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File 120887393861.jpg - (108.03KB, 500x759 , feef396ed84a13f4fd9a0ee4af02a06c.jpg) [iqdb]
As you walk out of bath you take a look at the basket where you put your clothes and notice that it isn't there anymore. Did Aya get it while you were bathing, or did Momizi take it with her?
That's not important, is it? After fixing your hair you take white bath-robe with red maples in it from hanger and put sandals on. Then you make your way to living room where tasty smell seems to be coming from.

When you arrive to the living room Momizi is already sitting next to table with her tail swinging in anticipation.
"Aya~" She says, "Can't we eat already?"
"Just wait until Adahn comes back from bath! She's staying here, so we are eating together!" Seems like food is ready.
"Aaw..." Momizi sinks her head to the table. "I'm hungry..."
As you sit opposite to Momizi she suddenly raises her head. "Aya! She's here! Now we can eat!"
"Alright, alright, help me carry these there." With that Momizi rushes to kitchen, and soon she and Aya come out carrying two steaming bowls, and one cool with apparently salad in it.
"Originally I wasn't going to make this much, but when I noticed that she was still awake, I thought that we should eat well tonight." She explains this as she lays the food and plates on the table.
It looks delicious. There's steamed vegetables, rice, fish and something that you think might be chicken... Are there chickens in here?
Momizi is already pulling stuff to her plate. "Well then, it's time to dig in!"

After the food you get really sleepy. When you think about it, it's no wonder. When you were on your way to bed Yukari teleported you here, and now you've been going through day again without any sleep at all. Normally you would've been sleeping long time ago.
Aya and Momizi are going on about what happened during day, with Aya already laying out some plans for tomorrow.
But still, there is something bothering you...
[ ] It's nothing, just stay and talk.
[ ] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.
[ ] Go to sleep, you need it.

I accidentally refreshed the page while writing this. Then I decided to write it again somewhere else and I had to do it on Notepad because no-J laptop doesn't have anything else on it.
[X] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.
[x] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.
See if we're hot or not
[x] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.

Vodka are you drunk? You missed out a few words in some places.
[X] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.
[X] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.

Ah, notepad. I've written so many things with that program. I've had to correct so many formatting issues afterwards.

Good times.
Not right now. I was just fed up with writing this twice and forgot to check through it.
[x] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface

me thinks something happens.
[X] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.
Shit I do that all the time, ever try and post with an image that's already on the board? You loose everything.....

[ ] It's nothing, just stay and talk.

Mirrors can wait, 10% is needed.
It's better to write longer texts in another program (not wordpad though).
Recently on /jp/, when I write more than 10 rows of text I mostly get "thread does not exist" and have to rewrite everything..

[x] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.
Secondary Objective complete?
[ ] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.

did we grow a dick on our head ?
File 120887617693.jpg - (296.09KB, 648x606 , 1208114203625.jpg) [iqdb]
>did we grow a dick on our head ?
fuck. No your place nsfw.
that's nsfw?
[ ] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.
Last time I checked, exposed genitals with 5px censor bars were nsfw.
[x] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.
[ ] Go find a mirror. Or any reflective surface.

maybe we grew a silly hat ?

this is gensenkyo after all
You stand up and Aya looks at you. "Huh? What's the matter?"
"Sorry, I have to do something. Do you have mirror somewhere?"
"A mirror?" Let's see.." Aya ponders for a while, but then shakes her head. "No, I don't think so. Neve-" "YES WE DO!"
Momizi's yell cuts through air, and you both gaze at her. "Uh, umm..." She noticed her sudden outburst too, and now she's blushing furiously.
"...Momizi, we have a mirror?" Aya breaks the silence and Momizi looks relieved.
"Ye- Yeah! I found one while cleaning the warehouse few weeks ago. I left it there so it should be- Ah!"
Before Momizi can finish, you rush outside. For some reason you just have to see your reflection, to be sure of... Just why do have to do this?
The warehouse is easy to spot, the yard is pretty empty except for one small house in the corner. Thankfully the door is open.

In the middle of the room there's dusty old mirror. It looks like something from Victorian-era, and you start wondering just how it ended up here or all places...
You shake your head. This not time to think of that. Instead, you blow on the mirror to get the dust off. It goes up your nose, and you can't help but to sneeze.

