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Since I'm impatient and it's been requested that I start (lol by two people), I've decided to just go at this and ad-lib. I think I have the basic idea how this works, so I'm hoping I don't screw anything up.

I'll also be saving each post I make to a file so I'll have all important material on hand in case I forget something. Here's hoping I do a good job here.

Let's start then.


A gentle rocking feeling stirs you. Consciousness returns to you, did you fall asleep? No, you don't remember going to bed. Your memory is a blur as you look around you, seemingly endless grey as far as you can see. Where are you? Images form themselves in your mind, you remember being out in the city with friends. You were riding in the passenger side of a car, and there was a truck, and... then nothing.

Are you dead?

"Oi," a voice calls. "You alive?"

You try to respond, but your words only echo in your head.

'Where am I?'

You turn around to see a woman sitting, and only then do you realize you're in a small rowboat. She is sitting crosslegged at the bow, a long pole dipped in the water beneath you. Red eyes watch you, wreathed in a frame of red hair.

"Then again, if you were alive, you wouldn't be here." She said with a sarcastic smile.

"You're probably confused, so let me explain. You're dead, and I'm your personal escort over the Sanzu."

Your mind blanks. You try to scream, but you can't even create a sound. You don't have a body, you are simply a formless blob.

"Seems like you were involved in a pretty serious accident topside, and you ended up here as a result. Sorry about your luck, kid."

This can't be real. This has to be a dream. You hope desperately against your own subconscious that you are just having a terrible dream, and that you're safe in bed and possibly drunk.

"You got a lucky break, though. You were pretty well liked it would seem," she says, patting a small sack resting beneath one of her knees. "More then enough in here to pay your fare, wouldn't you say?"

You have no idea what she's saying. Fare? You have to pay her for something? Nothing makes sense, but as far as you can see there is nothing but grey sky, grey rocks and grey water. There is no waves, no reflection on the water, there are barely any ripples in the surface. Despite this, the boat is gently rocking from the steady rhythm of her strokes in the water with the pole.

"I wouldn't try diving out of the boat, by the way," she says, as if she could read your thoughts. "Even though you're a spirit, you'll sink, and then the spirits of extinct sea creatures would eat you. Not very pleasant at all. Just sit back and relax."

With that, she pulls the pole from the water, revealing a large, wavy scythe blade at the end. She lays it across the boat, angling the blade behind you.

"Well, I'll sit back and relax at the very least. Try to enjoy your stay on the Titanic."

With this, she reclines and closes her eyes. She doesn't move again.

The boat continues to drift, for how long you can't tell. Hours? Weeks? Every passing moment in an endless grey world feels like a thousand years. There's not even a hint of a sun, the light that does exist seems to just simply be. The boats rocking is starting to get to you, continuing long after she's stopped rowing. Glimpses of gray forms moving beneath the grey water do nothing to help the situation.

What feels like years later, you see another grey moving towards you, an incline of grey sand. You're approaching land? The boat slowly drifts towards the bank, every second drawing nearer and nearer. You need to get off this boat, you need to get out of this place, this... world. This Hell.

"Mmnn," the woman shifts, opening her eyes. "We make landfall yet?"

A soft shudder shakes the boat as it coasts into the sand, lodging itself in. The woman sits up with a stretch and picks up her scythe once again.

"Well, we're here, and ahead of schedule it seems. Shikieiki should be happy with that for once. You might even be able to get right to your Judgment, then you can begin whatever you have in store for you."

Judgment? You definitely don't agree with the way that sounds. She still seems a bit groggy from her nap, and if ever you have a chance, now would be the time to make the crucial decision.

[] Comply
[] Run for it!

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Nice beginning. Good writing.
[X] Run for it!
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[X] Comply
Formless blob could make a great escape.
>> No. 33727
[z] Run for it!

As much as seeing Sikieki sounds delightful, lets gtfo while we can.
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[X] Comply
>> No. 33731
[] Comply
Let's see where were sent.
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[X] Comply.

Reincarnation, reincarnation!
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[X] Comply
Getting to see Shiki can't be bad.
plus, where the hell can we "run"?
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[X] Comply

As if we can do anything else.
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[x] Comply

You resign yourself. She still looks tired, but she looked tired when you first saw her too. Despite her grogginess, you can see a sharpness in her eyes that unsettles you. She also happens to have a rather large weapon in her hands. You don't even know where you are, if you had run, she surely would be able to catch you before you found a way out.

She steps from the boat and staggers onto the sand, stretching her legs.

"Well, come on now. Don't be shy."

Moving seems to come naturally. You will yourself forward and you float towards her. It happens so effortlessly that you are momentarily surprised when you start moving. She turns and begins walking again as you draw near her. As you do, she takes a step, and a building appears on the horizon. Before you even realize what had happened, the two are you are in front of a large, ornate stone building. Looking around, you can't see the beach you were just on. You were never aware of the womans ability to manipulate distance.

