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I come to in a forest. My body aches; I must have walked for days. I can’t remember what for or to where, only that I was. I get to my feet, brushing leaves from my clothes. I try to regain my bearings, but amidst the sea of green, nothing I see looks familiar. Just endless trees and no way forward and no way back. It’s strange, but it feels all too familiar. No direction but forward, I press on. Forests don’t go on forever, but I feel like my feet could. Is this what people call wanderlust?

By the very definition, no. I find no enjoyment in it, only necessity. I walk because I can, I walk because I must. My eyes find a path, and my feet feel pins and needles instead of dirt and twigs. It feels normal to me, not having known much else. I come upon a house shortly thereafter and immediately collapse. The numbness in my legs subsides, making way for an intense sharp pain. I see blood. Was I always red like that? My body feels light and the world goes dark.

I come to in a bed. My body aches. The feeling is familiar; I know little else. The bed is warm, and I’m loathe to remove myself from its embrace. Grudgingly, I sit up and look around.

The room is a mess, filled to the brim with trinkets and knickknacks in no sensible arrangement. Shelves are filled to bursting with books, and the floor is covered in loose paper among other things. Through a window at my bedside I see the forest. My legs seem to hurt more when I see it. I try not to look, but my eyes are fixated on the scenery outside.

“Ah, you’re awake,” says a voice, not my own, “Better than the alternative, I guess.”

“wh—“ Words don’t come out, but I hear my voice. It feels nostalgic; I haven’t used it in what feels like ages.

“The ‘who’ is Marisa,” the voice in the room says, “that’d be me.”

A figure steps into view—a girl, only just a child by anybody’s standards, dressed head to toe in black. In my weary eyes she looks like little more than a shadow with blonde hair.

“The ‘where’ is the forest,” she continues, “Though I expect you’ve figured that one out already. Gotta say, you’re a tough one. Never seen a person come out of the forest before.”

She removes the blanket covering me, checks my legs. I notice she’s had them wrapped in linen. Was I hurt? I feel aches but no pain.

“Seen plenty ‘a folks go in, though. Where are you from?”


“Not much for talking, huh?” she smiles. I say nothing because I am unable to recall. I am from the forest, but before then I…

“Well,” she lifts one of the bandages, “You’re looking a lot better now. I won’t say you’re fit for walking yet, but…”

She pauses, looks at me, and contemplates something.

“Ah, I completely forgot!” she smiles again, pulling up a chair, “You have a name? I don’t think we’ve met before, and I’ve met all sorts.”

“No,” I say. I’ve never used a name before. If I had, I can no longer recall it. The question invokes a sense of nostalgia, but I am unable to recall having ever heard those words before.

“Shame,” she says, “So what if I called you ‘Spot’?”

I shake my head no.

“Uhm… ‘Bob’? Oh! How about ‘Melanie’! That’s a good one, yeah?”

She seems well enthused by the prospect of giving me a name. Unfortunately, I find her choices to be utterly disappointing. I shake my head, eager to change the subject. Names are unimportant.

“I guess we can worry about names later,” she says, “you probably just hit your head or something. I’m sure it’ll all come back to you. I give it a day at best.”

I try to smile. I’m unaccustomed to having to emote, but the reaction it garners is what I feel should be expected. Humans are simple creatures, in the end. I suppose I’m not so different.

“I—“Again, the words come out harshly. My voice is rough and unused, and with all of the thoughts that keep pouring out in my mind, the mouth is unable to keep up.

[ ] Why did she help me?
[ ] Why am I here?
[ ] What was I doing in the forest?
[ ] Where is this?
> Why not choose a write-in?

No. 174267
>Why not choose a write-in?

No thanks.

[X] What was I doing in the forest?
No. 174275
[X] What was I doing in the forest?

Seems like a good question to start with.
No. 174276
You’re new right? Well I got a few pointers for you either way.

>My body feels light and the world goes dark.
>I come to in a bed.
You might consider putting in a visual to indicate a time skip. It could be an extra line break or 3 identical symbols (--- ... ***). Or some other crazy way you might think up. (☯☯☯)

>“Not much for talking, huh?” she smiles. I say nothing because I am unable to recall. I am from the forest, but before then I…
>“Well,” she lifts one of the bandages, “You’re looking a lot better now. I won’t say you’re fit for walking yet, but…”
When going:
“Talk” *Action*
“Talk” *Action*
you usually change the person talking. There’s nothing wrong with it, it just feels a little off. To me at least. I recommend:
“Talk” *Action* “Talk” *Action*
but it’s your choice. Not mine.

A proofreader should be willing to help you with small things like that if you ask. Not that I think you need a proofer (if you don’t already have one), just that it would be nice having one anyway. They do more than just proof (Most of them anyway).

Other than that, it seems interesting.

[X] What was I doing in the forest?
I can think of answers to the other questions, so this one peaks my interest.
No. 174277
[x] Why did she help me?

Okay, my interest is somewhat piqued.
No. 174278
Writefag here, on another PC and unable to remember my tripcode. Derpaderp.

>You’re new right?
Just posting under an alternate tripcode for a lot of reasons. Namely to seperate this from my other stuff. I've been away for so long my skills have slipped.

>You might consider putting in a visual to indicate a time skip. It could be an extra line break or 3 identical symbols (--- ... ***). Or some other crazy way you might think up. (☯☯☯)
I had one in there. That's the last time I trust Word to do formatting stuff. I'm also more of a "☭☭☭" or "☢☢☢" kind of person.

The off feeling is intentional. The shoddy formatting sort of wasn't. I gotta get back into the groove, so to speak. My writing hasn't always been this gross and I appreciate the feedback.

>Other than that, it seems interesting.
No. 174279
By the way, title means "Touhou Forbidden Record".

No. 174281
>‘Bob’? Oh! How about ‘Melanie’!

Still trying to to figure out what gender we are.

[X] What was I doing in the forest?
[x] Ask if we had anything with us

Might give a clue about who we are.
No. 174284
File 138152519045.jpg - (32.42KB , 480x360 , Iamnotautisticijustmerelygaveitabitofexcessivethou.jpg ) [iqdb]
>‘Bob’? Oh! How about ‘Melanie’!
>Still trying to to figure out what gender we are.

Clearly we a a proud non-binary non-cis individual come to Gensokyo to culturally enrich them with social justice.

We will begin with starting the official office of Non-human classification, in which the specist bigoted hate-fueled Nazi human society will be wiped out, and replaced with caring minded individuals who respect the pronouns, and referral terminology of individual non-humans, such as Asian Vampires, and Western Vampires, in hopes to raise a Multi-Inter-spicies-cultural society free of hate, giving forth mixed half-human half-non-humans, and mixed non-human offspring of beautiful diverse co lour and culture, to expand and help turn our beloved Gensokyo into a utopia.

Okay, time to get real.

[x] Why did she help me?

Write In:
[x] What do I owe you?

Instilling guilt into your savior normally gets you to avoid potential work because they feel bad about potentially thinking about setting you to work only a few hours after you were possibly at death's door.

Besides, from a hindsight perspective, I can only dread having to do the ever-so annoying common convention of running to the human village for a freaking errand, going to Eientei or going to Alice's house and then doing the whole let's meet people thing and hear what we as readers already know about the 2hus.

If we get her to introduce us to mostly everyone in the near future at a get together, we can truly avoid the whole segregated separate 'first impressions' thing that just happens every-time in every story we've ever had (Not like it's unavoidable, but at least it gets us a smaller social standing with everyone as a plus, rather than one person at a time where any potential fuck-ups lead to rumors and mean sour looks from certain 2hus at later points in time)

But this is a personal gripe of mine, so it's up to later voters to decide if we want to do the regular thing, just saying.

Write In:
[x] Where Am I?

"Where Am I?" normally results in getting all location based info a person would want, from house to country, to road, street and location, to town, to county and so on, so it's more effective than getting the "This is my house/my friends house."
No. 174288
Yep. The English subtitle is saved for later. Like when our MC knows who shkle is.

Also, this is me. Fore verification, since I'm that kind of person who likes clarity.

>Besides, from a hindsight perspective, [REST OMITTED]
I agree. This convention has got to go. I went with it once, and I still have scars. ...Long story.

But on the flip side, a dragon could always attack out of nowhere. It would bring nothing to the table but conflict for conflict's sake, but you never can tell until the story's world's rules have been clearly outlined. Dragon attacks may be the norm. Maybe if a dragon does attack it would be made out of beer. Because beer dragons are what ZUN would want, so long as it's a little girl in a dress. Made of beer. The dress, that is. Made of beer. The girl is made of beer too. Think Meiling but 100% made of beer.


Now I'm thirsty.

No idea where I'm going with this. tl;dr we won't know until it happens, and Captain Hindsight has 20/20 vision when retrospecting.
No. 174293
[x] Why did she help me?
>Humans are simple creatures, in the end. I suppose I’m not so different.
So we're a youkai, then? I wonder what kind.
No. 174305
>No idea where I'm going with this. tl;dr we won't know until it happens, and Captain Hindsight has 20/20 vision when retrospecting.

Wait, the story or what you just said?
No. 174324
Of all the thoughts pouring through my head, one seems to stand out above the others:

“What was I doing in the forest?” I ask, my voice still harsh and breaking.

“You’re… asking me?” she replies.

“No, just…” My words fall to silence. Truthfully, regardless of the futility of the notion I may have been unconsciously asking her.

I am well aware that she will not have the answers I seek. She was not present when I awoke in the forest nor do I have any recollection of ever having met her before. Her words reinforce that much. But my mind is still a blur, and any memories I might have prior to awakening here are foggy at best. My consciousness has perhaps not fully returned to me. I should do well to consider my situation once I have regained my faculties.

“So, you don’t remember why you were out there?” Marisa asks, leaning forward with genuine curiosity.


“And no name, too… Might’ve hit your head harder than I thought,” she gets up, hovers over me.

She places her hands on my head, runs her fingers through my hair. I jerk back instinctively, but let her have her way after a bit of coaxing. Her palms are cold and dry, but the sensation itself fills me with an odd warmth. I might even be able to admit that I enjoy it on a somewhat basic level.

“Huh,” her hands focus on my forehead, just above my eyes, “Yep, you got marked pretty good there.”

She reaches for the desk at my bedside, pulls out a piece of metal. It reflects well, and I can see myself in it. At least, I think what I see is me. The pale hair that sometimes covers my eyes is mine, and every part of it moves according to my will. I recognize what I see as being the reflection of my own face, but at the same time it feels alien to me—like the face of a stranger… I do not recall ever having seen myself before.

I see a scar above the left brow. Marisa lifts my hair to call attention to it, angles the reflection just right so I can see. A large gash extends from just above my brow to my hairline, and when I run my fingers across it I feel a slight dull pain. It does not look nor does it feel recent. It does not ache like the wounds on my legs.

“This is…” I say, stunned, “What is this?”

“A scar?” Marisa replies rhetorically, “What do you think it is?”

“How did I get it?” Rhetoric meets rhetoric; I seem only to be able to ask questions that neither of us can answer.

“Hey, don’t look at me,” still, she tries. I cannot tell if she is honestly helping or simply humoring me to keep my nerves calm, “I know a couple of doctors that might be able to tell.”

I see my reflection once more before she takes away the mirror. An unfamiliar face with an unfamiliar scar looks back with eyes filled with distraught. I feel disconnected from it—the face and the expression. I feel nothing—disjointed, only concerned with how I came to be here.

Marisa starts to change my bandages. As the red-soaked linens are removed, I see my feet; my arms. These are things to which I am accustomed. They are familiar to me, unlike my face. The wounds upon them are new however, but appear to be healing rapidly.

“How long have I been here,” I ask, concerned by the condition of my appendages.

“Oh, about two days or so,” Marisa replies, unconcerned with the rate of my healing, “I give it another day before the bandages can stay off. Even for a youkai, you heal impressively fast.”

She concentrates on her work, and I feel little pain as she applies fresh linen to my arms and legs. She seems well versed in the treatment of injuries, and mine appeared to have at one point been grievous. Working swiftly and with great dexterity, she finishes her work.

She steps back, places the blanket over me as if to say ‘don’t get up’ and says, “So, I bet you’re pretty hungry by now.”

“Yes,” I nod, inwardly acknowledging that I had not noticed until she mentioned it.

“Good,” she smiles, “Lucky for you I had a good haul yesterday. I suppose enough to feed three, if you don’t mind if I brought a friend over.”

Why is she asking permission?

[ ] Let her
[ ] Don’t let her
No. 174325
[X] Let her
No. 174326
[x] Don’t let her
No. 174328
Marisa? Helping a youkai? Well, this is somewhat surprising. Is it a common occurence for her or what?

And also, who is she to refuse the host that has taken care of her?

[X] Let her
No. 174329
[x] Let her
No. 174331
[X] Let her

>Why is she asking permission?

No. 174340
File 138167243680.png - (274.45KB , 640x463 , curse-of-the-puppet-master-blade-steals-the-show.png ) [iqdb]
>No John, you are the demons

>Marisa Helping Youkai

Clearly we are just THAT FUCKING WHITE For Marisa's Inherent Aryan genes to activate to help a fellow sister/brother in need.

[x] Let her

Because it's probably Alice, and then we can do cute Aryan girl things together, like drink tea, embroidery, and act doll-like and do cute girl things.
No. 174344
[x] Don’t let her

No. 174352
[x] Let her
No. 174380
No, anon.
WE are Alice with memory loss and this is actually our own house

Or we might be a dog youkai seeing as Marisa suggested the name Spot and we're apparently used to petting.

requesting inumimi Alice
No. 174381
Whoops, forgot vote.

[X] Let her
No. 174390
Updates when?

I have nothing else to read or do ;_;
No. 174393
I'm going for every two to three days. Which I suppose makes me due for one real soon. Gotta fight back that schedule slip~

We are actually Sasha Braus after having eaten one too many potatoes and fallen into a deep, deep food coma (嘘). Or something, I'll get into that later~

Youkai master race amirite? Also, Sorry, no spoilers here. It's just Rumia blacking out the text.
No. 174395
I nod.

“Er, Is that a ‘yes it’s okay,’ or a ‘yes it’s not okay’?” Marisa asks.

“I don’t mind,” I reply, starting to feel confused. The discussion is fairly straight-forward, but as a guest in what I can only assume is her house I’m concerned as to why she would even bother to ask for my permission. Is she that worried about the state of my body? Or perhaps she had asked out of courtesy and would have had her way regardless of my answer?

“Wonderful!” she says with delight, clapping her hands together in an odd sort of ‘this matter has been settled’ gesture, “I’ll start on food now.”

With that, she leaves the room. As she slides the door shut, she looks at me as if to say, “Now, don’t you move from this spot,” and leaves me to my own devices.

The first thing I do is try standing. My body resists at first, but I’m able to get to my feet. I can feel the stress of my own body weight straining the muscles. The sensation is far from actual pain, nor is it a numbness. I feel weak but uninjured; I feel confident that I should be able to walk.

And I do exactly that. A total of three steps before the bookshelf at the far side of the room meets the side of my head.


Perhaps walking can wait. I return to my bedside and take a seat. The newly throbbing lump behind my ear provides two reminders: that what I just did was a bad idea, and that I am still too weak to move around. But to laze around for the remainder of the day with nothing to do might kill me sooner than if I were to stand up now and break into a full sprint… I need to find something to pass the time.

I pick a book up off of the floor and open it.

…And immediately shut it. Of all the numerous books strewn across the floor, the first one I take has to be the one with the lewd drawings. The title and text are in an incomprehensible language, but the images within the book betray its subject matter.

The next one I take is legible, but not much more interesting in terms of content: a cookbook or, rather a guide to ritualistic magic and force manipulation under the guise of one. Gruesome stuff. The next is has a legible title and has been heavily bound in leather, but the text has been scrambled to prevent readers without a cypher from accessing it. The third and last book I pick up details the trials and tribulations of a single member of an animal species long extinct from the world and why they died out.

My mind tells me that it is all useless drivel, and I have to remind myself that these are the first books that I can firmly remember holding. My thoughts on them seem to indicate that I’ve come into contact with such things before, and despite their current novelty I am unable to inspire myself to read them.

Then, I hear the front door shut. I look out the window to see Marisa take off down the road. She notices, and waves to me as she passes by.

“Be back in a bit~!”

I find myself waving back despite failing to understand where she is headed or why. I suppose it would be best to take it on faith.

My eyes return to the floor and the masses of books piled around my bedside. A safety hazard by anyone’s standards, yet I’ve not the strength to clean them up. I have to wonder, is the room like this normally, or has she simply overworked herself while tending to me? I’ve no desire to weigh the alternatives, and return to skimming through the books nearest to me.

Another vulgar book, legible but with no pictures. A guide to herbal medicine, a few of the pages stained red around the edges. One called ’How to Organize your Life,’ covered in dust and filled to the brim with irony. And a collection of letters, below which I find the hilt of a sword.

Fancy that, and a fine blade as well. It appears to be in immaculate shape. A fine layer of dust covers the handle and scabbard; it appears not to have been handled in some time. It also appears to be enchanted or cursed. Best to let this sleeping dog lie.


Time passes, I catch myself dozing off on occasion. I take to reading the book on herbal medicine. A few of the passages are laced with bloody fingerprints, and a great many more passages state pretty much verbatim the methods in which Marisa has used to treat my legs.

…I should sleep with one eye open, lest she become confident in her amateur surgery skills as well.

She soon returns, her friend in tow. I hear them enter the house, though it would be hard to miss the sound of them yelling at one another.

“I told you twice already,” I hear Marisa’s voice first, “I was just—“

“I don’t care what you were doing!” Her friend’s sharper voice cuts her off, “You break into my house—I’ll say nothing of the broken window for now—and you…”

Marisa’s friend falls silent as she opens the bedroom door. Our eyes meet for a brief moment.

“S-somehow… have a… in your bed,” she turns around, “Marisa, who is this?”

“Yeeeaaah,” Marisa laughs awkwardly, “I guess I forgot to tell you, but… We kinda have company.”

“I-I can see as much,” the other girl stammers, visibly caught off-guard and trying to calm herself, “When were you going to tell me about this? Before or after you broke into my house?”

“Like. I. Said! I thought you weren’t home!”

“So you broke out a window? And how exactly is that not like a burglar?”

“I told you already, I—” Marisa pauses for a brief moment, then meekly says, “Okay. You know, truth be told? I kinda wanted to come in through the chimney, but I couldn’t fit.”

The other girl breathes an aggravated sigh. I can practically see the moment when her mind surrenders.

“I won’t fall for that one again, Marisa. You’re buying me a new window,” she says, storming off into the other room before adding, “And clean your room!”

“Fair enough,” Marisa shrugs, turns around and smiles widely, “So, food’s about ready. Care to join in?”

The change in mood is sudden; I can’t tell if she’s putting up a façade for me or honestly just doesn’t care about her friend’s plight. I can tell for certain that Marisa herself is the cause for this thin layer of animosity between the two, but I cannot see below that surface. Her friend did let the issue slide without a fuss. Perhaps she won’t discuss it further while I’m around out of respect.

I join them for dinner, I eat quickly. The others have barely started in by the time I’ve finished.

“Hungry?” Marisa asks.

I nod. Rhetorical question or not, I was.

“Your friend can really eat,” the other girl says, smiling and laughing. My first impression of her told me to never expect so much as a chuckle out of her, but here she is carrying on just the same as Marisa.

“Ah, this is Alice, by the way,” Marisa introduces her, “She’s kind of a bitch, but—“ The table shakes for an instant, Marisa continues on unfazed, “once you get to know her, she probably won’t kick your shins under the table when you’re trying to introduce her.”

“I won’t kick your shins at all, actually,” Alice says, “And I should apologize for that little outburst before. It isn’t every day I wake up to the sound of my windows breaking.”

Marisa attempts to interject, but Alice silences her with a rather unpleasant look.

“Oh, but where are my manners? I don’t believe we’ve been properly… introduced?” Alice gestures to me, glares at Marisa. She never once stops smiling.

“Oh, uh…” Marisa pauses, fishing for words, “Well, we don’t quite know yet.”

I nod, seemingly unable to do much else, “I can’t really remember… Well, much of anything.”

“I was gonna go with ‘Spot,’ but yeah,” Marisa chimes in.

“You’re horrible,” Alice replies with sincerity.

“I know, right?” Marisa laughs, takes another bite, and turns to me, “You’re not mad, are you?”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Alice chides her friend.

“No,” I say, “I’m not mad.”

I’m not upset by it at all. The joke is certainly in bad taste all things considered, but it does remind me of one thing: No matter how grim my situation may appear to be, it could always be worse. I could always wake up one morning and remember that my name really is Spot.

“See Alice?” Marisa says, “You’re the only one not smiling.”

[ ] I’m tired, I should sleep.
[ ] I feel like I’m covered in dust, I should bathe.
[ ] These two are interesting, I’ll stay here.
No. 174397
[x] I feel like I’m covered in dust, I should bathe.
No. 174412
[X] I feel like I'm covered in dust, I should bathe.

I'm expecting a bath scene with the qatwo of them.
No. 174413
I mean *two of them, stupid keyboard.
No. 174424
[X] I feel like I'm covered in dust, I should bathe.

Well, if he's too weak to walk it would probably be a good idea to have someone make sure that he doesn't drown in the bathtub at least.
No. 174427
[X] I’m tired, I should sleep.
No. 174429
[x] These two are interesting, I’ll stay here

I'd choose to bathe, but we effectively haven't been told how dusty we actually are, from a thin layer to deep, and whether or not the fucking fucks has bloodsucking mites in it, fuck those things, makes it look like you've had an allergic reaction to something when bitten.

