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You watch the house for several more hours, the sun setting rapidly. Late in the afternoon, just before sunset, someone arrives at the house. They seem to be carrying something. Several moments later, after they check around the house, and look around the clearing, you suppose to check and see if there’s anyone around. Seeming satisfied, they head inside the house. Well, you didn’t exactly get a good look at them in the poor light, but it looked like someone with a tail. You really feel that you should be more shocked by people running around with tails sticking out of their butts, but you just can’t. This whole experience in this world has jaded you to things that would have drawn shock out of you before. A few lights come on in the house, so the person probably isn’t trying to hide.

[ ] Approach the house.
[ ] Keep watching.
[ ] Leave the area.
[ ] Approach the house.
[ ] Approach the house.

Bad idea? probably
[x] Approach the house.

We're going to Canada!
[ ] Approach the house.
I'll take a guess, Momizi?
[ ] Approach the house.
Must get the delicious cake being baked inside.
[x] Approach the house

Hopefully it's the wolf tengu that we believe it is.
[ ] Approach the house.
[X] Approach the house.
[X] Approach the house.
Best idea ever.
[ ] Approach the house.

hello? Avon calling!

the cake is a lie!
[X] Approach the house.
MiG is late today, but better then never
[x] Approach house.

God I wish it wasn't 3 am here and I didn't have to sleep now.
[ ] Approach the house.
[ ] Approach the house.
[X] Approach the house.
Although it's against my better suggestion. Lord Tenma is down with Kanako, after-all, or some kind of platonic relationship between Moriya and the Tengu.
[X] Approach the house.

More information is always a good idea. Unfortunately, not much more is likely to be gained from hanging back.
[x] Approach the house.
[x] yiff the momizi
File 120882979899.jpg - (167.14KB, 704x400 , Tits.jpg) [iqdb]
I wanted to wait for a more appropriate time to post this, but fuck it.

This turned out better than I expected, though it looks fucking weird mostly because I stared at the original for however many hours this took. Probably two.

Still a shitty shop.
[ ] Approach the house.

I really hope we aren't mistaking long hair/chains for a tail.
Caution. That’s the key point in this. Moving slowly you creep up towards the house. As you get closer, you see a few boxes that you didn’t notice before. You might be able to climb up them and get a look in the window that‘s above them. You make a note of that for later. The house looms closer and closer. Standing at the bottom of the steps, you have several options before you.

[ ] Knock on the door.
[ ] Look in the window.
[ ] Flee back to the woods.
[ ] Check underneath the house.
[X] Approach the house.

Momiji's a nice dog, right?

[X] Check underneath the house.
It's the first thing I do at anyone's house.
[x] Knock on the door.
Checking underneath would cause suspicion if we're caught in the act.

[x] Check underneath the house.

Key under the porch?
[ ] Check underneath the house.
キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━( ゚∀)━( ゚)━( )━( )━(゚ )━(∀゚ )━(゚∀゚)━━━!!
Since Momiji works with the Tengus, why are we sneaking around her place exactly?
[ ] Check underneath the house.

Picking this because it makes no sense.
[ ] Check underneath the house.
the hell why not
Say we lost our pet cat.
[ ] Check underneath the house.

Might be something interesting. Or leaves.
[X] Knock on the door.

We have friends with us.
File 120883004121.jpg - (30.99KB, 512x384 , 11207520385553.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Check underneath the house.

Also, I would think it would be highly advisable to be as quiet as possible.
If Ran could hear Mokou and Sanae coming in for an ambush, I would think a wolf tengu's hearing would be just as sharp.

...assuming, of course, that is who we think it is.
[X] Knock on the door.

What the hell, why not?
[X] Knock on the door.

Best not make ourselves suspicious.
Are these cardboard boxes?
Or are they perhaps METAL BOXES?
Either way;
[x] Take a box.

Failing that;
[x] Knock on the door.
Shhh. We're being "in-character." Which also means "random" occasionally.

[X] Knock on the door.
[x] Knock on the door
[x] Check underneath the house.
[x] Knock on the door
Something about this scene reminds me of one of the early scenes in FMA...
Underneath the house, you see one thing, and one thing alone. Dark, and lots of it. You get down on your knees and crawl underneath the house for some reason. Feeling around in the darkness your hand stumbles across something. It seems to be made of metal or something. You can’t quite make out what it is. but, before you can figure it out, someone rushes out of the house and onto the porch. You freeze. They didn’t sound like they were coming out to happily greet someone, they charged out there, like they were afraid of being found. You don’t move an inch, afraid that if they heard you sneak underneath the house, they’d hear you moving again. Somewhere in the distance, a crow caws lazily.

[ ] Pull on the metal object.
[ ] Stay silent, Don’t move.
[ ] Crawl further under the house.
[ ] Crawl out from underneath the house.
[X] Stay silent, Don’t move.
[ ] Pull on the metal object.
[X] Crawl out from underneath the house.

This reeks of danger. Why didn't we just knock?
[ ] Stay silent, Don’t move.

Stay frosty...

[x] Stay silent.
[ ] Pull on the metal object
[x] Crawl out from underneath the house.

[ ] Pull on the metal object.

I'm guessing a trap door.

The house isn't going to fall on us right?
[x] Pull on the metal object.
[x] Stay silent, Don’t move.
[ ] Crawl out from underneath the house.

Best to just come out and explain now.
[ ] Pull on the metal object.
I'm a born lever-puller.
[X] Stay silent, Don’t move.


momizi is going to take our ruby slippers.
Momiji has a secret? could it be a hidden shrine to Aya?

[X] Stay silent, Don’t move.
Err to the side of caution for now.
[X] Crawl out from underneath the house.

Stupid Anon, doing strange things again...
[ ] Stay silent, Don’t move.

Time to pull some Metal Gear sh--no, wait, Metal Gear was pretty gun-friendly.

Splinter Cell shit? Close, but no.

Siren shit, maybe.
[ ] Stay Silent.
[ ] Crawl out from underneath the house.
They can't be hiding from our group
Should have hid in a box.
The dog has big ears, now that's she's listening for you, she can hear you whether you move or not.
[ ] Stay silent, Don’t move.
>...they charged out there, like they were afraid of being found.
You freeze in place. The person calls out. “Is anyone there? Hello?” You don’t dare move, you hold your breath, you don’t even think. You have no idea what this person can or cannot hear, can or cannot see. Your lungs scream for air, but you still do not breath. The person walks back and forth on the porch a couple of times muttering to themselves, mainly about hearing things. They return to the interior of the house, and you finally let your breath out, and inhale deeply. You feel slightly light headed, and your heart is racing. Your eyes have adjusted to the darkness, and you can see now that the metal object that your hand came across is a pipe, which is connected to the house. You didn’t know they had plumbing in Gensokyo. This really makes you wonder who’s house this might be. Crawling out from underneath the porch, you see Tewi on the edge of the woods. She seems to be waving at you to come back. While it doesn’t seem frantic, it does seem somewhat hurried. You wonder what the rush is.

