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Still charging ahead from when you were running towards Wriggle, you angle off towards Marisa who still seems to be stuck in the middle of the master spark. You reach her just before the colored balls that are homing in on her do, and tackle her around the middle. This causes her to loose her grip on the Mini-Hakkero which makes the master spark shoot wildly for a moment before fading out. The balls of light fly past the two of you and crash into the side of the building.
Patchouli, having found her inhaler, is now up on her feet again, Koakuma appearing at her side from seemingly nowhere.
“PATCHOULI! LOOK OUT!” Marias screams as she throws you off of her and scrambles for the Mini-Hakkero. Reimu sends another fantasy seal heading directly for Patchouli and Koakuma. The pair of them finish whatever arcane chant they were performing and an extremely large seal appears in front of them.
They chant, in unison, “SUN SIGN [ ROYAL FLARE]”
The blast extends outwards from the pair, you’d think it’d envelop the whole area, but it seems to form off into a definitive shape, headed directly towards Reimu.
Reimu pulls back, realizing that her spell card had no effect on Patchouli and that there was now quite a powerful blast flying off at her. Reimu dives straight for the ground, only to be greeted by a very angry Marisa, pointing the Mini-Hakkero at her. While Marisa’s arm is shaking Reimu sits there on the ground calmly.
“If you’re going to do it, get it over with bitch. KILL ME IF YOU’RE GOING TO. DO IT.”
“M-m-master… S-sp. . .” Marisa trails off into silence, her arm drops to her side.
“I thought so.” Reimu smirks, However, she didn’t count on you coming out of nowhere. You dash up to her and nail her across the face with a wicked right hook. She rolls away from you but is quickly back on her feet.
“God DAMN it. You stupid little fuck. That was a goddamn cheap shot.” Reimu spits blood from her mouth.
“Oh yeah, Like taking potshots at your allies isn’t a cheap shot.”
“Allies? ALLIES?! You think that this thieving witch, and those damn youkai magicians are my allies? They’ll do as they’re told if they know what’s good for them.” Reimu spits more blood on the ground. “So what, are we going to fight, or are we going to just stand around here talking all day.”
“I do believe we’re going to be fighting Reimu. Especially after that lovely little display against Marisa and Patchouli.” Alice walks out of the side building, holding one arm, and being supported by her dolls. Medicine trundles along behind her, coming out onto the walkway around the building. Wriggle steps back out from the woods, several large insects by her side. Reisen, Cirno, Rumia, Momiji, and Nitori come running up the stairs now too.
<Sorry it took so long, Tewi and Meiling have destroyed the steps>
You don’t reply, never taking your eyes off of Reimu who’s managed to stand up and brush the dirt off of her outfit.
“Well, well, well. It seems that all of Gensokyo has finally turned on me is it! Well then, by all means! Do feel free to kill me! Go ahead. Destroy all of Gensokyo. Just don’t think I’m going to make it easy for you.” Reimu kneels down on the ground. “DREAM SIGN [EVIL SEALING CIRCLE]!”
A wave of energy shoots out from Reimu causing everyone to scatter. It’s now marisa’s turn to tackle you out of the way, grabbing you and lifting you above the blast. Reimu, in the meanwhile, dashes into the shrine, slamming the heavy doors shut.
“Oh no~ze,” Marissa says suddenly, “I hope she’s not planning on using that. . .”
Shit. More of this stupid ‘that’ stuff. Does nobody ever refer to shit by it’s actual name?
“God damn it. What is this ‘that’ thing?”
“It’s some ancient Hakurei treasure ~ze. I don’t know anything more than that. It’s one of those things that are never supposed to be used ~ze.”
Oh great. Now the villian is going for the unstoppable super weapon that nobody knows anything about. Here’s hoping it has a bright glowing weak point you can hit for massive damage. Before you and Marisa reach the ground, a barrier springs up around the Hakurei shrine. Well shit.
A short while later everyone is gathered, sans Aya and Sakuya, who have apparently fought each other off into the distance. A battered and bruised Meiling joins a similarly adorned Tewi. The two sit off to the side, with Alice, having their wounds tended to by Reisen. You, Nitori, Marisa, Patchouli, Koakuma, Momiji, Rumia and Cirno all gather in a circle, discussing ways to get through Reimu’s barrier. The current best idea that has been proposed is that everyone except for two people fire as much energy as they can into the barrier in the hopes of disrupting it while the remaining two sneak inside during the disruption of the barrier. It’s a foolish plan, but from what little Marisa and Patchouli know about the Hakurei heirloom, you’d rather be inside sooner than later. Patchouli, Koakmua, and Marisa line up in front of the barrier ready to unleash their annihilation of love at the barrier. Who’s going with you?

