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[X] The park.

Bad boys, bad boys, whachu gonna do, whachu gonna do... When they find you in a backalley? There's no saying. Neither is there if the case was a pub. It's not like I've never been to such places before, at night too, but memories bound with them aren't particularly pleasant, so I cross those out of the mental list I made inside my head. What remains then? For some reason, I felt tempted to visit the school, but what sense is there in that? Schools are desolate at nights, plus it can be pretty spooky. I'm no thrill enthusiast to immerse in those dark corridors with not a single living soul around. Call me a coward, but I cherish my sanity enough not to indulge in such distressing abilities. I don't need any addinational phobias, thank you very much.
Sighing, I stop in the middle of the walkway and look around.
Nope, no changes here. Like I previously remarked, the city looks perfectly normal. No zombies, no aliens, no magical girls running around. Whew, I'm not crazy yet, thank god.
But that aside, I'm still stuck here without any target for this stroll, and if I want to retain this relative peace of mind, I must come up with something, and fast. But what else is there to do in a city at night? Aside from the already ruled out options? That's right, all that remains is the one place I'd never think of otherwise. Say, what's more scary than school at night, more dangerous than a shady backalley, and more suspicious than a pub?
Of course, the city park.
So given the choice whether to choose the lesser or greater evil, what was a lone high schooler to do?

Of course, march towards the gate of hell with a grin on his face.

And so I take a dive into the dark maze of paths and bushes, all covered, like a giant, ominous hall, with a ceiling made of leaves that have yet to fall despite it being late autumn. My mind - the very one that led me here - wallows in nonsensical fright as I weakly make my way deeper into the heart of evil, the center of this horrible place. As expected, there's no one here at all. All the benches I pass by are empty, and except for the distant, muffled noises of the city, nothing else can be heard. Some time ago, I read a horror movie review, which said 'nowadays' movies try to scare you with monsters that jump out of shadows. It wasn't like this back in my days.', and whoever wrote that, he was damn right. Back in the days, directors tried to scare us not with the things that jump out of the blackness, but with what may or may not jump out of it. Such a feeling accompanies me now - there's nothing - or perhaps I should say: no one - here beside me, and all this childish fear is simply a creation of my exxagerrated imagination. Even so, I can't bring myself to calm down. Bah, out of those nerves, I think I'm starting to have hallucinations. Is that a light I just saw to my right? A fire? Or is my head playing tricks on me?
The path scrapes under my soles as I stand rooted to the spot. It really is a light. I'm not imagining things. Of course, I cannot rule out the possiblity for sure, but hell, I'm not drunk, I'm not high, and I'm for sure far from hallucinating because of borderline stress. The only logical explanation would be: someone is there, probably as oblivious to my presence as I was to his up until now.
And as much as I'd like to simply ignore it, my accursed curiosity gains lead before reason, and orders my slightly trembling body to slowly, carefully approach the source of that light, just to see what - and who - it might be. Foolish as it is, goddamn, what is there to lose? In the worst case, they're going to find my violated, raped body tommorow morning and place a short note in the local newspaper, saying 'immature teenager carelessly allowed himself to get raped by an unidientified alien entity. Serves him right for being an idiot. For those concerned - the funeral won't take place, due to the body's state, which isn't consistent enough to be shown in public'. A death worthy of an asshole like this humble me. Well then, there's nothing to lose, what am I waiting for? Onward, to post-death glory!

But when I get closer, all those ridiculous thoughts disappear at once. I'd take aliens, I'd take naked gay men, but this is totally beyond my wildest expectations. No, perhaps it would be more correct to say that even if I gave myself several hours to think up every possible outcome, I still wouldn't think of this one. I mean, who the hell sets up a camp in the middle of the park like this? There's a tent, a gas bottle with a burner mounted on top, a kettle hissing joyfully over the blue flame, there's a backpack, and finally - last but not least - there's a girl dressed in our school's uniform. At first, I blink, then I let my jaw drop a bit, and finally, I rub my eyes, not believing that I'd met her here, of all places. Well, to be honest, I wouldn't expect to meet her at all, since we're only classmates that never really talked to each other... Not counting that brief conversation in the infirmary, but my point still stands.
And as if to mock it, she persists in sitting there, staring absentmindedly at the kettle with her strangely miscoloured eyes. What was her name again? Something like... Fuck you? Fuckyou... Fukyo... Fuku..."There was also something with 'zoiks', if I recall correctly.
Screw that, it's not important now! First of all, what is she doing here, of all places? Isn't it, like, long past midnight? It's not the right time to be camping out!

[ ] Approach her, carefully. Mutter a greeting or something.
[ ] Scuttle away, it's none of my concern.
[ ] Make some noise, pretend to be an animal, then run away.
[ ] Startle her.


A short rant. Vodka's been giving me ideas about putting more Fuku chance encounters in this story, but to be honest, I'm not okay with having cryptic, indefinite choices - like the previous one - leading to my character, since that would make me look selfish, and perhaps lead to accusations of me forcing the protagonist to interact with my character. Therefore, all Fuku interactions will be preceded by clear and understandable choices like this one, to make sure I'm not forcing anything.
Yeah, something like 'do you really want to install your dick in Fuku's vagina? [YES] [NO]', only less drastic.

[ ] Scuttle away, it's none of my concern.
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Let's cut the crap and go for the direct approach

[ ] Approach her, carefully. Mutter a greeting or something.

>Yeah, something like 'do you really want to install your dick in Fuku's vagina? [YES] [NO]', only less drastic.

You don't have to be that obvious like that. Cryptic options are fine too.
[x] Approach her, carefully. Mutter a greeting or something.

>Do you really want to install your dick in Fuku's vagina? [YES] [NO]
No. I still want Aoi, but some casual interaction with Fuku would be fine. Well, I guess.
[x] Go to the nearest open store and pick up a razor and some shaving cream
[X] Scuttle away, it's none of my concern.

Gunning for Aoi, no time for Fuku.
[x] Approach her, carefully. Mutter a greeting or something.
[x] Approach her, carefully. Mutter a greeting or something.

Anything to break the boring Aoi monotony would be great.
[9] Approach her, carefully. Mutter a greeting or something.

Yeah, gunning for one character does not mean only doing things involving that character. Time for some excitement.
You are supposed to be doing nothing but writing! No commenting! No voting! The zombies will get you, foolish Nineball!
>- The zombies have the thread surrounded, so there's no escape. If they catch Nine posting anything that isn't an update, a vote or productive discussion on another story, he'll be devoured immediately. This is serious, man! Those zombies are angry!

s'cool bro.


[X] Approach her, carefully. Mutter a greeting or something.

Alright, so to summarize, I snuck out of my house at night, only to stroll around the city for a bit before deciding it would be nice to visit the park... Where, after a minute, I found a little encampment, belonging to a grumpy girl from my class. Now, while otherwise I wouldn't give a damn, this kind of encounter fuels my curiosity. And not only that. Surrounded by those frightening shadows, I can't help but feel attracted to the - barely, but still - familiar person, who on the other hand doesn't seem to mind it.
Deep breaths. I've nothing to fear here. It's not like she's going to suddenly attack me or anything like that. Bah, even if we don't get along, we did have a talk earlier today. Is it okay for me to act natural then? Should I just simply walk out and say hello? Why do I care?
Okay then, not losing any more time, I emerge from between the bushes and enter the ring of light, from such a direction so she's able to notice me immediately. And she does. Not without suprise, but that's a given. It's not everyday you camp out in the park and have a classmate of yours walk in on you.
"Er... Hello."
That didn't sound natural at all, but hell, it would be foolish to expect anything to turn out natural in this awkward situation. I should've simply walked away, goddamnit! This is nowhere near as embarrassing as that one time I mistook a girls' bathroom for men's. Nope, thinking back on that, it wasn't really embarrassing, after all I just stood there for a few seconds and then walked out, but... Somehow the stare of her miscoloured eyes fills me with discomfort.
Thank god they drop back to the kettle after a second.
"... it's you." She speaks so silently I can barely hear her. Uh oh, 'you', huh? Looks like I'm not the only one who doesn't bother to remember the names of my classmates. Well, it's not like she shows up too often anyway. Her case is justified, mine is not. Unless assholery is a decent enough excuse for whoever cares. "... didn't expect to see you again." Whoop-dee-doo, neither did I. "... lookin' for 'shrooms?"
"Hah?" I can't help but express confusion induced by her question. Mushrooms? What kind of question is that to ask? "No, I was just taking a walk, when I noticed..."
Hey, that was a cue for you to finish in my stead, Fuku-whateveryournamewas. What's so interesting in that kettle anyway? This girl doesn't know jack about consistent dialogues, that's for sure. I hate it when people do that - break the flow just because they don't know what to say. I mean, did I ever do something like that? Hell, no.
"So... mind if I take a seat?"
She continues to stare absentmindedly at the flame, completely ignoring my query. Silence means agreement, so I take that as a 'yes'.

"So this is your little hideout, huh?"
I try to start a conversation again after seating myself beside her. Well, it's not like I want to get close to her or anything, it's just that the closer I am to another person in this shadowy realm, the safer I feel. And having something illuminate the darkness - in this case our blessed light is the propane-butane burner - really throws some fright off my shoulders. But this is still unsettling. Why exactly is she here? Ran away from home? Or..."
No, wait, I recall overhearing her conversation with that sickly friend of hers. 'Have you found a place yet? You can't be living like this forever.'... Could it be... That this girl is... Nope, 'homeless' wouldn't quite cut it, since not only does she have a tent and all this trash, but the place is also very conveniently places - in the middle of a park... No, come to think of it, how come no one drove her out yet?
I lean forward a bit and try to make an eye contact, but it seems she's keen on purposely avoiding it, as her eyes graze the cold ground, avoiding mine.
"Was I the first to find you?" a moment of idleness, followed by a weak shake of her head. And of course, her eyes are still running away from mine. Hey, at least look at me when we're talking! "So, you were allowed to stay here?" another shake "Didn't anyone try to drive you away?"
"... they did."
Finally, some words. What a relief, that she finally decided to speak up.
"And what did you do?" I ask, a bit more cheerfully "Ignored them?"
To my surprise, instead of answering, she reaches into her skirt's pocket and takes out a small, rectangular, black object.
"... paralyzer."
I'm speechless. Wait a second, does that mean everyone who tried to drive her away got..."No, hell, this is ridiculous.
"Er... What about the people cleaning around here?"
She gives me a brief glance.
"... paralyzer."
I palm my face. This girl is completely insane in the coconut. That's not the way, damn it! What if someone calls the police?! Oh, right, the police...
"What about authorities? Police? Patrols?"
Another glance, and then she returns to sweeping the ground before her. I'm already afraid of the answer, but endure the silence and give her time to build up enough whatever she needs to voice it.
"... paraly--"
"You can't do that!" that's enough. I quickly stand up and throw my arms aside, trying to make my stare look at least a bit scolding "You can't go around electrocuting policemen! That's completely wrong!"
No, in fact, I don't give a damn, but hell, this girl really isn't right in her head. No wonder she doesn't talk to anyone - I'm sure everyone but me sensed her incompatibility with the rest of the society earlier than I did and underwent some precautious steps. God damn, what have I gotten myself into again?
She continues to stare at the ground in silence as I patiently await at least a half-assed excuse for this ridiculous behaviour. Yeah, I'll listen to it, tell her that it's okay, and carefully, warily start walking away. That's right. I'm going to return home and go to sleep like a normal high schooler. I don't want to have anything to do with this girl.
"... why do you care?"
But instead of that, all I receive is another question.
For some reason... she sounds kind of saddened.
The burner's flames dance around, casting constantly changing shadows around.

[ ] Write-in
[X]"Because I feel sorry for the policemen. Poor guys risk their lives for us everyday and are eletrocuted by a homeless girl? That's not fair."

[X]"I don't. It's just don't like that."
[X] "And what are you doing here, camping on a park? Are you really homeless?"

Wanna sleep at my place?
Moralfag moralfag it's awwwriiiight

[X] Because one of these days, you're going to end up in a situation that a paralyzer isn't going to get you out of. I may not know you that well, but it'd be stupid to let you keep on going like that.
[X] "And what are you doing here, camping on a park? Are you really homeless?"

Weeeell...Maybe not entirely moralfag.
[X] Because one of these days, you're going to end up in a situation that a paralyzer isn't going to get you out of. I may not know you that well, but it'd be stupid to let you keep on going like that.
[X] "And what are you doing here, camping on a park? Are you really homeless?"

Awesome, we are Renji
[X] Because one of these days, you're going to end up in a situation that a paralyzer isn't going to get you out of. I may not know you that well, but it'd be stupid to let you keep on going like that.
[X] "And what are you doing here, camping on a park? Are you really homeless?"

Yeah right.

Everyone wants to be Fuku's Renji.
[X] Because one of these days, you're going to end up in a situation that a paralyzer isn't going to get you out of. I may not know you that well, but it'd be stupid to let you keep on going like that.
[X] "And what are you doing here, camping on a park? Are you really homeless?"
{X} Because one of these days, you're going to end up in a situation that a paralyzer isn't going to get you out of. I may not know you that well, but it'd be stupid to let you keep on going like that.
{X} "And what are you doing here, camping on a park? Are you really homeless?"

Ugly thread is ugly
[X] Because one of these days, you're going to end up in a situation that a paralyzer isn't going to get you out of. I may not know you that well, but it'd be stupid to let you keep on going like that.
[X] "And what are you doing here, camping on a park? Are you really homeless?"

