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All right.
Allow me to explain one or two things.
Gensokyo's Tower can be considered as "Scarlet Clockwork" prequel, but it'll be simpler if you consider it as an independent story.
Unlike Scarlet Clockwork, Gensokyo's Tower is mainly located in the Human Village, but the character can move depending of the situation. I tried to be as realistic as possible when I wrote the spot.
I consider that a human is in danger wherever he's located. So, it doesn't matter where you are, as long as it's night, you're in danger. Of course, Human Settlement is less dangerous than the Forest of Magic.

Anyway. Gensokyo's Tower is already written, perhaps you can find it on the Internet. But it doesn't mean that all the history is written.
In fact, depending of your choices, you can change the history, you can decide who'll win, and who'll die.
The fate can't be changed for some peoples, but sometimes, just a little push is enough to change the fate.
It's still a CYOA, take it easy. I repeat it, but I tried to make a Gensokyo as canon as possible, which mean that you can die very easily if you are not careful.

Legal disclaimer: Bla-bla-bla, the characters in this fanfics are not inspired from ANY living character. There is no personal revenge against living moderator, not allusions. It is just a story.


I am human. Simply an human. But I have something unique. I have passion. I am ALWAYS burning with passion.
I am a moderator of a fansite, dedicaced to the Touhou games serie. I can say I'm a good moderator, I'm doing my job as best as I can.
Actually, I'm furious after someone. I don't know who he is, but he hacked my account, and changed my nickname to "Grammar Nazi". I don't f*cking know who he is, but when I'll get it, I'll beat him with my bare hands.
Just you wait, you motherf*cking son of a b*tch! I gonna kick your f*cking *ss, so hard that you'll have to buy another one on E-Bay!

Haha! Got him! His IP adress is xx.xx.xx.xxxx.xxxxxx. I know who is he.
Let enjoy the sweetness of a nice revenge, as I'm sending him a virus. Wait, what?

Where is my computer?
No. More importantly, WHERE THE F*CK AM I?
I was sitting quietly at my desk, after a rough day, and now, I'm in a freakng forest!
Think. Think quietly. Sometimes, peoples lost memories. Maybe that's it.
Where's my watch? Ah, here. It is... wait, 20h58? And It's the June, 21st, 19XX?
But. That's impossible! If... If I was on drugs, time would have...
Wait a minute... Perhaps this watch is broken or something. It's not difficult to change time on a watch.

That's it! My watch says 20h58, but I see sun.
Sun... I never saw sun in the city.
Hell, what am I thinking? I'm on a forest, in a track suit, with gym shoes.
Not really the best gear for...
HOLY CRAP! The light is still on!
I have to get out of this forest, as fast as I can, take a car or whatever, and cut off this light!
Hell. I don't wanna know how much it will cost me.
Cost me...
I don't have money!

Think quietly. Where are you? In a unknow place.
When are you? I don't know.
What do you have? A track suit, a pair of gym shoes, and a watch.
Why are you here? I don't know.

Hell. Let's get the f*ck out of here!

Let's go to...
[] right.
[] left.

Oh, and by the way, my nickname is...
[] Galinone.
[] Wargrave.
[] Gary Coleman.
[] Write-in.
You're here too? Eww OP picture... What luck finding this story on one of the rare ocasions when I lurk places other than /sdm/... So you were the guy asking about gensokyo stories on IRC a short while ago?

[x] Galinone.
Gary Coleman just sounds... weird for Gensokyou.I think I remember Wargrave...
File 127724772097.jpg - (11.51KB, 300x244 , 12692796778.jpg) [iqdb]
(yeah yeah picture already used somewhere else yada yada)
>find story>vote and post before reading>my face after reading
Holy shit you just jumped a few levels of english there! This is a LOT more readable than your story in /sdm/! I don't know, are you just being lazy in sdm or did you take learntospeaklikeanativeinafewhours leasons. In either case... good job.
[sinister] Left

[poor write in] Graham

Excited again.
Mmm. I wanted to write right now, but since there's not enough vote for now, I guess I'll focus on Scarlet ClockWork for a while.

For now, there are 2 votes for Left side, and unique vote for Galinone and Graham.

>>119558 Euh?
Let's give it a try.


[] Left.
[] Graham.

All right then. Let's go to the left! I don't have any fucking idea how where I should go, but if I move, I'll be able to draw a mental map of the location.
Hell yeah. But for now, all I can say is that it's a pretty dark forest. Because you know, sometime, you see a forest, and you think: "Yo dawg, that's a pretty dark forest." But even this is an understatement, compared with THIS forest.

Anyway, it's not by talking to myself inside of my very head that I'll find a way out.
Or maybe yes...
Wait. I am talking to myself inside of my head? Oh jeez. I heard that's the first syndrom of madness.
Talking to you as if there were two of you.
Imagining things that aren't existing.
Imagining that the Companion Cube is alive.
Make things goes kyuu.
Scratch your own neck.

Wow. That's scary. Perhaps I should stop to talk to myself.
No. Even Robinson Crusoe had to talk to every living form, in order to stay sane.
Perhaps I should try that too. Talk to stones, and stuff.
But wait. Robinson was just lost on a deserted island.
I'm "just" lost in a pretty dark forest.

And I don't even have duct tape.
No, wait. Maybe that this forest is on a island? Maybe is this a new f*cking TV-show?
Oh great. New syndrom: paranoia.

Stop thinking, and go further in this forest. You have to... I have to get out of here as fast as I can.
Oh yeah! A way out! I'm so happy I could probably piss on myself!
And... Wait, what?
My plan was to find a road or something... It was obvious that there were road everywhere...
But all I see now is... grass.

Green and blue and ... that's all. It's... a very strange world. No road, no building, nothing. Just grass and plants and trees and field.
FIELDS? Oh, dear, it's facepalm time! If there is field, there is peasant.
Logical logic is logical.
Let's get back to civilisation! Let's get back to mobile, coffee, and wireless connection!

See Grahama run, run Graham run.
Me thinks that's a pretty ironic situation. I'm under a perfect sun. I may look like I'm a golden guy or something. I'm a golden graham.
Oh yeah, poor joke is poor.
Nevermind that, let's continue to run, then I'll be in this field, I will be able to see who's tending it.
Hehehe. What a perfect and flawless plan. I'm such a genius.

Mm. Did I planned a B plan, just in case?
I don't think. Too bad. 'cause right now, there is an unexpected situation.
How can I say it?
There is a floating little ball of darkness. It's really small.
But what it means terrify me.
I know only one character who can do that, and this character is not real.
Somehow, I have the feeling that someone touched the matrice. Smith, get out of here and fix that!
And by the way, is that really Rumia? Or is it my imagination?
Maybe it's a dream.

Mmmmm. If it's a dream, then I can't feel pain, right?
Oh ho ho ho... I have a new plan.
-Rumia!! Come here, remove your clothes, and bend over!"
I'm so brilliant. Of course it's a dream.
-Is that someone?"
-That is someone! Come and get me, you tiny little baby size!"
I can hear her getting angry. Sooo fun!
-It's meal time!"
And the darkness come to me.
Come, Rumia, come come come, he he he he. I'll enjoy this!

I move backward, just a little. The darkness ball stop near, and I heard again this little girl's voice:
-Where are you?"
Should I indicate my position, or should I tell her? That's so funny, look, I'm laughing!

What should I do?
[] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually, try to rape her.
[] And if it's not a dream? Get out of here as fast as you can!
[] Write-in.


Choose what you want, you won't get any bad end so early in the story.
>[] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually, try to rape her.
>try to rape her.
Woh... WHAT?
>Imagining that the Companion Cube is alive.
Cake 2 coming soon! Joy!
>try to rape her.
What?Wait let me try again. Are you high? Dammit...
The heck happened here?
[x] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually...
oh god I can't think of anything now...
Sweet sweet innocent Rumia rape? I'm not voting for that unless somebody else does it first. Just think of this as a [x]Play with her vote.
[x] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually, try to rape her.

Hahaha oh wow.
[x] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually, try to befriend her.

Raping a man eating Grue never ends well.
[x] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually, try to rape her.

Body of swords.
[x] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually, try to befriend her.
Changing vote to this.
[x] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually, try to befriend her.
Wow what was that? Please don't let anon take even dumber choices than they can think of.
[befriendan gaems] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually, try to befriend her.

I'd like Rumia as a petfriend.
File 127775595744.jpg - (162.81KB, 825x672 , 1243901498840.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] That's a dream. Play with her more, and eventually, try to befriend her.

Heyyy. Why not? After all, I always wanted as friend someone who was not a msn contact.
And I know almost everything about this girl, so let's play with her, and after that...
Well, I'll see later.
I ask:
-Rumia-darling, why do you want to catch me? Do you really want to eat me?"
-Of course I want!"
-But I don't know you enough for that!"
While talking, I walk around. Why? Because she can't see a damn thing, so she's trying to locate me, by using my voice. But since I'm always moving, she's confused, and all she does is spinning around, baby, right round like a record, baby.
Errr, I'm losing myself.
-You know Rumia, it's impossible for a human to "eat" another human if they don't know each other!"
Rumia'll never get the difference between "eat" and "eat". And I'll enjoy that.
-What do you mean bu knowing each other? Hey, stop moving!"
-What I mean? It's imple! You can only eat "friends", got it?"
-But I'm not human! I'm a youkai!"
When I hear that... I break into laugh!
-WHA-HA-HA-HA! You are obviously human! I mean, look at you! You-!"
Oh crap. I'm in. She grabbed me while I was laughing. An arm is visible, coming from the darkness, holding my arm very tighly.
-Got you!"
Useless to panic. That's not a big deal. After all, she' just a...
-Damn, let me go!"
-I don't wanna!"
-I swear you'll let me go. Because if you don't, I stop playing around, and I get serious."
-Scary human is scary."
Wait, you little ... !
I try to get my arm back, but she's really holding it tighly. And whith just one hand.

Damn! She's stronger than me!
-Get off, you leecher!"
-I'm not a leecher! I'm an hungry youkai!"
-You're a leecher!"
-No I'm not, Mister Meal."
Somehow, I don't think I have though my cunning plan all the way though.
Hell! My first priority is to get my arm back!
-LET. ME. GO."
Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?
I shake my arm as strong as I can, while moving backward. Rumia's still holding my arm, prevending me for any escape! As long as this girl will be glued to my arm, I won't be able to move.
She laugh back. I really want to hit her with a bat or something. I want to move a bat in this darkness unthil I hit something.
Especially if this something is a little girl with blond hair, a ribbon, and a ferocious appetite.

In fact, something scare me. If she decide to use her strengh to bring back, well I'm done for.
I don't know youkai were this strong. Luckily for me, she's just playing around. I just have to ...
Oh yeah, I know.
I move, still followed by the arm-grabbing meat-eater Rumia. And I grab a stone with my free arm.
-Dear Rumia, this is your last chance! I've been more than reasonable, so if you don't let me go, I will hurt you. And I will enjoy that."
-I'm not going to let you go. You're my meal for today!"
-All right. Then allow me to get serious."
I throw the stone to where Rumia should be.
-AYEU! That hurt!"
-That was done on purpose, you little-"
-You don't have to get angry. It will only stings for a moment."
And her head come from the darkness.

Wow.I knew Rumia was a blond little girl with a ribbon on her head, but I didn't know her teeth were so...
She bite my hand. In return, I punch her in the face.
And I manage to broke free! I salute her, while saying:
-Hasta la vista, you human-eater beginner! Come back when you'll be stronger! Mouahahahahaha!"
And I run. I don't know where, but as long as Rumia is not near me, it's fine. I don't want my hand to be chewed again.
-That's not fair!"
-Life is not fair, little girl!"

All right. All seems to go better.
I mean, Rumia is pretty far away, and she's probably lost again, in her little ball of darkness. My hand is still bleeding from her bite, but the pain disappeared long ago.
And, more than that, I found a village.
Me think it's The Village. Me think I'm gonna lurk for a while, just enough to be sure it's really a human village, and not a human-eater village or something.
You're never careful enough.
Even with a rifle, and a fully gundam armored armor, I'm still prudent as hell.
But I also think that the better defense is the offense.
Mmmm... Only humanoid. Well, I guess it's the Village Settlement or Village or whatever you crazy gunman call them.

Speaking about that, it's more a village than a settlement. Well, I'm not sure about the details, but I think that "settlement" is for temporary place, hey?
Well, if it's like that, then this is a village, not a settlement. Since all house are made in ... wood? Yes, that's wood.
Mmmmm... That's not bamboo. I should ask later what kind of wood they're using for their houses.
Anyway, that's a quite quiet cute little village. Well, apart for Rumia and other meat-eater fooling around.
Mmmm... It's organized quiet smartly.
You see, roads are made as links between places. Eientei, shrine, etc...
And those roads cross themselves. And peoples live on those crossed roads.
What I mean, is that this Village is probably Gensokyo's center. All roads come from the village.
Well, it's a guess. I should try to look this from a mountain or something.
Hey, speaking about that, maybe there's a map of Gensokyo, somewhere.
Hey, speaking about that, WHEN am I?

Well, you see, there are thousands differents Gensokyo. But what I really want to know is, when am I? Is Double Spoiler out yet in this Gensokyo?
No wait. I'm not supposed to know about Double Spoiler...
Anachronism. Or ... TIME PARADOX !!1!
... I should take some pills, I think I'm getting crazier and crazier.

Anyway, let's get back to serious business.
I'm a seriousfag.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
I'm a moderator. Not a seriousfag.
Well, I still have some time before the night fall.
Mmmm. Or maybe not.
Should I explore Gensokyo a little further, or... No, no and no.
Don't be silly, Graham. You'll have time to explore.
For the time being, it's more important to find a shelter.
Gimme a shelter! Gimme shelter. Was that a sound, or something?
Blah. Screw that. Let's go!

I walk in the village, searching elementary school. The half-beast Keine Kamishisara... Keine Kamisomething may help me.
Obviously if she's not fooling around again with Mokou.
If she's not here, well...
Now that I think about it, I'm not really sneaky. I mean, I have a track suit. WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS STILL CLOTHED WITH god-know-when CLOTHES!!
Dammit. Well, Graham, my old friend, you now know that sneaking is not your strongest skill.
-Excuse me?"
Oh. That's a man. Brown haired, with generic face.
-Are you an Outsider Man?"
-Depend of your reaction."
This guys is pretty strong. Perhaps more than me. In a melee combat, I will lose for sure. And since I'm not sure of his cunning plan, I don't want to take any risk.
-Hmm. You should go see the Chief."
-Who's that?"
-He's inside this house. If you're an Outsider Man, he will be able to help you."
-And if I'm not?"
-Well, I don't know you, you're wearing strange clothes, and it's the only human settlement. So you're obviously an outsider."
-Excuse me?"
-Nevermind. I'll just go talk with him."
I don't want to look at this moron's face anymore. The way he's talking to me... I hate that. Somehow, I want to tear his throat out.
But I won't do it. Why? Because I'm sAnE. Perfectly sAnE.
Everyone has violent thoughts. But only insAnE people listen them. I won't listen those violent and stupid thought.
I won't.
He he he he he he.

Where am I? Oh yeah, in front of this Chief's house.
Pretty house, by the way. Made in ... wood?
I miss plastic and metal.
And, somehow, I have the feeling that I will miss them for a long time.
Dammit. Why am I even here?
Well. Perhaps this Chief will have some answers for me.
I enter quietly in the house. The inside is like the outside, with wood everwhere. Well, except the carpet, of course.
But I have the feeling that I'm alone here.
-Is there someone here?"
... Two voice answered to me. The first voice was male, while the second was female.
So, there are two people here. A man and a woman. I hope I'm not disturbing them.
From what? Well, the answer is obviously obvious.
I heard footsteps, and the woman come in sight.
Oh, it's Keine.
-Heyo, lady!"
She look at me strangely, and she say to the man:
-There's another Outsider!"
-All right. Can you bring him to me, please?"
-No problem. Can you remove your shoes, and follow me?"
I answer: "Of course I can."

I remove my shoes, and I put them ... well I don't care. I just let them, and I follow Keine deeper inside the house.
She lead me to a room-laboratory-office. To be abrupt, there is a desk in the middle of the room, with lots of differents closets, full of ... bottles and stuff like that.
There's even one with some threatening metallic saw. What a strange hobby... Collecting strange and threatening stuff.
But the most bizarre thing in the office is certainly the man who's sitting at the desk.
He's blond, a little short, with blue eyes, but he's ... how can I say it? He give me the feelings that he's not a newbie, if you see what I mean.
When you see it, you have the feeling that this guy will win every game, and will success whatever the situation can be.
Is that 'Charisma'?
-Heyo. Are you the Chief?"
I ask. He look at me with cold eyes, without answering. There's a pile of papers on his desk, but he managed to keep 2 cups of tea on the top of that ludicrous pile of paper.
So this guy and Keine were having tea. How romantic, having tea on top of a wicked sick pile of paper.
Finally, he talk:
-Well, well, well. What have we here?"
I already know that I hate this guy. Talking high and all... He's probably the kind of guy who smell only his own fart.
-You're certainly an Outsider. That's obvious, with those clothes. But even without that, you have an accent."
-Accent... What are you talking about? I'm just speaking ********!"
He smirk.
-Perhaps. But for everyone here, it's like japanese."
Wait... So I think I'm speaking in THIS language, and in fact, I'm speaking in japanese?
-But I can understand you."
-As I can. Look like the language border was weakened."
He grin. This guy... He's talking in cryptic. Even if I understand japanese, there is a second meaning to his sentences.
-Border... border..."
I got it. Border. It's Yukari who's fooling around again.
-Look like you understood. All right. Now, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Chief. That's how you'll call me."
Say that arrogant shit, while grinning. I really want to cut off this head, and... bah, nevermind.
-And she is Keine Kamishirasawa. The elementary's school teacher. She work sometimes as ... adviser."
I look Keine's face with attention. She's beautiful. But she's also pretty inexpressive. Maybe it's because I'm here. I mean, I'm a stranger, so maybe I'm dangerous.
-And you are..."
Look like they are waiting for something. HE look at me with a grin, while staring me those ice cube, and SHE stare me with her poker face. Oh, of course.

I am...
[] Graham. Let's be honest, and prove them there's nothing wrong with me.
[] (write another nickname to use). If there are another 'outsiders', they must know me. And I'm not really loved.
[x] Graham. Let's be honest, and prove them there's nothing wrong with me.
To be honest, we should be honest. We're in a world where farting might kill us if we're not careful enough and we DO NOT want to lose one of the few supporting groups in the vicinity.

Aww no Rumia friend? And we hurt her too the poor little people muncher. I hope we get to apologize. Quite the long update.
[x] Graham. Let's be honest, and prove them there's nothing wrong with me.
[x] Graham. Let's be honest, and prove them there's nothing wrong with me.
File 127827339637.jpg - (247.68KB, 1024x762 , Truc.jpg) [iqdb]
[] Graham. Let's be honest, and prove them there's nothing wrong with me.

I guess it's useless to lie. If some of the villagers are really from the outside, it will be interesting. Besides, we don't really have choice, do we?
-My nickname is Graham."
Chief smiles for a moment, and asks something really strange:
-What year is it right now?"
I look at my watch. 19XX. What sort of stupid question is that?
Maybe ... Maybe Yukari is playing around with time borders as well... But how? And why?
-We are in 19XX."
-So? What happened?"
-Oh. Yeah. Well, here's what I know. There are 4 humans from the outside, you included, who came here. I don't know why, I don't know how. Do what you want, and don't make any trouble for the village, and you'll be fine."
Is he trying to threaten me? That's cute. So innocent. I remember the last guy who tried to threaten me. I punched him again and again, until Knock-Out. After that, I threw him in water, from a bridge.
I don't know if he died or not. And honestly, I don't fucking care. Thieves with knives or anything deserve to die.
-That mean I can create any trouble, as long as I'm not in the village, it's right?"
When he hear that, he laugh.
-N-Not at all! Just... Y-You'll die! Just try to walk around, just try to step on flowers! Just try to ... walk out when it's night! At midnight, when all lights are gone, then, you understand how the Village is safe!"
Okay. Now that's frightening.
-Okay. What are the safe area?"
-Mmm. The Youkai Mountain. The Hakurei Shrine. And, maybe, the Byakuren temple."
-Oh yeah. There's a priestess or something, who made a temple near the village. She call it 'Myouren Temple', but everyone here call it 'Byakuren Temple'. It's a good place to laze around, even if sometimes there is trouble with inhumans."
Byakuren..."I know nobody by this name. Who the hell is that?
-Tell me more about the Byakuren."
Chief turn his face toward Keine, and says:
-Keine, please?"
She sigh, and begin to explain:
-Hijiri Byakuren is a buddhist priestess. She's also a magician, and she's a pacifist."
Pretty short. But enough to have an idea of who she is.
-Thanks, Keine."
-Oh, you said there were 4 outsiders, right? Where are they now?"
He sigh, pause for a moment, and answer:
-The first is actually at Byakuren's temple. The two others... Well I don't know where they are."
-And the fourth?"
-He's right in front of me."
Oh. So, 3 others here. Fine. Let's get them, and try to find a way out.
-SO the first is in Byakyren's temple, right? Where is it?"
He frown.
-You are not really thinking of going right now? Night's almost here! If you're not in the village at night, you're as good as dead!"
-So what do you suggest?"
He look at me with a mean eye.
-I'm the chief. I don't suggest. I command. You'll stay in the Village until tomorrow. After that, you will be able to fool around and get killed."
-Sir, yes, sir."
Chief stop for a second, and stare me with a blank stare and a cold face. Cold, cold...
Oh, yeah, he don't get the joke.
-And? Where do I sleep?"
If I have to sleep under a bridge, I want to know right now.
-Hmmm. In the guest's room."
Wait, HERE?!
-Fine by me."
I lied. I definitly don't like the idea of sleeping here. I don't know why. That guy Chief. I don't trust him. He look like the kind of guy who'll smile at me, and then, backstab me.
I don't trust him. I will never trust him. I rather die than letting my guard down when this guy is near me.
But I don't really have choice, isn't it? Let's just sleep here for tonight.
Tomorrow, I'll just sleep elsewhere. And wait... He probably want me to do something, in exchange.
-And? What should I do?"
He smirks one again. He's really getting on my nerves right now. I want to give him a beautiful glascow smile.
-Just cook. If you can, of course."
He says.
Oh really? Just you wait, you bastard.
I answer:
-Okay then. But I only eat spicy food."
How's THAT? He he he he...
-If you can find any spice, of course."
Um... This guy's pretty clever. I don't trust him, and he don't trust me.
It's a good thing that Keine's here, otherwise I'm pretty sure that one of us may be already dead.
Speaking about that.
-And her? Where does she sleep?"
Keine stop looking into the papers when she hear her name. And now, she's looking at me with puppy's clueless eyes. Cute.
-I don't sleep here. This is not my house."
Oh? Then what were you... No. I can't ask something like that.
-Mmmokay. Then I'll find the kitchen and prepare something from my country for you."
-I am looking forward to that, Outsider."
I left them. I'm going to make you eat frogs, you...

What are they saying?
-They are asking strange questions..."
-Yeah. But since I'm the chief, they can't act against me. Or the villagers will go against them."
Oh. Shenanigans about power, uh? Look like this guys is not without rivals.
It will be funny to see him fail. I will enjoy that.

No, wait. How am I supposed to turn the heater on?
Oh, right. It's Gensokyo. No electricity. No computers.
Let's use wood to make a fire.
Wait. Is there any lighter in this ... wooden kitchen?

1 hour later, Chief finally say me that there is hot water in the kitchen, and that all I have to do is to prepare some rice.
This bastard.
After all, I just lost 1 hour.
And for what? For finally hear : "No, but in fact I'm not hungry. Don't make food for me."
I'll kill him.

Well, since the food has been made, I can go to sleep. It's not like I really want to, but this guy is getting on my nerves.
Treating me like a slave.
Tsk tsk tsk. That's a bad idea.
Little little Chief.
Never moving. Sleeping in his office or whatever.
This guy is either a good chief, either an hikkikomori.

Bah anyway. He showed me the way to the guest's room, so all I have to do is to sleep in a ... What?
No bed? Are you kidding me? ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?
Where are I supposed to sleep?
-Just spread a futon."
He just answer that, without even looking me, always busy, reading and writing on all kind of papers.
And I always though that boss were supposed to command with voices.
Anyway. He told me that there is a "futon" in a closet.
No problem, bro.
I just take it, bring it in the room, and put it on the floor.
All right. I don't have any blanket, but I can sleep like this.
Good night.


I wake up. Everything's dark.
I look around. Even the corridor is dark. Look like Chief went to sleep too.
But... Why am I awake?
I listen carefully.
Not a noise.
Nothing, nothing.
Scary, scary.

I'm on the futon.
In front of me, a wall.
At my left, the door to the corridor.
At my right... wait, it was supposed to be a wall too!
No. It's a door. A paper door. Like in the animes.
I wonder if I can poke it with my finger.
What? Who talked?
Is it...

Is the noise coming from...
[] the left.
[] the right.
[x] the right.
We took a left last time~
[x] the right.
No moar vote? *sadface*
All right. Let's go to the right.

Update is preparing. Please wait warmly until it's ready.
File 127868700054.png - (39.16KB, 400x400 , Smile.png) [iqdb]
Sorry, it took more time than expected.


[x] the right.

Not... It's coming from the right. Definitly.
It's coming from this non-existent door.

Slowly, I crawl near it.
There is someone at the other side of this door.
-Spara... zad ... ad oc..."
I can't hear it...
It's because it's not talking for me. It's talking for itself.

Oh my god. There's an hole in the paper door.
Someone poked it.
I move backward. I really don't want this thing come in the room.
Because it's-
-...ister? Ar... fere?"
I can hear it now.
It's becoming clearer and clearer. Useless to turn around. I'll... want to know what the hell is going on!
I come near the door, and I put my ear on.
Oh crap. I know this voice! It's Rumia's.