When you open your eyes again, your reflection is staring to your face.
Yeah, you're a girl alright. Seems like you put your hair to ponytail when leaving path(How can you do something like that subconsciously?), so you have pretty good view of your cute round face.
Your brown eyes are staring back to you(Why do they look so scared? Shocked?). You raise your arms to your face to feel around and make sure that it is you.
It's a face you're supposed to be familiar with but why does it seem so... unfamiliar?
[ ] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."
[ ] "No way this is right! I was a guy yesterday!"
-If picked second option-
[ ] *Girly scream*

Choose wisely.
[x] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."
I wish to be the little girl
[x] "No way this is right! I was a guy yesterday!"
[ ] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."
[x] Shrug it off and walk back into the house singing "I Feel Pretty".
[ ] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."
[ ] Masturbate
[ ] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."

neither of the second options, they don't fit with a girl anon

also, a formely-guy anon only noticing his gender changed when looking at his face, and not when he was in the bath and washed his new boobs ?

nah, that would be contradicting
[ ] "No way this is right! I was a guy yesterday!"

>pretty good view of your cute round face.

We wear only a bathrobe, why not examine the rest of our body while we're at it.
[ ] "No way this is right! I was a guy yesterday!"
[X] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."
[X] Check upper inventory, if you see what I mean
[x] "No way this is right! I was a guy yesterday!"


Protip, guys, with this one, free pass to checking ourselves out.
[X] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."
>washed his new boobs ?

Anon boobs? In ZUN-loliverse?
[X] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."
[x] "No way this is right! I was a guy yesterday!"

For a second there I was worried we had grown ourself a dick or become a tengu from eating tengu food.
[X] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."

I HATE yuri stories in which a guy gets turned into a girl
[x] "No way this is right! I was a guy yesterday!"
[x] Sing a sad and wishful reverie in mourning, then curse Yukari
[X] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."

[X] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."

would suck if all anon does is trying to get his penis back, instead of delicious lesbian sex
10 for

[X] "What's the problem supposed to be? I have been a girl as long as I can remember."

we have a winrar
You guys are boring. What about Anonko noticing that she was originally guy, but then growing fond of her femine side and finally embracing it, leaving masculinity behind?
Anonko was drinking enough to be drunk before coming to Gensokyo, and then she continued drinking with Suika. I think it's safe to say that she's drunk enough to not pay attention to frilly details suck as her own gender.
Dammit I wanted to see Momizi's reaction when she realizes a guy bathed with her.

bad justification is baaaad

That's probably the most overused plot in TG stories ever.
Only good that there are choices.
Genderbending is interesting as small fad, but not interesting enough for a full story. Try again.
[x] "No way this is right! I was a guy yesterday!"
[x] *Girly scream*

Hi slowpoke.
You stare at your reflection for a while longer, then get up. You sigh.
"Right... What was I thinking..." You walk away from the mirror, get out of the warehouse and lean on the door. Your breathing is heavy, and it's getting harder to stay awake.
"Must be the beer getting to my head..." You're tired.

You manage to take few steps towards the house but then fall down. Never thought you would've been this tired.
With last of your strength you manage to call out for somebody to help you.
Just before you fall into thoughtlessness, you hear light sound of somebody running to you, then stopping.
You feel that you're being lifted up, and then carried somewhere.

Dream time.
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3
[x] 1
[ ] 2
[X] 2
[x] 1
The loneliest number.
[ ] 2
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[X] 2
One must remember, however, that two can be as bad as one.
It IS the loneliest number since the number one.

That said;
[x] Three
[X] 3

I guess.
[x] 3

It's the lucky number of anon
Why are you picking 2 and 1? What dreams do you expect them to be?

