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File 121399342410.jpg - (49.02KB, 450x563 , Busty-Letty.jpg) [iqdb]
“Um... Ah...” Mentally you curse the two uncaring girls, Marisa and Reimu. Although you don't have a very good understanding of everyone yet you feel pretty confidant that Marisa is going to be trouble throughout this whole program. That said you're not exactly impressed with Reimu right now either... but then as an authority figure you can give her the benefit of the doubt, she might be required to distance herself emotionally from others or something after all.

Whatever your feelings on the matter, those two aren't going to help and while the other three seem likely to do so you want to give it one last shot before asking for assistance here. If you were going to be looking after these girls... well... looking after these women... then you had to show yourself as being capable right? Besides, aside from Meiling and Marisa you were pretty sure your guests were older than you were, it definitely wouldn't look good to give up in front of them.

“Miss Meiling!” You cry, putting your hands on her shoulders, hopefully in a reassuring way. “I'm sorry, are you alright?” Meiling sniffs, her bawling growing to a halt, for a moment you think she's going to calm down completely when she suddenly starts wailing again - this time about having someone actually care if she was alright or not. Lost you look over to the three remaining girls, “Could, ah,” you begin, glancing at the redhead, “could you maybe, uhm, take her outside to calm down a bit?”

Over in her seat 'Miss Keine' nods encouragingly to the redhead, who sighs and pulls herself to her feet. “Yah, yah,” she grumbles, “I've done this crap enough times to know the drill.” Reaching down she hooks one arm under Meiling's own and grabs the girl by the waist. Much to your surprise she then lifts Meiling to her feet with no apparent effort whatsoever... Either the chinese-looking girl weighs next to nothing, which you doubt, or this redhead is a lot stronger than she appears.

“There's a back exit in the kitchen,” you point when the girl looks at you for directions. Nodding to herself she half drags, half leads, Meiling through the door into the kitchen pausing only to glance back at you for a moment.

“Th' Name's Komachi,” She stated, grinning, “We'll talk later 'kay?” With that she left, a sobbing Meiling in tow, shutting the kitchen door behind her.

“Geez...” began Marisa, “If China hates working with Remilia that much, why doesn't she just quit?” The girl shrugged and sighed, “So, how long until we wrap this up? I have exploring to do!”

“Marisa...” murmurs Reimu, “Just be patient. It's impolite to interrupt while adults are talking.” Needless to say that comment of Reimu's set off another squabble between the two. Thankfully you were able to drown them out by shuffling over to the other end of the sofa you were on so that you were closer to 'Miss Keine' and the sleepy girl. For a moment you consider finding out about 'Miss Keine', but then you see the other girl's head droop and realize that if you don't ask her for an introduction now, she'll probably be fast asleep by the time you get to her again.

“So, Miss...?” You begin, turning to the lavender-haired girl just in time to see her yawn... and boy does she yawn, stretching her arms up and over her head before bringing them down in wide arcs to either side of her. Not that you were concentrating on her arms, when her stretching was making her chest do much more interesting things. You were lucky though that Miss Keine didn't notice your staring or, if she did, she had chosen to keep silent about it. “uh...” You gulp as the girl finishes her yawn and looks you in the eye... giving you the distinct feeling she knew exactly where your eyes had been a few moments ago.

“Whiterock.” She states, her voice soft, “Letty Whiterock, Herald of Winter.” She yawns again then, but this time without the theatrical stretching instead just holding one hand up to cover her mouth. “I... haaaah... think you can guess the rest.”

Although you're a little confused by what she meant when she said 'Herald of Winter' you simply don't get a chance to ask as she promptly fell to one side and began snoring lightly. Looking around in confusion you're surprised by the sudden appearance of Marisa's face over your shoulder. “Eh? She sleeping again-ze?” the witch asks, “Must be way too hot for her around here-ze. She normally sleeps through until winter, but if it gets cooler she'll wake up some more-ze.”

Nearby Miss Keine nods in agreement, “Yes, the colder it gets the more active Miss Whiterock becomes. That's why we usually only see her in winter... but I hear you have devices to turn spring and summer into winter in the outside world, am I correct?”

[ ] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”
[ ] “Hm? Where did you hear that?”
[ ] “I'm not sure what you mean...”

Protip: A lot of the choices you get may look pretty inconsequential, but T:TtR is more about relationships than saving teh world 'n shit, so in this setting they're pretty important.
Also, expect walls to decrease once we're past all the introductions.
[X] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”
Meh, better than nothing.
So we have Letty, Komachi, Hong Meiling, Keine, and .... Marisa.

Damn it, I demand we trade Marisa in for more BOOBAGE.
[X] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”

I can't help but wonder who "Fuck-Off" was. My guess is Mokou, but I suppose we'll find out next playthrough.
[x] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”
[ ] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”


If only. It'd be hialrious to see Reimu's reaction when she realises she's the flattest one.

1. Lurk on IRC
2. Get hints
3. Get spoilers
4. ??"

[ ] “I'm not sure what you mean...”

You guys are lame and also stupid.
>[22:29] <Angry_Desu> "Oh! you seem to know your stuff!"
>"... there's no need to be patronizing Mr. Ryogi."

{X} “I'm not sure what you mean...”
I don't use IRC.
[x] “I'm not sure what you mean...”
[] “I'm not sure what you mean...”
Changing my vote. Didn't think about the tone.
[x] “I'm not sure what you mean...”

Do not want patronizing tone.
[x] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”

> 05/03/2012
> Angry Desu

[x] “I'm not sure what you mean...”

[ ] “Hm? Where did you hear that?”
[ ] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”
has won already. Writan now.
Changing vote:
[x] “I'm not sure whaNO AM I TOO LATE
Edit: Missed a vote change there, 'I don't know what you mean' wins. My bad. No keel me.

Bah, that's no fun. That's like checking Wikipedia for the plot of a show you recently started watching. That, and I only have the foggiest clue as to how IRC works.
Good, assassins are really expensive these days.
What network is the irc channel on again?
[x] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”
rizon. irc.rizon.net.
Oh...and #mig. In case you didn't know.

[ ] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”

It seems like she knows her stuff. I don't really see it seeming any other way.
The problem is, she's not QUITE right, and it does sound kind of patronizing. Plus, the voting closed a few posts ago.
[x] “Oh, you seem to know your stuff!”

I know it's slowpoke, but I really wanted to add

[x] "It's called Air Conditioning. It only works indoors, and not as well as you make it sound, but I'll see if I can set Letty up with one."
shove her in the freezer
Heh, I dont think we'll have weather control devices in 2012, so [X] I DUNNO, LOL would apply here.