[ ] Go back to Tewi
[ ] Knock on the Door.
[ ] Climb the boxes and look in the window.
[ ] Hide under the house again.
[ ] Go back to Tewi
[ ] Go back to Tewi

I would suggest doing what the kindly bunny wants.
[ ] Go back to Tewi
[X] Go back to Tewi
inb4 kira mindfuck
[x] Knock on the Door.
I don't even know why we're being so sneaky, she seems nice enough.
[X] Go back to Tewi
[x] Go back to Tewi
Oh god, you better have Mokou or Nitori with you Tewi.
[X] Go back to Tewi.

Important. Listen to the wise bunny that is many times our age.
[X] Go back to Tewi


She may be old, but she's still a bunny, I'm guessing her age compensates enough so she probably has the intelligence of an average human teenager, which is to say, many times brighter than Anon, here.
Throughout this entire sequence of events, I had "Precipice" from the BSG ost playing. Seemed appropriate.
[ ] Go back to Tewi
[ ] Go back to Tewi
[X] Go back to Tewi
She beckons us.
[X] Go back to Tewi.

I still want to try and contact Momizi, but you don't ignore Tewi. She knows shit.
...wait, why did WE have to go up to the house, again?

Couldn't Wriggle have sent a couple bugs to do recon for us?
File 120883250766.gif - (167.69KB, 349x522 , fan.gif) [iqdb]
The field somehow seems to be much wider, now that you’re trying to cross it back to Tewi. Her waving quickly goes from hurried to frantic. You pick up your pace and begin running across the field. However, it’s not fast enough. In an instant, there’s someone in front of you. You didn’t even see where they came from. There’s a large gust of wind and you find yourself on your butt, a leaf shaped fan in your face.
“And who might you be, to be sneaking around my house like this? Hmmm. . . Don’t I recognize you from somewhere. . .?”
You glance past the girl, and see that Tewi has already vanished into the woods. Damn. Since it seems that Tewi’s not there currently, you’re on your own. Looking up at the girl, who still has her leaf shaped fan pointed directly at your head, she seems lost in thought. She seems distracted, maybe you can escape now.

[ ] Try to escape.
[ ] Greet the person.
[ ] Make up a story.
[ ] Sit still.
[ ] Greet the person.

Running is useless against the Fastest in Gensokyo.
Time to work that diplomatic charm, guys.
[x] Take a picture.
[ ] Greet the person.
[ ] Greet the person.
[ ] Greet the person.

This is what happens when you faggots go crawling under someone's house instead of knocking like any sane person would.
[X] Greet the person.

It's Aya. There's no way in hell we can outrun the fastest in Gensokyo, and making up a story at this point would just complicate things.
[ ] Greet the person.
[ ] Greet the person.
[ ] Greet the person.
[x] Greet the person.
[x] Greet the person.
We have your camera hostage
[ ] Greet the person.
[ ] Greet the person.
The camera is gone
>>[x] Take a picture.
I see what you did there.

[X] Greet.
If by 'We' you mean 'Yukari', then yeah, 'We' do.
No, No we dont'. Yukari took it. RemembeR?

[X] Greet the person.

in before she asks for the camera.
[ ] Sit still.
[X] Greet the person.
Ugh when did this happen, I don't even remember. Better go check up on the archive.
Yukari gapped it from our hands while we were mucking up negotiations for the box (actually, when we recovered the box).
You manage to stutter out a greeting to the person who currently has a loaded fan pointed directly at your head. She cocks her head to one side.
“Hm? You really do seem famili. . . AH. YOU! WHERE IS MY CAMERA!?”
Uh oh. She seems mad. VERY mad. And here you are with no camera to give. Shit. Well, you might be able to talk your way out of this, but it does seem unlikely. However, fate decides to cut you a break, at least this once. Two tengu ninja appear on either side of Aya and begin whispering things to her.
“Wait wait, what? Slow down. One at a. . . SHE WHAT?! THE GODDESS?!” Whatever the Tengu are telling Aya, it seems to be shocking her. You have at least some idea of what the ninja might be telling her, but you can’t really be sure. She seems distracted. You could possibly escape now, or you could wait and see what happens.

[ ] Escape towards the forest.
[ ] Escape towards the house.
[ ] Wait and see what happens.
[ ] Interrupt the ninja, and ask what’s going on.
I know this is an odd time to ask, considering the situation, but any ideas as to where Rinnosuke stands?

Right before our spellcard.
[ ] Wait and see what happens.

Also I forgot how we ended up with the camera.
[X] Interrupt the ninja, and ask what’s going on.
[x] Wait and see what happens.

Escaping would be futile.
[x] Wait and see what happens.
Finally found out when we lost the camera. That tiny sentence is easy to miss.
[x] Interrupt the ninja, and ask what’s going on.
[ ] Wait and see what happens.

We can explain what has happened in light of recent events. Also, she's the fastest in fucking Gensokyo. She'll catch up.
[ ] Wait and see what happens.
[ ] Wait and see what happens.
[X] Wait and see what happens.

Aya is reasonable enough. If she calms down, we can work this out.
Base of Hakurei Shrine's mountain, away from which we're heading.

[X] Wait and see what happens.
They're ninja. You can't do shit. (Is this some kind of Power Rangers reference?)
[ ] Wait and see what happens.
[X] Wait and see what happens.
I told you back in >>21986 that the tengu and Moriya Shrine connection was going to come out of this meeting.

I know that, I meant to say, does anyone have an idea as to whether he might still be friendly or not. I'm wondering about this because I'd think his shop may have been ransacked by Reimu.
[x] Interrupt the ninja, and ask what’s going on.
It may be rude, but at least it establishes any form of innocence by pleading ignorance.
[X] Wait and see what happens.
You sit on the ground in silence. That damn fan is STILL pointed directly at your head, what, is it in love with you or something? It’s really starting to annoy you. The ninja seem to be talking in turns now, telling Aya what’s been happening recently. Her mouth just hangs open. You absently wonder if a fly is going to go in, or a dragon going to come out. You laugh at your own wit inwardly. You’ll have to remember that. However, while you were laughing at yourself, the ninja seem to have finished talking to Aya. She nods her head. “Ok I think I get what’s going on.” The two bow to her and disappear. Aya FINALLY takes that damn fan out of your face and offers you a hand. Taking it she pulls you up to your feet.
“So it would seem that explanations are in order. Call your friends if you would, then meet me inside. But be quick about it.” Aya walks over to her house and goes inside, leaving you, seemingly, alone in the field.