The large double doors on the building crack open, and then slowly swing inwards as the woman pushes through them, and you float after her. She leads you through a long hallway lined with statues of unfamiliar people, each wearing the same kind of clothes. You look at the plaques and are surprised to find them engraved in Japanese. After a while of moving down the hall and watching the statues as you pass them, the woman leads you through another set of doors, and you find yourself in a large room resembling a court room. Ahead of you, sitting behind a tall bench, is a relatively young looking girl, who looks genuinely surprised to see the woman.

"Ah, Komachi? You're actually ahead of schedule?"

Komachi smiles rather arrogantly.

"Well, of course. I can be a hard worker too, you know."

The girl gives Komachi an annoyed look, then turns her attention to you.

"Spirit, approach the bench."

You decide to obey, and drift forwards.

"Since Komachi has decided to be such a hard worker today, you're lucky enough to get your Judgment now, as you've arrived before the next case I was ready to begin. I usually don't work with Outsiders either, so this is an extra treat for you. Now just sit still while I render my verdict, this will be over before you know it and you can get back into the cycle."

The girl then brandishes what looks like a small hand mirror, and looks into it. Her expression changes multiple times, between smiling, to sadness, to anger, and back. After a few seconds, she lowers the mirror.

"You've had a rather interesting life, it's almost a shame it ended before it really began. You've commit a few troublesome acts in your life, but overall you've been good. Good enough to avoid the beating you'd usually receive for your sins, at least."

She gives you a tired grin and sits forward in her seat.

"You'll be staying here in Higan until you are reincarnated. It might sound like a nuisance, but you'll be reborn before you know it."

Indeed, you were reborn before you were even aware, and most of your memories dissipated in the long, long wait you had been enduring under the watch of shinigami herding the souls of the departed. What memories remain will fade in time, and be replaced by new ones. In four years, you will be able to start making your new memories of a new life.


Congrats, you managed to pick the obvious end already. Since it's so early in the story, I'll let you off this time. It's called Flight of the Lost Soul after all.

Should I follow up with the other option now?
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>> No. 33739

Might as well.
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Wow, single-choice end. I think the only other story that pulled that was the Eientei one.

Well, the only real route is obvious now, so oneward with an attempt to flee.
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Dude wtf? wer'e supposed to stay a formless spirit?
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[X] Run for it!

She still looks tired, but she looked tired when you first saw her too. Despite her grogginess, you can see a sharpness in her eyes that unsettles you. She also happens to have a rather large weapon in her hands. You don't even know where you are, but you have to take a chance, you have to get away.

You float away, willing yourself towards the land. You move much faster than you anticipated, and soon enough you're soaring over the dull grey landscape. The woman lets out a surprised cry as you leave her behind, and you feel a panic come to you as you wonder if she's giving chase. Your fears are realized when she suddenly appears in front of you, despite all impossibility. Can she really move that fast? All hint of her fatigue have gone, only leaving a determined gaze in her eyes as she swings the scythe towards you.

All it takes is the will to not be hit, and you float out of the way, the blade shearing through the air mere inches from your form. You waste no time wondering if she could even hurt you or not as you begin your flight once again, the woman catching up to you in lightning fast bounds, each stroke of her scythe claiming nothing but air as you dart and swerve to avoid her. The attacks come less frequently, and each swing she takes becomes more and more laboured as time goes on. Finally, she stops appearing, and you can hear her behind you, cursing her laziness as her complaints fade into the distance.

You contiue to fly, turning slightly every so often, but with no real idea where you're heading. At some point in the chase, the grey lifeless dirt gave way into a dingy looking grasslands. Even the grass and the few sparse trees were grey, like the rest of the world. The change of scenery is welcome however, as even the slight semblance of life eases you a bit.

"Hmm? What's this?"

You turn to see an old man you hadn't seen before. Despite his wrinkled features and his long, white hair, his eyes possess a remarkable clarity as he watches your formless soul bob in the air in front of him. You notice a sword at his waist, and wonder if he's someone after you as well.

"A lost soul, you wouldn't happen to be running from judgment, would you?"

If you could answer, you would have. You only bob up and down as an attempt to signify yes. The old man seems to understand, and another spirit floats up behind him.

"That shinigami won't be too happy you ran, she's likely to chase you to the ends of Gensokyo to reap you once again."

You know he's right, but you can't help but continue to feel you need to escape. He watches you fr a few seconds as the other spirit slowly floats around him. He seems to be thinking about something, and finally reaches a decision.

"If you wish to escape," he says, turning to point towards a mountain in the distance. "There is a little known back road behind that mountain that connects to the Chuuu road that connects the land of the living to the Sanzu river and Higan. It's widely used by a number of spirits that have no intention of staying in this grey world."

