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156495 No. 156495
“You're her, aren't you?” you say, the gears of your mind finally clicking into place.
Gears do that, right?

“Huh? You know this kid, after all?” Yuugi asks, no longer grinning, yet somehow sounding more curious than concerned about the situation.

“Did you see that?!” you hear Rikako excitedly call out as she jogs up to you. “Please tell me the rest of you saw that! That was-...who's the kid?”

“You've been busy little bees, haven't you?” the girl replies, making no attempt to conceal her amusement as she glances around at your semi-assembled group.

“Yeah, we had a long night down there.” you reply casually, much to your surprise. Considering the fact you currently held in your arms a being who was probably physically capable of pulling you apart one piece at a time with her bare hands, and who you had given every reason to want to do just that, you can't help but wonder if you shouldn't be feeling something resembling fear or panic at that moment. Something, anything that would indicate you were in possession of even a semi-functional survival instinct.

And yet, somehow, you don't.

“Hey, Rikako? Remember that thing that was supposed to do that thing that I did that thing with to you-know-who that we thought didn't do that thing we thought it'd do?”

“That depends. Are you asking what I suspect you are asking?”

“What are you suspecting that I'm asking?”

“I suspect you are asking if I recall the events of yesterday.”

“Do you?”

“How could I possi-...yes. Yes, I remember yesterday.”

“Oh, good. Well, it turns out it probably actually did do that thing, after all.”

“You're saying the device worked?”

“Yeah, this girl is that woman. Or was before, well-”

“You're saying the device worked. That is what you are saying.”

“Well, yeah, I guess that is wha-”

YES!” Rikako abruptly shouts, pumping her fist in the air a couple times before quickly composing herself. “A-ah, I mean, fascinating. Do go on.”

“Oh~? So this was your doing, then?” the girl in your arms asks, twisting around just enough to look at Rikako directly. Though tone did not change, you feel her body tensing up ever-so-slightly.

“Oh, not entirely!” the scientist replies with barely-contained excitement. “The design and assembly were my work, certainly, but the components themselves were taken from a variety of-”

“Don't care~! Fix it.”

“Ah, well, that may be difficult...”

Difficult.” the girl repeats, her voice no longer carrying any hint of playfulness.

“Yes, very much so. The components I used were the products of a science and technology that are quite literally not of this world. Fascinating stuff, really. Even with Yagokoro's explanations, I was still having trouble grasping even the most basic mechanics of the-”

Your point?” the girl says, her patience apparently reaching a critical low.

“My point, quite simply, is that the materials used in the creation of that device were rare enough as it was. The means of reversing its effects, if there is such a thing, may not even exist.” Rikako states, her science-fueled giddiness quickly disappearing as she realizes what she was saying, and to whom she was saying it. “O-of course, that's not to say it's impossible!” she quickly adds. “Though the technology may be alien in origin, the principles behind would still have to be based in-”

“I don't care what sorcery you must invoke to remove this curse, human. I want it undone.”

“Actually, it's not a curse, or any sort of magic, but-”

Don't. Care.” the girl says, firmly, before turning her gaze back to you. “And you. How do you intend to take responsibility for this?”

“Treat you to dinner?” you ask, hopefully.


“Treat you to lunch?”



Don't say 'breakfast'.”


“...you know, forget it. I'll just break your legs, and we'll call it even. How does that sound?”

“Don't you dare!” Medicine shouts, glaring daggers at the green-haired girl.

“Easy, kiddo. She ain't gonna do anything like that.” Yuugi says, gently laying a hand on the little doll-girl's head. “Are ya?”

The girl narrows her eyes at the horned woman. “Is that a threat, Oni?”

“Heh! Nah, I'm just sayin' you're just not gonna do anything like that, is all.”

The woman and woman-turned-girl stare at each other, as silence falls over the group. Aside from a strange grin that begins to slowly appear on both of their faces, neither one moves. It was a situation you could only describe as a stand-off, save for the fact that only one of the participants was technically standing, with the other laying in your arms.

Somehow, 'stand-and-lay-off' doesn't have quite the same impact.

So it is a stand-off.
Even if not everyone is standing.

Before you can begin to reflect upon the question of what, exactly someone was first standing on in order to be standing off of it, Rikako mercifully clears her throat.

“Excuse me, but if I may interject for a moment?” she asks, approaching you. “If you wish for your 'condition' to be undone, Miss...?”


“Miss Yuuka, then. As I was saying, if you wish for it to be undone, it would be counter-productive to harm anyone who might be capable of finding a means of accomplishing that, would it not?”

“Are you suggesting something?”

“A proposal, actually. There is something you want done, and I believe I know of a way we might expedite the process, if you care to hear it.”

“Go on...” the girl called Yuuka says.

“It's quite simple, really. We divide our efforts. While I carry out my own research on the matter, he can investigate alternative methods elsewhere. I think you would agree that it would be far more efficient to explore multiple options simultaneously, and I believe it is in all of our best interests to resolve this matter in a timely fashion.”

“...very well.” Yuuka says, wriggling herself out of your arms and floating gently to the ground. Scooping up her oversized watch, she slowly glances around the area. “Now, where is the Celestial? There is something I wish to discuss with her, as well.”

“Er, actually...” you begin to say, only to have Rikako speak over you.

“She's laying just outside the cave entrance. You can't miss her.”

Thank you~!” Yuuka says cheerily, nodding her head slightly before turning and walking off towards the cave.
Just as the down-sized youkai disappears beyond the sunflower stalks, Rikako brings her face close to your own.

Alright, I don't know if she'll still be able to hear us, so I'll keep this brief.” she whispers to you. “I'm going to go back to Yagokoro, see if she might be able to help in any way. Meanwhile, you get your own problem taken care of.


Spirits? Possession?

“...oh, that.

Yes, that.

You had to admit, the prospect of having your mind and body taken over by evil spirits did strike you as something that should be avoided
Granted, it's not exactly the best body there is, but you live in it, damn it!

Still, something about this arrangement didn't quite sit right with you.
Sure, you don't know a thing about what Rikako did to make that thing work the way it did, but it

But what about finding out how to, you know, 'fix' her?

If you know of anywhere or anyone that might have an answer, then by all means, look into it. Perhaps whoever you can get to take care of your spirit problem may be able to assist. I wouldn't get my hopes up about that, however. Science and magic may both have rules, but those tend to go right out the window when you mix the two. Just do what you can, even if it's to just stall for time. I might be there a while.

Well, okay. While you do that, I'll head for...

[ ] Old Shrine – Dude, where's my wallet?

[ ] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!

[ ] Big House – This time, try knocking.

[ ] Little House – So, you like to play with dolls, huh?

No. 156496
[x] Old Shrine – Dude, where's my wallet?

Let's go find Reimu! I'm sure she'll love little Yuuka too.
No. 156497
[x] Little House – So, you like to play with dolls, huh?

I'm guessing this is Alice's. No idea who the big house belongs to...

Anyway, I wanna check out what happened with all the poison and dolls and stuff.
No. 156499
Stop deleting the threaddd

[x] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!
We have no cash for the old shrine.
No. 156501
[x] Old Shrine – Dude, where's my wallet?

Gotta get Reimu.
No. 156507
[x] Old Shrine – Dude, where's my wallet?

I'm afraid that his Sanae might end up purifying more than just the spirit that's in us by zealous accident.
No. 156510
[x] Old Shrine – Dude, where's my wallet?
No. 156512
[x] Old Shrine - Dude, where's my wallet?
No. 156514
This update was better than usual. I blame Rikako. Bye, Rikako.

[x] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!

Because dat Suwako. But Raymoo is fine too.

I wonder if Yuuka will leave Tenshi well enough to walk? We'd be able to carry her a long ways.
No. 156516
[x] Big House – This time, try knocking.

Well, I finally know why Tenshi went to hide underground after all this and after her discussion with Yuuka.
No. 156519
[x] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!
No. 156520
[x] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!

The possibilities with Suwako; I've seen the light!
No. 156522
[x] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!

Kanako's close to being a technology goddess, she might be able to help with Rikako and Chibi Yuuka. And Suwako's control over curses might be close enough to our problem to help solve it.

Okay, so I'm mostly voting for this because of the great Suwako we saw in the interlude, and would really want to see her interacting with the other party members. What of it?
No. 156524
[x] Old Shrine – Dude, where's my wallet?

Even without money, I'm sure she will be happy that someone actually came to her for help.
No. 156525
[x] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!

Bring a Daeva back to Youkai Mountain. Hilarity insues.
No. 156528
[x] Little House – So, you like to play with dolls, huh?

Of course.
No. 156531
[x] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!

Am I the only one who wants to see Sanae and not just Suwako?
No. 156533
Of course not. Sanae should appreciate the experience. I bet she's never done an exorcism before... I'm sure nothing bad will happen with her gods supervising.

And then there's the other /youkai/ residents. Maybe we could try continuing to go up when we reach the top and check out Tenshi's house.
No. 156538
Well I see he won't be getting cured anytime soon with the reasons votes are being made: the wrong ones.
No. 156541
[ ] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!

The best Shrine, with the best miko.
No. 156543
[x] Old Shrine – Dude, where's my wallet?
No. 156544
[x] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!

Must recruit trollfrog to party.
No. 156545
Nonsense, all the votes are right. Especially the wrong ones.
No. 156548
File 133749849236.jpg - (176.11KB , 489x489 , 16329969.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>Well I see he won't be getting cured anytime soon with the reasons votes are being made: the wrong ones.

Could you not do that? Please?

I mean, seriously, when has any variation of the "things are going to go wrong because people aren't voting the way I think they should" line ever accomplished anything besides pissing someone off?

Besides, as far as this particular choice is concerned, I don't really see anything wrong with people wanting to go to one place or another based on how likely they are to meet certain characters there, or see certain things that might be likely to happen. Considering how much time you might be spending with some of these characters, why wouldn't you want them to be characters you don't mind spending that time with?