That and-
[] I feel like I'm covered in dust, I should bathe.

-would result in us finding out what gender we are, not to mention in our state we'd cause a bit of minor distress for the easily flustered Alice and possibly Marisa Nude Androgynous mishaps in getting in and out of a bath not to mention A bath, given our condition can result in the following things going terribly, terribly wrong:

1. Heat transfer
Basically, if you've ever had a REALLY hot bath, then you'll know it messes around with your internal body heat, and getting out of the water early before it finishes cooling normally causes one's vision to go white or in some cases, loss of balance because of the rapid change in internal environment (and other things that are too sciency for me to explain) and given our condition, this could really come out for the worst, even at fairly minor temperatures. I myself have experienced this, having white fucking creep in invading your fucking vision and cover everything up like you're going blind does not feel good, nor is it a nice thing to experience, it scares the shit out of you for one thing. And, to add to this, given our condition, we might fall asleep in the bath and drown if the water is too high, meaning we need supervision (Which of course is something all too awkward for the girls (Provided we are not one that is) so it would probably result in the compromise of Alice using a doll to watch us, with us getting terribly uncomfortable with it, because fucking creepy dolls man.

>Washing in your own filth

Might as well take a shower, but even that has the risk of falling over and knocking ourselves out

Even with No.1 taken into consideration, we'd end up having a shitty baby bath with no bubbles and bath salts to soak in with motherly supervision, and that is the worst shit to do in the morning, and even worse, if we are too big to fit the entirety of the bath, or too small to enjoy the correct bathing posture according to the bath's make, which doesn't do us too well considering we're stiffer than a board.

Fucking bathing, it's better for what isn't it's core purpose.

So yeah, [x] These two are interesting, I’ll stay here because we might get some insight on what we are specifically from Alice being a Youkai herself, and we're to weak to do anything that involves physical means, so we need to cool off and Take it Easy..

Also, liking Alice's characterization thus far.

Marisa is a bit too vulgar though, my suggestion is for a slight bit of toning down (only swears when really pissed or annoyed)
No. 174430
To add to this, if we also fall asleep in the bath, wake up, and this + our condition, the muscle weakness might even be great enough to induce sleep paralysis, WHICH IS THE WORST KIND OF HELL IF IT HAPPENS IN THE FUCKING WATER.

I mean, unable to move, nearly submerged entirely in water is one kind of hell, but hallucinating that someone is present in the room with you stopping you moving?

No. 174436
[x] These two are interesting, I’ll stay here.

Mor exposition plos
No. 174438
[x] These two are interesting, I’ll stay here

No. 174440
[X] I feel like I'm covered in dust, I should bathe.
No. 174442
[x] These two are interesting, I’ll stay here.
No. 174444
Aside from the constant swearing, that's actually a pretty good theory. Remind me to think more carefully the next time I vote.

Anyway, if possible - I'd like to change my vote from >>174412 to:

[X] These two are interesting, I’ll stay here.
No. 174445
[x] I feel like I’m covered in dust, I should bathe.
No. 174446
No vote changing ever!

Nah, I'm just playing~ Hopefully I won't count it wrong though. Mental note to self: don't mess up the vote count.

Dust mites really are terrible, aren't they~

Carry on, gentlemen. The votes will be counted probably tomorrow.
No. 174475
[X] These two are interesting, I’ll stay here.

Their dynamic is alright too.
No. 174492

No. 174493
The average story on here have updates with over a week in between.
I can only recommend you go try some other stories as well to help the time pass
No. 174494
Writefag here, blaming the Kerbal Space Program update. Too much SCIENCE! in one day. I should have something up later today, work schedule permitting.

A week is a long time. I can fly to the moon and back in less than a few hours~

In KSP, of course.
No. 174495

There's yer problem.
No. 174500
File 13821311103.png - (102.99KB , 428x500 , 1381935136056.png ) [iqdb]

They got you too, eh?
No. 174501
They sure did. Stranded me on the Sun, too.

Updates forthcoming~
No. 174504
“I’m not smiling because it isn’t funny,” Alice says, “Why not show some common decency for a change?”

“You’re totally rearin’ to go, aren’t you?” Marisa replies, “Wanna take it outside?”

Alice chooses not to respond, perhaps a wise decision. Neither of us seem to be able to tell whether or not Marisa is serious. I decide to wait around and see what happens. My body still feels weak, but I don’t feel particularly tired after having slept for the majority of the day.

Finally, after so much silence, Alice speaks up, “Marisa, please, give it a rest.”

“Alright, alright,” Marisa concedes, “Let’s change the subject then, shall we?”

The two girls suddenly look at me. Not sure how to react, I sit silently and shift around awkwardly in my chair.

“So, what do you remember?” Alice asks.

“Waking up in the forest, mostly,” I say, “A bit of walking after, then I wake up here with bandages all over. Nothing at all before that…”

Good, complex sentences. Though still weak, my voice feels stronger after a full meal. I expect the hoarseness will go away completely after a night or two’s rest.

“Nothing about the attack?” Marisa asks.

I feel like I’m in the middle of an interrogation. The two of them are all questions and I’ve no answers to give them. Furthermore, I’ve no knowledge of any ‘attack,’ and Marisa’s question utterly boggles my mind. I can only sit and stare as I think to figure this out. Had I attacked someone while in a daze? Have I been attacked? Does she know something about me? Her question hits me hard and only raise questions.

“Your wounds,” Marisa adds, taking notice of my confusion, “They kinda look like what you’d see after an animal attack. It’s not exactly uncommon in these pa—”

“If I may,” Alice interjects, “Marisa, try to remember where we live? Going on the assumption that there was an attack at all, I would say it’s safe to assume that a youkai just got hungry and our friend here wound up becoming a victim.”

“A hungry youkai, huh?” Marisa reacts unfavorably to Alice’s interruption; her words carry an air of sarcasm.

“Yes, Marisa,” Alice groans, “Ten-to-one odds I’m right.”

Marisa pauses, looks away for a moment. Her eyes seem to focus on a space by the front door, but she faces Alice before I can follow her gaze.

“You’re full of fake statistics,” she says, “But I’m all for a hands-on approach to this one.”

“No hunts tonight,” Alice seems to fully comprehend Marisa’s intent.

Which is good, because I find myself fully lost in this conversation. I had preferred it when the focus was not entirely on me, and now that I have their attention I worry that the questions will never stop coming.

“Tomorrow, then?”

“No, Marisa. Not tonight, not tomorrow, not a week from now,” Alice says, “You should really leave that sort of thing to the professionals.”

“Professionals?” I have to ask.

“Reimu,” Marisa replies, “She’s a friend. I can take you to meet her if you’d like, but it’s a long ways away. You should probably wait on it, what with your legs all beat to hell.”

“Eloquent, Marisa,” Alice snickers, “I can no longer tell if you’re helping or just teasing…”

“Both, really,” Marisa grins, “Sure you don’t want to take this outside?”

“Yes, Marisa. I’m sure.”

Again, the two turn to me. Déjà vu.

“So,” Marisa says, “What are we gonna call you in the meantime? You know, until you remember things.”

“Er…” How should I answer that? I’ve no recollection of my name and even less to go on. I get to pick my own name? How do I even know what name would be appropriate? The only two names I can remember are ‘Marisa’ and ‘Alice.’

“Ooh! Ooh! I know!” Marisa says enthusiastically, “Can I pick? How about ‘Marisa B?’”

“No, Marisa,” Alice pushes her friend back into her seat, “You can’t pick, and you’ve in that very same sentence proven why.”

Truthfully, something tells me that any name chosen by Marisa would be absolutely far too silly. I suppose I shall have to think on this one…



Here is where you vote on who the character will be and will remain for the rest of the story. Some aspects may be temporary, others will obviously be permanent. Temporary/changeable aspects are noted as such. Character arc depends on gender and class more than anything, so choose wisely.

(Temporary(?). Name will be overwritten upon memory recovery. Memory recovery may or may not occur.)

[ ] Write-in
[ ] Let Alice choose
[-] You can(not) let Marisa choose

(Gender determines gender. And the proper restroom to use.)

[ ] Male
[ ] Female

(Determines race, you racist.)

[ ] Human
[ ] Youkai
[ ] Half-youkai

(Class determines character attributes. Attributes determined are physical strength, mental strength, and damage resistance (STR, INT, HP respectively at a rating of S through D). Each class has one special ability. Mechanics determine only limitations within the story.)

[ ]Magician (Human/ youkai)
-----STR:C, INT:B, HP:C
Special ability: Attributes can be augmented with spells. Magic is power, ze~☆ Youkai receives STR:B/HP:B rank, humans capable of using advanced healing magic.
[ ] Demon (Youkai/half-youkai)
-----STR:B, INT:C, HP:C
Special ability: Attributes increase at night, more so during full moon. Attributes damaged by sunlight. Youkai receives HP:B rank, half-youkai is less affected by sunlight.
[ ] Ghost (Human/Youkai/half-youkai)
-----STR:C, INT:C, HP:X
Special ability: Death means nothing to you, and therefore neither does HP. You are still mostly dead though. Mostly. Youkai receive STR:B rank, half-youkai modifies class to Half-Ghost and receives INT:B rank, Human modifies class to Undead and receives STR:A and INT:D rank.
[ ] Hermit (Human/half-youkai)
-----STR:B, INT:B, HP:B
Special ability: High exuberance and longevity. Death may take you at any moment. Half-youkai receive HP:A rank. Humans are capable of becoming a Saint.
[ ] Satori (Youkai)
-----STR:D, INT:S, HP:B
Special ability: Clairvoyance. Not for the faint of heart~❤. Physical strength is decreased when telepathy is used. Ability becomes unstable when wounded.
[ ] Oni (Youkai)
-----STR:S, INT:D, HP:B
Special ability: The drunken master. Attributes increase with alcohol consumption, decrease when sober. Inability to tell lies, below-average brain-smarts.
[ ] Celestial (Human)
-----STR:B, INT:C, HP:S
Special ability: Nigh invulnerability. Elemental affinity with faith Highly impulsive and self-indulgent, females of this class have F-ranked chests.
[ ] Living God (Human)
-----STR:B, INT:B, HP:B
Special ability: Ability determined by faith. What’s not to love about being a god? Oh right, attributes decrease without followers. Capable of becoming God.

(Faith bonuses are a mystery. Faith can be changed at any time.)

[ ] Shinto
[ ] Tao
[ ] Buddhist
[ ] Atheist

Faith determines elemental affinity for Celestials. Shinto=地/Earth, Tao=風/Air, Buddhist=水/Water, Atheist=火/Fire (Note, 心/Heart is not a power, 空/Void has a random chance of appearing when changing faith.)

Faith determines ability for Living Gods. Shinto=HP:A, Tao=INT:A, Buddhist=STR:A, Atheist=??? (Atheism is antithesis to the existence of a God. The effect this has is unknown.)

(Purely for aesthetics. You can only be hot or buff, because Cap’n said so.)

[ ] Slim
[ ] Average
[ ] Toned

(Height determines the highest shelf you can reach without straining.)

[ ] Above Average
[ ] Average
[ ] Below Average

(Hair is pre-determined to have “Pale” status.)

[ ] Gray
[ ] White
[ ] Light blonde

(Eye color determines color of the world. Listed in order of normal-colored to normal-colored.)

[ ] Red
[ ] Green
[ ] Gold
[ ] Brown
[ ] Blue
[ ] Gray
[ ] Weird

(Probably has no bearing at all on anything)

[ ] Nue
[ ] ɐɾıǝs
No. 174506
>(Note, ?/Heart is not a power
All my hopes and dreams, crushed.

[ ] Let Alice choose
[ ] Male
[ ] Youkai
[ ] Oni
[ ] Atheist
[ ] Slim
[ ] Below Average
[ ] Light blonde
[ ] Weird
[ ] Nue

I had a hell of a time choosing between Satori and Oni.
No. 174507
Technically speaking, I guess it's a Satori's power.

In any case, one vote for Nue being the cutest~
No. 174509
[x] Let Alice choose
[x] Female
[x] Half-youkai
[x] Ghost
[x] Atheist
[x] Toned
[x] Average
[x] White
[x] Gray
[x] Nue

It has been some time since we had a female protag around here, so why not?
No. 174510
Ooh, one of these choices. While it's my experience that this sort of choice tends not to be especially popular, I enjoy character creation things like this. It would be nice to have an interesting protagonist rather than the bog standard outsider type.

With that in mind:

[X] Let Alice choose
[X] Female
[X] Youkai
[X] Satori
[X] Atheist
[X] Slim
[X] Below Average
[X] Gray
[X] Weird
[X] Nue

Not many female protagonists around. Come to think of it, not many youkai protagonists either. A satori would be really interesting.

Of note: In Hopeless Masquerade, Koishi's character sprite and Satori's background sprite have the same unusual eyes. The freaky-glowing-pupil thing seems to be a standard feature of their race.

Lastly, there is never enough Nue to be had around here.
No. 174511
[X] Let Alice choose
[X] Female
[X] Youkai
[X] Oni
[X] Shinto
[X] Slim
[X] Average
[X] Gray
[X] Red
[X] Nue

Female Youkai protag that is OC is fairly rare, so far as I can tell. And I flipped a coin between this and Magician, but I actually like the thought of playing as an ONI. Especially a zen Oni that our character is acting like.

And just because her Int is low, doesn't mean she's stupid. It just means she reserves her thinking for the important things. Like alcohol. And philosophical conundrums.
No. 174512
[X] Let Alice choose
[X] Female
[X] Youkai
[X] Oni
[X] Shinto
[X] Slim
[X] Above Average
[X] Light blonde
[X] Red
[X] Nue

Two-prong with ponytail, please and thankyou.
No. 174513
[X] Let Alice choose
[X] Female
[X] Youkai
[X] Satori
[X] Atheist
[X] Slim
[X] Below Average
[X] Gray
[X] Weird
[X] Nue
No. 174515
[X] Marisa-B
[X] Hermaphrodite
[X] Youkai
[X] Magician
[X] Shinto
[X] Toned
[X] Above Average
[X] Light blonde
[X] Gold
[X] Nue
No. 174516
Create a Character? I'll bite.

Name: Alisa or Malice
Gender: Female
Race: Human (former)
Class: Celestial
Faith: Zoastranarianism
Build: Toned
Height: Average
Hair: White
Eye Color: Weird
Cuter: Okuu
No. 174517
[X] Let Alice choose
[X] Female
[X] Youkai
[X] Oni
[X] Shinto
[X] Slim
[X] Above Average
[X] Light blonde
[X] Red
[X] Nue
No. 174519
File 138220217816.png - (17.60KB , 454x324 , Haricolor.png ) [iqdb]
Before I start, seeing as the story is dubbed untitled, I feel that the MC should reflect this by being vague as he/she starts out, so the story revolves around his/her development from a untitled document to an actual well fleshed out being.

That, and incredibly pale, ethereal beings with little display of emotion and such kind of come off as being alien to other people they make contact with.


[x] Write-in
We'll call ourselves 'Maro White' as our name for now, (Maro meaning myself and is a Japanese Unisex name) but depending on the results of memory recovery,we will determine if we should keep our old name (Dependent on what happens until memory recovery, we could be a massive asshole for all we know) that way, the MC can be shaped as the story goes along, like fine clay.

(Gender determines gender. And the proper restroom to use.)

[x] None.

Yep, we don't seem to know. Read on for the explanation.

(Determines race, you racist.)

[x] Half-youkai
I say this because, evident by our unnatural healing factor, we clearly aren't human, but because our wounds mostly consisted of cuts and bruises, and not missing limbs, I'd say we're a half-caste at least, because cuts and bruises would have healed and closed even quicker if we were full-blown Youkai before we woke up, and we'd be hungrier as a result. From my knowledge, It takes a lot of energy to grow said limbs back for non-humans and there has been no mention of the need to FEED as such, so it's pretty clear we're not a weak youkai that needs to go on a killing spree if it gets torn to pieces and has to consolidate it's powers to make a new body.

Then again, we could be an exceptional human with a Fate/stay Night Avalon tier object on our person that lets us heal.

As a halfie, we are unfortunately, genderless to our own knowledge lest we are asexual, have some sort of Intersex mutation condition, or it's prehensile like a dolphins and is in a slit.

(Not that in case of no sex organs this can't be solved with the wonders of alchemy and homonculi and cultivated homegrown sex organs through this process, or temporary sex changing potions, but that's for when we get into magical craft.)

(Class determines character attributes. Attributes determined are physical strength, mental strength, and damage resistance (STR, INT, HP respectively at a

rating of S through D). Each class has one special ability. Mechanics determine only limitations within the story.)

Can we have write-in's for this?

If so then: [x] Sort of nearly Half Ghost (I can't think of a good name or stats worth for shit, sorry)
Basically, it's like being very close to being a half ghost, but you're not actually dead yet and thus not classified as undead, but your phantom is still outside our body, but it can't go and wander and is chained to us because we're still alive, and we don't have all the benefits of being dead as shit.

There's a possibility of whatever the thing was that attacked you trying to steal your soul and coming close, but instead was cut short, leaving you as you are now.

As a result of this assault, you've lost some of your memories.

Seems plausible.

If not, then [x] Ghost (Half Ghost) (half-youkai) because I imagine the MC looking like what is presented in the OP's Picture, with our phantom taking the form of a bird.

This also attributes to our memory loss and genderless state, because ghosts have that thing of looking different to how they were when they were alive if they can't remember stuff, hence why we can't tell.

(Faith bonuses are a mystery. Faith can be changed at any time.)

I'd pick atheist, but then we'd be constantly referred to as that euphoric white half-youkai who has Doritos, Cheetos, and cheesy puff Danmaku with sharpened throwing Fedora's who belittles every faith he/she comes across and is constantly harassing the Scarlet household for their 'parasitical genetic secrets'.

I'll have to say Faith will be revealed with our memory returned to us, so for the duration of starting out, stick to something like [x] Theist, Agnostic, or Deist-ish, so we can get around for a certain duration of time, should the subject of faith come up and it becomes a core factor in the story and we'd have to make choices regarding it.

(Purely for aesthetics. You can only be hot or buff, because Cap’n said so.)

[x] Average

I'm thinking a body like Griffiths from Berserk, slightly feminine in curves and slenderness but with masculine tone.

(Height determines the highest shelf you can reach without straining.)

[x] Below Average

Only Bishie 2hu's get to be tall, we Manlet now.

(Hair is pre-determined to have “Pale” status.)

[x] Light blonde, but so white blonde you'd mistake it for pure white unless it's bleached by the sun in summer. (See picture related)

My hair does this, It's really, really, really dark brown, but you'd only ever see that during summer.

(Eye color determines color of the world. Listed in order of normal-colored to normal-colored.)
[x] Blue

[x] Nue

Now, for a personal comment, It might have been better if these character building choices were placed at key points during the story to flesh out a 'tutorial phase' rather than have them all at once, in addition to fitting in more story, because now we'll have to wait for weeks for voting choices to pile up before tallying.

As in, it might have been better if this update decided our height, hair, eyes, build, name, then when we meet Reimu, we decide on faith, and when Alice and Marisa give us lessons on self-defense and Danmaku as well as flying lessons, we decide on Race and class as our talents link towards such status through our exertion of powers.
No. 174520
[x] Let Alice choose
[x] Female
[x] Youkai
[x] Satori
[x] Shinto
[x] Slim
[x] Average
[x] White
[x] Weird
[x] Nue
No. 174522
File 138220785483.jpg - (121.92KB , 1600x1200 , DID SOMEBODY SAY GRIFFITH.jpg ) [iqdb]
>... Koishi's character sprite and Satori's background sprite have the same unusual eyes. The freaky-glowing-pupil thing seems to be a standard feature of their race.

It's eyeshine. They live in caves, it's only natural they get their eyes modded. They're probably good with knives, too. Riddick would be proud of them.

>And just because her Int is low, doesn't mean she's stupid. It just means she reserves her thinking for the important things. Like alcohol. And philosophical conundrums.

I bet Oni have a lot of philosophical stuff to sort out. Like who invented beer, and why is beer so delicious.

I think about that all the time. It really keeps me up at night.

>Before I start, seeing as the story is dubbed untitled, I feel that the MC should reflect this by being vague as he/she starts out, so the story revolves around his/her development from a untitled document to an actual well fleshed out being.

That's the plan~ What you are/who you were does not dictate who you are. Just what you can do. The story's english "untitled" subtitle might change in future threads~

>... should the subject of faith come up and it becomes a core factor in the story and we'd have to make choices regarding it.

Faith is somewhat faction-oriented and dictates abilities, similar to the bullet mechanics in Hopeless Masquerade. It also dictates what god(s) the MC refers to when cursing.

>It might have been better if these character building choices were placed at key points during the story to flesh out a 'tutorial phase' rather than have them all at once[.]

I'd considered doing that very thing. In terms of story flow it would've fit well. In terms of actual narrative, not so much. I thought it would be odd if the MC didn't know things about him/her/shklim/shklerself that other characters would know at first glance. Hair/eye color and gender being rather obvious.

Race and class probably could have come later down the line, but I decided to set it early. It sets a lot of different variables and I can always introduce race/class in the narrative a little less obtrusively than it would seem when in the creation process. Mostly I wanted to get it set to avoid creating contradictions in the narrative.

