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18508 No. 18508
You decide to wait for Reisen. A small sound reaches your ears, coming from within the room. It seems that Reisen’s humming. That’s good to hear. You’re glad that she’s in a good mood. You lean against the wall opposite the door and continue to wait. Thoughts of what might be for breakfast fill your head, but your reverie is quickly interrupted by a quick little scream and a thud. That came from inside the room! You rush into the room to see if Reisen is alright, and see her lying on the futon, wearing only her button up shirt. Her skirt lies around her ankles and she’s clutching her leg. You are instantly by her side and asking if she’s alright.
<Ah. Yes, I’m fine, my leg just really hurts today. I think I over did it last night yelling at Tewi.> Reisen sighs, before realizing that her skirt is around her ankles. She turns bright red.
<AH! NO PEEKING.> She pulls her dress shirt down while trying to reach for her skirt to pull it up. She can’t quite reach. You tell her that you’ll help. You slide her skirt up to where she can reach it.
<T-thank you. > She quickly puts the skirt into place and zips it up. You ask her if she thinks she can stand.
<I’m not sure.> She thinks for a moment. <Let me try. . .>
She pushes herself up and starts to stand up, only to loose her balance again. This time you’re here to catch her, so she doesn’t hit the ground. She still squeaks when she starts to fall though. She lays in your arms a moment, eyes closed before she seems to realize where she is. Her blush deepens.
<Ah. . . It would seem that I can’t quite yet.> She opens her eyes slightly and peeks out at you. You smile down at her, and tell her that there’s no choice then. You’ll have to carry her. Before she can protest you sweep her up in your arms. You ask her why she didn’t have Sanae fix her leg yesterday.
<Ah. . . I figured she would have been tired from treating you, and I didn’t want to be a bother to her. Besides we’d just gotten here, and I was more intent on making sure you were ok, and understood. . .>
Ah, well. That clinches it. You tell Reisen that the two of you are going to find Sanae now, so that Reisen can get her leg fixed.
<Ah! But! But!> Reisen starts to protest, but you quickly cut her off, telling her that the two of you are going to find Sanae, and that’s final. Reisen brings her hands up to her mouth and starts chewing on one of her fingers nervously.
<Al-alright. Let’s go then.>
You walk back out into the hall, carrying Reisen, and slide the door shut behind you with your foot. Now, where to look for Sanae.

[ ] Entry Way
[ ] Kitchen
[ ] Dining Room
[ ] Out front of the Shrine
[ ] Behind the Shrine
[ ] Sanae’s room
[ ] Suwako’s room
[ ] ?

>> No. 18511
[x] Out front of the Shrine
>> No. 18512
[X] ?

Yeah, let's check out ?.
>> No. 18513
[x] ?

Sanae's room would be the logical place to first look, however this question mark option intrigues me.

Besides, once she's fixed up there probably won't be much reason to carry her around anymore. Nothing wrong with taking the "scenic route" so long as we get there, right?
>> No. 18514
Checking out "?" might not be a good idea. Don't forget that Kira is evil. Pure evil.
>> No. 18517
[X] ?
I bet it's a trap but I can't resist the mighty ?
>> No. 18518
File 120853995644.jpg - (164.64KB , 704x400 , Shit.jpg ) [iqdb]
Goddamn it I wish you didn't post until I finished.
I present: shitgar.jpg

[X] ?
>> No. 18520
[X] Sanae’s room

Never hurts to try
>> No. 18522
[ ] Sanae’s room


I do not trust you ambiguous little mark! I see through your lies, you are the harbinger of BAD ENDS! You shall be the trigger for the "big bad thing that makes everything not right again"!

And going to the kitchen\dining room with Reisen in our arms? Twei would have a field day....
>> No. 18523
[ ] Sanae’s room
>> No. 18526
[x] Out front of the Shrine

She's the one miko who actually works so she's probably sweeping up out front.
>> No. 18527
[X] Sanae’s room

Lambs to the slaughter... turn back! Turn back while there's still time!
>> No. 18528
File 120854008254.jpg - (637.94KB , 761x956 , 1205437230434.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's Kamina from Gorkan Morkann ya git.
>> No. 18529
[ ] Sanae’s room

must resist the ?
>> No. 18534
You iz muckin about
>> No. 18538
[ ] Sanae’s room

when we are carrying reisen we shouldn't just walk around aimlessly
>> No. 18541
[ ] Sanae’s room
>> No. 18543
oh come on. the '?' would be fun.
>> No. 18544
[x] Out front of the Shrine
We should enjoy the scenery with our lover in tow.
>> No. 18546
[X] Sanae’s room
>> No. 18547
Nice try Kira, we ain't falling for your tricks.
>> No. 18548
File 120854031842.jpg - (6.33KB , 226x236 , 1198196783618.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18549
[x] ?
>> No. 18550

I see beyond your traps

[ ] Sanae’s room
>> No. 18551
Come on, Anon! PUSH THE ? BUTTON!

>> No. 18553

[x] ?

but only if it is no bad end
>> No. 18554
[X] Collapse from Reisens weight
>> No. 18555

[ ] ?

>> No. 18556
File 120854044219.jpg - (21.43KB , 470x336 , 120292573990.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18557
You know, while I can imagine the ? being a trap meant to lure us in with our curiosity, isn't it just as likely that by this point Kira knows us by now that such an "obvious" trap could very well be a red-herring meant to drive us into the REAL trap?
>> No. 18558
[ ] Sanae’s room

we need her to be at her best health, if you know what I mean
>> No. 18560
[ ] ?

That question mark. It was made for me.
>> No. 18561
[x] Sanae’s room
Curiosity killed the cat. At least heal Reisen first.
>> No. 18562
sanae's room at 10 votes

>> No. 18563

Don't make me post the fatty Reisen pics.
>> No. 18564
Sanae's room won.
>> No. 18566
If nothing else, can we at least get a HINT as to whether or not the ? was a good surprise or a bad "OH GOD WHY DID WE PICK THIS" surprise?
>> No. 18568
File 120854071862.jpg - (156.68KB , 676x507 , 120309863276.jpg ) [iqdb]

DO WANT. I love tubby versions.
>> No. 18569
>>Sanae's room won.

Waaaait a minute...