[ ] Go over to the woods and find Tewi
[ ] Go inside alone.
[ ] Flee.
[ ] Call out for Tewi.
[x] Call out for Tewi.
[ ] Go over to the woods and find Tewi
[x] Go over to the woods and find Tewi
[X] Call out for Tewi.

I'll wager she's near enough to hear us, and I'd rather not risk getting ourselves lost, alone in the forest.
[ ] Call out for Tewi.
[x] Call out for Tewi.
[ ] Call out for Tewi.
[X] Call out for Tewi.
[ ] Call out for Tewi.
[x] Call out for Tewi.
not into the woods, over by them. You can still remember where your little sniper's nest is at.
[x] Call out for Tewi.

Well, she did specifically say "call" though if she shoots us while we look for Tewi, that would be a sure sign of her intentions too.
[x] Call out for Tewi.
[x] Go over to the woods and find Tewi
[x] Call out for your entire group.
So, who's going to help Reisen?

Wriggles manly arms can support it.
I would assume she is being looked after by Sanae and Suwako in our stead. They're the healers, after all.
Sanae's pretty fucked up also though, isn't she?
Last time we checked? Yeah, kinda.
But at least not as badly as poor Mokou was.
>>Status- 89%
>>Party members-
>>Tewi- 87%
>>Reisen - 25% Critical condition.
>>Sanae - 57% Dangerous condition.
>>Cirno - 99%
>>Rumia - 90%
>>Wriggle - 82%
>>Mokou - 1% (Separated) Super Critical Condition.
>>Cirno - 99%

She's the strongest.
>>Rumia - 90%
What the hell happened to Rumia?
Tears have salt in them, and salt burns your eyes.

We cannot let her cry any more.

More of a mental state than a physical one.
emotional damage.
Incoming wall of text?
Far too late, but
[x] Contact Reisen, button etc
She's probably asleep.
Trying to decide wether or not to BAD END you guys for a silly silly decision.
File 12088364473.jpg - (25.53KB, 193x187 , 1204810996674.jpg) [iqdb]
File 120883650092.jpg - (99.99KB, 368x498 , cirno031.jpg) [iqdb]

Wha... what?

It wasn't... it wasn't that silly, was it?

We... we'll give you something if you don't hurt us.

We've made far sillier and now you decide to do this?
why you do dis?
Just do it. BAD END. We'll never learn otherwise.
So its a trap? Aya wants to deliver us right back to the shinre?
What should we have chosen then
Haven't decided yet. I'm writing three sepearate ideas right now. Whichever one seems to be the best is what I'm gonna use.
Trust the tengu ... feh.
Remember that I warned this thread there will be problems.
This Man does not speak for the rest of us. In Fact he does not know what he is talking about

Let me guess

Pick one:

[] 1
[] 2
[] 3

Although, I may be the only one that saw this.
>leaving you, SEEMINGLY, alone in the field
[X] 3
What? We're just calling out for our friends. It's not our fault they decided that they suddenly had to go and HIDE from some strange reason.


I noticed that after Kira threatened the bad end.

I know. He charged the jump option~, which, while stupid was indeed fun. Also, I'm plannign on retconning the Yuyuko bad end into something less. . . Stupid. But still a bad end.
I'm kinda confused.
Are the tengu supposed to be our enemy now?

Because if that's the problem here, I don't really see what we could do, no matter what. We've got fucking NINJAS tailing us, for crying out loud.
You are writing 3 different paths now, let us choose which one we should pick.
I don't see how any of the other options were better. Go out in the woods and whatever they're hiding from finds you, or follows you to them. Go inside alone and you get the wrath of Aya. And fleeing from the fastest in Gensokyo is just dumb.
He'll probably ask us to pick a number for a dice roll in the IRC channel. Like he always does.
Well, when has MiG been predictable?
Perhaps the stupid decision he mentions was looking under the house?
Just kill us so we can choose another option.
That would make a lot more sense.

Well she is the biggest Gossip in Gensokyo, she probably wouldn't be the best person to hide us.
I still have to wonder why, if us going to the house directly was such a bad idea, we couldn't have had Wriggle just send some of her damn bugs to check things out for us?
Oh ho, I'm apparently in the presence of experts. A man's vote is a man's vote. Besides, he is going to do it anyways and there are no repercussions to it.

Bring the bad end. I'm curious now.
No, I mean we should have knocked rather than going UNDER her house. Knocking isn't suspicious.
And if not Wriggle then why not send Tewi, she's gotta be stealthier than us. Why the hell are we pretending to be Solid Snake all of the sudden.
Keep it as it is. Just make it a full-blown H scene before she eats us.

>You may be surprised at what happens with the next BAD END.
You let loose a piercing whistle. It’s the same one you used to signal Tewi when she was fighting Alice. However, this time, instead of calling Tewi, you seem to have summoned several Tengu Ninjas. They really do seem quite pleased so see you. You just wonder what they’re doing with that sack and that clu. . .

Your senses return to you some time later. You feel like you’re hanging upside down. Not that you can tell with this bag over your head and, for some odd reason, your hands appear to be bound. Huh. Imagine that. . . WAIT A SECOND. You’re hanging upside down, tied by your ankles, after being jumped by tengu Ninja. This can’t be a good situation to be in. You sigh to yourself and strain your ears, trying to hear anything. You’re rewarded with the rhythmic sound of dripping water. Well, that’s comforting. or it would be if it didn’t make you feel like you had to go to the bathroom. With nothing better to do you just hang around, waiting for someone to come, or something to happen. All this blood rushing to your head isn’t exactly pleasant either. You try swinging back and forth and find that you can swing quite easily. However, you don’t know where the walls are in the room, or if swinging would even do you any good. But hey, it’s something to do, right?

[ ] Swing
[ ] Don’t swing.
We should have never gone toward the House, it looks like Aya is not on our side in this

Anon is dumber than Cirno.
Actually, if we're supposidly screwed now, knocking wouldn't have been any better. If Aya was on our side then she'd understand us having a bit of paranoia after all the shit that's happened.
Fuck yes Torture Path, lets go swinging
[X] Swing
Or, you know, the tengu could be factionally split, with some supporting the goddess, no matter what she did, and some being apalled by what happened. Or, you know, the tengu could all be just one big mass of I hate you. who knows.
[ ] Swing
[ ] Don’t swing.

