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Welcome back, my dear fellows, to Thread 2 of our lovely story. Now that we're on the second thread, I can finally put the title proper.

Let us continue our story of a peculiar George "Saxton" Hale, CEO of the Mann Co. Tours and Weapons Industry, as he continues on his quest for revenge against the vile journalist slut, Aya, or Paparazzi whore if you prefer it.

God Save the... uh... whoever we want him to save!

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[X] Place your ruined hat upon her head "You shall be my secretary!"
[X] Take a Detour.

Looking at the fairy, you were contemplating on letting her go; she looked pretty terrified. However, you knew that if you let her go, she might go and tell someone to hunt you down and kill you. Although the chances of that were unlikely, you just couldn’t let her go. You were thinking about smashing her skull in but the very thought of it now mortified you. Maybe if she was attacking you then smashing her skull into paste would be fine, but since she was at your mercy, it might not be a good idea to do any skull crushing today.

You then bring the fairy up to eye level again, giving her a quick stare. You still saw that she was terrified of you. Then, you smile, not a sadistic smile, but a nice, calming, warm smile. Setting the fairy down, you lean down and pat her on the head, the fairy giving you a confused look.

“You know what; I have a proposition for you…” You begin rubbing your chin, thinking of something that would probably make the fairy excited and hopefully make her less afraid of you. “Why don’t you become my… Secretary!”

The fairy, a little less sacred now, begins thinking. “Secretary? What’s that, Mister?” You explain that as your secretary, she’ll be handling all sorts of things, and although it is a job with responsibility, it was also highly prestigious job. You even say that you’ll give her your hat. “Really, Mister? Okay then, I’d love to be your secretary!”

Well, that was easy. Too bad you didn’t have a button to say it. Seeing the fairy look happy, you couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Making good on your promise, you gracefully pull your hat off your head, and after looking at it, gently place it on the fairy’s head, noticing that it was a bit too big for her, the fairy having to hold it in place to prevent it from falling in front of her eyes.

“So, then, Mister, you sure you want to keep a fairy around? They’re not that strong, or smart.” Suika informed you, the fairy staring at Suika now.

“Don’t worry Mister, I’ll be the best Secretary I can be!” At least she was very energetic, even if she had no real idea what being a Secretary meant. Well, maybe if you’re going to be stuck here a bit, having a Fairy Secretary would be a nice idea, and would at least keep the other fairies off you, if she can convince them to not attack you.

Standing up, you stretch your arms, before your face contorted in pain. You realized that you probably pulled something. Falling down, you end up on your back, groaning. Suika and your newly appointed Fairy Secretary ask if you were okay. You tell them that you were okay, just that you were starting to feel the effects of age getting to you. Getting back up, you rub your back and then look at your two compatriots.

“So then, Mister, what now?” Your Fairy Secretary asked, reminding you that there was a powerful Youkai in the area. Powerful Youaki, huh? Well, this could prove bad. Deciding that it would be best to avoid the area up ahead and risk your entire revenge plot with an untimely death, you told your decision that a detour was completely necessary. Just, you didn’t know where to detour to.

Thankfully, your Fairy Secretary and Suika gave you two choices. From your Fairy Secretary, she told you that you could go deeper into the forest and maneuver around the area. That sounded good, though you were wondering what sort of dangers you might face deeper in the forest. Suika, however, said that it would be better to detour through the human village. Not only would there be less Youkai, you could also meet some other humans. And probably get a change of clothes. Suika remarked how dirty your shirt was, and you couldn’t help but agree, noticing a filthy brown tinge on your collar.

"Let us go then, my dear fellows!"
[X] Deeper into the Forest, where wondrous wonders await us! What exactly are those wonders? NO ONE KNOWS!
[X] Back to the Human Village, amongst fellow kin of similar nature! Let us show this Village the greatness of Briton's finest!

Yes, he's still British in Heart, though Australian in Body... well... almost.
No. 123590
[X] Back to the Human Village, amongst fellow kin of similar nature! Let us show this Village the greatness of Briton's finest!

C'mon, time to annex a new colony for the crown, through sheer MANLINESS and CULTURALITY!
No. 123591
[X] Back to the Human Village, amongst fellow kin of similar nature! Let us show this Village the greatness of Briton's finest!

As for what we could do after we off Camera Bitch, we could hang out with the Technologically Advanced Kappa, or the Moriya Shrine, which is also from the Outside World. We also need to confront Yukari about flinging us into the Suika and the Hakurei Shrine.
No. 123602
[X] Back to the Human Village, amongst fellow kin of similar nature! Let us show this Village the greatness of Briton's finest!
A fairy secretary uh? This is interesting. In a land ruled by fauth, if we believe that a weakling can became strong and she believes that too... who knows what could happen?
No. 123605


[X] Back to the Human Village, amongst fellow kin of similar nature! Let us show this Village the greatness of Briton's finest!
[X] If you're going to have a secretary, you're going to make damn well sure she's the best secretary you could ask for. Begin training her immediately in the art of bureaucra-te, the ancient self-defense system used by clerical workers, paper-pushers, government workers, and other various office employees.
No. 123606
[X] Back to the Human Village, amongst fellow kin of similar nature! Let us show this Village the greatness of Briton's finest!
[X] If you're going to have a secretary, you're going to make damn well sure she's the best secretary you could ask for. Begin training her immediately in the art of bureaucra-te, the ancient self-defense system used by clerical workers, paper-pushers, government workers, and other various office employees.
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File 128519137487.jpg - (370.57KB , 1600x1200 , SomeRandomPlaceinEurope.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Back to the Human Village, amongst fellow kin of similar nature! Let us show this Village the greatness of Briton's finest!
[X] If you're going to have a secretary, you're going to make damn well sure she's the best secretary you could ask for. Begin training her immediately in the art of bureaucra-te, the ancient self-defense system used by clerical workers, paper-pushers, government workers, and other various office employees.

You were always curious about the human village when Suika brought it up a while back the night you crashed into the Hakurei Shrine. As well, after all the crap you’ve been through, seeing another human would really help out with calming down, and well, you could probably get some medical attention too. Informing Suika and your Fairy Secretary of your decision, you latch on to Suika, ready for her to fly you there. However, you remember that your Fairy Secretary’s wing was broken. Glancing over to her, you ask if she would like to ride on your shoulder.

“Thank you, Mister, but I can fly quite fine.” You gave her a confused look, asking if she could fly with a broken wing. “My wing? Oh, it’s all healed up now, but thank you anyway.” Looking at her wings, you realized that it was true; her wings were no longer broken. Maybe if you could bring her back to your company’s scientists…

Now in the air again, you begin thinking about Gensokyo as a whole and how your life has been going from plain to downright deranged. From a horned girl with more strength than you could imagine, strange winged girls, strange green haired woman that you couldn’t hit, that dishonorable newspaper writer, a maid who you swore was Houdini’s sister or daughter, a vampire with teeth as strong as cardboard, fairies, and a lot of multicolored bullets which looked pretty to the eyes but probably hurt like hell, you realized this place was damn right insane. So how is a human supposed to live in this little slice of insanity? Probably by not bothering going out in the first place, the poor bastards.

As you continue looking around the new land around you, your mind begins working out the possibilities. So many trees, a lake, and no doubt some sort of metals in the mountains, especially from Youkai Mountain. You begin imagining factories in the place of clearings, housing for your employees from the sheer amount of trees you saw, roads, airports, all sorts of things, even a post office.

Ah, you can’t forget about revenge. Revenge first, turning this land into a giant gravel pit later. Maybe when you get that vile newspaper writer, you would also burn down wherever she makes her newspapers. Or buy her out and fire her. That would be the best thing in the world. Though still, you had to make sure you were still alive to enjoy that pleasure.

After an uneventful flight, you could see a rather modestly sized village appearing in the horizon. From a few glimpses, you could tell that the buildings were of archaic design; with seemingly the only material used was wood. Your instincts also told you that the building designs weren’t not of European origin at all, instead having a more Asian-style to it. Seeing the road below was widening, you ask Suika if she could land now, saying that you would prefer walking the rest of the way, saying that your legs were starting to go numb.

Touching ground, you let go of Suika, collapsing to the ground due to your legs being numb. Rubbing your legs a bit to get the blood flowing again, you quickly stand back up, and give your companions a hearty smile. Looking at your Fairy Secretary, however, made you realize that you completely forgot to tell her your name. Making up for this, you apologize to the fairy, bowing down, and saying your name.

“Okay then, Mister Hale. Is there anything you need to tell me?” Actually, you had an idea. After your experience with the fairy swarm, you realized how pathetic a single fairy would be. This you had to change. Looking through your coat, you try looking for a secret book that you might have hidden in there. Though you vigorously search your coat, you fail to find what you were looking for. You were about to give up when you noticed your Fairy Secretary was holding something in front of your face. Ah, it was what you were looking for. Thanking the fairy, you take the book in your hand and read the title.

“Bureaucra-te, the ancient secret art of self-defence for and used by office employees, written by Lathes Axon, the first of the many Australian Bureaucra-te masters.” You then hand the book back to your Fairy Secretary. “This book shall become your bedside reading, it shall become your guide, and it shall become your ticket to being the best damned Secretary this world will ever see. Read it well, my dear Secretary.”

Your Fairy Secretary takes the books in her hand and looks back at you. Strangely enough, she has a sad look on her face. Asking what was wrong, she sighs.

“I can’t read…” Oh. Well that sucks. Guess you have to teach her reading as well, but damn, you won’t let this from letting you have an awesome Secretary. You soon ask the Fairy what her name is. “Well, my friends call me-” You stop her before she finishes, saying that the life she had before was gone, and thus she was starting a whole new life. You decide to bestow the fairy a new name, a name befitting for the best secretary that you’ll have. After coming up with a name, you then decide how to go into the village, whether in a highly refined way to attract as much attention as possible or by just walking in, going in hopefully anonymously.

Unbeknownst to you, Suika was now lying down on her side, drinking up her sake.

"My new Fairy Secretary... I bestow thee the name..."
[X] Write-in. I know you guys are going to give me something so crazy awesome that I'll pick it.

"And to the village!"
[X] Walk in in a highly regal manner, with your umbrella being used as a coat, your head held high.
[X] Walk in, trying not to bring much attention to yourself.

"And where shall we go?"
[X] Somewhere to eat.
[X] Somewhere to help your Fairy Secretary learn to read.
[X] Somewhere to get a change of clothes.

Well guys, have fun. GO WILD!
No. 123631
[X] "Moneypenny, in honour of the greatest secretary in the history of Noble Brittania. Soon to be second greatest."

"And to the village!"
[X] Walk in in a highly regal manner, with your umbrella being used as a coat, your head held high.
"And where shall we go?"
[X] Somewhere to get a change of clothes.

After all, we're pretty beat up right now. We have pride! We won't go around looking like a bum any longer than we have to!
No. 123634
[X] Alice.
[X] Walk in in a highly regal manner, with your umbrella being used as a coat, your head held high.
[X] Somewhere to eat.

I'd have said something like Yukari, but George isn't Japanese.
No. 123635
Could we get a quick description of our fairy? It would help in identification and naming.
No. 123637
Right then, I'll give you a description of our Fairy Secretary.

Scanning over your Fairy Secretary, it appeared she was even shorter than Suika, almost by half a foot. Her hair was a light brown and was cut short. She was wearing a red skirt with orange blouse. Her wings were short yet thick, though you wondered how they provided her flight. Finally, her eyes matched her hair color. Clearly, Fairies were not bound by normal laws of hair color.

Now there's your description, short and sweet. Make of it what you will.
No. 123638
File 128520072383.jpg - (25.73KB , 224x449 , Princess_Diana_Cannes.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Diana
Need I say more?
[x] Regal
[x] Somewhere to teach her how to read.
No. 123639
"And to the village!"
[X] Walk in in a highly regal manner, with your umbrella being used as a coat, your head held high.
"And where shall we go?"
[X] Somewhere to get a change of clothes.
[X] Somewhere to help your Fairy Secretary learn to read.
[X]Somewhere to eat.
Keeping the fairy name simple, and vaguely related to her image, though Pepper does seem slightly masculine.
No. 123641
[x] Titania
"And to the village!"
[X] Walk in in a highly regal manner, with your umbrella being used as a coat, your head held high.
"And where shall we go?"
[X] Somewhere to get a change of clothes.
[X] Somewhere to help your Fairy Secretary learn to read.
[X]Somewhere to eat.
No. 123643
Well, I'm gonna sleep on this one guys. I'll have an update ready when I wake up tomorrow, and if theres anything else you want.

So much storms back here, it's crazy...
No. 123647
I can't decide if I like this story or not...
No. 123681
File 128527468188.png - (380.89KB , 751x1035 , ec26f62c8bcefd98c09f03220324999e.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Diana
[x] Walk in in a highly regal manner, with your umbrella being used as a coat, your head held high.
[X] Somewhere to get a change of clothes.
[X] Somewhere to help your Fairy Secretary learn to read.
[X]Somewhere to eat.

You begin looking very carefully at your Fairy Secretary, very carefully. You examine her hair, her wings, her dress, and her eyes, scanning carefully, trying to soak in every last detail. You start toying around with your mustache, your Fairy Secretary giving you a confused look. That look, that innocent, confused look became etched into your brain. It reminded you of someone, someone great, someone nice, someone who had potential. Soon, you could literally hear a light bulb flash atop your head as you exclaim your success.

“My dear Secretary, I have come up with a new name for you, a name perfect for your new life. Prepare yourself as you begin your new life.” Holding out your umbrella, you lightly tap it on both of her shoulders and then on her forehead. “I dub thee… Ms. Diana! From this day forward, you are no longer a mere fairy, but now the Secretary of George “Saxton” Hale, CEO of Mann Co. Tours Industry. I hope good things from you, Ms. Diana.”

Putting your Umbrella away, you could see the excitement growing in your Secretary’s eyes. You felt pretty proud of yourself, being able to make someone happy. Let’s just hope she doesn’t decide to kill you in your sleep. Looking back to Suika, you saw that she had fallen asleep. Gently tapping her on the head with your umbrella, you soon put your attention to your umbrella. Hrmm, maybe the crash affected your head a bit more than you thought, but wouldn’t it be awesome to wear it as a coat? Taking your coat off, you gently place it over Ms. Diana, the weight of the coat causing her to fall to the ground. You then open up your umbrella and begin trying to push your arms through the metal supports, struggling a bit, trying your best to not break your umbrella in the process.

Now fully awake, Suika was looking at your attempts to wear your umbrella. “What are you doing, mister?” You turn to Suika, smiling, explaining that you were going to stride into the village while wearing your umbrella. After hearing your explanation, Suika tried to hold back a laugh, but was soon laughing without restraint. “Trying to wear an umbrella? What are you trying to be, a dumb fairy?”

Your secretary, Ms. Diana, quickly crawled out of the coat you handed her, flying up in front of Suika. “Hey, I’m not dumb!” Your secretary’s voice had a hint of anger in it, but Suika only just brushed her off. Soon, your secretary was shouting and arguing, with Suika making more insults about her now.

“…Well… you’re just some drunk oni!”

“Well thank you for stating the obvious. You, on the other hand, can’t shoot danmaku right!”

“I can, I can!”

“Oh yeah? Prove it!”

Groaning, you gently put your umbrella down and stare at both Ms. Diana and Suika. You noticed that Ms. Diana was preparing to attack. This was completely unacceptable. Standing in between the two, you push them gently apart, holding them tightly, making sure they can’t move to attack each other.

“Hey, hey, hey!” You lift both of them up and give each of them a cold stare. “What’s going on here? I leave you alone for less than a minute and now you’re at each other’s throats? We’re supposed to be civil people, not barbarians! We solve our disputes peacefully and not with violence! Now please, apologize, the both of you, or I’m carrying you two on my shoulders into the village.”

Although the two initially refused to look at each other, your continued persistence paid off, both Suika and Ms. Diana apologizing. Satisfied, you set them both down and go back to your umbrella. Seeing that wearing it would go nowhere, you collapse it and get back to wearing your coat, feeling for your golden pocket watch and other items. After knowing everything was in order, you call out to your two companions, telling them that the time had come to enter the village. Holding your head high, your left hand in your coat and your right hand holding your umbrella, you begin to stroll into the village, chuckling silently to yourself.

With a stride reminiscent of a King, you stroll through the entrance of the village, taking note of the surroundings. Sadly, it seemed that the road was unpaved and that all the buildings were made of wood. You also took note of the clothing of the people, something you remember when you were visiting Japan. Though then again, it was all for tourists and not nearly as unrefined as this. Continuing your walk, you noticed that everyone who saw you stopped in what they were doing to stare. You even noticed a few running away after a few seconds of staring. Well, maybe they were going to get the welcome committee.

“Hey, Mister, you sure you know what you’re doing?” You brush aside Suika’s concern, saying that you’ll be fine. “Well, alright then, I’m still hoping to have another arm wrestle with you.” You remind her that you were not going to break that promise any time soon. You then glanced back to look at Ms. Diana, seeing that she was also looking a bit worried, though whether it was for her wellbeing or for your own eluded you.

“Halt right there!”

Stopping in your tracks, you noticed a young woman float down in front of you and your company. The young woman wore a blue dress and a strange blue hat, while having bluish-white hair and brown eyes. Well, that was a lot of blue. The young woman gazed at you with hostile eyes.

“Explain yourselves!” The young woman then looked at Suika. “Suika? What are you doing here? Who are the other two that are with you?” Although the young woman’s tone seemed to change, it was still hostile. However, before Suika could say anything, you start talking instead.

Bowing down, you introduce yourself and your Fairy Secretary, Ms. Diana. Saying that you were looking for a place to eat, you also include that you were looking for someone to tutor Ms. Diana, saying that she needed someone who could help her to read.

“A teacher? My name is Keine Kamishirasawa, and I’m the local teacher here. Though history is my specialty, I guess I can tutor your friend. But tell me, why are you dressed so weirdly?” Weirdly? Considering the situation, you could say the same for Keine.

“That’s because he’s from the outside! Isn’t he a crazy one, Keine?” Well, that hurt your feelings. You scold Suika for her words, saying that it isn’t nice to call someone crazy. You then look back to Keine, noticing that she was now looking at you curiously.

“Another person from the outside world, you say? Interesting, we’ve been getting quite a few lately. There’s a small community of them that live in this village here.” Oh, really? Maybe you could visit them, ask them for help for whatever you needed. You soon heard your stomaching growling, and you force out a chuckle, asking Keine where you could go to get a bite to eat.

Keine then pointed towards a market area, saying that most of the places that sell food were over there. Then, she began floating up. “Well then, George, you can stay as long as you want. But you if do anything that puts the village in any harm, I’ll make sure you get kicked out as soon as possible.” After finishing her warning, Keine flew off, probably to wherever the school house was.

Looking at your companions, you noticed that the sun was moving lower, and you’d probably have enough time to do one thing before the sun set. Although you were hungry, perhaps you could find some food elsewhere. And having a chance to speak with others from the outside world would really help you get to know this place better.

"Decisions, decisions, oh boy, what decisions..."
[X] Visit the School House and enroll Ms. Diana in a few private tutoring lessons.
[X] Visit the Marketplace and get something to eat. And maybe something new to wear.
[X] Visit the community of other people from the outside world.

And well, I'm sorry if you can't decide if you like this story or not. I can't force you to like it, either, but I try my best to write these stories. I just hope for more criticism so I know if I'm doing something wrong.

And hey, you did ask to use the umbrella as a coat.
No. 123684
[X] Visit the Marketplace and get something to eat. And maybe something new to wear.
We have no need for the private lessons, as we can just teach Diana to read by ourselves.
No. 123686
[X] Visit the Marketplace and get something to eat. And maybe something new to wear.

Food then education.
No. 123687
[X] Visit the Marketplace and get something to eat. And maybe something new to wear.

Wait, does Hale have any currency of use to anyone in Gensokyo?
No. 123688
[X] Visit the School House and enroll Ms. Diana in a few private tutoring lessons.
Business before pleasure. Do they accept pounds in Gensokyo?
No. 123691
[X] Visit the School House and enroll Ms. Diana in a few private tutoring lessons.
No. 123712
File 128534934614.jpg - (83.74KB , 600x296 , lioncash.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Visit the Marketplace and get something to eat. And maybe something new to wear.

Although you wanted to go and follow Keine to finalize the agreement to enroll Ms. Diana in private lessons, your stomach growled again. Rubbing your stomach, you realized that it had been quite a while since you had eaten anything. Maybe you should’ve grabbed a bit of food to go while you were at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Well, at least you knew where to get some food. Quickly making sure your wallet was still on your person, you take off for the marketplace, hoping that there would be something good to eat. I mean, they couldn’t possibly so uncivilized to not have any degree of sanitary laws.

As you continued your trek, you still noticed that nearly everyone you passed had to stop and stare, even if for a moment. Though you liked the attention, you did realize it made you stick out horribly. Maybe if you made an attempt to look more like the natives, they would better receive you. Then again, it’s not like you’re going to stay here forever, right? Right?

Shaking the thought off, you begin seeing market stalls lining the streets, some in buildings, and others outside. Merchants were advertising their wares, items being sold varying from different types of food, from fruits to vegetables, even meats and fish. Then there were other stores which sold things like cloths and other sorts of items. As you were scanning the different stores and stalls, your stomach again grumbled. Perhaps it would be best to get some fruit, need to fight off scurvy.

Approaching one of the market stalls, you took note of the different fruits available. You saw oranges, apples, peaches, and all sorts of different fruits you haven’t seen before. As you picked up an orange, you noticed the stall’s owner walk out from a nearby building, probably his home. At first, the greengrocer stared at you, probably noticing your strange attire. Holding up to orange to him, you conveyed your intention to purchase and his expression quickly changed as he ran up to you. You ask the greengrocer how much would one orange cost.

“Oh, an orange? Well, how much are you willing to pay for it?” The Greengrocer soon watched you take out your wallet, and reaching into it, you take out a £5 note, and hand it to the greengrocer, informing him that you were also buying some fruits for your companions. Taking the banknote, the Greengrocer looks at it before looking back at you suspiciously. The greengrocer then holds the banknote back to you.

“What is this?” You explain to the greengrocer that it was a banknote, and it was used in business transactions. “No, no, no, we don’t accept this here. We accept currency, not strips of paper with funny drawings on them.” What? Someone actually denying the pound sterling? What sort of backwards civilization is this? You then ask what sort of currency they use here. He answers that here they use the yen. The yen? The pound is no good but the yen is? You begin arguing that the pound sterling was worth more than the yen would ever hope to be.

“Well if it’s so valuable, why haven’t I heard of it before? Now either pay properly or leave, sir.” A bit incensed at this refusal of service, you take the note back and stuff it in your wallet, and place the orange back where it belonged. Straightening your coat, inform the greengrocer of how horrible a salesperson he was, before taking your leave, holding your head high as your companions, Ms. Diana and Suika follow you.

“Hey mister, what was all that about?” Suika asks, though you refuse to look at her, informing her that the person was an idiot to refuse the pound sterling. “Well, this isn’t exactly where you’re from, mister, so you can’t expect everyone to follow your rules.” You then decide to ask Suika if she had any money, the Oni only shrugging. You then turn to Ms. Diana, asking if she had any money as well. Unfortunately, she said she had none either. Well great, just great.

You continue trying to buy food from the different market stalls, with each salesperson reacting similarly to the greengrocer; first with curiosity, then suspicious, and then denying the pound sterling and informing you that they too only took the yen. Soon, after the fifth stall, you noticed a change in the behavior, with less curiosity and more suspicious, until nearly all the stalls were denying you service the moment you stepped at least 6 feet near their stall. Great, word spreads quickly.

