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28309 No. 28309
MiG Tiem~! YAYZ! So you died a horrible, practically unavoidable death. Fun! In anyevent, roling back occured, so choices only now, as copypasta'ing the wall of text that accompanies said choice is large. And copypasta. In anyevent, Choice tiem~
Which item will you use?

[ ] Talisman.
[ ] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[ ] Card.
[ ] Box.

On who?

[ ] Yourself.
[ ] Sanae.
[ ] Suwako.
[ ] Reisen.
[ ] Tewi.

No. 28310
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Suwako.
No. 28311
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Suwako.
Should be obvious...
No. 28312
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Suwako.
No. 28313
[ ] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[ ] Suwako.
No. 28314
[x] Box.

[x] Yourself.
No. 28315
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Suwako.
No. 28316
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Suwako.
No. 28317
[x] Talisman.
[x] Sanae.

That was it, right? That's gotta be it.
No. 28318
[X] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[X] Suwako.
No. 28319
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Yourself.
sanae is dead anyway so we should get some protection from eirins attack
No. 28321
[X] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[X] Suwako.

We'll get it right this time, maybe.
No. 28322
[X] Fingers.
[X] Suwako.
No. 28323
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Suwako.
I'm just waiting for the "lol no" telling us it didn't work.

Anyway! I'm going to the library! Don't get us killed!
No. 28324
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Suwako.

inb4 it doesn't work
No. 28325
>sanae is dead anyway so we should get some protection from eirins attack

The miko dies. Prepare for great eirin disaster.
No. 28326
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] spit
[x] sweat
[x] semen
[x] Suwako.
No. 28327
[x] Hourai Elixir (Generic).
[x] Suwako.
No. 28329

>[x] semen
>[x] Suwako.

What the namefag said.
No. 28331
Yup. This liquid has proteins for her, so she should be stronger with seamen han with water. Mana transfer tiem
No. 28332
[x] Purple-striped mushroom
[x] Anon
No. 28333

Too fast for you.
No. 28335
[X] Eat box on yourself
[X] Back 56 choices
No. 28336
The solution is clear. Use [x] Tewi on [x] Reisen. Sanae will come back to life just so she doesn't miss it.
No. 28337
We could've gone back up until point where we screwed up by giving Yukari the box, but no...
No. 28338

Some of us LIKE dealing with our non-fatal mistakes, thank you very much.
No. 28339
No. 28341
[ ] Force yourself to speak. You have to.

She said we have to ASK her to judge her. Not simply nod.
No. 28342
File 12095751554.jpg - (205.51KB , 660x880 , Suwako Miracle..jpg ) [iqdb]
You remove the cap from the bottle and kneel down next to Suwako. Opening her mouth you pour some of the liquid into her mouth, which Suwako swallows instinctively. Suwako is suddenly on her feet looking around like mad.
“What happened?!” Her eyes falling upon Sanae’s prone form, blood beginning to pool. Suwako’s eyes go wide. She begins to chant, something, her entire body glowing a light bluish color. She grabs the bottle from you and takes the entire remaining contents into her mouth. She spits it out, causing a fine mist to form around Sanae.
“More water. NOW.”
Tewi rushes out of the room and quickly returns carrying a pot. Suwako takes it and does the same thing she did with the Elixir. She continues to chant, form glowing. The entire room begins to shake and you can SEE the energy pouring off of Suwako. Sanae’s body still lies prone upon the floor, the puddle of blood still seems to be growing.
“No~ NO! It’s not working!” Suwako cries out. The mist begins to dissipate, but Suwako continues chanting. However, she has her head thrown back, looking at the ceiling now, and the bluish glow she was giving off before has now become a searing white color. It feels as if the entire world is being torn asunder, the shaking is so bad. Oddly enough, the mist around Sanae seems to have stopped dissipating or even moving, the blood puddle’s creep seems to have stopped moving as well.
The room is shaking so badly now that you feel that you’re going to be thrown into something. Tewi is clinging to Reisen’s prone form, but Suwako and Sanae seem to be unmoving. The shaking seems to reach it’s zenith, then suddenly, everything stops. It’s almost as if time has frozen. But there, in the corner of the room, someone is apparently standing there.
“Ah. So it’s you again. You seem to have misfortune follow you wherever you go.” A girl wearing a dark blue jacket, with green hair, and carrying some sort of stick steps forward out of the corner. She looks at Suwako, Sanae, then back to you. Nobody else seems to be moving, they seem to be frozen in mid step, but you, you are still able to see everything that’s going on. You wonder if the others can too.
The girl kneels down by Sanae. “She’s not dead yet, but I’m afraid that there’s little I can do. . . Officially.”
She seems sad at this. “However, if someone were to ask me to judge her, then, I may be able to do something.” The girl glances over at you, almost expectantly. She’s still kneeling next to Sanae. You try to speak, but find that you cannot, trying to move, you find that you also cannot move.