Kira is a sick bastard, we may end up swinging our faces into a spike.
[X] Check inventory

Ahh, how nostalgic.
And here I had almost forgotten what it was like the last time Anon did something stupid and wound up captured and imprisoned.

First things first, we need to know what we still have on our person, even if we can't use it.
And pray we still have our button on.
[ ] Swing
[x] Swing
[X] Don't swing
Don't trust walls or a floor you can't see.
>it’s something to do, right?


[ ] Don’t swing.
[X] Swing


At least it's not an instant bad end. I guess.
[ ] Swing
Just kill us already, fuck.
But she didn't know what was happening. If we had knocked, we would have probably brought our whole group with us, and therefore wouldn't have had to whistle for them.
[ ] Swing

If it ain't got it, then it don't mean a thing.
[ ] Swing

If this is a dead end, lets just get it over with
Again, how the fuck could we hope to avoid something like this if the tengu have goddamn NINJAS?

If they could track down every individual party member while they were out looking for us last time, there's no way in hell they couldn't track our entire band moving at once.

So, really, how is this completely our fault, again?
The easy swinging makes me think of the pendulum blade torture device. Except now the more we swing the lower we go into the water until we eventually drown.
[X] Don’t swing, feign death.
Tewi probably tried to warn us that this was going to happen. We need to read more between the lines of what Kira writes, so we should just have done something else

Is dat sum Chinese Water Torture?
Note for the future guys: Next time we find ourselves about to be captured by ninjas, vote to set ourselves on fire.

Ninjas cannot touch you when you are on fire.
[x] Don’t swing.
I can imagine something similar, but I won't say what. Screwing ourselves by gradual drowning is much preferable, anyway, and no need to give the man more ideas as it is.
Does this not lead to a bad end with us getting judged again? And this time there is no Yukari to time warp us back to save our ass.
Yeah, I thought I was Judas.
[X] Swing

Anon should try to right himself.
File 120883799096.jpg - (78.19KB, 1280x720 , 1207987428133.jpg) [iqdb]
Good work Anonymous, you dumbass.
There's reading between the lines and then there's leaps of logic that noone can make. You can't predict ninjas anymore than you can predict rocks falling.
Waaaaaaah more misfortune...

where's my rabbit fanservice?
[x] Don’t swing.
[x] Don't breathe (manually)

Just kill us already.

Second time double posting today?
Let's all try and die so we can choose something smart.
>>You can't predict ninjas anymore than you can predict rocks falling.

Not true, you can always predict one thing about a ninja.

That they will be awesome.
Oh, and that whole "flip out and kill people" thing.
Why would the crow cap us?

I thought the crow was neutral.

Fucking a, everyone's ganging up on us, I hope we're a real threat or ultra powerful menace, for all this to be worth it.
If this were me, after the goddess incident, I would have hot-footed straight up the stairs to the Netherworld with Suwako warning us if we near any barriers, pass by Hakugyokuro quietly, and head right on to Higan. At the very least, Sikieiki would be able to have sorted any confusion we have; I think she's like an oni - can't lie, and all that.
Damn it Anon
Maybe we're like those machines in Noien that destroy dimensions just by existing inside them.
"We are both vetriloquists, but now we're upside-down"
"I swing a bit more!"
"I swing a bit less!"
"But we're both swingin'..."
Yes, I don't know why it's doing it.
I'm not so sure we can trust even the Yama anymore...

Remember our meeting with Yukari and Kanako? Something struck me as a little familiar about something they said...

>>“You were right, He is quite protective of those he considers an ally.”

Flashback to when we meet Shikieiki:

>>"You are quite bold, I'll give you that. You're also fiercely loyal to those you call ally."

Considering she's also the one who decided to send us to Yuyuko, who we KNOW is on Yukari's side, I can't help but wonder if their choice of words isn't mere coincidence...
You continue swinging back and forth, until you suddenly find your self careening through the air. . . Directly into a wall. Head first. GOD that hurts. Your consciousness wanes, but somehow you manage to cling to it, desperately, like a piece of wood in the middle of the ocean. You hear voices now. Your arms and legs are still bound, and there’s still this bag on your head, but now, you’re able to get your hands back in front of you. Somehow, you manage to rip the bag up off of your head. Looking around, you appear to be in a stone cell of some variety. There are some stairs leading up to a nearly solid steel door, the only exception to it being solid is a small window with some bars at about eye level. There isn’t even a handle on the inside. Looking up, you see a hook hanging from the ceiling, which is where you must have been suspended by your ankles. There also appears to be a barred window that leads outside up near that hook. On the floor there’s a barred drain. The dripping water noise seems to be coming from within the drain. You rub your ankles through the ropes. They’re thick heavy ropes, and they seem to have quite a bit of strength behind them. The knots tied holding your arms and legs are of some strange variety of which you’ve never seen the likes of before. You wouldn’t even know where to begin to try and untie them. Looking around the cell, there appears to be nothing of any great use, especially not anything you could use to cut your ropes. The voices outside seem to be arguing over something. They’re not close enough for you to be able to make out the particulars of their conversation, just that it seems like a heated discussion.

[ ] Examine the steps.
[ ] Examine the floor grate.
[ ] Try to look out the high window.
[ ] Examine the door.
File 120883861471.jpg - (6.28KB, 200x127 , masterpain.jpg) [iqdb]
Your mouth tricks won't work on ME, ventriloquists!
>I think she's like an oni - can't lie, and all that.
1) Shikieiki is not an oni, last I checked.
2) Oni can't lie? Where tf does it say that?

Or maybe it's simply that we're a threat only to a select few... who also happen to wield a shitload of power.
I'm going to bed and I've got to mentally prepare myself for waking up to despair.

[x] Examine the floor grate.
[X] Examine the floor grate.

Drip drip drip, goes the water...
[X] Examine the floor grate.
[ ] Examine the floor grate.
[ ] Examine the floor grate
[ ] Try to look out the high window.
[X] Try to look out the high window.

recon recon
[x] Examine the floor grate.
[ ] Examine the floor grate.
[ ] Examine the floor grate.
[ ] Examine the steps.
Why not both? We're locked in a cell, we have time.
Can we have an inventory check?
[X] Examine the floor grate.