In situations like these, I wish there would be something to do around, just to have a pretext not to answer immediately. Like, should there be a normal campfire, I'd mutter something about collecting more brushwood and wander off, performing the said task while thinking up a proper answer. Or I could 'hear' some noise and go check it out. Or, though it's a last resort option, simply run away like a madman, preferably screaming something about an urgent business waiting for me back home. Sure, I'd make an idiot out of myself, but it's still better than giving bad advice that might worsen the situation even more, right?
Like hell it is. I should've walked away already if I didn't want to get involved, hell, investigating this light was a bad enough step to categorize it as 'dumbassery'. And now, it would seem, I've gotten myself into yet another mess that doesn't even involve me. I'm beginning to think I've got a rotten luck when it comes to women.
I sigh and lean back a little, supporting my body with my arms. If the sky was visible through the treetops, I'd like to stop for a moment and give it a thoughtful glance or two, just to appear intelligent or contemplative. Unfortunately for me, the only thing above is unfathomable darkness, constantly filling the air around with gentle rustling. There's nothing to look at there, so my eyes turn back to the source of the problem... And see something that makes them freeze instantly.
Be it out of cold, or some inscrutable feelings, she decided to pull her knees up to her chest, hugging them in that cutesy, childish way, her chin buried between them and whatnot. The thing is, she's still wearing the school uniform, which consists of only a shirt and - as I notice now - a way too short skirt. I... I have to say, despite being apparently homeless, she does have nice legs...
R-rather, this isn't the time to be thinking about that! Again, I wish I could just look in her eyes, but they appear to be avoiding mine at all costs. Irritating. She could be doing this purposely, but I don't know her well enough to make any theories. If she is, goddamn, I was wrong about her. If not... Well...
I stand up. There's been enough procrastrination on both her and my side. I can't take it anymore. Do you want to know why I don't like this? Then listen well, Fuku-whatever.
"Your ways are wrong." I speak in a clear voice, just like earlier today when talking with Aoi "Not because it's bad to be homeless. Not because you're electrocuting people to leave you alone, no, fuck that." She's still not looking at me. Another sigh escapes my lips. "It's because one of these days, you're going to end up in a situation that a paralyzer isn't going to get you out of. I may not know you that well, but it'd be stupid to let you keep on going like that."
Her body shivers once, as if my words triggered some sort of mechanism inside her mind. Even though, she doesn't grace me with a single glance, instead looking somewhere ahead, at something - maybe out of my sight - lurking in the darkness. Or she's just trying to escape. I don't care, hell, I don't even know her, but I know this is wrong. No matter if she's a stranger, I can't let her do as she pleases just because... Just because no one else knows about it. Perhaps if I didn't meet her, I would've remained ignorant, but now that I've discovered her secret, I can't let it go.
"... Do you," Suddenly, her voice sounds, albeit very silent, making all the nerves in my body sharpen at once. "Perhaps think you're the first?"
Do I..."Wait, the first?
"The first?"
"There were many before... Before you." she continues in the same, low volume "There was even... one guy... Who went as far as letting me stay at his place... without wanting anything in return... But you see..." she falls silent for a few seconds "... people like us are... destined... to be unhappy."
That's a very sad way to put it, isn't it?
"Nevertheless, I won't--"
"You won't what?" The shock accompanying her eyes suddenly staring into mine, so unexpectedly, is almost palpable. "You won't let it go? You won't let me rot outside? What are you going to do? Do you think you're so special that you can help me? What are you going to do? Take me home? Rent me a hotel room, try to fuck me and then disappear the next morning? Report me to the authorities? Build me a house, maybe? Offer a job at your summer mansion?" Under this crossfire of questions, I can only gape in awe and keep silent. This is amazing. No, a proper word would be - terrifying. I think it's the first time I heard her speak so many words in one go, and the hostility her voice is lined with makes me want to curl into a ball and cry. "I ask: what's there you can do that others can't?"
Silence ensues. Neither of us say anything, and after thirty or so seconds, she returns her gaze to the darkness, muttering something I can't hear, both because of it being silent, and because of the shock I just went through. Is there..."No, there isn't. She's right. I'm no one special. I've no summer mansion to hire her at, bah, I don't even have the sort of money to pay for a hotel room. Still... Can I simply let it go like that?
No. I made my mind.
"The source of the problem here," I start, carefully. "Is you, not the people trying to help you. In the first place, what are you doing, camping out in a park? This isn't particularly the safest place for a girl to sleep at. Are you really homeless?" Silence. "No parents?" Silence. "No relatives?" Silence. "Do you even realize how dangerous it is, to sleep outside?"
"... paraly--"
"No. Screw your paralyzer."
Without any regard for what she might think of me, I step forth, and with a quick, swift move, snatch the black box from her fingers. Without any difficulty at all. Now, I've never handled one, but I'm smart enough not to press any buttons, unless it's necessary.
She springs up and is about to jump at me, but quickly freezes in place. Why, you ask? Well, mainly because I'm holding the damn thing against her belly.
"See?" I whisper "What now? Your only weapon is forfeit, what are you going to do now?" I smirk, seeing her eyes spontaneously change from angered to frightened "Or rather, what am I going to do now? Beat you up? Steal your stuff? Rape you? Or all at once, followed by burying your corpse under a flowerbed full of narcissi?" That's enough. I don't want to scare her any further. This much should suffice, and I hope it will get thorugh her thick skull and teach her a lesson. I press the paralyzer against her stomach and push her away. "Bzzt."
Without a word, she clumsily falls to the ground, still gaping at me in awe, or perhaps fear, if we take my doings into account. At least it seems to have induced some appropriate feelings inside her head.
"That is why," I resume my speech, cutting off her words - not without pleasure. "I can't let you stay here. I can't take you home either, nor can I pay for a room in a hotel, as much as I'd like to." My smirk gets wider when I see her blink numerous times in a quick succession. "But there's another thing I can do."
That's right. Turns out I didn't overhear that conversation for naught after all. That girl from the infirmary - the very same one I saw eating lunch outside with her offered help, but was turned down, just like me, moments ago. But this is a chance, and even if it takes a lot of effort, I shall solve this situation, either through force or elaborate planning.
My would-be rape victim returns to her previous position, this time supporting her forehead on her knees, instead of just her chin.
"So, tommorow--"
"... are you going to report me to the school's staff?"
What? No, actually, I didn't think of that, but now that she mentions it... It might help.
"I wasn't going to, but--"
"...don't." I barely hear her protest. "Whatever you do, don't... Report me... I don't want to... lose her..."
"..." I fall silent, hearing that unexpectedly desperate plead. I can't believe it, she's actually asking me not to report her? Why? No... Her reasons are her own, I'm interfering enough with butting into her private business, I don't need to violate her privacy any more. "Alright." I try to sound relaxed when in reality I'm close to breaking into an angry rant "I won't." I stand up and dust off my hands "And this concludes our today's meeting. Thank you for your cooperation, and wishing you good night. Stay safe... Fuku."
With that, I begin to walk away. It's bad, leaving her like this, but I too have my own needs. Like getting at least a few hours of sleep before having to wake up for school. And even her interests can't surpass mine on the list of priorities. Looks like I'll have to brave the dark paths yet again...
"... thank you."
"What was that?"
I stop in my tracks and face her one last time.
But the only thing answering my perhaps too blunt question is perfect silence.


I swear, every setting your favourite song as the alarm clock tone will - sooner or later - make you hate it from the bottom of your heart. Silence, accursed demon spawn! I've had enough of your sass! Your boastful reign has come to an end!
I give my cellphone a juicy smack, silencing it's alarming activities, and raise my heavy as lead upper body from the heavenly embrace of warm pillows and covers. Well, I know one person who will be having as much - if not more - problems with getting up as I do.
Let's see... Rubbing my eyes, I try to recall the schedule for today. More than everything, I'd like to get a lil' bit more sleep, but school's school. I can't simply skip it on a whim. Unless there's a good reason, of course. And... I have a feeling that I should go today.
Still, I'm incredibly sleepy, and if my memory serves me right, the first hour is PE. So maybe I should...

[ ] Skip it. Nothing bad ever comes from skipping PE.
[ ] Attend. I've already ditched Mr. Nanaya yesterday, I may as well make up for it today.


Sorry for the Fuku overload, I just can't stop the words from coming out when it's about her ;_;
I'll try to compensate for it with more Aoi/Adahn, I swear ;_;

-YAF ;_;
[x] Attend. I've already ditched Mr. Nanaya yesterday, I may as well make up for it today.
[ ] Attend. I've already ditched Mr. Nanaya yesterday, I may as well make up for it today.
{X} Attend. I've already ditched Mr. Nanaya yesterday, I may as well make up for it today.
[x] Skip it. Nothing bad ever comes from skipping PE.

PE? Fuck that noise.
[x] Attend. I've already ditched Mr. Nanaya yesterday, I may as well make up for it today.
No. He's much better like this.

[ ] Skip it. Nothing bad ever comes from skipping PE.
[x] Skip it. Nothing bad ever comes from skipping PE.
[x] Attend. I've already ditched Mr. Nanaya yesterday, I may as well make up for it today.
>No. He's much better like this.

Much agreed.
[x] Attend. I've already ditched Mr. Nanaya yesterday, I may as well make up for it today.

P.E on two days straight?
Wrestling match against Mr.Red class.
[X] Attend. I've already ditched Mr. Nanaya yesterday, I may as well make up for it today.

Nevertheless, it was my own fault for staying up so late, the situation at hand was wrought by my own reckless actions, and now, I'm forced to suffer the unpleasant repercussions in a vicious cycle that would strike my head with the force of an angry PE teacher, should I try and break it out of compassion for my own self. Such harsh reality could use some minor fixes, but who am I to speak? As far as I know, I'm not a god, and there's no logical reason for me to be one, even if my divinity is that of a concealed kind. Honour the obligation then, hangman! Rip my conscience out of this heavenly mist of dreams!
But who the hell am I talking to, now? There's no one else but me to drag this body out of the bed and begin the necessary preparations while keeping watch on the time, so that I won't be late again. Mr Nanaya would really be onto my ass if I skipped another PE. So, no matter how hard it is to stand up and retain both presence of mind and ballance, I have to endure.


Careful planning paid off - I arrived at the bus stop the exact moment mine arrived, relieving me of the irritating displeasure of waiting in the cold air and having to wait for the next one in case I arrived late. Neither of these happens though, and I can only commend my strategic mind while hopping inside, as usual, ignoring the obvious obligation of punching the ticket, then sit in the back-most row of chairs, and relax. Today's going to be a hard day, and not only because of all the classes, but also because it would seem that I've gotten involved in yet another hassle, and what's even more irritating, it involves yet another girl. Sure, I did feel bad for her back then, seeing her sleep outside and all, but... Hell, has Aoi weakened my defensive facades enough to make them let the compassion seep through and infect my thoughts? Speaking of which, didn't she say she lives somewhere around here yesterday? Aoi, I mean. But she's nowhere to be seen, in this bus.
I sigh.
Either I'm worrying prematurely and she's simply taking a car to school, or... Well, what else could be happening? In the first place, why am I even worried? Her attendance is her own business, and as I already remarked, traversing to school by bus with her every morning would be a pain.
... or was I looking forward to meeting her here?


I arrive at the locker room in haste, intent on repeating the trick from yesterday and changing before other people come and crowd my personal space, and although there already are a few morning birds busy with their own lockers, their numbers are way too low to hinder with my activities.
And as I'm about to take off my outside shoes, a figure dashes past me, it's long, black hair fluttering in the air like in an inflated drama movie. It's her - the homeless classmate of mine, who - without muttering a single greeting - quickly disappears behind the nearest corner, leaving me to wonder: where is she carrying that giant bag? I suppose it's her tent that's inside, but where exactly..."Nope, it's none of my concern. Right now, I should concentrate on getting to the gym.


Having PE as the first hour isn't really that bad. I mean, it's tiresome, for sure, but there's also a bright side to it - after Nanaya's exerting exercises, there's no way for you to retain any remains of sleepiness. It's kind of clever, now that I think about it. Some people tend to stay up late and sleep in classes, and by assigning PE as the first hour, all the weariness is being squeezed out of them for the rest of the day. Of course, aching muscles and joins remain, but... Well, you catch the drift.
My group is already there, waiting patiently for the insane teacher to arrive at the scene and open the gates to hell.
Of course, my friend David is there as well, flashing me the same, usual, white-toothed smile.
"Mornin'" I sluggishly raise my hand in response. "How're ya?"
"Full of energy!" he answers by doing a few jumps. Geh, rather than this guy changing his attitude, the world would crumble first. "You on the other hand look tired. Had problems sleeping?"
"Yeah, kind of..."
Having nothing better to do, I scan my surroundings for no particular reason.
... nope. She's still not here. The non-particular-reason, I mean. Huh, being late on the second day? That's not a good thing to do, Aoi. Neglecting your duties as a student so soon after transferring will earn you a bad name, you know. What is that girl thinking? But what surprises me more, is that Fukuzai is already there, tapping her shoe impatiently on the tiled floor. And it would seem she's already gotten rid of her stash for the time being. I can't help but wonder where exactly did she hide it.
The silence between us is almost palpable when she casts me a short, angry glance, probably because I kept staring at her for more than 5 seconds, which I'm sure she finds irritating. And hell, I can understand that.
"... feh."
Snorting, she returns her eyes to whatever they were looking at a while ago. Hey, this is how you show your gratitude? Sure, I'm butting into your private business, but it's for your own damn good! Think about it, goddamn!
"Women and children!" My body shivers at the sound of that voice. "Sorry to make you wait, weaklings!"
At least I don't have to endure waiting any longer - the crazy PE teacher cuts into our group like an ice-breaker and hands out the keys to changing rooms, casting those menacing looks of his everywhere. Thank god, he didn't manage to notice me before I quickly scuttle away, following the person who received the key. He'll have enough time to torture me later, right now, I just want to enjoy my peace while I still have it. And that has everything to do with my sneaky behaviour.

The attendance checked, 'weaklings' filtered out and seated on the 'weakling' bench, Mr Nanaya stands in front of our group with his trademark grin, holding a ball in his hands. A ball that somehow feels like the most dangerous kind of throwing weapon I could think of right now. We know this kind of game, and we know it too well. With his first step, all of use, like one man, scatter around in hasty, reckless movements, pushing away all the others, trying to find ourselves as far from him as possible. It's his game of tag from hell - he's going to throw the ball, and whoever gets hit - will be forced to show a couple of warm-up exercises. The reason why everyone is afraid of getting hit is something else, but now it's not the time to be thinking about such things.
"Certain death..." HERE IT COMES! I knew I wouldn't be forgiven so easily! He's aiming at me, straight at me! Goddamnit, at this distance, I've no chance to...! "SEVEN NIGHTS!"
He hurls the ball at my poor self with a speed that sends shock waves echoing around the gym. It comes. It comes at me. Full-speed ahead, powered by some ridiculous, unbelievable power, the ball flies at my defenseless figure. I close my eyes, ready to take in all the pain...

But it never comes. A short screech precedes a muffled gasp, and taking a look what the hell exactly happened, I see David's back, standing firmly, on the line that used to be also the ball's trajectory.
... what is that idiot doing?
Despite all the odds, that angered yell comes from neither my, David's nor Mr Nanaya's lips, and while I'm still confused due to the shock, following everyone's stares, I discover... Mr Claymore charging towards his accomplice with a face filled with rage. Behind the room leading outside, stands a group of rather suprised students, all dressed in PE uniforms. Er... Are we sharing the gym with someone else today?
"What the hell, Nanaya!" It's funny to see that despite being approached by a much taller and more muscular man, Mr Nanaya remains unmoving, and - what's more shocking - smiling in that challenging way. "I was supposed to take the gym today!"
"I can't recall anything like this." Even his tone is of the usual, cocky kind.
"Don't try to trick me, Nanaya! Did you even see the chart?!" Claymore waves his fist in front of Nanaya's face. "Today is my turn and you know it!"
Uh oh... 'Our' teacher squints his eyes, and we know that expression well enough to know - when he does that, heads will roll. One minute and this gym will become a battlefield. Yet... No one does anything at all, instead gaping at the two teachers with the same, troubled indifference painted on their faces.

