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The putrescent smell of the alley reeks of waste and vermin, a cocktail of decaying smells that waft from the rot warm piles of trash scattered up against the narrow walls. It makes you want to gag, desperately you want to light a cigarette and drown out the stench as well as steady your frayed nerves, but doing so would give you away. Ignoring the clenching in your stomach, the crawling sensation in your throat, you settle down more comfortably to wait trying to keep yourself hidden in the detritus.

The night envelops you like a shroud, smothering your appearance in darkness leaving you with an ambiguous appearance that suits your purpose perfectly. In the street beyond the mouth of the alley all is quiet and empty, save for the occasional stray dog or adventurous rodent eager to fatten itself on the refuse of the street. For now this world belongs to you and you alone, the distant sound of civilization don't reach you here, it's the perfect spot.

One with no witnesses.

The anticipation is unbearable, almost palpable in your mouth making you thirsty; the excitement of what you plan thrills you with its taboo and danger. Already you can feel yourself stiffening, swelling with hot red blood that rushes in your veins, vaguely you consider letting loose a load right now but you don't want to be unable to perform when your moment comes.

Time stretches on unto infinity driving you mad with it's agonizing pace, every second crawls by with your heart racing faster and faster with all their passing.

Finally a noise brings that hammering to a peak, it's faint but coming from the end of the street you're watching is the faint sound of distant foot falls echoing from the walls of the dark and empty houses that watch with windows like dead eyes.

You know its bad form, that it could ruin this entire encounter if you do it, but you can't help but take a quick peak around the lip of your hiding place. Flattening yourself against the grimy bricks you inch an eye across the edge of the wall.

Walking towards you with a vacant expression on her exquisite face is her, an unparalleled beauty that graces the world with her mere existence. A girl so heart achingly lovely and fair that she must have descended from divinity, an angel of earth to be a rose in a garden of weeds.

You love her.

You want her.

You intend to take her.

She, thankfully, doesn't notice you seemingly lost in thought so gently you slip back behind the wall than further risk discovery. Every muscle in your body tenses in readiness, crouching low to jump forth like an uncoiled spring you await her listening intently to her approach. You hand goes immediately to your pocket and is met with a cool, hard resistance that you take welcomingly into your grip. Letting your fingers run lovingly over its shape you enjoy the feeling of its detail, the texture of the grip against your skin and the small cold nub of steel that opens the blade. Merely touching it fills you with an indescribable thrill that makes your body ache all the more with desire for your intended; you shiver happily and lick your dry lips.

She steps past the alley.

She didn't see you.

You pounce.

In a fluid motion you whip the knife out of your pocket clenching the button that lets the blade free with a satisfying "shhhk", as the steel glimmers in the light of the moon you raise the edge to her throat and grab her mouth with your free hand roughly.

It feels so good to hold her against you; the contours of her body pressed into yours leave you feeling desperate. You almost wish she would struggle more so she can wriggle herself against you so deliciously a bit longer, but she spots the knife and freezes to your disappointment. If there ever was any doubt in your mind before now then by now it has been drained away, the look of wide eyed terror in her doe like eyes makes you want her all the more.

"Don't scream, don't struggle, don't get killed."

You whisper huskily into her ear, unable to restrain the lust in your voice. To emphasize your point you press the blade into her neck a little harder, letting a small rivulet of blood flow free, she looks at you with horror at first before giving a trembling nod once.

Quickly, not wanting to waste time lest you be caught, you drag her into the alley with you where you press her head into the rough brick wall. With your hand over her mouth she makes no sound but occasionally you feel her body heave and shudder with sobs, a moist feeling on your fingers tells you she's crying. With the knife still against her throat, you tenderly kiss those tears from her eyes, then carefully you release her mouth from your grasp. She gasps suddenly so you jab her with the knife again slightly to warn her.

"Don't. Scream."

She clamps her mouth shut, such a pretty little mouth like two pink rose petals pushed together you find yourself thinking. You'd like to kiss those lips, but chances are she might bite you and try to get away. You haven't waited this long, watched her from afar dreaming of this moment, only to slip up now due to silly romance.

Holding her still with the knife you run a hand over her body, enjoying the shape of it before slipping it under her clothes to feel her skin. She flinches at your touch but makes no sound, probably too afraid to even breathe right now, but you can feel her flesh quiver as if trying to repulse your hand.

Part of you wants to take her now, but you decide to enjoy her and for a while you just enjoy touching her, thighs, shoulders, stomach, buttocks, breasts, with nothing to hurry you its okay to take your time and explore your intended's form. Occasionally she gasps or whimpers, her revulsion over coming her fear, these little out bursts endear her to you making you chuckle quietly to her. Rewarding them with small kisses to her neck and head, when you do she screws her eyes up tight like she was pretending to be somewhere else.

