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114415 No. 114415
"Well, how about this instead; I'll show you mine if you show me yours." The double entendre makes you smile.

"Uh... excuse me?" Aya looks slightly appalled. Nazrin does as well.

"My camera!" You pull it out of the bag. "Yours looks neat, and you seem to know how to use it, if you're such an accomplished journalist, so I thought you could show me how to use mine. Why? What were you thinking?"

Nazrin blushes slightly, but Aya blows it off like it's nothing.

"Ah, just let me see that!" She snatches the camera from your hands. "Wow, this is an old one. Never really seen anything like it..." The camera is rolled over in her hands a few times as she examines it from every angle. Without warning, she takes a picture of Nazrin, who squeaks in surprise at the flash. Nothing else seems to happen. "Ah, here's your problem. You don't have any film!" Aya shows you the open back of the camera, revealing that it is, indeed, with out film in it.

"I could have sworn that I had some in my bag..." A quick search turns up a complete lack of film. "Huh."

"Here, I'll give you some, just don't waste it, ok?"

<System Message: You have received Film 5ea. Try not to lose it this time, butterfingers.>

Aya hands you back the camera. She seems to take note of the location of the sun in the sky. "Ah Crap! I'm late! You'll have to give me that scoop later. See yas!"

Just as she's about to speed off, you manage to stop her. "Wait! We're looking for some people!" You quickly describe Ichirin and Shou.

Aya closes her eyes for a moment before she replies. "I believe they took someone fitting one of those descriptions to Eientei. She got hurt or something? Not really sure. Anyways, see you!" And with that, she's gone.

"Well, It looks like one of the crew is at this 'Eientei' place. Any idea where it's at?"

"I think... it's in the bamboo forest. I'm not sure though... I was only recently let out again."

Hm. You could try looking for this place yourself, try that shrine you saw before, or hit one of the other places you've seen today to try and find this 'Eientei' place.

[ ] Go Find Yourself.
[ ] Party at the Shrine.
[ ] Previously on MAiG
-[ ] Village
-[ ] Forest
-[ ] Gate
-[ ] Mansion

No. 114416
[x] Party at the Shrine.

Delicious updates. This place has been so dead the past week, I was starting to enter withdrawal.
No. 114417
[X] Go Find Yourself.

"Oh! There I am!"
No. 114418
[X] Go Find Yourself.
No. 114419
[X] Go Find Yourself.
No. 114423
[ℤℯ] Go Find Yourself.

It's a forest. Full of bamboo.

Not exactly a lot of those around here.
No. 114442
[x] Previously on MAiG
-[x] Village
No. 114444
[x] Previously on MAiG
-[x] Village

Someone in the village might help if not Mokou.
No. 114446
[T] Go Find Yourself.
No. 114450
File 126841159452.jpg - (46.74KB , 500x661 , f-identifying-wood-5314.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go Find Yourself.
No. 114452
Finding the Bamboo Forest: Easy
Finding Eientei in it: NOT so easy.
No. 114455
How not easy is it when you have a youkai whose whole ability is centered around finding things?
No. 114458

Items, not places.
No. 114460

How about an item located inside Eientei then?
No. 114465
If we knew what we were looking for, that would work perfectly. Do we know what item we're looking for?
No. 114467
How about Eirin's hat?
No. 114468

I don't think we've met any of the crew yet. It'd probably need to be something Nazrin knows, too.

Maybe something Ichirin or Shou has/had?
No. 114473
[X] Go Find Yourself.
[X] Previously on MAiG...
No. 114523
being in the finding of the selfing of the findingness of looking. Yes?
No. 114532
Well, It's in a bamboo forest, and there's only one that you've seen around here. I mean. Really. How hard could it be to find a single place in the midst of a bamboo forest?

Several hours later, night is beginning to fall, and you're no closer to finding this 'Eientei'. Bristle, long since tired out, is now resting on your back. Nazrin has produced some dousing rods from somewhere, and is attempting to find the place. But it seems she's only able to find 'lost' things, which is unfortunate. Apparently, nobody considers this 'Eientei' place to be lost, nor anyone inside it considers themselves lost.

"Ah, gahd dahm it." Someone pushes through the bamboo in front of you. "Ah yah lahst? Ah jhast gaht dahn takan cahr ahv anatha lahst grahp."

