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“Fine, I agree. I’ll become your God’s prophet.”

Hearing your answer, Sariel’s face brightens. She seems really pleased at your decision. She smiles at you and puts her hand on your shoulder.

“Ah, you’ve made the right decision, human! As promised, I will heal you from your affliction. Stand still.”

For some strange reason, you feel better after she did that. It seems that she really did just cure you from Eirin’s poison.

“Now, let us go to the Dragon. We shall end the cycle of creation once and for all and fill Gensokyo with God’s divine light!”

“No, I will never let that happen!”

You look behind you to see Reimu’s eyes swirling with anger. She points her gohei towards you before shouting “You! Take back what you’ve just said!”

Scared by her sudden change of expression, you take a step backwards. But, Kasen bravely steps forward to protect you.

“You heard him. We will end this tragedy once and for all. Isn’t that what you want?”

Reimu flinches after hearing Kasen’s rebuttal. However, she quickly rebounds by saying, “Do you even know what you’re doing? By accepting that angel’s offer, you will disturb the balance of Gensokyo. As its guardian, I can’t allow that to happen!”

“Oh… and why is that?” replied Kasen with a smirk.

“That God will want all of Gensokyo to be under His rule! He will forbid the worship of Gensokyo’s native gods, making Him the only one left to worship!”

“Why is that a bad thing?” interrupted Sariel. “God’s rule is fair and just. Under His rule, everyone shall live happily and prosper for all eternity.”

Before Reimu can answer, Keine steps forward with a curious look on her face.

“Is that true? Will the humans prosper under your God’s rule?”

Sariel turns her sight towards her before answering with a smile on her face.

“Of course they will. They are God’s most beloved creation after all. He will never abandon them. That’s why He creates rules and laws to govern them, to lead them and to guide them towards eternal happiness and prosperity.”

Rules and laws? Sorry, those things don’t sound very good to me.” remarked Marisa.

Sariel rebuts with a sarcastic tone. “Well, of course you hate them. You’re just a thief after all.”

“Hey, I’m not a thief! I’m a magician! I’m just borrowing those books!”

Sariel ignores her and continues her talk with Keine. “So, will you join us? As the one who watches over the humans in Gensokyo, surely you want the best for them.”

Reimu gives a deadly glare towards Keine, telling her not to accept the offer, but Keine just shrugs her off.

“I have no love for the Native Gods of Gensokyo. After all, they care more about the youkai instead of the humans. If you promise that you will protect the humans living in Gensokyo from the youkai, I will join you.”

“It’s a deal then, Keine Kamishirasawa.” said Sariel.

Hearing Keine’s answer, Reimu turns to Mokou and says, “Hey, Mokou, tell that friend of yours to rethink her decision.”

Mokou responds by walking over to Keine’s side, causing Reimu to become flabbergasted.

“I’ll follow Keine. If she trusts that angel, then I will trust her too.” said Mokou.

Reimu’s face turns red with anger after hearing those words. She can’t believe that they have betrayed her to side with that angel. She tightens the grip on her gohei and points it towards Youmu.

“You… you wouldn’t betray me, would you?”

“No, but I won’t take your side either. This matter is the business of the living. I, as a half ghost, can’t interfere. I’m sure Lady Yuyuko would say the same thing.” said Youmu with a serious look on her face.

Reimu changes the direction of her gohei towards Daiyousei, making her cower in fear.

“How about you, little fairy?”

“S… sorry. I… I can’t follow you. I want to follow Mister instead!” She flies past Reimu towards you. Then, she grabs your arm and hides herself behind you.

“Hmph, stupid fairy!” Reimu moves her gaze towards Yuuka.

“I have no plan to betray you so don’t give me that look.” said Yuuka.

Reimu sighs in relief after hearing Yuuka’s words. Then, she looks around the room to see that only Marisa and Yuuka who are on her side.

Reimu glares at you murderously while saying “I see. There are only three people here who really care about Gensokyo.”

“What will you do now, Reimu Hakurei? Will you fight against us or will you stay out of our way?” said Sariel.

“You already know the answer for that, angel. Spirit Sign, Fantasy Seal!”

Reimu summons her orbs towards you, only for Sariel to block them with her wings. She counters by sending out a beam of light from her staff towards her. Yuuka quickly steps forward and blocks it with her parasol.