Yes, there is something the MC needs to do. Yes, some of these choices might make accomplishing that take longer than it would if you had picked a different choice.

But that's all that means.

The final destination is the same, the only difference is who you're riding with and how many stops you make along the way.

That said, while I'm not at all surprised about the reasons some people have for going to the mountain, I am rather surprised by the interest a few have in seeing Reimu. Then again, I honestly can't remember if I've even ever written Reimu before, so I suppose I'm a little interested, too.

Of course, every one of these options has something I'm eager about, so I'm probably going to be happy no matter what wins.

Speaking of which, I'll begin writing sometime tomorrow night, so if anyone wants to change their vote for whatever reason, you have a day to do so.
I doubt anyone will, but at least it's an option.
No. 156549
Out of curiousity, what would you have named that little zombie fairy had she gone along with the crew?
No. 156550
[x] New Shrine – You gotta have faith!
No. 156551
Assuming I wouldn't have put it to a vote?

No idea, really.
No. 156552
[x] Little House – So, you like to play with dolls, huh?
Big house = mansion of red demon type people probably.
No. 156563
File 133759252470.jpg - (234.53KB , 2200x1250 , Praise the SuOH GOD MY EYES.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's bright...

It hurts.

So bright...

It hurts.

Sunlight, huh? How long has it been?

Not long enough.

It's all so...




No, it's...



My fucking eyes are burning right now!

It's so warm...

Your fucking eyes are burning right now!

It feels...

Burning right out of your fucking head!


Goddamn it, I think I feel them fucking boiling.

Yes, it feels...nice...

You want your eyes poached or hard boiled? Because that is what's fucking happening to them right fucking now.

No it's not.

It fucking hurts!

And this breeze...ahhh...

Totally not worth the hype.

It's wonderful.

I've had better.

Well, I have this.

It won't last.

...no, it probably won't.

Maybe before it goes, it'll blow a huge chunk of pollen or whatever from those flowers over there for you to choke on. Wouldn't that be lovely?


Better hope you don't have any allergies. Wouldn't that just be a bitch? Allergies?

Huh. I didn't even see those there...

Yeah, that's probably on account of the giant ball of fire in the sky scorching your eyes out of your fucking skull.

...what are they, I wonder?

Of course, once you start choking and gagging on bits of plant, you probably won't have too much time to worry about going blind.

I'm sure I knew what they were called once, but...

Back up here no more than a few minutes, and already the world is trying to blind you and choke you and basically kill you. Ain't the surface just fan-fucking-tastic?!

...ah, forget it. I'll just ask someone later.

Assuming there even is a 'later'.

Of course there will be!

Of course there will be. Just not for you. Because you'll be dead.

This isn't going to kill me.

Fine, you'll be wishing you were dead.

Shut up already.

They already left you here to die, anyway.

No they didn't!

They sure didn't waste any time running away, did they?

They were chasing that...that thing!

How convenient for them.

...what the hell was that thing, anyway?

Probably nothing.

Nothing? I saw it!

Or so you think.

They saw it!

They were just humoring you.

No they weren't.

Fine, they weren't.

Of course not.

...they still ditched you, though.

They did not!

Sure, whatever helps you cry yourself to sleep tonight.

They left her here, too!

They probably ditched her, too.

And she's over there, too!

Because if there's anyone they wouldn't want to abandon at the first possible opportunity, it's the fucking plague-bitch.

...they didn't leave.

Suuuure they didn't.

I just heard them, damn it!

Suuuuure you did.

It sounded like that doll.

Fuck that fucking little shit-spewing bitch!

That little one is even worse.

Fuck that one, too.

She got the Celestial pretty good, though, huh?

...okay, that was pretty fucking funny.

She still looks pretty pissed about it.

That's pretty fucking funny, too.

So, this really isn't so bad, is it?

No, the surface still fucking sucks.

Well, fuck you, I'm going to try to enjoy this.

No, fuck you, and I hope-...huh?

Who's that girl? She's coming this way...

I don't like the way she's smiling, and it ain't because she looks happy...
No. 156564
Parsee? Yuuka? Things ain't looking good for our pupil here.
No. 156566
Maybe we should take her with us, to destroy the worst half of her.
No. 156585
File 133768051848.jpg - (1.04MB , 1800x1200 , that's gonna be a paddlin'.jpg ) [iqdb]
Stupid doll.
Stupid stupid stupid doll!
Why does she keep doing that?!
How does she keep doing that?!

Those dumbass shinigami are less of a pain in the ass than that stupid little runt!

How the hell does she do that?!

I can beat back those idiots all day if I have to with one hand behind my back without getting winded, but one whiff of that purple crap and I can't freaking move?!
What the hell?!

This is no way to treat a superior being!

And now? Now they ditch me to frolic in the stupid flowers, and...wait.

Who's that?

...have I seen her before?

“Hello there~!”

“Oh? Hello, little one. Are you lost?”

“Oh no~! I'm not lost~! Are you lost, Miss Spider~?”

...that voice.
Where have I heard that voice?

“A-ah, no, no I'm not lost, little one.”

“Really~? Are you sure you're not lost~?”

“Why would you think that?”

“This isn't where you're supposed to be, is it, Miss Spider~? Not out here, right~?”

“Ah, well...”

I swear, I know that girl!
She reminds me of someone, at the very least.
But who?
From where?

“Don't worry, though~! I'm not interested in you at all, Miss Spider~! My business is with her~!”

What could this little pajama-wearing runt want with me


“Sorrehkiih ahdongib ahdohgraffs.”

“I'm sorry, what was that~?”

...damn it all, my mouth is still numb.
Stupid freaking doll!

“...aye saahed...ayedoan...gifb...ahugorafbs...”

“Hmm, no, I still didn't catch that~! Could you say it again~?”

Oh, screw you, you little brat.
I am so not in the mood for this crap, especially not from someone in such a stupid getup!
What's the deal with that clock, anyway?


“Hmm~? My 'clogh'~?”

“...yoorclogh loogstoobid.”

“Come again?”

“Aysed idloogs stoobid.”


“Yah. Soduzyor had. Yorhadloogs stoobidoo.”

Aww, what's wrong?
Does the widdle girl not like what I'm saying to her?
She sure looks like she doesn't!

“I have to wonder, Miss Celestial, do you even know who you're speaking to? I wonder if you do~!”

“Alilgurl inna stoobidhaad?”

“It is almost impressive how persistent you are in attempting to provoke me, Celestial. Pathetic, but impressive~!”

Oh yeah, like this isn't getting to you.
Pretending that you're not bothered? That you're not irritated?
Like you're above that?

Yeah right!

Just like that flower nut, aren't you?
Thinking you're so great!
So superior!
Well, I'll show you, brat!

“Yorhadstill stoobid.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“The shrine at the top of the mountain? Are you sure?” Rikako asks, apparently concerned about your choice of destination. “I know they supposedly have gods actually living there, but it's a rather long walk, and through territory so densely-populated by youkai that the mountain was named after them.”

“Yeah, I know, I know.” you nod, quite aware of the risks involved in such a journey. “But the mountain isn't that far away, and as long as someone carries me we don't have to actually walk. Besides, if there are gods up there, maybe they can use their god-stuff to fix Miss Yuuka and me.”

“Hmm, perhaps...”

“What about you? Are you seriously going to walk all the way back to the clinic?”

“Not quite.” Rikako says, turning her head to look off into the distance. “If I make a little detour along the way, I might only have to walk part of the way. What really worries me is what might happen when I get there.”

“Huh? Expecting a fight or somethin'?” Yuugi asks.

“...not exactly.” Rikako sighs, the memories of her last visit there clearly still fresh in her mind.

“Someone kinda kidnapped her and held her captive the last time she was there.” you explain to Yuugi. “Took her stuff and pretended to be her or something, too.”

“It's somewhat more complicated than that, but that is basically what happened, yes.” Rikako says, sounding somewhat more tired than she did a moment ago. “That princess is exceptionally adept at getting what she wants, when she wants it, I'm afraid.”

“You think you need some backup?”

“Well, I wouldn't refuse if anyone wanted to accompany me, if that's what you're asking.” Rikako says, smiling slightly.

[ ] Suggest someone
- ( ) Who?

[ ] Let them sort it out themselves
No. 156586
Well, I'm stumped. Yuugi is out of the question, because I want to see the Tengu's expression. Medicine either, because she's the love interest. So, what have we left?
No. 156587
[x] Suggest someone
- (x) Parsee

Parsee needs all the pills to fix her broken head. And if Tenshi is about to make a surprise visit to Eientei (bwahaha), Parsee should go with her, because they're an inseparable duo.
No. 156589
[x] Suggest someone
-(x) Medicine and Su-san

Sending away one of our little girls is the hardest choice this story has had so far.

Yuugi and Parsee just joined and it would be rude to not let them stick around. Yuugi would have the best fights and booze at the mountain, and Parsee's condition is something more spiritual than medical. Parsee and Tenshi should stick together because it is funny. Koishi needs to stick with us because she can keep the ghosts from possessing us.

Medicine needs experience with other humans. Yuuka being alone with anyone is probably a bad idea, but we could do that too. I could be underestimating Eirin's medicine, and in that case Parsee could go as well. Tenshi should stick with her regardless.
No. 156590
If Medicine needs experience, then wouldn't meeting new humans (Sanae) be the way? She can't just stick to the ones she know.

You know what guys? How about letting them decide if they want to go with Rikako or not?

[x] Let them sort it out themselves
No. 156591
It's a suggestion. I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of them refused.
No. 156592
[x] Let them sort it out themselves

I can't think of anyone for which our suggesting that they leave would turn out well.
No. 156593
[x] Suggest someone
- Parsee
- Yamame

We'd better suggest she takes these two with her. We can't risk losing Yuugi while Yuuka is still living around, and she will probably follow the MC instead of Rikako (it wouldn't be fun in the other way). The others, well, we can't just leave them either. Little Medicine and Su-san with their crush on the MC, while Tenshi is the MC's apprentice and Yuuka's target of endless wrath. Yuuka is also the main reason we invite Yuugi, IIRC.

