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Yes! Weekend, no writing essays about Lolita or "Irregularity of our actions", now I'm a writefag!

You want to know just what Chiyuri asked you to get. Nitori seems really happy, so it should be good. ”Hey, Nitori!”
”Eeh?!” She lifts her gaze from bag and notices the distance between you. She quickly speeds up and flies next to you. ”Yes, what is it?”
”Just what did we have to get for Chiyuri?”
Momizi looks down to you. ”Huh? But Adahn, didn’t Chiyuri give you that shopping list?”
”Yeah, she did, but I didn’t really recognize most of the stuff on it. And…” You look back to Nitori. Her face is beaming, she obviously wants to talk about stuff you got. ”…If that’s fine with you?”
”Sure! I’d be happy to!”
She immediately starts explaining about the things in bag. At first she only tells you about integrated circuits and wires. They’re not very interesting, and you’re already starting to think if it was mistake to ask her about it.

”See, this thing here.” She pulls out completely normal looking black wireless microphone. ”In the outside world humans have figured way to increase the volume of sound. Basically, you just connect this to amplifier and speak to it, and you have much, much louder noise! It’s all done with science!”
Momizi looks at Nitori in wonder. ”Why should something be louder than it normally is?” Nitori thinks for a moment, and then answers cheerfully.
”Well, what if somebody has poor hearing? Or if somebody who is far away has to hear what you are saying? This is really useful then!”
”I guess so.”
”Alright, then…” Nitori rummages through the bag, and picks out something that looks like a charger, with place for something at top. ”Now, I’m not exactly sure with this does, but I think it sends out signal.”
This time you speak. ”A signal? For what?”
”Hmm, like that thing I just showed. Since it didn’t have anything on it to connect it to other things, the sound it sends goes through the air.”
Momizi tilts her head. ”Doesn’t all sound travel through the air?” Nitori scratches her back, thinking of how to explain it. You suppose you could tell Momizi, but doing that would probably tell Nitori where you’re from. Better keep that as a secret for now.
”Hmm… Sound does travel through air, sure, but with this it’s invisible- no, no!” She shakes her head. ”Sound is invisible even without this! But when this sends the sound, it doesn’t make any noise before it reaches where it has to!” She isn’t making much sense, and it shows from Momizi’s reaction.
But thankfully she notices how much trouble Nitori is having from explaining it, and she doesn’t question any further. Nitori sighs, and looks at the bag again.
”And here’s… Huh?” Nitori pulls out carrot and small golden sphere with markings on it. It looks very important, although that’s just somebody else’s problem so no use wondering about it.
”Geez, what’s with that shopkeeper?” Nitori stuff both of the items back to the bag. ”Somebody finally buys something, and he messes up the order?” You forget the golden sphere instantly. What was up with the carrot anyway?

Nitori continues to go through what you got, but nothing of interest comes up anymore. Flight progresses peacefully, and you get a chance to think about what has happened.
So, it was just normal evening, and for some reason that woman teleported you here. You know you should be more worried about your situation in this world, but you feel at peace. No matter that there are creatures here that might eat you alive, you have a feeling that it will work out in the end. Up to this point everything has gone well, no reason for that to change, right?
”Hey, we’re there.” You come back to your senses as Momizi speaks.
That’s right, you’re almost to the waterfall. You were so deep in your thoughts that you really pay attention to scenery. Oh well.
Momizi lands with you, and she and Nitori start walking towards the house.
[ ] Go inside with them
[ ] Stay outside, wander around mountain

Also, I were thinking about moving this to /youkai/, but apparently Tetronomicon is gonna start story there, and this isn't really that limited adventure.
What do you think? Move anyway or not?
[ ] Go inside with them

I'd say we stay. Spreading out on the other board is fine, but I don#t want 2 LAs in one board. And with GM and Kira having to study for the final exams, the main board is almost empty anyway
[X] Go inside with them.

It'll be a bit more flexible if you just keep it here.
[x] Go inside with them

Yay tho story continues
[X] Go inside with them
The story's fine here.
>>Up to this point everything has gone well, no reason for that to change, right?

Ha ha ha ha ha...
What's there to do outside anyway? You follow Nitori and Momizi inside, where the familiar stale warm air greets you.
Well, the house is next to waterfall, and keeping the door open would make insides all damp. Maybe it's better this way. But couldn't they come up with some kind of air-conditioning?
Spending any longer amount of time here should be unbearable, just how can those two stand it?
Looks Nitori has gone to prepare some tea, while Momizi sits on the table they were playing on earlier. You look at the table where Chiyuri was earlier, but she's not there. Did she go out or something?
The bag you handed to Nitori is laying next to the door. Your curiosity gets the best of you, and you pick it up and look inside.
Hey, isn't that...

"Oh-ho! So you got them!" You hear a sound from behind you, and quickly turn around.
It's Chiyuri, with a wide grin on her face. Somehow she got to your back. She didn't come from outside, as you're sure that you closed the door as you got inside, and you didn't hear her open it. Damn it, how did she do that? You sigh, and hand her the bag.
"Yes, looks like you have the everything... Hmm?" She lifts her gaze, and looks at the sword on your back. "How did you get this?"
"Rinnosuke gave it as a return for a favour, and..." You look away from Chiyuri, this still seems kind of wrong. "...He was really happy to finally sell something."
"To sell something? You didn't-" She stops, and thinks for a moment. "Oh, I see. That must've been pretty uncomfortable."
She stands up straight. "Well, I guess you want that reward. Although that sword could be enough, but I promised." She puts her hand out. "Give me your arm for a second, and close your eyes."
[ ] Hand out your arm.
[ ] Do not hand out your arm.
[ ] Why should you hand out your arm?
[X] Hand out your arm.