You wish you could thank him in some way, but you're filled with a new hope. You leave towards the mountain immediately, flying as fast as you can possibly manage. As fast as you can go however, it seems to take forever to see any signs of progress. Periodically a grey tree will be passed, but in this barren landscape the mountain is your only landmark. You fly for what feels like forever, until you are closer to the mountain. With each passing second, the mountain grows as it gets closer. You also notice that the river has come closer again, and seems to extend ahead into the mountain. What confuses you however, is that you can see the other bank. There was no way the river was that narrow when you were on it. You're not too concerned however, as you are drawing closer to the mountain and can make out a pathway leading around it.

Eagerly, you take the path, flying at top speed along it as it ascends. The spotty, grey grass slowly gives away to faded greens as you progress, and the grey rock dirt underfoot slowly turns an earthy brown. As the faded greys of the world of the dead fade, you find yourself emerging into the world of the living. The path ends at a treeline, and beyond the trees, only a few dozen feet ahead, you can see a rather large road lined with stalls of all sorts. It looks like some kind of festival, but you notice after a few seconds that among the people on the road, there are a few free floating, formless blobs. You decide not to try your luck, and float off into the trees.

The sun is high in the sky, and the sky itself is clear. You feel relieved to be able to see the sun for once, even if you are dead and lost in an unfamiliar forest. You idly float along for a while, drifting around trees and various other plants. Every once in a while, you see some birds fly from a tree. You wonder what to do now that you've at least escaped the world of the dead. You stop floating, and decide to stop for a while to think. Once you do though, you feel a little tired. You wonder if it's even supposed to be possible for a spirit to get sleepy, but the point is quickly rendered moot as you drift off to sleep.

In your sleep, you have a dream.

[] You dream of tricking crocodiles into forming a bridge for you to cross.
[] You dream of a cat that could animate the dead by jumping over them.
[] You dream of cherry trees in spring, surrounded by a sea of falling petals.
[] You dream of a snowflake falling in a desert, and quickly turning it to ice.
[] You dream of a complicated board game played against a beaked turtle.
>> No. 33745
[] You dream of a cat that could animate the dead by jumping over them.
>> No. 33746
I'll be back after dinner.
>> No. 33747
[x] You dream of a cat that could animate the dead by jumping over them.

>> No. 33748
[] You dream of a snowflake falling in a desert, and quickly turning it to ice.
>> No. 33750
[x] You dream of tricking crocodiles into forming a bridge for you to cross.

Pulling some Indiana Jones shit here.
>> No. 33751
Hey aren't these all to do with spirits in Japan?

Guess so.

[] You dream of a complicated board game played against a beaked turtle.
>> No. 33752
[] You dream of a cat that could animate the dead by jumping over them.
>> No. 33753
[X] You dream of cherry trees in spring, surrounded by a sea of falling petals.

I have the feeling that each of these has to do with Japanese myths, and that our dream will impact where we go.

I'm guessing this is either the Lily or Hakugyokurou choice. I recognize the tricking crocodiles bit from the myth of the White Rabbit of Inaba, so I'm guessing that's the Tewi/Eientei choice.

Snowflake in desert is tempting, though, as is the board game with the turtle. Mostly because I have no idea what those have to do with.
>> No. 33755
I'm pretty sure that refers to Moemizi and Nitori playing shogi.

[X] You dream of cherry trees in spring, surrounded by a sea of falling petals.
>> No. 33756
[x] You dream of a snowflake falling in a desert, and quickly turning it to ice.
Because I can recognize what every other choice is but this one. SURPRISE ME.
>> No. 33757
>>You dream of tricking crocodiles into forming a bridge for you to cross.
First thing I thought of was Pitfall.
>>You dream of a snowflake falling in a desert, and quickly turning it to ice.
This seems pretty Sakuya-like.
>> No. 33758
[] You dream of cherry trees in spring, surrounded by a sea of falling petals.

Thanks Youki.
>> No. 33759
[] You dream of a complicated board game played against a beaked turtle.
>> No. 33760
Three way tie. First to 5 wins.
>> No. 33761
[] You dream of cherry trees in spring, surrounded by a sea of falling petals.

Hey, Youmu! Guess who I saw?
>> No. 33762
[x] You dream of a snowflake falling in a desert, and quickly turning it to ice.
>> No. 33763
[x] You dream of a snowflake falling in a desert, and quickly turning it to ice.

>> No. 33764
[X] You dream of a snowflake falling in a desert, and quickly turning it to ice.
Deleted my post to change the vote, then I changed my mind.
>> No. 33765
[] You dream of a complicated board game played against a beaked turtle.

>> No. 33766
[X] You dream of a snowflake falling in a desert, and quickly turning it to ice.

"Wake up, lazy!"

The voice was close by. You come to and see a green haired young girl looking down at you. After a second, you also see her clear wings, rimmed in what appears to be some sort of gold. Most of her hair is pulled into a ponytail at the side of her head.

"You're so sleepy in the springtime, not that I'd blame you. The warm days are pretty relaxing, though I bet they're kind of bothersome for an ice fairy, huh?"

