason to say you can't do it with me there to keep an eye out for problems.” Since you had been focusing on the woman when you asked you had picked up on her odd phrasing, 'let' her use? That implied she normally wasn't allowed to use a kitchen - more than that it implied she wasn't allowed to despite being able to. Strange that, was it related in some way to where she used to live? You didn't really know for sure and you thought it impolite to simply ask something like that but... well, Ran's talk from earlier had only mentioned where Meiling had worked and even then hadn't exactly been all that detailed. Did Meiling live there? Or elsewhere? You simply had no idea right now.

Whatever the reasoning, or however you thought about it, there was no denying the fact that Meiling seemed to brighten up considerably upon being told she could use the kitchen.

Explaining the kitchen to Meiling took... well, in honesty it took minutes at most. Though she was perhaps behind in the areas of modern technology, Meiling had obviously already been graced with some serious cooking skill and a familiarity with the predecessors of modern cookware. She had also made mention that the kitchen she had learned to cook on had possessed a coal-fired range - an item similar enough to a modern cooker to provide familiarity but different enough to give a few teething problems. Gas, especially, proved to be a difficult concept to explain but in the end you settled for simply making sure she knew it was dangerous and how it smelled, as well as what to do if she smelled it where it shouldn't be.

The kettle also proved a little troublesome to explain, since it was one of the few items that violated the 'electrical things and water don't mix' rule you had stressed so hard the night before. Fortunately there was also another style of kettle, one made to be used on a cooker hob, located in the cupboards and you specifically told Meiling you honestly didn't mind which one she - or anyone else - used if they wanted to boil water. The microwave had been the real pain, and you had eventually given up on trying to think of a good way to explain it and simply settled for telling her it was a special oven and showing her how to use it, as well as stressing that for now she should only use it if instructed to do so in some way. In comparison to this explaining the fridge and freezer took seconds by simply saying they made stuff cold and simply skipping the workings of them.

“This vegetable oil is pretty nice stuff,” Meiling states, leaning back slightly to avoid the spitting of hot oil as she dropped a number of pieces of floured pork into a bubbling wok part-filled with oil. “I used to hate having to wait for the fat to melt and the smell was simply awful - not to mention what the grease did to my hair.”

“Really?” You reply from where you had been tasked with chopping up some bamboo shoots - tinned ones, which had impressed Meiling with their convenience. “I don't think the grease is likely to have changed too much, but the extractor helps it not fill the air I guess.”

Meiling nods and reaches up to tap the large hood above the cooker, causing it's whirring noise to distort ever so slightly from the impact. “It keeps the steam out of your face too, and you said it'll work just as well on smoke - though I guess there's less of that if you're not burning coal.”

“Unless you burn the food,” you point out, sliding the chopped vegetable matter into a bowl for Meiling to use. “But I get the feeling that you're not likely to be doing that.”

Minutes pass, with the kitchen slowly filling with a mix of smells and whatever steam the extractor fans failed to pull away. You'd had to chase away more than one of the other girls who had tried to poke their heads in to find out what was being made - telling them that it was a surprise from Meiling and that they'd get their own chances to do the same on later days.

“Hey! This is good!” Suika yelled, shovelling food into her mouth with gusto. When Meiling had been cooking you had expressed some worry over the sheer volume being made but now, seeing how much some of these girls actually ate, you were glad that you had succumbed to her arguments. None of the girls seemed to complain - not even Cirno who's meal had been served cool at Meiling's insistence. As you had helped the chinese girl clear up - and showed her how to stack and activate the small dishwasher the kitchen possessed - she explained to you that Cirno was an ice fairy and as such had serious trouble with anything too hot and anything warm to a normal person would be thought of as hot or even boiling where the small girl was concerned.

“Oi!” Utsuho demanded the moment you had stepped out of the kitchen, followed by Meiling, “Are you gonna show us how to use our stuff now?”

“Well,” you reply, “I think I can explain one tonight, since I want to explain to you how they work too... and since I don't know who bought what, I'll just pick one of them - that would be fair right?” The raven haired girl stared at you and seemed to think about it for a few minutes before nodding slowly.

“I guess...” She mutters, “I want mine to be first though...” she adds with a mumble. “'cuz it's the awesomest!”

[ ] Explain the Keyboard
[ ] Explain the Remote Control Twuck
[ ] Explain the 'Laser Supernova'
[ ] Explain the Rock Tumbler
[ ] Explain the Drinks warmer
[ ] Explain Ran's Laptop

No pic because... danbooru is dead. DEAD. And my bandwidth is being raped by relations now which'd make it super-shit-slow even if it wasn't dead.
As always, recipe incoming~
Meiling's Sweet + Sour Pork
(Serves about 4)

For the meat!
350g / 12oz Lean Pork
1.5ml / 1/4tsp salt
2.5ml / 1/2tsp ground peppercorns (Szechuan ideally, but mixed should be fine)
15ml / 1tbsp Chinese Rice Wine OR Dry Sherry
115g / 4oz bamboo shoots
30ml / 2tbsp plain flour
1 egg, lightly beaten

vegetable oil for deep frying.

