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You wake up lying on what seems like a grass field. You can feel a slight headache as you try to open your drowsy eyes. It doesn't help much, as all you can see within your vision is just a blurry image of a blue sky and green trees that surround you.

You close your eyes again; trying to gather your thought as to where your current whereabouts is, or what might have happened to you last night that you ended up sleeping in the outdoors. But before you can think of anything, you can hear an almost inaudible voice, most likely directed at you.

No. 175585
Uh, I have a feeling you may have left something out.
No. 175587
Maybe we're supposed to be the voice.
[x]Retrieve arms from trees
[x]Examine self
No. 175588
[x] Get ye flask
No. 175589
[x]Hey asshole, you're in Gensokyo now. It's a secret land of magic. Most of that magic wants to eat you. If you don't feel like dying, go find the human village. Don't trust anybody you see out in the wilderness unless we okay them, especially if it's a little girl. They're probably monsters. No, I don't know why you're here or why we're talking to you.
No. 175590
Welp, first of all, you're supposed to be, well... you. Not the voice.

And apparently I also forgot to write the choice. It's just a single choice, though:

[ ] Write-In

There you go. Sorry for the inconvenience.
No. 175592
Well, that's slightly more boring. Oh well.
[x]Listen to voice
No. 175593
You should probably wait to give a choice until there's more than one reasonable thing for the character to do, unless you don't mind the readers making unreasonable choices.
No. 175595
[x]Retrieve arms from trees
[x]Examine self

Can't very well do much without arms. This is probably the best place to start.
No. 175596
[x]Retrieve arms from trees
[x]Examine self
[x]Listen to voice
No. 175597
File 13846243074.jpg - (396.17KB , 700x979 , 8270fa6a4bcf2710b711630b74cd6160.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Retrieve arms from trees
[x] Examine self
[x] Listen to voice


You've already got arms, numbnuts! You can't help but make that reference in your mind as you once again open your eyes. Your vision is still blurry, but at least a bit clearer than before. You shake your head sharply in an attempt to regain your focus.

It proves to be rather successful, as you can now make out the figure standing in front of you. A girl with long, pink (?) hair wearing a blue plaid shirt and a skirt that looks like a wearable version of Jack-o'-Lantern, stares back at you. At this point, you're wondering if you just have a huge hangover, as you can also see various masks that appear to be floating near her. Because of this, you're feeling a mixture of surprise, fear, and suspiciousness towards the extraordinary looking girl.

The mysterious girl then walks closer toward you and lends her hand. "Are you okay?"

[ ] Write-In
No. 175598
[X] “I think I have a hangover, and I'm not sure where I am.”
No. 175600
[X]girl is explaining...
No. 175631
[x] >>175598
[x] Take her hand.
No. 175635
File 138468347989.png - (549.20KB , 939x701 , fb88d1896c1f669d18b8f52d193a6013.png ) [iqdb]
[x] “I think I have a hangover, and I'm not sure where I am.”
[x] Girl is explaining...
[x] Take her hand.


You're looking at her for a few seconds, not entirely sure whether to trust her or not. But in the end, you accept her help anyway.

"...I think I just have a hangover," you reply, grabbing her hand, "and I'm not sure where I am."

And sure enough, the feeling of nausea starts to kick in once you manage to stand up. You try your best of your ability to hold back your vomit; as you don't really fancy throwing up in front of a complete stranger, for whatever reason. You were about to fall down from dizziness, until the girl gets a hold of your hand.

"Be careful, or you might hurt yourself," the girl said.

"...I'm feeling like crap already, alright," you grumble. "But thanks."

The girl nods, and continues. "Are you really okay? Can you walk?"

You blink at her. Her question clearly shows that of concern - but her expression as well as her voice do not.

"W-well, not really," you can feel your mouth dry and in a desperate need for a warm cup of coffee. Also, you're in no condition at all to walk by yourself.

"Come then," she says as she put and hold your arm on her shoulder. "I'll fly you to the human village."

You only respond with a nod. Your feeling of suspiciousness earlier has changed to a genuine gratitude instead. Whoever this girl is, at least she's kind enough to help you. And right now you really don't care much about your destination, as long as you can have a cure for your morning hangovー

ーWait, did she just say, 'I'll fly you?'

Before you could comprehend what she meant by that, your feet are already leaving the ground as you find yourself hovering above the earth surface alongside the girl.

"Wait wait WHAT?! Put me down first! PUT ME DOWN!" you yell panicky.

"Why? I thought flying will be faster than-"

"Whatever! Just put me down first! Please!" you frantically beg for your dear life right now.

"...Alright, alright."

She then slowly hovers back to the ground, in which you immediately jump off her and - upon landed on the ground - make a mad dash toward nearby bushes while holding your mouth, before emptying the content of your stomach.