[ ] Prevent the bloodshed!
[ ] Don't interrupt.


Sorry for the poor quality/awkward feeling, as I had to force this part out of my ass. Yeah, lack of motivation accompanied by obligation to write leads to things like this.
Again, sorry.
[x] Don't interrupt.

This is gonna be good.
[x] Don't interrupt.

{X} Don't interrupt.

It'll be fun.
[x] Don't interrupt.

Nanaya needs to go down
[x] Don't interrupt.
[x] Don't interrupt.
[X] Don't interrupt.

Even David remains still, standing before me apparently rooted to the spot. Come to think of it, I should probably thank him for saving my life - or at least my balls - from that loony's throw, but... To be honest, even I don't have the guts to interrupt those two now. One would think the sparks jumping between their eyes are only an imaginative figure used to express the inner conflict those two hold, but holy hell, I swear I can see those miniature thunders cut through the air continuously as the two glare at each other, filling us all with uncertainty disturbing enough to... Well, hold still and observe the unfolding, I doubt anyone would be brave enough to oppose those two now, unless he or she had a death wish. I swear it's gotten harder to breathe.
And out of the blue, Nanaya steps back and claps his hands twice.
As if on a cue, everyone around starts to move, breaking the hitherto stillness without a second thought. Wait, what? Why is everyone acting as if they knew what was going on? Hey, you there! Why are you pulling the courtains? Why did the lights go off? No, is this perhaps some sort of joke everyone set up before I arrived? Hell, I don't like this, I can barely see anything in the shade that has just started it's reign over the gym. I have a bad feeling about this, a really, really bad feeling.
Another clap sounds somewhere ahead, and to my suprise, a single lamp fires up above Claymore, enclosing his kneeling figure in a cone of dim light, like if he was an actor in a theater. No, wait, it really gives off that feeling. That gesture of his, those lights, and this darkness... Just what the hell is going on?
"It was my..." the teacher starts to speak in a loud, clear, maybe a bit overdramatic voice "Assumption... That those charts would prove highly useless... In the face of your... antics."
The light goes off, dipping the hall in shadows again, but another lamp lights up, this time highlighting Mr Nanaya, who paces back and forth in a relaxed manner. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm completely awake, I'd think I'm dreaming, and the orchestral music playing somewhere in the background is just a creation of my imagination.
"You write and announce...!" the same, overzealous spark can be felt in his voice, although it feels more natural, in place when he's using it "Write and announce... Is! Sanity! The price to pay! For an all-girls class?!"
Oh, right, to explain - Nanaya seems to be convinced that Mr Claymore teaches classes that consist of girls and girls only. I don't know how he managed to ignore the blatant lack of girls-only classes in our school, but he still uses that in a lot of arguments, in fact, whenever those two talk, sooner or later Clay's classes will be mentioned, no matter the original topic. That's how they are, both idiots.
"I don't--!" Mr Claymore tries to cut in, but instead...
"Students." Nanaya takes lead again, completely ignoring his accomplice "They are but weak and stubborn. It takes a journey to dean's office for them to accept and praise their teachers." he clenches his fist and grits his teeth "A fact that tickles irony's judgement."
A loud crack can be heard while the light goes off once again, and Claymore becomes illuminated again. But as opposed to his previous, rather dramatic pose, now he's standing straight, with something resembling a smirk on his face.
"And your judgements interest me not." he takes a step forward, throwing his arms aside "For I am here! To reclaim! What is rightfully mine!"
I swear someone hid a symphonic orchestra in his pocket or something.
"The gym!" Nanaya again. He reaches out his arm and slowly turns around, pointing it at everyone. "That! Is what... you seek! And that is why I stand! In your! Path!"
All the lights turn on simultanously, revealing those two would-be actors standing maybe a few meters away, pointing their arms at each other.
"You may fumble in the opposition of my quest!" Claymore retorts "But I encourage! For an opportunity! To battle a being of such GRAND delusion!" he smiles "As you!" and gives a half-bow, not taking his eyes off Nanaya for a single moment "Is a sweet fortune."
His opponent answers with flashing another mischievous grin and fixing the collar of his uniform.
"So it has come to that at last. Very well." he then lowers his stance a little "Come on, then! Let's kill each other, !"
"Have at you!"
And then, the two monstrous idiots clash their fists.

To fit the ridiculous atmosphere of an incredibly awkward and silly play, I'd like to describe what followed as 'a blur of motions, the two of them exchanging blows like professional boxers, only three or four times faster, as if the life suddenly became a science-ficiton action move'. Unfortunately, nothing like that happens. They just run at each other, both screaming illegible battle cries, and when they're just an arm's reach away...
In perfect synchronisation, their fists barely miss each other, and...
At the same exact moment, hit their cheeks.
The ground shakes with both the shockwave of the impact and the sheer ridiculousness of the situation.
"C-Cross counter!" I hear someone shout when the clouds of dust finally drop a little "It's a perfect cross counter!"
I don't know about cross counters, but... Wait, in the first place, what's with all those spectacular effects? This isn't a movie, damn it! Where did all this dust come from?! And shut up with the goddamn music, freaks!
"...s-so..." the first one to speak up is Mr Claymore. I can't help but notice how silly they look in that pose - each other's fists on their cheeks. "... class match... I guess...?"
"... y-yeah..." Nanaya doesn't appear amused either "... a class match..."

So to keep it brief, those two decided to hold a class vs class basketball match instead of settling the matter themselves. Grouped in classes, we stand in silence, still in awe at the show, and in fear of being chosen for the team. Nanaya paces in front of our group, trying not to show his swollen cheek to anyone.
Man, I just hope I won't get chosen. I just hope...
"Alright, women and children!" he finally stops in place and sweeps our group with a scanning look "This is a battle you all were waiting for!" uh, really? I can't say anyone looks a slightest bit excited. But still, to oppose this loony would mean commiting suicide. "For the sake of everyone gathered, we must win! There's no backing up! No retreat! No surrender! If it takes your lives! To win! Then you! Will! Die!" he makes a pause, apparently expecting an applause or something like that. Seeing nothing of the sort, he lets out a rather troubled cough. "Alright then. Let us decide the squad."

Of course, before anyone asks, yes, there was no way I wouldn't get chosen. Out of revenge, or whatever directs his actions, our team consists of me, David, Fukuzai and two other guys whose names I don't even bother trying to remember. A great team indeed, Mr Nanaya! Do you want to win or get your childish revenge here? Don't you know? David might be superior in every field, including sports, but everyone else...
I glance at Fukuzai, only to see her stand on the field, arms crossed on her chest, looking at the nearest wall with angry consternation. She also appears to be muttering something under her nose, but I've no time nor need to figure out what it is.
Hell. We're screwed. David's not gonna stand on his own. We're totally going to lose this fight.

But it turns out my luck is so rotten it even tries to verify my own thoughts. Did I say that David doesn't stand a chance on his own? Well, guess what. He and a guy from the other team - a rather tall, handsome dude with a long, bound rat tail hanging from the back of his head. I remember him having a funny name, but it's none of my concern now. What matters is that he and Dawei totally dominated the field. The match is no longer happening between two classes - it's become their personal battle. One of them would serve, the other would receive, and follow up with an attack, and again, and again, unless one of them screws up, in which case David would snort angrily, and the other guy curse silently under his nose. Rinse, repeat. There was no need for any other players any more, so we went ahead and sat on the floor, trying not to get hit by anything, be it the ball or Nanaya's fist. Well, he and Claymore don't seem to mind this situation either, just enjoying the show on the side of the hall.
I sigh. Really, this is hopeless. Sure, I'm happy for David that he's having a good time, but if it was to come to this in the end, I might've as well skipped this hour.
Hm... Do I sense something weird..."A strange, irritating tingling in the back of my head. Is someone..."
Yeah, turns out, there is. Just on the opposite side of the net, a girl from the opposite team stares at me intently. Wait, didn't I see her before? Isn't she the one whom I helped carrying the books yesterday? Why is she pointing at me, moving her lips in some mute question?

[ ] Point at my face. Nod.
[ ] Ignore her. Bother Fukuzai instead.
[ ] Ignore her. Time to help Dave.
File 122983712814.png - (418.37KB, 704x396 , CROSSCOUNTER.png) [iqdb]
[x] Point at my face. Nod.


[ ] Point at my face. Nod.
[ ] Time to help Dave.
[x] Point at my face. Nod.

Do your best to be nonchalant when it turns out she was pointing at someone behind you. Play it off as a tic, maybe.
[ ] Point at my face. Nod.
[ ] Time to help Dave.

Let's go with this
[X] Point at my face. Nod.
I doubt Dave will need, or even appreciate our help right now.
{X} Point at my face. Nod.

David vs Chulainn?
[x] Point at my face. Nod.
[X] Point at my face. Nod.

Whatever it is she wants to ask, there's no way for me to guess that just by looking at her face. Clearly, either she's uncertain of something, or is simply making fun of me, but no matter which of the two is it, I can't just ignore her like that. Nope, not that I feel obliged or anything, I just have nothing better to do, and if I'm right and she's the girl from yesterday, that's even more interesting. What could she want of me? Hell if I know, and I doubt it's anything pleasant.
Nevertheless, I flick off my palm and point at my chin, then give her a slight nod. It'll have to suffice, I'm not keen on shouting through all the ruckus made by the two bastards and the people cheering on them. Having received that rather half-assed confirmation, she glances at the two teachers, and since they're too busy with observing David and that other guy, slowly stands up and walks under the net to our side of the field. Er, is that allowed? I mean, we may not be playing, but the match is still raging on, I don't think... But wait, the teachers don't give a damn, why should I?
Neither does she, or at least doesn't show any signs of reluctance as she sits on the floor beside me.
"What a mess, huh?"
Tell me about it. Seriously, if I knew this would end up like this, I'd have thrown the reason out the window and get some more sleep. But with the things as they are now...
"Ehh... Yeah." I sigh out a response. "Those two need to take it easy sometimes."
"But they're amazing, aren't they?"
Huh? Who exactly does she mean? The players or the teachers? Well, whichever it is, I agree - they are amazing, one way or the other. I think today was the first time I've seen two PE teachers engaging in an overdramatic pseudo-play in the middle of a gym. And David? Well, he's amazing because he's amazing? I don't know another person who'd be this good at sports. It kind of makes me envious. He's good at both academics and that, and he's got the looks. Whatever it is keeping him from getting a personal harem, it must be one good reason. If I were a girl, I'd probably be all over him.
Fortunately, I'm not.
"I heard there was a transfer student in your class?" I nod, "Is she here?" and shake my head. "Aw. One of my friends said you were taking care of her."
Wait. What? I was taking care--? I can't help but blink. Goddamnit, this is exactly what I was afraid of! Rumours, freaking useless, dangerous rumours! I'm taking care of her, huh? I knew it, I fucking knew it. Hell, I knew it from the very beginning - this is how it always is. I do something out of a whim, and everyone ends up talking about it the next day. Cool, great progress, me. What next? Will she become your girlfriend? Or perhaps move to your place?
Speaking of moving...
I glance over my shoulder, expecting the homeless troublemaker to be there, perhaps tapping her shoe on the floor or something, but to my surprise - she's not there. Instead, I spot her legs and ruffled, black mop under the nearest wall, napping happily, supporting her chin on her knees that she's hugging tightly to her chest. Yeah, damn, good for her. Why can't I have a nap as well? The world is unfair. Is it just me being treated so harshly? Why?
"Look, I don't--"
I turn to her, intending to dement those obviously false assumptions, only to get cut off before I'm even able to explain.
"You know, I was kind of worried about her... Oh, don't give me that look. I just talked with her once, that's all." I don't know what kind of look she means, but to hell with it. "Yeah, silly, but it's good she found a friend. I knew you were a good person."
"A good person?" I repeat her words, a bit dumbfounded by this unexpected compliment.
"You helped me with the books yesterday, even though I'd tried to shoo you off." I wish she wasn't smiling like this. "You're a nice guy. Aoi is in good hands."
With that, she stands up and dusts her hands off.
A good person, huh? A nice guy, huh? I can't believe it, this is simply inconceivable! No, hell, I knew something like this would happen, but why so suddenly, and why in such a drastic way..."I brought it on myself, sure, but couldn't she at least listen to my explanation? Hello? I'm not 'taking care of her', I don't even know her that good? Sure, I know she likes cats and drawing, and plays a flute, but hell, that's all? It's not like I even want to spend time with her, goddamn. I'm just doing this because no one else will! And... And.... Ugh, I'd just feel bad if she was left all on her own...
But that is all, I don't have any feelings for her! I might've told David I like her, but that was only because she looked so cute! Don't judge me! Don't judge me, damn it!
Am I going to let it slip like this? Am I? AM I, FOR FUCK'S SAKE? What the hell is wrong with me? Why can't I simply spring up like a hurt rabbit and spit out everything that I've just thought?
Well, the former doesn't appear to be any problematic, and what's more - I succeed in keeping my balance despite jumping up like a madman, perhaps scaring my conversant a little, as she steps away with a frightened face...
And that is when all the hell breaks loose. Just when I open my mouth to say that, in fact, Aoi has nothing to do with me, a scream cuts through the air. All happens in a blur. Hostile projectile at nine 'o clock, full speed ahead, trajectory...
The trajectory just happened to pass through the girl's head, and so, out of the blue, the ball hurled at the speed of sound bounces off her forehead.
Just like that.

Someone screams.

My body moves on it's own.

Sidestep, completely without my interference, slide under her figure, reach with my arms...

And catch her her mid-way to the ground.