[ ] Go alone.
[ ] Momiji.
[ ] Alice.
[ ] Meiling.
[ ] Tewi.
[ ] Reisen.
[ ] Cirno.
[ ] Rumia.
[ ] Wriggle.
[x] Reisen.

[X] Reisen.

We'll use the power of love!

Hakurei, do you think you can withstand this?
[ ] Reisen.
"I believe in you who believe in me who believe in you!"
[x] Go alone.
Time to use the one thing we've been using ever since we stepped in Gensokyo: The power of Diplomacy. We seriously need to slap some sense into Reimu.
[ ] Reisen.
[ ] Reisen.

Moon Bunny love~
[x] Reisen
btw what happen to Remi after she got poisoned?
[X] Reisen.
Knowing kira, I have a feeling I will regret this.
[x] Rumia.
File 121143089344.jpg - (35.27KB, 1280x800 , Anti Spiral 17.jpg) [iqdb]
So, who wants to make bets that whoever goes with us gets killed?
[X] Kaguya.

We'll do this with her memory in our hand and her will in our heart.

...and her box in our pocket.
[x] Go alone.
GAR or stupid. Or both.
[X] Wriggle

Take Reisen and have sex on top of Reimu's dead bleeding corpse.
After we've returned Reimu's orb by shoving up her ass, of course.
>You, Nitori, Marisa, Patchouli, Koakuma, Momiji, Rumia and Cirno all gather in a circle
Is this a mistake or Nitori really came back?
I'm guessing she was the unidentifiable person that was being carried.
Yes, nitori is there, lined up to blast the barrier, and Medicine was supposed to be one of the choices. Given the number of mistakes I'm making at this point, I do believe that it's time for me to go to bed, despite my intentions to finish this today. Oh well. G'night guys.

Oh, you bastard.
[ ] Reisen.

The power of love conquers all.
We're Kamina, and Reisen is our Simon. (We also get to die in the end, but make her a stronger person in the future as a result).
...I would accept this ending.

Also, shouldn't we take Medicine, since she can fuck up Reimu?

Will we also be making Reimu listen to our song?
>Alice walks out of the side building, holding one arm, and being supported by her dolls. Medicine trundles along behind her, coming out onto the walkway around the building.

Wow. Medicine has a lot of firepower packed into that little frame of hers.

Also: goddammit Yukari. You better come in and fix things after we get our asses kicked. Preferably before, but since it's Yukari, after is really the best I can hope for.
[ ] Rumia.
Oh yeah, forgot about that.
[X] Reisen.

These hands of ours are burning red! Their loud cries tell us to grasp happiness!

I'm not sure how copping a feel off our moon bunny is going to help us beat Reimu.
[x] Rumia.

Ex-Rumia sounds badass.
Too bad Reisen will win.
File 121143758817.png - (361.67KB, 640x480 , vlcsnap-3156371.png) [iqdb]
We'll beat her with Protoculture.
[x] EX-Alice
[x] EX-Rumia

Either of these, to buy time so we can converse with Reimu while she's forced to dodge & graze like the motherfucking Fist of the North Star.

While singing a song, right?
o/~ Love is a battlefield...
[ ] Go alone.
[X] Go with Reisen.

She's not the strongest of our group, it's true. But she believes in us. It's time to prove that we believe in her, too! Time to bust in there, hand-in-hand, kick Reimu to the curb and do the impossible!
Uh what the fuck is going on?

I think I missed a few threads.
File 121144097829.jpg - (304.26KB, 579x890 , the power of love.jpg) [iqdb]


Are Reisen and Anon both throwing the peace sign?

Nah, I think it's them pointing how Reisen fire's her danmaku.

Oh... Damn it. Just... Damn.
Drawfag wins once more.
Why are they holding four hot dogs?
So, any ideas on how Anon die?
With fire in his heart and a prayer on his lips.
File 121144853442.png - (284.31KB, 579x890 , Thegame.png) [iqdb]


Don't you have writing to do?
Fucking awesome.

I wonder if anyone will realize I missed a spot
You... you did? Werez?

If you mean where, I'd never tell.
It'd put my internet ego on the line, you know.
Inside Reisen's mouth.

That's obviously a giant fang.
We're ignoring the fact that most Touhou sources deny that vampirs can be directly affected by poison (only indirectly so via their "food").

We've probably gone down the wrong plot tree since the start for that explanation.