"That was... terrible..." you mutter, walking back to the girl who surprisingly waits patiently for you.

"You done?" the girl asks.

"Yeah, yeah... thanks for waiting," you answer nonchalantly. "You know, for some reason I just hallucinated that we were both flying."

The girl tilts her head. "Hallucinated?"

"Uh-huh. And when we were both airborne, my stomach took the chance to protest. The result was as expected."

You sigh exasperatedly. You really have underestimated the beers made by the so-called 'Drunkard Breakers'. To think that such beverages had left you completely wasted and stranded in the middle of forest in god-knows-where. Not to mention the worst hangover that you've ever experienced in your entire life, in which you've even been given a figment of your childhood's fantasy earlier; which is flying.

"You hallucinated that we were... flying?"

"That's what I was saying, yeah."

"You mean, like this?"

"Yeah, precis- what."

Your jaw drops. The girl is floating. A girl is floating right in front of you. You slap yourself repeatedly, to no avail. The girl is puzzled by your action. Tilting her head, she asks, "What are you doing?"

"No, what are you doing?"

"I'm flying."

Duh. "I'm sorry, better question; what are you and what have you done to my sanity?"

As it sounds more like a rhetorical question, she ignores you and continues. "Have you actually never seen someone flying before?"

"Ever since the two Americans invented airplane; yes, I have, actually." Although technically they weren't the first, you add in mind. "But not as straightforward as your method just now."

"...American? Airplane? Oh," she then hides her ever poker face beneath one of her various, noh masks? The one with a surprised expression on it, "could it be, you're from the outside world?"


"No wonder your clothes look weird." Oi. You're one to talk.

"Wait, excuse me, outside world? I'm afraid I don't follow you here."

"Simply put, you're in Gensokyo, a world far different from yours."

"Seriously? I don't think it's that differe-" you then realize she's still blatantly disregarding the law of gravity, "-never mind. How the hell did I end up here, anyway?"

"That, I don't know."

"I-I see..."

"Though I heard there's a portal that leads to your world in the shrine."

"The shrine?" you smell a lead. "Where is this shrine?"

"Not too far from here, actually."

Welp, might as well. "Ah, then," you scratch your head, "would it be a bother to ask you to lead me there? Miss... um..."

"Kokoro," the girl introduces herself. "Hata no Kokoro."

"Ah, nice to meet you, miss Kokoro," you bow your head. "My name is..."

[ ] Write-In


Wow, that was longer than I expected.

In any case, I did a research beforehand in order to figure out Kokoro's personality. If you feel like there's something wrong with the way I portray her personality (or this story in general), feel free to inform me.
No. 175640
[x]Nova Pulsar
No. 175642
[X] Barack Obama

We CAN make this work. Anon, I ask for your bows one last time.
No. 175643
[X] Amelia Earhart
No. 175644
[X] Amelia Earhart
No. 175647
File 138470931738.jpg - (583.55KB , 1000x642 , Have some pikes too.jpg ) [iqdb]

Eh, sure why not. I'm fine with both Obama and Earhart. It's been a while since we've had a main charcter named after someone. Wonder if it'll end up like the other times?

[X] Barack Obama
No. 175649
[x] Arthur Pendragon

No. 175650

>Ever since the two Americans invented airplane

Your timing is a bit off.
No. 175651
[X] Barack Obama

No. 175652
>>175640 here
[x] Barack Obama

YES WE CAN (get elected president of Gensokyo). Kokoro can be part of our campaign staff.
No. 175653
File 138471683294.jpg - (93.71KB , 400x575 , hope.jpg ) [iqdb]
At the point, the guy is practically a hope youkai. He could probably just make another mask of hope for her, and then she'll be begging for the D.
No. 175654
File 138471716823.png - (353.41KB , 1000x1000 , 0e8ebbfc907377b59e58b2e7282d5f2a.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Barack Obama

Something like this?
No. 175655
[X]Barack Obama

After dealing with the popularity swings and absolute mayhem of the U.S. Federal Government, Gensokyo's nothing.
No. 175656

Should be a piece of cake. Seeing as a single lazy miko constitutes the entirety of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches in Gensokyo.
No. 175657

>At the point, the guy is practically a hope youkai.

Heh, explains why he's in Gensokyo. After all, what happens to things nobody believes in any more?
No. 175658
File 138472089255.jpg - (20.95KB , 399x275 , y_796538_1157254.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ouch man. Even I felt that one.
No. 175661
That. Was. Great.
No. 175663

Don't be so sure! You're forgetting about the Gap Youkai, the Yama, the Foreign Nobility, the MilitaryVillage Protector and a whole damn lot of powerful religous denominations. Why, I haven't even gone into the refugees, the outcasts and the revolutionaries yet!

I have perfect faith in our President. While the opposition is strong, they're no Republican Party and look how Obama managed to endure them!

