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“So Death, we meet as foes,” you ask.

As he always has, Death takes the form of the traditional Grim Reaper. You stand in the greyish mists. There is no up nor down. It is a mere formality that you are even oriented along the same axis. Around, the greyish mists are collapsing.




It is the end of all things. Ragnarok, as the Norse called it. Reality ripped apart by primeval forces beyond even the comprehension of gods like Death. Mort, you once affectionately called him.

There is no affection or friendliness between the two of you now. The large, bearded waraxe is in your hands. The scythe is in his. You coil your screaming muscles like springs. They are tense, ready for explosive release. Though not noticeable, the cloaked figure of death readies himself in much the same way to strike against the black knight facing him.

Against a god like Death, this battle can be decided in only one blow. If that strike fails, the power held allows them to remake themselves as if the blow had never even happened.

Godslayer. Your ultimate technique. It is forged from years of experience. As you know, you must kill Death in only one blow. There are three components to the technique. Firstly, the physical blow must destroy the physical form of the god. For obvious reasons, this is only possible within their native realm. To kill an avatar does nothing. Secondly, the blow must destroy them at the spiritual level. To do such breaks their powers. However, without the third part, the previous two would be in vain. Thirdly, the attack must destroy the concept of the god itself. For example, when he killed the goddess of magic, the concept of magic was destroyed.

You see past the mere physical. You see into the spiritual. You see the concept of death. The axe is ready.

“It doesn't have to end this way,” says Death casually.

“You promised me my daughter. You made me kill her,” you growl back.

Because of your armor, Death cannot simply will you out of existence. He must physically cut you apart with his scythe. You know it will slice through the black plates like a hot knife through butter. Given how you must actually hit him to use Godslayer, Death can easily strike you. At best, you can hope for mutual death. Failure is your only other option. Do or die.

You spring forward, axe refracted beyond the physical to strike at all three simultaneously. It was attack by the only method you know. Concentrate maximum power into minimum area. Death charges. You roar into his face as your axe makes contact to allow Death to know exactly what is happening to him.

“God Slayer!”

His scythe, as you thought, slices through the black plates of your armor. It rips through your side, nearly to your side. It hurts as the armor is pierced. The armor has become as much a part of your body as your skin. You can never remove it. The tip of the scythe grazes your spine. However, God Slayer connects. Your mighty swing rips through Death, not only his physical form but his spiritual form and his very concept.

You fall mere feet from each other. You bleed out into the collapsing nothingness. Like shattered window, this realm is collapsing. It falls, revealing the black cessation of everything that is limbo.

Death says to you, dying, “From Hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath of thee.”

Growling, you answer, “What's that supposed to mean?”

Death, with his perpetual grin, replies, “With me dead, the concept of death no longer exists. You've condemned yourself to limbo. It would be better for you to die.”

“Never,” you answer, “It is all I need to see you smashed and broken, dying on the ground.”

And then, everything crunches in on itself. It is an explosion to end all explosions and the shockwave sends you flying through eternity.........

Feeling returns. Everything should be gone. You should be hurtling through limbo. But you're not. There should be nothing to sense. But there is. You open your eyes. Above is a clear sky. You laugh. You laugh so hard you feel your insides are going to explode.

Your hands claw at the grass. From nerves that have become one with the armor, you feel it is most definitely real. You're alive, but how? Death is dead, so your continued existence is not entirely surprising. You had simply thought the colossal forces would have ripped you apart. This, this was not what you expected. You extend your hand and make a familiar grasping motion. The axe that killed gods appears in your hands from the stuff of shadows. You release it from your grasp and it disappears.

You sit up. Death has been killed. There is no way to get your daughter back. What is left for you? What do you now with your existence?
[X] Stand up, observe surroundings. Be prudent
[X] Enjoy the peaceful sensation. Be merry.
[X] Stand up, observe surroundings. Be prudent
>Death has been killed. There is no way to get your daughter back. What is left for you? What do you now with your existence?

He must, obviously, go to Disney World.
[X] Stand up, observe surroundings. Be prudent

We just fucking killed death himself. We are so badass, We party by watching our surroundings.
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[X] Stand up, observe surroundings. Be prudent

This may be exactly where you're going with this, but I can straight up think of 2 people who may not be very happy with the idea of death gone.
second this.
Those two are still alive and kicking. What happened is something like the "Bang, Bang, Bang" Theory in that, the universe annihilates itself and then reforms from the ashes. Kind of like nuclear fission. However, since the concept of Death was killed, our friend here survived the remaking of the universe.
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[x] Enjoy the peaceful sensation. Be merry.

No way you said?
Sorry for double post. More correctly, the concept of did not die. Such important concepts are reborn because of their necessity.

Of course, Gensokyo being Gensokyo, things work a little different. The whole idea for this CYOA comes from a scrapped novel project of mine.
What? So nothing can die anymore?
Or do you mean the concept of death was remade because it was needed and he just slipped past it because his concept was killed?
He won't die even if you killed him?

I am confused.
No, he can die now because the concept was reborn because of how important it is. As long as the concept exists, he can still be affected.

Since he killed death's concept, he did not cease to exist when the universe reformed. This is why he survived what amounts to the Big Bang.

Wow. I think I am as confusing as Kinoko Nasu.
I think what writefag is trying to say is this:
We killed Death. The universe cannot go on without Death, and fixes itself in the form of rebirth, killing off everything and starting anew. Since we killed Death and the very concept of it, We survived it. Anyone remember the Ray Sphere from inFAMOUS? Thats how I'm viewing it, only without us gaining any sort of powers (i think).

So basically, There's going to be no touhous in this land? Or when the universe was reborn, God said "fuck it" and sent us off to an already existing gensokyo?
You have the general idea. There are a few things where you are off. The universe was falling apart anyway, ready to be reborn. Killing Death simply accelerated the process. There is no "Big G" God in this. The closest might be the cycle of death and rebirth of the universe. Gensokyo, however, is special. The Border causes it to remain as a stable bubble, if you will, inside the universe regardless of its cycles. It stays stable. This is the Gensokyo we know and love.

You look around. It as you thought; you lie in a meadow. The grass a beautifully healthy shade of green. It bends and springs back softly in the wind. Something so simple, but so pleasant. However, you are a stranger in a strange land. It would be best to look for habitation, though you doubt it would go over well. For some reason, people find a mysterious figure in black Gothic plate to be rather intimidating if not outright evil.

You perform a quick scan of the landscape. In three places, you see the telltale marks of habitation. Little streams of smoke rise, spiraling through the air like ballerinas.

One comes from beyond a tall mountain. It's sharp lines rise up high into the sky, culminating in a white, snowcapped peak. At its base, you recognize the fine mist of waterfalls. Another comes from beyond a tall forest. You can see the beginnings of the gnarled and ancient limbs from where you stand. A third appears to come from beyond a series of gently rolling hills.

Compared to the hell from which you came, this is so peaceful. While not unwelcome, you find it to be almost disturbing. Perhaps, after centuries upon centuries of war and strife, such things have become alien. Perhaps you are unwelcome in such a world. You sigh, cuirass rising and falling like your own chest.

You wonder what you will do now. Perhaps you will become a protector for the weak. Though you can still be killed, you doubt that there will be anyone else who can face down a god. Of course, you are not infallible, so it might be better to simply avoid getting involved.

Right now, you are interested in a hot meal and a soft bed. Perhaps the locals will take kindly to you. The question is the direction in which you go.

[X]Go to the mountain
[X]Go past the hills
[X]Go through the forest
[X]Go to the mountain

This god may need to do a little more god slayin. Or ally with them, other gods help everyone else.
[X]Go to the mountain
Peace and quiet! Yeah right!
File 130879145895.jpg - (193.47KB, 1000x651 , GensokyoMapEnglish2.jpg) [iqdb]
Protagonist is not a god. One of the "rules" which he and Death followed but is not followed in Gensokyo (which more or less operates under its own rules) is that gods cannot directly face other gods. They need to use servants of some kind. The protagonist is a dead spirit who was given a body, kickass armor, and abilities. Then he was sent out over centuries and millenia and level grind-ed his way to god slaying.

Also, map of Gensokyo I forgot to put in story post.
[x] Go to the mountain

I just hope this won't end up as another Average Joe in Gensokyo.
[X]Go past the hills

The village might be this way.
I haven't read Average Joe in Gensokyo. I'm new here, so I don't know what sort of reputation it has (though I presume negative)
Overpowered MC who can win any fight against any touhou without breaking a sweat in a matter of seconds.
Meanwhile every touhou love him.

And if you are new here maybe read the sticky in /gensokyo/ for any questions you might have.
Indeed it's negative. It's basically a story with a very loosely held plot and gave a ton of power to the protagonist, who then basically wreaked pointless havoc across gensokyo. Eventually it started to collapse under its own weight. Its writer quit before the second great /blue/ purge ever got started.

Some folks are just worried that in your inexperience and over-eagerness that you'd do take the story to a stupid place or screw up another way.