What's the worst that could happen?
[ ] Hand out your arm.
[X] Hand out your arm.

Eh, why not? It's not like we're keeping the sword, so we may as well get something for ourselves out of all this.
[X] Hand out your arm.
An idea of reward for small job like this sounds nice. You hand out your arm and close your eyes.
"That's good, now just wait a bit." After Chiyuri says this, you hear some rustling, and sounds of glass bottles clashing together. And after that...
You feel something cool, and slightly wet brushing against your arm. You're about to open your eyes, but Chiyuri speaks again. "Just keep them closed! Not long anymore!" She sounds really excited.
[ ] Open your eyes.
[ ] Listen to Chiyuri.
[X] Listen to Chiyuri.
[ ] Listen to Chiyuri.

I expected something like that.
[X] Listen to Chiyuri.

If anything starts to burn or tingle, though, I say we punch her.
[ ] Listen to Chiyuri.

She's rubbing her wet cunt on us.
[X] Listen to Chiyuri.

Oh, why not? Nothing can go wrong.
[ ] Listen to Chiyuri.
File 121034876332.png - (23.86KB, 687x432 , WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.png) [iqdb]
[x] Listen to Chiyuri
File 121034903992.jpg - (52.93KB, 640x480 , itsneedletime.jpg) [iqdb]
You're going to get an injection, Anonko.
If you can't trust Chiyuri, then who can you... Quite many people actually, but you keep your eyes closed. Anything that might happen can't be that bad now, can it?
The brushing stops, and suddenly you feel her hand around your arm. Her touch is soft and light. You can hear her breath before she swallows, and speaks in calm voice.
"Alright, this won't hurt at all," suddenly her grip on your arm tightens. Alot. "I'm a trained doctor." How can she be that strong? She looks like she's around your age, and it doesn't seem like she's that muscular.
Even so, you keep your eyes closed.

Suddenly, you can feel a puncture on your arm. You try pull your arm back, but Chiyuri's hold is too tight.
"Just hold on! Geez, if you move around, it will hurt!" You stop trying to resist. That's right, even though you feel the puncture, it doesn't really hurt. But nevertheless, the feeling is unpleasant.
Unlike you expected, it doesn't feel like she's inserting anything to your artery, but taking blood out.
Soon you can feel the needle being pulled out from your arm, and the grip loosening. "Alright, you can open your eyes now."
As soon as you hear this you step back and open your eyes. Chiyuri is holding hypo in her hand, with red blood inside it. Your blood. She's examining it, but keeps and eye at you.
You turn to look at Nitori and Momizi. They haven't noticed anything, and are chatting happily at the table. You're about to walk over to them when Chiyuri garbs your shoulder.
"Oh, don't you want a bandage? It might turn out bad like that." She's smiling. You can't tell if she means anything good or bad, but...
[ ] Get out of here. Now.
[ ] Go talk to Momizi and Nitori. Have some tea.
[ ] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"

I'll probably wait until more people are around. Slow board is slooow.
[x] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"
[x] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"
[X] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"
[X] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"
[x] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"
[X] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"

Suddenly this place doesn't seem so safe anymore...
[x] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"
[X] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"

Oh ho ho, I (think I) know what's up, but I want her to say it.
[X] "What was up with that Chiyuri?!"

What the hell does she want our blood for?
You turn back to Chiyuri. You’re angry. The problem isn’t her taking your blood, she should’ve asked, or even told you sooner. You yell to her face.
"What was up with that, Chiyuri?!" She is still holding your shoulder, but she’s not smiling anymore. No, she looks shocked. How did she expect you to react?
After a while she manages to speak. ”Wh-What do you mean?! I told you I’d give you some kind reward, what did you expect?”
”Not this! How is this a repayment?!” You point at the puncture in your arm. There’s some blood coming out(that bandage doesn’t sound like a bad idea anymore). Chiyuri is staring at it, unsure what to say.
”Well!?” You scream at her. But it looks like she’s regaining her composure.
”Alright…” She sighs, and turns away from you. ”Come back… Let’s say, two days from now, and I’ll have something ready for you.”
You look around the room, and notice that Momizi and Nitori are looking at you. Damn it, didn't something like this happen last time too? Calm down...

You grab a chair and sit, facing Chiyuri. ”Alright, that’s fine, but why did you do that?”
”Oh, so you really want to know? Alright, I’ll tell.” She sits too, and leans forward. ”I wanted a sample from outsider.”
You almost jump up, but manage to keep your cool. ”…How did you know?”
”Oh, that was easy.” She leans back on her chair, stretching her arms again. How can she change her attitude so fast? ”I’m a human too, and you didn’t act like native, at all.”
Hmm. Better work on that then. For some reason it feels like letting others know will just cause problems.
You’re about to leave, when Chiyuri grabs your arm again. Just when you’re about to ask, she speaks.
”Wait, take this.” She inserts bandage on your arm. Well, that should help, although blood has already left clear trace there.
[ ] ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.” Go to Momizi and Nitori
[ ] ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.” Go outside.
[ ] Say nothing, go to Momizi and Nitori.
[ ] Just go outside.