[ ] Force yourself to nod, Somehow.
[ ] Force yourself to speak. You have to.
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.
No. 28343
[x] Force yourself to nod, Somehow.

Shikieiki on our side, fuck yeah
No. 28344

in b4 time paradox
No. 28345
[ ] Force yourself to speak. You have to.
No. 28346
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.

How did we communicate with her last time? We didn't have a body so we couldn't nod or speak right?

So there must be a third way, let's try sending our thoughts to her or something.
No. 28347
We could nod. Just couldn't speak.
No. 28348
[X] Force yourself to speak. You have to.
No. 28349
[ ] Force yourself to nod, Somehow.
Fuck yes, Shikieiki.
No. 28350
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.

No. 28351
[x] Give up on moving, try something else.
No. 28352
[X] Force yourself to speak. You have to.
No. 28353
[x] Force yourself to nod, Somehow.
So Siki is the G-Man now?
No. 28354
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.
No. 28355
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.
No. 28356
[X] Force yourself to speak. You have to.
No. 28357
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.
No. 28358
[x] Give up on moving, try something else.
No. 28360
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.
No. 28362
[x] Force yourself to nod, Somehow.
No time for words.
No. 28363
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.

even if this fails, and siki goes all "lul whut" anon will simply snap out of it and force himself to move
No. 28364
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.

why is siki such a dick ?
would it be toooo much just to judge her NOW without confirmation ?
from whom does she get orders anyway ?
No. 28365
[X] Force yourself to speak. You have to.

These are the moments for GAR displays, right?
No. 28367
[x] Force yourself to speak. You have to.
No. 28368
[x] ruffle Shikieiki hair
No. 28369
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.

should be obvious
No. 28370

changing my vote to this

we have unlimited ruffle works
we don't need to move our hands to ruffle her hair. She will most likely interpret it as a confirmation to judge her
No. 28371
[X] Force yourself to speak. You have to
yes, votespam indeed
No. 28372
>why is siki such a dick ?

I see what you did there.
No. 28373

She gets her orders from the bureaucracy of the Celestial Court. No one fucks with the Celestial Court or its regulations because it's headed by the Jade Emperor, and that guy can kick pretty much anyone's ass with utter impunity.
No. 28374

>>28364 here

I don't

I feel kinda stupid here

what exactly did you see what i did there ?
No. 28375
[x] Force yourself to speak. You have to.
No. 28376
[ ] Give up on moving, try something else.

sounds about right
No. 28377
read moar toehoe doujins
No. 28379

No. 28380

oooooor you could simply explain it to me in 3 quick sentences ?
No. 28381
Moving failed, and speaking failed so figure that there was no possible way that either one of them could have ever possibly worked. Nope. No way there. So, you try beaming your thoughts to the girl. She’s still kneeling there, looking at you. You try pleading with your eyes, trying to communicate what you’d like her to do that way. The girl tilts her head to one side not understanding what you’re trying to convey. You close your eyes and try to focus on something ANYTHING you could try to use to get her attention, to confirm that you want her to help Sanae, but it seems that you have nothing.
The girl sighs. “It would seem that I am unable to do anything here. I believe the spell cast by your little friend will be wearing off soon.”
The girl stands up from next to Sanae and takes a final glance around the room. She begins to walk back to the corner from where she entered. “It looks like I’ll be seeing her when she enters my jurisdiction.”
Damnit! The girl is leaving! You have to do something! Her back is turned so just moving isn’t an option any more.

[ ] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
[ ] You don’t need this girl, you’ll figure something else out.
[ ] Give up.
No. 28382
One word is enough. >>28379
No. 28383
[ ] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28384
[X] Force yourself to call out, somehow.

How did I know that wouldn't work?
No. 28385
[x] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28386
[x] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28387
[ ] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28388
[X] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28389
[ ] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28390
[X] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28391
[x] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28392
[B] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28394
[ ] Force yourself to call out, somehow.

fuck you kira
No. 28395
[x] Force yourself to call out, somehow.

Split your lungs with blood and thunder!
No. 28396

No. 28397
[X] Give up.
This will surely work.
No. 28398
[x] Force yourself to call out, somehow.
No. 28399
[x] Force yourself to call out, somehow

pop a boner, that'll get her attention
No. 28400
Slowpoke reporting. Could anyonme link me to the MiG archive? There is one, right?
Suddenly I felt like reading this story too.
No. 28401

No. 28402
Here: http://bloodyshovel.oddwebsite.com/Ehs%20folder/

Or at least, that's the temporary archive index where you can find the MiG archive.
No. 28403
Not completely up to date, but topics that aren't archieved should still be up.
No. 28404

No. 28405
Helpful mind.
No. 28406

it lacks tread 28, but 28 is still around here somewhere, just check the lower pages
No. 28407
No. 28408
[X] Ruffle the ice fairy's hair.
No. 28409
No. 28410
Not this shit again
No. 28411

hivemind hivemind
No. 28412
I wonder, in the last tread (and I guess in this tread as well) where was our little sister squad ?
Not having them burst into tears kinda irritated me
No. 28413

I'm guessing the fled, realizing anon is too stupid to stay with if they want to continue living.
No. 28414
This is it. You have to call out, NOW. You try to speak but find yourself unable to do so, You continue trying to force yourself to try and call out. “W-” Is all you’re able to manage with what little time you had left, but it seems that it was not enough. The girl has already gone, and time’s flow seems to have resumed. FUCK. Well, it would seem that another route just closed itself off. You might have been able to get more out if you had started trying to speak earlier, but you can’t worry about that now, Sanae seems to be on the verge of death now, and Suwako seems to have fallen back down, onto the ground, horrifically weak. She sighs. However, the mist around Sanae seems to be coalescing around the wound. You have no idea if Suwako’s ‘miracle’ will make it in time, or if Sanae will die first.
The rumbling starts again, threatening to shake everything apart. However, this time it’s different. it seems to be coming from outside. Through the open window a huge gust of wind blows into the room, scattering things about, but not disturbing Sanae’s body.
“So. This is where you’ve been hiding, eh Suwako?”
Oh shit, It’s Kanako. She strides over to Sanae and kneels down next to her. She glares at you before pressing her hand over Sanae’s wound.
“So, this is how you protect my Priestess.” You see a forked tongue snake out of her mouth before being pulled back in. You shudder involuntarily. Kanako scoops up Sanae and vanishes with her. Suwako looks at you sadly before vanishing as well. Shit.
Cirno, stumbles into the room bleary eyed, Wriggle following behind, carrying Rumia.
“Whuz jus happn?” Cirno says drowsily, looking around the disheveled room.
You tell her that it was nothing and that she should just go back to sleep.
“hozky” And with that Cirno lays down on the floor and curls up in a ball. Rumia already seems like she was asleep in the first place, but Wriggle looks unconvinced by your placating of Cirno.
“Where are Suwako and Sanae.” Wriggle asks you point blank.
You turn your head away and don’t reply. Wriggle starts to get upset, but then sighs. You look back at her in time to see her shake her head and walk out of the room. Tewi gives you a pained look before butting in.
“We really should move Reisen somewhere else. . .”
You pick up Reisen and carry her into the other room. You put her on the unoccupied couch and cover her up with a blanket.
About this time, Momiji comes back into the house, complaining loudly about how Aya kept chasing that person and how even She couldn’t keep up with Aya. Momiji throws her sword and shield down on the table before looking over at you and Tewi. She looks around and sees Cirno sleeping in the doorway to the other room.
“Wait. . . Where’s Sanae and Suwako?”
You tell Momiji what happened. She doesn’t exactly look shocked. “Eh, I couldn’t imagine her letting anything seriously life threatening happen to her Priestess.”
It would seem that Momiji doesn’t know the whole story of what’s happened so far but, really, that’s to be expected.
“I’m exhausted, I’m going to go take a bath~” Momiji heads through to the back of the house and into what is, presumably, the bath. It’s just you and Tewi now, with Cirno sleeping in the door way to the other room. Aya’s apparently still out chasing the person who did this to Sanae, Sanae’s now with Kanako again, and you can only presume that Suwako is as well. Reisen is still unconscious. Wriggle is likely upstairs somewhere with Rumia. You sigh. Can anything ELSE go wrong?