Also, need to call up the government and get a walk in freezer, or a freezer truck for Letty.
[X] Trap.
Do you want this update Anon?
That's not like you. Sure, I'll take it.
This is not like you. Sure, I'll have it.
File 121400277984.jpg - (355.36KB, 622x908 , Keine 1.jpg) [iqdb]
“Eh?” you begin, shooting Miss Keine a confused look, “I'm not sure what you mean...”

“You don't know?” Miss Keine blinks in surprise, “I had been told the outside world was filled with things that could do such amazing acts. Like... letting you eat snow in the summer? Or making a hot room freezing cold!”

Now it's your turn to blink as your mind makes a connection between the things you know and the things Miss Keine seems to be describing. “Oh!” you exclaim, surprising her and causing Marisa to scoot away from her position hanging over your shoulder. “You mean things like freezers and air conditioners!”

“Free-zaa?” The silver-haired lady rolls the word around her mouth a few times, “Freezor... Freezer... yes, Freezer... something that freezes things I assume?” She smiles when you nod in confirmation, but then her expression looks a little puzzled. “I must admit, I cannot work out the meaning of the word 'Air Con-dee-shon-or' though, still I have learned something today. I would most like to see one of you 'Freezers' in action at some point - and I'm sure Letty would appreciate it also.”

You laugh, “I think that can be arranged.” You say, “And I'll even show you about Air Conditioner's too, since all the bedrooms in this place have one.” A nasty thought occurs then as you realize you had probably better brief them all on electricity too... It's becoming readily apparent that you have an awful lot more work to do in teaching them about the world than you thought - so it would be best if you at least covered the potentially lethal stuff as soon as you can. “Well...” you say, and the worry must have been evident in your voice as Miss Keine frowns in concern. “Yeah... there are some dangerous things I had best warn you all about early...”

“Dangerous things-ze!?” Marisa exclaims, practically jumping onto your back. Seriously... does this girl have any concept of 'personal space' at all? “Awesome-ze! I wanna learn, I wanna learn-ze!”

“Now, now Miss Kirisame,” stated miss Keine, “I'm sure you can wait until all our introductions are over with.” She pauses and looks at you, then extends one hand. “Kamishirasawa Keine, pleased to meet you Mister Ryogi.” Reaching out you grasp her hand and shake it firmly, she seems a little surprised at first - as if she didn't exactly know what was going to happen - but she soon returns the shake just as firmly.

“Pleased to meet you,” you say, “So i'm guessing you're either Hard-working or Educated then?”

“Educated,” she replies with a smile, “I worked as a teacher back in the hum- ah... back in my village in Gensokyo.” You frown slightly at her slip, since meeting the girls you had assumed they were all human like yourself. Miss Keine's slip has been the first indication that, maybe, your first assumption was wrong. Keine, it seems, may in fact be a non-human... a fact your mind shudders away from... Still, if she did work as a teacher, then even if she was one of these 'youkai' then she must at least be a friendly one.

“Well, it's good to meet you, Educated Miss Keine.” you say, causing her to smile at you. “So... I suppose I should go see how Miss Meiling is feeling now, beside I still haven't been properly introduced to Miss Komachi.”

“Certainly,” states the silver-haired teacher, “I have a few things I wished to discuss with the others before we all get properly started anyway.” Around you both Marisa and Reimu nod, and Letty was fast asleep so it wasn't like she would be likely to complain if you left for a bit.

Standing up you stretch slightly and head out into the kitchen. Immediately you notice that some of the cupboards have been raided as there are glasses, bottles and packets littered over the counters. From this you can guess what Komachi may have been looking for and a quick look outside the back door confirms it. Both Komachi and Meiling are sitting on a garden bench, leaning against each other, red-faced and asleep, beside them are glasses and more than one nearly empty bottle of alcohol. Evidently Komachi had calmed Meiling down by getting her blind drunk... an effective method, although probably not one you would have thought the best for the job.

Still, what to do about this...

[ ] Wake Komachi Up
[ ] Wake Meiling Up
[ ] Wake them Both
[ ] Let them Sleep
[x] Wake Komachi Up

Eh, I'll let Komachi wake Meiling up. Don't want Meiling throwing another fit out of embarassment.
{X} Wake Komachi Up
Awaken, Titzilla.
[X] Wake Meiling Up
[] Wake Komachi Up
[ ] Wake them Both


[ ] Wake Komachi Up
[ ] Wake Komachi Up

Introduction time.
[X] Wake Meiling Up

Moe when happy.
Moe when sad.
No side of Meiling is ever bad.
[x] Wake up Komachi
[X] Wake Komachi Up
Will you look at all this many people voting here, i only know this from MiG and WuIG.
[ ] Wake Meiling Up
[ ] and then let her sleep again
[x] Arise, Chicken, Arise
[x] Wake Meiling Up

If there's any given option that includes the word "Meiling", I'm picking it.
[x] Wake Komachi Up.
[x] Wake the bewbage up.
File 121400527230.jpg - (187.19KB, 480x360 , 1205607643700.jpg) [iqdb]
[ x ] Wake them Both

Looks like Komachi won, Writan now.
File 121401151612.jpg - (7.00KB, 200x150 , Seymour.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121401232438.jpg - (173.19KB, 660x858 , Komachi-smile.jpg) [iqdb]
You decide to wake Komachi up as, after all, she was the person you came out here to speak with. Still, given how the two girls are both holding each other up you know you'll have to be careful or else you'll wake Meiling up too. This in mind you quietly sneak around so you can lean over to his in Komachi's ear. “Miss Komachi~” you hiss, “Miss Komachi~ Wake up~”

“Shikieki-samaaaa~” She moans then, startling you into backing up a few paces, “'m no' slackin' off~” you stay silent, just in case, but Komachi soon shifts in her seat, turning to get more comfortable in her sleep. Amusingly her new position has also left her practically chewing on Meiling's ear. For a moment you consider dashing back into the house to get your camera but you soon dismiss the thought, by the time you found where the thing was packed away the opportunity for an embarrassing photograph would probably be gone. Besides, you weren't entirely sure how the two girls would react if they found out you'd taken such a shot of them.

Grimacing you move forward again and, this time you reach out and shake Komachi's shoulder. The effect is sudden and terrifying as Komachi's hand is suddenly gripping your wrist with enough force to cause you to hiss in pain. As tears come to your eyes from the crushing sensation you catch a glimpse of Komachi's face - dark and terrifying, her eyes two points of hellish light that threatens to swallow you up... and then it's gone. Komachi's grip is warm around your wrist, not painful, her eyes are open but they're the normal half-open eyes you'd expect from a sleepy drunk. “hwah?” she groans, pulling herself upright - her hand not leaving your wrist.