Even I myself am surprised about what just happened, let alone everyone else. The girl mimics my gesture before attempting to touch her forehead... Which attempt ends in a muffled, pained groan escaping her lips.
My arm's getting kind of limp.
"Er... you okay?"
As if in response, she nods... Her eyes glance briefly at something on her chest or somewhere there, and... Her face covers with a red hue, as if to fit the bump on her forehead. Now what?
"Um... You're..."
I follow her troubled stare to where a girl usually would have breasts, and... Well, there are breasts. Two of them. Quite shapely, if I may say so. And it just happens my fingers are wrapped around one of them.
So... this was the weird feeling I've been feeling? Her breast under my palm? That's... Well, I can't say it's unpleasant, but it's not really good either. I mean, what next? Do I let go of it and apologize? Brace for a slap in the face? Or should I cover my jewels instead? It's always better to lose a hand than your testicles, right?
But that's when the cavalry comes into play. More like 'diversion' - two female classmates of my would-be victim approach us with worried faces, perfectly drawing her attention away from my hand. That's the hint. I urge her to stand up on her own and back away. Steady... Steady... Be ready to dodge...
"Adahn!" One of the classmates almost squeals, not caring about anyone's ear drums. Oh. So her name's 'Adahn'? Perhaps I should write it down. Avoid anyone named 'Adahn'. "Are you okay? Oh god, that was--"
"Ssh, calm down." the other one quiets her friend, thank god "Adahn, can you stand?"
"Y-yeah..." Adahn replies, albeit a bit weakly. ""I think I can..."
Good, that's right. Keep her attention to yourselves, I don't think there's anything I could be wishing for more right now. I can't take another complication, have mercy, god, erase her memories of me!
More people gather around her, even Mr Claymore came over to ask her about something. Great. That means I can go without any repercussions--
And as I turn, another ball passes right by my head, practically brushing my ear on the way.
David flashes me an all-knowing grin and gives me a thumbs-up.

... what a great way to start a new day.


Fortunately, the rest of the lesson passed fast and almost noticeably, saving me the trouble of having to face Adahn's rage, embarrassment, or whatever else she could be feeling because of what I did to her.
Still, my mental state doesn't allow me to slouch any further, and having acquired access to the changing room, I quickly put on my normal clothes back on and storm outside. If things keep up like this, I might end up insane by the end of the day.
What now, then? It's a short, five-minute break, but I might as well do something else instead of following everyone else to the classroom already. Besides, I could use a walk to shake off this stress.

[ ] Go to the infirmary.
[ ] Go outside, catch some fresh air.
[ ] Catch up with everyone else and go to the classroom. I don't want to be late, now do I?
[x] Go outside, catch some fresh air.

In b4 we catch Sigurd, CAVE Anon, Paladin Anon, and TH40K Anon LARPing.
[x] Go to the infirmary.

the classic
[ ] Catch up with everyone else and go to the classroom. I don't want to be late, now do I?
{X} Go outside, catch some fresh air.
[ ] Go outside, catch some fresh air.
[x] Go to the infirmary.

Needs moar sleep. We did not get said promised work-out, and the girl in there will only serve to fuck our lives up even more.
[x] Go outside, catch some fresh air.
[ODIN] Go outside, catch some fresh air.

[x] Go outside, catch some fresh air.
[x] Go outside, catch some fresh air.
File 12307149986.jpg - (53.27KB, 560x447 , 1230645485392.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Go outside, catch some fresh air.

And so I shall. Coping with the nervous tension all day long would pretty much kill the purpose of coming here in order to actually learn stuff, right? I mean, who in his sanity would concentrate on classes with those kinds of images in his short-term memory? I know I wouldn't, and that's precisely why instead of following the sheep rush towards the place of daily confinement everyone must endure in those long, harsh years of scholar education, and direct my steps to the main entrance, hoping that my rotten luck won't place an overzealous teacher anywhere on the way. All I need now is more things to worry about.

Fortune's blindness knows no boundaries though, and it seems that even the most hated of it's children can get lucky at times, should they catch it looking the other way. However metaphysical that sounds, I suppose that - after all - it was a merit not of some higher, fictional, anthropomorphic personification of a completely random sum of circumstances and chances, but of my unusual choice of routes. Experience taught me which ways are more populated, and which are practically desolate, let alone occasional obscure clubs' members strolling to and fro, and those aren't even of any danger to my kind. Besides, there's some grim satisfaction in walking the poorly lit, unswept corridors, knowing that somewhere else, a bunch of people is having problems getting through a narrow doorway, getting crushed in the merciless pressure of an unruly crowd. Suckers. None of you will ever grasp the true meaning of traversing undisturbed!
Idiots aside, now that I've finally left the warm interior of my everyday prison, the said warmth becomes much more apparent... Mainly thanks to my lack of any additional clothes. Ack, perhaps I should've worn my jacket, but then again, that'd strip me off precious seconds I can't afford to waste. Besides, what won't kill me will strengthen me, and so I endure the chilly wind, standing in front of the entrance, arms wrapped around my chest, my teeth jingling like a grotesque dulcimer set, creating quite a nice foreground for the distant sounds of speeding cars and other city ruckus. At least it creates enough distraction for my synapses to forget the feeling of the soft lump of flesh from a while ago... On the other hand, the mental image will probably haunt me till the end of the days. Wait, wasn't I supposed to forget about it? It was an accident, I'm just getting some very wrong ideas, and - what's worse - visions about the whole thing. Breasts are one thing, but I don't even know the girl! Bah, to top it off, she has a completely wrong impression of my grumpy self! Okay, it's not like I didn't give her any reason to form it, but still, it kind of tickles my nerves. Plus there's this thing about me 'taking care' of Aoi... Okay, I guess it's my own fault, I've gotten involved on my own accord, no one forced me to talk, eat and walk with her, so it's pretty safe to assume that I brought this one on myself. But come to think of it...
"... I wonder what's up with her...?"
To my sheer terror, the rhetorical question I asked myself out loud seems to have reached someone else's ears as well. Terrified, I turn to the source of the rather displeased answer...
"Oh." It's the guy from PE, fortunately. The one who took over the match together with Davey. Er... What was his name again? And more importantly - does it matter? "No," I give him a dismissing wave "It's nothing."
With an annoyed snort, he quickly departs in the direction of the front gate. Huh. Well, I'm grateful he didn't bother with getting an explanation out of my cold, sealed lips, but still, why is he... Oh. Oh, I get it. Playing truant, eh? I understand, brother. I understand you more than you would ever imagine. Sigh, seeing someone else leisurely leave this hellhole after just one hour awakens my rebellious senses, urging me to follow his suit... But I can't allow myself to do it, now can I? It's not an issue of attendance frequency, but rather... Well, no matter how hard I might try to deny it, I'm worried. Worried about that girl.

Time passes ruthlessly like a river, and though every single second feels like an hour, not even one-twentieth of said pass before I finally spot the familiar figure drag it's tired self through the front gate. Involuntarily, I let out a sigh of relief, albeit concealed enough for her not to notice it. I've had enough people getting wrong ideas, please god, at least let her be left out of this mess.
... wait, isn't it a bit too late for that?
That aside, I must say, she looks incredibly cute with that red nose and that oversized woolen cap of hers.
"Hello!" she flashes me a smile, stopping a meter or so away "Were you waiting for me?"
"Nope." and I answer indifferently with an obvious lie "More importantly, why are you late?"
That's right, no matter the reason of me getting cold in the chilly wind, I should at least scold her for being late on her second day.
"Er..." she gives me a rather strange look before looking away "I... uh, I guess I oversle-- achoo!"
Like earthquakes shake the Earth's surface violently and unexpectedly, an unfittingly sudden and strong sneeze shakes her little body, and I swear, were it a little stronger, she would've gotten knocked back by the sheer force of it.
"Oi," I try to keep my tone as neutral as possible "If you're sick--"
"N-no, it's nothing!" so she may say, but... her nose which she's blowing into a tissue seems to speak otherwise "I just caught a little cold, that's all!"
Hm, that would explain her absence on the first hour, but... Hell, I understand her zeal, but even if it's her second day, coming to school with a cold isn't a wise thing to do. I mean, putting her own health aside, what if she infects her classmates? Or worse, the whole school? Of course, I'm exaggerating, but the possibility is always higher than a zero, so...
"Look, if you're not feeling well, you shouldn't--"
"No, it's really nothing!" and just like that, she denies me the pleasure of having my worries answered. Passing by me in a rather shaky manner, she opens the front door and invites me inside with a nod. "Thanks for worrying, but I'm really okay. Really!"
Without a word, I decide to accept her excuse and follow her inside.
But just like lies have short legs, so do half-assed pleas, and so, as I follow her through strangely desolate corridor, to the classroom, another salve of sneezes attacks out of the blue.
"Ah... ah... Achoo!"
And to my utter surprise - this time they're much stronger. Strong enough to fulfill my earlier distresses. That is, to keep it brief, knock her backwards. And say, what happens to an object hurled at another? Obviously, according to the current view on physical laws our civilization came up with, they must collide with each other, inducing appropriate reactions as the effect of actions, blah, blah, more pseudo-scientific bullshit here. It's all just an elaborate metaphor for her being suddenly launched into my embrace.
Okay, embrace might be a too strong word, but only an idiot wouldn't catch a girl - or any object for that matter - flying at his chest.
"Oi..." despite being faced with a sudden inflow of overwhelming warmth seeping it's way through my clothes, I somehow manage to stay relatively calm. "Be careful-- hm?"
No, wait, there's something wrong. I mean, yeah, there's something wrong with me embracing her from behind in the middle of a school corridor in the first place, but I mean another thing. That warmth... Using her own shoulder, I peel the sleeve of my forearm and regardless of her weak struggling, connect it with her forehead... just as I thought. Incredibly hot, and not only in the metaphorical sense too. This girl... Doesn't she distinguish a common cold from other serious illnesses? There's no way she'd be so hot with just a cold... Okay, that sounded weird, but my point still stands.
"E-excuse me...?"
Suddenly, her voice appears much weaker, though it might be an effect of what I'm doing to her.

[ ] Send her home, I don't want my school to become the second Umbrella Corporation lab.
[ ] Someone should probably take her to a doctor.
[ ] It's her own health, let her do as she pleases.


Countering Vodka's laziness with more Aoi.
{X} Someone should probably take her to a doctor.
[X] Ask her where she lives, and take her home. Or take her to your place if she refuses to tell you. Lord knows she doesn't seem likely to head back on her own.

Fuck class, I'd rather take care of a sickly Aoi.
[x] Ask her where she lives, and take her home. Or take her to your place if she refuses to tell you. Lord knows she doesn't seem likely to head back on her own.
[x] Call a doctor once you get there. House visit - you don't want to take her out again.
[X] Ask her where she lives, and take her home. Or take her to your place if she refuses to tell you. Lord knows she doesn't seem likely to head back on her own.
[x] Take her to the nurse's office.

Why is this not a given option?

I thought the doctor option and this was the exact same thing. But I'll change my vote anyways.

[x] Take her to the nurse's office.

I want to see who the nurse is already.
[x] Take her to the nurse's office.
[x] Take her to the nurse's office.
[x] Someone should probably take her to a doctor.

Fuck you guys, why do you have to make your own write-in when there's already an equivalent choice?

Errata: by 'doctor' we did not mean the school's nurse. But the issue of coming up with an appropriate character has already been dealt with, so you're free to vote either of the options.
[X] Take her to the nurse's office.
File 123221278128.jpg - (3.90KB, 100x100 , squall_whatever.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Take her to the nurse's office.

Faced with such a situation, what was a man to do? Surely, the prospect of learning more about quasiparticles and other microphysical mish-mash may be a promising one, but my inner conscience demands to answer Aoi's issue as well. Again, I can only ask myself how exactly did we wind up like this, or rather, why did my mindset got bent to act friendly towards a girl I'd only met yesterday. But can one really oppose his own thoughts? Stay true, they say, stay true to yourself, dawg! Black people, in black suits, surrounded by women, tell you to stay true to yourself. Well, thank you, mister I'M-ON-MTV, I ain't no black man, but I respect your advice. And shall make use of it, regardless of how hollow and meaningless it really is on inside. Thank you, black man, for making up my mind in my stead. High five. Black people, helping you preserve sanity, ever since 1492.
"Rapture," I remark sarcastically "The temperature of your body is just perfect. What happened to your thermorelay, Aoi? You're blazing hot, idiot."
She pulls away from my... Let's technically call it 'embrace' - and shoots me a frightened look. Hey, that's the kind of look you shoot a rapist in a dark alley, what've I done to you? No, more importantly, doesn't she realize the true weight of the situtation?
"I'm fine!" she tries to convince me in a weak voice, thus defeating the very purpose of the attempt "I'm alri... Alri... Achoo!"
"That's what my grandma said just before she died of apoplexy."
She may be trying to wipe her nose, but for the sake of my own ego, I let his little bit of malice find it's reflexion in my actions, and grab her hand, then start dragging her down the corridor.
"B-but!" she tries to struggle, obviously, though her legs obediently follow mine "Physics class..."
"Nye's a group of densely packed molecules," I answer without looking back "He'll manage without a pair of stray atoms."
Enough. I stop in my tracks and turn to Aoi, who appears to be quite disturbed about being pulled around like this. Somehow, this is sort of entertaining.
"Look," I wave a finger in her face "I'm doing this for the good of all of us. It would be stupid of me to let an epidemy take out everyone in the school just because of one, silly girl. It's my duty, towards the society." though frankly, I couldn't care less about it "Understand?"
No, she doesn't. I can tell, she's still convinced about her well-being, as I'm about the rightfullness of my actions. Nevertheless, if it gives me a chance to lawfully skip some classes, I'm game. It's a bother, for sure, but... Well, any ocassion is welcome. Even if it's something as annoying as taking care of a sickly girl.
It's a bother, yet...

Why the hell am I smiling?


Incidentially, when we finally reach the corridor containing the door to the nurse's office, another familiar face greets my sight.
She opens the mouth, seeing this kind of hilarious - I'm sure - spectacle, but no words are spoken. Instead, she gives the two of us a weird look, and goes on her own way... Brushing my shoulder with a hand while passing by. I swear, I'll never understand that girl. If you've got something to say, then say it! Wasn't this your own line? Abide by it, before telling others to! Hypocritical, homeless witch. Goddamn you.
But there's no time to be getting angry at her. I've another girl on my head right now, however stupid - or scurvy - it makes me sound, I can't take on two's problems at once. I should be grateful for not turning round my guitar about her troubles. One song at a time, dear. One song at a time. And today, the one sounding in my head is Aoi's.
"Excuse me," I say while opening the said door, not before knocking once on it, like I'm supposed, and always do "I've got a patie--wah."
But instead of the usual, wrinkly woman who'd always served me painkillers and granted me asylum whenever I needed, what greets me is a guy in a lab coat, his long, black hair swaying lightly as he turns to face us. I swear there's something... strange about the air around him. Like if someone scattered brocade around and set a system of fans to constantly keep them suspended in the space around his face. Ugh, what an intoxicating sight.
"My, my!" even his voice sounds like a set of fabulously resonant bells "What do we have here?"
"Who," I shield Aoi from his voluptuous with my own body "The hell. Are you. Where's the nurse?"
Instead of answering, he simply laughs in a way that makes me want to vomit.
"Ohoho~! My precedesor had to retire, and appointed me to take her seat. My name is Roasuke." a hand of his reaches towards me, causing my legs to automatically back away a few steps "Roasuke Valdamjong. What's the problem?"