In terms of waiting for the next update, I'm not sure how much time I'll need. When the votes stop rolling in I'll tally up what's there and average it all out.
No. 174523
[x] Let Alice choose
[x] Female
[x] Youkai
[x] Satori
[x] Shinto
[x] Slim
[x] Average
[x] White
[x] Weird
[x] Nue
No. 174524
If we do decide to be a satori, we'll have to try and hide that fact somehow. People probably won't react well to us.
No. 174526
[x] Let Alice choose
[x] Female
Sure, why not.

[x] Human
[x] Living God
[x] Atheist
Because the Mystery Box is irresistible.

[x] Average build
[x] Above average height
[x] Very light pink hair
[x] Red eyes
No reason. No real preference either, though.

Ooh, that's a tricky question. Nue could certainly make herself appear cute... but Seija could overturn the contest results, so:
[x] ɐɾıǝs
No. 174528
[X] Let Alice choose
[X] Female
[X] Youkai
[X] Satori
[X] Atheist
[X] Slim
[X] Below Average
[X] Gray
[X] Weird
[X] Nue
I am all for a female satori protag
No. 174529
[X] Let Alice choose
[X] Female
[X] Youkai
[X] Satori
[X] Atheist
[X] Slim
[X] Below Average
[X] Gray
[X] Weird
[X] Nue

Don't know why but the satori option is really calling out to me.
No. 174530
>Maro White

I like It!

[x]Maro White
[x]Below Average
No. 174535
[X] Let Alice choose
[X] Female
[X] Youkai
[X] Satori
[X] Atheist
[X] Slim
[X] Average
[X] Blue
[X] Nue
No. 174538
[x]Maro White
[x]Below Average
No. 174539
[x]Maro White [x]Female [x]Half-youkai [x]Half-Ghost [x]Below Average [x]White [x]Blue [x]Nue
No. 174540
[X] Let Alice choose
[X] Female
[X] Youkai
[X] Satori
[X] Atheist
[X] Slim
[X] Below Average
[X] Gray
[X] Weird
[X] Nue
No. 174560
Writefag here, still forgetting my trip. No new votes in nearly a day~ Calling it when I get home.
No. 174561
[x]Maro White
[x]Below Average
No. 174562
Writefag again, calling it now. Gotta do some maths and figure out what won~ Writing commences when I find the file that keeps my damn tripcode in it.
No. 174563
Writer, plz.


plz extend time
No. 174574
By my count (I counted it twice like Santa), These are the winners:

[x] Alice Chooses
[x] Female
[x] Youkai
[x] Satorin-rin
[x] No God
[x] Mini-moe
[x] Tiny-tiny clever commander
[x] Gray/White tied (Kinda like salt and pepper but the pepper is also salt? I dunno, I'll figure this out~)
[x] Super-duper weird laser robot cat eyes or something
No. 174576
I wrack my brain for ideas yet I can think of nothing sensible. I should expect no less; the rest of my mind is empty. Attempting to pull from nothing and drawing a blank is an inevitability. I look to random objects within the room, searching for thoughts on what to call myself. I quickly decide that naming myself after titles of books or an item of dinnerware would be foolish. Perish the thought I call myself ‘Teacup.’ It would be no better than ‘Marisa B,’ and were I forced to choose I would probably choose the latter. I surrender quietly internally and defer to somebody who has sense—and a working memory.

“Alice,” I say, “Why don’t you choose?”

I see a flash of astonishment in her eyes. I’ve caught her unprepared. Our gazes meet, her eyes dart away as if flustered. Perhaps I was wrong to push the responsibility of naming me onto her? Perhaps I should think harder and choose one for myself? I fear I may have made a mistake in asking her for this.

“Er,” Alice says, eyes on the floor, “Well, if you insist, I… suppose I could try…”

She trails off, mumbling to herself. I watch with anticipation as she stands up. The sound of wooden chair legs scraping against the floor shocks me to my feet as well. I feel greatly unnerved by the sound, more so than I feel is necessary. Yet I think nothing of it.

“You don’t need to get up,” Alice says calmly.

She places a hand over my shoulder—at first I think to comfort me. Instead, she pushes me back into my seat. The warmth of her hand soothes the odd tightness in my chest. She runs her hand through my hair as she walks past, mutters a word or two to herself, and starts rifling through a nearby bookshelf.

“Marisa,” she says sharply, “Don’t you have any paper in this dump?”

“Hey, hey, hey!” Marisa says, jumping out of her chair, “My house ain’t a dump!”

Alice continues to rummage through an assortment of books and junk on the shelf, which serves only to visibly upset Marisa. I watch and wait with concern for the foreseeable moment when Marisa jumps over the table and grabs and shakes her friend silly. It seems like something Marisa would do, but she maintains her calm admirably and the moment never comes. I breathe a small sigh of relief.

“Stop going through my stuff!” Marisa yells, “I’ll find you some, okay? Just, sit down already!”

Alice complies, taking a seat beside me and calmly sips her tea. She seeks to pretend like nothing is wrong while Marisa storms off into the next room, mumbling to herself something about ‘pile management’ and ‘feng shui.’

I fail to catch her meaning, but it does serve to reiterate the notion that she does not seem to enjoy others touching her belongings. The fact that she does not seem to mind it when I do it confuses me. Perhaps the malevolent smirk creeping onto Alice’s face does not help my assessment of the situation.

’She’s so cute when she’s angry,’ she says.

“Is she?” I ask, failing to see it her way.

Alice gives me an odd look.

“Is she… What?”

“’Cute,’” I repeat her words, “’When she’s angry?’”

“What are you talking about?” Alice asks.

“You just said …”

“I said nothing of the sort.”

Alice seems confused and a bit concerned, so I drop the subject. Perhaps it was not meant to be said loud enough for me to hear, or I may have heard her words incorrectly. There is certainly no denying that she said it aloud and, odd as it may seem I heard her words quite clearly. I fear that I am not mistaken, though her reaction says otherwise. Faced with the contradiction, I worry that I’ve made the situation awkward for both Alice and myself, so I maintain silence until Marisa returns.

And return she does, with paper and pen in hand.

“Here!” Marisa says, slamming the paper and pen down on the table in front of Alice. She smiles as if gloating.

“Er, Marisa?” Alice scowls, taking the quill pen gently in her hand, “Ink?”

“Here,” Marisa says, repeating the same word in the same gruff and exulting tone, yet gently sets the ink before her friend.

Alice sits for a moment, holding the pen between her forefingers, neatly balancing it on the bridge of her nose. Her eyes gaze down at the ink, move to meet Marisa’s for a moment, then slowly turn back to the ink.

“Aren’t you going to slam that down, too?” She asks.

“No, uhh,” Marisa replies meekly, “I don’t want to make a mess, so…”

“Well then, why not show the same courtesy for my belongings as well, next time?”

Alice scowls—a single discourteous look; the first of which I’ve ever seen cross her brow. Marisa’s intended rebuttal falls to silence, and she takes her seat without another word said. The room falls into awkward silence yet again…

’I’m gonna kill you after this…’ Marisa grumbles under her breath, ’Just you wait!’

“…” Maintain silence, me. I will not add unnecessary fuel to this self-feeding fire.

“Okay,” Alice throws up a cheery smile, “So.”

She turns that joyful smile to me; were it any brighter I would be bathed in sunlight. These constant changes in the mood are too much for me. I begin to feel exhausted. My mind can only take so much more of this stress.

“What do we know about you so far?” Alice asks me rhetorically.

“She’s got white hair?” Marisa groans, still feeling the effects of Alice’s nightmarish glare.

“I’d say it’s more of a grey in this light, but okay. Let’s go with that.”

No doubt about it, the two recover quickly. I doubt I’d ever be able to match their emotional pacing.

Alice scribbles something roughly onto the paper in front of her. The strokes she takes seem violent and exaggerated, but perhaps this is normal for her. Perhaps it is normal for everybody. What do I know?

“Okay, here,” Alice says, glimmering as she displays her artwork for me, “How about this?”


I cannot respond. I see the paper before me, the rough strokes appear to make out the character 白. My mind interprets it as meaning ‘white,’ but I fail to recall how or why I know to read it as such.

“Your calligraphy skills aside,” Marisa says, “’Shiro?’”

“’Haku!’” Alice corrects her, “And there’s nothing wrong with my penmanship.”

“Ugh,” Marisa grunts, “That sucks. Too simple. Make it better.”


Does my opinion not count? I was under the impression that I was the one being named…

“Fine, fine!” Alice’s frustration grows. She lays the paper down, scribbles the character 古 over her already mangled 白.

“There, happy?” Alice holds up the paper for all to see, “And before you—“

“Furushiro?” Marisa interjects, which only serves to better ruin the atmosphere. I brace myself for yet another dip in the emotional rollercoaster that is these two girls.

“Kohaku!” Alice yells, going red in the face, “It’s a name, Marisa. It says ‘Kohaku!’”

“Aaaahh, I see, I see~” Marisa grins, ’I couldn’t quite tell with all of the smudges and scribbles.’

I wonder if they do this on purpose…

’I’m at least giving this a bit of thought, little miss ‘Marisa B!’’

“Either one is—“ I try to speak up, but the two girls have become so infuriated I fear any words I speak will fall to the wayside. Will they not be silent for even a moment? My head hurts worse with every word!

“I’m sorry dear,” Alice says, “Do go on.”


It takes a moment for me to realize that the both of them are looking at me.

“Ah, er...”

I stumble over words, having lost my train of thought in the confusion.

“I suppose it’s not so bad,” I say.

The name on the paper feels foreign to me. Certainly it is not mine, but it’s a name, and more importantly it’s a step in the right direction.

“Better than ‘Marisa B?’” Marisa asks, smiling.

“Certainly,” I reply in earnest.


Marisa feigns a dejected look, reminding me that her choice of name was mere jest on her part. I can only assume that ‘Melanie’ and ‘Bob’ and ‘Spot’ were all part of the same crowd.

[ ] Accept 白(Haku) as your new name
[ ] Accept 古白(Kohaku) as your new name
[ ] Give Marisa a chance to be serious.
No. 174577
[x] Accept 古白(Kohaku) as your new name.
>Old White
>Satori won
No. 174578
[x] Give Marisa a chance to be serious.
No. 174580
I liked >>174519's use of "White" as a metaphor for the character and chose a name that incorporated the idea. The brainstorming on that alone took forever, as my fluency in Japanese might be a bit limited in terms of proper names.

And truth be told, I wanted Celestial to win. I had a buddy-buddy arc with Tenshi all planned out where the two of them just wreck shit (because Tenshi is manipulative like that). Maybe some other time~
No. 174582
[x] Accept 古白(Kohaku) as your new name.
No. 174583
[X] Accept 古白(Kohaku) as your new name

This is a sorely dated connection, but Tsukihime does come to mind. (Back on topic,) Her being a Satori must have effected what her past was like.
No. 174584
[X] Accept 古白(Kohaku) as your new name
No. 174586
[X] Accept 古白(Kohaku) as your new name

Huh. I can't recall any story i've seen on THP, or anywhere else for that matter, told from the perspective of a mind-reader. It'll probably be a lot more challenging to write, I feel, but i'm very interested to see what can be done. I'm personally very happy with the Satori win.
No. 174588
[x] Accept 古白(Furushiro! Kohaku) as your new name.

Being a Satori is going to be interesting.
It also raises a lot of questions, the most obvious being:
A. What are we doing above ground?
B. Don't all Satori have that ball-eye thing? Wouldn't that be quite obvious when Marisa bandaged us?
Then again, it's Marisa. I wouldn't be surprised if it just fell out of her mind because it didn't seem important at the moment.
No. 174589
File 138244045121.jpg - (4.23KB , 217x251 , 1309297241796s.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Lunar princess
>Mind reading

Confirmed for a moe Youkai grey alien girl?
No. 174590
File 138244936511.png - (265.67KB , 796x322 , pickone.png ) [iqdb]
Tsukihime maaay have influenced my choice in name, so the connection maaay be warranted.


A. Good question.
B. See image. Not spoiling this one~

>lunar princess
>the greys

I think we all know where I'm going with this~
No. 174591
Here's one. It kinda suffers from scope creep later on, but still well worth reading.
No. 174592
If we do have a third eye, then my guess for B is something along the lines of:
Marisa just didn't notice it because it was hidden in our clothing. And she's not exactly a medical professional so instead of removing the clothes, searching for injuries and so on, she just wrapped bandages around whatever part seemed to be bleeding at the moment. (The wounds she did find, she apparently treated pretty well, though.)

And since I can find no mention of getting dressed before eating, I would assume that we still have our clothes on. Which makes it a reasonable possibility at least.

Or it might have been torn off due to injuries, but I'm pretty sure the third eye is related to their mind-reading powers (Koishi closed her third eye, so she read the subconscious instead of conscious thoughts, and all that) so we shouldn't be able to read their thoughts. Unless it's growing back right now, and we can only read strong surface thoughts until it's fully regenerated.

If I just keep coming up with theories, I'll get it right eventually and can totally go "called it!".
No. 174593
[x] Accept 古白(Kohaku) as your new name
No. 174594
[X] Accept 白(Haku) as your new name
No. 174602

Read the first few chapters, and wow. It's pretty.. strange. Its just needlessly cruel. And besides that, it has no relief, really. EVERY scene seems to be a crisis, after getting out of the underground, with only one exception. Wears on a person a bit, even if they like that stuff, such as I do.
No. 174607
I suppose I will never know the truth. ‘Kohaku’ sticks for some reason. I feel sufficiently distanced from it, but not to the point of estrangement. It feels, for lack of a better word, ‘appropriate.’ I can accept it as my name; at least until I recover my memory. I worry though, that Marisa’s diagnosis of ‘complete recovery in a few days’ will not occur.

“I like it,” I say, “Kohaku is a good name.”

“Really?” Alice asks disbelieving.

She seems overjoyed by my approval. Marisa slumps back with a dejected look on her face, probably disappointed that I immediately accepted Alice’s proposal instead of giving her a chance. I suppose I should have let her, but I’ve my reasons for not doing so. Most importantly, I worry that with too many options I will become indecisive and will be unable to choose. Names are not to be given and taken lightly and in this case the second candidate is a clear winner. Marisa wanting to sulk over it is her choice, but I do feel a little guilty for denying her the opportunity to show off her creativity.

My head is also throbbing due to the recurring short arguments Marisa and Alice have been having. I worry that if the conversation carries on for too long I may aggravate my condition. The aching grows worse as time passes, and I would hate to impose on Marisa more than is necessary. I want to be back on my feet, and the less time I spend resting the better.

“Sorry, Marisa,” I say, bowing my head in apology.

’Damn right you are,’ Marisa says, her mouth not moving.

Perhaps I am imagining things. All things considered, I should be resting at this very moment. I must be tired. Hearing people speaking when they are not actually speaking is not normal. The fact that I feel remotely acquainted with the notion even more so. The thought alone of conceivably losing enough blood to affect my mental capacity sends a chill down my spine.

“What for?” Marisa asks, “It’s a nice name, and Alice finally came up with something creative for a change.”

“Naming dolls and naming people are totally different things, Marisa,” Alice says, sighing, “I’m just relieved it didn’t fall flat.” ’Thank goodness she likes it. That was my only good idea…’

’It’s a stupid name and you should feel bad for thinking it up, Alice.’

“I, uhh…” There it goes again. Why am I imagining only Marisa’s voice? Every time it happens the throbbing in my head worsens.


“I feel tired,”

My legs become weak. I collapse into my chair. My head feels light, my chest heavy. The room becomes blurry as my head begins to spin. It is all so sudden; headaches aside I was fine a moment ago. I rest my head on the edge of the table and stare at the floor. I would hate to see it come up to greet my face; that would be an atrocious end to an otherwise pleasant evening.

“Hey!” I hear Alice’s voice, “Are you okay?”

’What’s going on? Did Marisa spike the drinks? She looks so pale…’

’Did I do something wrong?’ I’m hearing Marisa’s voice again, ’She was moving around just a second ago, right? I know did the bandages right. I didn’t do anything wrong, right?’[i]

“Ugh…” I groan, my voice carries with it every ounce of pain I feel.

I feel sick, the tightness in my chest starts to turn.

“Let’s, uh…. Let’s get her to her room,” Marisa says, her voice wavering.

She lifts me onto her shoulder. I feel her body trembling and straining as she tries to lift me. I try to steady myself but my legs are too weak to support me. Alice catches me as I start to fall. I want to thank her, but I am fully exerting myself merely to stand.

[i]’Why are you so damned heavy?’
Marisa’s voice asks. I can no longer tell what is being said and what I am imagining.

They help me back into the other room and sit me on the bed. My vision blurs, and I fall back. The two seem exceptionally nervous. After all, I’m starting to feel better. The dizziness begins to fade, I try to sit up.

“Alice!” Marisa yells, I hear footsteps going into the other room.

Marisa shuffles me around, holds something under my chin as I lean forward. For a brief moment, I feel nothing. Then, nothing but pain. The churning feeling in the pit of my stomach starts to push up; it feels as though every organ in my body is trying to rush out of my throat all at once.

’Oh geez, here she goes…’

My mind seems to fade out as what feels like my heart, lungs, and everything I ate for dinner all leap out at once. An atrocious end for an otherwise pleasant evening.


The next thing I know, I’m laying down. Alice sits at my bedside while Marisa cleans up the aftermath.

“You feeling okay?” Alice asks, her voice tender and soft.

“Ugh…” I sit up, “I think so…”

“Hangovers don’t happen when you’re not drinking, Alice,” Marisa says, cursing under her breath as she scrubs at the floor with a wet towel, “She just ate too much.” ’And way to fast, now that I think of it.’

There it is again. Marisa’s unsaid words, clear as day. This time without the accompaniment of headaches or nausea. I was able to hear Alice’s voice earlier, as well. Could there be something wrong with me? The odd sentiment I feel deep down tells me ‘no,’ but common sense would dictate ‘yes.’ This is the first time that I feel truly at odds with myself. It fills me with a melancholy—but a touch of joy as well. I feel…

Sick. The tightness in my chest returns, bringing along with it a mental fogginess. I lie back, looking up. Staring at the ceiling dulls the nausea.

“Marisa, show some compassion!” Alice says, her voice taut and distressed, ’Why is she always so cruel to people?’

“Hard to be compassionate, Alice,” Marisa says between grunts, “When I’ve got fresh barf all over my bedroom floor!” ’Aaaargh! And it’s on the books too! This is the worst thing, ever!’


“Don’t mind her,” Alice says to me, “Just try to rest.”

I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible. Marisa has gone out of her way to accommodate me and I have done nothing but get sick on the floor. I should have been more cognizant of my condition. This could have all been avoided had I not given in so eagerly to my hunger.

“Marisa,” I say, fighting my own weakness and nausea to sit up.

“Yeah?” She glances at me, but otherwise keeps on cleaning.

“Thank you,”

“Don’t mention it,” she says, smiling, ’I’ll just have you owe me big time, later.’

Alice places a hand on my shoulder, her gentle push reminding me that I should be laying down. Some things need to be said, however, and I can rest easier after having said it. I do still feel pangs of guilt though, every time my eye catches Marisa moving around on her hands and knees. I’ll try to apologize come morning.

“Alright, Marisa,” Alice says, helping her friend to her feet, “I think you’ve cleaned up enough. Let Kohaku rest.” ’Why do I feel so embarrassed using that name? Didn’t I make it up?’

“But the smell, Alice,” Marisa whines, “The smell will get into the floor.”

“There is no more smell on the floor,” Alice says, pushing Marisa towards the door, “It’s on you. Go take a bath or something!”

“Okay, okay! I’m going already, don’t push!”

The light flicks off, the door closes. I hear the two carry on just outside for a moment longer, and then nothing. Only the sound of my own breathing to keep me company. Light from outside still pours into the room. It is dusk, but the outside is still brighter than inside. It makes it hard to keep my eyes closed. I breathe a heavy sigh, feeling a soreness in my throat as I do. Sleep comes quickly afterwards, and dreams will not remind me of the mess I made out of myself today.


I awaken to a loud crash and a thud, and Marisa’s smiling face.

“Er… ‘Morning,” she says, having tripped in the middle of the room over a book left on the floor, “Sorry to wake you.”

“Good morning,” I say, feeling rested, “Sleep well?”

“After Alice left, yeah,” she says, “Not enough beds for her to stay the night, too.”

’I’d really like my own bed back, though. My guestroom totally sucks…’

“You’ll have it back soon enough,” I say.

I replied unconsciously. To the voice in my head. How humiliating! I can feel myself blushing already.

“Huh,” she says, paying it no real credence, ’Kohaku’s breath smells like vomit~’

“It does not!” I did it again! Why do I feel compelled to respond?

“Heard that little bit, did you?”

Marisa seems wholly unsurprised, unlike myself. I can hardly contain my bewilderment. Am I hallucinating these words? Is Marisa somehow altering my perception? I know it sounds insane, but I myself very well may have gone insane. I scramble to my feet, unsure of how I should best react to this. I try to stop and think, but my body moves first. I take her by the shoulders, fighting myself all the way.

Against my wishes and better judgment, I end up confronting her.

“Heard what?” I ask, my confusion starting to get the better of me, “Why do I hear your voice in my head? What’s going on?!”

“Relax, relax,” she says, “I was just testing you.” ’Seriously though? There’s a toothbrush in the bathroom with your name on it.’

