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15:43 P.M. Universal Time – Subject of Dimensional Studies.

MISSION: Acquisition of designated OBJECT. May be subject to change – Must be kept in SQUAD's sight at all times. Failure of desired retrieval or loss of OBJECT for more than one universal week will result in death for all members of the SQUAD. Failure will also immediately be assigned once the opposing faction claims the OBJECT successfully PORTS said OBJECT out of REGION.

REGION: SQUAD will be placed in inter-dimensional land GENSOKYO. Not much detail recorded – registered dimension use of electricity. Inhabitants subject to Law 1 Code IV: DANMAKU. SQUAD authorized to bypass all established Laws, Codes. Owner of GENSOKYO, Yukari, is also authorized to bypass Laws, Codes. OBJECT must be within the REGION of GENSOKYO at all times, or in vision of SQUAD outside of GENSOKYO. If OBJECT is not located within ten seconds outside of GENSOKYO, SQUAD will receive death.

PAYMENT: A PAYMENT of universal. worth of three million. Each member in the SQUAD will also be placed above the law until the MISSION is over. Following the end of the mission, each member in the SQUAD will have immunity to all Codes and Codes only. Monetary gain will be canceled in failure, death, or opposing factions placing an agreement.

SQUAD: Only one SQUAD will be placed. May consist of a MAGICAL, PHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, and SCIENTIFIC branch leader of the Lands. May pick attributes of OFFENSE, DEFENSE, SCOUT&ENVIRONMENT, HEALER, as well as range of CLOSE, MEDIUM,or LONG.. Attributes may or may not overlap, but each member of the SQUAD must only pick one of each. Weapons are provided depending on which ATTRIBUTES, RANGE, and TYPE are chosen.

End of document. Aboard the ship awaits you to have a second chance at this life – the one you made the first time was a mistake. For good intentions or bad, you weren't even sure. But you're lucky you even made it to this assignment. Failure will lead to death. But what awaits you will be worse if you didn't' sign up at all. Three others board the ship. As it prepares to leave for Gensokyo, you notice the cargo and controls have been tampered with. Before you can declare a stop issue for the ship, everything warps out of place.

And then, nothing.


I've been thinking of making this story for a while. I hope this will work out for me. I've been in the beginning phase of this story for too long...

So first pick a type:

[ ] Physical
[ ] Magical
[ ] Spiritual
[ ] Scientific

with a set of range:

[ ] Close range
[ ] Medium range
[ ] Long range

And lastly, an attribute:

[ ] Offensive
[ ] Defensive
[ ] Scout&Environment
[ ] Healer

Some attributes may not work considerably well with a set of range or type. For example, A spiritual long range defensive does not apply well in the field of battle, so choose well. Limitation will be whatever doesn't make sense, like a physical healer.

For best clarity (for this post only), I would prefer we have a format of type → range → attribute, and then a write in for character background, weapon, personality, or anything else, really.

Feel free to liberally choose how, what, or why you chose it. Either taking majority, or whatever write in feels the best. Write ins are accepted and encouraged throughout the story. I want to make it interactive.

Keep in mind that this is a new type of story for me, and I may have a few (or many) mistakes here or there.

I will also be taking any sort of questions, if any are needed to be asked.
[X] Physical
[X] Close range
[X] Offensive
[x] Scientific
[x] Medium range
[x] Scout&Environment
[x] Magical
[x] Medium range
[x] Healer

Hopefully this won't interfere with updates to the Lumberjack story.
[x] Spiritual
[x] Long range
[x] Healer
A coward that heals her allies while staying far from the actual battle. With any luck, enemies will never realize she's there.
[x] Scientific
[X] Close range
[X] Offensive
I'm hoping this will result in a mecha.
[X] Physical
[X] Close range
[X] Offensive
[x] Physical
[x] Close range
[x] Offensive

A bit on the rough side, his stern demeanor betrays his inward traits of trust, kindness, and natural instinct. Not the smartest, but certainly not the dumbest. A bit logical and doesn't let his emotions control him.

Not at all. I'll still continue the story weekly, as usual. I might have to update this one a few times per week, because this board's more fast paced.
[x] Physical
[x] Close range
[x] Offensive.