You definitely want to explain the upcoming plot things better in story. But the story has some promise provided no grimderps take it into a "Kill all the touhous" type story.
[X] Go to the mountain.

This story seems interesting so far.
lolno. MC might be upper tier Touhou, but that doesn't mean he can roflstomp. Roflstomps are boring unless you have a hateon for stomped party. The only people he might be able to oneshot with God Slayer would be Kanako, Suwako, and other gods/goddesses. I'm not even sure if that would work because Touhou deities simply don't seem to really work as embodiments of concepts, which is a prerequisite for God Slayer to function.

Take it easy. This is not my first fanfic. I've been writing for several years now. Admittedly, this is my first 2nd Person CYOA.

Grimderp would be derp. The MC has no real reason to go "slaughter the touhous!" That would be stupid.
>garden of the sun is far from Yuukas mansion, while her mansion is right behind Reimus Shrine

This is the most horrible map of touhou I've seen.
[x] Go to the mountain
Is there even a canon map of Gensokyo?
No, But it's common sense that a high-level youkai would not be behind a shrine.
Makes sense to me. What else would be there, a group of fairies? That's absurd.
[X]Go to the mountain
[X]Go through the forest
[X]Go to the mountain
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There is something about the mountain. Perhaps it is the beauty of its solid form, perhaps a certain power emanating from the windswept crags. You decide to go towards the signs of habitation on the mountain. You raise a gauntleted hand to shade your eyes. The mountain is some miles away. You wish you had a mount of some sort, but you were never a mounted warrior. You always were a footman.

You begin the march. With your unnatural body, you feel no real fatigue from such a long march. You see the tiny flitting shapes with prismatic, gossamer wings. They remind you of the fairies you've seen across many realms. Some were helpful kind things. Some were malicious tricksters. Some were like animals. However, such thoughts do not trouble you. They do not antagonize you, and you do not antagonize them.

It is late in the afternoon when you reach the foothills of the mountain. You can see the spirals of drifting smoke. You need only push yourself a little more. Your sabaton-covered feet dig into the ground as the incline becomes more noticeable. There probably is a path somewhere, but it is not one that you can see. The going is tough, but you keep going forward.

At some points, the incline is so steep and the rock so smooth that you have to claw into the rock and use your upper body strength to lift yourself up. You can feel the burning in your muscles, but they respond to your will. You haul yourself onto the flat top of this rock face. The signs of habitation are closer. Behind your helmet, you smile. Perhaps you can find a soft bed and a hot meal. Right now, there is no conflict and after the machinations of Death, you wish for something simple.

The grass here bears a golden hue like ripe wheat. You smile; it looks especially nice into the ruddy rays of the fading sun. A single black feather drops and falls, fluttering and spinning, into your hand. You look above and see no crows, nor blackbirds, nor ravens. What then, could possibly the source of this feather?

“Hey you.”

You look around, immediately checking upward. The skill to remember to look up when mystical creatures are involved is one that you have found very useful. The grass bends as a girl with dark hair and large crow wings protruding from her back floats down. Her clothes consist of a plain white blouse and dark skirt. Her wooden sandals seem both impractical and unusual.

“Yes you.”

“What do you want with me?” you ask, attempting to avoid conflict.

“I want to know who you are and what you're doing around here. It's not often an outsider falls from the sky, but survives like you did. No outside nowadays wears anything like you are wearing.”

She procures a camera and snaps a quick picture of you. You are immediately confused and furrow your brow in concentration. What to do with this strange winged girl.

[X]Ignore her. Continue on your way.
[X]Answer politely. Omit details likely to trouble people such as your killing of Death.
[X]Answer boastfully. Mention your feats.
[x] Answer politely. Omit details likely to trouble people such as your killing of Death.
[X]Ignore her. Continue on your way.
Because this hasn't ever been tried before.
[x] Answer politely. Omit details likely to trouble people such as your killing of Death.

Simple, and without being a dick.
[X] Answer politely. Omit details likely to trouble people such as your killing of Death.
[X]Answer boastfully. Mention your feats.
[x] Answer politely. Omit details likely to trouble people such as your killing of Death.
[X]Answer politely. Omit details likely to trouble people such as your killing of Death.
Oh come on weren't we just talking about defending the weak
[X]Answer politely. Omit details likely to trouble people such as your killing of Death.
[X]Answer politely. Omit details likely to trouble people such as your killing of Death.

“I am not quite sure how things work here, but I was a servant of Death. I was his champion.”

You smile, recalling fond memories. You recall the good times you had as Death's -no, Mort's- Servant. Death was the bastard who had played with your heartstrings in a gamble for ultimate power.

“You see outside, the universe was collapsing in on itself to reform again. I had honestly expected to be ripped apart, but the shockwaves sent me flying through limbo. Then I awoke, laying a meadow. As of now, all I desire is a soft bed and a warm meal.”

She seems rather dubious. Obviously, things work differently here. She takes down notes in a small hardback notebook.

“Sorry if this is rude, but are you an animated suit of armor?”

You consider taking offense. There is flesh and blood beneath steel. However, it is an easy assumption to make. A normal human would have removed the armor by now, especially if rock-climbing was involve. You open the bevor of your armor to show that there is a visage under the armor.

“No, but the armor has become one with me. It might as well be my skin. I'm afraid I can't take it off.”

“Well,” she says, “There's a village up the mountain. I think you could spend the night.”

“Thank you. I have a question-rather a pair- for you. First of all, what is your name? Second, are you some sort of angel?”

She chuckles slightly at your angel comment. It seems as though she takes it as a complement.

“My name is Aya Shameimaru. As for what I am, I am a tengu, a type of youkai.”

You accept this explanation. Magical creatures refer to themselves by all sorts of names. These words do seem to remind of you Eastern mythologies. Or what you had assumed to be myth during your life before becoming Death's champion.

“I have a question, stranger,” says the girl, “What's your name? I can't simply refer to you as 'stranger' or 'outsider.' Another thing, you it might take you a while to get up their climbing. I could fly you up.”

You see she has several good points.

[X]Decline assistance
[X]Concern with regards to your weight.
[X]Accept assistance

[X]Give her your name (Write In)
[X]You've forgotten
[X] Accept assistance
[X] You've forgotten

Pretty open so far. Why not.
[X]Concern with regards to your weight.
[X]Accept assistance.

[X]You've forgotten.

So, were we from the Discworld universe? Because I remember a Mort being Death's apprentice at one point...
Mort was just a friendly nickname between them before excrement hit the rotary device. It's a Latin pun. "Mors, mortis" means "death."

No relation to Discworld (smallcaps Death would never be as much of a dick)
[X]Concern with regards to your weight.
[X]Accept assistance.

[X]You've forgotten.
[X]Concern with regards to your weight.
[X]You've forgotten.
>Death would never be as much of a dick
Goddamn, he must have been some piece of work.
[X]Concern with regards to your weight.
[X]You've forgotten.
[X]Concern with regards to your weight.
[X]Accept assistance.

[X]You've forgotten.
Would you like me explain Death's dickery and manipulation or save that for an in-story rant or something?
in-story rant
[X] Badass in-story rant
[x] Concern with regards to your weight.
[x] You've forgotten.
-[x] Fake Name "Maximilian"

I'm tempted to think up a pun name based on the armor we're wearing. But the best I can think of is Max, short for Maximilian, which is the successor to the Gothic armor.

But Max sounds kind of dull so maybe Maximilian?
[x] Concern with regards to your weight.
[x] You've forgotten.
[x] "Bram, But that's only what Death himself has called me once."

By this logic limbo hell and heaven should remain,but are now inaccessible.

Higan should cease to exist because all they are are a preserved second option, with death itself gone, Higan, like the Youkai who didn't go to gensokyo should slowly fade away, seeing as higan as never truly a sect of death to begin with but rather a place brought on by belief and faith.

Infact, all the branches from the main cycle should end up withering away, unless a new entity is formed to replace the old.

if this is not the case, then I have no clue what the fuck the writer is doing, unless this is going to involve the return of Sariel to power, which would be rather hard, considering how she is a wish granting fairy now.
>Higan should cease to exist because etc etc etc
>By this logic limbo hell and heaven should remain,but are now inaccessible.

I think you answered your own question.
you overlooked the part where the universe rebooted and did a system restore on itself. BKAnon only survived due to lacking the ability to die until it was finished.
You really need to take it easy. Besides, I did explain as others pointed out. If that is insufficient, blame Yukari's powers in separating Gensokyo from the outside.

[X]Accept Assistance
[X]Concern with regards to weight
[X]You've forgotten

You ponder for a moment. You freeze. How could you forget something so intrinsic to you. It's insane. It's mind boggling. You fail to remember the basis of who you are. You've forgotten your own name.

“I'm sorry,” you say honestly, “I've forgotten.”

She merely shrugs.

“I thought you'd be more surprised.”

“It wouldn't be the strangest thing around these parts.”

“I'm not sure you'd be able to carry me. Right now, I weigh upwards of two-hundred fifty pounds.”