Meiling slumps down onto Komachi's shoulder, but aside from a few sleepy mumblings doesn't react at all from the movement. Her fall, however, does serve to wake Komachi up more and remind her of what she was doing before she fell asleep. It also causes her to let go of your wrist in order to support Meiling, to prevent her from falling even further and potentially waking up.

“What do you want?” the redhead asked, after ensuring Meiling wasn't going to fall. “Waking me up from a good lil' nap like that,”

“Uh,” you start, rubbing at your wrist absently. You could have sworn she'd gripped it hard enough to leave a bruise at least but now... it was as if it had never happened at all. “N-nothing, I just wanted to talk, that's all.”

Komachi blinks at you, then nods to herself. “Ah, yah, the introduction thing?” You nod in reply and she continues, “I said already, the name's Komachi. Onozuka Komachi, but you don' need to pull all that formal crap around me y'hear? I get enough at work.” the woman pauses, then tills her head. “Well, I did, until they put me on this thing... 'Diplomatic duties' my ass - this is practically a paid vacation y'know? I'm not gonna waste it.”

She laughs then and, carefully, pulls herself away from Meiling so that she can stand up and stretch while the chinese-girl lies on the bench. Not for the first time today you thank whatever god saw fit to leave you dealing with four oh-so-busty women.

“So,” you say, trying not to be caught staring as the well-endowed girl stretches. “What do we do with Miss Meiling? It doesn't seem right to just wake her up... though we really should bring her in...”

[ ] Bring her in yourself,
[ ] Ask Komachi to bring her in,
[ ] Leave her there to nap.
[x] Bring her in yourself,
And hopefully avoid getting our neck broken by her CQC.
[X] Bring her in yourself
Make Meiling Mad
Drop Meiling into the lake
Ignore Meiling
[ ] Bring her in yourself,
[ ] Bring her in yourself.

The justification being: Komachi brought her out, so you ought to bring her in.
[X] Bring her in yourself.
[x] Bring her in yourself,
[x] Ask Komachi to bring her in

Ungentlemanly to carry a woman he barely knows inside when Komachi had no trouble doing it.
[X] Bring her in yourself
[x] Ask Komachi to bring her in
Hmm, yeah. They're somewhat more familiar with one another, and Komachi has no problem with it, so....

[x] Ask Komachi to bring her in
Au contraire! Are we not the host of this fine little government-run establishment? And is it not the duty of the host to take his guests' burdens upon himself?

Not that our fine guest herself would ever be a burden. Oh, non non non! It would surely be our pleasure to accompany her, would it not?
Bring in yourself won, Writan now, will sleep after posting.
File 121401848550.jpg - (44.62KB, 707x716 , Reimu-Reimu.jpg) [iqdb]
“Well, we can't just leave her here I guess.” you say as you move over to the bench and, kicking a stray bottle out of the way, you bend down in front of it. For a few moments you admire Meiling's body. A part of your mind points out that, recently, you've been more than a little perverted in thought - but another part reminds you that you haven't had anything to do with such pretty women since... well... ever. Your meager stash of porn - all lost in your move - simply paled in comparison to the sight of actual, well endowed, girls. If you were liable to die in this endeavor, you promised, at least you were going to die relatively happy.

... or in total gut-wrenching terror. You still had a few doubts about this whole 'youkai' thing after all. Fortunately aside from Keine, who's slip had marked her in your mind as being potentially non-human, Meiling, Komachi, Letty and Marisa all seemed a hundred per-cent human to you. Weird yes, but not monsters. Though... that little incident with Komachi... no. No. There was no proof she had crushed your wrist, so you much have imagined it. Probably your own worries affecting your judgment or something.

Taking a deep breath you dispel such thoughts and instead concentrate on the sleeping girl in front of you. Carefully you slip you hands under her and lift... only to wince at her weight. She's heavier than you expected... that or you're not as strong as you like to think you are - which is the far more likely reason you're shaking slightly as you lift the red-head up in a bridal-style carry.

Komachi, meanwhile, has apparently gathered up the bottles and glasses for you and, as you carefully manhandle Meiling through the back door into the kitchen, you watch as Komachi casually chucks everything on a more-or-less clear counter. On the plus side however, she does hold the door into the living room open for you to slip through with Meiling still in your arms.

In the living room you receive a few raised eyebrows, but no-one comments as you carefully lay the girl down on the one empty sofa. Komachi, realizing that there's no-where left to sit, merely grumbles and leans against a wall. Reimu, who up until then had been chatting with both Keine and Marisa stands up then, placing her cup of tea on the coffee-table with an over-dramatic thunk.

“Now that you have finally met everyone properly,” she states, scowling at you. “I have to be going - some of us have actual jobs to do after all. But first, mister 'Ryuuichi Macbeth Montoya Freeman the Third' - or rather Shiki Ryogi.” At the mentioning of your name you notice Komachi stiffen slightly... possibly reminded of the 'Shikieki' person she had moaned about earlier?

“Are you listening to me?” demands the shrine maiden, drawing your attention back to her. Needless to say you nod an affirmative, but it doesn't seem to calm her down any. “I would like to speak to you in private, I have some parting advice if you would care to hear it.”

[ ] Speak with Reimu in private,
[ ] Ask her to speak right here,
[ ] Don't need any advice, we're fine.
[ ] Speak with Reimu in private,
[x] Speak with Reimu in private.
[x] Speak with Reimu in private,

hey, it's gotta be important. Indulge her.
[ ] Speak with Reimu in private

No "deep fraternizing", amirite?
CURSES. A typo got past me. I am now NOT AWESOME.
[x] Speak with Reimu in private.

Ya, sure, may as well speed things along.
[X] Speak with Reimu in private,

Can't hurt.
So, speak in private won... Can't hurt now:
[x] Don't need any advice, we're fine.
[x] Ask her to speak right here

As much I think Reimu's advice for handling the dregs of Gensokyo is invaluable, I can't help but think there's a reason for this choice. If we talk to Reimu in private, then the rest are going to know we are talking about them. There will be be an air of distrust between us and our housemates (an unspoken "Shiki & Reimu vs the rest of us"). Making her speak in front of everyone is more "Everyone vs Reimu" which is conducive to camaraderie.

Not that this matters, Talk to Reimu isn't going to lose.
[x] Speak with Reimu in private

I wonder how our guests would react to modern music... I wonder if some of them will like heavy metal...
Now I'm thinking it's a bit too bad we didn't get Mystia...
We'll just say what she said privately out loud when she leaves, to confirm it.