You feel the ground. The dirt wedged between you and the ground feels slightly unpleasant. Strangely, both you and a briefcase is left intact. You'd have imagined to splatter into a million pieces after traveling through dimensions...but thank god your imagination isn't up to par with reality. You don't want to lie here anymore. Too bad your legs refuse to stand straight. You affirm this by attempting to stand up. You managed to drag yourself out of the impact zone, sitting up. You take this time to check the briefcase.

A pulse emits from the lock. You wave your hand in front of it, and it immediately clicks. In the inside, lays a radar of some sort. A constant blip keeps blinking on the screen. In the center, lays a green blip. That must probably be you. The object of desire must be the blinking one. However, no other blinking dots are present on the radar. No enemies. Not even your allies. Speaking of which, your squad is nowhere to be found at all. This might present a small problem.

You click the briefcase back into its closed state. You manage to hold yourself upright, and start walking in the general direction of the desired object. A click of a metal spring sounds off in the otherwise quiet forest.

You immediately duck, a bullet whizzing straight through the tree. Moments before, that was your head. You turn to the right. The assailant is cocking his or her gun. You take the opportunity to swiftly maneuver across the grass. Taking a leap of faith, you turn to the left of the nearby tree. You spot the would-be killer. He seems to be a young male, presumably around 20.

You dash down, kicking at his knee. He buckles under, and you snatch the rifle from his grasp. You take short satisfaction under winning against these odds. But you nod and close your eyes. “I can't afford to take any chances. So that is why you die.”


“And I live.”

...After disposing of the body, you examine the gun. The rifle seems to use a Rift Canister, meaning unlimited ammo for you. Good. You needed some weaponry. However, you had been registered as close ranged. But never hurts to be too careful. You sneak another look in your briefcase. Sure enough, there's a set of gauntlets and a double edged claymore. You deposit the rifle within the briefcase, and switch it out for the pair of gauntlets and sword.

A rustle of leaves and a groan from the same direction hit your ears. You crouch down slowly, but what awaits you is...

An encounter!
[ ] A healer!
[ ] A scout!
[ ] A magician!
[ ] A scientist!
[ ] A defender!

Pick attributes, range, or don't. Entirely optional.

Choose your primary weapon!
[ ] Gauntlets.
[ ] Double edged claymore
[ ] Ordinary rifle Only subweapon available.
[x] A healer!
Choose your primary weapon!
[x] Gauntlets.
[x] A healer!
-[x] Close-range magic type.
[x] Gauntlets

I have no idea why I'm supposed to care about any of this. Let's get that... thing!
[x] A defender!
-[x] double edged claymore.

[X] A healer!
-[X] Spiritual
-[X] Medium range

[X] Double edged claymore
Primary vote called,
though, I will need a tiebreaker to start writing on the weapons.
[x] Gauntlets

Tie broken.
"I can beat you almost to death with my fists, then bring you back to life."
[x] A healer!
[x] Gauntlets.


A woman pops up – no older than 25. A small sigil rests on the side of her shoulder pad, indicating that she is of your squad. She rubs her head, closing her eyes with a sour expression. She remained in that position until you tapped her lightly from behind her. She turns around slowly, her hand fixed on the spot on her head. “If it's not important, don't talk to me right now. I've got a killer headache an' it's horrible!”

“Then just follow me.” You signal her to move forward. “We need to get our hands on the object. But let's be careful. We're separated from the rest of our squad, and our non-ammunition resources are limited.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.” She staggers a bit, her legs giving out. You examine the briefcase. It has a small red cross on the lapel. She was to be the designated healer of your group. Good; finding her was a valuable asset at the time. As you reach out to hold out your hand, you notice a lump forming on the back of her head – it was noticeably large.

“Do you remember the cause for your headache?”

“Hmm, not sure. I don't really remember anything either, aside from the initial warp.”

You prod her head lightly, and she winces in pain. You go on as she glares at you. “It seems like you've been struck by a blunt object, with a flat surface. The area where you've been struck was a bit on your blind side, since you have no recollection of anything.”

She delicately touches the lump. “Seems like you know a lot about this stuff.”

“Yeah, well, never be too prepared.”

