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20663 No. 20663
Mokou runs off before your little group comes to a decision. All of you are going to go have chicken to eat. It’s the closest to your home, too, so going home afterwards won’t be so bad. Hina sighs and closes her phone.
“It would seem that one such as I am not allowed to accompany ones such as you. I really must remember to curse my mother whence I return home.” As your little group walks past a side street, Hina breaks off from the group. “I bid you adieu, Mystia. As for one such as YOU,” Hina glares at you, “I’ll think of a suitable curse later.” And with that, Hina’s gone.
You sigh. Why does this always have to happen to you? No matter. Your little group continues on to the train. Given that the chicken restaurant is fairly close to your house, it hopefully won’t be dark by the time you’re getting home. The five of you board the train and find somewhere to sit. It really is quite unusual for you to be able to find a seat on the train at this hour. Your sisters continue filling you in on the things you can’t remember. Apparently, only you and Mystia are blood related. The rest of your little sisters are from your father’s second marriage. You’re currently 18 and a Senior in High school. Mystia is 15, as is Cirno. Wriggle and Rumia are twins and are both 14. Cirno was held back a grade, which is why Cirno, Wriggle, and Rumia are all in the same class. Mystia used to be in the same class as Cirno, until Cirno got held back. Also, Mokou’s apparently 20, having been held back a year in school, and winding up in the same class as you when you both were in grade school. You apparently managed to make her settle down, somewhat, and pulled her through. She’s managed to keep up with the rest of the class, largely in part because of your help.
After that info dump, your head swirls a bit. That’s a lot to take in all at once. The train comes to a stop, and announces the stop. Looking up at the guide you see that it’s another two stops before your stop, so you could probably ask another question.

[ ] Ask about Reimu.
[ ] Ask about the mysterious girl at the gate.
[ ] Ask about the girls.
[ ] Ask about your mother.
[ ] Don’t ask anything.

No. 20664
File 120865287837.jpg - (19.70KB , 480x480 , 120709547834.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 20666
[ ] Ask about Reimu.
[ ] Ask about the mysterious girl at the gate.
[ ] Ask about the girls.
[ ] Ask about your mother.

No. 20668
[x] Don’t ask anything.
No. 20669
There's enough time for one question before you get off the train.
No. 20670
[X] Ask about Reimu.
Get another box of hair.
No. 20671
[X] Ask about your mother.
The girls shouldn't know about Reimu, nor about the girl at the gate. This seems like best choice of the rest.
No. 20672
File 120865306011.gif - (74.83KB , 480x320 , 1206570743756.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask about Reimu

'who's the bitch?'
No. 20673
[ ] Don’t ask anything.

Plausible deniability.
Besides, it's much more fun finding things out this way.
No. 20674
[x] Ask about Reimu.
[x] Ask about the mysterious girl at the gate.
[x] Ask about the girls.
[x] Ask about your mother.
Hey what's that! Who're you?! What are those things on your legs?! What's that smell?
No. 20675
[x] Ask about your mother.
No. 20677
[x] Ask about your mother.
No. 20678
[X] Ask about your mother.
No. 20679
Damn, that sucks major ass!

[ ] Ask about the girls.

Pretty sure Reimu's a bitch and our mother is Yukari.
No. 20680
[X] Ask about the girls.

This time around, let's TRY to pay attention to our sisters! I can't even remember the last time we interacted with Rumia or her hair in MiG.
No. 20681
[ ] Ask about your mother.
No. 20682
Wrong on both counts!
No. 20683

You fucking lie. Reimu is always a bitch.
No. 20684
[x] Ask about your mother.
No. 20685
>“How in the. . . Ugh. Look, I know you know me, but since you feel like being an idiot today, I’m HA-KU-REI. HA-KU-REI REI-MU. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND ME? Jesus, kid, I’m the freaking Student Council President, and you don’t know who the fuck I am. Goddamn you’re a little fucking idiot.”

Oh ho?
No. 20686
He is just playing with your mind, don't listen to him.
No. 20687
[ ] Ask about your mother.
No. 20688
You ask the girls to tell you more about your mother. They all get really quiet and look back and forth between each other.
“Well. . . That is. . .” Wriggle starts off before stopping, “Well. . . Maybe Mystia should tell him?”
The girls continue to hem and haw. They don’t seem to want to tell you, or they don’t know where to start.
The train stops again. Just one more stop before your stop.

[ ] press the issue.
[ ] drop it.
No. 20689
File 120865365137.jpg - (365.76KB , 1052x1512 , 1206869708400.jpg ) [iqdb]
Our mother is Yuka and Reimu is-
What about Sakuya?
No. 20690
[x] drop it.

Don't wanna upset our sisters.
No. 20691
[X] drop it
Let's not be too hard on little ones now.
No. 20692
[x] press the issue.
No. 20693
[ ] drop it.
No. 20694
[ ] press the issue

I'm expecting this to end with a yo' mama joke from Cirno
No. 20695
[ ] Drop it.

Any idiot knows the truth at this point.
No. 20696
[X] Drop it.

Aw, we shouldn't make our little sisters feel too uncomfortable.
No. 20697
[X] drop it.
Dont fuck it up
No. 20698
[x] Ask about Reimu
No. 20699
Smart move!