[ ] Sigh. Just explain the problem and be done with it.
[ ] No way I'm handing Aoi to this freak. She's got to see a real doctor.


Vodka's resistance is impenetrable.
[ ] No way I'm handing Aoi to this freak. She's got to see a real doctor.

I must question your decision for making Roasuke the school nurse YAF.
{X} No way I'm handing Aoi to this freak. She's got to see a real doctor.
[X] Sigh. Just explain the problem and be done with it.

Let's see how this plays out.
[X] Sigh. Just explain the problem and be done with it.

He's no plague doctor but he'll do~
[ ] Sigh. Just explain the problem and be done with it.
[X] No way I'm handing Aoi to this freak. She's got to see a real doctor.

Sorry, Roa, but we're all the FABULOUS Aoi needs.
[X] No way I'm handing Aoi to this freak. She's got to see a real doctor.

Roa might misunderstand Aoi and then rape her/him.
> Roa might misunderstand Aoi and then rape her/him.

You say it like it's a bad thing...
[X] Sigh. Just explain the problem and be done with it.

What could go wrong?
[x] No way I'm handing Aoi to this freak. She's got to see a real doctor.

Roa? The school nurse? Ha. Hahaha... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Well, it is. Do you want Aoi to be traumatized by this guy and never have sex again?
[X] Sigh. Just explain the problem and be done with it.
[x] Sigh. Just explain the problem and be done with it.

This story needs more Roa.

Let this log be an answer.

[14:54] <YAFKYU> So, in case people decide to take Aoi to the infirmary, should we introduce the nurse at the very last?
[14:56] <Vodoka> I still have no idea who that should be. But I guess we'd have to.
[14:56] <YAFKYU> Maybe Kirin's Roa?
[14:56] <YAFKYU> IIRC, Roa wore something resembling a labcoat in Tsukihime?
[14:57] <Vodoka> But really, Kirin's Roa isn't very nurse-like in the story.
[14:57] <YAFKYU> Well, who is?
[14:58] <YAFKYU> You know, we could have him suddenly appear in the place of the previous nurse, who 'disappeared in some unexplained circumstances'/
[14:58] <YAFKYU> .*
[14:58] <YAFKYU> And since Roa is a little insane...
[14:58] <YAFKYU> You know what I'm getting at?
[14:58] <YAFKYU> Oh, and he likes little girls, as far as I remember.
[14:59] <YAFKYU> So there's even more reason for him to be a nurse in a high school.
[14:59] <Vodoka> ..When you put it like that, it's pretty good.
[15:05] <YAFKYU> See? So how about it?
[15:05] <YAFKYU> Well, in the first place, nothing won yet, so it's only a hypothetical question.
[15:05] <Vodoka> It'd work.
File 123231924434.jpg - (152.62KB, 600x747 , doctor_beak.jpg) [iqdb]
>we could have him suddenly appear in the place of the previous nurse, who 'disappeared in some unexplained circumstances'/

Little bitch tears.

The whole ordeal suddenly reminds me of Pathologic, if anyone played it.
>Oh, and he likes little girls, as far as I remember.

Well, shit, now we need to take Aoi to a real doctor.
>Oh, and he likes little girls, as far as I remember.
I fail to see the problem here.

[x] Sigh. Just explain the problem and be done with it.
[X] No way I'm handing Aoi to this freak. She's got to see a real doctor.

Sorry Roa. I'm not handing Aoi over to you.
File 123232405012.jpg - (51.24KB, 313x482 , roa.jpg) [iqdb]
Let's play doctor!
First to five won. So, real doctor it is.

This guy? He's a nurse?!
To hell with that, I wouldn't even trust this guy to take care of my goldfish, poor Wanda might just be eaten. And that is exactly what I fear might happen to Aoi if I let this guy lay even one finger on her.
What happened to busty school nurses who are material for students' day-dreams? All right, I doubt something like that actually exists in anything beyond students' day-dreams, but even a kindly old woman would be fine here. I don't care what they said about the last nurse, but in my book this Roasuke is just as creepy. Actually, since I never had the pleasure of meeting the old one myself, I have to make the conclusion that this guy is way beyond creepy, in a sexual-predator kind of way. Yeah.
The human mind moves fast, but apparently this guy is somehow even faster. Before I get to make a move, or even say anything, he has moved closer to us again, and is now examining Aoi's face while lifting her chin up so he has better view of her fa--
--At least, he would be if I hadn't pulled her away quick enough, so now he's just left standing there with his arms together, and a silly smile on his face. "My my, aren't you sick? How terrible!" I feel Aoi shiver when he addresses her. Good, so I'm not alone with these feelings. He then turns to me with a smile that's way too wide to be called friendly, and gives me an 'acknowledging' nod. "Young man, you made the correct decision in bringing her to me."
Is he for real?! That does it, I'm not leaving Aoi here to her own luck, she needs a doctor. A REAL DOCTOR.
Before he can even hope about making any further advances on her, I open the door again, and push Aoi back into hallway.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Perhaps bit too over-dramatically he jumps towards me, but I evade the grab and make my way to the door too. Thanks, you just confirmed my worries. Aoi is not getting treated here. If I can help it, neither am I, in any near future. "GET BACK HERE!"
Any comebacks might just serve to fuel his anger, so I decide to stay quiet.

In the hallway I grab Aoi and get some distance between us and the infirmary, just in case the new nurse might decide to pursue his newest prey. After some running, Aoi is breathing more heavily than ever, and is now obviously in need of some treatment.
"Ah... wha..." She tries to speak through raspy breaths, and finally gets her words out. "What are we... going to..."
I can understand her confusion in this situation, but I have a plan already. This isn't the first time I've needed to get out of school in the middle of the day. "Wait a moment, all right?" I take out my cellphone, and call the ever-reliable David.
...After few seconds of ringing, the call is canceled. If nobody noticed it earlier, by now they should have noticed the empty seats around Dave. No sneaking back to the class anymore.
"Damn." As I pocket the phone, I curse to myself. Without David's help with the escape, this is going to be... Well, not necessarily harder, but not as fun. Oh, how I relinquish the days when we acted like two stupid agents, calling and helping each other evade teachers and escape from school...
"Umm..." Oh, right. Aoi. I turn to her, and get a quick look. Status report: Her situation is getting worse by the minute. Report over, thank you.
"Aoi." I speak in clear, commanding voice, which makes her jump in surprise.
"From this moment onward to the moment that we're clear, you're going to listen to me."
"There will be no questions. Answers will be given when I see fit. We are going to work together as a flawless team. Do you think you can do it?"
I grin in triumph. Even sick, she has some energy left. Grabbing her hand, I smile to her. "Excellent! Our first objective is to make it clear out of school gates. Do you think you can do it?"
"Y-yes, I can!"
"Then let us go!"

After that speech, I felt kind of bad that we didn't meet anybody while sneaking down the stairs. I guess it makes sense, all teachers should be either teaching a class, or relaxing somewhere. Nobody would actually be walking around the hallways at this hour. But with all that commotion we made, was it too much to ask for somebody to come and check it out?
Oh well. The fact remains that we made it down the stairs perfectly safe, and are now peacefully walking towards the front door. We dropped the whole sneaking around like Solid Snake bit after it became clear that everybody had better things to do than patrol for students walking out of school.
"Aaah...CHOO!" She really isn't getting better.
"What would've you done if we didn't meet you earlier? Go on with the day like nothing happened?"
"Like I said, th-this isn't such a big deACHOOO!" After blowing her nose in a handkerchief, she continues, a bit ashamed. "...I could've made it through rest of the classes fine..."
"Right right, and next thing you know, you and everybody else in the class fall unconscious in the middle of Saguya's math-speech aaaaaaand get against the wall would you?"
I don't have to tell her twice, she hears the footsteps getting closer to us fine herself too. And here we were, just talking like it was nothing moments earlier. That person must've heard us, I'm sure of it.

[ ] Hide! Quick, before it's too late!
[ ] There's no way that could be a teacher, keep walking like it's nothing.
[ ] I shouldn't take chances, go back and find some other way out.
[x] Hide! Quick, before it's too late!
...In a cardboard box.

...That somebody's already under.
>To hell with that, I wouldn't even trust this guy to take care of my goldfish, poor Wanda might just be eaten.

I see what you did there.

[x] You've seen this in the movies: This is the scene where the two spies pretend to be making-out so that the interloper leaves in an embarrassed huff.
[x] Pin Aoi against the wall, and get very close, forehead-to-forehead, until the walker walks on.
[x] You've seen this in the movies: This is the scene where the two spies pretend to be making-out so that the interloper leaves in an embarrassed huff.
[x] Pin Aoi against the wall, and get very close, forehead-to-forehead, until the walker walks on.

[x] You've seen this in the movies: This is the scene where the two spies pretend to be making-out so that the interloper leaves in an embarrassed huff.
[x] Pin Aoi against the wall, and get very close, forehead-to-forehead, until the walker walks on.
It wasn't until I read your comment that I saw it as well. I think YAF is trying a bit too hard.
Spoilers: This update was actually written by Vodka.
>It wasn't until I read your comment that I saw it as well. I think YAF is trying a bit too hard.

But if you only got it after someone else pointed it out, wouldn't that imply the opposite?
Perhaps he's trying so hard that it flew right over my head?
File 123240849879.jpg - (188.22KB, 712x720 , 2357625.jpg) [iqdb]
To clear the confusion - that update was written by Vodka. If it had been made by me, instead of Wanda (lol slavian pronouncation), there'd have been pet spider Jackal. If anyone remembers him.

Eyefuck unrelated. But I swear, those flowers are moving. Moving when you look aside. Sly motherfuckers.
While pinning Aoi up against a wall and even almost kissing him is wonderfully delicious, that shit sure won't fly at school in the middle of the damned hall, during class.

[x] Start talking seriously about academic things. Physics or Chemistry or whatever.
[x] If the person doesn't buy that, tell them you were showing her around-- as she's a new student, after all-- but got caught up talking about classes.
[x] Worst case, (if it's a teacher) tell them Mr. Nanaya and Mr. Clay were looking for them, and hoping to recruit teachers for a dodgeball competition, and that they should be along soon. That ought to terrify them.
In this school, it'd probably be just peachy. The only thing we have to worry about are classmates spreading rumors. I doubt the teachers would do shit.
{X} You've seen this in the movies: This is the scene where the two spies pretend to be making-out so that the interloper leaves in an embarrassed huff.
{X} Pin Aoi against the wall, and get very close, forehead-to-forehead, until the walker walks on.
[x] You've seen this in the movies: This is the scene where the two spies pretend to be making-out so that the interloper leaves in an embarrassed huff.
[x] Pin Aoi against the wall, and get very close, forehead-to-forehead, until the walker walks on.
Damn it. They're coming right for us. They must have heard us talking, at least the sound of our voices. So, hiding is out of the question. But if we're caught out here without a reason, we'll get sent back to class, or worse, to that creepy pretty-boy nurse. What we need is a reason. The first one that comes to mind is the nurse, but that office is back the other way on the opposite side of the building... not very convincing. A reason...

Suddenly, inspiration from the blue, or rather, the silver. I can't believe I'm stooping to this level of reasoning, but I saw it work in a movie once, and right this second, even that seems solid enough to me. It's a hell of a gamble, though. If they end up stopping anyway, there's a good chance we'll both be in more trouble than if we'd just gotten caught playing hooky. But at least there's an "if", and better ideas are in short supply. Putting the plan in motion, I spin around 180 degrees on an arc, grab Aoi's arm just over the elbow, and put the other hand flat on the wall above her other shoulder, effectively trapping her in place. "Stay quiet," I whisper to her, "stay still, and play along."

"Ah," is all she has time to get out before I move in. My head leans down into contact with hers, putting our faces in almost, but not quite, intimate proximity. I shift my body forward as close as I can; the less whoever is coming can see, the better. I close my eyes (she's one step ahead of me on that point), hold position and wait, listening to the approaching footsteps and Aoi's soft panting.

It can't be more than a palmful of seconds I'm standing like that, but to be so close, I'd have to be without one entirely to keep my imagination from running just a little wild. She's certainly not what I'd call a knockout, her figure could hardly get more parallel, but even that has a charm of its own. Her face, those winningly cute features, that's her strongest point by far. And now, I notice, the way she smells. It's... I don't know... familiar, somehow. But... nice. Unconsciously, my head moves in even closer, so that the tips of our noses are touching. I notice her breathing quickens just a little bit, and I have to admit, mine does, too. We couldn't get any closer without actually dropping the act by committing to it completely. I'd almost swear that I can even make out what she had for breakfast on her breath. Eggs and buttered toast.

All such thought is suddenly wiped away. They're nearly upon us. We both freeze, stock still and tense, not even breathing anymore. The steps sound out close now, close enough to distinguish heel from toe, close enough to hear the low, aimless whistling as they approach and... pass. Still, we don't move. Not out of the woods yet, as the cliche goes. I risk turning my head just enough for a peek, and sure as clockwork, that's the moment when they pause a moment and look right back at me.

Plain clothes, overalls, mop, bucket, neutral expression. I recognize the face: it's the school janitor. I've seen him around before a couple of times. Well, everybody has, but nobody really takes much notice. He's the kind of guy who doesn't stand out at all, wouldn't know he was there unless he made himself known, which doesn't happen often. The epitome of anonymity, you might say. Our eyes lock for a second before he turns and continues on his way, still whistling, around a corner and out of sight. I exhale in a sigh of relief. Truancy isn't his department, I guess.

"Okay, he's gone," I whisper, pushing myself away from Aoi. But she doesn't react. Glancing at her, I see her eyes are still closed and her mouth just barely open, lips slightly pursed, breathing slowed, lost in her own dreamworld. Heh. I guess she has an imagination, too. The sight might even count as arousing... except for the snot flowing out of her nose, breaking the spell and bringing me back around to reality. I shake her arm and she comes to with a start, blushing and mumbling an apology as she blows her nose into her handkerchief; it's hardly romantic to think so, but with her condition, I'm suddenly not so sure she didn't actually just pass out there for a second or two. Better hurry, in any case.