Aya seems confused. Then you realize that she might not be familiar with pounds. So you decide to try kilograms.

“I weigh around one-hundred twenty-five kilograms, an eighth of a tonne.”

“This girl is stronger than she looks, y'know,” replies the short-haired tengu, “Now stay still.”

You do as much and feel arms reach under your armpits.

“Mind the pauldrons and besagews,” you say, worried that she might cut herself on the jutting bits of metal. Unlike a horseman's armor, the pauldrons are symmetrical as you have no need to couch a lance. Then you realize that she probably lacks the in-depth knowledge of armor you have. She understands the implication of your words and avoids laceration.

The black wings beat, pulsing like a heartbeat to slowly achieving liftoff. The mountain rushes past you, green and brown and black blurring into brief streaks of color. You slow down and find village built into terraces. It reminds you of a rural Japan.

She gracefully lands on a path to the village. You walk for some time along the narrow path. You look down. To fall right now would be rather bad. By this time, night has fallen, casting pale moonlight upon the rocks.

As you would expect, there were a pair of guards armed with shield and spear guarding the path. It would take all of ten seconds to deal with them should push come to shove.

“Aya, who's that?” asks one.

“He's an outsider looking for, as he put it, 'a hot meal and a soft bed.' I didn't see any reason not to oblige him with hospitality.”

“Stranger,” one asks, “Are you armed?”

“Not at the moment, no,” you respond. You really don't want to get into a fight and have to cut them down. It would be a shame.

“Could you become armed?”


“He doesn't seem like that black and white witch,” says one.

“You may pass,” says the other after a quick moment of hesitation.

You smile pleasantly as you pass, but then realize that your mouth is concealed by the armor.
Aya grabs your hand and leads you off somewhere.

“Alright,” she says, “You can spend the night at my place, but in return, you give me a proper interview.”


I see no reason to refuse the nice tengu reporter.
[x] Accept

Why not? She gave us a lift.
There are no benefits whatsoever (both in-story and of narration) in refusing this offer.
Aya route is a go. Preparing lift-off.
[X] Accept.
It's only fair.
Can't possibly go wrong, though declining may be worse.
Actually, forget what I said, Chances are Higan is still up and running seeing as they only deal in reincarnation, Japanese hell and makai which are completely different realms to which Grim would have dealt with, that are supported by their own existence.

If anything, the major problem down there would most likely be an influx of souls that technically by right and ownership are not theirs to manage, meaning Komachi might get overworked and another 60 year incident might happen early, at best.

Though Grim's death would potentially serve as another problem to the Higan branch but perhaps not one that I can think of.

If anything, any of the border deathgod crew may just go looking for us, of course this depends on the consistency of Aya's report.

We might want to check for consistency when we go over it as to make sure the story is told correctly.

Then Again Aya would fall right into the bitch tier if she dicked around with it, seeing as it is very sad and moving.
[x] Accept

They seem pretty open to strangers. Must be Aya paving the way i think.
Dude. The universe got blown the fuck up/imploded. I dont think souls would survive that.

If anything, Gensokyo is a universe all on its own. It's based in japan, But it was split from it, Therefore making it an alternate universe/dimension. I honestly doubt Komachi's getting a single soul from what happened anyways.
File 130902278093.jpg - (52.51KB, 464x378 , 1301250506691.jpg) [iqdb]
>Thinks its possible to completely annihilate a soul.

Someone needs to go visit their local church.
File 130902810219.jpg - (33.64KB, 720x400 , Blanklystaredat.jpg) [iqdb]
Implying that religion is anything other than silly bullshit.
Please don't start a religionfag vs atheistfag flamewar. I've been involved in a few and don't want that crap in my thread. If you want to do so, please do it elsewhere.

Thank you.
File 130903732714.jpg - (50.02KB, 420x420 , 1269117417685.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh look, a religion troll. How quaint.
>Missed the point entirely
>Not knowing that that in every christfag faith,souls cannot be destroyed
>Story clearly gives away the fact that we are dealing with heaven, hell, and limbo.
I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you're a troll and not an idiot for being this ignorant.
>There is no "Big G" God in this.
This is pretty clearly not even an Abrahamic universe, let alone a "christfag" one. In fact:

>The closest might be the cycle of death and rebirth of the universe.
This is sounding a lot like Buddhism, where a specific tenet of belief is that nothing is permanent, least of all the self or anything else that could be called a 'soul'.

Not that >>142998 isn't a moron who missed the point entirely, but that doesn't automatically make >>142990 right.
Big money big money no whammy no whammy stop. Congrats, You got the big money. You get to go home with a whooping prize known as "Proving an obvious point."

Seriously, The touhou universe is Shinto or Buddhist, Therefore any sort of 'religion' in this story can be assume as one of the two. However, That doesnt change the fact that Death has nothing to do with religion as far as I know.
I'm fine with this sort of discussion, but I'll ask you to cut that shit out if I feel it gets out of hand. Please be somewhat mature.

Note that I'm not trying to make a religious message in this story. Spiritual themes in here are separate from my own beliefs or lack thereof.

Keep it cool and levelheaded, and I'm fine with this sort of thing. Just don't needlessly antagonize each other, guys.
File 130907439775.png - (13.31KB, 800x600 , Subtelty.png) [iqdb]
Oh no, I got the point. I was just responding to the implied, subtle you might say, message in the post. You know, the one you (two?) seem to have missed. It's why I'm not that upset that the conversation is going right over your head.

He was treating the subject seriously and with personal conviction. He wasn't treating or discussing it as a story or plot issue as >>143014 or >>143017 have.
>Abrahamic god
> Not existing in the touhou universe
Come back to me when you remember who was the final boss in the hell route of TH1.
Last time I checked, she didn't belong to no wacky-jap religion
>Grim reaper
>implying the PC-98 games hold any relevance to windows era
ohohohoho anon you so funny
get that anti-PC-98 faggotry out of here.

Why can't we just enjoy the story instead of having these regilious pissing contests?
>Anti PC-98
Now you've got me interested in that story, faggot. I'm going to read it, and vote for every PC-98 related option. Have a good day.
Which story? I think you missed some of my context.
Because we're all idiots of course.
File 130918782642.jpg - (833.41KB, 850x985 , ayashameimaru.jpg) [iqdb]

“Not at all a problem,” you respond.

She drags you down the torchlit streets. The thatched roofs of the buildings are nostalgic. They remind you of your first mission as Death's servant. You ended up in a world of swords and sorcery. There, you smashed apart the witches, servants of the Goddess of magic. You recall your original motive for accepting Death's offer: revenge. Witches had taken your daughter and killed you in front of her. You died, ribcage spread open like an angel's wings and silently cursing them for you had not a tongue with which to speak.

These are bad thoughts, thoughts you buried centuries ago.

Was it really that long ago you took up this black armor?

Was it really that long ago you almost found love again?

You shake your head to clear your mind and simply let Aya lead you onwards to her home. It is much like the other buildings. The raised portion toward the rear reminds you of the camelback shotgun in which you were born and raised.

The black-haired tengu girl unlocks the door and invites you inside her domicile. Inside, the walls have been painted with a mural of the skyline from some point of the mountain. It truly is a beautiful piece. Artistic and soft strokes create details to make it seem lifelike.

“You like?” asks Aya.

“It's really something. I thought that you were more into photography, though.”

“I am. Someone else painted it. I'm not complaining; it's nice. Now, I'll make something to eat. You should probably take a bath or something.”

“I'm kind of bonded to a suit of armor. I'm not sure how well that would go.”

“It's not watertight, is it?”

“Well, no-”

“Then go relax, stranger. You're my guest; I insist.”

“Wait, do you have some sort of light oil?” you ask.

“I do. What for?”

“My armor,” you answer simply.

She shows you to the bath. It is in its own room. The walls and floor are made from bamboo boards. You are careful with the light-colored wood, not wanting to damage it with your armor. Aya hands you a small white rag and bottle of light oil. She smiles and leaves, walking over to the kitchen. You step carefully into the hot water of the bath. Chances are, magic is used to heat it.

The hot liquid seeps in through the cracks and gaps in your armor. It seeps in through the mail. It is soothing, a catharsis. Soon enough, you leave the warm water and begin to towel yourself dry, being careful not to tear your host's towels. Then you pour some of the oil onto the rag and begin to rub it into the metal and leather. The plates of black armor are first. Once you finish, the they gleam with an obsidian luster. Then comes the mail. The rings are trickier, but all they require is a light coat. Their natural rustling works the oil into them. The leather then feels the gentle oil, renewing its flexibility.

“I'm finished,” you say through the sliding wooden door separating you from Aya.

“Almost,” she says. You notice she is barefoot, having taken off her sandals at the door. Damn. You would have removed your boots for politeness's sake if you could.

“Sorry about your floor,” you say.

“Don't mention it. I believe you when you say you can't get out of that armor.”

Her clothes now are more relaxed and less formal. It is a pleasant change. For someone who seemed so focused, it is good to know that she can relax.