For the sauce! (the, you know, important bit)
15ml / 1tbsp vegetable oil
1 garlic clove, sliced finely
1 spring onion, hacked up into small bits
1 small-ish green pepper, de-seeded and diced
1 fresh red chilli, de-seeded and shredded
15ml / 1tbsp light soy sauce
30ml / 2tbsp light brown sugar
30-45ml / 2-3tbsp rice vinegar
15ml / 1tbsp tomato puree
around 120ml / 4 fl oz / 1/2 cup of water or pork stock.

Gate Guards are cooking~ Please wait hungrily~

Step the first:
We'll start with the meat, so only look at the first set of ingredients right now.
Cut the pork into small bite-size pieces (so that you can ration it easier, it's not often Sakuya lets me have any meat after all...) and put into a shallow dish. Add the salt, peppercorns and rice wine or sherry then set the lot aside for about 15-20 minutes to marinate.

Step the second:
Drain the bamboo shoots (if using tinned, but a real gate guard goes out and picks her own!) - but tinned or not, slice them into chunks like the pork if they're not sliced/chunked already.

Step the third:
Once the pork is marinated, dust it in a little flour, dip it into the beaten egg, then coat with some more flour. Then just deep-fry it in moderately hot oil for 3-4 minutes, making sure not to let the bits all stick together. Pull them out when done and put them on some kitchen / paper towel to drain off (don't let any oil get onto the work surfaces! Put a plate under the towel first! I didn't once and Sakuya stabbed me with so many knives that Lady Remila thought I'd turned into a pincushion youkai...).

Step the fourth:
Heat the oil up until it's very hot, then dump the meat back in along with the bamboo shoots. Fry them quickly for about a minute or until the pork goes a golden color, then remove and place onto more kitchen / paper towel to drain again. (Plate under towels! Remember the plate!)

Step the final:
Start by making the sauce so you're looking at the sauce ingredients now.
Heat the oil in a clean wok or frying pan, and add the garlic, spring onion, green pepper and red chilli. Stir fry it all for about half a minute, then add the soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar and tomato puree as well as the water or stock. Bring this all to the boil then add in the pork and bamboo shoots you prepared earlier. Make sure it's all heated through and stirred well, then serve and enjoy. (Then clean up and run before Sakuya gets back... I'm not really supposed to be using her kitchen you know - don't tell her, please!)

Gate Guards are eating~ Please make your own foo- wait? Sakuya!" I-I wasn't doing anything! Hone-

Gate Guards are in pain~
[x] Explain the 'Laser Supernova'

The truck is probably Cirno's right? Either Cirno or Utsuho's fine for me in this, should be fun, although I'm a chinafag.
{X} Explain the 'Laser Supernova'
[X] Explain the 'Laser Supernova'
I just want to know what the hell this is.

>>No pic because... danbooru is dead. DEAD. And my bandwidth is being raped by relations now which'd make it super-shit-slow even if it wasn't dead.

Can't help with the bandwidth, but even if Danbooru goes down there are alternatives.
http://pinochan.net/overbooru/ lists a pretty good deal of them, it seems, and even lists a couple that are Touhou-only under the "Themed" section.
>but even if Danbooru goes down there are alternatives.

I think you're under-estimating my laziness here.
Also, if anyone tries the TOUHOU COOKING stuff, do tell - i want to find out how many anons managed to not kill themselves in discovering the use of the cooker, y'know?

Keep it up, Gate Guard! You've got fans in the modern world!

Out of curiosity, I tried it. And fortunately for my apartment, I had discovered the cooker many years ago, so no immolation death for me.

I lacked dry sherry, so I substituted orange juice. Obviously I didn't get the same flavor I would have had I used sherry, but oh well. No bamboo shoots either, so I just left them out. This meant I skipped a few steps and simply fried the pork until golden brown.

Only thing I would comment on is the heat of the oil when frying, as I feel "moderately" can be too vague of a term. 350 to 375 degrees F, 178 to 190 degrees C, is ideal. Above that, you get overcooking and splattering, and under that, you got oil-soaked food.


[x]Explain the 'Laser Supernova'
[X] Explain the Remote Control Twuck

Start with something simpler, guys.
I thought it was some silly laser pistol with a nuclear sign that Utsuho liked, but who knows.
[x]Explain the 'Laser Supernova'
[x] Explain the Keyboard

Moosik playin gaems
Yeah, i kinda tend to wing it with temperatures since i do my frying in a wok with oil in it rather than anything i can accurately get a temperature off of (well, i suppose i could mess around with thermometers and stuff but... eh, so troublesome).

In future i'll take extra care to be more specific, but for this recipe - 'moderate' should be taken to be about 356 F or 180 C, while 'hot' should be around 374-392 F or 190-200 C.

Anyway, good to know you tried it at least. With Orange juice is a bit odd, but it'll be something i feel inclined to try myself now.
Yeah, I know what you mean. One of the main reasons I don't do much deep frying is due to temperature control, though my roommate's purchase of a dedicated electronic-controlled deep fryer is slowly changing that (as well as increasing my waistline >: ).