Fuck your power games Miko. You're in the middle of a nuclear testing facility; have some goddamn respect.
[ x ] Speak with Reimu in private.


If she says this I'm going to act highly offended!

File 121406453769.jpg - (61.30KB, 511x667 , Reimoo.jpg) [iqdb]
A quick glance around tells you that only Marisa seems to be visibly annoyed by Reimu's request of a private chat. Then again both Miss Keine and Komachi seem to have pretty unreadable faces so you're not exactly sure what they think. Either way you give a slight grunt of approval, “sure,” you mutter as you give Meiling a quick look over to make sure she's still sleeping happily. Once done you stand up and, realizing Reimu is already leaving the room you follow. As you follow her down the main hallway and into a small study room you realize that, actually, it's a little odd that Reimu knows her way around - as far as you were aware she's never been here at all since you moved to this place. Then again, as the Gensokyo authority it was possible that she had a hand in choosing this location for the project in the first place.

“Well Miss Reimu?” You ask once the study door has been closed, “You said you had some advice for me?”

“Indeed.” You note that Reimu's voice is hard, much more serious than the polite woman who had greeted you earlier in the day. “A few things you should be aware of. First - don't get too involved with the Youkai, it will only end in disaster for you.” the Miko sighs and looks you in the eye, “The average Youkai can live for... well, I have never actually heard of a youkai dying of old age... but the oldest ones I know are easily over a thousand years or so.”

You blink. A thousand years. A THOUSAND years. That's... that's...

“I see you get the idea,” Reimu murmurs, “any relationship between a human and a youkai is doomed to end badly. I have heard of a few which worked out but... those are few and far between.”

Moving to lean against the large desk that dominates this study room, Reimu glances out the window for a moment. “Secondly,” she says, sounding a little distant, “About China. I would advise you not to give her ideas above her station, I am dead certain her mistress, Remila, would not appreciate it.” she glances at you, glaring out of the corner of her eyes into your own. “Emphasis on 'dead'. Because that is the least of the things Remila would do to someone who has done something she doesn't appreciate.” Reimu shrugs, turning her glare away from you - much to your relief. “Komachi? She's a slacker, but her boss has the right to visit if she wants... so expect to get the lecturing of a lifetime if she does. Letty and Keine shouldn't be too much trouble, it may be easier for you to keep Letty warm enough to stay asleep and out of trouble but really, with her, I am more worried about an idiot trying to come and get her... It'll be a headache for me, that is certain, as I have to make sure that idiot doesn't leave Gensokyo to go find Letty.”

Standing up, Reimu moves past you and opens the study door to leave, then pauses as if remembering something. “Oh,” she says, “and do be wary of a full moon, it really does brings out the worst in some people. With that she steps out of the room and is off down the hallway, leaving you behind to ponder her words.

By the time you've thought about it, Reimu is already at the front door of the house along with Marisa. As you approach the Miko nods to you. “Well,” she says, “Now I really must be off, I know some idiot in Gensokyo is causing trouble as we speak. That or Suika is wrecking my shrine with another party... Ugh. Anyway, goodbye Mister Ryogi, I'm sure I shall see you some time in the future. Now, if you'll excuse me? I wish to say my goodbyes to Marisa in private.”

“Oh, uh, sure... fine.” You stammer, backing away from the front door... Peeking into the living room you see that now, only a sleeping Meiling and Letty are in there, the others presumably having gone off to explore the house.

Behind you is the faint murmur of Marisa and Reimu, though it soon stops only to be replaced by the sound of what you guess is Marisa coming down the hallway towards you. A faint clinking noise emanates from the kitchen - sit seems like someone is possibly trying to rustle up something edible. Lastly you manage to catch a creaking of floorboards from above, someone must be upstairs then.

[ ] Check on Letty and Meiling
[ ] See who's in the Kitchen
[ ] Talk with Marisa
[ ] Find out who's wandering around upstairs.
[] See who's in the Kitchen
[x] Check on Letty and Meiling
{X} See who's in the Kitchen
[ ] See who's in the Kitchen
> I am more worried about an idiot trying to come and get her

I had mental images of Advent Cirno going on for a second there.

[x] See who's in the Kitchen
[ x] See who's in the Kitchen
[x] Find out who's wandering around upstairs.
Back to work nigger.
[X] Find out who's wandering around upstairs.
[x] Talk with Marisa

Kitchen's already won, but Reimu didn't say ANYTHING about the dangerously crazy bitch with the broom. Let's investigate ourselves.
[x] See who's in the Kitchen
[X] See who's in the Kitchen
Voting this because EZMode voted for it and I suck his cock

Uh... Secret much? Jeez. Now I've got to find a new 'Aya'. You're fired.
Writer Fags think alike, he knows what he is doing.
[x] See who's in the Kitchen

What? Fired1? No no no no, you can't fire me!I-I need this job! And, and you will never someone as good as me! P-please reconsider this.
File 12140709917.jpg - (103.42KB, 650x515 , more-keine.jpg) [iqdb]
Checking out the kitchen seems like the best bet for now, besides you're more than a little peckish yourself. Sneaking past the sleeping forms of Meiling and Letty, you make your way to the kitchen. As an afterthought you grab the tray of now empty cups on the way since you might as well see about getting them washed while you're there. Pushing the door open with one foot, you're surprised to see not Komachi - who you had half-expected to be there in search of more alcohol - but instead Miss Keine. She seemed to be busy pulling things out of the cupboards, looking at them, then replacing the items back where they came from. She starts slightly as you put the tray down atop a clear counter - evidently Miss Keine had also been clearing up some of Komachi's earlier mess - and turns to look at you.

“Ah!” She exclaims, “Mister Ryogi!” Smiling the woman gestures around the kitchen, “This place is rather remarkable, nothing like the kitchens I know of from home.”

[ ] “Taking a look around I see,”
[ ] “Find anything interesting?”
[ ] “Perhaps I can show you around?”
[ ] “Perhaps I can show you around?”

This sounds good to me~
[x] “Perhaps I can show you around?”
[X] “Find anything interesting?”
Voiced, if there is a benevolent and loving god, by Norio Wakamoto.
[X] “Perhaps I can show you around?”
[X] “Perhaps I can show you around?”
[X] “Perhaps I can show you around?”
{X} “Perhaps I can show you around?”
[ ] “Perhaps I can show you around?”
[ ] “Find anything interesting?”