Having already determined stealth to be a waste of time, I lead her as quickly as I think she can manage out the nearest exit, and from there across the courtyard to the school gates, and to hell with whoever might have seen us there. We're out now, we're free, so long suckers. We pause against the school's outer wall, catching breath and taking stock. "Objective complete," Aoi exclaims happily. "You know... I've never actually done anything like this before. It's kind of exciting." She giggles and blows her nose again.

"So, what's next, commander?"

Fair question...

[ ] Her condition could be serious. Get her to a hospital.
[ ] Oh, nonsense. Just get her to a doctor, a small practice, anyone who can write a prescription.
[ ] Prescription? I can do that now: rest and chicken soup, she'll be fine. Take her home. Her home, of course.
[ ] Oh, nonsense. Just get her to a doctor, a small practice, anyone who can write a prescription.

As much as I'd like to play "doctor" with Aoi, it's hard to justify skipping class if we don't take her to an actual physician.
{X} Oh, nonsense. Just get her to a doctor, a small practice, anyone who can write a prescription.

That you, Vodka?
[x] Oh, nonsense. Just get her to a doctor, a small practice, anyone who can write a prescription.
I think I sense an impostor.
[x] Her condition could be serious. Get her to a hospital.

It's okay Aoi, you're going to be fine! ohgodohgodohgodlol

Please, veify the legitimity of the last update (if it really is). Did YAF or Vodka say anything about updating?

YAF pointed out he didn't think it was Vodka, and the IP is rather different compared to ones Vodka has had so far. A comparison of IPs that Vodka's posted with so far all return with finnish based services, but this latest one returns a US based service.

While personally I would consider it an impostor and ignore it, I'm going to wait to see if Vodka can confirm he didn't somehow post it.
An anonymous contributes to a story written anonymously, and there's accusations of him being an "impostor"? That is heavy handed modding. If Vodka has a problem with it, he can use his trip like everybody else.

It lacks a tripcode because the first post was done anonymously. This story, was supposed to be a joke, or even a troll story. But people liked it, and since it was originally done by YAF and Vodka, it came down to be considered theirs to take care of. I doubt that the Fallout story is being update by other people than it's OP. It's not even being update!

Also, writing consistency.

Like I said, YAF brought up that he didn't think it was Vodka that wrote the update. If he didn't care who it was updating, I don't think he'd have mentioned it. I checked because there seemed to be some concern over who it was updating, and said what I found. I didn't ban anyone or delete the post, just giving a warning that it seemed like a third party update, and if the known authors didn't acknowledge it that it would be disregarded anyway.
The reason for posting the first post anonymously wasn't just to secure my ass in case all of this failed, but also if something like this might happen.
But believe it or not, we have actually started to plan things through with YAF. So now it could be kind of problematic if somebody just wrote this thing. It could royally screw us over.
Hahahah... But suprisingly that scene was almost exactly as I thought about writing it, save for few details. I approve.
[X] Her condition could be serious. Get her to a hospital.

If somebody happens to want to write continuation in the future, it'd be appreciated if you could first talk to me or YAF about your plans. Unfortunately the best way to contact us is through IRC, but that'd be the best for all.
File 123302121316.jpg - (34.30KB, 480x360 , 4caf.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Oh, nonsense. Just get her to a doctor, a small practice, anyone who can write a prescription.

come to meeeee~
Sorry about that. Spur-of-the-moment inspiration.

Has this game been ported to PS2 or is it still arcade only?
still arcade only for now.
[X] Oh, nonsense. Just get her to a doctor, a small practice, anyone who can write a prescription.

Obviously the next thing to do would be to...
I give her another look. Well, what do you know" she doesn't look that bad anymore after getting out of school. Actually, does she even need any further treatment? Wouldn't it be just fine to send her off and part ways here?
"A-choo!" As in response, Aoi sneezes to the ground and grabs my arm for balance. So much for that idea.
"Alrighty then!" Clapping my hands together I swiftly look down the street, and try to locate the bus-stop that obviously isn't conveniently placed near the school. Well, students must appreciate this decision and the extra exercise that it gives to them. "The plan was to get you some treatment, and we're going to stick to it. Off we go!"
Energetically I begin marching down the street, with sickly girl behind me struggling to follow. "Eh... So, we're going to hospital?" Rather than scared, she sounds kind of excited while she skips along me. "I haven't been there yet. Is it big?"
Did she come from country or what? No no, I have to keep my cool. And when you think about it, isn't that attitude only normal? But no matter how horrible it is to betray girl's dreams, I have no intentions of paying for both of our tickets to other side of the city. "I don't think we have to, just some medicine should be enough."
"O-oh..." She seems disappointed, hanging her head down. "I... guess you're right."
Gah, damn it girl! Now you've got me feeling bad about myself! "You don't honestly want to go to that hospital, right?"
"Eh? N-no, I was just interested in the place, you know?"
I nod in acknowledgement, and sit down on the bench waiting for the bus. Yeah, she's just acting like anybody would in a new city.

...How did this happen, again? It's not like I don't like this situation, but...
Actually, this is very nice. But I have no idea what to do, see? With Aoi like that, I might just... Lose myself...

It all started bit after we got on the bus. I payed for our tickets, after all it was my idea that we wouldn't walk. And that is how gentlemen act.
But, it just so happened that today nursing home was holding expedition to local indoor swimming baths, and so the entire bus was packed with elderly, save for two empty seats that originally happened to be on entirely different sides of the bus, but seeing our situation some grandpa immediately changed his seat. Not without offering me a wide grin that showed that few of his teeth were missing, though.
So I ended up sitting next to Aoi. The coincidences of life sure are weird.
Ah well. At least I got the window seat. Apparently Aoi can't stand looking at things passing us by right now. Fine by me, there's not much else to do than look outside in this car filled with fun-loving merry crew and one school-girl. Well, I could also look at the elderly or alternatively at Aoi, but that might be just a little bit weird in the long run. So, looking outside it is.
...And what's up with this music here? Is there a radio-station that only plays elevator music, or are there a CDs specifically filled with stuff like this? If these geriatrics want to liven it up later, shouldn't they play something with... bit more energy? Maybe country?
Well, most of them look bored out of their minds. If this is going to go on, somebody is bound to fall asleep sooner or later-
-And what could this pressure I feel on shoulder be? Slowly I turn to look, and see...
That somebody really did fall asleep. Aoi, that is. First I think about just shaking her off, but would that really be nice? She's sick, after all. So instead, I just opt for trying to ignore her.

...So that's where we are right now.
When I said 'trying' earlier, it really was the key-word. Trying to ignore girl, with her breathing heavy and leaning to you, is... Let's just say hard. And scenery outside is really getting boring, that tends to happen when your ride stops. Just one look shouldn't hurt, right..."
A breath comes out of her mouth, which opens just a little bit, only to close again few moments later. Either because of being sick or too hot, she's gotten sweaty. That only serves to highlight the ever present redness in her cheeks that was already made stronger due to fever.
Her fingers twitch slightly when bus starts moving again, with her eyebrows turned a bit, looking... sad? It's like she's trying to grasp something, what?
Hey wait, you're moving again? When is our stop? I look out of the window, and notice that- Oh shit, we're in the downtown! And if I know the area(which I do) the stop for pharmacy should be next, or the one after that.
As wonderful as this is, I really can't afford to go further than what I paid for. Cold-heartedly I shift myself, causing Aoi to snap awake.
"W-wh-what? Where are we?" She looks around her in confusion, and then back at me. "What happened?"
"At the bus, near our stop." Calmly I answer. It seems that Aoi herself has no idea about what just happened. "We have to get ready to get out." Perhaps that is for the best.
"Ah-hah..." She breathes out, and calms down. "Right, we were going there..."

The bus doors open, and stop name lights up on the screen. "Here we get off. Chop-chop, now." Hurried by me, Aoi rushes outside. Before leaving, I give the insides of the bus one last look, and...
That same grandpa that gave his seat so we had to sit next to each other is giving me thumbs-up. Really nice, old goat.


"Now, that wasn't hard at all, was it?" Walking out of the pharmacy I look at Aoi who is now stuffing prescription and some medicine into her bag.
"Right..." She looks at me with a bright smile. Well, as bright as sickly girl can manage. "It was nice that we were done so quickly."
"Hmm, yeah." I don't have the heart to tell her that it's because we should be at school right now. Nobody sensible does their business at this time.
"Uhm." She fidgets a bit, looking at me. "What do we do now? I don't think we can go back to school anymore..."
"Next..." Few possibilities come to mind.

[ ] I've done enough for today. Later Aoi, time to spend rest of the day away from school!
[ ] She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---[ ] My house, I can take care of her there.
---[ ] Her house, and keep watch over her.
Sorry. This update ended up being somewhat boring due to tiredness.
[x] She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---[x] My house, I can take care of her there.
[X] She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---[X] Her house, and keep watch over her.

{X} She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---{X} My house, I can take care of her there.
[ ] She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---[ ] My house, I can take care of her there.

Gonna get taken home, etc.
[X] She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---[X] Her house, and keep watch over her
[x] She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---[x] My house, I can take care of her there.
[X] She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---[X] Her house, and keep watch over her.
[x] She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---[x] Her house, and keep watch over her. If she doesn't wish to go to her house, don't push for a reason and bring her to yours.
[x] She's still not fine. I should take her to...
---[x] My house, I can take care of her there.

That is correct, I can't really see us sneaking back into the grey prison without raising any kind of suspicion, be it either from the teachers or our nosy classmates, one, certain, blonde guy in particular. The last thing we need is more negative repute, and besides, what sane man would choose to return when the gates of hell loom long behind? It would seem that even Aoi - someone who came to school despite being ill - is able to understand that much. Nevertheless, I can't be playing truant with her stuck to my arm - it would be an ordinary torture in her current state. What, then?
"Very well," I make up my mind and nod. "How about we just crash at my place for the time being? My parents are at work, so there should be no one... Aoi?"
I cut my sentence short, seeing her blush furiously. She was already red enough, but now her face resembles a burned beetroot. With human features.
"B-but..." Her stuttering adds to the image of a timid schoolgirl, that she - oh, eureka - is. "Alone..."
I knew she'd be embarrassed about this sort of thing, and have already prepared a bonus amount of forbearance. Sigh, why must I always be faced with such problems? Like if dragging her out of school wasn't enough, now I'm forced to take care of her most of the day. Well, there is also that other option, but... Hm, always worth a try.
"See," I try to sound as relaxed as possible, in spite of the overwhelming uneasiness of the situation itself. "You said you were staying at a relative's place, no?" Aoi nods, and patiently awaits me to continue. So I do. "Now, is there anyone home at the moment?" Now she shakes her head. Just as I thought. "Then it is decided." I shrug helplessly. "Seeing how you fell asleep on the bus, I have no choice but to take you home. Now, your home is also an option, but I doubt your relatives would be happy about you bringing over strangers, am I right?"
Her gaze collapses to the ground.
"... probably."
"Marvellous. I mean, there you go." I quickly mitigate myself. "My parents won't have problems with someone staying over, so you can just lay low until someone can pick you up."
Reluctantly, but only for a second or two, she unadheres her eyes from the toes of her shoes, and looks up at me, full of shy doubt. I, on the other hand, am strangely pumped up about the whole thing. Why? It surpasses my reasoning, and frankly, I couldn't care less at the moment. I've come all this way... May as well take it to the bitter end. Her fright is perfectly understandable, but by my manhood, I swear my intentions are pure. It's all a bother, yeah... But honestly, how could I leave her alone? Ignorance is bliss, and so I quickly give her - horror - a reassuring smile, the best I can afford, and gently, but firmly grab her wrist. There's no need for any words to be spoken - Aoi obediently follows my step, without a slightest protest. That means I'll have to afford two more tickets, thus further straining my finances, but... Hey, it was bound to happen one day. I'll worry about it when opening my wallet, a butterfly comes out, and I faint in the middle of the street. People will then come over and ask: is he dead? - and someone else will answer: I don't think so, because there are tears coming out of his eyes. A beautiful end indeed, and I'll strive not to reach it in the nearest - or the farthest, for that matter - future.


The trip went as uneventful as the one to the pharmacy, to the relief of both of us. The relief that can be seen on our faces when we finally cross the doorstep of my house, and close the door behind us. Contrary to what Aoi appeared to think about the whole ordeal at first, now that we're finally here, she seems to be more curious than scared. Come to think of it, it's been years since I last had someone come over for reason other than borrowing or lending textbooks - and it was always the same person anyway. It feels... should I say, refreshing? Maybe a bit. Anyhow, having hung both my and Aoi's jackets on the rack, I gesture her to come inside.
"My room is on the first floor." my feet quickly jump the steps, while Aoi slowly follows suit. I'd help her, but that would probably feel degrading. Anyway, when we arrive at the door, I open them with a smile on my face... "Welcome--" and slam them shut. Okay, this is my house, she should deal with any inconvenient conditions, but this may be a little too much. "Er... We'll sit downstairs."

At least our living room has a big sofa, so I quickly order Aoi to lay down, while I go and make us something to eat. Actually, it was more of an excuse to get some privacy than to satiate the hunger, but it's almost the time for the lunch break at our school, so I might as well stick to the plan. Just so it isn't too quiet, I switch the small TV my mother bought to watch soap operas while making dinners on, and dive into the fridge, looking for anything edible.
"... earthquakes in South Asia..." I don't really pay any heed to what it says, simply treating it as a background noise while the ingredients slowly transform into what one could call 'sandwiches' after applying a little bit of imagination "... many victims, including women and children... " this really reminds me of the old times, only then, my father, who used to be unemployed, would make sandwiches for me and David. Come to think of it, this 'talent' may be one of the gifts he'd passed down on me. What a bother. "... on another note, it is often said that when a girl and a boy stay at either's house without anyone else around, strange things tend to happen."
I raise my eyes to the TV, but all I see is a guy in a strange, eastern outfit, carefully reciting news about natural disasters in a completely neutral tone. What was that, a hallucination? Am I that tired? No, no way, I must've simply misheard something. Back to the sandwiches...
"... in other news, according to recent research, using protection in form of a condom during sexual intercourse reduces the danger of catching an STD by over--" the guy quickly fixes his collar when I look at him again "One hundred thousand dollars of debt. Such is the fate of the country that decided to challenge it's neighbour in their national sport..." What the hell, that could have been simply a mishearing. There's something wrong with that news-guy, and I swear, if he tries to suggest something weird one more time... No, it's me who has a problem - I'm getting angry at a news channel. This is retarded, I must be really tired. Yeah, I'm tired. I'm just tired, that's all. "... plus, to lower the possibility of being discovered, one should prepare a pack of tissues beforehand, for cleaning all the potential stains left by the act--"
"SHUT UP!" enough! I jump at the TV with a butter knife in my hand. "I don't want to bang her, so shut your mouth, you son of a--!"
"... and national wealth. Local authorities..."
But the bastard simply resumes reading out the listed news as if nothing ever happened. What in the... This isn't normal. Either I'm going crazy, or there's something weird going on. For the sake of my ego, I assume the latter option, and slap the last slice of tomato onto the last sandwich, then flip the damn receiver off. Jesus Christ, what a time, when a simple guy like me can't watch some TV without getting all pissed off. Grabbing the tray, I head back to the living room, where the sickly guest of mine awaits.
The two of us devour the abominations in silence, me trying to vent the nonsensical anger by performing some slipshod krav-joga-jitsu or whatever, and her possibly simply too overwhelmed to mutter a word. Well, I can appreciate it, at least she's not asking why exactly did it take me so long to make only so many sandwiches, nor why was I... Oh, hell, if she heard what I accidentally screamed at the end... But no, she isn't asking any questions--
"So, who were you talking to?"
Aw for the love of everything sharp and slimy! Why is it that every time I make an assumption, life verifies it in the most malicious manner possible?! Let alone me almost suffocating myself with a piece of cucumber, now she's staring at me with that timid question in her eyes. Oh, if I ever get my hands on that guy from the news, he's going down. Oh, he is SO going down.
"I wha--" I swallow hard "David called me. You know," then give her a dismissing wave. "The guy from the class. Apparently one of the teachers asked about me."
Oops, bad move. Aoi puts a hand to her mouth, and gives me the scared look again.
"Which one?"
"It doesn't matter." I frown angrily "They asked about me - you're pretty much safe."

