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15818 No. 15818
Previously on Misadventures in Gensokyo: You got another 10 feet! Yay! Plus, bonding with Reisen. <3
Inventory: Camera 1ea, Film 18ea, Hourai Doll 1 ea, Hourai Elixir (Generic) 1 ea, Clothing (equipped) 1ea, Card 1ea, Button (equipped) 1ea, Fluff 1ea, Ladybug 1ea.
Quick choice this time folks.
You turn to address Nitori.

[ ] Ask her about Kanako.
[ ] Ask her about the Kappa.
[ ] Ask her about herself.
[ ] Ask her about the Shrine.
[ ] Let her talk.

No. 15819
[x] Ask her about herself.
Always best way to start.
No. 15821
[X] Ask her about herself.
No. 15822
[ ] Ask her about herself.
No. 15823
[x] Ask her about herself.

Why you so BALD?
No. 15824
[X] Ask her about herself.
in b4 blind spot- there is none. Zun agreed, don't bother him about it.
No. 15825
[X] Ask her about herself.
GM knows best what choice is the right
No. 15827
[X] Ask her about herself.
No. 15828
[X] Ask her about herself.
for some reason i find 1-piece dresses hot.
No. 15829
[ ] Let her talk.

You guys should be nicer to girls.
No. 15831
[ ] Let her talk.

She's probably got questions
No. 15833
[x] Ask her about herself
No. 15835
IRC link for anyone who wants to strategize over IRC:


Copy that into your browser window.
No. 15836
[ ] Let her talk.
No. 15843
File 120830511439.jpg - (95.81KB , 400x300 , 0709_hina_wall.jpg ) [iqdb]
You turn to Nitori and ask her to tell you a little bit about herself. She looks like she was about to say something else, but then stops. She thinks for a moment before answering.
“Well, I’m not very interesting, I think. I’m fascinated by the machines that the outside world have produced. We’ve managed to, especially now with the help of the Goddess and her shrine maiden, re-create a great deal of items that they have on the outside, and apparently” she gestures at the gun, “some things that they haven’t. I usually spend most of my time working on my machines and my prototypes. Hum. . . I like cucumbers. And the color green. And the number 3.14159. . .” Nitori rattles off pi to the one hundredth digit.
“But that’s enough about me, I want to know about y. . .”

“Ufufufufufufufu. . . If it isn’t Nitori. . . Hello, Nitori. How does this day such as this find the one such as you?”
Looking up, you see a girl twirling in the air, floating along next to the wagon. She has green hair and an elaborately tied ribbon on her head. Nitori’s shoulders slump and she doesn’t even turn around to address the girl.
“Hello Hina. Go away, would you?”
“Ufufufufufu. . . How is that to talk to a friend such as me. We’ve known each other for a time that is so very long~”
All this spinning is making you dizzy.

[ ] Greet the girl
[ ] Ask Nitori who this girl is
[ ] Ignore the girl ask Nitori to continue her question.
[ ] Let Nitori handle Hina, Talk to someone else.
No. 15846
[x] Ignore the girl ask Nitori to continue her question.
No. 15847
[x] Ask Nitori who this girl is
No. 15848
[X] Greet the girl
I like to live dangerously, and die stupidly.
No. 15849
[X] Ask Nitori who this girl is
No. 15850
[x] Ask Nitori who this girl is
No. 15851
[ ] Greet the girl
No. 15853
[x] Ask Nitori who this girl is

Even though we know its Angra Mainyu
No. 15854
[] Ask Nitori who this girl is
No. 15855
[X] Greet the girl
[X] Ignore the girl ask Nitori to continue her question.

She got interrupted, and she had something to ask...