Finally your passion reaches its peak, as you roll one of her nipples around in your free hand you suddenly can't take it anymore. Grabbing at her clothes wildly you rip them apart as best you can, shreds of her top and skirt litter the dirty floor as you hungrily expose her pale white skin. Her sobs begin to become too loud, begin to threaten your privacy, so you shut her up with another gesturing of the knife. She fights you a little at first, you're forced to pin her against the wall with your body to stop her struggling and hold the knife to her face. As soon as she sees the glittering blade, stark in the darkness, her eyes froze with dread and she gave in.

Finally, as she calms down, you begin to remove her panties with great relish. She trembles and squirms a little but doesn't try to fight, seemingly filled with almost a sense of resignation she just stays stock still as you pull them from her legs slowly watching them tear apart revealing her sex to the cold night air. Stuffing the remains of her panties into your pocket you run a finger along her vaginal lips, probing her most intimate of places softly with your hand you push yourself into her slightly to be rewarded with the pleasant tightness of a virgin. But more than that, to your delight.....

She's getting wet.

Already you can feel the slick love juice flowing from her as you tease her exposed pussy, excited by her arousal you continue to play with her for much longer than you intended. She twists and contorts uncontrollably against the wall with tiny gasps and terrified cries than leave you breathless. Your ardour rises and furiously you ram your fingers violently into her first one, then two, then three spreading her virgin hole open painfully. She's tight but she's flexible, you can barely move your fingers inside of her but you can stretch her lips pretty far. She groans softly as you abuse her, legs shaking she digs her nails into the brickwork and you feel the muscles of her cunt grip you in a shameful orgasm.
You can't take it anymore, it's unbearable to be apart from her any longer, almost angrily you pull your own clothes away with reckless abandon with all thoughts of being caught forgotten. With the blade against her throat you use your other hand to push her head against the wall to stop her from moving.

She simply goes limp, the fight left her long ago and now she surrenders totally to you. Greedily you ram your bare penis into her without mercy, with one sharp thrust you pierce into her swollen vagina and steal her innocence once and for all. With a grunt you force yourself all the way into her as the tight walls press against you, almost as if she was trying to stop you any way she could, but finally you bury your penis all the way to the base into her tight pussy.

You almost orgasm immediately, frightened you may waste your only chance and spray your seed uselessly inside of her already you pull out to the tip, the flesh of her vagina puckering around the penis as you do. The limp girl makes no sound, her arms dangle uselessly at her sides as she lets you push her cheek into the wall. It's too dark to see, she's very quiet too, but when you brush a hand over her face you feel fresh tears running freely down her face.

"Shh, it's okay. Not long now."

You coo to her reassuringly, you love her far too much not to try and comfort her a little. But you've gone too far now not to finish, you don't even feel a little remorse when you see the crimson stain spreading across your cock as she bleeds her innocence onto you. In fact, you're quite proud.

Now you've had a chance to calm down again you begin to move your hips again, slowly at first as it takes time to loosen her up even after all you've done to her. Each push takes effort, you can't penetrate her easily at all but her tightness only drives you on to fuck her harder.

She's just so wonderfully perfect, even down to her cunt that grips so tightly you struggle to move she's the perfect image of a maiden. Struggling to keep the knife where she can see it you grab her hips with your free hand and use it to force her onto you harder, doing the work for her and pumping her into you. Grinding her bare ass into your crotch as you do.

"Good girl. That's it. No screaming. Good girl."

Over and over you whisper encouragement to her even as you violate her.

She begins to loosen up, not going limp like the rest of her body, but letting you build up a frantic pace working with you rather than against you. You're in pure ecstasy fucking her like this, you can feel the pressure of your loins building up filling you with indescribable pleasure, the alley fills with the sloppy sound of your bodies slapping against one another.

A wet feeling runs down your legs, at first you think she's wet her self out of fear and pissed all over you, not that you'd be particularly bothered. But by the uncontrollable trembling of her thighs that seem to fight to stay together and the wet sound your cock makes every time it enters her you know it's her love juices flowing despite her.

"Good girl!"

Merely knowing that is enough to push you over the edge, all the pent up tension inside you is ready to be unleashed. Furiously you pump and grind into her, practically slamming both of you into the wall as you fuck her relentlessly reaching your peak. Gripping her hair tightly in one hand and the knife in the other you cum while pressing her up against the wall clenching every muscle in your body. You can feel the flood of your seed pour into her and your hips give a few last desperate, shuddering pushes to wring every drop of pleasure from this moment.

Finally your orgasm ends, leaving you exhausted and totally spent, you doubt you've ever cum so much in your life or if you ever will again. You linger inside her for a moment or two, enjoying the warmth and feeling of connection to this girl through you united bodies.