Orange juice is my typical substitution when it comes to dry sherry. Vanilla extract is supposed to be an acceptable replacement too, though a teaspoon for every tablespoon of sherry. My kitchen is geared towards Italian cooking instead of Asian, so I gotta do substitutions all the time.

I'll be sure to review any other recipes you choose to share. Excuse me if I seem too nitpicky though; I tend to be OCD when it comes to cookery.
File 123102201090.jpg - (294.17KB, 563x1800 , 1224391155534.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] Explain the 'Laser Supernova'

In during everyone goes blind.
This makes a lot of sense. Also, it's going to be considered considerably NOT AWESOME, as each girl is more than capable of producing a danmaku lightshow. It does however give them an opportunity to explain danmaku to shiki.

On the others

>Remote Control Twuck
Probably Cirno, a sales assistance may have directed her to the toys or demonstrated it. Also if Laser Supernova IS Utsuho's disappointing laser gun, I can see them fighting over this.

>Rock Tumbler
Hina. spin spin spin~

Explain the Drinks warmer
Suika we know. She's a drinker, no revelation.

Ran's Laptop

So by process of elimination, this must be Meiling. Interesting in that she (and Ran) would be the only ones capable of recognising a piano. Playing is possibly another thing she is cacpable of, but isn't allowed to do in the SDM.

Also makes me wish we had the Prismrivers, so we could take them to a record store.
My cooking tends to be all over the place so i have some... weird... ingredients and the like lying around sometimes. My aim is to try and put up a diverse range of stuff which even fairly cooking-adverse anons should be able to do while ending up with an impressive-seeming dish. (Impressive-looking, however, is something anon will have to learn on their own though.)

Substitute suggestions for ingredients are always welcome, since i know i'm kinda catering to an international audiance here and some ingredients might be nigh-impossible to find for some. (Weirdly, the hardest one for me to find is a decent firm tofu. Silken style is everywhere but anything else seems to be visibly missing from anywhere near where i live.)
File 12310249014.jpg - (21.71KB, 477x488 , 1230973517114.jpg) [iqdb]

>Rock Tumbler
Hina. spin spin spin~

I see what you did there, Angry Desu.

And I am not amused.
>And I am not amused.
Of course you're not. You're Spy.
For those more at home with the Rumia style of culinary arts, use instead:
>350g / 12oz Long Pork
[x] Remote Control Twuck

Simple demonstration of both motors and electromagnetic waves.
[x] Explain the Drinks warmer
[x] offer both a beginner's explanation, and an advanced explanation. The beginner's explanation should include how to use it, what it does, and how it might be dangerous. The advanced explanation should include a lecture on the underlying principals that govern the device's operation.

Considering that the people we are talking about have no understanding of atoms, electrons, current, resistance, energy, simple harmonic oscillators, integer quantum hall effect, etc, this will be a challenge. we should probably go easy to hard:
(easy modo) Explain the Drinks warmer
Explain the Rock Tumbler
motor, friction
Explain the Keyboard
speaker, switches
Explain the 'Laser Supernova'
speaker, diode
Explain the Remote Control Twuck
electromagnetic waves, radio and light, motor, simple control circuitry
(lunatic modo) Explain Ran's Laptop
O_o;;; good luck with this. If you can successfully explain how this works in full, you have a master's degree or better.
To be honest, I have no idea what a "Drinks warmer" is, and have never heard of one before this thread. Obviously I can infer from the name that it warms drinks, but can you elaborate on that?
I am assuming AD means something like this:


Basically, they run a current through a resistor to generate heat to heat your drink.
File 123113232962.jpg - (59.13KB, 555x636 , 2d2030c2aa7f651b260b445423179eb5.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Explain the 'Laser Supernova'
File 123113295582.jpg - (414.33KB, 1082x758 , 1201618672306.jpg) [iqdb]
Isn't it possible that Cirno bought the 'Laser Supernova'?
So basically a hot plate?
I get it now.

I'm not sure if we want the girls playing with that.
I implore you sir to never again use that emoticon as long as you are within this board's premisis, as that behaviour is highly frowned upon. There are specific emoticons that you however, may use.
I wouldn't worry about it, I think the appeal of that particular device is a bit too limited for anyone but Suika to want to use it after the novelty of it wears off, anyway.

Cirno clearly won't be interested in using it, Meiling has shown herself to be able to handle some modern kitchen appliances already and so should have little trouble with this, and you know you don't have to worry about Ran. Hina is kind of an unknown, but she shouldn't have much of a problem, either. That just leaves Utsuho, who considering how quickly she picked up on operating a cell phone, probably won't have any trouble using the device itself. What you DO probably want to worry about is her deciding to show how she can do something similar with her own powers, but in a much more flashy and "awesome" way, likely ending with something exploding.
>Basically, they run a current through a resistor to generate heat to heat your drink.


Oh something.

They have specific warmers for sake in japan, IIRC,
So it could be something like this:
Okay. Changing vote:

[x] Explain the Drinks warmer
[x] Explain the Drinks warmer
[x] offer both a beginner's explanation, and an advanced explanation. The beginner's explanation should include how to use it, what it does, and how it might be dangerous. The advanced explanation should include a lecture on the underlying principals that govern the device's operation.