Koishi does whatever the fuck Koishi wants to.
No. 156596
[x] Let them sort it out themselves

as long as it is not Yuugi, cannot afford to loose main tank.
No. 156597
[x] Suggest someone
- Parsee
- Yamame


[x] Let them sort it out themselves, as long as it's not Yuugi/Tenshi.

Yuugi is not the only one who can face Yuuka. Tenshi is a celestial, so she can probably take her on. Doesn't matter who wins (actually, yeah it does), but it will be fun to have them both together.
No. 156600
[x] Suggest someone
- Tenshi. Where is she anyway?
No. 156602
Eirin is likely immune to Medicine's poisons while Sanae is not. I don't think the two gods would take kindly to a poisoning of their priestess.

[x] Let them sort it out themselves

I say leave it to them.
No. 156607
[x] Suggest someone
-[x] Yamame

Why? Yamame can manipulate diseases. Eirin would love to have the chance to talk with, and potential get samples/results from Yamame.
No. 156608
Ah, that's a good point. Yamame's probably the best option. Changing from
[x] Let them sort it out themselves
[x] Suggest someone
-[x] Yamame
No. 156609
>>156600 here
and I'm changing my vote to >>156607
No. 156610
[x] Suggest someone
-[x] Yamame


What vote are you changing?
No. 156611
...Did we ever figure out who was caught in that web?
No. 156612
[x] Suggest someone
-[x] Yamame

Agreed. Plus this way, we get to keep the oni, the bridge princess, the celestial, and the poisonous dolls. Maximum protection from crazed youkai and whatnot.
No. 156613
[x] Suggest someone
-[x] Yamame

Agreed. Plus this way, we get to keep the oni, the bridge princess, the celestial, and the poisonous dolls. Maximum protection from crazed youkai and whatnot.
No. 156614

Yeah, it was Parsee's clone.
No. 156618
...did we free her?
No. 156619
It wasn't Parsee's clone.
No. 156633
Who was it, good sir? as I don't think you quite shown who was trapped.
No. 156635
if he hasn't shown it, do you really think he's going to answer a direct question
No. 156656
Oh, but I did show it.
You just may not have realized I was showing it when I showed it.

Whether or not it was actually what it appeared to be, however, is a different matter...

Don't worry, though, it will get explained soon enough.
No. 156693
If this thread had a cover, Don't Worry would be printed on it.
No. 156729
A large red button with "Don't Panic" on it might also work.
No. 156756
File 133792184792.jpg - (197.58KB , 549x806 , hrrmphmrrmphrmmphf.jpg ) [iqdb]

But then what would be used for the thread where I really gave you a reason to worry or panic?

Unless, of course, you think this is that thread, but then I would have to wonder just what you know about what's going to happen that I don't. After all, it's not like you're about to head somewhere that's so perfectly set up to have something go horribly wrong that it isn't a question of if something will happen, but when.

Oh, wait...

On a completely unrelated note, calling it for Yamame, and I'll try to have an update done sometime tomorrow night.
No. 156764

No. 156790
>>But then what would be used for the thread where I really gave you a reason to worry or panic?

It wasn't [the Main Character's] job to worry about that, though. It was his job to do his job, which was to do his job. If that led to a certain narrowness of vision and circularity of thought, then it wasn't his job to worry about such things. Any such things that came his way were referred to others, who had, in turn, other people to refer such things to.
No. 156817
File 13380250048.jpg - (1.16MB , 1100x1375 , Like this but with more blunt head trauma.jpg ) [iqdb]
After a brief period of deliberation, you decide to suggest that Yamame accompany Rikako on her journey.

Despite your being around her for the least amount of time out of your current companions, with the possible exception of Yuuka, Yuugi's assurances and your own impeccable judge of character lead you to deem her to be the least likely member of your party to get someone injured or killed, accidentally or otherwise.

Even with the whole “disease” thing she supposedly has going on.
You're not sure if you even believe that, really. She looks perfectly healthy, as far as you can tell!

The matter decided, save for actually asking Yamame what she wanted, you begin to make you way out of the throng of sunflowers when, suddenly, you hear the sound of two extremely hard objects hitting each other.

“Hey, Yammy!” Yuugi calls out to the spider-lady as you rejoin her at the entrance of the cave, none of you paying any mind to the strange sound you all heard just moments ago. “You wanna go play with some bunnies?”

“Bunnies?” she replies, perking up at the mention of those small, fluffy, long-eared bastards.

“I have some business to attend to in, ah...” Rikako begins to explain, her words trailing off as she notices Tenshi laying face-down and motionless on the ground, and the little girl with the over-sized and severely-dented pocket watch standing over her.

“She mocked my hat.” Yuuka says, sternly.

“...anyway, I was wondering if you might have any interest in accompanying me to the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, Miss Kurodani.” the scientist continues, clearly seeing no other way to respond to the scene before her but to act in the same way so many others do when dealing with that which cannot be dealt with.

Namely, by completely ignoring it.

“Hmm. I don't mind, I guess.” she finally says, after a moment. “Are we not all going, though?”

“No, actually. While I'm attending to my business there, the others will be going to-”

Youkai Mountain~?” Yuuka 'asks', her tone making it all-too-apparent that she already knew the answer.

“Oh yeah!” Yuugi says, excitedly.

“The mountain, huh?” Yamame replies, her expression giving you the feeling that she was not only familiar with the place, but harbored less-than-fond memories of it. “You'll be dealing with the tengu, then?”

Oh yeah!” Yuugi says, even more excitedly than before.

[ ] Oh yeah! It will be fun to meet them!

[ ] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!

[ ] OH YEAH! They won't know what hit 'em!

[ ] Oh no! Let's try to avoid trouble with the locals, okay?
No. 156818
[X] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!

Cool Aid man .jpeg
No. 156819
[x] OH YEAH! They won't know what hit 'em!

No. 156820
[x] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!

As tempting as the Oh no! option i.. bwahahaha I can't finish typing that with a straight face. Let's kick their snooty asses and make damn sure they know who they're dealing with.
No. 156821
[X] OH YEAH! They won't know what hit 'em!

This is the option with the most amount of OH YEAH, clearly it is superior.
No. 156825
[x] OH YEAH! They won't know what hit 'em!

Yuugi-being-awesome vote detected.
No. 156826
Oh wow, can't believe I completely disregarded the effects of bringing an oni to Youkai Mountain.

[x] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!

We can scare the locals shitless, but let's try and avoid going to war with the entire mountain, even if we could likely win.
No. 156829
[x] OH YEAH! They won't know what hit 'em!

Who do they think we are? We're the guy who managed to kill himself 3 times!
No. 156830
[x] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!

Just bring the long disappeared oni and casually stroll in. Watch as the tengus start to panick.
No. 156831
[x] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!
No. 156833
[x] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!

This is going to be perfect.
No. 156834
[x] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!
-[x] Because Oni do right? Kind of?

I wonder if we can, somehow, bring Suika to the action. What is better than one deva returning to the mountain? Why, two of them!
No. 156836
[x] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!
No. 156838
No. 156840
File 13380545074.png - (2.86KB , 350x240 , OH YEAH.png ) [iqdb]
No. 156844
[x] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!

Yuugi time
No. 156848
[x] OH YEAH! They won't know what hit 'em!

'Ere we go.
No. 156857
[x] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!

We have a mini (but no less deadly) Yuuka and Yuugi (I think), so I don't think the Tengu would pose any problem.
No. 156861
[x] OH YEAH! They won't know what hit 'em!
No. 156863
[X] Oh yeah! Let's strut in like we own the place!
It's time to strut around in a fluffy pink robe.
No. 156997
File 13381917767.jpg - (553.91KB , 1036x725 , these quiet little moments.jpg ) [iqdb]
Briefly going over a few last-minute details of your 'plan', such as it was, you bid farewell to the scientist and spider-lady, and go your separate ways; the two women opting to walk while your group took to the air.

Once again held tightly under Yuugi's arm, you quickly find yourself looking for things to actually do besides staring down at the ground and treetops passing beneath your dangling feet.

Going over your plan, which you had named 'The Plan' seemed like as good a place to start as any.

Simply put, as Rikako and Yamame went to see the doctor, you would ascend Youkai Mountain to visit the shrine that was said to be there in the hopes that they might be able to do something to get rid of the evil spirits that had taken up residence within you.


For all the talk of that 'taking over your mind and body' stuff, they don't seem to be actually doing much of anything to accomplish that. In fact, as quiet and inactive as they seem to be, you wonder if you weren't simply imagining things.

Perhaps they changed their mind about possessing you?
Perhaps they got bored they just up and left you without you realizing it?
Hell, perhaps there never were any spirits to begin with!

Maybe you were just imagining it, and this trip to a shrine is going to accomplish little more than wasting everybody's time!

You don't want to waste anyone's time!

Maybe you should just, you know, cancel that whole 'going to a shrine' thing?

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Maybe you should say something about that, then.

About what?

About not going to a shrine because you totally don't need to go to a shrine because you're absolutely sure there's nothing wrong with you and you don't want to waste anybody's time getting yourself checked out for something you might not even really have.

You don't want that, do you?

Noooo, you don't!

Exactly, you don't want that.

You had to admit, you really didn't want to waste anyone's time. That didn't seem like a thing you would like to do.

Exactly, which is why you should say something right now about not going to that shrine because there's no reason to go to that shrine so you shouldn't go to that shrine so don't go to that shrine don't go to that shrine don't go to that shrine don't go to that shri-

...you find yourself suddenly wondering if there wasn't something odd about what you were thinking at that moment, as if you weren't really thinking it but merely being told you were thinking it.