...oh shit.
>> No. 18571
Little of coulumn A, little of Column B. You would have still had reisen with you the whole time. And she would have been alive and unharmed, well, as unharmed as she already is.
>> No. 18572

...goddamn it, Anon.
>> No. 18573
dammit, I knew we should have picked ?
>> No. 18574
File 12085408219.jpg - (244.19KB , 665x469 , 111_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well I was asked to so here.
>> No. 18575

>> No. 18576

>> No. 18577
File 120854090583.jpg - (230.72KB , 1100x600 , 162_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh ho why not OMNOMNOM everything?
>> No. 18578
File 120854094761.jpg - (170.54KB , 704x400 , Fuck.jpg ) [iqdb]
For some reason, I get a Riddler vibe from this.
Also, I'm eventually getting rid of the eyes, but I'm far too sick of Photoshit for now.
>> No. 18579
>> No. 18581
Because he was asked to. Not very observant, are you?
>> No. 18582

bad end

you take reisen with you into your world
because real world food is much fatter than moon carrots, reisen becomes huge, and TV makes her so lazy that all hope is lost
>> No. 18583
I knew it. The ? was just a decoy, wasn't it?
Either Kira is one damn clever manipulator, or Anon is just that damn easy to read and manipulate.
>> No. 18585
File 120854108750.jpg - (26.26KB , 360x428 , ITSGOTIME.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is Reisen's Ex form.
>> No. 18587

anon is nothing but a generic hive mind

I can't think of anything that is easier to manipulate
>> No. 18588
File 120854117195.gif - (222.76KB , 180x136 , 1167266433838.gif ) [iqdb]
Picture maybe related.
>> No. 18589
File 120854118970.jpg - (148.44KB , 650x508 , 1e90b4fd.jpg ) [iqdb]
Deploying counter-agent!
>> No. 18590
And for the sauce of those tubby Reisen pics.


It's not all touhou. It's not all hot. You've been warned.
>> No. 18591
We're gonna walk in when Sanae is still dressing. Great choice Anon, I'm glad you picked the best option without me.
>> No. 18592

Guys, we`re fucked.
>> No. 18594

I lol'd so hard, my chest hurts
>> No. 18596
Reisen can manipulate Light/create illusions.
she could easily hide her xbox hueg body by hypnotizing everyone.
>> No. 18598
If I could bring Reisen into the real world, I would balance things like pancakes on top of her head and then put pictures of it on the internet.
>> No. 18599

Needs more shallow hal. Reisen tossing us her panties and us suddenly finding them to be the size of a tent would be great.
>> No. 18600
in before bunnywithpancakeonhead.jpg
>> No. 18601
File 120854157422.jpg - (215.14KB , 559x610 , 00f9164bf53d31423e54161347d226d2.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk down the hallway, and across the entryway, up the other hall, and up to what you assume is Sanae’s room. It has a little plaque hanging on it that says “Sanae” after all. With your hands full, you can’t very well knock, so you try tapping the door with your foot. No response. You tap a bit harder with your foot. Still no response. You give the door a good solid kick, making a rather loud noise, and still there’s no response. The sliding door isn’t that heavy, so you decide to slide it open with your foot. Big mistake. Inside the room, Sanae was apparently changing clothes. The two of you stand there, staring at each other for a few moments before Reisen coughs. Sanae turns BRIGHT red and starts throwing things at you.
The stream of items and insults continue while you run down the hall, away from the enraged Sanae. You finally stop once you’ve run through the dining room and out of the shrine through the kitchen. Well! That plan went horribly. You sigh and sit down, which effectively puts Reisen in your lap.
You appologize to her for the little mishap. She laughs slightly.
<It was funny, even if I would kill you if the same thing happened to me> She grins an evil grin.
Well, it seems that you May be stuck carrying Reisen for a while. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, you just wonder how the others are going to react to it.

[ ] Continue resting here.
[ ] Go back inside the shrine.
[ ] Go check out the back gate.
>> No. 18602
File 120854159725.jpg - (130.03KB , 727x1024 , 287_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thank you for that, I have no idea why I like them healthy and up but I do.
>> No. 18603
[ ] Go check out the back gate.
"Fancy going for a walk before breakfast?"

Don't stop to rest, she'll think she's too heavy.
>> No. 18604
[x] Continue resting here.
needs more reisen on anons lap
>> No. 18605
[x] Go check out the back gate.
>> No. 18607

[ ] Go back inside the shrine.

Why is the guy always at fault in this kind of situations? Answer when someone`s knocking on your door, damnit.
>> No. 18608
Holy shit. I might just be a genius. Anyway,
[X] Go back inside the shrine.
>> No. 18609
Oh and before I forget: KIRAAAAAAAAA!!!
>> No. 18610
[X] Continue resting here.
Reisen on our lap, lets stay here
>> No. 18611
[X] Go check out the back gate.

It's time to go sight-seeing together!
>> No. 18612
[ ] Continue resting here.

Monster, freak, AND bastard, eh? I must be easily amused....
>> No. 18613
[X] Continue resting here.

Let Sanae cool off. And if we're lucky, maybe things will heat up a bit.

Also, good job on calling that one, Anon.
>> No. 18614
[X] Go back inside the shrine.
Breakfast timeee~
>> No. 18615
[ ] Go back inside the shrine.
>> No. 18616
No, stop! The adorable, I can't take it much lonHHHRRRRNNNNNGGGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
>> No. 18617
File 120854191291.jpg - (23.96KB , 704x396 , 1208117516588.jpg ) [iqdb]

I`m sure you meant "KAAAAAAAAAMIIIII!!!"
>> No. 18619
I hope the caption at the top says TAKIN' IT TOO EASY
>> No. 18620
[ ] Continue resting here.
>> No. 18621
[X] Go back inside the shrine
>> No. 18622
[ ] Go back inside the shrine.
>> No. 18623
We continue resting, is it?
>> No. 18624
[x] Go back inside the shrine.

either the dining room, or ask Reisen where she wants to go
>> No. 18625
[x] Continue resting here.

It's time bond.
>> No. 18627
File 120854228669.jpg - (84.32KB , 499x700 , 155_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Have some Sanae in light of recent events.
>> No. 18628
[x] Go back inside the shrine.
>> No. 18629
[x] Go check out the back gate.
Any excuse to continue carrying around our favorite moon bunny.

Would kill for a shoop/oekaki of this.
>> No. 18631
[X] Continue resting here.
>> No. 18632
Reisen meets Biske-tan? Do want!
>> No. 18635
>It's time bond.
Wait, so we're a secret agent?

Fuck, no WONDER Reimu wants us dead!
This is some Bourne Identity shit, right here.

Also, best typo since "Reisen is still man at you"
>> No. 18636
[ ] Go back inside the shrine.
>> No. 18639

The button and 'frozen frog' codename wasn't a big enough hint?
>> No. 18641

Although I meant to say "It's time to bond", I think I like the secret agent angle.

"It's time, Bond" sounds a whole lot better now.
>> No. 18642
A delicious smell wafts out from within the shrine. You take a deep breath inhaling the delicious smell when you hear a small growling noise. Looking at Reisen, she blushes slightly.
<Ah. I-it wasn’t me. . . I’m not that hun. . .> Gaoooooo.
You smile at her. Standing up you head towards the kitchen.
<Ah! Ah. . . Could you. . . Actually could you leave me out here? I really don’t want to face Tewi just yet this morning. We could eat out here, if you don’t mind.>You set Reisen down on the walkway around the shrine, and then go into the kitchen. The Aki sisters are flying around in a blur, making breakfast for the large group. You could probably sneak in and steal something while their distracted, or you could probably ask them for something. Otherwise you could go out into the dining room and then take it out to Reisen.