She motions for you to kneel at the low table. No chairs, you notice. Soon, dinner is served. Steamed rice with millet bread. Sliced and pan-fried game meat. A light miso with onions and celery. The odor is heavenly and ambrosial. She hands you glazed teacup. She gives a short prayer before digging into the food. For your part, you don't even know if the gods are worth prayers. Besides, you are a god slayer.

You find the food to be delicious. Thankfully, you are able to use chopsticks.

“So,” she begins, rudely pointing at you with her own chopsticks, “How did you end up encased in that armor of yours?”

“It's a long story. My daughter was kidnapped by servants of the goddess Magic. They also killed me. When I died, I met Death in the form of a robed skeleton who carried around a scythe. He made me an offer I couldn't refuse. He offered me an opportunity to get my daughter back and take revenge. In exchange, I had to become his Servant. Now, your bog-standard spirit can't do terribly much. So, I got a body. To deal with the caliber of opponents which I was to face, it had be stronger and faster but, most importantly, tougher.”

You clench a fist.

“Definitely tougher,” you continue, “This body can repair itself from almost any normal or magical attack. This armor was protect from other things. Mainly, it keeps my body going past the point where it breaks itself apart. It also prevents outside influences like a god, for example, pointing at me and deciding that I die.”

She nods. You eat the meal she cooked. The meat is particularly nice.

“You mentioned that you could become armed. Would you please show me?”

You smile slightly as you set down the chopsticks and reach out your right hand. You motion as if wrapping your fingers around handle. From the essence of shadows, a familiar weight forms. The gleaming blade is in your hands. It is truly an amazing weapon, lacking any sort of special ability. Still.

This axe has slain gods.

Aya smiles as she sees it.

“It fits you, an axe.”

You chuckle slightly.

“Would you tell me about this Death?”

“What for?”

“Well, we have our own 'Death' here. She doesn't resemble yours outside of the scythe.”

“She!” you exclaim, “Death has no real gender! It's just a concept given form by the gestalt consciousness of the universe! I just called Death 'he' for the sake of convenience!”

She makes a placating motion with her hands.

“Calm down. Geez.”

You take a deep breath.

“I think you need to travel around Gensokyo. While obviously used to the fantastic, it is nothing like here. You should take it easy,” says the crow tengu.

“Yeah, I probably should you reply.”

The dinner ends in pleasant silence.

“Where will I be sleeping?” you ask.

“Well, “I have a spare futon,” she says, “Or you can sleep with me~”


“Yes. You're pretty much a suit of armor and a probably a widower. I don't think you will do anything perverted.”

She has a point.

[X]Sleep with Aya
[X]Take the guest futon
[X]Take the guest futon
[X]Take the guest futon
He's fucking heavy. He needs to find a way to hide the armor or he'll keep drawing attention and getting uncomfortable during social situations.
[X]Take the guest futon
[X]Take the guest futon
Yeah, I imagine Aya will be uncomfortable sleeping next to a living suit of armor.
[X] Take the guest futon
[X]Sleep with Aya
[X]Take the guest futon

At least this way if BKMC a restless sleeper, the most he'll end up maiming with his armor would be said guest futon rather than Aya...
[X]Sleep with Aya
Clankin all night long.

But on a serious vote...
[X]Take the guest futon
[x] Take the guest futon
That ever wearing Armor is a annoying. We should find a way to make it possible to take it off and only wear it for combat situations.
It does prevent someone like Yukari just punting you across the border of life and death.
[X]Sleep with Aya.

Sir Tide, I am going to piss all over you, and there is nothing you can do about it.
Sleeping next to someone full armor sounds like a good way to get yourself a few broken bones and lacerations.
Youkai are somewhat tougher than humans.
I've heard that water can be somewhat wet.
Very clever, but MC wouldn't cut up Aya. She came out unblemished after flying him up the mountain. You would expect the mail to chafe at her skin, but it didn't.
[X]Sleep with Aya

Not like This Armour has a opening flap or special ultra evil hyper weapon so fuck it.
[X]Sleep with Aya
You might want to wait a bit to reply to many people at once instead of making many few word posts.
Why do I get an image Of a Black armoured Warhammer 40k Space marine hugging Aya in a futon with his massive arms around her as she is wide awake in terror praying not to be crushed?

And why does it sound so adorable?
Why can I imagine that so clearly, even through I don't know what the fuck is a Space Marine?
[X]Sleep with Aya

a bit of company might help him sleep, though I hope he learns to will his armor away and back again as well it's a major pain.
Why do I get the feeling that poor Aya is going to end up dreaming our nightmares, so when she wakes up she is too disturbed to do the report and tries to avoid it as much as she can?
[X] Sleep with Aya
Just want to see how it'll play out.
File 130922880628.jpg - (113.48KB, 667x1000 , 1218753779079.jpg) [iqdb]
This is a Space Marine. You do not, generally, wish to fuck with him.
[x] Take the guest futon.
[X] Sleep with Aya

[X]Sleep with Aya

Seriously, why would anyone pick anything else?
[X]Take the guest futon
File 13092706485.jpg - (89.14KB, 473x199 , Yum yum.jpg) [iqdb]
Oooh, so that's a space marine?
I'm playing tyranids, so I always call them "canned food".
[X] Sleep with Aya

Works for me.
[x] Sleep with Aya
No comment needed
[X]Take the guest futon

[X]Sleep with Aya
Why the hell not? Sleeping alone would be boring.
[X]Take the guest futon

I'm trying to get a picture of what are Knight friend looks like.
But all I see is a hulking 4-foot wide and 7-foot tall Space Marine. Is that it? Or is he more like your intro picture?
File 130931497122.jpg - (48.49KB, 335x780 , gothic_armour.jpg) [iqdb]
His armor is more like the picture with this post. As far as size goes, MC is 6 feet tall, rather bulkily built, and weighs 220 pounds. Not fat by any means, but a pretty large guy.

The picture in the OP is pretty close. MC does not really resemble a Warhammer 40k Space Marine.
[X]Take the guest futon
>Not monstrus space marine/Deathknight hybrird
Thanks for crushing our hopes and dreams

Does he still look like that image but black and bulkier?
Thank You.
I'm happy that I am wrong about that.
Short update, but it was a natural stopping point.

Good night

Yes, black and bulkier.

[X]Take the guest futon

“If you don't mind, I'll take the guest futon,” you say, “If my armor tears it up, it was just a spare.”

That's always been something of a problem. You've been trying fix it, but you really can't.

“Couldn't you just take off the armor?” asks Aya.

“I've been trying for a while to no avail,” you reply somewhat irately.

You decide to soften it a little bit at her distraught expression.

“It's an honest mistake. I get it all the time.”

Aya smiles, which make you feel better. You can't help but want to be kind to cute girls. She then pulls out a futon which she lays on the floor. The she flies up to her own room. When you have wings, stairs are pointless. You lay down on your back. There is really no need for a blanket when you wear heavy armor.

You stair the ceiling for some time before falling asleep. You dream.

[X]Dream of your life
[X]Dream of your service after death
I wish I could choose what to dream.

[X]Dream of your life
File 130941099981.jpg - (101.59KB, 850x1043 , 6a9e150376abb630a2475e5fcf2725a7.jpg) [iqdb]
>You can't help but want to be kind to cute girls
oh that pimp.
After all that hard life he needs to settle down and lead a quiet life, as a guy in an armor, with a cute girl.

[x] Dream of your life
hopefully out of it one day. This story's Aya has made a strong nice impression on me.

[x] Dream of your life
[X] Dream of your life

I would never want to wake up.
[X] Dream of your life.
Funny enough, "Mort" may be "Mortis" shortened, but it's also the french word for "Death".

[X]Dream of your service after death
A nice guy in a full armor decorated with spikes? Why not? I see nothing wrong here.
[X] Dream of your life.

Never did like dreaming about "shop" as it just makes me feel more tired afterwards among other things; even if I enjoy what I'd do I wouldn't be dreaming about work.
[x] Dream of your life

I would vote the other option to piss on the tides, But the other ones stupid.
[X]Dream of your life
[X] Dream of your life
Well, this was shorter than i thought. New stories usual go on for 1 or 2 threads before the writer quitting.
They might just be busy; it's too soon to assume anything.
Just working on a short story for submission to a publication. Doing a little novel prewriting.

As you drift into sleep, memories claim hold to you. It has been centuries since you were alive, rather than a spiritual servant able to take form. Your mind goes back to that small span of time, perhaps 40 years.

Growing up in small farm. You remember your formative years. You had to wake much earlier than you did later in life. Tiny hands brush past wheat. The warmth of the sun on your face as your father takes you on a tractor joyride. Shooting your first rabbit. Then your first deer. That first .22 rifle, awkward and large, built for someone much larger. But it was yours. Then shooting daddy's Mauser, which he'd taken home as a trophy. He preffered his Garand for big game.

Your teenage years went past. The only thing you can really remember is your white Ford. She was a fixer-upper, but she took you out across the flat open expanses and gave a little romantic privacy.