“So be it then. This is the path that you have chosen, to fight against God and his prophet. For that, you shall be judged accordingly.” said Sariel angrily.

Then, she raises her staff, covering the entire room with its light. Sariel teleports you and your allies away from that room, leaving Reimu and the others befuddled.


After you’ve regained your sight, you notice that you are now in a completely different place. In front of you lies a gigantic golden gate. But, the one that pricks your interest the most are the two girls that stand in front of the gate.

The green-haired girl slowly approaches you and greets you with a harsh tone in her voice.

“So, you’ve decided to become a prophet of God and spread His words in Gensokyo.”

You nod in reply to her.

Her gaze sharpens as she continues to talk to you. “You’ve chosen a hard path, human. Your actions shall change Gensokyo forever, for better or worse.”

You gulp in anxiety after hearing her words. Her stare seemingly drills into you, not letting you to hide any secrets from it. You can only let out a sigh of relief as Sariel interrupts her talk.

“What do you want, Shikieiki Yamaxanadu? I was the one who chose him. I already watched his actions right from the beginning of this Creation. He’s worthy of becoming a new prophet of God.”

The green-haired girl whom Sariel calls Eiki glares towards her. They stare at each other for a while before Eiki breaks the silence.

“Let me judge him first. The wellbeing of Gensokyo is also my responsibility. I cannot allow some random person to rule it without my permission.”

Sariel lets out a sigh before saying, “Fine, have it your way.”

Eiki smiles in satisfaction before turning her gaze towards you. She raises the palm of her hand to her chest before summoning a strange mirror on it.

“Look at this mirror, human. Do not let your gaze wander away from it. If you truly are noble and virtuous, you should not be afraid of what you’re going to see.”

You step forward, mustering your courage to prepare yourself of whatever you’re going to see. The mirror’s surface is perfectly smooth and clean, reflecting your face flawlessly. You marvel at its beauty when suddenly…

Wha…what is this?

Your reflection blurs away as it’s replaced by another reflection, a man plowing the ground beneath him. There’s also a little boy standing beside him, watching with wide eyes and agape mouth.

”Son, this is how you plow your farm. You must pour all your emotions to it if you want the crops to grow nicely.”

“Yes, father!”

That… that was my father! What… what’s going on?

The reflection begins to blur again. This time, it changes to a woman lying weakly on a bed. On her side stand the man and the boy from before. The boy is sobbing quietly while the man just stares at her with a sad look on his face.

”You two, make sure you get along, okay?”

“Uh huh.” said the boy.

“Good boy.” said the woman, reaching out her hand to pat the boy’s head. The boy immediately stops sobbing after that.

The woman turns her gaze towards the man before saying “Darling, take care of him, for me…”


The reflection changes slightly. Now, the man is the one who’s lying on the bed. The boy, now a young man, is holding his hands beside him. You also see Keine standing near the young man. The man coughs heavily before speaking to the young man.

”I’m sorry, my son. I think… I’m going to see your mother again soon.”

“Dad, please don’t leave me alone like this! You’ve promised to take care of me!”

The man chuckles a bit before resuming his talk. “Don’t worry. You’re now a proud man of this village. I leave my farm to you, my son. Make it grow the best crops in the entire Gensokyo.”

“Yes, I promise… I will grow the best crops in Gensokyo and become the best farmer that will ever live!”

The man gives off a faint smile after hearing his son’s words.

“Good, now let me talk to the girl beside you.”

The young man releases his father’s hands before stepping backwards, allowing Keine to speak with him.

”Miss Kamishirasawa?”

“Ye… yes?” said Keine nervously.

“As the guardian of this village, no, as a good friend of him, please take care of him. Even though you’re a half beast, each and every one of us in this village, including myself, trusts you with our lives. Always remember that.”

“Yes, of course! I shall protect him with my life!” said Keine reassuringly.

The man slowly closes his eyes, his happiness evident in his face, before drawing his last breath.


The reflection changes again. You see the young man spreading some seeds on a field, humming some tunes while doing so. He seems to be really enjoying what he’s doing right now.

Is that… me?

The reflection slowly fades into black before returning to the reflection of your face. You stand dumbfounded by what you just saw.

“I see.” spoke Eiki. “Since you were born, you’ve led an ordinary life in Gensokyo. Your mother died while you were still young and your father followed a few years later. You are a sociable person, capable of making friends easily, but your closest friend is Keine Kamishirasawa. She guards you both as a friend and to fulfill the dying wish of your father.”