[ ] Take something from the kitchen.
[ ] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.
[ ] Go out into the dining room and get food from there.
>> No. 18643
[X] Go back inside the shrine.
We have reisen to tell sanae wer'e innocent. a girl always beleives a girl.
of course we'll apologize to sanae. she's supposed to be good natured, so i guess she'll forgive us without too much of a fuss (UNLESS kira turns her into a bitch like he did with Yuyuko. DAMMIT YUKIRA.)
>> No. 18644

I can't wait until we reach McGyver levels of badassery.
>> No. 18645
[X] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.
fresh is the best.

clever Anon. very clever.
>> No. 18646
[X] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.
>> No. 18647
[x] Go out into the dining room and get food from there.
>> No. 18649
[ ] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.
>> No. 18650
[x] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.

Better to ask politely than just take stuff thoughtlessly.
>> No. 18651
[x] Go out into the dining room and get food from there.

Sisters are busy and probably wouldn't appreciate the stealing of food. Fend for yourself!
>> No. 18652
[ ] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.
>> No. 18653
[ ] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.

[ ] Take something from the kitchen.

If there are carrots to be had.
>> No. 18655

>> No. 18656
[ ] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.
>> No. 18657
[X] Take something from the kitchen.

I'd rather not bother the Akis, as they seem busy enough; I'd also rather not have to deal with Tewi smirking at us. So.
>> No. 18658
Good point.
[X] Go out into the dining room and get food from there.
>> No. 18659
[x] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.
>> No. 18660

This is why we're still saving up things like fluff, the hourai doll and a card we have yet to ask Reisen about.
>> No. 18661
[X] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.

Taking food is a no-no.
As for the dining room, do WE want to face the others just yet?

Asking seems to be the way to go for a pleasant meal/snack with Reisen outside.
>> No. 18662
So this makes Yukari ...M?

And Kourindou is Q?
>> No. 18666
Crap I don't have any fatty Aki sisters stuff to post.

But when I do you'll all get to see it. Whether you want to or not.
>> No. 18667

And the mysterious box is actually a Horadric Cube?

Yeah, right.
>> No. 18668
Silly me, I thought it was because Anon was a packrat.

Damn. This is just awesome.

[x] ask one of them to make you something. (Or at least if we CAN take something.)
>> No. 18669
You just took me 9 years into the past.
well done.
>> No. 18670
[ ] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.
>> No. 18671
File 120854354012.jpg - (360.24KB , 1400x684 , aki sis kitch.jpg ) [iqdb]
You clear your throat quite loudly, and the sisters stop and look at you.
“Yes? Can we help you?” Minoriko ask.
You ask them if you can have something.
“We’re a little busy at the moment, you’ll just have to wait until we finish making everything else,” Shizuha replies curtly, “Unless you’re willing to help.”
You might be able to help them. I mean you think you did yesterday, even though you’re not sure if you did or not. They’re seeming rather short with you, so it could simply be because they’re busy, or it could be because they’ve never met you before. Quite the quandary.

[ ] Go wait in the dining room for food.
[ ] Help them make breakfast.
[ ] Pinch something from the kitchen and take it to Reisen.
>> No. 18672
[X] Help them make breakfast.
>> No. 18673
[ ] Pinch something from the kitchen and take it to Reisen.
[ ] Help them make breakfast.
>> No. 18674
[ ] Help them make breakfast.

Nerds make good cooks.
>> No. 18675
[x] Pinch something from the kitchen and take it to Reisen.

If the fatty wants food the fatty gets food.
>> No. 18676

[ ] Help them make breakfast. Also, ask them if you met already.
>> No. 18677
[X] Help them make breakfast.

We can make up for making Reisen wait by hand-crafting something for her on the side. Perhaps this would be a good time to try out that "carrot omelet" idea.
>> No. 18679
[ ] Help them make breakfast.
>> No. 18680
File 120854372318.jpg - (240.84KB , 700x640 , minoriko011.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Help them make breakfast.

If you know what I mean.
>> No. 18681
[ ] Pinch something from the kitchen and take it to Reisen.
>> No. 18682
[x] Help them make breakfast.

It's the one thing we can actually do well.
>> No. 18683
[X] Help them make breakfast.
>> No. 18684

[X] Go wait in the dining room for food.
>> No. 18685
[ ] Help them make breakfast.

Many hands make light work
>> No. 18686
[x] Help them make breakfast.
>> No. 18687
expected choice was expected.
===============================================-You ask the sisters what you can do to help.
“Ah! so you’re going to help us! Thank you!” Minoriko calls out from near the stove, “You can help by mixing the pancake batter.”
A bowl and spoon are shoved unceremoniously into your hands. You start stirring.
“Can you give me that bowl please?” Minoriko holds out her hand expectantly. She looks into the bowl, dips her finger in and tastes the batter. “Perfect. You’re a good assistant. Could you go help my sister now?”
You walk over to Shizuha who hands you a knife. “I need you to chop up the onions. I need them to cook along with the sausages.” She waves her hand at a pile of onions, before flying off to what appears to be a rice cooker.
This processes continues for some time, but eventually, there’s a feast of a breakfast that has been prepared.
“Alright! all that’s left is to take it out to the dining room! Thanks for your help” Minoriko bows to you for your assistance, followed shortly after by Shizuha. Now that the food’s made here’s your chance.

[ ] Take some food to Reisen
[ ] Help the sisters take the food out to the dining room
[ ] Go get Reisen, and bring her in.
>> No. 18688
>> No. 18689
[x] Help the sisters take the food out to the dining room

Also, tell Reisen what's taking so long
>> No. 18690
[x] Take some food to Reisen

It's time to be ninja about this.
>> No. 18691
[x] Help them make breakfast.

Anon must make something egg-based
>> No. 18692
[x] Take some food to Reisen
>> No. 18693
[x] Take some food to Reisen
>> No. 18694
[ ] Take some food to Reisen

get some for ourselves too, and maybe eat it. not eating seems to have a tendency to do bad things to us.
>> No. 18695
[x] Help the sisters take the food out to the dining room

Who wants to bet Reisen has been kidnapped already?
>> No. 18696
Okay maybe not

[X] Take some food to Reisen
>> No. 18697
[ ] Take some food to Reisen

Fast response was fast
>> No. 18698
[ ] Help the sisters take the food out to the dining room
>> No. 18699
[X] Take some food to Reisen.
[X] Help the sisters take the food out to the dining room.