Vodka has been equipped with mead in old liqueur bottle, bag of Rooibos brand tea and some suspicious liquid found from fridge.
Vodka prepares tea.
[x] ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.” Go to Momizi and Nitori.

This calls for some more misadventures.
[x] ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.” Go to Momizi and Nitori

Mix it all together and down it in one gulp you wuss.
[ ] ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.” Go outside.
[ ] ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.” Go to Momizi and Nitori
[X] ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.” Go to Momizi and Nitori

Don't pout. You're a big girl.
>>”Wait, take this.” She inserts bandage on your arm.

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.
[ ] ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.” Go to Momizi and Nitori
Vodka adds tea to the mead.
Tea leaves float on top of mead mysteriously, as if trying to say something. Suspicious liquid is added.
The resulting drink smells faintly of ammonium chloride. It has gained a faint black color. Time for a taste test.
The different tastes don't mix together very well. It would be preferrable to drink them seperate.

You get no choice in the matter. Drink it.
[x] ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.” Go to Momizi and Nitori
You look at the bandage. She didn’t probably mean any honest harm, it could be that she just isn’t used to dealing with other people.
Yeah, that has to be it. You look back at Chiyuri, who has gone back to her table, although she’s still eyeing you. ”…Thanks. I’ll be back, then.”
”Hmm, sure.” You sigh and pull the shirt’s sleeve back down. Doesn’t look like you can get good conversation out of her right now, better go to other two for that.

You walk to Nitori and Momizi, who are doing their best not to stare at you.
”Hi guys.” You sit down, and Nitori stands up almost immediately after that.
”Ah, I’ll… I’ll go get some tea for you.” She quickly walks to kitchen, leaving you alone with Momizi.
”Hey…” Momizi tugs your sleeve. ”What was that with Chiyuri just now? What happened?” She looks worried.
[ ] ”Nothing bad, just an argument.”
[ ] ”Oh, nothing. Just this.” Lift your sleeve and show her.
[ ] ”…She took a blood sample from me.”

Took a 7 minute break to eat.
It's disgusting, the tea turned out to be vanilla-flavored.
Why worry them too much?

[X] ”Nothing bad, just an argument.”
[ ] ”…She took a blood sample from me.”
[x] ”…She took a blood sample from me.”

Vanilla flavored tea? WHAT IS THIS HERESY?!
File 121035635787.png - (111.94KB, 1200x1600 , 1210273699207.png) [iqdb]
[X] ”Nothing bad, just an argument.”

Don't worry, be happy.
[x] ”Nothing bad, just an argument.”
An argument, and some Needle Time.
[X] ”…She took a blood sample from me.”

We were kind of a baby about it.

Actually, I hope that needle was sterile.
[ ] ”Nothing bad, just an argument.”
it was full of MAIDS
[ ] ”…She took a blood sample from me.”

AIDS end
[x] ”Nothing bad, just an argument.”
[x] ”…She took a blood sample from me.”

Might as well explain now why she'll have to take you back here
[x] ”…She took a blood sample from me.”
Well, better tell her straight. She’s bound to notice sooner or later anyway.
”…She took a blood sample from me.” You hear Momizi sigh. Was it predictable for Chiyuri to act like that?
”Thought so. You shouldn’t worry about it too much, that’s just the way she is.” She leans back and looks at the ceiling. ”Uh, but you shouldn’t tell Nitori. Not that she would become suspicious of you, but she wouldn’t like hearing that about Chiyuri.”
”Oh? Why’s that?”
”Um, well…” She looks at kitchen, Nitori seems to be finishing her work there. ”I’ll tell you later, okay?”
Nitori comes out of kitchen, carrying can probably filled with tea and another cup. ”Sorry to keep you waiting!”
She put the can down, and pours you, Momizi and herself some tea. You are kinda thirsty, so you take a good taste of it.

Your thoughts stop. This tea, it is… Horrible, the worst you’ve ever had. You are not supposed to mix vanilla to tea, that is a rule nobody should ever cross. And you’re pretty sure there something else in there too, but you can’t name it.
You look at Momizi, who is looking at you compassionately. Somehow you manage to pull natural look back to your face before Nitori looks at you. Damn it, she went and prepared this, you can’t make her feel bad now!
Both Momizi and Nitori drink their tea peacefully, although Nitori seems to be really enjoying it. After you manage to finish your cup Nitori looks at you, expecting some kind of comment. ”Well? What do you think?”
[ ] ”It has… unique taste.”
[ ] ”Some of the best tea I’ve ever had.”
[ ] ”I’ll be honest, it’s not good.”
[ ] Don’t say anything.
[?] Secret write-in option! Great success awaits creativity!
[X] This is absolutely fucking delicious. Holy shit, this is the best tea ever.
[x] ”It has… unique taste.”

I'm raging so much at the thought of vanilla tea. Still we have to be nice to the kappa.
[?] "Mixing vanilla in with tea is heresy and treason. Die in the name of The Emperor, you infidel."
[x] ”It has… unique taste.”
We'll tell her the truth later.
[X] Sigh, and look wistfully out a window. Remark aloud to yourself "This... this tea reminds me of that fateful Summer day so many years ago. I wonder whatever happened to..." Go silent and pretend to be lost in thought.