You know, as much as Hina loves humans, I still can't help but think she'll turn our luck sour if she gets too close. Which is a shame, because I kind of like her. Give her a greeting out of courtesy, but shift the focus back to Nitori.
No. 15856
[ ] Ignore the girl ask Nitori to continue her question.
No. 15858
[X] Greet the girl
Then get to ruffling
No. 15859
[x] Ask Nitori who this girl is
No. 15860
[x] Ignore the girl ask Nitori to continue her question.
No. 15861
[X] Greet the girl
[X] Ask Nitori who this girl is
No. 15862
[ ] Greet the girl

Poor thing, it's like feeding a stray cat. You know it's a bad idea but you just can't bring your self to turn it away.
No. 15863
>>15855 naw, tewi will counteract it
No. 15864
You ask Nitori who the girl is.
“This? This is Hina Kagiyama. She’s the goddess of curses. Most people around her experience misfortune, because she stores up too many curses and doesn’t want to let them loose on anyone.”
“Ohoho? Is that any way for one such as you to speak about a friend such as me? How have I ever brought misfortune to anyone other than myself?”
“Let’s see, the last time you visited me, my house burned down. Then I tripped on a rock, then. . .” Nitori continues listing things for a while, even though Hina seems to have lost all interest in what Nitori has to say.
“Ohhh? You’re a human aren’t you” Hina floats around the wagon so that she’s next to you.
“You should let one such as myself take away your misfortunes. . . Ufufu. . .” Hina leans in close, and wraps her arms around your shoulders. “I really think you’d enjoy it~ Ufufufufufufufu~”
Nitori is still busy listing off all the things that happened the last ti. . . Holy crap, you can DO that with a llama? You glance to either side, wondering if anyone else heard this, but decide to say nothing.

[ ] Accept Hina’s offer.
[ ] Decline Hina’s offer.
[ ] Ignore Hina and start talking to Nitori again.
[ ] Ask Hina to leave.
No. 15865

[x] Ignore Hina and start talking to Nitori again.

We don't really have much misfortune to lose.
No. 15866
[z] Accept Hina’s offer.

Sorry guys, I couldn't resist her little talk
No. 15867
[ ] Decline Hina’s offer.

Tempting though, say it nicely.
No. 15868
[ ] Stutter out an unintelligible response.
No. 15869
[x] Accept Hina’s offer.
No. 15870
I do not wish to respond positively nor negatively to such a comment, so I'll be neutral about it!
No. 15871
[X] Accept Hina’s offer.

Lord knows we could do with less misfortune than we've had over the course of this story...

The fact that Hina makes it sound hot has nothing to do with this. Absolutely not.

No sir...
No. 15872
>“This? This is Hina Kagiyama. She’s the goddess of curses. Most people around her experience misfortune, because she stores up too many curses and doesn’t want to let them loose on anyone.”

[x] Accept Hina’s offer.


No. 15873
[X] Decline Hina’s offer.
I wouldn't wish our kind of misfortune on anyone.
No. 15874
[ ] Accept Hina’s offer.
No. 15875
[ ] Accept Hina’s offer.
Extremely tempting offer.
No. 15876
[x] Ignore Hina and start talking to Nitori again.
Damn you Kira! I expect something more out of this later.
No. 15877
File 120830678767.jpg - (56.01KB , 800x600 , Angra Mainyu.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, it was nice knowing you Anonymous.
You poor bastard.
No. 15878
File 120830709617.jpg - (60.13KB , 488x600 , 11747.jpg ) [iqdb]
You stutter out an acceptance of Hina’s ‘if you know what I mean’ offer.
“Ufufufufu~ Excellent, excellent~ Unfortunately, ones such as us cannot do it in a place such as this~”
With surprising strength, Hina puts her hands under your arms and picks you up from the bed of the wagon, and begins to float away from it. For some odd reason, nobody else seems to have noticed the fact that Hina has picked you up and is now floating away from the wagon.

[ ] Call out to the others
[ ] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.
No. 15879
[ ] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.

Reisen can contact us in times of trouble.
No. 15880
[x] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.
No. 15881
[ ]contact Reisen via codec
No. 15882
[x] Call out to the others
No. 15883
[X] Anemia option
No. 15884
[X] Call out to the others

Uh, wait a second...

Yeah, we really shouldn't let ourselves be separated.
No. 15885
[ ] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.
No. 15886
[X] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.
Its rape time
No. 15887
[ ] Call out to the others
No. 15888
[ ] Call out to the Reisen, via codec.
No. 15889
[x] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.

I still have my hopes of getting some sort of action. Even groping is fine
No. 15890
I'm loling so hard right now
No. 15891
[X] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.
when do we ruffle hairs?
No. 15892
[x] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.