[ ] Wake Reisen.
[ ] Wake Cirno.
[ ] Talk to Tewi.
[ ] Go look for Wriggle.
No. 28415
ITT Anon fails at the obvious right choice and acts like an idiot.
No. 28416
Oh, wow. How did I predict this.

How have you morons not realized that when someone else's life is on the line, you're supposed to be GAR? I swear, you people.

Granted, I still call votespam on the earlier votes for not speaking out.
No. 28417
[ ] Wake Reisen.

she is not asleep, she was knocked unconcsious
we should wake her
No. 28418
[x] Back 56 choices.

fucking motherfuck
No. 28419
[ ] Wake Reisen.
No. 28420
[x] Follow Momiji.
No. 28421
There aren't that many people on, so I'm thinking that someone may have vote spammed not to nod or say anything (which is beyond stupid.)

I really don't want to lose Moriya Shrine route. All in favor of killing ourselves and returning 58 or so spaces back?
No. 28422
[x] Back 56 choices.

No. 28423
[X] Jump.
No. 28424
[ ] Go look for Wriggle.

We haven't talked to her in a long while
No. 28425
[X] Talk to Tewi.
No. 28426
[X] Go look for Wriggle.

Fucking samefag bullshit.
No. 28427
File 120957989666.jpg - (42.01KB , 500x600 , 1209456297599.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Jump into lake. Back 2 choices.

No. 28428
[x] Back 58 choices.
No. 28429
You assume we'll even get a chance like that.

[x] 58 (56?) choices back.

No. 28430
File 120958003826.jpg - (53.90KB , 640x480 , redbtn1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 28431

☞ Back 56/58 choices.
No. 28432
No. 28433
File 120958015324.jpg - (39.78KB , 514x654 , 120735190327.jpg ) [iqdb]
Did someone say they wanted to re-write history?
No. 28434
[ ] Go back to the shrine.
No. 28435

I fucking guarantee you that they did.

Anon does stupid shit all the time, but look at the pattern: we do curious/lulzy shit (peer under the house, the rumba), or we fucking charge people down while unarmed in an attempt to be GAR then fail miserably.

You expect me to believe a mass of anons that generally goes for the dramatic choices suddenly decides to be timid and helpless at a critical junction, instead of using WILL POWER to force our ass to move? And that this mass all just happened to cast their votes one after the other within the span of like two minutes?

Yeah, right.
No. 28436
Please? ;_;
No. 28437
[X] Go look for Wriggle.
No. 28438
[X]Divide by Zero
No. 28439
>You might have been able to get more out if you had started trying to speak earlier

make up your mind Kira
No. 28441
He did. Anon just made the wrong choices. Had we tried to speak or even nodded, I'm sure we wouldn't be in this situation.
No. 28442
The faggot repeatedly voting has pretty much fucked that route up, good job. I really wish the admin would enable ID's to stop shit like that.
No. 28443
File 120958057373.jpg - (26.03KB , 640x480 , bttf-88mph-11.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] 88 MPH
No. 28444
[X] Back 56/58 choices
No. 28445
[x] Back 56/58 choices.

No. 28446

What do you mean? It was obvious we needed to say something earlier, hell even Eiki hinted we needed to. But, instead, we get people voting for "lol do nothing and think of something else!".
No. 28447
Wait, what won? I thought nodding won.
No. 28448
[x] Back 56/58 choices.

fuck this
No. 28449

No, there was some transparently bullshit votespam for not doing anything that made it win.
No. 28450

Give up moving, try something else won I believe.
No. 28451
[x] Back 56/58 choices.