You can't understand a word this woman is saying.

She continues to stare at you as if she expects an answer.

[ ] Yes?
[ ] No?
[ ] Purple?
No. 114534
[x] "Why my good madam, Out little confederation of like-minded members do indeed appear to have become geographically misplaced within this high density area of Bambusoideae foliage. Would that you could mayhaps instruct us upon the relevant directions to guide us wholeheartedly to our most important destination."
No. 114538
[X] Purple?

She just never was the same after that time with the rock, was she?
No. 114539
[x] Yes!
No. 114547
[x] Yes!
No. 114549
File 126851449559.gif - (9.09KB , 438x440 , I am here to ruin your day.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Purple?
No. 114550
[x] Yes?

I think this is Mokou asking if we need to go to Eientei.
No. 114578
[x] "Why my good madam, Out little confederation of like-minded members do indeed appear to have become geographically misplaced within this high density area of Bambusoideae foliage. Would that you could mayhaps instruct us upon the relevant directions to guide us wholeheartedly to our most important destination."
- [x] If not then...Purple?
No. 114580
[x] Purple?
No. 114594
calling it for verbose. Hope nobody minds.
No. 114608
"Why my good madam, Out little confederation of like-minded members do indeed appear to have become geographically misplaced within this high density area of Bambusoideae foliage. Would that you could mayhap instruct us upon the relevant directions to guide us wholeheartedly to our most important destination." you state rather plainly.

"Uh... Ah have nah ideah whaht yah jhast seid."

"My dear, the discombobulation is quite mutual, I assure you."

"Sahmthan wharng whiht hes hehd, ah tehk aht?"

Nazrin glances back and forth as if looking for someone to give her the proper answer. Failing that, she nods hesitantly.

"Ahl raht. Thas whey."

She motions for the pair of you to follow her. The trip proceeds mostly in silence, as neither party really seems to understand the other. It's almost night as you arrive at your destination. Eientei. Stopping at the edge of the clearing, you see why you couldn't find this place from above. The bamboo is knitted together above it in a fashion that keeps it from appearing at all from above, not to mention that there's apparently bamboo growing directly out of the building itself.

"Thas ahs faahr ahs ah goah." Your guide waves you off as she disappears into the woods. The thanks you called out after echo through the forest emptily.

Turning back to the building itself, you get a flash of it being familiar for some reason. You can't quite place why though, it's just something that's tickling in the back of your mind. Nazrin trots up to the front of the building. There's a single door here that seems to serve as an entrance of some sort, and from how Aya talked about it, this place seems like it's a hospital of sorts.

A few steps is all it takes to bring you to the raised walkway that goes around the entire perimeter of the building. Having already run ahead, Nazrin has already slid open the entry door and stuck her head inside. Not to much further behind her, you come in as well. The small lobby is mostly devoid of life. There's a desk here, but nobody manning it. Two or three open files sit upon the top of the desk. Several empty seats are against one wall. There's two girls with large floppy white ears that seem to be taking care of some paperwork, but other than that it's empty.

[ ] Call out to the Rabbits.
[ ] Have Nazrin try to find whoever was brought in.
[ ] Sneak a look at the folders.
No. 114609
[x] Have Nazrin try to find whoever was brought in.
No. 114611
>There's two girls with large floppy white ears that seem to be taking care of some paperwork
No. 114615
File 126853222845.png - (31.22KB , 109x137 , ROYAN.png ) [iqdb]

>>Turning back to the building itself, you get a flash of it being familiar for some reason. You can't quite place why though, it's just something that's tickling in the back of your mind.

"So far away from your family, from your friends, from everything you ever loved. But, for some reason you like it here. You feel something you can't quite put your finger on. Think about it for a second and maybe the word will come to you: nostalgia. "
No. 114616
No. 114617
What time is it? AVENTURE TIME! What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

No. 114620
Adventure is you middle name, and currently it's calling. Without a word to Nazrin you take off down a nearby hall. Nobody here. Down another. Empty as well. Well then, another, and another and another. It's amazing. this place seems to go on forever. Somewhere along the line, you realize that Nazrin's caught up to you.

"What are you doing!?" she cries, incredulous.

"Following my nose, where ever it goes! TO ADVENTURE!" You call out, loud as you can, rounding a corner. Directly into a person. The two of you bounce off one another, you falling back into a surprised Nazrin, the other person, a woman, squarely on her behind.