Changing >>20694 to [ ] Ask about Reimu
No. 20700
[x] Ask about Reimu
No. 20701
But we're not stupid like Cirno, so we don't know the truth yet.
No. 20702
[ ] drop it.
No. 20703
This just might work. >>20691 changing to
[x] Ask about Reimu
No. 20704
[ ] Everybody Loves Reimu

It's ALWAYS about Reimu. Reimu, Reimu, Reimu...
No. 20705
Actually, she's one of the few characters that I don't like. I just want to know what's up with her this time.
No. 20706
[x] press the issue.
No. 20707
As is mine, but somehow, she always becomes a focal point in Yakira's stories somehow.
No. 20708

Reimu? I looooooooooooooove Reimu!
No. 20709
[X] Ask about Reimu
No. 20710

Screw it. Changing my vote to ask about reimu.
No. 20711
File 120865459160.jpg - (183.19KB , 1000x1350 , reimoo.jpg ) [iqdb]
You drop the issue and change the subject abruptly, asking about Reimu.
“Eh. . .? Reimu?” Wriggle seems surprised to hear you ask about her. “After that whole little run in you two had a few years ago, I’m surprised that you’d even bring her up. . . Wait, Did you run into her today?” Wriggle suddenly seems worried. You tell her that you did. Cirno and Rumia both gasp.
“AH! And you’re alright? She didn’t do anything to you, did she?” Wriggle suddenly seems very worried about you. You give her a blank stare. There’s nothing you can remember as to why she would want to hurt you, and as such, you decide to ask Wriggle about it further.
“Ah. . . Well. . . There was an. . . ‘incident’ a few years ago.”
The train jerks to a stop again, announcing your stop.
“Ah! This is our stop.”
Everyone rushes to get off, and in the rush the question is forgotten. The group of you walk along to the chicken place, Mystia singing about chicken the whole way. Does she ever stop singing, you wonder.
As you turn the corner, you glance back. Some slight motion out of the corner of your eye catches your attention.

[ ] Ignore it.
[ ] Check it out.
No. 20712
>Apparently, only you and Mystia are blood related
No. 20714
[x] Check it out.
No. 20715
[x] Ignore it.

A meal with the sisters is to much of a treat to get distracted by some stalker.
No. 20717
[ ] Ignore it.


Kira and >>20680 agreed. Don't bother them about it!
No. 20718
File 120865473716.jpg - (108.15KB , 530x580 , yukari02.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your mother was Yukari, who died in a scientific experiment trying to perfect teleportation using dimensional overlay.
No. 20719
[x] Check ch-check check check ch-check it out.
No. 20720
No. 20721
[X] Ignore it.

I might regret it later, but...

We ought to keep ourselves in good with our sisters. We basically gave them this night, since we'll be treating them.
No. 20722
[x] Check it out.
No. 20723

Anonymous is the Dragon Torque?
No. 20724
[x] Check it out.
No. 20725
[x] Ignore it.
No. 20726
[X] Check it out.

"Sup, Aya."
No. 20727
[x] Check it out.
No. 20728
[X] Ignore it.
No. 20729
Heh, well it was worth a shot. Yukari would be more fun as a trouble making senpai character anyways.
No. 20730
[x] Ignore it.

I wants to ruffle.
No. 20731
File 120865502014.jpg - (162.95KB , 600x500 , shin.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your mother was Shinki, who died during the ‘incident’ with Reimu a few years ago.
No. 20732
[x] Ignore it.
We have our sisters, don't need to meet ne more people.
No. 20733
>Mystia singing about chicken the whole way.
This seems so wrong.
No. 20734
File 12086550518.jpg - (59.55KB , 400x564 , yuyuko.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ignore it.

Wrong 'Yu'
No. 20735
[x] Check it out.

Don't be lazy, Anon. Sisters won't run away from you.
No. 20736
Yukari is the next-door neighbor with a secret passageway into your house.
No. 20737
[x] check it out

>[ ] Everybody Loves Reimu

I see what you did there.
No. 20738

Yuyuko is Youmu's real mom in this world. Youki was a PIMP.

I'd say our real mother was a hot-blooded nameless female who whooped Reimus mother back in the day.
No. 20741
[x] Check it out.
No. 20742
File 120865538179.png - (210.71KB , 500x600 , marisashanghai.png ) [iqdb]
>hot-blooded female
>whooped Reimu

That narrows it down quite a bit, but seeing as Reimu's the same age as us, Marisa would be as well. Le sigh...
No. 20743
Hmm, that would be a good use of her being a ghost.

I really like this idea...
No. 20745
Like Kaolla Su?

or more like Dual?
No. 20746
Eh, it can’t really be worth all that much attention. I mean, when you looked back, there was nothing there, so it really couldn’t have been important, could it. In any event, the little sister squad is now dragging you towards the chicken place, so who are you to argue. The five of you arrive, after a short while of traveling. The owner greets you fondly, so you assume that you must come here often. The sisters ask for their ‘usual’ booth, and as such, the “coming here frequently” bit is really hammered home. Yeesh, to have a regular booth you must come here extremely often. You wonder just how often. Shaking your head, and returning to the real world, you follow your sisters over to a corner table. After everyone gets situated, a waitress comes over.
“OH HEY MOKOU! I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WORKED HERE!” Cirno exclaims loud enough to be heard through out the entire restaurant. You shush her. Really she can be such a bo. . . Mokou?
Your head whips up and you see Mokou standing there, looking at you guys quite shocked. She almost looks. . . Cute in that uniform, not to mention she’s wearing a skirt. Her cheeks turn bright red, “C-Can I t-take your ord-der?” she stutters out, either from embarrassment or barely contained anger. Oh, this opportunity is too good to pass up.

[ ] Rib Mokou about the uniform.
[ ] Be kind and order.
[ ] Snicker, but order.
No. 20748
[x] Rib Mokou about the uniform.

if there were any other options im sure he'd of listed them
No. 20749
[x] "I'll have you"

No. 20750
[X] Snicker, but order.

