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It's a special occasion today, THP. Based on that, I was supposed to bring you a present, but thanks to the unfavourable circumstances hanging over my lately life, it did not turn out as I wanted it to. Thus, all I can give you is a summary... and a Reimu image dump.

TS Rem
A chance meeting in a cold night

The wind sweeps through my hair like a swallow sweeps through the treetops, grazing and brushing every leaf it passes by, yet remains unaffected, steadily persisting in it's flight. A noise, on the verge of hearing, but distinguishable even through the buzzing of the grass and bushes around me, a hint, a cue, a trigger for my senses to sharpen. Blot out all irrelevant factors, and focus, concentrate.
My sweaty palm clutches the knife, my trusty knife, like a sword. My only weapon, and my only shield.

I catch a glimpse of black cloth among the thicket.

Tonight, she's going to die. Someone's going to die.
Someone's going to die, so the other one may live on.
And as long as I'm in control of those overwhelmingly accurate senses...

I'm not going to die.

The story starts with Nanaya utilizing his skills to hunt an unnamed youkai girl some of you might be able to identify, based on the colour of her clothes, and that he shares a special relationship with a certain kind of youkai...

Mother night embraces those who are not scared of her ominous shades. Mother night rewards those who move about in the darkness.

I'm not afraid of darkness. Because the darkness is not my enemy, not my nemesis. Ever since the dawn of history, humans were afraid of shadows.
But not me. Darkness is a tool. A weapon. Without it, I would be no more. And without me... The night would be a lot less scary.

The very instant the distance between us lowers to under 5 meters, my body springs to life. Muscles contract, rebounding me from the surface, like a bullet hurling towards the target. I spin mid-air, facing the sky. My fingers touch the ground, gently, only brushing it with their tips, yet that alone is sufficient to raise my velocity enough to catch up with her flight.

Why would he be hunting youkai in a forest? Imagine what would happen if Reimu didn't come to rescue after the fateful meeting with Wriggle. If he lost contact with M&R and was forced to wander around the forests of Gensokyo, totally lost, leading a life of an anchorite, away from all the civilisation, depending on nature and himself only to survive.

I emerge from the bushes, and crossing her trajectory, grab her collar from below.
She can't even struggle when I flail her petite body around, completely reversing the situation - now me on top, her only staring in fright up at my face, stretched in a horrible grin.

We fall to the ground.

An interesting perspective, when it struck me. A whole new spectrum of circumstances, possible encounters and storylines, it occured to me that I came up with a rather nice idea to write some Reimu while still sticking to the premise of a Nanaya wanderer.

Automatically, like a machine programmed to always take the same steps with the same timing, I change the grip on my knife.
And swing it down.
Not distinguishing between skin, nerves, muscles, veins or anything else. With a single slash, so clean one could write a poem about it, without any hesitation, without any remorse.

I cut that splendid neck.

Blood splatters around, and I make no effort to avoid getting it on my clothes. There's something oddly arousing in getting dirty like this. With a defenseless girl struggling against my actions, slowly growing senseless, powerless as I admire the spectacle.
Her eyes give me a weak, frightened, but hateful look.
I smile.
"To my beautiful killing chamber."

After killing the girl, he would drag her corpse to his shack, in the middle of nowhere. One he found and took away from the previous owner, not necessarily in a gentle way. Imagine that there was a timeskip between the moment he reaches the door, the first drops of rain banging silently on the roof of his little house, and a moment of temporal silence, peace, a feast ripening on a makeshift grill while he's trying to clean the sleeves of his shirt.

But it seems that I won't be given the leisure of spending the evening undisturbed.
Knock, knock.
Weakly, silently, something taps on my house's door. My body freezes, alarmed, stratled by the sudden noise. Just like then, when I heard the girl in the forest, my senses sharpen, like if a switch was flipped inside my head.
Knock, knock.

But a story wouldn't be a story if it were just about a brutal bastard living his everyday life, now would it? That's why, knocking on his chamber door...