She’s laughing, too. Laughing! At me? She brushes my hands from her shoulders and tries to sit me back down on the bed. I let her, though at the moment I don’t believe it would be in my best interest to give her any more control over me than necessary… But I need to hear what she has to say. The question of my very sanity is the fulcrum, and her next words will tip the scales. A pit of doubt opens deep in the pit of my gut.

“You’re, uhh,” ’Yeah. Great, another one… Just my luck.’

She seems unsure of herself.

“I’m what?!” I grow more impatient with each passing second, “Another one of what?!”

“A satori. You’re hearing my inner voice, or… You’re way too good at guessing what I’m thinking,” she says, “I guess, putting it in a way anyone could understand, you can read minds. That’s the best I can explain it.” ’I figured she was a youkai or something, but a satori of all things… Today’s not my lucky day…’

I breathe a heavy sigh. The weight begins to lift from my shoulders. It makes a semblance of sense. I am not insane. Just different, somehow. But as with everything, an answer to the great question of ‘who am I’ raises two questions in its place. At this rate, a never-ending slew of questions will spew forth from my mouth.

“What’s a satori?” I ask. I refrain from asking why she dislikes them so much. Some answers should not be sought.

“I just told you. A mind-reading youkai,” she says, “Essentially, you.” ’Why doesn’t she have that eyeball thing? Did she lose it?’

“I—“ I hear her words as spoken through her mouth. I hear her words as spoken through her mind, as well? It seems impossible to me, but having no memory of my own to call upon I’ve no choice but to defer to her knowledge on all matters. I worry that I’ve placed too much trust in her, yet I’ve no alternative recourse.

“Are there others like me?” I ask.

“Two that I’ve met,” she replies, “And until now I thought that was all of them…” ’I wish it was, really. What a pain.’

[ ] “Tell me more.”
[ ] “Take me to them.”
No. 174608
[X] “Tell me more.”

Poor Kohaku. Being Satori is suffering.

We're in no state to travel as of yet. Keeling over and vomiting make travelling a very dangerous proposition. We might well just black out again and fall off of Marisa's broom.
No. 174609
[x] “Tell me more.”
No. 174612
[X] “Take me to them.”
Maybe not the best choice since we haven't recovered yet. But who'd know more about a satori than a satori.
No. 174613
[x] “Tell me more.”
No. 174614
[X] “Tell me more.”

Going to the underground is a bad idea in our condition.
We can go after we recover, but not right now.

>’I wish it was, really. What a pain.’'
Hey, it's not as if we asked to be a Satori.
Well, actually, we totally did but, y'know, Kohaku didn't. You know what I mean.
No. 174615
[X] “Tell me more.”

Marisa may not be the most reliable when it comes to information, but we can always ask Alice later.
No. 174620
[X] “Tell me more.”

Like does she have a car?

We should totally bro-op with Aya and go full gossip in bunburu with her and piss everyone off.
No. 174628
[x] "Please, tell me more."
No. 174629
[X] “Tell me more.”

That's...not a bad idea. If everyone is going to be mad at us anyway we may as well give them a reason to be mad.
No. 174632

No one but Marisa knows that we're a satori yet, though.
No. 174633
[x] “Tell me more.”
Specifically, why it is a pain.
No. 174637
You act like someone won't fuck us over later.

It'll probably be Aya who we'll get hrt to say sorry because we blackmail the everloving shit out of her later.

I smell pure dickery later.
No. 174646
Can we just move in with Alice? She seems nice.
No. 174656

She's not going to just let some stranger live with her.
No. 174662
“There are others?” I ask, “Tell me more.”

Marisa shrugs, “There really isn’t much for me to say about those two. Names’re Satori and Koishi. Sisters as far as I can tell. Satori’s kind of a pain to deal with and Koishi’s, well… Weird.” ’Like, really weird.’


“Yeah,” Marisa says, “She used to hang around on the surface a lot for whatever reason. As far as I can tell, that isn’t exactly normal for her kind—er, your kind too, I guess. You get to know her better and… It’s kinda tough for me to explain, but ‘weird’ is pretty appropriate.”

For once, the voices sync together. She appears to be speaking her mind on the matter, though the layer of buried hostility is hard for me to get past. Through it all, she does not seem to particularly care for satori, and her feelings towards the individual sisters are buried beneath that. I concentrate hard, testing myself and my own ability. Marisa edges away.

“Hey, hey!” she says, “No funny business with the mind reading, alright?” ’Keep out I say! Uh, three-point-one-four-one-five-nine-two-six-five…’

She begins reciting digits in her mind. While it seems a somewhat immature solution, her thoughts have become entirely hidden to me. The numbers continue until I break concentration.

“Sorry,” I say, “It would appear that I’m unable to control it properly.”

“Yeah, sure,” she replies and redirects, “So, can you turn it off?”

I shake my head no, which seems to cause her to feel a small measure of unease. Little by little, I start to see her true thoughts bubble though to the surface. She seems to fear that I would see something private—something that should be inaccessible deep within her own mind. I would like to reassure her that I will not use the ability for unsavory purposes, but I expect no good would come of it. Even attempting to discuss the matter of my ability with her seems to breed distrust between her and I. The conclusion I come to is simple: I cannot stay here for long lest her fears become inadvertently actualized.

We sit is silence for a moment, Marisa returning to reciting numbers within her mind as I make attempts to concentrate on other items in the room. Thankfully, a knock comes at the door and breaks the silence. Marisa excuses herself to answer, shutting the bedroom door behind her.

I wait for a spell, hear talking coming from the other room. I hear Alice’s voice, though I am unable to hear their thoughts through the door. Do physical objects block it? Frankly I’d like to know more about how it works—why it works, for that matter.

Alice steps into the room, an odd look on her face.

“Marisa tells me you’re a satori,” she says, getting straight to the point.

“It would seem so,” I reply, “Though I’m mostly taking her word for it.”

“I see,” Alice seems less distraught by the revelation, which is relieving, “Are you feeling well? You gave us quite a scare last night.”

“Sorry for the trouble,” I say, “And I’m feeling much better, thanks.”

“And the mind reading?” Alice asks, “Marisa tells me you can hear her thoughts.”

“I don’t really know what to make of it,” I say, “It seems to be creating some trouble.”

“You needn’t worry too much about that,” she says “She’s just a bit… Shocked.” ’Though, what to do about Marisa… This bodes poorly if I let her keep a satori in her house.’

Marisa comes into the room, bringing drinks.

“Well?” she frowns at Alice, “What’s your take on it?” ’I really don’t want to be here right now.’

“I fail to see an issue,” Alice says, “You seemed to be fine yesterday evening,”

“That so, eh?” Marisa says, slamming the tray she brought in with her on an end table, “Well, might I remind you that I spent a good part of the night on the floor cleaning up puke?“ ’And the chunks… Eugh!’

“Marisa,” Alice says, “You’re being extraordinarily rude in front of your guest.” ’Why do I even bother, sometimes?’

’Yeah? So what? It’s the damn truth’

“Marisa, I—“

I try to speak. The words do not come freely. The subject matter is still a sore topic for me; every time my mind returns to memories of last night I feel completely humiliated.

“I know, I know,” Marisa says, “You don’t have to apologize. Happens to the best of us.” ’Try not to look too deeply into that one. Seriously.’

“The fault was partially hers,” Alice adds, “Is what she is trying to say. The food was probably too rich.”

“Can we not talk about this anymore?” I say, feeling myself grow red in the face.

“Ah, er— Of course,” Alice says, looking to Marisa, “To the point now, perhaps Marisa?”

“Oh, ah, right,” Marisa takes a seat at the foot of the bed, “Alice mentioned something to me just outside. To be blunt…” ’I really don’t know how to put this.’

“Marisa cannot keep you here forever,” Alice says, “Her house is disgusting and filthy, and the roof is caving in, and—“

“What sort of grudge do you have against my house?!”

“Frankly,” Alice continues, “Her lifestyle would be bad for you if you stay here.”

[ ] “I agree.”
[ ] “It isn’t so bad.”
No. 174663
File 138283147228.jpg - (279.17KB , 400x480 , any of you guys have a fishing rod.jpg ) [iqdb]
Accidentally posted a rough copy and bumped the thread. Saging for balance.

Also, have a Koishi.
No. 174667
[X] “I agree.”
Bye Marisa!
No. 174668
[x] “I agree. That I should leave, I mean. It's a lovely house and Marisa has been very kind to me and I might even enjoy this sort of lifestyle. But I should leave.”
No. 174669
[x] “I agree. That I should leave, I mean. It's a lovely house and Marisa has been very kind to me and I might even enjoy this sort of lifestyle. But I should leave.”
No. 174671
[x] “I agree. That I should leave, I mean. It's a lovely house and Marisa has been very kind to me and I might even enjoy this sort of lifestyle. But I should leave. I can't simply stay here forever."
No. 174676
[x] >>174671
No. 174677
[x] >>174671
No. 174678
[x] >>174671
No. 174679
Can't tell if everyone's lazy, or votespamming.
No. 174680
[X] “I agree.”
No. 174682
Well >>174677 was my vote, and I felt lazy.
I can submit a proper vote if you deem in necessary
No. 174686
You know that feeling when people think you're bluffing but you aren't, and you try to edge them on? No actually, I prefer the added sentence because it reads a lot softer and more elegantly.
No. 174687
[x] “I agree. That I should leave, I mean. It's a lovely house and Marisa has been very kind to me and I might even enjoy this sort of lifestyle. But I should leave. I can't simply stay here forever.".
No. 174688
I'm >>174676, and half of me was lazy, and half of me wanted to subtly discourage people from adding more text onto the vote, and half of me wanted not to just repeat the preceding vote litteratim despite not having anything constructive to say.

(I am large; I contain multitudes.)

I have no idea what you mean by the first part of this, but I agree with the second.
No. 174689
[x] >>174671

I usually copy and paste the vote itself, but I wanna piss off ParanoidAnon up there.
No. 174690
[X] >>174671
No. 174693
[x] “I agree.”

Time to see if doll's have brains.

And to fluster Alice on that, she's so cute comment she made earlier.
No. 174694
[x] “I agree. That I should leave, I mean. It's a lovely house and Marisa has been very kind to me and I might even enjoy this sort of lifestyle. But I should leave.”

I try to always add some sort of pointless comment after my votes to prevent accusations of votespam. Like this.
No. 174700
[x] “I agree.”
No. 174701
[x] “I agree. That I should leave, I mean. It's a lovely house and Marisa has been very kind to me and I might even enjoy this sort of lifestyle. But I should leave.”

Can't stay where we ain't wanted, I guess. If Marisa keeps this up, I can only see this ending in tears. Although, it would be interesting character development for her if she started getting used to the whole mindreading thing and stopped letting it bother her.

Anyway, I suppose we should apologise for making Marisa uncomfortable, especially since we're a guest in her home, even if we can't help but read her mind.
No. 174724
“I agree,” I say, immediately regretting my vague choice of words. In an attempt to save grace I add, “That I should leave, I mean.”

Were I to leave it alone, I might have inadvertently insulted Marisa and her home. It would not be a smart move, considering she did single-handedly nurse me back to health. Attitude towards satori aside, I at least owe her the gratitude of respect. As this dirty little room is all I know, I’ve no right to ridicule or judge it.

The verdict appears to be unanimous. Marisa doesn’t want me here probably solely for the reason that I can pry into her mind, Alice seems to be worried more for my health as opposed to Marisa’s, and I feel that all of Marisa’s negative thoughts will have an impact on my mental state. I’ve hardly a mental state as it is, come to think of it. Rather none than bad, I think.

But the more I think about it, the more worried I become. I’ve known no home beyond this one, seen nothing beyond the forest; I’ve no memory of my own home and therefore no place to return to. Where will I go? Were I in better health I may have chosen to start walking and see where my feet would take me, but as it stands I’m in no position health-wise to permit myself to aimlessly wandering about.

’Well, that’s a relief.’ I hear Marisa say inwardly, yet another though of hers that almost shouts ‘get out.’

“Well, we’ve overcome the first obstacle,” Alice says, “Truth be told I was worried that I might have trouble convincing you to want to go, all things considered.” ’The last thing Marisa needs is a freeloader with no memory. This is for the best, right?’

In Alice’s case, I must applaud her honesty. Those words didn’t seem to come easily for her, and I would expect she would not say such things to a normal person, but it seems to have been said in respect of my ability.

“It’s for the best,” I say, “I can’t let myself grow dependent.”

I try to assure Alice, as she seems to be somewhat uneasy having this conversation. I agree wholeheartedly that I would find it difficult to stay and, saying nothing in regards to organizational skills, Marisa’s distrust of me as a satori would become increasingly difficult for me to handle over time. I need to get out. I need to see what lies beyond Marisa’s front door. If I do, maybe I’ll remember myself and who I was. Perhaps I’m being too hopeful.

“Darn tootin’!” Marisa says, smiling from ear to ear. Her mind is in full agreement with her mouth.

“You seem awfully pleased, Marisa,” Alice says, “Even if I know your track record with mind readers, that’s taking things a bit far.”

“Yeah, but if she can see into my head anyway, why try and hide it?” Marisa asks, “I won’t lie and say I’m overjoyed by the thought of having a mind-reader at my place 24/7. Where’s the privacy?” ’Koishi’s a handful and a half, and she’ll hang out for like an hour, tops.’

While I hate to be treated like a walking invasion of privacy, Marisa does have a point. I can see surface thoughts at the moment, but who’s to say I can’t learn to control it? If I concentrate on something, I might be able to dig deeper. I may inadvertently pull up something that nobody is meant to see. I may use it as leverage in an argument. I hardly know what my capabilities are, and even worse, I do not know myself as a person.

“Well then,” Alice continues on, “Not touching that topic with a ten-foot pole, on to the next subject.”

“What’s the next subject,” Marisa asks.

“Where will I go?” I ask, pulling the thought straight from Alice’s mind, “I can’t stay here, and I’d rather not lay about in the forest waiting to get eaten, so…”

I’m yet again forced to defer to Alice and Marisa for guidance. They know the world, they know what’s out there. I could go as far as to suppose they know where I can stay, but in seeing their thoughts I find an awful lot of blank space.

“Ah,” Alice is the first to have a thought, “Myouren temple! They’ll take her, I’m sure.”

“Yeah, but…” Marisa seems unsure. ’They’ll turn her into a nun or some kind of Buddhist mind-reading menace or something…’

“It seems a good fit to me,” Alice says, “Why not?”

“Buddhists,” Marisa says, “Who knows what they’ll do to her?”

“What’s a Buddhist?” I ask.

“How about the Komeiji place then,” Alice says, ignoring me unintentionally, “Satori would probably like having one of her own around.”

The name ‘Satori’ rings a bell. Lately every conversation has been ‘satori’ this and ‘satori’ that. What kind of imbecile names their child like that, anyway? Are there humans running around in the world named ‘Human’? I know not; common sense dictates no.

“Koishi,” Marisa says, bringing in another familiar name, “And the heat. You wouldn’t know, you’ve never been there.” ’You didn’t see what kinda horrors I saw!’

Marisa looks at me and grins. I expect that last internal remark was intended for me to hear. Some sort of joke? I fail to comprehend.

“That’s right,” Alice mutters to herself, “I never did take the time to visit…” ’If it’s that bad, I don’t think I will.’

“How about the shrine?” Marisa finally pulls her thoughts together, “There’s a ton of youkai layabouts up in those parts.” ’Plus, I’d love to see Reimu’s face when we bring her a satori.’

“Bad idea,” Alice replies, “Overall, a bad idea.” ’Reimu would kill you for real.’

“What’s a Reimu?” I ask, yet again destined to be ignored.

“The other shrine?” Marisa asks, desperate to have an equal number of suggestions as Alice.

“Tengu,” Alice says in a one-word ‘no’ response, “And she can’t very well stay at my place.”

“Right, you’re not ‘equipped’ for dealing with ‘people,’ right?” Marisa makes a weird gesture with her hands, adding emphasis to specific words that seem to strike a chord with Alice. A rather negative chord, at that.

“It’s better than your pigsty!”

“What does she mean?” I ask Alice. Over a torrent of unpleasant thoughts and internal screaming, I failed to make sense of the joke. Was it even a joke?

“Nothing, dear,” Alice dismisses the question, “She means utterly nothing by it.” ’And I simply refuse to let her get under my skin this time!’

“But ya know,” Marisa says, “None of these suggestions mean squat if Kohaku doesn’t like it. Plus, I don’t think she’s exactly fit for travel, yet.” ’As much as I want her out, I don’t want her hurt or dead or something.’

“Good point,” Alice replies, “I didn’t quite think of it like that.” ’Aren’t we rushing this a bit? It’s only been two days, if that.’

They ignore my questions for the entire conversation, and now they realize it? The decision in the end is up to me; they cannot dictate to me where I will go. Perhaps when, but not where. And the question of ‘when’ seems to be dependent upon my physical state, which I believe they are grossly underestimating. Then again, I did overestimate my condition yesterday, and look where that got me. For the time being, I’ve got plenty of questions to ask, and I hope they have answers.

Pick one or two of the following:
[ ] Ask about Myouren temple.
[ ] Ask about the Komeiji place.
[ ] Ask about the shrine.
[ ] Ask about the other shrine.

Please specify questions to ask. There is much to be said about each location. As there is not much of a time limit on healing, there is no limit on questions asked. Try to be reasonable though, Marisa is impatient and the writer is lazy.

Plus, pick any of the additional:
[ ] What’s a Buddhist?
[ ] What’s a Reimu?
[ ] What’s a Tengu?
No. 174726
[x] "What's a Tengu?" I ask doggedly, no longer really expecting a response.
[x] Ask about the other shrine.
No. 174727
[x] Ask about Myouren temple.
- What’s a Buddhist?
- What's a nun?
- Are Buddhists scary?

[x] Ask about the Komeiji place.
-Why is she called Satori?
-Does anyone else live there?
-What did you see there?
-Is it really hot?

[x] What’s a Reimu?
No. 174729

This one.
No. 174730
File 138311976169.jpg - (27.98KB , 600x435 , 340105-kaolla_su_super.jpg ) [iqdb]
I can't help but mentally append
>- [ ] Is it delicious?
to that.
No. 174732
[x] Ask about Myouren temple.
- What’s a Buddhist?
- What's a nun?
- Are Buddhists scary?

[x] Ask about the Komeiji place.
-Why is she called Satori?
-Does anyone else live there?
-What did you see there?
-Is it really hot?

[x] What’s a Reimu
-[x] Is it delicious?

Well, this will clearly be the winning vote, no topping this.

Les, Marisa claim she's more delicious in her mind.
No. 174733
[x] Ask about Myouren temple.
- What’s a Buddhist?
- What's a nun?
- Are Buddhists scary?

[x] Ask about the Komeiji place.
-Why is she called Satori?
-Does anyone else live there?
-What did you see there?
-Is it really hot?

[x] What’s a Reimu?
-[x] Is it delicious?

I'll be jumpin' on this bandwagon.
No. 174735
[x] Ask about Myouren temple.
- What’s a Buddhist?
- What's a nun?
- Are Buddhists scary?

[x] Ask about the Komeiji place.
-Why is she called Satori?
-Does anyone else live there?
-What did you see there?
-Is it really hot?

[x] What’s a Reimu
-[x] Is it delicious?

If only for Marisa's reaction.
No. 174736
[x] Ask about Myouren temple.
- What’s a Buddhist?
- What's a nun?
- Are Buddhists scary?

[x] Ask about the Komeiji place.
-Why is she called Satori?
-Does anyone else live there?
-What did you see there?
-Is it really hot?

[x] What’s a Reimu
-[x] Is it delicious?

Bandwagoning for fun but no profit.
No. 174737
[x] Ask about Myouren temple.
- What’s a Buddhist?
- What's a nun?
- Are Buddhists scary?

[x] Ask about the Komeiji place.
-Why is she called Satori?
-Does anyone else live there?
-What did you see there?
-Is it really hot?

[x] What’s a Reimu
-[x] Is it delicious?

No. 174739
[x] Ask about Myouren temple.
- What’s a Buddhist?
- What's a nun?
- Are Buddhists scary?

[x] Ask about the Komeiji place.
-Why is she called Satori?
-Does anyone else live there?
-What did you see there?
-Is it really hot?

[x] What’s a Reimu
-[x] Is it delicious?

To bandwagon, or not to bandwagon. That is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of making an original post,
Or to take arms against a sea of copypasta,
And by opposing end them?
No. 174741
I'm >>174730, and I'd just like to point out that it lacks an 'x' for a reason. This is totally out of character, even with what little character Kohaku has so far.

Besides which,
>“Reimu,” Marisa replies, “She’s a friend. I can take you to meet her if you’d like, but it’s a long ways away. You should probably wait on it, what with your legs all beat to hell.”
No. 174742
File 138316950628.jpg - (158.93KB , 720x960 , Im willing to bet she is though.jpg ) [iqdb]
Cave Johnson Writefag here, now offering 10 percent more opinions.

Reimu is a balanced part of this youkai's breakfast. That said, I agree that it would be somewhat unusual for the character. But fun nonetheless~

And on an unrelated note, I keep misreading the "-Is it really hot?" question as "-Is she really hot?" No idea why.
No. 174743
[x] Ask about Myouren temple.
-[x] What’s a Buddhist?
-[x] What's a nun?
-[x] Are Buddhists scary?

[x] Ask about the Komeiji place.
-[x] Why is she called Satori?
-[x] Is she really hot?
-[x] Does anyone else live there?
-[x] What did you see there?
-[x] Is it really hot?

