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190296 No. 190296
“Got any…” Chen trailed off, scrunching her face slightly in thought. “...tens, Ran?”

“No, Chen.” said Ran Yakumo. “Go Fish.” said Yukari Yakumo.

They were playing Go Fish, if it wasn't evident. Both Yukari and Ran could probably flawlessly win any game of Go Fish, but they went easy on Chen. They even reward her with real fish for winning.

“Dawwhh…” She still had a hard time winning, however. She pulled a card from the deck. A ten, how fortunate.

“Ah, hah!” She exclaimed. “Okay, think.” And think she did, a bit too hard, perhaps.

Looking up from her hand, she says, “Got any tens, Yukari?”

After a slight glance at her cards, there was a very slightly strained expression on her face. “Eheheh… yes, Chen.”

She technically didn't have a ten, not in her hand, anyway. She did, however, have one in her gap space.

“Yes!” Chen cheered with enthusiasm, so much so that she didn't see Yukari briskly pull a ten out of a gap from under the table.

“Here, Chen.” Handing the recently gapped card over to Chen, Chen snatched the card out of her hand and added it to her hand. She was beaming.

Ran was up next, to be followed by Yukari, who always liked having people go in order of class.

Ran was also running out of cards, she did have three queens, but if she got another queen she would lose all her cards and as such lose the game. Not that she didn't know this, but for Chen’s sake she would throw the game here, plus she knew that Chen had a queen.

Wearing a face of curiosity, she asks “Does anyone happen to have any… queens?”

Chen looked surprised. “I do Ran-shama!” She pulled a queen out of hand and handed it to Ran-shama.

Yukari coughed. “Ran I believe that you have to put those cards away now.”

“So I do, and… oh.” faking disappointment she discarded her cards.

“Ran-shama, did you lose?”

“Yes I did, Chen, but more importantly, you won.” Ran softly spoke, with a motherly smile.

“Yaaa~y!” Chen threw her arms, and by extension her cards, in air.

Seeing Chen like this always made Ran happy. She petted Chen’s head from under her hat as she handed her the congratulatory fish, even as the spiraling array of cards bombarded the both of them.

Yukari felt a tad odd. This was the first time that She, Ran, and Chen had played Go Fish with each other. She realized something from this round of a card game that was most likely intended for ten-year-olds, or younger. She realized that out of all the fantastical locales and decidedly-less-fantastical locales in Gensokyo, there was no place where humans and youkai could simply play cards.

Yukari turned to walk away from her cohorts, “Ran, Chen, you must excuse me, I must step out for a second.” A gap was opening as she spoke.

Ran stopped petting Chen, and shifted towards Yukari, “What for, Yukari? Did you get another one of those ideas?” Ran looked concerned, partly because Yukari had a slightly pensive look on her face, but mostly because she didn’t want to be a part of an incident. Again.

Halfway through her gap, Yukari stops, turns her head towards Ran, and responds with “Yes.”

Sighing, Ran decides to not press further, “Alright, but if the Hakurei miko knocks on our door, I’ll have a good idea why.”

Yukari snickered. “Don’t worry your pretty head, Ran, there will be no cause for alarm for our dear little Reimu. Take care.” She flew through gap space for a brief second before the gap closed.

Chen swallowed the fish in her mouth, “I’m not going to have to fight a scary maid again, am I?”

Ran shuddered a smidge, “I hope not.”


So, THP, tell me what five touhous you would like to see play Texas Hold ‘em?

(There are parameters however, only modern touhous that have actually appeared in-game, meaning no PC-98 characters and no characters from the official printed works. Yukari herself will not be participating in the games but she will be the dealer across all games. Keep in mind that Yukari will not tolerate any attempts at cheating.)
No. 190297
No Kosuzu? Sadness.