Ribbing her is tempting, but she'll either KILL us the next day, or erupt in the restaurant. We don't want her losing her job because of us.
No. 20751
>[ ] Rib Mokou about the uniform.
Tempting... but... uh... no.

[x] Be kind and order.
No. 20752
[ ] Be kind and order.
No. 20753
[ x ] Be kind and order.

Must...resist...COLBERT option.
No. 20756

[x] Be kind and order.

Come to think of it we should of seen this coming.
No. 20757
[X] Be kind and order.
No. 20758
[ ] Be kind and order.

No. 20759
[x] "I'll have you"

No. 20760
[ ] Be kind and order.
No. 20761
that is so fucking tempting, but not with your sisters around

[x] Rib Mokou about the uniform.
No. 20763
[x] "I'll have you"

I agree.
No. 20765
[x] Be kind and order.
No. 20766
[x] Rib Mokou about the uniform.
No. 20767
[ ] Snicker, but order.

I just finished watching Kaiji today. He avoided certain death 2 times and disaster 3 times. Could've been 4 time if he'd knew to quit while he was ahead.

Anon, we've fucked with Mokou 3 times today. Let's quit while we are ahead and still have our appendages attached.
No. 20769
[x] "I'll have you"
No. 20771
[ ] "I'll have you"

No. 20772
[x] "I'll have you"

The sky's the limit. As in the apex of our flight after she hits us.
No. 20774
On one hand,
[ ] Be kind and order.
is a nice thing to do.

On the other hand,
[ ] Rib Mokou about the uniform.
...isn't that what the main character of a romantic comedy would do?
No. 20775
[x] "I'll have you"
No. 20778
[x] "I'll have you"
We'll pierce the heaven with our head!
No. 20779
[ ] Be kind and order.
No. 20780

Not in this, cuz Mokou caved our face in last time for doing something that.
No. 20781
[x] "I'll have you"
No. 20782
[ ] Be kind and order.
No. 20783
[x] "I'll have you"
No. 20788

You're already dead.
No. 20789
[ ] Be kind and order.
No. 20790

Couldn't be happier.
No. 20792

No. 20793
[x] "I'll have you"
No. 20794
[ ] Be kind and order.
No. 20795
Haha, we're going to get Mokou fired.
No. 20796
Pity she doesn't work at an Angel Mort.

[x] Be kind and order.
No. 20797
>I mean, when you looked back, there was nothing there, so it really couldn’t have been important, could it.

Well, now we're really fucked.
No. 20798
Winnar= [ x ] Be kind and order.

Might be [ x ] I'll have you. I smell a epic BAD END or MAJOR ROUTE FUCKUP if KIRRRRRRRA uses this. But it'll be worth it.
No. 20799
[X] I'll have you.

I really want to see what happens.
No. 20800
- Alice
- Patchi
- Hina
- Aya

Pick one! None of them matter at this moment in the story.
No. 20801
[x] Rib Mokou about the uniform.


Being kind is just too wussy.
No. 20802
I need to see Mokou's reaction to 'I'll have you'. It should be so moe we fucking die from blood loss or A BEATING.
No. 20803
Or both.
No. 20804
>>It should be so moe we fucking d-HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH

No. 20805
You decide that it would be best to keep this little scene as ammunition for the next time she tries to blackmail you into doing something. Oh, and it will be sweet. You manage to catch a picture of her on your cell phone with out her noticing. This will indeed be sweet. However, to keep up appearances, you quickly order along with all of your sisters. She seems surprised that you didn’t say anything, and eyes you suspiciously. Shit, did she see you take the picture. You somehow keep your cool, and ask Mokou if you have something on your face.
“Yeah, a whole lotta ugly.”
The girls laugh, and now it’s your turn to blush. Damnit, why’d you leave yourself open like that. The joke, however, seems to have put Mokou in better spirits. Your food comes quickly, and unmodified, you pray.
The meal is delicious. You can see why your family would come here so often. The plates are quite quickly cleaned, leaving behind only chicken bones. You lean back, stuffed. You couldn’t eat another bite. Mokou comes back with the bill, and even drew a cute little picture on the check. It looks like some sort of girl wearing a funny little ha. . . Wait a minute?! Girl wearing a hat! That was on the note that you found on yourself. But it’s not the same. You can tell quite quickly after your initial surprise. The quality of the drawing is much better too. This is just. . . Odd. However, you pull out your wallet, and put down the money for the bill, plus a rather generous tip. Maybe you can bribe Mokou a bit, or maybe, just maybe, you’ll convince her to buy you a pudding from the lunch room. Those things are heavenly.
Your sisters all get up to leave, and you snap out of your little daydream of puddings and other people buying them for you and quickly follow suite. You and your sisters bow to Mokou as you leave, which she returns. Your little group begins to walk home. The sun is in the process of setting, alighting the sky in an array of oranges, pinks, and purples. It’s quite the pretty sunset, you note absently.
After a short trip, you and your sisters arrive home. The lights are on inside. This strikes you as odd. Didn’t Dad say that he’d be home late tonight? The girls seem to know what’s going on though.
“MOM’S HOME EARLY! YAY!” Cirno cheers before running up to the door and running inside.
The rest of you follow inside. You’re greeted by the sight of Cirno hugging a woman with mid-back length blonde hair, and wearing a black dress. Her hair is braided on one side and has a bow tied on the end. Rumia runs up to her mother and hugs her too.
“Ah, welcome home girls! The Professor canceled classes tonight, so I was able to come home early! ~ze” She hugs Rumia and Cirno at the same time. You seem slightly shocked. This woman doesn’t really seem to be old enough to be the girl’s mother, but given the way that they’re acting, she must be.