Then came the war. Like most, you volunteered. It was the conscripts that got all the attention, but most boys had came on their own accord. Mud and blood. Brief flashes of fire. Still, the people were a good people. You liked them, and they liked you. Then you left, found a girl, and got hitched. You moved into the city and had one beautiful daughter.

It shames you to admit that you can't even recall your wife's face, but you can picture your daughter's so clearly. Sandy blonde hair, green eyes, and freckles. A short but pointy nose. She always liked her hair in pigtails. You thought they were adorable.

Then came the strangeness. She started hanging out with a different crowd. She didn't want to be with you. You were sad, but you thought it was just a part of your little girl growing up. If only you knew then what you know now. You would have taken her away and put a bullet through their brains.

It was one summer day. You had just brought your little girl home. Her friends knocked on the door and asked to come inside your house. You let them in. A sudden force slammed you back as chains bound you against the wall. They were going to take your daughter, turn her into a witch. You struggled, but they found a fitting way to end you. Your very own white Ford. Except into your face at speed as fast as a pitcher's throw.

You wake up. Something soft is pressed against you. You crane your neck to see Aya snuggling up against you. It is not quite light. You resign yourself to being snuggled by the tengu girl. More time passes.

You here a sharp rapping.

“Aya?” asks someone.

The person in question remains fast asleep.

“Aya!” comes a loud yell.

Then the door bursts in.


But you're locked in a suit of armor!

[X]Get better look at new person.
[X]Denounce claims of perverted actions.
[X]You have an axe to grind.
[X]Get better look at new person.

Analyze then act. That and Aya would be upset when she wakes up.
[X]Get better look at new person.
Sorry about the wait. I dun goofed.
[X] Get better look at new person.
Gentlemen, I propose that our MC's armor was somehow removed in his sleep and his sleep-addled brain simply hasn't been able to register this fact yet.

Evidence #1:
>Something soft is pressed against you.
You wouldn't be able to tell if you were wearing armor.

Evidence #2
>You crane your neck to see Aya snuggling up against you.
Nobody would snuggle up to a cold metal suit of armor.

Evidence #3:
I highly doubt that this would be anyone's reaction to seeing a friend laying in bed with a man in full plate, Gensokyo or not.

I rest my case.

[X]Denounce claims of perverted actions.
[X]Get better look at new person.

Works for me~!
You seem to be forgetting; he's a spirit. The armor? Yeah, That's his body. As if half the story didnt already point to it.

[X]Get better look at new person.
[X]Shush the new person. Aya is sleeping.
-[x] Ask him/her/it how exactly are you a pervert whilst in full body armor.
[X]Shush the new person. Aya is sleeping.
-[x] Ask him/her/it how exactly are you a pervert whilst in full body armor.
[+]Shush the new person. Aya is sleeping.
-[+] Ask him/her/it how exactly are you a pervert whilst in full body armor.
File 131241172995.jpg - (854.61KB, 1500x1611 , momiji.jpg) [iqdb]
I would like to write a fight scene, but this was a good moment for choice. Also planning on updating weekly.


This is ridiculous, but before you do anything hasty, you decide to try and figure out who the newcomer is. The newcomer appears to be a wolf girl. Not the strangest thing you've seen by far. What you see when you look into the realm of the conceptual is far stranger. She looks like a warrior with her shield and sword.

“First of all, how am I supposed to do anything perverted when I am in a full suit of armor. There aren't any openings in interesting locations. As you can see, my hands are close to me. Who are you?”

Aya rustles, stretches, and wakes up behind you.

“Momiji, is that you? What're you doing? Why'd you barge in like that?”

“Well, you're usually up early and it's quite late now, so I was worried. Who's this?”

“I dunno. He doesn't really know either. But an outsider like him is something different. Plus he was lost. So, I extended hospitality in exchange for an interview.”

Suddenly, a devious look crosses Aya's face. What could she possibly have planned?

“Well, the two of you are both warriors, right?” she began.

We both nodded.

“Why don't you duel, no danmaku, and the loser buys tea? Besides, people always seem to bond over beating each other senseless.”

Momiji seems hesitant. You aren't quite sure either. But this doesn't sound like a duel to the death.

[X]Agree to duel.

Last time I checked Momo sucked at danmaku and so do we, the last thing we want to do is to spam godslayer in infinite quantity on Momo and cause unwanted damage, or draw in unwanted attention by doing so.
[x] Decline

We're no barbarian.
Actually, she can't be God Slayer-ed because she doesn't embody any particular concept. Yukari, OTOH, could be hit with it because she embodies the concept of "Borders."

You also have a more than a little fighting experience of your own, as you didn't spend all your time looking for gods and slaying them. There were other things, like mortal minions of aformentioned gods, that Death wanted killed.
[X] Decline

If we're going to be beaten up, it will be by Reimu's Plot-Hax.
MC stands a very good chance. He has millenia of experience, magic armor, and something to deal with pesky ranged attackers that won't come in cleaving range.
File 131243313449.png - (123.75KB, 550x400 , cap68.png) [iqdb]
[X]Agree to duel.

Writer wants to write a fight scene; I want to read a fight scene. Perfect.
Please, no walfas picture, okay?

[X]Agree to duel.
Pissing against the bandwagon because I think someone has to do it. And also because I want to see MC being defeated by a girl.
[X]Agree to duel.
[X]Agree to duel.

>Why don't you duel, no danmaku

So why are we all complaining about how MC cant use Danmaku again?
[X]Agree to duel.

I don't think he'd go overboard as the stakes aren't that high even.
File 131249825990.jpg - (228.00KB, 802x1000 , fzberserker.jpg) [iqdb]
It's time to d-d-d-d-duel. Expect the after battle tea later tonight or tomorrow. To qualify better on my planned updating schedule. I plan on updating at least once a week. Anyway, here's an update. Expect the a choice in the next.

After some time, you answer.

“Sure. Why not? I promise to go easy on you.”

You don't intend any arrogance; you just have so much experience behind you. You instantly regret your words upon seeing the fire in her eyes. Still, you can tell this is going to be fun. The axe forms in your hands.

“I think it would be worth my while,” says the white-haired wolf tengu, also agreeing.

You walk into a practice clearing. The ground is sandy but rough enough for traction. Aya has her camera out and ready. You settle into a sort of tunnel vision. It's only you and her. Aya put he fingers into her mouth for a high pitched whistle.

Lightning fast comes her first strike a long lunge from a low stance, not unlike a fencer's. You pivot to the side of the strike. You step forward, spinning around to build up extra force for your. It's an easily telegraphed strike, but it is a necessity in the battle of sword against axe.

The axe, unlike the sword, is slow, deliberate weapon. An axe of similar weight will never match a sword's agility. Neither is it able to have the sword's versatility in terms of striking surfaces. The edges have a much smaller surface than that of a sword. You can't thrust and stab with an axe. However, the axe when properly handled will gain speed and become faster with each swing flowing into another until the point when it connects. There, the smaller edge imparts far more force than a sword every could, smashing through armor and flesh and bone alike. However, such a hit must be successful or the process must begin anew.

The shield deflects the blow with ease. She, this Momiji, undoubtedly possesses a level a strength above human. Thankfully, so do you. She slips under your guard. Fast, very fast. The sharp tip of her sword is aimed to punch through the mail protecting your armpit and into your ribcage. You clamp your arm to your side, catching the blade. She tries to trip you, but you remain firm. The buckler move, slamming into the visor. With her strength, it smashes your nose in and pops your eyes like water balloons. Blood, almost like tears, flows from ruined sockets. It flows down from the helmet and drips onto the ground.

“Are you okay?” she asks, undoubtedly gazing in concern.

“I'll be better.”

And you will. They always go for the eyes. But they always reform. It is the armors curse. At first you could remove it, but the more you were injured, the more it healed you, the more it grew attached to you. By now, your body is simply one with the armor, having been injured in so many ways. To show your daughter your face, you had to nearly rip your head off to remove the helmet. Even so, you ripped away most of the skin on your face to look upon her. Sight returns and you pick up your axe.

“I'm ready.”

“You sure?”

“Look into my eyes. They're there now.”

She does and brings the sword back into a guard position. The axe is ready. This time, it is you making the first move. She slips around, but you smoothly direct the axe. Unlike the sword, which acts like an extension of your body, the axe becomes your body, pulling you along. Though you control it, you must follow the axe.

One swing. Dodged. She counter and you must shift your weight to keep the axe in motion. You would waste too much energy doing that.

Another swing. Aimed at her legs. She jumps and replies with a thrust that simply is deflected by the excellent design of your armor.

A third swing. It's so fast now that she must block it with her shield. She is thrown back and you advance, keeping the axe in motion.

A fourth. Her sword sends it downward, but this allows you to bring it around for an overhand blow.

A fifth and the blade stops mere millimeters from her hat and splitting her skull. She falls back, having braced herself against a blow that never came.

“It's my win, I suppose.”

You offer a hand to help her up. She takes it with a smile.

“I guess that the tea is on my tab.”