Time to explain SCIENCE!
File 121407397911.jpg - (107.88KB, 475x634 , 1213750642221.jpg) [iqdb]
[ x ] “Perhaps I can show you around?”

Teach me, Keine-sensei!
File 121407421412.jpg - (9.71KB, 155x225 , 1213750206122.jpg) [iqdb]
[ x ] “Perhaps I can show you around?”

CAVE me, Keine-sensei!
File 121407437521.jpg - (88.34KB, 614x501 , 1213992667224.jpg) [iqdb]
[ x ] “Find anything interesting?”

She has found...MOE~
File 121407878492.jpg - (118.37KB, 368x750 , Keine-again.jpg) [iqdb]
“Perhaps I can show you around?” You suggest, sweeping one arm out to gesture to the entire room. “There's a lot of things to learn in this room alone.” You deflate slightly, “Although, I'm not entirely sure where I should begin... I was told the modern world was different to what Gensokyo is like... but I don't know how different.”

Miss Keine smiles and nods at you. “Yes,” she says, “There is so much in here I don't understand...” Tapping the large sink set in one counter she explains. “This I can understand, a basin is a basin after all - but I don't understand why there is a hole in the bottom, surely all the water would run out? And what on earth is this curious thing above it?”

“That,” you begin, “Is a basin like you think. The hole is there so we can drain the water out when we're done with it, normally it's plugged up with that round thing next to the basin.” As you mention it you indicate the plug sitting up next to the washing liquid and sponge next to the sink.

“Eh? Wouldn't that mean the water will spill all over the floor?” Keine asks, interrupting you for a moment. You think about it, then realize that plumbing is probably something she doesn't know about.

“Don't worry about that,” you say, “there's a pipe under the basin which takes the water away to...” for a moment you consider explaining about sewers, but that might stretch this explanation out too far for the moment. “... to someplace else. I'll have to explain that later I guess... Anyway, that thing on top? That's called a 'tap'.”

“A tap?” Keine blinks, “Tap what exactly?”

“uhm, no... It's just called a tap. I don't really know why though...” you admit, sounding a little sheepish over the last bit. “Something to find out I suppose... Whatever the reason, that's where the water comes out.”

“Water comes out of it?” Keine asks, “Seems rather far-fetched, everyone knows water comes from wells and lakes, so how does this metal thing create water?”

“Create?” you laugh then, causing Keine to frown slightly, “It doesn't create water Miss Keine - there's all sorts of pipes and pumps and things that bring water from someplace else to here. Why don't you try it? Turn one of those dials on the side - the left one will make warm water come out and the right one cold.”

You watch as Keine tries first the left dial, then the right... then the left again and finally both together. She seems surprised, then curious, and finally she turns both dials off and looks at you. “Well now,” she states, “this is far more convenient than fetching water from the local well.”

[ ] See about checking on someone else,
[ ] Continue the 'tour' of the kitchen,
[ ] Offer to make something to eat,
[ ] Show Keine the Freezer.
[] Continue the 'tour' of the kitchen,
[ ] Show Keine the Freezer.
{X} Show Keine the freezer.
[ ] Show Keine the Freezer.
[x] Continue the 'tour' of the kitchen
[x] Show Keine the Freezer.

Time for a quick overview of what everything does, just enough that she'll able to use them for cooking. We can get into detailed explanations of why everything works later.
[x] Continue the 'tour' of the kitchen
[x] Show Keine the Freezer.
[x] Continue the 'tour' of the kitchen
[x] Show Keine the Freezer.
Ugh. Every time I see "show keine the freezer" it looks like "shove Keine in the freezer."
[x] shove Keine in the freezer
Is anyone else starting to want a naked+apron Keine cooking for us?

That thought's just crossing your mind?
[x] Continue the 'tour' of the kitchen
[x] Show Keine the Freezer.
[x] Continue the 'tour' of the kitchen
[x] Show Keine the beef you keep inside the freezer.
[x] While you're at it, show her the dairy products you keep inside the fridge.
She's a were goat, not a were cow. Look it up. Besides, dairy products wouldn't be any problem, milk is supposed to be drank.
>She's a were goat, not a were cow.
But accuracy is secondary to memetic humor!

You two are aware a Hakutaku is normally depicted as a horned lion, right? Not a cow.
File 121408402837.jpg - (254.06KB, 600x550 , keineex.jpg) [iqdb]
A lion? Seriously? With these boobs?

A catgirl, maybe. Cheetara from Thundercats, sure. But a lion?


>>Cheetara from Thundercats

I'm sorry, but that's no longer a catgirl at that point, just furry.

Joke went right over your head.
My point was boobs, not the percentage of furry.

And don't act like Cheetara wasn't your first furry crush before you knew furry was bad.
[X]Leave everything, go place letty in a warm room, molest her while she's helplessly sleeping

Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Now srsly-
[x] Continue the 'tour' of the kitchen
[x] Show Keine the Freezer.
>[X]Leave everything, go place letty in a warm room, molest her while she's helplessly sleeping

...devious, Anon. Devious.
"“Oh,” she says, “and do be wary of a full moon, it really does brings out the worst in some people."
Prelude for a magnificent CAVED ending.
That picture looks pretty much like a goat to me.
File 121408648874.jpg - (60.82KB, 800x588 , hakutaku.jpg) [iqdb]
A five second Google image search turns up a somewhat better picture.

This whole argument is stupid, it's a mythological creature. There's really no way of telling what animal, if any, its creator based it on.
File 121408730133.gif - (896.16KB, 300x225 , facepalm.gif) [iqdb]
So I made a joke vote and then I come back later to see I've had a hand in provoking a minor shitstorm.
You all need to lighten up. Seriously.
Do want
File 121408778254.jpg - (19.51KB, 320x240 , THEGAME.jpg) [iqdb]
>>And don't act like Cheetara wasn't your first furry crush before you knew furry was bad.

Don't try to push your furfag views on me faggot
Pic related. It's my taste for loli before animu came around.
Get that beastiality out of here
It happens all the time, don't worry about it.
File 121408818537.jpg - (102.50KB, 754x945 , gadget_3.jpg) [iqdb]
>And don't act like Cheetara wasn't your first furry crush
Not even close. Of course, now I have Nitori.
“Oh, hey!” you exclaim as you carefully push past Keine and move to the far end of the kitchen. “You wanted to see a freezer, right?” leaning on the edge of a large square box-shaped appliance, you grin at the silver-haired woman. “Well this is one right here. It's called a 'chest freezer' because it's, you know, shaped like a chest. The other major type looks like a cabinet - they're more convenient in terms of size, but they don't hold as much in them.”