I've been wondering where Yukari is and what she's been doing since Moriya.

Anyway, my vote is for "[X] Meiling" since Reimu is proving inefficient when it comes to physical combat, but I've already been out-voted.
>>but I've already been out-voted.
Spam time.

In before the "sealed Hakurei treasure that must never be used" is 'Fantasy Heaven'. Or Genji.
File 121146803747.jpg - (285.34KB, 1180x768 , 1170607592711.jpg) [iqdb]
The seacret artifact is a stand arrow.
Reimu thinks that it's a badass weapon because the arrow was used only on people who can't develop a stand.
She don't know that there are humans (or vampires) that this arrow can give super powers.
I don't think that Kira will use the idea tough.
File 12114691791.png - (4.55KB, 126x126 , Th01singyoku01.png) [iqdb]
File 121146955990.png - (212.72KB, 450x550 , c34b497ed053684ddea9a302e5ba9613.png) [iqdb]
While there's something appropriate about having Wriggle, who was with us when we first encountered Reimu, by our side for the end, I really have to think Reisen is the way to go.

Assuming she's still alive, Eirin should be in there somewhere, and if that damn color-changing box of ours is what we think it is, we'll have all but Tewi together for a nice Eientei Family Reunion.
I just want to get this over with so Kira can go back to School Days.
I wonder if Kira will go for another run of MiG. This time we should do it right from the beginning and not fuck things up with whistling and shit.
I don't care, just get me School Days Mokou route.

Sorry, but we've already fucked up and are heading straight into the GRIM-N-DARK Bad-End Buffet. There is no delicious "best friend/girl-next-door" route here. Only endless DESPAIR.

The only consolation I find in this is that everyone who was going to try to go for Yuka instead of Mokou will RAGE when she either turns up dead or has "disappeared" mysteriously.
Shiiit. I read this, thought "huh", then went back and found the thread where we told Marisa about what happened.

...maybe we should just give up and head straight for that despair-laden "shining gem" of a route. Faster that way.
We'll fuck Reisen on Reimu's futon. That'll show her!
And her donation box. Gotta do it on the donation box.
File 121147593416.png - (5.48KB, 126x126 , Sigma.png) [iqdb]
Hm, maybe you're not wrong, eh? Was it Kira that said something way back about PC-98 artifacts like Rika's tanks being around somewhere if you knew where to look, or a different writer?

...Great, I brought back some nasty memories of fighting this thing. How the hell did I manage to beat it that one time? *shudder*

Probably was. Though the final battle isn't quite what I thought it'd be. I expected more ONCE THE KAPPA LASER GUN IS MASSED PRODUCED and enough tengu to blot out the sun. Still where in Gensokyo could the tanks be other than rusting in the woods surrounding the shrine?

They could be IN THE SHRINE.

Since when has the shrine been a TARDIS?

Then again, it'd be quite something if we found the Probability Space Hypervessel from dim dream.
So, I wonder... is that nuclear-powered robomaid still in the Shrine, or did she get TAKEN HOME by someone with a stronger gynoid moe?

Reimu probably used her to nuke Makai.

Sounds good to me.
If your idea is right then my next choice is
[x]name your stand Dragonforce
Um. . . Did that picture exist before, or did a drawfag draw it for MiG? 'cause it's freaking awesome.

Pretty sure it's drawfag stuff.

We can has MiG tonight? Or not?
File 121152568446.jpg - (25.49KB, 300x300 , kiramoeannoyed.jpg) [iqdb]
In b4 "Stop asking me that!"
>We're ignoring the fact that most Touhou sources deny that vampirs can be directly affected by poison (only indirectly so via their "food").

Remember what she said before calling the maid? The "gas" was probably an aerosolized silver compound.
File 12115610904.jpg - (64.30KB, 300x300 , Kira stop.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121156459655.jpg - (54.83KB, 300x300 , cancer mode.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121156485495.jpg - (64.14KB, 300x300 , Kira Bawwwwww.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121156727840.jpg - (18.86KB, 300x300 , kirafun.jpg) [iqdb]
File 12115678786.jpg - (65.09KB, 300x300 , kira Yes.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey, would someone be kind enough to take this >>35414
And somehow either combine it with >>34394 or make the crying face on >>35414 ?
It'd be awesome if you did. Especially if it looked good.
File 121163969470.jpg - (26.12KB, 300x300 , 12115678786.jpg) [iqdb]

I guess you look like you're having a mental breakdown.
Sweet! Thanks! My shooping skills fail after about removing words, and changing colors.

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