Still anxious about what might be waiting on the other side, I violently swing the door ajar, one hand in my pocket, fingers laid on the only weapon I could count on.
But what meets my eyes is nothing I would ever expect.

Something trips forward, and weakly impacts against my chest, wrapping it's arms around my shoulders.
It's a girl. How can I tell? Let's put that aside for now.
Wet, drenched, her long, black hair sticking to her body, shining in the dim light of my grill's fire.
"P... please..."
She mutters.
And it is then I notice.
Her clothes, ragged, torn, as if someone tried to rip them off her body. Half of her top gone, revealing a rather small chest, wrapped in bandages. Piece of a sleeve hanging off her wrist. Scrap of a ribbon entangled in her hair. And most of all...
... two. No, three. Four. Five. Five pieces of bent steel wire sticking out of her naked back.
"It's..." she looks up at me, with tears - or perhaps just water - in the corners of her eyes. I swear that if one could whisper countless pleads with just a stare, those eyes would be doing this right now. Her hands, cold like the air outside claw on my back. She's not even standing on her own anymore. Just holding onto my perplexed figure, hanging off my shoulders like a powerless doll. "Cold outside..." her lips are almost as pale as the rest of her face "Can I.... come in?"

Partially out of perplexion that came from having been visited by a person - and a girl at that - he takes her in.
Following a short moment of consternation, he offers to tend to her wounds, sacrificing his own medical supplies.
She hesitantly agrees, while feeling embarassed about stripping in front of a guy, and relinquishes her will, giving in to his care.
File 122759643734.jpg - (138.83KB, 400x599 , fe90afd26876f3ebc1e98e9aafbe411c.jpg) [iqdb]
"Hey." I try to start a conversation while surveying the state of her back. It'll help us to relax - both me and her - and to get rid of this weird atmosphere. "Man, you're a mess..."
"... I know."
She answer, as expected, weakly. I can tell that just breathing causes her pain. No wonder.
"What's your name?"
"... Reimu... Reimu Hakurei."
I take a closer look at one of the wires. It's not stuck too deeply. Just in the skin, it seems. Hopefully her organs are untouched. Still, what could've caused that?
"Not a bad name."
"... and you?"
"My name is not important. I'm just a spider webbing in the darkness. Steady, this one's gonna hurt."

After the laborious and painful process of removing the wires from her back, Nanaya disinfects her wounds, and helps to bandage them causing another embarassing moment. He then offers a shelter until the morning, to which she answers with a hesitant '... yes'.
Asked what exactly happened, Reimu reveals that she's gotten into a fight with a youkai - named Kazami Yuuka. The diffirence in power was too great, and thus Reimu was struck down, mutilated, beaten up, and dropped in the middle of the Forest of Magic, to die. Yes, the wires in her back were actually pieces of Yuuka's parasol.

"Why would you fight with that woman? I know, you're a Hakurei, but still, from what I heard about Kazami..."
She averts her gaze.
"... I don't know."

It turns out that the reason for their fight is unbestknown to her, even though all the odds suggest that she was the one to start it. Yet, all she remembers is suddenly finding herself in the middle of a deadly battle.
Some of you may see a certain pattern here.

Despite the awkward circumstances, and the poor state of Reimu's clothing, both she and Nanaya somehow manage to stay alive until the midnight, when the latter decides it's time to sleep.
Of course, a peaceful night is not what they'll be given.

Without even knowing when, I find myself squatting over her, on all fours, staring right into her reddish eyes.
"What are you doing..." she whispers, with both anxiety and... something else.
Indeed, what am I doing? I can't even remember when I got out of the cozy shakedown I made myself of an old blanket, and pinned her to the bed.
But something inside me, lingering like a shadow, barely distinguishable beneath a mountain of other thoughts, tells me... Tells me that it's how it should be. That this is what should be happening right now. Because she's here. Because she's...
"... how bold of you." she suddenly speaks up "You men are all the same. Rescuing a girl, and then expecting her to love them, just because of that."
"Love?" I repeat "I don't need love."
"What is it then? What are you looking for? One-night stand with a wounded shrine maiden?"
"One-night stand, huh?" I smirk "Strange you're the one bringing that up."
As if on a cue, her face turns red. I can't see any details in this dim moonlight, but I can tell that much. I can feel her blood pressure suddenly jumping, I can feel it pulsating in her wrists that I hold down with my hands.
She tries to look away.
"... m-my back still hurts... So..."
"Yeah." I answer as gently as possible "I'll go easy on you."
And then, we do the most natural thing in that kind of situation.