Help set the table, but bring some food back to Reisen and eat with her.
>> No. 18700
[X] Take some food to Reisen

Breakfast under the blue sky~
>> No. 18701
I'll take that bet
>> No. 18702
[X] Take some food to Reisen
>> No. 18703
[ ] Take some food to Reisen
>> No. 18704
[ ] Take some food to Reisen
>> No. 18705
[X] Help them make breakfast.
No need to be rude.
it won't take THAT long.
>> No. 18706
>Who wants to bet Reisen has been kidnapped already?

I think she`d be able to inform us through the codec if something happened.
>> No. 18707
[ ] Go get Reisen, and bring her in.

when there is going to be a feast, bringing her food will only lead to a bad end

remember what eating between the meals does to you
>> No. 18708
X] Take some food to Reisen
>> No. 18710

don't give Yukira any bad ideas !
>> No. 18711
[X] Take some food to Reisen
>> No. 18712

We're taking part of the feast to her since she doesn't want to come inside.
>> No. 18713
The past 9 years were a lie.
You are in fact, Kaguya, playing Diablo 2.

>> No. 18714
[ ] Take some food to Reisen
>> No. 18715
so, are we stuck on the Reisen route, or is there still a chance for alt routes? what about harem end?
>> No. 18716
[X] Take some food to Reisen.

Reisen will wonder why we're crying when we bring her her breakfast with lots of onions.
>> No. 18717

How are we going to go about the events of the night prior with our group. We still need to discuss matters with the shrine members.
>> No. 18718
Yukira is now a meme.
credit to that anon fron 18643
well played

anyone up for a shoop of that?
>> No. 18719
[X] Ask the Aki sisters to make you something.
>> No. 18720
You grab a couple of plates and load them up with food. Sneaking out of the kitchen and onto the back walkway is no trouble, however, when you get out there, Reisen seems to be missing. You look around, thinking she can’t be far, but you can’t seem to find her anywhere. Starting to panic slightly, you try and contact her using the button.
<SHHH!> Is all she responds with, trying to shush you.
You look around confused. Why wouldn’t she have called out to you if she was taken by someone?
<Ah. No, Wait, I’m so. . .> And then Reisen’s message is cut off. You drop the plates. She has to be somewhere nearby, but where could she be?

[ ] Check around outside the shrine.
[ ] Check in the dining room.
[ ] Check a room in the shrine.
[ ] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made.
>> No. 18721
You never get the harem end on your first playthrough.
>> No. 18722
Wasn't I Kirakari before? Now I'm Yukira?
>> No. 18723

After Reisen dies sacrificing herself for us, there will be a time-skip, thus allowing for the possibility of accessing other routes.
>> No. 18724
[ ] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made.
>> No. 18725
[X] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made.

Good job, dumbfuck.
>> No. 18726
[x] Check around outside the shrine.

Oh for the love of...
>> No. 18727

Hey you did it too.
>> No. 18728
[ ] Check in the dining room.

Please tell me they're playing a joke on us.
>> No. 18729
[X] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made.
>> No. 18730
[x] Take some food to Reisen

> X]
TOTALLY wasn't copy-spamming.
>> No. 18731
[X] Check around outside the shrine.

Obvious toilet break is obvious, but if we don't check then it'll turn out she really was abducted.
>> No. 18732
[ ] Check a room in the shrine.
>> No. 18733
[ ] Check around outside the shrine.


(yukira sounds much better than kirakari)
>> No. 18734
[x] Check around outside the shrine.

I smell Tewi shenanigans, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were the early stages of an assault by the enemy.
>> No. 18735
[X] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made.

No sense panicking. We can ask around about her in just a bit, since breakfast is happening. We should probably take the chance to consult with Tewi about this, too, as she would best understand why Reisen would shush us and get cut off.
>> No. 18737
[X] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made.
>> No. 18738
File 120854449090.jpg - (338.19KB , 800x600 , 1201225659183.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ ] Check around outside the shrine.
>> No. 18740
[x] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made.

if she's in trouble, she wouldn't have tried to silence you.
>> No. 18741
[X] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made.

switch the a with the i
see what you get.
this is why Yukira is so much original and better then Kirakari. now we need a shoop.
>> No. 18742
Someone owes me some money.

[x] Calm down and clean up the mess you made
>> No. 18743
[X] Check around outside the shrine.

Damnit kira, why must you create such despair
>> No. 18747
Because it is the currency of my soul, and quite tasty to boot. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.
>> No. 18754
[x] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made. And then go get breakfast.

no fucking heroics until I get my morning coffee.
>> No. 18756
[ ] Calm down, and clean up the mess you made.
>> No. 18758
[X] Help the sisters take the food out to the dining room

[X] Bring food to Reisen
>> No. 18761
[X] Check around outside the shrine.

I like "GOD DAMN IT YUKIRA" a lot better.
>> No. 18762
Cleaning up the plates is easy, the food is another matter. Scraping it off of the walkway and onto the remains of the plates seems to be the best option. Once you have as much scraped off as you can, you walk back into the kitchen and throw the plates and food away. Figuring if Reisen was in any real trouble, she would have told you right away. You load up another plate and walk out into the dining room.
“Oh ho? There’s the lucky boy himself.” Tewi interjects as soon as you walk into the room, “Where’s your little lover girl? eh?” You shrug your shoulders. The pancakes are delicious. It would seem that Minoriko was right when she said that it had come out excellently. You ask someone to pass you the syrup.
“Wait, wait, You really don’t know where she is?” Tewi sounds a little worried. You nod, still eating the pancakes.
“She. . . She didn’t do anything last night, did she?” You shrug your shoulders at Tewi’s question. Tewi sounds genuinely worried now.
“Ah, I hope she didn’t do anything stupid. Ergh. Are you SURE you don’t know where she’s at.” You nod emphatically in response to the question. Tewi looks around the room.
“I have something to do. I’ll be back later.” Tewi rushes out of the room.
You shrug to yourself. DAMN these pancakes are good. A few minutes later, Sanae and Reisen walk into the room from the opposite hallway that Tewi rushed down.
“Thank you so much, Sanae, My leg feels completely better!”
Sanae giggles “Think nothing of it. I’m glad we got that little misunderstanding from this morning cleared up.” Sanae looks at you and her cheeks redden. She then coughs and makes a point of looking away from you.
“Oh look! pancakes! I love it when the Sisters make pancakes.” Sanae sits down and loads her plate up with pancakes and drowns them in syrup. Reisen walks over and sits next to you.
<Hey, where’s Tewi?>
You quietly tell her about the whole little conversation with Tewi. Reisen laughs slightly.
<You really should go look for her, she’s probably searching the shrine grounds for me right now.> Reisen giggles.

[ ] Continue eating.
[ ] Go looking for Tewi.
[ ] Offer Reisen some pancakes.
[ ] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head.
>> No. 18763
File 12085452421.jpg - (41.37KB , 452x382 , Slowbro.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18765
>[ ] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head.

Oohhhh, tempting, Kira. Veeery tempting. But no.