“I got some great photos for the article!” exclaims Aya.
>Fate/Zero Berserker
This means we can expect F-15-borne aerial battles, right?
[X]Agree to duel.
well story updated while I was reading it that's a first
>With her strength, it smashes your nose in and pops your eyes like water balloons. Blood, almost like tears, flows from ruined sockets. It flows down from the helmet and drips onto the ground.

>“Are you okay?” she asks, undoubtedly gazing in concern.

That is the most concerned sounding sentence I've ever seen.
I'll make her relative lack of concern considering the extent of the injury clear in the next update.

The no danmaku is intentional. I want to write fights more brutal and visceral than most Touhou fics with higher stakes at high level battles.

Also, expect lots of eye injuries as its a natural point for people unable to break through the armor via brute force to aim. Also, recovering from someone stabbing you in the fucking eye to continue fighting is pretty badass.
>With her strength, it smashes your nose in and pops your eyes like water balloons.


I don't think she's that strong my good sir, nor ever should be, even if she is a youkai.

Last time i checked tengu's weren't renowned for physical strength.

Now don't you do this again, save you ruin another's powerlevel.
It really is not breaking power levels. A rather hard metal object is striking one of the softest and squishiest parts of the body with a fair amount of force. I don't see how this is breaking the power level when you take into account what hit him (the rim of the shield) and where. Expect an update tonight or tommorrow.
>tengu not known for their power

Excuse me when I say that White Wolf tengu are warriors for a reason.
Sorry guys. Ended up DMing today, so I had to put some stuff together and I'll be out for the night. Update delayed.
From the perspective of someone unacquainted with combat of that form the shield bash might seem at best a distraction or delay tactic, but when you consider the force one can place behind a shield attached to the forearm, the sheer weight of that strike coupled with what might be a heavy shield can become absolutely deadly.

Maces and Zweihanders fall under the same base principle. Regardless of how much armor or defense you muster the sheer impact can cause significant damage, especially in a strike to the head.
The only thing that might offer some contention is that Momiji isn't using a heavy shield but a small buckler. Though, as you've said her exceptional strength could probably counteract this.
Tengu are known for their generally high abilities without much in the way of weaknesses. It's easy to say that they're above most normal youkai in many regards.
No good picture for this update (sadly), but at least you have a choice.
After some time, you find yourself having tea at a small shop. You get a strange look followed by a shrug. Of course, someone like you is strange. It's a semi-outdoor affair as you sit on a stool which creaks somewhat ominously. You do what you can is lower the bevor to allow yourself to eat and drink.

“That was impressive,” says Momiji, smiling brightly.

You return with a grin of her own. Hers is quite infectious.

“So were you. Why does everyone go for the eyes?”

“Eyes?! I was aiming for your nose!”

“It's alright. I can heal and I got better. You got my nose too, so you hit the mark,” you say, trying to joke. It fails horribly and she gets even more concerned; you always were awkward with this sort of thing. It was something that endeared you to your wife, though she is long gone and her soul devoured. You'll never see her again.


Aya snaps you back to reality from your melancholy.

“Sorry, sorry,” you say.

“What's on your mind?”

“Sorry, just some silly introspection.”

“About what,” she asks, “Perhaps this could be useful for the article.”

“It's personal. I really would rather not talk about it.”

“I can understand. A good reporter knows when to back off,” she replies, smiling.

“So, what do you want to ask?” you say, wanting to simply deal with it now.

She crosses her legs and take out her notebook and a pencil.

“How old are you?”

“Now, roughly two-thousand years old.”

“What are you?”

“A phantasm bound to a set of cursed armor, in all honesty.”

“What did you do?”

“For most my existence, I've been a soldier. A brief stint, during my life, and most of my afterlife.”

She continues and you enjoy the pleasant morning which drifts away

“Well, I'm done for the moment. There are a few places you might want to go. You could go visit the ghost princess Yuyuko and learn about the ghosts here. You probably should see Reimu, the Hakurei shrine maiden and learn more about the rules of Gensokyo. Another person you might want to see would be the Yama of Xanadu and her subordinate, the shinigami.”

[X]Go see Reimu
[X]Go see Yuyuko
[X]Go see the Yama and shinigami
[X]Go see Reimu

[X]Go see the Yama and shinigami
It'd be my first choice. First of all, I'm in the afterlife, so I may want to ask a judge how I'm doing so far.
Second, I'd want to meet the concept of death in this realm.
[X]Go see the Yama and shinigami
[X]Go see the Yama and shinigami

Having been one of Death's minions in another universe, it would probably be best to go ensure the local psychopomps that we have no intention of horning in on their turf. Especially so Komachi can't try to saddle us with all that work she keeps shirking.

...Okay, I admit it, I'm just trying to steer things toward Komachi's boobs.

Oh, and...


...It is now pretty much required that we eventually beat someone up with their own weapons.
[X]Go see Reimu

Might as well learn the law of the land before doing anything else.
[X]Go see Yuyuko
[X]Go see the Yama and shinigami

Might as well see what rules Death plays by in this world. Maybe we can see the others later, if time permits.
Calling for Yama and Komachi. Please wait warmly.

Since I've been using English name order, I'm keeping it even if Eiki Shiki doesn't sound as cool as Shiki Eiki. Sorry.
File 131346080986.jpg - (30.21KB, 467x310 , tatra-mountains-zakopane.jpg) [iqdb]
Something of a short update. I don't mind write-in options for this.


“I think I'll go see the Yama -Judge of the Dead, right- and your Death. Might as well see how things work for dead folks like me,” you say.

Aya crosses her legs and smiles.

“Go to hell.”

“Huh,” you say, most eloquently.

Aya breaks into full blown laughter, and Momiji smiles and chuckles.

“The Yama, Eiki Shiki, is usually in Hell, not the former Hell we call the Underground. You'd be better off going to the Sanzu River and asking for the shinigami, Komachi Onozuka to ferry you over to the bank. She'll be able to get you to the Yama.”

“Well, how do I get there?” you say.

“It really depends. Since, you're dead. Chances are, you'll simply end up there. But you ended up here rather than wandering to the Sanzu. There's another set of mountains. Go over them and you'll find the Sanzu. You'll see some other dead spirits and will probably need to cut in line. You might also meet Yukari.”

“Yukari, who's Yukari?” you ask.

“Yukari Yakumo, Youkai of Borders. Meeting her is something unique, but I imagine she will be asleep at this time. She's probably the most powerful being in Gensokyo. Don't anger her. Luckily, she's lazy, not malevolent.”

“I'll keep that in mind. I think I'll set out now.”

“Really. Alright.”

“Ah, Stranger...”

It was Momiji.

“If you would like, I'd be willing to go with you. Someone like you without danmaku would get into too many lethal fights. I might not be the best, but I think you could use the help.”

[X]Let Momiji come with you.
[X]You can handle yourself.
[X]Let Momiji come with you.

She's right, someone may want to simply say hello (danmaku for no good reason is basicly hello in Gensokyo) and then they get disected. This will piss off the shrine maiden and then our (un?)life will be full of incident.
[X]Let Momiji come with you.
[X]Let Momiji come with you.

We must add to our party!
[X] Let Momiji come with you.

I'm normally all for keeping the Pimp Hand (or gauntlet in this case) strong but there's a time and a place for that.
[X]Let Momiji come with you.
[X] Let Momiji come with you.

even in diplomacy, her assistance would be helpful.
[X] Let Momiji come with you.
[X]You can handle yourself.

Dog-hating protest vote.
Updating tomorrow. I think the winning choice is obvious.


Sorry, but your tide-pissing was in vain. I think you knew that, though.
I couldn't find any good pics. But hey, update.


“I don't see why not.”

“Can you fly?” she asks.

“No, I'm afraid not.”

“That's a shame. You're a bit too heavy for me to carry. I'm no crow tengu like Aya.”

“I can walk.”

“I don't doubt that, stranger.”

You shrug.

“Shall we get going?”

“Why not. Are there any supplies you need?”

“Nope. Food is appreciated but not necessary. Even then, I think we would be able to find something and kill it between the two of us,” you comment.

“I need to get a few things,” she says before running off.

“You didn't mention that!” exclaims Aya, “To think that you don't need to eat.”

“Aren't there others that are the same way?”

“Yeah, I suppose that's true. Yuyuko definitely loves food. Yukari can manipulate the border between hungry and filled, but she still eats,” she says, counting off the names on her figures, continuing through a few more.

You smile at this.

Momiji returns soon enough, carrying a backpack.

“I'm ready,” says the white-haired wolf.

“I'm also ready. Thank you for being such a kind host for me; I'll try to visit,” you say, addressing your last words to Aya.

She smiles.

“I'll see you later,” she replies, waving, as you walk off with Momiji.

You see an explosion, grand and awesome in the distance.

“What's that?” you ask rather calmy.

“Oh, I think that's Marisa and Patchouli. Marisa has this habit of stealing Patchouli's books. Patchouli takes them back with extreme firepower.”


“I was thinking of trying to spend the night at her house, but it might not be the best idea at the moment. What do you think?” she asks.