Oh shit! She's watching me! I can see her red eye! She's watching me though the door's hole!
I froze. I cannot move.
I'm ... petrified by fear.
I hope this thing will not come. Please, don't come.

She's smiling. She saw me!
She move her head. I can't see her anymore, but I know where she is. Her silhouette is still visible.
She open the door. Now I can see her. She's bigger than earlier, and she have long hair now.
Still staring at me, she walk slowly.
-What's the matter? Didn't you want to rape me?"
Oh shit.
I jump on my feet, and I run into the corridor. She don't run, just continue to walk, while talking.
-Don't you think it's a little rude to run away from a girl?"
A laugh. She's laughing from me!
All right! I'm now in the main room. This thing is in the corridor, and she's after me! I have to decide, NOW, if I will fight, or if I will run.
I open the entrance. Nothing but darkness outside. If I go out, I'm done for.
So I can only fight.
Think Graham, think fast!
She's strong. So, in hand-to-hand fight, I'm done for.
Which mean that I have to use a tool. A weapon! That's it!
Is there a weapon here?
The kitchen!

I run into the kitchen, with IT right behind me, still laughing.
What can I use as a weapon?
Ha! A knife! Poor range, but it's better than my bare hand.
I try to grab it, but...
She grabbed my arm before I could reach it!
-Tool. Main difference between human and monkey. Funny enough, it won't be useful for you."
She twist my arm, making me kneel.
-And now?"
She put another hand on my shoulder.
-Ready to die?"
I can't move. My arm stinks like hell. It will broke.
-Then, die."
I think that was my spine. She twisted my shoulder and my arm in stranges ways, and now I'm ...

I open my eyes.
I rise from the futon.
Immediatly, I look at my arm.
That was just a dream. Thank god.
-Wake up, wranker!"
What did he said? Did he just called me a wranker?
I jump on my feet, and I shout:
-What did you say, you towel?"
I go into the corridor, in order to get him. He must be in his office.
I'll just get him in, and beat him.
No. Wait. I have something far more important to do. I can't allow myself to be distracted by such little things.
-Hey, Chief! Didn't you said yesterday that there was another human at the Byakuren's house?"
I enter in his office. He's still here, not even looking at me, still writing/reading numerous papers.
-Yes. Go to the North, and you'll be in."
I quit his office, and I go to the entrance.
I turn back to him. He's standing, leaning on his office's door. He looks sick.
-Do ... you know Byakuren a little?"
His question take me by surprise. I though his only obsession was to get rid of me. Instead of that, he's helping me?
Was he in a bad mood yesterday?
-Well, as Keine said, she's a pacifist."
-Mmm. More complicated than that, in fact. You do know that there are humans and inhumans here?"
-Yes, I know."
-And you also know that I'm the leader of the human faction. Byakuren, on the other side, stand as leader of inhuman faction."
-So she's the boss?"
Still standing, he don't answer. He stare at me with blank eyes, and finally say:
-Hmmm. She's not as influent as me, but still, inhuman don't go against her commands."
-What do you mean?"
-I mean that, since I'm the Village's chief, my order are absolute. Byakuren's commands are ... not absolute. They are ... more like suggestion."
-Oh. Because inhuman are not living in the same places like humans?"
-Yeah... That's it. And also because a yokai will not obey as easily as a human."
Of course. Humans are social creatures. Not like yokais.
-And so?"
-So? It mean that Byakuren's influence is stronger near her shrine. But, if you're too far from it, inhuman will become more agressive."

Oh crap, I forgot to proofread.
Sorry about that.
File 127875661156.jpg - (24.56KB, 400x400 , Smile.jpg) [iqdb]
(...right now!)

-And? Are you worried about me?"
Maybe there's something to save in this man.
-Not at all. But if you do something stupid, then we'll have to take responsability for this, since you're human."
Hu? Wait, I'm an human, yeah, but I'm not from the village. Why do ...
Oh yeeaaah... That make sense. In fact, all humans take order, officially, from the village's chief. From the guy who's in front of me. Even if, in fact, most of them do what they want.
For exemple, Reimu Hakurei is human, but since she's powerful, and since she don't live in the village, she don't take order from Chief.
But it also means ...
-Wait a minute. If a human who's living in a forgotten hole of Gensoyo suddenly go on a rampage, do you have to take responsability for him as well?"
Wow. That's pretty ... unfair. It doesn't matter if peoples accept Chief's orders or not, he had to take responsability in case of accident for them.
Even if I don't really now what it means to "take responsability". Probably pay something. Us humans, we pay with gold. But inhumans ... are only interested by flesh.
Oh god, I hope I'm wrong. Anyway, it's too late now.
-Thanks for the advice."
And I let him.

Ooh. So that's the Byakuren's shrine?
It looks like a crashed ship for me. A wooden crashed ship.
Hey. If this thing's a shrine, then I guess that a crashed B-52 can be a palace.
Well anyway. Nobody's in sight, so I'll just sneak in. Nah, just kidding.
Where's the entrance anyway? I don't expect a door with "It's here!" written on, but at least something obvious.
-Hello there."
Oh? There's someone. Umm, something. It look like a woman, except it had ... tiger ears?
-Hello there."
I answer naturally. Asking her to lead me the way would be rude, and I don't even know if she's boss, or an underling.
-Can I help you?"
Of course, of if you're asking for it...
-Mmm yeah. I wanted to talk to a guy who's here, as I heard."
She inspect me for a while, and she answer:
-Of course, but can you tell me you before where you come from? You are not from the village, right?"
-Exactly. I'm from the Outside."
There's no point in lying. Chief told me that inhuman weren't interesting in human's business. Of course, maybe he lied to me. That's why I said the truth. If Chief lied, then I will be able to tell, from this girl's reaction.
-Oh... The Outside? And what do you want from our guest?"
Guest? I wonder what he... Well anyway.
-I arrived here yesterday, and I wanted to ask him about ... about this place. About this ship. About peoples here that I don't know yet."
Because I don't know you, girl. Too bad.
-I'll ask Nazrin to take you to his room. Before that, can you come with me? Lady Byakuren is always interested by new ideas."
I think mine will fright her. Whoever she is.

Tiger leads me in the shrine-boat-or-whatever. Well, since it was a boat, the interior is pretty complex, so I won't bore you with description of the corridors.
Just to give you an idea of the shrine's size, we walked for 10 minutes before reaching our destination.
Well, "walked" is a big word. I walked, and Tiger levitated.
When we reached our destination, Tiger let me in the corridor, and entered alone in the room. Some seconds later, I heard two voices. The first one was Tiger's. It was a young voice. Well, Tiger's older than me, but, compared with the other voice, she was pretty young.
The second voice was ... well, sorry to say that, but it reminded me my grandmother's voice. Always giving advices, not orders. Always giving you hints, while suggesting you that was your idea all along. That was that kind of voice.

For some reason, I don't want to talk to this woman. I think she may try to manipulate me. As I said, her voice is ... totally suited for advisors. Like Wormtongue's, except that this woman was probably good.
I don't really know what to do.
Hell, who am I kidding, it's obvious!

I will...
[] write-in only.
[x] Respectfully introduce myself.

I'm incredibly boring.
[x] Respectfully introduce myself.
[O]Make some kind of an entrance! She should know who she's dealing with so she can at least expect the things I do...wrong...

That...'s about all I had to say. You did the proofreading yourself this time nice~ Good work...
Just to be sure you really grasped the situation: Graham is actually outside Byakuren's office, so you can even decide to flee the encounter, and to explore freely the ... crashed shrine-boat.
Perhaps I should've written one or two suggestion, instead of leaving a blank choice, because I have the feeling that this one isn't really understood.
Good idea. You should probably stop using so many write-ins... It gets a bit annoying if we always have to think of the choices. Just a hint though. Do whatever you feel is right.
My idea was to give you choice, just long enough for you to really get the characters, and then, to let you decide everything.

But yeah, you're right. Too many choices can be pretty boring. I think it'll depend in the future. Free situation like this one will have a totally free choice, and dangerous situation will have limited choices (mainly because I think that Graham is unable to think quietly in some situation).
Apologize. I'm in a hurry, because I'll spent the next week in a place without Internet. So, I put this short upload right now, in order to make you remember that this story is still alive.

Apologize for the inconvenience, and for the typos.


[x] Respectfully introduce myself.

I don't really know this Byakuren person. Maybe I already told it.
But it doesn't matter anymore. She's an important person, and perhaps she's able to help me.
After all, I'm in an impossible place. I shouldn't be here. And I'm here, despise everything, even sense.
So I guess that I can't really allow myself to make more enemies.
Rumia is already after me, and I know that there are a lot of flesh-eating youkai in this golden land.
Hey, what a joke.

The door open.
-You can enter now."
Yeah. Thanks for leaving me outside like a child, you tiger-asshole.
I enter.
What the hell?
This place is strangely similar to Chief's room/office. There's a desk, with someone sitting in front of it, reading and writing reports.
Is that what they call "déjà-vu"? The feelings you're trapped in a loop?
Cool. Cool. Cool. Stay calm. This is a déjà-vu. Yeah. But this is just a feeling. This is not real.
The peson who's reading something is not Chief.
It's... well, I'm not certain, but I can say that she's a pretty woman. She's a little short, dressed with a complicated black-white dress. But the most strange thing about her are her hair.
You see, there are "naturals" hair color. Brown, blond, etc...
In Gensokyo, "natural" don't really make sense, so there are more hair colors than in my world. Purple, red, green...
But this woman have ... it's ... damn, quit it!
She have brown/purple hairs. The colors aren't fused, if you get it. I mean... they are gradients. You get it?
The tiger woman whisper something to me:
-Bow deeper than her."
I whisper back:
She answer with a shocked tone:
-Because opposite would be rude to her."
Okay, I get it. So, I bow.
Just a little bit. After all, she's still sitting. Talking of being polite, and standing sit.
Hey. What kind of mad "étiquette" is that? Am I supposed to crawl, too? LIKE HELL I WILL!
Finally she spoke. But with a different tone. Instead of the suggesting tone she used with Tigerwoman, she's now using a nicer tone. Perhaps to make me easy.
But the only thing that I really get is that she's talking to me as if I was a kid.
Very nice. Really.
I answer in a sarcastic tone:
-Hello, Lady."
Perhaps she don't really get it.
-You can call me Byakuren."
-All right, Lady Byakuren."
I don't really know much about japanese, but I know that it's easy to be rude to them. They use all kind of honorifics. Normally, I should be able to hear them, but for some reason, the only language who come from Byakuren's lips is new english. I'll ask about that later. And if I'm rude, I can always use the "I'm an outsider" excuse.
-And you are ...?"
-My name is Xan Xutli. But you can call me by my nickname, Graham."
-Okay then, mister Graham."
I want to say "Just graham is fine", but I bit my tongue just before. It's time to act smart. Mmmm. Honorifics aren't one-sided in Japan. If I ask her to call me directly Graham, it will imply some relationships between us. And, if I consider tigerwoman's gaze, it is not a good idea.
-Fine for me, Lady Byakuren. And by the way, she's ...?"
I ask, while staring tigerwoman.
-Shou, introduce yourself, please."
Tigerwoman bow a little, and say:
-Shou Toramaru. I'm the embodiement of Vaisvarana."
Vaisva... what?
-If you're an embodiment, are you a god?"
-No. I'm just acting like a god."
-...."So you're acting like a god, which mean that you have the power of a god, but you're not a god?"
Without answering, I try to think.
What is a god? Is it an entity who have great powers? Or is it an entity who's just not human?
... No. In this case, youkai are gods too, since youkais are strong.
But since there's also human who can beat youkais, there are human with godly powers?
Oh, I got it.
-You're not a god, because you don't need faith to live."
It's Byakuren who's answering now:
-Exactly. But I wanted to ask you something accurate. Shou, can you please leave us?"
Without answering, Shou bowed once agin to Byakuren, and quit the room.

I sit on the floor, in a occidental fashion. Japanese peoples can sit on their knees, but I simply can't.
After a little while, Byakuren finally ask:
-Where do you come from?"
I don't really want to answer. After all, I already have an horrible reputation as "Graham". If I'm identified as xxxxxx's citizen, it'll be worse.
We both keep silence for a while.
The silence is gradually becoming more and more painful.
It's obvious that one of us will break it.
I mean, we don't really have choice.
Isn't it?
I jump.
The whole room is shaking.
Like if there was an earthquake.
Uh? That was a pretty short earthquake.
-What the hell happened right now?"
Without even blinking, Byakuren answer to me:
-That's just the engines."
With a smile, she continue:
-Yes. This shrine was a boat a month ago. So, we're trying to use the now useless engine to generate energy."
... Energy. Pretty good idea for a monk. I sit back. In front of the desk.
-That was not yours, right?"
-This idea of using the engine to generate energy wasn't yours, right?"
For a moment, her smile fade. She wasn't expecting that. Take that, you pacifist person!
Unfortunatly, she's too experienced to lose control for that long. Shortly after that, her smile come back.
-Yes. That was someone else's idea."
-What will you do with that energy?"
I'm totally improvising. I don't really care about Byakuren's plan. I just want to change the topic.
But, instead of answering immediatly, she cross her fingers, and stay silent for a moment. And the, adter a while, she ask:
-Do you think that youkais and humans can live together?"
Without even thinking about it, I answer:
-No. Youkais are wolves, and humans are sheeps."
Oh right. Even if she understand what I'm saying, perhaps she don't know what is a sheep."
-Excuse me Lady. But... youkais eats humans, right? So there's no way in hell."
-Humans eat humans too."
Cannibalism. Damn. I never planned to have a fight of words with someone. I'm good at fighting, but not with words.
-No. It's a sin between humans."
-But they can do it to survive."
Damn. What the hell is that? I didn't came to be questionned like that by an old hag!
-According to Freud, it's the greatest taboo. Most humans prefer to die than doing that."
She smile, and answer:
-Maybe. Anyway... You said your name was Xan Xutli, right?"
She thinks for a second, and, after a long time, ask:
-I visited many countries, but I really can't figured where you come from. Can you give me a hint?"
So she understood that I didn't want to be frank about that.
-Mmm. The country where I come from is from the other side of the Earth."
-The Earth?"
Oh, right.
Those hillbilly peoples don't even know that the Earth is a sphere. Do they think that the Earth is Buddha's plane, or something like that? What a joke.
-To be simple, I come from the furthest possible country. Without being a lunarian."
And the next question. I think I already know it. And I don't have any answer.
-How did you come here?"
-I don't know."
Still crossing her fingers, she moves her hands to hide her mouth. Probably to hide a grimace. She don't trust me. That's pretty obvious.
-I don't have any interest in lying. After all, I'm in your lair."
What I mean is "I think you'll torture me if my answer don't satisfy you". But it's a lie. This woman is a pacifist. I just try to act dumb, to put her in unease position.
It's a success. She hesitate for a moment, and finally she says:
-Well, I don't really have anything else to ask you. You wanted to speak to our guest? Shou might be able to lead to him."
Hearing her name, Shou opened the door.
-Unfortunatly, I'm afraid I won't be able to do that. But Nazrin can do it."

And, here I am, following a mice in the depths of a ... ship-shrine-thing...
If this noise come from the engine, then we're near the engine room.
Oh, wow. That's pretty impressive. I take back what I said about hillbilly monk. For what I know, this engine is pretty modern.
Mmmm... Strangely enough, since there's no fuel in Gensokyo.
... Well, I guess. Maybe. DAMN, I DON'T KNOW!!
Anyway, it doesn't matter. There are severals peoples in the engine room. A sailor girl, who seems to be the boss, somes fairies here and here, and a guy. Brown hairs, a little beard, and a he's dressed like an outside worker.
Actually, he's focusing on the engine, raising his head sometimes to shout reports to the sailor girl.
-Here's the Captain Murasa Minamitsu. She was in charge of the boat, and now she's responsable for the engines."
So this girl is captain? Hey, they must have been short in manpower to engage such young girl as captain. Besides, women in a boat are bad luck.
-What kind of youkai is she?"
-She's a ghost."
-And the guy? Who is he?"
-He's the one you're looking for."

After short presentations, we decided to try to regroup what we know. But it's really complicated. I mean... I'm used to peoples. I know how to anger them, I know how to fight them, I know how to beat them.
But... I have to trust this guy.
I admit that I really hate that. Darn. F*ck. Shit.
-Well, I was moved during my sleep."
-Same than me."
I don't know why, but I slowly have the impression that we're getting nowhere.
Why am I thinking "Higurashi" right now? Calm down, calm down. There is a flaw. It's certain. There is something that I'll be able to use as an hint.
-Okay. Here's the situation. We were living quietly our peaceful lives, and one days, we awoke here."
No. We're still blocked.
-... Since w're getting nowhere, let's try talking about something else."
-... Yeah. Sounds good."
-So, who are those guys?"
His gaze went blank for a moment.
-T... Those guys? Can you be more accurate?"
-This ship. Those peoples. I don't know any of them."
Not answering. He's not answering. What should I think? Did I said something wrong? It was something that I didn't know?
-... Did you played UFO?"
-... Nope."
-That's the answer. This ship appeared in UFO."
-Touhou 12."
-Wait a minute."
Touhou 12? But... when I was moved, Touhou 9 was the lastest. Phantasmagoria of Flower View.
9->12... What the hell happened?
-WHEN did you 'moved'?"
-Uh? In 20XX".
-Space... Time..."
I highly doubt that the world I lived was the Touhou's Outside World. For one simple reason: nobody ever reaches the moon. So that mean that I was moved from a different World, into Gensokyo. And, according to this guys' declaration, I was moved in Space, but also in Time.
Because from where I came, as I said, the lastest Touhou was Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

(See ya...
>-... Did you played UFO?"
-... Nope."
-That's the answer. This ship appeared in UFO."
-Touhou 12."
-Wait a minute."
Touhou 12? But... when I was moved, Touhou 9 was the lastest. Phantasmagoria of Flower View.
9->12... What the hell happened?
Uh... Wha? See ya I guess?
File 128036194249.png - (839.65KB, 850x850 , 15241.png) [iqdb]
-I get it."
He don't get it. Hu. I wonder if I should tell him, or not? Hmmm. I think I'll tell him. If he trust me, he'll help me.
-We weren't moved at the same time. I was moved just after PoFV, in 19XX. And you, you moved in 20XX, after UFO."
Phantasmagoria of Flower View was out shortly before I disappear from the world. If UFO is really the 12th touhou, then I guess it was out maybe ... 3-4 years after PoFV.
-Yes, it make sense. Borders of space, and border of time."
-And I think I noticed a third border."
-I think I noticed it too."
-To be sure, let's say it in the same time."
"" Border of language!! ""

Yes. Gensokyo is japan, so obviously its inhabitants are talking japanese. But when I heard them, they were talking new english.
So it means that the border of language was weakened, since we're all talking the same language.
Pretty convenient, considering how I suck in any other language.
-Aaaannnndddd... WHO is the one in charge of the border?"
-Yukari Yakumo, aka Sukima, aka Old Gap!"
-And WHO's twisted enough to bring four outsider inside an hostile Gensokyo?"
-Gensokyo's Lady Gaga, Yukari Yakumo!"
-And who kicked gap's bottom last time?"
-Miss 'I-wanna-have-donations' Hakurei!"
-So, all we have to do to get back home, is to go talk with Reimu..."
-... and everything will be normal!"
For a moment, we are ... connected? We're sharing the same though. It's... strange. To know that there's another person here who know what you think... It's ... funny!

We both continue like that for a while, and we turn serious.
-I actually looked around during my free time. The Hakurei shrine is an isolated place. It won't be easy for us to reach it."
-Yes. And Chief told me that we have to move during the day."
-Yeah. And..."
He's hesitating. He want to say something, but something is making him hesitate. That's strange.
-What's the matter?"
I try to unlock him. If he's searching his words, it will be easy. If it's something else...
-Chief... Did he told you about the other humans?"
-Nope. Except about you and me."
-Yes. Then..."
... He's hiding me something.
-Tell me everything, it'll be simpler."
-Hmmm? Okay, I'll be simple. There are not four humans, but three!"
-Yes. I was with another guys, but he was killed by Yuuka."
-Who was it?"
-I think it was Sinesaque."
-Him? The troll?"
-Yes. When I came back to my sense, I was alone, but soon after that, I found him. We walked for a while, but when he was Yuuka, he tried to... what did he said? He wanted to 'borrow his head in USC's breast'."
-Was it violent?"
He's pale now. Ow. Must have been really violent if he's still shocked about that.
-She didn't killed him. She just fought againt him, and she won. It's rumia who killed him."
-Yep. I couldn't do anything, only saw. Rumia broke his neck, killing him instantly. And after that..."
-Well... It was like Cannibal Holocaust. He was lucky, in a way. He was already dead when she opened him."
OPENED? Hmmm. I have trouble to imagine it, but...
I see how she did. That's disgusting. I think I did something like that myself. But to fishes... Thinking about it, cooks are sadist.
-Anyway, What's our plan? Go to the Hakurei Shrine, and ask for help?"
I answer immediatly.
-Yep. Pretty simple."
He start muttering.
-... can't be that simple. There's a trap, it's obvious... "
I sigh, and then I say:
-Perhaps thing are simple as you see them, right?"
He rise his head, and look at me with a pitied look.
-We're talking about Yukari here. We're talking about one of the more twisted being in the Universe."

Well, after a while, I still didn't find any trap.
We just go to the Hakurei Shrine, tell Reimu there's an incident, and everything is clear. What can go wrong?
Yeah, yeah. Maybe the Shrine will be empty. Maybe Reimu will be too lazy to do anything. Maybe she will not be able to find out what's going on. Maybe she don't think that people being moved is a big deal. Maybe Yukari can ask her to stay outside the situation.
Mmm. In fact, there's a lot of possibilities.
-Well anyway! It remind me that we weren't properly presented, so allow me to introduce myself."
He rise, and bow in a polite way.
-My name is Ygor Yoggsogor. I live in New England. I was known as Conagher. I was just an anonymous member."
He's so formal. I guess that's just being polite. Let's do the same:
-My name is Xan Xutli. I'm a New English. I was a moderator, known as Graham."
-Now that the proper presentation has been made, let's talk business. I have some things here and here that I want to finish before leaving."
I answer.
-Same for me. I wanna visit this pretty place before leaving."
-Will a month be enough?"
-Certainly. Perhaps too long, but I'll try to find something to do to keep my hands busy."
-Well, you know..."
What's this?

There's a ruckus in front of the crashed-nice-boat-shrine.
I ask Conagher:
-What's happening?"
He don't answer. Look like he's dumbfounded as me.
-Should we go?"
I answer immediatly:
-Maybe not. Perhaps they're causing this ruckus on purpose. To attract peoples."
-You're wicked."
And we go.

In front of the crashed-nice-boat-power-plant, there is a crowd.
Mmmm. I'm not here for long, but I think I recognize some of them. They are from the Human Village.
The Master Chief is with them.
But he's... leaning on another guy. What's the matter with him? Is he too drunk to stand still?
Ah. Look like he can stand by himself. Stop alcohol, you're pathetic.
Hmmm? There's something wrong. All the guys who are with Master Chief right now are clothed in black.
It's like a Cabale.
Scary, scary.
Someone is pulling my arm. It's Conagher.
-You're in the way."

All right. Master Chief is in front of the crashed-nice-boat, with Byakuren in front of him. I don't know what's going on, but I'm really curious to see what's going on.
Byakuren is with the tiger (Shou?) and another woman, with a burka, or hijab, or whatever. Look like those two women are in optimal position to protect Byakuren just in case.
I whisper to Conagher:
-What's the matter? A fight?"
He answer:
-I don't really know, but each time this guy come here, it means troubles. For everything."
-Can't Byakuren get rid of him? She's a youkai, right?"
-She's just a witch. Not really a youkai. She still have an human part. And, more than that, she's buddhist. She can't kill anyone."
The two groups stare each other for a while. The silence is really heavy.
Finally, Byakuren broke the silence:
-What can we do for you today?"
She's smiling, but the girls with her aren't. Look like a gang battle.
Chief (or Master Chief, whatever) smile back and answer:
-Well, we had a deal. About lonely youkai."
The two of them are smiling now. That's scary, considering that they are the only one. The others are all focused, estimating the strengh of the opponent.
That's almost funny, to see the two boss talking quietly while the crew is preparing for a fight.
-Yes, I remember. So?"
-So, I bring you a youkai."
Two men moves forward, holding a third one. Except that the third is not a man. I can't say its species, nor its gender, but it's obviously a youkai.
White-winged, black hairs... Yes, it's an youkai.
-Thank you, but... Why do you hold him so tightly?"
So it's a male. What a gay youkai.
-Because he tried to eat a family. I don't wanna hear his comment about different kind of human meat."
The youkai open his mouth:
-You're wrong! It's interes-"
One of the man slap him. Without even let Byakuren the time to open his mouth, Master Chief talk again:
-Strangely enough, this kind of speech get on our nerves. We had two solutions."
Master Chief stop smiling, and continue in a low and threatening tone:
-The simpler one was to cut off his tongue, and to choke him with."
Byakuren don't answer. Master Chief begin to smile again, and say in a light tone:
-Nah, just kidding. I knew you would not appreciate it. I just ordered to beat him black and white if he opened his big mouth of him."
-That's nicely considerate from you."
Oula. Irony. Master Chief bring a "gift" to Byakuren, but says at the same time that he prefered to torture the gift instead of giving him to Byakuren.
I whisper to Conagher:
-What the hell is going on with those two? 'look like they want to kill each other!"
-I'll explain ya later. It's complicated."
Asshole. Don't act like you know everything.

After that, things went boring, so I won't tell you. Just to be short, Master Chief and his men left, leaving the gay bird youkai behind. Shou grabbed his shoulder, and bring him by force inside the shrine.
Look like they will "reeducate" him.
Well anyway, the interesting stuff is what Conagher told me about Byakuren and Master Chief.