The laptop also wouldn't be that hard to explain. I certainly couldn't explain it fully, yet, but I'd be able to explain how it works enough to satisfy general people and fumble my through people who want a more in-depth answer.
Even with the last minute calls for Drinks warmer (which, by the way, anon has pretty much got the right idea on - just since this is set in THE FUTURE it can cool drinks down too) the vote is pretty much won by LASER SUPERNOVA!

have fun guessing what the hell it is.
All I get in my head is an Oasis song.
An Oasis song that I was listening to just as your post came up in my window.

I know the echoing green did a song "supernova"...now I have that stuck in my head. thanks, guys.
File 123130170492.jpg - (141.07KB, 600x600 , MeilingStars.jpg) [iqdb]
Looking over the goods, still piled in the living room, your eye roves over the various boxes for what you think would be a good start. A remote control twuck - even if you did get it out now it would likely need to be charged up. An electronic keyboard... well, it wasn't like you had any idea how to play such a thing. The drink cooler-warmer perhaps? No, that would be best explained over dinner perhaps or at least some time in which you were planning on having drinks. That lest only the rock tumbler and the 'laser supernova' and, if you were to be honest with yourself, the second one seemed much more impressive - even though the packaging was distinctly lacking compared to the others. Hell, all you had to go on was a name printed on the side of a thick cardboard box.

“I think this will do,” you say, lifting the item out of the pile. The box itself was easily battling for the position of being the largest against the keyboard, but the moment you lifted it you were sure it would easily win the top position for being the heaviest item there.

“Eh!?” Utsuho exclaims, “But that one is boring!”

“Yeah!” Chimes in the other young-acting girl, Cirno. “It doesn't have any pictures or anything! Just words!” She squints a bit and you can practically see the cogs in her head turning. “Lah-seer Super- I know what that means - but what's a noo-vuh?”

Almost instantly Utsuho's head swings around to stare at Cirno in shock. “You can read!?” She yells, and you spot a wave of jealousy pass over her face before it vanishes into a smug look. “Tha-That's not so impressive! I can read it too!” She declares, drawing looks from a few of the girls. Ran, especially, raises one eyebrow and shoots you an obvious little glance to she that she too doesn't believe the raven-haired girl.

“Oh my,” Comes a polite whisper from across the room where Hina is sitting upon one of the comfortable chairs. “It's so impressive to know you can both read, alas it is a skill I have not particularly been able to polish within myself.” She shrugs, “However much Nitori,” she pauses and glances at you, “my friend, tries she simply has little that I am capable of understanding even with her assistance.” The green-haired woman sighs and shrugs lightly, “Still, I am given to understand that here is a new chance for such things for myself.” She pauses and stares at Utsuho in a pointed way, “as well as for everyone else.”

“Aha, yes, well, anyway...” You butt in before Utsuho has a chance to reply, “Lets just see what this 'Laser Supernova' is than, shall we?” Glancing around you frown slightly, “So which one of you decided to buy it anyway?” Slowly everyone seems to turn to face one way and, following their looks, you're left staring at an embarrassed looking Meiling holding one hand up in the air.

“I-it's mine.” She admits, her voice quiet, “Um... One of the shop assistant people showed me what it was for... and... um...” She trails off, “I didn't really understand it,” she admits after a few moments silence, “But it makes stars appear - and I like stars... he said it could make a room look like a night sky and...” She trails off again and remains quiet for a long while. It quickly becomes evident that she has no intention of starting up again so soon enough your attention turns back to the white box. Carefully you remove the tape holding it closed and, after fishing through several tons of plastic-y wadding materials, you eventually remove a white cylinder - perhaps as wide as a dinner plate and about as tall as a large soda bottle. It was topped by a dome of see through material within which you could see mounted some kind of lens assembly. A little more rummaging in the box revealed two more such assemblies as well as a large power cable and a slim instruction booklet.

“Laser Supernova,” you read aloud, looking over the front of the booklet, “A portable laser projection device capable of turning any ordinary room into your own personal midnight sky.” Opening the booklet you groan slightly and flick through it, looking for instructions that were actually in a language you could read. French? Spanish? Ancient Sanscrit - who the hell would need instructions in that? Eventually you come across the five or so pages in your own language and skim through them, discovering that they primarily consisted of warnings about how not to use the device rather than guides on how to use it properly.

Seriously, who the hell was going to try swallowing something that big anyway?

“Okay,” you speak up at last, “Okay... how should I explain this?” You frown for a moment, “Honestly I don't really know how, it's pretty high-level stuff in here... But at least I can show you what it does and how to use it.” Unwrapping the power cord you carefully plug one end into a slot in the cylinder and, with the eyes of the girls on you, plug the other end into a nearby socket. “It's an electrical device,” you explain as you go, “which means it needs to be 'plugged in' to a wall socket in order to work. Unlike your cellphones however it is not capable of storing electricity so it will not work when 'unplugged'.” Moving back to the cylinder you check it over quickly, “Inside is a device which makes a laser,”

“A laser?” Cirno frowns, “So it makes danmaku beams?”