[ ] Greet your ‘mother’
[ ] Don’t greet your ‘mother’
No. 20806
I see it now.
Mokou flips out and beats the crap out of us.
Mokou gets fired.
Aya takes pictures of the entire thing and uses it as the school newspaper. Mokou gets expelled.
Mokou kills Anonymous.
No. 20807


[x] greetan mother
No. 20808
[x] Greet your ‘mother’
No. 20809

[x] Greet your "mother"
No. 20810
[x] Don’t greet your ‘mother’

Dammit kira I wanted my Mokou beating!
No. 20811
File 120865728234.png - (37.78KB , 180x133 , rage.png ) [iqdb]
No. 20812
File 12086572937.jpg - (359.12KB , 1000x800 , 1205129403729.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 20813
[x] Don’t greet your ‘mother’
Might not be yours... remember the uncomfortable silence!
No. 20814
[x] Greet your "mother"
No. 20815
[X] Greet your ‘mother’

But do it wryly, so that if your relationship with her is usually rocky, it seems tongue in cheek. If it's a good relationship, it'll look like you're just having a bit of fun with her. If she's not related at all, it'll look like a joke.

Also, Marisa is mom? Shocking, da ze.
No. 20816
[x] Greet your ‘mother’
This was unexpected...
No. 20817
[x] Don’t greet your ‘mother’

Play it safe until you know for sure.
No. 20818
[ ] Don’t greet your ‘mother’

I've seen this show before. You and Mystia hate your new mommy, so greeting her now would appear really weird.
No. 20819
[x] Greet your "mother"
No. 20820
File 120865742719.jpg - (23.08KB , 240x320 , ZE.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Greet Marisa, your stepmom
No. 20821
>>20742 here

You owe me some money!
No. 20822
Mystia, you got some 'splainin to do!
No. 20823
File 120865752428.jpg - (70.26KB , 430x630 , 1208484631874.jpg ) [iqdb]
Gentlemen. MILF Route has opened up.

Also, god damn Kira.
No. 20825

>Maybe you can bribe Mokou a bit, or maybe, just maybe, you’ll convince her to buy you a pudding from the lunch room

I was gonna comment by saying "Wouldn't we just be able to buy our own if we kept part of the tip?" then I thought about it, and having Mokou buy it for us and giving it to us does seem much better.

Anyways... [x] Greet your "mother"
No. 20826
[x] Greet your ‘mother’
Oh, hey, ~ze.
No. 20827
Isn't it rude to give a tip in Japan?
No. 20828
File 120865766729.jpg - (170.32KB , 500x500 , 1205085894094.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 20829

I guess saying that our dad is Rinnosuke, we should have seen this coming.
No. 20830

Anon isn't Japanese though. He only wishes he was.
No. 20832
Does that make Reimu a transfer student?
No. 20833
No, its just not common practice like it is in America. You tip for very good service. If you are having a very nice business meeting, you tip ahead of time so as to not flaunt money amongst your peers. Japan in general is pretty good about service, and tipping ahead of time boosts that.
No. 20836
File 120865821670.jpg - (45.01KB , 300x300 , 1206210926263.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thanks for the tip, Anonymous!
No. 20837
No. 20838
[X] Greet your ‘mother’
Incest, fun for the whole family
No. 20839
You're welcome, I hope that makes you feel better about us leaving you in 1% super critical condition in the jaws of the enemy.
No. 20840

How about you take me instead of that tip?
No. 20841
Wriggle finally runs over and joins the other two girls in hugging their mother. Mystia holds onto your hand while the two of you stand back from all of this. The woman lifts her head and looks at you, with a look of sadness on her face, or well, it seemed like it was there for a moment, now she looks slightly angry.
“Welcome home you two.”
You greet her back, as neutrally as you can. Mystia just nods to her, before letting go of your hand and heading up to her room, “Some homework have I to do~, Please keep it down, you two~” Mystia looks at Rumia and Cirno, who seem to be pretending to not know what Mystia’s talking about. Your ‘mother’ retires to the dining room with Cirno and Rumia in tow. That just leaves you and wriggle in the entryway.
“Ah. I see you still don’t quite get along with mother.” Wriggle sighs. “I have some homework too.” She heads up to her room. Come to think of it, you have some homework too.

[ ] Go to your room.
[ ] Go to Wriggle’s room.
[ ] Go to Mystia’s room.
[ ] Go into the dining room.
[ ] Go into the kitchen.
No. 20842
[x] Go to Mystia’s room.
Yeah well homework can wait, I have some god damn amnesia.
No. 20843
[x] Go to Mystia’s room.
Alright, sister. It's time for explanations.
No. 20844
[ ] Go to Mokou’s room.

oh wait
No. 20845
[x] Go to Mystia’s room.

An incest is fine too.
No. 20846
File 120865865922.jpg - (78.59KB , 500x629 , 1206284085131.jpg ) [iqdb]

Don't be s-stupid! Why would I take something I d-don't LIKE.
No. 20847
[ ] Go to Mystia’s room.
No. 20848
[x] Go to Mystia’s room.

Time for explanations in a lyrical format
No. 20849
[X] Go to Mystia's room.

Well, I'm thinking she could use some company. She's also the sister that we've been around the least.
No. 20850
[x] Go to Mystia’s room.
>Mystia, you got some 'splainin to do!
No. 20851
File 12086587059.jpg - (117.90KB , 578x600 , Mokou - tsuntsun huff.jpg ) [iqdb]
I see your fang Mokou and raise you a tsundere Mokou.
No. 20852
File 120865875250.jpg - (24.10KB , 301x320 , Awww..jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 20853
[x] Go to Mystia’s room.
No. 20854
What's that, Mokou? I can't hear you over your pained, tortured screams and my own desire to shelter the rest of my group. God damn, I'm such a horrible human being.
No. 20855
[ ] Go to Wriggle’s room.
Something tells me she'll be a bit more impartial in the explanations
No. 20856
[ ] Go to Mystia’s room.
No. 20857

[ x ] Go to Mystia’s room.
No. 20858
[x] Go to Mystia’s room.

