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File 120709145361.jpg - (51.62KB, 535x688 , 3a2ffb7b91a0491bb579c40d53a7965f.jpg) [iqdb]
"I am not flustered!" Sakuya insists with a pointed glare, although you just give her a silent smirk in reply. "I am not amused by your little antics, I'll have you know. Let us move on before I discover how prone you are to being sliced into little pieces. I am sure putting up with such disgraceful company counts as some form of assault." She sniffs.

[ ] Follow

[ ] "Insist all you like."

[ ] Stay put

[ ] "So, then tell me, Miss Sakuya, why did you make me do this?"

[ ] "Who is the real intended tester, hmm?"

[ ] "I want to go and see Meiling and Cirno first."
[ ] Follow
[ ] "So, then tell me, Miss Sakuya, why did you make me do this?"
[ ] "I want to go and see Meiling and Cirno first."
[X] Follow
[x] Follow
[x] Follow
[x] "Insist all you like."

// hahaha, mocking is allowed
[X] Follow
[ ] Follow
[x] "Insist all you like."
[x] Follow
[ ] "I want to go and see Meiling and Cirno first."
So, we're using this one?

[X] Follow
[x] Follow
[X] Follow
The faster we finish this, the faster we cab reunite with China and 9
[ ] Follow
[X] "Insist all you like."
We have to take the lead in the relationship if we are going to get her respect us. We lost Patchy because we bitched out and took that damn amulet, let's not lose Sakuya too!
[x] Follow
[x] Follow.

So, let's see what happens in this board.
[ ] Follow
[X] "Insist all you like."
[X] Follow
Only save for now
So we're just following. I guess we can have some deredere Sakuya later, if we don't die.
Testing noko.
[x] Follow
Yes, it works.
also, uh, 300 get doesn't matter
GM, I can't help but think your losing a few people every time you switch boards, like going down a narrow hallway. We need to inform all of /jp/ and on the other board of this new home.
File 120709189943.jpg - (322.19KB, 650x650 , Gates of Scarlet Devil Mansion.jpg) [iqdb]
She's waiting for you Anon. Don't disappoint.
Oh god, this feels so much better.
File 120709211527.jpg - (112.78KB, 300x400 , 1204338734688.jpg) [iqdb]
Someone is tsundere! But the only way to win a tsundere is to be more powerful than them (prove your worth), which won't happen.

Too bad Sakuya never did well with moe.
Is it just me, or is this board dying for a minute or two at random points?
[x] Follow
she was stabbed because of us

It's not just you. The page just finally loaded for me.
Well GM is banned, so I guess its up to us. Go forth and spread the word! Avoid the bans!

Not just you.
more like waking up after a long nap

Can you blame it? It's probably the first time it's seen so much traffic at once.

Or just simply get a dynamic IP address..
to me it just seems kind of desolate
Does that AnonIB YWUIG board hang up randomly as well?
Hmmm... I wonder how this board works... like with auto-sage limits, and such.
I isn't banned on /jp/ should I post link to here for YWUiG there?
I just posted a discrete, spoiler'd link, it might not be enough, but I figure most of GM's followers would know about this, maybe not.
File 120709258357.jpg - (184.22KB, 570x760 , d87dea860e0afd9e9d1bfbffc28df350.jpg) [iqdb]
Someone take a moment to tell /jp/ of the new location? More will like another image board.

She leads you through the halls, and once more up to Remilia's stately room, opening the door quietly. No more words pass between you too as she stomps ahead should you open your mouth. The subdued red and brown tones of the room greet your eyes, as the calm, childish appearing vampiress smiles at your approach. "I see he did make something, Sakuya. Perhaps he will do nicely. After all, I felt it was unfair to leave you with all the cooking. Come, let me have a taste." Sakuya bows dutifully and silently places three of the dishes in front of her mistress.

[ ] "What? No! I can't work here, if that's what you're suggesting!"

[ ] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."

[ ] "May I go see Cirno and Meiling now?"

[ ] Attempt to quietly shuffle out before she can taste the food

[ ] Flee

I'll help. Get a nice looking copypasta and spam it a bunch of times.
File 120709261630.png - (175.97KB, 320x400 , chinasip.png) [iqdb]
It's already been linked on /jp/ twice now.