You pause and give the girl a strange look. “Uh... Beams is right but, danmaku?” You shake your head, “I don't think I understand what you mean by that.”

“We'll explain some other time.” Ran interrupts, cutting Cirno off just as she seems about to launch into some kind of rant on the subject of whatever she meant by 'danmaku'. “It is not something to show off here,” she adds, giving the blue haired girl a hard glare, “Danmaku play is especially not something to be performed inside either.”

“If you say so,” You mumble, now somewhat curious as to what they were talking about. “Anyway, long story short, a laser - in this case - is a fine beam of light. I'll probably have to teach you more about what they are later, but generally you can't see the beam itself only the point at which it hits something.” Pausing you rummage around in your pockets before eventually producing your keyring - complete with laser pointer key chain. “This is a laser too,” you say, “Though a much smaller one, about all it's good for is drawing attention to things as a pointer.” Flicking the switch on it's side you aim it at the ceiling, causing a few of the girls to 'oooh' in interest as the little red dot that you make move about there. “Lasers can only travel in straight lines, which makes them also very useful for aiming things precisely.” You pause and frown, “Like weapons, among other things.

“I see.” Ran states, “So we should be aware that such marks appearing could indicate a potential attack?” The way she asks this is odd... as if she knows the answer already but is asking for the benefit of the other girls.

“Should there come a time when it is likely weapons may be used against you, then yes.” You respond, your voice low. “Though that's pretty unlikely.” Ignoring the girls glancing at one another you move back to Meiling's gadget. “Anyhow, lasers can also be used to produce patterns and other interesting effects depending on how they're used. Weak lasers are little more than lightbeams, but stronger ones are capable of burning or cutting through material, and some of the most powerful can become weapons in and of themselves - though as far as I'm aware they're not very good at that.” standing up you move to switch off the lights in the room, plunging it into... well, not darkness exactly, but a deep gloom in which you can barely make out the girls faces. You have the disturbing feeling, however, that the girls can see you a lot better in the dark than you can see them - you shudder involuntarily at that notion, part from a crawling sense of fear and part from the sheer creepiness of being watched by invisible watchers.
File 123130215968.jpg - (131.11KB, 514x807 , Suikakakaka.jpg) [iqdb]
The moment you flick the switch mounted upon the side of the cylinder, however, that feeling vanishes as the room is suddenly transformed into the center of the galaxy. All around tiny stars twinkle upon most every surface in the room, small suns blaze in a variety of colors and you even note the odd shooting star making its way across the walls. Tracking it along it's path you blush slightly in the gloom as, thanks to the woman being in the way, you end up following it across Ran's more than ample chest. Thankfully she doesn't notice as, like the others, she is looking around in wonder at the complex man-made galaxy filling the room. It makes you perhaps a little glad to have found something that the blond woman evidently didn't already know about - but then, now that you thought about it, there were things in the world you didn't know about and you had been living here all your life! Ran may be knowledgeable but it was inevitable that her knowledge would have limits - right?

“Woah!” Cirno exclaims, and you realize that the small girl had risen into the air so that she could poke at some of the 'stars' on the ceiling. “Ah!” She cries, discovering that the star she had tried to catch was now on her hand instead. You hear a slap as she evidently tries to use her other hand to catch it - followed by a yelp of pain as she slaps her hand into the back of the first.

“They're not really there!” You laugh, somewhat amused by her antics, “They're just projections made by the lasers, it's a man-made sky - pretty, but not really there.”

“They're beautiful,” you hear Meiling breath as she stands up and looks around, “I'll sleep so much better now!”

“Eh?” You look at her, lit up in the somewhat spooky green light of the projector, with some confusion. “Sleep better? How do you mean?”

“Ah...” Meiling starts slightly and looks down at you. From your position sat cross-legged on the floor the already tall woman looks like some kind of red-headed giantess standing above you. This, along with the somewhat unnatural glow in her eyes makes a part of you want to quail back in terror at this inhuman monster girl while another part of you wants to move close to that unnatural beauty. “I'm used to sleeping in the open air,” she mumbles, not noticing your fey feeling, “I had a hard time sleeping last night... so when I was shown a way to put the sky inside, I thought maybe it would help me get to sleep.” She looks up again and you can see a slight smile pass across her face, “It's so pretty,” She murmurs, “I think it'll help a lot.”

Much of the rest of the night passed in that manner, just sitting back and looking at the display that Meiling's choice of gadget put on for you all. Playing with settings, and the two other lens assemblies, produced a wider range of effects and galaxy-scapes than you thought possible from such an innocent looking machine.

Day 3, February 26th, 2012

“mmmm...” You look around at the noise and realize, somewhat slowly, that you must have drifted off at some point during the evening. Noticing the alcohol and few glasses nearby you vaguely recall having a drink or two with the girls after Cirno had fallen asleep. Ran, you think, had offered to take her to her bed upstairs and then Suika had pulled out a bottle and... and... Okay, you're pretty sure you must have passed out not long after then. Pulling yourself upright, and grimacing in pain at your muscles screaming from their night of resting in an uncomfortable position, you manage to stagger your way towards the kitchen. You really, really needed a coffee right now...