Ice fairy? You reach up to wipe your eyes and nearly jump out of your skin when you realize you have a body again. You sit up fast, maybe too fast, because you ram head first into the girl, knocking her back

"Owww~! Ow, ow, ow!" she cries, rubbing her forehead. "You sure are unpredictable at times Cirno."

Who? You look down and see an unfamiliar blue dress over a white shirt, a red ribbon tied around your collar. The most surprising thing, however, is your new body appears to be that of a young girl. Weren't you just a ghost? Looking around, you still look like you're in a forest, but the lake nearby definitely wasn't there before.

"What's-" you say, jumping at the sound of your own voice. It's a lot more feminine than you remember. You start to enter into a panic, scrambling to your feet. You notice a strange weight on your back as you stand, and crane your neck. Behind you are a set of oddly shaped crystals, and when you feel one of them idly twitch is when you realize they're attached to you.

"I- who..." you look to the green haired girl, who is watching you with a strange expression.

"You feeling okay Cirno?"

Cirno? You wonder what that's supposed to mean, but your mind is on fire with questions. Who is she? Who are you? Where is this place? Why are you a little girl? You run your hands through your hair trying to arrange your thoughts in a comprehensible manner. You need to know what's going on, first and foremost. Everything else can come later. You already feel like you're sweating, though you don' feel hot. Must be your nerves.

"I-" you pause again, your new voice still surprising you. "Who am I?"

The green haired girl blinks at you, and takes on a confused expression.

"Is this some kind of weird game you picked up from that bird?"

"I, no, what bird? I-" you stammer. You're pacing already, your mind racing with questions.

"I've got some questions, and..." you trail off. You remember the ferrywoman and how she chased you. Maybe this is a break. After all, she's chasing a spirit, not a body. You might be able to get away with this if you play it right, and if freedom comes in the body of a young girl, then that's something you're willing to accept.

"Cirno? Are you okay?"

First off though, you need to get yourself out of the strange situation you're in now.

[] "I-it was nothing. I just had a weird dream."
[] "I'm fine. Sorry, I was just freaking out from a nightmare."
[] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."
>> No. 33767
[x] Schlick
>> No. 33768
[X] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."

That's a Cirno level response, right there.

Also, WTF, this just got interesting. We going to be doing more of this body-hijacking?
>> No. 33769
THIS SHRINE had a surprise very-early-end that was pretty much the same sort thing. It's probably what inspired /eientei/'s early-end.
>> No. 33770
[] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."
>> No. 33771
[x] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."

>> No. 33772
[] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."

Honesty is the best policy.
>> No. 33773
[X] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."

Oh god, please let us be as stupid and brash as Cirno.

I misread one part in this as
>she's likely to chase you to the ends of Gensokyo to raep you once again."
>> No. 33774
[X] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."
Lack of spaces in your boxes disturbs me, EZMode.
>> No. 33775
[z] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."

>> No. 33776
Fuck, how did you all not see Cirno option coming out of this?
True, it could have been Letty White that we awoke as, but Cirno's popularity makes that less likely.

Also, love how you snuck in the fairytale references and linked them to options, EZ.
>> No. 33777
So... What would've the others been? My guesses:
Cat = Chen.
Cherry trees = Youmu.
Complicated board game = Moemizi.
The alligators are lost to me.
>> No. 33778
[] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."

>> No. 33779
Alligators = Tewi or Reisen.
>> No. 33780
I'd say we made the best choice. Being Cirno is awesome.
>> No. 33781
Since I think its about tricking the alligators, probably Tewi. Would have been epic trying to convince people you're not really Tewi.
>> No. 33782
>I'd say we made the strongest choice.
>> No. 33783

And daily molesting from Aya.
>> No. 33785

Hell, would have been even funnier if we started molesting back, just to see Aya's reaction.

Actually, I think we should take the opportunity while in Cirno's body to act like the usual idiot, but whenever we get someone totally alone, we should shift into a perverse sexual dynamo. The ramifications of this will be hilarious when we jump into someone else's body, and can watch a bunch of girls desperately pine over the nineball who has no clue what's going on.

When Siki catches us, we'll be going to straight to hell, though. At least it'll be a fun ride.
>> No. 33786

Maybe, it all depends on how things proceed.


That's the kind of thing I like to do when I write.


[X] "I had a dream that an entire desert was frozen by a single snowflake."

The green haired girl smiles and gives a small laugh.

"That sounds like a very nice dream for you to have. Maybe one day you'll be able to do it."

The girl stands up, her wings twitching on her back. She straightens out her own dress and brushes off a few blades of grass.

"Anyway, we're late to meet with Sunnymilk. Come on."

With that, the girl floated into the air. You looked down at yourself, then back at your wings. You couldn't very well ask how to fly now, so you had to think fast. The first thing to come to mind was how you moved yourself as a spirit, so you decided to try that first. Surprisingly, it worked, and simply willing yourself into the air was all it took for you to float. You gave a goofy smile that probably looked quite strange, but you didn't care. You could fly!