[x] What’s a Reimu?
-[x] Is it delicious?
No. 174748
if we get a remark about her delicious armpits, I'll laugh.
No. 174751
[x] Ask about Myouren temple.
-[x] What’s a Buddhist?
-[x] What's a nun?
-[x] Are Buddhists scary?
-[x] How tasty are Buddhists or nuns?

[x] Ask about the Komeiji place.
-[x] Why is she called Satori?
-[x] Is she really hot?
-[x] Does anyone else live there?
-[x] What did you see there?
-[x] Is it really hot?

[x] What’s a Reimu?
-[x] Is it delicious?
No. 174760
Writefag again. I'm stuck working all weekend long. Probably no updates until early next week. Sunday if I'm lucky.
No. 174762
I refrain from thinking too much and just start asking questions as they pop into my mind. I decide ask at first about the world at large, later delving into specific locations such as Myouren temple and the Komeiji household in particular. My ability proves useful; Alice and Marisa at first hardly need to speak a word as I simply pluck the answers from their minds, but as the one-sided conversation gets underway we all find it more comfortable and natural if I just let them speak instead.

The world I find myself in is described to me as a ‘bubble realm’ cut off from the world at large. The residents here refer to it as ‘Gensokyo.’ A somewhat uninspired but very appropriate designation for the land. As Alice describes it, it is a world where fact meets fiction; where the real and the unreal collide, and where the impossible is made possible. Magic and myth, gods and demons—all apparently cast aside as fantasy in the world outside exist here. Her long and flowery speech about the land is ignored by me in preference to her more direct thought process. Marisa seems to be in agreement: Alice’s monologue is incredibly droll and can be mostly disregarded.

We quickly move on to discussing the Myouren temple. Marisa describes it as an ‘icky place’ on the outskirts of a small township where ‘weirdos hang out and read a lot of old books.’ Alice describes it more appropriately as a Buddhist temple and a haven for more peaceful youkai. The word ‘youkai’ piques my interest as it was mentioned regularly in conversation prior, and I feel compelled to ask about it. Alice tells me the word is a sort of generalized categorization that can be used to refer to any manner of super or subhuman beings, satori included. I feel a bit distraught by the fact that its use in regards to me makes me seem somewhat less than human, but both girls reassure me that it isn’t something derogatory.

“If you’re that worried,” Alice tells me, “I would technically classify as one, too.”

“Technically,” Marisa says, “But technicalities don’t count for squat if the bigger ones still try to eat you.”

Alice sighs and carries on, offering far better explanations than Marisa could ever dream of managing. She explains the basic concept of Buddhism but I find it a little outside of my grasp. Overall, it seems as though Buddhists are a peaceful if well-disciplined bunch, and the more I hear of it the more I begin to like it. In terms of livability I would highly consider it, if only for the satori pun potential. An offhand mention by Marisa regarding a Buddhist concept called ‘satori’ puts me into fits of giggling. Were it not for Alice’s assertion that it does actually exist within the faith, I would have assumed Marisa to be a liar.

Further concepts are equally beyond my current grasp of things. Nuns and monks being a prime example. Alice offers a brief description of rules and practices, and Marisa tells me that they are ‘totally married to their faith’ and that they ‘don’t get busy with other people.’ Practices in relation to social mores and values are beyond me. Marisa’s allusion, however, is not.

We carry on for a while longer as a group, discussing the intricacies of Myouren temple as a specific. Marisa describes an individual known as Byakuren—a most imposing sort by any standard and the founder of the establishment. The name is acknowledged by all as a sort of pseudonym or precept name, but neither of the girls can provide me with any specifics beyond events from a few years ago. Marisa seems to hold her in high regard, and is slightly less consciously afraid of her physical strength. Alice has little to say on the matter save:

“I’ve never been there.”

Her thoughts verify this and I acknowledge her lack of opinion. We both defer to Marisa, who has much good to say about the place. Her inner thoughts betray her motives, though; she wants to take me there so that she may have another chance to raid their library of scrolls and sutras.

I decide it’s time to move on, and start asking about the Komeiji establishment. The moment I switch topics and mention the name ‘Komeiji,’ a flood of opinions roll in from both girls. Most prominently Alice seems to admire the one called Satori in particular, and Marisa holds Koishi as a dear friend but both are utterly reverent of a third woman called ‘Utsuho.’ I try to take this one step at a time so as to prevent my mind from becoming overwhelmed.

While nobody can explain the name ‘Satori,’ it becomes clear to me that Koishi is her sister, and the two of them together run a sort of public utility providing electricity throughout the region via this Utsuho woman’s ability to manufacture artificial suns. I find myself gawking, and Marisa has this to say:

“Yeah, so in that regard, if I told you it’s hotter than the surface of the sun down there it wouldn’t be hyperbole.”

…I start to see why Utsuho is somewhat of a fear-inspiring entity. I wonder briefly how one living person could withstand such an impossibly hostile working condition, but I decide to stop questioning the matter to prevent my sanity from shattering. At least the answers to a few of my other questions have been answered. Strangely enough, despite my apprehension to actually visit a place such as what has been described as just short of a fire-and-brimstone Hell, my curiosity intensifies with every word.

“Oh, and,” Marisa adds, “Just so you know, the whole place was built over a restructured section of Hell, so… Yeah, it’s on the whole a pretty unfriendly sort of place.”

“Ah, that makes sense,” I say, unable to hide my sarcasm.

To be honest, I probably should have expected it. The Komeiji’s household is built literally in Hell, the residents in the surrounding town are former employees of Hell, and the furnace providing electricity to the masses is in an active magma chamberIn hell! The mind reels! Pardon my incredulity Marisa, but it sounds too far-fetched to be true.

The fact that it is true makes me feel none the better. Is this a normal condition for Gensokyo residents? The facts fail to add up, but in regards to the nature of the world I suppose it makes sense. The impossible, possible. And on that note, we bilaterally agree to speak on the topic no more and instead break for tea.


“So,” Marisa asks once we’re all seated at her dining room table, “That was an awful lot to take in all at once. How’s your head feel?”

“Honestly? I can’t quite wrap my head around half of it,” I say, “Namely the parts about people living in Hell.”

“It’s a little crazy, yeah,” she replies, “but you’ve gotta let common sense fly out the window if you wanna make it in this place.” ’I thought it was all nuts when I first saw it, and here she is just hearing about it. Can’t be easy to accept.’

“On the contrary, Marisa,” Alice says, “If we all throw out any semblance of common sense we’ll all resort to breaking or stealing other people’s things… Like you do.” ’That was a good one, Alice. Keep it up!’

“Funny,” Marisa chuckles, ’I’ll let that one slide, since it’s true.’

“Rather than ruin your moral compass like my friend here,” Alice says to me, “You need only adapt. Gensokyo is strange enough as it is for people who have a past… And you lacking one, I couldn’t imagine how you must feel.”

Alice tries to be considerate, but as she takes the first sip of her tea her thoughts say, ’Marisa, you made it wrong again! How many times do I have to tell you to let the water boil first?’

As such, her words fall flat. The empathy is real, but the dichotomy of her words and her thoughts put me into a fit of laughter. It seems so unnecessarily humorous, words of sincere compassion mixed with trifling thoughts about Marisa’s tea…

“Ah, but the tea does taste funny,” I say, having a taste for myself.

“Does it now?” Marisa asks, smiling oddly, “Who could have influenced those words, I wonder~”

I catch her looking at Alice, who simply nods.

“Well, you can make the damn tea next time,” Marisa grumbles, refusing to fuel the brewing argument.

“Perhaps I will,” Alice nods yet again, “I’ll permit you to watch as I do it, too.”

“Anyway,” I try to steer away from the mess I may have created unintentionally, “I think I’ve made my decision.”

“That so?” Marisa asks.


[ ] Want to go to Myouren Temple.
[ ] Want to go to Old Hell.
No. 174764
[x] Want to go to Old Hell.
At the very least, we can speak to Satori about being a satori. Probably more useful than speaking to Byakuren about achieving satori, which would just confuse everyone involved.
No. 174765
[x] Want to go to Old Hell.

If we are indeed a satori, Old Hell seems like a good place to see if we are.
No. 174766

satori Satori satori satori satori Satori satori satori satori

And oh no I've gone crosseyed.
No. 174767
[x] Want to go to Old Hell.
No. 174768
[X] Want to go to Old Hell.

Hey at least we aren't name Satori. Now that'd be confusing.
The satori, Satori is training with the monks to achieve satori.
No. 174769
[X] Want to go to Myouren Temple.

I actually want to learn more about satori. I wonder if it was based on the satori or just random chance. We can always visit Satori later. It's not like that satori is going anywhere after all.
No. 174783
[X] Want to go to Old Hell.
No. 174788
[X] Want to go to Old Hell.

We need to know ourself better before we try to understand religion, and the best way to do that is to learn from someone who already knows what it's like to be us, as it were.

The temple isn't going anywhere either. There's nothing stopping us from going back topside and learning more about Gensokyo and the world in general after we've visited the Komeji sisters.
No. 174816
[x] To Myouren Temple!

Tidepissing activate!
No. 174822
Want to go to Old Hell.
No. 174871
Satori are not, in fact, buffalo.

I don't think Old Hell is a good idea. We'll end up pressured to stay there, because nobody on the surface will want a satori around.

[X] Myouren Temple
No. 175095
File 138375990623.png - (228.13KB , 676x478 , that dog is so tryhard.png ) [iqdb]
Well, here we are at last. I should probably write an update or something later today. I might have missed my self-set deadline. Pic probably related.
No. 175123
“I want to go to old Hell,” I say.

The reaction I receive makes me almost regret my choice. Marisa and Alice seem distraught, perhaps even confused by my decision. Certainly the alternative would be a much easier route and I would absolutely love to visit the temple at some point. I know that they were pushing hard to get me to go there first, but the drive to remember myself is too great to resist. I could go so far as to say as I’m unable to resist. Fires and furnaces be damned, I need to see this through. I need to meet one of my own kind. Perhaps they can help me to remember. At the very least, maybe they can guide me down the right path. It feels good to have hope.

But I can tell the girls want to object. They want to tell me that I cannot go, that it would be preferable for me to stay where I am now. They sit in stunned silence, struggling within their own minds to grasp what I’ve just said. Alice tries to silently reason with me why I should go elsewhere. Marisa’s mind in particular overflows with past experience and images of the underground as she remembers it. She wants to speak from experience, but seems to become absorbed in it instead.

“I… don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Alice says, finally putting words together.

“I know,” I reply meekly, unsure of how I should best explain myself.

Marisa’s mind starts to race as she sits in silence, a trickle becomes an uncontrollable torrent; she stares deeply at nothing. What I see starts to accumulate into what cannot be called coherent, but the vision is clear. Fire, blood, the smell of charred flesh, a blinding light, an intense pain… Traumatic thoughts flood in, invading my senses. For a brief moment, I see what she saw, feel what she felt. For a brief moment, I can see the world and myself through her eyes. For a brief moment, I find myself engulfed in a living hell.

I reach out to her, wanting to make it stop—


She jumps as I touch her, falls backwards out of her chair. The images stop as she rights herself.

“Sorry, I uh…” Marisa stammers, her mind latching onto my words, “I didn’t really expect you to say that.”

“You’re such a space case,” Alice laughs, trying to lighten the mood.

I feel dizzy for a moment. I lean forward over the table, resting my head in my arms.

“I need to go there,” I say, after a moment of respite. The dizziness fades as I talk, “I want to find someone like me. Maybe they can help.”

“There’s no doubting that she’ll help you,” Marisa says, “Satori’s always on the lookout for folks like her. …But I don’t think it’s such a good idea right now, all things considered.”

“I know,” I say, “Trust me, I know.”

I think better of telling Marisa what I saw in her head. If she thinks that just hearing her thoughts as words is an invasion of privacy on my part, then I know for certain she will not be able to accept that I was able to see—and to a lesser extent relive fragments of her memories.

“I have to agree,” Alice says, “You’re in no condition to manage that sort of journey.”

“Yeah,” Marisa adds, “You were a complete wreck just last night. What you’re wanting is a two days’ walk at least! I hate to break it to you, but it absolutely positively imp—“

“I know!” I yell, raising my voice for the first time I can remember.

I find myself standing as well, a loud thud resounds as my hands pound against the table. I feel anger for the first time, and it feels like I’m starting to lose control. It does not feel pleasant nor does it feel right, and I regret letting such an outburst come to pass.

“Sorry, I—“ I take my seat, “I understand what I’m saying. I know it’s risky—I saw as much. I’m not saying I’ll be leaving right now, but…”

“’You can’t not go,’ is it?” Alice asks, her voice soft and gentle as she tries to assure me, “I know the feeling.”

“Well, I’m not going with you,” Marisa belligerently adds, “Not no way, not no how.”

I cannot blame her for it. Here I am, lightheaded and dizzy, only one and a half days out of an injury-induced unconsciousness and more or less puking my guts up... And I’m just a few spoken words short of asking these two to take me to the worst sort of place imaginable. I can tell that they both feel a sort of empathy towards me, and that they genuinely want to help, but to ask them to go so far for somebody they barely even know would be beyond unreasonable. I simply cannot do it, and my heart sinks because I don’t know the way. I couldn’t go alone, even if I wanted to.

A feeling of hopelessness gushes forth from the pit of my stomach. My chest feels tight, I struggle to fight back the lump in my throat. My eyes start to itch and my face feels warm. It feels strange. Sickening, even. Is my body still so weak? The others grow anxious and I feel terrible for worrying them. I don’t wish to become a burden to them, but in my self-less state I seem to be incapable of doing anything but.

“See?” Says Alice to Marisa, “Now look what you did.” ’Poor girl can’t catch a break, can she?’

“O-okay! Fine, if it’s that bad I’ll go!” Marisa says, “I’ll go okay? Just quit it with the bellyaching!” ’You owe me, you crybaby.’

“It’s not that, I—“ I try to speak, but my voice sounds scratchy and dreadful. So I don’t.

“Hey Marisa,” Alice says, “Here’s a thought. Do you still have that old telephone I gave you?” ’Maybe there’s a better way...’

“Yeah, but—“ Marisa replies, “Wait, you’re not thinking of calling them, are you?” ’The line was dead last time I tried it. Not bad thinking, though.’

“Why not?” Alice laughs, “It’s why we have them, right?”

“I doubt Satori even has a line hooked up, though,” Marisa says, “And my line was dead last time I tried to use it.” ’In case you were pissed and wondering why I never called you…’

The conversation appears to have fallen out of my level of comprehension, so I sit in silence. It gives me a much-needed opportunity to recover from that last surge of emotion. As I am, I don’t think my mind or my body would be able to withstand another one.

“You probably had it hooked up wrong,” Alice says, “Where did you put it?”

Marisa gestures to a cupboard in the corner. Alice opens it up and pulls out a dusty old piece of black machinery—some kind of handset attached to a large wood and metal box. She dusts it off, pulling away a layer of cobwebs to reveal a sort of bronze plaque on the front of the box portion of it. The wording is illegible. She connects it to a wire haphazardly left hanging over the countertop and lifts up the handset. She jiggles a lever where the handset rests.

“It works,” she says, ’I shouldn’t have to remind myself to never trust Marisa with a machine…’

“Does it?” Marisa says, pushing Alice aside and grabbing the set from her hands, “Er, hello? Hello? Is this thing on?” ’There’s no tone, Alice you dumbass!’

“That’s now how it works,” Alice says, “Look, give it here—“

She shoos Marisa back over to the table, who gracelessly falls into her chair before pouting.

“What?” Marisa glares at me, “The thing’s a piece of junk, don’t gimme that look!”

I don’t recall looking at her offensively. These two are becoming stranger and stranger by the moment, and I can’t help but worry that I’ve somehow flipped some sort of switch with my errant mind reading. My ability is still alien to me, and I don’t know if I have that sort of capacity, but the thought that I may and that I am unable to control it is terrifying.

I hear Alice in the corner talking to herself. At first it would appear that my worst fears have been actualized, but in searching Alice’s mind for thoughts I can hear somebody talking from inside the machine she’s using. I suppose I should not be surprised despite the impossibility. Perhaps there is a tiny person inside of it and Alice is talking to them? I listen closely for answers, eager to see how this plays out.

“Hello,” Alice says, “operator?”

’How may I direct your call?’ asks the voice in the box.

“Earth Spirits Palace, please,” Alice says. I begin to see her thought process properly.

She appears to be using the box to direct her voice to my intended destination. How she is able to do so is beyond my comprehension or reasoning, but the fact that it works is alone enough to breathe life back into my body. All in all, it seems utterly convenient—having a conversation with people two or three days’ worth of walking away without leaving the house. I would like to ask why they had not thought of this sooner, as it would have saved us all a load of headache and grief.

’I don’t believe we’ve installed a line there yet, one moment while I check,’ the voice in the box speaks and falls silent.

“Marisa,” I whisper, “Alice is talking to the box.”

“Isn’t she, though?” Marisa laughs loudly, is shushed by Alice, and after a quick retort continues, “She talks to dolls and stuff, too.”

I decide not to continue this line of conversation. Marisa is speaking truthfully, and after all I’ve seen of Alice thus far I should want to respect her privacy. The thought of her talking to inanimate objects is unsettling, however.

’Hello, I’m connecting you now,’ says the voice in the box. A brief pause, followed by a repeating chirping noise, then, ’Hello?’ The box speaks in a different voice. This new one sounds somewhat less thrilled to be speaking to Alice.

“Ah, hello,” Alice says, “This is Alice Margatroid speaking. Is this Rin?”

’Utsuho,’ The box uses a familiar name, ’Rin isn’t allowed to answer the phone anymore.’

“I won’t ask why,” Alice laughs, imagining a cat clawing at the wires, “Hey listen, is the lady of the house in?”

’She’s sleeping, can I take a message?’

“I’d rather she hear this in person, it’s important,” Alice says, “Can you wake her?”


“Er—“ Alice scowls, not expecting to be turned down, “Okay, then… Pass this along for me then, if you please: I’ve found another satori.” ’I’m sure she’ll come leaping to the phone when she hears that one.’

You found a satori?” Marisa mutters under her breath, ’I think we both know who deserves credit, here.’

’Ah, well… That is important, isn’t it?’ The box says, ’Hold on a minute, I’ll go get her.’

The box falls silent, Alice’s thoughts are a mix of elation and unease. She can’t seem to wait to be able to tell Satori the apparently good news, but at the same time she’s worried in regards to how Satori will respond. The main point of contention seems to be the question, ‘what if Satori doesn’t want the company?’ Alice seems optimistic, though nervously hums a tune to herself.

There seems to be a commotion inside the telephone box. Alice stops humming and holds the handset away from her ear.

“Hello?” Alice says, “Are you still there?”

’You found what exactly?’ says a third voice in the box. Yet again it’s switched voices.

“Another satori,” Alice says, confused by the commotion on the other end, “Marisa picked her up in the forest and—“

’Bring her here at once,’ says the box hurriedly, pausing for a moment before adding, ’…Please.’

Alice looks back at me for a moment, taking into consideration my state of being before saying to the box, “She’s in no position to travel, unfortunately. I was just calling to infor—“

’What?!’ The box exclaims, ’Okuu! Okuu—‘

And falls silent. Alice reels as a high-pitched whine plays loudly in her ear.

’Alice?’ The voice says, ’I’m sending someone your way. She’ll be at your house within the hour.’

“Ah, please send her to—“ Alice pauses, sighing and dropping the handset onto its hook, “Great, she hung up.”

“Huh,” Marisa seems unamused by all that has transpired. I have to remind myself that she was unable to hear the whole conversation.

“Well,” Alice turns to me, “On the bright side, she seems overjoyed by the prospect of meeting you…”

“Lemme guess,” Marisa interjects, “Downside: wrong address, right?” ’Serves you right for taking all of the credit.’

“It would appear so…” Alice starts for the door, ’I suppose I should try to redirect her, then…’

[ ] Offer to go with her.
[ ] Wait here.
No. 175124
A bit of a wall this time since I was on a roll today.

I'm always surprised how much 18th century technology is left out in the majority of stories on THP, especially considering the Gensokyo timeline. They had all sorts of fun gadgets and gizmos by the time 1885/6 rolled around. I can't help but want to include some of them. Though the telephone proper as I've included in this latest update wasn't really introduced until the 1890's, so yeah.
No. 175130
[x] Offer to go with her

Maybe some simple walking in the woods would help clear the mind.
No. 175135
[x] Offer to go with her.
It sounds like we're going to be whisked away at speed sometime soon. May as well get up and about, see how well we handle it.
1800s is 19th century. And doesn't modern stuff fall in all the time?
No. 175142
[x] Offer to go with her.

If we aren't there Okuu might get upset and confused. That's a bad combo for her.
No. 175143
[x] Offer to go with her.

We are, after all, making Marisa uncomfortable simply by being there.
No. 175147
[X] Offer to go with her.
No. 175150
File 138383805636.jpg - (176.75KB , 600x800 , Satoris sato means sugar.jpg ) [iqdb]
>1800s is 19th century. And doesn't modern stuff fall in all the time?

A lot of it, yeah. Gensokyo split in the middle of the Meiji restoration period (and by extension the middle of a sort of industrial revolution in Japan), so I would expect it to be a little behind the times in terms of widespread use of what history books would call "modern day technology" in the 1880's. Telephones and automobiles were starting to become more commonplace by this time, but I want to keep in mind that Japan was still well behind the times at that point, having just come out of a bloody revolutionary period. Civil war will do that to a country's development.