Even though you are thinking it.

Absolutely. You are.

Yes. There is nothing suspicious about anything that you are thinking right now, because you are thinking it.

Yes, that's right!


No, you're pretty sure there's something odd going on inside your head, now.

...you just don't know what it could be.

No, you're pretty sure you do.

Or do you?

You do.

Unless you don't.

...damn. You think you might have a point, there.

Your head now thoroughly aching, you decide to take your mind off things by engaging in one of the most tried and true methods of passing time while on a trip.

Bugging someone else!

[ ] Who?

[ ] About what?
No. 156999
[x] Yuuka
[X] Cannibis

heheheheh I can't believe nobody thought of this before
No. 157004
File 133819442518.jpg - (137.36KB , 800x800 , Pic Related.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think we should ask Yuuka about Papaver Somniferum instead. Why? Yuuka should know (of?) her quite well.

[X] Yuuka
-[X] Papaver Somniferum
No. 157011
[x] Yuuka
[x] Sense of fashion
No. 157013
[x] Yuuka
[X] Cannibis
No. 157014
[x] Yuuka
[x] Sense of fashion

Ah, summer
No. 157015
[x] Yuuka
[x] Her sense of fashion

The previous version of the vote hurts grammarfag's brain.
No. 157018
[x] Yuuka
[x] Her sense of fashion

This can't possibly go wrong.
No. 157019
[x] Yuuka
[x] Her sense of fashion

Can't possibly etc etc
No. 157026
[x] Yuugi
[x] The tengu.

Tide pissan, etc.
No. 157028
[x] Medicine
-[x] The status of the glorious revolution. Have you any ideas on how to proceed?
[x] Su~san
-[x]On whether to ruffling should be done.
[x] Yuugi
-[x] Why do oni have horns, anyway?
[x] Tenshi
-[x] What did she say about Yuuka's fashion sense?
[x] Parsee
-[x] How is she doing after the loss of her bridge?
[x] Yuuka
-[x] Her sense of fashion.
[x] Koishi
-[x] Koishi option
No. 157029
>Yamame, Youkai of diseases
>Going to Eirin's place

I just 'got' this. Oh you guys...
No. 157030
A bad reaction from the spirits is a good reaction in my book.

[x] Medicine/Su-san
-[x] Glorious revolution
No. 157060
[x] Medicine/Su-san
-[x] Glorious revolution
No. 157062
[x] Medicine/Su-san
-[x] Glorious revolution

Is that still a thing she wants?
No. 157065
[x] Medicine/Su-san
-[x] Glorious revolution

Two for he price of one!
No. 157069
[x] Medicine/Su-san
-[x] Glorious revolution

It's a revolution. It HAS to be glorious.
No. 157070
Changing >>157026 to
[x] Medicine/Su-san
-[x] Glorious revolution
No. 157119
...Oh, wow. I can't believe I didn't see how badly that could go.

You'd think I'd have learned by now.
No. 157128
start hoping that Yamame has the MC's luck when enduring stupid decisions.
No. 157130
You mean how good that could go. Gensokyo's mysterious flu disease, cured forever~
No. 157142
Hey, this Yamame doesn't seem the type to randomly infect people. Her going to Eientei shouldn't end particularly badly, I think she'd be a potential help to Eirin.
No. 157153
>I think she'd be a potential help to Eirin
I keep reading this as "DrMad is going to cut her open to try and get a very rare spider youkai's venom". But everything will be fine, as you said.
No. 157250
-[x] Without the Glorious Revolution topic.

Because I like these topics, but am afraid of reminding Medicine of her quest to awaken Alice's dolls and DESTROY HUMANITY.

Or was it just DESTROY HUMANITY? I can't really remember it exactly.
No. 157255
Likely pissing against the tide at this point, but why not.

-[x] Without the Glorious Revolution topic.
No. 157258
-[x] Without the Glorious Revolution topic.

Must integrate newcomers. Resistance. Is. Futile
No. 157279
File 133837103947.jpg - (486.70KB , 1200x1150 , before the storm.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hey, Medi!” you call out to the doll flying beside you. “What should we do when this is all over?”

“Huh?” she asks, twisting around to better look at you. “When what's all over?”

“You know, this stuff. The whole 'spirits and un-shrinking' thing.”

“Hmm...I dunno...” she says, uncertainly, before suddenly perking up. “What, Su-san? Uh...okay...yeah...uh-huh...AH! That's right! Human! We got a lot of work to do!”

“Uh, we do?” you ask, surprised by the sudden surge of intensity that has seems to have taken hold of your little friend.

“That's right! We gotta, uh...oh...” she begins to trail off, mumbling something as her eyes flick warily over the others before settling back on you. Pulling herself up alongside you, you feel a few strands of her hair tickle the side of your head as she begins to whisper in your ear. “Su-san says we shouldn't talk about this right now. There might be enemies listening. Or something.

“Okay, Medi.” you reply, forgoing any attempt at whispering in favor of having her be able to hear you. “We'll talk about this later, okay?”

“Right!” she happily replies with a nod and a curious series of blinks that make you wonder if she was attempting to wink at you and not quite succeeding at the part where only one eye is actually supposed to close.

“Never a dull moment with ya, huh, kiddo?” the woman holding says with a chuckle.

“Never an annoying moment, you...wait.” you hear Tenshi grumble from the other side of Yuugi. “Never a not-annoying...no, wait, wait...never a...uh...wait, where the hell am I?!

“Oh, we're going to the shrine at the top of the mountain.” you explain. “You were kinda unconscious when we left, though, so Yuugi's carrying you.”

“Well she can stop now.”

“Nah. Don't think so.” Yuugi says. Though you can't quite see her face from this angle, you're relatively certain that she's grinning again. “Can't have ya kids actin' up before we even get to the fun stuff!”

“I was not 'actin' up' or whatever you just said!” Tenshi protests. “It was that stupid-looking little brat in the stupid pink-”

“Uh, Tenshi?”

WHAT.” snaps at your interruption.

“She's right behind us.”


“That girl. In the pink? She's flying right behind us.”

Oh? Is she awake, now~?” the diminutive Yuuka calls out from the rear. “Goody. I thought I had heard something grunting up there~!”

OH! Oh-HO! Is that her? That's her, isn't it? Let me go! I'm gonna give that stupid little runt such a-”

Sorry~! Is she trying to say something? It's hard to tell when she keeps slurring like that~!”

TWERP! I will spank you with a freaking keystone!” Tenshi shouts back at the green-haired little girl amid the sounds of barely-suppressed laughter from Parsee. “And you, shut UP!”

“Screeching is not much better, you know~!”

“I am not screeching!”

“Peaches, if ya keep screeching you're just gonna make 'em more nervous than they are, y'know?” a rather amused-sounding Yuugi says.

“I said I'm not-! I mean, don't call me-”

“Don't worry, Tenshi, you're not making us nervous!” you quickly say, not wanting the Celestial to worry that her screeching was having any harmful effect on any of you.

“...shut up.”

“Heh! Nah, not you, kiddo.” Yuugi says, her voice giving you the impression that she was grinning even more than she was just a moment ago. “I'm talking about them.”

Suddenly stopping in mid-air, Yuugi straightens up and begins to survey the area, pausing every now and then to stare at seemingly-random patches of foliage from among the vast array of greenery that now surrounded you.

Quickly glancing around at the endless sea of green, you soon realize the reason for this is not because the woman carrying you had descended without you realizing it, but because everything else had ascended, and appeared to continue to do so for as far as you could see ahead.

“Tengu?” you ask, vaguely aware of the sensation that you were being watched, but unable to see who or what it could possibly be.

“Nah, not them. S'probably somethin' like BOO!I[/]” Yuugi says, suddenly jerking her head towards a nearby tree, eliciting a panicked yelp followed by the rustling of leaves and snapping of branches. “Of course, they probably already know we're here.”

“Hardly a surprise, given the stench.” Yuuka says.

” Medicine huffs, clearly offended.

“I was referring, of course, to the Celestial.”

No. 157314
Poor lads. A group with Yuuka and Tenshi in addition to a fucking deva.

I just wish we could've called Suika here as well. The only thing better than one deva storming Youkai Mountain is...
No. 157338
I think this guy must be some kind of immortal half celestial or something. Else you couldn't explain his godly luck and vitality.
No. 157341
I think the whole "he doesn't die when he is killed" thing explains his vitality. And that's about to run out~

I'm looking forward to all the things, but especially talking with Medi later.
No. 157343
Speaking of Medi, has anyone considered how we're heading to a mountain that not only houses various youkai, but also a goddess whom is in charge of the nagashi-bina? It's a chance to possibly let Medi bring some more dolls to life, or even possibly recruit said goddess.

After all, what is more poetic than annihilation of all humans by their own worst sins and misfortune brought to life?
No. 157347
Hey writefag, I understand there's story reasons and obscurity reasons, but from what I could see of the picture you used for >>156311, it looked really awesome. Any chance you could provide a link to the original? I can't seem to find it.
No. 157350
Here you go:

No. 157444
File 133848851872.jpg - (843.42KB , 1032x1168 , Beware of Dog.jpg ) [iqdb]
Intruders!” a female voice suddenly cries out.

“Well, this is a surprise...” Yuugi says with a grin, as she turns towards towards the source of the voice. “Didn't think any of ya would actually come to greet us!”

Following her gaze, you see a white-haired girl emerge from the cover of the canopy, glaring fiercely at your group. Her shoes, stupid-looking as they were, instantly identify her as a Tengu. A Tengu who, between the death-stare she was giving you and the rather large sword she was wielding, gave you the distinct impression that she was not happy to see any of you.

Or, alternatively, she was psychic, and was insulted by your thoughts of how stupid-looking her shoes were.