Ahead of you, the girl was already flying through the forest, and you followed after her. It was so totally different from flying as a spirit, you could feel the wind brushing over you and it was exhilirating. All your troubled questions and worries melted away as you soared through the forest, zipping past trees and birds like they were nothing. If this is how you could live, you could get used to it. You felt like nothing could stop you, like you were... the strongest!

And then you flew into a tree.

"Ow! Damn," you say, floating away from the tree. The girl must have heard you, because she floated up to you giggling.

"We'll need to get you a helmet if you keep running into trees, you know." she said with a smile. You returned the smile through the pain. You weren't even thinking of how hard you had actually hit the tree.

"I'm fine, a tree like this won't stop me!" you say triumphantly, still riding on the wave of euphoria from being airborne. The girl laughed again and resumed her flight, and you did so in suit. As you did, however, a thought came to you, a word. Daiyousei. What was that? You've never heard the word before, but it felt so familiar, as if you've known it forever.

Thinking more on it, you found there were bits and pieces of things you remembered or knew that you couldn't explain. Were they thoughts, or memories? If they're memories, are they yours, or are they memories of the body you inhabit? The only clear one now was the word Daiyousei, but you couldn't come up with anything more. You looked ahead to the girl you were following. Well, maybe she knows. You fly a bit faster, until you catch up beside her.


She turns her head towards you.

"Hm? What is it Cirno?"

Her response startles you. It's her name? And Cirno is yours, apparently. Well, that answers that question, but you've gone and put yourself on the spot now. You try to think of some way you could play it off.

[] "How was your day?"
[] "So, what are we doing?"
[] "Wanna race?"
>> No. 33787
[] "How was your day?"
>> No. 33788
[] "Wanna race?"
I wish to be the little girl.
>> No. 33789
[X] "So, what are we doing?"
>> No. 33790
File 121123949480.jpg - (527.77KB , 1280x1024 , initial_d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Wanna race?"

While listening to eurobeat. DO IT.
>> No. 33791
[X] "Wanna race?"

Challenging someone to race when you have no idea where the destination is?

Sounds pretty [spoilers]chill[/spoilers] to me.
>> No. 33792
[] "Wanna race?"
>> No. 33793

Fucked up my tags and my pass. Shit.

Well, hey, that's one of the advantages of being Anonymous. I'll be back after I finish sucking some cocks.
>> No. 33799
Still one vote away. Even though the winner so far is pretty clear, and I already have the response typed, something could completely change things.

Or not.
>> No. 33800

ಠ_ಠ Just post it already. You should put a time limit on votes too so this doesn't happen.
>> No. 33801
[x] "Wanna race?"
>> No. 33804

Okay then, guess I'll count the vote time out at 10 minutes or so, not counting how long it might take me to type the actual post.

Short post anyway though:

[x] "Wanna race?"

Daiyousei gives you a confident smile.

"Sure! You can't claim to be the strongest in Gensokyo forever, after all." she says.

"Since you're challenging, you get to set the course this time."

Okay, so it's fallen to you to choose where to go now. Perfect, you definitely feel like an idiot challenging a native to a race in a world you don't know. You look around, trying to see anything in the distance you can point out to use as a finishing point. You also think that you could bluff it, and still go wherever you were supposed to go. You could always try pulling ahead at the last second.

Fortunately, you see a large, red house far across the adjacent lake that looks like a pretty easy target. There's also a rather large tree directly ahead in the forest that looks like an ideal goal. Off to the right, you can just barely make out a house, but the forest gets much thicker in that direction.

[] "Let's race to that red house!"
[] "First one to that tree wins!"
[] "That small house over there looks like a fun race."
[] "How about we race to our destination?"
>> No. 33806
File 121124338038.jpg - (76.37KB , 560x560 , meilin5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Let's race to that red house!"

Fly right into china's mountains.
>> No. 33807
[] "First one to that tree wins!"
>> No. 33809
[] "First one to that tree wins!"
>> No. 33810
[x] "First one to that tree wins!"
>> No. 33812
[X] Take off before you tell her the goal.
[X] "First one to that tree wins!"
[X] "Winner gets a prize!"
>> No. 33813
[x] "First one to that tree wins!"
>> No. 33817
[X] "First one to that tree wins!"

Almost as soon as you say it, Daiyousei flies ahead. You pull forward, matching her in speed as you dart around trees and pass under branches in your way. It takes quite a bit of focus to keep from hitting things in your way, and you notice that Daiyousei has slowed a bit to compensate. At least, that's what you thought. As you watch, she seems to blink out of sight. Confused, you look ahead to see her in the lead. Did she teleport?

In any case, she's winning, and by quite a lead. Try as you might, you can't seem to muster the speed to catch up to her. Perhaps there's some kind of trick to flying faster? Or maybe there's some way you can do what she did. You catch sight if her looking back at you and sticking ut her tounge. You can tell she's just playing around, but it still bothers you a bit. The target tree is getting closer with every second, and even though it was just an excuse, you kind of don't want to lose.