Hearing her name, Keine blushes a little. She feels embarrassed to be called as your best friend.

Eiki closes her eyes for a moment before continuing her speech. “You have the virtues necessary to become a good leader. But, do you have the wisdom? Answer this question, human. What is the best kind of punishment? Is it the one that makes people fear to do the crime or is it the one that makes the doer of the crime repents?”

[ ] The one that makes people fear to do the crime
[ ] The one that makes the doer of the crime repents
I keep thinking that this story, since it's a cross-over and stuff, should be in /others/ rather than being in /th/.
Should I ask Kapow to move it?
[x] Both

The goal of punishment is to prevent the same crimes from happening again. If others do not fear, they will commit crimes. If the criminal does not repent, he will merely repeat it again.
[x] Both

True repentance makes a person better and sometimes people have no choice but to turn to crime.

However with out the fear of crime those who not care if they committed a crime or not will still do it.
[x] Both
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“Both. The goal of punishment is to prevent the same crimes from happening again. If others do not fear, they will commit crimes. If the criminal does not repent, he will merely repeat it again.”

“I see, so that’s your answer.” Eiki lets out a small laugh.

“Did… did I answer wrong?” you said.

“No, you didn’t answer wrong. It’s just that you answered that question with a hard answer.”

Hard answer?”

“You must balance the scales between justice and mercy in order to do that. Too much justice leads to tyranny, whereas too much mercy leads to chaos. So, would you be capable of doing that?”

“I… I don’t know.”

She sighs after hearing your answer. Then, she looks towards Sariel and says, “It will be your job to guide him, o Angel of God. If you fail in doing so, I shall judge both of you as tyrants who rule over Gensokyo unjustly.”

She points to the gate and says, “Beyond that lies the Dragon. Now, show me what you’re capable of. Create a Gensokyo filled with virtuous and righteous people.”

She steps away to the side, allowing you to continue your journey. After you’ve reached the gate, you push it open with all your might. It opens with a *click* sound, revealing a long, golden stairway behind it.

“Hey, human,” says the red-haired girl nearby. You look towards her to see that she’s grinning back at you.

“Good luck in becoming a new prophet and all that stuff. I’m Komachi Onozuka, a shinigami under the service of Lady Eiki.”

“Err, thanks,” you said.

“No problem. I just want you to help me in my job.”

“What do you mean?”

“If a person dies, I’m the one who ferry his soul to the afterlife. If he’s a righteous person, the process will only take a few moments. But, if he’s a bad person, it will take hours or sometimes even days. That’s where you come in. If you make everyone in Gensokyo righteous, I will be able to finish my work faster.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

“Great! Now, go meet that Dragon. Lady Eiki and I will stay here to guard this place.”

“Guard? From who?”

“Don’t worry about it, just go already!” She pushes you inside the gate and closes it behind you, leaving you alone with Sariel and the others.

“Let us go, shall we?” Sariel says.


After you’ve climbed the seemingly endless stairway, you see the Dragon in all his glory. His long, circular body covers the golden sky behind him, creating a beautiful sight that makes you stare in awe. Sensing your presence, he turns his head towards you.

“At last, you finally stand before me, o Chosen One.”

Dai whimpers, “A… are you really the… the Dragon?”

“Yes, I am the Dragon, the supreme guardian and creator of Gensokyo. Little fairy, you have done well on making it this far.”

“Tell me just one thing, O Almighty Dragon,” Keine says with a clenched fist. “Why… why do you do this to Gensokyo, the land that you created and nurtured by yourself? Why do you make its inhabitants fight each other like this, just for the right to recreate it by their own selfish ideals?”

The Dragon closes his eyes for a moment before answering, “This… is for the good of Gensokyo, no… for the good of the entire world.”

“Bullshit! We all know that you are doing this only for your amusement!” Mokou says, her face flushed with anger.

“I see… so Sariel hasn’t told you yet about the true purpose of this Creation.”

Everyone’s eyes are immediately directed towards Sariel. She only responds by giving a smile that you’re not sure is sincere or not.

“What? What is the meaning of this, Sariel? Do you intend to trick us?” Keine says.

“Not at all,” she replies, still giving that eerie smile of hers, “Some knowledge are better off not known to man, after all. But, I guess I could tell you now.”