Well, that's that. The poor excuse for a lunch is no more, and here we are, sitting idly, both filled with our own reasons not to speak. It can't keep going on forever though, since to preserve my own sanity, I need to find some sort of activity, to pass the time... But nothing comes to mind.
"Hey," I turn to Aoi, making her jerk up a bit. "Pardon my stupidity, but don't you want to do something? Watch TV? Play video games?"
"Hmm..." She's lost in thought for a moment "I don't really watch TV... And the only games I'm good at are the ones where you press buttons at the right time... I'm no good at any other."
Great. So both of my ideas are successfully, and without a delay, averted. Still, there isn't anything else to do, so maybe I should just steel myself and take the initiative, like a man should?

[ ] Just watch some soap operas, goddamn.
[ ] Play video games.
--[ ] Play Guitar Hero.
--[ ] Play Guilty Gear.
[ ] Fine, propose something to talk about. (writer's note: this is a nicely concealed write-in option)
{X} Play video games.
--{X} Play Guitar Hero.

pres butan

Recieve Aoi Points

[X] Play video games.
--[X] Play Guitar Hero.
[X] Play video games.
--[X] Play Guitar Hero.

Now imagining Aoi acing Raining Blood and acting really embarrassed when he realizes how absorbed he was getting.
[X] Play video games.
--[X] Play Guitar Hero.

Aoi will lovingly stroke the neck of that guitar.

... what?

You bet your goddamn as she wi--... he will... she will... he...

... nevermind that.
[ ] Play video games.
--[ ] Play Guilty Gear.

Aoi will probably pick Bridget and Faggot will make a comment about girly boys and crossdresses.
I'm suddenly imagining Aoi on wetriffs.com and I am hard.
[x] Just watch some soap operas, goddamn.
[x] Fall asleep.
[ ] Play video games.
--[ ] Play Guilty Gear.
[X] Play video games.
--[X] Play Guitar Hero.

David Bowie - "Lady Stardust"
So, she likes pressing buttons, huh? Then wouldn't some fighting game be perfect for her? Who knows, I might just be dealing with newest Guilty Gear master here! Just let her play Sol for few moments and off to a tournament we go! Finals, everyone loses and the grand-prize is ours! All in a day's work.
...Hahaha, no way. I should punch myself for even thinking about that. So, what should we play?
A plastic quitar catches my eye, and I get an idea that's actually somehow decent. At least with the information she's given this is best I can come up with. Although I doubt if any of these songs really match her preferences... What does she even listen to? Only thing I know is that she plays a flute.
"Do you like music?" While turning the console on I ask her absentmindedly. "Err, ofcourse you do since you play that flute, but I mean if you listen to it much."
"E-eh? Yeah, I do!" Oh, that's nice. Maybe there actually is hope in this plan. "I really like Swedish pop and stuff like that." Well crud.
"Hmm... How about rock or metal?" Where did that other guitar end up to? "You're most likely not too familiar with that?"
"I guess... But why are you asking this anyway?" Ah, found it.
I stand up and push the guitar covered in stickers into her hands, and turn my gaze towards the screen. "...Some day in your life there will be a time when you'll have to deal with loud, aggressive and some poor souls might even say... Evil music." And I damn well keep my eyes on that screen, I wouldn't want to see what kind of face Aoi has right now. Why do I keep spouting this crap when I'm with her?! "This is to prepare you for that day." The title flashes into the screen.
"Oh, Guitar Hero!" At least it seems that Aoi is familiar with this. I finally turn to her, and see her looking at me apolegtically. "...I've never played this." Allow me to repeat myself. Well crud.
"That's..." Trying to give her a reassuring smile I sigh, and continue my blabbering. "That's perfectly fine, nobody is an expert when they start. How about I explain the controls to you first, then play something first to show you how this works, and then you can try while I give you tips?"
"...I guess that'd be good."
"Well then..." What to play, what to play. I guess it would be best to pick something I'm good at, but not anything too hard to intimidate the poor girl.


"Ooh!" My medicore performance is met with cheers from behind me. "That was amazing!" Not really. "And that song, it looked really hard!" Probably becuase I did worse than usually. Why does this of a crowd of a single person effect on me like this? Usually I'm somewhat fine whether it's David or my mom watching, although latter isn't very preferred.
"Yeah..." Am I seriously starting to sweat already? "Do you want to try now?"
Her eyes widen for a moment, but she quickly settles down. "R-right, I was supposed to do this after you... But it looked pretty hard."
Perhaps it wasn't the wisest choice to play on Expert, but I couldn't resist. "I guess it did, but you don't really have to play on same difficulty as me."
"There are different difficulties..? Do they change to songs to make them easier to play?" Oh, so she can't just accept it and has to question further?
"Ehh..." While scratching my head I try to think of answer. "Basically they just subtract notes to get the easier difficulties, but some songs are easier than others too. Slower songs are obviously easier on medium than fast ones. It might also help to play something you're familiar with."
"Alright but..." She scrolls the song list with troubled look. "I don't there's any songs here that I- Oh!" She stops at Alice Cooper's School's Out. "I know this one!"
[This one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNvpHi18x3E ]
"...Seriously?" That's kind weird pick, especially when compared to some more known songs in the game. "You like Alice Cooper, huh?"
"No no, I- Well, I guess I kind of do, but-" She seems to be at total loss for what to say. "-It's just that my friend on the last school really liked this kind of music, and she used to listen to this one a lot." Quiet and timid Aoi had friend who liked rock? Well, that's not too unlikely and if that's the explanation you're going to get then it'll have to do.
"Alright then, the stage is all yours." I step away and sit down, making her some room in front of the TV. "Whenever you feel like starting."
"Eh? Aren't you going to help me?" She gives me another troubled look, not too sure about what she should do now.
"I'm going to help. From over here." After stretching a bit, I start getting up again. "Or do you want me to be bit closer? You know, like how people help with the tennis swing?"
"T-that won't be necessary!" Quickly jumping away, she looks back at the screen with determined look. "...Just say if I should do anything, okay?"
"Yeah, sure..." I lean back, and prepare for show filled with hilarious failure.

...Which never comes. She really was serious when she said that she was good in games where you "press buttons", even if I'm not exactly sure what she meaned by that. Maybe DDR? Actually, it could be pretty awesome to see Aoi energetically jumping to some silly J-pop. Or any girl for that matter.
But that's besides the point, now she's playing Guitar Hero. And she's.... Well, let's just say that she's really good, and for a first-timer she's incredible, making just few slip-ups here and there. And she isn't even playing on Easy.
I'm having pretty good time just watching her move to music with incredibly determined look on her face.
And then it's over. When the song ends, Aoi looks quietly at the screen anticipiating the score.
"Wow! Isn't that great?!" She jumps up in joy when she sees her obviously above-average score. "I did pretty well, didn't I?"
"Hmm, yeah. That was pretty good." I offer her few claps as she spins around, clutching the guitar in her hands.
"I got better score than you!" ...What was that? "Well, but your song was harder than this, but it's pretty funny, don't you think?"
Oh no you didn't, now we'll be playing for real! I grit my teeth as I scroll the list downwards.
"Aa- what are you doing?" Aoi asks with a worried look on her face, as if this was something more than just a silly game. As if.
"Next we're going to play together. Let's see who's going to win." She's progidy, I'm the old master. Sure, she has only played this game once now, but... Hey, maybe I'm seriously being unreasonable here? I turn to Aoi, and-
She's looking at me with her eyes wide. "...With together, do you mean like... We're playing together to get better score...?"
"Err... Yeah, just that." If I'd say that I planned to make us compete with eachother she might actually burst into tears. Most likely not, but I feel like playing it safe for now.


"So far away we wait for the day~" Aoi's clear voice goes through the room.
"For the lives all so wasted and gone!" And as if it was only natural, I follow her.
"We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days~" I don't even remember who of us started this, but do such trivial things matter anymore?
"Through the fire and the flames we carry on!"
So. After few songs we ended up playing Through Fire and Flames. Whoever Aoi's friend was she had pretty good music taste, and thankfully some of it rubbed off on Aoi.
I turn to look at her, and she's honestly beaming. This the most fun I've seen her have yet, which is not really wonder considering what her first days were like. But when I see her with that (plastic)guitar, wouldn't it be better for her to play guitar instead of flute? Her movements with that things are just so natural...
Gah, stupid thoughts! Gotta focus on the game, I nearly messed up a solo just now! The worst that could happen now is if I'd screw up now, after all the work we've put in the song.
Aoi doesn't seem to have much problems with the song, at least with the concentration. She has her eyes intently fixed on the screen, her fingers moving as if on their own. And... That's what's happening with me too.
We have gone beyond 'playing' Guitar Hero. We've reached the zen of the rhythm games, we're not hitting the right buttons, the notes are following our will! Our performance can't be improved on, nothing can break it and there is no interrupting us!

...Except for the end of the song. We both look at the screen stunned when "You Rock!" appears on it, as if waiting for something more. Encore, perhaps? But no, this is just a game. Things like that don't exist on that. And our score is...
"Hundred percent!" Aoi cries out when the score appears on the screen. "That's...! That's incredible!"
"Yeah..." What in the... I couldn't do this with David, so how come I suddenly got the top-score when playing with sickly girl I brought home from school?! How is it possible?! Who cares! "Yeah! Aoi!"
"What?" She looks at me, sweat covering her brow.
Her gaze switches between me and and my raised hand, and finally she nods. "..Yes!"
Still holding onto guitar with her other hand, her hand joins with mine in the air and-
Immediately afterwards she falls onto my arms. "Aoi...?" Hey, I agree that it was an intense experience but even with that this is a bit too sudden! Or.. "Hey, are you alright?!"
"Ah, uh.... Sorry, I feel kind of..." She doesn't have to finish it for me to understand. She's really hot. Truly, it was a genius move to make sickly girl play something like that.
And then the living room door opens. I freeze with Aoi still in my arms, and look at the door when... "&@#¤!"
"Hey son, no need for language- oh." When my dad comes in. Like seriously, shouldn't he still be at work at this hour?! After looking at me and girl in my arms for a while he simply walks past us to the computer. "I got bit early from work today, don't mind me."
'Don't mind me' he says! What does he even think we were doing...
"Hey, don't give me that look. You can just get back whatever you were doing, I'll just play something." And how does he know I'm glaring at him without even turning to look at me. Surely this means I've gotten too familiar to this man...
Oh well. I breathe out, and calm down a bit. Fact remains that I still have near unconscious girl in my arms. Guess my room is going to get a quick clean-up.


"So, how have the things been at school?"
"Hmm, pretty nice." Now, with Aoi is peacefully sleeping in my room's sofa I'm having talk and over drinks with my dad.
"You're still hanging out with that David?"
"It's not like there would've been anything to change that..." Real men drink tea.
"Ah, that's good. Friends you make when you're young can turn out to be some of the best friends you'll ever have."
"...I guess that's so." So. So... I had to clean my room. During that time I let Aoi to sleep on my bed, but... I don't think she would've liked it too much if that was where she woke up. So sofa it was.
"So, that girl... She's the new transfer-student, right?"
"So you knew of that too? Right, that's her." When I got back down, my dad asked me to boil some water. I had pretty clear expectations to why, and... Here we are.
"You mentioned her during yesterday's dinner."
"I guess I did." I haven't lifted my face to look at him for quite a while now.
"I didn't get to speak with her, but she looks like a nice girl. It's good that you're being nice to her and showing her around. Transferring to new school can be hard."
"...I only got her out of school because she was feeling sick." It is only logical that he'd want to ask about this.
"So you brought her here."
"Right." Yeah, what's so weird about that?
"To your home."
"...Right." There's probably plenty of things weird about that.
"...I see." He sighs, and takes a sip of his tea. After a long silence, question follows. "So, is she your girlfriend?"

[ ] "Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Could you repeat that question?"
[ ] "...yeah. Now let me go."
[ ] "Hell, no. Stop asking weird questions."
[ ] "Who knows? Why don't you ask her instead?"
Appearently there was an error there. Most likely there are still few, but... At least some of them are gone now.

[x] "Girlfriend? Not yet. At the moment we're still in the friends category, but I'm hoping I can do better than that in the near future."
[ ] "Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Could you repeat that question?"
[ ] "Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Could you repeat that question?"
File 123510959970.jpg - (11.60KB, 316x236 , maybe.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Could you repeat that question?"

FFFFF, that's why it sounded so familiar!

"Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Could you repeat that question?"
[x] "Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Could you repeat that question?"
[x] "Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Could you repeat that question?"
[x] "...Maybe?"
>"I really like Swedish pop and stuff like that."
I am now happily imagining Renko and Aoi doing the Caramelldansen/Popotan dance
[x] "I... No, look. She came to school with a really bad cold, so I scolded her and took her to the nurse's office where we then met the new nurse, who, quite frankly, looked like a crazed pedophile in every way. We ran from this lunatic, that I shall mention chased after us through the school, until we were left with no option but to leave the grounds. So we got on a bus and went down to the local pharmacy to get her some medicine. I didn't have enough money to take her to the hospital and she didn't really look in bad enough condition for it anyway. We couldn't exactly go back to school, and her house is not only empty, but her parents would not have liked me visiting. I thought this was the best place to take her, so I could look after her. I suggested we play some video games if she was bored, which we did, and ended up getting so into it that she collapsed in my arms just as you walked in" raise a hand "and before you say I'm an idiot - yes, I agree with you; and no, none of this was fabricated"
[x] Sigh. "And as for your question... No, we're not going out. Though I think... I like her, maybe. I don't really know"
{X} "Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Could you repeat that question?"
{X} "...Maybe?"
File 123513876476.jpg - (51.13KB, 753x406 , 1227816932185.jpg) [iqdb]

Well, let me put it like this:


That was almost exactly the same kind of line I wanted Faggot (the protagonist, as we dub him on irc) to spout. Either we think alike, or you're a filthy psyker, who should be purged from the boards, and the face of Earth as well. Your choice.

Seriously though, it's not even a settled fact if I'll be the one to write the next update, so if you don't believe me, I won't blame you. You can have all the credit you want if I do use those lines though, I don't mind.
[x] "I... No, look. She came to school with a really bad cold, so I scolded her and took her to the nurse's office where we then met the new nurse, who, quite frankly, looked like a crazed pedophile in every way. We ran from this lunatic, that I shall mention chased after us through the school, until we were left with no option but to leave the grounds. So we got on a bus and went down to the local pharmacy to get her some medicine. I didn't have enough money to take her to the hospital and she didn't really look in bad enough condition for it anyway. We couldn't exactly go back to school, and her house is not only empty, but her parents would not have liked me visiting. I thought this was the best place to take her, so I could look after her. I suggested we play some video games if she was bored, which we did, and ended up getting so into it that she collapsed in my arms just as you walked in" raise a hand "and before you say I'm an idiot - yes, I agree with you; and no, none of this was fabricated"
[x] Sigh. "And as for your question... No, we're not going out. Though I think... I like her, maybe. I don't really know"

I love this option.
Hey man, I've made a lot of write-ins before; though as much as I enjoy watching them win every now and then, I just like to see shit get done.

I really hope that this stays on the front page until the next update comes around. It's sad watching things go unfinished, especially if they have so much unused potential.

Vodka refused to write the next update, due to the copious amount of work he has to get done, so I guess it'll be up to me to update this. As soon as my partner gets online, I'll have a talk with him, and update.
File 123526684521.jpg - (54.46KB, 571x570 , 1233777202585.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know. Could you repeat that question?"

"So, is she your girlfriend?"
The question that appears sooner or later in every godforsaken soap opera decides to haunt my own at the long awaited last. Oh, how I appreciate being asked about such things out of the blue! The way the tea suddenly decides to push on my lips from inside almost takes me by surprise. But, but, it would be stupid to spit a portion of delicious liquid into your own father's face, now wouldn't it? Therefore, instead of following another cliche, I do my best to swallow it, before the inevitable happens. Needless to say, such rash actions lead to obvious, yet unforeseen consequences.
"Gah--! Gh--! Cough! Cough!" The throat of mine suffers the rage of hot tea, while I try not to face my dad while it's doing so. "God-- Cough! Jesus painting Christ, what--?!"
The very one who caused this mess gives me a condescending look. Just what is going on in his head?! I could have died here, what's the point of smiling like an idiot?! Seriously, this is one of the moments I wish my parents were a bit more responsible. Hey, and not only that! I was also about to spit hot damn tea in your face! How can your remain calm in a time of crisis like this?!
"Aha," He says. "Straight on the nail, eh?" Like HELL, dad! That was seriously uncalled for! For the love of everything that has ever existed, your timing is so perfect I'm really starting to feel like in a movie. Or was that your intent? I thought mom was the only one who watched soap operas in our family? And of course, my dear sister, but she moved out AGES ago, to that place with a fancy name, so that obviously removes her from the list of criminals. Et tu, dad? ET TU?! Why must I always be surrounded with mindless people, even at home?! "So is she?"
"Dad, I..." I stop for a moment, and rub my forehead. This is bad, I can't really tell for sure... Well, I DO like her, and she seems to like me, but... If it's about going out... I sigh. "Yes. No. Maybe." No reaction, other than a rather mocking smirk. This doesn't really help me make my mind up, dad. "I don't know!" I throw my arms up. "Could you repeat that question?"
He doesn't appear amused, and somehow, I can't blame him. That was pretty lame of me, to use a line from a comedy series to escape the troublesome query. Yet, my beloved parent, despite all the odds, mimics my exaggerated gesture.
"O' god!" he chants in a pompous voice "Why have you punished me with such an unoriginal son!" His eyes then shift back to me. "Malcolm in the Middle sucked."
"Yeah it di-- wait." The instinctive answer that came out on it's own quickly gets cut short by my gloriously returning common sense "You're my dad, you shouldn't use words like that."
"Well," I swear his smile gets wider with every passing second. What sort of a parent you are, to enjoy tormenting your child?! "Let's just say I liked Radio Roscoe more, then. So, what about her? Is she your girlfriend?" I groan. This is getting not only dangerous, but also boring. I DO NOT KNOW, dad. I can't even say for sure if she likes me that way - bah! - we've only known each other for how long? Two days? Don't be ridiculous! "If you don't want to spill the beans, how about I ask her instead?"
"Yeah," I wave my hand, still lost in an internal rant about how wretched my life is "Go ahead." The one who calls himself my father stands up, and with the same, half-mocking, half-ironic smile, walks out of the kitchen, leaving me to silently curse under my nose alone. Seriously, if he was going to ask Aoi anyway, he should have done as the first thing, not beat around the bush and-- "---- wait."
Did he just-- Did I just--?! Damned unguarded moments, what the hell did I just do?!
Quickly, like a bunny kicked in the butt by a huntsman, I spring off my chair, and rush to the living room, to prevent the disaster.

... which of course managed to unfold almost completely before my arrival. What my eyes witness, is a scene of utmost slice-of-life horror - a smiling father, towering over a furiously blushing girl, who was EVIDENTLY asked something INCREDIBLY embarrassing WITHOUT holding back a slightest bit. Dad... Dad... DAD. If you're going to ruin my life, at least do it more openly, so I can thank your for your hospitality like a well-raised son, and go my own way, alright? Acting like this is only going to make BOTH of us feel worse, I know it! My guts say so!
"Aw, fiddlesticks." The paternal monster says. "Kids these days, all sneaky about their relationships."
"No." He turns to me when I enter the room. "It's because YOU," I point at him accusingly "Asked something EXTREMELY embarrassing without taking HER feelings into consideration!"
This rage is probably unjustified, but I couldn't care less at the moment. I swear, if this has any impact on my progress with Aoi...
... did I just think 'progress'? Hell, dad. Hell, hell, hell. Maggot-filled, burning ass of the seventh circle of hell. Thanks to you, I'm ALREADY thinking in those kinds of terms! Get out of my head, for fuck's sake! Get out of my goddamn head!
Regardless of the chaos that's just unwound in the air, dad only gives me a wry, yet calm smile, accompanied by a shrug. Yeah, if shrugging is all you can do, then you better scoot, sower of disorder! Do you want pathos? Too bad, here's a handful of resentment, go blow yourself! Why. Must. The. First. Time. I. Bring. A. Person. Home. In. Ages. Turn. Out! Like! THIS?! And it's Aoi, too! I'm slowly going insane. That I am. I'm going to go crazy, and cut myself with a pillow. Yes, a GODDAMN pillow, dad. Think of the headlines. 'Abused teenager bled to death after cutting his wrists with a pillow'. And under that, your name, written in a neat, blood-soaked, red font. How about that?
"Back in my times..." The tormentor falls silent under my bloodshot stare. "... okay, I get the hint. I'll just go upstairs and play some games on albinoblacksheep.com, okay?"
Following the lack of response, the one who caused the whole mess, leaves silently, leaving us - me and Aoi - to sort it out. Not able to withstand any more stress, I slump down on the cough, beside Aoi, and sigh. Twice. Thrice. Then palm my face.
"... he," Ironically, I'm not the first one to regain the ability to speak. "Asked if I was..."
"I know." I cut in. "Don't mind him, he's..." Damn, despite all the negative thoughts, it's still hard to insult my own father just like that. Am I pathetic yet, or what? "... just don't mind him. Forget it. Weren't you sleeping?"
"Ah." I can't see her, but I can tell she's just clasped her hands together "Er, yeah, I was... I'm still a bit sleepy though..."
"Okay, then." I stand up "I'll go grab a book, and you try to take another nap. Oh, and," that's right, there's still something else to do "One more thing... Does your house have a phone?"


In the end it took several hours for someone from Aoi's host family to get back home, and pick the damn call up. Of course, the one to call them wasn't I, but my father, who fortunately dropped the subject of my and Aoi's relationship, in favour of more serious topics. Like getting her home. Well, at least in that we thought alike. Of course, being the lazy bastard I am, and my father having the free time he has, I ordered him to call Aoi's house every ten minutes, and try to explain the situation to whoever answers. I, on the other hand, busied myself with reading a poor science-fiction novel, sitting in an armchair, keeping watch over a sleeping girl. What goes without saying, is that I had a hard time concentrating on the text. Great, good going, me.

Anyway, it was already past ten in the evening when a car horn sounded in front of our apartment building. Dad proposed he'd walk Aoi to the car, for reasons I couldn't understand, nor care about at the time, and having bid the girl a short farewell, I dragged my stale body upstairs, to my room.

Having closed the door behind me, I quickly throw myself on the bed, groaning like a dissatisfied lion, after a tiring day. A very tiring day. It was a rather tiring day, now that I think of it. Maybe not physically, but mentally - dealing with both the sickly girl, and the overzealous parent isn't exactly my kind of spending an afternoon.

It's already dark. Mom still isn't home, but she should be back any minute now. Working till so late must be rough, huh...

[ ] Spend some more time with dad. Tighten the bonds between the son and the devil.
[ ] Go to sleep. Today ended up going to hell, but tomorrow everything will be better.
[ ] My body is weary, but tonight, I won't be getting much sleep. Grab some now, while I still can.
{X} My body is weary, but tonight, I won't be getting much sleep. Grab some now, while I still can.

I don't even know but okay
{X} My body is weary, but tonight, I won't be getting much sleep. Grab some now, while I still can.
[X] My body is weary, but tonight, I won't be getting much sleep. Grab some now, while I still can.

Let's go out tonight as well~
[ ] Go to sleep. Today ended up going to hell, but tomorrow everything will be better.
[X] My body is weary, but tonight, I won't be getting much sleep. Grab some now, while I still can.
[x] Spend some more time with dad. Tighten the bonds between the son and the devil.
[X] My body is weary, but tonight, I won't be getting much sleep. Grab some now, while I still can.
File 123534005544.png - (240.46KB, 864x480 , 1232003174647.png) [iqdb]
[X] My body is weary, but tonight, I won't be getting much sleep. Grab some now, while I still can.

Well, I've had enough for today - the hassle around skipping school, nursing Aoi, dealing with my overzealous parent left little to no time for myself. Regrettable, but it's nothing that can't be worked off with a little effort. Perhaps it's idiotic, but a walk is what I could use to vent the anger, as well as all the unneeded thoughts. It was... fun, in a way, last night, the stroll I had. Might as well repeat it tonight... But not now. It's still a bit too early, and I seriously dad would have nothing against me going out at this hour, seeing how I neglected a lot of things by concentrating on the guest, so the only logical course of action would be to wait until he and mom are asleep... Then sneak out. In the meantime, let us grab some sleep, while there's still time.
Yawning, I set my cellphone's alarm clock to 1:30AM, and give in to Morpheus' embrace.


The same, dark, yet upbeat atmosphere as yesterday greets me when I reach the centre of the city. Streets are full of people, who - like me - decided to take a nightly walk, for one reason or another, all of them unknown to anyone but themselves. Somewhere, from a nearby pub, loud music drowns the noise of talking out, making one feel as if it wasn't a late night, but rather an incredibly dark, Sunday afternoon. And among all the mess, walks a tired-looking highschooler, taking care not to bump into anyone by an accident. I'm looking for a bit of fresh air, not trouble.
"... sigh."
Still, strolling around aimlessly feels somewhat dull.

[ ] Let the music guide me. Enter a pub.
[ ] The park. It's very quiet there.
[ ] The school.
{X} The park. It's very quiet there.

[ ] Let the music guide me. Enter a pub.
File 123534197239.jpg - (104.37KB, 638x727 , fukucoat.jpg) [iqdb]
>But this is a chance, and even if it takes a lot of effort, I shall solve this situation, either through force or elaborate planning.

Let's hang out in a pub all night
[x] The park. It's very quiet there.
[X] The park. It's very quiet there.
[X] Let the music guide me. Enter a pub.
[ ] Let the music guide me. Enter a pub.
[ ] The school.

You must reach the last floor of Tartarus or Nyx will kill everybody!
[x] The park. It's very quiet there.
It just hit me: Pub is probably the Adahn option, since she was such a booze hound.

Or it could be the Shirou option, since he also was a booze hound.

Or it could be the Ivanov Brothers option, since they're russians lol

Or it could be the Mikio option when he stands outside and asks people going in to buy drinks for him.

Or it could be all of them at once as well as anyone else I missed.
Pub is the "get raped in a dark alley" option.
File 123539446690.jpg - (99.37KB, 656x225 , fapnotefucksake.jpg) [iqdb]

Forgot your reaction image.
[X] Let the music guide me. Enter a pub.
[X] The park. It's very quiet there.
What the hell are you guys doing.
Or ALL of them.
File 123545998126.png - (21.49KB, 213x270 , 1221807230872.png) [iqdb]

All of them?

All together at once?
File 123546635357.jpg - (11.33KB, 265x297 , 1232257139781.jpg) [iqdb]
File 123550141669.jpg - (10.37KB, 320x240 , gfd.jpg) [iqdb]
>these votes
File 123550360163.gif - (46.96KB, 100x100 , 121105058698.gif) [iqdb]
[X] The park. It's very quiet there.
[x] Let the music guide me. Enter a pub.
[X] The park. It's very quiet there.

Not everyone likes Fukuzai.

We made a promise to her, remember? Then completely forgot about it. Where is the house for Fukuzai, Anon? You said there would be house.
[X] The park. It's very quiet there.
[X] The park. It's very quiet there.
File 12355330772.jpg - (6.37KB, 240x240 , 240px-Josephmanderley.jpg) [iqdb]
... I don't even know what happened here.
That would have been a lot more convincing without the picture.

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