Nice place you got here, never knew it existed, but... I sure like my Firefox plug-in.
[X] Scream
[x] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."

// best option in my eyes
I wonder what is this board's sage limit.
It probably doesn't even exist.
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."

Oh crap, there's no blood though...
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
I'm torn between
[ ] "May I go see Cirno and Meiling now?" and
[ ] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."

[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
My gentleman inside is screaming.
[x] "What? No! I can't work here, if that's what you're suggesting!"
[x] oshi~

[ ] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."

[x] "May I go see Cirno and Meiling now?"

Maybe outegging sakuya will amuse Cirno.
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."

[ ] "May I go see Cirno and Meiling now?"

[ ] "May I go see Cirno and Meiling now?"
[X] "What? No! I can't work here, if that's what you're suggesting!"
[x] "May I go see Cirno and Meiling now?"
[x] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."

Crap, we're gonna get stuck here.
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
God dammit anon.

China is waiting.
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
I also hope we're not doomed to stay here for the rest of our lives. After all, I don't think they will find eggs for brealfast, lunch and dinner very funny for very long.
[X] I hope you like it, Miss Remilia.

Thank you for not only for YWUiG, but also for being the cause of idol GM threads, imitations that are on a level of great fail, being a major factor in Touhou roleplaying faggotry, and whoring yourself out as hot shit.

Fuck you GM.

WINNER: [X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
[x] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."

We can refuse the (possible) offer to work there later.
And thus, we are now complete.
[x] "May I go see Cirno and Meiling now?"
it's a politely mannered question
even if they say no we have nothing to lose, and this isn't going to cause a Lake end.
i missed you

Oh great, the trolls followed us too. That defiantly wasn't a regular of this board. That's a copypasta from /jp/.

It did feel kind of lonely without this pasta.
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
you really make me rage anon, WE MUST RETURN TO KEINE

calm down. if things go well, we will be employed, freedom to come and go as we please, and maybe even something to help us cross the dreaded lake.
Eh, I don't think it's really trolling so much anymore as it is an obligatory response.
trolls exist where there are many people, so yeah

Well it looks like my /jp/ advertising worked.
Goddamn it we'll go back to Keine after feeding Remilia while naked on a leash with a worn out Meiling next to us.
Priorities man!
Komachi? >.>
Poor SimStyle. Not that this board appears to get much use but I hope you don't shit up this board like you did with /jp/. Referring to the RP and "WHERE IS GM OMG" fags.

[X] I hope you like it, Miss Remilia.

In counting votes, I noticed something I don't like about this board. Whenever you click a post link, it jumps you to the top of the page, making selecting multiple posts a hassle.

Then again, I nitpick too much.
[ ] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
if china isn't allowed to leave and do as she wishes, what makes you think we will be able to?
File 120709319069.jpg - (277.18KB, 1600x1200 , 037_HD.jpg) [iqdb]
we'll work at the SDM and play daily with flandre


Anon doesn't want a job ;_;
No one said we ain't going... you just gotta be polite.
someone has to go pick up groceries. besides, we can negotiate for time off in our "contract"
But, we wooed Sakuya with our eggs. What if Remilia decides to keep us?

Should we agree in exchange for China's freedom, and then discreetly ask her to request aid from Mokou and Keine?
[X] "I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."
We are never going to get out of SDM, are we?
I'm not a troll. I'm just a person who fucking loves Touhou (even to the point I'm about to kill myself over it) and has become too socially inept to express my opinions in ways other than rage.
The SDM is like that, a death-trap. Poor Sakuya...
In five minutes.
We chose to come here, why leave so soon?
not in this lifetime.
we are gonna make Sakuya ours and become the head maid!
and cook eggs for life
with Moukous trap doors this may go well

Well, I suppose alot of can relate to that.

Also, Will they really want to keep us when they find out we're a one trick pony?
Because SDM employees get neither pay nor vacations. We'd be stuck making eggs forever.
>"I hope you like it, Miss Remilia."