[x] I'm more of a coffee person.
Seconding "[X] Sigh, and look wistfully out a window. Remark aloud to yourself "This... this tea reminds me of that fateful Summer day so many years ago. I wonder whatever happened to..." Go silent and pretend to be lost in thought."

I don't get it, but it's so fucking out there.
[c] Sigh, and look wistfully out a window. Remark aloud to yourself "This... this tea reminds me of that fateful Summer day so many years ago. I wonder whatever happened to..." Go silent and pretend to be lost in thought.

this could prove interesting but whats it from?
Newfags, all of you.

I have a signature on an imageboard.
[?] Secret write-in option! Great success awaits creativity!

"It's shit, right?"
And Nero appears out of nowhere
"It's shit"
File 121036108388.jpg - (123.00KB, 762x417 , Shymagician.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Sigh, and look wistfully out a window. Remark aloud to yourself "This... this tea reminds me of that fateful Summer day so many years ago. I wonder whatever happened to..." Go silent and pretend to be lost in thought.
Thirding because shit's crazy.
[X] Sigh, and look wistfully out a window. Remark aloud to yourself "This... this tea reminds me of that fateful Summer day so many years ago. I wonder whatever happened to..." Go silent and pretend to be lost in thought.
[?] Cucumber? In my vanilla flavoured tea?
[ ] Sigh, and look wistfully out a window. Remark aloud to yourself "This... this tea reminds me of that fateful Summer day so many years ago. I wonder whatever happened to..." Go silent and pretend to be lost in thought.

Incredible. Anon outdoes himself once again.
So why do we not want Nitori to know we're an outsider again?
[X] Sigh, and look wistfully out a window. Remark aloud to yourself "This... this tea reminds me of that fateful Summer day so many years ago. I wonder whatever happened to..." Go silent and pretend to be lost in thought.

Haha why not.
She'll suck the assorb out of our ass


How erotic.
[x] ”It has… unique taste.”
[x] ”It has… unique taste.”
[ ] Sigh, and look wistfully out a window. Remark aloud to yourself "This... this tea reminds me of that fateful Summer day so many years ago. I wonder whatever happened to..." Go silent and pretend to be lost in thought.

I'm curious as to what Vodka will write for this.
Incredible. I fucking love you guys.
Wait. Hold on. Where is that even from?

God awful shit. I don't see how anyone could like that stuff.
No wonder this Anon's penis turned inside out when he entered Gensokyo.
I made it up. I wanted something that would sound profound so we wouldn't have to answer the question. But it's Vodka's story, so he can interpret it however.
Anonko is the best thing to happen to Touhou VNs since Unlimited Egg Works.
Sounds like something out of an animu
Lying about the tea won’t do you any good, and neither will telling the truth. Quickly you think of a plan. Something completely nonessential. Right. That’s it.
You sigh and look wistfully out of the only window in Nitori’s house. Both Momizi freeze as they wait for what you have to say. Finally, you speak. "This... this tea reminds me of that fateful Summer day so many years ago.” Nitori is holding her breath, she is completely lost in your speech. Momizi is looking at you amazed.
”I wonder whatever happened to..." Then, you just go silent and close your eyes. Yes, you’re lost in thought, that’s what it looks like to them.
Moments pass, and nobody says anything. You continue gazing out of the window… Oh? Who’s that? Somebody wearing very red dress is approaching the door.

There’s a sound of bell, and Nitori jumps up.
”Ah!” She looks around, and blushes bit. ”I… I’ll have to get the door.” Momizi nods, and Nitori walks to door as bell sounds again. Momizi just looks at you.
”What… What was that about?”
You smile. ”What was that about, I wonder…”

The person you saw earlier walks in with Nitori. Now you that have better look at her, you can honestly say that her attire is probably the strangest you’ve yet seen here. She wears very fancy looking red dress with white frills on bottom, and has her green hair tied in front of her with ribbon. There’s also another one on her head, that’s alot longer than on front, reaching almost her waist.
No matter how strange it looks, she seems very elegant. As she sees you and Momizi, she raises her hand to her mouth and breaths, seemingly surprised.
”Oh my, Nitori. I didn’t know you would have other quests today.”
Nitori scratches her head. ”Uhm, yes, Momizi had a day off, so…”
Now the girl is looking straight at you. ”And… Who are you?”
[ ] Introduce yourself.
[ ] Let others handle it.
[ ] Introduce yourself.

Oh HELL. It's Hina isn't it?
[x] Introduce yourself.

Hahaha nice one.
[X] Introduce yourself.

"My name is Adahn."

Delicious curse goddess, must sweep her off her feet.
[ ] Introduce yourself.
[x] Introduce yourself.

>I didn’t know you would have other quests today.
[ ] Introduce yourself.

Learn from the mistakes of your formers, Anonko.

[ ] Let others handle it.
Fuck. Trip was forgotten.
How many times have we used the name so far?
Only about five or so more....
[x] Introduce yourself.

Eh, Writing with a trip was only a security measure for /jp/.
I don't see why they're so important.
Kira was the first one to rip-off GM, and he used trip so now every writefag is doing it.
I seriously don't know why, not like people would take the time in here to mess up lesser stories if the author was anonymous.
...And writing with trip gives me a sense of identity.

Even without a trip, it's been proven that if namefield is the same, Anonymous will still fall for it.

Oh well, being a tripfag ain't that big of a deal as long as you're providing content.
It's those useless tripfags that are irritating.
File 121036689234.png - (233.99KB, 512x485 , 8efd3d03cc3d40a28b97d8f62d98d89c.png) [iqdb]
Quests in the house? And Hina even brought a gift for the kappa.