"Good girl, well done."

You whisper weak congratulations to her while gently stroking her hair, she remains limp in your arms barely supporting her own weight. Reluctantly you withdraw from her warm cunt with a sticky sliding feeling, a string made from a mixture of your juices hands from your penis to her vagina for a second before falling apart.

With the deed done you release her, she drops silently to the ground and stares dumbly at nothing as your seed leaks from her. Even soiled like this she has an immaculate beauty that shines through, it's really a shame you can never see her again you think. But you can't afford to be caught, it's best if you just try to be satisfied with this and move on.

Methodically you get dressed again and slip the knife back into your pocket, she's no threat anymore after all, keeping your back pointedly turn the game towards her. You don't want to have any feelings of guilt so it's easier just not to look, guilt would just complicate things.

As you adjust your collar and prepare to leave, she speaks for the first time.

"....say it....please."

You stop in your tracks, her tiny faltering voice sounds louder than police sirens to you right now. You try to ignore her still, but can't bring yourself to walk away quite yet either.

"Please," She goes on, still in an almost whisper that shakes with tears.

"Please call me a good girl again."

You turn to look at her, those emerald eyes plead with you as she sits in the filth.

"...What's your name girl?"

"Sanae, please call me a good girl. Please."

You were doomed the day you first saw her. Even though you just raped her, you could never deny her anything. You love her, you love her more than life itself. Love her with an intensity that's frightening.

Fondly, you place a hand on her head.

"Good girl, Sanae. You're a good girl."
And now I just read Dr Doujin's story in /Youkai/, I was beaten to the punch.

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Oh holy shit fuck awesome tits win.
File 121785440345.jpg - (45.64KB, 640x480 , 1216010774541.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121785460362.jpg - (36.12KB, 782x585 , 1213112237798.jpg) [iqdb]
Fucking win.
That's the Scorn we all love

Even when *Scorn* fails he still wins.

Fantastic, my good sir.
Should've stabbed him at the end; now I feel like shit.

As much as Anonymous likes pornography, gb2/forest/ Scorn. Or at least write more of that 4N0n prisoner story.
Not the reaction I was expecting....

(personally I wasn't fond of this one at all)

So the record goes:

Scat = OMG Y U DO DIS?

Futa = *fapfapfapfap*

Despair = Bawwww, now hurry up and do the good end.

Fatal Rectal Prolapse = The horror....the horror.


Rape = awesome.jpg

This is all very interesting, so what should be my next trick?

[ ] Piss

[ ] Moar Scat

[ ] Fatty

[ ] Gore\Guro\Torture

[ ] Other (please specify)
[ ] Moar Scat
[x] Futa
>keeping your back pointedly turn the game towards her

[x] Other(Snake fucking a pregnant Aya and cracking open the egg shell of his unborn child while it's still inside her. It leaks out.)
Oh wow
{♥} Gore\Guro\Torture~~
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture

[x] /forest/
Bwahaha, you should have invested in an aluminum foil hat like Kira.

Now start writing for the TouhouVN, or more Scorn Brain Invadan Gamez will ensue!
[x] /forest/
[x] /forest/
gb2 [x] /forest/
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture

All the way.
[x] /forest/ LA or that prisoner story (which I guess could be described as gore/torture)
[x] Tender loev & hair ruffles
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture
Let's prepare the perfect stage for his sick mind to write the best story every possible.
We hand him the tools and he will make something that is beyond beautiful.
[x] /forest/
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture
[X] /forest/

Either one's good for me scorn
[x] Other (Continue this, with Sanae willfully enslaving herself to her tormentor.)
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture
Sounds perfect to me, good old scorny, we missed you.
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture

I'm in the mood for some senseless violence.
[x] Fatty

How would this even work?
Sex with Letty?
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So now that I'm off work I can finally read this story, and I must say well done Scorn. I liked the blend of metaphors (rose, innocence, etc) and always always the act is top notch. Sanae deep down enjoying it also reduced the moral blow and made it much for enjoyable (the fine line you walk of making Anon fap while feel ashamed of himself is always amusing.)

[x] Other (being dominated by Sakuya, because I'm never going to write it)
Dunno about others, but I liked the execution of that one because (aside from the visceral awesomeness of it) it was essentially a hopeful one. Always darkest before the dawn, and all that.
Also, because it wasn't "lol steal ur livr" but rather "Eat my liver so you don't die, fucknuts. Welcome to forever."
[X] Gore\Guro\Torture
[X] /forest/

Her enjoying was more of a let down than something to soften the moral blow for me actually
File 121791817392.jpg - (44.86KB, 576x432 , 1200340256594.jpg) [iqdb]
>keeping your back pointedly turn the game towards her.

Fuck you.

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