You follow the radar, with the (now) two blips closing in on the single, blinking dot. You head straight for the dot, but it seems like it's constantly moving. Soon after, the dot moves further and further away from your location. You break into a dash, leaving the healer temporarily behind. As you grow closer, a few red dots appear in the front of yours. You take your gauntlets, and slide them on your hands.

With a yelling cry from behind a tree, you aim straight for the head on one of the enemies. He falls to the ground with a sickening crunch. With the other men confused and disoriented, you throw a side punch to the left, the impact from the initial man ricocheting off to the others. The gauntlets must be magically imbued....

One man stands, cocking his rifle. You feint towards the right, and then roll out from under him. You grab his legs, and flip him over. He comes back down face first, fracturing his neck.

As soon as you dust yourself off, the healer comes out of the thick brushes. “That was some fight you put up. I would've helped, but I can't concentrate too well at the moment.”

“These guys are just grunts. Which is pretty stupid, since we're talking about a life or death item here. The opposing side must be out of men.”

With the men slaughtered, you check back on the radar. The object lies in front of you. You peer over the surroundings. A statue attracts your attention. Engraved in the middle, shows in big letters, “HAKUREI.” But what captures your interest is the person behind it.

A second encounter? A woman of some sort.
[ ] A woman clad in detached sleeves!
-[ ] No, the other one with green hair.
[ ] A witch wearing an apron!
[ ] A puppeteer from Wonderland!
[ ] Other:

And why...?
[ ] Write in only.

For the write in, it's also whichever one is best. Unless a huge majority is taken in. Feel free to pick whomever.
[X] A woman clad in detached sleeves!
[x] A witch wearing an apron!
[x] She was gathering mushrooms when these men started chasing her.

The object was moving. Those guys weren't carrying the statue. Clearly, the person is the object of our desire.
[x] A woman of lunar descent! A natural princess!
[x] Running away from the bad people!

Maybe the object is on the said person. Maybe an accessory or weapon. But it could go both ways.
[x] No, the other one with green hair.
[x] If you aren't reading this radar incorrectly, she appears to be the object.

Sanae Kochiya, come with us if you want to live. She'll fucking love it.
[x] A magical, forgoten ghost?
[x] Was pestering the local miko when she came under fire.
[x] No, the other one with green hair.
[x] If you aren't reading this radar incorrectly, she appears to be the object.
[x] No, the other one with green hair.
[x] If you aren't reading this radar incorrectly, she appears to be the object.


A woman protrudes out from behind the statue. She peeks out a little, and then starts flies above you, the wind pushing you back in the process.. Urk, she possesses said item? Hopefully, you will be able to extract the item without any problem.

As you take a closer look on her, you notice that she has wavy, green hair, and a peculiar dress. And you say that because she left her armpits bare, while the rest of her body is fully enveloped in her clothing. She looks around warily, but gasps because of the scenery around you. She floats back down slowly, keeping an eye on you.

“...Did you do this?”

“Yes,” You decide to phrase your words accordingly. “They were an obstacle for my mission. And I require your assistance.”

Immediately, she becomes poised to fight. “That's what the others said! And they haven't been off my back since!” She glares at you.

You try to think of a way to establish that you're the good guy, but it was pretty darn hard finding a good explanation how. “I'm not really certain on what I need to do to convince you, but at least I defeated the people who were chasing you before. You can come – of your own will. I won't force you to do anything weird.” You pause. “But Yukari asked me to do this.” You think back to the document, remembering that this 'Yukari' figure must have a good influence in this dimension.

Slowly, she comes out, but she sits down. “Oh, Yukari, is it?” She sighs, relieved. Still, you were a little miffed that she can be deceived so easily. “...Ahh. I'm feeling exhausted right now. I had to fend off maybe a dozen of those goons. Can we rest for a bit?”

“No can do. You're not really safe here. Especially since you were spotted here while they were searching for you.” You check the radar. The two blips are right next to each other. Good, that must mean that you have successfully found the person holding the object. “Now let's get on moving.”

She brings herself up to stand, but she falls back down again. “S-sorry...I must've exhausted all of my energy bringing myself up to fly...ahaha. I shouldn't have bluffed – if you actually chose to fight me, I would've given up.”