Sorry, Lady, but it doesn't matter how much time you spend in the air, that shit just ain't practical.

I have not come to exchange pleasantries, Oni.” the girl practically growls. “This is Tengu territory, and off-limits to all outsiders. Leave at once.

“Aw, c'mon! That's no way to greet an old friend that's come to visit!” Yuugi replies, completely unperturbed by the girl's demands. “We gotta at least have a drink or two!”

This is not negotiable. Turn back now, and you shall be allowed to leave without incident. Continue, and you do so at your own peril. This is your only warning.

Without another word, the girl turns disappears back into the canopy of the trees as quickly as she appeared.

“Huh. How do ya like that?” Yuugi says after a moment of silence. “Go away for a few centuries, and they start talkin' like they own the place!”

“Of course they do. Weeds will always spread and dominate an area if left unattended.” you hear Yuuka's voice from behind you. “All the more reason to pluck them when the opportunity presents itself~!”

There's a few I'd like to 'pluck' if you know what I mean a strange voice in the back of your mind says, though you're not sure why anyone would want to do that. Or how, for that matter. You can't imagine anyone standing still long enough to allow you to start plucking feathers from them. It doesn't seem like something anyone would enjoy very much.

...unless they do.

For all you know, that might be some strange fetish for some of them. Perhaps they even make a game out of it.

One player gets to be the chef preparing to cook a meal, and the other is the hapless bird that must be prepared for roasting.
Arms and legs tightly bound, the bird is helpless as the chef goes to work, slowly and methodically stripping them bare of both feathers and clothing. Once satisfied that there is nothing left to remove, the chef would them prepare to moisten the bird with juices from his mighty baster, assuming the bird was not already moist from her ownWHY ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT THIS?

“Hey, kiddo!” you hear Yuugi calling out to you. “Ya hear me?”

“Uh...what?” you ask, slowly remembering where you are and what you were doing.

“I said things might be getting' a bit bumpy from here on. Are ya up for this?”

[ ] Yes Yes Yes!

- ( ) Let nothing stand in our way!
- ( ) We will pluck all the birds!

[ ] No No No!

- ( ) Let's check out the base of the mountain first.
- ( ) Perhaps we should go somewhere else, entirely...
No. 157447
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) We will pluck all the birds!

Did he just shock a spirit? That is awesome.
No. 157450
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) We will pluck all the birds!
No. 157453
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) We will pluck all the birds!

No. 157454
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) We will pluck all the birds!

Mass Destruction option?
No. 157455
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) We will pluck all the birds!

Mass Destruction option?
No. 157457
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) Let nothing stand in our way!

I'm not sure how happy the shrine will be if we torture all the tengu on the way there.
No. 157463
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) Let nothing stand in our way!
No. 157465
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) We will pluck all the birds!

What the heck, might as well. We'll just blame it on the spirit. After all, it's not going to say anything against us, is it?

But I was sorely tempted to vote for the base of the mountain. Hina/Shizuha/Minoriko/Nitori would be very interesting, unless poor protag drives them insane. ...Or maybe because they do?
No. 157475
[x] No No No!
- (x) Let's check out the base of the mountain first.

Come on, guys. I want to meet the other MoF characters.

Plus, it could potentially involve Yuuka terrorizing the Akis, Medi meeting Hina and her dolls, Nitori meeting Yuugi again, etc.

Also, I'm terribly amused at MC's twisted mind freaking out the spirit.
No. 157476
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) Maybe their leader would like to gout for dinner.

Does that rhyme?
No. 157483
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
-(x) We will pluck all the birds!

Maybe we can drive the spirit out ourselves, make it so freaked out that it no longer wants to stay?
No. 157485

>Plus, it could potentially involve Yuuka terrorizing the Akis

Considered deletin' and revoting, but no. Do not want the Akis terrorized by Yuuka or Tenshi.
No. 157487
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) Let nothing stand in our way!

I blame you for this, spirit-voice. Even if all evidence points to the contrary.
No. 157512
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) We will pluck all the birds!

Crazy option, there is no other choice.
No. 157523
Ah, whatever. Changing >>157475 to

[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) Let nothing stand in our way!
No. 157528
We might be able to hit up the mountain base on the way down. Right now, we're kinda in a hurry.

Nevermind that we're pissing off the shrine's main source of faith before asking for a favor.
No. 157547
[x] Yes Yes Yes!
- (x) We will pluck all the birds!
No. 157641
File 13385855273.png - (532.44KB , 1000x800 , No regrets Mister Freeman.png ) [iqdb]
Okay, calling it.

Assuming I don't pass out as soon as I get home from work, writing will commence later tonight.

Oh, this is going to be fun~.
No. 157711
File 133863299444.png - (1.83MB , 1600x1200 , Der schwarze Wind heult.png ) [iqdb]
Ready? Ready?!
You were more than 'ready'!

You were not 'ready' for this so much as you were 'resigned'!
Yes! For this was no longer merely a quest to rid yourself of a bunch of troublesome spirits that threatened to overtake your mind and body! No!
This was something bigger and greater than yourself!
Inescapable! Unavoidable!
Truly, this could be only what could only be known as destiny!

It would not be enough to merely punch through to your objective!
To find an opening in the defenses of the tengu that were no doubt waiting for you, and thrusting into it!

No, that alone would not do!
On this very day, the Tengu of Youkai Mountain would know more than their failure to stop a handful of intruders!
They will know defeat!

“Yuuka's right, Yuugi!” you say, voice brimming with fiery conviction. “For too long these weed-like birds have been allowed to have their way! But no more, I say! The time has come to trim the field! We must pluck them! Pluck them long and hard! We will pluck them, and pluck them, and pluck them some more, until there is nothing left to pluck! We shall pluck them like they've never been plucked before! By the time we're done plucking them, they shouldn't be able to even stand, with or without their stupid shoes! We will-”

“Uh, kiddo?”

“...yeah, Yuugi?”

“Those spirits...they aren't doin' anything to you right now, are they?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don't worry,” you hear Tenshi speak up from the other side of Yuugi. “This is normal for that dumbass.”

“Oh. Well, okay!” Yuugi smiles, any sign of worry quickly fading away. “Sounds fun! Let's do it!”

“Hold it, hold it!” Parsee suddenly floats in front of you. “We're going to pick a fight with the Tengu? The Tengu?!”

“Yup!” you and Yuugi say in unison.

“...well. Okay then.”

“Wait, you don't have a problem with, Parsee?” you ask.

“Ha! No, fuck those uppity, cocky, gossip-mongering cunts! Fuck them right up their stinking, egg-laying cloacas!”

That's the ideNOnoNononoNONoyesYESYesyESSTOP THAT ALREADY!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Ah~! Such a wonderful day~!
Wonderful~! Wonderful~!

The sun is shining~!
Breeze is blowing~!
Trees are swaying~!
Swaying away~!

So wonderful~!
So carefree~!
Trees, and birds, and humans alike~!
How wonderful~!
With nary a drop of misfortune to be fououOOOOOOUUaaaah....ha...ahhh~

...oh my.

Oh my~!

My my my~!

That was...a-ah~!


Oh dear me.
That was quite...a lot.

Oh dear, oh dear.

That will not do.
That will not do at all!

Should I...or should I not?
Make it better or make it worse?
Worse or better?
Better then worse?


...perhaps I should investigate, after all.

Yes, I suppose I must.

I cannot do much else while all atingle as I am.

Now, which way did it go~?

Which way, which way~?
No. 157713
>that Hina
Oh yesssssssssss!
No. 157750
>That's the ideNOnoNononoNONoyesYESYesyESSTOP THAT ALREADY!

Are we somehow corrupting the evil spirit, and not the other way around? Only this guy could do that.
No. 157751
There's more than one evil spirit, remember?
No. 157752
File 133867324359.jpg - (471.67KB , 618x700 , 1326963399144.jpg ) [iqdb]

There are a lot of people in there.
No. 157764
Silly me, of course, Koishi.

Although, wouldn't it be amazing if we somehow manage to corrupt the spirit with our insanity?
No. 157938
File 133883726876.jpg - (898.40KB , 1000x1000 , you've got some nerve coming out here.jpg ) [iqdb]
“It's awfully quiet,” Parsee says warily, eyes flitting back and forth.

“No it's not! What about that?” Medicine argues, pointing towards the waterfall that your group was now rapidly approaching.

For a moment, the bridge princess looks as if she wants to say something, but quickly changes her mind, and instead settles for muttering something under her breather and going back to looking around.

“Yeah, it's kinda odd we haven't had more of a welcome, aside from that pup. I'm almost offended!” Yuugi says, sounding not-at-all offended.

If anything, she sounds excited. Eager, even.

“'Course, we're headin' right into the best spot for an ambush! So, if they're gonna do anything, that'd be the best chance they got!”

...and that would be why.

“Great. Any chance of you letting me go before that happens?!”

“Huh? Ah, right!” Yuugi says, sounding genuinely surprised to remember she was still carrying Tenshi under her other arm. “Sorry 'bout that, Peaches! You're so light, I kinda forgot you were even there!”

Don't call me that.” Peaches says flatly, looking back with an irritated glare as she pulls ahead of the rest of your group.

“Don't go too far, now~!” you hear Yuuka's lilting voice call after the Celestial. “We wouldn't want something to happen, now, would we~?”

Psh! That supposed to scare me?”

“You were scared before~!”

“Like hell I was!”

“Oh? You weren't? Silly me~! I must have mistaken you for someone else I saw run screaming into a cave the other day~! My mistake~!”

“Surprised you could hear anything over everything you were doing! 'GET BACK HERE I'M GONNA GET YOU BLAGHARGARAGHAAGH!'” Tenshi mocks, turning around in mid-air to gesture wildly with her hands as she does so. “Your aim sucks, by the way! How do you even miss with lasers like that?!”

“You would be amazed at how much more challenging it is to hit a target that is actually moving. I suggest you try it sometime~!