[X] Eiki Shiki
[X] Alice
[X] Clownpiece
[X] Nitori
[X] Mystia
No. 190298
[X] Kokoro
Because she's the expressive poker face

because luck

[X] Hina
Because bad luck

[X] Eiki Shiki
Because it seems funny

[X] Byakuren
Because it seems even more funny
No. 190299
[X] Kokoro
Because she's the expressive poker face

[x] Patchy

[X] Sakuya

[X] Eiki Shiki
Because it seems funny

[X] Byakuren
Because it seems even more funny
No. 190301
[X] Eiki Shiki
[X] Byakuren
[X] Miko
[X] Kanako
[X] Tewi
No. 190302
[X] kokoro
[X] byakuren
[X] Miko
[X] eirin
[X] junko
No. 190305
No. 190307
[x] Medicine
[x] Shizuha
[x] Tojiko
[x] Hatate
[x] Eiki

Need more rare faces.
No. 190308
[x] Remi
[x] Reimu
[x] Tewi
[x] Eirin
[x] Satori

Any other combination is eeji modo and thus will not do.
No. 190310
[x] Sagume
[x] Seija
[x] Parsee
[x] Futo
[x] Yuuka
No. 190314
With how the votes are currently going,

Eiki Shiki:5

I'm going to need someone to break the tie amongst the twos.
No. 190315
No. 190316
No. 190317
[X] Miko
No. 190318
Okay, with the tiebreaker our final five touhous are:

Eiki Shiki
and Hina

Well, guess Yukari's going to have a field day maintaining the boundaries of luck.
No. 190324
I don't know who you are writefag, but I love you for this.

And I love YOU, anon, for making the SMART vote.
No. 190401
Sorry about that, realized I fucked up the italicization, fixing.
No. 190403
File 146827504945.jpg- (503.77KB , 1920x1080 , justpretendthereskokoro.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kourindou was a location of debatable interest. Filled with objects from the outside world, yet most of them are either useless by way of having no explanation as to how they could work, or by not being very useful in the first place. The path to Kourindou however, was of no particular interest; the one thing that is interesting currently occupying it, is Kokoro.

Hata no Kokoro was a menreiki youkai, meaning that she was the tsukumogami of a collection of sixty-six masks. It also meant that she has no way of emoting, and has to rely on her masks to convey her emotions for her. Highly inconvenient in many situations, but it is massively advantageous in games of poker.

As she walked through the entranceway to Kourindou, the first thing she noticed was how much useless junk was splayed out in every direction. The second thing she noticed was Rinnosuke trying to get rid of particularly troublesome, and animate, mold-infested bread.

“And stay down!” he added after smacking it with the end of a broom. It made a horrible wheezing noise as it deflated.

Kokoro was fairly certain mold, or bread, isn't supposed to bleed like that, or have blood.

Pressing on, she continued towards the desk where Rinnosuke was occupying, he was cleaning up the remains of the fallen beast. It seemed like he made sure not to actually touch it with his hands.

“Ah, hello. You’re Kokoro, yes?” Rinnosuke said, after dusting his hands off on his trouser legs.

“Yes, I believe so.” Kokoro monotoned, the mask on the side of her head had finally switched from Raiden to that of a Hyottoko.

“Very well, follow me to the back.” He got out from behind his counter to walk down a hallway deeper into the store. Following Rinnosuke, Kokoro noticed there were two doors, one on the rightmost wall, and another on the leftmost.

“Wait out here for a few seconds, I’ll open the door for you.” Rinnosuke proceeded into the leftmost door.

Kokoro wasn't quite sure what door he was referring to, but she waited out in the hallway anyway.

Suddenly the wall at the very end of the hallway opened, revealing what appeared to be a very small room that could at most fit about six people.

Rinnosuke re-opened the leftmost door and stared at Kokoro. “Sorry if that wasn't clear, but you’re supposed to go in there. It’s an elevator.”

“An elevator?” The mask on Kokoro’s head shifted to a mask depicting a monkey.

“It's a metal box that will lower down into the entertainment hall. Trust me, it's perfectly safe, Nitori made it.” Rinnosuke was speculating on whether to put some sort of plaque that says ‘Nitori’s Seal of Quality.’ on the elevator so everyone who hasn't heard of a elevator doesn't have to be convinced by him it’s safe.

“Oh, okay then.” Her mask shifted back to a Hyottoko.

Rinnosuke closed the door again, once Kokoro passed by him and proceeded into the elevator. There were two buttons next to the entrance, one inscribed with an arrow pointing below, and the button above it, has an arrow pointing upward.

Using her intuition, she pressed the button pointing below.