“Spit it out then!” Mokou says.

She sighs before looking towards the sky and starting her explanation. “Let us start from the very beginning, shall we? The Dragon that you see before you right now wasn’t always like this. In the past, he’s just a small lizard youkai, powerless and weak compared to the rest of his kinds. However, he had a strong will and a good heart. He always tried to help others, even though it will cause him much grief and sorrow.”

Sariel pauses for a bit before continuing, “One day, a youkai attacked the daughter of a very influential aristocrat. Angry at the loss of his daughter, he sent out a huge army to eliminate all youkai that resided on the land. Needless to say, his action caused the conflict between humans and youkai to escalate into an all-out war. Thousands of lives, both humans’ and youkai’s, were lost in that war. Tell me Fujiwara no Mokou, didn’t you witness for yourself the atrocities that happened back then?”

“Yes, I… I think I remember it now,” Mokou replies, her expression darkens, “At that time, I was still wandering the land to search for Kaguya. In my travels, I saw many youkai hunted and killed by the humans. Hell, I was hunted by them too, just because of my immortality.”

“Mokou…” Keine says, staring at her.

“The Dragon was one of the victims of the war, just like you. After seeing all of his friends and families slaughtered by the humans, he concluded that there should be a land where youkai can live in harmony, free from humanity’s influence. Alas, he was not strong enough to pursue that conclusion. So, he did the only thing that he could do. He prayed to the gods, day after day, night after night, just so that they could grant him the power that he needed. God saw this as an opportunity to begin his plan. He sent me to give him the power which he wanted so badly, the power of creation.”

“Let me guess, there’s a catch right?” Kasen raises her eyebrows.

“Of course there was. He couldn’t just give such a dangerous power freely, could He?”

“So, what’s the catch then?” she replies.

“The catch was that his power couldn’t work permanently. He must recreate his creation periodically or they would cease to exist. That is why this Creation happened; it’s a necessary step to preserve Gensokyo’s existence.”

“Can’t he just recreate Gensokyo without making its residents fight each other like this?” Keine interrupts.

“There’s another catch to his power you know,” she replies while smiling at her, “He must follow God’s orders or his power would disappear forever along with his creations.”

“So, the one who ordered him to do this… was God?”

Ordered isn’t really the right word. After all, the Dragon himself agreed with His plan.”

“So tell me then,” she replies, eyes swirling with anger, “What is this plan of His that makes His actions justified?”

“Justified? God doesn’t need to justify his actions to his creations. They’re the ones who need Him, not the other way around.”

“So, that’s how your God works, huh? Not caring about his subjects at all?” Mokou says sarcastically.

“That… couldn’t be further away from the truth.” Sariel shifts her gaze towards the sky and spreads her arms towards it. “The sky… the land… everything is made for the wellbeing of his creations. This Creation too, is made for the wellbeing of both humans and youkai.”

“What do you mean by the wellbeing of humans and youkai? Can you not see, the chaos and destruction this battle for Creation has caused? Everyone tries to kill each other just because of their different ideals, their different views of how Gensokyo should be!” Keine says, voice shaking heavily.

Sariel lowers her arm and gives off a comforting smile towards her. “I understand. I too, did not wish for this to happen. That’s why I brought you all here, to end this once and for all.”

“But, you left me when I was going to fight with Satori,” you say.

Sariel shifts her gaze upon you before speaking apologetically, “I had no choice. I’m an angel of God, bound to serve Him without question. He wouldn’t allow me to intervene at that time so I couldn’t.”

“Fine, I forgive you,” you say, eyes still fixed at her, “So tell us then, God’s plan in all of this.”

“Thank you, I’m glad that you understand. Now, I shall tell you everything that you want to know.”

She closes her eyes before starting her speech. “This battle is God’s way of knowing what kind of world would be the best for his creations.”

“Are you talking about… Reason?” you ask.

“Precisely,” Sariel replies, “As creatures that have free will, they have the capability to decide how the world should be.”

She raises her wand, creating a light that forms a familiar figure in front of you. It’s…

[ ] Kaguya
[ ] Byakuren
[ ] Satori
[x] Satori
[X] Jesus
[ ] Byakuren
[ ] Satori
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“Sa… Satori? Why… why is she here?” you ask, confused by what you’re seeing right now.