The sun was starting to set and you still hadn’t gotten anything to eat. You looked back at Ms. Diana and Suika, seeing that they were looking a bit hungry as well. Denied from all the stalls, you were starting to get desperate. You soon asked Suika if there were any other places that sold food besides the ones in the market place. Suika was quick to respond that there were a few other stores, and there was one nearby, although it was located in a richer part of the village. Without even thinking twice, you ask Suika to bring you to one of those stores, no longer worried about people staring at you and just about getting something to eat.

You soon noticed a subtle change in surroundings, noticing that the buildings were starting to look poorly constructed and more refined. If anything, the buildings were starting to look bigger as well. Whatever people who were still out also were also dressed more richly, in your opinion anyway, some even being followed by attendants. Soon, Suika stopped in front of a smaller building, looking pretty plain in comparison to the other nearby buildings.

“Well, here we are, mister!” You examine the building, seeing that the only thing that differentiated it from the stores back at the market place was that it was bigger. Well, that was a good one. Hopefully whoever owned the store didn’t hear about you yet. Despite protests, you inform Ms. Diana and Suika to stay outside, as business was your forte; and you wanted them outside just in case someone was planning to assassinate you. Paranoia’s been creeping into your brain a bit too much these days.

“Hello? Is anyone her-” You hear a bell ring, similar to small stores back in Britain. But, when you were inside, you couldn’t believe it, you just couldn’t believe it. Modern conveniences? Electric lights? Signs of… industrialization in the midst of this backwards community? Impossible!

“Coming, coming, just give me a moment!” A young man’s voice rang out, probably the storeowner’s. Of course, you couldn’t stand still, as you began looking through the store. Not only were there fresh fruits and vegetable, but there was also foods that you saw back home. Chips, can openers, cans, spam, spam, spam, oh god, the spam. Okay, maybe this place wasn’t as great as you thought it was since it managed to stock spam, but the fact it had quite a few modern items surprised you.

“Ah, sorry about that, I was just finishing u-” You turn towards the counter, seeing that the storeowner had finally appeared. It seemed that he too was now staring at you. Oh great, someone else who finds you weird. Groaning, you explain, yes, you weren’t from this world, and you were simply just looking for someone who would sell you food and what not.

“Wait, you’re from the outside world?” Ugh, do they have to keep asking? You repeat yourself, more slowly, but before you can finish he interrupted. “I’m from the outside world too.”


Thirty-minutes past as the two of you talk, chatting on how each of you came to Gensokyo. The storeowner, it seems, came to Gensokyo over a year ago. The conversation would’ve lasted longer if your stomach didn’t grumble again. Chuckling, you ask the storeowner whether or not he accepts the pound sterling, to which the storeowner said he would accept it, even though he probably be unable to use it at the other stores. Grabbing up a bunch of fruit, you can’t help but remember the chips and spam. Asking about the items, the storeowner was about to answer when you heard the front door swing open, the door’s bell ringing softly.

“Hello? Is the storeowner here?”

"Hrmm? Who the blazes could that be?"

[X] A familiar face.
[X] An unfamiliar face.

Feel free to write in who, if you want. And yes, that is lion cash.

I swear to god, I want some lion cash.
No. 123723
[X] A familiar face.
No. 123725
[X] A familiar face.
No. 123728
[X] A familiar face.
>Belgrano with a lion face.
I love you.
No. 123744
[X] An unfamiliar face.
Where are our clothes, you said there would be clothes.
No. 123792
File 128545718730.png - (1.01MB , 1024x768 , WutCapitalismLol.png ) [iqdb]
[X] A familiar face.

Turning towards the door, you saw a young woman enter. You noticed the scarlet hair and green beret and quickly realized who it was. You noticed Meiling had a basket and a small list with her. Well, hope she doesn’t mind the unnecessary amounts of spam this place has.

“Oh, Mister Shopkeeper, are you in?” Meiling then noticed you standing next to the counter. “Oh, it’s you again.” You cordially give her a bow, and ask what she was doing here. “I was here to purchase some groceries for Mistress Remilia.”

The shopkeeper suddenly turns to attention, looking curiously at Meiling. “Excuse me, but isn’t that the Scarlet Devil Mansion? Isn’t Sakuya the one who does all the shopping?” Oh, wait, what? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, NO! She can’t still be…

“Oh, Miss Sakuya? She’s… asleep still.” Oh, good lord. No, she didn’t just say. You felt your legs starting to grow weak, feeling horrible about what Meiling said. Although you manage to keep yourself standing, you couldn’t stop from sweating a bit. Unfortunately, Meiling was quick to notice, asking if there was something wrong. You hastily make up an excuse, saying that it was just warm here. Although Meiling looks at you suspiciously, she thankfully doesn’t ask anymore question.

Moving out of the way, Meiling walks up to the counter and hands the shopkeeper her list, the shopkeeper quickly moving through the store to grab all the items. You felt like just leaving already, but you haven’t paid for your food yet. Standing in the corner of the store, you watched as the shopkeeper returned with the last few items from Meiling’s list. Placing them in Meiling’s basket, Meiling then placed a coin purse in the shopkeeper’s hand.

“Miss Mieling?” Your voice stop’s Meiling from leaving, the scarlet haired girl looking at you, wondering what you were going to ask. “Could you… take a note to Sakuya?” Meiling agrees as you hastily ask for a piece of paper, remembering you had a pen hidden somewhere on your person. Thankful that the pen still had ink, you hastily write a note, writing it as a quick apology to what happened. You hoped that Sakuya would wake up soon to read it, but a part of you feels that she might not wake up any time soon.

Suppressing that thought, you hand the note to Meiling, Meiling placing it in her basket. Saying farewell, Meiling walks out of the store, leaving you with the shopkeeper.

“So, are you going to pay for your stuff?” The shopkeeper looks at you, looking a little impatient. Taking out your wallet, you grab a £50 banknote and place it on the counter, saying that the shopkeeper could keep it all, though you do regret that he’d probably not find it much use around here. However, before grabbing your groceries, you again ask where the shopkeeper gets his modern produce.

“Well… considering you’re from the outside as well, I guess I can tell you…” The shopkeeper looks around, as if to make sure no one else was there, and leans in closely. “You see, the chips and what not, I get them from my ‘special’ supplier. However, she told me not to say her name… but I can tell you that they’re not human themselves. The people who bring me these items are actually Youkai.” You asked if he could tell you more but the shopkeeper says he told you enough already.

Disappointed, but intrigued, you decide to ask one last question.

“Where can an honest man get a change of clothes around here?”

The shopkeeper looks at you, realizing the state of your clothes. “Oh, well, there is a place around here that does work with clothes from the outside world. It’s also here in the rich district since the richer people are somewhat intrigued by the fashion of the outside world.” Not even waiting for directions, you quickly bid the man farewell, rushing out of the store in a heartbeat.

“Oh there you are, Mister, I was wondering when yo-” Before Suika could finish, you stuff an apple in her mouth, while you continue walking. Taking a bite, Suika quickly followed you. “Hey, what was that for!”

“Mister Hale, what’s the matter?” Ms. Diana was floating next to you, though you were too focused to even reply. Instead, you just tossed her a bag of chips for her to eat as you continued on.

“Come on, Mister, what’s going on?” Suika was still wondering what was going on, though at least she was eating the apple you gave her.

“Easy: Clothes!” You grin as you look around, seeing that the sun was already setting. Checking the buildings, you laugh, seeing your goal; a building that looked architecturally different from its nearby buildings, having a more European flare to it, reminding you back home. Laughing like a madman now, you give your groceries to Ms. Diana to hold, the poor fairy struggling to stay afloat with all the extra weight.

Opening the door, you courteously let Suika and Ms. Diana in first, before entering in at last. As soon as the door closed, the storeowner appeared from behind the counter. Though he looked human, in the back of your mind, something felt out of place. Not bothering with that thought, you began looking around, realizing the different assortment of clothes there was, ranging from stuff similar to what most of the villagers wore to stuff that wouldn’t be out of place on a busy street. You even saw a suit of armor.

“Ah, yes, customers, good!” The storeowner quickly walked out from behind the counter and approached you. “Yes, yes, you wish to purchase clothes, yes?”

You informed the storeowner that he was correct, and even asked if he would take pound sterling.

“Ah, yes, pound sterling, yes, I take it is from the outside world too?” When you say that they were, the storeowner began laughing in glee. “Ah, yes, then we take pound sterling! So… is there anything you like? If you want, we can also get you a hat.”

“Yes… Yes! Would you kindly…”

[X] Something similar to my current clothes. I enjoy looking like a proper gentleman.
[X] Something on the casual side, these clothes are proving a little heavy.

"And your hat?"
[X] The biggest, taller, CRAZIEST hat you can get me! I want the POOR and IRISH to know whose boss!
[X] Something normal. Like a Bowler hat.

"And your friends?"
[X] Them? Pfft, they're fine.
[X] No, they need the best of fine clothing too! THEY DESERVE TO LOOK LIKE LADIES OF LEISURE!

Yes, a change of wardrobe is required! What? Do you want to stand around in the same clothes for the rest of the story? OF COURSE NOT! NO GENTLEMAN WOULD DO THAT!
No. 123793
[X] The biggest, tallest, CRAZIEST hat you can get me! I want the POORE and IRISH to know whose boss!
[X] No, they need the best of fine clothing too! THEY DESERVE TO LOOK LIKE LADIES OF LEISURE!

What else is our money good for?
No. 123796
[X] Something similar to my current clothes. I enjoy looking like a proper gentleman.
[X] The biggest, taller, CRAZIEST hat you can get me! I want the POOR and IRISH to know whose boss!
[X] No, they need the best of fine clothing too! THEY DESERVE TO LOOK LIKE LADIES OF LEISURE!

Mike Kern: Fuck yes, now you can get your secretary a Beuracra-te Uniform
Mike Kern: i.e a Business suit and tiny glasses
Mike Kern: tiny tiny glasses
Mike Kern: like
Mike Kern: morpheus from the matrix, but scaled down to her size
No. 123797
[X] Something on the casual side, these clothes are proving a little heavy.
[X] The biggest, taller, CRAZIEST hat you can get me! I want the POOR and IRISH to know whose boss!
[X] Ask whether they're interested in a change of clothes or not, and comply with their wishes on the matter.
No. 123800
File 128547534381.png - (19.43KB , 330x322 , DIANA.png ) [iqdb]
Tea, Mr. Hale?
No. 123801
[X] The biggest, tallest, CRAZIEST hat you can get me! I want the POORE and IRISH to know whose boss!
[X] No, they need the best of fine clothing too! THEY DESERVE TO LOOK LIKE LADIES OF LEISURE!
No. 123803
[X] Something similar to my current clothes. I enjoy looking like a proper gentleman.
[X] The biggest, taller, CRAZIEST hat you can get me! I want the POOR and IRISH to know whose boss!
[X] No, they need the best of fine clothing too! THEY DESERVE TO LOOK LIKE LADIES OF LEISURE!
No. 123807
[X] Something similar to my current clothes. I enjoy looking like a proper gentleman.
[X] The biggest, taller, CRAZIEST hat you can get me! I want the POOR and IRISH to know whose boss!
[X] No, they need the best of fine clothing too! THEY DESERVE TO LOOK LIKE LADIES OF LEISURE!

That is awesome and you are awesome for posting it.
No. 123810
[X] Something similar to my
current clothes. I enjoy looking
like a proper gentleman.
[X] The biggest, taller, CRAZIEST
hat you can get me! I want the
POOR and IRISH to know whose
[X] No, they need the best of
fine clothing too! THEY DESERVE
No. 123816
File 128553292350.png - (29.22KB , 483x361 , suikaanddianawings.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Something similar to my
current clothes. I enjoy looking
like a proper gentleman.
[X] The biggest, taller, CRAZIEST
hat you can get me! I want the
POOR and IRISH to know whose
[X] No, they need the best of
fine clothing too! THEY DESERVE

Looking throughout the entire inventory of clothing available, you were glad to see that there were quite a lot of clothes that were similar to what you were wearing. There was even an entire row of hangers devoted to nothing more than waistcoats. Even the variety of colors was surprising. However, colors aside, you decided to stick with what you knew, and besides, if you were wearing any other color, it would probably not match your coat, and your coat was still in good condition.

Making one final pass through the different jackets, waistcoats, ties, and collared shirts, you pick out a set of clothes that wasn’t entirely different from your first suit. Handing your coat, jacket, waistcoat, and even tie to Ms. Diana, you follow the storeowner behind a curtain to put on your clothes.

“Yes, yes, try on clothes, see how it fits…” The Storeowner said, still feeling a little strange by his voice. Asking him to let you change in private, he complies and walks out of the curtain, leaving you to change into your picked clothes. Removing your shirt, you noticed that the bruises from your arms from earlier were gone. Rubbing over your arm, you noticed there really was no injury left. Looking at your chest, however, you noticed that a patch of hair was starting to grow. Well, it seems you could go for a shave later.

Wearing your new clothes, you saw in the mirror that it hid your muscles pretty well. Although it was a bit deceitful to hide your strength, you preferred clothes that had a bit of a free flow to it, and didn’t constantly rub on your skin, or rip if you tried to flex.

Tightening your tie up one last time, you picked up your old clothes and walk out through the curtain. The first thing you noticed that Ms. Diana was still trapped underneath a small pile of clothes. Sighing, you set your old clothes aside and pull Ms. Diana from under the pile. Properly readjusting Ms. Diana’s hat, you noticed that Suika had disappeared. As you were about to go looking for her, her voice rang out.

“Hey, Mister, how do I look?” Turning towards where you hear Suika’s voice, you saw the Oni, now wearing a jacket and tie combo, holding her hands out, with a big grin on her face. “I wanted to try out something like what you were wearing, Mister. Does it look okay?” Examining Suika, you commented that it did look pretty good on her. You then push Ms. Diana forward and ask if Suika could also dress her in something similar to wear. Smiling, Suika grab’s Ms. Diana’s hand and pulls her away, leaving you alone with the storeowner and a small pile of clothes.

“I say you like your new clothes?” You nod, asking if he could show you his assortment of hats. Turning your attention to another part of the store, you saw a multitude of different hats and hair accessories, ranging from hair bows, ornaments, helmets, and then to some familiar hats, ranging from boaters, top hats, bowler hats, trilbies, fedoras, Stetsons, beanies, flatcaps, berets, and many more. Unfortunately, none of them seem crazy enough to fit your current taste. Trying on a bowler, you looked into a mirror, feeling that there was something missing. Not knowing what possessed you to do so; you then took a top hat and placed it on top of the bowler. A little better, but still, you needed one last finishing touch. Finally, taking one of the boaters with a bow attached to it, to carefully adjust it on top of the top hat and look into the mirror.

Gasping, you saw how amazing it was. It was not merely three hats, but now, it was one, giant, amazing hat tower. A towering pillar of hats, a rarity of this modern day and age, and here you were, recreating an item worn only by the craziest of people. Carefully removing the tower of hats from your head, you turn to the storeowner, asking if he had anything to fasten these hats together.

“Ah yes, something to fasten them, yes? Let me quickly stitch them together, yes?” Taking the pile from your hands, the storeowner suddenly produced a spool of thread and needle, and hastily began stitching the hats together. Working fast, the storeowner returned the tower of hats to you in less than a minute. Putting the tower on your head, you began moving around, marveling how it managed to stick together.

“Um… Mister Hale, how do I look?” Turning around again, you saw that Ms. Diana was wearing a business top too, the fairy blushing a bit, Suika standing behind her with a big grin. Telling Ms. Diana that she looked good in her suit, you noticed that her tie was messed up. Walking over to Ms. Diana, you leaned down and began fixing it up, Ms. Diana blushing a bit more.

“So, I take that you are satisfied so far?” The storeowner was again hovering around you, looking at you with beady eyes. Finishing up Ms. Diana’s tie, you turn back to the storeowner, saying that you were satisfied. However, glancing at Suika and her lack of a hat, you asked if there was any way to fit a top hat for her. The storeowner was quick to procure a top hat and fit it on Suika’s head, somehow managing to have it fit on Suika’s horns. Looking at Suika again, you ask if she remembered the bet from before.

“Oh, the bet, didn’t you say you owe me something?” You nod, saying that you owed her a monocle, and asking if she was still interested in having a monocle. “Well, if you think it would be okay, then okay.” Smiling, you asked the storeowner if he had any monocles as well, and surprise, surprise, he had those too. Disappearing for a few seconds and returning with a monocle, the storeowner then fitted the monocle to Suika’s eye. Now looking at Suika with the top hat and monocle, you smiled, saying that it fit her perfectly.

“So, is that all for today?” You nod, taking out your wallet and grabbing several £50 banknotes. Handing the banknotes to the storeowner, the storeowner brings it up to his face and sniffs them, creeping you out slightly in the process. However, before you could leave, the storeowner stopped you again. “Wait, it is dark out. It would be wise to stay here for night, as bad things happen at night…” Asking your companions for their opinion, both Ms. Diana and Suika seemed to be alright with this, though you still felt a bit strange.

“Okay… I guess we can stay for the night.” The storeowner soon leaped for joy, smiling widely. Picking up your old clothes and the groceries, you and your companions followed the storeowner behind the counter. The storeowner then lead you down a small hallway with different rooms, saying that each room had a small bed and that you could take a room for the night. Letting your companions pick rooms first, you enter your room last, the storeowner leaving you three and returning back to the counter.

Now alone in your room, you set down your goods on the floor and sit on the bed, thinking of what to do. In the back of your mind, you felt that there was something wrong, something about the storekeeper that was raising a few warning flags in your mind. Then again, he was different, and you aren’t from here, and it isn’t right to subject him to your ideas of what a normal person is. Heck, you’ve met all sort of crazy people already, this guy seemed to be one of the more sane people you’ve met. But still, you couldn’t shake off that feeling that there was something wrong about that guy.

Lying down on your bed now, you close your eyes, trying to get some sleep. Perhaps a good night’s sleep would help make you feel better. Hopefully you’ll have a good night’s sleep.

"Ugh... a Goodnight's sleep?"
[X] Yes, with pleasant dreams abound.
[X] No, with horrifying nightmares that depict your (POSSIBLE) imminent demise.
[X] Wait, what's that noise? WHY IS IT KEEPING ME UP?!

And thank Touhou Create.swf for this picture. Okay, I personally didn't make it, but it is perfect. I mean, there isn't a whole lot of pictures of Suika in a business top.

And Ms. Diana, how Secretary-looking you are!
No. 123817
File 128553298146.png - (54.52KB , 743x468 , GeorgeandFriends.png ) [iqdb]

Touhou Create.swf is addicting.
And no, there is no way to make a Towering Pillar of Hats in Create.swf. DAMN IT!
No. 123818
[X] Wait, what's that noise? WHY IS IT KEEPING ME UP?!

Anyone else getting a creepy vibe off that shopkeep? Like, a feeling that there's some kind of...'outside' fetish-thing, going on? Seriously creeped out here...
No. 123829
[X] Wait, what's that noise? WHY IS IT KEEPING ME UP?!
No. 123830
[X] Yes, with pleasant dreams abound.
I thought the Shopkeeper was perfectly ordinary. If not for Georges random and jarring exclamations of wrongdoings and shenanigans, I would have thought he was just normal.
No. 123840
[X] Wait, what's that noise? WHY IS IT KEEPING ME UP?!
No. 123842
[X] Wait, what's that noise? WHY IS IT KEEPING ME UP?!

I think the shop keeper is a Youkai.
No. 123847
Equip Jagermaster
[X] Focus on a good sleep
No. 123900
File 128562678941.jpg - (42.29KB , 222x219 , TrollFaceDocChef.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Wait, what's that noise? WHY IS IT KEEPING ME UP?!

Lying on your side, you try to sleep, closing your eyes tightly and focusing on nothing but sleeping. However, no matter how hard you focus on just sleeping, you body refuses to fall asleep. Maybe if you were drunk, you could probably fall asleep better. Sitting on the bed again, you search your jacket and take out your flask, opening it and tipping it over your mouth. Unfortunately, the flask was empty, with not even drop left. Damn it, all you wanted was a drink and you couldn’t even get that. Suika was probably asleep and it would be rude to wake her up for something as trivial as a drink of alcohol.

Lying back down, you beginning thinking about different alcoholic drinks, thinking up of the different types of drinks you’ve had in your life. Wine was the first thing to come to mind. Great, what exactly happened to that wine again? It wasn’t in your car’s trunk, so where could have it gone? Gah, all this thinking is making your head spin. Maybe you should try some of the stronger stuff. You’ve heard that Jaegermeister is a good brand, though you were a bit cautious of the German stuff.

Pulling out your golden pocket watch, you look to see the time, though were disappointed that the watch had stopped again. You really need to wind that watch better. Looking at the cover, you remember your father giving it to you on his death bed, saying that it was an extremely valuable family heirloom. Though still, did it always have a picture of a man boxing with a kangaroo on it? Putting it back in your jacket, you try again to focus on sleeping, resting your head on your pillow.


What was that noise?

Bolting straight up, you begin looking around, wondering if there was anyone there. Seeing that there was no one there, you again tried to lie down, but again the noise caused you to sit on the edge of the bed now, reaching for your umbrella. Holding your umbrella close to your face, you stand up, tip-toeing over to the door. Sliding the door open, you noticed the strange noise was getting louder.

To be honest, you couldn’t tell what the noise was, but by god, you didn’t like having strange noises being made at this late of an hour, especially in such a strange place. Well, what was worse, it seemed that the noises were coming from Ms. Diana’s room. Oh good lord, what could be happening? An assassination attempt? Oh god, you had to do something, you couldn’t let any harm befall your secretary, especially when she only got the job today. That’s does not at all send out a good message to anyone else you want to hire to join your company.

Standing next to the door, you grab to the handle and begin counting to three.




Sliding the door open and jumping into the room, you scream “UNHAND MY SECRETARY!” You raise your umbrella high, ready to swing down, when you noticed that Ms. Diana was looking at you, a little terrified, noticing a book was on the floor.

“Mis-Mis-Mis-Mis,” Ms. Diana’s voice was trembling in terror, looking at you, as if she was expecting you to hit her. Realizing your error, you quickly drop your umbrella and tell her that you meant no harm, and that you were simply thinking that she was being attacked by some sort of assailant. “W-w-why would you think that, M-m-m-mister Hale?” To be honest, why did you? You really are a bit paranoid.

Looking at the book, you realized that Ms. Diana was actually trying to read the Bureacra-te book you gave you. Asking if she made any progress, your secretary unfortunately shook her head, saying that she couldn’t understand a single thing. Picking up the book, you ask if she wouldn’t mind if you read a bit of the book to her.

“You would really do that for me, Mister Hale?” Nodding, you saw Ms. Diana smile, which, in turn, caused you to smile as well. Something about this fairy smiling made you feel all warm inside. Pulling up a chair, you tell Ms. Diana to come closer and listen, hoping that she could also look at some of the pictures that were in the book. Adjusting your monocle, you open the book and begin reading the introduction to her.

“G’day mate, and welcome to Bureaucre-ta. As the lucky bastard reading this book, let me congratulate you for your first step to learning this beaut of a martial arts. Writin’ this book, I made sure it’s accessible to all you non-Australian drongos who can’t even stop themselves from getting sexual harassed at the office.”

“Mister Hale?” You turn to Ms. Diana. “What is ‘sexual harassed’ mean?” You explain that you’ll tell her when she’s older and continue reading, turning to the first page of Bureaucra-te, ‘The proper method of serving coffee to your superiors while fending off the fellow office worker.’