Musn't think dirty thoughts...

But we'll have Meilin. And Patchouli. And maids. And Cirno by association. Sup harem end.
I'm not talking about this place in specific, but the community in general. These people are the destroyers of communities and I would want anything to prevent the community from going deeper in the bowels of hell.
we aim for perfection
Our skills with eggs will level up. We'll eventually learn Unlimited Egg Works, and just egg our way out of SDM.
So what happens when we have to cook for Mystia? I don't imagine she'd enjoy being served eggs.
Maybe chicken?
File 120709404669.png - (137.80KB, 719x612 , 1177012323656.png) [iqdb]
she'll never know

You don't know what you're talking about. Your not some crusader of justice here, troll. Your just annoying and whiny. You got the mods in /jp/ to go along with you, but to come to another board...

Fuck you and your family with a rake.
We invite Yuyuko over, too.
don't feed the trolls
why not? Vampires are pretty much humans with a small degree of difference and they feed on people all the time, the chicken (or duck or whatever egg you cook) is much farther removed from what mystia is in comparison
Why would we have to cook for Mystia?
I'm not a troll...
Just as Ranned?

There's of one of them. It'll save us a lot of trouble if we can just shut him up.
Well she did open a grilled eel stand because she didn't like the idea of serving chicken.
Sakuya could teach us how to cook. That way we could justify staying and open up Sakuya route.

I'm thinking that if we want out of SDM, we need to take the man of honor route. We have promises made to other people which we need to keep, since Anon is a man of his word. We could come to SDM at a certain time daily to work. Think of it as a part time job.

I wonder if Remi scolded Flandre on being too ruff with us. It will be interesting to interact with her again.

We need to
-Go on date with China
-Repair damages with Keine
-Find Alice with Marisa visiting (lulz conflict)
fa/tg/uy here, I was thinking, Remilia will tire of eggs quickly. Anon could benefit from learning to create meatbread.
Once we unlock Unlimited Egg Works with Sakuya help, we can begin to unlock Unlimited Egg Woks with Meiling/Sakuya combo. This will be epic.
You forgot "Ask Sakuya if she pads"

Is Anon man enough to use THAT kind of meat?
File 120709443474.gif - (159.95KB, 700x560 , mystia loituma.gif) [iqdb]
Or maybe we should just never meet Alice so she can have a MARISA END
>lies and slander
That would not be a bad end, I think.
No problem, we can do it the Ecstasy AKA Darks way.
And what of the 9?
>Or maybe we should meet Alice so we can help her have a MARISA END
Alternative route: we can make Marisa like (and admit she does) Alice, so they marry and live happily ever after.
don't forget about Cirno! also i want more Moukou time after visiting the Yuyuko, Ran, Chen, Youmou, and most importantly Yukari
File 120709469338.jpg - (253.35KB, 600x600 , 1203648324604.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, I like your idea better.
So I think we've just doubled the number of posts made on this board.
You expect a lot from GM. YWUiG won't be THAT long.
File 12070947978.jpg - (85.35KB, 468x700 , 0b4190ebd164246c5977f234a6f92e7003654f47.jpg) [iqdb]
This please.
Hey, is there any male clothing in the SDM?

Are we going to get to wear a maid outfit?
>visiting the Yuyuko, Ran, Chen, Youmou, and most importantly Yukari

I highly doubt that's going to happen in this playthrough.
Not yet, but we are close.
We are heading to Youkai Mountain after Namek, aren't we?
we're still on our flandre route
remilia will confirm it in GM's next post
File 120709492271.jpg - (38.49KB, 448x447 , 1202852053427.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't forget the Touhou VN Project is open to EVERYONE and you can write your own stories/paths. I've been working (slowly) on a Keine path.

Anonymous needs to acquire the Nanaya gland so we have a method of defending ourselves.
I thought only ten stories were being included?

