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58764 No. 58764
It’s how it all begins and ends.

The blue sky is covered with white and black as giant scrolls roll across it. Brushstroke kanji miles wide drift from horizon to horizon. An immense tale which you could never begin to fathom weaves itself together like a tapestry.

Suddenly, a blinding flash and deafening roar. The blast is like a hammer to your chest as it hits and slams you to the ground. The world trembles.

Finally, your senses return. A faint dinging sound, like a wind chime, fills the air. Looking up, you see the scroll in the sky dissolving, as if being burnt away. From the scorched holes fall silver fragments like rain. The light fades as the sky disappears into the black ash, but there is still enough to see the shining metal pieces as they fall closer. Small round gears and thin pointed rods, as if from a pocket watch. They melodically hit each other in their descent, creating a tranquil twilight atmosphere which clashes the dread you feel in your gut.

The light fails. Like a sweeping curtain, darkness covers everything.

Nothingness. A cold, silent void. An eternity.

Something changes.

A plethora of colors push their way into view. A circle of hourglasses on round blank mirrors surround you. Each hourglass is different in color, their sands glow with warmth like the sun and shine like neon lamps as they continue to flow from the bottom of their containers upwards.

A loud crack rings out behind you. An hourglass breaks, spilling its sand which feels like life itself across the ground. Instinctively you reach down to block the hole in the glass to stop the leak.

Your world spins.

What color was that sand again?

[ ] Blue
[ ] Purple
[ ] Red
[ ] Orange
[ ] Yellow
[ ] Green

You are certain it wasn’t brown, gray, or white.

>> No. 58765
>>Dr. Doujin !6zq1qwwMaI
>> No. 58766
[ ] Orange
>> No. 58768
[X] Purple
>> No. 58769
[x] Green
>> No. 58770
[Q] Green
>> No. 58771
[x] purple
>> No. 58773
[x] Purple
>> No. 58774
[x] Teal
>> No. 58776
[X] Black
>> No. 58777
File 122090515548.png - (254.52KB , 487x401 , orenji.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 58778

I'd vote for [ ]Orange-kun, but purple is cooler.

[ ] Purple
>> No. 58779
[x] orange
>> No. 58780
[X] White
>> No. 58781
[X] Horizontal
>> No. 58783
[ ]Neon pink.
>> No. 58784
[ ]Neon pink.
>> No. 58785
Neon pink
To piss people off.
>> No. 58788
This bandwagon, it calls to me.

[ ] Neon pink
>> No. 58789
[ ]Neon pink.

Vote change~
>> No. 58790

>> No. 58791
[X] Neon Pink
>> No. 58792
[X] Neon Pink

Hope you enjoy the curve ball Doc.
>> No. 58793
[x] Indigo
>> No. 58795
Neon pink it is!

Hell I can't blame you guys for write-ins and choices not offered; its what I do all the time. Makes life more interesting.

Updates later.
>> No. 58799
Looks like i came too late for the party, but whatever

[X] Neon Pink
>> No. 58800
File 122091311884.png - (101.81KB , 450x707 , c31c5561ebf259b2cb0591a38eaa7815.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 58803
File 122091751580.jpg - (20.13KB , 360x293 , buscemi.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Why do I have to be Mr. Pink?"
>> No. 58811
File 122092387179.png - (127.58KB , 500x500 , 1207182559095.png ) [iqdb]
Because you're a faggot.

[x] Neon Pink

The sun has nearly set by the time I return home. The forest is dangerous at night, and like sharks the youkai tend to come out hunting eagerly at dusk. Still, since the house is only at the edge of the forest and not deeper inside the danger isn’t quite as large. It’s funny that living on the outskirts of the village actually makes my trip home quicker than for some of the other villagers.
A familiar cottage finally comes into view as the last rays of sunlight disappear in the distance. Just before I reach it, the door swings open and floods the walkway with light and the heavenly scent of spiced meat and grilled vegetables. A tall muscular man stands in the doorway.
“You’re late.” Oh his tart side can be so cute sometimes.
“You’re impatient, Rinn-y.” I respond in kind, trying to hide my smirk.
The stoic figure grins and pulls me into tight embrace.
“You’re a dirty man, you know that right?” Rinnosuke says playfully.
“Only because I’ve been plowing the fields all day. One of us has to make some money.”
“I’ll plow yo-“ but before he can finish I interrupt with a finger on his soft lips.
“You’re dirtier than I am! At least I can bathe it away.”
He gives the same familiar smile which has slowly emerged over the years of our companionship before leaning into me. Our lips meet and-

The sound of pouring increases.

“-at do you want?”

“Huh?” The noonday sun pours through the windows of the shop.

“I said ‘What do you want?’” The white haired man says with a slight air of unhappiness. His glasses help frame the sharp inquiring eyes focused on me.

“Oh, sorry about that, sir. I was..”

[ ] “I was just leaving.”
[ ] “I was inquiring about a job.”
[ ] “I was about to kill you and rob you blind.” Pull out your knife and lunge at him.
>> No. 58815
Oh wow, a gay anon with a thing for Rinnosuke.
>> No. 58816
[ ] “I was about to kill you and rob you blind.” Pull out your knife and lunge at him.

pfffff time the end the Gay Route now.
>> No. 58817
[X] “I was inquiring about a job.”

Anonymous must live with the choice he has made.
>> No. 58818
No we don't. See!

[x] “I was about to kill you and rob you blind.” Pull out your knife and lunge at him.
>> No. 58819
[x] “I was about to kill you and rob you blind.” Pull out your knife and lunge at him.
>> No. 58820
[x] “I was about to kill you and rob you blind.” Pull out your knife and lunge at him.

Changing vote. Oh ho, why not plunge ourselves into deep shit and/or get killed?
>> No. 58829
[x] “I was about to kill you and rob you blind.” Pull out your knife and lunge at him.

Go write for your Touhou VN Doujin
>> No. 58838
But its not mine. Its everyone's!

Knifing Mr. Fabulous won. I'll try to update it tonight. Updates will be infrequent until the writing for the VN is finished, so sorry in advance.
>> No. 58848
See you again in 2014
>> No. 58888
File 122098429453.jpg - (127.40KB , 500x500 , 1209614644246.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “I was about to kill you and rob you blind.” Pull out your knife and lunge at him.

“I was about to kill you and rob you blind,” I say nonchalantly as I pull out my knife and lunge at him. The display case and counter between us creates a awkward barrier, but it won’t stop me. In fact it’s almost helpful, since the store owner is trapped between the counter and the wall behind him. He could have moved to the side or ducked, were he quicker. Can’t blame him though, I mean I am pretty quick.

There is just enough time to see his eyes go wide before my blade slides between them, splitting the glasses in two. His body jerks about, still help up by my weapon wedged in his skull. Limps spasm and shake involuntarily; I must have pushed some nerve clusters together. Ha, he’s almost like a marionette, too there is no time to play with it.