After reading a couple of pages, you turned to Ms. Diana, and realized that had fallen asleep, using your leg as a cushion. Closing the book and setting it aside, you decide it’d be rude to disrupt her. Actually, you were starting to feeling a bit tired as well, so, stretching your arms out and letting out a big yawn, you lean back and close your eyes.

“Hey Mister, wake up!” Opening your eyes, you saw Suika next to you, seeing that she was still wearing her monocle and top hat you bought for her. Asking her what time it was, she said it was already late in the morning. Seeing that Ms. Diana was also up as well, you stretch your arms again, commenting how well you slept. Getting out of your chair, you pick up your umbrella and make it back to your room, picking up everything else that belonged to you and returned to the hallway, the Storeowner already standing there, looking at you with those beady eyes again.

“So, I see you slept peacefully?” You still couldn’t tell what was wrong with the storeowner’s voice, though you had to agree, you had a good rest. Nodding, you decided that it would be rude to not leave him something, so you reached into your wallet and took out a small stack of banknotes. Although the amount varied for each banknote, you could see the storeowner become overcome with joy. You cautiously hand the banknotes to the storeowner, the storeowner rapidly taking them from you and sniffing them like last time. Ugh, seriously, this guy gives you the creeps.

Not wanting to stay any longer, you call to your companions and hastily walk out the front door, the storeowner wishing that you will return soon. Oh god, if things went your way, you wouldn’t be coming back there anytime soon. Seeing the sun was clearly shining in the sky, you felt pretty confident in whatever you planned to do today.

"Alright then, mates, let's have a go at it!"
[X] Take your leave and get over to Youkai Mountain to exact your revenge against the Tengu bitch.
-[X] Go back through the Forest.
-[X] Take a Detour through calm, rolling fields.
[X] Stay in the Human Village for a bit longer.
-[X] Visit the School House
--[X] Enroll Ms. Diana with a few Private Lessons
--[X] Ask her about the History of Gensokyo
-[X] Find an Inn which you can use as your base of operations.
-[X] Get a Hammer and some Nails, to repair Reimu's shrine later.
-[X] Write-in

I think these are a lot of decisions.

Then again, we can continue our vengeance for Aya or mingle a bit more in the Human village. It'd probably be the only place for George to meet with other humans for a while, anyway.
No. 123905
-[X] Visit the School House
--[X] Enroll Ms. Diana with a few Private Lessons
--[X] Ask her about the History of Gensokyo
-[x] Ask for nails and a hammer
No. 123909
[X] Stay in the Human Village for a bit longer.
-[X] Visit the School House
--[X] Enroll Ms. Diana with a few Private Lessons

Our Secretary needs a proper edumacation.
No. 123928
[X] Stay in the Human Village for a bit longer.
-[X] Visit the School House
--[X] Enroll Ms. Diana with a few Private Lessons
No. 123929
[X] Stay in the Human Village for a bit longer.
-[X] Visit the School House
--[X] Enroll Ms. Diana with a few Private Lessons
--[X] Ask her about the History of Monocles
No. 123953
[X] Stay in the Human Village for a bit longer.
-[X] Visit the School House
--[X] Enroll Ms. Diana with a few Private Lessons
--[X] Ask her about the History of Gensokyo
-[X] Find an Inn which you can use as your base of operations.
-[X] Get a Hammer and some Nails, to repair Reimu's shrine later.
No. 123955
[X] Make like you didn't leave and ask the shop owner if he'de exchange some yen for pounds
-[X} Convert a fair amount of money
[X] Stay in the Human Village for a bit longer.
-[X] Visit the School House
--[X] Enroll Ms. Diana with a few Private Lessons
--[X] Ask her about the History of Gensokyo
No. 123982
File 128572831326.png - (90.37KB , 193x258 , suikashades.png ) [iqdb]
Adjusting your tower of hats, you realized that the storeowner could possibly be the only one who would be willing to exchange pounds for yen. Although you were a bit apprehensive on going back inside the store to speak with the storeowner again, being squeamish doesn’t make good business transactions. However, looking into your wallet, you realized that you had used up all your banknotes, leaving you with just your credit cards and business cards. Well, you had your checkbook, but there were no banks, and you highly doubt he’ll be as receptive of a piece of paper with your writing on it to… well, a piece of paper. Well, it was a colorful piece of paper still and you were thinking how gr-

“Mister Hale, are you okay?” Snapping out of your train of thought, you look down at Ms. Diana. “You looked like you were spacing out, Mister Hale.” Scratching your head a bit, you tell your secretary that you’re like that and it’s normal for you. Folding your arms for a bit, you again think about how awesome it would be to have your face on a ban-

“Hey mister, got anything planned?” Again your train of thought was derailed, looking down, seeing that Suika was now asking you a question. Actually, yes, you did have something planned. Turning to Ms. Diana now, you smile and ask her if she’d like to learn how to read.

“If it will help me become the best secretary you ever had, then I’d do anything for you.” You like Ms. Diana’s attitude, it kind of reminded of you when you were younger. Just, you weren’t a fairy. Or had wings. No! You won’t think about that anymore, you have to focus on getting Ms. Diana to the school house! You quickly ask Suika if she knew where the Schoolhouse was.

“Hrmm, if I remember correctly…” You then watched Suika float into the sky, using her vantage point to see where the Schoolhouse was. You then saw Suika shout out; most likely she saw where the Schoolhouse was. Floating back down to the ground, Suika pointed to where the Schoolhouse was, the Oni then grabbing you hand and again taking off into the sky, with Ms. Diana following from behind, struggling a bit with the bag of clothes and groceries you left her with.

It took quite a bit of effort to not try and scream in terror as Suika dragged you through the air. Although Suika had flown you through Gensokyo a few times, it was always on her back, and at least with some knowledge that you’d be flying. This, instead, was sudden, uncalled for, and VERY, VERY, FRIGHTENING! You were at least thankful that Suika had an extremely strong grip. Heck, if you weren’t as strong as you were, she’d probably be crushing your hand right now.

The whole flight lasted less than a minute, and soon you were back on the ground, your legs trembling slightly. You noticed that Suika was grinning slightly, maybe a little amused by your reaction. You were thinking of gently tapping Suika on the head with your umbrella, but you were too busy trying to calm your heart down.

“Mister Hale, wait for me, please!” Ms. Diana’s ragged voice made you realized that you probably gave her too much to hold, the poor fairy struggling with all her might to keep the groceries and clothes from dropping to the ground. Asking Suika to help Ms. Diana, you turned your gaze to the Schoolhouse, and when Keine said Schoolhouse, she really meant it. To be honest, the only real thing which differentiated the schoolhouse from its surrounding buildings was the sign next to the door.

“Hmm, Suika, would you kindly wait outside while I take Ms. Diana inside?” You saw Suika nod, telling you not to take too long, holding the groceries and clothes with ease in one hand. Beckoning Ms. Diana over, your secretary floated over, landing next to you. “Well then, Ms. Diana, are you ready to start your lessons?” Seeing Ms. Diana nod, you open the door, letting Ms. Diana in first, following her inside, making sure the door would close silently.

“… and next we’re going to talk ab- Oh, hello, Mister Hale. Children, could you go into your small groups for a bit while I talk with our guest?” It appears that you had walked in while Keine was teaching. Apologizing to Keine, the teacher brought Ms. Diana and you into the back of the room.

“So, when do you want to start Ms. Diana’s private lessons?” Deciding that as soon as possible would be best; Keine informed you that she can start her lessons tomorrow, saying that she was finishing up tutoring at some rich family’s home later in the afternoon. Thanking Keine for the time she took out to let you work out private tutoring lessons, you ask Keine what is her rate for private tutoring.

“Well, I usually start with a flat fee for three hours, and then I add a small fee for every thirty minutes afterwards.” You ask if she accepted checks. “Checks? Is that how you pay for things in the outside world?” You informed her that you ran out of money and that checks were the only thing you had left. Unfortunately, Keine told you that she didn’t take checks, but she did tell you that she’ll still tutor Ms. Diana, though you had to pay her as soon as you could. Thanking Keine again, you shook her hand, before taking Ms. Diana back outside, letting Keine resume her lecture.

“Well that was fast, Mister. So, what now?” You begin thinking, realizing that you could find a way to get money to pay for Ms. Diana’s lessons. However, after you told Suika what you were planning, Suika reminded you of what you seem to have forgotten. “Weren’t you raving about going off to beat up that crow tengu?” Oh right, Aya.

“Yeah, isn’t that why I let you leave in the first place, jackass?” Oh crap. Slowly turning your head, you realized that Reimu was standing a few feet away from you, hands folded, holding her pointed stick, and a frown on her face. “So, is this what you call revenge; going off befriending fairies, making a mess at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and wasting time in the Human village?”

“Listen, I can explain!” You hold your hands up, trying to say that this was all a part of your clever plan of getting back at Aya.

“Yeah, helping a fairy learn to read helps a lot with revenge.” Ouch, she shot down your explanations pretty well. “Well, if you’re done screwing around, get your ass back to my shrine and fix it up; it’s hard to sleep with a giant hole in the wall. Or are you going to go on with your ‘revenge scheme’?”

Well this sucks. To stop revenge to fix Reimu’s shrine now would really ruin your stride, and honestly, she’s being quite a bitch. But still, you did mess up her shrine. Heck, really, why didn’t you do it in the first place?! However, maybe if you could get someone to distract her, you could make a run for it. Perhaps Suika could provide a distractio-

“Ayayayayaya!” Click!

“Well? I’m waiting!”

What Separates a man from a slave? A man chooses, a slave obeys.
[X] Go with Reimu. If she gets mad, she might hurt you with that pointed stick.

I really need to stop making these updates so long.
No. 123985
[X] Go with Reimu. If she gets mad, she might hurt you with that pointed stick.

We're far too gentlemanly for such things as revenge when we have wrongs to right.
No. 123987
No. 123988

She's right there! Get her!

Initiate Protocol: Keystone Cops
No. 123991
We are gonna fix her wall... with Aya's corpse!
No. 124001
No. 124017

If I see that fucking crow...
No. 124019
[X] Go with Reimu. If she gets mad, she might hurt you with that pointed stick.

Shoulda done it in the first place.
No. 124025
[X] Excuse me for a second Reimu, I'll get back to you after a little matter has been dealt with.
--[X] Pound Aya to a pulp (Or at least make sure she doesn't use a camera ever again)
[X] Now, Reimu, where were we?
No. 124026
File 128578101624.jpg - (16.97KB , 480x360 , Ayayayayayaya.jpg ) [iqdb]

“Ayayayayaya! The next part of the expose of the mysterious outsider, continuing on the one and only Bunbunmaru newspaper! Ace reporter, Aya, keeps you updated on this mysterious stranger, confronted by a local shrine maiden!” Click, click! “This mysterious outside also has a fairy with him. Is he planning to create an army by conscripting fairies? Now the mysterious stranger is looking at me!” Click, click! “Yes, stay there; let me get a good shot of yo-”

Aya quickly dodged the door you threw at her, your eyes brimming with anger. You had completely ignored Reimu, now focused on Aya, who was circling around you in the sky like a vulture. Oh this girl’s got the NERVE to mess with you, and now she’s continuing on spreading her slander of you. Unacceptable! Aya has stained the white sheet of your honor, and now you must clean it, with the blood of a wretched winged woman!

Pushing your way past Suika and Ms. Diana, you were now running to each building you could, grabbing anything that you could, from doors to windows, even to planks which you ripped out, and continued chucking them at Aya, who only gracefully dodged them with ease, and adding insult to injury, was now writing down in a journal. Infuriating you even further, you were literally ripping out chunks of earth, flipping them up above you, and flinging them at Aya. To be honest, everything was pointless, all that mattered to you now was the complete and utter annihilation of Aya. Heh, annihilation, Aya, Anayailation.

“Hey, Jackass, what the hell are you doing!”

“Mister, stop, you’re wrecking the entire place up!”

“M-m-mister Hale, please stop.”

Looking around, you noticed that Reimu and Suika were standing in your way, Reimu in front and Suika behind, while Ms. Diana was standing to the side, looking afraid. They were yelling at you to stop, saying that you were not helping out at all here. Oh, so that’s how it is, huh? They say they’ll help you get revenge, but when it comes to the actual vengeance, they change sides?! Parasites! Parasites that get in the way of YOUR goals, dragging you down, bounding you to their petty moralities. POPPYCOCK! You were a man, and as a man, you had already chosen your path, and you were not going to let anyone else drag you away from it!

“Ayayayaya, well that’s it for today! I hope you’ll all read tomorrow’s exciting edition of the Bunbumaru!” Oh, no, she’s not getting away from you this time. Although you were suffering a mental breakdown the first time you met her, and whatever was happening you didn’t realize she was there the second item, you were NOT going to let Aya slip away from you a third time.

“Quick, get him!” You noticed that Reimu and Suika were running up to you now, prepared to tackle you to the ground. Not this time, not another time, not anytime! Crouching down, you began feeling the strength in your legs swelling. You returned your gaze to Aya, who was quickly putting away her camera and journal, and you knew, you had only one shot.

“Well then, adi- yah!” Aya’s words were cut short when she saw you jumping up to her, seeing you literally shoot out from the ground like a rocket, Reimu and Suika crashing into each other. Soaring above Aya for a few seconds, your body began falling; the only thing you were focused on was tackling Aya to the ground. You were soon right above Aya, arms out stretched, wind flowing through your coat. However, Aya moved and you were unable to hit her full mass, but with quick thinking you grabbed on to Aya’s leg.

“Ah, what are you doing, let go of me!” However, instead of complying, you extended your umbrella to full length and began trying to swat Aya with it, managing to hit her a few times in the back, causing Aya to lose her focus a bit. But unfortunately, Aya soon began flying as fast as she could, trying to shake you off her leg. Hanging on tightly, you felt the wind whipping at your cheeks, Aya moving so fast that the ground before you was almost a blur. Soon, Aya had dragged you far from the human village, still desperate in trying to shake you off. Now she was doing all sorts of things, spinning, flying upside down, changing directly suddenly, but still you persisted.

“Well then, I didn’t want to do this but…” You noticed Aya slowing down. You were about to use this chance to swat Aya with your umbrella again but soon your target had a fan in her hand, the fan now pointed at you.

“Wind Sign, Wind of the Tengu Path!” Suddenly, a great gust of wind began to blow from the fan, causing you to struggle with all your might to hold on to Aya’s leg. However, despite your best efforts, your grip began slipping, until finally…

“DAMNED PAPARAAZI WHORE!” Your grip slipped, your body being throw back due to the huge gust of wind from Aya’s fan. Soon, you were falling again, the ground begin quick to catch you, your consciousness almost instantly disappearing.

“Oh… what a strange person…” A soft-voice brought you back to reality.

"Ugh... bloody hell... cough, cough... who... who are you?"
[X] Yu...
[X] N...
[X] H...
[X] A...

Well, I'm trying to see if you guys prefer updates with less words, or with more words? To be honest, I'm thinking of trying to cut down the length of a bit.
No. 124028
[X] Yu...
No. 124029
[X] Yu...kari
No. 124031
[X] A...
No. 124032
[X] N......itori
No. 124033
[X] A...

"Yu" is likely either Yukari, Yuuka, or Yuyuko obviously enough. Unless Hale got thrown all the way to Makai. Yuugi could be a potential, except that most characterizations would not put her as speaking softly without particular reason.

While meeting any of these isn't necessarily a bad thing, the potential of this being Yuyuko might mean Paxton descended at... terminal velocity or something close to such. Not to say he'd have died from it, but still.
No. 124035
[X] Yu...
No. 124060
File 128581201245.jpg - (371.25KB , 768x1024 , 3d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Yu...
-[X] Yu...
--[x] ko.
No. 124076
[X] Yu...
No. 124085
File 128583191791.jpg - (391.70KB , 800x600 , 2bd6940095c001e7a2cd5876e3c7d3b4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Yu...
We need lessons from someone strong. Someone who teaches him not to lose his temper and take on his enemies with a cool head.
No. 124101
[X] H...
Hina? Oh god let it be Hina.
No. 124104
[X] A...

Voting against Yukari/Yuyuko.
No. 124105
[ø] Yu... memi
No. 124106
X] Yu...ka
No. 124115
File 12858801474.jpg - (93.42KB , 494x358 , 1283530628697.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 124117
Her and/or Yukari would be good allies; unlike the Joe story, Mr. Hale has no grudge against Yuakri.
No. 124131
File 12859044384.png - (16.98KB , 211x213 , Timesucker.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Yu...

You blink, your vision still blurry, the only thing you could see was the outline of a person looking over you. You could tell the person was telling you something, but your mind was still hurting, making it difficult to hear what was being said. Squeezing your eyes shut, you try to clear your mind of all the pain it was in, focusing on what the person was saying. Opening your eyes again, you ask your question again, asking what was the person’s name was your vision slowly adjusting back to normal.

“…uko, my name is Yuyuko.” Rubbing your forehead, you felt as if someone had taken a sledgehammer to your skull and struck it several times. Your vision cleared, you saw that there was a young woman in a blue dress with a peculiar floral and butterfly pattern. However, the main thing your vision was focused on was the young woman’s, Yuyko’s, maroon eyes. Something about them was, unnatural, almost, ethereal. Trying to get up, your body refused to move, as if it was paralyzed with the amount of pain it was in. Soon, you asked Yuyuko if she could help you up.

Chuckling a bit, she held out her arm for you to grab, and using all your strength to lift up your arm, you weakly held on to Yuyuko, the young woman pulling you up to your feet. Though your legs were weak and threatening to give in at any moment, you managed to stay standing, although it was obvious that you were struggling to do so.

“Would you like a cane to help you out, mister…?” Looking at Yuyuko, you were confused at what she was saying before you realized that she was asking for your name. Apologizing for not saying it early, you introduce yourself, rubbing your head a bit. You soon noticed that you were not wearing your towering pillar of hats. Heck, looking down, you realized that you weren’t in your suit anymore, but instead in some… white flowing robe-like thingy, something similar to what the villagers wore but pure white. Trying to think about it began hurting your head so you said that you would like a cane to help support you.

“Youmu, could you please bring Mister Hale the spare cane in the closet?” Taking account of your surroundings you saw that you were in a room, floor mats, and that the doors were open, showing a large stone garden with several trees, though one tree in particular took your attention; a large tree that was completely barren. Almost stumbling, you saw that another young woman caught you, this young woman with white hair and a green dress, a black ribbon in her hair. Thanking the young woman, you saw that she was holding a cane.

“Here you are, Mister Hale.” Taking the cane from Youmu, you held on tight to it, feeling that if you didn’t have it, you probably wouldn’t be able to get anywhere. It was strange, you never felt so frail in your life. Asking Yuyuko where you were, she told you that you were in a place called Hakugyokurou or something, and this was her home. It was hard to listen to Yuyuko, however, as you were still feeling light-headed.

“So then, Mister Hale, where are you from?” Taking a few seconds to recall that information, you slowly explained that you were from a land called England, and that you had somehow been transported to this place called Gensokyo. Gensokyo… you soon remembered your fall from the sky, being blow away by a gust of wind caused by…

“PAPARAZZI WHORE!” You began to run, but soon stumbled to the ground, your legs feeling numb. Trying to stand up again, you noticed that Yuyuko was holding you back, asking you what were you talking about. You explained that you were on a mission, a mission of revenge, to retake your honor. You then begin asking where your clothes were, seeing that if you were going to have revenge, you had to dress properly. Oddly enough, Yuyuko gave you a confused look, asking what you were talking about, saying that she found you the way you were.

Okay… odd. Nevermind that, as long as you had revenge, you were still going to get it done. You brushed Yuyuko’s hand aside and tried walking away again but this time your legs completely gave in, causing you to fall to the ground. Curse your mortal coil, being suddenly weak. Your spirit was burning as bright as the sun, but your body was somehow holding you back.

“Please, Mister Hale, why don’t you stay for a bit? Maybe you’ll feel better after spending a bit of time here.” You slowly got up again, and turned to Yuyuko. She was inviting to stay for a bit, to heal up and maybe get something to eat. “If you want, I can give you a tour of the garden here.”

Looking into Yuyuko’s maroon eyes, you felt a bit strange, as if there was something wrong. Actually, you began noticing something you didn’t notice before; she was surrounded by… wisps, white clouds? You couldn’t tell if your mind was playing tricks on you or what, but one of the weird… cloud thingies… was even holding a lantern. Heck, you also noticed that Youmu had one as well. Strange, something in the back of your mind was telling you that something was not right, but in all honesty, you were still feeling quite weak. Maybe a nice rest here would be good for the soul.

"Ugh... Thanks for the offer..."
[X] I will stay... and I would like a tour.
[X] I'll just rest here for the time being, I don't think I have the strength for a tour.
[X] No, I must leave. I must restore my honor!

Note to self; The Shortstop is freaking powerful, and makes you play Team Fortress 2 for hours and forget to update this story.
God, my arms are sore.
No. 124132
Argh. One of these is probably "Did we mention you're dead now? Because you are. QUEST TO RETURN TO LIFE!"

But Anyway.
[x]A tour is fine, too.
No. 124155
[X] No, I must leave. I must restore my honor!
This is one of those things where the dead become accepting of their fate as time goes on in the afterlife.

Gotta get out of here right quickly.
No. 124156
[X] I will stay... and I would like a tour.
No. 124166
[X] I will stay... and I would like a tour.
No. 124172
[X] No, I must leave. I must kill the demons!
Fucking crow. First she ruins our reputation as an upstanding gentleman of the highest caliber, and than she has the utter gall to kill us? She must die.
No. 124182
[X] No, I must leave. I must kill the demons!
No. 124211
[X] I will stay... and I would like a tour.

Sticking around makes it easier for the others to find us. That and we can always use allies like them.
No. 124213
[X] I will stay... and I would like a tour.
No. 124214
[X] I will stay... and I would like a tour.
Elegant man + Educated ghost + Half ghost servant = ???
No. 124232
File 128599656315.jpg - (681.50KB , 1200x791 , TisYuyuko.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] I will stay... and I would like a tour.

In your current condition, you knew that you were in no condition to pursue revenge. Somehow, you were much weaker than before, and if it took all your strength to hang on to Aya, there would be no way you could stand a chance of finding Aya now. Coughing a bit, you give Yuyuko a small nod, accepting her offer. Upon accepting, you could have sworn Yuyuko was grinning, or maybe it was just a smile.

“Thank you, Mister Hale. Youmu, may you bring our guest some tea?” Youmu then bowed and walked into the house, leaving you alone with Yuyuko. Walking over to Yuyuko, you decided to sit down on the steps of the house, worried that your legs were going to collapse soon. Suddenly, you saw that Yuyuko was sitting next to you. You began trying to remember if you heard any footsteps.

“So Mister Hale, why are you so worked up? I’ve never met someone who could get so worked up over a single thing before…” Although Yuyuko’s voice was calming, even the mere mentioning of your anger made you boil up inside. You explained to Yuyuko that you were out for revenge. When Yuyuko asked what you were seeking revenge for, you continued on saying that your honor had been stained by a vile member of the media.

“And who is this ‘Vile’ person?” You said it was Aya, shuddering a bit after saying her name. You then said how Aya was spreading lies about you, writing them and putting them in a newspaper and giving them to everyone she could. Grumbling, you continue how you were so close on ending this slight against your honor, how you had grabbed on to Aya and began swatting away at her, before she summoned a gust of wind, tossing you through the sky and…

“Hmm, what’s the matter, Mister Hale? You’re all pale, as if you’ve seen a ghost.” You told Yuyuko that it was just a headache. Youmu soon returned, holding a tray with a pot of tea and two cups. After pouring a cup for you and Yuyuko, Youmu placed the tray down and bowed down, leaving you two alone again. Taking your cup of tea, you took a small sip, the warm tea relaxing your body a bit.