Very ronery.
I'm just not picking 3 because I'm tired of the strongest answer. Also, I'm bummed out due to lack of hijinks.
[X] 2
lake dream
>What dreams do you expect them to be?
Obvoiusly not a threesome.
[ ] 1
1: Golden shower dream
2: Scat dream

Does that make 3 the fatty dream?
[ ] 3!
[ ] 3
Current count:
1= 4
2= 6
3= 5
I guess we'll be going with second one.
[X] 2
Let's goo
[x] π
No wait, I changed my answer

[x] ϕ (which is 1.6180339887. So a bit of option 1 and a bit of option 2)
1: Golden shower dream
2: Scat dream

Cloaca dream, befitting of our situation.
[ ] 2
You are walking.
You can feel the cold wind tugging your clothes, and snowflakes falling to your face. It is cold.
On the deserted ground there are some trees, barren of leaves. They are dead. There is no way you could tell, but this a dream so you know it. Sky is dark and blue, with almost no clouds covering it, but you can’t see any stars. There is just the moon, lighting the land.
Somewhere in front of you, there is a person. You can’t tell how far away she is, but you continue walking until you reach her. It is cold, so why aren’t you wearing anything warmer? You shiver, and cross your arms, trying to cover yourself at least somehow.

When you reach the person, you notice that she’s wearing no more than you, just European style dress that doesn’t even cover her arms. But she doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all. She keeps sitting on the log, keeping watch on the bonfire that had already gone out long time ago.
After waiting for what seems like a eternity, she finally rises her gaze and looks at you.
-You are here earlier than I expected. She says. You can’t discern any emotion from her voice.
-Follow me, we should go back to mansion. She gets up, and because this is a dream you follow her.
You start walking again. Neither you or the girl speak.

Soon you see large mansion in front of you. It clashes with everything around it, the dead trees, blue landscape, snow and moon. It is completely scarlet.
-Isn’t it beautiful? The girl doesn’t expect you to answer her question, and you couldn’t. It’s incredible that you’re still alive in this cold.
-Now. The girl reaches for you, and you try to take her hand. But you can’t, your hand goes right through her.
-What… Girl looks her arm in wonder, but then smiles.
-I see, you are the wrong person. She lets out small laugh.
-But I have to wonder… She turns away from you, and pushes the large gate of the mansion open.
-Why are you here? She walks away, and for the last time, looks at you.
-And will you come back?
-Day one complete!-
Inventory: 6,000 yen, issue of Bunbunmaru News and towel.
Status: Good.
Fatty dream will be hopefully saved until I can use it to steal some GET.

Anon is .... Flandre? If it wasn't for the brown eyes I'd say this.
Se SHaG Anon is embodiment of the scaret devil?
There is no image macro for what I'm thinking
So SHaG Anon is embodiment of the scaret devil?

Its impossible to get a get.
Day 2 start soon?
Right, I'll eat first. Wait seven minutes, or so.
>>seven minutes

oh u
File 120888487981.gif - (13.20KB, 600x400 , 1197197181581[1].gif) [iqdb]
The light that hits your face wakes you up. You stretch for a moment before last bits of sleepiness drift away from you.
For a moment you try to continue sleeping to see how the dream you had would continue, but you don't remember it anymore. You sigh, and try to push yourself up.

When you sit up you notice that you're wearing light blue pajama. Your memory of last night is foggy, but you're pretty sure that you didn't change before going to bed... Wait, what exactly happened before you went to bed?
"That's right, I passed out." You bury your head in your arms as you think what kind of trouble you caused for Aya and Momizi. "But..." You take another look at your pajama.
"Well, no use wondering it." You think to yourself as you stand up and look around he room you're in. It's plainly decorated with few portraits of scenery on walls, table next to wall, on which is glass and pitcher full of water. And...
...There's that mirror again. You're sure that it's the same. For some reason you get shivers from looking at it, so you decide to leave.

"Ah, cold..." When you step out of your room, you find out that wooden floor is unpleasantly cold in the morning. You try searching for sandals, or socks, but can't find anything to wear on you feet.
You recognise the hallway from yesterday when you went to the bath. So, if you go right you should reach the living room, and on left there's bath.
You hear light puffing sound of breathing from one of the rooms near you.
[ ] Go to living room.
[ ] Follow the sound.
[ ] Explore around house.

Let's try to get in to some wacky hijinks this day!
[X] Follow the sound.
[x] Go to living room.
[X] Follow the sound.