What's the worst that could happen? Catch mummy rot? Slimy doom? A few negative levels?
No. 15893
File 120830743011.jpg - (12.29KB , 150x200 , Avenger.jpg ) [iqdb]
"What the hell are you doing with my wife?"
No. 15894
[x] Call out to the others

or at least
[x] Protest

We are going to regret this if we just fuck the first cute emo girl that happens by.

Assuming this isn't a trap.

AND assuming she won't accidentally release curses on us during climax.
No. 15895
[ ] Call out to the others
let them know you getting dragged away,
being separated =bad end
No. 15896
Hey guys, guess what?
>Hina is the leader of the "Nagashi-hina doll army." This refers to a Japanese ritual of transferring one's sins and misfortune to a doll (a Nagashi-hina) and throwing it in a river to be carried away.

Who else do we know that likes dolls?
Enjoy your torture.
No. 15897

touhou aids
No. 15898
[x] Contact Reisen on the button.
No. 15899
[x] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.

We have continues, you faggots.
No. 15900
[X] Call out to the others

not as planned
No. 15901
We're carrying a doll, maybe we can do this ritual with Hina's halp.
No. 15902
No. 15903
[x] Remain silent, let Hina abscond with you.

This is just too tempting to pass up.
No. 15904
[x] call out

'uh, guys- i'll be back in a minute, got some business to take care of. ifyouknowwhatimean"
No. 15905
Hina is a benevolent goddess. She's just going to suck the bad luck out of us, if you know what I mean.
No. 15906

yeah, all of our sad blues 'jazz'
No. 15907
I'd be against Hina's character for her to intentionally harm a human. Also, according to the wiki just meeting her brings misfortune. We've already taken the hit, so we might as well make the best of it.
No. 15908
>>15878 bad end incomming!
No. 15909

She's just going to transfer our curses to our Hourai Doll.

And then we give it back to Alice, who is immediately cursed when she tries to use it. Just as planned.
No. 15910

Yeah, but Tewi grants us fortune, so maybe it cancels out.
No. 15912
Or maybe we finally get some action

No. 15913

We'd be her sax slave.
No. 15914

Anon is destined to get no tail.
No. 15915
File 120830850275.jpg - (131.93KB , 1280x512 , 1206843418095.jpg ) [iqdb]

really? damn.
No. 15916
File 120830851485.png - (7.95KB , 377x349 , 1206207949265.png ) [iqdb]
No. 15917
File 120830859050.jpg - (114.45KB , 760x540 , 1169248692041.jpg ) [iqdb]

No, anon is destined to get two tails.
No. 15920

must ruffle hair. kitty kitty
No. 15921
>Anon is destined to get no 10%.
No. 15922
File 120830890469.jpg - (124.33KB , 512x512 , 1206563461026.jpg ) [iqdb]
Befriend Chen, gain big sword
No. 15923
You really do think you should call out to your commrades, but for some reason you keep silent while Hina flies away with you. As she floats away from the wagon, she starts spinning.
“Ufu. . . You know. . . You really are quite heavy. . .”
Hina seems to be breathing hard. You make a suggestion that maybe the two of you should move closer to the ground, given that your feet are brushing the tree tops.
“Ufufufufu. . . Nonsense, we are almost to the pla. . . Oops.”
You feel yourself slip out from Hina’s hands and begin plummeting towards the earth. You hit a couple of trees on the way down before you land, head first on a rock. The world vanishes into black nothingness.
You open your eyes. Looking around, you see nothing that is familiar. White walls, and a plain white ceiling. Trying to sit up, your body screams in pain. Nearby a monitor beeps. Wait, Beeps? You notice that there are electric ceiling lamps here too. Finally managing to sit up, you realize that this is a hospital room. You look outside and see that there’s another building outside the window. Your mind swirls, you vaguely remember something with some girls, and fighting and. . . There’s this horrible scene of bodies piled up beneath a girl hanging from a tree.
Your consciousness wanes and you fall back against the pillow. The darkness comes quickly.
No. 15924
[ ] Reisen, Reisen, tasukete Reisen!
No. 15926
No. 15927
No. 15928
[X] Wait Whut
No. 15929
Aw not the whole "Gensokyo is a dream" angle. I've always hated that interpretation.
No. 15930
Well..... shit.
No. 15931

No. 15932
Comrade Anon says:

I will live in Gensokyo. And I will marry a round Youkai woman and raise rabbits, and she will cook them for me. And I will have a wagon... maybe even a "jet pack." And fly from location to location. Do they let you do that?
No. 15933
Fuck yes, its dream school time!
No. 15934
Falcon punch yourself in the stomach so you wake up from this dream.
No. 15935
[X] r e p e a tᅟ a g a i n . . .
No. 15936
[x] Homicidal Rampage caused by massive depression.