What about those of us with no writing ability? I've actually considered helping with the project, but I don't think I really have anything worthwhile to offer.
>>Nigra Suit

the little girl dress should still be around the library
and we enjoyed wearing it deep in our heart
File 120709516441.png - (176.61KB, 500x500 , 0d9636cedc074c17928de61e6e11d816.png) [iqdb]
The mistress of the mansion smiles brightly at you before taking a small hand to the silver fork provided by Sakuya, clamping down on the omelete portion of the meal. You cross your fingers and silently pray that all goes well and that you won't be the next meal should this one fail to please her. There is a pregnant pause of several seconds as she chews on it. "Well, I don't -eat- much... But I believe it isn't fine. It doesn't taste as bland as most human food. Tell me, boy, how would you like to aid us when a gala arises as temporarily staff? Naturally, I can't keep you around all the time, too many ways for something to break you, but you seem amusing."

[ ] "Uh, sure."

[ ] "I'd be honored."

[ ] "I'm sorry, I really can't."

[ ] "Hell no!"
We left it on a skeleton in Flandre's basement.
The last and more powerful skill we can learn is... Pool's Closed.
If we get powerful enough, WE CAN CLOSE THE LAKE. WE CAN WIN, ANONYMOUS!
[X] "I'd be honored."
Hell yeah! Meido!
[x] "I'd be honored."
Gala, eh?
we didn't undress in front of patchy? damn
[x] "Uh, sure."

// Remilia rocks, this is how a mistress should be
[X] "I'd be honored."

[x] You know I can only make eggs, right?

>>I believe it isn't fine

wait wut?
[X] "I'd be honored."
Of course!
Remilia route FUCK YES
We haven't seen heads or tails (ha) of them. You'd think we would have, by now.
[X] "I'd be honored."
[ ] "I'd be honored."

Temporary staff. Key word. This means we have allies in Gensokyo, and they don't keep us in SDM. Also, GM, did you mean for >But I believe it isn't fine.

that to say it IS fine?
[X] "I'd be honored."
[X] "Uh, sure."
[x] "I'd be honored."
[X] "Uh, sure."
[ ] "I'd be honored."
[X] "I'd be honored."
[X] "I'd be honored."
Secret event unlocked.
[x] "I'd be honored."
[x] "I'm sorry, I really can't."

Working for a bit on SDM would be awesome, but we have many things to do, many places to explore. And the lake is all around us. Our level still isn't high enough.
I'm sorry Remi, but we kept a promise. Promises.
Fuck yeah, we now have fate master as our ally

[x] Genuflect
[ ] "I'd be honored."
[ ] "I'd be honored."
File 120709547834.jpg - (19.70KB, 480x480 , 1206487194692.jpg) [iqdb]
Its a catering job in the future. not a full time chef.
[ ] "I'd be honored."
[x] "I'd be honored."
[x] "I'd be honored."

Whew, we survived. And as a plus we can leave and still come back!
our fate is to be a cook who knows only how to make eggs for life. And dieng in the lake
File 120709577112.jpg - (105.88KB, 750x600 , Eggs and drowning.jpg) [iqdb]
>It doesn't taste as bland as most human food. T
is she mocking sakuya?
File 12070958774.jpg - (103.29KB, 430x427 , 1206123189137.jpg) [iqdb]
But we will be known as the Egg God Chef.
File 120709595164.jpg - (224.21KB, 714x727 , 1206851686178.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] I'd be honored

Now we can get on good terms with SDM residents, AND keep our promise to 9 and China
File 120709599022.jpg - (495.43KB, 800x652 , 1204636242338.jpg) [iqdb]
Gala will be the climax of our adventure. It all hinges on who we ask to dance with us.
What kind of eggs did we make?

I missed the last thread (or two) and the archive didn't catch it.
File 120709603714.jpg - (84.13KB, 547x722 , 1206803152342.jpg) [iqdb]
Congrats Anon. You have survived walking into SDM, fleeing from Dio Brando in a maid outfit, playing with an insane overpowered loli vampire, mocking Dio Brando in a maid outfit, obtained immunity against lower youkai, and netted yourself a job so you have an excuse to visit whenever you want.

All this without using a single continue. Take THAT lake.

Welcome to Scarlet Devil Mansion. "One of us. One of us. One of us..."
[X] "I'd be honored."