A sharp tug dislodges my knife from him, causing the now dead body to slump forward over the counter. As I use the back of his shirt to clean it off, my thoughts drift off to how much loot this place has. But before I can get get far, my musing is broken by an unexpected interruption.

The entrance door swings open as a loud childish voice bursts through it.

“Kourin~! I’ve run away so let me stay at your place for a…... bit.”

Her voice falls to shrill whisper. The blond girl, covered in bruises and tattered clothes, couldn’t be more than 9 years old. Her dirty face stares in disbelief and shock before twisting into horror has the reality of the scene hits her.

The pregnant pause is broken as she screams in terror and sorrow.


The hourglass shatters into a thousand pieces. The pink sand it held pours helplessly across the dark ground. It throbs like a heartbeat, growing dimmer with every pulse of color. After a few seconds, the final struggle for life in the sand is extinguished. Darkness consumes the corpse and cleans away its remains. All that's left is the mirror the hourglass rested upon, dull and static. The broken circle of lights shines a little less brightly now.

A tinge of regret hits you. Though it was only a minor element, the aspect has been lost for good. Its reality was washed away by the darkness, removing its influence from the other lines as well. A rather potent insertion factors was lost in this failure too. However, as long as the other lines can maintain their steady states and avoid any consistency errors they will-


Yellow sand begins to trickle through a gap between hairline fractures of another hourglass. Dread fills you again. You were too optimistic. The yellow one is tied to too many other lines; if it fails the rest will likely collapse as well.

You quickly reach out to block the new hole.

Your world spins.
>> No. 58889
File 122098441114.jpg - (151.67KB , 777x777 , 12086616811.jpg ) [iqdb]
“A’ right then. I’ll take three of ‘em. Marisa! Hurry up with those groceries, yah worthless child.”

The market streets are busy with villages buying and selling wares.

“Ah.” The young woman barely responds in acknowledgement as she looks up at the produce. Hesitantly she reaches out and selects some apples. Even though her mundane garbs cover nearly all her body, the obvious scars and bruises on her wrists become exposed as she extends her hand. Meekly the fruit is selected and quickly placed in the bag. Constantly staring at the ground beneath her, it’s impossible to see the dull eyes reflecting her broken spirit. This poor girl could have been beautiful, if circumstances were different.

The two customers leave in silence.

“That guy pisses me off,” the merchant in front of me says.

“Hmm, why’s that?” It’s none of my business, but heck a talkative businessman is more fun than a silent one.
“That Kirisame bastard. The whole town knows what he does to his daughter, but can’t really do anything about it. No point to it anymore, since that girl is beyond help. Can’t mend what ain’t fixable, you know? That kid should have left home long ago. Maybe things wouldn’t have ended up like this?”
“Oh? Why didn’t she just get Rinnosuke to help her?”
The vendor stares blankly at me, obviously confused.


[ ] “Rinnoskue, Kirisame’s old assistant. The guy who runs the antique shop at the edge of the forest.”
[ ] “No one. Nevermind.” Follow them.
[ ] “No one. Nevermind. Any talk around town right now?”
>> No. 58891
[x] “Rinnoskue, Kirisame’s old assistant. The guy who runs the antique shop at the edge of the forest.”

Nice going fags you killed the gay.
>> No. 58892
[X] “Rinnoskue, Kirisame’s old assistant. The guy who runs the antique shop at the edge of the forest.”

Ahahahaha, anonymous has fucked up pretty bad. That knife, it only made things worse.
>> No. 58893
[ ] “No one. Nevermind. Any talk around town right now?”
>> No. 58894
[X] “No one. Nevermind. Any talk around town right now?”
>> No. 58895
[X] “No one. Nevermind.” Follow them.

Attempt to fix things, only to have things become worse than before, sending everyone into an endless spiral of despair.

How delicious.
>> No. 58896
>it’s impossible to see the dull eyes reflecting her broken spirit

This is your fault anonymous, you hurt Marisa.
>> No. 58897
[x] “Rinnoskue, Kirisame’s old assistant. The guy who runs the antique shop at the edge of the forest.”

Are we still playing as a gay guy?
>> No. 58899
[x] “Rinnoskue, Kirisame’s old assistant. The guy who runs the antique shop at the edge of the forest.”
>> No. 58902

Doujin said we've lost any hope of a gay H-scene. Whether we're still gay/bi depends on what we choose from here on apparently. Same with Kourin's existence.
>> No. 58903
[x] “Rinnoskue, Kirisame’s old assistant. The guy who runs the antique shop at the edge of the forest.”

Wow. First choice and we manage to fuck up. Hard.
>> No. 58904
>>Doujin said we've lost any hope of a gay H-scene

>>Whether we're still gay/bi depends on what we choose from here on apparently
I think you misunderstood me. This is inaccurate.

>>Same with Kourin's existence.
>> No. 58906
File 122099222694.jpg - (97.14KB , 800x600 , G A Y..jpg ) [iqdb]
Are we this guy?
>> No. 58907
>Are we this gay?

>> No. 58910
File 122099811185.jpg - (61.59KB , 428x520 , 120948680670.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “Rinnoskue, Kirisame’s old assistant. The guy who runs the antique shop at the edge of the forest.”

“Rinnosuke Morichika. He was Kirisame’s old assistant. You know, the guy who runs the antique shop at the edge of the forest?”

An awkward silence follows as the merchant just stares at me as if I just said a ridiculous joke with a perfectly straight face.

“Edge of the….are you serious? Why in the hell would someone live by the forest? You’re jokin’ right? Ain’t no one in this town that dumb and still alive. Nuttin’ out there but youkai and other monsters.”

He isn’t lying. Anyone would react this way to such a question.

“As for Kirisame havin’ an assistant, well that’s the first I’ve heard of it. And mind you, I’m getting’ close to being an old man by now. Oh sure, he’s had hired help before, but none of them stick around long.”

Shifting to a more concerned tone, he continues.

“Hey now buddy, you feelin’ ok? You don’t look so good. Maybe you sho-“


Another fissure runs along the curved glass, slowly emptying more of the golden sand. This isn’t good. The system’s strength is diminishing and becoming easier to break by even minuscule factors. The longer the damage remains, the more difficult synchronization with the insertion and control factors becomes. Without proper synchronization, the action probability distorts and a destructive act is more likely. As ironic as it sounds, time is against you. With the influence of the destroyed element absent, the structure of this element is diminishing. If it is not fixed, this line will suffer the same fate as the previous one.

It’s dangerous, but a forced insertion at an early integration point would allow you to alter the entire unit’s structure. It is possible to recreate the missing elemental’s influence with an artificial aspect, but if done improperly the system will shatter or worse. You’ll have to control it very carefully; even replace it’s psyche with your own if needed. But such focus will leave you unaware of the other line’s state.

Looking around at the circle of hourglasses the glow bright with life, you know what must be done. Carefully, you prepare and focus on the targeted point in the sand.

Your world spins.

“What can I do for yah?” A rugged man in his mid 20s stands in the doorway.