Be sure you're well installed, 'cause it will be long and complicated.
Byakuren's dream is to bring peace between human and youkai. Pacifist hippy stuff, BLEARGH.
But there are trouble. Mainly because most youkai are cannibal. Well, "cannibal" is not the ideal word, but... They eat human.
And Master Chief is not really liking Byakuren's dream. But there are some human, in the Village, who support Byakuren. So, to avoid any trouble, Master Chief officially works with Byakuren.
In fact, he's treating her like shit, saying that it's a child's dream, and stuff like that.
And this is where things get interesting.
Byakuren want to remove Master Chief from his function.
But, even if some of the villagers are with Byakuren, she can't really ask for something like that, since she's not human, and since she's not even living in the Village.
So, she's trying to become Chief.
How? By generating energy, using ship's engine, and by giving it to the Village.
Energy is like opium. Once you taste it, you can't live without.
Hey. Marx said something like: "Religion is proletariat's opium". And now, it's more like "Religion is creating more opium for proletariat".
But that's not all!
You see the shrine on top of the mountain?
This one come from Mountain of Faith (how many good touhou games did I missed?), and it's called Moriya Shrine.
The goddess of ths shrine (in fact, there are 2,5 goddess in this, but I don't really wanna know more) need faith to live.
So, they plan to generate energy too, in order to receive Human Village's faith.
And, in the middle of this battle, Master Chief is trying to create his own energy source, to keep his position.
Get it?
Alright, let's bet!
The Moriya Shrine already have energy source available, but it's still having trouble to transport energy, and to find adequate tools. I don't really get it, but it seems that Moriya's electricity don't work with outsider's tools.
The Byakuren crashed-boat is closer than the Moriya Shrine, but they are still trying to convert their engine to gain electricity. Once the conversion is done, they will be able to start experiment to see if their energy is compatible with device from the Outside.
The Human Village (lol) don't have a clue about how to create a electricity generator, and, due to Master Chief's attitude problem, they don't have anyone able to build one.

It would be interesting if it wasn't that pathetic.
-Get it?"
-Yesh, I get it."

What he's trying to ask me is:
"Who will you work for?"
It's a race. The first who can give stable energy to Human Village will win.
Byakuren will become Chief, and will probably be able to move on.
The Moriya's Shrine goddesses will gain Village's Faith.
Master Chief will stay the boss.

I will purpose my service to:
[] Moriya Shrine.
[] Human Village.
[] Byakuren Shrine.


All my apologies for all the typos, but I wrote it at 2:00 AM, and I selfishly decided "Screw that, since I'm Hartmann!".
Well anyway.
I wanna ask you something: when you'll vote, can you say WHY? I'm not asking for a 15,000 words text, but just a little something to explain why Graham is interested by this place.
[x] Byakuren Temple.

The Moriya Shrine seems rather aloof, the human village is lead by a bigot. I feel more sympathetic towards Byakuren and I feel this'd help in bringing about a true peace.
[x] Byakuren Shrine.
Chief~... Well... I picked this mainly because the Moriya shine's goal is... well... not exactly thrilling. And they have different ways of gathering faith like... protecting them or god knows what. The human village... what? So if we pick this nothing really changes?

So yeah. Byakuren at least has a goal. "Childish" as the chief might call it, it is still a noble goal to have.
[X] Moriya Shrine.
maybe because I read "Love and Peace" but I'm not sure how much Byakuren has really thought this out. The Chief seems like too much of a bigot so I'm voting the middle road.
even though we haven't really seen them in this story? I feel that a human PoV would help Byakuren achieve her dream.

I did wish we got a chance to see the Moriya shrine before this point, but it's too late for that now.
File 128068144972.png - (9.12KB, 400x300 , 22354.png) [iqdb]
[x] Byakuren Shrine.

Well, I don't really like Byakuren, but working for her imply somes advantages: being with Conagher (who's an asshole, but who can be useful), and being able to annoy Master Chief.
And considering the troll level of this guy, I will appreciate to know that he's getting angry after me.
-Okay then, see ya. I'll buzz around in a while."
-All right, I'll be down here."

Good, he left.
Well, I need to know the place before telling Byakuren that I wanna work for her. Just a little turn.
Okay. Just in 12 minutes, I already have a mental map of the place. It's not a very accurate map, but it will be enough for now.
This thing was obviously a boat before. It landed, and now, they are using it to create a shrine. Which mean that they reused the old woods from the boat.
There aren't lots of new part. Easy to say, just look at the color of the wood. If it's dark, then it's old wood. If not, then it's new wood.
Hey. I don't know what to think, but I wonder if Byakuren had any connection with the outside world. I mean, they recycled it perfectly.
Well, almost perfectly. They didn't call any engineer, so there are blocked doors here and here. I said, blocked, not locked.

Anyway, it's time to decide.
Coming back into the entrance, I manage to find Shou's office.
I knock the door, and I enter.
-Oh, it's you. Did you had what you wanted?"
I smile. She's not really looking at me. That's pretty rude.
-Almost. Just one more thing."
-I wanna help you."
She's startled. Did my decision was THAT surprising?
She close her eyes for a while, and ask:
-All right. But why? Are you interested by Lady Byakuren's ideal? Or are you seeking something else?"
I think carefully. Normally, buddhist don't accept help from sinner.
Or maybe yes... Well I don't know.
-I don't think it's an realist idea, considering that almost all youkais eats humans, but some of them are necessary for Gensokyo. The more youkai there are in this land, the more interesting it is."
Pretty selfish. I don't really care, since I'm not living here, but I'm really interested by a discussion with a thousands years old intelligent being.
And then, after that, I'll left this place. It's just a compromise. I'll help them, Conagher will get his job done faster, and after that, we go to the Hakurei Shrine, and we leave this world.
I have the feeling I'm forgetting something important... What is it?
Bah! I'll remember later.
-I guess it's okay. As long as you're sincere, it's all right."

And, after that, we began to talk about my abilities.
I don't know anything about electricity and stuff. I'm a physical guy. You can ask me to do a parkour, and I can do it perfectly, I can beat almost anyone to knock-out,, but I can't build a generator.
So, after a short discussion, Shou decided to send me in the engine room. To help Captain Murasa and Conagher.
They don't really trust me, hey? Well, that'll be fine. I understand.

After that, well, during 3 days, I don't have anything interesting to tell. I lived in the shrine, rising at 6:00 AM (approximatly), and going to bed at 10:00 PM. I guess you can't live in a shrine without having a regular life. During this time, I helped Conagher, mainly by bringing stuff, welding, etc... That was interesting.
And, we finally managed to generate electricity.
And there was much rejoicing.
Yeah, yeah, it look boring, but it was not. When she heard that the first step was done, Byakuren decided to organize a party.
And THAT was funny. Because everything went wrong! Byakuren was certanly thinking of organizing a tea party. But Conagher and Murasa brought some sake bottle. And soon, almost everyone in the shrine was drunk! Except Nazrin and Byakuren.
And, I have to tell you an important fact: the sake is disgusting, and it get me drunk very quickly.
-Eye'm conpeltely drunk!"
-S-so am I! Eye can't even w-walk r-riht. I mean... I can't phollauw a line on te floor."
-Heyehehey! I'm worse! I can't even stand right!"
Haaa, that was funny... But I won't tell you the rest.

And, right now, I have an freaking f*cking headache. The kind of headache you only have once in your life.
And this Mickey Nazrin is knocking at my door.
-YEAH! I'm here!"
-Still alive after all you drank?"
Did she have any other tone than the monotonous one?
-I'll not die, simply because I drank a little."
-Believe me or not, you beat the record. For a human, of course."
-And what is the record for the youkai?"
-Go ask to an oni."
-And why did you woke me up?"
-Is 'Lady Byakuren want to talk to you' a good reason?"
-Yeah. Byakuren's wishes are always important."
I bite my tongue before saying the rest '... even more than us.'
-I'll put on some clothes, and I'll follow you."
-You're already ready."
-I'm already ready?"
-You're already clothed."
She looked at me with a little pitied look. I guess I don't have a pretty face right now.
-Perhaps you want to eat something before?"
I answer in an ironic tone:
-How unexpectedly nice from you, Nazrin."
-It's just because you stinks alcohol like hell."
Tch. I'll get you back for this.

After a little lunch (did I already said that we don't eat meat here? How depressing), I'm finally in front of Byakuren.
I don't say anything. I'm a little stupid, and I'm very violent, but I learned one or two useful things during those days. One of them was: "Let the Byakuren talk first, or Shou don't let you eat."
It's not like it was Byakuren's idea. She's pretty nice. Almost a saint. But Shou is like an overprotective daughter.
It would be funny if it weren't that pathetic. Byakuren is not really a kindergarten kid.
-How are you today, mister Graham?"
And she's always so polite.
-I'm fine, lady. And you?"
-Fine too. Well, let's move to the real subject."
-I'm listening."
-Good. Since the generator is now ready, you are no longer needed in the engine room."
Is she pushing me out?!
-And so?"
-I though that, maybe, after a week inside the shrine, you may want to see the outside for a while."
-So I wanted to ask you to see if Mister Ley Sôzer made any progress."
-... I'm fine with that. I accept the mission. Should I go talk about it with Shou?"
-Yes. I'm glad you accepted it."
Without answering, I smile to her. After that, I prononce the usual farewell politeness, and I go to Shou's office.
Ley Sôzer... Who is it? Is it Master Chief?
Make sense, after all. He can't be named Chief.
And since it's not a new english name, then it mean he's not an outsider.

*Knock, knock*
I open the door. Just don't pay attention to Shou. She's not like Byakuren.
-How are, Lady Shou?"
-I'm fine too, thanks."
It's a lie. I have an horrible headache, but Shou's is worse than mine.
-Lady Byakuren told me that I'll have to spy a guys named Lait Souther."
-Mmmgrrrmm. Ley Sôzer. He's one of the Ancient."
-The Village is lead by the Chief, but Chief have to obey to the Ancients."
Oh. Chief is the executive, and the ancients are the legislative.
-Well, about the details."
-I don't think that my clothes will allow to spy easily."
What an horrible accent.
-She'll give you stuff. Some magical stuff to keep away the youkai. Don't come back during the time of the mission."
-So, where should I sleep?"
-I suggest the Prismriver mansion, but you're free."
She talk very fastly. Hey. I wanna scream : "CAPTAIIINNN!!! GIIIIIIIIVE UUUUUUPPPP!".
But I won't do it, because it would be immature and childish.
-How long will I have to spy? And what do you wanna know exactly?"
She loan something, and answer:
-Y'see, Chief don't have the full help from the ancients. To be crude, they don't agree with him. We want to approach the one who are hostile to him. But it has to be secret. So we must know which one of them is with him or not."
Oh. Hey, this poor guy. He has the entire world against him.
-A week will be enough. If the Chif come to Sôzer's place, try to listen to them."

After that, Nazrin came, took me to the storehouse, and asked me what I wanted to bring with me.

I should take with me (2 objects only. Foods and sleeping devices already included):
[] Local clothes.
[] Binoculars.
[] Youkai-repelling charm.
[] "Human-repelling" Knife.
[] Write-in (if I feel like it, of course).

And I should go to:
[] Write-in a location. This location will be your base for the next week. Human Village is forbidden.


You can add your own object to take with you, but I won't accept it if it's something like "tha pagoda", or "a bazooka".
Stay in the subject, and don't do anything strange. It will be difficult.
>Okay. Just in 7 minutes, I already have a mental map of the place.
Here. Fixed that for you.

>I answer in an ironic tone:-How unexpectedly nice from you, Nazrin."
Oh... so THAT's what you were talking about when you said irony... I was talking about the previous update.

Ok... stuff that's most likely going to get us killed... SDM, Yukari's place(?), anywhere near Rumia,...

[x]Mystia's stand
Does this count? I wanna be the cool guy ordering ramen and smoking a cigarette late at night at a stand... I also wanna see your Mystia. Kills two birds with one stone. Uh...


And with youkai running around everywhere, we're definitely going to need one of these: [x] Youkai-repelling charm.

Supplies~ Might as well try to get on her good side.
Please vote for this! If only for the heck of it!
Hmmm. It may be difficult to sleep at Mystia's shop, but... I think it's possible. I'll accept it if it's voted.
Well we can always sleep in her house. She doesn't sleep in the shop either and her home doesn't really have to be a nest...
Please, just vote. I'll take care of the little thing like that.
[x]Mystia's stand
Does this count? I wanna be the cool guy ordering ramen and smoking a cigarette late at night at a stand... I also wanna see your Mystia. Kills two birds with one stone. Uh...


And with youkai running around everywhere, we're definitely going to need one of these:
[x] Youkai-repelling charm.

Supplies~ Might as well try to get on her good side.

Sure... lazy...
[x] Local clothes.
[x] Youkai-repelling charm

Better to concealed in plain sight

[x] Prismriver Mansion
Sounds like a good suggestion as anything.
All right. Vote are closed, and I'll work on the update (once I'll have free time between my job, and Starcraft 2).
File 128104202423.jpg - (604.45KB, 1280x960 , Boca_de_lamprea_1_-_Aquarium_Finisterrae.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Mystia's stand.

[x]Youkai-repelling charm.

I think I have a pretty good idea of where I'll be going.
I heard that Mystia, the level 2 boss from IN, was into grilled lamprey commerce. And she have a stand, near Human Village.
-All right. I'll borrow a youkai-repelling thingy, just in case, and I'll also borrow you some Lamprey."
-Don't worry about this. I'm taking this story seriously."
-... That's the only important point."

After that, Nazrin gave me a paper bag, filled with... some disgusting ... fish?
-So that's lamprey... Look like leech."
I didn't what it was. And somehow, I have the feeling that I prefer to die from starvation instead of eating them.
-And what's that other paper?"
-That's a youkai repelling charm. Made by Lady Byakuren."
-She can make charm like that? I though it was supposed to be done by a shrine maiden, or someone like that. Byakuren is an magician."
-She's also a buddhist monk. She can do it."
-And how I'm supposed to use this?"
-You don't have to. It's an stealth charm. Youkai can't detect you, as long as you have it on you."
-Perfect to avoids any random encounter, hey? Works like Nosferatu."
-Excuse me?"
-Nothing. Well, I'll go. See ya in a week."
-Good luck, and don't worry."
-About what?"
-If Chief discover you spied him, he will torture you to death, and throw your remains in the Misty Lake."
I'm been trolled.

Ha. Mystia's stand. According to Nazrin, she's on Byakuren's side.
Hard to not be, considering that a large part of her customers are humans.
By chance, there's no one here. So, I'll be able to ask her quietly.
How to describe it? It's a little wood shelter, looking like a coffee shop on a beach.
One side is pretty welcoming, with stool. The other is for Mystia, and it's mainly lamprey stock, sake, and differents other furnitures.
-Hello Lady."
She look at me, and smile.
-Ah, a customer?"
She looks more adult than in IN. Instead of looking like someone who's looking for trouble, she's looking like a pure and honest stand keeper.
-Not really. In fact, I wanted to ask if I can borrow your stand for a while."
She looks at me with surprise, and laugh.
-Totally out of question! It's my only income! And if I try to steal money from peoples, the evil Hakurei oni will exterminate me for sure!"
-She can't stand competitor?"
She laugh again. I like listening to her.
-But seriously no."
My turn to smile.
-You are a night sparrow, isn't it?"
-Well, yeah."
-Must be hard for you to stand the day. I guess that you're mainly opened during the night."
-So, what about you hiring me for taking care of the stand during the day."
She goes silent. After a long time, she speak again.
-What will be your interest in this?"
-I need a place to sleep."
I can't tell her that I'll spy the Village. Because, you know, this stand is well placed. From it, I can easily watch Sôzer's house.
-Mmm. I need to think carefully about this, but I think it should be okay."
-Since I'm sleeping during the night, the stand will stay opened for the whole day. Sounds good for me."
-All right. Let's do that: I'll teach how to prepare dish, and when the night will be out, I'll show you where you'll sleep. Okay?"
-A deal is a deal. Oh, and I brought you that."
I give the lamprey to her.
-Capital! You'll learn with those. You're well prepared, Graham."
-That's my trademark."

After that, Mystia sat on a stool, gave me an apron, and taught me how to prepare basic dishes.
That was an awful day. Do you know why? I'm used to cook, but I also have the habit towash my hands every 5 seconds.
But, for some reason, Mystia's stand don't really have water. Lots of alcohol, but not a single drop of water.
And Mystia told me that alcohol is deserved to customers, and that I'll have to pay it if I drink some.
Considering my weak resistance against alcohol, I guess that 5 cl of this would be enough to make me drunk. That's not the same sake than the one that Murasa and Conagher brought at the party.
-That's it! You cut, from here to here. You cut the head, and you drain the blood. NO! Don't put the blood inside the fire! Put it in this bowl! I'll give it to Rumia later. She always appreciate a little blood in her drink."
I'm happy that the lamprey were already dead, because otherwise... it would have been excrutiating. Being cut alive.
-Are you okay?"
-Sorry, that's my first time, preparing a fish. That's cold."
-Oh? What do you eat usually?"
-Mainly vegetables. I don't really eat meat. It's too expensive."
-Oh. That's sad for you."
I think I might love her.

After spending the whole day preparing fake dishes for Mystia ("Hey, that's better than mine! You're really good at cooking vegetables!"), night finally came.
Mystia remembered our deal, and she leads me to a place where I could sleep.
It was... inside a big tree. I had to climb it, because Mystia shared the tree with somes fairies. And, of course, Mystia couldn't live in the bottom. She's a bird, so she lives on top of the tree.
Well, not exactly on top, but... It was still pretty high.
After I managed to reach her house, she spreads a futon for me, and went back to work.
And me? I went to sleep.

Intermède time! Pick a dream:
[] A day in Remilia's life.
[] L'horrible Buront.
[] The night of the living so nanoka.
[] L'horrible Buront.
File 128122558040.png - (309.82KB, 654x460 , Picsou.png) [iqdb]
Mmmm. How to say it while staying polite?
I tried to find my usual proofreader in the chan. And I discovered something that I don't like. Yankees and english really hate french.
Well, to keep the tone low, I'll let you know that, from now on, this CYOA will no longer be proofread.
I don't want to bear stupid assumptions, just for your sake. If you find typos, just bear with it.
Thank you for your comprehension. See you in next update.


[] L'horrible Buront.

I had a dream.
I saw the Hakurei Shrine. Well, I think it was the Hakurei Shrine.
And I saw two men, in armor. They were fighting each over, while saying nonsenses.

The first one was a dark man, with Spock-like ears, and the second one was a white man with blond hair.
The second one was saying stuff like:
-It's (lololol) usless 2 (lololol) fight aginst (lolololol) mi (lolololol)"
While the first one was saying:
-As a knight of gold forged in a ingot of pure iron I have the duty to protect even the weak and the woman. Therefore letting you pass this non existing curtain is a big no, because it would be an insult to the knight's valors."
I didn't understand any of them. So I just sat down, to watch the fight.

That was a pretty interesting fight. The blond knight was fighting with a two hand swords, while the black knight was fighting with his bear hands.

The sun is shining.
I... I made an horrible nightmare.
Oh god. That was horrible. Two stupid morons fighting like newbies.
Wait. Wait. Calm down. Where am I?
I'm in Mystia's house. Okay. Everything is all right.
Everything is fine.
Drat. Do you already noticed how it's difficult to put your head back in place when you just woke up from a nightmare?
Perhaps I should write that down. I heard that sometimes, nightmare can be a sign of incoming cataclysm.
I try to remember my dream.
"Die lolol! You don't blong to this base lolol!"
"A true kinght is not summoned by his own hands. He is invited by a smrat party, who want to have a good dungeon."
"Dnugon? lololol! You steal good stuph, and meke us ur slave lololol!"
"Perhaps the same thing can be said for all tanks."
Ummm, definitly no. That was not a nightmare. Just a stupid dream.
Okay, then let's... hey. HEY HEY HEY! I'm still stucked in a tree! And a dammit big crazy tree.
How am I going to get down? And, more important, what will I eat?
I'm so hungry that even the fairies looks tasty.
Damn. I have a mission. Stuff like little sexy fairies can wait.
? They noticed me? But I'm supposed to be unnoticeable for youkai of all sort?
Hey! Where's the charm? Dammit.

Searching everywhere, I found it. Under the futon.
-Oh. Awaaaake?"
Someone speaks, while yawning.
-Hello, Lady Lorelei."
-Call me Mystia. I'm gonna go to sleep. Need something before?"
-Uhh. Can you help me to get down?"
-Mmmm. Yeah."
Still with her eyes closed, Mystia grabbed me by the shoulders, and flew from the nest.

Yeah. Told like that, it's not that impressive. But try to see it, please. We were on the top, maybe at... I don't know, 200m? And Mystia, still hugging me, jumped without hesitation.
Luckily, I wasn't surprised.
No. It's a lie.
n fact, I was surprised. And scared like a little boy. Maybe that's why I was still hugging her tighly.
-Mmmm. We're arrived. You can let me go now."
She said, still sleepy.
-S-s-s-sorry. You surprised me."
-My job as a youkai. Good luck."
And she let me.

She's a good cook, but she's not really good at planning and scheming.
Because, during the whole time I was running to the shop, still half-asleep, the stand was still opened.
But, by chance, there was nobody's in when I came. Pure luck.
So. Let's begin the work.
I take an apron, and I prepare some food, for me, and for a supposed customer to came.
Mmmm. Lamprey is more tasty than I thought. With some sake, it would be perfect. But I won't drink, since I have a job to do.
I'm using a stick to move the curtains. Just a little. To see where's the house to watch.
So, this house with the red roof is Ley Sôzer's. Fine. I just have to see who come in, and determine if he's with Chief or not.
-You're working later than usual, Myschi. Did something-"
Uh? Someone's here. For a while, we're looking at each other, with blank looks. And, I come back to my senses.
-Oh, hello. Do you want something?"
-Uh... Yeah. Some lampreys, please. And maybe some explanations?"
-I'm working here."
-Unusual for Mystia to hire. Did you do something to her?"
This guys is an human. And he seems pretty close to Mystia. Hey. I guess that Chief can't stop human getting closer to friendly youkais, after all.
I give him some fish that I prepared. He watch it very closely, and finally begin to eat it with a smile.
-Not bad. Maybe I'm come more in this shop if you're here."
-Why? You don't come usually?"
-No. It's just that usually, Mystia's stand is opened only during the night."
-I'll take care of it during the day, for some days."
-Hey. Mystia's incomes will break the ceiling."
I smile.
-I don't know. I started only today."
-Well, let me tell you that. Don't hesitate to ask price. If you won't, peoples will just leave without paying."
-Oh. Then, it would be, uh..."
-The prices are here."
He said, while pointing a little papers on the wall.
-Hey, thanks. THen it's..."
In japanese. The price are in japanese. The price are in numbers, of course, so it's easy to tell the price, but... what's the stuff that I just sold?
-You don't speak japanese?"
-I don't want to admit it, but it's true."
-Sigh. Of course. No human would work for a youkai. It was obvious that you were an outsider. Since you're speaking japanese, just take a paper and a pen, I'll read you."
-Why would you do that?"
-Because Mystia is a old and a trusty friend."
-Just a moment, then, please."

After that, he read the papers, who was new english in his mouth, while being japanese on the paper. So I wrote it back in new english on my own paper. Well, paper was a big word. It was just a scrap of a local newspaper.
Lamprey, miso, ramen, sake, rice alcohol.
Look like Mystia sold more things than I though.
Oh, thinking about that.
I peek Sôzer's house a little. Nothing to say. The windows are opened, and I can see someone inside, writing in an office. He's bald, so it's probably Sôzer. I should ask to be sure, but asking random question can make me suspect.
-Okay, it's done. Thanks."
-Now way, how much do I owe you?"
-Weeeell, 190 yens."
He gave me 3 coins.
Thinking about that, maybe it was a bad idea. I can speak japanese, but I don't know what is the good coin.
Mmmm. One of them is obviously a 100 yen coin. The others have to be 50, and 40. There must be something on, on a face, to allow the owner to tell its value.
Here! There is a number engraved on! "100".
All right.
Normally, I shouldn't have to deal with price superior to 1,000 Yen.

Obviously. "Normal" is not Gensokyo.
Two creatures came 5 minutes ago at the stand.
And they were still here.
The first one is a young girl in blue dress, with a big backpack.
The other one is an older girl, almost a woman, with white hairs, wolf ears, wolf tail, and a sword.
And they drunk for... Just wait a minute... 12,500 Yen.
What a drunkard. Both of them.
-I'm not drunk!"
-Yes you are, Nitori."
-Wanna see if I'm drunk? Let us fight."
Mmm, please not in the stand.
-Sounds good to me, I always have a game on me."
A game?
-Let's fight! Powerful kappa versus tiny baby wolf!"
Oh. I think I recognize this game. It's shogi. Basically like chess, but totally overpowered, since you can put your pieces where you want. I was never able to tell the differences, so I won't care about that. Just pay and leave, please.
-Before leaving, please pay. I don't want to have you reported to your boss."
I'm bluffing, but from my experience, it doesn't matter who you are, you ALWAYS have someone you're afraid of.
-Not now, maaaaan! We have to decide by an epic fight! The mighty powerful kappa Nitori Kawashiro against the wild wild wolf Momiji Inubashiri!"
-You don't stand a chance, Nitori. I was already playing shogi when you were creating your first arm."
... Are they both completly crazy, or am I the only one crazy here?

The play was... pretty interesting. Not only because it was pretty sharp -understanding a game without knowing the rules, I mean-, but also because of all the psychological attacks from the both enemies.
-Oooh, you're moving your guy here? Good, good, verrrry goood, huhuhuhu."
-Hey, what's that? You're trying to get me in your trap? My, my, it won't work that way."
-Hey, no, my Rook! Nooo!"
-Ahahaha. You lose, you pay."
After paying me, the two girls left, going back to the mountain.
So that's a kappa, hey? Cuter than I expected.
... HEY! They owed me 12,500 yens, and she paid me 13,000 yen.
Screw that. This will be a lesson for you.
So, starting from 500, it's no longer coins, but notes. Interesting.