Hijinx, start!
[ ] Follow the sound.
[x] Follow the sound.
[X] Follow the sound.
[x] Follow the sound.

The writer wants to get us into hijinks, so doing stupid things may not get us killed so much!
[X] Follow the sound.

Fanservice Start!
[X] Follow the sound.

Let us find sleeping moe, exercise moe, or an awesome AyaxMomizi scene.
[X] Follow the sound.
[X] Follow the sound.

it's just Aya doing some morning gymnastics
or is it
[] wacky hijinks
[X] Follow the sound.

[X]Check if we are wearing underwear under the pajama.
File 120889087691.jpg - (583.10KB, 1280x960 , ev_et01a_3.jpg) [iqdb]
slowpoke here but we should have done this
expose our armpits
[X] Follow the sound.
[ ] Follow the sound.

Follow the white rabbit
I know, right? I didn't wake up in time to vote for that, but I can't believe Anon passed up a genderswap situation.
>Follow the white wolf.

[ ] Follow the sound.

I got here late too
It could still turn out as just Yukari fucking with our mind. Borders of perception and all.
Boy, I sure do hope we get to sexually harass Momizi again. It's awesome, even if it costs us some lifes.
File 120889310762.jpg - (25.93KB, 400x440 , 1204925287015.jpg) [iqdb]
The sound is just too interesting for you to pass it up. Quietly you go down the hallway, and end up in front of door with paw-shaped sign on it that simply reads ”Momizi”.
Further down the hallway you can hear some sounds coming from living room. Aya must’ve gotten up early.
Well, you’ve come this far, so you might as well go all the way in. You slide the door open, hoping it wont let out too much noise.

What you see is Momizi still asleep in her bed.
She must’ve been kicking around in the night as there’s hardly any blanket on her anymore. She’s wearing large shirt white as a pajama, with her tail peeping out from under it.
She’s holding tightly on one of her pillows, and assuming from wet part on it, it looks like she had been chewing it on her sleep.
The whole scene is incredibly cute, and somewhat calming.
Suddenly she kicks around and briefly pants heavily. As soon as it started, she stopped.
As you keep on watching her, Momizi wriggles in her bed and mumbles something you can't make out.
[ ] Gently wake her up.
[ ] Pull a trick to wake her up.
[ ] Feel that tail.
[ ] Stay quiet and watch.

The other stuff I have to do is getting all over my free time. So this is it for today.
[ ] Feel that tail.

[ ] Feel that tail.

[x] gently wake her up
[x] Stay quiet and watch.
[ ] Stay quiet and watch.
[x] Stay quiet and watch.
[ ] Stay quiet and watch.
[x] Feel that tail.
[] pull the blanket back over her
[x] Feel that tail.

Obvious choice that will most likely lead to a dead end but will still be totally worth it is obvious and totally worth it.
[X] Stay quiet and watch.
[X] Ready camera
[x] Mishap
[x] Stay quiet and watch.
[X] Stay quiet and watch.
[X] Feel that tail.
[x] Feel that tail.

Aya is busy
Now is the chance
[x] Stay quiet and watch
Is it time to force feed her chocolate cake or say hello yet?
[ ] Stay quiet and watch.

We already said hello so now comes the cake. 40 of them.
Doesn't chocolate poison dogs?

'Cause if it's Momizi guro you want I'm your man.

How would you get guro from that?
We kill her with chocolate and fuck the corpse?
No wait, that's necrophilia

Dogs explode when they eat chocolate.

Well it would make quite the climax if you know what I mean.

I once had a dog who ate chocolate. It began vomitting everywhere. That's somewhat close.
She would surely be gushing liquids if you know what I mean.

It would be an "Explosive orgasm"

She would "Burst with pleasure"

It would be so intense it would "Rip her apart"

Christ guys I was just going to have her shit her intestines out onto your cock while you anal fucked her.

I lold like a retard.

Scorn get to work on this.

Quit thinking inside the box. Be more creative with your work and it will take off like Alice pumped full of laxatives.
Oh, ok. That's not too bad I guess.
Honestly though I'm not going to do H for a while, you suspect too much.....
It will return when you least expect it.