Indulge our pedagogue ways. Give us more info.
No. 20860
[x] Go to Mystia’s room.

Even if she doesn't want to talk about it, we're probably closer to her than our other siblings are. Don't let her feel like we're going to abandon her.
No. 20861
[x] Go to Mystia’s room.
No. 20862
Why would she think that, now?
No. 20868
If we start acting nicer to our stepmom and hanging out with our other sisters more, she probably would. And we might do it. Hitting the reset button on our memory makes us kind of unpredictable right now, she may have picked up on that.
No. 20869
OR, we don't hang out with our other sisters any more than her. how about that?
And we bought her chicken, which is what SHE wanted.
No. 20870
True. Although I'm all for patching things up with stepmom, Mystia's going to feel like we betrayed her, since --given the way it's been spoken about so far-- we were with Mystia in not liking the new mom lady.
No. 20871
Trudging up the stairs you hear your ‘mother’, Rumia and Cirno playing some sort of game. They’re cheering and laughing, and seem quite happy. A feeling of being isolated from that happiness starts to become lodged in your mind. For some reason, you seem to think that this is how it usually is. You sigh.
Standing in the hallway, there’s four rooms branching off on the upstairs area. One immediately to your left, before the hallway curves back around the stairs, with three rooms on the other side. There’s another door at the very end of the hallway, as well. There’s only one room with a name plaque on it, which sports a Cirno and Rumia’s name on it. Those two must share a room. That’s the first door on the right. There’s two more doors that are unlabeled, and the door to your left. You came out of the middle door, next to Cirno and Rumia’s room, so that one must be yours. So that leaves two rooms. You decide to try the one to your left. Knocking on the door, a sing song-y voice answers. “Come in~”
You go inside, and are greeted by a wall of pink. Everything in this room is pink, from the carpet to the bedspread, to. . . well, EVERYTHING. Sitting at the desk is Mystia. Well, at least you guessed the room right. Given that there’s no other bed in here, you assume wriggle must have her own room, or shares with Rumia and Cirno. You walk over to Mystia, and for some reason, you feel the urge to ruffle her hair. You do so, and she looks slightly embarrassed. “Brother~~, stop that.” Mystia gives you a hug. A picture on the desk catches your attention. It’s a woman with a blue hat and green hair. She’s sitting there, in an obvious portrait picture. You ask Mystia if this is your mother. She nods slightly. “She was apparently our new mama’s teacher. After mama died,” Mystia falls silent for a moment before continuing, “She showed up looking for mama, and that’s when dad met her.” Well that explains some things. You ruffle Mystia’s hair again, and hug her tightly. She hugs you back.
Thanking her for the information you head back to your room. You turn on your light and throw your bag on your desk. There’s a picture on the desk as well, however, this one shows the Woman with the green hair laughing, and playing with a small boy. You presume that must be you. A sigh escapes your lips. You have absolutely no recollection of this woman, which makes you quite sad. From the pictures she seems. . . you want to say kind, but that doesn’t seem like the right word to describe her at all. You shrug. You’re in your room now, maybe you should work on your homework.

[ ] Do your homework.
[ ] Look out your window.
[ ] Go talk to another one of your sisters.
[ ] Read the note again.
No. 20872

[X] Look out your window.
No. 20873
[x] Read the note again.
No. 20874
[ ] Look out your window.

This is the dramatic bit that it's clear the artists spent the most money on.
No. 20875
[ ] Read the note again.
No. 20876
[X] Read the note again.
No. 20877
[ ] Do your homework.

Wait. Mima? wat?
No. 20878
Hai guise wut's going on in this thread?
No. 20879
[ ] Read the note again.
Is it going to keep changing contents here like it did in the other universe?
No. 20880
[x] Look out the window.
No. 20881
[x] Look out your window.
No. 20882
[ ] Read the note again.
No. 20883
[x] Read the note again
No. 20884
Were with her in that, prior to LOL AMNESIA, that is.
No. 20885
[X] Look out your window.

Can you feel the melancholy, yet? It's palpable.

Also, tears for Mima.
No. 20886
[ ] Go talk to another one of your sisters.

Priority: Memory GET!
No. 20887
[X] Look out your window.
No. 20888
[x] Look out the window.
No. 20889
[x] Look out your window.

I'm little sad now.
No. 20890
Marisa step mom? Rinnosuke dad?

Is anyone else thinking MANLIEST SPIT ROAST EVER?
No. 20891
[x] Read the note again.
No. 20892
[x] Jump out your window.
No. 20893
[X] Look out your window.
No. 20894
They are all strangers now.

They are all strangers now.