[X] Offer Reisen some pancakes.

Let Tewi sweat it out a while. It's the least she deserves.
>> No. 18766
[X] Offer Reisen some pancakes.

Who's Tewi?
>> No. 18767
[ ] Offer Reisen some pancakes.

if Tewi gets kidnapped and is the first major loss in this conflict, then be it !
I want some pancakes
>> No. 18768
Dear fuck is [ ] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head tempting.
But I'll choose
[X] Go looking for Tewi.
like the bitch I am.
>> No. 18769
[ ] Go looking for Tewi.

because anonymous is a nice person.

well, no. mostly because anonymous wants his options open.
>> No. 18770
[x] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head.
Let's get in touch with our dadaistic side.
>> No. 18772
[ ] Offer Reisen some pancakes.
[ ] Go looking for Tewi.

In that order.
>> No. 18773
[ ] Go looking for Tewi.
Reisen says go look for tewi, go look now
>> No. 18774
>[ ] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head.

[x] Go looking for Tewi.
Right now this seems the best answer.
>> No. 18775
[X] Go looking for Tewi.

We don't want her wandering too far off, so we should make sure she's alright.
>> No. 18777
[ ] Offer Reisen some pancakes.
>> No. 18778
[X] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18779
[ ] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18780
[X] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18781
[ ] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18782
[ ] Go looking for Tewi.

It's all well and good being nice to Reisen but we shouldn't stifle her or make our world revolve around her, both are sure fire bad ends. Don't let our relationships with others suffer, bros before hoes. Or in this case lil' sisters before hoes but that doesn't rhyme.
>> No. 18783
[x] Go looking for Tewi.

>You really should go look for her
Reisen's concern is our concern.
>> No. 18784
Listen to this Man. Do it in that order
>> No. 18785
[X] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18787
[x] Go looking for Tewi.
We got her back for the cockblocking, now go get her back.
>> No. 18788
[ ] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head.
[ ] Go looking for Tewi.

in that order.
>> No. 18789
>[ ] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head.

>> No. 18790
[X] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18791
[x] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18792
[x] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18793
[x] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head.
[x] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18796
[x] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head.

This could be the only one chance to do this. Do it while everybody feels great, maybe Tewi will appear at the exact moment anon does that for extra lulz
>> No. 18797

[ ] Go looking for Tewi.

This is going way too smooth. I`m starting to get suspicious.
>> No. 18798
Seconding >>18772 .
[x] Offer Reisen some pancakes.
[x] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18799
[X] Offer Reisen some pancakes.
[X] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18802
[x] Balance a pancake on Reisen’s head.
>> No. 18803
Sisses before bitches?
>> No. 18804
Changing my vote to:

[ ] Offer Reisen some pancakes.
[ ] Go looking for Tewi.
>> No. 18806
[ ] Continue eating.
>> No. 18807
Yeah, its all so nice and friendly at the moment. Its really going to smooth, we got Reisen, all are safe and sound eating pancakes..... Kira has something really evil planned out, i know it
>> No. 18808
[X] Go looking for Tewi.
How ironic would it be if, worried about Reisen disappearing Tewi herself disappeared?
>> No. 18809
You stand up from the table and head off down the hallway that Tewi ran down. You get a few steps down the hallway before a large bucket falls and nails you on the head.
“GOTCHA! You were just gonna let me run around the shrine in a panic, weren’t you.”
You’ve fallen to your knees, clutching your head. That was more of a pan than a bucket. You curse Tewi aloud.
“Oh ho? What’s that? ‘God damn it Tewi’?” Tewi steps in front of you, smirking like there was no tomorrow. “ You have to be able to handle at least this much to be able to get past what Eirin or Kaguya would do to you if they knew you were trying to court their little bunny.” You sigh aloud. Tewi may have a point, but it’s still annoying. You stagger to your feet.
“Oh ho? Gonna try something silly now, mr man?” She runs off down the hallway, and you chase after her. She clears the entryway slightly before you get there, meaning that you run into the person who’s just walked inside. You were moving far to fast to stop from hitting them, and you bowl them over. You realize that you’ve landed on something quite soft.

[ ] Squeeze
[ ] Don’t squeeze.
[ ] Disentangle yourself from the person.
>> No. 18810
[x] Disentangle yourself from the person.
>> No. 18811
[X] Squeeze
>> No. 18812
[ ] Disentangle yourself from the person.
>> No. 18813
[ ] Disentangle yourself from the person.

>> No. 18814
[X] Squeeze
>> No. 18815
[x] Squeeze like the motherfucking fist of the north star
>> No. 18816
[X] Disentangle yourself from the person.
>> No. 18817
[ ] Disentangle yourself from the person.

We're going to get beat up.
>> No. 18818
[ ] Don’t squeeze.
[ ] Disentangle yourself from the person.
>> No. 18819
[ ] Don’t squeeze.

but don't disentangle either. see who it is first.
>> No. 18820
[X] Squeeze

We've acted sensibly for long enough now, time to get back on form
>> No. 18821

[ ] Don’t squeeze.
>> No. 18822
[x] Disentangle yourself from the person.
>> No. 18823
Since we can pass it as an accident, might as well cop a feel.
>> No. 18825
you squeeze. hmmm... whoever it is, she sure has a nice muscle tone. DFC, too.

you look up to see Mannosuke. he smiles.

>> No. 18826
[ ] Don’t squeeze.

Bad end is do not want
>> No. 18828
[x] Disentangle yourself from the person.

Stop thinking with your balls anon.
>> No. 18829
[ ] Disentangle yourself from the person.
>> No. 18830
Best end~
>> No. 18831
Disentangle won. Too bad. You could have gotten away with squeezing.
>> No. 18832
With our Luck it is a Man
>> No. 18833
[x] Squeeze

This must be a flag for dere dere Alice.
I know she's not there but maybe that triggers a hidden Alice flag that will come into play later, when anon finds her again.
>> No. 18834
We have our moon bunny, we need noone else.

Unless we ran into Reisen.
That'd suck.
>> No. 18835
Maybe we've run into Patchy planning to do something evil and the only way to stop and confuse her was to *squeeze*? Now enjoy your boring BAD END.
>> No. 18836
[x] Disentangle yourself from the person.

...not that hard, actually. Hm. Meh.
>> No. 18837
So we bumped into Reisen? Or is it Disco time already?
>> No. 18838
[ ] Disentangle yourself from the person.


>> No. 18839
[ ] Don’t squeeze.

What an unelegant way of an introduction, not befitting of..
>> No. 18840
Boo, too serious. Anon is so fucking predictable.
>> No. 18842
>>Disentangle won. Too bad. You could have gotten away with squeezing.

Goddamn it, Anon.

Wait, no. This is okay. One missed opportunity to cop a feel is inconsequential compared to the prospect of Unlimited Squeeze Works with Reisen.