"Go faster," you say to yourself. You try to devise some way to will yourself to go faster, but simply wishing to fly faster doesn't seem to cut it. You don't seem to have any choice in the matter. Daiyousei looks back again, and you match her gaze. She coasts slightly to the side, and manages to slam directly into a large tangle of branches and leaves. She lets out a cry as she plows through them, and starts falling towards the ground. This is the break you need to win, but she looks like she hit the branches pretty hard.

[] Win the race
[] Go see if she's okay
>> No. 33819
[X] Go see if she's okay.

And then there's an awkward romantic tension as we hold her hand and help her to her feet.
>> No. 33820
[x] Go see if she's okay
Woah. Don't need to go fucking up Cirno's friends while we're borrowing her body.
>> No. 33821
[x] Go see if she's okay

Then rape.
>> No. 33822
[] Win the race

Strongest is strongest
>> No. 33823

with what? an icicle dildo?
>> No. 33824

We have fingers, ice powers, and creativity.

Or we could just, you know, force her to trib with us.
>> No. 33825
[X] Go see if she's okay.
>> No. 33826
[X] Go see if she's okay.

You abandon the race and fly down to where Daiyousei is. Despite the impact, she remained flying, but wasn't going too fast. She doesn't look too hurt aside from a few scrapes on her arms.

"You okay?"

She brushes off the front of her dress and nods, slowing into a hover as she rubs her arms.

"Yeah, nothing I haven't had happen before," she says with an annoyed tone. "Looks like we both still run into trees though." she adds, her normal smile returning.

"You could have won if you kept going." she says. Well, not like you hadn't thought of it, but you don't think you'd be able to accept getting someone hurt over something so ridiculous.

"I don't think I could call that winning if I didn't at least see if you were alright," you say. It only felt natural. Daiyousei simply bows her head.

"You can be a real idiot sometimes, except when it counts."

You're not exactly sure if you should be insulted, but Daiyousei's tone and expression don't seem to match that mindset. You decide to take it in stride.

"We should probably just get along to where we were going in the first place, huh?"

"Mm," Daiyousei nods. "Let's go."

Once again, she flies ahead, and you follow her. The both of you are flying slower than you were even before the race, likely because the threat trees pose to the two of you. You fly through the forest for a while longer before it opens into a clearing, where Daiyousei flies upwards over the tree line. You follow her upwards, and get your first real good look of the surrounding landscape. With the lake at your back, you can see plumes of white smoke rising into the air from a village in the distance, and a few smaller wisps coming from outlying farms, and even a few thin trails seeping out of the forest in some areas. Daiyousei starts flying towards the village.

You can't help but still wonder where you are. You think back to anything Daiyousei might have said to help you piece things together, and you recall the word Gensokyo. Maybe that's the name of this place? If that's the case, what is it? Some kind of paralell world? Some kind of bizarre afterlife? You feel a bit disappointed you can't ask questions given that you've apparently taken over the body of one of it's inhabitants, but then again, maybe it's best not to know.

You get closer to the village, and then dip back down to the tree tops once again, where you see three winged girls, flying around the tops of trees.

"Come on Star, you'll never catch us!" said one of the girls, a blonde twin-tail, shortly before she vanished from sight.

The black haired girl was apparently chasing the other two, and turned around as you and Daiyousei flew closer.

"Sunny, Luna, they're here," the black haired girl said.

"Hi Star," Daiyousei chimed. The two began to talk, though you were distracted by the vanishing twin-tailed girl reappearing in front of you.

"So Cirno, you ready to go play with the humans today?"

Play with humans? Didn't sound too bad, though it left you a little confused as to what you were supposed to be if not a human. Supposedly an ice fairy, but you didn't feel very fairy-like. Then again, having never been a fairy probably doesn't leave you much experience in the field to comment on.

"Sure, I love playing with humans." you say, rather unsure of what exactly you're supposed to be thinking.

"Excellent!" she says, flying away from you towards Daiyousei and 'Star'. The three of them talk for a short while, just long enough for you to spot the third girl, a blonde with ringlets, sitting quietly on a nearby tree top. Before you can fly over to her, Daiyousei flies back to you.

"Okay, Cirno, we need your tie breaking vote. Me and Star want to go play a trick on the stuffy owner of Kourindo at his shop on the woods edge, but Sunny and Luna want to go play with the history teacher in the village. Which do you think sounds better?"

[] Kourindou
[] History Teacher
>> No. 33827
[] History Teacher

Keine Time.
>> No. 33828
[X] History Teacher

Strongest, meet smartest.
>> No. 33829
[X] Kourindou.