We win points with Remilia but more importantly, GALA. Chance to meet more of the power players in Gensokyo. You name 'em, there's a chance they'll be there.

looks like you're wrong, there.
We're asking China.
What's the sauce of this image? I like it
we still need flandre to taste our eggs
Actually, we wasted 2 continues.
>If you know what I mean
We're bringing Cirno as a guest. Have to dance with the strongest.
Holy shit, the Gala
who do we invite?
China or Cirno?
Indeed. The irony was delcious enough that I had to eat though...
I can imagine Reimu dressed in a suit smoking a cigar, and like Ran in an elegant gown.
And random yakuza doods.
[X] "I'd be honored."
Forget Keine, shes still emo locked in her room.
We left her for loli vampires
While Keine may be nice, she is just friendly with us, that's all.
China already likes us and not hiding it, Cirno even more, and is really happy with it.
Wait what? I must have missed that. I don't count drowning ourselves because we fucked up the China path though. When did we use the other continue?
who is keine?
China punched us into the lake after we tried to force our way in. She forgot how fragile humans were.
when anon thought it was a good idea to try and swim to the SDM.
First death from trying to invade and getting PAUNCH'd by China, and second time due to suicide.
Wasn't it?

2-Falcon'd by Meilin
3-Lakeicide immediately after 2
File 120709661138.jpg - (44.24KB, 450x525 , caved.jpg) [iqdb]
Anon has died by:

1. Jumping in the lake with the intention of swimming across.

2. Trying to run by the gatekeeper leading to LAKE END by Falcon Punch.

3. Jumping into the lake in despair after being rejected by China.
We killed the lake!?
One continue used after we tried to cross the Lake.
One continue used after we tried to get past China.
One continue used after we fucked up the China Route and we threw ourselves into the Lake.
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
Ah, I meant after those (its been a while since they occurred.) I thought we still had 1 continue left.

Hmm, ok so maybe not exactly as planned, but we still did it!
[X] "I'd be honored."
More like Suicide via lake.

So, any potential dangers between now and the end of today? We can't lose all that we've earned before we get that shiny new continue!
Nope, no continues left. Maybe we'll get another one in day 5.
I think getting on Remilia's good side is worth at least another continue or two due to fate hax.
1. Making Sakuya knife us (not likely)
2. Flandre "accidentally" breaking us. (Somewhat likely)

The to of them!!
You know looking back on the previous events, nearer the beginning; we had a good thing going on with Crino.

I think we should try and go on a mini date with her at some point, back to that nice view she took us too or something.
We have successfully doubled the post on this board in a matter of an hour and a half.
The lake is always a danger to us. It never sleeps. It merely waits, biding its time.
Agreed. The beginning basically was a wonderful dreamlike date with ⑨. We need Cirno end.
File 120709714373.jpg - (92.39KB, 600x397 , fuckinglake.jpg) [iqdb]
We should just die.
Lets go to the netherworld.
Yuyuko will love us for our egg cooking Skills!

Where are you getting the site's statistics from?
boring, no challenge
autosage? lawl

Well when we first came on here the post were at about 250, maybe there's something I missed?

Bad ass swordfights with Youmu by day, hot ass Yuyu loving by night. How is that boring?

Take a look at the thread number when GM made this
Compare to current
It's nearly 2am where I live and I've got to be up by 8am. Will the archive at http://bloodyshovel.oddwebsite.com/Ehs%20folder/YWUIG.html be updated and will the GM threads be welcome here when I next check in? Will that forum still be in use and have links to the threads if they move again>
I missed the thread before this one, can anyone give me a heads up?
an hour and a half ago, this thread started at >>273
Wow I'm retarded

Check the crappy touhouvn forum.
File 120709770458.jpg - (95.84KB, 749x568 , 437328414ef498e3128dfc9b9fbe46b0.jpg) [iqdb]
Remilia closes her eyes as she tilts her head in an effort to be cute. "Good, good. You are very respectful. All is in order then. We will send a messenger for when we require you. Sakuyaa~? Please lead him out for now. I am sure you have other matters to attend to. I apologize for any inconvience caused. Just remember... I do expect you to show up when I call." She gives a small grin, showing her pointed fangs quite easily, a subtle promise of what is to come should you not arrive when called. No going back now.