>> No. 18843
[X] Disentangle, then keep moving, and apologize as we go.

Goddamn romantic comedy cliches!
>> No. 18844
[x] *squeeze*

Eh, other votes already won anyways, but it's fun.
>> No. 18845

>> No. 18846

>> No. 18847
>> No. 18848
File 120854736410.jpg - (74.36KB , 450x600 , 1206815856439.jpg ) [iqdb]
Go ahead and squeeze. Enjoy feeling SURPRISE MANHOOD!
>> No. 18849
File 120854745285.jpg - (59.85KB , 574x496 , 1203709863695.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alternatively, its not fair. If Suwako can squeeze them, we should be able to as well...
>> No. 18850

Moar liek PULL OUT, amirite?
>> No. 18851
So, who WOULD we be able to just run into, knock over, and still get away with squeezing their goods?
>> No. 18852
Not just yet. It's too early for the trench run.
>> No. 18853

Good question.
>> No. 18854
little sister squad. hina. suwako (probably won't even notice). nitori (cuz she's too shy to kick your ass).
>> No. 18855

>> No. 18857

It's going to be tight but luckily our fighters are small.
>> No. 18858
she wouldn't have gotten knocked over.
>> No. 18859
>> No. 18860
Most of them don't have enough to squeeze.
>> No. 18861
...the only one I can think of is Mokou. The rest aren't fair game (our sisters) or would screw us by messing up our relations with Moriya Shrine (Aki sisters, and the shrine deities).

The Kappa may forgive us, but she doesn't have much to squeeze.
>> No. 18862
>nitori (cuz she's too shy to kick your ass).

>> No. 18863

It came from... behind!
>> No. 18864
File 120854780819.jpg - (173.38KB , 700x980 , rantails.jpg ) [iqdb]
A tail brushes past your face, causing you to jerk backwards onto your behind. You stand up quickly and help the other person up, apologizing the whole time. You’ve met her somewhere before, you think.
“We really do have to stop meeting like this. You really should slow down and look where you’re going.” The blonde haired lady smiles at you. “And considering that you’re the business that I’m here to attend to, you’ve just saved me quite a bit of trouble that would otherwise be spent finding you.” A light lilt floats in from the entryway.
“Now now, Ran, don’t scare the boy.” Another blonde haired lady walks into the room, carrying a parasol. “It’s nice to meet you again. Yuyuko’s a bit upset over the fact that you didn’t come back to visit her, but given the circumstances, she was quite understanding.” Yukari giggles. “Anyways, to the matter at hand. You wouldn’t happen to know where Kanako is, would you?”
“And why, prey tell, would the great Yukari Yakumo be looking for me?”
The three of you turn to the great steel doors that lead to the inner sanctum of the shrine. Kanako is standing there, replete with shimenawa. She looks none too pleased with the fact that Yukari is here.
“Oh, Kanako, there you are. I just had a small matter with which I wanted to discuss.”
“Alright, fine. Come in. We’ll have a little ‘discussion’, but your Shikigami stays out here.”
“That’s fine that’s fine. Ran, dear, go with him” Yukari waves in your general direction, “I do believe that they’re having breakfast at this time. Feel free to help yourself.”
“Yes ma’m, Yukari-sama.” Ran turns to you and bows. “I’m in your care now. Please, treat me kindly.”
You’re somewhat taken aback by how different Ran seems now as compared to before. You shrug your shoulders though. Turning to see what Kanako and Yukari are doing, you see that the door to the inner sanctum has already been closed. Oh well. So, what now?

[ ] Take Ran back to your room.
[ ] Take Ran to the dining room.
[ ] Abandon Ran.
[ ] Resume your search for Tewi.
>> No. 18865
True. Yukari generally never uses doors.
Not when she can just GAP IN, GAP OUT.
>> No. 18866
File 120854782844.jpg - (79.37KB , 480x640 , reisen_pancake.jpg ) [iqdb]
since Anon was sane enough NOT to choose pancake balancing, here's the secret bonus prize
>> No. 18867
File 120854784432.jpg - (27.08KB , 594x495 , 1208120511980.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18868
[ ] Take Ran to the dining room.
>> No. 18869
>You realize that you’ve landed on something quite soft.

Sisters and Mokou aren't that soft.
>> No. 18870
[ ] Resume your search for Tewi.
>> No. 18871
[X] Take Ran to the dining room.

Tewi will have to wait just a little longer.
>> No. 18872
[x] Take Ran to the dining room.
>> No. 18873
[ ] Take Ran to the dining room.

Stay with the group
>> No. 18874
[x] Take Ran back to your room.

If you know wha-
>> No. 18875
[x] Take Ran to the dining room.

Welp, since Ran left her to us, might as well show her in.
Also, daaaaamn, a heavy-hitter has arrived. Yukari, eh?
>> No. 18876
[ ] Resume your search for Tewi.
>> No. 18877
[X] Take Ran to the dining room.
>> No. 18878
[x] Take Ran to the dining room.
>> No. 18879
[X] Take Ran to the dining room.
>> No. 18880
[X] Take Ran to the dining room.

Well we did find Tewi, might as well introduce her to others
>> No. 18881
[x] Take Ran back to your room.

>> No. 18882
[ ] Take Ran to the dining room.
>> No. 18883
Could it be? Instead of a new little sister we get a sister / big sister
>> No. 18884
[x] Take Ran to the dining room.
I wonder if we can get some fried tofu early in the morning.
>> No. 18885
[ ] Take Ran to the dining room.

Why would we take her to our room?

Yeah, I know. But what excuse do we have to take her there?
>> No. 18886
File 120854816918.jpg - (135.86KB , 650x750 , 1204156393160.jpg ) [iqdb]
I love our allies. Here Ran, have some walfas...er waffles.
>> No. 18887
[X] Take Ran to the dining room.


>> No. 18888
"Come Ran there's something I'd like to show you"
>> No. 18891
More importantly, how would we explain ourselves to the others? Reisen in particular.
She's fully-mobile again, remember.
>> No. 18892
[ ] Take Ran to the dining room.
>> No. 18893
[ ] Take Ran to the dining room.
>> No. 18894
[ ] Take Ran to the dining room.

Oh noes! Temptation in the form of 10%! Can Reisen compete with Ran in her bid for our affection?
>> No. 18895
File 120854841016.png - (37.28KB , 550x400 , Walfas.png ) [iqdb]

>Here Ran, have some walfas...
>> No. 18896
But These tails, they were made for m-

is that a Reisen with a pancake on it's head?
>> No. 18897
>> No. 18898
File 120854853977.jpg - (98.26KB , 450x659 , 8d84a6e26b0f6660759b22cc41fa14ab.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Can Reisen compete with Ran in her bid for our affection?