“Hello. I was hoping to inquire about an assistant position for your business.” My voice and expression can only be described as calm and confident. “Could I come inside?”

He studies me for a second before accepting the request.

“Sure fella, we could always use some more help, or a house-keeper at the very least. What’s your name?”

“Rinnosuke Morichika, sir.” With a smile, I step inside. At the end of the entry way a young girl, no more than 4 years old, peers around the corner. Bright curious eyes shine, framed by her wild golden hair. “It’s a pleasure meet you.” I say.

Integration: 100% Successful
Restoration Initiative: Active
Structure Strength: 81% and falling.

[ ] 1
[ ] Alpha
[ ] Ichi
>> No. 58912
[ ] Uno~
>> No. 58913
[ ] Alpha

I am completely lost here, but still want to see where this goes.
>> No. 58914
[x] Ichi

>> No. 58916
[ ] Uno~

Man chooses, etc etc.
>> No. 58917
[x] Uno~
>> No. 58918
So we're some kind of outer being manipulating the time/fate of Gensokyo that's shown as hourglasses, screwed it up by knifing Rinnosuke earlier on, and now must patch things up by being Rinnosuke himself?

I liked this already.

[X] Uno~
>> No. 58919
[ ] Ichi.

Anon as Rinnosuke? Nice.
>> No. 58920
[X] Alpha
>> No. 58921

Heh. And I'm guessing we have to like, bleach our hair and get some enchanted glasses to make up for not naturally having the Oringinal Rinnosuke's abilties?
>> No. 58922
[X] Uno
>> No. 58926

No, the character in this story is being thrown into different points in time. Maybe that screw up earlier can be fixed so Marisa won't have to be a mental wreck.
>> No. 58929
>Maybe that screw up earlier can be fixed so Marisa won't have to be a mental wreck.
Well yeah, that's why we just jumped back further. I guess now it's kind of like Flight of the Lost Soul, we need to act how Rinnosuke would act except for the getting stabbed part?
>> No. 58930
[X] Uno~
>> No. 58933
"You" are some kind of timeline keeper(?), each hourglass represents a person's timeline (Pink = Rinnosuke, Yellow = Marisa). Something appparently altered one of the timelines, causing destabilization and finally destruction, which altered another timeline and started a chain reaction. You have the ability to connect with a timeline by jumping into the minds of other people (Rinno's lover, some guy out shopping, Rinno himself) who are interacting with that timeline, at which point you become "I". You now have to use this ability to go back to certain events and patch up the timelines before the whole system collapses.

I think.
>> No. 58935
[X] Uno~
>> No. 58936

I prefer to be the Timecop.
>> No. 58937
That's pretty much what I think is going on.

When we're in someone's head we're seeing through their eyes, hearing with their ears, and most importantly, thinking their thoughts, which is why the perspective changes.
>> No. 58938
Flight of the Lost Soul + The Butterfly Effect + a bit of Dr. Who for flavor = Restoration of Temporal Sensations.
>> No. 58939
>>Flight of the Lost Soul + The Butterfly Effect + a bit of Dr. Who for flavor
+ a writefag who does mostly H scenes and Bad Ends
= Restoration of Temporal Sensations.

...fuck I can't tell if this is a good sign or a bad one.
>> No. 58941
>>...fuck I can't tell if this is a good sign or a bad one.

If you can't tell, then it's usually not the former.
>> No. 58958
That's what I was thinking, that and Discworld's Nightwatch.

[ ] ein

Rinnosuke has been killed by anonymous.

Are you a bad enough time lord to repair the fabric of the universe?
>> No. 58986
File 12210851513.jpg - (62.12KB , 640x480 , Blickuoro-sama.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Alpha
>> No. 59007
Glad people are interested. You've got some good theories going on.

Hopefully I'll be able to update in a day or two. Sorry, I know infrequently updating sucks but please bear with it.
>> No. 59257
File 122123695219.jpg - (129.97KB , 428x520 , el anon.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Uno


Los cambios de la arena.

“Kouriiiiin booooored. Vayamos juego, ze!”

Los tirones de Marisa en mi camisa tienen gusto de un niño. Supongo que ella sigue siendo técnico un niño, pero sin embargo ella es un pedacito demasiado viejo para este comportamiento. Toma todo mi no al alerón ella. Poniendo la cuenta y el libro mayor del inventario a un lado, doy vuelta a mi atención completa al paquete cabelludo amarillo de energía sin fin.

“Téngale acabado sus tareas?”

“Noooo,” ella contesta en un tono suave enfadado, como si reciba una conferencia.

¿“Usted ha acabado sus estudios? Usted sabe que trabajé muy difícilmente para encontrar esos libros para usted.”

“......no.” una indirecta del pesar y de la culpabilidad alinea su voz.

“Entonces hágale piensan realmente que es aceptable ir juego mientras que usted no hace caso de sus deberes?” La dificultad de la actuación como ha desaparecido una figura de padre nunca realmente, solamente yo ha aprendido no hacer caso de ella durante los pocos años de trabajo para el hogar de Kirisame. Es importante que ella tiene por lo menos una niñez semi apropiada. Con sus muertos y padre largos de la madre siendo como él es…. No quiero pensar en él.

“….pero ...... pero….” ella pone mala cara sin reserva. Oh muchacho aquí viene. Una qué técnica horriblemente de gran alcance ella ha desarrollado durante los años. Ojos teary anchos, labios que tiemblan, lenguaje corporal vulnerable; Juro alguien le enseñó que pero no tenga ninguna idea que.

“… fino.” Doy para arriba. No hay manera de ganar esto. Marisa salta hacia arriba y hacia abajo emocionado, savoring su victoria. “Pero solamente en una condición.”

La celebración para repentinamente. Marisa mira fijamente expectante, esperando el ultimatum.

[] “estudiamos afuera.”
[] “acabe sus tareas primero y le prestaré mi atención sin repartir.”
[] “usted me demuestra que algo que usted ha aprendido de sus estudios.”
>> No. 59258
{X} No
>> No. 59259
[x] No
>> No. 59260
[x] wat
>> No. 59261
[x] “usted me demuestra que algo que usted ha aprendido de sus estudios.”

Show us, Marisa~!
>> No. 59262
[] “estudiamos afuera.”
[] “acabe sus tareas primero y le prestaré mi atención sin repartir.”
[] “usted me demuestra que algo que usted ha aprendido de sus estudios.”

>> No. 59263
File 12212377657.png - (80.15KB , 350x400 , 1207181467196.png ) [iqdb]
The sand shifts apologetically.

“Kouriiiiin I’m booooored. Let’s go play, ze!”

Marisa tugs at my shirt like a child. I suppose technically she still is a child, but none the less she is a bit too old for this behavior. It takes all my will not to spoiler her. Setting aside the inventory count and ledger, I turn my full attention to the yellow haired bundle of endless energy.

“Have you finished your chores?”

“Noooo,” she replies in an annoyed bland tone, as if receiving a lecture.

“Have you finished your studies? You know I worked very hard to find those books for you.”