[X] Introduce yourself.
I was a tripfag before I started writing, so I was already using it when I started MiG. *shrugs* I didn't really think it'd be anything huge. I wasn't doing it for recognition, being a tripfag makes me behave.
I still don't get the Hina X Nitori pairing. It's nowhere suggested by Zun that they'd even know eachother but everyone makes fanart of those two.
...Sure, they're cute together, but it doesn't really make sense.

Since when does anything in touhou make sense?
File 121036787694.png - (27.85KB, 736x736 , 1205705000875.png) [iqdb]
>but it doesn't really make sense.

you want to apply logic to a fan-pairing?
[ ] Introduce yourself.
There are pairings and there are crack pairings.
Broken tools become bad luck in Gensokyo
Nitori has alot of broken tools.
This thing still alive?

Vodka seems to have fallen back into a post an hour thing again.
Vodka almost fell asleep. I'll make last post for today, and then I'm off to bed. Continuing tomorrow morning after that.
Goodnight to you Vodka, I'ma go to sleep as well.
File 121037304550.jpg - (147.33KB, 700x805 , 1208664974652.jpg) [iqdb]
You stand up, and extend your hand to girl. ”My name is Adahn. Pleased to meet you.”
Girl doesn’t hesitate for a moment, but grabs you hand and shakes it. She doesn’t hold too tight, or forcefully shake it. How can a simple hand-shake be so pleasant?
”Likewise, I am Hina.” She lets go, but keeps eyeing you. ”Tell, how are you here? You look like a… Completely normal human to me.” She smiles, not evil, it’s completely sincere and friendly. Why does it send shiver down your spine?
Momizi stands up, and grabs your sleeve. ”She’s… With me.” She sounds worried. ”It’s fine, Hina.” Wait, just what is going on here?
”With… You?” She looks at Momizi, and then back to you. ”I see.” Hina sits down and places her hand on table. ”Nitori, could you…?”
”Ah! Yes!” She quickly goes back to kitchen, getting cup for Hina.

The tea-drinking continues, although the calm atmosphere is gone. Everybody is tense, Hina and Momizi are having some kind of small talk, but you and Nitori are left completely out of it.
Hina doesn’t seem to have problem with tea, or she doesn’t just show it. Every now and then Momizi takes a look at you, almost as if checking if you’re still alright.
This is really annoying, maybe you should say something?
[ ] ”Shouldn’t Chiyuri drink too?”
[ ] ”I think we should leave now.”
[ ] No. Don’t say anything.

Now sleep. Also, it's weird that just when Hina appears my spellchecker doesn't find any errors from text.
[x] No. Don’t say anything.

Shut up and drink your tea, faggots.
[ ] No. Don’t say anything.
[X] No. Don’t say anything.

Heh. We'll see what's up with Hina eventually.
Vodka, I have a question.

IF --hypothetically IF, and even then, I ask for the purposes of accurate counting-- there are going to be any consequences/resulting actions from Anonko introducing herself as Adahn 8-10 times (Or whatever the magic number is. Perhaps it's ⑨ times?), then what happens if we die/BAD END, and roll back past an instance of having said it?

Will the count of instances of it being said be reduced by one, or will it persist?

...I'm sure there's a quicker and/or more coherent way to ask what I just asked. If anyone can do that, feel free to.
[x] No. Don’t say anything.

This tea doesn't deserve to be called tea.
[x] No. Don’t say anything.
Stop keeping me up.
Anyway, if you say you're Adahn to somebody, then die and go back before you introduced youself as Adahn, the count will be same as before introduction before death. Before...
Damnit, if you have already said that you are Adahn for nine times, and then say it to somebody, making it ten times and causing shit to happen, but you happen to die just after it and go back before you said it ten times, the count of you saying you're Adahn will be nine times.
I think I'm starting to repeat myself. Well, you should get it.
Also, Vodka:

Your English seems to have taken a bit of a hit since you were last writing, though. Mainly, it's lots of a's and a few the's that you left out.

It's awesome to see you back and writing, though, so I'm perfectly happy to overlook this minor thing.
Bleh. Hopefully tommorrow will turn out to have better grammar. Anyway, going to sleep. Now.
[ ] ”Shouldn’t Chiyuri drink too?”
Gotcha. So rolling back past an instance WOULD decrement the count.

Was just pondering that.
It would be best to remain quiet. You keep on sipping your tea while Momizi and Hina keep talking.
It is completely meaningless, they go on about weather, some rumors that are completely lost to you since you don’t recognize most of the names, although they do mention Yukari and Reimu. Apparently something happened to border, whatever that is.
Stuff like that.
Like you, Nitori doesn’t talk either, but drinks her tea. Does she look kind of nervous?

After a while of this Momizi stands up. ”Thanks for the tea Nitori, but we have to go now.” She looks dead serious.
Nitori looks surprised, but sees Momizi’s expression and doesn’t say anything.
”Oh, leaving so soon?” Hina has placed her cup down on the table, and she is looking straight at Momizi. ”I would like to enjoy your company some more.” She is now looking at you, smiling.
...It’s really starting to annoy you how you can’t read her.
”Yes, but we have to do something for Aya. It would be best to finish it now.”
”Hmm, that tengu should give you more days off. Working too much is unhealthy.” Hina goes back to drinking tea.
Momizi goes to the door, and gestures for you to follow. ”Come on Adahn. Let’s go.” She really wants to get away from Hina.
[ ] ”Sure, let’s go.”
[ ] ”Actually, I’d rather stay here for a while longer.”