She picks up her fallen blue and red hat from where it landed, and pulls herself up to her feet. She brushes off her dress, and adjusts her lab coat. "Excuse me, What do you think you're doing."

[ ] Looking for someone.
[ ] Looking to volunteer.
[ ] Ask her what time it is.
[ ] Flee.
[ ] Grope.
[ ] Assail.
[ ] Dance.
No. 114622
[X] Dance.
No. 114623
[Q] Flee.
[Q] Grope.
[Q] Dance.

In that order.
No. 114624
[X] Dance.
No. 114626
[X] Dance.
No. 114629
No. 114633
[x] Dance.
[x] Ask her what time it is.
[x] Grope.
[x] Flee.
In that order please.
No. 114634
A strange urge overtakes you. The urge to DANCE. You begin grooving and swaying to a beat that only you can hear. You dance all over the place. Up the walls and across the ceiling. The woman stands there dumbfounded. You just keep dancing though. Dancing, dancing, danc.....

"Did you really have to use a tranquilizer on him?"

"Did I have to? No. Did I want to? Yes, very much so. Today has been too much of a hectic and stressful day to be dealing with more of this. My aide, Reisen, seems to have vanished off the face of the earth, Tewi ran out on me, saying she needed to check on something, and the rabbits are now scattered all over creation, leaving me to do all the grunt work. Oh, and I'm out of bread for my sandwiches. So, am I going to have to tranquilize you as well?"

"Err... no, please don't." Nazrin draws back from the woman. "I'm just looking for my friends. I heard that one of them had been brought in here?" Nazrin quickly described Ichirin and Shou.

"Ah, yes, the Nun. She was brought in here earlier. Not quite sure what happened to her, but she got banged up fairly well. The tiger woman is here with her right now." Eirin gives Nazrin directions as to how to find them.

The pair wave as Nazrin pulls your prone form up onto her shoulder and drags you off to where her friends are at.

<System Message: End chapter 6, Proceed to chapter 7?>

[ ] Y
[ ] N
[ ] DVD Menu
[ ] Skip to chapter 8
No. 114635
[x] Y
No. 114636
[x] Y
No. 114638
[x] Y

>>My aide, Reisen, seems to have vanished off the face of the earth

This is going to be one rescue operation after another, isn't it?
No. 114640
That's if Anon can keep their heads focused on the task without being distracted.
No. 114642
We can only hope.
No. 114649
But focus is boring.
If we can manage to solve our problems while still wandering whichever way the wind blows, then so much the better.

There's no reason to get upset at problems when you're not taking them seriously in the first place.
No. 114698
[x] Skip to chapter 10
No. 114707
[Q] Y

I loved that part~
No. 114716
>>My aide, Reisen, seems to have vanished off the face of the earth

>This is going to be one rescue operation after another, isn't it?
Oh, not at all, my friend.

No, that is the rescue operation of all time.
>off the face of the earth
Would it help jog your memory if I said that I think we're going to need to build a rocket?
No. 114762
I'd rather take the badass approach, and let Suika punch us into the stratosphere.
No. 114767

Hopefully more throwing and less punching. Because I'd rather we keep our body in one piece.
No. 114787
Way to completely miss the Ending of MiG reference.
No. 114789
No good; we'll suffocate in the vacuum of space. We're not a Hun, after all.
No. 114792

I caught that like a home run at the world series. Also do you really need spoiler tags on that anymore?
No. 114873
Updates coming soonish. Past few days have been hellish.
No. 114918
File 126871781028.jpg - (80.53KB , 608x621 , abb2ff5a4e2db93a86278421ee4d6b5f.jpg ) [iqdb]
The room is filled with animated chatting between the three female occupants. As the noise finally penetrates through the haze of the tranquilizers, you open your eyes. It seems you've been unceremoniously dumped into a chair in the corner of the room while the three girls chat happily.

"So you still haven't managed to get your hands on the pagoda?" the blond woman with black stripes in her hair is addressing Nazrin.

Nazrin looks away from this woman. "No... I know where it's at, it's just the man who has it... his definition of 'treasure' is so far skewed that I have no idea what he really wants. I haven't been able to find anything that I could trade to him for it, and he wants an ever increasing amounts of yen to straight out buy it from him. I'm sorry Shou." she hangs her head in shame.