He wakes up in the morning, later than usual, thanks to the... exhausting night. Reimu is nowhere to be seen.
Instead, there's a piece of paper laying on the table.

'Thank you. And sorry.' - is all it says.


And that was the basic premise. Unfortunately, like I previously stated, the thing itself got scrapped and deleted somewhere in the middle, due to me being quite unhappy with how it looked.

That's that. This is my farewell. I came to a conclusion that I should take a break from THP. It's been six months, and truth be told, I've never stuck with any online community for that long before. Will I return, I don't know.
Thanks to your seemingly irrelevant choice back in the days of TS4, I had been able to come up with a character that I almost fell in love with, and will probably use in my other work, even if it's not touhou-related. Yes, Fukuzai Toorima (伏在通り魔) was actually built around the name you'd chosen for her long ago, possibly unaware of the consequences it was about to bring forth. Concealed Phantom Killer - a metaphor for her true nature, it appeared to me as a clever idea to put it to use. As well as the hidden ASCII messages. Too bad no one but two people actually figured that out. There were still many things to discover about her - for example about her mother, the cause of her death, Yakumo's motives for helping Eron revive his daughter, and many, many more - too bad it had to end prematurely.

Ever since the day I started trolling out of boredom - due to having to wait several hours to resume writing - THP has been becoming more and more of a nuisance than entertainment, even if writing here had in time become one of my favourite hobbies. Sunday night tipped the scales, actually adding to my rapidly developing nervous depression. That was a hint I had to take into consideration.

Too late, my time has come,
Sends shivers down my spine-
Fingers aching all the time,
Goodbye everybody-I've got to go-
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth-
THP oooh- (I'm not welcome here)
I dont want to stop,
I sometimes wish I'd never started writing at all.

In the meantime, enjoy your dump.... subject one hundred and five.
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Whoops, I'm out of time.

Take it easy without me, THP.
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No fucking way. YAF is Touhou Project. It can't be without him....
It's like losing one of the best things it ever had...

Picture fucking related.... whatever i will wait....
File 122760045495.jpg - (146.03KB, 700x525 , 4ac67b2bf60a889672a6118dd7a4315e.jpg) [iqdb]
Those who will not miss YAF have no heart. Those who will want him back have no brain.

Bye Yandere Alice Fag.
See ya around, man.
And nothing of value was lost.
File 122760140758.jpg - (347.31KB, 850x1174 , sample-ab30388b113dc7330e8295aa0c52657e.jpg) [iqdb]
Shit, here's to hoping it's just a break. Later, dude.
Wow, I had completely forgotten that YAF stood for Yandere Alice Fag. Time flys by, huh.

See you, Space Cowboy.
File 122760674233.jpg - (60.51KB, 951x1051 , 38uk.jpg) [iqdb]
You will be missed, YAF.
"...And something of value was lost."
YAF is down to ?
Where are the times when i first voted in your story and evryone was so excited about new stories?
What is this faggotry? A "Goodbye" thread? You either disappear with a short warning or you get your ass back to work.

Christ, trolling and drama until the very end.
Goodbye YAF. I'm one of your faithful readers/voters (hoping I'm not the only one, and now that you are gone, it's like a part of me is missing.
YAF honestly caused more drama than he was worth. If I have anything to say, it's "good riddance".
Bohemian Rhapsody is now playing in your head. Manually.