A metal panel slid in front of the elevator’s entrance and closed Kokoro within the elevator. She immediately felt the elevator descend.

It soon came to a surprisingly smooth stop, and the metal panel slid open to reveal the newly created ‘entertainment hall’.


The elevator opened onto a bar with a few tables scattered around and a countertop where the alcohol is safely behind. A wolf youkai in a waiter’s uniform leans on the counter.

The gambling hall was separated by wood railing and a few steps downward from the bar. There were several poker and roulette tables, and at the very end of of it all, was a stage, where a band was playing an upbeat and bassy song.

Kokoro stood there in awe of it all, before she noticed someone, a rather serious looking woman was standing next to the railing surveying the gambling hall. She recognized this woman as Eiki Shiki, the person whom she was supposed to play cards with.

Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu is the Yama of Gensokyo, her job is to judge souls of the those that have died in Gensokyo, and decide whether they go to Heaven or Hell. Her ability to establish clear good and evil, and her tendency to lecture most people she comes across about what is good and evil, has caused her to be feared by most if not all youkai. Yukari herself, who, among others, at the very least finds her annoying and preachy. One has to wonder what she's doing playing poker games.

Approaching Eiki, Kokoro noticed that she was twirling her Rod of Remorse in her hand.

“Hello.” Kokoro monotoned.

“How Hedonistic.” Eiki is a very serious woman.

Kokoro’s mask shifted to one of Fuku no Kami, “What, my hello?”

Eiki didn’t know how to respond to that exactly, “err… No, this hall where people can waste their money on body-polluting alcohol, or lose their money for the thrill of potentially winning more money. All lauded over by the most dishonest youkai I know.”

Kokoro’s mask didn’t so much as shake, “Speaking of losing money, don’t you have a game of Texas Hold ‘em to play?”

Eiki knew exactly how to respond to that, “Now who exactly do you think-” Eiki turns around towards Kokoro.

“Oh. Hello, Kokoro.” Eiki seems to have been thrown off her stride.

“Heh, heh.” Kokoro rather admirably comes close to emoting.

“I expected better, Kokoro.” Getting back on her stride, she puts on her best scolding voice.

“I thought it was pretty fun-”

Kokoro.” Eiki’s voice went from scolding to searing.

“Okay.” Her mask then went from Fuku to that of a Fox. “We still have a game to play, though.”

Eiki considered her options for a moment. “Yes, we do. Let’s proceed, shall we? I believe with your arrival, we can start the game.” Her other option was to initiate a lecture, naturally.

“That's good.” Kokoro went to go around the railings and down the steps to the-


gambling hall.

Kokoro tripped over a trip wire tied between the two poles next to the stairs, and fell a considerable distance onto the hardwood floor.

“Oof.” She sounded more like she was winded by standing up too fast.

“Hmm. I expected that to be a bit more funny...” a nearby black haired earth rabbit sitting on a table commented.

“I expected it to hurt a bit more.” Kokoro commented back from her position on the floor.

“Wow, no wonder it wasn’t funny. You sound like you're on methaqualone! Look like it too.” The rabbit continued.

Kokoro was taking it pretty well, “Who are you?”

The rabbit points at her chest, and responds with “I'm Tewi, Tewi Inaba.”

Tewi Inaba is a rabbit youkai that is also, if not the leader of rabbit youkai, then at least is considered so. She herself is incredibly lucky and brings good luck to those she decides to bring it to, which is herself most of the time. One shouldn’t have to explain why that’s helpful in poker. She already likes cheating people out of their money anyway.

Tewi was one of the people Kokoro was supposed to play cards with. “I’m Kokoro.”

“Ah, damn, didn't recognize you. Oh well.” Tewi got down from the table. “Here let me help you-”

Tewi.” Eiki was right behind Kokoro when she tripped.

“Ah, shit.” Tewi turned towards Eiki, “Well, let's get this over with. Are you just going to hit me, or are you going to give me a lecture that won't change how I think whatsoever?” Tewi is no stranger to being lectured. She is, however, to digging her own grave.

“Well, when you say it like that...” Eiki raised her Rod of Remorse above her head.

“Oh good! That thing’s way easier to dodge than your trite lectures.” Tewi put her hands on her hips.