(What can be seen...
File 128128844080.gif - (833.40KB, 267x200 , shining_race.gif) [iqdb]
After that, the day went smoothly.
Allow me to be more accurate.
I didn't have any troubles with the customers.
Look like it's not an habit to drink alcohol during the day.
Poor Mystia. During the night, I think it's harder than that. With all those drunkard coming here and drinking and stuff.
-Heeey. How are you doing?"
-I'm fine."
Oh. Great. The Master Chief just came. Hello, asshole.
-Hello too, uh..."
-Keine Kamishirasawa. Just call her Kamishirasawa, and it should be fine."
There are three peoples in the shop right now. One is a nameless villagers, that I don't know, and the two others are Keine and Master Chief. They both sit, and while Keine ask for some lamprey, Master Chief ask:
-So, why are you working here?"
Mind your own business.
-Because I can encounter lots of peoples."
-Best way to learn the face, hey?"
Still smiling. So rude. I don't know why, but looking his face make me angry. I wanna hit him.
I can't do that. I have to keep my pokerface.
-Sooo, you're walking alone, hey?"
I asked. I'm obviously trying to change the topic. Just play along, you...
-Nope. We walked together."
And Keine open her mouth.
-Yes. The youkai mountain was an interesting place."
... There's something creepy about Keine. She looks... dead.
-Oh... Yeah. That was interesting, isn't it?"
Damn. Calm down, calm down. I have to stay calm. It's them! They are getting on my nerves. Master Chief and his f*cking smile! Keine and her... dead face.
"What the hell did you do to her?" That's what I wanna ask. But I won't.
-Mmm? Oh, Keine? She's always sleepy like that after a walk."
Oh. He noticed that I was staring at Keine the whole time. So she's just sleepy, hey? I prefer that.
-Yeah. A good walk is alwaysthe best way to get tired."

I served them, and they left. After they paid me, of course.
... Something's bothering me, but I can't tell what.
Oh, time to eat. It's probably more or less 12:00 AM.
I quickly get out the stand.
The youkai mountain is very far from here.
I look the village. Just walk for 1 minute, and you're in. Maybe less.
I look again the Mountain. Mmmm. Considering the distance between the Mountain and the Village...
1 hour? Maybe more. And I'm an healthy adult, used to parkour. Master Chief is obviously not like that.
Mmm. He's walking better and better each time I see him, but there's no way he would be able to walk to the Mountain, and go back from it in only 5 hours.
And he's not stupid enough to walk outside during the night.
-I know he lied about a walk to the Mountain (because he wouldn't have time, and also because the Youkai Mountain is under Moriya's command, and this party is hostile to Chief).
-Therefore, it was impossible for Keine to be sleepy after a non-existing walk.
-So, why was Keine so sleepy in the morning?

I see only one outcome. And I don't like it.
-Bah. Not my business."

The afternoon was boring.
Not smooth, but boring.
Why? Because nobody came. I was alone, during the whole afternoon, in a empty stand, playing with two chopsticks.
-Luke... I am your father..."
And then I crossed the two chopsticks, mimicking a fight.
-Take that, you evil monster!"
-Die, you next boss!"

And the afternoon went boringly.
Finally, the night came, and the first youkai customers too.
-Hey, who're you?"
-Mystia hired me."
-Fine then. Drink and food and they'll be fine."
Oh god.
During the whole afternoon, I only had 0 customers.
And, in 5 seconds, I suddenly had 10 customers.
Let's work hard.

-And then, she said, listen to me, she said: "Isn't it like the saint who was crucified?""
-BWAHAHAHAHA! That's sooo like her!"
I beg of you, come and save me...
I can't bear those drunkard anymore...
-Hello here. Things're looking good, isn't it?"
-Mystia! I'm happy to see you."
Yes, it's finally her.
Dammit, I could die twenty times.
I remove my apron.
-My shift is done. Good luck with them."
-Yes. Good night."
-You too."

And I left her, walking back to the sleeping place.
Sleep. Sleep.
I'm so tired that I can't even walk right.
A... rope ladder..."
Thanks Mystia.

Pick a dream:
[] A day in Remilia's life.
[] The night of the living so nanoka.
>Well, to keep the tone low, I'll let you know that, from now on, this CYOA will no longer be proofread.
...This CYOA was proofread? Seriously?
Don't start a troll, amateur. Just focus on the story, and leave the rest behind.
[x] A day in Remilia's life.

If you were proofreading, you certainly could have fooled us.
File 128135985658.png - (37.25KB, 256x256 , eff06.png) [iqdb]
[] A day in Remilia's life.

I have another dream.
I see a red coffin, deep buried in a cave.
And, suddenly, a white little girl with red eyes come out from the coffin.
And she screams:
-Haaa! Finally, I can live again in my touhouvania! The whole night to spend on pleasure!"
And then an old woman with purples hairs come:
-Good morning Remiliaaaa!"
-Well, if it's not my loyal friend, Knowledge! How goes it?"
-I made your favorite pork roast!"
-Oh boy! Pork roast!"
-How's the pork roast, Remilia?"
-This pot-roast is delicious! How went my state?"
-Your state has gone wonderful Remilia. In fact, we have all of your money in the money vault."
But then Meiling came.
-Hu! Remilia! Remilia!"
-This better be important, 'cause I'm trying to enjoy my tea."
-The... There's a Reimu in the castle!"
Remilia spat her tea in Pachy's face, and screams:
-A REIMU IN THE CASTLE? Oh shit. God damn. Fuck Shit. Already! Knowledge! Knowledge! How am I supposed to keep my money! Last time I hid it, she stole it! Fucking bitch! Oh my god. God damn-.
But Patchouli answered:
-Remilia! Reimu has took down Meiling."
-FUCKING USELESS MEILING! I PAID THAT BITCH SO MUCH MONEY TO TAKE DOWN REIMU, AND... That's it! She just lost her Meiling name! She's now an normal China enemy! Like those fairies!"
-Remilia! Reimu has took down your dog!"
After a while, Patchouli smiled, and said:
-Don't worry Remilia. I'll take her d- Ha no nono, she's already here, ha she's using an holy stick, and she's -ah ha ah I'm dead."
-WHAAAAAAAT? ALREADYYYYYYYYYYYY? GOD DAMMIT! Ok ok. All right. It's time to create new moves. Ok. Let's begin with what I now. Fireballs! HAHAHAHA! Okay that's good. Fire boomerang! RELEASE MY TRUE POWER! Good. All right. Giant Bat From! PLAY TIME'S OVER! TRANSFOOOOOORM! Yeah, yeah. It's good. All right. Perhaps it will be enough. Perhaps, perhaps that Reimu is playing in her office computer, and the same move will take her down. All right. I'll sit, make up my hairs, and let's go."
And Reimu came.
-Die monster! You don't belong in this Gensokyo!"
-It was not by my hands that I once again given flesh. I was called here by Yukari-, who wished to... What, Reimu? Cut the crap, what are you doing in here? I just prepared, I waited very long for this night, and you're already here!"
-Tribute? You steal Anon's souls, and make them your slaves!"
-What? Reimu, Reimu, I never said anything about tribute! How do you-"
-Your words are empty as your charisma! Mankind ill needs a savior."
-Yeah, yeah..."
-WHAT IS A MAN!! A MISERABLE LITTLE PILE OF BULLSHIT! That's what I think! Reimu, you fucking ass! But enought talk! Have at you!"
And then, for a while, it was epic. For 5 seconds, it was epic.
But shortly after, Reimu started spamming the same attack.
-Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle!"
-Reimu, stop it! Stop it! I can't touch you, and you can't touch me either, so stop it!"
-Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle!"
-Dammit, Reimu, how many bombs do you have?"
-Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle!"
-Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle! Evil-Sealing Circle!"
-Dammit! I give up! Just kill me!"
-Go on, kill me! Use Persuasion Needles or something!"
-... Evil-Sealing Circle!!"
-Haaa! It cannot be!!! AaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAhh.... Fucking ass."
And everything went dark.
-Where am I? In the darkness again."
-Hello Remilia."

Seriously, I'm slowly thinking that staying in Gensokyo may turn me crazy.
No, no. Make me crazy.
That's it. I'm awake.
What kind of dream what that? It remind me something, but... I can't say. If I had an Internet connection or something... Bah.
Screw that, that was probably stupid.
Let's get back to business.
I dress like usual, and I go to the stand.
Wait a minute...
I don't remember undressing myself yesterday...
I feel a cold sweat coming down my spine.
Was I... eaten?
No, I would have noticed it if...
Let's end this work, and get back to my home!
And I still have to close the tap.

-Hello Mystia."
-'sup. Good luck. Good day."
She was relly tired today. Did the night was 'interesting'? Did she got lots of customers?
Look like it.
Well, my turn to work.
I prepare some meat. Mainly for me.
-Hello there!"
But I somehow have the feeling that I'll have to share.
-Oh. Hello, Chief."
Of course. It's him.
-Hello Graham. How was the night?"
-I dunno, I work only during the day. Otherwise, I couldn't work this hard."
-Yeah right."
His tone changed. I notice it immediatly. When he came, it was with a smile, and now, he's deadly serious.
-... Is something who's bothering you?"
He takes a long pause, and finally answer:
-Did you encounter a tall woman recently?"
... Is he talking about Byakuren?
-I... don't know... Can you tell me more about her?"
If he's asking me informations about Byakuren, I'll have to lie. If he have an idea about how much we progressed... I'm afraid he may try to sabotage the ship.
-Not Byakuren. I'm talking about another big woman. But I don't know her name."
-... Can you give me a description?"
-Well, it's a tall woman. Almost as tall as Byakuren. She's awfully white, with silver hairs. And she's always wearing a black dress, with her hood covering her face."
-... Well, I know a woman with an hood, who lloks like a monk, but... She's too small for that. And she don't have the hairs you described."
-What else... On her dress, there are strange pattern, purple and brown..."
-I'm sorry, I don't know her."
-Why are you interesting by her?"
He rise his face suddenly, with a frown on his face.
-...! For nothing! I just wanted to talk with her! That's all!"
So Keine is not enough for you?
-Speaking about Keine, she's not with you?"
He looks dumbfounded for a while, and finally realize who I'm talking about.
-Oh? Keine? She's a teacher, after all. She can miss some class, but she's a teacher before being an assistant."
-An assistant. Right."
-... Yes, an assistant. You don't have any idea how the ancients of this village are snake-like! They won't do anything, and when you're in the wall, they just say 'We told you, young man.'"
-Sounds awful to work with them."
-You have no idea."
He's staring me.
-Do you want to try this? Just for a day? To see if you're good?"

[] Accept. I'll be the Chief. For a day. Perhaps it will be simpler to accomplish my mission if I'm closer from my target. Besides, I was an moderator. I know how to gain respect.
[] Decline. I have my own duty to carry over before. And, for God's sake, I just want to get the f*ck out of this place! I can't even take a crap, without having to wipe my ass with strange plants.


Perhaps you noticed it, but Graham's dream was a reference to an audio funny sketch.
The creator is nicknamed, if I'm right, "Kajetokun".
And, for some reason, his movie disappeared.
Since my only voter is actually taking an holiday, I guess I finally have enough free time to focus on shorts stories.
This one is officially in hiatus unthil there's enough vote to decide what'll happen.
[x] Decline. I have my own duty to carry over before.

We made a deal before, and can't exactly trust the guy.
[x] Decline. I have my own duty to carry over before. And, for God's sake, I just want to get the f*ck out of this place! I can't even take a crap, without having to wipe my ass with strange plants.
File 128170797577.png - (59.01KB, 256x256 , eff09rm1.png) [iqdb]
[] Decline. I have my own duty to carry over before. And, for God's sake, I just want to get the f*ck out of this place! I can't even take a crap, without having to wipe my ass with strange plants.

-Mmm. No way."
-Oh? Too bad, I guess. I though I could finally take a break. Well, it's the price to be the boss."
-You still can give up."
-I can't. I didn't chose to be the leader. Villagers entrusted me with the job. I can't let them."
-You don't believe me? Fine. See ya."
-Hey, wait."
-You said that villagers entrusted you."
-But I heard that the Ancients weren't really happy about a young guy like you to be the boss."
-Bah. They are just dog. All they do is bark."
-So you don't have any trouble with them?"
-Nah. There are two ancients I have trouble with, in fact. The first is Ley Sôzer."
!!! Well, thanks for the information. My mission is done.
-And the second?"
-It's Keine. I have trouble with her. You have no idea..."
Well, he's obviously joking about that. I can tell.
Was he serious about Sôzer?
I'm not sure anymore. I have to be sure, once and for all.
If he lied to me about Keine, it's possible that he lied to me about Sôzer.
I have to be sure, because Byakuren won't be satisfied with just some suppositions. She needs solid facts.
-Yeah, well see ya."
-See ya."

I need to think deeply about that.
Did he lied? Or was he serious?
Supposition number one: he don't know that I work for Byakuren. So, he don't have any good reason to lie to me.
Supposition number two: he don't think that I can be truly interested by politic, so he don't really have any reasons to tell me the truth. Why would I be interested, since I don't live in the village?
Supposition number three: he know that I work for Byakuren, and he tried to lie to me, in order to get Byakuren wrong.
I'll try something.

-Hey, Chief?"
-Were you serious about Keine? Is she really a bother to you?"
I ask him about Keine. For him, it's natural that I get worried about someone I know. If I asked about Sôzer, he would find it suspicious, since I'm not supposed to know him.
-Keine? Oh no! I'm just worried about her?"
-Uh? But she's fine?"
-Yeah. Just a little tired. Maybe I should ask a doctor or something..."
-But were you serious about the other guy? Is he a bother too?"
-Him? Oh, Sôzer. He's a pain in the foot."
-But how? Aren't you supposed to be the chosen Chief?"
I ask about everything, except Sôzer. This way, I can drown the fish, if you see what I mean.
-Yep. But I'm the executive body, and the ancients are supposed to be legislative body. In fact, they are spending their time bad-mouthing me, while I'm doing all the works."
-Yep. Sôzer is almost on my side, but sometimes, he's soo... happy to help, that his actions are playing against me."
I see. So Sôzer is with Chief. That's golden information.
-Good luck with that. We're counting on you."
-I'm always doing the dirty work..."
And he left.

I spent the day in a state of excitation. My mission was done. All I have to do now, is to wait for the week to end, and report that to Shou. I guess she'll be happy.
I don't have any customers, now, but I'm in a good mood.
"Happy birthday, my olde freund, it seems this horror show will never end..."
What a good day.
The sun is shining, the grass is growing, the birds are flying, and I, bro?
I sing.
"Hamster... A dentist! Hard porn, steven seagull. Warrior! This rifle! In me, the fishmaster! Nananananana..."
Hey. Listening to misheard lyrics. It will be the first thing I'll do when I'll be back in my house.
Turning on my computer, hearing "All your base are belong to us" as a welcome song, and after that, I'll go on GenTube, and...
I shake my head. It's not the time to screw everything. Take your time.
I'm watching Gensokyo. It's a very beautiful place.

In my country, we don't really see the sun.
Didn't I told you about my birthplace, already?
No? Then, allow me to explain.
I was borned on a place, named Jamestown. I don't remember this place well, except that the whole town looked like a swamp.
After 7 years, we moved in another city named Boston. I remember it well, because when we arrived, the whole city was burning.
I understood it only several years after. The New English tried to rebel against the english empire. Immediatly, the King ordered to 'clean the city'.
What are you asking? Why did we had a king?
You silly. That wasn't our king. It was the english King. The New England was under the British Empire's domination. And, because new english tried several times to rebel against the empire, we were like treated like scum.
According to historians, maybe it would have been differents if we received strangers help. But we fought alone, and we lost.

After that, I'll pass you the details, but the New England became a dark place. In a litteral sense. Industry came, and everything with. According to scientist, we can make everything with just steam.
So the new england became like a paradise for those crazy experiments.
All kind of strange engines were created, all working with steam. It was interesting, but dangerous.
Coal, iron, water.
Someone said that New England could live with only those ressources.
Maybe engines can live with just coal and water, but the peoples who're filling the demented engines can't.

I shake my head.
Boston was a nice place for a child. Lots of hiding place.
Not nice at all, in fact. No a single school. You learned by yourself, or you died from starvation.
When I grew up, things slowly changed.
Steam wasn't so powerful. So many peoples gave up on that.
They left the city, leaving the engines.
Without industry, Boston slowly died.
Famine came.
And the English Empire didn't do anything.
Why? Because food was too expensive. Why give food to lazy peoples who can't even work?
I shake my head.
I did it again.
I can be happy.

I wonder if I really want to go back.
-Heeeyy! Aren't you slacking off?"
Oh, Mystia.
-I'm not, boss! I'm working hard for your sake!"
-Yeah, I'll take the shift. Free time for you!"
-Wow. Thanks!"
But I don't really want to walk now.
Thinking about Boston depressed me. I think I'll just go back to Mystia's place, and sleep.
-See ya, boy! And good work! Nothing is missing!"
-Trust me, Lady!"

I go back to Mystia, trying to smile.
But the mood is definitly destroyed.
... I can say I'm happy, but I can't really be happy.
Let's just sleep.
Tomorrow, everything will be forgotten.
Let's sleep.

Pick a dream:
[] The night of the living so nanoka. Fooling around, I see? Enjoy your time.
[] The Midnight Well. Fight your past.


Trust your instinct.
[x] The Midnight Well. Fight your past.
[x] The night of the living so nanoka. Fooling around, I see? Enjoy your time.
Third time we see this choice... besides I don't want us to wake up tomorrow all depressed and crap. Fooling around so we forget about the... wha? What timeline are we from again? Something is wrong here...

(yeah I know I should've probably picked the other option...)

Yes! I'm back! HELL that was boring... glad I have the rest of August for myself...
>I tried to find my usual proofreader on the chan.
Was this me? (yeah I'm anon here derp but whatever) Sorry I was away...
Changing vote due to >>121840
[x] The Midnight Well. Fight your past.
Oh right almost forgot
>[x]Mystia's stand.
HA! Yes it won! Kinda like your Mystia regardless of how little we actually speak with her, despite her giving us shelter and being our boss. I guess day/night shifts kind of punch us in the face there.

Keep it up! Keep it up! (Higher works too) Imagination~ Mystiaa~
File 128181737194.png - (53.30KB, 256x256 , eff01.png) [iqdb]
Well, I tried to write something serious this time, because Graham fooled around for a while. But I don't know how it come out that way. I don't like this, but rewriting it won't make it better, so I'll let it like that.


[x] The Midnight Well. Fight your past.

I don't sleep very well.
For some reason, each time that I' have a peaceful dream, I see two eyes, and I woke up in fear.
Each time. I guess it happened 5 times already.
Was I shocked by a red pattern or something today?
Maybe I was subconciously shocked by something, and this 'something' is in my dream.
Dammit subconcious stuff.
Let's try once again.

Finally. It wasn't easy for me to find you. You are a difficult human to find, Graham.
Who is this? Something is speaking to me in my dream.
Please, I had an strange day, I just want to sleep.
Unfortunatly, I can't allow that. You see, madness is something very strange. Sometimes, it's lonely.
What do you mean?
Actually, I'm possessed by some strange kind of madness. So I think you might be able to help me.

I open my eyes.
I'm in a forest.
Wow. I see a strange building in front of me.
I don't see it very well.
Too much red.
Logical dream is logical.
Don't try to find any logic in my twisted subconcious.
Where will I go?
Turn right.
Is that ... a pool?
Go in. You're sweating, and the water must be good.
That's not ... hey, wait, I'm really sweating!
Cool water. Looking good, hey? Ha ha ha.
I'm... not really interested.
Dam... Damn...
I jump in the water.
Perfect. Just what I needed.
Everything is going dark.

I come back to my senses.
I'm in a cage.
And... everything is pitch black.
All I can see is my own cage.
"I really appreciate your cooperation. Graham."
"Who are you?"
I am shouting. I'm dreaming that I'm shouting. It doesn't make sense.
"SENSE? LOGIC? HA HA HA HA! GIVE UP. You'll need neither of them."
"... Flandre?"
Madness. Flandre. Makes sense.
"How can you be... inside of my dream? Am I dreaming?"
"No. That's my power. Madness is something who's very infectious."
"Hey. If you're trying to make me crazy, you're too young for that."
"No, no. I don't want to make you crazy. I just want to see how you react. In front of truth."
Something come in front of my cage.
It's a little girl, with red clothes, and scarlet eyes. Her wings are beautiful.
-That's me."
-Is this really a dream?"
-Wanna check this out?"
What the hell just happened?
-You're trapped in your own mind. It's a really interesting thing. I can't really explain it well, but sometimes, I can... enter in synchronization with someone, and know EVERYTHING about them."
-And how's this related to my pain?"
-Hey. I came in your mind, and I trapped you. And I'll stay here, unless you give me what I want."
-What do you want? My semen?"
-HAHAHA. So funny. Wanna some more?"
AAAAAAAaaaaah! What was that? It was like... getting kicked in the chest.
-Remember the pain, Graham. That's all I want."
-I also want truth."
-Hey. Madness if something infectious. I told you. So, if you go crazy, I'll be free. Even if it's just for a little bit."
While saying that, she's smiling. Like a demon.

She come near my cage, and ask:
-You want to know the truth?"
-I want to know the truth."
Her smile become horrifying.
-Hey. I wonder..."
-This girl. Mystia. You appreciate her, don't you?"
-Does she know..."
-...about you?"
-... What do you mean?"
-Hehehehe. I wonder. Does she know? Well, considering that even you don't..."
It was like... getting burning oil in the hands.
-Does she know... that you're a rapist?"

-You don't remember it? Let me remember it for you."
-There was this girl... How old was she? 15-16 years old?"
-No... It didn't happened! You're lying!"
-You liked her... But she never looked at you. Not even a single time."
-No... You're lying..."
-Because you weren't good? Or maybe it was because you always acted like an smart-ass?"
-... It never happened..."
-One day, you followed her... Like usual. A bit stalker, weren't you?"
I fall in the ground, almost broken. I know what she'll say. I don't want to hear it.
-The street was empty. You looked carefully. Left. Right. Nobody. You get near her. She don't hear you. She's focused on tomorrow test."
-Shut up."
-You grab her by the shoulders, and you thow her inside the garbage..."
I close my ears. But it doesn't stop her.
"I wonder what kind of thing possessed you that time. Were you really yourself?"
... Shut up...
"She immediatly understood what you were trying to do, and she tried to scream for help. You put an handkerchief in her mouth, you pushed it really hard."
It never happened...
"After that, you just had fun. More and more fun."
I scream!
Immediatly, I receive punishment.
It's like receiveing acid on my whole body.
"You really enjoyed it, didn't you?"
"Raping this innocent girl. She killed herself, after that, didn't she?"
"When you heard about that, you weren't worried. You weren't sorry. You were..."
"... HAPPY. You raped an innocent girl, and she died because of you. And you were happy."
I will never be able to find redemption.
"You aren't looking for redemption, right?"
I enjoyed that. Deying this fact would have been a lie.
"And you think that, because you enjoyed that, you will never be able to redeem yourself?"
Monster don't find redemption. Monster just live.
"Go find the Yama. Now. I can't broke you completly."
Find the Yama. Understood.
"You are like this other guy. Too human to be completly broken. Not funny."
I'll find the Yama.
"You forgot about that. You forgot from the bottom of your heart. You never looked for redemption. And yet, I can't break you. Why is that?"
I have to find the Yama. I'll receive judgement.
"When you'll be right. Come and find me. I'll be waiting for you. I wanna know. COME AND FIND ME."
When I'll be fine, go and see her. Understood.
"Oh, and bring my curse with you."

I wake up.
I'm crying.
Something I never wanted to know came to my mind.
I have to find the Yama.
My head is broken.
I can't think.
Go find the Yama.
I have to find her.
Where should I go?
The Hizan River.
I'll go to the Hizan River.

Moving like a sleepwalker, I rise from the bed.
I get out the nest.
I see... an explosion in the Youkai Mountain.
What happened?
I don't know.
I don't care.
I just have to find the Yama.

Days passed. I walked.
I don't eat. I don't drink.
I have to find the Yama.
Go find the Yama.
I have to do it.
No choice.
No escape.
-Hey. You dead-looking guy."
-Yeah, you. What are doing here?"
I'm looking for -go find the Yama- the Yama.
-But you're not dead."
I have to find the Yama. I have to receive judgement.
-... Well. Not my trouble. Come aboard my modest ship."

-Komachi? What is he doing here?"
-He just wanted to see you, boss."
-But he's still alive."
-'just said he didn't care."
-Well, I have work to do, so I let you."
I don't see anything.
No food. No drink.
I'm not dead, but I won't last long.
I... I want... I want to...
-Hey, you!"
-Look at me!"
I rise my head.
-Oh, you're- hey, this human is possessed!"
Oh, good. Make sense.
-Bah. I just deal with this little possessing thing after."
-I just want to know you."
She's using some kind of mirrors.

[] Guilty. "Lying to you will bring you eternal madness. Recognize your sin."
[] Not guilty. "It's just a daydream, unfortunatly."
[x] Not guilty. "It's just a daydream, unfortunatly."
[x] Guilty. "Lying to you will bring you eternal madness. Recognize your sin."

Enough of being insane. Shall we try something else for a change?
We already admitted we *khm* raped that girl so we now need to find a mew driving force and redeeming ourselves might just be the thing. How we're going to do that however, is beyond me.

Yeah I'm late. Blame the new Super Marisa Land.