After finishing the rest of your tea, you set your cup down. You then noticed that Yuyuko had finished her tea as well and was looking back at you. She then asked if you would like to have a tour of the garden now. Saying that you would be pleased to have a tour, you slowly stood up, your legs feeling better now. Following Yuyuko, she began leading you through the garden, showing you the different features the garden had.

The first thing that you noticed was the huge abundance of cherry blossom trees that was planted in the garden. All the trees were in bloom, a small layer of pink petals coating the ground. To be honest, it was very beautiful, almost supernatural. As you continued admiring the trees, you noticed the same tree you saw earlier, a giant tree, which was completely barren. You asked Yuyuko about the tree, questioning why it wasn’t blooming while the other trees were.

“That tree is a very special tree, Mister Hale. It’s called the Saigyou Ayakashi, and it’s been here for many years, though it has never bloomed for a very long time.” You continue asking your questions, asking why Yuyuko didn’t just get rid of the tree, arguing that it looked rather ugly to everything else in the garden.

“Get rid of the Saigyou Ayakashi? What are you, crazy?” Yuyuko seemed to be offended by that. You told her that you were sorry and that you were just simply voicing your opinion. You then asked Yuyuko if you could have a closer look at the tree. Although Yuyuko hesitated in answering, she finally said yes, bringing you closer to the tree.

Finally at the base of the tree, you realized how big it was, the tree towering high above you. Sitting on one of the tree’s roots, you felt at peace, as if everything was right in the world, even your thoughts of revenge seemed to disappear. Yuyuko asked if you enjoyed the tour, in which you replied that you loved it very much.

“So, Aya was slandering your name?” You looked at Yuyuko, nodding to her question. “Why are you so worked up about it, she does this to everyone, you know?” You then said that was the point, saying that is was wrong how she was allowed free-reign to publish lies about people and get away without any retribution. You continued how unjust it was and that you had to put a stop to this madness.

“Mister Hale, although I respect your views, isn’t it wrong to let yourself be guided by honor? What about others, shouldn’t you considering them as well?” You couldn’t believe what Yuyuko was saying; think of others, instead of yourself? You’ve always put yourself and your needs first, and it’s always served you well.

“Yuyuko… what separates one man from his kin; money, power, status?” You stood up, and began pacing around, your eyes focused on Yuyuko. “No, in the end, a man takes matters into his own hand; his kin simply… lets it go. I do not plan to let this atrocity go; I plan to make sure that Aya learn a lesson which she shall remember for all time.”

“But is it right to harm innocent people in the process?” At first, Yuyuko words meant little to you, but as you recalled on what you had done, people you have injured, property you have destroyed, all for the sake of revenge, you realized the hypocrisy of your actions. Though you wanted to teach Aya a lesson in damaging the reputation of others, your actions have brought physical damages to people who were otherwise innocent.

Sitting back down on the root, you saw Yuyuko was standing over you, still smiling. You told her that she was right, feeling ashamed of what you had done, burying your face in your hands. In your search for revenge, you had blinded yourself to upholding your beliefs of how a gentleman should act.

“Well then, Mister Hale, I am very glad to hear that. I do hope that you’ll be staying with us for a while longer; I am hosting a party later, and I would love to have you as my guest of honor.” Looking up to Yuyuko, you said you would be honored to attend her party. “Thank you, Mister Hale, for accepting my invitation. I look forward to seeing you later.” And with that, Yuyuko left you alone at the base of the Saigyou Ayakashi. Looking up at the tree, you began imaging what kind of flowers would bloom from it.

"Such... a peaceful place. I could spend my life here..."
[X] Take a nap beneath the tree.
[X] Return to Yuyuko's house.
[X] Be interrupted by an unknown person.

Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 are real time-wasters. Well, I hope you enjoyed this update.
No. 124233
[X] Return to Yuyuko's house.
No. 124274
[X] Be interrupted by an unknown person.
No no noo noononononononooooo
No. 124276
[X] Return to Yuyuko's house.

I'm sure it has nice beds to nap in.
No. 124277
[X] Be interrupted by an unknown person.
No. 124281

I do believe this anon has it right.
No. 124293
[X] Return to Yuyuko's house.
No. 124294
[X] Be interrupted by an unknown person.
No. 124299
[X] Return to Yuyuko's house.
No. 124303
[X] Be interrupted by an unknown person.

> Take a nap beneath the tree.
> Saigyou Ayakashi

Obvious Bad End is obvious.
No. 124306
So obvious...IT JUST MIGHT WORK!

[x] Take a nap under the tree.
No. 124310
[X] Be interrupted by an unknown person.
No. 124316
File 12860625024.jpg - (346.11KB , 564x800 , 3f036183c80f5c30ed459fa9b843b3d0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Be interrupted by an unknown person.

Looking up at the Saigyou Ayakashi, you decided it was time to return to Yuyuko’s house. Though a nap would be nice, it would be rude if you weren’t back before the party started. Slowly standing up, you begin your walk back, walking again through the cherry blossom petals that littered the ground. Though your legs were feeling better, you were still suffering from lethargy. At the very least, you could still enjoy watching the cherry blossoms. Every now and then you noticed weird shapes resting beneath some of the cherry blossom trees, though you couldn’t tell if it was just your vision playing tricks on you.

Walking into a small clearing, you noticed the path branching into two separate ways. You tried to recall which way to go, but your head was still aching. Randomly picking one of the two paths, you continued your trek, hoping that the path you picked was the right one. Soon, there were more cherry blossom trees, to the point where the path was covered with the blossoms. Trying your best to follow the path, you finally came into another clearing.

Noticing you had lost the path, you began a quick search in hopes in finding the path again. As you continued walking, you begin to feel that you were being watched. Still focused on getting back to the path, you continued through the seemingly-endless grove of cherry blossoms, paranoia slowly starting to creep into your mind again. Your legs becoming tired, you stopped for a moment, trying to get your bearing again. Despite all your walking, you still have yet to find the path. Then you heard it; the soft laughter of a woman. Looking around, the laughter echoed around you, making it difficult to find where it was coming from. You begin to demand whoever is laughing to come out of hiding, holding on tightly to your walking stick, preparing yourself for the worst.

“My, my, are you lost, alone, afraid?” The voice continued echoing in your mind, making it difficult to find out where the voice was coming from. “I can see it in your eyes… confusion, anger, loneliness. Despite your best efforts, you have failed in the goal you have set for yourself.” Failed? Who is this woman and what gives her the right to say you have failed? You yelled out, again asking the person to come out of hiding.

“I must say, you are quite an interesting man, and quite a catch in comparison to others I’ve brought here. You are one of the few who’ve actually entertained me quite a bit.” Entertained? Was this the person who caused you to crash into the Hakurei Shrine? You thought back to when you crashed through the guardrail, remembering how long it took you to actually crash. You then asked the voice to explain itself, asking why you were brought to Gensokyo.

“Oh, but that’s the fun with bringing outsiders here; to let them decide why they brought here in the first place… I’ve had my eye on your for quite a while, and I was planning on even sending you a note. But of course, we knew what happened.” You again demanded the person to come out of hiding. The voice gave out a small chuckle. “I guess I shouldn’t be rude anymore…” The voice soon faded as you anxiously begin waiting for someone to appear. After a few minutes of waiting, you again demanded the voice to come out of hiding.

“But I’m right behind you.”

Turning around, you saw a woman standing there, the woman wearing a strange dress that looked partially European and partially Asian. A pink hat with red ribbon rested on top of her long, blond hair, the color of her hair matching the color of her eyes. In one hand she held a pink parasol and in the other…

“Oh, I’m sorry, is this yours?” Your pocket watch, this woman has your pocket watch! You ordered the woman to give you back your pocket watch, saying that she had no right to have it. “But I thought it would make excellent payment for bring you here…” Angry, you threatened to harm her, holding on tightly to your walking stick. The woman only laughed.

“Threatening a woman? My, my, isn’t that very ungentlemanly? Why, if you knew what I did for you, you’d think I was being too kind for only taking your pocket watch.” Ungentlemanly. She called you ungentlemanly. And what was odd about that was that you believed it. If someone else called you ungentlemanly, you would have struck them across the face. Lowering your walking stick, you let out a sigh, asking if she was planning on keeping you here in Gensokyo forever.

“So you would leave your secretary behind, just to go back home? You’ve done an awful lot for her, or was she meant to benefit you?” When you put it that way… it made you look like a complete bastard. You told the woman that she was wrong, that you were planning on making Ms. Diana a great secretary. “Well then, I guess that means you won’t be going home any time soon.”

Cursing to yourself silently, you asked if she knew the way back to Yuyuko’s home.

“But of course, she’s my friend after all.” Soon, a gust of wind began to blow, cherry blossom petals surrounding you. You covered your eyes, protecting them from the cherry blossoms. After the wind died down, you lowered your hands.

You were outside of Yuyuko’s house.

The woman was gone.

Looking into the sky, you saw that it was starting to get dark. Walking into the house, you were greeted by Yuyuko.

“Hello again, Mister Hale, I was wondering when you would come back.” You then noticed an elegant green and white robe that was placed on the table. Confused, you asked Yuyuko what it was for. “Well, I thought you would like to dress in something a bit nicer for the party, Mister Hale.” Seeing that it was a gift, you thanked Yuyuko and took the robe, going into a different room to change.

After changing, you returned to the main room, seeing that Youmu had joined Yuyuko. Seeing you in the robe, Yuyuko clapped, saying it was a good fit for you. However, when you looked at Youmu, you saw that she was blushing. Walking up to Youmu, you asked what was wrong.

“Well… those are my father’s clothes. Seeing you wear them reminded me of him…” You then told Youmu that his father had good taste, saying that his clothes were quite nice.

“So, shall we get going to the party, Mister Hale?” Nodding, you followed Yuyuko back into the garden and into a clearing, with several tables already prepared and with a giant stage in the center. Taking seat next to Yuyuko, you saw that your table was right up next to the stage. Soon, the other guests began to arrive. Although you were always told that staring was a bad habit, you couldn’t help but stare at the guests, some of them being strange, formless clouds. Then there was a multitude of other strange beings.

With all this staring, you were surprised to see there were people now standing on the stage. Introducing themselves as the Prismriver sisters, you noticed that their instruments were floating. When they began playing, however, the fact that their instruments were floating meant little to a sudden change in how you were feeling. It was as if the music was plucking away at your emotions, with each pluck being a different emotion. You felt like you wanted to do something crazy, but what exactly do you want to do?

"Oh god... OH GOD!"


And wait, don't you die if you sleep under a FULLY BLOOMING Saigyou Ayakashi? Eh, whatever.
No. 124318

Fully blooming Saigyou Ayakashi is rocks fall, everyone dies. Just sleeping under it ever is lethal.
No. 124320
No. 124321
What a surprise!
No. 124322
We cant let this get us down! We must show areal gentleman knows how to play an instrument.
No. 124323
> I was planning on even sending you a note. But of course, we knew what happened.

You could have just asked us in the first place Yukari.
No. 124327

"Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down..."
No. 124330
[X] I...left the oven on!
No. 124337
File 128607921135.png - (1.30MB , 1451x1848 , SANDERFUKCINGCOHEN.png ) [iqdb]

Feeling a strange, emotional burst of energy flow through your veins, you stood up from your seat, knocking your chair over. Before Yuyuko or Youmu could even turn to you, you leapt up to the stage, taking everyone by surprise. Landing on the edge, the Prismriver sisters stopped their performances, staring at you, wondering what the heck you were doing.

“Hey, we’re performing here; get back to your seat!”

“Yeah, what are you, a critic?”

“Don’t make us hurt you for interrupting our performance!”

Guitar! Confusing the sisters, you began shouting out if anyone had a guitar. You even turned to the audience, asking if anyone there had a guitar. Though at first no one answered, you noticing something flying towards you: A guitar!

Holding out your hand, you easily caught the guitar, checking if it was tuned. Tuning the stings a bit, you were soon satisfied by the sound of your newly acquired guitar. You then realized that everyone was looking at you, the entire place being eerily silent. Either it was because of how you leapt up to the stage or because of how stupid everything was becoming, you didn’t really care. All you cared about was playing your guitar and singing, though you couldn’t remember if you knew how to play the guitar.

“Well… uh… heh…” You force out a chuckle, pulling at the collar of your robe for a bit, trying not to sweat. “Well uh… this is a song about… a place that doesn’t exist no more; hopefully.”

You then turned back to the Prismriver sisters, who were still staring at you. “Don’t worry girls, just follow my lead and I’ll pull us through.” Though they were silent for a few seconds, they exchanged glances at each other before giving you a weak nod, readying their instruments.

“Well then… let’s see how this goes again…

One, two, a one, two, three four!”

Flew in while riding on my Mann Co. Plane
Didn't get to bed last night
On the way back I went down the drain
Man, it was a dreadful flight
I'm now in Rapture City
It’s right under the sea, boy
Now in Rapture City, yeah

It’s quite a wacky and freaky crazy place
Gee, it's nothing like my home
Gotta find my umbrella and my suitcase
Where the bloody hell is the phone
I'm now in Rapture City
It’s right under the sea, boy
Now in Ra Ra
Now in Ra Ra
Now in Rapture City

Well the Splicer girls really knock me out
My back needs to be realigned
And Doctor J.S. Steinman makes me scream and shout
OH GOD HE’S GONNA POKE OUT my my my my my my my my my mind
Oh, come on
Hu Hey Hu, hey, ah, yeah
yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm hatin’ Rapture City
It’s right under the sea, boys
Hatin’ Rapture City

Well the Houdini girls really knock me out
My foot needs to be realigned
And Doctor J.S. Steinman makes me scream and shout
OH GOD HE’S GONNA REMOVE my my my my my my my my my mind

Oh, show me round Fort Frolic and Dionysus Park
Oh shit there’s a big daddy near
Let me hear you scream and die in the dark
Would you kindly get me out of here
I'm Leavin’ Rapture City
Hey, It’s right under the sea, boy
Leavin’ Rapture City
Oh, let me tell you honey
I’m getting out of this here
Who the hell is Atlus
I can’t take off the ears
She’s too symmetrical
Now away from Rapture City!”

-In Rapture City (by The Crickets)

Finally, after singing, you slide down to the edge of the stage, playing your guitar as fast as you can, screaming out as loud as possible, until finally the strings on the guitar broke, and ending your finishing solo. Realizing that your guitar was broken now, you looked out to the audience, which was completely silent. Even Yuyuko seemed to be unable to come up with a reaction. Oh boy, this is going to suck.

However, instead of the audience running up the stage and tearing you limb to limb like any sane audience would do after the crazy, retarded stunt you just did, they suddenly stood up and gave you a thunderous applause. Standing up, you bowed down, completely honored by the turn of events. You then held up the guitar, asking who it belonged to.

“Mister Hale, that Guitar belongs to me.” The voice came from the stage, but it didn’t belong to one of the Prismriver sisters. Oh, not again. Turning back, you saw the same woman from before, the one who stole your pocket watch. Well, maybe she isn’t such a bad person, considering she gave you a guitar to rock out to. “Come, Mister Hale, let us discuss this with others.” Walking off the stage, the woman beckoned you down as well. Giving the stage back to the Prismriver sisters, you followed the woman back to your table with Yuyuko. Before you even sat back down, you saw that Yuyuko was speaking with the woman.

“Yukari, I didn’t expect you to be here.” So, that was what the woman’s name was.

“Well, you know how I am, Yuyuko, I pop up when you least expect me.” Yukari then took your seat, leaving you standing. Yuyuko then shifted her focus to you.

“That was very interesting, Mister Hale. I didn’t know you could sing so well.” You shrug, chuckling that you took a few lessons. “So, Mister Hale, why don’t you stay here? You’re quite the life of the party.” You thank Yuyuko, but you decline the offer, reminding her that you still had revenge on your mind.

“Still thinking about revenge, Mister Hale? I thought you were going to give up on that.” You turned to Yukari, feeling a bit offended by her words. You told her that you understood that blindly following revenge is a bad idea, but you could not allow Aya to continue on with at least being punished somehow.

“So then, Mister Hale, do you want me to take you back?” You nod, but then ask a bit more about her question, a little confused by it. Take you back? What happened. Wait… crash… falling…

“Was I dead this whole time?!” You begin to panic. If you were dead, that’s bad!

“Of course not, Mister Hale: If you were dead, you wouldn’t be here to begin with. Of course, you would be dead if I didn’t save you.” Wow, this Yukari woman did a lot for you. But still, why did she save you? You asked Yukari why she saved you. “Well… I think there’s quite a bit of potential for you here. If you died, we would never know what would happen if you seized that potential.”

So she’s actually manipulating events for her entertainment, rather than just out of kindness. Though it made the reasons why she saved you a little less benign, you thanked Yukari for saving you.

“Well then, shall we get going? I’m certain you want to get back to hunting down Aya, right?”

[X] Take me to Youkai mountain, I want to end this already.
[X] Take me to the Hakurei Shrien, I have unfinished Business there.
[X] Take me to the Human Village, I have people to apologize to.

"Oh, and can I have my pocket watch back?"

"Sure." Yukari then tossed your pocket watch into your hands. Ah, much better.


This update. Just...
This update.
No. 124352
[X] Take me to the Human Village, I have people to apologize to.

time to mend things up figuratively speaking
No. 124367
[X] Take me to the Human Village, I have people to apologize to.
No. 124381
[X] Take me to the Human Village, I have people to apologize to.
No. 124391
[X] Take me to the Human Village, I have people to apologize to.

Then let's go to Reimu's shrine and fix it up. Only after we take care of our obligations to others can we then start thinking about satisfying our justice and needs.
No. 124415
[X] Take me to the Hakurei Shrine, I have unfinished business there.
We need to go get Suika and Diana before we can continue on.
No. 124417
>But still, why did she save you? You asked Yukari why she saved you.
Kinda repetitive no? Anyway, I like this story's stile, but I prefer dialog to narration. It's more fluid, in my opinion.

Anyway, [X] Take me to the Human Village, I have people to apologize to.
No. 124430
[X] Take me to the Human Village, I have people to apologize to.

Because we do.
No. 124436
File 12861514482.jpg - (746.62KB , 800x800 , dc617d251ebae0dc940ccdec89eb72f7.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take me to the Human Village, I have people to apologize to.

After the party ended, you returned back to Yuyuko’s house, noticing another pile of clothes in the living room table: They were your clothes. Yukari must have had them the entire time. Trying hard not to think about what that meant, you take your clothes back and move into an empty room, changing out of your green robes and back into your suit. From the feel of it, it seems that they were recently washed. If Yukari as access to laundry facilities, maybe she could help you out with other things as well.

“So, I hope you like the fresh clothes?” Yukari’s voice startled you, turning around to see her standing behind you, covering her mouth with her fan. You ask Yukari how long she had been watching you. “Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t see much… but you do look quite different than the time I saw you earlier, Mister Hale.” You still hadn’t put on your shirt yet, so you tried to cover up quickly, though Yukari walked up to you and felt your arm. “My, my, have you been working out, Mister Hale? I don’t recall you being this muscular…”

You step back, brushing Yukari’s arm aside as you put your shirt on and start buttoning up your waistcoat. Though you felt a bit uneasy having Yukari watch you dress, you put up with it and finished dressing in less than a minute, finishing up with your tie. However, you soon realized that you were missing your Umbrella.

“Your umbrella didn’t make the trip, unfortunately.” Great, just great, you liked that umbrella. Straightening your coat, you opened the room’s door and motioned Yukari out.

“Ladies first.” You saw Yukari smile as she passed by. Following behind her, you ended up outside of the house, seeing Yuyuko and Youmu waiting for you. You noticed Yuyuko was holding something in her hands.

“Mister Hale, as something to remember the wonderful party you gave us, I made this for you.” Yuyuko then opened her hands, revealing a fully bloomed cherry blossom. Picking it up, you realized it was a corsage. “The petals of that corsage will never wilt, so you will always have a bit of Hakugyokurou with you wherever you go.” You thank Yuyuko for the gift, taking a bit of time to pin the corsage on your suit, and then you promised to Yuyuko that you’ll take good care of the corsage.

“So then, Mister Hale, are you ready to return to the human village?” You turn to Yukari, nodding. Saying good-bye to Yuyuko and Youmu, you asked Yukari how long it would take to fly back to the human village.

“Fly? Why fly when I can just take us there right now?” Before you could reply, Yukari and you were suddenly surrounded by a black hole. Before you could blink, the hole consumed the both of you. At first, there was darkness, and then, you could see eyes, an endless sea of eyes. And they were all staring at you.

“Well, here we are.” Your surroundings changed, color returning around you, trees and a dirt path, the moon hanging low in the sky. However, looking around, it seemed that there was only forest. Telling Yukari that she was wrong, Yukari gave you a confused look. “Strange, but this is the human village. Don’t you see the buildings?”

“What buildings?”

“What build- wait, if you can’t see them but I can… well there can only one explanation for this…”

“You have a lot a nerve coming back here!” Looking up, you saw Keine flying towards you, a scowl on her face. Landing in front of you, there was no doubt she was furious. “How dare you show up again after what you did to the village!”

“Keine, are you hiding the village’s history again?” Hiding history? Okay, now that’s something new. “There’s nothing wrong going on, so why don’t you just bring the village back to how it was before?”

However, Keine adamantly refused. “You know I only do that when there’s nothing threatening the village, and this man here is a threat to the village.”

“A threat to the village? Mister Hale is hardly a threat to the village.”

“His outburst nearly killed someone!”

“Nearly killed someone, but still, he didn’t kill anyone.”

“But he caused tons of damage! Even though I respect you Yukari, I cannot accept this man back to the human village!”

Well, now the repercussions of your actions are finally starting to hit you. As Yukari and Keine continued arguing, you began thinking of something you could do to resolve the situation. However, before you could come up with an answer, Yukari pointed her umbrella at Keine.

“Well, if you don’t want to bring the Human Village back peacefully, then I guess I’ll have to beat it out of you.”

“You just try, Yukari, I’ll never let this man back into the village!”

Great, if you don’t do anything, someone will get hurt, and it will be your entire fault. You had to think fast, but what could you do to that could defuse the situation?

"Hey, hey, hey!"
[X] Tell Keine that she's being unreasonable and tell her to bring the village back.
[X] Tell Keine that you're sorry and promise to make up for any damages you've done.
[X] Tell Yukari to stop and leave for somewhere else. This might be for the best.
-[X] Leave for Youkai Mountain
-[X] Leave for the Hakurei Shrine
-[X] Leave for the Scarlet Devil Mansion

What is this, Imperishable Night all over again?
No. 124438
[X] Tell Keine that you're sorry and promise to make up for any damages you've done.
No. 124439
[X] Tell Keine that you're sorry and promise to make up for any damages you've done. (after the Hakurei Shrine)
No. 124440
[X] Tell Keine that you're sorry and promise to make up for any damages you've done. (after the Hakurei Shrine)

We do need to take care of Reimu first since she was the first wronged. Although that is kinda Yukari's fault since she landed the car there.
No. 124512
[X] Tell Keine that you're sorry and promise to make up for any damages you've done. (after the Hakurei Shrine)
[X]Then go apologize to Reimu and fix that goddang shrine already.

First fix up the shrine so we don't get yelled at by Reimu, then we'll fix up stuff at the human village.