Well, sure, YAF had his share of faggotry and trolling, there's no doubt about that, but you can keep your bitching to yourself-
Here, he's gone, you got what you wanted, right? you can avoid saging to avoid INCREASING the drama around it.
I'm neither with YAF or against him, but i enjoyed his writing at the start.

I'm saging so that his "final" act of drama doesn't put other stories further down. Not because I hate him.
>but you can keep your bitching to yourself-
>Here, he's gone, you got what you wanted, right?

As >>69584
I would suggest you "keep your bitching to yourself" as well, since it would seem you aren't actually reading what you're referencing.
I see very well what i'm reffering to
>Christ, trolling and drama until the very end.
Looks like bitching to me.
Guys, please.
Stop this faggotry at once. It is already sad enough that YAF left, no need to aggravate the situation more. He was hated and loved by people at the same time.
Of course his exit would be a Drama first class, but that is YAF. So let him have it.

That would be a statement of fact, I'm afraid. This entire thread is nothing but a drama magnet. If he wanted to simply leave, he could have just dropped a simple "Here's something oh and I'm gonna be disappearing until further notice. See ya.", but instead opted for this grandiose attempt. The man almost blatantly says this himself.


It would not matter either way, as I'm sure he iswill be wacking off to both positive and negative attention.
YAF's a dramafag, nothing else is new. Let's just leave this desperate attempt for attention as it is and let it rot beneath 7 pages of actual CYOAs.

The only one causing any drama here is you. Do the board a favour and fuck off with YAF.
HY, lock this Thread or i will make it a CG homolust thread

It is a rather impressive feat of irony, but I shall admit it has for the most part come true.

I shall vacate the premises immediately.
Bye YAF, you were fun to have around and your stories were nice too.

Cya later, YAF.
File 12276318216.png - (3.26KB, 545x555 , notchill.png) [iqdb]
Nothing to chill about.
I can't take it easy like this.

Bye YAF, Oh he was so easy to troll.

Oh and this is actually a post of me in despair, Not sarcasm.
I'm going to miss you, YAF. Trolling you was the first post I made on this site.
The fuck, YAF? The hell you think you're doing? You still haven't finished that Renko H-scene, and you need to help Vodka with the Crossover Faggotry! It has such potential, but Vodka is busy with SHaG, and more people readed (and voted) it than the 5 anons who folloed CoMN until the end.

You said you're a man? Then act like one and finishe what you started!
>>take into consideration

Yeah, he'll be back. Have a nice break YAF, come back fresh, /shrine/ will be waiting.
File 122764936619.jpg - (23.35KB, 434x591 , 70d7389a7b1bb32c22a81886697801753c777fcb.jpg) [iqdb]
Bye Yandere Alice Fag ;_;

It's kinda empty now. Without you.
You know, I've already posted here, but now that I'm not as depressed anymore, I can do what's more improtant: comment the ideas for TSREM Yaf posted.

It's not bad. Well, killing Rumia right on the beggining is always a bad thing, signal of bad stories (Border Crossing anyone?) but not this time. The perspective is also good, I'm getting tired od so many 'you's.

>Why would he be hunting youkai in a forest? Imagine what would happen if Reimu didn't come to rescue after the fateful meeting with Wriggle. If he lost contact with M&R and was forced to wander around the forests of Gensokyo, totally lost, leading a life of an anchorite, away from all the civilisation, depending on nature and himself only to survive.

Yeah, that's also nice. Of course, starting the story with an enpowered protagonist is much,much better than going trhough all that pain of 'what's happening to me?' and stuff alike.

However, when Reimu came into scene, it kinda degraded a bit. Reimu is supposed to be the all powerful in Gensokyo, isn't she? Remember that doujin, Koumakyou? That's the Reimu who guards Gensokyo. But the worst part was this:

>'Thank you. And sorry.' - is all it says.


Well, that's it. I'd read it. Even if it looks extremely Reimu-centered and I'm desperate for Suika route (which reminds me of some flaws in TS2), I'd read it.

> Reimu is supposed to be the all powerful in Gensokyo, isn't she? Remember that doujin, Koumakyou

In the games? No. Remember, one of the reasons the Spell-card system was made was to protect her.