“……no.” A hint of regret and guilt lines her voice.

“Then do you really think it’s acceptable to go play while you ignore your duties?” The awkwardness of acting as a father figure has never really disappeared, but I’ve learned to ignore it over the few years of working for the Kirisame household. It’s important that the she has at least a semi proper childhood. With her mother long dead and father being like he is…. I don’t want to think about it.

“….but……but….” she pouts without reserve. Oh boy here it comes. What a horribly powerful technique she’s developed over the years. Wide teary eyes, quivering lips, vulnerable body language; I swear someone taught her but have no idea who.

“…fine.” I give up. There’s no way to win this. Marisa jumps up and down excitedly, savoring her victory.
“But only on one condition.”

The celebration suddenly halts. Marisa stares expectantly, waiting for the ultimatum.

[ ] “We study outside.”
[ ] “Finish your chores first and I’ll give you my undivided attention.”
[ ] “You show me something you’ve learned from your studies.”
>> No. 59264
[] “usted me demuestra que algo que usted ha aprendido de sus estudios.”
>> No. 59265
{X} “You show me something you’ve learned from your studies.”

>> No. 59266
[ ] “You show me something you’ve learned from your studies.”
>> No. 59267
[x] “You show me something you’ve learned from your studies.”
>> No. 59269
[x] “You show me something you’ve learned from your studies.”
>> No. 59270
[x] “You show me something you’ve learned from your studies, if you know what I mean.”
>> No. 59276
File 122124680864.jpg - (176.88KB , 524x522 , Marisa Kirisame001.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “You show me something you’ve learned from your studies.”

“Show me something you’ve learned from your studies. If I’m impressed, then we’ll take the afternoon off.”

Marisa’s eyes light up as a wild grin spreads across her face.

“Then prepare to be amazed! I’ll show you something that’ll knock your socks off, ze~.” Continuing the mood of her bold statement, Marisa runs into her room and a moment later triumphantly marches out wearing a poorly stitched purple cape and matching floppy hat.

“Ta-da! Behold Gensokyo’s greatest magician, the brilliant and beautiful Marisa Kirisame!”

“…” I’m at a loss for words. How could anyone react to this other than laughing?

“Ha! I left you speechless right? That’s because I’m so awesome, ze!”

“That’s exactly it,” I lie as hard as possible with a mask of sincerity before quickly moving the subject along. “So Great Magician Marisa, what do you have for us first?”

“Just you watch and learn. Behold the greatest danmaku shot ever!” Marisa sucks a lung full of air, throws her hands forward, and tenses up as if she were trying to push away an invisible wall. Red fills her face as she holds her breath and begins to strain herself. At this rate, she’ll pass out or pop a blood vessel.

“Marisa! Don’t force it! Remember you have to let it flo-“


As loud as cannon fire, a large brightly colored star shoots from Marisa’s fingers towards the doorway. It smashes into a wooden chair, sending chips and fragments flying before racing out the entryway. A thunderous POP rings out from outside.

In shock I turn to Marisa, and find her kneeling on the floor panting heavily. Instinctively I run over to her to help.

“See…*gasp* ….I told ya… *gasp*…..I could do it.” Marisa’s pride never leaves her despite the obvious exhaustion. All I can do is wipe the sweat off her forehead with a handkerchief.

“That was very impressive Marisa. It was….grandiose. But please take it easy on the power. Remember that you can’t just force all your energy into it. You need to let it flow naturally out of your chest like water or blow like air. Imagine it moving through your body while you visualize the shot. If you try to push too hard out of sheer strength you’ll end up hurting yourself.”

A frown replaces her previous smile as Marisa pulls herself up away from me.

“Yeah I know…but that’s not the only thing I can do! Bet you can’t do this!”

Marisa bolts to the closet to pull out a broom before dashing out the door and into the sun. Hastily I follow, and emerge from the house to find the girl straddling the stick between her legs with eyes closed in concentration. After a moment the broom begins to shake and rise, lifting Marisa slowly off the ground.

“Well done Marisa! See, your practice has finally paid off.” I can’t help but to cheer happily at the sight. The development of her abilities is incredibly important and seems promising, despite slow progress.

Marisa opens her eyes and grins stupidly. “But of course. I’m going to be the greatest in Gensokyo. I’ll be stronger and fly higher than anyone!” However, the young witch begins to rock back and forth as the boasts steal her concentration. “And I can do better than this. Check it out, ze!”

The broom suddenly jerks higher into the air, obviously surprising us both as Marisa shrieks in surprise. It is getting dangerous; she could break an arm if she were to fall.

“That’s very good, Marisa. Now come back down please.” Nervousness and a hint of panic enters my voice, despite my attempts to control it.

“I-I’m fine. I can do this. I’m the greatest after all….” Marisa’s frightened voice betrays her confident words as the broom shakes and rises more. “K-kourin, HELP,” she screams as the broom suddenly launches upwards at a frightening speed. Only a few seconds go by, but she's already well over 200 feet in the air.

[ ] Save her!
[ ] Wait. She can handle this.
[ ] Run for help.
>> No. 59277

[ ] Save her!
>> No. 59286
[x] Wait. She can handle this.
>> No. 59293
Kourin is half-youkai... he can probably fly.

But either way, if he doesn't catch her if she falls then Kourin is NO MAN.

[ ] Wait, but catch her if she falls
>> No. 59297
[X] Save her!
>> No. 59300
If we can fly:
[x] Fly up closer to her and be ready to help, but wait and see if she can handle it.

If we can't fly:
[x] Be ready to catch her if she falls.

>[ ] Run for help.
His store is pretty far from everything, assuming that's where we are. Some less vague descriptions would be nice, can't we see our surroundings?
>> No. 59312
Hmm, good point. Sorry for the confusion. You are at Marisa's home in the Human Village. Rinnosuke lives at the edge of the forest and commutes to do the paperwork/babysitting for the Kirisame household.

Still need more votes. Right now its 2 v 2
>> No. 59314
[X] Save her!

>> No. 59323
[x] Be ready to catch her if she falls.
>> No. 59327
[X] Save her!
>> No. 59330
[x] Wait, but catch her if she falls
>> No. 59355
File 122127511968.jpg - (49.78KB , 260x385 , 1207180546903.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hesitation fills my mind and conflicts with instincts. If Marisa can’t learn to be independent she’ll never have a real future. But this situation is too dangerous.

In the end it doesn’t matter.

Marisa screams again, though its barely audible due to her height. The dot in the sky separates into two, both purple and brown suddenly growing frighteningly larger as they plummet down to the ground. The reality of the situation immediately hits me: Marisa is falling to her death.

A vision. Darkness and jars of light. Cracks and mending. A cascade of multicolored sand exploding forth from their shattering containers and lying dead on the ground.

A booming voice shouts commands in my head, disrupting my thoughts. I…..[INITATE]….have to… [SUPPLEMENTARY]… do something… [CONTROL]… or she… [AUGMENTATION] … will… [COMPLETE]…die!