We know water is running down there somewhere, and if the cell is old enough, there's a chance the floor around the grate has worn in just the right places to loosen the grate itself.
[X] Examine the floor grate.
We were just in front of Ayas House talking to her, and now we find ourself ready for some torture suddenly. What did poor Anon do to deserve this, at least our little sisters are hopefully safe.
Ahh, just realized something. We just got locked up again.
[x] Invintory
It seems that no matter what we do, Kira will find a way to fuck us horribly. I give up.
>>[ ] Examine the steps.
Banana peel.

>>[ ] Examine the floor grate.
Tentacle H-scene.

>>[X] Try to look out the high window.
Every prison scene features a "look out the barred window" shot.

>>[ ] Examine the door.
Door slams open in our face and we fall down the steps. DOUBLE BAD END.
Kira wanted us to go into the house, not under it.
[x] Inventory
[x] Examine everything of importance.
[x] Check inventory.

This feels familiar.
[ ] Try to look out the high window.
Reisen is gonna get pissed off at us again at our outstanding ability to get kidnapped. Also, do we still have the button?
Says you, the people who got us probably are arguing over who tortures us first. We should find a way to escape somehow.
Or maybe he wanted us to NOT deal with the house at all, and just continue on our merry way, but knowing Anon's borderline-suicidal level of curiosity there was no chance in hell we would do it.
[x] Check inventory.
Seconding inventory check.
..Which is what we'll be doing by examining both the steps and the drain.
Thirding it.
No, he SAID he wanted to get us into the house.
Of course, this time we don't have the benefit of an escape plan provided for us with the only thing Anon having to do is figure out how to actually make it work.

The NEET cannot help you this time, Anon.
The story would be boring as shit if we just ignored everything we came across. Though, ignoring side stuff does seem to be the best way to survive for some reason.
[X] Go inside alone.
So what was our mistake then? Did the group of highly trained demon ninjas with super senses really not hear Aya talking to us? Is whistling a cultural taboo around ninjas?
lol Too late for that now.
damn, you slow, slow fuck.


...okay then.

Goddamn it, Slowpoke.
Maybe the whistle meant "Come and knock me unconscious and lock me up in one of your prisons"
As far as we know. And kira just loves to make us suffer
Tengu best not have taken my doll.
Well, conventional choices get us in unfortunate situations (i.e. giving the Yukari the box after she gapped us into a chair) while random answers seem to offer beneficial situations (performing the rumba to distract Reimu and using the spell card to distract Yukari and Kanako). I can't entirely blame anonymous for doing something as random as crawling under the house.

Why did we look under the house?
To hell with the doll, the fuckers had better not taken our NEET in a Box.
Don't blame me, I voted knock.

Although ninjas probobly would have arrived as soon as my fist met the door.
I can't really fault this logic.
Inventory: Clothing (equipped) 1ea.
...well, this is a fine how-do-you-do.

Wasn't the doll already gone last time we checked inventory?
Wheres my fucking box
Tengu took our Kaguya, fuck, they going to pay for this.


There will be blood.
looking under the house wasn't the trigger for this situation.

Considering what we and everyone else in the party went through, I find losing the box so easily like this to sting particularly hard now.
Trace: On
Its OK Anon. Nothing is fucked. Don't panic. Think about your training. Its all lead up to this moment. Now lets focus and CUT THE ROPE WITH OUR MIND!
If this loses major points with reisen I'm raging and not following MiG. . .
You fucked up, Anon. YOU FUCKED UP HARD.
Ok guys, short break, I'm grabbing something to eat really quick, then I'll be back to writing. 15~20 minutes.
If looking under the house wasn't the mistake, then I dont think there's any reasonable way we could have seen this one coming.
I almost think I would've preferred the BAD END.

[X] Examine the door.
You mean, after all the bad situations we've gotten ourselves into, only to be saved when someone else bails us out in some way, we finally get to prove ourselves as not being completely useless and retarded by escaping under our own power?

Shame the others won't be here to see it, but that might be for the best.
Nothing ruins an escape attempt like alerting the enemy at the last second with a victory cry of "SEE! SEE! I'M NOT COMPLETELY USELESS!"
tsun tsun
We stood up against Kanako and Yukari and Ran for the Box and now we just lost it like that, time to use our secret power. We need our NEET back.
AH! Thank goodness; my notion was that complacency in the face of a person probably allied with an adverse party was the flag for BAD END (as it usually is) is partially vindicated.
If we're lucky, we'll find that she slept through the whole thing, and be back by her side in time to hold her hand as she wakes up.

Where? Be specific.
If this was Kaiji, Anon would be crying now.
Not just us, remember.
Sanae, Reisen, and Mokou all got fucked up pretty badly on our account for it, too.
Most likely Nitori, too.
You know what? Fuck it. Next chance I get I'm going to
1) Smash the camera
2) Smash the NEET-in-a-box
3) Turn myself over to Reimu
4) Blow myself up with the doll (with Reimu)
I see precious little conversation about how we get ourselves out of this mess, only screams of "OH GOD WHAT DID WE DO!?"
Time to actually think about it. Thinking about our mistakes can wait until we've gotten past their results.
Okay, so we're locked in a cell. Where are we? Not many places in Gensokyo seem like they'd hav a cell. We could be in SDM, but with mostly no proof of that we can't plan our moves betting on that. Now, the door. It's solid, made of metal, and has no handle. Doesn't seem like it'll move. We should worry about it when we've exhausted our other possibilities.
Examining the drain is useful because it potentially provides us with a way out, and there might be stuff stuck in it. Examining the stairs may lead to the finding of some small object that may be useful. We examine them first, then if that fails we check the door.
I don't think looking out the window will do much, so that'll be after we have done all the other three options and nothing has happened. This is how I see it. Other anons' opinions?
Must think like Akagi.
You can only win if you die
>Time to actually think about it. Thinking about our mistakes can wait until we've gotten past their results.

Not really, we're still waiting for descriptions so it's not like we have anything else to do.
We are either:
SDM (Most likely)
Moriya Shrine (could possible be)
Eientei (maybe underground is still intact)
There are not that many places anyway where we could be. Hope is not lost yet, theres always a way out.
>>Think about your training. Its all lead up to this moment.

After the end of the battle of the Moriya Shrine, the world was split into two: the reasonable, and the unreasonable unreasonable. This marked the beginning of an era known as the "Anonymous War"

If we just remember what Kira taught us about CQC, we'll be fine: Counter-balance the camera, quick shot, retract...


Tengu battle... jesus christ, tengu battle!
[ ] fake delirium brought on by head trauma
If it's a place with a cell, I would imagine there would be one owned by the tengu if we assume they have some sort of stronghold or central base.