A faint snoring causes you to pause and turn, spotting three girls sprawled out over the sofas. Meiling, Hina and Utsuho all lie there snoring gently. Sighing slightly you turn back to you journey, only to catch yourself as you almost trip over one ribbon-adorned horn belonging to Suika, who lay haphazardly on the floor. You watch, bemused, as she seems to practically ooze into a standing position and slowly turn to regard you. “mmm... mornin'” she mumbles, her voice low and her eyes-half shut. “Welc'm t' th' Shrine... D'nations go in th' box. Hav' a nice day...” She says, raising one hand in greeting. You stare in silence for several long moments as the girls head swings first to one side then back to the other. “'ey...” She grumbles at last, “'oo stole th' donation box?” She squints for several seconds before continuing, “f'r tha' matt'r, who stol th' shrine?”

[ ] Response

Okay, from now on days shall follow this format:
Morning Event (which you're now in),
Day Activity,
Cooking (until everyone has cooked once)
Evening Event

'Day Activity' can be lessons, testing, or events if offered. Lessons will be a choice from a few areas (You'll see later), Tests will give you an idea of girl's progress / abilities, and Events would be things like trips and such. Remember, it's all well and good to be having fun but you do have a job to do in teaching these girls.
Hopefully this should also help make days pass quicker, and get the project moving overall.
[P] "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
[P] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[P] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[P] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"

Potentially sitting down to a nice quiet conversation with Suika seems nice.
[\!/] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[\!/] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"
[x] "Oh my God! They've been repossessed and used to buy really expensive herbal tea and cookies! Quick, to the batmobile!"
[x] Lift Suika up and making swooshing noises like an airplane.
[x] Fly her into the kitchen where you proceed to make coffee, and soon, breakfast.
[x] "All's well, commissioner; we've defeated the evil Yukari and destroyed her plans to turn the world's Oni population into gigantic steamed meatbuns. A toast, to victory!"
[x] Pour some coffee down her throat then leave to rally up the girls for the next exciting day of All Our Touhous.
[x] "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
[x] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[x] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[x] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"

This cannot go wrong.
[x] "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
[x] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[x] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[x] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"
I like it.
[x] "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
[x] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[x] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[x] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"
Very nice update, Angry Desu. It strikes me, though, that none of the girls were curious about why a device that creates a fake night sky is needed or wanted.

[x] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[x] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[x] If she doesn't lay back down, lightly guide her into the kitchen.
[x] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"
Real sniper rifles don't have laser sights.

Just FYI, though you probably knew that already.
>>It strikes me, though, that none of the girls were curious about why a device that creates a fake night sky is needed or wanted.

When you're filled with a child-like sense of awe and wonder, I doubt you'd be to concerned with that sort of thing. Even less so after alcohol was added into the equation.

[X] "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
[X] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[X] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[X] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"
"Humans," you begin. "Are basically showoffs. Every technological advancement we make is for one purpose. Showing off the technological advancement we just made. We make a night sky indoors so we can show off that we can make a night sky indoors."

[Z] "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
[Z] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[Z] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[Z] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"
"...and then we find a way apply it to the creation, distribution, or viewing of porn."
File 123131115429.jpg - (232.85KB, 540x810 , b29621d430cbfefc922c4fd0d1d48846.jpg) [iqdb]
[Z] "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
[Z] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[Z] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[Z] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"

Ah Porn... That will be an incredibly awkward conversation with the girls...
Porn existed in Japan since the Edo Period. There probably were not as many flavors that exist today, and forget trying to get any of them but Alice understanding RealDolls, but it was there.

Blatant but apt, and Suika would have probably like it.
Punctuated by leading the girls outside and making it clear how the light from human cities tends to suffocate visible starlight. We're rather rural right now, but the effect would probably be apparent to them considering where they come from.
Humans: We do what we must because we can.
Well, cirno already made the comparison between lasers and danmaku, so i figured the girls would likely classify the thing in a similar way to non-combat danmaku displays - just something done to look pretty.

I may know that, and you may know that, but not everyone knows that. Unless govanon is a weapons buff i'd expect him to assume things which the public at large tend to assume about certain subjects (ie: his experience of firearms understanding likely comes primarily from films and games only)

So that the science gets done and we make a neat gun for the people who are still alive~
sniper rifles may not, but I suspect the weapons, say, a swat team that didn't know what it was getting into might would send in might.

[x] say nothing. go into kitchen. make coffee. (ow my head, I hope cirno and utsuho don't get up any time soon.)
No one with any training would set up an ambush using equipment that would reveal their presence and position prior to attack. Ran’s not going to get any early warning by watching for lasers.