"Pagoda?" Your groggy call comes from the corner. " z'it look like a lantern thing?"

Everyone in the room seems to take notice of you for the first time. The woman in the futon becomes quiet, looks down and places her hands on her lap. Shou gives you a disinterested look. Nazrin sighs.

"Yes. Why?"

"Oh. 'cause I traded it off him" You rummage through the bag producing this 'pagoda' that they were talking about. "This thing?"

Shou and Nazrin stare at the object in shock, then at each other, then at the object again.


You grin slightly. "I traded him a 'shikigami' for it." Including the air quotes around 'shikigami.' Shou looks slightly horrified at this.

"You gave him your shikigami for that?! While it may be worth it, how could you do that to your subordinate?!" She seems to be getting angry.

"Eh? No, it wasn't a real 'shikigami', that Rinnosuke guy seems to call ah... certain machines 'shikigami.' They're not too common around here, I don't think..."

"Even still! It trusted you! It worked hard for you?! Then you just throw it away for something that you don't even realize what it is?!"

"Eh, I paid less for it than he was asking in yen for the lantern thing."

Shou storms over to you and, unlike what you expected, gently removes the pagoda from your outstretched hands. She turns away from you, turning up your nose and heading back to Nazrin. "Let's go. We have the pagoda now, so we should be able to make it to Byakuren now."

"What about Ichirin, though? WE can't just leave her here..."

Ah, that hit a nerve. Shou visibly flinches at that, "Well, I don't want to leave her with that... slaver over there. Who knows if he'd take Ichirin and sell her off to get a bag of rice, or something equally ludicrous." another short little 'hmmph' punctuates that sentence.

"It's nothing like..." The room swims. Your hand comes up to your head, shaking it to clear the strangeness.

"Hey. Are you alright over there?" Nazrin is looking into your face worriedly.

"Oh, uh... Yeah, I think I'm fine."

"That's good. I was hoping you'd wake up soon. This is Shou," Nazrin indicates the blonde woman with black stripes in he hair, "And the woman in the bed is Ichirin." She waves her hands at the light blue haired woman. Ichirin smiles bashfully and waves slightly.

"Uh.. Hi. Didn't we just... didn't we just do this a little bit ago?"

Shou gives you a strange look. "No? I don't think so. You've just come 'round."

"So I didn't give you the Pagoda Lantern thing yet?"

"AH! You have the pagoda?!" Nazrin's eyes positively sparkle. "What did you have to do to get it?! I couldn't get that shop owner to give it to me for anything!"

"I uh.." you eye Shou nervously, remembering the outburst that... apparently never happened, "Traded a machine for it."

"Wow. Must have been something REALLY valuable for him to trade it."

"Yeah," pulling the pagoda out of the sack, you stare at it confusedly, you could have sworn that you gave it to Shou a minute ago, and that she had gotten all huffy, "Well, not that valuable, but to him I guess it was so... yeah."

Tugging on Shou's sleeve, Ichirin leans over and starts whispering to her.

"Ah, Ichirin's glad that you found it too. Here, I'll take that." Shou takes the pagoda from you.

"So, what's the plan now?" You ask the assemblage of youkai.

"Mn. I don't know. We should probably meet up with Murasa again. And if what Nazrin's told me is true, we're going to have a fight to get the Palanquin Ship back. Maybe we can find some other's to help us." The three girls group up and begin debating a plan of action.
You, on the other hand, let your eyes wander around the room. It's a relatively plain room, Fitting if it's a hospital room, with only one entrance it seems. Which is currently occupied by a small head. One red eye showing, shock of black hair, and what appears to be a rabbit ear, peer at you from the slightly opened door. Strange. Just staring at you intently...

[ ] Inspect.
[ ] Ignore.
[ ] Interlope.
ugh. finally. 3 misses. May be time for Kira to sleep. Also this was a lot longer than expected.
No. 114919
[ ] Call for ________

[X] Inspect.
No. 114922
[X] Inspect.

Ah, Gensokyo's unique terminology comes to bite us in the ass.