With only the clothes on our body, our only hope seems to be to search our cell for anything we can use to escape. Perhaps if our party tracked us, they might try to communicate with us via the window or the drain pipe.

Otherwise, barring there being some similar secret machanisms like the cell in Eientei, we might be genuinely stuck, and thus forced to wait for someone to either LET us out, or some other means of getting out through that door to present itself to us.

Maybe it'll be like in MGS when you take too long to break out of confinement, and the Ninja comes to bail your ass out.
Is it Torture Time yet?
I don't think that's going to do too much at the moment, and it's not like someone who hung us up by our ankles with our heads in a bag are going to CARE if we have head trauma.
Dude, think a second. You're strategizing how best to look around a room we can't even navigate. >>22293 has a valid point, there's not a whole hell of a lot we can do until Kira graces us with a little more info.

Drama never solved anything.
What are the chances that this is all an Illusion caused by Reisen again, and we are going to wake up in the Shrine any Minute now.
[ ] School Days
I'm not saying to think about what we should do RIGHT NOW, I'm saying to think about the situation so we're prepared for what happens after we make our next move(s).
Reisen's still rather out of it and, besides, there'd be no point this time.

You hear that, Kira? THERE'D BE NO POINT. DON'T DO IT. ;_;
No, this time it's an illusion brought on by Yukari to show us why we should kindly hand her over the box. Of course, we won't find that out until after we're viciously tortured and then forced to watch as every member of our party is sadistically killed one-by-one, Takano's Super Quiz Fun Time-style.

Remember, Rumia. Broccoli, not cauliflower.
Lets see, so the Tengu, SDM, Kanako, Reimu, Marisa, Alice, and Yukari and her shinigami's are officially against us now. If Yukari's against us then it's a safe bet that her best friend for thousands of years, Yuyuko, is too. Our only ally, Eientei, is probably destroyed. If we continue to live the only thing that awaits is torture and our friends dieing in a vain attempt to rescue us.


[X]Bite off our own tongue, bleed to death.
SDM too? when'd we lose them?
We don't know for certain about the SDM's allegiance just yet.

Remember, Patchouli knew where we were.
Assuming we weren't imaging her being there and giving us our button back, that is. And even if we WERE, I think that bit about helping in the kitchen and the pepper might indicate that there's some truth in our hallucination.

When did we gain them? Didn't Reisen say that Patchy was part of the illusion?
Well.. everyone will end up wanting to kill Anon, even Reisen
Reisen had not said anything about Patchy.
And when we told Tewi about it, she seemed interested and mentioned she might have to look into it more herself.
Also, I'm pretty sure Komachi and Shikieiki are playing the neutral party to all this.

Nope. She never said anything about Patchy, because we never told her about it. We told Tewi, and she seemed to be rather concerned about it, which suggests it may be more than a mere illusion.
I still think Kanako and Yukari were testing us back there, and it was them commentating as we fled the shrine. Aya and the tengu have been on the mountain longer than Moriya, though, so I don't expect their agenda to be joined at the hip.

When'd we ever GAIN them?
L-lies! LIES! Our moon bunny believes in us, who believes in her!

Meaning if we ever meet them again, we'd better enjoy it while it lasts, because they will be promptly killed five seconds after we leave their company.
If you think about it, Yukari could have taken anything or anyone away from us at any point to get what she wanted. She has been watching and testing us from the start. Why let us run from the Shrine? There is something about us that Kanako and Yukari (not to mention everyone in Eientei) are interested in. Foreign novelty? Leadership? A special ability? Who knows. All I know is that we are probably in the Moriya Shrine and that there is ALWAYS a chance for us to escape.
Yeah I misremembered that.

>“Everyone’s calmed down now, especially since Sanae managed to heal you."

Still, she does say that Sanae did it, but she wasn't there, so who fucking knows.
Escape to what though? There's nowhere left to run other than maybe the SDM, and theres a good chance that they're against us too.
The conversation as we fled the shrine seemed to suggest there was something that perhaps had something to do with our gathering together our little group. It could also be that this same thing is also what set Reimu into full-on EXTERMINATE from the moment we first met.
What it could be, and why Eirin couldn't have noticed it (assuming she was telling the truth about not finding anything unusual) however is still a mystery.
Escape to the final battle.
We need to fight it at some point in the future anyway.
Things went from bad to worse so quickly in this thread it makes me want to vomit.
It's not like we're much better off just tromping through the wilderness, is it? We need somewhere to bunker down for shelter. We're sitting ducks out in the open, and the woods would be too easy to get lost and separated from the others if things went bad suddenly.
If you haven't come to expect this sort of thing from us by now, you clearly haven't been paying enough attention.
Oh shit.

Reimu usually goes after man-eating youkai, as do Marissa and (occasionally), Alice. We've gathered together a group of non-humans, mostly youkai, who didn't eat us on the spot as many would expect.

Gentlemen, might anon be a youkai himself?
There is one power we have not been involved with yet. At least not this story. She waits for out arrival. It is in our last hour that Anon's true ally appears.

Enter the lake, Anon.
No, anon is human.
Rinnosuke found a safe haven there well enough, it seems. Remember the inhaler?
Oh god, now I'm remembering that scene all over again. ;_;
I don't believe that there really was any other outcome. If looking under the house wasn't the mistake and Aya got away with yelling at us without attracting any Ninjas, then calling out to the group wasn't an illogical decision. Anon is stupid, but this situation is just bad luck.

No, Anon. You are the youkai!
We should do it.
Special Guest Write: Dan Kim.
And then anon was hungry for soylent green.
Ergh. Alright guys, Sorry, but I've gotta bail. I just realized I've been up for almost 24 hours, and that's not a good thing. I'll be back in about 7~9 hours~ish and then we can try this again.

Dan's kind of a one trick pony. It'd be kind of boring.
So, if we barely managed a successful escape from a cell that was specifically set up to allow us to escape, along with a map that basically told us where we needed to look to get what we need, and all while we had possession of all of our items...

Yeah, I think we're kinda fucked right now.


Brief, and we're doomed, but thanks all the same Kira.


Oooh, I knows that movie!


24 hours isn't really that bad, but it's bad nonetheless so yeah. Sleep well.
Oh yeah, and before I go, one last thing.

>"Oh, That's simple. The mountain has tengu
>spies everywhere." Nitori lets out a piercing
>whistle, and instantly there are 4 tengu in
>front of her, done up in a comic impression of
>ninja garb.
>The lead one bows before Nitori and then
>addresses her. "You called us out, Miss
So the Tengu are pissed because we bailed on Nitori as she covered our escape?