“She's right, Tenshi!” you nod, sagely. “Practicing with moving targets would be the best way to improve your-”

Shut up! I don't need to [i]improve anyth-”


Loud enough to be heard over both the roar of the waterfall and your own group's bickering, a voice cries out.

As if summoned by the shouted command, a powerful gust of wind suddenly blasts your group, sending all but Yuugi reeling backwards.
Attempting to shield your eyes with one arm, you thrust the other out to the side just in time for Medicine to grab hold of it.

That's more like it!” you barely hear Yuugi say over the wind rushing past your ears, the horned woman laughing so hard that you can practically feel your bones vibrating from it.

And then, nothing.

No wind.

No invisible force pushing against your face, or rushing past your ears.

Just the sound of the waterfall, and Yuugi's echoing laughter.

“You okay, Medi? Su-san?” you ask, turning to look at the doll clinging tightly to your outstretched arm, and the smaller doll that was clinging just as tightly to her.

“Yeah, I think so!” Medicine replies, both she and her smaller compatriot looking considerably more disheveled than they did a moment ago, but otherwise fine. “But, um...Human? Who are they?”

“They?” you ask, looking up from your friend and immediately seeing your answer.

Quite a lot of 'answers', in fact.

Above, below, and all around you, no fewer than twenty or thirty girls like the one you saw before surround you, weapons at the ready.

...they don't look happy.

This is as far as you go!” the girl from before shouts, slowly approaching your group. “I thought I made it clear that you are not welcome here!

“Yeah, ya did! We're just ignorin' that, though!” Yuugi replies, cheerfully blunt as ever.

Hrmph. My superiors told me a mere warning would be a waste of time, yet they ordered me to do it anyway.” the girl grumbles, her volume lowering as she draws closer. Stopping just outside of what you would consider to be optimal rock-throwing range, you finally are able to get a good look at the girl that had threatened all of you.

Her, and her really, really, really big sword.

“The life of a lackey's tough, huh?”

The girl narrows her eyes at Yuugi's words. “My duty is to repel all intruders, no matter the method I am required to use. I serve it proudly!” she says sternly, seeming to take exception to being called a 'lackey'.

“Even when ya know you can't win?” Yuugi grins.

“That remains to be seen, Oni,” the girl replies, returning the grin with a smirk of her own.

HA! That's the spirit, pup!” Yuugi laughs, looking and sounding genuinely pleased at the tengu-girl's response. “I always did like you guys, y'know! Only ones outta your whole lot who ever had any guts!”

Without taking her eyes off Yuugi, the tengu-girl bows her head ever-so-slightly. “You honor me, Miss...?”

“Name's Yuugi! Yuugi the Strong!”

“Hoshiguma, the Deva?” the girl asks, eyes lighting up with a mix of recognition, awe, and excitement.

“Yep! One of the four!” Yuugi says, proudly. “Though just 'Yuugi' is fine, y'know!”

Excitement, it would seem, that is not entirely shared by the rest of the tengu-girl's brethren.
All around you, you hear faint murmurs, and even see a couple of the younger-looking ones casting uncertain glances at each other.


In an instant, worried glances and hushed whisperings are replaced by a collective shudder and looks of general disgust. Filled with renewed purpose, not to mention a strong desire to avoid having to tongue-clean what you can only picture as a giant bird bath for the next ten years, the girls surrounding you once again ready their weapons.

“Now then, Miss Yuugi the Deva,” the girl says, calmly turning back to face you. “My orders are to turn you away, no matter what. If you will not leave quietly-”

“Yeah, that's ain't happenin'!”

“...then I have no choice but to resort to force.” the girl says, leveling her sword at the Oni. “I am Momiji Inubashiri of the Mountain Defense Force, and in the name of Lord Tenma, you shall not pass!

“See, you shoulda opened with that!” Yuugi says, cracking her neck. “Woulda saved us all a lot of time to cut right to the fun part!”


[ ] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.
No. 157939
[x] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.

The adults are talking. And fighting. Talking and fighting.

>“Surprised you could hear anything over everything you were doing! 'GET BACK HERE I'M GONNA GET YOU BLAGHARGARAGHAAGH!'” Tenshi mocks, turning around in mid-air to gesture wildly with her hands as she does so. “Your aim sucks, by the way! How do you even miss with lasers like that?!”
No. 157940
[x] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.
Largely because I can't actually think of anything to say.
No. 157941

Do we? Well, it would be fun to break up the tension anyway. The plucking will probably begin soon regardless of what we say.
No. 157942

No. 157950
[x] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.
No. 157955
[x] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.
No. 157957
[ ] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.
No. 157958
"would you like to go out to dinner?"
No. 157961
[x] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.
No. 157963

How could I not think of that? It's perfect and always works!
No. 157969
"would you all like to go out to dinner?"

We might stumble upon some ancient tengu ritual, here.
No. 157978
[x] I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY! "Would you all like to go out to dinner?"

Sounds good, thirty-something opportunities here, someone has to say yes!
No. 157983
-[x] Would you like to go out to dinner?

How did we not think of this at first? And at best, it will give Yuugi and opening while they all stare at us.
No. 157984
[x] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.

I really don't like this kind of interruptions. We've built a nice atmosphere here, the MC will only ruin it.
No. 157991
"would you all like to go out to dinner?"

No. 157992
You know, I just realized something... We never did ask Medicine and Su-san out to dinner, did we?
No. 157994
[X] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.

Thats because when the going gets tough we get serious. Or beat it with random acts of randomness. This doesn't seem like the time though.
No. 158014
-[X]Would you like to go out to dinner?

Classic answer to everything for this guy.
No. 158020
-[x]Would you like to go out to dinner?

Stay classy.
No. 158030
-[X]Would you like to go out to dinner?

Asking people out to dinner has never failed so far, right?
No. 158033
-[x]It's better to burn out, than to fade away!
No. 158036
-[x] Would you like to go out to dinner?

This is a tradition, guys.
No. 158040
And who are we to break with such a glorious, storied tradition?

-[x] Would you like to go out to dinner?
No. 158042
[X] Keep your mouth shut, you'll only make things worse.

Yes, please stay quiet MC. Sometimes your craziness is too annoying and now's not the time for it.
No. 158045
I wish I hadn't voted so I could vote for you. Hell I'll delete my previous vote.

-[x]It's better to burn out, than to fade away!
No. 158049
-[x] Would you like to go out to dinner?
No. 158227
File 133905806083.jpg - (1.53MB , 1497x1203 , Request Denied.jpg ) [iqdb]
“E-excuse me, Miss?” you speak up, cautiously. Though wary of interrupting either of them, there was something you felt you wanted to say. Something you had to say.

“What, Human?” the tengu named Inubashiri replies without looking at you, her eyes instead firmly locked on the woman holding you. “Speak quickly.”

“Well, I was just wondering, would you or any of your friends would like to go out to dinner, sometime?” you ask, briefly glancing at the other tengu surrounding you. “Not all at once, of course, unless you know somewhere with enough seating, and nobody has a problem with chipping in on the bill.”

“...are you mocking us, Human?” Inubashiri says, breaking her eye-contact with a now-snickering Yuugi to stare at you incredulously.”

“No, really, I don't think I could afford to feed all of us at one time,” you admit with complete honesty. “Even if I was doing the cooking, that's just too many to feed all at once. One at a time would be far more ideal.”

“You mock us.”

“...is it the 'all of you at once' thing? Because I certainly wouldn't suggest you can't bring along anyone you want. I just think a smaller group, or even just a one-on-one deal would be far easier to handle, is all. You know, something like tha-”

“Would you shut up already?!” Tenshi snaps, leaning forward to glare at you from the other side of Yuugi.

“What? I'm just asking if-”

“Don't care! Shut up!”

“I really don't see what the-”

“Shut up!”

“But it's just one little-”

Shut up!

“I'm just saying-”

ATTACK!” Inubashiri shouts, quickly moving backwards as large balls of light begin to appear all around you.

“Sorry, kid, but I think that's a 'no'!” Yuugi says, grinning widely as the first volleys rush towards you from every direction.

[ ] Cheerleader

[ ] Heckler

[ ] Armchair Commander

[ ] Mime
No. 158228
[x] Mime

Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything, better than you.
No. 158229
File 133905882869.jpg - (29.96KB , 351x353 , I hate mimes.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Mime

I hate mimes. Therefore, it's the best options, it'll scare the bitches.
No. 158230
[X] Mime

Balls of light? Hah, We shall show you the power of the rock throw.
No. 158231
[X] Cheerleader

Praise the Almighty bunch of overpowered misfits!
No. 158232
[x] Mime

A wonderful, rock-throwing mime. With real rocks. We won't mime those.
No. 158237
[x] Mime
No. 158247
Holy shit that is scary.

Vote swayed: [x] Mime
No. 158251
File 133908360181.jpg - (126.83KB , 565x800 , Mime ish.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Mime
No. 158254
[x] Mime

>“No, really, I don't think I could afford to feed all of us at one time,” you admit with complete honesty. “Even if I was doing the cooking, that's just too many to feed all at once. One at a time would be far more ideal.”

This update is everything I wanted it to be, aside from them accepting.

Yuugi is the only one that's worked on isn't she? Maybe we need to be more forceful...
No. 158255
[ ] Cheerleader

Because I bet MC wouldn't hesitate to put on a uniform to help increase morale.
No. 158258
[x] Armchair Commander

We must be there to coach Tenshi through her rock throwing.
No. 158263
I was sort of undecided, then I saw this. While he's way too chatty to be a mime he's also awesome, therefore:

[x] Mime
No. 158265
Oni traditionally appreciate straight forwardness and guts, which his attempts fall under, seeing how most of his targets can easily kill him.
No. 158279
[X] Excessively-wordy and over-complicated option that details a specific series of actions and responses with no regard for how the scene might actually play out and thus is not guaranteed to work at all like the people voting for it expected it to
No. 158280
[x]Mindless Bandwagon vote
No. 158284
Do... do you even read the votes on this story?