Give me some good music. I need something with nice clean sounds and words that don't make you think about them. Instrumental stuff is fine too.
[ ] ”Sure, let’s go.”

I'm making either Momizi or Nitori my target.

What do you listen to now?
[ ] ”Sure, let’s go.”

Can't do much about that music thing, sorry.
[ ] ”Actually, I’d rather stay here for a while longer.”

delicious Hina is delicious.

bad for us, but delicious.
[x] ”Sure, let’s go.”

Momizi knows something we don't, leaving now is a good idea.
Bitches Brew. Even though it's kind of a mess, it makes for good background noise due to not having too many unexpected sounds. And...
Queen is suprisingly good. For some reason it just has the right mood. Game soundtracks are nice too.
Also some bands that you very likely don't know. No sense mentioning them.
Well, for weeaboo music I suggest either the Gurren Lagann OST for when you're writan' epics. It's on Jewtube, just find the songs you want put them into a playlist and there you go.

Or alternatively try listening to "The Pillows" the band that did the music for FLCL, an excellent band worth listening to even without being related to an awesome anime.

Echo and the bunny men are a good 80s band that I like to listen to any old time.

Richard cheese can be pretty fun and put you in the mood to write lols.
ITT music we listen to when writing

my playlist:
Shootie HG of Hostile Groove - Lock n Load (Blackened Angel Remix)
Jason "Shyboy" Arnol of Hynogaja - Time Has Come
Shootie HG of Hostile Groove - Lock n Load (Blackened Angel Remix)
Jason "Shyboy" Arnol of Hynogaja - Time Has Come
Shootie HG of Hostile Groove - Lock n Load (Blackened Angel Remix)
Jason "Shyboy" Arnol of Hynogaja - Time Has Come
Shootie HG of Hostile Groove - Lock n Load (Blackened Angel Remix)
Jason "Shyboy" Arnol of Hynogaja - Time Has Come
Shootie HG of Hostile Groove - Lock n Load (Blackened Angel Remix)
Jason "Shyboy" Arnol of Hynogaja - Time Has Come

[ ] ”Sure, let’s go.”
Sure, let's go.

Listen to the Kaiji and Akagi OSTs.
[X] ”Sure, let’s go.”

We can ask Momizi what that was about when we leave. We'll be coming back in two days, so we may still get some Hina.
You get up walk to door, which Momizi opened. After going outside, she starts quickly walking away, holding your hand and pulling you along. She is breathing heavily.
When you get far enough from Nitori's place, you finally decide to ask. "Momizi, just what was that about?"
She stops, and looks to you. "That's right, you don't know..." She sighs, and let's go of you.
"Listen, being close to Hina is dangerous. Everybody around her have these weird accidents happen to them, if it was just that she wouldn't be of any harm, but..."She stops for a moment, and then continues. "I think you will be having lots of problems like this from now on."
You tilt your head, why can't she just say it straight? "And why is that? Are there lots of people with annoying powers here?"
Momizi lets out small laugh. "Hah, annoying powers?" She shakes her head. "No... Actually, yes, but that's not what I'm talking about. Hina is a goddess."
You raise your eyebrow. Momizi notices this and looks at you slightly surprised. "...You don't know what that means?"
You shrug. "No, I haven't really met any gods before."
"Do you believe in any?" Momizi looks serious.
[ ] "Yes I do."
[ ] "No, I don't."
[ ] "What's that got to do with anything?"

Sorry for deleting this once.
[ ] "What's that got to do with anything?"
[ ] "What's that got to do with anything?"
[X] "No, I don't."

low faith = protection from magic
[x] "No, I don't."
[x] "No, I don't."

I want to habeeb.
[ ] "Yes I do."

I'd believe in Hina, if you know what I mean.

[ ] "What's that got to do with anything?"
[X] "What's that got to do with anything?"

[x] "What's that got to do with anything?"
Because something tells me that Gensokyo might be a theocracy and saying such a heresy as "No, I don't" will get us burned at the stake.
[X] "What's that got to do with anything?"

[ ] "What's that got to do with anything?"
”What’s that got to do with anything?” Really, what does it matter if you believe in gods or not? But if does, Momizi should at least explain it.
She looks at you for a moment, and then continues walking, and you follow her. ”When Kanako first brought her shrine here they got into a incredible fight with Hakurei shrine. Kanako wanted the Hakurei’s believers for herself.”
”Wait, what do you mean by Kanako bringing her shrine here?”
”Ah, right. It was originally placed on outside world, but her faith began to decline there. Gods can’t live without faith, so she moved her shrine, priestess and lake here as sort of a last measure.” She sighs. ”Anyway, that fight they got into. After a while it was solved and Kanako got some youkai worshippers for her.”
She continues talking, now with slightly more cheerful tone. ”So, after that incident I got to talk with her priestess and asked why Kanako did it. Well, she tells me about the faith, and that there are lots of people on outside world who don’t believe in any gods.” And she stops talking.
She just continues to walk forward the path, now humming to herself quietly.