You nod, but you felt antsy. Something felt wrong, out of place. You hoist her onto your shoulder, giving off a small squeak. With your other hand, you gripped the mantle of the briefcase tight and started running.

“W-what are you doing!?” She screams. You paid her no attention, you just wanted to get out of there. It didn't feel safe at all.

Suddenly, a searing pain comes into contact with your right shoulder. A bullet whizzes past you, just barely grazing the side of your cheek. You continue to dash through the mountainside, hoping that you'll lose the pursuers by moving out of the trail. As you move, bullets keep flashing by, just barely missing you. You weren't sure if they were horrible shots, or you were moving quick. But you pressed forward. “God damn...” you mutter under your breath.

Your right shoulder is searing with an extreme burning sensation. Your hand is clenched shut, inoperable as of now. You can't even open your palm or rotate your elbow.

“Are you okay...?” She asks worriedly. You can barely give her a nod, before a few more bullets rush past your position.

Just then, another shot punctures the space between your neck and inner shoulder bones. A gush of blood pours out at a constant rate. You felt your body slump, before the adrenaline kicked in. You prayed to your holy gods that the magic was potent enough to get you out of this mess alive.

As the rocky path stopped, all you saw was a large river separating you from the mountain hills. You really hoped that the girl could swim. “We're going through the river!”

You held your breath and jumped in, wishing for the best. You hoped that your grip on both her and the briefcase was strong enough. At least the briefcase itself was airtight. You bashed through the rocks and was flung through the current. Your vision underwater started to get blurry.

A hand reached out for you, seemingly unaffected by the water's pull. You slowly touched it, latching onto the fingers. You gasp out for breath, once the hand drags you out. As you take a deep breath, a sharp pain laces your neck. It still seems to be bleeding, a crimson red hue staining your shirt.

Fuck, what you wouldn't give for a healer right now. You had left your only one in who knows where. She could possibly be dead now. But you return your attention to the one who saved you. It seems to be a small girl, clad in all blue. She wears a small key latched onto a strap on her chest. You cough out some water, and a little bit of blood, before your vision faded.

...A sharp sting. Everywhere. Your neck burned like a thousand suns. And your right shoulder like a million. You arose from your position, looking for the green haired woman. Wait....

The woman! If you grabbed the blue-girl's hand, that means that you let go of her! “Damn! God damn!” You yell out obscenities as you walk around. But you winced after a few good words, and your neck continued to burn. You stare at your right hand. At least your briefcase was still there. Problem was, you couldn't release it from your grasp. You open your radar, which was still left intact. Thank god. It showed the object was to the right of you. You slide the door open, unfamiliar of your surroundings. The green haired girl was preparing some kind of herbal medicine, presumably for you. Once she hears you step into the room, she turns around.

“Ah, so you're awake. I don't know how you're still alive, but good thing!” She smiles.

A bit chummy, isn't she..."“Yes, but everything aches and burns. And what I wouldn't do for a painkiller right now.”

She stirs the bowl for a second, and then hands it to you. “Just drink this. You'll feel better from the inside.” As you drink it, she prepares some basic first aid. “I'm not too sure on how to treat a gunshot, but I hope I can be of assistance.”

“Wait. Let me do it by myself. I'd rather pluck it out.” She grimaces at the thought, but nods and leaves the room. You take some form of forceps out from the first aid kit, and you gently grasp the metal alloy from inside your wound. Now here comes the hard part... You slightly pull at it, grating your teeth. As you pull it out, a piercing pang of hurt shrieks out at you. But after, you feel a little better, rotating your neck a bit. You repeat the procedure on your shoulder, but this time was much more bearable. It was less sensitive than your neck area.

You finish up, and apply the disinfectant (which stinged) onto your wounds. The throbbing from your shoulder loosened up, and you instinctively dropped your briefcase once you were able to. You move your hand freely. The bullet must've contained some anti-movement imbue.

As if on cue, the green haired girl comes back into the room. “Ah, I see you're done now. By the way, my name's Sanae Kochiya. And yours?”