If not, [X] Wake Reisen
No. 28452
Oh, alright. Disregard, cocks etc. I thought Kira was punishing us for choosing 'nod' over 'speak'.
No. 28453
QUIT VOTESPAMMING. Jesus christ. Its obvious that 56/58 is being votespammed now too. Knock this shit off, or 56/58 might be read as a faction.
No. 28454
As much as I hate to request it I really think Kira should go back to the Shiki choice due to voting faggotry. After amount of text in his last post though I doubt he'll have the patience for it. ;_;
No. 28455
[x] None of the above

Fuck this, I'm going on strike.
No. 28456
[X] Go look for Wriggle.

fuck it.
Take it like a man anon, and make the best out of it. Move on and concentrate. we still have to survive the night.
No. 28457
5 of the 7 votes that won give up had no other text beside the vote, one only had the word "this", and only one provided an actual explanation. That feels like votespam to me.
No. 28458
[ ] Go look for Wriggle.
No. 28459

Don't forget that they all come one after another, in around a one-to-two minute span.
No. 28460
[ ] Wake Reisen.

> + [x] Open a nearby window and turn around facing the window with your back. Wait.
No. 28461

Quit votespamming you goddamn scab.

No. 28462
I think the only reason think of something else didn't work was because no one actually wrote in an idea beyond "TELEPATHY!"

I'm sure had we come up with unlimited ruffle works sooner it would've been a write in winner putting us on an entirely different track.

But once again I'm going to say, it's okay to lose once in a while. Yes we're on a massive down scale at the moment and after looking over the votes again it does seem suspect, but it's up to Kira to decide what to do.

I really don't mind if we get good end ++ though guys, screwing up has been damaging so far. How much more awesome will our victory be when we turn things around?
No. 28463
Wtf is shit shit.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
[x] Back 58 choices.
No. 28464
[ ] Go look for Wr.. Oh wait

searching wriggle all alone will make us end up in the room where Sanaes dead body would be, getting us killed just like before.

[X] Wake Reisen

also, I vote for Kira making it a rule that only votes with a short explanation of some sort will be counted.
No. 28465
is Shiki can be a total ass and still win the ladies, then anon can fix this mess.
No. 28466
>searching wriggle all alone will make us end up in the room where Sanaes dead body would be, getting us killed just like before.

Sounds like a plan to me

[ ] Go look for Wriggle.
No. 28468
Kira you still around?
No. 28469
Does anyone know any of the mods here? If they do, could you see if they could turn on IP's for a bit so that we could see if it was indeed votespam?
If it was votespam, I'll roll back. Otherwise, if we're rolling back, it's to choice 1.
No. 28470
I'm trying to find out who runs the sight, and/or if I can find some of the mods.
No. 28471

FUCK YOU trying to get us killed on purpose hoping that Kira will let us go back 56 choices

I hope that when we die he will set the choices to 5,7 and 10
No. 28472

I don't think it's the fuck-up that's bothering people so much as it is the quite apparent vote-spamming. I, for one, don't mind rolling with the hits we take, but getting hurt because some guy decides to spam votes for an obviously bad choice just rubs me the wrong way. I'd rather our punishments actually came about because of something we did, rather than because of one guy.
No. 28473
I just wanted to know what is going on now, seems chaos broke out. I dont know about mods, maybe you can find some email adress or something and ask em personal. Or just start another vote, makes it easier and only accept votes with some explenation as to why. and include option to roll back AGAIN please.
No. 28474
Shit happens and routes get lost, deal with it. But I do agree that anon as a whole makes stupid ass decisions.
No. 28475

the votespam was obvious

*starts smoking a pipe*

take a look at how only 1 of the posts in question has the [ ] filled with a x, while the others are kept clear. I might go as far and say that >>28363 and >>28364 were done by this person as well, judging by the empty [ ]

I don't think we need to check the IPs here (which would probably take AGES since we have no quick way of contacting the admin and have to wait for his repsonse)
No. 28476

Try the DoujinStyle IRC. Holy is an admin of this board and he's generally quite active from what I can tell.