But if you're using a Chado-like interpretation, that's fine.
Designed to protect her against accident. There isn't anyone who can really just challenge her and win.

>Supreme Master-Arts by any means. With Reimu's ability to float, she floats from everything in reality and becomes invincible.
>If it wasn't just for play (with time limit), no one could beat her with any method.
Besides, no one would WANT to kill Reimu because if she dies, Gensokyo is finished. The spell card system is there to allow youkai to use their powers without fear of death by loss of Gensokyo, or death by shrine maiden ...or something. This part isn't too clear. Especially since youkai seem to still eat people, but any human should be capable of a duel, and the rules even say
>If victorious against a human, you may not kill them.

Anyways. She's the strongest, canonically.

Yuuka doesn't give a shit about Gensokyo, but has enough honour to stick to the rules. Therefore, in the fight, she had wounded Reimu, but did not kill her, only dropped her in the middle of the forest to die. No one can blame Yuuka if the cause of Reimu's death was, for instance, a random stray youkai, right?

Plus, Reimu is human. Physically wounded, she does not possess youkai regenerative abilities, and thus is unable to fight with steel wires (and possibly not only) in her back. There's also the issue of pain and it's effect on her fighting abilities.
If you're going into powerlevel discussions, remember 1 thing-
If they dropped the spellcard rules, Yukari would be pretty much, um, GOD.
Reimu officialy lost to Suika in IaMP and Tenshi in SWR, respective scenarios.
Plus, read what Yukari says when you "beat" her on PCB. She's just being playful.

And on top of that, You don't really beat Yuugi, Yuugi only playing around woth you, her sake NOT EVEN DROP!.

.....sorry. i couldn't help it. Selfsage for the horrible joke.
>Plus, read what Yukari says when you "beat" her on PCB. She's just being playful.
>when you "beat" her on PCB

Shit's never gonna happen.
File 122771964829.jpg - (307.22KB, 852x1200 , 98246590.jpg) [iqdb]
>If they dropped the spellcard rules, Yukari would be pretty much, um, GOD.
Unless someone happens to use water on her.
OK, so a god wearing a rubber suit.

Well, great, now I have a hankering for images of Yukari wearing a wetsuit. Do such images exist?
>>Omnomnom yaf cock taste so good what an epic drama troll best writer evar fuck year

Okay then.


Don't start this shit.

What the fuck? The hate for Nine is still going?

Seriously, Nine isn't bad. I mean, the hate for YAF went away really fast, and Nine is, and has always been, better than him!

Seriously, what the fuck. sage
Pretty much this. You'll be missed... perhaps not by everyone, but by quite a few of us.
>What the fuck? The hate for Nine is still going?

No, it isn't. I don't hate Nine since after he started AoD. Admit it, Border Crossing was, and will ever be, bad.

In my opinion, anyone who took Border Crossing seriously was retarded, since it was supposed to be crazy fun. Kind of like a TS Lite.

Still, most of the hate came from the futa aspect, for one reason or another. Even so, it was fun while it lasted.
>most of the hate came from the futa aspect

And I will never understand why. Normal guy, normal girl, tsundere guy, trap, viking guy, moon rabbit girl, communist guy, servant guy, fairy...

What's so bad about futa?

Loli + dick seems to scare most anons.
Makes no sense.

They are but weak and stubborn. It takes a journey to erotic hell and back for them to accept and praise their fetishes.
lol banned
lol fuck you very much YAF
fucking Nigger go back to plowing the fields
Please come back yaf, saguya is fagging up the place in your absence.