It's the only way back...
No. 15937
[X] Jump down that fucking building.
Let us time travel again!
No. 15938
[x] Go back two choices now that we got the BAD END syndrome out of our system
No. 15939
File 120830947013.jpg - (24.20KB , 1144x657 , dream.jpg ) [iqdb]
It was just a dream, we fell asleep in the wagon.

Back to reality now.
No. 15940

We're in a fucking Coma? We do get a do over right?
No. 15942
I am a man dreaming I am a butterfly dreaming I am a man dreaming I am a butterfly dreaming I am a man dreaming I am a butterfly dreaming I am a man dreaming I am a butterfly.
No. 15943
Chapter End? Continue tomorrow?
No. 15944
[x] Make contract with The World.

Do it anon, it is the only path.
No. 15945
[X] Anfini

Get back up.
No. 15946

What, no confirm or Reflex save?

I feel like I've just been Bel-Aired.
No. 15947
File 120830970625.jpg - (187.44KB , 1055x1513 , 1206579664863.jpg ) [iqdb]

why because it's really real, and one day, if you wish hard enough, you'll go there? And everyone will love you?

No. 15949
You open your eyes slowly, the room you are in is tinged in the colors of the setting sun. Outside you hear a crow cawing. Ahou, Ahou, Ahou. Your head aches. You move your arm up to see what’s wrong and see that it’s bandaged. They seem to be fresh. Feeling your head, you feel bandages wrapped around your head. Attempting to sit up, you find yourself unable to do so.
“Ah, you shouldn’t try to sit up yet.”
You hear a voice, but you can’t see its source. It’s not a voice you’ve heard before. You can’t see it’s source, and you can’t seem to turn your head. Your entire body feels quite tired.
“You should rest now. I’m still preparing the medication and rituals. It will be quite some time before they’re ready, so please, rest.”

[ ] Listen to the voice, and relax
[ ] Try to turn your head
[ ] Go to sleep
[ ] Talk to the voice.
No. 15950
We got a reflex save. We failed it.
No. 15951
[ ] Jump off hospital roof
No. 15952
[ ] Listen to the voice, and relax
No. 15953
[ ] Try to turn your head
No. 15954
[ ] Talk to the voice.
No. 15955
[ ] Try to turn your head
No. 15956

[ ] Talk to the voice.
No. 15957
[X] Try to turn your head
Lets see whose voice is that
No. 15958
[X] Talk to the voice.
No. 15959

nice non sequitur there
No. 15960
I really hate when any story ends with "but it was all a dream!". It's annoying.
No. 15961
[x] Talk to the voice.
No. 15962
[x] Talk to the voice.

Must attempt to size up the situation.
No. 15963
Cliche just a dream end?

I don't think so.
No. 15964
Its Keine!
No. 15965
[X] Listen to the voice, and relax
No. 15966
[X] Try to turn your head

damn, Breath of Fire reference, in my MiG?

Just like Japan!
No. 15967
[ ] Talk to the voice.
No. 15968
[X] Try to turn your head
No. 15969
>damn, Breath of Fire reference, in my MiG?

You know it.

I was tempted to go with "Grit your teeth. Get up."
No. 15971

No. 15973
[ ] Go to sleep.

Just because I wonder if we'll wake up temporarily in the "real" world.
No. 15974
[ ] Listen to the voice, and relax
No. 15975
Your mind is reeling as you body pours in the many painful sensations, but you decide that it’s more important to find out where you are and what’s going on. You ask the mystery voice what happened.
“Oh. You don’t remember? Hum. I was hoping that you could fill us in. One of the tengu found you lying in the woods and brought you here. You’re lucky your wounds weren’t more serious. I’m curious though, how did you make it past the Kappa? Ah. . . But that’s not important right now. You really should relax. I’ll be ready to treat you in a few hours. So please, just relax until then.”
If one of the tengu found you, that probably means that nobody from the wagon knows where you’re at currently. That can’t possibly be good.