It's a good thing we don't care about much of anything. Rolly-polly, rolly-polly.
No. 114923
[X] Inspect.
No. 114925
[x] Inspect.
[x] Squeeze her ear
No. 114940
[x] Squeeze her ear
No. 114943
[X] Inspect.
No. 114949
[x] Squeeze her ear
No. 114962
[x] Squeeze her ear
No. 114992
Alright, sorry about this, but updates are going to be sporadic this week. My work schedual is hellish, and this week was already busy. I'll try to get updates out when I can, but, unfortunately, I don't know how often that will be.
No. 115066
Standing up doesn't even distract the trio from their planning. Nor does your shuffling gait across the room. Nazrin's ears perk up as you slide the door open all the way.

"Where you going?" She glances over towards you.

Your head already in the hallway, you see no sign of your admirer. "Ah, I thought I saw something. Think I'm actually going to step out and get some air here, if you guys don't mind. I'll be just outside."

"Don't go too far." And she's back into the conversation again.

The door slides shut behind you. Now standing in the hall you look around. It seems to stretch off in both directions for some distance. Picking one at random, you start down it only to stop when someone clears their throat behind you. You turn slowly. Behind you is a same small girl you saw before, looking at you through the door.

"You shouldn't be here." She states plainly, "You need to get out of here quickly."

"Wait, what? Why? Who are you anyways?"

She seems to be getting agitated now. "There's not time for this. You need to get out of here now. Go places you haven't been before. And for the love of god, don't let them take that ship to Makai. Convince them that Mayohiga would be a much better target. Now get out of here." She gives you a push.

You squeeze her ear in response. It's soft. Very soft.

"Ergh. Don't do that. We don't have time for that!" She hits you now. It actually hurts quite a bit. "You're not really here. None of us are." She pushes you so that you're facing the other direction and starts shoving you down the hall. "Now get out. Qui-"

"eh?" You almost fall backwards as the pushing stops. The girl seems to have vanished. You don't see anywhere she could have vanished to either. A glint on the ground draws your attention. It's some sort of small carrot shaped pendant. It vanishes as soon as you try and take it. This is all getting very strange. With no better course of action, you re-enter the room you had just left.

All three girls are staring directly at you. "You ok?" one of them asks, you're not really sure which.

"Uh, yeah. I think so."


"I think... Maybe we should leave."

"But Ichirin."

God damn it, which one of them is talking?

"Ah, if she's ok to move, I can carry her."

The nun blushes slightly at this.

"C'mon. We should go."

" I don't know..."

[ ] Insist.
[ ] Leave them.
[ ] Grab <x> and go.
-[ ] Nazrin
-[ ] Shou
-[ ]Ichirin
[ ] Stay.
No. 115067
[Q] Grab <x> and go.
-[Q] Nazrin
-[Q] Shou

We have big arms, so we can hug many girls.
No. 115070
[L] Grab <x> and go.
-[L] Nazrin
-[L] Shou

No. 115071
[x] Grab <x> and go.
-[x] Nazrin
-[x] Shou
-[x] Ichirin
Each hand one girl. The third you carry with your teeth.
No. 115073
[x] Grab <x> and go.
-[x] Nazrin
-[x] Shou
-[x] Ichirin

We've done that before.
No. 115074
[M] Grab <x> and go.
-[O] Nazrin
-[V] Shou
-[E] Ichirin
No. 115099
File 126897886453.jpg - (311.46KB , 900x600 , TRAIN COMIN` THROUGH.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Each hand one girl. The third you carry with your teeth.
You gave me an excuse to post one of my favorite pictures. Thank you.
No. 115108
No. 115140
"There's no time for this. Help me get Ichirin on my back." A few steps brings you to the edge of the futon, the covers quickly discarded.

"Wait, why are you suddenly in such a hurry? I'm not doing anything until you tell me." Shou's putting her foot down, figuratively and literally.

"I'm... not sure" You lie, "I just have a bad feeling is all. We can argue about where to go just as easily outside as we can in here. Plus, we need to find Murasa again, or retake the ship, no?"

" I guess..."

Nazrin and Shou help Ichirin to her feet. As they're about to help her onto your back, the door to the room slides open again. This time it's Eirin on the other side of the door, holding a tray with several teacups, and a pot of tea on it. "Oh? I'm sorry. Are you wanting to check out now?" She seems surprised at the scene before her. "If you wait a moment, I can loan you a chair instead of having to load her onto someone's back. I don't think she's really ready to leave yet, but if you're that insistent, she is well enough to leave." Eirin stops a rabbit that walks by the room and whispers something to it.