They are all
No. 20895
[x] Anemia option
No. 20896
I don't know what that's supposed to mean but since it's you I'm going to assume some kind of horrible sexual deviance
No. 20897
[x] Read the note again.
No. 20900
You sit down on your bed, leaning over towards the curtains to pull them back, when you hear a noise coming from the window. Pulling back the curtains, there’s a flash of light, and suddenly, you’re looking directly into a demon’s face. You fall backwards off of your bed with a slight yelp. The face on the other side of the window starts laughing boisterously.
“Hoo~ You shoulda seen the look on your face! That was truly priceless!”
You start to get angry now. God DAMN it Mokou! She pushes open the window and climbs into your room, sliding the mask up onto her head. Looking out the window behind her, you see a ladder put across the two small balconies below your window, and what, apparently, is her window.
“Never thought I could get you with that trick again, but hey, maybe you loosing your memory is a good thing.” Mokou smirks at you. Looking over at your desk she sees the note.
“Hoh? What’s this thing?”
She screws up her face trying to read the note. “Gah! The handwritin is HORRIBLE. I dunno how you ever figured out what it said. Catching the picture in the bottom corner of the note, Mokou grins.
“Seems this girl o’ yours likes the same show I do.”
You give Mokou a puzzled look.
“This character here, albeit poorly drawn, is from this new show that’s all the rage. It’s the main character. C’mon! You love that show. How can you not remember it?” It seems to be dawning on Mokou that you REALLY don’t remember this stuff and aren’t faking it.
“Hey, are you sure you’re all right?” Mokou now has a look of concern on her face.

[ ] Answer her Truthfully.
[ ] Pretend to not know her.
[ ] Throw Mokou out of your room.
[ ] Play a trick on Mokou.
No. 20901
File 120866148448.jpg - (78.88KB , 546x332 , wut.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 20902

[x] Answer her truthfully.
No. 20903
[x] Answer her Truthfully.
Pity points ahoy!
No. 20904

[ ] Answer her Truthfully.

I can't think of any innuendos for this situation. As odd as that may seem to some of you....
No. 20906
[ ] Answer her Truthfully.
No. 20907
[x] Answer her Truthfully.
No. 20908
File 12086616811.jpg - (151.67KB , 777x777 , f4f7aaaf90476140d5d802d525f3f75f.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Although originally a very prominent character in the series (one of the earliest bosses/playable characters and appearing in almost every pre-Windows game from the very beginning), like many PC98 characters, Mima has entirely disappeared from the series from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil onward.

>during Marisa's first appearance in Story of Eastern Wonderland, Marisa tries to protect Mima who she calls "Mima-sama," and when Mima defeats Marisa during Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream she scolds Marisa to train harder.

>During the events of Story of Eastern Wonderland, Marisa made her first appearance as a minion of Mima, to prevent Reimu from reaching her boss, but was defeated. Since then, she has appeared in every title but one of the Touhou series (and some non-Touhou titles too)

...Holy shit.
No. 20909
[X] Answer her Truthfully.

Hey, if there's someone we can trust about this sort of thing, it's our best bud/love interest.
No. 20910
[x] Answer her Truthfully.
Sounds like a good idea.
No. 20911
[ ] Play a trick on Mokou.
No. 20912
[ ] Play a trick on Mokou.

...yeah, I know I said "quit while ahead" early, but she now has it coming...
No. 20913
[X] Answer her Truthfully.
No. 20914
[x] Answer her Truthfully.

not in the mood for antics right now
No. 20915
[ ] Answer her Truthfully
No. 20916
[x] Answer her Truthfully.
No. 20917
[x] Play a trick on Mokou.
No. 20919
[x] Answer her Truthfully.
No. 20920
[x] Answer her Truthfully.
As much as I'd love to fuck with Mokou, MY MOM IS DEEEEEEEEEEEEAD!
No. 20923
Theres a time for fucking around, and this is not that time.

[ ] Answer her Truthfully.
No. 20924
A shake of the head is the response you give. You really don’t remember anything that has happened before today, and you’re not faking this just to get out of telling Mokou about the date you had with this girl. Mokou really does seem concerned.
“Well, I may not be as much help as your sisters, but I’ll try and help ya out as much as I can.”
You thank her. For some reason this kind of serious Mokou makes you feel a little bit ill at ease. You decide to be a little bit stupid, and tell her that you need some help with something right now. You sit back down on the bed and pat next to you. She sits down next to you and you lean over to her, and whisper in her ear, “I need some help in bed~”
She gives you a blank look for a moment, before she realizes what you said. She turns bright red, and is about to hit you, but stops. She laughs slightly.
“Yeah, that didn’t really feel like me either. I’m worried about ya, but I can’t be goin and gettin all soft on ya.” She punches you playfully in the arm, not as hard as she normally would, though, you think.
“At least it’s nice to know that you still know how our friendship feels like, even if you don’t remember anything else about it. I guess some things are harder to break than that.” Glancing at your clock, she screws up her face. “Bah. I’ve gotta get back. Not supposed to be outta my room.” Mokou climbs back out the window, and steps on to the ladder. “Really though, I’ll try and help you however I can.”
Mokou scrambles across the ladder and back into her room. You fall back onto your bed. At least you now have both your sisters and your best friend looking out for you. Blah. You still have that homework to finish. Not that you want to, but you don’t have much choice. Standing up you walk over to your desk, sit down, and pull out your homework and get to work on it. It seems like it’s going to be a long night.

After several hours, you finally finish your homework. You can’t believe how long it took you to get it done. It probably would have gone faster if you remembered any of the stuff from class, but that, too, seems to be gone in your memory wipe. Packing up your bag, and making sure your uniform is hung up properly, you take one last look around the room.

[ ] Look at note.
[ ] Make sure you’ve packed away all your homework.
[ ] Look at the picture of your mother.
[ ] Just go to sleep.
No. 20925
[ ] Answer her Truthfully.

"Moe" is sort of...creating the desire to protect, right?
...let's see if we can pull off this "moe" thing.
No. 20926

[x] Look at the picture of your mother.
No. 20927

[X] Look at the picture of your mother.
No. 20928
[x] Look at note.
[x] Look at the picture of your mother.
[x] Go to sleep.
No. 20929
[ ] Make sure you’ve packed away all your homework.