[ ] Try to contact Reisen.
[ ] Ask the voice if anyone else was found with you.
[ ] Relax.
[ ] Go to sleep.
No. 15976
[X] Try to contact Reisen.
No. 15977
[x] Try to contact Reisen.
No. 15978
[ ] Try to contact Reisen.
No. 15979
[ ] Try to contact Reisen.
No. 15980
[X] Try to contact Reisen.

No. 15981
[ ] Try to contact Reisen.
need intel
No. 15982
[x] Try to contact Reisen.
No. 15983
[x] Ask the voice if anyone else was found with you.
No. 15984
[ ] Try to contact Reisen.
No. 15985

[x] Try to contact Reisen.

Rest of the choices seem meh, to me.
No. 15986
[x] Try to contact Reisen.
No. 15987
[X] Try to contact Reisen.

Please be there.
No. 15988
We got into Troubles again. Anon sure loves nothing but troubles. Hina just left us for dead, that bitch. No hair ruffling for her
No. 15989
[ ] Try to contact Reisen.
May as well
No. 15990
[x] Try to contact Reisen.
No. 15991
[X] Relax

Don't worry, be happy Anon
No. 15992
[x] Try to contact Reisen.
No. 15993

Now setting her hair on fire sound like a good idea.

You know Nitori's bald spot? Yeah? Don't fuck with me.
No. 15994
[x] Try to contact Reisen.

If successful, it ensures they abandon any search they might have undertaken and ensures they reach us quickly before being spotted by the enemy.
No. 15995
I'm giving 5 to 1 odds the codec is missing. Any takers?
No. 15996
Worth a try anyway.
No. 15997
Actually, he's rolling 3d6 vs. 14. He asked me to choose between 1 and 2, then 4 and 7. Of course, I chose 2 and 7.
No. 15999

That thought crossed my mind, I mean, we did fall rather roughly, so chances are it either fell off then, or was taken off when we were brought here.
No. 16000
Looks like Aya's getting her camera back.
No. 16001
Assuming it wasn't destroyed in the fall. We probably just lost half our stuff.
No. 16003
[x] Check invintory
Add this to my previous vote.
No. 16006
[X] Check pants
No. 16007
Closing your eyes and concentrating on the button behind your ear, you feel slightly strange. Your head spins slightly before you think you hear something.
<AH! . . . Yo. . . . . . But. . . I. . . t>
You can’t quite make heads or tails of what’s being said. You reach up to feel the button, and find that it’s half hanging off of your head. Pressing it back on you try again.
You jerk involuntarily, even though you know she’s not physically yelling at you, the shouted thoughts are still quite jarring.
“Ah! Please don’t move. It’s not good for your. . . Condition. I promise that I’m hurrying as much as I can. Please just continue relaxing. It really will be done soon. I promise. . .”
You try and relax again and concentrate on the button.
Reisen’s voice is much quieter this time < I was so worried about you. I thought that . . . that. . .>
Reisen falls silent, or at least you can’t hear her voice. Her voice comes back to you, but extremely small, and sounding quite scared. <The. . . The others went off to look for you, and none of them have come back yet. . . I couldn’t help them look. . . I. . . I should have noticed. . . I’m. . . I’m sorry. D-do you know where you’re at?>
You try to send that you have no idea where you’re at to Reisen, just that it’s some sort of house, and the style seems to be similar to Eientei.
<Ah. . . Alright. . . I-I’ll let the others know that you’re alright. . .>
Is it a good idea to let them know about Reisen’s little trick with you?

[ ] Tell Reisen not to tell.
[ ] Let Reisen do as she will.
[ ] Tell Reisen to tell the others to continue on with out you.
[ ] Talk to the voice in the room again.
[ ] Go to sleep.
No. 16008
Do you think we've got Guybrush Threepwood style inventory pants?
No. 16010
sitrep plx.