“None, at the moment. As long as I'm on this mission, my name's not really important. But you can call me Close, since I'm close ranged.” On your left hand, lay the radar. The soft beeping reminded you. “And...could you do me a favor?”

“Yes or no, depending on what it is~”

“I need you to go to the other room, or a bathroom if you prefer, and take off your clothes.”

“T-t-t-that's quite a strange request! I-I-I don't think I can do that...”

“It's for my objective. I need to find what item you're possessing that the opposing side wants.”

She paces around, red-faced, obviously thinking about it. “O-okay...but don't do anything stupid. I'm a wind goddess, and I will smite you!”

“I won't. Trust me.”

You sigh as she leaves the room. You wait until she calls you out. You place any particular objects that catch your eye that was on her person. You split the accessories, clothing, and charms into different groups. You check your radar. Strange...it seems to be picking up reception from the bathroom. You call out to her.

“Are you sure you left everything...?”

“I even took my hair pin off. I have nothing else left!”

“Then what else can the–“

Wait. WAIT....

You realized something.

An object of desire didn't necessarily have to be an 'object,' did it?

Well, fuck.

When she comes back, ask away!
[ ] “Where are we and how did we get here?”
[ ] “Who are you exactly?”
[ ] “Why are you being chased down?”
[ ] “What is going on?'
[ ] “When did this all start?”
[ ] Other?

Not just questions too, you want to talk for a bit.
[ ] “I lied about the Yukari thing.”
[ ] “You don't have the object that both factions want.”
-[ ] “Because it happens to be you yourself.”
[ ] “I was assigned a squad, but they're either missing in action or dead. So I'll have to make do with protecting you.”
[ ] Other
[x] “Where are we and how did we get here?”
[x] “Why are you being chased down?”

[x] “You don't have the object that both factions want.”
-[x] “Because it happens to be you yourself.”
[x] “I was assigned a squad, but they're either missing in action or dead. So I'll have to make do with protecting you.”

More importantly, just how in the hell did we survive a gunshot that should have shattered our spine? Magic is some powerful shit, but seriously now. That's just ridiculous.

So magic can make someone immortal, and bring them back to life, but it can't help a man survive a gunshot?

It's magic, who cares!?
With advanced technology able to port through dimensions, I would think having a select few squads be able to tank gunshots would be within the range of capability.
[x] “Where are we and how did we get here?”
[x] “Why are you being chased down?”
[x] “When did this all start?”

[x] “You don't have the object that both factions want.”
-[x] “Because it happens to be you yourself.”
[x] “I was assigned a squad, but they're either missing in action or dead. So I'll have to make do with protecting you.”

Congrats guys, we have an overdeveloped Miko to protect!
He obviously survived that gunshot because his Healer was watching out for him from the shadows.
[x] “I lied about the Yukari thing.”
[x] “You don't have the object that both factions want.”
-[x] “Because it happens to be you yourself.”
[x] “Where are we and how did we get here?”
[x] “Why are you being chased down?”
[x] “When did this all start?”

[x] “You don't have the object that both factions want.”
-[x] “Because it happens to be you yourself.”
[x] “I was assigned a squad, but they're either missing in action or dead. So I'll have to make do with protecting you.”
[x] “Where are we and how did we get here?”
[x] “Why are you being chased down?”
[x] “When did this all start?”

[x] “You don't have the object that both factions want.”
-[x] “Because it happens to be you yourself.”
[x] “I was assigned a squad, but they're either missing in action or dead. So I'll have to make do with protecting you.”

As you look at the articles sprawled out on the bed, and then back to the door, you could only describe your emotion as a word. “What.”

Soon, it became painfully clear that the radar wasn't malfunctioning, you weren't spazzing out, or your vision is failing you. You move out of the room, closing the door behind you, and sit down on a chair adjacent to a nearby table. “Okay, I'm done inspecting!” But you pull your head back on the chair rest and groan deeply.

You hear a loud sifting of articles in the other room, but you tried hard not to pay attention to that. In a few minutes, Sanae comes bumbling out of the door, with a clean, green T-shirt and fitting jeans. She smiles innocently. That only causes you to worry more – she's trusting you too easily for a person she just met. At least you got your hands on her, and not the other group.