[X]Go to Marisa's house.
[X]Avoid the battle.
[X]Avoid the battle.

[X]Avoid the battle.
[X]Go to Marisa's house.

Everyone enjoys a good light show.
[X]Avoid the battle.
File 131510912244.jpg - (73.93KB, 590x800 , forest_knight.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry about the delay. Went to a convention, had RL stuff. Here's a new update. I do have a picture if you would like to see from the con of writefag in a gas mask.


Battle sings through your blood. It always has. To take up your axe and rip and tear. Even longer ago, you picked up a rifle and bayonet to do the same. The armor has its own effect. It definitely effects you. However, it merely makes the already-existing feelings stronger. It's too soon, too damn soon. You wanted to be finished with fighting. You never wanted to use the same wrath with which the God of War was slain again, but the instincts bubble to the surface. You tear your eyes away from the beautiful explosion of firepower. It is beautiful, attacks designed to beautiful as well as powerful. If their music of destruction is an angelic choir you feel as though yours would be a devil's symphony with guns for violins.

But these feelings must be crushed down. You must not give in to your base instincts. You must not become the merciless whirlwind of death and destruction you were. Abruptly, you tear your eyes away.

Trying keep the feelings of longing for the field of battle from your voice, you answer Momiji, saying, “I think it would be best for us to avoid it.”

“I can understand; the battles between those two can get pretty intense.”

If only that was your real reason. If only.

“Let's get going then,” says Momiji, smiling.

You take the winding path with her. The swishing and wagging of her tail is an unusually interesting sight. No other place you've visited has been like this Gensokyo. You proceed down the ragged path. While Momiji is capable of flight, you are satisfied by slipping and sliding down when it becomes too steep. It is surprisingly enjoyable. After some time, you eventually proceed to the bottom.

You and her both pause by a clear stream. Cool water is always nice. A crack, a sense of hostility and the axe is in your hand. A few creatures come forth. Then more until you and Momiji are surrounded by a good two dozen. Some are fairies. Some are other youkai.

One steps forth. A male fairy with black hair and a sextet of bat wings. He could pass for a demon, especially with all his scars and malevolent aura. However, there is a certain quality to the eyes that marks him down as a fae. Or more correctly, eye. A single, baleful eye glares while the other is covered by an eyepatch.

“Momiji. So pleasant to see you again. I was hoping you might come down from the mountain.”

The sword is in her hands and she backs up against you. It's not a reaction of fear, but an understanding of the value of fighting back to back.

He continues, “That sword of yours is a real nasty thing. My eye didn't grow back. The sense-sealing barrier was quite expensive, but revenge on you for that. Totally worth it. I have some friends with me. They aren't terribly fond of tengu like you either. It's just you and one man. What are you going to do now, bitch?”

[X]Try to suppress a chuckle, but fail, rapidly letting it escalate to raucous laughter. "One man? That's all your eye sees?"
-[X]If he takes a swing, demonstrate exactly what "one man" is capable of.

I get the feeling having an ally at our side will be new and different enough to stop us from reverting to berserking. We didn't flip the fuck out during the Momizi duel, either, so our fear of going RIP AND TEAR! may just be a bit unfounded.
His job is simple, isn't it?

[x] Protect her back.
[X]Try to suppress a chuckle, but fail, rapidly letting it escalate to raucous laughter. "One man? That's all your eye sees?"
-[X]If he takes a swing, demonstrate exactly what "one man" is capable of.

Because why not.
[X]Try to suppress a chuckle, but fail, rapidly letting it escalate to raucous laughter. "One man? That's all your eye sees?"
-[X]If he takes a swing, demonstrate exactly what "one man" is capable of.
File 13151672999.jpg - (188.80KB, 324x649 , __maiden_in_black___by_Kanoe_v2.jpg) [iqdb]
You know what needs to be done?

This guy

In this game.

I shall have much fun in the shrine of storms section 2.
[X]Try to suppress a chuckle, but fail, rapidly letting it escalate to raucous laughter. "One man? That's all your eye sees?"
-[X]If he takes a swing, demonstrate exactly what "one man" is capable of.
[x]"A sore loser of a fair battle cries for help to his peers and tries to do with numbers what he couldn't with skill. I guess cowards are the same on all planes"
-[x]"Do what you must, Momiji, I'll cover your back"
[x]"A sore loser of a fair battle cries for help to his peers and tries to do with numbers what he couldn't with skill. I guess cowards are the same on all planes"
-[x]"Do what you must, Momiji, I'll cover your back"

The idiot is picking a fight with Momiji, let her smash the moron back down while we keep the chaff back.
[x]"A sore loser of a fair battle cries for help to his peers and tries to do with numbers what he couldn't with skill. I guess cowards are the same on all planes"
-[x]"Do what you must, Momiji, I'll cover your back"
File 131624093757.jpg - (21.54KB, 500x282 , 1306891783076.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "Yours didn't grow back? Hmm. Mine did."

(This elides certain details, of course, but he doesn't need to know that.)
#2 (Cover her back) is the winner but I like elements of #1. Please wait warmly.
Had a derp. Posted anon.
[x] "Yours didn't grow back? Hmm. Mine did."
File 131631444217.jpg - (11.13KB, 150x150 , DooM___Rip_and_Tear_by_freeeg_png.jpg) [iqdb]
You laugh. A fool. This damned fool. There's a certain quality about Momiji that tells you that this is her fight. It would just be between the two of them. That's fine.

“So,” you begin, “The sore loser of a fair fight come back with numbers to try what skill couldn't do. Don't make me laugh. I guess cowards are all the same.”

He directs his ire at you. You can feel the eyes turn upon you. He sees a mere man. You'll show him the indomitable power of a man's spirit.

“Momiji, this is your fight. I'll cover you back.”

She nods and clenches the hilt of her sword. You can sense a faint smile. She springs into action. So do you.

Free to let loose the war inside you, you strike. The axe cleaves and bodies fly apart. A head here and a an arm there. They might as well be chaff before you to be blown away. You can here the sounds Momiji's clash. A claw makes its way through a joint to no effect. You rip the claws wielder from you and use him as a bludgeon against his comrades. You throw him through a tree, mangling him.

By now, you've ripped a path of carnage through them and the remainder flee. Blood drips from your axe and blood coats your armor crimson. None is yours. Momiji has finished and has her sword in hand.

“Should have finished you off when I had the chance,” she says.

The fairie spits on her. The blade comes down and separates head from shoulders.

“Let's go,” she says coolly.

You survey the devastation.

“I agree.”

“We might want to stay at the Kappa's village for the night. We could reach it by sundown. We could always continue on. I doubt anything would pose a threat between the two of us.”

You survey the carnage once more and ponder your answer.

[X]Spend the night with Kappa
[X]Continue on.
To make a side trip or not to make a side trip...
[X]Continue on.

Fuck Nitori.
[X]Continue on.

No real reason not to.
[X]Spend the night with Kappa
[X]Spend the night with Kappa

I find myself letting coin flips decide an inordinate number of my votes on here. Oh well.
If you care so little that you're letting a coin decide, please don't vote. Thanks.
It's called liking two options equally. If you feel the need to give your opinion when it isn't asked of you, don't. Thanks.
[X]Continue on.
[X] Continue on

I'm not to sure how well the Kappa will accept some guy in giant black armour covered in blood.
[X]Continue on.

Rest can wait
[x]Continue on

We have no anus, and thus we have no reason to see any kappa.
Update incoming tomorrow. As for 146533, you lost me.
Look up the mythology regarding Kappa.
>Doesn't know what they do with your anus balls.

Interesting fact, Nitori holds the worlds biggest record for anus balls taken.

Don't believe me?
Look upon how many she has gathered


“I would rather head out,” you state after some deliberation.

“Okay. I don't think anyone would want to mess with us now, anyway.”

You set out, continuing the journey onwards. Momiji moves to clean her gear.

“Aren't you going to?” she asks.

The axe disappears into a black smoke blown away into nowhere. You've never bothered to clean the blood off before. It just disappears. This normal question has you surprisingly stumped.

“Umm. Sure,” you say. She tosses you a rag from her pack, seeing as you lack one. You set about to cleaning the armor. It's a very enlightening experience. The many jagged edges and many rings of mail are not very kind to the rag she so graciously lent you.

“Sorry,” you say, handing back the scraps sheepishly.

She sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose.

“I really should have expected it.”

The two of you continue through the darkening forest. Nothing dares attack you. Perhaps it is luck, perhaps it is the bloodbath. Nonetheless, you press onward. Once the two of you find a broad clearing, you begin to set up camp. Momiji brought a tent, but you sleep outside. You gaze up into the foreign stars peeking out from between the branches.

Then, you rest as you wonder if you've truly found a home. That would be nice. Then it all fades to the luxury of sleep.

You wake up to Momiji prodding you.

“Let's eat and continue,” she says.

You accept the bowl of light soup with chunks of game meat gratefully and eat.

“Thank you, Momiji,” you say.