You should really write more serious updates... seriously...
>I don't like this, but rewriting it won't make it better, so I'll leave it like this.
It came out quite fine.
Waiting for a third vote. Don't take your time, things will get serious now.

Oh, and [url]http://www.vuvuzela-time.co.uk/www.touhou-project.com/th/res/119553.html[/url]
[x] Guilty. "Lying to you will bring you eternal madness. Recognize your sin."

Ugh... why would you post that... vuvuzela fad is over.
File 128203969883.gif - (1.14MB, 322x242 , wrestling1.gif) [iqdb]
For you, Q, I changed my habit!


[] Guilty. "Lying to you will bring you eternal madness. Recognize your sin."

I have to recognize it.
I made something unforgivable.
I want to be atoned for my sin, but in the same time, I have the feeling that asking for redemption for something that I like would be... bad.
"I see."
"Since you're dead, I can make you a gift. I will allow you to return to the living world. Take your sins into consideration, and find redemption."
"Otherwise, I'll have you sent to hell."
"So... There is hope..."
"There is still hope. Even with something like that. There is hope."
"... Thanks god."
"You searched for a redemption. You live alone. You don't let anyone come near you. You are trying to punish yourself, while thinking you're beyond redemption."
"... I enjoyed it. I enjoyed raping her."
"You are not judging yourself."
"... You..."
"I AM the judge here. If you try, and if you can atone for this, I will forgive you."
"... But I won't forgive myself."
"I am the Yama. I can forgive even the unforgivable. If you receive my pardon, you will be free."
"... What should I do?"
"Spread good around you. Act like a saint. But don't hope anything in return. Don't ask everything. Accept what you receive."
"... Becoming an hermit?"
"Basically, that's it. But there are other way."
"Komachi. Bring him back to the living world."
"Yes boss!"
"... Thank you, Yama."

The shinigami brought me back to the living world.
I was... free.
I had... a chance.
I was given a chance.
Act like a saint.

With that in mind, I run to the Byakuren temple.
Byakuren is a saint, as I heard.
So maybe she'll be able to help me.
I... I want to...
I want the Yama to forgive me.

I see the temple.
Look like there is a ruckus.
Nazrin is looking everywhere, and the hooded girl is leaning on something.
"What happened?"
Finally, Nazrin notice me;
"Where were you? Conagher was killed while you were away!"
... What?
"Conagher? What happened?"
"That's what I want to know! Shou is gone, and Lady Byakuren is nowhere to be seen!"
"What the hell just happened?"
Finally, the hooded girl -Ichirin- talk.
"He was murdered."
"Lady Byakuren and Shou are thinking that Chief is responsable for that."
"Are you saying they went to the village?"
I look at Nazrin.
"That's not good! If it's really Chief, then it's a trap! He'll trap them, and if they resist, he can use that to show how violent they are."
"But Lady Byakuren isn't a violent person!"
"Perhaps. But if she's seen having a violent behavior in the village, she'll be done for. And maybe she'll be sealed again, if the miko hear that!"
"I'll go, and warn them!"
Nazrin begin floating, and she begin to fly toward the village.
Now, I'm alone, with Ichirin.
"I hope everything'll be okay."
"Nazrin is very dedicated to Shou. Don't worry about her."
I lean on Conagher's corpse, and I ask:
"So, what happened?"
I sound cool, but in fact,I can't really believe what's happening. If Ichirin wasn't here, I would be nervous and everything.
But someone's here. I have to be strong. I can't show any weakness.
My head is still dizzy. I have hope. I can redeem. But I'll have to work.
"He... He... Look at his face!"
She's usually calmer than that.
The face? Well, it- oh, I see.
There is a bolt buried in his face. Well, I guess it's a bolt. It look like an arrow, but I heard that bolt are supposed to be shorter.
I try to pull it.
Nope. It's deep buried. And maybe it's a broadhead bolt. The kind of thing that you can't remove without removing the face.
Damn, I wanna puke.
That's really disgusting. His face is just a pile of minced meat.
I never expected a bolt to be this dangerous.
I ask to Ichirin:
"Where is the Captain Murasa?"
"She's still in the engine room."
"... I have to go to the village. I don't have any confidence in Byakuren's abilities to stay calm after that."
"... Don't underestimate her, she's a saint."
"Well, saint or not, she'll need any help she can get."
"What should I do with ..."
"With him? I don't know. Just take him inside. Don't let him rot outside."
"... Okay."
"I go help Byakuren. I hope she won't need help, but hope aren't everything."

I go. Without looking back.
Byakuren is my only chance to get redemption. I won't let this chance slip from me.
Luckily, the temple is close to the village, so I'll be arrived soon enough.
Trees. Why is this land covered by trees?
When I arrived, I was under trees. When I worked at Mystia's stand, I was under trees. When I was back from Yama's place, I found myself under trees.
"Stop here."
... Who talked?
"Stop here."
... I freeze.
Someone arrive in sight.
It's a big black thing.
Is that an youkai? Darmn, where is the charm?
The thing come closer to me. And I can say that it's an youkai.
She don't seems hostile.

Now, she's so close to me, that I can see her precisely.
She's tall. That's the first thing I notice. And she's white. Not her clothes, who are darker, but her skin is awfully white.
I don't think she went out enough for her own health. She's paler than a vampire.
Last thing, she has green eyes, and silver hairs.
Combines to her strange clothes, it give her a great presence.
Hey, wait! Green eyes, silver hairs, white skin... That's the woman Chief talked about when he came to the Stand!
I try something:
"What do you want from me?"
She picks something in her pocket.
"Take that."
Wow. She talked without moving her lips. In herhand, there's a ... card?
I take it. It's a tarot card. Pretty pretty, by the way.
On one side, there are something written in japanese. I can't read it.
On the other side, there's a picture of a man, on a wagon.
Hey, I know that! That's "The Chariot"! It's a card from divinatory tarot!
... What its signification?
"Hey, why-"
... Where is she? Oh god, not the cliché mysterious disappearance!!
Well, screw that, I have to go.
Oh dear. Did I heard something like a gunshot? Because I think I heard something like that!

Aaaaaand... crap. It's too late.
How to descrbie quietly what's happening?
Well, there's a battle, near the village.
Byakuren, Shou and Nazrin are fighting against differents peoples, all clothed in dark.
I see some villagers with firearms, but luckily they don't move.
I guess they are neutrals in this brawl.
Well. I said brawl. It's pretty close.
Nazrin is fighting with her dowsing rod, Shou is using her spear, while Byakuren is fighting hand-to-hand.
The defenders are a group of dark guys.
... The same who were with Chief when he came to the temple. I guess they are Chief's minions.
Obviously, some of them aren't humans. Otherwise, they would have been defeated long time ago.
Byakuren may not look like it, but she's pretty good, considering her age. She's moving fastly, and she hits hard.
But I have to say that she sucks otherwise. She don't have any style, and she's fighting like a mad dog.
... HELL, WHAT AM I THINKING? I should help them.
I run to help them. We are 4, against 6 of them. It will be hard.
I grab a guy by the collar, from behind, and I pull. He falls on the ground.
As fast as I can, I kick him in the chest with all my strengh.
"Taste my foot!"
He's out for a while. My next target is...
Someone is grab- no, throwing me!
"I'm flying!"
Hell! Who do you think you're throwing like that?
I run to him, and I jump on him, trying to kick him on the head.
He counters by grabbing my leg, and throw me again.
... It reminds me something. I think there's a combat style like that. I don't know is it's Karate, Jiu Jutsu or Aikido.
Stay calm. I have to stay calm. If I go mad after him, he'll defeat me easily.
I can't beat him, but I can keep him busy long enough to let Byakuren defeat the others.
I wonder if we have a single chance. I can't believe it.
We are getting owned by a bunch of human.
Hey, Byakuren! You're a magician! You're supposed to be faster, stronger, deadlier!
Hey crap, the karate guy is coming back for me! He's charging!
I let him approach, and I jump on the side.
"Do a barell roll!"
That's what I did. I did a barell roll.
Okay, he's out too. I underestimate the strengh of an unmovable tree. And him too.
Good night boy. Next time, don't try to headbutt a tree!
Who will be the other one?
Okay, asshole. YOU will be my next victim.
I punch him in the head, and after in the stomach.
He blocks the first hit, but take the second.
"Stop that."
He punch me, while I punch him.
"Hey, you two, did you heard me?"
He's strangling me!! I kick him in the groin.
"Stop that!"
Haha! Suffer my holy kick!
"Hey, Graham!! There's a cheese-flavored crap right here!!"
Where? Where?
There is a silence. Chief finally arrived, and he stopped the fight.
"Okay. Lady Byakuren, I guess you're in charge right now? Will you come with me, in order to settle this fight?"
"I'm sorry, but I can't let anyone here."
She don't want to stay alone. Everyone get it. That's simple.
Chief don't answer. One of his minion suddenly speaks:
"If everyone is in, they won't have any place big enough. I suggest we talk in a neutral place."
Chief ask:
"What do you suggest?"
"The Misty Lake is neutral."
"I see. Are you fine with this, Lady Byakuren?"
Clever. If Byakuren don't agree with that, then she'll lost her position, and won't be able to justify this agression.
I wasn't here when it began, but I'm expecting the worst. If Byakuren was really the one who started the fight, then she'll have to justify herself.
Otherwise, Reimu can hear about that, and...
No good.
"I accept."
Good choice.

We're near the Misty Lake. I think I can see the Scarlet Devil Mansion from here.
Look like a red square, on a island. Just like a fairy tale's castle.
Duh. Just like a devil tale's castle.
Unfortunatly, there's a several fairies wandering around. Which means that several Chief's minions were dispatched to keep the fairies busy.
Chief begin the discussion:
"So. Why did you attacked my men?"
Byakuren answers:
"One of us has been attacked, and murdered."
"And you think that I'm responsable for this?"
Shou answers:
"No, we just wanted to know if you knew something."
Yeah. Look like Shou is short-tempered, but is really able to make good decisions from time to time.
For a while, Chief don't answer. Look like he's thinking deeply.
But about what? Finally, he answers:
"Well. It's a little complicated, if you want to know."
Byakuren answer:
"I'm ready to hear your explanation."
"Mmm. Well, I think that one of my men killed Conagher."
"Unfortunatly, I never gave any order in this way-"
Byakuren cut him.
"So you think that one of your men went alone and killed Conagher?"
Chief answer in a casual tone:
"You know, Byby, sometimes, there's this thing called initiative, who-"
Shout cut him:
"We're talking about DEATH! One of your minions killed someone! We want him!"
... They're going on Chief's nerves. I can tell it by looking.
Strange. It's not like Byakuren to be rude like that. Making him mad won't help us.
Is she really planning that, or is she just emotional?
"And I'm talking about orders. One of my men didn't listen to my order. Which means that I'll deal with him, because I'm the one who was-"
Shout cut him again:
"We aren't interested by your orders! We want the murdered! He must repent about this!"
"Unfortunatly, I am the boss. Which mean that I'm the only one in charge. I can't give you one of my men, just because you want-"
"Then if you're in charge, you're responsable-"
Wow. Chief snapped.
This is a threatening silence. From both sides. Chief is furious after Shou, and Shou is furious too. Nazrin is quite shocked, and Byakuren... is smiling? What the hell? Is she fond of- No, what am I thinking?
"Discussion's over. I'll keep my man. You'll be dead before seeing him."
And Chief leave, taking his minions with him.
Finally, Nazrin speaks:
"Look like you pissed him off."
Shou doesn't answer. But she's holding her spear very tightly.
I bet it's not the good time to make fun of her.
Byakuren ask:
"Maybe we should go back to the temple, and prepare Conagher's funeral?"
"Good idea."
"Yes, M'Lady."
... No, wait.
"Please, wait, Lady Byakuren, I have something to ask you!"
"Is that so? Shou, Nazrin, please, go on. We'll see you at the temple."
Mumbling, the both of them left.

I spoke to Byakuren.
First, I spoke about the mission she gave me, about everything Chief told me.
After, I spoke about the woman that Chief is looking for. I even show her the card.
And after...
I... I want to say... about this nightmare, and about what I did, but...

How can I say it?
[] Write-in. Don't mention Flandre, since Graham can't remember her.


Did my best, but it's harder than I expected to put fight scene in written stories.
About the fight, yeah: the reason why it's a real fight, and not a spellcard duel, is that Chief's men don't have any spellcard.
The choice may seems artificial, but I honestly don't have any idea about how you're supposed to say to a saint, supposely a virgin, that you raped a girl.
If the write-in is good, I'll keep it. If there's some part who can be OOC, I'll warn you.
...damn...Well she's a saint so just telling her about it with puppy dog eyes and saying you're sorry should maybe kind of work...in a way... we're asking for advice anyway right?
Oops, excuse me!
MC want to know how he can gain redemption, so it's basically advice.
Oh right write in write in...
[~]Just tell her everything, ask for advice, forgiveness and hope she doesn't throw you out.
File 128238463956.png - (376.20KB, 353x1200 , ef922f57cce0b6e733c431de6ab901ee.png) [iqdb]
[x]Just tell her everything, ask for advice, forgiveness and hope she doesn't throw you out.

"So he's looking for this woman..."
"... What else?"
"What do you mean?"
"You look like you have something else to say."
"Oh. Yeah. Well... It's about... Well, I don't really know how to say it..."
"Just try."
"Okay. I... did something... something really serious."
"It happened a long time ago. So everyone forgot. Even me. But.... something happened, and now I remember..."
"What was that?"
"... S... Something who drove a girl to kill herself."
"That was ... pretty serious. But I never try to... get rid of my guilt... Because I think that you have to bear your sin if you enjoyed it..."
"You... enjoyed it?"
"That's why I... need your help."
She stop looking at me, and look at the sky for a while. I stare her. I am no longer a human garbage. I have my pride. I'll try to find redemption, but I will fight if I need.
I'm not a carpet. I'm a man. I will do anything.
"You know... There are four truths that you need to know before getting what you want."
"I'm listening."
"The sin you're bearing is heavy. You can't get rid of it, unless you try very hard. To get rid of it, you must understand the four noble truths."
"The first one is the Dukkha, it's the Suffering. I guess you already got this noble truth. Dukkha learn us that life is an eternal suffering. Whatever you'll craving for, it will bring you suffering. Because you won't reach it, or because it wasn't like you expected it."
"Does that mean that I'll never be able to redeem?"
"It means that you must be prepared for a unexpected redemption."
"The second Noble Truth is Dukkha Samudaya, the Origin of Suffering. I know you're suffering. But why? Find the answer to your question, and I'll tell you more about the last Noble Truths."

And then, she leave, letting me alone.
I'm alone. On a beach.
Origin of Suffering.
I sit down, on the sand.

Why am I seeking redemption?
I enjoyed it. Telling anything else would be a lie.
I enjoyed it, so why am I feeling guilty? Pain and pleasure can't be melted. Otherwise, you're a masochist.
No. That's not true. I'm not melting pain and pleasure. I'm trying to remember the pleasure, because forget it would be a sin.
I enjoyed that. I'm feeling guilty, but I enjoyed it. If I was masochist, I wouldn't be seeking redemption.
I'm trying to get rid of suffering. But can I get rid of my sin, while keeping the pleasure?
Damn, it's hard. If I forget the pleasure, then I'll forget my sin. And that's not what I want. I want to keep pleasure, and get rid of my burden.
But, isn't it immoral? I'll keep the memory of a good party, and I'll live without feeling guilty.

I'm not getting nowhere.
I should ask someone. But I don't want anyone in the temple to know about it.
I should ask to Keine. She's a teacher, so she might be able to help me. Aaaah, impossible... She's in the village, and Chief is angry after us now.
If I try to go, I'll be shot.
And if I-
"Hello there!"
"Wow! Someone's here!"
"Ley Sôzer, in the right place."
"Mmmm. Don't wanna talk with anybody."
"I'm not here to talk."
"What do you mean?"
"I heard that another guy was killed?"
"Yeah. Conagher."
"I'm the one who did that."
"Yeah, sur- wait what?"
Oh crap! He's pointing a crossbow toward me!
"See that? It's a pretty accurate crossbow! I managed to kill your friend without even showing myself!"
"Why do you show yourself, now?"
"Because I have some grudge toward you."
"Coincidence, I have some grudge toward you too."
"By your fault, Chief is looking after me."
"Everyone has his own trouble, boy. And by the way, why is he looking after you?"
"Because I acted on my own initiative."
"Make sense. That's why Chief want to take you alive."
"That was pretty clever from you, Specialist, but unfortunatly, I ordered to the Griefer to keep an eye on him. I knew you would came."
Other guys in black come, following Chief.
"I can tolerate stupid behavior like yours, but I can't stan rebellion. You're trying to weaken my position in purpose! Perhaps I should give you to Murasa! She might be angry after you."
Sôzer begin to tremble, his crossbow still pointed towards me.
"No, listen please, Chief. I did this to block them!"
"WE DIDN'T NEED THIS! I already told you that it was okay! Why do you understand only what you want to hear?!"
"Well, it doesn't matter anymore! Once this one is down, everything will be fine!"
Sôzer rises his crossbow aiming at my head.
"Don't do it, Specialist. If you kill him, I'll have to give you to Murasa. And she can do nice things with her anchor."
"... I'm doing it for you."
"You don't have to. Maybe you're doing it for me, but what you're doing is weaken me. Because of you, I'm considered as a murderer by the whole Gensokyo."
"That's a nice crossbow you have here, guy. Obviously not from Gensokyo. Where did you found it?"
I'm trying to change the topic, to lighten the conversation. And, frankly, it's not a success. Sôzer is still blocking me. If I move, he'll shoot.
I wonder if I can move fast enough to hit him before he shoots. Maybe, if he turn his head just one second, I can make it. Hurry up, Chief, distract him.
"I made this crossbow. Repeating crossbow. I made the blueprints, and the kappa created it for me."
Chief spoke. So he made those things? Pretty cool.
"Don't you have any firearms?"
"Lack of discretion. Too noisy. We're using them to defend the village. Shoot with one, and the whole village know about intruders."
"Pretty clever. And those guys?"
I'm quietly talking with Chief, while Sôzer is still aiming at me. He's shaking. Soon, he'll reach his limit, and then...
"They are ... friends. We have common interests, so I trained them."
"That's why they were able to fight against Byakuren."
Sôzer finally snap. He turns his back to me, trying to threat Chief with his crossbow.
As fast as I can, I dash to him, and block his neck with my arms.

Attacking in hand-to-hand is not a part of my parkour training, but I think I'm doing it right. I'm too strong to release Sôzer by accident, and Sôzer is too panicked to get rid of me in the good way.
He could have used his crossbow to shoot me, but he panicked and finally, didn't do anything useful.
"Do not kill him."
"He killed Conagher! I'll bring him to Byakuren."
Damn, I just took down Sôzer. Will I have to fight against Chief and his men?
"Unfortunatly, I can not let you do that. I will take him."
"Unfortunatly, I'll the one who'll take him! He killed someone from our group!"
"He killed a human. Therefore, the one who'll judge him will be human."
"Byakuren will not let this slide."
In fact, she might, but I'm obviously bluffing.
"That was the deal we have with Byakuren. Youkai-related disorders are let to her, and the Village take care of the human-related disorders."
"And yet, you brought this owl youkai to the temple!"
"Because he was an youkai. Byakuren took care of him. And since this one is a human, I'll take care of him."
I drop the unconcious Sôzer on the beach.
"All right. Take it."
You think I'm a coward? Chief is not alone. 5 guys are with him. I managed to take down two of them, but it's because I attacked them from behind. Against 5 of them, I won't stand a chance.
Chief smiles.
"Thank for that. I owe you one."
"There's a chance that I would be dead if you didn't took him down."
"My pleasure."

Well, they took Sôzer, and left.
I'm all alone again. I think I'll go back to the temple. There's nothing else I can do. I can't find my answer.
Perhaps Shou or Ichirin may help me. After I told Byakuren about what just happened.


First part. Buddhism stuff is quite interested, but for the story's sake, I put some action. And also explained who killed Conagher.
This is the first part, second part incoming, with more noble truth, and more fight.
Less action than I planned, but I decided to explain lot of stuff to the MC. And if you think that jumping though a windows isn't action, then....


Back to the temple.
Hmm? They brought Conagher's corpse inside? Cool.
I wonder what they'll do about it. Bury it? Burn it?
Oh, well, I don't really care. Conagher was a nice guy, but he was a little stupid.
Spending his time, closed in an engine room was the best idea. He was too scared since Sinesaque's death.
He tried to close himself.

Ironic, considering that he was killed when he went out.

"Lady Byakuren?"
"I just saw Conagher's murderer. But unfortunatly, Chief took him before I could do anything."
When I say Conagher's nickname, everyone suddenly shut up. Is this a taboo topic?
"Chief took him? Do you know what he'll do?"
"Not yet. But he needed him alive, so he-"
Nazrin interrupt me:
"Look like we'll find some meat near the Lake."
I answer:
"Shut up, Naz. This is serious matter."
My answer deeply shocked her. Well, I guess it's normal. Being called "Naz", by someone she don't really know... Bah, her face worth it.
I speak to Byakuren again:
"Anyway, I'll try to find where Chief brought Conagher, and what he plans to do."
"Could you... bring him back?"
Mmmmm. Hard question.
"I don't know. Chief told me you had a deal with him. About responsability and stuff."
"Oh, the one about youkai sentenced by youkai and human sentenced by human?"
"Sooooo... I don't bring him back?"
"... Unless he's in lethal danger, no."
Murasa suddenly speak:
"Wait, please, Lady! Maybe it's a matter between human, but the one who was killed was one your believers! If you can't defend them, then-"
This time, it's Shou who answer:
"Shut up, Murasa. Revenge for blood will just bring more blood. That's why we can't answer."
A pause. And then:
"About that, who was the murderer?"
"It was Sôzer."
"What? But he's on Chief's side!"
"According to what Chief told me, Sôzer acted on his own. That's why he wanted to take him alive."
Shou look away from me, and stare Byakuren.
"If Sôzer acted on his own, why did Chief defended him?"
I'm the one who answer:
"Because giving him to us would be acknowledging the fact that his men don't obey him, mainly, and also because obeying to us would be a humiliation to him."
"Humiliation? Why?"
"I can't really say, but I think that unless we give him something, he won't give us anything."

After that, conversation went for a while. Speaking about Chief's and Sôzer's whereabouts. I think I now have a better idea of Chief's personnality.
But there are two things that bugs me: the fact that Chief called Sôzer "Specialist", and also this explosion I saw, after my nightmare.
"Hey, what was that explosion 2 days ago? On the Mountain?"
It's Shou who's explaining now.
"We don't really know yet, but it seems that the kappas' experiments about energy went wrong somewhere."
"They're out. And, worse than that, because the explosion was really strong, the whole mountain group is weakened."
"So, the Moriya Shrine is out?"
"Yes. But considering that Conagher is dead, the situation is now a statu quo. We're all stucked, unthil someone move."
Okay. In short, there's a cease-fire situation for a while. It's the perfect time to lurk for informations.

After several discussions, I finally left them.
My plan is really simple:
-I continue to use Mystia's stand as a HQ, working for her, during the day.
-And, during the night, I plan to investigate several suspicious location, all over the Village.
Obviously, Chief's house isn't very suspicious, since he's not dumb enough to hide someone in. But I'll investigate it, just for sure. I may find information, about several things: the repeating crossbow, and the "Specialist" thing. According to Chief's speech, he trained several guys.
So it mean that I should avoid the men in black. Luckily, they don't have any neuralizer.
Ha ha ha ha.
Well, jokes asides.
The first thing I should be doing right now, is taking contact with Mystia. Apologize for leaving her house so suddenly, explain the situation (not the whole situation, of course), and ask if I can work here again.
It will work.

Damn. I forgot that Mystia works only during the night.
Well, well. What can I do?

Let's inverstigate Chief's house! If he hid Sôzer somewhere, then maybe he's still not back.
No, no. That's not a good plan.
I must remember how I played Splinter Cell.
If the gound floor isn't safe, then attack from the first floor.
Unfortunatly, there is no first floor in this house. Just an attic.

I come near the house, trying to stay unnoticed.
Attic, attic... There is obviously some windows here and here!
North, south, east! That's it!
All right. I'll go by this windows.
Still, it's pretty high. How should I ..."
I'll just jump from the next house! That's so simple!
I go back to Mystia's stand, and I take some cloths that she left.
I put them under the windows, in case I should leave by this, and I proceed to sneak in the next house.
There's nowhere inside. In fact, there's almost nowhere in the village.
What does it mean? Bah!
I manage to reach the first floor. I open the window, and I JUMP!
Woops! My bad.

All right, I'm in Chief's house.
Note for myself: take some rocks next time. I'll break the glasses by throwing them, instead of breaking them with my body.
Well, this attic is dusty. There's nothing here. Let's proceed to the gound floor.

The main door is locked. Good.
There is no shoes in the entrance, which means that nobody's here.
Except me, of course.

The kitchen is still clean.
Chief is maybe a clean maniac. Or maybe he don't like the idea of eating dirt with rice. I put my hand in the oven.
Cold. Fine.

After that, I investigate the living room. Nothing of any interest here, except the cold ... table?
"Oooh, so that's a kotatsu."
Look like a table over a blanket.

And, finally, the guest room. Where I slept.
Nothing. The futon is in the closet, next to the blanket.
There's nothing interesting here, except...
Except this little thing...
I crouch to examine it. Look like... It's little, and brown...
Don't look like shit...
I go back to the kitchen, take a knife, and come back in the guest room.
I scratch the strange thing with the knife.
That's blood. Only a few of it, but there's definitly blood.
I open the closet again, and I take off the futon, to spread it on the floor.
Yeah. There's more blood on the futon.
I try to stack the bloodied futon with the bloodied floor.
Same color, this is not the same stain. Something bleed here. Two times. One time on the futon, and lost a lot of blood.
The second time on the floor, and lost only few blood.
The stain on the futon is darker than the stain on the floor. So obviously it's older.
Just what is the meaning of this? This, and the second Noble Truth... There are several thing that I can't resolve. Am I dumb, or is it just too hard?