Nitori's captured us for a sax slave after saving our ass.
Am I to take this to mean it was the "call out to Tewi" option that did this to us?
Because when I hear "call out to Tewi" I think literal calling out. Like "Hey, Tewi!"

I-it's not...my f-fault...
Hot damn! Being in the same time zone as Kira and GM has some distinct benefits!
So they came because we whistled? But we voted to call out, the option said nothing about whistling. Ah fuck it, this isn't worth thinking about.
File 12088445807.jpg - (333.74KB, 500x500 , 1207633794384.jpg) [iqdb]
Please let Reisen sleep through this whole ordeal. I don't think we'll be able to face her again if she found out that after that whole ordeal of worrying everyone thinking we were captured and supposedly learning our lesson, we promptly went and got ourselves captured for real.
Yeah, this. I figured we'd go "Yo, Tewi" and she'd come out of whatever hole she ducked into when Aya came out.
I must concur. The rationale for throwing us into the stew like that suddenly seems quite thin.
Shit, I think I get it now.
Remember WHY the tengu were out in force on the mountain? Something about a goddess telling them to keep humans off of the mountain ringing any bells?

Splint the the loyalties of the tengu or not, we pretty much just gave the same tengu that were taking orders from Kanako the equivalent of a big "HEY GUYS I'M RIGHT HERE" sign.
And, of course, we just had to do it while we were more or less out in the open, alone and exposed.
Whats done is done. This anon just happened to use whistle as a call. What is important now is to get back to our group or simply escape. The story must go on.
Of course, even that might not have been good for us if Aya was the reason Tewi decided to make herself scarce at that moment.

If she decided to hide at that moment, she likely did it for a damn good reason, and would not likely ruin it just because the idiot of the party thinks everything is A-OK hunky-dory.
It's just a bit annoying to be fucked over by something we had no way to tell was coming. Hell, Aya says:

>Call your friends if you would, then meet me inside

And we're suddenly idiots for picking the option that said to call out? Anon does enough stupid things that we tell him to do already. He doesn't need to start doing stupid things independently.
Unfortunately, escape won't be quite so simple, will it?
We have no items. We have no convenient escape plan provided for us.
It seems to me that, barring one of our allies finding us and breaking us out (how long would it take Mokou to regenerate and track us down, I wonder?) our best chance is to wait for someone to open that door.

Sadly, our current captors seem to be less inclined to take chances than Reimu and company were. If they thought enough to take away our items, they probably wouldn't be so foolish as to give us a blatant chance to get away.
Well, to be fair, it is at the very least extremely risky to just go and do exactly what someone tells you to do before you even know if they're friendly or not.
And it wouldn't be risky to not follow Aya's orders?
I'm guessing now our idiocy was less whistling and more baselessly trusting Aya to be friendly. Honestly, how much more shit do we have to suffer through before we forget how to trust again?
Guys just drop the subject, we'll see what Kira decides to do tomorrow. Right now anyone can see some things don't make much sense (hes been up for 24hrs). We could sit here arguing all day, its not gonna contribute much.
When we escape, let's make a promise.

Let's head to our destination, quickly, and without delay.
When we see someone, we will avoid them.
When we are spotted, we will run.
We shall be paranoid.
Well, we could have tried to go over to where we were hiding and try to signal them out from there.
Assuming, of course, the others thought it was safe enough to come out or that they were still there to begin with.

Failing that, we could have just gone inside to chat with Aya. There isn't likely to be anything she would do to us in her house that she wouldn't be able to do just as easily outside. If she wanted to capture us, harm us, or do anything else, we'd clearly be no match for her no matter what.

Considering our situation, we need to be at our most cautious when we appear to be completely alone. Loudly calling out, whether by shouting or whistling, are not the best choices, typically, because if your friends can hear you odds are so can your enemies.
If we cannot avoid them we will attack them. Conversation has gotten us nowhere lately.
Well we are fucked anyway, hung by our ankles on a hook with no way to escape and our captors are arguing over how to torture us in the best way possible. We are more screwed then when we were about to get tortured in Eientei. No ones going to save us now, either we find a way out or they are friendly.

What is our destination?
Yukari doesn't seem happy with us anymore, Kanako's got plans, Kaguya's house got burnt down, and SDM is dangerous.

The only place left is the Human Village, and I'd doubt Keine will want to offer us shelter with Reimu hell bent on killing us.
We have lost our course already, we shouldve stayed with RUFFLING HAIRS, this has brought us good luck always. If we would have ruffled Reimus hair, it would have never come this far.
Agreed. Let's not even worry about how to escape.
Let's worry more about how we're going to make it up to our party once we've reunited with them after our escape. If they weren't questioning staying around us before, they're bound to be doing it now.

Oh, and Kaguya. We should be ready to explain how we just let her get stolen from us.
...I fear we've botched our chance at being allowed to give her a celabratory hair-stroking once she's alive again.
Dam, now that you bring it up, we really don't have a home. And we're carrying injured people. Must come up with plan.
You forgot that Patchy came to heal us, so that means that something is going on that we have no idea of. A Pawn has no idea about this, so that is why we must rise up and get a idea of the whole picture, so that we finally know who is for us and against us.
So the most impossible chance for us and most insane is going to the SDM, but that is exactly the only Way.
>>Yukari doesn't seem happy with us anymore,

Doesn't she?
Considering how simple a matter it would be for either her or Ran to just flat-out kill us at any time they pleased, doesn't it mean something that we're still alive? There is nowhere she can't go, nowhere she won't find us.

If she were truly mad at us, I doubt we would live long enough to realize it.

Okay, I'll rephrase that. Yukari is fucking with us and Anon no longer considers her an ally.
You forgot that shit with Patchy was a dream. ...Probably.
But when has Yukari NOT been fucking with us?
And aside from her helping us undo our little suicide, when has she ever done anything to even suggest that she was our ally to begin with?

Had Ran try to kill Reisen.
And Chen give Sanae rabies.
I think Ran killed off Mokou too.
I'm going to assume you're responding to the "when has she not been fucking with us" part, here.

As for those cases, notice that not a single one of them actually resulted in any form of permanent damage to anyone? Suwako was around to heal Sanae, and both of them are able to heal Reisen, albeit not completely at one time. Needless to say, death doesn't really matter much to Mokou aside from limiting her availability and possibly hindering her depending on what needs regenerating.

It's quite possible Yukari was counting on us being true-to-form and doing whatever we could to help our allies, and left it to luck and fate as to whether or not we would successfully intervene before there were any true fatalities.
Since she didn't seem to care to bargain for the box in exchange for calling off Ran, I can't really imagine any other reason for showing us how Reisen and Mokou were faring in their fight.