No. 28477
need any proof? 3 votes a minute, same text, no distinct signature of any kind, obvious votespam.
you should make a rule that any voting message should contain text other than the vote itself to prevent spam (although someone bored enough can add a different text every time, but i don't think someone will actually bother)
No. 28479
It's funny how only now do people get upset about samefag-votespamming. It's an anonymous imageboard. Just do a revote if you really have to, though I personally see that as a dick move.
No. 28480
It will make no difference, people who votespam will then write another text each time they vote the same, that is no solution to the problem, only admin can bring that.
No. 28482
>>28350>>28354>>28355>>28360>>28357 here

I admit it, yeah i was just noko and crtl-Ving, thinking that this was the right choice, and wanting to prevent anon from fucking up.
Now it turns out that it was me who fucked up.

Well, whatever I am anonymous, so why play innocent ?

I actually think we should just take it as it is and move on, but whatever, before anon starts shitstorming even further, ultimately ruining MiG, I retract my votes and let Kira go back 2 choices.

So now go ahead and hate me, tell me to gtfo, whatever.
I will stay and continue to vote. But I will always post an explanation as to why I think this should win, if this helps you
No. 28483


Your heart's in the right place but you're not quite understanding the full duality of anonymous even as you try to wield it.

What's everyone going to say if it wasn't spam out of interest?
No. 28484
At least you admitted to it. Keep the votespam to a minimum, though.
No. 28485
At least you admitted to it. No more votespam, though.
No. 28486
Were all me, I'll admit that here and now.
No. 28487

No. 28489

more like, anon was trying to post, somehow fucked up, thought his post wasn't send and posted again
No. 28490
This Thread turned into Faggotry, we need some admin to control this or MiG will get fucked up and thrown into Chaos. Anon has no honour. So what we going to do now?
No. 28491

wait for Kira to decide
No. 28492
Good guess. Yeah, my browser fucked up on me for a second, so there you go.
No. 28493
Stop being bitches and move on?
No. 28494
I'm not sure. Trying to find a mod or admin seems to be running into a brick wall, ATM.
No. 28495
In any case, Kira, here's your proof. Let's roll this train back a few stops, and hopefully get Holy to cast this fucker out. There is no excuse for vote-spamming.
No. 28497
Do you really believe that he made this post? It could just be any random anon saying this to get things moving along, surely I'm not the only one who sees this?
No. 28498

through hundreds of treads, dozens of anons voted multiple times, and then when someone does it and it turns the story into a direction you dislike you run around and shout ban the mother fucker ?

there never was a rule on this board, nor was it ever mentioned by any of the writefags that multy-voting is forbidden.

What do you want, banning anon for being an immoral asshole ?
No. 28499
lulz? underage b&?
In any case, we should start a new thread.
No. 28500
Kira seems to want to stop MiG for the time being until we get this shit figured out.
Kira may want to start up School Days, anyone up for it?
No. 28501
Kira wanted to do FAERIES earlier. I'd like to see what it's like.
No. 28502
Anyone could be anyone. Hell, maybe you just dropped your trip and wrote it yourself. Or holy shit, maybe it was Kira! OMG!!

Seriously, the wording of his post seems consistent to me with an idiot trying to retroactively justify a massively retarded action. So, yeah, you could be right, but, yeah.

I'm a moralfag. What can I say?
No. 28503

>>28482 here

go ahead and ask the admin about it. And then (probably 3 days later) you will see it really was me who made these votes.

OOOR you could simply look around all other anons and realize that the majority wants to go back 2 choices, ignore my post and do it wether there is a proof of votespamming or not.

OOOOR you could simply say fuck it, quit for today, come back tomorrow and decide wether to go back/move on by tossing a coin
No. 28504
Yeah Faeries seems like the best idea for the time being.
No. 28505
School Days sounds like more fun, we need to bring Mokou home and get our Kaguya/Mokou Route.
No. 28506

lol, next thing we know you wil demand bans over caling the writefags "fags" instead of author
No. 28508
Well truthfully I did vote once anonymously for trying something else, don't use it all the time, I was under the impression we'd be asked what we wanted to try.