Keine steps towards you and peers at the white metal and plastic box. She runs her hands experimentally along it's surface and frowns slightly, then moves her fingers to the back and suddenly pulls away. “Ah!” she exclaims, popping one finger into her mouth to suck on it, “Tha's hot!” After a moment she removes the finger and looks at you harshly, “How on earth can something so hot be capable of making winter insider?” she demand.

“Open it,” You reply, “and you'll see.”

Frowning at you Keine slips her fingers under the lid of the chest and lifts - then gasps in awe. “Incredible.” she breaths, “It's all... frozen.” Reaching in the woman fumbles around with the contents of the freezer for several moments, pulling packets and boxes out before dropping them back in. “Letty would absolutely love this I think,” she murmurs.

“Love what, hm?” The two of you whirl on the spot to look at the door to the living area. There, learning against the doorframe, is Letty. She seems slightly perkier than she did when she was last awake - and the reason is pretty apparent as she makes a bee-line towards the freezer. “Oooh,” she goes as she too peers inside, “I thought I felt the air cool down nearby...” Reaching in she grabs a packet of frozen vegetables and rubs it against her face, coo-ing happily. “This is nice, ice in spring... how pleasant it feels...”

[ ] “You're welcome to it I guess,”
[ ] “Is it really that good?”
[ ] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[ ] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[x] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”

Mankind's coolest invention.
[X] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[X] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] "Actually, if you choose a room for yourself, we can probably set the Air Conditioning for the room as low as you like... the government's paying for all this, anyway."

Want to get in good with Letty. Because I love her and she's received almost no attention in the other stories.
[X] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[X] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] "Actually, if you choose a room for yourself, we can probably set the Air Conditioning for the room as low as you like... the government's paying for all this, anyway."

Ooh, choosing this then.
[X] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[X] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] "Actually, if you choose a room for yourself, we can probably set the Air Conditioning for the room as low as you like... the government's paying for all this, anyway."


Poor Letty, so neglected.

forgot the spoiler tags, yo.

[ x ] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[X] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] "Actually, if you choose a room for yourself, we can probably set the Air Conditioning for the room as low as you like... the government's paying for all this, anyway."

[X] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[X] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] "Actually, if you choose a room for yourself, we can probably set the Air Conditioning for the room as low as you like... the government's paying for all this, anyway."

This sounds like the best idea in this thread yet.
This man speaks the truth.

[X] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[X] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] "Actually, if you choose a room for yourself, we can probably set the Air Conditioning for the room as low as you like... the government's paying for all this, anyway."
Thinking about Letty and the freezer, that "You need more butter!" image pops into my head. But it'll be Letty saying "You need more ice cream!" instead.
[X] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[X] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] "Actually, if you choose a room for yourself, we can probably set the Air Conditioning for the room as low as you like... the government's paying for all this, anyway."

This bandwagon looks good to me.
[X] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[X] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] "Actually, if you choose a room for yourself, we can probably set the Air Conditioning for the room as low as you like... the government's paying for all this, anyway."
[X] “If you leave the freezer open like that, it'll thaw out though.”
[X] “Maybe I should show you about Air Conditioning...”
[X] "Actually, if you choose a room for yourself, we can probably set the Air Conditioning for the room as low as you like... the government's paying for all this, anyway."
>Mankind's coolest invention.

I see what you did there.
And I can see what you AREN'T doing here.
Yeah, he's not writing!

in b4 thatsthejoke.jpeg
Another Cotton Nigger who isn't plucking on the Fields.
It is all Etrian Odyssey 2's fault.
“If you leave the freezer open like that though, it's going to thaw out.” as you say this the two girls look at you in surprise. Letty, in fact, seems a little downcast at the idea of it thawing out.

“Really?” she asks, “So I can't keep myself cool with this all day?”

“Not really, no.” As Letty seems to deflate slightly in front of you, you glance upwards at the ceiling and make a decision. “On the other hand, there is something else you can use to keep yourself cool.” You smirk as both Letty and Keine look at you in confusion, “Ladies, I believe it's time to introduce you to the wonders of Air Conditioning.

“Air Con-dee-shon-ing?” Letty sounds the word out, confused. Keine just nods thoughtfully, thinking about the reference to it from your earlier talk with her.

Looking at them you pause for a moment, “Actually...” you say, “If you could both pick a room for yourselves we could set the air conditioning as low as you like. We'd have to assign rooms at some point anyway, so we may as well do it now.”

“We should wake up Meiling, and fetch Marisa too.” Keine states, “It would not be fair to either of them if they don't get some say in which rooms they have.” Letty and you both nod in agreement, both girls would likely be upset if they were left out. “Komachi is already upstairs, so we can fetch her when we go up.”

After closing the freezer and moving into the living room, you wait while Keine quietly wakes Meiling up. While you wait you notice that Letty still has hold of her packet of frozen vegetables, though they don't seem quite as frozen now, and is happily hugging the pack against her chest. Mentally you note to make sure to put the pack back in the freezer once you've introduced Letty to air conditioning. As you note this you see Marisa passing by the window outside, presumably she's been exploring the gardens or something. Regardless you rush over and open the window before calling to get her attention.

Soon the five of you have gathered at the top of the stairs. Meiling seems much calmer than she was before although her eyes are still a little red. Marisa is... about as hyper as she had been earlier, though now she seemed a little messier - had she been crawling through bushes or something? Letty and Keine looked the same as before. All four of the girls were looking around at the main upstairs hallway in interest - hardly surprising since it had been decorated with all sorts of things they had probably not seen before.

There are six rooms up here, three on one side and three on the other. Your own room was downstairs, just behind you in fact, along with another so up here the girls could pick whichever room they wanted without worry.

Well... almost any room. The faint snoring from one room marked that as having already been claimed by Komachi and a quick peek inside by Marisa had pretty much confirmed it.

[ ] Suggest the girls pick their rooms now,
[ ] Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first,
[ ] Ask a few questions about Gensokyo while (almost) everyone is gathered.

Gonna sleep now, next post'll be tomorrow
[ ] Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first,
[ ] Suggest the girls pick their rooms now,
[X] Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first

Better to show the whole group than explain it to them one by one.
[x] Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first

Letty needs it.
[X] Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first.

Might as well get everyone settled in. This is something all of them should find useful anyway, it's just that Letty will particularly enjoy it.
[ ] Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first,
{X} Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first.
[X] Push Letty into the nearest hot tub.
[X] Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first
[ ] Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first,
[X] Go demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first
[x] Demonstrate how to use Air Conditioning first

There's no point in doing the full tour of room functions until Komachi wakes up.
I know i'm slowpoking bigtime, but-
If you won't write it, i will.
do it
ಠ_ಠ yourself
I see no wrong with this.
>>43678Why stick her in a hot room right off? Why not mess with her AC once she's picked a room so that it slowly raises the temperature over time, that way Letty wouldn't notice it until she's asleep and you could~ huhuhuhu~
But yeah, i'm not gonna write it, i don't feel confidant enough to do mass molestation yet.