As awesome as mimes are, the vote here is pretty clearly for what will be said during combat and I'd rather not be silent.
[x] Armchair Commander
No. 158285
I guess he posted it in the wrong thread.
No. 158286
File 133911999252.png - (8.14KB , 600x600 , i see it.png ) [iqdb]

I think he's making a reference to something.

Damned if I know what it could be, though.
No. 158288
Well to be fair, a 'vote turning out unlike we expected' also applies to this story.

I thought 'Mime' meant that he'd try and copy someone else's moves, but I now realize that it could also mean that he'd have to stay silent which is the exact opposite of what we want him to do.

[x] Heckler
No. 158291
>>Do... do you even read the votes on this story?
Thread 23 of Do The Right Thing. Post >>154991

The author caught the voting option "Reference" (which is not really a reference at all!) right away. Sadly, no one else really seems to have done so. Maybe it's because they don't even read the votes on this story?

He's the author, and the amusing thing here is that he seems to be the only one (beyond the poster of that vote and myself) that does seem to get the joke (look at the picture he's using, and then go to thread 23 of Do The Right Thing. You will see it too).
No. 158292
File 133912524756.jpg - (97.44KB , 500x750 , A WORTHY FOE.jpg ) [iqdb]
I got it, it isn't that hard (that update was something else, something GLORIOUS) but I wanted to take a jab at him with my complaint.
No. 158299
Well, fucking excuse me for not remembering something that was fucking threads ago and also in the middle of meaningless choices. I was thinking it was the same as the first time I saw it, when it was an attack on a story that had votes that actually sort of deserved the sarcasm.
No. 158302

>getting offended by a vaguely condescending reply correcting your mistaken vaguely condescending reply
>actually making the effort to reply to keep up your reputation
>anonymous forum
No. 158332
[x] Heckler
Was I the only one who loved to race in Helter Skelter?
No. 158374
File 133932084356.jpg - (569.65KB , 1169x1000 , rabies bites.jpg ) [iqdb]

Your stomach lurches as Yuugi swiftly dodges the light-ball barrage, rising and falling and twisting and turning in mid-air as the head-sized balls rush past you. In the brief moments when your vision isn't a blur of light and assorted shapes moving about, you catch glimpses of the others.

While Parsee seemed to be doing a better job of dodging than the near-constant stream of profanity you hear her shouting would suggest, Tenshi seemed to more inclined to forgo dodging in favor of charging at the nearest tengu with her glowy sword in-hand.

Or rather, trying to charge at them.

Hold still, damn it!” you hear her shout as her targets once again fly away before she can get within striking distance, peppering the Celestial with smaller, faster-moving shots to prevent her from giving chase.

On the other hand, your little doll-friends did not seem to be managing quite so well...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The child yelps in surprise, a bullet grazing her shoulder.


It should not have grazed her at all!

“I'm trying, Su-san! But they-WAH!

Another shot, brushing past the side of head, while yet another very nearly connects with her foot.

Unquestionably inexcusable!

While the child may be lacking in regards to speed and aerial maneuverability, especially in relation to these accursed mountain creatures, it should mean nothing while th-GAH!

Damnable beasts!

“Sorry! I tried towoah!

With the child and her companion working in tandem, one seeing what the other cannot, there should be nothing that could catch either one off-guard.
And yet, just now, even the child's companion was nearly struck down!


Wretched curs!
Corvine trollops!
Should they be allowed to taste victory?! Hardly!
They should know nothing but the bitter taste of defeat, flavored with copious amounts of highly-debilitating toxins!
Their broken wails of despair should be surpassed only by the cacophony of gurgling and gnashing as they violently convulse on the rocks below!
If their wish is to lay down their lives in defense of this infested hive, then the child and her companion would be all too happy to oblige them!

And yet...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Yuugi! I think Medi's in trouble!” you call up to the horned-woman, having to raise your voice to a yell just to be heard. Though you aren't exactly surprised that the little doll-girl might be overwhelmed by the assault you were all currently under, you are surprised by complete lack of any sort of retaliation from your usually poison-happy companion.

In fact, just from her 'interactions' with Tenshi and Parsee in the past day, you are genuinely shocked that she had not already engulfed half the mountain in enough poison to render it uninhabitable for decades.

...a blink of the eye as far as Tengu are concerned, you're sure, but a blink that would be very, very inconvenient, nonetheless! The sort of blink that loosens an eyelash just enough for it to fall in your eye, forcing you to stop what you're doing while you try to get it out!

You hate when that happens.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once again, the child and her companion attempt to mount a counter-offensive, and again they are denied.

“Su-san! The air's acting all funny! What do we-woah! What do we do?!”


Despite their best efforts to compensate for the unusual air currents flowing around them, the child's mists of poison were dissipating as quickly as they were released. It was as if the winds themselves were rushing to the aid of these obnoxious avians!

“Should we use more?”

The child's suggestion is fair one, her companion must admit.
Should a poison fail to achieve its desired effect, one need only use more of it.

Though subtlety and elegance were certainly virtues they should always be mindful of and seek to pursue, there was something to be said for the benefits of simple, overwhelming force.

“So we should use more!”

Of course, on any other day, that may very well have been their first move.
Poisoning anything and everything in sight until no sign of life remained, though crude, was undeniably an effective tactic.

“Okay! Let's use more!”

How regrettable, then, that their current circumstances rendered such methods unfeasible, at least if they wished to avoid collateral damage.

Though the fool and the beast carrying him would almost certainly survive, the rest of those slatternly harlots would undoubtedly fall, rendering them completely useless.
A marginal decrease in their typical level of utility, to be sure, but one that they could not afford at this juncture. Not unless it yielded more benefit than their temporary and woefully brief silence.

No. As loathe as she was to admit it, the child's companion had no choice but to acknowledge the need to maintain the current, non-poisoned status of their assets, at least until the point their obnoxiousness once again exceeded their usefulness to the cause.

“H-huh? Su-san! Where are you-WAH!

There was no time to waste.
Assuring her that it would be but a moment, the child's companion leaves her to fend for herself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Hang on!” Yuugi calls out to you as she goes into a sudden dive following the spin-and-loop maneuver she just pulled.

Of course, you have no clue what you're supposed to be holding on to.

In fact, given her status as the 'holder' in the holder-and-held relationship you were currently experiencing, you wondered if you shouldn't be the one advising her to hold on.
Given that she seemed to be doing a fairly good job of not dropping you, however, you suppose that such advice was not necessary.

What did seem necessary was warning her about the small shape that was currently bobbing and weaving its way towards you through the flurry of bullets.

“Yuugi, incoming!”

“Gotcha, kid!” Yuugi replies, stopping her descent just in time to avoid colliding with a large, ring-shaped cluster of light-balls.

Now close enough for you to see her clearly, you quickly recognize the small shape as Su-san, who was for some reason flying towards you while wildly gesturing with her little arms. Continuing to do so, even after coming to a brief stop next to you, you realize that the little doll was attempting to communicate with you.

“What's wrong, Su-san? You need-”

“Gotta move!” Yuugi cuts you off, as more of those circular strings of light-balls fly towards you.

Quickly reaching out, you scoop the little doll up in your arms and pull her towards you just Yuugi begins another series of evasive maneuvers, seamlessly transitioning from a vertical climb into a backwards loop into a sideways roll and back into another climb.

“Su-san, I don't know what you're trying to tell me, but blowing that stuff in my face isn't really helping!” you inform the small doll, who was now pausing her gesturing every so often to briefly spray your face with small puffs of sweet-yet-bitter mist before going back to waving her arms.

“Hah! Sounds like they wanna go all-out!” Yuugi says, eliciting a determined nod from Su-san. “Guess that means we gotta pass the word along!”

Nodding again, Su-san stares at you and points her little hand up at Yuugi's head, as if to say 'See? She gets it!'

“Alright, little one, we'll let 'em know that they...” Yuugi begins to say, trailing off as she catches sight of something ahead of you. “Heh, I was wonderin' what she was doin'!”

“Who was doing what?” you ask, following Yuugi's gaze to where the Inubashiri girl was

While she had done very little since giving the order to attack, one look at bird-dog-whateverthehellsheis-girl told you that wasn't going to last. Between the glowing red eyes and the bared fangs, she was very clearly going from doing 'nothing' to doing 'something'.

You have a bad feeling you're not going to like what the 'something' is.

“Kiddo, I think we're gonna have to split up for a bit!” Yuugi says to you, the widening grin on her face and the loosening of her hold on you doing little to lessen your vague feelings of dread at whatever the girl in front of you was about to do.

[ ] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.

[ ] Warn Parsee first! But just the nice one if you can, because the other one is mean.

[ ] Warn Yuuka first! Because it would be nice, you guess. Wait, where is she?!

[ ] Warn Momiji first! Your fluffy ass is goin' down, puppy dog! HOOAH!

[ ] Warn Medicine first! Continue with the operation; you may fire when ready!

[ ] Nah, you'll stick with Yuugi. The others will figure it out, right?
No. 158375
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.

Tenshi needs to be properly warned if she is to take advantage of the dogbirds sudden case of STANDING STILL. And Su-san is a heartless monster for abandoning Medi, even for a moment.
No. 158376
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.
No. 158377
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.
No. 158379
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.
No. 158380
[x] Warn Medicine first! Continue with the operation; you may fire when ready!

Koishi is probably taking this opportunity to pluck tengu or feel goodies. So many new goodies to feel.
No. 158381
[ ] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.
No. 158383
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.
No. 158385
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.

As hilarious as poison-incapacitated rage-Tenshi is, she has been getting it alot lately.
No. 158386
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.
No. 158389
[x] Warn Parsee first! But just the nice one if you can, because the other one is mean.