But we always expect it.
Scorn....you scare me. I know thats what you are going for, and I'm trying to state it in the least complimentive way possible.
Ah, but living as an Anon makes one expect the unexpected.

Expect the unexpected! Fap to the unfapable!
File 120889589360.jpg - (28.88KB, 298x327 , CHOOSE.jpg) [iqdb]
You're just trying to butter me up and you know it.
No I'm sorry, no more H with a WTF twist. From now on it's all intricate romance and love geometry.

I raged a bit. GJ
Good. Thanks!
Scorn....you don't scare me. AT ALL. I know that isn't what you are going for, and I'm trying to state it in the least insulting way possible. Alice shitting inside of the tub scene? Wriggle with a giant man cock scene? Didn't scare or disgust me. I played Saya no Uta with the lights off and sound on. All I was was turned on. I played Yume Nikki without being freigtened by ANYTHING in the whole game. I fucking LAUGHED through it. When I see guro, I study every detail, EVERY FUCKING DETAIL, and then I move on to see the next peice. Alot of them aren't even very detailed! If I saw Momizi in real life, shitting out her intestines, I would stick it in and start EATING those motherfuckers. Infact, this one time I was going through the city and just walking along, and then I saw this girl someone had gagged, tied, fucked, and then left there. So I had my way with her, but then some thugs came along. I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
And said "you’re moving with your aunte and uncle in bel-air". I begged and pleaded with her the other day, but she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way. She gave me a kissin’ and she gave me my ticket, I put my walkman on and said I might aswell kick it.

First class, yo this is bad,
Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass
Is this what the people of bel-air livin’ like,
Hmm this might be alright!

I whistled for a cab and when it came near the
Licensplate said "fresh" and had a dice in the mirror
If anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought now forget it, yo home to bel-air

I pulled up to a house about seven or eight
And I yelled to the cabby "yo, home smell you later"
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
To settle my throne as the prince of bel-air.

Oh god it's been a while.
I think this is /th/'s first Bel Air. Well done.
I-its not like I w-want to see a funny Bad End or H scene or anything.

But in all seriousness, if you make it non-guro you win some internets. Guro is too easy (and sick) which relies heavily on shock value. They can be evil and funny without them.

For example:

“I don’t think books were ever meant to be used for support during sex,” I thought out loud as I plunged deeper into the purple haired bookworm. Her frail ivory body rose and fell in rhythm with her soft moans. The silky pajamas she always wears were frighteningly easy to tear away, but the destruction was worthwhile to see those ample bouncing breasts. “Uh….no….ah…mmm!” Her protests came out in half whispered cries, but they filled my ears like music. Suddenly, her body arched up as she screamed with pleasure and pain. Wow, I didn’t think she had enough strength left to climax like that.

“Please….Anonymous…n-no more.” Patchi’s pleas were so cute after dealing with the cold tsundere side for so long. “I…can’t…breathe” she managed to gasp out as she withered about on our makeshift bed of literature. But I had no intention of stopping.

“Not until I finish too” I replied with a grin as I pulled out an inhaler. “If you want to breathe, you gotta earn it. Try going without air for just a little longer.” And with that I pulled out of her warm tight pussy and grabbed her head. Forcefully I shoved my p0n0s into her mouth and I stared at those wide eyes full of shock. “Good girl” I cooed and let loose my load. Naturally she started choking, but she does that all the time. Nothing to worry about.

I tossed the inhaler over my shoulder as I walked away from the ravaged librarian. I don’t know if she used it in time, and to be honest I could care less. Hmm, Marisa should be arriving soon to try to steal more books. Maybe she’ll put up more of a struggle.

Guro would still make this better.

Thank you.
Ah, forgot to add no scat/piss/etc. Things like that and guro make me frown.

And that makes me a saaaaaad panda.
I love it how it's all thanks to Dr. Doujin making remark about chocolate cakes that we started discussing guro.
How about futa?
Okay I'll make the following promises:

1) I will stop making any H scenes until LA has progressed a bit more so we can concentrate on that for a bit.