[ ] Nod

[ ] "Alright. Thank you, Miss Remilia."

[ ] "As you wish, Mistress."

[ ] "Uuh. Right."
This thread will probably still be here when you come back. Don't worry.
[ ] "As you wish, Mistress."
[ ] "As you wish, Mistress."
[x] "As you wish, Mistress."
[ ] "As you wish, Mistress."

I'd scramble her eggs.

With my penis.
[X] Nod
[X] "As you wish, Mistress."
Fuck yes, mistress, we need punishment
[X] "Alright. Thank you, Miss Remilia."
[ ] "Alright. Thank you, Miss Remilia."
[x] Nod
[X] "Alright. Thank you, Miss Remilia."
Sakuya is going to be jealous
W-wait. What's going on? What about (9)? What about exploring Gensokyo?

[x] "As you wish, Mistress."
[X] "Uuh. Right."
why does that matter?

[X] "Alright. Thank you, Miss Remilia."

YES! Now we can visit China. Finally. First order of Business: Hug both China and Cirno and Kiss their boo-boos ;_;
[X] "As you wish, Mistress."

"We will send a messenger for when we require you."
Is gonna happen in the wrost time I sense
[X] "As you wish, Mistress."
[x] "As you wish, Mistress."
File 120709790858.jpg - (35.69KB, 640x480 , walter.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "As you wish, Mistress."
The thread will never be sent to oblivion. Continue.
I think Autosage activates at about 200 posts here.

"Well, I don't -eat- much... But I believe it isn't fine."

Is there a typo in this or do I need to lern2read?
[x] "Alright. Thank you, Miss Remilia."

And hope the only way out isn't through the lake.
But I believe it isn't bad.
haha won't the resedents of this bord be surprised
Wins. mistress it is.
[X] "As you wish, Mistress."

Although it seems a bit quick to start calling her mistress, she might like it regardless.
we are jews, we go move to the land of others and claim it ours
[X] "As you wish, Mistress."
File 120709807048.png - (114.88KB, 450x400 , China tears by the lake.png) [iqdb]
[X] "Alright. Thank you, Miss Remilia."
are we in full maido modo now?
Jews already own all the land in the first place. We have to do is enforce the claim.
Speaking of which, we should relay this to Holy at some point in case he decides to be rid of this place again.
[x] "As you wish, Mistress."

And then Anon was Hayate.
[X] "Alright. Thank you, Miss Remilia."
Before we leave the mansion for China, give Sakuya a respectful kiss on her hand or something. Don't lose the deredere entirely just yet. Goddamn.
What time is it?
[x] "As you wish, Mistress."
Time for some Chinese tea.
Sorry, it was supposed to be isn't bad.
In the Name of GM i claim this board
Should I make the amendment in the archives?
while leaving grab her cheeks in a unobtrusive manner

damn that FUIG thread ...
Too forward. We should apologize for the trouble we caused her but smile and say we hope to work well with her in the future or that we'd still like to be friends with her and that we respect she did what she had to.

Then we spend a nice time with China, apologize for getting her knifed and tell her about the new job saying that we're glad we'll get to see her more.

Then finally we should ruffle crino's hair and tell her to go to that place up high you went before, so we can spend time with the little dear and take stock of our position.
>Then finally we should ruffle crino's hair
i support this
I also support this.
i say we bring keine to the gala then we can set up keine meiling end or even keine + SDM harem end

I don't know who this "Crino' is but I'm all for ruffling Cirno's.
This sounds like a really good plan.
anonymous doesn't like cirno, he just likes cirnos hair
New Thread everyone.

This Anon has everything planned out.
It's just damage control and a retreat actually.

We cannot heal if we cannot get away.

[x] "Alright. Thank you, Miss Remilia."
I think apologizing to Sakuya is the bad idea. Right now we have the upper hand in the relationship, and admitting that we were in the wrong and that what she did was partly justified will just encourage her to act the same way she's been acting. Tsundere's are won over by men who are willing to "break them in" by being stronger and more domineering than they are, not by being a pussy.

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