One needs not compete when there's no competition to begin with.
>> No. 18899
[X] Take Ran to the dining room.
>> No. 18900
>> No. 18901
if we ever get a H-scene in MiG, we must remember to play with Reisens tail

it might be small, but cute nevertheless
>> No. 18902
File 120854865986.gif - (66.17KB , 400x300 , stay_on_target.gif ) [iqdb]
Stay on target...
>> No. 18903
File 120854868310.jpg - (397.75KB , 1118x1600 , 1206584000174.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18904
And the ears. Don't ignore the ears.
>> No. 18906
File 120854878517.jpg - (301.00KB , 671x850 , 120841778169.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ran Counter attacks with: Healthy!

It's super effective!
>> No. 18907
[x] Take Ran to the dining room.

So, is the netherworld subplot still salvagable?
>> No. 18908
File 120854883073.jpg - (19.66KB , 473x335 , 1206811086280.jpg ) [iqdb]
I approve of that picture.

But all these waffles...I hope she doesn't gain too much weight.
>> No. 18909

Fuck, I was going to post that!
>> No. 18910
[x] Take Ran to the dining room.

A fox is added.

Current 10% touhous that anon has around him right now: Wriggle, Reisen, Tewi, Ran, Nitori (i guess ... she's a kappa afterall)
>> No. 18911
File 120854891076.jpg - (36.31KB , 500x387 , 1206793164313.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh no! It has given her moebetes!
>> No. 18912
File 120854896812.jpg - (30.78KB , 409x454 , 1204062582046.jpg ) [iqdb]
Also diabetes
>> No. 18913
I think Wriggle and Nitori aren't 10%.
Wriggle just has extra antennas, no special ears or a tail.
Nitori may be bald under her hat, but that's it.
>> No. 18914
File 120854905419.jpg - (292.53KB , 500x712 , toho_001192.jpg ) [iqdb]
So THAT'S how you want to play it, huh?
>> No. 18915
I think Ran would prefer some fried Toufou
>> No. 18916

>> No. 18917
Behold, Ran in /at/

>> No. 18918
Ok guys, taking Ran to the dining room won, I'm taking a short break for lunch, then I'll resume with a new thread in about an hour or so. See you then.
>> No. 18919
File 120854916515.jpg - (79.48KB , 700x800 , 298_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Gee, it sure is FAT around here!
>> No. 18920
If we just could get them both...

But something tells me that wouldn't work
>> No. 18921
>> No. 18922
File 120854933650.jpg - (218.14KB , 550x700 , sanae2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh joy.
>> No. 18924
Other than the obvious fact that Reisen seems to be the jealous type, who would we live with?
>> No. 18925

Kira, you really need to write what would've happened if we had balanced a pancake on Reisen's head... I mean, the moe Reisen scenes are great too, but PLEEAAAASEE!
>> No. 18926
File 120854949870.jpg - (110.54KB , 600x800 , 1207068335394.jpg ) [iqdb]
Huh, it just struck me. Why is anon going after 10%s only? There are many 0%-furry girls in Gensokyo yet we end up picking up the 10% ones.

Not that I have anything against it.
>> No. 18927
Why do some of us want Ran all of a sudden?
We've only met her once before, and she killed us.

Besides that, think about what Tewi hinted about what Kaguya and Eirin would do to us if they found out we were trying to romance Reisen.

Now consider what Yukari would do to us if we tried the same on her shikigami.
>> No. 18929
File 120854960234.jpg - (130.65KB , 883x800 , 1203030822193.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think they would get along with each other pretty well.

Also, with Yukari around location doesn't matter. You can have your sex romp any time, any place. Who cares where you live?
>> No. 18930

>> No. 18934
File 120854973182.jpg - (87.16KB , 600x600 , 187ccbbc37502dc64c8b8bcfb972fab6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Considering we seem to be going for the more human-ish characters in WUIG with Meiling, Keine, and possibly Mokou and Sakuya, I think this is just naturally countering that.

Besides, who doesn't like bunny girls?
>> No. 18935
Ran hasn't kill- oh, wait. We rolled that one back.

Well, she seems to be happy to bump into us this time. Yukari is probably easier to convince to let us court her than Erin is for Reisen.
>> No. 18936
File 120854974272.jpg - (376.60KB , 1280x1024 , 37f5c2f4daabe19ced099bf1a195b59e_.jpg ) [iqdb]
I bet Reisen's ears twitch when she orgasms.

We need to be sure, though. WHO'S WITH ME
>> No. 18937
actually, i think Yukari would be a lot more lenient when it comes to this sort of stuff.
>> No. 18940
Anon needs to stop jumping from girl to girl.
>> No. 18942
I see your bet and raise with the fact that Rans tails must also twitch when she orgasms.

We need to be sure, though. WHO'S WITH ME
>> No. 18945

And I bet Wriggle orgasms when you touch her antenna.

We need to be sure, though. WHO'S WITH ME
>> No. 18946
Considering how much time we spent getting mindfucked and jerked around purely on her whims, I don't know if Yukari would be quite so easy to convince as you might think...
>> No. 18947
She seems genuinely fond of us though and she has apparently been helping us from the shadows.
>> No. 18948
File 120855016551.jpg - (18.79KB , 432x324 , 1180348758774.jpg ) [iqdb]
>We need to be sure, though. WHO'S WITH ME


>> No. 18953
File 120855046171.gif - (72.18KB , 240x320 , f7fbb0e2ec05cbccf8773fb4a4bcb6c6_.gif ) [iqdb]
>Why do some of us want Ran all of a sudden?

Just because TAILS. But it's not worth it and probably not even possible at this point, at least not without getting nice boated somehow.

Besides, I like Reisen. Please don't hurt my Reisen.
>> No. 18954
File 120855062770.jpg - (199.60KB , 596x839 , 7a8a617702bbe581dba53b081c6672a2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Who cares if Ran would be easier.

>> No. 18955
File 120855062881.png - (51.26KB , 300x300 , 1203062819899.png ) [iqdb]

>Besides, I like Reisen. Please don't hurt my Reisen.

>> No. 18956
File 120855074521.jpg - (92.14KB , 803x592 , 1207532042909.jpg ) [iqdb]
aka she would join in. it would be funny though.

Ran's back arches as I plunge deeper inside of her. Her soft delicate arms and tails wrap around my back just as hard as her insides wrap around my member. With eyes rolled back and raged breathing, it looks like she is in a trance of pleasure as she rhythmically grinds against me.

Suddenly, it feels a bit different. Certainly not bad, but...different. The pulsating is gone, but something sure is squeezing me. Ran opens her beautiful eyes which are now full of confusion and concern. "A-anon...why did you pull out?" she gasps. Huh, I didn't pull out...