Plus, it will let Keine cool down a bit and think...And then if we prove her we can actually be go good cheer and help out Reimu, she will probably forgive us.
No. 124527
[X] Tell Keine that you're sorry and promise to make up for any damages you've done. (after the Hakurei Shrine)
[X]Then go apologize to Reimu and fix that goddang shrine already.
No. 124532
[X] Tell Keine that you're sorry and promise to make up for any damages you've done. (after the Hakurei Shrine)
[X]Then go apologize to Reimu and fix that goddang shrine already.

We need to fix the things we broke before we can fix the things we need to break (Aya).
No. 124542
File 128624634552.jpg - (162.77KB , 1248x660 , 1d38dc25e0e25725c0c51ab606844b03.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Tell Keine that you're sorry and promise to make up for any damages you've done. (after the Hakurei Shrine)
[X]Then go apologize to Reimu and fix that goddang shrine already.

Standing in between Yukari and Keine, you held the two back, telling them to calm down. Though Yukari and Keine still were glaring at each other, you managed to prevent a fight from breaking out. Turning to Keine, you apologize for everything you’ve done, starting with how you were wrecking stuff, how you almost killed someone, how you ran after Aya without saying anything, and for losing the trust of the Human Village.

“Listen, I apologize for all of that and I am very sorry for losing your trust. I know if you aren’t ready to forgive me, and I won’t hold that against you, but please, I hope I can gain your trust and the trust of the village once more.” Bowing down before Keine, you hope that the school teacher would react favorably to this.

Keine soon turned to you, and although she still looked tense, the hostility in her eyes had calmed down a bit, though you were sure that she hadn’t forgiven you entirely. But hey, at least it was a start.

“If you wish to start gaining my trust, then you can start by respecting my wishes in denying you access to the village. You’re just too dangerous to be near here.” You look into Keine’s eyes, still seeing that she was still harboring hostility against you, but you agreed with Keine completely. Perhaps this was for the best, wait for everything to calm and try again. Turning to Yukari, you inform her that you were leaving.

“Mister Hale, why agree? If we force her to bring back the village, they’ll be forced to trust us again. Trust through display of sheer strength.” Something tells you that most arguments in Gensokyo seem to end in fighting before being resolved with words. Staying firm to your decision, Yukari shrugs, deciding that it would be useless to change your mind. “What, Mister Hale, but really, it’s not Keine’s that powerful.”

“Hey, I heard that!” Apologizing for Yukari’s words, you bid farewell to Keine, pushing Yukari a bit as you leave down the path, waiting until Keine was out of sight to start talking with your companion again.

“Seriously, Mister Hale, I’ve been through this before. Keine really isn’t that strong; I think you could easily beat her without my intervention. Don’t you want to apologize to the villagers?” You frown. You imagined Yukari was actually one who advocated a peaceful resolution, not one that required violence.

“Yukari, I’m trying to gain their trust, not gain their ire. Now please, I have other peoples’ lives I need to fix from my errors; namely a shrine maiden and a broken shrine?” You see Yukari smirk and watch as the strange darkness begins appearing again. However, this time you protest against its use.

“Hrmm, what are you, afraid? You’ve done it once before, it’s not like something bad is going to happen.” Though Yukari was right, you said that you really prefer if Yukari didn’t instantly teleport you over to the shrine, saying that the eyes really freaked you out. Though Yukari said she could make a gap that didn’t have eyes, you stay firm in not using gaps. “Well, handicapping yourself really won’t help you, but since you’re so insistent, I guess we’ll have to find a different way.”

“Can you fly?” Yukari nodded. Great, is it that everyone here can fly but you? Maybe you could get some flying lessons with Keine later. You asked Yukari if she you fly you to the Hakurei Shrine.

“Isn’t that strange? You prefer a dangerous method of travel over something that is quick and painless. If I drop you, I don’t know if I could save you this time.” You said you trusted Yukari enough that she wouldn’t dare drop you. “Well, if that’s what you think, then let’s go.” Grabbing your hand, Yukari soon took off into the sky, the wind flowing across your face again. After all the flying you’ve been through, Yukari’s flight was the best you’ve ever had. The moon hanging low in the sky, you begin to scan your surroundings, seeing if you could get a glimpse of the shrine already.

“Mister Hale, what’s wrong?” Yukari looked down at you, noticing that you were squinting a bit. You explained that there was something wrong with your sight, that you could hardly see anything, even without the moon out. “Perhaps it’s night blindness, Mister Hale.” Night blindness? Impossible. Though you were farsighted in one eye, night blindness was never a problem you suffered before. Scanning the ground, you then noticed a bright light. It wasn’t the shrine, but maybe it was somewhere you could wait while you tried to deal with your sudden night blindness. However, it wasn’t as if Yukari was night blind as well. She could probably find the shrine as well. But two pairs of eyes word better than one, and this night blindness made you feel more vulnerable to whatever was in the forest here.

“So, Mister Hale, what do you have in mind?”

[X] "Just keep flying, I'll be fine."
[X] "Land down near the light, this night blindness is not normal."
No. 124546
[X] "Land down near the light, this night blindness is not normal."
I suddenly feel like eating some eel.
No. 124562
[X] Keep flying

No. 124565
[X] Keep flying '

No. 124572
[X] Keep flying
No. 124588
[X] "Land down near the light, this night blindness is not normal."

Let's go eat some eels (and possibly have some chicken with it)
No. 124589
[X] "Land down near the light, this night blindness is not normal."

More to repair.
No. 124593
[X] "Land down near the light, this night blindness is not normal."

Do I smell fried chicken?
No. 124595
[X] Keep flying
No. 124597
[X] Keep flying
There is no conceivable way this could go badly!

At least not without involving siege warfare.
No. 124603
File 128630270842.jpg - (64.97KB , 400x395 , th123j.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Keep flying

Telling Yukari to keep on flying regardless of your night blindness, Yukari flew over the bright light, leaving it behind. However, with your night blindness left untreated, you could barely see the forest below you anymore. You really hope this problem will go away quickly. Trying your best to look around, all you could make out was the vague shapes of trees. You squeezed Yukari’s hand a little tighter out of fear.

“You know, we wouldn’t have to be flying around in the middle of the night if I just gap us over to the Hakurei Shrine.” You look up to Yukari, though it was hard to tell whether or not she was smiling or just grinning.

“Well, none of this would’ve happened if you didn’t decide to gap my car into the side of the Hakurei Shrine, now would it?” You groan, adjusting your hat a bit. Thank goodness it was a snug fit, or it would’ve fallen off by now.

“Do you know where you’re going, Yukari?” You continue looking around, still bothered by how persistent this night blindness is.

“Well, I know where the Hakurei Shrine is, but I don’t know how to get there.”

“What? But you told me you could gap there!”

“Yeah, well gapping there and travelling there are two different things.”

You bury your face in your palm, realizing that Yukari is probably indeed lost. Now you were starting to regret not stopping and resting.

“Well, still, the offer to gap over to the Hakurei Shrine still stands, you sure you don’t want to do that instead?” You shake your head. You really didn’t want to see those creepy eyes again, and honestly, Yukari’s gaps were the reason why you crashed into the shrine in the first place. What if she gaps you 50 feet in the air above the shrine? You didn’t want another thing to fix.

“Hrmm, this isn’t right…” Hearing Yukari, you look back to the ground and notice that there were no more trees, but instead a giant lake. Yeah, there were definitely no lakes around the shrine. Over a lake now, you remembered that the Scarlet Devil Mansion was also near a lake. Maybe you could stop there as well, see how they were doing.

“Hey, stop right there!”

Yukari stopped moving, hovering in the air, holding on to you. You tried looking around for the source of the voice, when you notice a faint figure flying in front of you two. The main thing you could make out was how blue the figure was.

“Cirno, what are you doing? Isn’t it past your bedtime?” Looking at the figure (Cirno?) you couldn’t tell the person’s reaction, though the person didn’t stay silent for long.

“I see you’re helping out that guy there, Yukari. I heard from Mystia that this is the same guy who smashed her into a tree.” Oh… guess this must be one of Mystia’s friends. Why did everything have to bite you in the ass so quickly? Why couldn’t it bite you slowly, like gunshots, or arm-wrestling? Thinking about arm-wrestling made you remember Suika, and even Ms. Diana. Well, you aren’t going to let anyone stop you from seeing them again.

“He must be pretty strong if he can beat up Mystia so easily, but I bet he’s not as strong as me! Heck, he can’t even fly!” Well, now that’s quite a bit of boasting. Looking at Cirno’s darkened figure, she didn’t seem that big, heck, and you probably towered quite above her. Then again, this is Gensokyo, and you realized that strength did not only mean physical power, but that weird colorful bullet crap as well.

“So, are you planning on fighting us, Cirno? You know you can’t beat me.” Hopefully Yukari’s words would be enough to convince Cirno to run away and let you continue on your search for the Hakurei Shrine.

“Not you, Yukari, I was talking about the guy you were holding. I want to fight him! I’ll show you that I’m the strongest by beating him!”

“Hey, that’s not fair, I can’t fly! How can I fight you if I can’t fly?” Cirno’s response was unfortunately laughter.

“Well, I guess you’re not that strong after all, huh?” Ugh, this Cirno person is starting to sound annoying. Maybe you should just tell Yukari to fly away already. But then again, she might attack Yukari, and though you definitely did not question the power of someone who could create holes which brought you to other places, you still worried that she might drop you, and you definitely did not want to fall into the lake.

“Come on, what are you, chicken? Afraid you can’t beat the strongest in Gensokyo?” Good lord won’t this person just shut-up!

"Hey Yukari!"
[X] "Throw me at Cirno!"
[X] "Just fly away already."

Cirno... the Strongest Fairy in Gensokyo. Damn it, Ms. Diana, where's my tea?
No. 124604
[X]ask Yukari to create a grap in front of her and then proceed to PUNCH CIRNO IN THE FACE
No. 124605
Actually, changing a bit.

[X]ask Yukari to create a grap in front of her and then proceed to grab Cirno, and bitchslap her. Probably repeteadly if she's too whiny.
No. 124608
[X] "Throw me at Cirno!"

Let us fly through the air in the ultimate sneak attack! Who would suspect us of having Yukari HURL us at our foes?
No. 124618
[X]ask Yukari to create a grap in front of her and then proceed to grab Cirno, and bitchslap her. Probably repeteadly if she's too whiny.
I like this. It has conflict, but it lacks falling.
No. 124648
[X]ask Yukari to create a gap in front of her and then proceed to grab Cirno, and bitchslap her. Probably repeteadly if she's too whiny.
No. 124660
You guys are total gents, smacking young lasses in the face.

[X] Yukari get's pissed at you and gaps you to the shrine. You don't see any eyes so you don't get creeped out too much because you don't realise what happens.

Get to point plox
No. 124661
[X]ask Yukari to create a gap in front of her and then proceed to grab Cirno, and bitchslap her. Probably repeteadly if she's too whiny.
No. 124664
[X] "Just fly away already."

Oh come the hell on, we're gentleman! We don't get provoked or get into fights with ladies or little kids. Also going around and just beating the crap out of anyone is just gonna blow any soul searching and any change to ourselves out of the water.
No. 124668
[X] "Just fly away already."

We're trying to fix things, not break more of them.
No. 124675
[X] "Just fly away already."

Yep, Changing again. Actually my first Idea wasn't that all gentlemanly, so let's just ignore her and try not to reproduce the Mystia Incident.
No. 124676
[X] "Just fly away already."

No. 124680
[X] "Just fly away already."
No. 124731
File 128638838215.jpg - (88.97KB , 818x525 , 818px-SDM-Clock.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Just fly away already."

You really didn’t have any reason why to fight Cirno, even if she was being all boastful. A gentleman never let boastful words bother him. Slander yes, but boasts heck no. Yukari, following your decision, began flying off, Cirno shouting at you.

“Hey, get back here, you coward, I want to fight you!” You could hear that Cirno was pretty angry. Deciding not to look back, you really hoped that Yukari knew how to get to the shrine.

“Freeze Sign, Perfect Freeze!”

Suddenly a huge array of multicolor orbs began appearing around you and Yukari. Oh great, now she’s attacking still? Then without any warning, the orbs stopped moving, becoming frozen solid in mid-air.

“Oh please, still wanting to fight, Cirno? You really should know who you’re dealing with.” Yukari then waved her parasol and a huge gap surrounded you. Oh god, please, no, those eyes freaked you out. However, instead of consuming you and Yukari, the gap absorbed all the orbs, Yukari then dismissing the gap.

“Huh? What happened, why did it all dis- ah!” From the sound of it, you could hear a small explosion, Cirno screaming out in pain.

“Yukari, what just happened?” You looked up to the blond haired woman, Yukari giving you a small grin.

“I just gave her a taste of her own medicine.” You were starting to feel bad for anyone who angered Yukari. Well, at least she was on your side, hopefully.

Shaking your head a bit, you noticed that your vision was clearing up. Good, no more night blindness. But now Yukari was flying over a lake, and this was still a problem. There was no lake near the shrine, and there seemed to be no end in how far the lake would go. You were also getting a bit tired. Yawning, you asked Yukari if she knew where she was going.

“Yeah, yeah, just stay calm, I’m looking! Are you really this insistent on handicapping yourself?” Yukari groaned as she pointed out a small light in the distance. “Familiar, Mister Hale?”

Squinting, you saw the light that Yukari was talking about. Well, it was an improvement than being lost in a forest, though you were a little worried about what the light meant. You knew it was the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and although you felt that Remilia wouldn’t dare try anything suspicious against you, coming back after what you did felt wrong. Then again, you were starting to really get tired.

“Yukari, do you remember what I did at the Scarlet Devil Mansion?”

“Of course I do, you beat the maid and the gate guard pretty badly.”

“No, I mean did you SEE what I did at the Scarlet Devil Mansion?”

“No, I was sleeping.” Oh, well, at least Yukari didn’t know about that. Looking at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, perhaps you could rest there again; even ask someone who actually knew how to get back to the Hakurei Shrine. However, intruding the mansion again wouldn’t exactly sit well on your mind. Maybe you should just give in and have Yukari gap you back to the Hakurei Mansion, I mean, you are handicapping yourself just because of something as trivial as eyes.

You yawn again, rubbing your eyes to stay awake. You also hear Yukari yawn as well, most likely she was getting tired from dragging you all around, or maybe because it was so late. You begin wondering on what to do next.

*yawn* "Yukari?"

[X] "Let's go to the mansion. I think Remilia will give us shelter."
[X] "Just gap us to the Hakurei Shrine already, I'm tired of all this bullshit. And tired as well."
[X] "Just crash into the trees already, I don't fucking care anymore."

Left 4 Dead 2 is a fun game. And yes, we are gentlemen! We must uphold the Gentleman code of honor! Whatever that is!
No. 124732
[X] "Let's go to the mansion. I think Remilia will give us shelter."
No. 124733
[X] "Let's go to the mansion. I think Remilia will give us shelter."
No. 124734
[X] "Let's go to the mansion. I think Remilia will give us shelter. Then you can gap back to your place."
No. 124744
[X] "Just gap us to the Hakurei Shrine already, I'm tired of all this bullshit. And tired as well."

Little more politely worded though since we do have a lady present. Also we are being quite an inconvence to her by being scared of gapping. A real man would not be afraid of such a thing.
No. 124747
No. 124748

how the fuck do I triforce?
No. 124795
[X] "Just gap us to the Hakurei Shrine already, I'm tired of all this bullshit. And tired as well."

No time for rest!
No. 124800
File 128648047548.jpg - (184.36KB , 800x964 , ape.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know what? You really don’t feel like being gapped again. It was night time when she gapped you into Gensokyo, and when that happened, you crashed into the side of a shrine, ran someone over, and made yourself look like a complete ass. Perhaps Yukari would have better aim in the morning. At least when it’s morning you could see further if you plan on forcing Yukari to dragging you around.

Telling Yukari to fly to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, you began thinking of what to tell Remilia.

“Oh Remilia, could you help me out? I could really use a place to stay.” Hrmm, maybe say something that’s a bit more sauve and gentlemanly.

“Good evening, Miss Remilia, I, Mister Hale, have returned to your wonderful abode seeking shelter from the elements. I have also brought a friend of mine who also wishes shelter from the elements. Would you kindly please provide us with shelter?” Hrmm, maybe that’s too long.

“Hey Remilia, can I crash at your place?” No, no, no, too much slang.

“Remilia, if you don’t help me, I’ll rip your wings off.” No, just no.

“Remilia, Remilia, Remilia, how have you been? Hey, could y-”

“Who are you talking you, Mister Hale?” Yukari made you realize that you were talking the entire time.

“Huh? Just shut up and fly already!” Your instinct betrays you, making you forget who exactly you were ordering around. You soon noticed that Yukari had stopped flying and was looking at you. Realizing your mistake, you begin apologizing, though you began thinking that none of your words reached Yukari.

“Well then, if you’re all like that, then I won’t do it! You know what; I’ll just gap us back to the Hakurei Shrine already. I’m tired off this bullshit, and I’m tired as well!” Oh crap, NO, NO, NO, NO! You watched as Yukari waved her parasol and a huge gap appears in front of you two. You begged with Yukari not to take you through there again, but she only laughed. What’s worse was there were millions of eyes in the gap, all of them staring at you.

“Oh god, no, no, not the eyes, NOT THE EYES!” Yukari then dragged you through the gap, the eyes continuing to stare at you. Even though you tried closing your eyes, you could still see the eyes staring at you. “OH GOD, THEY’RE IN MY EYES, THEY’RE IN MY EYES! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Will you stop being so dramatic? We’re here already!” Opening your eyes again, you saw that Yukari had stopped moving again, hovering above the Hakurei Shrine. Landing in front of the shrine, you let go, falling to the ground, feeling your heart beating quickly. Breathing heavily, you slowly stand back up, holding on to your chest, trying to calm down.

“You know, you complain too much, Mister Hale. Aren’t you glad on how fast we got here?” Yeah, glad that you were here, but completely horrified at the method of getting here. Looking at the shrine, there were no lights on, and no visible sign that anyone was inside. Walking over to the side, you still saw the planks laid out, waiting to be used, and the hole that they were meant to fix.

“Alright, Mister Hale, I’ll be leaving you here for a bit, I need to get some sleep.”

“But Yukari, why won’t you stay with me? Aren’t you worried anything bad would happen to me while I’m alone?”

Yukari smiled a bit, “Not to worry, no one really visits the shrine to begin with, so you should be fine. And besides, I don’t want to sleep in such a shoddy place.” Without waiting for you to stop her, she surrounds herself with a gap and disappears, the gap closing before you could even run up to it.

Alone again, you look at the planks and then back at the hole. You still didn’t have any nails to board up the wall, but maybe you can think of something to keep the boards connected. You could always just pile the boards up, or even tie them together with some sort of string, if you could find any.

You yawn, and then stretch your limbs. Maybe you should wait for morning, as a night of rest would make the job easier. Heck, the job would probably be easier if you could easily see what you’re doing. However, though Yukari said not many Youkai visit the shrine to begin with, you still were a bit nervous about sleeping alone with such a huge

*Yawn* "Oh god, I'm tired..."
[X] Start fixing up the shrine. Why didn't I do this earlier?
[X] Just go to sleep already. Shrine fixing can be done later.
[X] Pass out where you are

No. 124802
{X] Fashion stakes out of wood, find some sort of string and stab the stakes into the planks, then wrapping the thread around the tips of the flared stakes before driving them flush. Then pile planks or rocks on the bottom after angling it so it doesn't fall over.
No. 124808
[X] Just go to sleep already. Shrine fixing can be done later.
No. 124811
[X] Start fixing up the shrine. Why didn't I do this earlier?

Let's wake up Reimu. Construction noise at night makes everyone happy, right?
No. 124819
[X] Start fixing up the shrine. Why didn't I do this earlier?
No. 124822
Oh a procrastination option.

[X] Start fixing up the shrine. Why didn't I do this earlier?
No. 124823
[X] Start fixing up the shrine. Why didn't I do this earlier?
12 o' clock? Perfect time to start working!
No. 124836
[X] Start fixing up the shrine. Why didn't I do this earlier?
No. 124842
[X] Start fixing up the shrine. Why didn't I do this earlier?

...We're going to be yelled at, but if somebody finds us at the shrine sleeping, we'll probably get yelled at anyway...
No. 124854
it's better than doing a poor job due to how tired Saxton is.
No. 124868
File 128654906298.jpg - (28.15KB , 505x243 , soldier2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Start Fixing up the Shrine. Why didn't I do this earlier?

Taking your coat off and tossing it to the side, you take a quick look at the planks and then at the hole in the wall. You still didn’t have any nails to hold the boards down, but perhaps you could make use with what resources you have. Walking up to the pile of planks, you begin dragging the whole pile closer to the hole, stopping next to the step. Again glancing at the planks and then back at the hole, you begin thinking of how you could made a temporary fix until you had the proper resources to fully repair this wall, and maybe even expand this shrine out a bit more.

At first, you begin thinking that you could simply just pile the planks, one on top of the each other, in front of the hole, until it covered the hole. Though it would a quick fix and simple solution, it wouldn’t exactly be the most stable solution. First off, there would be nothing anchoring it down. If a strong wind were to push on it, or even someone just pushing on it, it would easily fall down. Now, you didn’t doubt that you could easily survive a bunch of planks falling on you, anyone else who was unfortunate enough to be in the path would not be so lucky. And secondly, it was probably a lazy fix. No, a gentleman needed a more solid temporary fix, than a lazy temporary fix.

Picking up one of the planks, you begin examining it closely. Bringing it closer to your eyes, you began thinking of what you could do to keep the boards stuck together to the hole. After looking at the board for a few minutes, you raise your hand high, and give the board a good, solid whack.

The board soon exploded, leaving a neatly made pile of sawdust and wooden stakes. Sharpening the stakes a bit more with your fingernails, you finally had yourself a respectable amount of stakes to use for holding these boards down. Sure, they weren’t meant for long-term use, but they could be at least a temporary solution, at least until you got some solid metal nails.

Taking two stakes, you placed a single plank over the hole, starting at the top. Carefully making sure that it would stay on, you begin pushing in a stake on one side, at first gently then with extreme amounts of force, moving slowly that you could pierce the stake through the wood and stick it to the wall, but not so fast that it leaves an unsightly hole. After pushing the stake in deep enough so it could stay inside, you move to the next stake, doing the same thing, until you had one plank covering part of the hole now.

Yawning again, you look at your work, seeing that you needed several more planks. Thankfully, you had more than enough planks and stakes to set them all in place and made a quick fix. Walking over to the planks, to begin picking which would be right for the next fix. As you were picking, your vision darkened for a moment, causing you to shake your head. Man, these planks would make a nice bed.

NO! You have to stay focused, FOCUSED. Slapping yourself across the cheek in an attempt to stay awake, you pick up another set of planks and stakes, bringing them over to the hole. Placing another plank on the hole, you begin the process over again, pushing in stakes and grabbing another plank. However, as you were setting the fifth plank in, your vision started to fade again. Although you tried shaking your head to keep yourself awake, your sleepiness kept a firm grasp on you.

Stumbling back, you fall down, your head smashing on the grass below. Looking up at the sky, your vision flickers again before going out completely.

“Hey Jackass, what are you doing?”

“Oh… isn’t she a beaut…”

“Hey, Jackass!”

“Take a gander at this little princess…”

“Hey Jackass, wake up!”

You feel someone kicking you in the rib, making you groan in pain. You slowly open your eyes, squinting a bit, your eyes adjusting to the sudden brightness. Holding your side, you saw Reimu standing over you, still looking mad and still holding that pointed stick. Does this girl go anywhere without that stick?