ThX YAF, I won the bet..
File 122805175537.jpg - (120.43KB, 715x1000 , d321cf6ebe3f8dbe9b871a1a139432e8.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122805178371.jpg - (57.77KB, 495x694 , bee450d575ce6eb3a7931d086f74aa78.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't take another complication
File 122805184167.jpg - (701.75KB, 1200x1028 , 3c3e3e851c4cd16996b8f2cd66134d7c.jpg) [iqdb]
have mercy please God eraseus
File 122805190213.jpg - (125.79KB, 491x600 , 4c3b0f5fd2fe57abc249b8316df421e0.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't take another complication
File 12280519245.jpg - (324.50KB, 805x697 , a38afd6111e2e5a611db59847676c8f6.jpg) [iqdb]
have mercy please God erase us
File 122805197373.jpg - (118.09KB, 600x600 , ed7a883a41cbc62227abad94dfac0b28.jpg) [iqdb]
Let me breathe check destroy and upset
File 122805199616.jpg - (104.66KB, 909x973 , 537dabbb400e1b997b5e8b46114152d4.jpg) [iqdb]
on focusing destractions tear me open
File 12280520224.jpg - (76.47KB, 512x512 , a77e6a9cbe77f71d8e03a0aaec152fc2.jpg) [iqdb]
all the thoughts in my head are constantly .. haunting me
File 122805205145.jpg - (72.93KB, 394x583 , 3d1b2c0dcd1703e94797bb240bb52ffb.jpg) [iqdb]
I hope that I don't bore you while I whine about it
File 122805208330.png - (239.57KB, 700x600 , 82d2fdc245fde3fca14ae093be127bc4.png) [iqdb]
I hope you won't be saddened while I cry about it
File 122805210819.png - (380.29KB, 600x650 , fd6d949aca53d7c621f79d35193f7eff.png) [iqdb]
I keep telling myself that there's something more
File 122805213599.jpg - (142.81KB, 394x583 , b7a982a2e627dd7688b739c55165c7d1.jpg) [iqdb]
I keep telling myself that there's something more...
File 122805215948.jpg - (163.85KB, 857x1200 , 70a2f086496128816de64e6079f7a869.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm lost in this place it's such a waste!
File 122805219432.jpg - (349.25KB, 600x670 , 23b10c283560fae6ebac7bbd1b6c64b4.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't watch things further complicate!
File 122805226986.jpg - (655.55KB, 1175x1179 , 27dade404ff9a23c92fee6cfe2352ad1.jpg) [iqdb]
So if it all fails just throw it back in my face...!
File 122805231070.jpg - (513.90KB, 600x845 , dfd523f17c297bc2d352acde268b00d2.jpg) [iqdb]
File 122805233161.jpg - (62.29KB, 528x590 , a68a2f31a26d671a9e1440358cbd0d11.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't take another complication!
File 122805237082.jpg - (181.61KB, 565x452 , ee6e98e701ccdfbaee55790f57e2ccb7.jpg) [iqdb]
Have mercy, please, God erase us!
File 122805239673.jpg - (108.96KB, 500x600 , 1f5d13617c10fc7d15f3c8fe726c6ed4.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't take another complication!
File 122805244541.jpg - (271.17KB, 777x845 , 7c1f71abb02ce114bcde087ae9296617.jpg) [iqdb]
Have mercy, please, God erase us!
File 122805251897.jpg - (451.50KB, 1280x1024 , 411797a44234f2963defe53b8b8693b1.jpg) [iqdb]
Eraaaaseeee uuuuuuusss!
File 122805262248.png - (97.18KB, 277x1362 , 29f8fc8622bd528ed326081af35094a0.png) [iqdb]

That's Terminal, a guy who knows YAF's trip. Not YAF.
Should i kill this thread?

Or Jerl. Or that one other guy.

Do you even need to ask?

Though I'd prefer a mod to lock this drama shit up, or delete it.
I share your thoughts, that's why i'll wait for a few hours 'till one of the mods sees this, and if no one does put an end to this, i will.

That wasn't me, bro.
[x] Lake
And to think that I am considered a dramafag here.
Sheesh, you guys. Sheesh.
And you, FOE, go vent your hero of justice complex elsewhere.
Hi there terminal.
And no, it's not a "hero of justice" complex, i'm just fed up with seeing this thread being filled with more and more shit, AND staying at the top of the first page.
>Hi there terminal.

Wrong again.

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