My point is it's too easy for one person to stand up and say "I'm Spartacus" anonymously.

In b4 another 50 Spartacuses
No. 28538
File 120958618161.png - (35.37KB , 736x736 , 120836032514.png ) [iqdb]
>Anyone could be anyone.

Welcome to *chan boards!
No. 28539
"I'm Spartacus"
No. 28548
Eh, I call myself a writefag, so I'd end up getting myself banned! WOO~
No. 28569
If you really made those posts, check them all, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Delete.
No. 28571

Seriously, Kira. Would you entertain "back 50-whatever choices" if given? Because a lot of Anons want to see what would've happened had things gone differently, if you're willing to backtrack that far.

I for one would like to see Anonymous actually do something for a while except die and let others die.
No. 28573
as I've said before in the thread, if there's a rollback, it's either back to before the votespam if it was indeed votespam, or back to the start.
No. 28577
It would be interesting to go back to beginning at this point, seeing how much the style of the story has changed.
No. 28581
No fucking way are we going back to the beginning. There is no reason to do such a stupid thing.
No. 28583
It might not have done any good, but if we had a chance to make a choice when we were handing Eirin over, I would have strongly suggested they firmly restrain her before they tried treating her.

Of course, if she had enough strength to drive her hand through someone's chest, I'm not sure what kind of bindings would be able to hold her.
No. 28585
We could at least avoid arousing the ire of The Destroyer.

At least, we could if yelling for Rumia and Cirno was, in fact, what woke her up and set her into "Fucking kill anything that comes across my path" modo. But for all we know Kira's gonna find a way for us to piss her off no matter what we do.
No. 28588
What exactly is the delay between posts on the same IP here?

6 posts in about 2 minutes time that say the exact same thing has GOT to be votespam.
No. 28590
No. 28592
You guys take this WAY too seriously.

IPs, bans, stopping the thread just because you don't like the outcome. Lord.
No. 28598
Not that I support this movement, but consider it this way:

You're playing a game, and suddenly someone busts into your house, takes away your pad and loses it for you.

Of course you would be pissed since someone else made you lose the game.

Btw, you lost.
No. 28599
>>lose the game

No. 28600
Actually they were talking about IP identification, so they'd know if someone was vote spamming. The ban was just a joke about insulting the writers.
No. 28601
I don't think kusaba has IP identification anyway.
No. 28603
>nor was it ever mentioned by any of the writefags that multy-voting is forbidden.

Maybe because there's no way of checking it, and it's obvious anyhow?

It doesn't NEED to be said. Anon knows that he's on the honor system because that's the only one we've got.
No. 28607

It's still needlessly silly.
No. 28613
[3:36am]«@ Dark_Mercury» Eh, I was suspecting votespamming, but still.
[3:37am]«@ Dark_Mercury» I've suspected it before,
[3:37am]«@ Dark_Mercury» and anon hasn't complained,
[3:37am]«@ Dark_Mercury» 'cause it hasn't gotten them shitty results.
[3:37am]«@ Dark_Mercury» But the thing is, you're nearing the end of the game.
[3:37am]«@ Dark_Mercury» You're probally ah.. couple of irl days from the end, minus the votespamming faggotry.
No. 28617

Couple IRL days? We are stuck in a shitty situation, permanent BAD END imminent?
No. 28620
Ah, note, I use couple in the archiac sense of several, not actually 2. I was meaning actually 2~4 IRL days, supposing that there's not the same level of crap going on, and I can keep up a decent pace with the writing.
No. 28621
Everything can still be fixed!

We have an eternity manipulating youkai-in-a-box. Throw in a luna dial, and it's LOL RESET.

Otherwise, [X] Back 56 choices.
No. 28622
Still, isn't that a rather short amount of time with the ground we've yet to cover?

Or are some serious revelations imminent?
No. 28623
No. 28625

Rocks fall, everybody dies
No. 28637

Uh, Lunarian. Right.
No. 28645
Do you mean 'mooninite'?
No. 28650

Moon diction is advanced light years beyond my comprehension.