“That's alright. Let's move out, okay.”

You nod. You spend most of the day in an amiable silence until you come upon an empty village. Something about it draws you in.

[X]What do you do (Write-in)
[X] Enter it cautiously, on the lookout for any traps or ambushes.

Seems shady.
[X] Enter it cautiously, on the lookout for any traps or ambushes.
-[x] Ask Momiji if she recongizes such a place.
[X] Enter it cautiously, on the lookout for any traps or ambushes.
-[x] Ask Momiji if she recongizes such a place.

An abandonedseverely haunted village?

[X] Enter it cautiously, on the lookout for any traps or ambushes.
-[x] Ask Momiji if she recongizes such a place.
Completely off-topic for a moment, but... the OP image. That shield design. Is it something generic that just happens to look incredibly familiar, or is it a specific symbol of sorts?

The eagle, or the shield shape?

Because the eagle, or any other bird of prey, is an extremely common symbol, especially for empires. The Romans, the Prussians, Napoleon's France, etc.
Both, especially that particular, specific stylization of an eagle.

Hmmm. Not sure about the shield, but that variation of the eagle doesn't seem too common. Usually the bird's got two heads in that style.
[X]investigate and and call out for contact

Not like something is going to be able to open up up if we are attacked, tin can and everything.

So methinks Youkai ransacked the place, only come out at night and are in the cellars of the houses leaving little remains of the villagers.
Hey guys, a friend wanted me in his VN team as a programmer/writer. So, I'm putting fanfic writing on hold because the plan is to sell it at a convention.

So, Con being in July, don't expect an update until then. At that point, just due to age, it'll probably be in a new thread.

General plot is that a man is involved with the ghosts of WW1 battleships from Jutland as they attempt to finish the fight.

Of course, the ghosts, in addition to ship form, take the form of cute girls. This is a VN.

I didn't even know how much I wanted that until now. Godspeed, RoW.
File 131891828094.jpg - (76.33KB, 1023x580 , ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney-(n1298410067983).jpg) [iqdb]
Good luck as it wont' be an easy task. ("I'm going to help make a VN" are rather infamous last words around here)
I really must second this. Is there some way to pay for and download it over the internet, or will we wait a few months and feel extreme shame when torrenting it?
I'm not sure how I'd do it, but I would try to make some sort of official download channel.

The Con in question would be Mechacon 2011

Didn't you say July? Because there's a little over two months left in 2011.
Maximum raeg. I am an idiot.

I mean Mechacon 2012 in July of 2012.

Note: the redundancy is for me, not to piss off you.
Super stoked for the con, dude. How'd the VN go? Is it good? What routes are there?

Will you be writing soon?
1. He said the con was in July, not June, so why are you asking this currently?

2. It's been almost 8 months since anything was posted here, so why bump it?
>so why bump it?
That's a very good question, jackass.
...I think you might have forgotten to do something, and accidentally now look like a bit of an idiot.
Thanks for bumping, that was an entertaining read. Got something to look forward to next month.
[X] Enter it cautiously, on the lookout for any traps or ambushes.
-[x] Ask Momiji if she recognizes such a place.
File 13398202924.png - (354.83KB, 825x1100 , 849953.png) [iqdb]
Let me give a brief, if rather disappointing summary of events. The VN thing fell apart about 1/2 of the way through the first route, which was the battlecruiser SMS Derfflinger. I can write and code, but the music and art end fell through. It was a bit disappointing and I would still like to finish it. However, it does mean that there is good news for THP. I'm returning to write this. Pic is a small spoiler.


“You want to go in, don't you?” asks Momiji.

She had read you like an open book. You sigh.

“I do. I've got a bad feeling. Maybe what I did after I died, I can feel a pull on the strings of fate there. I don't like that feeling.”


“It's a weird thing for me. I'm aware of fate and causality, and I'm tied to it. At the same time, I'm also removed from fate.”

“Don't worry about it,” says Momiji, smiling, “Gensokyo is home to all sorts of people. Someone like you will fit right in.”

You want to smile, but you can't bring yourself to do so. You know yourself too well and know this feeling too well.

“I suppose it's time seize the day.”

“It's night, silly.”

“I can see perfectly fine.”

“And so can I.”

You begin to approach. You feel the presence of natural life. The insects are alive and make themselves heard. You breathe a sigh of relief. The buildings take the appearance of those in rural Chinese villages. You've seen places like this before, when you were alive. It's refreshingly familiar. But you can almost feel the laughter of a watching god.

“Do you recognize this village?”

“Yes. Chen Yakumo sometimes uses it as a playground. A few years back, there was an Incident and Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisama, and Sakuya Izayoi fought with Chen here. Spring almost didn't come that year.”

She chuckled at the memory and continued, “That's life in Gensokyo for you.”

You sense a presence and draw your axe.

“Come out from your hiding place! I know you're here!” you yell.

“The old man was better than the doggy,” comes a cheerful and childish voice.

A multicolored ball rolls in front of you two. The ball springs up and you get a better look at the young-looking girl. She is wearing a poofy hat, and her red dress bears a bit of resemblance to a Mao suit. You laugh to yourself that the first thing you thought of was a Mao suit.

“Who are you?”

“I'm-” she says, extending the wait dramatically.

“This is Chen,” says Momiji.

“You aren't much fun. You're just as serious as you look.”

Chen turns to you and asks, “Do you want to play?”

--[X]Ask about the game
[X]Politely refuse
--[X]Ask about the game

This would get her to be more agreeable than refusing in my opinion.

Sorry to hear about the project falling apart, but it's nice to see you back.
You seem to be making a fairly common mistake.

Danmaku is the use of very large numbers of projectiles. They may be anything, lethal or nonlethal. Danmaku is the standard means of fighting in Gensokyo.

Spellcard dueling is nonlethal. It usually, but not always (see the fighting games), involves danmaku. Spellcard dueling is the rules by which most battles in Gensokyo comply.

The two are distinct, and confusing them is a red flag for some readers, as in the past several promising stories which did confuse them went downhill.
Thank you. I'll try to keep that in mind for future updates. I can't really change them now, though.
File 133989468949.png - (12.88KB, 468x425 , GNAR.png) [iqdb]
[x] Agree.

>VN fell through
I almost had to buy a new computer monitor. Instead, I settled for vomiting blood into the toilet.

It's quite instructive to read this:



>The name of the spell shall be recorded on paper in the same form as this contract.
>This paper will be called the "spell card".

The "spell card" system simply requires you write down some very specific attacks you're capable of - quite literally a "named attack" - possibly implying that they're reviewed, somehow, for suitability. (Or at least subject to review.) In other words, "tournament-legal." And you announce, before the battle, how many different ones you'll use - and the rules stipulate that class is just as important as brute strength in achieving victory.

So it's very much a formal dueling arrangement; with "spell cards" being formally announced, (possibly reviewed and approved) maneuvers you're allowed to use. In-universe this allows for godlike beings to coexist in tiny Gensokyo without blowing it to hell, out-of-Universe it lets ZUN introduce ever more insanely powerful fuckers without fans wondering how the fuck X could ever challenge Y's bullshit power Z.

Now, note the wrinkle here: there's nothing to stop a character from using their "spell card" outside of a duel, as a lethal weapon - which they'd probably only do if they're prone to hamming it up and want to trade on the fame of their "trademark" attack or skill. Alternately, the defender could recognize the "spell card" being thrown at them, although with the understanding that they're facing the full-out fury of the attacker's abilities, not the charmingly restrained, super-pretty version used for formal duels.
(just more info for the writer, I mean.)
Thanks especially for the PMiSS link. Lot's of good information that I'll use to improve the story. I'm waiting for a few (1-2ish) more votes to begin writing. I'm not holding it hostage for votes; I just want a slightly larger field to help gauge how I'll write some the particulars.
--[X]Ask about the game

He needs to learn sooner or later.
--[X]Ask about the game

Why not? Also, this story is great.
File 134033844511.jpg - (850.97KB, 1000x799 , touhoucards.jpg) [iqdb]
“What sort of game is it?”

“It's a card game,” she says with wide eyes.

“What's it called?” you ask.

“Blackjack,” she says.

“The house is the only one that wins, you know.”

“Mama Ran taught me some mathematical skills with it.”

You chuckle.

“So we have a little card counter here?”

“What's that?”

“Ask this 'Ran,' she'll probably explain it better.”

Chen veritably bounces, evidently few know how to play blackjack.

“Do you want me to play as the house, or do you want to be the house?” you ask.

“Can I please be the house? I'm still learning”

You smile behind the helmet. You don't have it in you to refuse such a request. Then you remember Momiji.

“Would you like to play as well?”

After a glance at Chen, Momiji answers, “Sure, why not.”

Chen shepherds you and Momiji into a house. There she begins to set up. During that time, you explain blackjack to Momiji. When you finish, Chen deals the cards. Her face up card is a six.

You receive a three and an eight. Momiji receives a six and a seven.


I'm confident in my luck.
It's definitely time for a new thread as this is past autosage (update included)

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