Homework is important.
No. 20930
[ ] Look at note.
No. 20931
[x] Look at note.
No. 20932
[ ] Look at note.
No. 20933
[X] Make sure you’ve packed away all your homework.
[X] Look at the picture of your mother.

It's important to make sure we're prepared for tomorrow. Maybe we might remember something else about "mom", too.
No. 20934
[x] Look at note.

dunno why, but this feels right to me.
No. 20935
[x] Look at the picture of your mother.
No. 20936
[x] Look at note.
[x] Make sure you’ve packed away all your homework.
[x] Look at the picture of your mother and cry like a little baby.
No. 20937
[ ] Look at the picture of your mother.
No. 20939
[X] Look at the picture of your mother.
No. 20940
[x] Look at note.
No. 20941

lol, no tipping in Japan...

Just sayin'...
No. 20942
The picture of your mother, in it, she’s smiling. The little boy she’s playing with seems to be happy as well. The pair seem to have just completed some sort of sand castle. You assume your father took this picture. Sighing aloud, you put the picture down and climb into bed. You should have taken a bath tomorrow, but you might be able to get away with a quick shower tomorrow morning. With this thought, you fade quickly into sleep
You’re floating. . . It’s not an unpleasant feeling. It feels warm, like you’ve felt this before. Looking around, you seem to be floating in a white room. There’s a bed and a door and several other room-like features that indeed indicate that it’s a room. Lying on the bed, There’s the woman from the picture. She seems to have a pained look on her face. You don’t know what’s going on, the whole scene is confusing. The woman is quickly removed from the room. Oh hey, there’s your dad. But wait, he looks upset. What’s going on? He follows the men who rushed out of the room with the woman. You’re pulled along behind, watching this whole scene unfold. The men take her into a room with a window, and pull a curtain across. Something’s happening in there, but you don’t know what. You hear some screaming, and some grunting. Then a cry. It sounds like a weak cry. But you don’t know, you’ve never heard a cry like this. Your dad is pacing back and forth, worry etched into his face. One of the men come out and start talking to your dad. You have no idea what they’re saying, you can’t hear a word of it. You just float around in circles. Your dad seems to be getting angry, and the man leaves, back into that room with the curtains drawn. You float for what seems like an eternity. The man who came out before comes out again. This time he just walks over to your father, and shakes his head. Your father rushes past the man into the room. The woman is lying there, her face is very pale. Your father takes her hand and cries. She doesn’t seem to be movi n g a t a l l . . .
You sit bolt upright in bed, your night clothes soaked in sweat. What kind of a dream was that, it was a nightmare! You rub your forehead and look at the clock. It’s a little past 3 am. your head falls forward. You don’t really feel tired at this point, but if you were to stay up until you needed to go to school, you’d be exhausted tomorrow. You don’t think you’d be able to fall asleep again right away though.

[ ] Go take a bath.
[ ] Lay back down.
[ ] Go get something to eat.
[ ] Go to the bathroom.
No. 20943
File 120866406889.jpg - (447.10KB , 1068x1520 , uninvited-07.jpg ) [iqdb]
Belated post, but here's some visual aid for those who lack imagination.
No. 20944

[X] Go to the bathroom.
No. 20945
[x] Go get something to eat.
No. 20946
[X] Go take a bath.

Wow, that was a nightmare. Does this mean that if we had chosen the note, we would have gotten a wet dream?

Anyway, might as well get that bath out of the way.
No. 20947
[x] Go take a bath.
No. 20948
[x] Go take a bath.
No. 20949
[x] Lay back down.
No. 20950
[ ] Go to the bathroom.
No. 20951
[x] Go take a bath.

Must....make....clean.... ;_;
No. 20952
File 12086644003.jpg - (43.72KB , 562x437 , ohwow.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go take a bath.


Ha ha ha, oh wow.
No. 20953
[X] Go take a bath.
No. 20954
[ ] Go to the bathroom.
No. 20955
>Apparently, only you and Mystia are blood related. The rest of your little sisters are from your father’s second marriage. You’re currently 18 and a Senior in High school. Mystia is 15, as is Cirno.


>Mystia is 15, as is Cirno.
>only you and Mystia are blood related

No. 20956
File 120866475616.png - (77.52KB , 294x264 , 1202777589603.png ) [iqdb]
We shall take a bath.
We will at some point interact with Marisa.
It will be awkward. (maybe naked awkward)
We will talk about Mima.
It will be awkward.
No. 20958
I don't get your confusion
No. 20959
alright guys, bedtime for me. Bath won, will continue tomorrow. g'night.
No. 20960
[x] Go to the bathroom
[x] Fap
No. 20961
>only you and Mystia are blood related
If that's the problem, read as "You are only blood related to Mystia"
No. 20962
You have no half sisters. Kourin was not banging Marisa and Mima at the same time. Its just coincidence that Marisa had kids of the same age.
No. 20964
good night, dont work yourself to death tomorrow
No. 20965

Night, Kira. Thanks for the writing.

We'll see you tomorrow.
No. 20966
Thank, Kira
No. 20967
But that would imply another male.
No. 20968
I think I see what he's concerned about but it's not as serious a matter as he thought. He's questioning how children from two separate marriages can be the same age.

There is no conflict. Our real mother gave birth to Mystai when our step mother gave birth to Cirno. Since only Mystia and us/me are blood related, that means the rest of the sisters came from our stepmother's marriage to another person.
Or everyone is adopted.
Or something.
All that is certain is that there is no certain "impossible relationship."
No. 20971
guys, it's simple. STEP-sisters, not HALF-sisters

that image makes that 20x funnier
No. 20972
Oh, but there could be other reasons.
No. 20973
Er, not reasons. Explanations.
No. 20975
The other male is YOU Anon. From the FUTURE!
No. 20976
File 120866746774.jpg - (348.46KB , 550x778 , 118458522828740.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ahh, I always seem to miss the good stuff.