Anyway, writan AC instruction.
Who said anything about sticking it in?
I meant just mess with her body a bit while she's asleep.
Even anon is not THAT much of an asshole to sleepraep someone. (well, at least i'm not)

I dunno. Anon sleepraep'd Yukari in TAiG if I remember. This is after knocking her out by kicking her in the face. Of course, she popped out of a gap and surprised the guy, but...
Sighing at the fact Komachi was already snoozing away in what was now her room, you look at the collection of girls with you.

“Okay,” you say, “we have a few rooms to pick from here, but first I guess I should show you all how to use some of the appliances that are in them all first. In particular...” you glance at Letty and hew now fast-thawing bag of vegetables. Already she's starting to look more and more sleepy than she was a few moments ago. “... In particular the Air Conditioning, which some of you have shown an interest in knowing about.”

For a few moments the girls mutter amongst themselves, Marisa in particular seems to be the most vocal - already declaring that she was going to have the most awesome room and anyone who picked it before her was going to get a 'Master Spark' to the face. Not that you had any idea what the hell she was talking about, but the way the other girls seemed to nod in compliance implied that this 'Master Spark' of hers was something the most definitely didn't want to experience. Marisa, it seemed, was used to getting her own way - something that could prove problematic sooner or later.

“Although they're unlocked right now, all the rooms have their own keys,” you say as you open the nearest door, “but there is a master set... ah... in a secure location.” You give the girls a lopsided smile as you say that, since you know the master keys are all in your room but feel that saying such outright would... probably be a bad idea. You note that Keine nods to herself, likely having made that assumption already, but she stays silent on it. “Aside from the layout and views, all the rooms are pretty much the same - you have some cupboards, a few cabinets and a reasonable wardrobe. There's a storage room on the top floor if anyone needs it, but it will have to be shared if you do.”

As the girls file into the room you give them a few minutes to poke around, opening drawers and looking in cupboards. It isn't long before one of them finds the attached bathroom and as they stare at the... unfamiliar... facilities you groan to yourself. That was one thing you had hoped you didn't need to explain...

“That's a toilet.” you state when you catch Marisa and Meiling peering curiously into the bowl of the porcelain item. Immediately the two scoot back, Marisa pulling a disgusted face as she did so.

“Ewww!” She exclaims “Why didn't you tell me that earlier!” Still making a face the apparent youngest of your guests reaches out with one foot and pokes the side of the toilet bowl with it. “Weird toilet though,” she states, “How're you supposed to empty it?”

“Just pull the lever there.” you reply, pointing at a small lever set into the wall next to the toilet. “That'll drop water in from a tank above and wash the contents into pipes which will carry the stuff away. Well... there's more to it than that, but that's all you need to know for now. The paper by the side is... um... for 'cleaning up'...” You blush slightly, never had you expected to have to explain how to use a toilet to a bunch of girls! “... Uhm... that can go in the toilet once it's used too, it will be washed away with the rest - it's made for that.”

Desperate to change the topic of conversation you back away from the toilet door, just in time to hear the familiar gushing and gurgling sound of someone - probably Marisa - flushing the toilet. “Anyway!” you exclaim, loudly enough to get everyone's attention. “There's a lot of things to explain but this is number one!” Fortunately for you neither Meiling nor Marisa ask anything else about the bathroom as they leave it to see what you want to show everyone. Dramatically you point upwards at a slim grey unit set into the wall above your head. “Air Conditioning! Mankind's triumph over nature!”

“Ah, is this the device which can make a hot room cold?” Keine asks, her expression intent as she stares at the item. As she says this Letty perks up a little too and also stares at the item in interest. “How could such a tiny thing do something so remarkable?”

How should you explain this?

[ ] Admit you have no idea how it works exactly...

Or, if anon feels up to the task...


Hohoho, and here's a new type of vote i'm going to experiment with. You have 2 sentences to try and explain to Keine how an AC works - just remember how little she knows of modern technology and keep it simple. In this case i'm giving you an 'out' by admitting you don't know, but depending on how this goes later such votes may not have such an 'out' to them.

Bear in mind that your answer can shape how the girls (especially keine) will approach an understanding of the modern world.
{X} "It works kind of like the freezer, except it's not an insulated box.
It uses an engine to convert hot air into cold air, or something to that effect."
lol i dunno
{X} "It works kind of like the freezer, except it's not an insulated box.
It uses an engine to convert hot air into cold air, or something to that effect."

It'll do.
Eh, why the hell not.

[] Press button. Receive cold air.
[x] "I'm afraid it's because of Super Science."
[x] "Science called fridgeration cycle. Draws in hot, humid air and expels cold, dry air."

Two sentence limit.
[X] Well, this unit here contains a massive heat sink, which has copper pipes running through it.
Those pipes are in a closed circle between this indoor unit and the engine unit outside.
The pipes contain a gas in liquid state which evaporates at low temperatures, thus drawing the heat from the sink in the indoor unit, and traveling with it to the outdoor unit, which cools and condenses it back into a liquid state, thanks to the giant sink and high-airflow fan in the outdoor engine unit.
After the gas is is condensed to liquid by the compressor and cooled off, it flows back here, and the cycle repeats itself.
The whole process is making the indoor unit sink very cold, so a crossflow fan in it blows air through the cold sink, thus expelling cold air from the unit into the room, cooling it.

-At this point, Marisa's head exploded, keine is staring at you dumbfoundedly, Meiling is bashing her head against the wall, Letty passed out, and Komachi is just asleep.

OR we can just choose
{X} "It works kind of like the freezer, except it's not an insulated box.
It uses an engine to convert hot air into cold air, or something to that effect."
{X} "It works kind of like the freezer, except it's not an insulated box.
It uses an engine to convert hot air into cold air, or something to that effect.

I like this.

{X} "It works kind of like the freezer, except it's not an insulated box.
It uses an engine to convert hot air into cold air, or something to that effect."

Bonus points if you can draw a diagram to make that explanation make sense.
Goddamit i can't believe i forgot my trip.
I give you the diagram
You give me my Letty molestation scene.
File 121414663662.jpg - (41.07KB, 586x414 , derp.jpg) [iqdb]
>"It works kind of like the freezer, except it's not an insulated box.
It uses an engine to convert hot air into cold air, or something to that effect."