2) The good ends for LA will include nice H scenes

3) At some point I will write Momizi-pop, because it's goddamn hilarious

4) Tubby, piss and Alice shitting all over the place still have a future in my work.
File 12088971824.jpg - (77.41KB, 486x600 , 1204925458197.jpg) [iqdb]
Its not what I wanted at all! What have I done?!
I have mixed feelings about futa. I don't generally enjoy it in doujins, but for a fanfic it might be funny.

Sound good. A noble effort indeed.
Moment of stupidity for me. What is LA?

Being a write fag, I'd like to make my own touhou story and post them too. But even if I had time for that, it would be better spent on the VN project.
yay more scat, futa, piss, whatever
it reminds me of FUiG. ah, those were the days ...

Limited Adventure, I guess it needs a better name than that though.

I'm open to ideas

Scatfest 2008
It has to have "Gensokyo" somewhere in it, even better if it's in the end. That ALWAYS works.

Adventures in the Forest of Gensokyo.


I always hoped someone would us "The Deflowering of Gensokyo" as a title. It's relevant because it's what Anon knows how to do.

Why not turn that around?

Forest Adventures in Gensokyo.

Damnit, I was about to suggest that.
...But when you think about it, "Forest Adventures" sounds stupid. And silly.

The story itself is rather silly though.

Clothes (equipped) 1 ea., Fleshlight (used) 1 ea., Snacks (Partially Eaten) 1 ea., +1 Internet 1 ea.
Remember the horrors I write aren't canon though, so let's try again.
I don't want it to be known for the H I write for shits and giggles.
>I don't want it to be known for the H I write for shits and giggles.

Too late.
Wait, why are we talking about Scorn stuff in a SHaG thread?

Scorn started it with offering Momizi guro.

That, and 7 minute break.

Vodka said he was done for the day so the thread was a free for all after.
Where the hell is dan kim when you need him? Momi-pop sounds like it came directly from him.
Now that she’s so calm it would be horrible to wake her up. So you just sit down and keep watching as she sleeps.
You don’t know what she’s dreaming about, but every now and then she starts energetically kicking around as if she was chasing something. Sometimes she lets out small howl that’s muffled by her pillow.
As she rolls around you catch a glimpse of her plain-white panties. That makes you realize that you’re not wearing any yourself. No bra either. You shrug, since you collapsed in bath-robe it would had been weird if you had them on when you woke up.
Suddenly the door behind you opens. ”Momizi, it’s time to-”

Aya walks in, but stops as she sees you. You’re frozen in your spot.
You stare at each other for a while until she sits next to you and quietly talks. ”Isn’t she incredible?”
”Huh?” You didn’t expect that and look back to her.
”Usually she’s so tense, even if she might not realize it herself, but…”
Her gaze wonders around sleeping Momizi. ”…Now she’s completely different.”
You stand up and go to door. ”Let’s let her sleep a while longer.”
As you leave, Aya follows you. ”Sure, she needs it.”

As you’re walking Aya starts talking; ”It really surprised me the first time I saw her like that. Most of the time she’s so refined, but she sleeps like a child.”
You arrive to living room and on table there’s bread, butter, tea and cucumbers. Aya must’ve been preparing this earlier.
”Guess people show their true nature when sleeping, huh?” Aya starts preparing breakfast and you follow her example.
You’re more of a coffee person, but you shouldn’t refuse food that’s there, so you taste the tea.
”Psh.” It’s bitter. Aya looks at you in wonder, and you drink it up.

After a while Momizi has gotten up by herself, and trudges to living room while yawning.
”Aya… You didn’t wake me up…” She falls down next to table, still half asleep.
”Of course I didn’t!” Aya butters another bread and hands it to Momizi. ”You were complaining about how you had so hard day yesterday, so I thought you could take it easy today.”
Momizi chews on her bread and looks puzzled ”Mmh? Tage id eashy?”
”Don’t speak with food in your mouth. But yeah, you can take a day off.”
”Huh? But what about that…” Aya speaks before she can finish.
”It’s alright, that can wait.” She turns to you. ”What are your plans for today, Adahn?”
[ ] ”I’m thinking of taking walk around the mountain.”
[ ] ”I’d like to see more of this place. Can you fly me somewhere again Aya?”
[ ] ”I’ll just stay here.”