I wonder if the Shinsengumi and such exists in Gensokyo. Pic related.
No. 175213
[x] Offer to go with her.
No. 175220
[x] Offer to go with her
Yeah let's head outside
No. 175273
[X] Offer to go with her.

Gets us out of the house.

Regarding Gensokyo and technology, wasn't it implied the area that became Gensokyo was pretty isolated and rural? That's not exactly the kinda place that's going to see lots of modern, even 1880s, tech.
No. 175278
File 138405915619.jpg - (482.26KB , 1073x932 , this is pretty much what Call of Doge should have .jpg ) [iqdb]
I believe it was outright stated, though I can't recall when or where. Probably in one of the billions of ZUN interviews on record out there.

On a slightly related note, the telephones probably work because they have little people stuffed inside them, and not because Kanako set up a network because she wanted to have her home phone to work. Pic probably related.

Also, updates probably not until late Sunday~
No. 175287
Can't wait to get Kohaku away from Marisa, she doesn't want any responsibility but wants all the 'credit'. I guess that sort of is Marisa's canon personality anyway.
No. 175289
Eh, when it comes to Gensokyo the classic fantasy excuse of "a wizard did it" isn't even a cop-out. It's how things actually canonically work there.
No. 175292
No. 175341
“Wait!” I say, “Let me go with you!”

My words stop Alice cold as her hand reaches for the doorknob. She smiles and thinks for a moment, debating internally whether or not to allow me to accompany her. Part of her seems to believe that I’m still too weak to be moving around so much, but the convenience of having me follow her tips the balance in my favor.

“Okay,” she says, “But not dressed like that.”


I look myself over once again, paying special attention to my clothing. A white night dress, no shoes, minimal undergarments. Indeed, I appear to be wearing very little. Alice wonders if I’d be embarrassed going outside dressed as I am, and Marisa thinks it odd that I’m only just now noticing my clothes—or lack thereof. Truthfully, I hadn’t much cared until now.

Marisa seems eager to help, and wordlessly offers to let me borrow a change of clothes. I nod silently, Marisa beams with delight.

“This way, then,” Marisa says, guiding me into the next room. Her hand on my back feels uncomfortable to me, for some reason. Consciously, I think nothing of it.

Marisa shuts the door, barring Alice from entering. I hear no commotion from the other side, suggesting Alice has no intention of coming in after us. It would appear as though solid objects limit my ability to hear thoughts, as Alice’s voice fell silent as the door shut. Marisa opens a nearby closet, kicking aside a pile of loose papers and what looks like worn clothing. Inside the closet, she’s hung up a few sets of more or less identical outfits, all monochrome like the set she wears now.

“I know it’s not much, but take your pick,” she says, ’Just, not the one on the left, okay?’

My hand instinctively moves for the one on the left. Marisa sighs, frowns, and pulls the outfit from the closet. Again, a black-and-white dress absolutely identical in every way to the others. Marisa silently points to an embroidered “M” on the skirt, her expression appearing somewhat grim.

“Not the one on the left,” she repeats her thoughts, “Trust me.” ’Don’t ask about the ‘M,’ okay?’

I do as her thoughts ask and respectfully choose not to ask. Perhaps she does not wish for me to comment on her fashion sense? I turn my attention instead back to the remaining outfits as she sets the ‘M’ dress aside, but to pick one identical dress over another seems foolish. I pick the plain-looking one in the middle, as it looks to have been made for someone of my size.

“Ah, good choice,” Marisa smiles, “That one’s an old favorite.”

Perhaps it is not my place to judge, but I fail to see the matter from her point of view. Her mind rambles on and on about wanting to see me try the dress on; nothing of value surfaces in regards to how she is capable of differentiating her clothing. Nevertheless, I am eager to be on the move. I throw off the nightgown and dress myself quickly, only stopping for a moment to glare at Marisa when she begins a silent commentary regarding my body in comparison to her own. There was no vulgar nature to her thoughts, but it would seem I dislike being referred to as ‘short,’ regardless of mental or verbal conveyance. Perhaps it is a holdover from the self that I have forgotten.

The dress fits rather well, and the length of the skirt is suitable and not dragging on the floor, though the chest feels a bit tight. I opt not to comment, as Marisa appears to have already taken notice. I sense a bit of envy but no hostility in her thoughts, and I choose to leave well enough alone.

I emerge from the room to find Alice waiting patiently. Upon seeing me however, she stifles a laugh.

“Tha-that’s pretty good,” Alice says, “You’re like twins!” ’Where’s a camera when you need one? This is too good!’

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up,” Marisa groans, “It’s at least better than naked, right?”

“No argument there,” Alice replies. She pauses for a moment, stifles another laugh, and continues, “I take it we’re ready to go?”

I nod.

“Oh, by the way,” Marisa says, “Before you go, I should probably remind you that I’ll need that dress back. You know, when you’re done with it.”

“Okay,” I nod, following Alice as she heads for the door. I turn back to Marisa as I hear the door open, “You’re not coming with us?”

“Nope, I’ve got work to do around the house. Plus, Alice probably doesn’t want me anywhere near her place right now, so,” Marisa says, “Here’s where I say goodbye, I guess.” ’Kinda sad to see the little shrimp go.’

She sees us to the door, and after a quick wave goodbye I find myself wishing for a moment that I could have stayed. Despite the mess and Marisa’s somewhat rough demeanor, I was not unhappy in her company. The sound of the door shutting behind me marks the end of my time together with Marisa; I feel a tinge of melancholy, and can’t help but look back again.

I turn my eyes towards the road. The sun beams down, blinding me as I step out from under the shadow of Marisa’s house. I look back once more towards the weather-beaten and vine-covered cottage that I had called home for the better part of two days, finally seeing it from the outside. All in all, the outside appears to be better kept than the inside would have led me to believe.

We set off down the path, the road is dry and dusty. I can tell that it hasn’t rained in some time, though the manner in which I’d acquired the knowledge escapes me. Walking at least feels familiar, and I feel less and less want to turn around stay with each step that I take. I feel better as I step out under the sun; my legs feel like they could carry me forever. Alice waves me over and starts off down the path.

“We’re only going a short ways up the road,” Alice says, “Do you think you can manage?”

“Of course,” I say, “I’ve never felt better!”

Alice smiles, setting the pace slow and easy. She seems to be half-dreading the trip, and I can tell that she will tire more easily than I will. In her defense, I will say that I seem to be unused to wearing shoes. The pair that Marisa has lent me digs into the ground, kicking up dirt and gravel when I’m not consciously taking the added height of the soles into account. I quickly grow accustomed to adapting my gait to match, but it still feels awkward having the things tied to my feet.

As we walk I pay less and less attention to where I’m headed, as the trees around me seem to hold more significance to me. My first memory was of trees, and here I am now seeing them again. The sum of my two-day existence, punctuated by a forest scenery. I would laugh at the thought, but it would appear that in losing myself in thought I’ve outpaced Alice. I stop to let her catch up.

“How—“ she says, words between gasps for breath, “How are you able to… Walk so fast—?”

“Dunno,” I say.

In all honesty, it felt normal to me. For a moment I had allowed my body to unconsciously manage itself, and in doing so I had nearly outrun Alice. Come to think of it, she was running to catch up, wasn’t she? How fast was I really going? I can’t seem to remember.

I wait for Alice to catch her breath and set off anew. ‘This time,’ I think to myself, ‘This time I’ll not think about the trees.’

I keep my eyes on the ground and start to walk, now focusing on these infernal bits of uncomfortable leather strapped onto my feet. They grow more and more uncomfortable with each step, and the more I concentrate on them the more pained my arches feel. Indeed, not thinking about them—or anything is probably better.

We eventually come to a fork in the road, and down the leftmost path I see another cottage. Unlike Marisa’s ramshackle abode, this one appears to be in very good order. The outside walls have been painted a bright white in stark contrast to the forest surrounding it, and aside from one broken window which has been haphazardly covered I find no fault in its appearance.

“Here we are,” Alice says, leading me closer to the white-walled building, “Home sweet home.”

As we reach the door however, I begin to sense something strange. I hear it like a whispering in my head, and I at first think it’s coming from Alice, but as I step ahead of her I can hear noises coming from inside the house. The door is ajar, and having not seen Alice open it, I start to back away.

“You’re late,” says a voice from inside, “I let myself in.”

The door swings open, and a figure steps outside. A tall, dark-haired woman looms over me. She scowls, arms crossed as she steps through the doorway. She appears human at first, though oddly dressed. As she steps into the light, a large pair of wings unfurl from behind her back. They move organically, appearing to be a part of her rather than some sort of accoutrement or clothing accessory.

’I’m assuming you’re the one I’m supposed to be meeting,’ she speaks wordlessly. Dissimilar to what I’ve experienced thus far, her voice is stronger and louder than what I’m accustomed to experiencing. Her voice seems to resonate deep inside my head, ’I know it’s a bit sudden, but time is of the essence. I need you to come with me.’


I’m at a loss for words. Or, more appropriately, I can’t quite keep my words together in my head. The tall woman speaks directly into my mind, her words push aside any coherent thoughts of my own aside in their wake. It feels… aggressive, as though she were deliberately attacking me inside my own mind. A pre-emptive strike to disorient me into a silent and disoriented obedience.

“Okuu,” Alice says, “Can you guess how many times I’ve had my house burglarized this week?”

“Er…” The tall woman, Okuu, stops to think.

Her thoughts vanish into a void, allowing me a bit of time to collect my thoughts. I stop and wonder if Alice did this intentionally, but think twice of it. How could she know about any of what just happened?

“Twice,” Alice says, “Marisa yesterday, you today. I’m starting to grow awfully tired of it.”

“Er, sorry,” Okuu says, “I didn’t take anything though, honest.”

“You’d better not have left anything, either,” Alice replies, “…In any case, I apologize for being late,” ’Blame your master’s haste.’

“No worries,” Okuu says, turning to me, “My business here will be quick. I’ve come to collect this girl.”

“Er, ‘collect,’ you say?” Alice says, apprehensively, “I wasn’t aware that Satori was engineering an abduction. Care to explain yourself?”

“No,” Okuu says, continuing to look me over, ’And I will not repeat myself. Come with me.’

Again, she uses that voice. I find it hard to get a read on her; aside from the booming voice in my head, this woman’s thoughts are absent or unreadable. In her mind I find only blank space. I cannot tell if she is honestly capable of thinking nothing, if she is simply hiding her thoughts from me, or if there’s simply a form of incompatibility at work.

No less important is the fact that she is certainly trying to coerce me into leaving with her. I’ve a good idea where she wants to take me, but I’ve no assurance that she would take me where I want to be going. A simple question ought to give me the answers I need.

“Why?” I ask.

Okuu’s thoughts stay silent. Again, I find myself staring into an empty void.

“Yes, indeed,” Alice says, “Why the rush? Why not come in for some tea, first?”

Alice gestures to the door. For a moment it appears as though Okuu is going to accept the offer. She smiles and bows her head slightly, pausing for a brief moment as she turns to head into the house… And wheels around back to face me.

“Look,” she says, “I don’t mean to be rude. I don’t mean to be pushy, but I can’t stick around. Somebody’s got to keep the reactor lit, and if that somebody’s goofing off on the surface when it goes kaput… You get the picture.” ”So would you kindly come with me? I really haven’t got all day…’

[ ] Comply
[ ] Refuse
No. 175344
[x] Comply

Seems legit.
No. 175345
[X] Comply
I think it's just Okuu being empty headed as usual.
No. 175347
[x] Comply
This can't possibly end badly.
No. 175348
[x] Refuse
"You're not acting right. And no, I don't know what I mean by that, but you scare me. If you're needed back home, then go home; we'll talk to your master over the telephone and arrange something else."

But the tide still rolls in.
No. 175350
[x] Refuse
No. 175354
[X] Comply
No. 175355
[x] Refuse
"I don't feel like I would be safe with you. Convince me that I would be, and I'll go with you."

Serious Okuu is scary.
No. 175356
[x] Refuse

"What the fuck is wrong with your thoughts?!"
No. 175358
My bad juju sense is tingling. I have this strange feeling that Satori is going to try and get rid of us or mind control us or something terrible. Perhaps we should hide behind our mother's Alice's skirt?
No. 175359
...Is it just me, or does most of this dialogue seem to sound like something Satori would say, instead of Okuu? Hypnotism, maybe?
No. 175360
>would you kindly
Not suspicious at all.
No. 175364
[x] Refuse, for now.
-[X] Ask her to tell us a bit more about where we're going first.

Something just feels off about this whole pushy feeling of her thoughts. I mean, at first I just thought it was Okuu thinking in the same rash and overbearing way she usually acts along with being used to communicating mentally with a Satori, but she seems so serious and focused. Not quite what you'd expect from Okuu.
Maybe it's just her characterization in this story, but let's at least get some more information before going with her.

I mean, she got here in less time it took for us to change clothes and walk to Alice's house, and had enough time left over to get bored and break into her house too.
She can get back in time to fix any kind of nuclear disaster even if she stops for tea.
Even Chernobyl took more than 10-20 minutes before total meltdown.
No. 175368
[x] Refuse

Yeah, no. Come back and try again when you're being less suspicious.
No. 175370
It's the Yatagarasu.
No. 175371
[x] Refuse
No. 175372
[x] Comply
No. 175373
[X] Comply

Satori would not want us dead and Okuu could really just be stressed. I dont think they would go to these lengths to harm us, exspecially when Alice and Marisa both know that we were supposed to meet them.
No. 175375

>Satori would not want us dead and Okuu could really just be stressed

Well, you have to admit they kinda bungled the first impression, and it's not like we're in any particular hurry to get down there. We can always go visit the Buddhists, Reimu, or just stay with Alice for a day or two first.

>It feels… aggressive, as though she were deliberately attacking me inside my own mind. A pre-emptive strike to disorient me into a silent and disoriented obedience.
is making me really suspicious. As it is, I just don't feel comfortable going along with her unless we bring Alice along.

Or to put it bluntly, I'd rather stay with Marisa and deal with her issues than go and play mind games with Satori, even if she would understand us better.
No. 175379
[X] Refuse

Nope, obviously something else is going on.
>Somebody’s got to keep the reactor lit, and if that somebody’s goofing off on the surface when it goes kaput… You get the picture.
If that were the case, why would Satori even send Utsuho away from the reactor at all? She could have sent Orin instead.
No. 175380
My guess is that the agressive part is Yatagarasu. Maybe it doesnt like mindreaders that much?
No. 175384

>Doesnt like mindreaders that much
>Is Satori's pet
>Satori likes her pets because they don't hate her for being a mindreader

Error. Does not compute.
No. 175385
File 138428218483.jpg - (250.53KB , 850x1166 , Somebody should flip all of the Seija images and u.jpg ) [iqdb]
Booming thread is booming. I wasn't expecting such a glorious turnout. Therefore, it's time for some super cryptic writer response fun time! (Note: this does not mean I'm calling the vote. Keep 'em coming~)

>Serious Okuu is scary.
Imposing bird-brain is imposing.

>Not quite what you'd expect from Okuu.
Expect the unexpected. I'll say no more to prevent spoilers. Prepare For Unforeseen Consequences~ Ohhh I did it anyway. Bad me, bad bad bad.

Yatagarasu is the hardest substance known to man. Eating one is like playing Dragonforce at double speed while dodging a bunch of artificial suns. Not to mention the eating-a-sun-god-at-the-same-time part. And that's why I can't beat SA stage 6.

>Well, you have to admit they kinda bungled the first impression...
Considering Okuu tried to nuke the surface once, I'd say making a good first impression is not her strong suit. I would say it's safe to assume that her strong suit is, however, nuking things. And I don't know a single person alive who wouldn't want a microwave with boobs. I don't know where I'm going with this train of thought.

>It feels aggressive, as though she were deliberately attacking me inside my own mind. A pre-emptive strike to disorient me into a silent and disoriented obedience.
I see now that I used "disorient" somewhat recursively. My proofreader has been sacked, and for good measure the people that have sacked him/her have also been sacked. The writefag is being reassigned to Siberia.

>Nope, obviously something else is going on. ... She could have sent Orin instead.
I can see now why a single tilde response might be somewhat infuriating in circumstances like these.

Now that I think about it, I haven't really answered any questions at all. I may have in fact created more~ JUST AS PLANNED.

A problem has been detected and Utsuho has been shut down to prevent damage to your satori.

Technical information:

*** STOP: 0x0000001a

Pic unrelated. But the vote from earlier was overturned. Seija wins in a landslide.
No. 175386
Okuu is Satoris pet. Whatever Yatagarasu thinks about that is another story. Just because the host gets along with her the god itself does not have to. Also Okuu and Yatagarasu actually know Satori. Unknown mindreader? I would be wary.
No. 175387
[x] Refuse
As much as I'd love to have Kohaku meet with Satori, this is the in character and sane thing to do. I wouldn't be surprised if Okuu considers taking her by force.
Is this abrasiveness by Satori just her being anti-social, or is there something in the works?
No. 175388
File 138428453884.jpg - (199.19KB , 1024x981 , Mindreader_cfg could not be found.jpg ) [iqdb]

You know, I already thought highly of you in my list of favourite writefags, but this post has brought you to somewhere near the top.

>And that's why I can't beat SA stage 6

How 'bout I get back to you when I stop eating knives courtesy of Sakuya. Remilia I can beat, but fucking Sakuya I can't beat without eating up two credits.

>Considering Okuu tried to nuke the surface once, I'd say making a good first impression is not her strong suit.

Depends entirely on your audience. Then again, sometimes it seems like nobody makes good first impressions in Gensokyo

>Microwave with boobs

God no, I can't even figure out how to get my old and simple microwave to work half the time, let alone one with extra features!

>A problem has been detected and Utsuho has been shut down to prevent damage to your satori.

Send Report Y/N. Pic related
No. 175389
>You know, I already thought highly of you in my list of favourite writefags, but this post has brought you to somewhere near the top.
Welcome to Costco. I love you❤

>nobody makes good first impressions in Gensokyo
Touhou: Where even the messiah at first looks like an indiscriminant brawler.

>Send Report Y/N.
I've always wondered where all of those those error dump reports go. Is it like, some guy out in the middle of nowhere gets an email every time one has been submitted? I bet those dump reports all wind up in Gensokyo, since I'm doubting that such a person actually exists. Here you go ZUN, ideas for bosses for your next game. inb4 Stage 1 is PC LOAD LETTER and EX Stage is HDD Failure.
No. 175396
File 138429628356.jpg - (80.17KB , 336x339 , Cirno gets brainwashed and becomes the midboss - a.jpg ) [iqdb]

>I love you


Concentrate your mind,

Mutter the update to computer gently,

Aim at a story thread you like...

Now, unleash your love of Narrative!

...is not difficult.

Love you too, man.

>ideas for bosses for your next game

I can't help but feel that these bosses would make Seija's interface screw look positively pleasant by comparison. Seriously that game would be enough to give people nightmares, ya'know. Mindfucks for everyone! Funny enough, shortly after you posted I had a computer error and had to restart it three times before it started working again.

Whelp, I'm off to bed. Goodday, and Goodnight to everyone.
No. 175409
[x]refuse due to freaky voice, unless good explanation is forthcoming either from okuu or the phone box.

Possibly it's also a test to see if we can actually read minds, now that I think about it. In any case we know how to make the little person inside the telephone let us talk to satori.
No. 175414
“Then go,” I say, “I won’t be accompanying you.”

I decide it would be in my best interest not to go with this woman. I feel that I cannot trust her, that to make the attempt to do so would spell disaster for me. I do look forward to meeting someone like myself, but not to the point that I wish to compromise my own safety. I’ve lost enough as it is, I will not be adding life or limb to the pile.

Alice seems relieved and sighs heavily. She I can trust. This Okuu woman… Is another story. She just smirks. It almost feels… bloodthirsty.

“I thought you might say that,” Okuu says, “If that’s how it’s gonna be…”

’I’ll just have to take you by force!’


My vision blurs as the words resonate in my mind. It feels like they’re ricocheting around inside my skull, ripping through my consciousness with each rebound. I can sense her hostility; it’s an all-out attack on my psyche. I’ve not the ability nor knowledge to counter it. Dizziness drains the will from my body. My eyes refuse to stay open. My arms and legs go weak, and I fall to the ground. My body refuses to move. Alice rushes to my side, yelling at me. Shaking me, trying to keep me awake. I can’t hear her words over the ones shooting through my head.

My eyes go dark. I feel a tugging sensation in my right arm—must be Alice. She’s screaming, I think. I feel something grabbing at my head and— Then, nothing. For an instant I feel absolutely nothing. Not the pain in my head, not the warmth of Alice’s hands... All of my senses seem to become disconnected at all at once. My mind becomes utterly blank, and as I’m sucked into the void it simply goes dark.


I come to on the ground. The same ground, on the very same spot upon which I was standing. Was I—

“You’re awake!”

Alice’s face fills my field of vision. I can hear her mind racing, feel heart beating, but… Why can I feel her heart? The sensation is pleasant, and though I wouldn’t mind staying like this forever, I’m forced to remind myself that I was just under attack.

I sit up, shake the dirt from my clothes. Alice gets to her feet and helps me up. She must’ve supported me with her legs while I was lying down. But something more disconcerting is missing from my sight…

“Where’s Okuu?” I ask, “What happened?”

“She’s left,” Alice says, “Don’t worry, she won’t hurt you now.”