Australianfag here, and I have no clue about actual American politics. This should be worth a laugh anyway
No. 175664
File 138472201979.jpg - (14.41KB , 178x178 , american politics.jpg ) [iqdb]

Now you're up to speed bro.
No. 175665
Nah, she's only about half the Gensoukyou “Federal” Government, albeit the more visible and active part. She's the Judicary, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice.

>Gap Youkai
And there's the other half of Gensoukyou's “Federal” Government
She's works in Higan, not Gensoukyou.
>Foreign Nobility
Scarlet: SDM “State” Governor
Houraisan: Eientei “State” Governor
>Village Protector
Human Village “State” Police
No. 175666
Guys Obama can't become president of Gensokyo.
because he doesn't have a birth certificate
No. 175667
>She's the Judicary, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice.
And the House of Representatives, since she wrote the spell card rules.

>>Gap Youkai
>And there's the other half of Gensoukyou's “Federal” Government
(along with Ran and Chen, though they're just aides)

>Human Village “State” Police
Not to be confused with the Human Village Municipal Police, which is Kotohime
No. 175668
Play it off as immortality or a recent return. Doesn't the legend say that he'd "return" in Britain's time of need or something?
No. 175669
This seems like a good time to mention that it's generally accepted here for authors to veto write-ins that they can't work with.
No. 175670
File 13847421426.jpg - (283.85KB , 1024x576 , image.jpg ) [iqdb]
Unless the vote passes by a two-thirds majority in both the thread and the secret IRC cabal, the two houses of the legislative branch of THP.

Such are checks and balances.
No. 175671
But yeah vetoes are totes okay.
No. 175672
Fucking hell. Way to kill something you fuckwits.
No. 175678

I personally think it'd be hilarious. And if the author doesn't want to do it, all he has to say is "Haha, we all had fun with this, but i'm not doing it. Pick something else." It isn't dead, you fuckwit. Stop bein so confrontational.
No. 175680
[x] Jane Smith
- [x] Yes, really, stop looking at me like that, do I need to show you my driver's licence? Oh, wait, that's in my wallet, which is in my purse, which is in my flat, which is in fucking London and therefore apparently not on this plane of existence!
- - [x] Excuse me. I'm going to have a bit of a breakdown now.
No. 175681
[X] Jane Smith
No. 175683
[x] Jane Smith
No. 175685
[x] Jane "Barack Obama" Smith of Broadstairs and St. Peter's, England.
No. 175686
[X] Barack Obama

Because this has the potential to be hilarious.
No. 175687
[x] Barack Obama

Youkai of hope go! (I want to see what the author can do with this actually)
No. 175689
[x] Jane Smith
No. 175691
[x] Amelia Pond

Or, since it's the best chance of overturning the tide, [x] Jane Smith - though I think the Earhart option would be fun.
No. 175692
[X] Jane Smith

Come on guys, Keep your "Thanks Obama" memes elsewhere!
No. 175693
[ ]Barack Obama

Youkai of Hope.

This is a terrible and retarded idea.
I wonder if OP can turn it into something refreshing or fun.
No. 175694
Yeah, I'd suspect I'd like AEiG, too; but it was implied that the protagonist wasn't American.
No. 175711
File 138484615532.png - (255.52KB , 768x576 , 960db557f9bf0316b7aa0b65ca01166c.png ) [iqdb]
Oh my...

Votes called (may include or exclude Obama, because god dammit anon), writing now.
No. 175726
[x]Barack Obama
Yes we ca-
>votes called
Fucking hell.
No. 175738
And suddenly the Barack Obama votes got funnier.
No. 175741
Looks like Obama has won the popular vote, now the question is how he'll fare in the electoral college.
No. 175743
With vice president Jane Smith, he's a shoo-in
No. 175784
This is hilarious and although it is probably not going to be counted.

[x] Barack Obama

We should go and try make an awesome speech about Gensokyan history and the things People can acchieve through sheer willpower and stuff. Maybe also design a flag for gensokyo


It seems like Obama will become the president of the United States of Gensokyo!
No. 175804
File 138500710430.jpg - (77.64KB , 432x1216 , image.jpg ) [iqdb]
Pardon me, but your manner of typing makes me think you may be new here. If so, please allow me to welcome you to THP. Helpful links about the board can be found below the text fields. Also, you can search for an post's image by clicking the "iqdb" link near each one. It took me ages to figure that out.
No. 175826
You mean Yaf just told you
No. 175860

I have occasionally observed and writen in a couple quests. Mainly A wizard is You, the Gunslinger in Gensokyo, Gensokyo's Public Enemy Nr. 1 and the Story where a viking Ends up in Gensokyo. (Though that one only for a bit.)

Still, These are some useful things and I never noticed the iqdb Thing. Thank you.