You scratch you head. It was nice story, and probably helpful too, but not what you wanted. ”Momizi, this still doesn’t explain why Hina is dangerous.”
She turns back to you, holding her finger on her lips. ”Hmm, I guess you're right. Sorry about that.” She continues her story, now facing you. ”So, I asked the priestess why people don’t believe anymore. She tells me that gods don’t walk on earth over there anymore, and people want proof of their existence.”
She closes her eyes. ”It was kind of hard to understand, since over here gods looks just like normal people. But it was true.” She opens her eyes again and looks up to sky.
”Over here people don’t believe in the gods in same sense as on the outside. You can see them and you can talk to them, there is no point in thinking that something like that doesn’t exist, right?”
You think for a moment. She’s right, when you were outside you didn’t think any of the surreal things you’ve seen while being here were possible, but you can’t deny them anymore. You were carried through air, how couldn’t you believe in flying anymore?
Momizi nods. ”Right, people don’t exactly believe in gods. Their existence is more like just acknowledged. That keeps gods alive, but to have real power they need commitment. Prayers or rituals, anything.” She demonstrates by waving her hands around. It doesn’t really help, but looks cute.
”From what I’ve talked with Hina, she has told me that she can sense human’s worth as a believer, I guess that’s same for all gods. Anyway, she seems attracted to you, probably because you would be good believer.” She turns again.
”Being devoted to the goddess of misfortune can’t be good. Now do you understand?”
[ ] ”Yes, you’re right. Being with Hina would be bad.”
[ ] ”Yes, but I still want to get to know her better.”
[ ] ”No, I think nothing bad will happen if I’m with Hina.”
[ ] ”No, but I’ll listen to you anyway.”
[X] ”Yes, you’re right. Being with Hina would be bad.”

Don't forget what happened before Anon
[x] ”Yes, you’re right. Being with Hina would be bad.”

Like standing on a train track.
[x] ”Yes, but I still want to get to know her better.”
I'd believe in her, if you see what I mean
[x] ”No, I think nothing bad will happen if I’m with Hina.”

[ ] ”No, but I’ll listen to you anyway.”

I don't suppose you guys have heard about the god in the forgotten realms setting of D&D called Immalter? His clerics are called pain bearers, I reckon becoming a cleric of Hina would be similar.

She does do a important, if lonely job.

Well, maybe believing in her could have it's benefits. I just wonder what are they~
[x] ”No, but I’ll listen to you anyway.”
Other than our dick falling off we've yet to experience some major misfortune anyways.
File 121043913597.gif - (51.37KB, 80x150 , 1206409211058.gif) [iqdb]


A quick death.
[x] ”Yes, but I still want to get to know her better.”

Hina's adorable, even if she is unfortunate.
[x] ”No, but I’ll listen to you anyway.”
File 121043976669.jpg - (144.14KB, 578x800 , 1207508952398.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] ”Yes, but I still want to get to know her better.”

Hina is adorable. Lethal but adorable.

Better than a slow one at least.

Well considering it's Hina it'll most likely be slow and painful. A quick death would be quite the fluke.
[X] ”Yes, but I still want to get to know her better.”

I knew this girl once, befriended a god of poverty, actually worked out okay for both of them.
[X] ”Yes, but I still want to get to know her better.”
I don't think we're loli enough to swing that.

still, Hina's thighs are worth dying for.

[X] ”Yes, but I still want to get to know her better.”
What she said makes sense, but… It would be bad to not be around somebody just because something might happen. If everybody thinks like that she has to be lonely.
You sigh. ”Yes, I understand…” Momizi claps her hands together and smiles. ”Great! Then it’s-”
”…but I still want to get to know her better.” She goes silent, and looks down.
”Oh, uhm… I see.” She turns, and continues walking. ”If you think that’s for the best, it should be fine.”
You keep on following her, few steps behind her.

The walk continues, and neither of you say anything. It seems kind of strange, almost as if Momizi had no destination in mind…
”Hey, Momizi.” She turns around again, and looks to you. ”Yeah, what is it?” Better ask now than later.
”Where are we going?” She freezes.
”Ah, well...” She thinks for a moment, you notice that her tail is slightly wagging from side to side. ”Actually, I didn’t think about it.” She sighs, and her tail stops unenergetically.
Then she looks back to you with glint of hope in her eyes. ”Where would you like to go?”
[ ] ”Let’s go back home for now.”
[ ] ”We could go see what Aya is doing.”
[ ] ”No, this is fine. Let’s just continue walking.”

Sorry for the break. I noticed that I had no idea about what would happen next.
[ ] ”No, this is fine. Let’s just continue walking.”
[X] ”No, this is fine. Let’s just continue walking.”
[x] ”We could go see what Aya is doing.”
[X] ”No, this is fine. Let’s just continue walking.”

We can have a nice long conversation with her.
[ ] ”No, this is fine. Let’s just continue walking.”

is dat sum Momizi route?
[x]Tail feels so good~
[X] ”No, this is fine. Let’s just continue walking.”

Throw a stick and see what happens.
[x] ”Yes, but I still want to get to know her better.”

Must befriend delicious Hina, also what if anon's female status is due a curse and Hina can absorb such curse?
[x]Tail feels so good~

Stroke that tail, as a thankyou for taking you today of course. Totally innocent.

Oh lawd
crap, slowpoke´d

[x] ”We could go see what Aya is doing.”
Later, later.
[ ] ”We could go see what Aya is doing.”
[x] ”No, this is fine. Let’s just continue walking.”