And suddenly, a moment of perfect clarity.

I [HAVE] to [SAVE] Marisa [NOW!]

The wind roars past as I move, but it only takes a split second to reach my destination. As if in slow motion, Marisa falls gently into my arms. It hurts to see her eyes so full of fear and face ghost white with shock, but I know it will be alright. Suddenly everything returns to its normal flow. Marisa screams wildly and thrashes in my arms, yet somehow it never breaks my grip.

“Marisa! Calm down, everything is fine.” My voice breaks through her panic and she suddenly relaxes. Wide eyed she turns to me in confusion and disbelief. The moment feels terribly surreal.

“Kou…rin?” Her voice wavers hesitantly.

All I can do is smile and nod to her.

“KOURIN!” Without reservation Marisa swings her arms around my neck and squeezes them with all her might. Uncontrollable sobs rush out and become muffled against my chest. How amazingly light and fragile she feels, shaking in my arms. Despite her tomboy habits, she is still a little girl. Slowly we sink back down to the ground, returning to her back yard. Even after we move inside the house, it’s a good 5 minutes before she finally lets go. Physically and emotionally exhaust, the little witch slumps down into a chair.

Unfortunately our post trauma peace doesn’t last long.

“What tha hell is goin’ on here?!” A furious male voice bellows through the house. The unmistakable roar of Marisa’s father causes her to wince. He gets disgruntled sometimes, but I’ve never heard him this mad. Seconds later he storms in. Glaring daggers at me, he quickly picks Marisa up and carries her away to her room. Despite the obvious surprise and fatigue, Marisa still puts up a fair fight and struggles against him.

“Let go dad! What are you doing?!” she cries out while futilely kicking and hitting him.

Unceremoniously he tosses Marisa into her room and shuts the outside deadbolt, but not before tearing off the purple cape and hat. They fall helplessly to the floor like discarded dreams. Only with Marisa contained does he turn and come for me.

“I can’t believe I left my own daughter with somethin’ like you. I knew you was weird since I saw yah. Yur eyes are all weird, glowin’ yellow and all. And there ain’t no human who moves like that, not even the miko or Miss Keine. That’s right, I saw yah. A saw mah little girl fallin’ to her death.”

He turns back to Marisa’s door, as if just now noticing the constant pounding of small hands against it.

“And you been trying ta teach her magic behind mah back? I won’t have it. She’s to be wed to someone and made a good wife, that’s it.” He narrows his eyes. “I don’t ever want ta see you again, you got that?”

I nod calmly. I knew this was coming sooner or later. Sullenly, I pick up the torn cape and hat from the ground and deposit them in my satchel before leaving. The walk from the village is hard, and the constant stares are a reminder of what just happened. The danmaku explosion probably got the attention of the whole town, much less seeing a little girl rise and fall from the sky. Thankfully the people seem to like me more than Mr. Kirisame, so I’m not too worried about being ostracized. Its Marisa I can’t help but to worry about. Marisa’s future and that horrible vision.

Synchronization level: 100%
Augmentation: Toggle engaged
Restoration Initiative: Active
Structure Strength: 76% and falling.

[ ] 2
[ ] 8
[ ] 34
>> No. 59356
[x] 34

>> No. 59357
[X] 8

This looks like a good number
>> No. 59358
[x] 34

hurr big numba
>> No. 59359
[X] 8
[X] 34

8 + 34 = 42. THE number. Can't go wrong with that.
>> No. 59360
Goin with that.
[ ] 42
>> No. 59361
ffffffffffff stop that.
>> No. 59364
[x] 42
>> No. 59365
Yes the relation of 32 and 8 to 42 was intentional.

No I'm not letting you choose the combination. Its one or the other. Voting 42 means I do whatever the hell I want.
>> No. 59366
[x] 34
>> No. 59367
[ ]00001000
[ ]00100010
>> No. 59368
File 122128360385.jpg - (5.41KB , 183x169 , deep_thought.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 59373
[x] effectively meaningless number

roll a die or something, shit.
>> No. 59376
[X] 8
>> No. 59377

Got here and found this just now. Whatever resource you use isn't bad, but slips here and there. (Why do I care?) Doing anything with it should be kinda pointless by now, so I guess I'll just have to keep a closer eye on things.
>> No. 59378

For that matter, [X] 8.
>> No. 59421
[ ] 8 has 3 votes.
[ ] 34 has 3 votes.

I'm seeing a pattern here.
>> No. 59422
[x] 34

Write, damn you.
>> No. 59425
It's nice to see a writefag squirm so much from just one post.


[X] 34

We've had enough dicking around. time to move on.
>> No. 59427
Ha, trust me I'm not worried nor squirming. I was just surprised and a little amused someone noticed the relation off the bat.

Anyways, writan now.
>> No. 59434
File 122135435547.jpg - (68.81KB , 768x1024 , keine.jpg ) [iqdb]
The next few days are frustratingly long and dull. Without employment, there is nothing to do but organize the monstrous number of trinkets and tools from the outside world I’ve collect. The absence of Marisa’s laughter and energetic spirit is a constant reminder of my dilemma. Everything feels…stagnant. I try my best to push the gnawing worry about her to the back of my mind, but it remains.

Trying to avoid the summer heat, I’ve kept the door open for some air flow. No wonder I didn’t hear a knock.

“Umm….Mr. Morichika. Are you here?” A mature feminine voice calls out. I’ve kept imagining Marisa’s voice calling out as she barges in that juxtaposition startles me, but it quickly passes. Quickly I walk out to great my guest.

“Welcome. What can I do you for?” I call out the still awkward feeling store owner phrase while emerging from the back room. In the doorway stands a familiar woman wearing her iconic dress and impossibly stable box hat. The beautiful school teacher and guardian of the human village bows.

“Hello Miss Kamishirasawa. What brings you here? Could I interest you in some tea?”

“Thank you for the offer but no, I’m afraid it is too hot right now. Another time perhaps.” Polite and formal as ever I see.

Mechanically I walk behind the register counter before cut to the chase.

“How is Marisa?”

Her expression darkens a little. “The Kirisame family is…in good health.”
A cop-out answer if I ever heard one. It’s obvious she notices my frown and decides to continue.
“Her father is still rather irritated, and has been working at home for the last few days. Unfortunately I don’t know much about Marisa, since she is being kept locked in her room after apparently several attempts to run away. One of their windows is still broken from a dispute the other night.”

Anger flows through my body as her words sink in. Marisa being kept a prisoner in her own home…it’s sickening. Before I realize it, my face has contorted into an unsavory look, causing the school teacher to flinch slightly.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” I apologize while placing my hand over my face to calm down and regain control. Recomposing myself, I remove it and continuing. “Thank you for letting me know and looking into it.”

“Of course I’d look into it! We all care about Marisa.” The emotion in her voice is comforting. She’s always been a compassionate and honest woman. “I promise to update you on the situation if anything changes. In the mean time the neighbors have been notified of the situation and will intervene if needed. Please understand we all want to do something, but the situation is complicated.”