“Damn it, Reimu, your kicking hurts!” You lean to the side, groaning in pain still.

“Well, I had to wake you up, and here you are, awake. Now get up, I’m tired of all the stupid stuff you’ve been doing since you got here.” Slowly standing up, you stretch out your limbs, scratching your back. You look at the hole in the shrine, seeing that it was still only halfway fixed.

“Now come on, go fix up my shrine. And you better not try leaving again, or I’ll kick your ass until can’t sit down anymore.”

“Bloody hell, Reimu, didn’t anyone teach you manners?”

“Don’t you give me this ‘manners’ crap, you broke my shrine and you’re going to fix it, whether you like it or not. And if you try to run off again, saying that ‘Oh, I got to kill Aya’, I’ll beat you up until your legs don’t work.”

Bloody hell, this woman is a bitch, and you don’t use that word lightly. Picking up the rest of the planks and bring them over to the hole, you then turn back to Reimu.

“Hey, you got a hammer and nails?”

“Why should I help you?”

Well, that went well. Going back to your routine of pushing stakes into planks, you finish up the task, though you really wished you could do something more permanent. Well, as long as you have it fixed up, Reimu should be happy, right?

“Well, I’m done Reimu, can I go now?”


What? You completed her task; you had every right to leave now! You begin complaining, saying that she had her end of the deal to let you go. However, she then pointed her stick at you.

“First off, this wasn’t a deal, this was an obligation. Secondly, you seriously need help, you just can’t go waltzing off to Youkai Mountain hoping to beat up Aya, and there are a lot of other things you need to know.”

“Oh, like what?”

“Like how to fly.”

Oh. Well, that could really help. Learning how to fly would mean you wouldn’t have to rely on someone to drag you through the air, and probably not have to worry about crashing into the ground and killing yourself. Again? Whatever.

“Secondly, you need to know about the spell card system.”

Spell cards? Was that the source of that entire multicolored bullet stuff? Looking at Reimu, you saw her pull out a strange paper slip from her sleeve.

“This here is a spell card. And with it yo-”

A wooden crate suddenly appears in front of you and Reimu, completely catching both of you by surprise. Examining it closely, the wooden crate was chained shut with a large padlock holding the chains together.

“Oh great, not another one of these stupid things… why does all the junk from the outside world have to appear here?” Ignoring Reimu, you take a closer look at the crate, and noticing in extremely small letters the words “MANN CO. SUPPLY CRATE.”

Bloody hell, it was one of your company’s weapon crates! By the look of it, it looked pretty old but was still in good condition. Maybe whatever was inside was still good as well. Remembering you were in possession of a Mann Co. Master key, you take out your key ring and hold out the key, looking at the crate.

If you opened the crate, you could possibly get something that would really make your day, put you on even standing with everyone else. However, Gensokyo had no idea what was inside, and ruining the innocence this place has with one of your company’s weapons would never be a gentlemanly thing. But you still needed a weapon.

“Hey, what’s going on? You know how to open this crate?” You look at Reimu, nodding. “Well, if you know how to open it, open it then!” Looking at the padlock, you begin thinking of what could be inside the crate. But still, to open it would mean you would expose Gensokyo to the violence of your company. If you destroyed it, then you could spare Gensokyo of everything that went with it.

"If this was any other situation, I'd open you without second thoughts, but now..."
[X] Open the Crate. MANN-CONOMY, HO!
[X] Destroy the Crate. Gensokyo is not ready for the sheer awesomeness of whatever is inside.

"And about that stuff earlier?"
[X] "Help me learn to fly"
[X] "Teach me more about the spell card system"
[X[ "Screw it, I'll be fine. Where's Ms. Diana and Suika?"
No. 124870
[X] Open the Crate. MANN-CONOMY, HO!

They have lasers and spell-card straight from hell, we have manly weapons!

[X] "Help me learn to fly"
No. 124871
[X] Open the Crate. MANN-CONOMY, HO!
[X] "Teach me more about the spell card system"
No. 124872
[X] Destroy the Crate. Gensokyo is not ready for the sheer awesomeness of whatever is inside.

Screw weapons, we settle this danmaku way. Plus, Yukari and Reimu will kill us if we kill Aya using weapons.

[X] "Help me learn to fly"
[X] "Teach me more about the spell card system as well."
[X] "By the way, where's Ms. Diana and Suika?"

The way I see these options, all of them are mandatory.
No. 124873
[X] Open the Crate. MANN-CONOMY, HO!

No. 124875
Okay, you know what? Changing my vote.

[X] Destroy the Crate. Gensokyo is not ready for the sheer awesomeness of whatever is inside.

We are SAXTON HALE We're not a little baby man which uses weapons, we wrestle bears, punch ctocodiles in the face and fight our nemesis WITH OUR BARE HANDS.

[X] "Help me learn to fly"
[X] "Teach me more about the spell card system as well."
[X] "By the way, where's Ms. Diana and Suika?"

As Anon said, all three are mandatory.
No. 124876
[X] Open the Crate. MANN-CONOMY, HO!
[X] "Help me learn to fly"
No. 124877
[X] Open the Crate. MANN-CONOMY, HO!
- [x] Weight over what's in it.

We might find something useful yet not over the top.

"And about that stuff earlier?"
[X] "Help me learn to fly"
[X] "Teach me more about the spell card system"
[X] "Where's Ms. Diana and Suika?"
No. 124887
[X] Open it like Tenshi
No. 124888
[X] Open the Crate. MANN-CONOMY, HO!
- [x] Weight over what's in it.
[X] "Help me learn to fly"
[X] "Teach me more about the spell card system"
[X] "Where's Ms. Diana and Suika?"

I want to know whats inside but if its gonna totally change Gensokyo then i dont wanna use it. To change or even destroy there ways would be totally wrong and ungentlemanly.
No. 124889
[X] Destroy the Crate. Gensokyo is not ready for the sheer awesomeness of whatever is inside.
[X] "Help me learn to fly"
[X] "Teach me more about the spell card system as well."
[X] "By the way, where's Ms. Diana and Suika?"
No. 124901
File 128662734358.png - (325.68KB , 518x599 , 518px-Snipernohatted.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Open the Crate. MANN-CONOMY, HO!
- [x] Weight over what's in it.
[X] "Help me learn to fly"
[X] "Teach me more about the spell card system"
[X] "Where's Ms. Diana and Suika?"

Holding up the padlock to your master key, you slowly begin the process of unlocking the crate. As you place the key inside the lock, your hand begins trembling. You began thinking of what could be inside, and knowing your company, it could be anything from a simple wrench to an ungodly powerful handheld Gatling gun. It could even be something like a fish, a fish. You really were wondering what your weapon designers were thinking when they decided that a fish wrapped in newspaper would make a good weapon.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” Turning to Reimu, you saw she was standing over the box now, almost anxious to have the box open. “Isn’t this what you wanted, something from the outside world to help you? Well here it is, so why are you stopping?”

You let out a sigh and look back at the padlock. “I don’t know what’s inside the crate, Reimu. It could be anything… anything my company made during the past 60 years. Heck, whatever is in this crate could be 60 years old.”

“Well, that would make an incentive to open it, now wouldn’t it? And besides, if it endangers Gensokyo, I’ll deal with it.” Well, that felt comforting, though considering it came from Reimu, she might deal with you as well if that’s the case.

Your arm still shaking, you slowly begin the process of turning the key. You begin turning it further and further until…


The padlock opened up, falling to the ground, dragging the chains off with it. Handing Reimu the chains, you then begin working on opening it. Although you didn’t have a crowbar, you still had your hands and you began prying it open. Though opening it was a slow process, you were thankfully making process, the lid struggling to stay on, the nails beginning to loosen until it gave up and the top of the crate was separated, leaving the crate exposed and ready to be checked.

Peering into the crate, you saw there was hay everywhere, obscuring what was ever inside the crate. Feeling a bit nervous, you slowly reach into the hay, feeling around for whatever could be inside.

“So what’s inside?” You tell Reimu to wait, still reaching inside. If you had felt a weapon, you would have felt it already, but you have yet to feel anything except hay. Finally, your hand bumped into an object. Grasping around the object, you slowly pull it out, the object in question being a jar. Attached to the jar was a tag. Looking at it, you begin to read the tag out loud.

“Dear lucky buyer, you shall no more have to worry about showing your hatless head. You shall become the envy of everyone and a hit with the ladies with this jar of Ritzy Rick’s Hair Fixa- WHAT?!”

It’s a jar of Ritzy Rick’s Hair Fixative. IT’S A FUCKING JAR OF RITZY RICK’S HAIR FIXATIVE! You spent an entire day looking for a tower of hats and now this box mocks you with something to help you without one? The idiocy of this situation completely baffles you. It is so horrible that you can’t bring yourself to smash the jar on the ground and be rid of it already.

“So what’s wrong with the jar? It doesn’t sound bad at all.”

“That’s but it is bad, Reimu, and it’s meant for people without hats. I have a hat; I have a tower of hats! I don’t need this stupid thing but I have it anyway!”

“So why don’t you get rid of it already?” You sigh.

“I don’t want to, if I get rid of it, then it’s gone. Maybe I can use it to trade for something better, like a pointed stick.” Turning to the box, you scream out in rage. “You stupid box,” you then proceed to kick the box as hard as you can. However, the box flies for a few feet before forcefully falling to the ground again.

Wait; did you hear something hitting the inside of the box? Rushing up to the box, you pick it up and tip it over to the side, spilling out all the hay. You hear something go thud and then you began searching through the hay, trying to see what could be inside.

Oh… my....

In the pile of hay was a single golden bar; a single golden bar with the image of a kangaroo boxing a man on top. It can’t be… it just can’t!


“Hey, did you find something?” You glance back at Reimu and begin to panic. If Reimu knew what this bar is capable of, she’d destroy it. You quickly hide the bar in your coat, and as quickly take out your flask and put in it the pile of hay. Reimu soon walks up behind you and looks over your shoulder.

“Uh, it’s… it’s… it’s just a flask. A commemorative flask for every crate opened.” Taking back your flask, you place it back in its spot, thankful that you managed to save the bar of Australium. Standing back up, you turn to Reimu, giving her a small smile. “So then, what you were saying about the spell card system?”

“Oh right!” Reimu holds out her spell card again, “These cards hold power that allows a user to go into a spell card trance. During a trance, the user becomes more powerful and is able to execute special attacks. However, during that entire time, the user can only use the powers in that spell card. You got that all?”

You nod. “So, can I use spell cards?”

“Well… yes, but it’s a hard process in creating your first card. Once you have your first card, everything else is much easier. However, I think you’d like to learn how to fly first before you start using spell cards.”

Right, learning how to fly would make things a lot easier. “So, how do you fly?”

“Oh, flying comes natural to me.”

… Well that was just helpful. Yeah, so flying comes natural to everyone. If it comes natural, then how the hell are you supposed to learn in the first place?! Groaning in disappoint, you shrug, realizing that this place is full of crazy people.

“Well… there is another way… if you channel someone else’s powers, you could possibly fly.” Oh, that sounds good.

“So, can you channel your powers into me?”

“No.” Great, looks like Reimu still hates you. Maybe you could use someone else but… wait.

“Reimu, where’s Ms. Diana and Suika?”

“Ms. Diana, who are you talking ab- oh, that fairy? She went with Suika to look for you. I thought they would be back by now, I wonder what is taking them so long to return?”

Before you could respond, a flash of black and white flies by you, landing in front of the shrine. You watched as the young girl on the broom jump off.

“Hey, Reimu, I’m back!” Marisa. “So, what are you doing?”

“Oh, I was teaching this guy here about the spell card system.”

“Heh, you can’t teach someone about the spell card system without seeing it in action.” Marisa then looks at you, “So, George, you wanna see a spell card duel in action?”

You look at Marisa, giving the idea a bit of thought. If you watched a duel, you could really learn a bit more of how all this works. However, that would take up time, and you really wanted to learn how to fly. Then your thoughts return to the bar of Austarlium in your coat. The longer you have it in its pure bar form, the more people will be curious about it. If you had someone change it to something else, you could use the power the bar has to your advantage. However, the bar is dangerous, and the longer it is in Gensokyo, the more danger it could put this place in. If you dispose of it properly, then you could spare Gensokyo the adverse effects of whatever Australium does.

"Well then..."
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.
[X] Continue on about learning how to fly. Flying around would be super fun.

I can't leave this bar unattended to... I must do something...
[X] Dispose of it. It's too dangerous to be used.
[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-Smith it into what? Write-in option.
No. 124902
Don't much mind between the duel or flying, buut

[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
[x] Get a new Pocket watch
No. 124903
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.
[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
[x] Boxing Gloves
No. 124904
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.

[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-[X] Hat/Helmet
No. 124908
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.
[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-[X] A gentleman's cane
No. 124909
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.
[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-[X] Nanaya
No. 124910
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.
[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-[X] A gentleman's cane
No. 124914
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.
[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-[X]A sword cane with wakizashi blade in it
No. 124915
>A sword cane with wakizashi blade in it

Note that the blade should be straight, not curved like traditional one.
No. 124927
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.
[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-[X]A sword cane with wakizashi blade in it

No. 124929
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.
[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-[X]A sword cane with wakizashi blade in it

Oh and while she's here
--[X] Ask Marisa for Reimu's blanket.
No. 124931

--[X] Ask Marisa for Reimu's blanket.

Great Scott, I really forgot about that blanket.
No. 124943
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.

[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-Smith it into what? Write-in option.
-->Make a survival military Knife out of it. With what's left, make an australium vest for MsDiana.
She'll be the best kind of secretaries : an australian one.
No. 124958
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.

[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
[X] Spectacles, australium ribed gloves and souls for harnessing the powers of awesome and energy Soles will eneable you to fly and gloves let you danmaku/spellcard
No. 124982
File 128668625459.jpg - (605.43KB , 900x720 , Broomboom.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Watch a spell card duel. Maybe it could become the next Gentlemanly sport.
[X] Get someone to smith something out of it. You can't let an opportunity like this pass by.
-[X]A sword cane with wakizashi blade in it

“Hey, George, are you still thinking about watching a spell card duel in action?” Snapping out of your thoughts, you glance at Maris and then at Reimu, giving Marisa a small nod, though you add that if no one got hurt because of this.

“Get hurt? Nah, we’re pros at this. You should worry about getting hurt by any stray projectiles.” Stray projectiles, huh? Well, that would make this day great, a bullet to the face.

“Well don’t start crying when I beat you again, Marisa.” You watched as Reimu began floating in the air, glancing at Marisa, seeing that she had gotten on her broom and was floating as well.

“Then I get to go first, so that I can beat you faster!” Marisa soon soared into the sky, Reimu following her. Stopping several hundred feet above the shrine, you could barely make out Marisa grabbing a card from… somewhere… and could hardly make out any words. However, whatever that meant, Marisa was suddenly surrounded by a ring of light, a flurry of star shaped projectiles starting to fly out from Marisa. From the stars were smaller stars intermixed in them, leaving a huge flurry of stars flying everywhere, with Reimu floating still.

Watching Reimu, you saw her fly slowly around, navigating through the swarm of stars, just barely getting hit dead center by the projectiles. You couldn’t even comprehend the sheer numbers of stars there was and Reimu was simply dodging it without any sort of effort. However, watching the flurry of stars, you realized that you had no idea what was going on. All you could tell was there was a bunch of pretty lights, and Reimu was dodging them. If this is what the spell card system is all about, then what’s the point? You’ve been dodging stuff pretty well already, so it’s not like you really need any lessons in dodging.

Sitting down, you continued to watch the duel, Reimu now taking charge, holding out a spell card and uttering a few words before firing a volley of what looked like paper charms, which exploded into more paper charms. Overall, Reimu’s spell card attack also looked nice, though if you were actually going up against it, you would probably die a horrible death of being filled with holes caused by… paper charms.

Reaching into your coat again, you pull out the bar of australium, letting it shine in the sunlight. You had heard rumors about the powerful abilities items made of australium had, from making people live longer, to enhancing weapons. But a single bar of australium was a lot of metal to work with. Perhaps if you found someone who could smith this bar into something more useful for you, maybe you too could unlock the secrets behind this transformative metal. Although you heard that australium has some strange side-effects, you couldn’t let something like side-effects make you reconsider such a once in a lifetime opportunity like this.

You begin thinking of what sort of items you could have smith from this one bar. At first, you think about turning it into a gun, but realize you didn’t have any bullets. You then think how awesome it would be as a pair of boxing gloves. However, one pound of australium may not be enough metal to make into a pair of gloves. You finally settle on an item which all gentlemen should have: A cane. But not just a cane, a cane-sword, similar to the one you left in your car. Damn it, why did you have to leave the car behind?

Putting the bar back in your coat, you look back into the sky, seeing that Reimu had finished her spell card. As you were watching Marisa get ready another spell card, you felt someone patting you on the back.

“Hey, Mister, how are ya doing?” Turning around, you saw Suika, still wearing the clothes you bought her.

“When did you get here, Suika?” You didn’t remember hearing any footsteps. You watch Suika chuckle, taking a drink of sake from her gourd.

“Well, I can pop up where ever I want.”

“Oh, like Yukari?”

“Yes, like Yuk- hey, I didn’t know you knew Yukari! When’d you meet her?” You explain how she found you and brought you back to the shrine here. “Oh, so that’s why we couldn’t find you earlier, we were getting a bit worried.”

You then glanced around, noticing that Ms. Diana wasn’t there. “Hey, Suika, where’s Ms. Diana?”

“Diana? Well, she flew off after I gave up trying to find you. She said that she wouldn’t stop until she found you, even saying that she’ll prove that she’s a strong fairy.”

“What? She can’t be flying alone out there! What is something bad happens to her?!”

Suika only shrugged, “Nah, nothing bad ever happens to fairies. They like playing around, so Diana probably went off and joined up with her group of fairies again.”

You were, however, not entirely convinced that Ms. Diana was okay. She was your secretary, damn it, and it’s bad enough already that you left her behind to chase after Aya, but to leave her flying around, still loyally looking for you, probably cold, hungry, tired, made you feel horrible.

“Suika, where do you think Ms. Diana could’ve gone?”

“Well… she could’ve gone anything where… she could’ve gone into the Forest of Magic, she could’ve gone to the Bamboo Forest, hey, and maybe she even could’ve gone to Youkai Mountain.” Oh no, if she got hurt, you could never forgive yourself.

Looking back up into the sky, you saw that Marisa had finished her second spell card and that Reimu was preparing herself to launch another spell card of her own. If you stayed a bit longer, you could probably learn a bit to help you on your search for Ms. Diana, but the longer you stayed, the longer Ms. Diana would be flying around, looking for you. Why did you have to go chasing after Aya?

"Must... think... NOW!"
[X] Learn more about the spell card system. What information you could learn may help you out.
[X] Stop and ask for help in finding Ms. Diana. She could be hurt right now!
-Search where?
--[X] The Forest of Magic
--[X] The Bamboo Forest
--[X] Youkai Mountain

Are there any Touhou characters who are known smiths? Or is Nitori probably the best choice after all, even though she's more of an Engineer?
No. 124991
[X] Stop and ask for help in finding Ms. Diana. She could be hurt right now!
--[X] Youkai Mountain

I'm feeling kinda adventurous today, seems this would be the most dangerous option.
No. 125007
[X] Stop and ask for help in finding Ms. Diana. She could be hurt right now!
--[X] Youkai Mountain
No. 125009
Smiths? Not that I know of.

[X] Stop and ask for help in finding Ms. Diana. She could be hurt right now!
--[X] Youkai Mountain
Our priority is to find our secretary. And.. well, we've never been to Youkai Mountain.
No. 125010
[X] Stop and ask for help in finding Ms. Diana. She could be hurt right now!
--[X] Youkai Mountain
No. 125021
[X] ASk for Help
-[X] Youkai Mountain
No. 125024
File 128677552117.png - (690.41KB , 1040x1110 , Oni_Drill.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Stop and ask for help in finding Ms. Diana. She could be hurt right now!
--[X] Youkai Mountain

“Hey, Georgey, what’s wrong, why aren’t you watching?” Turning back up, you saw Marisa floating next to you, still riding her broom, with Reimu flying down as well. “You’re not gonna learn anything if you don’t watch us.” Marisa then glanced at Suika, saying hello to her.

“I’ve received some bad news which might have to put this entire spell card dodging on hold...” You begin rubbing your forehead, the whole situation giving you a headache.

“So what’s wrong, Georgey? Do you have to go hang out with someone else?” You let out a short sigh, still wondering how you managed to get to where you are now.

“Well, first off, it’s George, not Georgey, Marisa, please remember that. And secondly, I fear that my secretary may be lost… I was wondering if you could help me out and find her.” You then saw Reimu land next to you. “Ah, Reimu, could you help me out as well? I would appreciate it if you could help me find my secretary, Ms. Diana.”

“Your secretary? Who are you talking about? Are you talking about that fairy that was with you earlier?” Marisa soon glanced at you curiously, floating in a little closer to you.

“You made friends with a fairy? Why would you do that?”

“Why wouldn’t I? I needed a good assistant, and well, she’s quite a determined person. Why, I see quite a lot of potential in here.”

“Potential? In a fairy?” Marisa then began to laugh. “You’re better off just leaving her already. Fairies are just good for playing pranks and for blowing off some stress.”

You then grabbed Marisa by the collar and dragged her as close as you could, literally breathing on her face. “You can say what you want about fairies, Marisa, but when you mock my secretary, I take it as a personal offense! Now I still don’t know whether or not you’re going to help me find my secretary, but if you don’t shut your cakehole, I’m going to grab your broom and snap it in half just to make you sad!” You then let go of Marisa, the witch shrugging.

“Fine, fine, don’t lose your temper, but still, fairies really aren’t that helpful.” You shot another angry gaze at Marisa, the witch rolling her eyes. “Alright, if you really want to find her, I’ll help out.”

You then glance at Reimu. You were wondering whether or not she was going to help you out. You again ask if Reimu would help you out.

“Well, seeing that you fixed my shrine, I guess I can help you. Besides, it’s not like I have a lot to do here today. So, where do we look?”

You begin rubbing your chin, recalling what Suika said. She told you that Ms. Diana could have gone to quite a few places, but she mainly said that the three most likely candidates was the Forest of Magic, a place called the Bamboo Forest and Youkai Mountain. There were four of you, but if you were going searching, you would probably bring Suika with you.

“Well, we should split up and find her.” You turn to Marisa, “This information is mostly for you, just so that you know what Ms. Diana looks like. She has a top hat similar to this,” You take off your Pillar of hats and point to the top hat in the pillar, “And she’s wearing something similar to my clothes. She should stick out like a sore thumb, if fairies are creatures that only wear dresses.”

“So where are we splitting up to then, Mister Hale?” Turning you Reimu, you were glad that she was now properly calling you by your name, instead of calling you a jackass.

“Well, there are three places in general that we should go. A place called the Forest of Magic… a place called the Bamboo Forest… and Youkai Mountain.” You then look out into the distance, trying to see if you can see the mountain from the shrine.

“So then, Georgey, where are you going?” You said that you were going to Youkai Mountain. “Youkai Mountain? What are you, crazy? That’s no place for a human like you to be! You should let Reimu or I go there!”

You turn back to Marisa. “No, I’m going there, and that’s final! Besides, I have other business there, and don’t worry, I’m not going alone; I’m bringing Suika with me.”

Suika soon lowered her gourd. “Huh, I am? Uh… I guess I am!”

“Well… alright then, I’ll take the Forest of Magic. I live there anyway.” Marisa then began holding on tightly to her broom, ready to take off.