Her thoughts describe the events better than her words could. It would appear that I had fallen unconscious due to Okuu’s mental attack, that neither of them had expected me to just fall over like that. Through Alice’s eyes, I see an unfamiliar face…

“Okuu, what the hell?!” Rin yells at Utsuho, jumping through the doorway, headed straight for Kohaku.

A surprise attack?!

I ready myself, filament rings at full tension. My fingers feel the wires strain as the dolls on the other end come to life. I pull them forward into the open. Rin’s advance stops when she feels a blade at her throat, Utsuho is immobilized by swords at her arms. Neither one has had time to act; a perfect threat neutralization.

Kohaku clutches her head, falls to the ground.

Did I not stop her? Did Utsuho move in when I wasn’t looking? No, I’ve certainly immobilized them both. They couldn’t have made the attack. Nuclear power or no, Utsuho would be unable to get a shot off if her arms were to be severed first. It cannot be possible for me to have failed.

I rush to Kohaku’s side. She’s mumbling to herself, her eyes moving rapidly as her body shudders in my arms. There’s no blood, no sign of injury. A seizure? Did she faint? Was the stress of the walk too much for her? What happened to her?!

I try to rouse her to no avail. I start to panic, my concentration breaks and the dolls start to—

“Are you alright?” Alice asks me, “Can you walk?”

“I’m… fine, I think,” I say.

For a moment, I found myself utterly immersed in Alice’s consciousness. It felt… similar to what I had felt with Marisa back at her cottage, only… More so. The vision was clearer, cohesive as opposed to mere fragments. It felt as though I was reliving the experience through Alice’s eyes. I could feel what she felt, physically and emotionally. Only, I don’t have any clue how I made it happen. I let Alice help me inside as I struggle to wrap my head around what had just occurred.

“Hey,” says as unfamiliar but familiar face as Alice lays me down on the couch across from her. The girl smiles and waves at me from her seat in the corner of the room, but I ignore her.

The room smells nice, and seems to have been kept in good order. The lack of huge piles of junk and the sparse decoration let it stand out in my mind in clear opposition to Marisa’s junkheap-style decor. It’s clean and cozy, but it almost appears as though it isn’t really lived in—like the entire room is just for show.

“Sorry about before,” says the red-haired stranger to Alice, “I was just trying to—“

“Save it,” Alice says curtly, “I’m not the one you should apologize to.” ’This whole mess is entirely uncalled for. Who do these two think they are?!’

“Yeah, er,” the girl turns to me, “Sorry about Okuu.” ’I swear, that impulsive bitch is gonna be the death of me one of these days.’

“You…” I say, leaning back, resting my head against the nearest pillow I can find. My head is still throbbing after what just happened, “You’re her friend?”

“Okuu’s friend?” the girl nods, “Nominally. I like to think of it like I’m letting her work up a debt that I can cash in when I need something from her.”

The girl’s thoughts are clear, in contrast to Okuu’s seeming mindlessness. This girl does seem to honestly care, but the majority that empathy is directed inward. Though, simply by way of association I cannot bring myself to trust her any more than I could Okuu. I find a bit of consolation in the knowledge that her mind is at least open to me.

“Here,” Alice comes back with drinks. It isn’t anything fancy, just plain water. I gulp mine down in an instant, immediately starting to feel the pain in my head alleviate.

Alice still appears visibly upset, though I say nothing to avoid drawing attention to her demeanor. She takes her seat quietly, casing a sympathetic glance my way. She’s clearly worried by having a stranger in her house, or two at that; her mind’s reservations hang more on the other girl than myself.

“Now then,” Alice says, “Can we talk this over like normal adults?”

As she talks, I see something move out of the corner of my eye. Perhaps a hand and a half high, it sits just out of sight behind the red-headed girl. A doll of sorts, holding a long knife in both hands. It seems to see me and ducks back behind the chair.

’Don’t worry about her,’ Alice’s mind speaks, ’It’s a necessary precaution.’

“That’s more or less why I’m here,” the girls says, “I didn’t think Okuu could handle it, so I tagged along.” ’Who would’ve thought I’d be right, though… The way this turned out? Ugh!’

“And it’s a good thing you did,” Alice says, “as it would appear that your assumption was correct. I should like to ask if your friend has heard of a thing called ‘tact’?”

“Apparently not,” the girl replies, “I on the other hand, have,” she turns to me, “Rin. Kaenbyou Rin. ‘Orin’ to friends and family, ‘that darn cat’ to just about everyone else. I’d like to apologize on my friend’s behalf, but I’m sure she’ll be saying it to you herself before too long.” ’Satori’s gonna give her such a beating for this. I’ll have to draw some lewd things on her casts~’

“Er…” I’m a bit taken aback by her thoughts, but I try to set them aside. I understand the social convention at work here, and I reply, “I’m Kohaku. And—“

“And,” Alice speaks over me, “she is the one your master wishes to speak with, though after what Utsuho just did she’d better damn well come up here in person!” ’Sorry, dear, but it helps to be firm with this one.’

“Yeeeaaah, that’s…” Rin says, “That’s not exactly for me to decide. I’m just the escort.” ’In this case, the escort’s escort… Way to go Okuu! Gold star!’

Alice sighs and takes her seat.

“I know, I know,” she says, “But you have to understand this from my point of view. Utsuho almost assaulted my friend in broad daylight, and when you rush out of my house like that… After what she said? I will assume your actions to be ones of violent intent, and I will act accordingly, as I did. I’ve no desire to trust you any more than your friend, and Kohaku clearly trusts you two even less than I!” ’You’re lucky I didn’t kill you right then and there, you damnable catgirl!’

“Yeah, I get that,” Rin replies, “I’m pretty much over the knife thing, by the way. No blood, no foul. But I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to get me to say. I can’t exactly undo Okuu’s stupidity, and I can’t force you two to trust me either.” ’I just want to go home… Maybe Satori will be happy if I bring the girl along with me? I don’t know if I can salvage this.’

Rin’s hand rubs her neck. Alice’s memory of the blade against Rin’s throat flashes in my mind. The situation seems to have been defused while I was unconscious, but the recollection of the standoff makes my skin crawl. I didn’t think Alice was capable of doing such a thing. Her thoughts during the attack seemed unusually cold as well. Perhaps that bothers me the most, that Alice—who is always cordial and smiling—could have such an aggressive side to her.

“Are you alright?” Alice asks me, noticing my distress.

“I’m okay,” I say, “As much as can be expected.”

I choose to remain silent yet again, burying the memories that are not my own deep in the recesses of my mind as I try to concentrate on other things. I suppose if I think of it as an exception to her usually kind character, perhaps it won’t change the way I view her. I suppose, if I really wanted to prey I could simply search her mind for the truth. But am I really that sort of person?

“Rin,” I say, “It would appear that your goal is the same as Okuu’s.”

She nods silently, her thoughts seem hopeful that I’ll simply acquiesce and let her cart me off to gods know where. Unfortunately for her I’ve no such intentions, as I’ve a few rather pressing questions on my mind. As much as I’d like to meet this Satori, the events that have transpired have cast a large and rather dark shadow of doubt over my intentions. Depending upon Rin’s answers, I may be forced to reconsider the whole endeavor.

[ ] What are Satori’s intentions?
[ ] What are Rin’s intentions?
[ ] What were Okuu’s intentions?
[ ] Why did Rin attack me?
[ ] Why did Okuu attack me?
[ ] Why is Okuu’s mind empty?
[ ] Why are Okuu’s thoughts so loud?
[ ] Where did Okuu go?
[ ] Why should I go with Rin?
No. 175415
You ever have a moment when the mood to do something just strikes you and you simply can't not do it? That's what happened with me and writing this. I know it's a bit early, considering my usual two or three day stretch. Call it a twofer~
No. 175416
[x] What are Satori’s intentions?
[x] Why did Okuu attack me?
[x] Why should I go with Rin?
No. 175417
[x] What are Satori’s intentions?
[x] Why did Okuu attack me?
[x] How can Okuu’s thoughts be so loud when her mind is so empty?

We don't really need to ask any questions about Rin, she's right here. Usually it'd be polite to ask anyway, but limited time and possible danger. Anyway, in the end we're ultimately going to Satori so her intentions are important. Why Okuu apparently attempted to kidnap us is also kinda important and thus the intent behind that is the most salient one, and any secondary explanation from that question will probably also be relevant. Hopefully the decision isn't made for us and decided by the framing of the questions we picked. Third, if we're going to spend any length of time near Okuu we damn well better at least know why her thoughts make our head hurt. I added in a bit about her mind being empty partly because the two questions are sorta related, but mostly because it's funny. Feel free to disregard the empty mind part.
No. 175420
[x] What are Satori’s intentions?
[x] Why did Okuu attack me?
[x] How can Okuu’s thoughts be so loud when her mind is so empty?

I wonder if the reason her thoughts are so loud are due to the sun god she ate?
No. 175423
[x] What are Satori’s intentions?
[x] Why did Okuu attack me?
[x] Why should I go with Rin?
These are the immediately important ones. Presumably we'll be able to ask the others later.
No. 175426
[x] What are Satori’s intentions?
[x] Why did Okuu attack me?
[x] How can Okuu’s thoughts be so loud when her mind is so empty?
No. 175427
[x] What are Satori’s intentions?
[x] Why should I go with Rin?
[x] How can Okuu’s thoughts be so loud when her mind is so empty?

Really, we can probably infer why Okuu attacked us (or at least, the answer that Orin's going to give if we ask her why): she's impulsive, thoughtless, straightforward, and was told "to bring Kohaku to her" or somesuch.
No. 175430
[x] What are Satori’s intentions?
[x] Why should I go with Rin?
[x] How can Okuu’s thoughts be so loud when her mind is so empty?

This sounds like the most relevant questions to me.
No. 175431
[X] What are Satori's intentions?
[X] Why did Okuu attack me?
[X] How can Okuu's thoughts be so loud when her mind is so empty?
No. 175435
[x] What are Satori’s intentions?
[x] Why did Okuu attack me?
[x] How can Okuu’s thoughts be so loud when her mind is so empty?

Well, I'm definitely not complaining.
No. 175448
“Why did Okuu attack me?” I ask, starting with my most prominent concern.

The attack itself is a mystery to me, and is the lynchpin of my concern. It casts a shadow of doubt over my wish to visit the underground, and I’ve no assurance that it will not happen again if I do decide to go. I cannot see past the barrier of non-thought in Okuu’s mind, and therefore cannot go to the source and fish for for answers. Come to think of it, the source of my distress appears to have vanished without a trace and little explanation regarding her disappearance. Well, never mind that for now.

“I can’t really say,” Rin says, “I told her that she was only supposed to come here, assess the situation, make the offer to take you with her, and report back.” ’You’re the mind reader here, you tell me!’

“I can’t see into her mind,” I say, responding to her thoughts as opposed to her words, “I can’t tell if she’s shutting me out or if it’s something else, but because of it I’m asking you to tell me.”

’Odd. Satori can hear her just fine. Why not this girl? What is Okuu up to?’ Rin thinks.

“I see,” I say, “You can’t give me a definite answer… But what does your gut tell you?”

“Well,” Rin replies, “If I had to guess, I suppose I should mention that she’s been a bit on edge lately, and though I can’t really even hope to pass it off as an excuse, you might’ve just caught her at a bad time. She’s usually not like that.”

A ‘bad time’ would be an understatement. Okuu had an obvious advantage in our confrontation and very easily could have killed me, had she desired to do so. I turn my attention away from my growing resentment, instead focusing on the matters at hand.

“And the mental attacks?” I ask, shifting to my next point of distress.

On this matter also, I assume that I will not receive a proper answer. Having been unable to receive one for my first question, I’m beginning to doubt that Rin knows her supposed ‘nominal friend’ as well as she claims. The lack of direct answers frustrates me, but I have to remind myself that Rin may not be able to help it. I should do well not to lash out in anger.

“Come again?” she says, ’Mental attacks? What the hell is she going on about?’

“Okuu’s mind may be empty on the surface, from what I can see,” I say, “But when she does think something, she thinks it hard. Loudly, I should say. It feels like a directed attack. It’s what caused me to faint earlier, and I would like to know more about it.”

Preferably, I’d like to know how to counter it or utilize it to my advantage. Perhaps I can mimic it. I’m becoming more and more acquainted with my own capabilities, and I’m wondering if such a thing is not beyond me. At the very least, I want to know if it is possible to shut it out to the point where I can maintain consciousness. Truly, it is a very disadvantageous method of attack for one such as myself.

“I… really can’t say,” Rin says, seemingly confused. Her thoughts scramble to find a proper way to say to me, ’I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

“I see,” I say, “This is new to you?”

“Not entirely,” Rin replies, “We’ve been living with a satori for some time, and in light of what occurred a few years back, I can only assume that Okuu has learned to control her thoughts a bit differently. I hate to admit it, but I feel like we’ve slowly been growing apart ever since the geyser incident.” ’Maybe this is how she kept the whole thing under wraps? I wasn’t even aware that she was capable of this sort of thing… I want to see her as a friend, but what if… What if she…’

Rin seems worried. She fears for her friend’s state of mind, shows concerned for Satori’s safety… Most poignantly, she seems to consider that Okuu’s ability to hide her thoughts serves as a warning sign of… Something. ’What does she have to hide?’ She asks herself, ’Why would she need to weaponize her thoughts?’ Her mind grows increasingly disheveled as she contemplates the implications of Okuu having such an ability.

“Indeed,” I say, “It would appear that you’ve been placed in an awkward position by your friend’s actions. I can’t fault you for being unable to read minds, but… You still wish for me to accompany you to meet Satori, despite all of this?”

“I do,” Rin replies, “I really do. But I can’t help it if you’re not willing to trust me.”

I’m beginning to feel that I can. Rin seems as confused as I, and her thoughts do not lie. In her mind there is no subterfuge, there are no falsehoods; she is an open book for me to read as I please. I am, however, not fooled by her candidness; she has opened herself up to me intentionally to prove to me that she is trustworthy, and that in and of itself is cause for me to want not to express faith in her. Were she capable of masking herself as Okuu has already exhibited, and were I willing to let myself believe this display completely, I might find myself walking willingly like a sheep into the jaws of a wolf. For now, I opt to play along. Perhaps if I set her mind at ease and let her believe that I trust her, she might slip up or otherwise betray a hidden intention. It could only result in her detriment, to allow myself to use this deception.

“I trust you,” I say, “But for me to simply go along with you as such would place me in an extraordinary amount of danger. I must know that your master at least has good intentions.”

“She does,” Rin says, “She’s never meant harm to anyone before—she wouldn’t hurt a fly! She just wants to meet you. To be honest, I’ve never seen her like this before.”

Rin looks over to Alice, recalls an image of Satori at the phone…

After the call, she stumbles over to her seat. The phone drops from her hand, hanging off of the desk by the cord. She doesn’t seem to notice. I watch as she falls into the chair, wide-eyed and pale as could be. Her body goes limp as if in shock, her breathing is heavy and labored. She looks frail, more so than her usual demeanor. Has something bad happened? She looks as though someone just told her that her sister just died. I’ve never seen her this bad before.

“Rin,” she calls me over, her tone grave, “Rin. G-go find Okuu. Tell her to go to the surface.”


“Alice’s house. There’s… There’s a-a satori there.”

I’ve never seen her stumble over words like this. And the satori of whom she speaks couldn’t be—

“It’s not Koishi,” she says, “It’s not Koishi, there’s… There’s… another—a third.”

“Should I go?” I ask, thinking I’d be a better fit for the job.

“Okuu will be faster,” she says, “It isn’t ideal, I know. But… I-I need to see for myself. I need to see… for myself. Have Okuu go to Alice’s house, tell her it’s important.”

She pauses, searching my thoughts. I can feel her reaching around inside my head.

“Have her bring the satori here, as quickly as possible.”

She sends me away. I run to the reactor room, tell Okuu the news. She seems… somehow put off by it. I can only assume that she’s upset that I’ve pulled her away from her work, but… Satori, I’ve never seen her like this. Out of all the years we’ve been together—lived together—this is the first time I’ve ever seen her this distraught. This… impulsive. Not even the incident with Koishi could have made her hands shake like this. It makes me worry that, despite Satori knowing me so intimately, despite her knowing every little intricacy on my being, in return… Do I hardly know her at all?

Okuu heads for the surface, flying as fast as her wings can carry her. I don’t follow her outright, but I know a shortcut…

“I… see,” I say, pulling myself out of Rin’s mind.

I feel like I’m learning to better control my ability to view the memories of others, but I’m unable to determine the trigger. Something brings me in, but I can’t seem to control when or how it occurs. Perhaps it is an emotional reaction from within the host. It’s all mere speculation at this point, and it serves to remind me of the reason why I’ve taken this route in the first place.

“Your master seems… Stressed,” I say.

“As I said, I’ve never seen her that bad, and,” Rin says, “and what you just did, it felt the same. Like when Satori looks into my head.” ’It felt a bit weirder, though. Not sure if I can get used to it.’

The situation remains ambiguous. Satori’s reaction as I have seen it is certainly a stress reaction, but I am unable to ascertain the nature of it. Is she overjoyed, or is she frightened? Why does the knowledge my existence affect her so strongly? Rin is as in the dark as I, and I unfortunately cannot look to her for answers. As it stands, Rin is unable to offer insight in regards to Okuu’s mental attack or the reason why her mind is devoid of conscious thought. Rin cannot offer me assurance that Satori means well, nor can she really attest to the contrary. I am as in the dark as I was when I regained my senses, though at the very least I have insight in regards to Rin’s personal mental state. She has neither slipped up nor made evident the possibility that she may be deceiving me. And at this point, if she is I must commend her on her tact.

Now, one question above all others stands out in my mind. One question to which I am absolutely certain Rin holds the answer.

“By the way, where did Okuu go?” I ask.

“I sent her home,” Rin explains, “As if having a knife to my throat wasn’t scary enough, she looked like she was still rearin’ to start something after you fainted. So, since she wasn’t helping anybody at all I made her go home.” ’Truth be told, I can’t believe she listened to me. That girl is as stubborn as a mule glued and nailed by it’s hooves to a—‘

“I get the picture,” I say, looking to Alice, who has been silent the whole time, “Is that really what happened?”

“Yes,” Alice replies, “With a bit of coaxing, Rin and I were able to convince her to leave.” ’I’ll spare you the details, as it was more intimidation than conversation, and I find it wholly unsavory to have to resort to such harsh methods... I dare say Okuu will think twice before troubling you again.’

Alice’s mind is more talkative than her mouth as she silently finishes her drink. The images of knives and other assorted sharp objects tucked hidden away within Alice’s mind are enough to keep me from digging deeper. Intimidation, indeed. I would call it more aptly: extortion via threats of intense agony. Alice, you are beginning to frighten me.

“I… see…” I say, “I suppose that answers that.”

“You know,” Rin says, “I have a thought. It may not be a very good thought, but it’s a thought. How about we call it a day here? I’ll find a place to sleep for the night, and you think it over… You know, whether you’d like me to show you to the underground or not.”

“Indeed,” Alice says to me, “As much as I’d like to prevent you from going, perhaps a good night’s rest will help to clear your mind. You’re free to use the bed if you’d like.” ’This might not be a bad idea. I’d congratulate Rin for her thoughtfulness, but I won’t.’

“Hey, what about me?” Rin asks, “I mean, hospitality, right?” ’I know I said I’d find a place, but you’re just gonna push me aside like that? Sis, you’re terrible!’

“I needn’t show hospitality to a cat,” Alice grumbles, “However, you may sleep in that chair if you promise not to claw it up.” ’I really do hate cats.’

“I rather like the idea,” I say to Alice, “You wouldn’t happen to have a guest bedroom, would you?”

“No, my room has the only bed in the house, and you’re welcome to it,” Alice replies, ’Besides, if I sleep on the couch I can keep an eye on the cat. That infernal cretin is bound to claw through my good linens during the night.’

[ ] Since you insist, I’ll take the bed.
[ ] I don’t mind sleeping on the couch.
[♥] Why not share the bed?

Note: Heart options require a relationship/friendship check to pass in order to be successful. Call them ‘flags’ if the check succeeds, but failure to pass the check will have unforeseen consequences. Choose wisely~♥
No. 175450
File 138439675810.jpg - (188.68KB , 769x1039 , when the germans bombed pearl harbor we didnt go f.jpg ) [iqdb]
More updates? Forget it, I'm rolling.
No. 175451
[X] I don’t mind sleeping on the couch

I was thinking about voting to share, but, ehhh not interested in Alice enough for that.
No. 175453
[x] Given how Okuu was acting, I think I would prefer not to be alone tonight.
- [x] ... um, well, that would certainly work, but I just meant I'd feel safer sleeping out on the couch with someone nearby than I would alone in a bedroom.
No. 175455
[x] Since you insist, I’ll take the bed.
She has a point. Rin has several.
No. 175464
[x] Given how Okuu was acting, I think I would prefer not to be alone tonight.
-[♥] Why not share the bed?

My weakness.
No. 175470
[x] Given how Okuu was acting, I think I would prefer not to be alone tonight.
-[♥] Why not share the bed?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
No. 175474
[x] Since you insist, I’ll take the bed.

I'm aiming for yamame route, fagets.
No. 175478
[x] Given how Okuu was acting, I think I would prefer not to be alone tonight.
-[♥] Why not share the bed?