They aren’t much, but her words help. It suddenly dawns on me that my muscles have been tensed with anxiety the whole time. With a sigh I relax a bit, changing the atmosphere in the process.

“Thank you for everything, Miss Kamishirasawa. I know I am not her parent and I’m entitled to anything, but it’s hard to not think about. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.” I make no attempt to hide my appreciation as I express sincere gratitude. The vexing mood over the past few days feels like it is blowing away, now that I know that I am not alone in my concern.

Keine doesn’t respond. Her gaze just continues to match mine, her red-brown eyes unfocused as if mesmerized.

“Umm…Miss Kamishirasawa? Is there something else?”

“Eh?...Oh…oh my! I’m terribly sorry Rinnosuke. I was just looking at your…mmm… never mind.” She looks down and shifts her weight a little, hesitating. “I was wondering…. You see there has been talk in the village and… I mean not that it’s any of my business and you will always be the same person to us no matter what… that is to say…”

“Keine, it’s alright. You can ask.”

It’s odd, we’ve never really spoken individually while alone, much less use each other’s first names so casually. Yet I have to admit it feels a bit…natural.

Slowly she lifts her head to face me again. A mixture of concern and curiosity fills her expression, so different from the normal warm smile or stern scowl she occasionally wears. It’s so enchanting I almost don’t notice her hands reaching out over the counter to me. Smooth white skin slides over mine as her soft delicate fingers wash my hands in a gentle coolness.

“Rinnosuke…are you really part youkai?”

[ ] “…yes.”
[ ] “I’m not sure.”
[ ] Quickly change the subject.
>> No. 59436
[X] “…yes.”
>> No. 59439
[ ] “…yes.”
>> No. 59442
[X] “…yes.”
>> No. 59445
[x] "Yes, i am, but don't worry - i can't hypnotise you. So please feel free to continue visually dining on the buffet of manliness that i am as i suspect you were a few moments ago."
>> No. 59451
[x] "…yes. Half, in fact."
[x] "You're not the kind of person to ask a question like that lightly; so, why do you ask?"
>> No. 59455
[x] "Yes, i am, but don't worry - i can't hypnotise you. So please feel free to continue visually dining on the buffet of manliness that i am as i suspect you were a few moments ago."

I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
>> No. 59457
[ ] “…yes.”
>> No. 59459
[x] "…yes. Half, in fact."
[x] "You're not the kind of person to ask a question like that lightly; so, why do you ask?"

I think >>59451 is the right idea here.
>> No. 59460
[x] "I'm half youkai..."
[x] "ALL MAN"
[x] Show her your sexy beam.
>> No. 59469
[x] "…yes. Half, in fact."
[x] "You're not the kind of person to ask a question like that lightly; so, why do you ask?"
>> No. 59470
[x] "…yes. Half, in fact."
[x] "You're not the kind of person to ask a question like that lightly; so, why do you ask?"
>> No. 59471
[x] "…yes. Half, in fact."
[x] "You're not the kind of person to ask a question like that lightly; so, why do you ask?"
>> No. 59474
[x] "…yes. Half, in fact."
[x] "You're not the kind of person to ask a question like that lightly; so, why do you ask?"
>> No. 59479
Drats, i lose this time - but rest assured sooner or later Rinnosuke *will* be using the term 'buffet of manliness' to describe himself~ This i swear!
>> No. 59480
{X} "…yes. Half, in fact."
{X} "You're not the kind of person to ask a question like that lightly; so, why do you ask?"

Looks interesting~
>> No. 59487
{X} "…yes. Half, in fact."
{X} "You're not the kind of person to ask a question like that lightly; so, why do you ask?"
>> No. 59491
Oh don't you worry, AD. I'm sure that in time any number of touhoes will have feasted upon Anosuke's 'buffet of manliness.' I dare say they'll be stuffed to the brim with everything he has to offer. Gorged to delight if you will.

>> No. 59496
File 122142716117.jpg - (120.76KB , 600x600 , 1208717020253.jpg ) [iqdb]
“…yes, half youkai in fact. Or at least I think I am. I never knew my parents, so it’s hard to say.” I admit, a little forlornly

Keine continues to gaze at me, but now with a look of relief and sympathy.

“It’s not like you to be so…forward about such things.” I quickly glance down to our united hands. “Is something wrong?”

“Eh?...Aaa!” She pulls her hands from mine and covers her mouth in embarrassment. “Oh well you see…I…err,” she stammers. It’s so odd to see her flustered. Certainly not a bad thing, though. It’s rather cute.

Keine slumps her shoulders and sighs. “If you don’t mind, I think I will accept that drink you offered. Something harder if you have it, please.”

That doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea. “Of course. I could use a drink myself. Please make yourself at home while I see what I can find.” Casually I walk to the kitchen to place the kettle on the iron stove before heading downstairs.

The cellar is cluttered with miscellaneous foods and goods, but damp and cool despite the heat outside. At least the alcohol corner is organized fairly well. Quickly I browse the supplies for something suitable. Sake? Maybe. Beer? Hmm, it seems I only have the Men’s brand at the moment. Vodka, rum, gin…..Gin eh? That could work. With a drink in mind I grab the bottle and a lemon before returning upstairs to find it changed a little bit.

Keine hurries back and forth, busily clearing off the dining table and moving the countless item label sheets into neat stacks on the register counter. She pauses at my arrival, only now pondering what the situation would look like.

“Ah, I’m terribly sorry, Rinnosuke. Everything was so cluttered and I thought-“

“No no, it’s actually quite helpful. Thank you. I’ve been in the process of organizing my supplies, but it has left the state of my house a bit... less than pristine.”

Quickly Keine finishes up while I set the tea to cook. After pouring it into our drinks, I add an ounce or so of gin and a squeeze of lemon for flavor. My guest finally sits down as I deliver the drinks and a snack.

Daintily, Keine picks up her cup and tastes the tea while it cools. Her eyes go wide in surprise. “This tea is quite interesting, Rinnosuke.” She eyes the bottle of gin in the kitchen. “Gin. I would never have thought…”

“It’s just something I threw together one night. I admit it is not a customary drink, and the weather isn’t exactly suited for it, but-“

“No no, it wonderful. Thank you.” Keine’s cheeks begin to grow a tinge red from the alcohol.

“Ah, good then.” We pause, unsure of how to proceed. “So…as I said, yes I am half youkai. I never meant to hide it from anyone, but I never wished to cause any…discomfort for the villagers.”

Keine looks down with a hint of pain. “I understand. They are good people, but rather xenophobic sometimes. But you are well liked and I doubt they will feel betrayed or anything. It’s not like the entire village depends on you for support.” Her words turn strange, almost sounding like a lament.

“I’m not quite sure I understand. What do you mean by that?”

Keine jerks in surprise, realizing her own words. Wide eyed with alarm, she stumbles for words. “Oh no, it’s not that I…” she freezes, unsure of how to proceed.