“I guess that leaves me with the Bamboo Forest then, huh?” Reimu sighed, but at least she looked like she was okay with this. Reimu soon began flying off to where you assumed was where the Bamboo Forest was located. However, before Marisa flew off, you stopped her.

“Hey, Marisa, where’s the blanket?”

“Blanket? Oh that? I left it back at home.” And with that, Marisa flew off. Alone with Suika again, you turned to your companion, seeing that she was dusting off her jacket.

“So then, Mister, you ready for me to take you to Youkai Mountain?”

Instead of nodding, you shake your head once. “Actually, Suika, Reimu told me something that could help me fly. She told me about something of channeling another person’s power? She didn’t tell me the finer details, but do you think that could actually help me fly, since… you can fly?”

“Really, Mister? Well, I’m not sure. I channeled my power through Reimu before, but she already knew how to fly. Besides, I was channeling myself through her Yin-yang orbs. Maybe if you have something I could channel myself through, I could possibly see if you could use my powers to fly.”

Searching through your coat, you took out your pocket watch, handing it over to Suika to look at. Taking the pocket watch, Suika began looking at it closer, holding it tightly in her hands, maybe even muttering something, until she finally gave it back to you. At first, it felt as if nothing had happen, but turning to Suika she asked you to try it out.

Imagining yourself flying now, you begin trying to lift yourself in the air, and at first, nothing seemed to happen. Then, as you continued focusing even more, you could feel yourself getting lighter and lighter, as if your density was getting smaller until…

“Hey, Mister, it worked!” Looking down, you saw you were actually floating, levitating a few inches above the ground. You begin laughing, feeling completely overjoyed. You were floating, you were really floating! “I guess I won’t have to be carrying you around anymore, huh? Well, just don’t try running off again; it gets a little annoying trying to find you.”

Nodding, you saw Suika take off into the sky. You begin moving through the sky as well, feeling a bit awkward as first, but you were soon flying without any effort, flying besides Suika, flying to Youkai Mountain. As you two were flying, you began asking Suika about the mountain, your companion talking about how the mountain was filled with different Youkai, and also adding that humans rarely go there because not all Youkai liked humans going there.

Being able to fly made getting around so much easier. If you walked to Youkai Mountain, it would have probably taken at least several hours. But now that you were flying, it only took 20 minutes to make it to the base of the mountain. Flying down, you and Suika landed down on a path. Now that you were at the mountain, now you had to decide where to start searching.

"Ms. Diana... I hope you're alright..."
[X] Follow the path through the Forests.
[X] Fly back up and head to a lake you saw while flying in.
[X] Fly up to the top and make a sweep from the top down.

Maybe whatever we meet is made of chocolate. Or something nice and edible. I need a better idea of what Youkai Mountain is like...
No. 125031
[X] Follow the path through the Forests.

If only for a chance to meet Hina.
No. 125050
[X] Fly up to the top and make a sweep from the top down.
No. 125057
[X] Follow the path through the Forests.

More manly and advantageous in combat since Hale can just pick a tree then hurl it at someone.
No. 125076
[X] Fly to the top and sweep down

No. 125111
File 128688641740.png - (204.62KB , 1268x675 , GeorgevsYukari.png ) [iqdb]
Guess I have to make the call again. Maybe I should give you guys less vague choices or choices which interest you better. I've been noticing that I get less votes for votes which are more harder to think what the outcome could mean.
You can vote still if you want, but if it's still a tie when I come back from classes, I'm picking one in the end.
God, I should stop using the Create.swf.
No. 125120
[X] Follow the path through the Forests.
No. 125145
I think it might be a mix of the nature of choices ("I think she went here, let's go") and people getting used to the story.
No. 125159
File 128693713035.jpg - (71.54KB , 500x349 , hina_display.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Follow the path into the forest.

You decide to follow the path. Although flying around was awesome, you felt a little uncomfortable if you should have to fight someone in the sky. At least on the ground, if you get hit, you won’t fall to a horrible death, and of course, death really put a downer on finding Ms. Diana. And having your revenge; especially on having your revenge.

“So Suika, can you tell me more about the Youkai who inhabit this mountain? Having an idea of what inhabits this mountain may make our search easier.” You glance down to Suika, who was walking along with you, instead of flying next to you.

“Well… where can I start?” Walking down the path, you begin to listen intently to Suika, who starts talking about Youkai, explaining how there are many different Youkai, ranging from things called Kappa, to other Tengu like Aya.

“So there are more of those… things like that Paparazzi whore? Well great, just great…” One winged bitch who couldn’t keep her nose out of people’s affairs was one thing, but a whole race? This is just rich.

“Oh no, they’re a nice bunch, good drinkers too!” Something tells you that Suika thinks that a good drinker makes for a good person. Then again, you only knew one Tengu, that being Aya, so you couldn’t go out and call all Tengus horrible, horrible creatures who lived off rumors and spreading slander. But still, you couldn’t be too sure.

“So what about you, Suika; certainly there are more Oni than just you, right?” You give Suika an inquisitive look, leaning down to her. To be honest, if there were more Oni, you could probably use their help. They would make excellent construction workers.

“Well, there are, but they don’t live above ground.” They don’t? You ask why not. “Well, we Oni used to live on the surface in the past. We were quite the party makers. But the humans did like that. Sometimes, when we Oni try to challenge a human in a game, the human would trick us to win. The Oni decided to leave the surface and live underground, away from human contact.”

“So why are you on the surface then, Suika? Don’t you feel alone, not having other Oni with you? Haven’t you tried convincing a few Oni to come back to the surface? I mean, I’m certain they would be a nice bunch of people, the way you describe them.” Folding your arms, you continued looking at Suika, the both of you still walking down the path.

“Well I did, by having everyone throw feasts every day. But that plan failed.” Throwing feasts every day? Well that sounds rather interesting. Heck, when was the last time you went to a party and not those corporate parties which people attended just out of respect, but I mean a real party, with people getting drunk, food everywhere, and merriment and fun?

“That sounds good, but I don’t know if having a feast every day would be a good idea, to be honest, a party’s fine, but partying everyday is horrible work ethic. I can imagine that being the reason why your plan failed.” You then rub your chin. “Tell you what, when we find Ms. Diana, why don’t we have a party? It’s been a while since I had some real fun, and these Oni sound like the best people to have a party with.”

“Heh, you think so? Well, I’ll throw you a party you will never forget, I promise you that! I’ll even introduce you to all my Oni friends!” Alright, that sounds awesome. Chuckling, you look down the path, your chuckling dying down.

“Uh… where are we again?” Looking around, you don’t remember where you were. The path was gone, the only thing around you being an endless amount of trees. Great, lost again.

“Oh come on, Mister, this isn’t bad at all. We’re searching for Ms. Diana, aren’t we? So let’s keep on searching. Isn’t that a good reason why to stray from the path?” Well, you have to give Suika credit, making the situation less bad than it is. Besides, you can fly. All you have to do is go fly up above the trees and…

“Ha ha ha, I can sense misfortune in the air!” A voice rang out through the trees, causing you to stand your ground. The voice sounds like a young woman, and it sounds like it is getting closer. You could hear the woman’s laughter getting closer, making you look around, wondering if someone is about to attack you.

Then, flying through the leaves, a strange green haired woman in a red dress with a swirl design on it came into view, spinning around every now and then. You could see she also had a frilly ribbon tied up in her hair. Watching her float down, you could see that she was still laughing.

“Who are you, woman, and why have you appeared before me? Do you wish to do me harm?” You kept a constant watch on the woman, making sure she isn’t planning anything suspicious. However, the woman’s laughing did not stop.

“Hello there, I am Hina Kagiyama, the curse goddess of the mountain! It’s rare to see people walking through the forest without an agenda. So, who are you?” So this woman is a goddess? Youkai you were expecting, divine beings you weren’t.

“My name is George Hale, Miss Kaigyama, and this is my companion, Suika Ibuki.”

“I see that your companion is an Oni. Tell me, George, what are you?”

“I am a human.”

You saw the woman gasp. “A human, here on Youkai Mountain? You must leave right now! This mountain is no place for humans!” No place for humans? You weren’t going to let a warning stop you now. “Please, leave now before you get hurt. I will even take away your misfortune!”

“Misfortune? What, are you some sort of misfortune vacuum?” Hina then explains that she is able to store the misfortune of others, leaving them with good fortune.

Well, that sounds interesting. If she took away your misfortune, you wouldn’t have to worry about that Vile Journalist from coming in and making more lies about you. All you need to do is leave. But if you leave, then you would be abandoning your search for Ms. Diana. Lose misfortune… lose Ms. Diana. Lose misfortune… lose Ms. Diana.

“Please, get out of my way, I am searching for someone! If I lose her, then I will never forgive myself!”

Hina only shook her head. “You must leave now, before the Youkai of this mountain come and hurt you! If they hurt you, then I would never forgive myself!”

"Lose my misfortune... lose Ms. Diana..."
[X] "No, I have come too far now to go back now! If I have to fight you, then I will!" Fight, go!
[X] "Fine, I don't wish to worry you about my safety. I will leave." Retreat, okay?
[X] "Miss Kagiyama, great, honorable, curse goddess, why don't you join me then? If you came with me, not only could you help me not get hurt by others, but you would also be removing the misfortune of losing my friend." Diplomacy, NOW!

I hope you have a better time picking. Do you think I need to make my votes less vague?
No. 125160
They're fine as they are.

[x] If you don't wish myself to be harmed (which is really kind by the way) then come with me. They won't attack someone who is guarded by a god and you can suck all my misfortune away anything you need to.
This is the best choice: her mind will be at ease, and we'll find Diana
No. 125163
[X] "Miss Kagiyama, great, honorable, curse goddess, why don't you join me then? If you came with me, not only could you help me not get hurt by others, but you would also be removing the misfortune of losing my friend." Diplomacy, NOW!

You'd think Hina would want to remove the misfortune anyway, since we're less likely to bump into something hostile with good fortune.
No. 125224
[X] "Miss Kagiyama, great, honorable, curse goddess, why don't you join me then? If you came with me, not only could you help me not get hurt by others, but you would also be removing the misfortune of losing my friend." Diplomacy, NOW!
No. 125226
[X] "Miss Kagiyama, great, honorable, curse goddess, why don't you join me then? If you came with me, not only could you help me not get hurt by others, but you would also be removing the misfortune of losing my friend." Diplomacy, NOW!
No. 125271
File 128706561180.jpg - (355.50KB , 750x750 , f65688e0fd1a1c328691c6b8bdd9934d.jpg ) [iqdb]
You couldn’t allow yourself to be stalled any longer. Every second away from Ms. Diana could be another second she could be in dire trouble, even near death. To turn back now would only mean abandoning one of your fellow companions, and you didn’t want to confirm Yukari’s ideas that the only reason you made Ms. Diana your secretary was only to your benefit. She was your responsibility, damn it, and you wouldn’t let ANYONE get in your way.

However, resorting to violence every time would also confirm to Yuyko and Yukari on how violent you were, and unnecessary acts of violence would betray your gentlemanly nature. Violence had to be saved for the real source of your misery, Aya. To direct them at Hina would only make things worse. Besides, Hina was not at all personally hostile at you, but instead she was trying to protect you from possible dangers. She was even offering to take away your misfortunes. What a noble person to do such wonderful things for a complete stranger. Yet you couldn’t turn back. Perhaps a bit of diplomacy will do the trick.

[X] "Miss Kagiyama, great, honorable, curse goddess, why don't you join me then? If you came with me, not only could you protect me from harm, but you could also help me find my friend. Such a task would greatly help the both of us, no? You would not have to worry about me getting injured and I won’t have to worry about not being able to find my friend.”

You always were good at flattery. You could see Hina blush, most likely honored on how you called her a great person.

“Oh, I’m not that great, George.” You saw Hina looking away, probably feeling a bit shy after all your flattery.

“But I think you are indeed a great person, Miss Kagiyama. A noble profession of protecting humans, granting them good fortune, and not asking for anything in return; you are quite the Good Samaritan. I would be honored if you would come with me and help me find my friend.”

“I don’t know if I’m strong enough to protect you from some of the Youkai that may cross our paths. I don’t want you to get hurt, and if you get hurt while I’m helping you, I could never forgive myself.”

Suika then began speaking. “Don’t worry about him, Hina. He’s got the strength of an Oni in him! If we cross paths with any dangerous Youkai, you should think about what he could do to them instead of what they can do with him.”

“Yes, so pleaes, Miss Kagiyama, will you not join me in my search for my friend?” You could see that Hina was still questioning whether or not you go with you. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for her to decide, and soon, she gave you a quick nod.

“I would be honored to go with you, George. Just don’t get hurt, okay?”

“I wouldn’t dream about it.” You smile, glad that you now have someone else helping you to find your friend.

Taking lead, you continue walking through the forest, with Hina and Suika following you. Through your search through the forest, not a single Youkai confronted you. Hina must be doing her work and preventing misfortune from befalling you. However, despite your search, you still couldn’t find a trace of your fairy companion. Sighing, you turn to your companions.

“So, any ideas where we can continue our search next?” You fold your arms, glancing at both Hina and Suika.

Hina was first to offer a suggestion. “Well, there’s a river nearby. Maybe your companion went to the river to get a drink and rest.”

Suika then offered her suggestion. “Or we could go up higher in the mountain. There might be more stronger Youkai, but perhaps Ms. Diana went up there, thinking that’s where you went as well.”

Hrmm, two very good choices. Certainly Ms. Diana would eventually get tired searching for you. A river would sound like a good place to rest for a while. However, since Ms. Diana saw you chasing after Aya, she might have went up the mountain, searching for you. And Aya.

Oh god, if Ms. Diana tried fighting Aya, you couldn’t even think of the horror that could occur. Broken wings, bleeding, mangled limbs and all because you were chasing after her.

"Alright then, we can't be staying here any longer..."
[X] "Hina, that's a good idea. Let's continue our search at the river."
[X] "Suika, an excellent suggestion. Let's search higher up the mountain."

Oh boy, back to the two choices. I hope you anons won't have trouble voting this time.
No. 125281
[X] "Suika, an excellent suggestion. Let's search higher up the mountain."

Feel free to disregard my advice as I very well may have no idea what I'm talking about; but I've found that people tend to get frustrated with situations that have choice after choice that don't really seem to be affecting the scheme of things all too much. We're three choices into deciding to find Diana, but we still haven't really advanced that state of events all that much. Which can be okay, but might be sort of frustrating for anyone that hadn't want to go looking for her in the first place.
No. 125307
[X] "Hina, that's a good idea. Let's continue our search at the river."

Nitori could forge the australium for us.
No. 125319
[X] "Hina, that's a good idea. Let's continue our search at the river."

Good point.
No. 125324
[X] "Hina, that's a good idea. Let's continue our search at the river."

We need to find blues clues, maybe an article of lothing or something fell off.
No. 125328
File 128711150784.jpg - (1.39MB , 1300x1300 , 100a92b4040f5311dcec827bfad63e4a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Hina, that's a good idea. Let's continue our search at the river."
I completely forgot about Nitori... SAGI DESU
No. 125363
File 128716337092.jpg - (630.52KB , 1200x1000 , Giygas.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Hina, that's a good idea. Let's continue our search at the river."
Hart said.
No. 125372
File 128716783597.png - (409.70KB , 406x542 , HuntedintheJungle.png ) [iqdb]
[X] "Hina, that's a good idea. Let's continue our search at the river."

Ms. Diana, though extremely energetic at proving her worth to you, is not the strongest person you know. Now, you’re not sure if people get tired of flying here, but surely she had to take some time off to rest up a bit, if only so that she could reinvigorate herself with fresh water and cool herself off from the sun, especially if she’s been searching for you since you disappeared yesterday. Even though she might have gone up the mountain searching for you, she surely must have gone to the river, if only for a bit.

Asking Hina if she could lead you and Suika to the river, the curse goddess flies ahead of you, you and Suika doing the same and flying behind her, soon flying above the tree tops. You were still surprised on how you saw no one else; the only people you could see were Hina and Suika. It’s good to have people who can scare away potential enemies without even so much as lifting a finger. Seeing that you were moving a little further away from Youkai Mountain, you were hoping that Hina knew where she was going; you had enough problems with getting lost.

Hina then began pointing out to the distance. “There’s the river I was talking about, George!” Looking to where Hina was pointing at, you could see the river, as well as the forest below you starting to clear out as you were flying closer to the river. Descending, you gently land besides the shore of the river, with Hina and Suika landing besides you.

“Good job, Miss Kagiyama. Now, remember, we’re searching for a fairy. If you can’t recall what she looks like, she is wearing a similar manner of clothes like mine and Suika’s, and a top hat that is in some way broken at the rim and has a small dent in it. If you find a fairy like that or at least some sort of clue, shout out! Now tallyho, the search is on, my dear companions, let us tarry not a moment longer!”

“But George, what if you get hurt? I can’t help you if I don’t know if you’re in danger!” Hina was still worrying about you getting hurt. You soothe her worries by saying that no one would dare harm you, considering that you had Hina and Suika as companions. Even if they were not directly present with you, they would certainly be within earshot. Besides, you weren’t a wimp.

“Okay, but please, shout out if you’re in trouble, George. I don’t want to have to worry about you getting hurt.” You nod and watch Hina fly off, searching up river. You turn to Suika and tell her to go searching down river.

“Alright, Mister.” However, before she leaves, you pull out your flask.

“Can you fill my flask up, Suika? A quick drink may help my nerves.”

“You sure, Mister? I don’t want to see you getting drunk and forgetting about Diana now.” You nod, saying that a single drink is hardly enough to make you even tipsy. Soon, Suika began to pour some sake from her gourd into your flask. However, while she was filling your flask, you noticed a piece of red cloth that was floating in the river. Gently pushing Suika away, you run up to the river and pick up the red cloth.

“What is it, Mister?” Holding up the red cloth closer to your monocle, you noticed it was a bright red color, and it was ripped at one area, but the other end was pointed, just like a tie…

“Suika, doesn’t this look like the tip of Ms. Diana’s tie?” Showing the cloth to Suika, the Oni began looking at it closely too.

“Well, I know Diana has a bright red tie too, and there aren’t many cloths with a point like that, so I think it could be.” Well, that’s a bit of a confirmation that it is possibly Ms. Diana’s tie. But the tie was ripped. How is that possible? Unless.

“Bloody hell, if someone has laid so much as a finger on my secretary I’ll rip their head off!” Although you weren’t sure if Ms. Diana’s tie was ripped up in a fight, it was still ripped out and that could be a sign that she may have been in a scuffle.

Glancing back at Suika, you sigh. “Come on, Suika, staying around here won’t lead us to finding her. Let’s meet back up with Hina and se-” You stop. You could have sworn you heard rustling of leaves. Looking across the river, you noticed some of the leaves shaking unnaturally before standing still. “Who are you? Show yourself!”

No answer.

“Mister, you sure there’s someone there?”

You keep your gaze at the bushes on the other side of the river. “I’m certain there has to be someone there… a bush doesn’t move around that much unless there’s something disturbing it…”

“Well, what are you going to do?”

“Suika, listen carefully and closely, for I don’t want to tip off our possible ‘guest’.”

[X] "We're going to leave right now. I don't like the looks of this..." [Escape option]
[X] "Fly out of sight for a bit, Suika. I want to reason with whatever is there." [Diplomactic Option]
[X] "Are you okay with me throwing you at the bushes? Maybe that'll scare whatever's there away." [Scare option]

Here, I added a small explanation to each option. I plan to add these small parts in multi-option choices, so that you have a better idea what's going on. Unless I deliberately want them to be vague.
No. 125373
[X] "Fly out of sight for a bit, Suika. I want to reason with whatever is there." [Diplomactic Option]
No. 125377
[X] "Fly out of sight for a bit, Suika. I want to reason with whatever is there." [Diplomactic Option]
No. 125382
[] Wet your coat. Throw it to the stalker using guidance of its battle ki,
No. 125388
[X] "Fly out of sight for a bit, Suika. I want to reason with whatever is there." [Diplomactic Option]
No. 125416
[X] "Fly out of sight for a bit, Suika. I want to reason with whatever is there." [Diplomactic Option]

Suprise, a sleepin Diana appears! "Wuh? I was grabbed by Reimu" hoho
No. 125417
[X] "Fly out of sight for a bit, Suika. I want to reason with whatever is there." [Diplomactic Option]
No. 125435
No. 125487
File 128727533680.jpg - (1.11MB , 1200x969 , 37dce5c980af449f71315765cf6a6fd8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Fly out of sight for a bit, Suika. I want to reason with whatever is there." [Diplomactic Option]

“You sure this is a good idea, Mister?” You turn to Suika, giving her a comforting smile.

“Of course, Suika, why else wouldn’t this be a good idea? Diplomacy made Miss Kagiyama join us in our search; certainly diplomacy is the answer here as well. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen?”

“Well, you could get killed, of course?”

“I can get killed, yes, but that’s only if I screw up greatly. Now fly off, Suika. I’ll call on you if I need help, okay?” Suika gave you a single nod before flying away, leaving you alone at the river.

You then return your gaze to the bushes. “I have made my companion leave. We are now alone. I mean you no harm, nor wish for any conflict. Now please, reveal yourself!”

The bushes do not move at all. Sighing, you leap across the river, gently landing on the other side, standing only a few feet away from the bush.

“Please, would you kindly show yourself? I take my honor as a gentleman that I will not harm you.” Though you were a bit skeptical if that would work, you saw the bushes slowly moving. Soon you saw a young girl emerge from the bushes, wearing a blue dress and green hat. She even wore a green backpack. If it weren’t for her blue hair, she’d fit perfectly back in London.

The young girl then bowed down. “I’m sorry, sir, for spying on you!”

You give the young girl a warm smile and chuckle a bit. “I am flattered by your honesty, and I take no offense for spying on me. And please, call me George. Sir is reserved for those respected back in my country. Now, what is your name, young girl?”

The young girl then began looking at you. “My name is Nitori, sir!” She’s still calling you sir, huh? Guess she’s a bit insecure or something.

“So, what’s a young girl like you doing so far from civilization? Isn’t the human village quite far away?” Maybe she was from the outside world as well, considering how she’s dressed.

“I was going to ask you the same question. And yes, the human village is far away, we Kappa made a statue for it.” Well, she’s not human after all.

“So you’re a Kappa, huh? I heard a bit about your kind, though not a lot.” You then reach into your coat and pull out your pocket watch, opening it up, sighing. “Damn it, I still need to get this thing properly tuned again.”

Nitori then began looking over your pocket watching, curiously looking at it. “Oh, oh, what is that? Is that a pocket watch, like the Chief Maid’s watch?” Chief Maid? Who is she talking about? You nod, saying that it is a pocket watch, but it’s useless right now as it out of synch with the current time. “Oh, I know what time it is.” Nitori, pulling back her sleeve, began looking at her wristwatch. “It’s currently 3:42 PM, sir.” Ah, much better.

“Wait, is that a wristwatch?” Nitori gave you a nod, and even held out her wrist. Nitori didn’t just have a wristwatch, but a DIGITAL wristwatch. “No way, how did you get it?”

Nitori then glanced at her wristwatch. “I didn’t get it, I made it.” She made it? Now that you remember, Suika did saying something about Kappa being technological geniuses, or at least good with machines. Using the chance to adjust your pocket watch, you thank Nitori, glad that she let you use her watch to tune your own watch.