So, if our mystery girl isn't who that drawing was of, I have to wonder just who she is. And why would she have such lousy penmanship?

Also, Mokou the tomboyish childhood friend and girl next door who works as a waitress? FUCK YES.
No. 20977

Keine looks strange without her pagoda hat.
No. 20978
Mokou lied. SHE dere-ly wrote the note, drew the pic crappily, and tsun-ly pulled the "LOL, a secret admirer" stunt to throw Mr. Amnesia off course.

Can't fool me with that trick, although, the other 99% of Anon... sheesh.
No. 20980
File 120866845056.png - (34.19KB , 181x189 , 1174980671116.png ) [iqdb]
No. 20987
I was wondering about that, myself
Aside from the chance that this popular character on TV does something like that on the show, thus the inspiration for the doodle, what are the odds that two different people would doodle the exact same thing on paper, difference in quality notwithstanding?

But then, if it was Mokou, it doesn't make sense that she would just play dumb like that, unless she either knew about our amnesia already or is pulling a one-girl "Mion/Shion switcheroo" routine on us and everyone else, disguising herself as someone else for whatever reason.

Hard to say, really. It is interesting that despite apparently going to the same restaurant regularly, none of the sisters noticed Mokou working there before...

Though I'm curious to see who else it could be, I'm kinda pulling for Mokou since the whole "tomboy childhood friend/girl next door" love scenario appeals to me for some reason. Anon is Keiichi, Mokou is our Mion, and we need to give her the love and hot dickings that the actual K1 was too stupid to give in his own series.
No. 20991
File 120866979049.jpg - (63.13KB , 546x700 , 1204095505952.jpg ) [iqdb]
The tougher the shell, the sweeter the necter.
No. 20995
File 120867054972.gif - (137.25KB , 599x450 , renakeiichi.gif ) [iqdb]
He had his reasons, and I really don't blame him, either.

To the subject at hand, why couldn't it be one of thos "Meet me on the roof" kind of notes where she's not ready to tell him it's her, yet wants to see if he'd really come to her in the end. She's not using multi-personalities or feigning ignorance, but rather keeping quiet until this romantic game is complete. Then again, I could be real off base and it's Patchi all along. The whole "anime" thing points straight to the shy otaku.

Lastly, stop mentioning Higurashi. You'll give Yukira ideas...
No. 21003
Post uncensored on /at/ please.
No. 21004
I just thought about a Shion version of Mokou, and I liked it very much. This concept should be explored further.

All we know was that it was a love confession with no information about meeting her. Thats damn annoying. I want to meet our admirer.

I sort of want to see an anime with Yukari in it (assuming thats who the drawn character is.) Just like the Touhou anime! It would be great! sigh...
No. 21005
Unfortunately, that isn't the case with the note, it seems. And not only that, but we've met the girl in question just prior to our little head injury.

Of course, from a story perspective the amnesia could be a plot device to allow virtually ANY girl to be "the one", with her identity depending on the choice we make.
That's probably not the case here, though.

All things considered, I do have to wonder just what are the circumstances of this supposed relationship. Why would we have to sneak around, or at least sneak into our own home because of it? Also, is there any reason why the girl would not have come up to us during the day? Or HAS she?

Until we meet some more girls, I'm thinking it's either Patchy or Mokou.

Just don't let it be Hina. Dear god, don't let it be Hina.
No. 21006
So, who do you guys think we run into while bathing?
No. 21007
Considering it's late at night, most everyone else should be in bed and asleep, we'll either run into no one, or Daddy Kourin while he's relaxing after coming home late from work.

...pray that it's no one.
No. 21008
"Oh hi son, how about a little father to son bonding"?
No. 21009
>Next to you there's a disturbance in the water, opening your eyes you can't believe what they see. Sliding into the water next to you is Marisa, totally naked! Her nubile body glistens as it sinks delicately into the water.
No. 21010
I'm just going to believe it's Mokou, simply cuz. That head injury think really does hit close to home for someone who DOESN'T want to be found out just yet.
No. 21012
I dunno, but I'm hoping for Wriggle. Maybe we get to wriggle her nightbug a bit, if you know what I mean
No. 21013
File 120867292953.gif - (57.85KB , 1024x768 , 1205736428601.gif ) [iqdb]

MANly bath time!
No. 21014
File 120867355363.png - (98.03KB , 300x400 , 1203315729747.png ) [iqdb]
The only problem with the theory of the girl being Mokou is that, if we are to assume we've actually met the girl who gave us that note before we banged our head and forgot everything, how could Mokou have done it and had us NOT know it was her at the time? If she's been both our neighbor and best friend for so very long, I don't think it would be hard to identify her, even if she somehow disguised herself.

Unless we didn't get our amnesia-causing head injury when we tried to sneak back into our house, but only made to look like that's how we got it...
No. 21032
File 120869003360.jpg - (117.56KB , 650x561 , ITS BATH TIME.jpg ) [iqdb]
Come take a bath with your father anon. He'll wash your back for you.
No. 21034
Fuck yes best bath ever.
No. 21040
Hmm, the thought of Mokou being a Shmokou is kinda hot. I wonder why?
No. 21049
I reckon who we bath with will be selected randomly through numbers
No. 21184
Heheheh... Shmokou.
No. 21186
I agree for no reason other than that it's fun to say "Shmokou".
No. 21192
Sorry, switched the phrasing slightly.