“It’s alright. Please, say what’s on your mind.” I calmly encourage her. It feels like she is hiding something and horribly scared of it being discovered.

Keine looks down to the table thoughtfully in silence.

“…you’ve always been what you are.” She proceeds cautiously. “Did you ever feel like you were living a double life? Trying to hide the non-human side of you?” Her voice wavers a bit as she speaks.

It feels like a loaded question, but I answer honestly. “Maybe a little I guess. I’ve never had much of a reason to do anything beyond what a normal person would have to though.”

Keine stays quiet for a little longer before nervously asking something unexpected. “What if….what if I was hiding a side that wasn’t human?”

“It would make no difference. ‘You are the same person to me no matter what’” I say, paraphrasing her earlier words. Relief fills Keine’s face as she hears this. I’ll take this chance to push a little. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

The blue clad woman closes her eyes and breathes a few deep breathes, readying herself.
>> No. 59497
File 122142726810.jpg - (124.68KB , 600x600 , 1208717052304.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Some years ago when I was a child, I went wandering along the forest’s edge exploring. My parents were with me so I wasn’t worried. However, towards dusk a feral beast just sort of appeared. A hakutaku to be exact. They’ve always been regarded as guardians and honored by herbalists, but this one was hurt and mad with pain. My father ran to me as soon as he realized this, but by then it had already begun to charged me. It bit into my arm and flung me me around, but my father was able to cut into its neck. The monster released me, but coughed a horrible foul blood onto my wound before fleeing.”

“I was bed ridden with a fever for a whole month after that. The herbalists couldn’t identify anything and just kept saying there was a poison in me. Everyone had given up hope. But then during the next full moon, something changed in me. I transformed into something not quite a beast, but certainly not human. All of my senses were suddenly sharper. An incredibly feeling coursed through my body. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time. I was still me, but it was like there was more than just me; a different me. The feeling faded by the time the sun rose, but not entirely. Something has always lingered…”

Keine pauses while I process the words. I would never have thought that…well Keine has always been regarded as one of the strongest danmaku users in the village, and her ability to fly isn’t exactly common. But no one would ever that thought it was because of this.

“And ever since then, I’ve transformed during the full moon and left the village. My family would call it ‘that time of the month.’ They offered to go with me, but I didn’t want them to. It was all too new and frightening. I didn’t know what would happen to them. There was no reason to endanger them.”

Something about this seems odd. “Wait, so you mean your monthly trips to the forest are to…but I thought that was ceremonial or youkai hunting.”

“Sometimes it is,” she admits. “The youkai are more restless during the full moon after all. But no, it was an excuse for no one to question my disappearance. I’d wait out there, all alone surrounded by monsters. I wanted to run home so many times when I was younger, but I never could bring myself to do it. Losing everyone in the village was much worse than a few youkai harassing me.” Keine hugs herself as she remembers those painful moments. I try to say something comforting, but no words come.

“It’s been so hard hiding this. The villages are wonderful people, but their fear of youkai tends to bring out the worse in them. It’s understandable, but still…it hurts sometimes.”

“And so when you heard that I might be not entirely human as well…” Everything begins to becomes clear.

“I had to know. The thought of someone being able to relate to me, even if just a little bit, wouldn’t go away.” Keine’s words carry her desperation.

“Is there really no one else in the village who knows about this?”

“Oh of course my family knows. It was too difficult to hide it from my relatives.” Keine pauses. “Akyu Hieda, the ‘Child of Miare’ knows too. She found out by accident. But she won’t tell or write about it, I’m sure of that.” Keine rubs her forehead absentmindedly.

We sit in silence for a few minutes, until Keine interrupts.

“Oh…oh Rinnosuke I’m so sorry! You’ve gone through so much the last few days and here I am suddenly pouring all this onto you. I should have thought about your feelings before I came here.” Keine seems horrified, as if she seriously wronged me.

“Keine, its fine.” I have to be a little stern to make my point and stop her. “I understand your situation, and you’ve been trying to help Marisa for the last few days. It’s not possible for me to be mad at that.”

Keine stops and smiles gratefully, small tears shining in the corner of her eyes.

“Th-thank you Rinnosuke. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to let this all out, and I got caught up in the moment.” Her face reddens while her voice shakes with emotion. “I’m sorry, but could I ask you a favor?”

“Of course,” I reply warmly.

“Could we spend time together during the next full moon? It’s so lonely out there in the night, and the thought of being with someone else like me during that time is just so…” She breaks off, looking down to the table again.

[ ] Accept.
[ ] Politely decline.
[ ] Quickly change the subject.
>> No. 59498
[ ] Politely decline. Pull out your knife and lunge at her.
>> No. 59499
[ ] Accept.
>> No. 59500
[x] Accept.

CAVE me Keine-sensei!
>> No. 59501
[x] Accept.
>> No. 59502
[X] Accept.

>>“Akyu Hieda, the ‘Child of Miare’ knows too. She found out by accident. But she won’t tell or write about it, I’m sure of that.”

>> No. 59503
[ ] Accept.

Delicious Hakutaku.
>> No. 59505
File 12214304335.jpg - (959.28KB , 1052x1500 , zayaku_menace_32.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Beer? Hmm, it seems I only have the Men’s brand at the moment.


[X] Accept

I want to have clean thoughts about this, but I have >>59491 in mind.
>> No. 59506
{X} Accept.

>> No. 59508
That was written after IN (and PoFV), so maybe people found out then. Akyu also mentions in the were-youkai article that most of them are helpful when transformed and therefore popular, and in the Human Village article she talks about lots of youkai hanging around there and some of them actually protecting the village, and says you should be respectful to any youkai you meet there. So maybe the situation's changed by then.
>> No. 59509
[x] Accept.

Keine asking to visit when she's horny? JUST AS PLANNED.
>> No. 59510

'Changed' would be putting it mildly. Akyu also mentions how Keine's headbutts hurt alot more when she transforms. My personal response to this is that the canon is delightfully silly.
>> No. 59516
[丑] Accept.
>> No. 59518
[x] Accept.
[x] Only under the condition that you ram heads for fun if you know what I mean.
>> No. 59521
[x] Accept.
[x] Kiss her.
>> No. 59523
[x] 無

>> No. 59536
File 122148512458.jpg - (3.85KB , 500x300 , yes.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Accept.
>> No. 59538
You've been stealing my Marisa back story Doujin, although I suppose there's only so much you can work with things considered.

Also, if I recall correctly I think Kourin moved to the forest after Marisa did and not before.

[ ] Accept.

I hardly think she's ready for kissu kissu fall in ravu.
>> No. 59539
Ah, but no one actually knows why Kourin stopped working for the Kirisame household either in the normal canon. With the pink sand knifed there are going to be some continuity issues, and things will shift to account for it. Its all wibbly wobbly, timey wimey...stuff.

As for the backstory, I'm not suprised we've hiveminded again. Don't forget that we are the same person with split personalities! A lighter and darker side of the same perversion.