[X] Try to contact Reisen
No. 16011
[X] Let Reisen do as she will.
No. 16012
[ ] Let Reisen do as she will.
What's the harm?
No. 16013
[ ] Let Reisen do as she will.

I can't really decide but I think if the others know that we can contact them it'll be to our advantage.
No. 16014
[X] Let Reisen do as she will.
I don't see why not though I'm this will bite us in the ass later.
No. 16015
[ ] Let Reisen do as she will.
No. 16016
[] Let Reisen do as she will.
No. 16017
[ ] Let Reisen do as she will.
No. 16018
[X] Let Reisen do as she will.
Let her do what she wants. The bunnie knows more then we
No. 16019
FUCK YEAH! We rolled an 18!
No. 16021
[X] Let Reisen do as she will.
No. 16022
[X] Let Reisen do as she will.
[X] Talk to the voice in the room again.

We told Reisen we believed in her, now is the time to show it. That said, we ought to fish for some more definite information about where we are.
No. 16023
[x] Let Reisen do as she will.
No. 16024

[X] Let Reisen do as she will.

If anything happens, she'll contact us again.
No. 16025
Also, just out of curiosity, where do you guys think you're at?
No. 16026
[ ] Send mental image of location to Reisen

This should work right? See if you can capture our carer as well.
No. 16027
[x] Let Reisen do as she will.

We should trust her to do the appropriate thing.
No. 16028

Theoretical probability means nothing to us. Even if the odds are against us we will always pull through.
No. 16029
Moriya Hospital Facilities
No. 16030
Aya of course. If not, do the impossible and make it come true
No. 16031
We're in the Hakurei shrine.
No. 16032

I'm pretty sure we're a the shrine, what with the tengu finding and transporting us and the unknown voice asking how we got past the kappa.
No. 16033
>>it’s some sort of house, and the style seems to be similar to Eientei.

Uhhh, Hakurei Shrine?
No. 16034
Tengu medical facility
No. 16037
You never know, they could be trying to decieve us.

Also, jokevote is joke.
No. 16038
Too bad you're rolling a d100
No. 16039
my guess would be the Moriya Shrine
No. 16040
>We're in the Hakurei shrine.

If we were at the Hakurei shrine, we'd be strapped down and possibly getting some form of torture, probably using lake water.
No. 16042
>>16040 see >>16037
No. 16047
I want to say the Moriya shrine, since the voice mentioned we got past the Kappa/Nitori. Nitori was under directions by the Goddess to keep humans away from the mountain, so only a Moriya resident would wonder why Nitori had failed.

But, if that was the case, the tengu intelligence department probably would have notified our group by now.

So, it's someone who was aware of Nitori's actions (there fore some resident of the mountain) but not affiliated with the Moriya shrine. My guess is Shizuha Aki and Minoriko Aki, the level 1 bosses.

Little sister harem GET.
No. 16049
I know it's too late, but:

[ ] Tell Reisen not to tell.

Because...this way that we are able to communicate privately with Reisen...am I bad for wanting to keep it something private? Something just for the two of us, that only we know?
No. 16050
But then everyone else would have no reason to believe she knows we're ok.
No. 16051
Ok guys, I'm grabbing a quick bite to eat, then it's back to the writing. I'll likely open with a new thread.
No. 16052
Well she doesn't show any outwards signs that she's using it to communicate so it's still pretty private. The advantage is that should someone other than Reisen need to talk to us they can use her as a proxy.

Also, mental images? Can they be sent\received?
No. 16053
>But, if that was the case, the tengu intelligence department probably would have notified our group by now.

Moriya knows about Reimu's rampage, so she may have called for a communications blackout amongst the Tengu to limit the possibility of Reimu picking this as her next target. If we are in Moriya, we have to let them know that they're friends.

Nitori would probably be able to convince the Tengu, but with our group in disarray, we shouldn't assume they'll make progress into Tengu territory anytime soon.
No. 16054
This screams for more Tengu Ninjas, hundreds
No. 16059
>You open your eyes slowly, the room you are in is tinged in the colors of the setting sun.

We better get our troops together before dark. If it becomes nighttime, it will become impossible to find Rumia.

We better spill the beans to Sanae quickly and get her to send out the Tengu search parties.