Either Alice joins her in bed or we make things delightfully awkward. Win-win~
No. 175481
[x] Given how Okuu was acting, I think I would prefer not to be alone tonight.
-[♥] Why not share the bed?
No. 175483
[x] Given how Okuu was acting, I think I would prefer not to be alone tonight. 
-[♥] Why not share the bed?
No. 175484
[x] Since you insist, I’ll take the bed
No. 175485
Yuugi route objectively best route. All them lewd oni thoughts blasting out 24/7. Mmmmm.
No. 175491
If there was an objectively best route, it'd have to be Nue's. Shapeshifting gives her the advantages of everyone else. Also, Are we really about to go underground after what happened with Reiuji? I say we stay at the temple, at least until miss Komeiji comes and explains her intentions and her bird's actions.
No. 175499
File 138444220962.jpg - (1.07MB , 1398x938 , I think we all know where this is going.jpg ) [iqdb]
Everyone's doing the Nue-Nue dance~
No. 175507
Something about:
ladies and gentlemen, (television viewers?), we now follow (or something like that?)...

And I don't think the image text needs much translation (the repeating line is obvious, and the others are basically "at home", "at work" and something about a monk if I understand them correctly?)

I'm not too sure though, I'm working with second and third hand knowledge of finnish here.
No. 175510
Hi, I'm >>175453.

Please change my vote to "anything but ♥", and I'm sorry for ever writing it.
No. 175520
[♥] Why not share the bed?
Surely Alice must be feeling sort of protective for us after all that.
No. 175523
If I recall, danbooru has it translated via note, and also has a link to the television bit it's based off of. Click that iqdb link next to the picture. The entire series is great, in fact.

Thanks for the effort you spent in translating that, however. Least I can do in return is point you to a translation and related video.
No. 175524
Here's the link to the danbooru translated version: http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1081896?tags=parent%3A1081896
No. 175549
[x] I don’t mind sleeping on the couch.

Come on, we've just met her!
No. 175625
File 138465207529.jpg - (844.86KB , 2000x1124 , this is exactly what it looked like.jpg ) [iqdb]
Titans attacked the house, no updates until they're exterminated. Which should be Monday at the latest~
No. 175696
File 138482577052.png - (1.27MB , 1195x1000 , It was me I did it you caught me.png ) [iqdb]
On a completely unrelated note, I have no idea what the current autosage limit is. Someone care to inform a sonuvabitch~

Also, have a crazed gunman for your trouble.
No. 175697
250 posts
No. 175699
I posted a rough copy again, my bad. Saging self for justice.


Despite her reasons, I feel guilty. My intention is not to impose any more than is necessary; for me to take the bed feels like a bridge too far. My first inclination is to insist she behave as normal and take the bed, and that I should opt to find somewhere else in the house to sleep. Though I assume she would insist to have her way and that by declining I may cause unnecessary tension. I resign myself, which despite my objections I find rather easy to do. The thought of a warm bed overrules my initial misgivings.

But a thought comes to mind—a compromise, of sorts.

“I wouldn’t feel right, taking the only bed in the house,” I say, “If you don’t mind I suppose we could share.”

I’m met with an odd look. Alice doesn’t seem to completely dislike the notion, but her thoughts jumble as I make the proposal. She doesn’t seem to know what to think, but she seems glad that I can trust her so easily. Rin however, fills her head with lewd and immodest thoughts. It draws my attention away from Alice, more so than I’d like to think it should. I try to shake Rin’s thoughts from my mind.

“I suppose that wouldn’t be a terrible idea,” Alice says, “In most cases, at least… Can I show you something?”

She gestures towards the room down the hall, offering to guide me there. I oblige and follow in silence, listening to her thoughts along the way. The words she tells me upon opening the door to the bedroom reflect exactly what I could glean from her mind.

“The bed’s only big enough for one,” she says, showing me the room, ’I don’t think either of us want to be that close to one another…’

Indeed, two people would be hard-pressed to fit together into such a small bed. Because the thought of us sharing the bed was well formulated in my mind, the reality of the situation hits me a lot harder than it has any right to. I feel dejected, and my only consolation is the notion that Alice was otherwise willing to allow such a thing to occur were it not for the size of the bed. Under different circumstances I might like to make the offer again. I am unable to recognize quite why I’m so fixated on the thought of us sharing a bed.

“I’d had the house built with the intention that I’d be the only one living here,” Alice says, “I’m not certain if I’ve said so before, but I rarely if ever have guests.” ’Let alone two at once. This won’t be easy on me.’

“And here you were hoping for a nice make-out session, eh? A shame, this is,” Rin says, having followed us to the room.

“No,” I say, “You’re the only one thinking like that.”

Alice coughs and sputters, walking off in silence without so much as a quip back. I can’t get a good read on her, save for a thought of ’I should go make dinner.’ It would appear that when her mind is muddled I have difficulty accessing her thoughts. I try not to think much of it; Rin’s comment must have set her off.

Rin sets off into the house as well, following Alice back into the other room. I linger for a while longer and examine the room I’ll be using. The bed is certainly smaller than I was expecting; Marisa’s bed was much larger by comparison. I try not to focus too much on the size of the bed, as it appears to frustrate me. I must give Alice credit for furnishing the room well; the bed has multiple sheets and pillows, and the decorations in the room appear to have been made to match. Marisa’s cobbled-together mess of a room pales in comparison.

I also take the time to check the dresser. Aside from a few frilly pairs of tiny undergarments and a rather elaborate collection of doll clothes in the bottom drawer, there is not much worthy of note. Rather than dig through everything, I find that it would be best to respect Alice’s privacy and belongings. I shut the door to the room and follow in Alice’s direction to the other room. I catch her in the middle of trying to light her stove.

“I have Rin drawing a bath,” she says, “You should take one before dinner.”

She hardly looks at me as she concentrates intensely on twisting her arm in odd directions in an attempt to relight the pilot. Her thoughts are a collection of curses and threats directed towards the inanimate object. I maintain my position by the counter to avoid getting in her way and watch to make sure she doesn’t somehow injure herself.

Upon her eventual success, she says, “I was trying not to focus on it, and I mean no disrespect, but… Well, you’ll just read my mind anyway, so here goes: You’re starting to stink.”

Her thoughts sync with her words, and though it does upset me to hear it I can’t help but agree. I’ve no recollection of the last time I’ve bathed, and as it stands I’ve been conscious for approximately two days without washing so much as my hands. Combined with the physical stress of the walk today, and the mental fatigue from facing Okuu… It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me. I will happily let Alice have her way on the matter.

Alice leads me to the bathroom at the far end of the house. There’s water in the tub but it feels lukewarm. I hear Rin’s voice just outside, complaining about soot and smoke as she stokes the fire underneath. It would appear that while I was investigating the bedroom Alice had her put to work. I would imagine that the strain of having two guests would be alleviated this way.

“I apologize if I’m rushing you around,” Alice says, “I can’t say I was prepared for this at all.”

“It’s okay,” I reply, “I wasn’t either.”

She smiles, thinking warm thoughts. She tells me where I can place my clothes, shows me where she keeps the towels, and steps back into the hall. She reminds me that she will be in the other room, and that I should holler for her if I need anything. Her intent in leaving appears to be to bring me fresh clothes, but I find myself having trouble concentrating over Rin’s constant complaining.

“Is it really that bad?” I ask, leaning out of the window by the tub. Her body is just out of sight, but I can hear her cursing to herself just below me.

“Naah,” Rin replies, “Just annoying. The heat I can manage. The smoke not so much.”

She chokes and wheezes, complaining inwardly about the burning properties of peat. Her thoughts make mention of wood and dried bodies, and how she prefers them as fuel for fires, but the train of thought takes a turn well outside of my realm of knowledge. I undress carefully, setting aside Marisa’s borrowed clothing while the bath warms. The bandages come off last, finally giving me the opportunity to see the full extent of my wounds.

Despite Marisa and Alice’s claims of some kind of animal attack, I see no bite marks. There are no gashes or lacerations that could have been caused by claws or teeth. The majority of what I see appears to be little more than barely visible scratches; something easily caused by a nasty roll through a bramble thicket. They’ve almost entirely healed, leaving only the slightest red marks. What concerns me are the few deeper wounds I appear to have suffered—a single puncture wound in my thigh and deeper cuts on my arm. They appear unnatural in nature, but much to my relief they are mostly healed.

I wash myself quickly with whatever soaps Alice has provided. Despite them being mostly healed, the soap stings my wounds. I bear the pain and wash quickly, eager to get the stinging soap off of my body. Afterwards, I can’t seem to prevent myself from taking a long soak. The warm water feels good, despite the mild stinging sensation it causes in my arms and legs. The pain caused by the water is faint compared to what the soap did to me.

“You alright up there?” I hear Rin say from outside the window, “You sound like you’re having a bad time.” ’I can always come up there and wash your back for you~’

“I’m fine now,” I say, sinking deeper into the tub, “Thanks.”

“So, hey,” she says, “You made up your mind yet?”

“Not yet,” I say, pushing the subject aside.

I’m trying desperately not to think about it at the moment. The pain has only begun to fully subside in my legs, and to consider Rin’s offer to escort me underground as I am now would be unwise. The pain working in combination with the water’s warmth has put me in a lethargic state of mind, and the only thought I have in my head right now is the one telling me to never set foot outside of this tub again. I suppose I’ve been avoiding Rin’s offer the whole time now, and I worry that this is just one in a whole string of excuses I’m using to push it aside for a bit longer. I’ll give it some serious consideration later, when my limbs aren’t aching.

I end up forcing myself away from the water’s warm embrace only once I start to feel light-headed. I find the towels and dry myself quickly, taking extra care with the tender areas around my more severe wounds. I find a set of clothes set just inside the doorway, and assuming that Alice has set them there for me I put them on. While a simple set of night clothes, they cover more skin and feel less breezy than Marisa’s borrowed dress. Alice certainly does dress more conservatively in comparison—I suppose this dress is merely an extension of that. I step out into the hall to find Alice waiting for me.

“Oh, good,” she says, “You were taking so long I was starting to get worried.”

I can smell food waiting for me in the other room. I’m uncertain as to what it may be, but it smells good. Alice blocks me as I head for the dining area.

“Kohaku,” she says, “Let me see your leg.”

Her thoughts are a still somewhat of a mess. She seems worried but I’m unable to tell why. The wound on my legs appears to hold some significance to her, so I let her see it.

“I thought so,” she says, her eyes widening, “Kohaku, this is a gunshot wound.”

“Huh?” I fail to understand the significance.

“You’ve been shot,” Alice explains, “There’s no mistaking it. I don’t know what Marisa was thinking when she told us you’d been attacked by animals, but… How did you—“

She falls silent for a moment, her mind focusing at first on a human settlement. Images flood her mind, and the vivid detail in which she can recall the village amazes me. She wonders if I’d been attacked by the people that live there, worries as to what could have provoked such an attack. Her mind quickly dismisses the notion as she considers the village people to be of a peaceful sort. She turns her suspicion to a settlement of youkai on a mountain range. Her mind paints a far less vivid picture, but highlights industrious creatures called Tengu and Kappa that are attempting to build a modernized civilization on the mountain’s slopes. In Alice’s mind, she calls it a ‘mimicry of the outside world,’ and wonders if I might have been attacked when trying to climb the mountain. In the end, that thought is dismissed as well, as she considers the mountain too far from the forest.

I take it all in—the thoughts, the images, everything her mind projects. Despite the fact that her thoughts revolve around me and my wounds, I feel detached from it all.

“I suppose I’m not getting any answers as you are now,” she says, breathing a heavy sigh, “The important thing is you’re safe. Come on, I’ll wrap it up for you.”

Again, I let Alice have her way. The wounds as they are now they do not appear to warrant bandaging, but with Alice worrying like she is I’d be doing her ill by stopping her. I suppose I shouldn’t think poorly of her pampering, as she’s doing it all for the right reasons. It would seem that, for the rest of the night I simply let her do as she pleases.

Rin comes back inside covered in soot. Alice makes a snide comment in regards to taking Rin outside and hosing her off, but thinks better of it. Rin is shooed off the bath while Alice and I sit down for dinner. She serves up a simple soup, citing the richness of the dinner served at Marisa’s house as the reason for my sickness that evening. I remind her that I’d rather not remember nor discuss that matter further, and we eat in relative silence.

Alice’s thoughts jump from subject to subject, forming only a loose association between topics in her mind as she eats. In the end, her mind reverts to hypothesizing the cause of the gunshot wound on my leg. Rin joins us in the middle of her train of thought.

“Hey Alice,” Rin says, “I, uhh… I tried to keep the bath clean, but…” ’Yeah, soot, black stuff everywhere.’

“No worries,” Alice says, “I was planning on cleaning it anyway.” ’I should do it before I bathe tomorrow. Rin’s still got soot on her, so it can’t be pretty in there.’

“And the water’s gone cold, so…” Rin searches for the right words to say, but her mind continues to focus on me.

“I’ll be skipping my bath tonight,” Alice replies, “Just go dump it out back after dinner.”

’Ugh, putting me right to work aren’t we, lady?’

Rin eats quickly as if trying to catch up to Alice and myself. She compliments the food aloud, but her thought betray her insincerity. She finds the soup lacking in flavor and in meat content, but tries to cover it up. I watch as she adds more and more salt to her bowl, but Alice doesn’t seem to notice. Rin catches me staring, and her mind falls silent.

For a moment.

“Hey sis,” Rin says, “Given any more thought to my proposition?” ’I’d say I don’t mean to be pushy, but… I do.’

[ ] Not yet, I’ll decide tomorrow.
[ ] I want to go with you.
[ ] I want to stay here.
No. 175701
[X] I want to go with you.

So far she has been pretty honest about it as far as we know and we should not make her wait any longer if we dont wanna go in the first place, thats just keeping her for no reason.
Other than that, the underground is the safest place for us to be if we really got shot on the surface, we cant, despite Alice thoughts, rule the possibility out that the village is mad at us or someone is hunting us. If its the Tengu, even worse. And we cant stay with Alice forever.

I say we head down and meet Satori, look whats up with her, what her intentions are and how she will react, etc.
No. 175702
[X] I want to go with you.

Rin has shown herself to be trustworthy enough, and in the end we still need to meet with Satori to understand more about ourself and our powers.
No. 175706
[X] I want to go with you.

I'd like to know the significance of a third satori, and maybe Satori can help with that.
No. 175712
[X] I want to go with you.
No. 175714
[X] I want to go with you.
No. 175715
[X] "If Satori is that desperate to meet me, she should come to get me herself."
No. 175716
[X] Not yet, I’ll decide tomorrow.

I'd rather not travel if that leg wound is still bad when Rin wants to leave.
No. 175718
Are you serious? After what Okuu did, you all want to just rush down there?
[X] I think I'll go to Myouren Temple instead.
No. 175719
[x] I want to go with you.
Okuu's not the boss down there, Satori is.
No. 175721
[x] I don't know where I'm going, but I don't think it'll be with you.
- [x] Certainly not in the morning. I am still wounded.

>Okuu's not the boss down there, Satori is.
You say that as though the pet's actions somehow didn't reflect at all on the master.

Really, the only information we have on Satori is that she keeps Okuu and Rin. I don't understand why everyone is jumping on this vote.
No. 175727

>You say that as though the pet's actions somehow didn't reflect at all on the master.

And you say that like it does, while you have no information either. From what I gathered it seems like Okuu is on a bit of a powertrip since the Underground Incident, which I dont think Satori was ok with. If she was, I dont think Rin would dissaprove so much.
No. 175730
Besides, if it does turn out to be a bad idea, it'll be interesting.
No. 175735
[x] Not yet, I’ll decide tomorrow.

When making important decisions, it's best to take a long hard think about it, especially when you're considering whether or not to go with a faction who already attacked you once. It's also good to sleep on it, so you don't make a decision or just agree because you're tired. Also, why make the decision now when we can delay it until tomorrow with little consequence.

I wouldn't mind going with her, but let's put the decision off 'till tomorrow. Rin is being far to pushy. Almost suspiciously so. I wonder if Satori hypnotised them into playing good cop, bad cop?

Finally, >>175721 has a point, not just on the pets reflection on the master, but on us still being wounded. I'm not sure I want go with Rin while still wounded, in case we need to get away.
No. 175736
Even if it turns out to be a good idea, it'll be interesting~

I'd expect they'd be more into playing a game of "bad cop, even worse cop," to be honest.

Okuu is not The Boss, Okuu is Big Boss. The biggest boss that was ever a boss boss boss
No. 175737

>I'd expect they'd be more into playing a game of "bad cop, even worse cop," to be honest.

Eh, It's all relative anyway, especially to someone who doesn't exactly have a baseline for good and bad. But point taken.

>Okuu is not The Boss, Okuu is Big Boss. The biggest boss that was ever a boss boss boss

...Does that make Rin Ocelot?
No. 175740

I like the way you think, good sir.
No. 175742

The feeling is mutual.
No. 175744
>And you say that like it does, while you have no information either.
But it does, and thus I do. The fact that Okuu serves Satori -- no, let me expand that. Satori is the sort of person to keep the sort of person Okuu is as a servant, and to send her here after you, knowing what exactly she is and how she thinks. That is information. It's very little information, but sometimes that's what you have to base decisions on under pressure. (Pressure induced by Satori, at that.)

Oh, and the fact that Satori also told Alice "bring her here" without any consideration of whether we wanted to come. Yes, we'd decided we did, but Satori didn't know that yet.

The problem isn't so much that it may turn out to be a bad idea as that, IC, it looks like a bad idea on the face of it.
No. 175745
We saw the memory. She was visibly shaken, unlike herself. I very much doubt someone planning to off you is going to react like that, and I can say for certain that I would say that if I was in Kohaku's shoes.
No. 175746

Not the guy you're talking to, but I figure I might as well answer

>We saw the memory. She was visibly shaken, unlike herself.

First things first, Hypnotism can implant false memories.

>I very much doubt someone planning to off you is going to react like that

Secondly, it's entirely possible for Satori to react that way if her thought process is something like "Oh fuck, I thought I'd killed them all. Fuck! Gotta kill her before anyone notices! Fuck fuck fuck!", if you're willing to take a paranoid view of things.

I don't believe it is mind you, but it's the only example I could think of off the top of my head
No. 175768

So you base most of your characterization of Satori on a very exited person who has in her exitement of seeing maybe the second other of her entire species given her petservant, which seems to can actively block out and/or attack mindreaders (there goes the control or the knowing what shes thinking), the order to "bring her here" in a hurry.

Adding to that you dont know ,in fact WE dont know what kind of person Satori is in this story. So saying she is the "sort of person" doesnt really cut it. By your logic the reasoning for visitng Satori are just as good as your ones against. My kind of view could be entirely wrong, just saying, but you dont have any better arguments than I.

Also leaving out the whole exitement part, one could assume, like you assumed she is that "sort of person", that maybe a call about another Satori to a Satori would be about meeting up with said youkai and not just a call like "Yo we found another one of you, just letting you know, bye."
No. 175782
I think Okuu was just excited and single minded enough to daze her. Like listening to a normal conversation and someone yells in your ear.
No. 175787
Satori murdered all of the other satori because she didn't want the secret to natural pink hair to be known by others. That much is certain.

What we do know for sure is that Satori is the sort of person to be in this adventure.

That said, writing begins~
No. 175788
File 138499571220.jpg - (19.61KB , 475x338 , Oh god what is this I don't even.jpg ) [iqdb]

I'm sorry but I can't parse any of this post. While I can't comprehend what you're saying, I get the feeling you're misunderstanding what he posted.

He's saying that all we know about Satori is that she's the kind of person who sends someone she knows has no sense of subtlety to go fetch someone who hasn't even expressed interest in seeing her (as far as she knows anyway.). This isn't much information, but it kinda shows that Satori didn't even consider that Kohaku might not want to come. Needless to say, this doesn't exactly paint a good first impression of Satori to Kohaku.

His point is that when the only information you have on someone paints a bit of a negative picture about them (Don't forget, Marisa didn't exactly think highly of them either.), most people tend to err on the side of caution.

He's somewhat justifiably annoyed about how we're just going along with this despite the fact that they haven't given us any good reason to go with them and plenty of reasons not to. It mostly seems like we're going with them for out of character reasons instead of in character ones. Which is fine I suppose, but he has a good reason to be annoyed.

I apologise if I got your gender wrong >>175744 but I couldn't be bothered to go back and change everything to be gender-neutral. If there's something I missed in your argument, feel free to pick up the slack
No. 175790

>Satori murdered all of the other satori because she didn't want the secret to natural pink hair to be known by others. That much is certain.

Of course, and Satori forced Koishi's third eye to close, so she wouldn't be able to stop her dastardly plan.

>That said, writing begins~

You'll probably want to make a new thread when you post; this one is in autosage already.
No. 175797
New thread: >>175795

Story title no longer untitled due to character selection completion.
No. 175805

What I was trying to point out is that Satori may only know 1 other Satori, Koishi. So the news that they may be another one of the species, one she has never seen in hundreds of years, may be exiting to her and send her into kinda a panic mode where she doesnt think straight. So she gives her pet, which she still considers family even with all the shit gone down (STA), the order to "bring her here" without any ill intent.

What I am saying if you can assume that she is that kind of person, as you categorize her aswell, from just that little bit of info you can read tons into it besides that she is a manipulative bitch or the like.
Hence at least I think it would be too quick too judge her on that and say "no, lets not meet possibly the only person who could help us with our powers" because in a quick decision she decided to send someone she trusts over following a call with most likely just that intent.

True,she didnt even consider that Kohaku didnt want to go, but it could also be that its a big fucking deal for her and she is kinda freaking out.