[x] "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
[x] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[x] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[x] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"
[tsu] "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
[ru] Ruffle her hair weakly.
[pe] "You're right here with me and the others, remember? Sorry about that..."
[ttan] "I'm going to make some coffee, would you like any?"
File 123153787132.jpg - (77.39KB, 800x850 , notthatdrunk.jpg) [iqdb]
“Toto,” You murmur, reaching out with one hand to ruffle the orange hair of the girl gently. It wasn't like she could argue much since there was no way you could make it messier than it already was. “I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.” Her hair feels stiff and coarse, and you can feel it resist your ruffling slightly before springing back into position after your hand had passed. As you do this your hand bumps into her horns a few times but aside from determining that yes they were firmly attached to her skull - what with the way her head bobbed from side-to-side when you hit them - you can't tell anything else about the odd body parts.

“Uwa-wa-wa-wa~” The girl's head continues bobbing for several seconds after you remove your hand, until she is forced to grab either side of her head with her hands in order to stop the motion. Once done she looks up at you with an owlish expression, “Kansas?” She asks, “I don' know no Kansas...” She frowns slightly, “'s not tha' place nex' t' the lake is it? 'cuz I don' rememb'r goin' down there...” She frowns a little more, “an' who's Toto?”

You smile a little at her confusion, it's cute in a childish sort of way, “You're Toto,” You reply, “Taken from your home into a strange place...” You sigh and shrug lightly, “You're here, in the house - you and the others who left Gensokyo, remember?”

Suika blinks a few times. “Oh...” She mumbles, “yeah... 's right...”

“Say,” you begin, “You want any coffee? I was just going to make some...” Wincing slightly you rub at your temples, “Should help the hangover some,”

“'kay,” mutters the horned girl, before pausing and frowning. “What's 'coffee'?”

“Ick!” Suika exclaims, sticking her tongue out and making a face. “'s bitter!” Wordlessly you reach over and drop a few spoonfuls of sugar into the brown drink before stirring it. The orange haired girl looks at you oddly before taking another sip - this time only screwing her face up a little at the taste. “Still kinda bad tasting,” She admits, but proceeds to take a few more sips anyway. You, on the other hand, drink yours straight - once you had disliked the taste but a few years worth of all-night study and work sessions had pretty much forced you to adapt to the taste.

“Oooh...” Looking up you wince slightly as Meiling staggers in through the kitchen door looking significantly worse for wear thanks to the drinking the night before. “'zat Coffee?” She slurs, making a bee-line towards the pot you had made up. “Haven't had coffee in...” She frowns, “... long time. Lady doesn't like it...” A cup in poured and the woman downs it practically in one go, seemingly unaffected by it's temperature. “Haaaah!” She breaths, all but slamming the cup down on the table. The effect on her seems to be almost immediate, her face has brightened and she's not slouching as she did when she came in... It's possibly the fastest recovery from a hangover you'd ever seen. Then again, you're pretty sure Meiling drank less than you did and you still weren't entirely sure exactly what the difference between a human and a youkai was (besides the obvious of course). For all you knew maybe some youkai were resistant to alcohol? Suika's worse condition could easily be explained by the fact that you're certain she drank far, far more than anyone else did.

“Today looks pretty good,” You murmur, looking out the kitchen window, “Cold, but clear.” Glancing down at your coffee you mull over a few thoughts, before murmuring to yourself “I suppose I should start proper lessons today, once everyone has finished... organizing... their...” Your eyes widen as your voice trails off, a part of your brain suddenly reminding you that something important was missing. Specifically, you had just remembered that Renko hadn't shown up the night before to deliver everyones clothing! “Goddamit!” You yell suddenly, causing both present girls to give you a startled look. Glancing at them you bite your lip for a moment, “I'll be right back!” you state before hurrying out of the room.

“What do you mean 'I was talking to Maribel'?” You half-yell down the phone, “You said you were going to deliver them after you shut the shop!” Renko's reply sounds tinny down the phone line, something about Maribel recognizing... oh no. You didn't want to deal with this crap now. “Listen Renko,” You growl, “Don't you dare tell anyone anything until you get here - no, not even your parents! I remember how your mom used to gossip all day, I'm having enough trouble with this situation as it is! I really, really don't need any public interest crap - and I especially don't want this story finding its way back to...” You pause and practically reel back from the phone. “What do you mean you wanted to tell Maki! .... Trust her, she's a journalist? That's exactly why I don't trust her!” Taking a deep breath you consider either reasoning with or killing Renko. Then you remember that killing her would get you arrested and reasoning with her was even less likely to be successful. “Look, just... just get over here tonight this time, okay? And don't tell anyone!”

Slamming the phone down you practically slump against a nearby wall. Great, not even two days in and already there was a stupidly great risk of the news that 'monsters' had been let loose in the city was likely to make its way to the media. Okay, you weren't stupid enough to believe that such information wouldn't eventually find its way out, but you were hoping that it would at least take some time - long enough for you and your guests to get comfortable before the shit started hitting any fans.

“Do not worry unduly.” You stiffen at the sound of Ran's voice from behind you. Turning you look at her, only to see a faint yet reassuring smile. “There are... measures in place.” She states, “To ensure that this experiment won't be compromised so quickly.” A faint frown crosses over her face, “Of course if information were to be simply leaked out without attention then the checks Yukari and myself worked hard to ensure will be worthless.” She smiles again, though this time it's not all that reassuring. “Do take care then.”