“George, I found something!” Hearing Hina shouting out, you turned to where you heard the voice coming from, seeing Hina flying towards you, holding something black in her hands. Landing in front of you, you took a better look at the item in question and saw that it was a hat. A top hat. A top hat with a torn top and dent. Ms. Diana’s hat.

Taking the hat in your hands, you turned your attention to Hina. “Where did you find this, Miss Kagiyama?”

“I found it further up river, George. Does it belong to your friend?” You gave Hina a nod, saying that it was Ms. Diana’s hat. “Well what are we waiting for? We should be on the right track now!”

Nitori’s eyes perked up when she saw Ms. Diana’s hat. “Oh, I remember that hat! I spoke to the fairy that was wearing it.”

“You did? Tell me, what did she say? Where was she going?”

“She said she was going to Aya, said that she was going to hunt her down and make her find someone called Mister Hale.” Mister Hale? That was you! If she was hunting down Aya, then you seriously had to find her before she got herself hurt. However, if Nitori knew how to make a digital watch, maybe she could make you a cane-sword from your bar of Australium. A weapon would be extremely useful, especially against Aya and whatever dangers you may come across. However, making a cane-sword could take a while, and now that you know that Ms. Diana was also looking for Aya, things could end badly if you don’t find her soon.

“Hey, Mister, don’t leave me behind!” You took a quick glance behind, seeing Suika landing next to you, a little mad, probably thinking that you’ll leave her behind.

“Don’t worry, Suika, I didn’t forget you. But now…”
[X] “Thank you for the time, Nitori. Suika, Ms. Kagiyama, let’s go, we’ve got a fairy to find.”
[X] “Nitori, I wish not to be a bother, but can you smith something for me?”

Aya vs Ms. Diana. PLACE YOUR BETS!
No. 125489
Inventory Update, since we've acquired a few more things. Items not originally George's posession, or acquired from Gensokyo, will be noted where they were acquired, or also note of any special property.
-Three Piece-suit and tie (From Human Village)
-"Undying" Cherry Blossom Corsage (From Hakugyokurou)
-Towering Pillar of Hats (From Human village)
-Black Shoes
-White Gloves
-1-pound Australium Bar (From Mann Co. crate)
-Gold-leaf copy of "The Amateur Cracksman" (From Scarlet Devil Mansion Library)
-Family Pocket Watch (Currently on-time)
-Flask (Filled with Sake)
-Flask Cleaning Kit

If I have missed something, just tell me. I'll add it in the next inventory update.
No. 125492
[X] “Thank you for the time, Nitori. Suika, Ms. Kagiyama, let’s go, we’ve got a fairy to find.”
-[X] Where might I be able to find you at a later time Ms Nitori?

So we can bug her later on, but Ms Diana comes first.
No. 125509
Diana is important, but this will take seconds.
[X] “Thank you for the time, Nitori. Suika, Ms. Kagiyama, let’s go, we’ve got a fairy to find.”
-[X] Where might I be able to find you at a later time Ms Nitori?
No. 125525
[X] “Thank you for the time, Nitori. Suika, Ms. Kagiyama, let’s go, we’ve got a fairy to find.”
-[X] Where might I be able to find you at a later time Ms Nitori?
No. 125554
[X] “Nitori, I wish not to be a bother, but can you smith something for me?”

Georgee probably won't be able to settle this calmly. Just in case, a australium sword may be valuable in an exchange.
No. 125589
[x] >>125509

Sounds good to me, Fairy first, weapon second.
No. 125600
[X] “Thank you for the time, Nitori. Suika, Ms. Kagiyama, let’s go, we’ve got a fairy to find.”
-[X] Where might I be able to find you at a later time Ms Nitori?
No. 125603
File 128736787135.jpg - (74.16KB , 300x462 , Wut.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Thank you for the time, Nitori. Suika, Ms. Kagiyama, let’s go, we’ve got a fairy to find.”

Both of your companions gave you a nod, and began floating in the air, waiting for you to take flight and fly up river. As you were about to fly away, you knew that Nitori and the Kappa were probably the only people in Gensokyo who might be able to forge your bar of australium into a sword-cane, barring the Human Village which has lost its trust in you. If not now, at least you could return to Nitori and have her forge you something later.

You turn your gaze to Nitori and give her a small smile. “-[X] Where might I be able to find you at a later time Ms Nitori? I would love to meet with you again, and maybe with another other Kappa that are here.”

Seeing Nitori blush, you think you might have asked too soon, but Nitori then began looking through her backpack. “Well… sir… I don’t think the other Kappa would like to meet you, they’re… a little shy as well around humans, but, I can help you out. I have a workshop nearby, and I can give you this map to find it if you want to visit later.”

Thanking Nitori, you took the map and placed it in your coat. Bidding Nitori farewell, you take off into the sky, your companions following you as you fly up the river, hoping that you could find Ms. Diana, before Ms. Diana found Aya. As you were flying, however, you were noticing that Suika was messing around with her monocle, adjusting it, taking it off, putting it on, and repeat. Stopping, you began approaching Suika, reaching for her monocle.

“Hey, mister, why’d we stop? My monocle really isn’t much of a problem to stop flying.” However, you took Suika’s monocle and began inspecting it closely.

“No, no, no, this is a problem. It seems the storeowner didn’t get a monocle that really was a good fit. And besides, it’s a shame to leave you with any sort of discomfort. Here, you can leave it in your jacket for now until I find someone who can fit it properly.” Handing the monocle back to Suika, you then return to flying.

“Hey, mister, how can you manage to wear your monocle so well? Doesn’t it hurt for you too?” Looking at Suika, you chuckle, tapping your monocle.

“Well, that’s why a fitted monocle is the best monocle. A fitted monocle is one that feels like a natural part of your body. Besides, once you wear monocles long enough, you get used to it.” You then turn your gaze to Hina. “Miss Kagiyama, have you seen any fairies yet?”

“No, but I think we’ll know very soon! Look over there!” Hina then began pointing out in front of her, your gaze following to where she was pointing. You saw a bunch of figures flying towards you, and each of them had wings. Ah, fairies. Though not one of them was Ms. Diana, perhaps one of them knew where she went.

“Now, please, we’re here only to ask these fairies if they’ve seen Ms. Diana. No harm, no fighting, no outmaneuvering, just good old fashion talking. Alright, alright, alright?” You glance at Hina, and then at Suika, seeing that they were nodding. Glad that they were agreeing to you, you began approaching the fairies.

“Hello there, fairies, may I speak to you for a moment?” Stopping in front of the fairies, the fairies soon began talking amongst themselves, thought loudly enough so that you could understand what they were saying.

“Oh look, a human! What do you think he’s doing here this far in Youkai Mountain?”

“Perhaps he’s lost.”

“But look at his companions. One of them is Hina, the Curse Goddess!”

“Maybe they’re taking him away to get eaten.”

Something tells you that these fairies might not know where Ms. Diana might be. However, you persist and ask your question.

“A fairy wearing clothes like you? I haven’t seen something like that.”

“You haven’t? I did, just a while ago.”

“You did? You sure you weren’t imaging that?”

“I did see a fairy with clothes like this human; she had light brown hair and light brown eyes too.”

“Did you see where she went?” You inject your question between the fairies ramblings.

“Oh, I think she went into the river to get a drink.”

“That’s Kappa, you idiot. She went up river.”

“Up river, up to the mountain, where the river turns into a lake. She said she was going after a tengu.”

“Tengu are scary people. They like to drink and write, right?”

“Of course they do, they’re Tengu, if they weren’t Tengu they wouldn’t do that.”

“Well there’s quite a few Tengu in the area. Maybe they’re doing some reports too…”

“Really? I thought the only reporter was that one Tengu…”

Seeing that the fairies were continuing their rambling, you bid them farewell and fly past them, flying with an increase of vigor, knowing that you were getting closer. You could see the river grow wider and wider, and soon in the distance you could see a lake, the lake going up Youkai Mountain.

You were almost there… You were almost there… You were-


You froze midair. The horrid sounds of a camera click reverberating deep into your skull. Your breath stopped for a second.

“Hey, mister, what’s wrong?”

“Yeah, George, we’re almost to the lake. What’s stopping you?”

A man chooses. A slave Obeys.
[X] [b]NEVER! I CHOOSE![b]
-[X] Go to the source of the camera clicks.
-[X] Go to the Lake.

I have no regrets right now.

By the way, should I give you guys a gauge on George's abilities? I'm thinking if you guys knew the exact extent of his strength then I won't have to worry about varying levels of strength occurring.
And picture is only there because I can't even describe this anymore.

Happy voting, guys!
No. 125606
-[X] Go to the source of the camera clicks.

If Diana is looking for Aya, then Aya might have some idea of where a fairy would get pointed toward in pursuit of herself.

It's high time we abandoned this rampage of revenge rot in any case, there's simply been not a good thing that's come of the rage. The revenge and pursuit of it itself has yielded benefits and friendships to be sure, but the rage can just go and shove it.
No. 125607
-[X] Go to the source of the camera clicks.

Let's deal with Aya in a calm manner this time.
No. 125608
im with anon

-[X] Go to the source of the camera clicks.

If Diana is looking for Aya, then Aya might have some idea of where a fairy would get pointed toward in pursuit of herself.

It's high time we abandoned this rampage of revenge rot in any case, there's simply been not a good thing that's come of the rage. The revenge and pursuit of it itself has yielded benefits and friendships to be sure, but the rage can just go and shove it.
No. 125613
-[X] Go to the source of the camera clicks
Focus on not being mad plox
No. 125618
True. Besides, if it isn't Aya, then we can ask this misterious stranger about her.
-[X] Go to the source of the camera clicks.
No. 125642
-[X] Go to the Lake.

We should check the lake first then worry about whatever else, or are you guys saying revenge is more important than our fairy?
No. 125665
Aya know probably where Diana is. Finding Aya means finding Diana.

Unless Diana got lost, of course.
No. 125669
Forgot to vote:
-[X] Go to the Lake.
No. 125673
File 128743399771.gif - (93.45KB , 550x400 , Gabe-Newell-dance-machine-gif.gif ) [iqdb]
"Unless Diana got lost, of course."

hi im gay-be new well
No. 125697
File 128746222083.jpg - (160.73KB , 519x717 , b829a86967f3808f0cf3d869a9bf553a.jpg ) [iqdb]
-[X] Go to the source of the camera clicks.







She’s been slandering you this entire time, she’s been the source of all your misfortune since you came to Gensokyo, and now she has been graciously delivered to you, perhaps due to your fortunes shifting for the better. NOW OBEY! OBEY AND KILL THAT PAPARAZZI WHORE! SLAUGHTER HER LIKE A DOG! CUT HER EARS OFF! RIP HER LIVER OUT! MUTILATE HER CORPSE BEYOND ALL RECOGNIGTION!

But seeking revenge is what got me into a lot of messes already! The Human Village does not trust me, and I nearly got killed for it! What do you expect from me?

You are a Gentleman! This muckraker has stained your honor! Any TRUE Gentleman restores their honor after it has been stained! SHE MUST DIE!

A Gentleman is a person of reason. What reason is there in killing someone out of spite and malice? Only a ruffian lets slander disturb his mind enough to twist it to murder! No gentleman is a murderer! I’m not a murderer!

“Hey Mister, Mister!” You could feel Suika patting your back. “Come on Mister, what’s wrong? Why did you stop all of a sudden?”

“Yes, George, are you feeling okay?” Shaking your head, you glance at Suika and then at Hina, rubbing your head a bit before giving them a small smile.

“Don’t worry, I’m doing okay… but I think we’ve got a change of plans.” You start grinning.

“Well, what changed, Mister?” Suika begins looking at you inquisitively, wondering what you were thinking.

“Heh, we’ve got a crow to deal with.” You soon began flying down through the trees, your companions in tow.


“Ayayaya! Ace Reporter Aya, writing in for the Bunbunmaru! I, the noble and honest Shameimaru, have just apprehended a fairy who was attempting to attack me! Now then, tell me, why were you attacking me?”

“Please, Miss, I’m looking for a man. Do you know a man who wears a funny hat?”

“Ha ha! I’m writing this down. ‘Fairy says she’s fighting me for her master, wanting to bring me down. But I, Aya, will not be easily beaten! Ayayayaya! The fairies are organizing into an army, but don’t worry, the Tengu will stop them!’”

“Please, Miss, I need to find this man, I don’t want to disappoint my superiors.”

“Yes, Miss Shameimaru, I say it would be very beneficial to your health if you gave the fairy your answer.” You float down and land next to the fairy. Although you were hoping it was Ms. Diana, the fairy was unfortunately not her. However, as you were staring at Aya, the fairy began pulling at your coat.

Leaning down, the fairy began talking to you. “Hey, do you know where I can find a man? I was told to go looking for a man with a funny hat by another fairy.” The fairy then began glancing at your hat. “Oh, is your name Hale, Mister?”

“Hale? That’s my last name, but yes, that is my name. Tell me, what does this other fairy look like?” A glimmer of hope began growing in your heart. Maybe you were on the right track after all.

“So, you’ve come back to try to kill me, huh? Ha! I the noble and honest Shameimaru will ensure that won’t be an easy fight! I see the next front page article of the Bunbunmaru now, Ace Reporter Aya defeats the mad man’s rampage through Gensokyo and saves everyone from his-”

“Shh!” You were glaring at Aya now, your eyes beaming with hostility. “The fairy is speaking. Let her speak!” Looking back at the fairy, you ask her to continue.

“Well, the fairy was wearing a weird, black jacket, instead of a nice dress like most fairies. She even had a strange red scarf that was tied around her neck. It’s kind of similar to yours, actually.” Well all that was left was a name. “Sorry, Mister Hale, but the fairy didn’t say her name. All she did was tell me to go find you and bring you back to her. Though, I don’t know where she is anymore.”

Oh, well that’s bad, but at least you were still on the right track. However, you still had an itch to scratch; a rather feathery itch to scratch.

“Well, well, well. It’s nice to see you again, Miss Shameimaru. Have you gone slandering someone’s name lately?”

“Ha, I only wrote the most truthful stories in all of Gensokyo. All I write about you is just the truth! From destroying the Hakurei Shrine, to threatening an Oni, to attacking the Scarlet Devil Mansion, all the things that go in my newspaper are true!”

You nod, admitting that you had realized there was some degree of truth to it all. “However, how can you claim to be such a great reporter if you only write your opinion on the story? Wouldn’t that make you no better than a tabloid writer? I mean, wouldn’t your stories be better if you had my viewpoint? A journalist ensures to look into all viewpoints to ensure no biases.”

Aya began looking suspiciously at you. “And get close to you and possibly get my neck snapped? No way! There’s no way I’m trusting you after you tried to swat me!”

“Oh what, are you afraid? The noble and honest, brave ace reporter Aya Shameimaru afraid of approaching me, the madman who you say is rampaging through Gensokyo? Perhaps you’re going to write down how I’ve seduced these two women to my side, and how they are my slaves. Of course, it’s truthful; it’s truthful in opinion of the great noble and honest Shameimaru.” Your voice is sarcastic and you can see that Aya is starting to get angry at you.

“Hey Mister, can you stop screwing around? I thought you said looking for Diana was our main priority now!” You glance at Suika, and you give her a small grin.

“Of course, Suika, and that’s why we will be employing the aid of Miss Shameimaru to help find her.” As soon as you finished, Suika and Aya began staring at you, completely dumbfounded at your suggestion.

“What?” They both said in unison.

“Miss Kagiyami, may you attend to the fairy for a bit? I have an interview to start.” Nodding, Hina took the fairy and began taking her to the side as you began looking at Aya, a chuckle starting to form in your throat.

“There’s no way at all I’m giving you an interview! You’re just going to have to be content with writing a letter and sending it to my printing press, because I’m out of here!”

Aya began preparing herself to fly off. You then turn to Suika. “Suika, may you please make Miss Shameimaru comfortable for my interview?” Suika gave you a confused look, causing you to sigh. “I mean, can you bring her closer? I can’t have an interview if I can’t speak with her!”

“Oh, well… okay then!” A chain then appeared in Suika’s hand, and spinning it around, threw it at Aya. “Art of Oni Binding!” The chain soon wrapped itself around Aya, preventing her from flying.

“Ack! Let go of me!” Aya began struggling, though it was futile, as Suika began pulling on the chain, causing Aya to move closer until she was in front of you.

“Yes, shall we get this interview started, Miss Shameimaru?” You smile, though Aya was continuing to struggle, still trying to get out of her bindings. You then reach for her camera and begin looking at it.

“Hey, give that back, you thief!” Aya’s protests fell on deaf ears as you put the camera in your coat.

“My, my, don’t over react. I’m merely holding on to this. You see, I don’t like my picture being taken during interviews.” You let out a small chuckle. “Well then, I hope you’re comfortable, Miss Shameimaru.”

“Like Hell I am! Let me go!”

Sighing, you grab Aya by the shoulders and stare deeply into her eyes, grinning widely. “You know, if I got my hands on you two days earlier, I wouldn’t have hesitated to reaching into your chest and pulling out your liver.” You watch as Aya gave you a horrified look. “However, I am a changed man, Miss Shameimaru, and I am practicing tolerance. Why, I am as generous as to forget about our past ills and even wish to start a fresh new friendship,” You chuckle again. “Provided that you help me out and find my secretary, Ms. Diana. Why, I am still offering a free interview. You should be honored by this. Back in England, I’m a difficult person to get an interview with.”

“No way, there’s no way I’ll trust you at all! You tried to kill me before!” You then place your hands around Aya’s neck and begin to squeeze, though not tightly enough to stop her breathing.

“Do you want me to reconsider my decision, Miss Shameimaru? I don’t think you have much of a choice now, do you?” You let go of Aya’s neck, the Tengu coughing a bit.

“Fine… fine… just give me back my camera.”

“Ah, not just yet, I’m holding on to it until we have our interview after finding Ms. Diana. Doesn’t that sound like a fair deal, Miss Shameimaru?” You see Aya give you a nasty look but sigh, agreeing to your request.

“Good. Suika, please remove Aya’s bindings. It is difficult for her to help us while she is bound as such.” Suika then let go of the chain, the chain disappearing and releasing Aya from her bindings. Aya began stretching her limbs, still looking angry but at least she wasn’t attacking you: Yet.

“So where are we going then… Mister…”

Hale, George Hale.

“Right, Mister Hale. Where are we going? You said you wanted my help to look for a fairy?” You remind her that it wasn’t any fairy, she was your secretary. “Right, you want me to help you find your fairy secretary. So, you have any leads on where to go?”

“Well, I was planning on going to the lake but then again…” You turn to Hina. “Miss Kagiyama, can you please bring the fairy over here?” Hina brought the fairy before you and you began leaning down to her. “Well then, fairy, where have you last seen the strange fairy?”

The fairy took a few moments to think before answering. “I saw her further up the mountain, near a giant hole.” Near a giant hole, huh? That doesn’t sound like a lake at all. However, if this fairy met Ms. Diana a few hours ago, Ms. Diana might have moved maybe even to the lake that Nitori told you about. However, if she was last spotted near a giant hole, she could have gone in the hole. Well, at least you had Aya helping you out, so things should be moving more smoothly.

“So then, Mister, where do we go next? Diana won’t be waiting for us to find her, ya know?”

“Of course Suika, that would make things too easy. Well then, let’s get going.”
[X] Let's have the Fairy lead us to that giant hole. Maybe Ms. Diana is still there.
[X] Let's get to the lake. It's nearby, and maybe Ms. Diana is there.

This update took about 2 hours to make not counting procrastinating caused by TF2 and other Touhou.

This update was fun.

Aya is still a Paparazzi whore, however. But George is a Gentleman, and such words is something a Gentleman should not be saying.

Oh, and if you guys picked the first option, it would lead us down to a bad end. You can probably guess why. But don't worry, guys, if you were expecting a big fight, there will be a fight. George won't be leaving Youkai Mountain without engaging in some good ol' fashion FISTICUFFS! Or maybe just Danmaku-dodging. I wonder how Ms. Diana's holding up?
No. 125698
[X] Let's have the Fairy lead us to that giant hole. Maybe Ms. Diana is still there.

Nice to see that, even if he's non-violent, Georges can stil "fight". Well, using Suika's power isn't really fighting, but at least, Georges is not a wimp, and it's good to see that.
No. 125702
[X] Let's have the Fairy lead us to that giant hole. Maybe Ms. Diana is still there.
No. 125729
[X] Let's have the Fairy lead us to that giant hole. Maybe Ms. Diana is still there.

Mind writing a bit of that bad end just for the hell of it? I don't believe we've had a bad end yet, kinda curious how it would go.
No. 125734
[X] Let's have the Fairy lead us to that giant hole. Maybe Ms. Diana is still there.
No. 125738
[X] Let's have the Fairy lead us to that giant hole. Maybe Ms. Diana is still there.
No. 125742
[X] Let's have the Fairy lead us to that giant hole. Maybe Ms. Diana is still there.
A silver tongue is more powerful than a steel sword
No. 125775
No. 125777
We saw that in Silent Hill 2. The hole is the solution to everything.
No. 125779
No. 125793
File 128752835084.png - (116.90KB , 970x666 , LastStandofAya.png ) [iqdb]
Check it out. We're at the auto-sage mark!

Good show, gents, good show! I shall have a third thread made along with the next update, my dear fellows.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this picture I made in the create.swf, with what COULD have happened if George was still seeking murderous revenge against Aya. Of course, this situation will end badly.

And you want a bit of that bad end? Sure, I'll write it out for you.


You begin walking; your hands shackled begin you, looking down to the ground. It has been hours since your trial, the verdict the jury had made still fresh in your mind.


“By the decree of the Tengu Court, you shall be sentenced to death!”

Now you were walking along, two tengu with white wolf ears accompanying you, both of them holding swords. However, it was unnecessary, as you had lost hope in escape.

Though you pleaded for help, none came to your aid. Even Reimu, who was present at the trial, said that it was only right for the tengu to put you on trial, since it was a crime you committed against them. Great, not only did no one come to your help, but you weren’t even given the benefit of trial in your own country.

Stopping, you look up, seeing a large crowd that had gathered for your execution. In the middle of the crowd was the means of how you were to be executed: Gallows.

One of your guards began poking you in the back, forcing you to move forward, going through the crowd. You could hear the crowd shout jeers at you, most likely the news of your execution having been spread throughout not only Youkai Mountain, but through all of Gensokyo. You could even see some other familiar faces in the crowd. You saw the gate guard from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, you saw the school teacher from the Human Village, and you even saw that strange pink haired girl from a while back.

The guards began bringing you up to the gallows, climbing up the steps, making you face the crowd that had gathered. Soon, a white haired tengu opened a scroll and began reading your crimes.

“For the murder of a member of the tengu clan, it has been degreed by the great Lord Tenma that you are to be hung by the neck until dead.” The noose was then put around your neck, the tengu taking hold of the switch.

You began looking out into the crowd again, seeing Suika and Ms. Diana, both of them crying. Standing next to them was a blond haired woman in a familiar dress and parasol.


“Yukari! Help me!” You screamed out into the crowd, hoping that Yukari would do something to help you out. However, she only shook her head, holding up her fan in front of her face. You knew what she meant; This was your crime and you had to face the consequences. If only you had listened to reason, instead allowing yourself to give into your revenge.


“Ayayayaya! The great mad man, facing execution of a fellow Tengu! I’ll make sure to write a special entry in your obituary!” Aya that damned Aya, the source of all your woes, you could see her in the crowd, taking pictures, laughing a bit.

The Tengu then pulled the switch.


You fell through the trapdoor, the last thing you could hear before losing consciousness was a loud, resounding snap.

BAD END #3 - Keep beating stages and get as far as you can!

See you again in Thread 3!