“Sins: indirect assault, insulting a yama, intent to defy a yama, swearing. Twenty strikes, fifty pounds.” A circle of blue light glows on floor around her feet.

“Since when could you get me for intent?” Tewi challenged.

“Now.” Eiki brings down the Rod of Remorse.

“Have some of this!” Tewi dodge rolls under the table she used to be on.

Eiki trailing her with her with the Rod, brings it down on the table, which due to physics causes the other end of the table to fly into Eiki’s face, and knock her hat off.

Eiki looked incredibly mad.

“Hahahahahahhaa~! Now that was funny!” Tewi was close to tears.

“Indirect assault towards a yama, one strike, eight hundred and thirty five pounds.” Eiki didn’t agree.

As she raised her Rod of Remorse, a hand landed on her shoulder, preventing her from raising it all the way.

“Who dares?” Eiki practically snarls.

“Eiki, please.” it was Byakuren, with a concerned pout.

Byakuren Hijiri is a buddhist nun and leader of Gensokyo’s buddhist sect, she is also a magician youkai that specializes in “buffing” magic. Due to her buddhism she is not allowed to drink or possess money, which she is a strict adherent to, even if she is in place like this.

“O-oh. Byakuren, I’m sorry.” Eiki quickly cooled off a bit.

“I think you need to apologize to someone else.” Byakuren initiated her motherly scolding voice.

“But she-”

“She simply played a prank, and you had your emotions get the better of you.” Byakuren interrupted.

“Who are you to tell a yama how to operate?” Eiki retorted.

“Someone who know that someone doesn’t truly change another through simple physical abuse.” Byakuren had a motherly smile.
“Well, no, it doesn't…” Eiki put her arm down.

“Here.” Byakuren bent down and picked up Eiki’s hat, “There's a time and place for everything, but it's not now.” She put her hat back on. “Besides, Kokoro, the person who this was actually about, wasn't even harmed, not physically, nor emotionally.”

“I really wasn't.” Kokoro had already gotten up from lying on the floor to sitting up on the floor.

“Alright, fine.” Eiki finally relents.

As the situation’s heat died down, Eiki simply stared at the floor with a sour expression on her face, while Byakuren began looking around idly.

“...That’s funny.” Tewi broke the silence.

“What is?” Kokoro questions.

“A magician youkai is more fair than the person who's supposed to judge you when you die.” It's almost as if Tewi wants to die, to see how fair Eiki really is.

“Eiki, before you go off again, remember that you were about to kill her with an eight hundred pound Rod of Remorse.” Byakuren nipped in the bud.

Eiki actually looked slightly crestfallen, “...I really was. That's not good form for a yama...”

“Plus, she does have a point. As a judge of the dead, it's of paramount importance to not let your emotions overcome you.” Byakuren had somehow managed to out-lecture a yama.

“Yes, yes, it truly is.” Eiki stood there in silence with Byakuren’s hand on her shoulder.

Tewi stretched, and spoke up, “As much as I hate to break up a nice post-lecture repenting silence, we do still have a card game to play.”

“That you all do.”

“Huh?” Eiki looks up.

Yukari was hanging out of a gap surveying the situation from above.

“I must thank you, Byakuren, for breaking up a fight so I didn't have to. Although, I will have to replace that table...” Yukari slowly descended to the floor.

“That was quite a good show you all put on there, isn't that right Hina?” Yukari looks over her shoulder.

Hina was indeed, hiding amongst the roulette tables watching the situation unfold, a chancy proposition in a dress like hers.

Hina Kagiyama was a misfortune goddess, albeit that she doesn't have shrines or collect faith. She does, however, collect misfortune by gathering Hina dolls that are put in rivers, or more practically, by spinning in a circular pattern. This makes a gambling hall the equivalent of all-you-can-eat buffet for her.

She stepped out from the tables towards her fellow poker players. “Sorry for not making myself known earlier, but the entire thing was quite a scene.”

“Well yes, but enough about that. As Tewi said, we have a game to play. Choose any table you like.” Yukari decided to the put the whole thing to rest.

Once Kokoro got up off the floor, Kokoro, Tewi, Hina, Eiki and Byakuren all moved toward the closest table to the stage.