I was hoping that you'd make this thread go to auto-sage limit, but oh well.
[x] ”I’ll just stay here.”
[x] ”I’ll just stay here.”

We want our 10% lesbian orgy.
> butter and cucumbers

Am I the only one getting dirty thoughts about this?
[x] ”I’ll just stay here.”

The conversation died before we could make it. Sorry.
[X] ”I’ll just stay here.”
Oh and, seven posts to win from now on.

[ ] Take it easy
>”Guess people show their true nature when sleeping, huh?”

Oh ho.
I see what you did there.
[ ] ”I’ll just stay here.”
1. No Panties
2. No Bra
3. ????"
4. Final Molesterbation!
[x] ”I’d like to see more of this place. Can you fly me somewhere again Aya?”
mirya shrine festival?
The festival wont be held until few days.
in that case
[X] ”I’ll just stay here.”
more cute momizi
[ ] ”I’m thinking of taking walk around the mountain.”
[X] ”I’ll just stay here.”
More like MOEmizi, amirite?
[X] ”I’ll just stay here.”

for the sake of some innocent, accidental tail encounters
7 minutes ?
You think for a moment, and respond; ”I’ll just stay here.”
Aya nods. ”Alright, I have few things I have to look into. I guess next time we’ll meet is in the night.” She packs few breads to her back, and stands up. ”So then, later!”
She goes to the door, and for last time before leaving looks back. ”Enjoy your day off, Momizi!”
She jumps into air and you hear light sound of fluttering wings, after which she’s gone.

With Aya gone, Momizi quickly jumps up. ”Ah! I have to change!”
Before Momizi is gone you remember that you don’t have anything to wear either. ”Hey, wait! Where can I get some clothes?”
”I think Aya put something next to your room. It should fit.” And Momizi is gone too.
You go back to your room, and like Momizi said there’s some clothes in basket near door. On the hallway. You wonder about logic behind that, but have a look at what you got.

On the basket there’s brown turtleneck, plain underwear, and blue jeans.
They must be Aya’s as the shirt is bit too big. "great..." Your body is more similar to Momizi’s, but she probably just gave you whatever was available.
There’s also black shoes there, that you grab before you go back to living room.

After you get back, you notice that Momizi is already sitting there, in a white shirt and black and red dress. She sure changed fast. She’s gazing in the roof until she notices that you’re back
”Uhm, I’m going to a friend’s place.” She puts shoes on. ”Would you like to come along?”
[ ] ”Sure.”
[ ] ”No, I’ll take it easy here.”
[ ] ”You’ve got friends?”

I was about half-way done writing this when my dad called that he had managed to get his car broken on way back from work, so I had to go and drop him back home.
Looks like next post will be in new topic.
[ ] ”No, I’ll take it easy here.”

yay, lets steal some underwear
[x] ”Sure.”

If we stick around doing nothing we'll degenerate into a deformed head that spouts TAKE IT EASY.
[X] ”Sure.”

[ ] ”Sure.”
[x] ”Sure.”

LOL we're Anon-Tan.

[ ] ”You’ve got friends?”
[ ] ”Sure.”

>Your body is more similar to Momizi’s
Anon is moe? Ask Momizi for clothes.

>There’s also black shoes
Tengu shoes?
>>Tengu shoes?
Regular shoes.
[x] ”No, I’ll take it easy here.”

By taking easy I mean pulling your underwear over our head, stripping naked and running around the house
[X] ”Sure.”
[x] ”No, I’ll take it easy here.”
[ ] ”You’ve got friends?”

Let's be a total bitch, if we lower her self esteem enough she's submit to rape.
[ ] ”Sure.”
[x] ”Sure.”
By the way, when we raped Momizi in the baths, didn't it seem like she enjoyed it? she only began to cry when Aya came, meaning she saw everything that happened and Momizi became embarrased or sumthing? Or did she not enjoy it? I'm confused
I'm asking because you know, now that Aya is gone we could...give it another try?
[X] ”Sure.”

Just in case it still hasn't won yet.
Today sucked. It started out promising, but ended up stupid. Let's try again tomorrow.
>On the basket there’s brown turtleneck, plain underwear, and blue jeans.

...Fuck yes.
If we had glasses, the image would be complete.

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