We're walking behind her, and her tail is wagging from side to side. How long can we resist it?
File 121044853957.jpg - (511.73KB, 840x800 , 2a661ad08694396afbeba0ce51f97a9a.jpg) [iqdb]
File 121044865525.png - (48.32KB, 400x400 , 120870951791.png) [iqdb]
[x] ”No, this is fine. Let’s just continue walking.”
This is actually pretty peaceful. Just walking in forest, with no goal in mind...
"No, this is fine. Let’s just continue walking." You say to Momizi, smiling sincerely.
She seems to relax, and let's out breath. "Ah, that's good. I thought you might've been bored with this..."
The walk continues, but this time the silence is calm. Momizi is still walking in front of you, with her tail peacefully swaying from side to... side...

...From side to side...

As soon as you start thinking about grabbing it, Momizi turns to you. Thank god.
"Hey Adahn... What are you thinking of doing in Gensokyo?"
"Huh? What I'll do here?"
"Well, you can't really stay at our place forever, right? You should think of something you can do for living."
She is right. You can't keep on living off Aya and Momizi, but so much has happened in last few day that you haven't really had time to think about it.
"I... don't know yet." Momizi just smiles, turns around and looks to you over her shoulder.
"That's okay, I didn't expect you to be able to answer right away."
Better to think about it later.

It's well past mid-day, and sun is shining brightly. It is warm, but also kind of annoying. And it was good time ago since you last ate. You're getting hungry.
Suddenly you hear something
[ ] Sit down in a shadow and relax.
[ ] Go somewhere to eat.
[ ] Keep on walking.

Updates from now on will be far apart, in case it wasn't obvious already. I've got to prepare some dishes for tomorrow.
[x] Sit down in a shadow and relax.

Assassins code number 1 and 2 guys
[X] Go somewhere to eat.

But where's a good place?
[x] Go somewhere to eat.
[X] Sit down in a shadow and relax.
You might remember reading about two places from "Bunbunmaru News, the best paper in Gensokyo". Momizi should know where they are.
[ ] Go somewhere to eat.
[X] Go somewhere to eat.

not stickin around for that sound. unless its our stomach
FUCk. FUCkinG FuCK FUCK. I need to read better through what I've written, and what needs to be taken out.
Anyway, that was supposed to be something about Momizi's stomach growling, but I thought that would push the food option too much.
...Right now that sound, whatever it is, became canon. I promise, it won't be lethal. Really.
[ ] Go somewhere to eat.
[ ] Go somewhere to eat.
Vodka Just post in SHaG topic that I got banned for an hour for posting link to Mugen Sakuya doujin somebody asked for in /sdm/
Vodka I'll have the next part ready as soon as I'm free~

Favor done, he's b7 and will be back later.
File 121045630959.gif - (48.50KB, 647x393 , antispiral-just as planned.gif) [iqdb]
File 121045642486.jpg - (13.84KB, 190x190 , 1177049902553.jpg) [iqdb]

Oh for the love of...
[ ] Go somewhere to eat.
Hmm. Normally this would be the time to to eat something, and you can bet that Momizi is getting hungry too.
Also, that sound was suspicious. Better not stick around to find out just what it was.
"Momizi, don't you think it's time to eat something?"
Again, she stops and turns. "Yeah, last food we had was breakfast. Let's go home and make something." She raises few inches over ground, but stops as you speak.
"No, I thought that we could eat outside. The weather is nice, no point wasting it."
She lands lightly, holding her hands behind her back. "Alright, what do you have in mind?"
You think for a moment. Yeah, where could you eat? You don't know Gensokyo that well, and even less about it's food places... Or do you?
"Well, I read about these two places at Aya's paper. Are they good?"
Momizi thinks for a moment. "Two places at the paper... Ah, those! Yes, they'll do nicely."
Where do you go?
[ ] The yakitori stand.
[ ] Grilled lamprey stand.
[ ] Change of plans! Have a picnic!

[x] The yakitori stand.

Need meat not fish.

Yes I know. Don't bother correcting me.
[X] Grilled lamprey stand.

Mystia time!
[X] Change of plans! Have a picnic!

Such a nice day~
[ ] The yakitori stand.
[ ] The yakitori stand.

Mouku runs this right?
You! Start working already.
File 121045710294.png - (145.31KB, 640x480 , Yakitori.png) [iqdb]
[ ] The yakitori stand.
[ ] The yakitori stand.

Mokou Mokou Mokou Mokou Mokou
[X] Grilled lamprey stand.

[X] Grilled lamprey stand.
[ ] The yakitori stand.
[X] Grilled lamprey stand.
[x] The yakitori stand.
Mystia just might be the type that gouges the shit out of people on prices because she can get away with it.
All right, all right, I'm working on it! Sheesh!
[x] The yakitori stand.

Not in the mood for lamprey.
"Here you are; two grilled lamprey! That'll be 2100 yen."
"Prices are prices~ ...Unless you'd care to give me that human instead."
*grumble grumble* "FINE."
[ ] The yakitori stand.
>[X] Yakitori stand.

lampreys are creepy as fuck
[x] Grilled lamprey stand.

Mystia time.
How many votes are needed again?
[x] Grilled lamprey stand.

Mystia hasn't got any attention except in Gensokyo Academy.
When it's not slow, seven. Othervise I just pick the most popular one.
And damnit, I'm working right now. Writing Yakitori option on the time I get off.

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