“Speak, O one who seeks a world of silence. Tell us why you chose Shijima as your Reason.” Sariel says, ignoring your question.

“I… I wish for this pain to stop,” Satori replies, her voice shaking heavily.

“Pain?” Sariel asks.

“The pain… of solitude. I… I wish for a world where everyone will accept me, a world… where nobody hates and fears me. I… I’m tired of being… rejected by others.”

“Your sister… your pets… aren’t they your friends, your family?”

“Yes, they are. They are… really precious to me.”

“So, aren’t they good enough? Aren’t they good enough as your friends, your family? Must you force everyone to like you to be satisfied? Is that not a selfish reason for changing Gensokyo?” Sariel asks harshly.

She falls silent after hearing Sariel’s question. Her lips tremble and quiver, trying to find the rebuttal to her accusations.

“It is true that in your world, there will be no pain, hate, or sadness. But, you must pay the price by losing your passion, your emotion, and your sense of self. Everyone shall become one with the world. They will have perfect bliss in an unchanging, eternal world. That… is your reason, Shijima.”

Satori’s image slowly dissipates into thin air, leaving you as confused as before.

“What… what just happened?” you ask.

“The image that you just saw represents the inner feelings of that girl. I created it so that you can understand why she chose her Reason. She is one of the reasons why the battle for Creation happened. She desires a better world, so God gives her a chance to have that world,” Sariel explains.

“I… I certainly can understand that, but still…”

“You’re still not convinced, are you? Very well, let us continue.”

Sariel raises her wand once more, this time creating an image of…

[ ] Tenshi
[ ] Alice
[ ] Medicine
[ ] Tenshi
[x] Alice
[ ] Medicine

Tie breaker! Oh wait.
you did that on purpose didn't you...
[x] Medicine
File 132328779727.jpg - (428.87KB, 1024x768 , e8ce28e897568d50be62587.jpg) [iqdb]
The light forms into an image of Medicine, a girl who sided with Tenshi in the battle of Creation. You really don’t know anything about her, except for her name, which you know because Tenshi called her so.

“Speak, O one who seeks a world of solitude. Tell us why you chose Musubi as your reason,” Sariel says.

“I chose Musubi because it’s the ideal world for me, Su-san, and everyone else in Gensokyo,” she answers confidently.

“And why is that?”

“See, Tenshi made me see that deep inside, nobody really cared about each other. Look at me. I used to be an ordinary doll before the humans dumped me in that valley. They didn’t care about me at all. But, she explained that it’s natural for them to do so. It’s in everyone’s nature to stop caring about others if they are no longer needed. That’s why everyone should have his or her own world so that they can live freely without needing the help of other people.”

“But, you still cared about other people. That’s why you tried to free all dolls from the clutches of those humans even though you didn’t really need them.”

“Yes, I… I still cared about them,” she answers, her voice begins to waver, “That’s why… that’s why I chose Musubi, so that they could all be free. They would have their own world in which they could live anyway they want.”

“So, that means that girl’s theory is flawed then. You are the proof. Not everyone wants absolute solitude, including you,” Sariel replies with a smile.

“But… I…” She struggles, trying to find the right words to break Sariel’s argument.

Sariel ignores her and begins her speech. “It’s true that in a world of perfect solitude where you will never need others, you will be able to do anything you want. You can unleash your dark, repressed side which you used to hide from others without any repercussions. No one will be able to judge you. You are the one and only absolute truth that exists in that world. But, would you be happy, living in that world? After all, you can only achieve true happiness by sharing with others. In the end, you will only have eternal loneliness in that world. That… is your reason, Musubi.”

Medicine’s image slowly disappears, just like Satori’s a few moments ago.

“Well, are you satisfied now?” Sariel asks, seemingly pleased with herself.

“I… I can understand the way she thinks, why she chooses Musubi, but I’m still curious about the other one, Yosuga. Why would anyone want such a world?” you reply.

“Fine then, let’s finish this, shall we?”

Once again, Sariel raises her wand, creating a light that forms an image in front of you. It’s…

[ ] Suika
[ ] A woman with a large twisting rope attached to her back
[ ] A green-haired girl dressed in a shrine maiden’s outfit
[x] A green-haired girl dressed in a shrine maiden’s outfit
[x] A green-haired girl dressed in a shrine maiden’s outfit
[ ] A green-haired girl dressed in a shrine maiden’s outfit

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