I enjoy making him suffer. I'd feel bad if we messed with Keine.
>> No. 33830
[X] History Teacher

When the prank ends up hurting someone, we can hang back and apologize to Keine, and act all deredere. Then she can ruffle our hair and tell us we're a good girl.
>> No. 33831
[x] History Teacher
Hopefully this isn't going to be a full moon tonight!
>> No. 33832
[X] History Teacher
>> No. 33834
[] Kourindou

We will sex Mannosuke.
>> No. 33835
[X] History Teacher

"Hmm, history teacher sounds good." you say. You imagine some older man sitting in a classroom teaching, though you realize shortly afterwards that if there is someone that teaches history, this this world must have existed for quite some time and that there are normal, living people that exist in this world. After all, you couldn't imagine a classful of dead people learning about Earth history, so that cancels out the afterlife theory. The only thing that makes sense for this world is to consider it a parallel existence.

The five of you lift from the treetops and make your way towards the village. The excited chatter between the girls is quite lively, though you think if you're heading to prank people, shouldn't things be a little quieter? You look between all the girls, trying to catch names and assign them to the faces so as to not be caught off guard if you have to call someone by name. You know Star, as she's fairly distinct from the rest with her long black hair. There's Sunnymilk, who you connected the name too after overhearing it in the chatter. The final name is Luna, who you reason must be the blonde with ringlets, as she's the only one left.

"Oh, what's this? A group of michevious fairies off to cause trouble for some human?"

You turn, along with the rest of the fairies, to see a blonde girl dressed like a witch, riding a broom through the air. Well, that's definitely something new.

"Hi Marisa!" came the almost simultaneous reply. The only one missing was you, but now you know. "H-Hi! Marisa!"

Marisa smiles at you.

"Good ol' Cirno, as fast as ever!" she says, with a smile, though you definitely know she was making fun of you. "So, who's the unlucky victim today?"

"The humans history teacher," Daiyousei says. "We voted on it."

"Keine, huh," Marisa replies, taking off her hat and rummaging around in it for whatever reason. She produces a small vial and hands it over to you. "Here, this should help you out. Down it all in one shot then unleash the power of love!"

You look at the vial in your hand. It looks like just some kind of normal liquid, you can't see anything that might be special about it, or even what 'power of love' was supposed to be. You figure it to be some kind of psychadelic drug. You find a pocket at the side of your dress and tuck the vial into it.

"Thanks! Cirno, you make sure to hold onto that!"

"I've got things to do in town, make sure whatever it is you're going to do it big enough for me to see! I'll be testing you afterwards!" Marisa says, and with that she veers away from the group.

Before long, the five of you approach a large building towards the edge of town, and slow to a stop.

"Okay, so, here's the plan," Sunnymilk says. She details a plan that involves her sneaking into the classroom through a window with Luna and Daiyousei. Sunny will make things disappear, Daiyousei will blink around the room and take things, and Luna will try to contain the sound of Keine's voice. Star will keep a lookout for anyone that might be coming from outside, while you, Cirno, lower the temperature of the room.

"Sounds good?"

"Yes!" was the simultaneous reply, minus you. You weren't entirely sure how to go about this, since these powers of yours to create cold is something new to you. You didn't have time to disagree or even voice concern, however, because everyone scattered immediately to set up. Sunny, Luna and Daiyousei started towards and open window and vanished, leaving you and Star outside.

"Ready, Cirno?"

"Yeah, I guess," as the two of you fly to another window towards the end of the row. It's open a crack, but apparently that's good enough. You're a bit unsure how to invoke whatever powers of cold you have, but if flying is a matter of willpower, maybe this is too.

"I'll go get into position," Star said before taking off towards the roof, leaving you alone by the window. It's only at this point you realize you're barely as big as one of the children in the classroom. You hadn't noticed the size difference before due to being surrounded by other fairies, and you didn't have enough time to realize the size difference between you and Marisa. Speaking of which, you remember the vial she gave you. She said something about using it, so maybe you should. If it was a drug, it couldn't possibly make this idea any worse.

[] Ignore the vial, imagine snow, focus on the room.
[] Ignore the vial, imagine ice, focus on the room.
[] Drink the vial, imagine snow, focus on the room.
[] Drink the vial, imagine ice, focus on the room.
>> No. 33836
[] Drink the vial, imagine snow, focus on the room.

If anything goes wrong we can blame it on Marisa.
>> No. 33837
[X] Ignore the vial, imagine snow, focus on the room.

We don't need her charity.
>> No. 33838
[X] Ignore the vial, imagine snow, focus on the room.

The strongest doesn't need help.

Snow turned the desert to ice. So snow is our focus.
>> No. 33839
[X] Ignore the vial, imagine snow, focus on the room.

Save the vial for when Keine freaks
>> No. 33840
[X] Ignore the vial, imagine snow, focus on the room.
>> No. 33841
[x] Ignore the vial, imagine snow, focus on the room.
>> No. 33843
This is today's last post. I'll pick this up tomorrow sometime. I'll probably pre-prepare some more posts and choice paths as well to make response posts faster.

[X] Ignore the vial, imagine snow, focus on the room.