Standing back up as the rabbit salutes and runs off. "Shall we at least have some tea while we wait for the chair?"

"I don't see why not," Shou accepts before you have a chance to decline.

Eirin slides the door shut behind her. She kneels down and begins setting out the tea cups. You take a look at it as she pours the first cup. It's a strange shade of green, but has a strong but lovely, almost sweet, smell about it. "This is an old family recipe. I do hope you like it." Shou, Nazrin, Ichirin, and Eirin all take a cup. The three youkai inhale deeply of the aroma.

"This smells quite nice, thank you." Nazrin nods thanks to Eirin.

Shou smiles after taking a long sip. "I haven't had tea like this in a long time."

Ichirin blows on her tea slightly, not taking a drink. It seems she doesn't like the beverage at quite the temperature it was served at.

"Go on," Eirin gently insists. "Have some of the tea. It's quite lovely." She has a sip of her own as if to prove the point.

[ ] Take tea.
[ ] Don't take tea.
No. 115141
[X] Don't take tea.
No. 115142
[x] Wear Tea
No. 115143
[x] Take tea.
No. 115144
[x] Rape tea.
No. 115145
[x] Take tea.

Drink it elegantly.
No. 115146
[x] Take tea.
No. 115148
[x] throw cup at Eirin
No. 115149
[X] Take tea.
[X] Drink.
[X] Don't swallow.
[X] Grab Eirin, pull her into a passionate kiss, and force her to drink the tea herself.

It might have just been our tea that was spiked! I think this will work, guys!
No. 115150
[x] Fake tea.

I'm feeling a bit paranoid.

A few fake sips shouldn't hurt too badly, right?
No. 115151
[x] Don't take tea.
No. 115152
[x] Don't take tea.
No. 115153
[x] Take tea.
[x] Drink.
[x] Don't swallow.
[x] Grab Eirin, pull her into a passionate kiss, and force her to drink the tea herself.
No. 115158
[Q] take tea.

Don't refuse hospitality. It'd be just plain rude.
No. 115160
[x] Don't take tea.
No. 115165
[x] Take tea.
No. 115168
The tea has a lovely flavor to it. Sweeter than it smelled. It goes down quite easily.

"There now. That wasn't so bad, was it?" Eirin smirks. "It'll take effect soon enough. I really haven't had enough test subjects lately. And youkai that have been sealed underground? I couldn't have asked for a better treasure trove of medical information.

The room spins, then everything goes dark.


You awake to the wind rushing past you. Gripped tightly in your hands is a rainbow mane. The cold steel body of your steed undulating beneath you as it bounds gracefully through the air. Behind you a rainbow spreads, drawing a myriad of tiny little green haired, cape wearing things. They look like tiny people, but with antennae. As your single horned mount leaps, a tiny blue fairy flies past.


Curiouser and curiouser. Ahead of you is a strange woman. Long blue hair, peaches on her hat, and a sword jammed in the ground. Unbidden by you, your beast of burden charges forward, horn lowered.

"Wait, wait, what are you-"

The mono-horned charger connects with the woman, sending her flying off into the stratosphere.

"Ah~ <3 Punish me more~" she cries as she flies off into the distance, eventually disappearing in a glint in the sky.

A voice from your side draws your attention from your ever escalating expedition. Looking down, there's a banana sitting on your hand, smoking a pipe. You laugh, that was quite honestly the funniest thing you've heard in a long time. Releasing your grip on the horse, you're flung forward as it collides with a wall it was unable to avoid. You roll a bit before coming to a rest, sitting there slightly stunned. The head of the beast landing squarely in your lap, crying rainbow tears. Poor thing, it's dream didn't come true. Looking up the banana has extended it's hand. You take it, allowing yourself to be pulled up into the air, towards a bright shining light. As it gets brighter, you hear some singing. It's heavenly, almost as if it was sung by angels...

"Always I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony, oh love~ <3..."


Mn. Bright. Too bright. You raise your hand to block out some of the light, only to find that it's restrained. Behind you is a cold hard surface of some kind. You'd tilt your head to look around, but it seems to beb restrained as well.