I'm crazy busy, so no updates until Wednesday. Sorry.
>> No. 59542

Funny how /forest/LA never actually got around to going to Kourindou.
>> No. 59543

It's going to happen and it nearly did at the start.
>> No. 59544
I'll leave you with a short side scene:

Marisa coughs and chokes. Maybe I was too forceful.

“*cough* Kou- *cough* Kourin it tastes bad.” Marisa’s red face enhances the shine of her golden eyes as she cries. “I don’t wanna do this anymore.”

That isn’t acceptable. She started this. Her curiosity and unbridled desire tore off the cap. It’s only fair that she solves this problem and embraces the flood of it. There is no way I’ll hold back, not after this many years of waiting.

My gaze hardens as I tower over the girl, commanding her to go on.

“This is what you wanted, Marisa. You said you wanted to be like a grown up. Well this is what grownups do, and they like it.”

The trembling blond shrinks away in fear at my sternness. Looks like I’ll need another approach.

“Marisa, I’m only trying to help. It’s good for you, it really is. It’ll make you grow up strong and beautiful, I promise. And each time you do it, it gets better and better at it. You’ll have more and more fun every time. Now please, will try it again? For me?”

Marisa’s hesitant panting and confused face drives me nuts. It’s almost too much to take.

“O-okay Kourin. If you say so...”

Marisa gets back up on her knees and once again wrapped her soft ruby lips around it. With newfound vigor, she sucks hard while taking it all in. “Good girl, Marisa. Good girl!” I coo and encourage her. Pushing herself to amazing limits, Marisa drinks down every last drop of my Men’s Beer.

“Good girl, Marisa. You’ll learn to like it soon enough. And then we’ll move on to even more fun things…”
>> No. 59546
And then, Marisa was CHO-MARISA
>> No. 59550
File 122149969135.jpg - (152.88KB , 800x1215 , mensbeer2.jpg ) [iqdb]

I must admit, I never really liked you all that much before, Doujin. But now, I have a reason to!
>> No. 59555
i hope this is going to end with Kourin dead
>> No. 59571
>And then we’ll move on to even more fun things…

Like bodybuilding?
>> No. 59572
>> No. 59625
Ha ha oh wow.

If I didn't lovehate you before, Doujin, I'd sure hatelove you now.
>> No. 59702
File 122167405747.jpg - (133.72KB , 500x500 , AndThatsHowIGotMyPenisBroken.jpg ) [iqdb]
of sorts
>> No. 59761

>> No. 59773
File 122178867334.jpg - (332.26KB , 899x1250 , 1203376981010.jpg ) [iqdb]
Keine’s shimmering eyes and vulnerable expression were just too much. I doubt I’d be able to say no, even if I wanted to. She just opened her heart and shared a terrible secret. To reject her would be cruel.

“Of course I’ll join you.”

Her head lifts back up. Pure happiness surrounds Keine’s smiles as unstoppable tears of relief stream down her face.

“Thank you… You…you don’t what this means to me.” Keine’s voice shakes while she pulls out a handkerchief to dry her eyes.

A full minute passes before she can finally calmed down and compose herself.

“Oh just look at me, nearly falling into pieces in front of you.” With a deep breath, she cleanses herself and reassumes the well known town official and school teacher persona everyone knows. “I’m afraid I must be leaving now. Thank you for the tea and…talk. I’ll try everything I can to help Marisa.” She bows evenly before walking to the doorway.

“Keine, if you ever need anything….” The words suddenly fly from my mouth without thinking.

She turns. Her mask slips for a moment, and the emotionally drained beauty gives a tired happy smile.
“I will, Rinnosuke. Thank you. I’ll see you in a few days.”

For a moment she stands at the threshold, hesitating as if restraining herself from doing something, before simply exiting with a smile.

Silence fills my home again. The same dull atmosphere settles back in amidst Keine’s departure. With a sigh I gather the dishes and deposit them in the sink. The warm tea did little to relieve me of the hot stale air I’ve been trying to blow away. Taking off my sweaty shirt, I can’t help but to cringe at returning to the tedious organizing of this place that I’ll soon call an antique store.

“Fu fu fu, what a charmer you are~.”

Instinctively I turn to the amused female voice calling out behind me, but no one is there.

“What the…..” Oh hell, I better not be going crazy. Not now.

“And here you have a date with a woman you barely even know. I swear, if you weren’t such a workaholic you’d be busy with one every night, wouldn’t you~.” The voice mocks me again, but still conceals its source.

“But really, lying about yourself to that nice girl. You playboys are all the same~.” Her seductive voice whispers sweetly into my ear before she lightly bites it. Something supple pushes into my back as clever hands glide across my bare chest and neck, gently inspecting me. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel good. Immediately my mind tells me to

[ ] Enjoy it.
[ ] Fight it.
[ ] Run.
>> No. 59774
[ ] Enjoy it.
Mannousuke is never tied down by a single woman
>> No. 59775
[x] Fight it.
>> No. 59776
>“But really, lying about yourself to that nice girl. You playboys are all the same~.”

Lying? I wasn't ly--

>“…yes, half youkai in fact. Or at least I think I am. I never knew my parents, so it’s hard to say.”


[x] Enjoy it.
[x] Fight it.
[x] "It's because you do things like this that I have to lie in the first place, Mom."
>> No. 59777
What better way how to explain how he gets all his shit?

[x] Enjoy it.
[x] "It's because you do things like this that I have to lie in the first place, Mom."

Tsundere Kourin with a mother complex GO
>> No. 59778
[µ] Fight it.

>> No. 59779
[ ] Fight it.
>> No. 59780
[x] Fight it.

>> No. 59781
[x] Enjoy it.

Yukari's a slut, there's no hole she wouldn't enter ze~
>> No. 59782
[X] Fight it

No breaking the box headed girl's heart!
>> No. 59783
[X] Fight it
>> No. 59784
[x] Fight it

This was unexpected.
>> No. 59785
[x] Enjoy/Fight It
[x] Lying? "Wait, I'm not... I am?"
>> No. 59786
[x] Fight it
>> No. 59787

[x] Continue with shop related duties.
>> No. 59788
File 122179394931.png - (36.49KB , 500x450 , MANservice8.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Continue with shop related duties.
>> No. 59790
Samefag, probably... but I like your idea. As a way of [x] Fighting it. Ignore the bitch!

[x] Continue with shop related duties.
>> No. 59792
[x] Continue with shop related duties.
>> No. 59816
[x] Continue with shop related duties.

As she said, a workaholic.
>> No. 59818
[x] Continue with shop related duties.
>> No. 59819
[ ] Run.


Yukari? I'm kind of hoping not, just for a change.
>> No. 59820

Hey you, get back to work.
>> No. 59822
>> No. 59824
[x] Continue with shop related duties.
>> No. 59839
[x] Boot to the head

If TAiG and MiG taught me anything, this is Yukari's weakness.
>> No. 59929

If TAiG and MiG taught me anything, it's that Jerl and Kira are shitty writers.