“I have to commend the band for still playing after Eiki slammed a table into her face.” Tewi said after sitting at the table.

“They're quite used to such things.” Yukari snickered a bit.

Eiki shot Yukari a quick glance.

Yukari swiftly carried on, “Now, as you all surely know, the game is Texas Hold ‘em, and the buy-in is exactly one million yen.”

Each player fished out a bag of one million yen and put it onto the table.

“Very nice. Now, with the special circumstances of this particular setup, I will take of care of maintaining the boundaries of luck. I hope I don't I have to mention what will happen if you cheat, or even more hopefully, don't find any of you cheating, for your sake.” Yukari learned as she said the latter part.

A deck of playing cards fell out of a gap and into Yukari’s hand. “Here is your deck, pre-shuffled and in no way stacked in anyway, I assure you.”

She set the deck down in the middle of the table, with a wave of her hand, the cards then dealt themselves to each player.

Sitting in a gap, she sedately says, “Let the games begin.”

Yukari then falls backwards into the gap, making her exit.


What character would you like to follow?

[ ] Eiki Shiki
[ ] Hata no Kokoro
[ ] Byakuren Hijiri
[ ] Tewi Inaba
[ ] Hina Kagiyama

Also do you want to directly control their actions or do you just want to see their cards?

[ ] Direct Control
[ ] Just See Cards
No. 190405
[x] Hata no Kokoro
[x] Direct Control
No. 190406
[X] Hata no Kokoro
[X] Direct Control
No. 190407
[x] Eiki Shiki
[x] Assuming Direct Control
No. 190408
[X] Hata no Kokoro
[X] Direct Control

The most everyman perspective.
No. 190409
[TEWI] Inaba
[x] Just see cards

How is Tewi going to get around this with Yukari watching?
No. 190411
[Z] Hata no Kokoro
[e] Direct Control

This sounds fun.
No. 190414
Alright, votes have been vaguely glanced at and we are going to be directly controlling Kokoro.

In my opinion, good choice.
No. 190416
More importantly, how is Byakuren even participating in this?
No. 190581
File 146879192863.jpg- (146.41KB , 400x600 , shesnotactuallyontheacethough.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the unnecessarily long wait for such a short update, various life things have been occurring etc.
From the perspective of Hata no Kokoro, the other players were seated as such: Byakuren was next to her right, Eiki was next to Byakuren, Tewi was in swinging distance from Eiki, and Hina was at Kokoro’s left.

“Umm… I feel like we forgot something.” Hina looked quite puzzled.

Tewi looked up from her cards, “We have to decide who gets the blinds, right?”

“Yeah, that's it.” Hina pointed her finger in the air, but not with her entire arm.

Tewi did a circular motion with all of her hand, “Should we spin a bottle, or something, or do we just wait for Yukari to decide it for us?”

Eiki rolled her eyes, while Byakuren simply waited patiently.

Kokoro looked over to Hina, “Would you mind if I take the big blind?”

“Hmm, No that’d be quite alright.” Hina confirmed.

“Okay.” Kokoro’s fox mask stayed where it was.

Tewi then remembered something else, “Wait, where are the c-”

Five gaps then opened, depositing a stack of chips for each player, then two chips deposited themselves from Kokoro’s, and one from Hina’s.

“One chip would be like, one hundred yen right?” Tewi questioned.

Eiki made sure to memorize the rules of the game to make sure no one is going to cheat, “One white chip would be one hundred yen, but with how much money we are playing with, I’d say it’d be one thousand yen. I expected that you of all people would know the rules of poker.”

“Well you expect a lotta things, don’t ya?” Tewi rested her head in her left hand.

Byakuren stopped the inevitable retort, “How about we start the game shall we? I’ll call.”

She picked up two white chips and put them in the pot.

Eiki took a quick look at her cards, “I’ll… call.” she took two white chips between her fingers and flicked them into the pot.

“Ooh, look at you, all fancy.” Tewi mocked.

Eiki stared into Tewi’s eye’s, “Are you going to take problem with everything I do?”

“Are you?” Tewi stared right back, with a smile.

Eiki slowly turned away, “Point taken.”