I put the futon back inside the closet, and I go to investigate the office.
I still have the knife with me, he can be useful.
All right. This room didn't really changed.
There is always the office, and the papers.
I'll just look a little.
Almost all of them are written in japanese.
Of course.Chief is japanese, and live in a japanese village.
I wish I could speak japanese now.
I investigate the severals collection closet.

The first one is full of bottles. I guess it's medicines. I don't really need to investigate it further. I'll just look what are the empier bottle.
This one. There is only some strange-looking remaining liquid inside.
I open the bottle, and I sniff.
Immediatly, the world become darker.
I close the bottle, and I remove the label, with shaking fingers. I'll ask someone to read it to me.
I put the bottle back in the closet, and I investigate the second closet, full of metallic tools.
Damn, I'm dizzy... I have the feeling that the room is moving on its own.
I sit for a minute. Just enough to feel myself better.
Blargh. I wanna puke now.
If Chief use this medicine in combat, nobody can defeat him.
Okay, I'm feeling a little better.
Let's see this one.
Razor-sharp things. Deadly tools. Look like a display case for torture tools.
I can see several tools like that. Just where in Earth did he took them from?

I watch all of them very carefully. No bloodstains. So can I assume that none of them was used to make the stain in the guest room?
Hey, this one is pretty! It's ... hey, wait, I know this one! It's a butterfly knife!
I take him, and I play.
Tchic-tchac. All right.
Did Chief bough all of this stuff to Rinnosuke? I know that this guy is used to sell Outsider's stuff, but...
I have the feeling that this room won't learnt me anything. I'll just take the butterfly with me. It can be useful, and I'm handy with it.

Mmmm? What's that?
There's something wrong with the floor, just here.
[] Pull. I'll grab the plank with my fingers, and I pull.
[] Push. I kick it with my foot unthil it's broken. I won't hurt myself, but everyonve will be able to tell what happened.
[] Use the butterfly knife. It's weak, but it's sharper than the kitchen knife.
[] Use the kitchen knife. Less fragile, but also less sharp.


Whatever you'll choose, you'll discover what's under the secret hideout. But choose carefully, since a broken butterfly can't be very useful for the rest of the story.
[x] Use the kitchen knife. Less fragile, but also less sharp.
Right. This then.
Forgot to proofread.
File 128302936296.png - (56.31KB, 640x400 , Crap.png) [iqdb]
Proofread version. Less typo (I hope there's no typo, but assuming how I suck in English...)


[] Use the kitchen knife.

If I plan to use the butterfly knife to fight, I have to keep it safe. I can't take any risk. Those knifes are very weak.

I insert the kitchen knife between the tiles.
Good, good.
I slowly move it, left to right, and right to left.
Come on, come on, move.

Oops, it may be difficult to hide it now.
Under the floor, there are several items.
I get them, and throw them on the floor.

And a little book. Look like a diary.
I'll read it first.

Oh great. It's written in japanese.
Moon runes everywhere.
I hate japanese.

Mmm? It's not japanese here?
It's... italian?
I continue to turn pages.
Here! It's german! And here! Spanish? No, french.
Look like I found the fourth outsider's hideout.
Ha. Finally I reach the english section. I begin to read.

"Hello to you. I guess you're not a Gensokyo native, if you're reading this.
For the sake of the peace, I'm writing this in several languages. It's really difficult to me, so I hope you'll take me seriously.
Where should I begin?

Well, I'll first tell my story.
Suddenly, I awoke in a strange place. Very strange.
By pure luck, I encountered a native from this land, who led me to his village.
I must admit that I was really shocked by his trust.
I mean, I was a complete stranger.

When we reached the Village, I was asked about who I was, and my whereabouts. I said that I was thrown here.
I was sure that nobody would believe me, but they did.
They believed me. And, slowly, because I was more cultivated and more smart than their elders, they asked me to be their leader. I agreed. They trusted me, and I was useful to someone here. So I accepted.

After some days, asking villagers and other peoples, I proved numerous strange facts.
First, the sun was still red. Which meant that I was in the past.
Second, Hijiri Byakuren was still alive.

I'm talking about the monk living in the Myouren temple.
Please read carefully, it's really important.
I can't write much, because of the time paradox risk, but you have to destroy Hijiri Byakuren.

I don't mean to kill her, but you have to destroy her. Her reputation, her ideal, anything is fine.
It may looks strange for you, if you're used to this time.
But... She will become something troublesome in the future.
I'm really afraid of possible time paradox, so I can't really explain.

For the time being, I'll be the village's leader. They trusted me, and they are still trusting me now.
I'll try to demotivate Byakuren, as hard as I can.
If I can make her surrender, then everything will be all right.
I can't kill her. That's the most difficult thing.

If you read this, then I hope that I succeed.
It doesn't matter if I die during the process.
The most important thing is Hijiri Byakuren.
Her servants are disposables.

Besides Hijiri herself, there is another thing who's bothering me.
I was called here, for an unknown reason.
And my research gave me several evidences, for the most horrifying thing.
You see, we are four.

There are four peoples like me, being brought suddenly.
I don't know what's going on, but I have the feeling that it will not end well.
Gensokyo is a strange place, where youkai play with human's lives.
I don't have any relation with any of the other "outsiders", but we're here for a reason.
Someone called us.

How? It doesn't matter.
Why? I'm trying to discover that.
But... I have the feeling that it's a game.
Four peoples. Without any real relations between them...
Well, the three other seems to know themselves, but I don't have the feeling it's important.
Two of them appeared together, and one was killed by a evil creature.
The other hid himself at Byakuren's base.

He may be seduced by her stupid ideas. I have to find a way to remove him from this place.

After that, the diary become just a simple diary, with report of several events.
I read it with few interest. Chief's shenanigans against the elders isn't interesting stuff.
But is it really Chief's? It's not signed. I can't assume anything.
But it would explain several things. The fact that he hates Byakuren.
And also why he's constantly trying to emotionally hurt her.
Something's written here about his henchmen!

I fell sick. Probably some kind of disease.
During my delirium, I spoke about the future.
It wasn't good. But, in a sense, it helped me.
5 peoples asked if they could help. I tried to turned them down, saying that it was my business, and that they were useless.
They answered that they were ready to train, to protect the village.
They answered that even if I won, they'll need my skills to protect the village.

I said yes. I trained them, and I designed specials weapons for everyone. Each of them is able to defend the village now.
Even if I suddenly die, the village will still be protected against inhumans.
And I gave them nicknames.
Reading that, you must think that it's almost like a kid's play.
Except that we are ready to fight.
I used them to fight youkai, to be sure that they were good.
And we won. I assume they are ready to fight for real.

Each of them use his own fight style.
The Specialist prefer using repeating crossbow, and attack from far away, while the Griefer use psychological attacks.

The Specialist. Ley Sôzer. The one who killed Conagher, and who tried to kill me.
And the Griefer, who is he? I remember that Chief mentionned him, saying that he left him to watch me.
I wonder if...

The rest of the diary don't teach me anything.
I'll bring it with me. I'll show him to Byakuren.
I don't how if it's real, or if it's just a bunch of lies, written by a jealous man.
But Byakuren have to know.

I watch the clothes.
It proves that Chief is an Outsider. Nobody wears that kind of clothes here.
That's why he hid them.

I know enough now.
I put the clothes back under the floor, and I put the tile back.
Okay, there's some scratches, but it look almost okay.
Of course, when Chief will remove it, he'll notice that the diary is gone.
Bah. I won't be here when he'll notice that.

I put the kitchen knife back in position, and I leave the house, jumping from the attic.
All right. Night is closer now, villagers will soon be coming back.
I'll just wait near Mystia's stand.

Choice time!
[] Write-in. Graham concluded several things. Byt what exactly? And how to prove?


I'm not asking for a complete conclusion (it would be a bother, for you as for me). Just write what you're guessing to be true. I'll use that to build Graham's complete reasoning.
I think I might sit this one out unless a good write-in appears.
I think that if I just wait for a vote, I'll die from old age before updating this story.

Vote cancelled.
Update coming soon.
It takes time to handle things like this
I may imagine it, but I want to write now, while I still have time and inspiration.
Patience Hart. Pushing it too much kills it.
[x] If what this guy's talk of the future is correct, Byakuren's energy project will somehow backfire...
[x] The Chief is biggoted against Youkai so his plan cannot be trusted.
-[x] Futher to the point, who to say that one of his followers won't try to interfere as to stabotage the project, leading to this incident without the chief's permission?
[x] I must ensure this event doesn't occur... and without ruining Byakuren's reputation.

Here's my shot at it.
[x] If what this guy's talk of the future is correct, Byakuren's energy project will somehow backfire...
[x] The Chief is biggoted against Youkai so his plan cannot be trusted.
-[x] Futher to the point, who to say that one of his followers won't try to interfere as to stabotage the project, leading to this incident without the chief's permission?
[x] I must ensure this event doesn't occur... and without ruining Byakuren's reputation.
Works for me
Fine, fine. You win.

You have 1 week to decide, starting from now.

It was at night that the event occurred!
Our reporter, Shameimaru Aya, went to cover it!

“All happened during the night. A big explosion occurred, creating a enormous fire mushroom! After helping the wounded, the pure and honest reporter tried to understand what went wrong! But, everywhere, mouths were closed! What happened?

Finally, our reporter managed to get the truth, by sneaking inside the kappas' facility!

For weeks, the kappa are trying to use fusion energy to get free energy, and to share it with Gensokyo! But, for some reason, something went wrong, and a explosion occurred!

According to the first rumours, it may be Utsuho's fault.
Reiuji Utsuho, nicknamed “Okuu”, was the one responsible for the fusion core.
Did she failed? We can't know, since she disappeared during the explosion.

Except for Utsuho's disappearance, nobody was heavily wounded. Some kappas suffered from light burns, but nobody was wounded enough to be sent to the Eientei.

Our pure and honest journalist went to ask to the Mountain Goddess, who said:
“It was a very strange accident. Usually, explosion don't happens if the core is stable. Well, I'm not an engineer myself, so I can't guarantee it for sure, but...”
After that, the Goddess went silent for a while, and spoke again:
“Luckily, nobody was wounded. But, unfortunately, we won't be able to send free energy to the village, since [Utsuho]'s disappearance is freezing the whole project.”

Asked about Utsuho, the Wind Priestess declared, “Well, she was a bird brain to begin with, but I didn't sensed any malice in her. She's too dumb to be evil.”

Well, it's quite obvious that this crow, not being a tengu, is a dumb one, but our pure and honest reporter will resume his investigation!”

Shameimaru Aya.
I think we decided. Is there going to be a second part to this update or..."
The update is coming in a week, as keikaru'd.
This was just a tip, about the explosion in the Youkai Mountain.
Ah I see. Ok then.
I live in a place where a week is equal to 4 days.


[x] If what this guy's talk of the future is correct, Byakuren's energy project will somehow backfire...
[x] The Chief is biggoted against Youkai so his plan cannot be trusted.
-[x] Futher to the point, who to say that one of his followers won't try to interfere as to stabotage the project, leading to this incident without the chief's permission?
[x] I must ensure this event doesn't occur... and without ruining Byakuren's reputation.

Well, I don't have anything else to do, so I'll just focus on Chief's diary.
Let's begin by the obvious fact: Chief isn't a Gensokyo native. That's the fact one. Second: he's coming from the future. This is proved by his knowledge, and by his clothes. Assuming it was his clothes, of course.
Now, let's try to find the truth.
Chief wrote that Byakuren may become 'troublesome'. That's not very accurate. And HOW can she become 'troublesome'? She's a pacifist, and a Buddhist monk. Cromwell can be troublesome, but not Byakuren. Which means that it's not Byakuren herself who'll become troublesome, but rather something she'll create. And what can possibly go wrong with her?
Damn, I'm blocked in my own reasoning. And if I...
The Youkai Mountain... The explosion from 2 days ago... That's it! The energy! Her energy project will backfire, just like the Moriya's one!

No. No. Wait. If the trouble was the energy project, why didn't he just warned Byakuren, saying something like :“It will axplode!!”? Saying something like that would be simpler than trying to destroy Byakuren...
Tsk tsk. Of course. Chief hates what he call the 'inhumans'. He wants to destroy Byakuren, not only to avoid any backfire, but also just because he hates her. It makes sense.

The other thing worrying me is that The Specialist acted on his own, and killed Conagher. If another one of Chief's henchmen suddenly decide to attack Byakuren, may it create the 'troublesome' thing Chief wrote about? Knowing Chief, he won't appreciate an initiative like that, but I don't know him enough to determine is he will be obeyed. Of course, he's not just your normal villager, but he's still pretty young, and I know that it's hard to obey to someone who's younger than you.

Which means that, right now, I have two things on my 'to-do' list. Find The Specialist, and determine how the energy project will become troublesome. Maybe it's just Chief's racist delirium, but his declaration about the sun's colour are worrying me.
“The sun is still red.”
What does it means? Will Byakuren's project hurt the sun or something like that? Or is Chief coming from the 50th century, or something like that? Useless, useless, useless. I don't have enough fact. The only things I have are the clothes, and the diary.
The clothes can be erased, and the diary can be wrong. Maybe it was even written to fool me.

Not good. The more I'm thinking about it, the closer I'm going to a dead end. I'll just find the Specialist, tell to Murasa where he is, and give the diary to Byakuren.
After that – ”I hope you're not forgetting me?”

I shake my head. For a while, I had the feeling that someone was looking at me, right in my eyes. It's obviously wrong. Obviously... wrong.

Night is here. Yeah. The dark, hostile, and horrible night is here. And nobody's back. Nor Mystia, that I'm waiting with impatience, nor the villagers. Where are they, all of them?

There's something wrong here, and I don't like that. I have to find a source of light, or something. Some youkai are attracted by light, but it will help me to locate myself. I assume I'm still near Mystia's stand.
Luckily, it's a full moon tonigh. Like that, I can...
Wait, a full moon?

[] RUN randomly while panicking, in a Rincewind style.
[] HIDE somewhere in the village.
[] SCREAM uselessly.
[x] HIDE somewhere in the village.
>Running like a headless chicken.
I was going to vote for this at first since we may attract something, but knowing Hart, it's going to bad end us somehow.
[x] HIDE somewhere in the village.
[x] HIDE somewhere in the village.
File 128369023433.jpg - (33.12KB, 580x435 , 314c7b250ee1c3138ca08187eb25bd66.jpg) [iqdb]
How can you suspect me?

Jokes aside, I just updated my eientei story, so I'll update this one very soon.
File 128372838865.png - (10.04KB, 429x410 , 126331704731.png) [iqdb]
[x] HIDE somewhere in the village.

It's the full moon! Which means that I'm in extreme danger!
Keine is on Chief's side, no doubt about that! If she decide that I'm Chief's enemy... Well, I'm just a human, so I can be 'erased' very easily.
No good. No good.

I have to hide. Anywhere. Inside the village!

I run inside the first house I find. Sôzer's house. Of course. Couldn't be better.

I look everywhere. Dammit, not a single thing! Not a single thing I could use to-
“Hello there.”
What? Who talked?
“It's mee~ How are thing in the Rapist Corps?”
“... F-Fl...”
“No. No. I'm not a vampire. I'm a nightmare.”
… What the hell is happening? I'm hearing voices, but it's coming from nowhere.
Think. It's obviously a Chief's henchman. I suppose it's the Griefer, the one who's using psychological attacks.
“I know who you are! You know you put me on drugs!”
“Oh, oh? You're more clever than I expected. But sill, you are no match for me.”
“The Specialist said that before, and now he's missing.”
“Ha ha ha. The Specialist was a human. I'm not human since a good time.”
“Then who are you?”
“I though you knew? Bah. I just have to put you down.”

Something appears in front of me.
A big woman, with a blue dress.
“Just fooling around.”
“Don't screw with me! You're an arrogant phantom! You'll never do something like that if you don't get something from it!”
“I take that as a flattery.”
“What are you doing? Playing around with Chief, like a child?”
I don't really know Mima. I just know she was living with Reimu for a while. I also know that she's very arrogant. I don't really get why she's with Chief, but it's obviously not to protect the village.
“You don't know anything, right?”
“Power for power. I'm a god, and, as a god, I seek faith. Influence, wealth, strength. I can't have anything of that. So I will become the Village's god. Protecting them from youkai will grant me faith. With faith, I'll become stronger and stronger.”
“... Yes... Power.”
Wait a minute, perhaps I can... interrogate her softly...
“Is Chief seeking power too?”
“Him? No. He's just seeking something to do.”
“... What do you mean, Mima?”
She take a long staff topped with a white crescent from nowhere, and point it to me.
“First, it's Lady Mima. Second, this guy doesn't value his own life.”
“And you plan to defend the village yourself, to gain his faith?”
“Yeah. Right now, the village is free. No god, except the old Shinto one. Nobody really believe in god nowadays.”
“Isn't Byakuren trying to capture the Village's faith?”
“Why did you think that I allied myself with this guy?”
Of course. Make sense.
“So I guess that you won't let me go?”
“Of course not. I heard you come from the outside, so it means that you will be able to appreciate my progress.”
“*cough* What do you mean, M-Lady Mima?”
“You're already coughing. That's good. You know, in my weakened state, I can't really buy a good fight like before. I have to rely on strategy to win.”
“You mean that... you poisoned me? *cough*”
What... You really changed a lot, Mima.
“Well, sorry about that, but I have a date. See ya.”
I try to get out the house.
Poisoned. I'm poisoned. Which means that I have to reach the Eientei before... before it's too late. Mima moves, going on the way.
“I can't really let you go.”
“Move out of my way, or your face won't be so pretty in a …”
“Brag. You won't be able to brag in 2 minutes.”
“2 minutes... is more than enough to take a woman down...”
“You're already saying nonsense. I'm a god. You are just a human. Even with just my staff, I can kill you.”
Speaking is more and more difficult. My vision is going darker and darker.
“You... demon...”
“I'll take that as a compliment. But now, get off for good.”
Something hit me. Everything goes black.

I rise.
No. Wait. Where am I?
Am I still in Gensokyo?
Stop. Wait. Think. What is my last souvenir? Mima hitting me.
Where was it? In Sôzer's house.
I jump on my feet. Where are my clothes? Where is Chief's diary?
DAMMIT! It's lost.
“Oh, you're awake.”
I turn my face toward the voice. It's a cute, but useless little bunny. Reisen.
“Hello there. Can I ask, first, where I am, and second, where are the clothes I had when I probably was brought here?”
“To the first question, I'll answer by 'you are in the House of Eternity', and to the second, I'll answer by 'they are ashes now'.”
“Excuse me? Ashes?”
“The Master told that you were poisoned. Toxic gas was still trapped inside your clothes, so we had to burn them.”
“Oh. Carp. No wait, do you find a little black diary?”
“Nope. Nothing like that.”
“Excuse me, but are you sure?”
“Tewi herself searched, so I'm pretty sure of that.”
“The Earth rabbit's leader. She's tiny, and she looks like a child, but she's as twisted as any grandma here.”
… I wasn't imagining Reisen as so rude as that.
“Reisen! Do you happen to know where is Tewi? I have something to tell her?”
That's … a male voice.
Hearing that, Reisen's face went blank.
“I don't know.”

“But usually, at this time, she's wandering... Oh, hello.”
The guy came. I... didn't known about a guy, living in the eientei. And he's not an outsider. I guess I have to give my name first. Well, my nickname to be accurate.
“Hello, my name is Graham. Nice to meet you.”
A formal meeting.
… Oh crap. I meet this U.N.Owen guy in a formal way, but I interrogate Reisen as if I knew her since a long time. I have to watch myself.
“Oh, well, hello. 'Graham'.”
He give me his hand. Handshaking? Look like it.
His grabbed my hand really hard, but it was just for a while. And then he opened his hand, his eyes were... different. In another colour.
“Yeah. Nice to meet you, 'Graham'. Oh, and by the way, the diary was stolen by The Griefer.”
And he leaves.

“Beg your pardon, but...”
“Yeah, he's like that.”
“Who is he?”
“It's... an abomination.”
“... That's not very nice.”
“That's like that the Master called him. He's calling himself the Youkai of Memories.”
“What? Memories?”
“Yeah. But, trust me, he's right, and you don't want to know more about him.”
“Well, I'll trust you. But now, can you explain me how I arrived here?”
“Mmm, yes, but maybe you want to put on some clothes before...”
“I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?”
“Yeah! Yeah!”

Choice time:
[] Take the TIP.
[] Don't take the TIP.


The choice won't have any consequences, so you're totally free about this one.
[x] Take the TIP.
[x] Take the TIP.
Tip? What tip? So we get to meet the eientei anon already eh?
Made a critical failure. I had to rewrite a light part.



As a good reader of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, you certainly remember the explosion of the Kappas' Research Facility. And you also remember that the one loss was Reiuji “Okuu” Utsuho, the hell raven.

Our pure and honest reporter discovered a worrisome fact! You all know that, since immemorial time, tengus and kappas are living together, storing food at the same place.
Well, our pure and honest reporter discovered that the Mountain's food stock was poisoned by the Kappas' research facility's explosion! All the stock is now radioactive, and cannot be used, even by youkai!

Learning this fact, the kappas immediately accepted responsibility for the loss, and apologized. However, the Lord Tenma, supreme ruler of the tengus society, declared:
“It is unacceptable for us tengus to be penalized by kappas' behaviour!”
And, immediately after that, he ordered to cease any contact with kappas, until the problem was resolved.

Interrogated about that, the Mountain Goddess, Kanako Yakasaka, declared:
“Well, it's Lord Tenma's will, so, even if it's saddening us, there's nothing we can do, without making the situation worse.”

With Ygor “Conagher” Yoggsogor's death, and the end of the Mountain Peace, it looks like the only one still in the energy race is the Human Village's Chief.

In order to provide objective informations, our pure and honest reporter, Shameimaru Aya, followed 'Chief' during a week, trying to find any clues about the convenient facility's explosion.
Interrogated about that, he declared:
“Excuse me? You want my view about a trouble who don't concern me? Sorry to say that, but I don't have any right to comment your mountain troubles.”

'Egoist', was the word used by the Mountain Shrine Maiden, Sanae Kotiya, to qualify Chief's declaration:
“I can't believe a man like that can be a leader! Being focused on your own trouble isn't the way to live!”
Learning that, 'Chief' answered, in his peculiar style:
“Shut up kiddo. When you'll be as old as me, you'll gain right to talk. For now, shut the hell up, be a good girl, and let adult talk between them.”
The Shrine Maiden immediately answered with:
“I'm a goddess! You'll die from old age before I could even get a blink!”
Pissed off, 'Chief' answered:
“Ha ha ha ha ha! Good joke, kiddy. Now, be a good girl, and go back to bed! I don't have time to spent with a trolling young VIRGIN!”
Interrogated about this accusation, the Shrine Maiden answered something that our pure and honest reporter cannot repeat.
“Are you ready now?”
“... Well, yeah.”
My usual clothes are burned now. My... I have to put locals clothes. And, honestly, I don't appreciate that.

My kingdom for a tracksuit!
Oh, right, I don't have anything to trade.

“So, Inaba, what should we do?”
“Call me Reisen. And follow me, the Master want to talk to you.”
“Eirin? What does she want?”
Hearing 'Eirin', Reisen froze.
“Well. The MASTER wants to talk to you. That's all.”
She's focusing on 'master'. It's obvious why.
“Yeah, but about what?”
“You'll see it by yourself.”

After walking for a long while, Reisen finally stopped, and knocked a door.
“Master, it's Reisen. I brought it.”
'It'. That's mean.
“Okay. Make him enter, and leave us.”