Unless she's just a sadistic bitch.

Alright, and you're willing to call such a dangerous person an ally then?

Wait, was that this story or another one?
Different butt awesome story.
I'd honestly like to just redo today's events. But eh whatever.
Of course not.
My point is that she was never an "ally" to us from the beginning. However, I don't think she can truly be considered an "enemy" to us, either.
File 120884853927.jpg - (301.43KB, 700x906 , yukari141.jpg) [iqdb]
>Unless she's just a sadistic bitch.

We are talking about Yukari, you know. This is just as likely an explanation as anything else.

I'm feeling you, man. Today's felt a little lackluster to me, too.
I would suspect that whole "no sleep in 24 hours" might have something to do with that.
File 120885063679.jpg - (125.25KB, 621x610 , 1171698945745.jpg) [iqdb]
"You exist because we allow it. And you will end because we demand it."
There has got to be more about Yukari and her Plan then we can think of at this moment. Sure she is using us, but well who is not using us for their own goals. Kaguya must have done the same, always talking about her little Investment. We are nothing but a Pawn for them all for their own personal Goals. The only ones who like us as we are are our little sisters. Wait until they power up, no one will fuck with us then anymore.
As things stand:

The politics:
Yukari has so far avoided using her most effective methods of dealing with us, namely robbing us through gaps or out right killing us. She has also avoided killing anyone that could not be recovered, however this may not be intentional on her part.
I content that Yukari is trying to train or teach anonymous something, perhaps there is some greater threat beyond the horizon that Yukari is preparing us for...
Speculation about Eientei, The Shrine and Moriya is futile at the moment.
Remillia, could she be controlling our fate? Perhaps the sudden change in fortunes relates to her interest in us. Or maybe she is working with Yukari to prepare us for the greater threat?
I fear Remillia but I think the SDM is the only avenue left to us, the only place that can tell us anything anyway.

The Escape:
The Tengu are divided along lines of ideology. Aya has only just learned of the situation, I don't think she's taken a side yet.
If we've been captured and treated as we have we can assume we aren't being held by friendly or neutral Tengu, although an ambitious neutral Tengu may be trying to use us as a bargaining chip.
Heated discussion? I hold hopes that Nitori has come for us.
Floor grate: Doubt that our captors will have left it loose, but it may contain items or connect to other cells letting us talk through it.
Door: Listening in at the door seems like a good idea to me.
Window: Learn our current position. Allies could be simply outside or have left notes for us, worth a look.
Steps: Why mention the steps? Possibly something worth checking out if they're mentioned at all...
Hook: Can we use this to cut through the ropes or otherwise loosen them? Our hands are in front of us now which is a pretty big advantage compared to before, work the point into any gap between the ropes and you may be able to loosen the off.

I'd suggest the door for now, it'll give us a better idea of the situation and fore warning of anyone about to enter. If we're left in the cell after that, check the window for position etc then the grate and finally the stairs.
If some one is entering or about to enter, check the stairs. Loose stones? Trip up a guard or something maybe.

But check that door.

[ ] Examine the door.

In b4 slowepoke.
File 120886099236.jpg - (69.93KB, 400x332 , yuyukochibi2.jpg) [iqdb]
FUCK! My thought-out text was deleted!! I hate it when that happens! Let's see if I can redo it from memory

Yukari's plan: Excite Gensokyo!

With no "villians" to set straight, or no mishappenings occuring, Gensokyo's BORED! We've arrived her to sort of give purpose to the residents routine and mundane lives.
- Reimu's actually up and DOING soming other than sweeping a empty shrine
- Kaguya actually did something. On her own accord. Even quarterback'd the shit rather than given the ball to Eirin like she does time and time again.
- Mokou is helping out a fellow outcast instead of her doing another Tom & Jerry routine with Kaguya
- The same goes for Reisen and Tewi
- People we don't even know are VERY interested in us. So interested, they managed to will their frail selves to leave their dusty eyesore of a bookshelf prison to see us
- Hell, even our on (9) Squad are viewed as something more than just punchlines.

Anon is shaking up Gensokyo, down to it's very foundation! And who's the mastermind that's so thrilled, she's abandoned her catnaps and shikigamis in order to participate in the festivities as well?


Oh, and I couldn't really find anything we've done dealing with the Netherworld, so have a chibi Yuyuko.
you know in the progress many many people could die, even Reimu herself could die with Kaguya already stuck in a box, Eirin missing, Anon about to enter a world of Pain, the 9 Squad in no better condition, and most of all Reisen as good as dead. Even Yukaris, Rans and Chens Situation isnt so good, its like battle Royale, everyone could die in the progress of shaping up Gensokyo. No more Plot Armor, everyone could be the next.
>>Reisen as good as dead.

The Moment we laid our eyes on her, and kissed her, it was already too late for her. No one can save her anymore, well at least the pure despair of her death will shape us up and help us power up a bit.
I've come to realize that this is the plot to Dune.

We arrive and become the leader of a ragtag group. We piss off the local tyrants (Reimu = House Harkonnen) and ally with an isolationist resistance party (Eientei = Fremen). We have the power of leadership and future-sight. Oh, and we have been betrayed by Moriya Shrine (House Corrino)

Yukari is a Face-Dancer (of the Bene Tleilax) and is trying to kill us, but always allows us a chance to escape and is molding our path to her will. Chani (Reisen) is our lover and will always suffer because of it.

Our path is clear:
Drink the Water of Life (the lake)
Overthrow the houses
Become the Emperor of Gensokyo.

We somehow get out without telling anything (we really don't know what to tell), and we return to a happy crowd. But something's nagging at us. They're happy to see us even though we were captured for a second time now, and we fucked up for the third time.
We leave. There's no other choice. We don't deserve people risking themselves for someone as worthless as us. We turn back, smile and wave off, then wrap a tattered red cape around us and walk away.
Then get overrun with undead zombie mikos.
We all know this Anon is a shit disturber of epic proportions.
Not killing her. Too obvious. Plus, not rage inducing enough.
Wow, So I'm channeling Dune? Sweet. I've never read/watched/partaken of in any manner of Dune before, so this is kinda nifty.
File 120892563967.png - (14.72KB, 292x296 , 8258b6d0746448c375600b3a57f65dc6.png) [iqdb]
>>Not killing her. Too obvious. Plus, not rage inducing enough.

I'm not sure if I should feel relieved, or even more worried...
You should feel more worried, there are many more cruel ways then to just kill her. Thinking Berserk would be a good idea.

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