Tewi looked over her cards, and then at her pile of chips, “Let's make this a bit more interesting.”

Tewi picked up a single red chip and threw it into the pot.

“Your move, Hina.” Tewi says offhandedly.

Hina looks at her cards intensely, weighing her options, “...I call.”

She throws a red chip into the pot.

Its Kokoro’s turn now, since she had the big blind, she can check, meaning she doesn't have to waste any chips, and continue the game. The person in the next turn can then also check.

Her hand is 6 of Clubs, and King of Diamonds. She noticed that the King has an image of Reimu on it, in her usual red shrine maiden garb.


[ ] Check
[ ] Raise (specify amount)
[ ] Fold
No. 190586
[X] Check
No. 190587
[x] Check
No. 190590
[ze] Check

I like this already.
No. 190601
[Z] Check
No. 190611
Well that was the easiest vote count in the world, we'll be checking then.
No. 191001
File 147018605523.jpg- (69.39KB , 500x500 , shesontoyou.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I check.” Kokoro taps her index and middle finger on the table twice.

Since the first round of betting is over, three cards flew from the deck and revealed themselves. A King of Diamonds, Three of Clubs, and a Two of Aces. One white chip from Kokoro’s chip pile enters the pot, and two from Byakuren’s.

It’s over to Byakuren now, “Erm… what does check mean exactly?”

Kokoro decided to explain, “Since I had the big blind, that means I check, which means I don't have to spend any money, and you also get to check too.”

Byakuren looked surprised, but not in a bad way, “Ah, in that case, I check.” she mimicks what Kokoro did with her hands.

A thought occurred to Kokoro, “How do you have the money to play this?”

Tewi slowly looked up, she looked quizzical, “Yeah… How do you?”

Byakuren was caught off guard by these questions, “Ah… well, yes, you see I myself can’t possess money but I do have to confiscate any money that my disciples have, normally I just give it away to the village, but today I thought that this would be a much more exciting way of redistributing wealth.” Byakuren smiled, satisfied with her answer.

Kokoro thought on that, “Doesn’t that mean you’d have to lose?”

“Well I’ve never played Texas Hold ‘em much, so I don’t think that will be difficult.” Byakuren’s smile continued, but it now had a hint of slyness.

Eiki looked at Byakuren oddly, “I… check.” she does no hand movement.

“Eh, might as well, check.” Tewi does put in the effort to tap the table.

“I check as well.” Hina follows suit.

With Kokoro’s hand, she has a very high pair with the King of Diamonds, but it is only a single pair.


[ ] Check
[ ] Raise (specify amount)
[ ] Fold
No. 191006
>Her hand is 6 of Clubs, and King of Diamonds. She noticed that the King has an image of Reimu on it, in her usual red shrine maiden garb.

>Since the first round of betting is over, three cards flew from the deck and revealed themselves. A King of Diamonds, Three of Clubs, and a Two of Aces. One white chip from Kokoro’s chip pile enters the pot, and two from Byakuren’s.

>two Kings of Diamonds in one deck

Goddamnit, Yukari.

[x] Raise (2 chips)
No. 191007
>A King of Diamonds, Three of Clubs, and a Two of Aces.
>a Two of Aces.

What kind of insane deck are we playing with here.

[x] Raise ($100)
No. 191016
[X] Raise (2 chips)

What is this deck.
No. 191028
[x] Check
No. 191046
>Her hand is 6 of Clubs, and King of Diamonds.
> A King of Diamonds, Three of Clubs, and a Two of Aces.
>a Two of Aces.
>two Kings of Diamonds in one deck.

Before our obligatory round of 'GOD DAMN IT, YUKARI!' I'd like to postulate that the twin Kings of Diamonds could be attributed to using TWO decks instead of one.

But what the fukkin hell kind of suite is Aces?
No. 191053
[x] Check

I can understand using two decks to get two Kings of Diamonds, but...a Two of what now?
No. 191055
Between the check and the raise, I need a tiebreaker. (Also if you could specify what chip, or how much money exactly, that'd be great)

Also don't worry about the Aces thing, I'll fix it.
No. 191056
[X] Raise (1 white chip)
No. 191057
Vote called. We will be raising one white chip.

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