Just great. Dire warnings at this time of the morning were something you could happily live without. Maybe you should just get to work and forget about it for now? Until Renko arrives at least.

[ ] Teaching Science (Explaining scientific concepts to the girls)
[ ] Teaching Technology (Explaining technology and how to use it)
[ ] Teaching Social (Explaining modern social behaviors and ettiquette)
[ ] Teaching Maths (Explaining maths, including things such as finances)
[ ] Testing (Gain an understanding into what a girl knows already)

And pick a girl
[ ] Meiling
[ ] Hina
[ ] Suika
[ ] Cirno
[ ] Ran
[ ] Utsuho
[ ] All (teaches all the girls, but with less effect than 1-1 teaching)

Pick 1 activity, and 1 of the girl choices. Multiple votes will not be counted.
[Z] Testing = [Z] Everyone.

Seeing what level everyone is at will give us a good idea of where to begin.
[ ] Teaching Social (Explaining modern social behaviors and ettiquette)

[ ] All (teaches all the girls, but with less effect than 1-1 teaching)

This is something we should teach as soon as possible. Everything else can be taught later without too much risk but the girls need to know how to act in the human world now more than ever.
[ ] Testing (Gain an understanding into what a girl knows already)

[ ] All (teaches all the girls, but with less effect than 1-1 teaching)

figure out what people know before proceeding, and either reteaching something already known or trying to teach something that they do not have the prerequisites to understand.
[X] Testing (Gain an understanding into what a girl knows already)

[X] Meiling
[x] Testing
[x] Teaching Social
[x] All

Tomorrow, we'll do a review and then teach technology.
File 12315522757.jpg - (605.39KB, 800x800 , 9b13ba208f503ed613b2518a46c4eadc.jpg) [iqdb]
[\!/] Teaching Social (Explaining modern social behaviors and ettiquette)
[\!/] Hina

As much as the ultra polite makes anon pop a boner whenever Hina talks....shit's gotta change.

Oh my god what happened to her spine
[ ] Testing (Gain an understanding into what a girl knows already)

[ ] All (teaches all the girls, but with less effect than 1-1 teaching)
[ ] Testing (Gain an understanding into what a girl knows already)

[ ] All (teaches all the girls, but with less effect than 1-1 teaching)

Find out what we don't have to deal with before proceeding
[x] Teaching Maths (Explaining maths, including things such as finances)

[x] Testing (Gain an understanding into what a girl knows already)

[x] All (teaches all the girls, but with less effect than 1-1 teaching)

To avoid the above. Only downside with all at once is that it could create conflict over how much more Ran (and also one or two other girls for various fields) know compared to the others.
[x] Testing (Gain an understanding into what a girl knows already)

[x] All (teaches all the girls, but with less effect than 1-1 teaching)
I would assume we're going to test them either one at a time, or with something like a written test...in any case, something where they are not readily able to communicate with one another...working in groups doesn't make for very valid results.
No, testing all of them is doable but like with teaching it's just not as effective in that you'll gain a rough understanding on a basic level but not a detailed view.
ie: (totally unrelated example)

Sakuya, if tested with others, would show reasonable maths and social skills, but lower tech and science.

Sakuya tested alone would show she's particularly good with finances and formal ettiquette, her non-formal socializing ability is below average, she's very good at cooking but otherwise has little idea regarding modern technologies, and she has little interest in science. It would also show evidence of any particular hobbies or other skills she may have, such as reading or sewing or whatever.

So yeah, testing all gives an overview of everyone, testing individually gives a better breakdown. Do, of course, keep in mind that Govanon's (do we still call him that? There's been less overt government involvement so far... hrm.) jobs is to get all the girls to a livable-on-their-own standard.
Well, in order to do the job properly, you have to know where to begin. You cannot build a house without a foundation.
[x] Testing (Gain an understanding into what a girl knows already)
[x] Utsuho.

I'm thinking we should start with the loonier ones before we move onto the others, I guess.
Yeah, but how much do we have time for? How many days do we have? Are we doing this once per day, or what?
Once per day, as mentioned earlier.
1 morning event.
1 daytime activity / event
1 evening event
(potentially other events may take place, such as mealtimes or late night events.)

Number of days is currently undisclosed.
File 12316530676.jpg - (73.81KB, 500x500 , 1206031084194.jpg) [iqdb]
>late night events
oh ho
[⑨] Teaching Maths (Explaining maths, including things such as finances)
[⑨] Cirno

[⑨] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drE5cHe6c3s
[ze] Testing (Gain an understanding into what a girl knows already)
[ze] All (teaches all the girls, but with less effect than 1-1 teaching)
[x] Teaching how to make love

"I'm going to need two volunteers to demonstrate. Oh I don't know...how about Meiling and Hina. Please come to the front of the room. Now demonstrate how to kiss. Yes, kiss each other. Good, now do it slower.....sloooower. Good, very good..."
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You must write this DD. You must. Or else bad things will happen.
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