Damn. It's the horrible Doctor Yagokoro. The one with Appollo 13, and the Earth in a Pot. I hated those spellcards.
“Hello, Doctor.”
“This is yours, I think.”
She points several things. The first one is the Chariot spellcard that Jiki gave me, and the second is the label I scratched from a bottle in Chief's house. The last is a butterfly knife.
“Yes, thanks for that.”
“Before giving them back to you, I have a few question that I want to ask you.”
“I'm listening.”
Do I have a choice? Nooooooooo.
“Where did you find them?”
“Oh. The spellcard was given to me by a unknown woman. I stole the label from a suspicious bottle. And the knife come from the same place.”
I can't lie, but I can omit.
“The unknown woman. Who was she?”
“Oh. A tall woman, with silver hairs, and green eyes. She was wearing some kind of … ceremonial dress. Almost looking like an European male monk. Pretty strange for a woman.”
Wait a minute... No. Eirin don't have green eyes, and she's too... she's not young enough. Impossible.
“About the label. Where did you stole it?”
“It was on a bottle. Some kind of weird drugs.”
“Can you tell me more?”
“What do you want to know?”
Eirin turned her face toward me, and looked me in the eyes.
“SOMEONE stole several dangerous drugs from me. I have a good idea of who done it, but I can't accuse him without evidence. If you tell me where you found this label, I won't make you pay for the healing.”
… Sounds good to me. Recently, the game was too easy for Chief. Let's make the world more complicated for him.
“I found it in Chief's house.”
And then, something strange happened. Instead of a confidence mask, Eirin's face turned into a surprised face.
“Chief? Who is he?”
My turn to be surprised.
“Well. It's the Village's leader... The one in charge...”
“Can you describe it to me?”
“Well... He's … not very tall, but he's carrying a confidence aura. And also, he's blond, with blue eyes.”
“Blond... with blue eyes...”
“Remind you something?”
“Nope. But if he dyes his hair, then...”
Dye? He's using dye?
“But why?”
A scorning smile appeared on Eirin's face. God, she's annoying.
“It's obvious. He don't want to be recognized.”
“Maybe. But according to my investigation, he's coming from a far future. There's no way someone would be able to recognize him.”
“... Maybe with your lifespan, human. But don't forget that there are several eternal beings living here.”
Oh. Make sense. Hey! Wait! Why did I talked about my investigation when I wanted to be as silent as possible about that?
“You're only noticing it now? I can create various drugs. Right now, you're breathing an Truth Essence. You can't hide anything from me, in your current state.”
“You're scary.”
“Even worse! Soon, you won't be able to hide silently! Everything you're thinking about, you'll think about LOUDLY!”
“Are you that interested by me?”
“Only by your items. Maybe you can't see it, but everything is important in Gensokyo. For example, this.”
She gives me the spellcard.
“See that? That's not your usual spellcard.”
“What do you mean? How can a spellcard be usual?”
“By the materials it's done with. Usually, we're using papers.”
“And you'll says that this spellcard is made with metal?”
“That doesn't make sense! And even if it's making sense, what's the difference?”
“Are you really that stupid? You don't realize what it means?”
“I'm not stupid! I'm just a normal human without any knowledge of spellcards!”
“Oh yeah, maybe it's right. But I have to explain it to a moron, because it's really something new!”
“New... like what?”
“It's... like nuclear fusion. It's something really really new.”
“For a doctor, you don't have much vocabulary.”
Oops. I should have closed my mouth before seeing that. Eirin's face is now decorated with a 'you-will-shut-up-or-I'll-tore-you-apart-for-my-experiment' smile.
“Because you're on drugs, I'll let that one slide. But next time...”
“You don't have to tell me. I already know.”
“Okay then. You see, my first discovery about spellcard, was 'it's basically putting power inside a paper.' To be short, each time you're creating a spellcard, you're creating a magic artefact. However, since the spellcard is made of paper to begin with, it's not very difficult. Which means that even a unstable fairy with a ridiculous power can have one. The more evolved a tool is, the harder it will be to change it into an artefact. And I say 'artefact', in a magic sense.
Let's see it like this. You have 100 magic units. You decide to change a paper into a spellcard. Due to the basic materials, you finally manage to put 85 power inside the spellcard, while 15 power are lost.
But if you try the same thing with … let's say, a knife, then only 50 power will be put inside the magic knife. Do you know why?”
“It's too complicated...”
That wasn't what I meant... She's too enthusiastic now. She won't stop talking. And the Essence whe made me breath is giving me a headache.
“Because a knife is far more complicated than a paper! Which means that you want to have a knife as efficient as a paper, you have to put far more power inside.”
“... Yeah, but...”
“The other interesting thing is the material used to create the artefact. If you use paper, you won't have to use lot of power, because paper can absorb anything very easily! That's why spellcard are this strong, even if they are used by fools and idiot!”
“Poor fairy...”
“But changing the basic materials can have interesting side-effects! For example, let's infuse power inside a silver knife! You know that silver can harm even magical creatures, like vampires and ghost, right?”
“Well, yeah, but...”
“Well, the weapons will be FAR MORE EFFICIENT against those creatures! Which means that a magical weapons like that will not only store magical power, but will also be more efficient, even with its power exhausted.”
“Yeah, but...”
“I know! You'll ask me: 'but what about this spellcard?' Well, the answer is simple! This spellcard is made of radioactive uranium. Which means that it can affect you, even if you are not using it!”
“Like... spiderman?”
“I don't know that, but it seems interesting. Well anyway, the interesting fact is that you can change while you're carrying this spellcard with you! Let me show you! Udonge!”
Reisen arrives immediately.
“Yes, Master?”
“Lift that.”
“I can't. Master.”
Fine. Carry that with you during an hour, and come back. With tea.”
“Yes, Master.”
Without even sighing, Reisen came, spoke, and left. She must have it rough.
“You'll see it by yourself! The more you're carrying this with you, the stronger you'll get. I don't know exactly what kind of power it's unlocking, but looking at its name, I'm sure it's physical strength. Because, you see, the Chariot means that...”

During the whole hour, Yagokoro keep speaking over and over and over. I wished I was dead. Headache, added to talkative woman, added to Udonge coming sometimes, to be used as a text subject, added to … Well, it was hell.
But the few I could get, was about the spellcard. I understood that it wasn't dangerous. No real danger. I won't look like an Eldricht Abomination, just because this spellcard is radioactive.
Good news.

“What, Udonge? I was explaining how you can create legendary artefact, so can you...”
“Sôzer has escaped!”
Both Eirin and I speaks at the same moment. What the hell was Sôzer doing here?
“What, it doesn't matter. Just provide the rabbits with some sleeping blowgun, and order them to retrieve him.”
“Yes, Master.”
I decide to butt in.
“Excuse me, but can I go with you? I have personal troubles to fix with him.”
After a while, Eirin nods.
“Hmm, yes. I don't really trust those rabbits. If they are left alone, they'll slack off. You'll go with them.”
“You, Udonge, you'll stay with me.”
“Yes. Master.”

After giving me back the Chariot, and the butterfly knife, Reisen provided me with a map, and precise orders about how to capture Sôzer.
“Don't forget that: as long as the rabbit can reach Sôzer, he's done for. They're using sleeping drugs, mixed with dart.”
“Impressive. Who though about using blowgun?”
“It was Shiki.”
Reisen answered, lowering her ears.
“The one you encountered earlier.”
“Oh. Him.”

Okay, then I'll go. With those rabbits. Five of them, all clothes in white. Reisen spoke to Tewi, and Tewi explained to the rabbits WHY they have to obey me.
“Because if you don't, he will turn you into a rabbit stew!”
Result? I'm surrounded by five rabbits, shaking for their lives.
… Bah.

Okay, let's check the destination. Reisen told me that Sôzer was fleeing to the Mountain Youkai.
“You have to get him before he can reach it.”
“Why? The kappas are friendly to human, right?”
“In theory, yes. But there are still wild kappas who don't take any orders. And the main danger are the tengus.”
“Don't you read the newspaper? The tengus don't have any food in stock. If they find a lonely human, they will have him for night meal.”
“You HAVE to bring him back. If you fail, the Master will... well, you'll see it by yourself.”
Somehow, it sounds even more threatening like that.
“Now, GO!”

All right. I have a map, MY butterfly knife, “The Chariot” spellcard, and... some kind of alien clothes. Probably lunarians.
I'm followed by five shaking rabbits, armed with non-lethal blowgun.

I have several ways to reach the Mountain before the night:
[ ] Go by the Village.
( ) Ask ______ about informations.
[ ] Cut by the Forest of Magic.
( ) Ask ______ about informations.
[ ] Stay in the Bamboo Forest until you find Mokou.
( ) Ask her to help you, using 'a human's life is threatening' kind of excuse.


Bad end are activated. Choose wisely. Even without using Meta-Knowledge, you should be able to avoid the worst choice.
[x] Cut by the Forest of Magic.

I have a weird feeling [] means bad end. I might be wrong though.

I tried to write something about Jiki, but... I don't know, I'm blocked today.
I guess that ideal way is to write before, and to program after. Doing all in one time is ... annoying.

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[x] Cut by the Forest of Magic.
(x) Ask Marisa about information.
[x] Cut by the Forest of Magic.
(x) Ask Marisa about information.
Writing now.
File 128432293882.png - (44.27KB, 640x400 , NueFOE.png) [iqdb]
[x] Cut by the Forest of Magic.
(x) Ask Marisa about information.

Mmmm. If I cut by the Forest of Bamboo, I may encounter Mokou.
I should avoid that.
The Village is out of question too.

Let's cut by the Forest of Magic. It's the less dangerous way. And, if I'm lucky, perhaps I'll find Marisa or someone else who'll be able to help me.
“Rabbits, follow me.”

I made a mistake. The Forest of Magic is quite the hostile place. First, because there are a lot of trees, and second because there are lot of fairies.
They are almost harmless, but the evening is making them crazy.
Currently, we are progressing fast enough, but I'm worrying about ammo.
Those rabbits are using blowgun, and they are quite efficient against those fairies, but we aren't prepared for a real fight.
“Hey! What are you doing here?”
Ah, I see a little silhouette of a magical girl on a broom.
“Hello Miss Kirisame.”
“Oh, I'm known. What are you doing here, fanboy?”
“Hunting a sick man. I have to bring him back to Eientei.”
“I can't help you to catch him, but you should leave. This forest isn't the right place to loiter.”
“I'm not loitering! I'm going to the Youkai Mountain!”
“Even worse! Since the explosion, the tengus are quite furious after everything.”
“That's why the rabbits are with me.”
“... The rabbits? Dunno what you drank, but I want some.”
Wha- Oh. They're hidden in the bushes.
“Well, all I can do for you is showing you the shortest way out.”
“And it's?”
Before I even noticed it, she already grabbed my collar, and began to fly.

“That's the exit! See ya!”
“Hey, hey, hey don't throw me don't throw meEEEEEEEE!”
Oooh, I'm hurt here. Well, she didn't threw me. Instead, she just let me fall.
This girl should work her public relations skills, instead of sneaking around like a thief.

Bah. It's useless now. I'm at the foot of the Youkai Mountain.
Annnnd... the rabbits finally catched me on.
“All right. Since you're finally arrived, let's continue.”
They don't answer anything, but they are panting, their faces being red. Did they ran all the way?
“Yes they did.”
Putting my hand in my pocket, I feel the butterfly and the spellcard. Is this newcomer is an enemy, I'll be ready to attack him.

Even if I don't know how to attack with a spellcard.

Okay. First thing I notice: it's a girl.
Second thing, she has some nice thigh-high stockings.
Third thing: I really want to do adult thing with her.
Fourth thing, she's armed.
“Hello. My name's Graham.”
I can't be distracted now. I have to focus.
Even if this damn shooooooort skirt is appealing...
“I know you. You lived in the Byakuren Temple for a while.”
Slowly, I try to adopt a defensive stance.
“Yes. Are you interested by this fact?”
She notices it, and she smiles.
“Don't be so nervous. I'm on your side. I'm one of Byakuren's followers.”
I stay ready to hit.
“Never saw you.”
She slowly walks to me.
“Listen, you're after Sôzer, right? The one they call the Specialist?”
“... maybe...”
She laughs.
“Oh you. Those rabbits with you... They are not wild rabbits. You're coming from the Eientei. And the only reason why they'll sent you out with rabbits to assist you is because they have lost someone.”
… Damn, she's sharp.
“IF it was like this, then maybe I would be seeking the Specialist.”
“... If"...”
She's not smiling any more. Instead, she passing her tongue on her lips. Snake tongue. Creepy.
“Let's says... IF I was tired of your stupid attitude, MAYBE I would kill you right now.”
… Yes. She's threatening me.
“It's been a while since I ate human. I wonder how you're tasting.”
She's definitely trying to scare me. Human or Youaki, if I can cut its throat with the butterfly, it will be fine.
“But I believe in Byakuren's ideal. So I won't do anything to you.”
But her eyes are telling me: 'I still can kill you right now and nobody will care about that.'
Let's get along well, shall we?
“Okay, okay. I'm after the Specialist. I heard that he was somewhere in this Mountain.”
She's smiling again.
“Weelll! You see, now that you're nice! Let's share our informations!”
Suddenly, she's serious again.
I bet this girl is as crazy as Flandre.
“Well, we're thinking that Chief is also somewhere in this Mountain.”
“Shou thinks that he want to ask the tengus to join him.”
“Why would they do that?”
“Don't you read the newspaper?”
“The tengus are lacking food right now. We're thinking that Chief will ask them to join him, in exchange of food.”
“Exchanging their pride against survival...”
“That's how human act, too.”
“... Yes. But why is the Specialist in here, too?”
“We're assuming that he wants to get revenge on the Chief. Remember: he feels betrayed after trying to kill you.”
“Great. What's the plan? We knock the Specialist down?”
“That's your task. Mine is to make sure that Lord Tenma will never join Chief.”
“Seems easy. But won't they notice us, if we're climbing this Mountain?”
“Don't worry, I'm using my power to make us unrecognisable.”
“Fine. Thanks.”
“No need.”

And we climb the Mountain.
Well, climbing isn't the good term.
This girl with a short skirt is flying, while the rabbits are jumping. I'm the only one walking.
“Hey, you didn't tell me your name.”
“My name's Nue.”
Nue? What the hell is that?
Nue... Remind me something...
“I know. It's the French word for 'naked', right? That's a strange name.”
“.......... Give up.”

In the lowest part of the Mountain, are living the kappas.
Well, right now, it's pretty empty. I don't know where they are all right now, but I don't like that.
Funny enough, the kappas' settlement remind me the outside town. Except that they are smaller. For example, the kappas are living in glass towers. Obviously, they picked that in a book, but they got it wrong.
Aaah, but it looks like they have some energy! I can see public lights!
I wonder if they created some dynamos here and here...

In the middle part, are living the tengus.
As Nue explain me, they are quite the military type. Almost 60% of the tengus population is engaged in some military group.
For them, the Youkai Mountain is not a living place, but a fortress.
But the fortress is empty.
“An open mind is like an empty fortress.”

In the highest part, are living the celestials.
But the Shrine were we're going isn't so high. It's … between the tengus fortress, and the celestials wastelands (I assume it's wasteland, I didn't saw them).

And the temple is... in front of me.
And... it's troublesome, but everyone is here. By 'everyone', I mean everyone in the Mountain.
In the middle of the crowd, I can see … well, I can only recognize Chief.
“The woman is Kanako Yakasaka, the Goddess. The black-haired girl is a tengu. She's acting as Lord Tenma here.”
“It means that it will be difficult for you to sabotage the event, then.”
I quickly glance the rabbits. They are really impressed by the crowd.
“Are you okay?”
They are staring at me with panicked eyes.
“We just have to knock Sôzer down, and get the hell out of here. We aren't doing anything illegal.”
Nue interferes.
“Exactly what he said. Besides, I'll be the one fighting, so you aren't taking any risk.”
Hearing that, the rabbits are calming down.
“All right, the plan?”
“You walk in the crowd, you find Sôzer, you knock him down, and I take care of the rest.”

I quickly going in the crowd, followed by the rabbits, moving forward and forward, trying to find a known face.
“Come onn... Where are you...”
By doing this, I'm reaching the Round Table, where the three are talking.
I decide to listen them for a while.

“Well, of course, we need food. But it doesn't mean that we'll sell our pride for this.”
Said the tengu woman.
Chief answers:
“It's not about pride. I'm not asking you to become pets or anything like that. It's just about something simple. We give you an hand, and you'll give us an hand. It's just that.”
The tengu talks once again:
“Unfortunately, being in debt isn't really something we can be proud of. We simply can't accept that.”
Chief sighs, and answers:
“It's not a question about debt. It's a question about survival. I'm asking you if you're okay to start a new partnership with the Human Village.”
“Considering how the last ended-”
Kanako suddenly butt in:
“Don't blame the kappas for this. It was an accident.”
“Accident or not, the situation is critical! It's about...”
I don't listen any more, because I find him. He's sneaking into the crowd, trying to get near Chief.
I don't what he's trying, but I'm sure that it will end with Chief's death.

But, before I could reach him, someone already noticed him.
“Hey! Someone's armed here!”
The news create a big commotion, with everyone trying to get away from Sôzer.
Noticing that he's done for, he shouts:
“I'm challenging you, Chief. The price will be your life!”
The Goddess immediately answers:
“Impossible. Challenge are forbidden on the Sacred Gound.”
I make a quick gesture to the rabbits. One of them quickly shoot Sôzer with her blowgun.
Elbowing everyone, I reach Sôzer, who's laying on the floor.
“Excuse me, excuse me, I'll just take this man.”
While smiling like an idiot.

“Just wait. What are you doing here?”
Hmm? Oh, it's Chief. He's looking at me intensely. I answer with a big smile:
“I'm just bringing this man back to Eientei. Got a problem?”
“Yes. He challenged me. You can't interfere like this.”
“Sucks to be you, but-”
HURGH. Pain. Pain. Pain... Somewhere in my back.
I fall on the floor, clenching my teeth.
I fell something warm on my back.
I try to wipe it with my hand.
It's... red...
Oh shit.
I was stabbed.
I try to turn around, to face my stabber.
“Just... something like this... isn't enough...”
He's talking about the drug. I clench my teeth once more, and I try to answer:
“Say what you want. You are already knock out.”
Dammit. That hurts.

I put my hand on the floor, and I push.
I manage to rise my body, using all my strength.
My back is sore, and I can feel something warm.
I must be bleeding badly.
I open my mouth, and I try to speak.
“I... will bring you... back to Eientei.”
The Goddess shouts:
“Everyone, go away, it's not a show!”
Mumbling, the tengus and the kappas slowly leave the place.
Meanwhile, Chief ask to the tengu girl:
“Before you leave, do you agree?”
“Mmm. It hurts our pride, but it's a matter of survival.”
“All right. I'll take care of this, and I'll give the adequate orders.”

It's the night.
The Sun can't be seen any more.
And we'll fight.
I want to knock Sôzer out.
Sôzer wants to kill us.
Chief wants... well I don't know.
“Not so fast!”
Nue interfere.
Sôzer's eyes opens wide when he recognize her:
“You! You're-”
Just with a glance, she makes him shut up.
I ask:
“She's what?”
“Did she helped you?”
Chief intervenes:
“She definitely helped him. That's obvious.”
“Hey! Shut up!”
“Sôzer, when did you helped her?”
“When I killed the guy at the Temple.”
Nue screams those last words.
Too late.

“What's this ruckus for?”
Another shrine maiden arrives.
Green colours... Luigi?
“She's Sanae Kotiya. The wannabe-goddess of this shrine.”
Dramatically, Sanae points her finger in Chief's general direction.
“Me what?”
He answers, with a bored look.
“Forget me for what?”
She throws something in his face.
It's a newspaper.
“Let's see... Yes, I said you were a virgin. What's wrong with that?”

This is an heavy silence.
Finally, Nue asks:
“Did you really said that?”
Chief answers:
Sanae screams:
“A YOUKAI! Here!”

After that, everything became complicated.
Nue tried to pierce Sôzer with her trident, but I kicked Sôzer in the stomach, making him fall.
Sanae tried to slap Chief with her gohei-sort-of, but he suddenly crouched, and punched her in the stomach.

Furious, Nue suddenly turned on herself, cutting me with her strange red wings, while Sôzer was still on the floor, looking dumb.
Sanae moved back a little, and suddenly castes a spell. Chief went flying, and crushed into the offering box. Money went flying everywhere.

Then, Nue jumped in the sky, followed by Sanae.
I was bleeding on the ground, Chief was dumped in the offering box, and Sôzer was on drugs.
That's very humiliating.
I look for the rabbits. They must be hidden somewhere.
Damn, my arm is bleeding badly. But at least, my back doesn't hurt any more.
Quickly, I pass my hand on my back.
Pink. My hand isn't red.
It's not bleeding any more!
What happened?

I look up. Nue and the miko are fighting. Danmaku-style.
Ha. Danmakus are really for woman.
Quick, I have to catch Sôzer, and bring him back to Eientei.
“Oh no!”
Still flying, Nue throw her trident.

Oh. That had to hurt.
Sôzer took an headshot with a trident.
I guess I should be shocked, but seeing his dumb face... make me laugh.
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”
“'think that funny, hey?”
Someone kicks me in the stomach.
It's Chief.
This bastard!
“Okay. I'll take care of you.”
I roll on the ground, and I rise once again.
I take the butterfly out of my pocket, and I open it.
Chief, and the other hand, adopt a strange stance.
Shit. That's jiu-jutsu.
“So it was you who visited my house...”
His eyes are sharpening.
“Not only my knife, but also the diary. That's not good.”
I take the knife in my left hand.
I have to stab, those butterflies aren't solid enough to cut.

I charge him with all my might.
Fortunately, he was expecting something else, so he didn't moved.
I hit him with my shoulder, still running.
He's thrown over several meters, and crushed again the ground.
He's spiting blood. Did I hit him so badly?
Now he's really angry.
I try to charge him one more time, but this time, I'll stab him instead of just throwing him.

He evaded my charge with a somersault!
How can he be so fast?
Now he's running near the lake.
What is he planning?

He hid a crossbow!
“See ya.”
I don't have any chance. I have to dodge this one.
I stay motionless, focused on him.

But he didn't move either.
This is a strange situation. Neither of us want to move, because of the first move fail, we're done. So nobody move.
I rise my eyes by reflex.
Oh. That was Sanae.
She ate some bullets.
AAAAH! Someone hit me!
I look down.
There is a bolt standing in my chest.
My turn to spit blood.
I slowly fall on the ground.

Everything is going darker and darker.
I can see Sanae falling in the lake, defeated by the Nue.
I can see Chief heavily wounded by the Nue.
I can hear him screaming while she take off his eyes with her wings.
He try to run, but she shoot him him with a generic-like bullet.
He falls on the ground.
I can hear him breathing.
He's still alive.
I crawl to the crossbow.
I pull this, and I push this.
It's ready.
But I don't have any ammo.
I look around.
The butterfly.
I grab it, and I put it on the crossbow.
Everything seems so... slow.
The moon is shining.
I can see several things.
The temple.
The lake.
The unconscious person floating on the lake.
The unconscious bleeding person near me.
The silhouette coming to kill me.

I aim.
I shoot.
I can hear her laughing.
She says something about pitiful human tools.
I can see the butterfly knife piercing her chest like butter.
I see pain in her eyes.
I see panic in her eyes.
I see fear in her eyes.
I see something inhuman in her eyes.
Her whole silhouette is changing.
She's melting.
Her silhouette is changing into thousands little snakes.
Whispering words of hate.

Damn.. it.
Dam... nit.

Pick a choice:
[] Resist.
[] Give up.
[x] Resist.
Kick reason to the curb!
Seriously though. Why would we give up?
[x] Resist.

I've come too far to give up now.
I only have to... stand...

I put my hand on the bolt, and I pull.
That hurts. Terribly.
But I pull it off.
Now, it's just a matter of time before the wound regenerates.
I try to rise.
Woa what?
“You were supposed to kill him.”
Who is that?

I see a dark figure.
It's Jiki. The one who gave me the spellcard.
“I was what?”
She points Chief, who's still unconscious.
“You were supposed to kill him. Why didn't you killed him?”
That's … an incredibly stupid question.
“Because I'm not a murderer?”
“You are a rapist. Rapist and murderer are the same. Especially in your case.”
That's supposed to be secret! How can you know so many things about me?
“But it doesn't matter.”
She grabs the butterfly knife who defeated Nue.
“I just have to kill both of you, and everything will be fine.”
Holding the knife, she moves.

Think. Think. Don't stop thinking!
What do I have?
An empty crossbow.
A blood-stained bolt.
That's it!
I combine “blood-stained bolt” with “empty crossbow”, and I gain “Charged crossbow”!
Quickly, I shoot.
Without even blinking, Jiki (or at least what's supposed to be Jiki) twists her body in an incredible way, managing to avoid the bolt.
“Useless. Now, feel the despair, and give up.”
No way! I won't give up.
I have to resist.
What do I have else?
Of course! The spellcard!
I take it from my pocket, and I shout its name.
“The Chariot!”
The card releases hundreds of bullets, drowning Jiki in a fire world.
If I knew it was that powerful, I would have used it sooner.

Suddenly, the flames are negated. A black form is forming, sucking everything in sight.
“If it's all you have in stock, it's too light, you're wasting my time.”
The black thing moves its hand, snatching the spellcard from my hand.
“It's still mine after all. You can't use a weapon again its creator.”
With its other hand, it stabs me. There's a light explosion in my body.
“Enjoy your agony.”
Without paying any more attention to me, it leaves me, and return Chief's unconscious corpse.
Franticly, it searches on his body, one thing.

I have to move. I have to move now.
But the world is darker and darker, and my body is heavy.
I must... use this knife against her...

Once again, I put my hand on an object of pain, and I pull it out.
I clench my teeth.
Don't make any noise.
Be silent.
The knife is in my hand.
It's the time to hit.
She found what she was looking for.
Another Spellcard.
The Tower.
She's turning her attention back to me.
“Now, I can- ah?”
Grabbing the knife with my both hands, I rise it as high as I can, and I pierce her chest with.
Another explosion of light. Bigger this time.
A scream. Despair. Pain. Not anger. She's not angry. She's just... afraid.
I let go the knife, still standing in Jiki's chest.
I fall on the ground.
I won't survive. But I put an hell of a fight.

I open my eyes.
I see a smiling skull, with a blue sky behind it.
“Hello Komachi.”
The skull disappears, replaced by Komachi's annoyed face.
“Come oon! It's not often that I see the same guy two time in a row! Even though I did something special for you...”
“I appreciate.”
I raise my hand.
Silly me.
I don't have hands any more.
“Say, Komachi.”
“Do I have enough to pay the travel to the other side?”
“Will it be long?”
“Hummm. Nope. You were not a saint, but you died because you defended your worst enemy. That raised your karma.”
“Will I be reincarnated?”
“Haa! Ask that to the Yama!”
“Any other question?”
“... Nope. Let's go.”

I was Xan Xutli, nicknamed “Graham”. I lived as a beast, and I hurt lot of peoples.
I searched for redemption, and I found my answers. But I'm dead now. I wish I would be alive, because I have answers, while peoples have questions.
But that's my only regret.
By my fault, a girl killed herself. I will never be atoned for this sin, but I'll make the world a better place. I swear it. On my life.
Silly me.
I swear it anyway. On my most cherished thing in this world.

Congratulations. You unlocked Graham's True End!
Graham is dead, The Specialist too, Chief is heavily wounded, Jiki is missing, as Nue.

And somewhere, a green-haired ghost is reading a diary.
It's over? That was a bit unexpected. Nice run this time. It's a bit of a disappointment, that it ended already, since you had a lot of material left for a good story and could've easily continued. I liked your version of Mystia by the way. Hope we get to see her again sometimes.

Ignore this if the story is not over yet. It's just, that I'm not really sure.
That's it? just some half-assed true end?
I didn't planned to write that so early, but leaving you without explanation wouldn't be nice.