Tide, piss, etcetera. I really enjoy this Parsee, dammit!
No. 158390
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.

No. 158391

I do too, but I'd rather not get a keystone tossed at our head later on, because we didn't warn her now.
No. 158392
[X] Warn Parsee first! But just the nice one if you can, because the other one is mean.
No. 158393
[x] Warn Parsee first! But just the nice one if you can, because the other one is mean.
No. 158394
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.
No. 158395
If that did happen, it would be comic relief, sooooo...

Unless Tenshi snaps and seriously tries to kill him for all he's put her through. I can't tell with her.
No. 158399
Oh please, we all know her rock throwing technique sucks.

[x] Warn Parsee first! But just the nice one if you can, because the other one is mean.
No. 158400
[x] Warn Parsee first! But just the nice one if you can, because the other one is mean.
No. 158402
[X] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.
No. 158405
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.

No. 158416
[x] Warn Tenshi first! She's probably had enough poison for one day.

The poor girl had enough traumatic events lately.
No. 158428
[X] Warn Momiji first! Your fluffy ass is goin' down, puppy dog! HOOAH!”

Pissin' against the tide, but I have had a lot of beer.
No. 158469
[X] Warn Momiji first! Your fluffy ass is goin' down, puppy dog! HOOAH!

Fuck it. Consider tide: pissed in.
No. 158482
File 133957421812.jpg - (445.51KB , 900x636 , what the fuck it was evening when I started.jpg ) [iqdb]
Writing is happening, but very, very slowly.
Unfortunately, this time it's completely mostlykinda my own fault.

Video games, while entertaining, are apparently not very conductive to the writing process.

Imagine that.
No. 158483

what is this i don't even

Memes aside, be careful with the vidya. I haven't updated for... way too long, I don't remember any more... thanks to too much MMOing.
No. 158510
File 133970747139.jpg - (186.71KB , 1000x800 , get ON with it.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Okay, I guess I can pass the word along to the others!” you tell Yuugi, reasoning that Tenshi and Parsee had both had their fill of poisoning for the day, and would probably appreciate being warned in advance of what Medicine was planning.

The only question in your mind was whether or not Yuugi would be able to get you over to the others while dodging the constant stream of light-balls flying around, as well as...wait.

What is that?
What is that?

Suddenly blinking into existence, a large number of oddly-shaped lights appear above and below Inubashiri. Densely packed together, their formation somehow reminds you of a gigantic open mouth.

An gigantic open mouth filled with rows upon rows of razor-sharp teeth, ready to chomp down upon whatever happened to be in front of it.

The thing, in this case, being Yuugi and yourself.

“So, uh, are we going to just fly on over to-” you begin to say, as Su-san wriggles free from your arms, the jaws of the gaping light-maw begin to close.

PEACHES!” Yuugi suddenly bellows, twisting around to face the Celestial. “CATCH!

'Catch'? Catch what? you wonder to yourself, only to have your unspoken question answered almost instantly, as the feeling of Yuugi's arm wrapped around you vanishes, only to be replaced by the brief sensation of something tightly gripping the back of your robe, followed immediately by a blast of pressure on your face as you feel yourself being launched through the air with terrifying velocity.

Lights flash all around you, your robe flaps violently, and at the back of your mind you wonder if this wasn't the perfect opportunity to start screaming as you hurtle towards a rather shocked-looking Tenshi.

[ ] Scream

[ ] Shout

[ ] Cry

[ ] Faint


So, I had an idea. Then another idea. Then another. Then I went back to the first one. Now I have another one, and I'm tired of writing and re-writing the same paragraph or so, so I'm saying "fuck it" and going with this, and that is why there is so little to this update despite the time taken to make it.
No. 158511
[x] Shout

No. 158512
[x] Cry

With how bad she is at throwing, think of how bad she will be at catching.
No. 158513
[x] Scream.
No. 158514
[x] Shout

Think 'Dynamite Cop' style ''Watch out!'' Shout
No. 158515
[x] Shout
Okay. I think we got enough faint and such. Why not try this instead.
No. 158516
[x] Scream.

Because nothing screams of panic and terror like a scream of panic and terror. Also, shouting the message might distract Tenshi from saving the MC.
No. 158517
[x] Shout
No. 158518
[x] Shout

It's time to crank up the Isley Brothers, here, cause this is making me want to shout!
No. 158519
[x] Shout

WHEEEEEEE! Oh, hi Tenshi!
No. 158522
[x] Cry

A shocked Tenshi cradling our mewling form. Yess. She will tell us to shut the fuck up in the most polite way she can imagine.
No. 158524
[x] Scream.
[x] Cry

Nothing screams terror like screaming in terror with tears streaming behind us.
No. 158525
[x] Scream.

I take it the Shout option is to shout the warning at Tenshi. Doing so is a bad thing, the tengu could learn of Medi's plan that way and counter it properly.
No. 158529
--[x]Let it all out!
No. 158531
[x] Shout
No. 158533
File 133974881558.png - (673.45KB , 1000x707 , I FUCKING LOVE FEATHERS.png ) [iqdb]
You should probably scream.

Yes. Screaming would almost certainly be an appropriate thing for someone in your position to do.

But you will not scream. Oh no.

You will shout! Yell!

To do anything else in this place, surrounded by females and prospective dinner companions, you must do something to assert your masculinity! And, as the standard method of laying on a couch while drinking, flexing, and occasionally scratching yourself is not an option, shouting will have to suffice.

But what to shout, you wonder?

A simple 'YEAH!' or 'WOOHOO' seems a little too standard. Boring. Predictable.

Perhaps you should shout something to the girl who has been tasked with catching you? Possibly some words of encouragement?


No, something about that doesn't seem right to you, either. Too general and non-specific.

It is then that you have an idea.
If you were to shout anything encouraging to your young-though-still-probably-older-than-you pupil, why not something regarding her still-lacking rock-throwing skills?

At this very moment were you not experiencing what a rock does every time it is thrown?
Indeed! As you flew through the air, you were not merely experiencing what it is to be a thrown rock, you were exemplifying it! here you were, the very image of a well-thrown projectile, and your student has the honor of witnessing it first-hand!

Such precision! Such perfection!
It's enough to make you want to weep!
To sob tears of joy at the beauty and horror of it all, and to shout out to both your pupil and the world, 'YOU SEE THIS? THIS IS HOW YOU FUCKING THROW A ROCK!'

In fact, you think you will shout those very words, just now!

Steeling yourself, you draw a deep breath, and look right at your rapidly-approaching pupil.

She's close now.
So close.
Clos-wait a minute where the hell is she going?!

Forgetting all about shouting anything at the Celestial, you can let out little more than a befuddled 'WHA-?!' as Tenshi deftly moves out of the way of your flight path just before you reach her, leaving you to careen straight into a very startled-looking Tengu.

Raising her shield just in time to block you, your body slams into it with a sickening crack; the force of it enough to both knock the air out of you and send the Tengu reeling back in the air for a moment.

Acting out of reflex more than anything, you quickly wrap your arms around the sides of the shield. Pulling yourself up just enough to peer over the top of it, you find a pair of red eyes peering back at you in shock and confusion.

[ ] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare

[ ] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.

[ ] Touch fluffy ears

[ ] Do nothing.
No. 158534
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare

How fortunate! Tenshi admitted her weakness and passed her task on to another before we were seriously hurt by her poor skills!

What will our protagonist do next, I wonder? It is a mystery to everyone.
No. 158537
Damnit, 2 Choices that must be chosen.

[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.

[x] Touch Fluffy ears Tail.tm
No. 158540
[x] Touch fluffy ears

Attack the weak point for maximum damage! If possible, while staaaaaaaaaaaaaaring at her.
No. 158545
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare
[x] Touch fluffy ears
No. 158547
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare
[x] Touch fluffy ears
No. 158548
[x] Touch fluffy ears

A though choice.
No. 158549
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare
[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
[x] Touch fluffy ears

When in doubt, do everything.
No. 158550
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare
[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
[x] Touch fluffy ears

No. 158551
[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
[x] Touch fluffy ears

Ears are fluffy... but not as important as tradition.
No. 158553
[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare

It's impolite to just stare, but waiting for an answer to your offer is fine.
No. 158555
[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.

I see the protagonist is a rock.
No. 158556
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare
[x] Touch fluffy ears
No. 158558
[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare

So many appealing choices
No. 158559
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare
[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
[x] Touch fluffy ears

D. All of the above.
No. 158577
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare
[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
[x] Touch fluffy ears
No. 158580
[x] Touch fluffy ears
[x] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare
[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
No. 158634
And just as smart!

[x] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
No. 158712
[X] Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare
[X] Inform her that, despite the current hostilities, your offer of dinner is still very much on the table.
[X] Touch fluffy ears

Because why do something when you can do everything!
No. 158715
File 134000814846.png - (703.41KB , 921x1437 , 561ffa0c0b3acdad26d96bb55c6940cf.png ) [iqdb]
Got a little bit of a start, but between work and the weather it might be another day or two before I get anything finished.

In the meantime, here's a bunny-fairy.
No. 158717
File 134001361151.png - (117.14KB , 184x493 , Dai Tranny.png ) [iqdb]

And since I'm bored as hell right now, I'll make that a spray for Source and include the .PSD file. It's even transparent!

3:00AM makes you do the most random stuff sometimes.

No. 158724
>Dai Tranny

Oh god, what? This is both confusing and arousing.
No. 158725

Tranny = Transparent, how the hell are you getting aroused and conflicted over that?
No. 158730

That is significantly less arousing.
No. 158731

There's another meaning for "Tranny", but I guess you're too young for that stuff.
No. 158732
Where is that the case?
No. 158749
Hah I do, named it as a joke. Assistant grocery manager is one, nice person but still catch myself calling her he sometimes. Bit embarrassing that.