You recline back on your chair. “First off,” you start. “Before I drop the big news on you, I want to ask a few questions.” You go through them chronologically. “When did this all start? I want to know the approximate time and date when you were first pursued.”

“It was around morning of today, actually. I've noticed my shrine goddesses were missing and I–“

“Just this morning?” So that means the opposition arrived before you did. Not that it's a surprise – your warp wasn't exactly first class. “I see...” Wait. You just missed the other part. “Eh? Goddesses? What do you mean?”

“Well, you see, I'm a shrine maiden here at Gensokyo, and I collect faith for my goddesses. They've seemed to disappear, however. I'm not sure where they went.”

“I have an answer to that. I'm almost a hundred percent sure they were abducted by one of the two sides fighting at the moment, which relates to your shrine, or most likely, you.”

She gives you a look of despair. You bite back a twinge of guilt as she stares at you, almost ready to cry.

“Don't worry, they'll be in good care, I can assure you. Especially since they want to acquire you, but I'll get into that later. Which brings us to my next question: Why are you being chased? I wasn't informed of the cause.”

She looks down. “I'm not really too sure into the specifics either. But I guess it has to be a big deal, since they're poised to kill whoever was standing in their way.”

You didn't get any good information out of that question...It seems that both of you are in the dark about this one.

“Now, last question, where the hell are we, and how did we get here?” It came off strikingly blunt.

But she didn't seem to mind. “We're taking refuge in the Moriya shrine – my shrine. After you knocked out, my friend from the kappas, Nitori helped us. We were able to escape – and survive because of her.” She eyed your fresh wounds. “Though, I can't even imagine how you were able to survive that.

You shrugged. “Probably some magic cast on me. Not too sure myself, I wasn't taught in the field of magics. Now then.” You glance at her. “After some speculations and data, I was able to conclude that you don't have the object with you as of now.”

She looks at you dumbly. “Wha~?”

“Well, you see, here's my thesis: you're the object. The opposing sides both want you.”

You waited for it to sink in. And she did, quite literally.

“Oh.” She sat down, sinking to the ground. “...Oh.”

You reached out to her with your right hand. She pulls herself up and tries to compose herself.


You pull out your briefcase from under the table, and open the case. You double check your inventory. All you have inside it was the rifle from before, and the docume–

As you pull the document closer, it seemed to have changed from it's initial wordings. The words, ”May be subject to change.” were now printed in bigger font, as well as bolded. You look over the mission again.

MISSION II: Hold off opposing faction for INDEFINITE TIME. Allow warpship to be sent once SQUAD successfully defends OBJECT. Keep OBJECT in SQUAD's sight at all times. Failure of desired retrieval or loss of OBJECT for more than one universal week will result in death for all members of the SQUAD. Failure will also immediately be assigned once the opposing faction claims the OBJECT successfully PORTS said OBJECT out of REGION.

...For a life or death situation on your point of view, your faction seems to be taking it slow in terms of acquiring Sanae. Indefinite time.... really now?

She tilts her head. “What's wrong..? You look kinda ill.”

“I'm sick alright...” You say, your voice laced with hatred. “Sick of this shit.” you mutter. It would've been simple. Take the object, go back to the warpship, go on with your life. But your ship's gone, and your object's apparently sentient, a woman no less.

Just then, a high pitched beeping comes from your radar, scaring Sanae. She jumps out of her seat next to you. An icon was pulsing slowly. But it was a bit far away.

You thought about what to do now.

[ ] Take Sanae to a safer location.
-[ ] Ask her of some potential havens. She must know some in the area.

[ ] Go to the icon; it could be something important.
-[ ] Allow Sanae to be somewhere safe first.
-[ ] Take Sanae with you for the time being.

[ ] Stay here – it's the safest place for now.

{+0} [ ] Leave alone and scout out the place first – her safety takes priority to yours.
[x] Go to the icon; it could be something important.
-[x] Take Sanae with you for the time being.

Sanae is safest within our sights. Leaving her unattended is just asking for trouble.

Now, since our radar is beeping and it hasn't done that before, we can infer that the icon it is showing will be friendly, or a mission objective. Neither of those possibilities should be ignored. Here's hoping for another member of our squad.
[x] Go to the icon; it could be something important.
-[x] Allow Sanae to be somewhere safe first.