Uh, we never explained how the freezer worked. Also saying the engine converts air does nothing to explain how it does so.

[x]"When compressed air spreads out it cools down; like this:

(take a deep breath and flow on your hand to demonstrate)

Compressed air expands inside the box and then cool air is blown out these vents."

Not 100% accurate, but enough for the touhous I think.
Oh fuck you anon

[] "The box has something inside that gets really cold, and it blows air across it. That air gets cold and blows into the room, making it colder."

As far as I know, that's basically how it works.
[x] Press button. Receive cold air.

Simplicity. Hell, NO ONE was taught how an air conditioner works outside of this and HVAC classes.
“You want to know how it works?” You grimace as you say this and see keine's expectant face. The other girls, while not really as interested do seem a little curious too. “Well... It works kind of like the freezer you saw before, except it's not in an insulated box.” You notice the zilver-haired woman about to ask something but, luckily you manage to pre-empt her this time. “Insulated means heatproof - it keeps heat from passing through it, in the case of the freezer it just means the cold stays inside and heat outside is all.” Keine nods at that and you sigh in relief before continuing, “There's some kind of... uhm... engine... inside the Air Conditioner that converts hot air to cold air.”

“Ha!” Marisa squeals, “You don't know do you!?”

Well. Crap. Rumbled - by Marisa no less. “Not the details no,” you say, managing to save some face, “I know roughly how it works - the machine inside makes something cold, and then blows air over it which makes the air cold. That, in turn, makes the room cold. You see?”

Keine frowns slightly, evidently she had been hoping for a better explanation - but after a moment she shrugs slightly to herself. You get the feeling that you have barely managed to appease her with your explanation... Well, you can't know everything after all. You do however, make a mental note to do a little research into things before you explain them in the future though.

“Regardless,” you begin, snatching a remote control from a nearby shelf. “How it works isn't too great an issue right now, what I want to show you is how to make it work.” Holding up the remote you grin at the girls, “This, is a remote control. There are several types of them but this particular one controls this room's air conditioning. Now watch, and be amazed.” Grinning you hit a few buttons and smirk as the unit comes to life with an audible hum. For a few moments nothing seems to happen, then Meiling, Keine and Marisa all start to shiver slightly while Letty's eyes widen. Given you have just put the Air Conditioning on at maximum power, you're hardly surprised. Hell, you're shivering a little yourself... Whatever make these units were, they were effective!

“Th-that's a-awesome!” cries the witch, “B-but it's t-too cold!”

“It's adjustable,” you say as you hold up the remote, showing them the little LCD display on it. “This number here represents the temperature. The lower the number, the colder it is.” Right now it's saying 05 degrees C... that's pretty cold. Pointing to a red button at the top of the remote you begin your explanation - pressing each button to demonstrate it's effect as you go. “This button here turns it off, and on again like so. While these two buttons make it warmer or cooler. The other buttons you should probably ignore for now, since they're for stuff like making it turn itself on or off at a certain time and such.”

The explanation over you hold the remote out, where it's eagerly snatched up by Marisa - who was a little quicker than the rest. “Awesooome...” she whispers, as she presses the buttons with glee. “It's like magic, for idiots! I bet even China could use this!”

You frown at Marisa's casual insult of Meiling.

[ ] Reprimand her for the insult now,
[ ] Pull her aside and reprimand her in private,
[ ] Let the insult slide this time.

last Post in this thread, next one'll be a new thread... (i just couldn't find a suitable pic to start a thread with)
[ ] Let the insult slide this time.

Stupid china.
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now

"In this world, all of you are stupid; but that's OK, because for the next few days we'll be trying our best to unstupid you. Moving forwards...."
[ ] Reprimand her for the insult now,
[x] Just think of it as an artifact which is fueled by mana (which we call electricity.) It pulls the energy from the air and separates it into hot and cold. The cold air flows into the room, while the hot air is pushed outside.

Ugg, I'm having flashbacks to my Fluid/Thermo and my Mechanical Systems classes.
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now,
[X] Let the insult slide this time.
fuck, slowpoked.

[x] Reprimand her for the insult now,
[x] Let the insult slide this time.
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now
[ ] Let the insult slide this time.

Although it's +Marisa/-China points in the long run, China wouldn't be TO offended by it. Take it as an inside joke you're not apart of.
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now,
[x] Let the insult slide this time.

Hey, guys... It's all fun and games, but I hope you do understand our primary objective, right? Protect touhous from the monster known as INTERNET AT ANY COST!

Marisa needs to learn that when you blurt out thoughtless shit, you get called out on it. We're trying to teach them to interact in the real world after all and not making it clear from the start doesn't seem good to me.
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now,
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now
We can win the girl's hearts in stages. China is easy modo, followed by Marisa with shiny things and Letty with being cool, and then Keine through respect and Komachi with lots and lots of caffeine.
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now,

And here we clearly show that we don't give two shits about what Reimu said, how we shouldn't treat Meiling too nicely. Well, I'm not against it.
[x] Slap Marisa
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now.

If we let it go on like this, China is going to be weepy milksop for the entire fucking story, when she's actually one of the most adaptive of the touhoes (non-temperamental, few questions, follows directions).

Also the main character is acting like way too much of a pussy so far. He's supposed to integrate them into this world, and there's no way to do so if he hides under a table every time one of them sneezes. I'd be more worried about the very real possibility the government decides they'd rather experiment on how resistant to nukes border people are, rather than bother trying to "integrate" them.
Agreed. We need to gradually demonstrate that we have a pair. Standing up to Marisa is a good first step.

[x] Reprimand her now.
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now.

For pretty much all of what >>43741 said.
[x] Let the insult slide this time.

They're adults. We're not their chaperone, and it's treating them like children to "reprimand" them. ...well, Marisa is a lot like a kid, so I suppose it's more acceptable to reprimand her than others.... Nevertheless.
[x] Slap the hos
[x] Reprimand her for the insult now.
They need to learn that jerks aren't welcome in this world anymore.
>not their chaperone
We're supposed to help them get used to the outside world. So, in a way, yes, we ARE their chaperone.
Yeah, and in a way we're completely not. Being someone who's supposed to teach them about the outside world isn't the same as being a chaperone who reprimands people with things like, "Now, don't insult the other guests, Marisa."

Of course, '[x] Criticize Marisa' is not necessarily something I have a problem with. Though I'd still wait until I was more familiar with the group's relations to one another before I called one of them on being an ass.
...crap. Marisa made fun of us because we made the explanation TOO simple. This is shameful.

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