The table went flying in the air.
The other girls stayed still, while Mokou was shouting, showing clearly her rage.
“Just because some unknown character suddenly came, I lost?! Is that your doing, gap lady?”
On the other side of the room, was Yukari Yakumo., hiding her smile with a fan.
“Absolutely not. I don't have the slightest idea about this child-”
Mokou immediately answered:
“I don't believe this! YOU'RE the one deciding who arrives and who goes in this land! If someone were to know who this girl was, it's obviously you!”
Kaguya Houraisan decided to butt in the discussion:
“Speaking about unfair games, I don't really appreciate the fact that my hero was defeated immediately after his arrival.”
Jumping on the occasion, Mokou answered:
“Oooh, it looks like the hill billy moon princess finally noticed her poor tastes?”
Biting her lips in anger, Kaguya didn't answered.
The fourth girl finally joined the conversation.
“Come on, come on, don't be mad. Youmu? Can you bring some snacks? Well, this being aside, I also wonder who was this girl.”
“That's what EVERYONE is wondering. Don't tell us you don't know her, because I won't believe you!”
To this accusation, Yukari answered with her usual smile.
“Well, believe me or not, I don't know this girl.”
Hearing that, Mokou immediately left the room, followed after by Kaguya.
After a while, the pink haired ghost asked once again.
“Yukari. I don't know what kind of games you're playing, but this girl is clearly unbalancing it.”
“I'll send Ran after her.”

This trouble settled, Yukari prepared the next round of the new game.
A game made for the immortals.
Bring a human, chosen 'randomly'. See who will be the last standing.
Chief, Yukari's champion, won the first round. He will be allowed to live in Gensokyo peacefully. The others champions failed, they were killed.

Humming a jazzy tune, Yukari pulled a list of names from nowhere.
In this list, thousands of names.
Each name represented a living being.

Putting her finger randomly on the list, she chose her next champion.
“Let's wait a week before beginning the second game, or Reimu will discover something.”
And if the miko were to know what kind of games they were playing...


Okay. Apologies for the typos. I wrote that as fast as I can.
Before writing the act 2, I'll need few things.
2 champions, to be accurate. Just write how they behave, their skills, the usual stuff.
They have to be humans.

Once I'll have that, I'll begin to write the second act, with moar murder, moar blood, and moar betrayals!
Forgot to tell, but if you have any question, feel free to ask.
[x] Calm, calculating guy with good manners. Someone else can do the rest. (please do it)
Fine with this one. I'll keep him.
Another one? Or I'll use another OC chosen "randomly".
[x]Shy and nervous, introverted and polite. Stutters.
There's your second.
Okay. Update soon.
After the eientei story.
It's disappointing that all the trials and tribulations Graham experienced were just a result of a 'game'.

Though Yukari isn't exactly immortal as those two nor do I see any reason why Mokou would agree to play a game with human lives.
It's the first thing I feel.
Days passed. But the pain stayed.
My eye.
When Nue ripped my eye off, I though I was going to die.
After that, all went dark, and I don't remember what happened.

When I awoke, I was back in the Village.
I asked about what happened to Sôzer, Sanae, and Xan.
And... The answer didn't made me happy.
I wasn't sure if Sôzer was dead or not. But, even if in the end, he was a betrayer, I was sad then I learned about him. I don't know why Nue was after him, and maybe I'll never know.
Sanae was badly wounded, but she's still alive.
Xan is dead. I don't know what happened, but the Mountain Goddess said that he tried to defend me as the end.
I didn't really trusted her, but since he's dead, I can't really call him a coward.

Anyway, the Village's situation went better.
With this alliance with the Youkai Mountain, the Village is now the strongest political faction in Gensokyo.
In this current situation, Byakuren can't do anything. She lost her influence.
I think I won.

But that's a bitter victory.
Three peoples died during this fight, and I still don't have a single clue about why I'm here.

I try to stand.
I fall.
I needed this spellcard. The Tower. Where did it went?
I seriously need it.

Because I'm disabled. As they says: “person with motor disability”. I can't walk. I can't even crawl. For some reasons, when I managed to snatch this spellcard to Jiki, I gained the ability to walk.

But perhaps it's better to tell you the whole story.

About my former life, I won't tell you anything.
Just know one thing: I didn't have any name.
Well, thinking about that, I still don't have any name.
Well, anyway.

And then... this... accident came.
I don't want to tell you about that.
But... when I was 'moved', I was on the verge of the death.
If this thing didn't happened, then I would be dead.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a forest.
Another human was here. He helped me.

The rest, you read it in my diary.
Well, I didn't speak about Jiki's attack. And I didn't said much about me.
But it's not like my life is interesting.
The only important thing is what I'm doing.

What am I doing?
My best.
For who?
For the village. I'm not waiting anything from this place.
But I know one thing.
I can avoid a war.
I know that. And if I can avoid it...
Well, let's say that everything will be better.

Thinking about Byakuren, her influence is pretty down, now?
So everything's settled, right?
“Are you awake?”
Oh. Keine.
I smile.
“Yes. I'm awake. What's up?”
She smiles too.
“You're still alive. That's a good new.”
“Yes. With this alliance with the Mountain, the situation is almost perfect.”
“I'm still worried about the food.”
“Don't worry about that, Keine. It's the farmer's job to worry about the crop. Not yours.”
I have a fake smile on my face. Like Keine.
We try to be happy, but in fact, things aren't as easy as it seems.
I don't really have to worry about Byakuren any more. Maybe Nue will try to kill me later, but right now, it's okay.
The main trouble now is to make sure that there's enough food.

Why did I made an alliance with the tengus?
-they are the strongest military faction in Gensokyo.
-and they might end up eating human.
That's logic for you.

Alliance with the tengus means alliance with the whole Mountain. Which means that the Moriya Shrine is unofficially allied with us, just like the kappas.

“So, Keine, how do I look this morning?”
“As awful as usual.”
“Perhaps more awful than usual, in fact.”
She doesn't answer.
I sit.
“So? How are they reacting?”
I'm talking about the villagers.
“Umm? Better than I expected. It's unusual to have a fight between humans and youkais now.”
“Because of those Spellcard battle?”
“Yes. Either the human is killed instantly by the youkai, either he just exterminates it.”
“Using a mental attack is the only way to get rid of a youkai.”
“Well, about that, can you...”
Keine takes me in her arms, in a bridal style, and put me in a wheelchair.
I guess that I should be ashamed to ask a woman to carry me, but I trust Keine.

Moving slowly the wheelchair, I manage to reach my office.
“I don't know if those kappas just misread the blueprints that I gave them, but something's wrong with this.”
“The kappas told me that they didn't like following blueprints. They prefer to use the original object, instead of a blueprint.”
“I can understand it. It's pretty hard to use a map. Because it's something you have to imagine. You can't touch it.”

The rest of the day went as usual.
Well, usual for me.
Trying to settle things between villagers.
Trying to calm down things between inhuman and villagers.

“I don't know why, but it's harder than usual. Usually, they obey without discussion.”
“It's because you're sitting.”
“Darn. I'll have to find a way... Can I fly, or something?”
“I don't think it's possible. According to the law, you need to be human to lead the Village. If you can fly, then you're a magician.”
“Mmm... That's annoying.”
I just decided something.

Since Byakuren is now powerless, and since the Village is safe, I can retire without any trouble.
Perhaps it's what I should do.
Resign from my Chief job, and try to learn how to fly.
I already know that Jiki own an object who allows me to walk. If I can snatch it again from her, the situation will be perfect.
But first, I need to ask Keine:
“Keine... If I decide to resign suddenly, who's supposed to take the lead?”
“Ah? Umm. I suppose it's the Eldest's job to decide.”
“Can I trust him?”
“Mmm. You're bringing changes in this village.”
She's right. But I won't live eternally.
“It's up to the villagers if they want to keep changing.”
I'm an outsider. I can't make them change.

The day is slowly dying.
Let's just sleep.

I'm standing.
I see a black sea.
Standing on the sea, was the dead Sun.
“This day arrived.”
I don't move. I know who's talking. It's Big Sister.
“The Sun's dead.”
“Will everything be all right?”
“Well, we are well-protected.”
“And the Earth?”
“They won't die. But life will become rough for the-”
Like watching an unplugged TV.
White noise.
White noise.
Two eyes.
Who is this?
Hello again, child.
Again you.
Didn't I turned you down?
Oooh, but I made progress. I know how you're thinking.
Sounds threatening.
You have no idea.
The voice changed.

I awake from my sleep.
I crawl to my wheelchair.
I get out from my house.
I get out from the village.
It's midnight.
Nobody's out.
I just move forward.
I don't pay attention to the things lurking in the darkness.
I can only hear her.
That's it. You're understanding it!
I managed to reach the Misty Lake.
Without stopping, I crawl to the water.
The water is cold.
Without noticing the several youkais watching me, I begin to swim.
I must...
Reach the island.
My legs are heavy.
My arms are heavier and heavier.
It's colder and colder.
Everything seems slow now.

Too cold for me.
I give up.

“Isn't that one interesting fate? Let's see how I can affect it.”


Someone recently told me that "You are just a blink" is more interesting than "Gensokyo's Tower".
Even if it's making me sad, I just want to say that the two stories, even if they are happening in the same world, are totally different.
I designed "Gensokyo's Tower" to be tragic (even if I failed), while "You are just a blink" is more silly, and much less serious.
TL;DR: Reading "You are just a Blink" will help you later. I won't drop any of them.
the thing is your /eientei/ story is more or a normal story, while this seems way too hard to be different.
Sorry to say that, but I don't have a clue about what you're trying to say.
So Chief died trying to swim the lake with no leg power? Why would he do that? SDM is canon NOT on an island (though it's up to you how to interpret it).

What he's trying to say, is roughly that the /th/ story is too hard to understand since we still hardly know anything but the fact, that we were thrown into Gensokyo. There's a clog of useless info about how we're from the times Touhou 9 came out (I still don't know what that had to do with the story), something about Yukari and how we're in a game(apparently), but that's pretty much it. And the MC's character/personality is constantly changing (still didn't help him from being boring most of the time).
On the other hand, your /eientei/ story has an introduction, an interesting MC that's more or less stable and awesome, stuff is happening on the freaking Moon (and I haven't seen any other story where this happens yet) and it has something resembling a plot (though Yukari shennanigans again (hence the resembling)) so it's much more enjoyable. And the description of him using his power is quite nice good great.
About the SDM:
I know it's more a peninsula than an island, but I think that Chief went for the straight road.

About the fact that you don't know anything:
I can understand that, and it was made on purpose.
Learning that sometimes, peoples voted before reading the update made me mad, so I decide to wrote a complicated story (maybe too complicated).
In short, I'm not really explaining. If you want answer, you have to read, and think by yourself.
This story is pretty hard, but I'm doing my best to make it enjoyable after all.
(I know I'm not Ryukishi07, but I just want to try.)
Yes yes but you have to explain a bit of it so we know what to look for. You can't expect to write a complicated story without explanation and expect the readers to understand it.

Good luck and don't try to be somebody else because you can never be as good as that person. Be yourself and become a better one.
Well, maybe you're right. If I have to explain myself, it means that I'm failing somewhere.
I put this story on hold, until I find to way to make the story simpler. Meanwhile, I'll focus on /eientei/ story.
File 128492805290.png - (122.41KB, 320x240 , vlcsnap-2010-09-07-00h20m17s61.png) [iqdb]
[x] Calm, calculating guy with good manners.
[x]Shy and nervous, introverted and polite.

What can I say about me?
Until now, I was someone normal. Going to High School, trying to get a job, drinking like a moron, and running everywhere like a drunken jackass.
That was what I did yesterday.
Maybe it's related to the fact that I'm in an unknown place?
Well, saying “unknown” is really nice. In fact, it look like another dimension.
“Where the bloody mess am I?”
The sky is red. The landscape is … flat. No mountains. No forest.
Am I in hell?

But first, allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Richard Drinkwell. I'm an usual person, with a usual family, and an usual alcohol addiction.
“I guessa I drunk something bad, 'cause I don't feel mah head.”
Yesterday, I left the house, to go for a little drink.
I went to my usual bar.
My parents were here.
That's all I said.

After that, they brought me back to the house, and locked me in.
Hey. That was useless. I ALWAYS have alcohol in my sleeve. Not technically in my sleeve, but you get it.

So here I am, looking around, trying to locate my position.
I don't know this place. I'm ever wondering if I'm still on Earth.
Maybe I died from drinking too much.
In that case, I guess I'm in Hell.
The ground is black. The ground is black, and the sky is red.
That's scary.

There's peoples laying here too.
So I'm not the only one here.
That's good.

“Hello? Can I help you?”
“I guess I can use a hand. This young boy doesn't look good.”
Okay. I see a man, probably in the 30s, dressed like Sherlock Holmes.
“Hello, Mister...?”
Mama always told me to I had t be polite in any circonstances.
He looks at me, and smiles.
“Call me Jack. And you're?”
“Oh. I'm Richard Drinkwell.”
Hearing my name, his smile goes wider.
“Aaah! Another English fellow! I'm happy to see you here, boy!”
I smile in return.
But when I see who's laying on the ground, my smile break instantly.
It's my brother. Frank.
I kneel next to him, trying to keep my cool.
“Frank? Can you hear me? Frank?”
He's not answering. I ask Jack:
“What happened?”
He answers:
“I dunno. I was just living as usual, and I found myself here. And this boy was around.”
“It's my brother. Frank Drinkwell.”
Mmm. What is the best option to get rid of him?
I think for a while, and I ask again, trying to smile warmly:
“Sorry to ask you that, Jack, but could you see around if someone can help us?”
“Of course. But I'm not sure if I will be able to come back. There's not any landmarks here. Wherever we are.”
I answer:
“I'll take off my shirt, and I'll use it as a flag. If you can see it, it's okay.”
Smiling, Jack moves away.

I remove my shirt, and I move it. Up, down, up, down.
Okay. He can see me.
I talk one more time.
“Frank. You're not a baby any more. When peoples talk to you, can't you just answer?”
With a blushing face, my brother opens his eyes.
“I-I-I'm sorry bro! I just didn't know how to react!”
I sigh.
“Good Lord! Just act like a normal person!”
“But this situation isn't normal!”
“I know.”
“What if...”
“... Nothing.”

That's my brother for you. He's... not rude, but he don't know how to react. For some reason, he just can't act normally. He have to think before acting.
Usually, it's a good thing, but with him, it's troublesome, because he can never reach a solution. He's just spending his time, wondering how he's supposed to react to this or this.
Tsss. He's not cold, he's just... hesitant.
And I have the feeling he don't trust me.

“Will you spit you pill? What do you think?”
“Nothing. I don't know anything! And that's scaring me!”
“Please, Frank. At least, try to be polite.”
“Ha. Look like Jack is back.”
Yes he is.

But he's not alone, he's followed by a strange girl, with purples hairs, green eyes, and some ridiculous clothes.
Let's show to Frank how is supposed to act a true gentleman.
I bow lightly, with introducing myself.
“Hello, Madam. My name is Richard Drinkwell, and this is Franck Drinkwell, my brother. I'm pleased to meet you.”
I'm pretty confident. After all, I was taught to be a gentleman in the hard way.
Next to me, is my brother. Blushing like a tomato.
Good lord. You're hopeless.
“H-Ha! Hello. As you heard, my name is Frank Drinkwell. I'm pleased to meet you.”

Okay. Maybe it was a fail.
Jack is currently staring us with wide eyes, while the girl is too shocked to answer.
Are we being too polite?
“Well, allow me to introduce myself one more time. My name is Jack, and you can call me Jack.”
Taken aback, the girl blushes a little, and declare:
“F-Fine! My name is Yagami! I-I'm japanese! I'm pleased to meet you too!”
… Wow, she's almost as shy as Frank. Those two could be a perfect pairing.

After those presentations, there is a silence.
Finally, after a time, Jack speaks:
“Well, since we known each other, what about a plan?”
I speaks too:
“Well, let's start with what we know. What do we know? Nothing. We're stucked in a strange place.”
Frank speaks:
“Excuse me, Miss, but... do you have glasses?”
“Ha! Uh, yeah! Why?”
“C-c-could you lend them to me? Just for a while?”
… Damned, what a perfect pairing. Both completely stupid innocent.

After receiving the glasses, Frank played with for a while, while Yagami, Jack and I were speaking about our current situation.
“I see, there's no Sun. I'm not even sure we're on the Earth.”
“It's possible for us to be underground.”
“Y-Yes! I-If we weren't on the Earth, w-when we would already be dead!”
“And why?”
“B-Because we wouldn't have any oxygen to breathe!”
“Good point.”
Frank yelled.
“What's up, Frank?”
He... twisted the glasses, so that the two spectacles were one on another.
Well, I'm not describing it accurately, but...
“Frank... Did you... made a telescope with those classes?”
… Either my brother is a genius, either he's totally insane.
“What did you saw?”
“I saw a big building! This way!”
He points a direction, toward the landscape.

“I can't see anything...”
“Nor I.”
“I can see it too... But it's pretty far away.”
“Is that so? You have good eyes, little Miss.”
“Ha.. Ha ha, thanks.”

And thus, our little group walked though a wasteland.


All right. I tried something consistent. This time, you have a short introduction, and you know what to do.
Get the hell out of this place.
File 128597331347.jpg - (19.37KB, 133x117 , e2c3cdfe7d3d2dae66f16874b6a9b30c.jpg) [iqdb]
Story dropped.
Blame my lack of experience, my lack of self-confidence, and the fact that I'm really bad in English.
File 128597415143.png - (13.58KB, 263x263 , tewi.png) [iqdb]

Don't forget the IRC Cabal.
I can't seriously blame them.
If they can't bear newfags, they can't.
That's all.
File 128597715468.jpg - (292.78KB, 800x700 , 1270678033046.jpg) [iqdb]
chalk up another one for the good guys.
Way to be a douchebag! GJ!
File 128597974279.jpg - (29.93KB, 292x332 , 1270046900238.jpg) [iqdb]
Truth hurts.
The truth is that you're pointlessly antagonizing someone, and it's utterly pathetic.
The truth is that he is a bad writer and should have never started writing.
Before everyone stopped caring people like him got banned or drove out.

Can't take critique? Don't start writing. Just cause you write does not mean you get a free card with oh he is so nice, leave the poor guy alone. When something is bad, it is bad, when something is good, it is good. End of the line. You call it antagonizing, i call it reality. Can't take it? Well, your problem. We have so many new bad writers so it is kind of pointless to point one out anyway.

Now we can discuss back and forth, but that will not change the situation.
True that.
You're still a douchebag though.
Nice? He was quite arrogant without any skill to back it up.
Right and you are obviously the one person with the right to decide.o
Fuck I never got how angry people get at "bad" stories or pairings they don't like. Don't fucking read them.

Theres truth and then there's taunting. Doesn't matter if it's true its still asshating.
You just don't get it. Read once again and then you may be getting the point.
If not, then at least stop saying stupid things that make you look like an idiot.

I don't want to waste my time explaining basic things to you.

And any further talk is useless before you not start to think. Or at least get your own opinion.
>You're still a douchebag though.
We just don't pull any punches here. If something is bad, it is said that it is bad. It was always like that and it will always be like that here. Why should i hold back and say nothing? Maybe tell him his writing is good and everything is fine? That way he won't learn anything or improve. Or if that does not help, maybe get him to stop writing for good, because he is just horrible. I am not a goddamn writer too, if i wrote something it would be as horrible as his. But do you see me writing? No.

I don't know where you people came from, but it is new that someone comes to defend a bad writer. It is rather amusing.
>don't like, don't read
This is the worst fucking argument you could ever give to defend a shitty story.
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<- Berserk Hong Meiling.

I know I said I won't write again without having improved myself, but I didn't want to let this story unfinished. Have fun reading this, and, please, don't close this thread with a message of hate.

The 4 new outsiders find their way to Shinki's palace, and receive hint about a possible way out of this hell. Using the door that was sealed by Reimu, they manage to reach Gensokyo. Only to discover that there's a little war inside the village to find who'll become the leader.

After several weeks, Jack finally get rid of his last competitor, allowing him to become the Chief. During this time, Frank and Yagami become close friends.
Eventually, Jack went out to drink at Mystia's stand, followed by Richard. After several drinks, Jack try to rape Mystia. Richard try to stop him, but is heavily burned during the tentative, and pass out.
Awakening, Richard find that a being calling himself “good spirit” is trying to comfort Mystia. That good spirit call himself Xan, and bring Mystia to Myouren's Shrine.
Richard go back to the Village, only to discover that Yagami is missing, just like Jack, and that Frank is quite worried. They decide to seek Yagami in the forest of Magic.
Richard find Yagami's mutilated corpse, and discover that Jack's real name is Jacob Levy, aka “Jack the Ripper”. After trying to hunt him down, Richard reach the Primsriver Mansion (not named), and find Jack, deeply shocked, his hair turned white.
Resisting the urge to kill him, Richard bring Jack to the Village, and lock him in Keine's house.
But during the night, Keine's house is put on fire, killing Jack, and Frank is missing. Going after him, Richard, Xan and Keine can't save Frank from Chief, who turned into a magician. Chief throw Frank into the Primsriver mansion, and flee.
Trying to save Frank, Richard discover that the mansion is full of Onryō. He manages to get away, but is psychologically scarred for life.

During this time, in the player's room, Youmu appears to warn Yuyuko that someone broke into the Netherworld. The game is dismissed.

Keine and Xan wonder what to do, but Chief appears to warn them that a large group of onryõ are coming to the Village, and also that they plan to exterminate every humans.
After that, while the Village is preparing, Chief wander to several place, including the Youkai Mountain, the Hakurei Shrine, and the Myouren Shrine, to ask for help.

After that, while the phantoms are attacking the Village, Chief try to figure what's going on. He deducts that Jiki is responsible for this mess, but can't figure how.
Depending of Anon's votes, he can either goes to the Hakurei Shrine, and ask Reimu to investigate, or he can go to the SDM, only to find a berserk China who kill him almost instantly, leaving him half-dead.

After this, Chief goes back to the Village, to help. But he's too late, Byakuren and many other peoples are dead, and Shou blames him for Byakuren's dead.
Flying away, he return to the SDM, and, sneaking his way into the mansion, manage to deduct what's going on.
Jiki is using her power to turn everyone berserk, in order to create a Time Compression. If Sakuya become berserk, she'll fuse with her Luna Dial, creating a Time Compression.
After a flying away from a berserk Remilia, who reproach Chief for his ungrateful behaviour (since he ran away from the mansion, even after Patchouli taught him magic), Chief reach Jiki, and fight against her. Sakuya arrives later, and Jiki run away.
Chief decides to follow, but he's stopped by Yukari (who can be pissed off if he warned Reimu), who warns him that Jiki is from the same time period than him. Getting angry after Yukari, Chief explains that he was the Lunar Defence Corps' commander, despite the fact he was only a human, and blame Watatsuki no Yorihime for leaving this burden to him. He reveals that during a battle against Earth's force (lead by Shou Toramaru, which explains why he hates her), he was made prisoner, and tortured, making him disabled.
Yukari don't answer to that, but just remind him that Jiki isn't evil. She just want to avoid a war, and she's using the bad way.

Out of option, Chief fly to Eientei, and encounter Shiki (YAJAB's MC). Without touching him, Shiki admits that he recognizes him, and says the truth: Chief is Moriarty and Yorihime's son. Which means that he's half-human, half-lunarian. But Shiki corrects him, saying that “Lunarian are just Moon's Earthlings”, and saying that Chief is a “full” lunarian.

After this discussion, Chief finally figure where to find Jiki.
At the top of Youkai Mountain. And she's here.
Chief immediately begin to fight, but his magic and tactical skills can't defeat Jiki, and he's defeated. After that, Jiki reveals what's her power. She can control despair. That's how she turned the Netherworld's innocents ghost into vengeful phantoms. That's also why she's fighting alone, instead of gathering influence like Chief.

And, Jiki's last secret is eventually revealed, depending of Anon's votes, she was created from despair, gathered by Suika.

After Reimu's death, the Hakurei Border begin to fade out, allowing youkais to run free. The ludicrous slaughter finally broke the humanity, and, in a desperate attempt to kill them, the humans decides to send several nuclear warhead into the Sun, having discovered that many youkais were weak against sun's ray. It was almost useless, since the explosion killed only small fries, making the other stronger.
To fix the situation, Yukari decided to eradicate the despair. Suika gathered it, and Yukari changed the Border of Life and Death, creating a embodiment of despair. Jiki Kurotayou is the embodiment of despair.

Without despair, the earth slowly became a nicer place to live with, and Gensokyo quickly expanded, eventually overrunning the whole Earth, creating a planet-scale land of fantasy. But the Sun was still radioactive, and the earthlings blamed the lunarians for that, starting a war.

During the conversation, Chief realises that Jiki's like him: just a tool without sentiments, used, and thrown away.

The both of them decides to get back to the future, being unable to change things here. Jiki uses her tarots cards to open a time tunnel.

But while the travel, they are ambushed by Yukari, Ran and Chen. Jiki is quickly put out of combat, and Chief, trying to get Chen as hostage, piss off Ran, who beat the magic out of him, and leave him to die.

Eventually, depending of Anon's choice, Chief can reach the SDM island (True End), or drown in the Lake (Bad End).
If he reaches the SDM, he'll notices immediately that Hong Meiling is missing, just like Sakuya, and just like the whole fairies crew.

Encountering Koakuma, he understands the situation, and become the Mansion's Butler, just enough to recover from his wounds.
Yeah, you shouldn't leave things unfinished. Explanation of the story? Looks a bit complicated.
I had the plot, but I lacked the skill. I'm gonna work on it until I'm satisfied with the result. And after that, I'm gonna resume the /eientei/ story.
The International Regular Cabal "suggested" to read english literature, so I'm gonna doing this.

And about the story: it's a pretty short plot, since lots of details aren't even presents.

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