You decide it's best to hold off on suspicious vials given to you by strange women. You hold your hands up to the crack in the window and picture a snowy day in your mind, willing it to the class. Nothing seems to happen, though you notice the temperature around your hands slowly decreasing, and you figure something is taking effect. The sensative itself is rather exhilirating, feeling the cold radiating from your hands, you see a light frost build up on your fingers and despite the cold, it doesn't hurt.

After a few seconds of concentrating cold into the room, you notice you can see wisps of breath coming from the kids within. It seems that the other three inside are doing their part as well, because the kids are talking between each other, or looking around as if searching for something, all the while Keine is apparently shouting at the class, but not a sound is reaching them. You start to wonder exactly the extent of these powers, and are both frightened and amused by the possibilities. The ability to become invisible combined with the ability to muffle sounds? It's the perfect combination for a theif, or a killer, but these two seem to be more concerned with harmless tricks. You don't feel it's your place to worry about such things, but if these are fairies with these kinds of abilities, you can't help but wonder what else might exist in this world.

Your concentration is broken by a tap on the shoulder, you turn your head around to see Star, motioning silently to the front of the building. You look into the class, and notice the door into the building is just closing. You back away from the window and fly up onto the building, where Star is already hiding by laying flat on her stomach.

"Shh! She might not see us up here," she says as you land and lay on your stomach as well. You can hear her below from around where the window you were just at, but you can't make out what she's saying.

"Psst, hey!" a voice calls from behind. You turn to see Luna, Sunny and Daiyousei land on the roof and immediately squat down as well. "Mission complete!" Sunny says, a wide smile crossing her face. "And we didn't get caught for once!"

"Oh, I wouldn't say that." a new voice says from above. You look up to see the angry face of the teacher Keine directly above the lot of you as she hovers in midair, upside down. Thankfully this position requires her to hold her dress down, or well, up, and so she can do nothing but glare at the moment.

"I should have realized it was you fairies earlier," she says, flipping back around and lowering to the roof, where the five of you are now sitting and watching her.

"It's not nice to play tricks on people, you know, especially ones that interrupt my class in such a way." Keine crosses her arms as she says this, looking down at you all, especially you.

"Now are you going to apologize or are you going to need punishment?"

"Psst, Cirno." Sunny says. You avoid looking at her, unsure how to react, or even if Keine could hear. "We're going to run, I'm sick of being punished. Luna is muffling this so Keine can't hear us. On my mark, fly back towards the forest and we'll meet at the clearing. Don't come if you're being chased."

Well, that answers that question, but now you're worried more about what would happen if you actually did run away. It's pretty clear this history teacher isn't just some normal person if she can fly as well, you have no idea what she could be capable of doing.

[] Apologize
[] Join the escape
>> No. 33844
[x] Apologize

>> No. 33845
[X] Apologize.

I want an exasperated sigh from Keine, and a hair ruffling after out apology.
>> No. 33846
[x] Join the escape.
>> No. 33847
[x] Join the escape, and act as bait for Keine to let the others get away. When Keine catches up, apologize, and explain the situation (as best as possible through a Cirno-y brain filter), and ask if she has any advice.

...Thinkin' in the long term, here.
>> No. 33848
[x] Apologize
[x] Join the escape

Yelling "Sorry!" over one's shoulder while fleeing is a form of apology.
>> No. 33849
[] Apologize
[] Join the escape
>> No. 33850
[X] Apologize
>> No. 33851
[] Join the escape
>> No. 33852
[X] Join the escape
Be a little girl, run away
>> No. 33853
[z] Apologize
>> No. 33854
[X] Apologize
>> No. 33868
[X] Join the escape
>> No. 33869
[ ] Apologize

Apologizan gaems.
>> No. 33877
[X] Apologize
>> No. 33882
Tomorrow's going to be starting with Apologize.

Until then.
>> No. 33885
[x] Join the escape
[x] Apologize over shoulder
>> No. 33931
Cirno would normally never apologize, so this should get something out of Keine. Anyway, let's be rid of those fairies so we can go where we want after this.
>> No. 33950
You know, I just realized how strange it would be to try and body-jack Youmu. For one thing, she's half ghost, so would you possess Myon as well? Or would Myon be the only conscious bit of Youmu, constantly complaining to you and telling you to get out of her body? Could you hijack her body at all?

Even, stranger, if you did successfully hijack Youmu's body... Youmu and Myon are technically the same person. What would it be like to be having two sets of experiences at the same time? Having two "bodies" in different places must make for one weird perspective.
>> No. 33952

It would be more fun to hijack Myon, and do all kinds of things to Youmu.
>> No. 33953
[x] Apologize

>> No. 33954

I imagine Youmu would use her ghost half to try and force you out.
>> No. 33955
How long will that dream last?
>> No. 33963

Hijacking Youmu would allow you to swap direct control between the body and Myon, though you'd have to figure out how to first. Figuring out how to do things would actually be important no matter the character.

Also secretly posting to check the time of this board relative to mine.
>> No. 33964
What he said, checking time