I dunno...when we first had her with us, we couldn't retaliate. Plus, we might run the risk of getting captured by herself. But I'm assuming the other side doesn't know where she is.
[x] Go to the icon; it could be something important.
-[x] Take Sanae with you for the time being.

Letting her out of his sight is just asking for her to be taken.
[x] Go to the icon; it could be something important.
-[x] Take Sanae with you for the time being.


The beeping continued for five seconds, before it lowered in volume, and slowed in pulsing. Another five seconds, and the beeping was gone altogether, like it had never happened, but you could still see the faint circle from its last location, if you looked down on the light. You looked over the place; you placed a few medical kits inside the briefcase, as well as some packages of food.

You look around through the windows. It seems like the two of you weren't followed. But you could never be too sure. But for now, this shrine would be a safe sanctuary. But you had to step out sometime. You weighed your options...Was leaving Sanae here a good decision?

After some contemplation, you decided that it was a bad idea. It left her too vulnerable and could be whisked away at any time while you were gone. You also would lose contact with her for the whole time while you left. So you decided to take her with you – it might put them at a tactical advantage, but it was either than or leave Sanae as a sitting duck here.

You packed up the rest of your things, motioning to Sanae to come.

“Yes, what is it?” She looked at you quizzically.

“Pack up the items you need, we're out of here temporarily. Maybe even permanently, depending on the situation.”

“A-ah, already? But we just got here, and you're already hurt badly!” She has a crazy, but worried look on her face.

You shake your head. “It's not that bad anymore. I think I can survive this ordeal...we just need to lie low, and stay hidden.” You lied through your teeth on the pain, but at least the throbbing wasn't as bad as before. “If the blinking we saw were supplies, or even the rest of my squad, we could have the advantage in this malicious game of capture the flag.”

“Hmm....okay.” She pensively puts her finger on her cheek, looking lost in thought.

You check the rest of the shrine's perimeter one last time, before opening the door.

Sanae comes out timidly, but stays intent on following you the whole time. As you move, she moves along with you close by. As the two of you move into the thick forest, you relax a bit more. But you stay wary, in case anything happens. You were a few ticks by the initial blinking area.

As you drew closer in, you glanced at Sanae, telling her non-verbally to hold her position. Seeing you tense, she stays in her spot with a serious look.

As you inch forward, you hear a small crunching of leaves. You stay still for a moment, ready for anything. Upon closer inspection, you see....the healer from before. With another woman. The two of your eyes meet. But before you can call out anything, she unleashes a vortex of colors. A flash of white then blinds your eyes, forcing you to move to the side to wildly dodge incoming spells.

“Oh, it's you again...I found ya.” She was resting her head to the side of the tree, her face contorting in obvious pain.

As the flurry of bolts cease, the other woman reclines slowly on a perched root. “Ah, so I take it that he's one of ours, then.”

You cut in. “To say it so nonchalantly, why didn't you assess that before you starting whirling around your arsenal on me?”

She glares at you sternly. “I was merely protecting one of my members from potential danger! Besides, if you weren't able to dodge my attacks, you wouldn't have been placed in this squad in the first place.”

You sigh. “Let's just drop it then okay...?”

What should you do...?
[ ] Move immediately with the others, potential danger could be afoot.
[ ] Stay here for now for better ground; danger would have to come at you with a disadvantage.
[ ] Assess the place first, then find a suitable place to move towards.
[ ] Ask Sanae about the area.
[x] Stay here for now for better ground; danger would have to come at you with a disadvantage.
[x] Ask Sanae about the area.

She lives here.
[x] Assess the place first, then find a suitable place to move towards.

In all actuality, we should probably just head back to the shrine. It's a nice defensible structure with supplies. All in all, a pretty damn good base of operations while we wait for our magic radar to give out more mission objectives. Oh well, though.
[x] Assess the place first, then find a suitable place to move towards.
-[x] Head back for the shrine.

I want an impregnable shrine!
On second thought, I'll probably be abandoning this. My original idea kinda grew to be a little skewed from its intent. I'll just make sure to update the lumberjack story more often then.

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