And then there is a forcefully strong squeeze around my manhood. It makes me shake as I forcefully grab Ran let loose my load while my mind goes white. There is a cry of pleasure from the other room. Ran lets out a yell as she slides out from me, exposing the ribboned gap between where our two privates were previously connected. "YUKARI!!!" she yells as she charges naked into the other room.
>> No. 18957
I've been following MiG for only 5 threads now so I don't know how the characters are presented here or what exactly happened back in Eientei but:

Yeah, it might be difficult to convince Eirin, but Reisen is Kaguya's pet. Kaguya would surely support our case and Eirin would accept the princess' decision.
>> No. 18958
While Yukari is formalizing our alliance with Moriya (and Kira is taking a break), I want to remind Anonymous of some optional sidequests:

[ ] Give Mokou the box (resolves her subplot, Mokou becomes permanent party member)
[ ] Confront Aya: The crow that's been using our camera & film while we sleep (resolves her subplot; camera weapon upgrade/ammunition?)
[ ] Recover Nitori & attempt SCIENCE (resolves her subplot; acquire lasergun? camera weapon upgrade?)
[ ] Apologize to Yuyuko & receive her favor (Netherworld instead of Higan after death; bonus continues?)
[ ] (EXTRA) Search the ruins of Makai for the truth of Alice's past; unseal EX Alice (Gain Alice as permanent party member)
[ ] (PHANTASM) Remove Rumia's ribbon; subdue EX Rumia (Rumia stat upgrade, blindsight)
>> No. 18960
File 120855088416.jpg - (95.65KB , 912x700 , wriggle134.jpg ) [iqdb]

I bet Wriggle's butt lights up with every thrust during sex, and flares really bright when she hits orgasm.

Of course, I would like the opportunity to test this theory at some point.
>> No. 18962
I came and lol'd simultaneously. An interesting experience.
>> No. 18963
I came

>>[ ] Give Mokou the box (resolves her subplot, Mokou becomes permanent party member)

Kaguya's soul is thrown under water with heavy weights by Moku who finally get her revenge, Kaugya is doomed to die over and over from drowning. Reisen hates for this. BAD END

>>[ ] Confront Aya: The crow that's been using our camera & film while we sleep (resolves her subplot; camera weapon upgrade/ammunition?)

"You bastard what have you done to my Damara!"

>>[ ] Recover Nitori & attempt SCIENCE (resolves her subplot; acquire lasergun? camera weapon upgrade?)


>>[ ] Apologize to Yuyuko & receive her favor (Netherworld instead of Higan after death; bonus continues?)

>>[ ] (EXTRA) Search the ruins of Makai for the truth of Alice's past; unseal EX Alice (Gain Alice as permanent party member)

>>[ ] (PHANTASM) Remove Rumia's ribbon; subdue EX Rumia (Rumia stat upgrade, blindsight)

>> No. 18965

Eirin wouldn't mind as long as she could still use her as a lab rabbit. Hell, we all might end up living together, now that Eientei's obliterated.
>> No. 18966
This is something worth considering, Anon. Carefully.
>> No. 18967

Eientei got nuked for saving our ass. Theres no problem with us going for Reisen. Tewi just said that it would be to piss us off.
>> No. 18968
you forgot this option:

[ ] Fuck Reisen (gives anon the answer to the greatest mystery of Gensokyo: "does Reisen`s tail twitch when she orgasms?")
>> No. 18971

Most immediate would be Mokou. Paraphrasing Tewi, she's so desperate for Kaguya that she's furiously clinging to whatever reminds her of her (Anon & rabbits).

Aya and Nitori are high priority because we're likely leaving Youkai Mountain soon.
>> No. 18973

That's no sidequest boy. That's plot.
>> No. 18975
>> No. 18976
Why dont we just ask Kaguya. Lets open our blue box and ask her. I fear Eirin wont answer us for the moment
>> No. 18977
File 120855219824.jpg - (132.02KB , 500x707 , 599b4f31cc110a1447461dc5852d28be.jpg ) [iqdb]
We've got something good going for us, Anon.
Don't ruin it.

That's Kira's job.
>> No. 18980
Things go way too smooth for us. Kira must have already planned the absolute Despair for us.
>> No. 18981
Am I the only one who thinks it would be fucking epic if, assuming Kaguya was in the box, that we got to do a little Senior Wences routine with her?

>> No. 18982

Right. My bad.
>> No. 18984

Insert obligatory GODDAMNIT YUKARI here.
>> No. 18985
Yukari stole my precious sperm
>> No. 18987
When I first thought of Kaguya regenerating from strands of hair, I immediately wanted to see Mokou parodying Hamlet's "Alas, poor Yorick" speech with her partially regenerated head.

Really, Mokou screwing around with Kaguya's head in general is fine. Especially if Kaguya is sentient and bitching at the same time.
>> No. 18988

screwing around with Kaguya's partially regenerated head.

Now this reminds me of this one thread I saw on /b/, about a man stealing a skull and, well, those of you who have seen it know what I am talking about.
>> No. 18989
File 120855359964.jpg - (71.09KB , 703x528 , 1204234127567.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ugh. I remember that one...
>> No. 18991
File 120855406957.jpg - (125.77KB , 470x627 , c491b050c7007a576cf9043e143cb998.jpg ) [iqdb]
Moon Bunny like pancakes.
Moon Bunny like Tab and Mountain Dew.
Moon Bunny very simple girl.
With big warm fuzzy secret heart.
Moon Bunny like you.
>> No. 18993
These words...I MUST RESIST THEM
>> No. 18994

Resistance if futile. Give in to the ear-twitching moe bunny.
>> No. 18995
File 120855435865.jpg - (48.05KB , 533x594 , n725075089_288918_2774.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 18996
As long as we don't end up in something like Shop Vac, I'm fine.
>> No. 18997
File 120855580758.jpg - (81.08KB , 600x600 , 1206802895474.jpg ) [iqdb]
Undead Miko like human flesh.
Undead Miko like to tear and chew.
Undead Miko very hungry girl.
With ice cold black heart.
Undead Miko coming for you.
>> No. 18998
File 120855602614.jpg - (27.68KB , 317x475 , 4125b4zvxhl.jpg ) [iqdb]
Quess it's the time to read this then
>> No. 18999

Neko Miko Reimu~!
>> No. 19000
more like "Necro Miko Reimu" amirite?
>> No. 19113
For everyone who just started using the Internet, the rabbit Yuebing ("Moon Cake") is the name of the successor to Oolong, the original pancake rabbit.

Reisen is a moon rabbit who should have a pancake on her head.
>> No. 19175
File 120856228469.jpg - (128.32KB , 500x375 , 287530495_9dad759709.jpg ) [iqdb]
I see what you did there. I approve.
Also hurray minor GET.
>> No. 19179
That's one of my favorite Touhou soccer moves, right up there with Reisen and Yomu, Erin's solo one, Cirno's one and China's defense
>> No. 20242

Touhou soccer, is it real or all those videos on youtube were fan made?
>> No. 20310
Touhou Soccer (and Touhou Soccer 2) are real games.