"Ah, good. you've come around finally." Eirin's head blocks out the light. "I was worried. Usually most people don't take that long to come out of it. It tends to affect youkai much more severely than humans. Oh well, you've provided me with quite an excellent amount of data. Quite invaluable, I might add, and more than a fair trade for the services rendered upon your friend. Soon as you feel up to it you're all free to go."
The clamps holding you down release. Now able to sit up you look around the room. Nazrin and Shou are sitting on a couple of chairs laughing their heads off. Ichirin sits in a wheel chair next to them, dozing peacefully.

"Heeeeeeeeeyyyy... He's uuuuuup. Nice." Shou takes notice of you being up. "Eirin said this stuff should wear off in a bit... has more of a kick than anything I've ever had before, let me tell you."


You're not exactly sure how it happened this way, but Nazrin's on your back, snoring slightly, Shou's leaning on you heavily to stay standing, and Ichirin's still dozing in the chair. So you're carrying all three of them out of the building in one respect.

Well, Eirin said you could keep the chair so that makes it somewhat easier. Oh hey, it's that girl from before. It seems that she waits around or is notified some how when people leave Eientei. She walks up to you from the edge of the clearing.

"Soh whar yeh wanna goah?"

[ ] Humahn vahllage.
[ ] Kohurahndah.
[ ] Mahtahn Shrahn.
[ ] Sohmwhahr ehls.
No. 115169
[x] Humahn vahllage.

Good enough meeting place as any and we might be able to find some info.
No. 115170
>The room spins, then everything goes dark.


[x] Kohurahndah.

This is why you don't ingest anything that people give you.
No. 115171
[x] Humahn vahllage.

Featuring Tim Curry as Mokou.
No. 115172
Let this be a valuable lesson to all of you, never take free drinks from Eirin.
Infact, never take free ANYTHING from Eirin.

[x] Humahn vahllage.
No. 115173
But at least she was nice enough to let us leave for free. I must admit that mad quack Eirin is really is shit fanon.
No. 115175
[x] Humahn vahllage.

I'm sure that whatever the good doctor did was not only completely non-invasive, but will not have any sort of ramifications for us later on down the line, at all. Yup.
No. 115177
>mad quack Eirin is really shit fanon.
Fucking signed. Though I think you don't mean "quack" since that would mean she's incompetent and/or bad at her job.
But yeah, mad scientist/doctor/drug pusher Eirin is one of those retarded running gags that the Japanese think is hilarious every goddamn time, when in fact it's really fucking stupid and got tired and stupid after about the sixth time.
No. 115179
Should have listened to Tewi.

In MiG she was actually pretty helpful.
No. 115180
[x] Mahtahn Shrahn.
No. 115181
yeah sure she tests out medicine on the rabbits and Reisen, but never on anyone else. And while she does have plenty of experimental stuff, she would never dare sell it without fully testing it though it doesn't take into account with Tewi running around with them.

It seems more of a western thing than japanese.

Hey it was worth the risk, and if it was going to happen anyways, might as well do it so that we're on good terms. Pissing off people left and right was one of the factors that lead to SNOW
No. 115183
>Pissing off people left and right was one of the factors that lead to SNOW

Then we'll just have to vote multiple times for the RIGHT option
No. 115185
Too bad she didn't have a personality.

[x] Sohmwhahr ehls.
No. 115192
Just so I'm clear on this, were you guys upset with the previous scene, or were you just griping about portrayals of Eirin in general?
No. 115195
The scene was par for the course in this story, I was griping more about the general depiction of Eirin as a mad doctor out to experiment on anything that moves. The complaints were in response to people spazzing out about what happened.

Chances are Eirin was going to knock us out and do tests anyways, so having it be done in this way at least ensured that she regards us kindly.
No. 115204
I hate hurf durf mad doctor Eirin, but the story is okay.
No. 115215
If you want to portray and think that she is that way then it is okay. But not if you think she just has to be this way because everyone sees her this way.
No. 115216
I'm upset with neither.
No. 115280
"Humahn Vahllage.... err... there's a village around here right? I thought I saw it earlier..."


"Uh.. if that's an affirmative, then yeah, let's go there."

"Shaah than"

And off you went with your Youkai compatriots.

<System Message: End Chapter. Proceeding directly to next.>

You are now PARSEE MIZUHASHI. You have been whisked away to unknown places by unknown forces. Your unknown benefactor-slash-kidnapper has offered you some unknown substance. Probably tea. Even still, that's far too many unknowns for your liking. The one thing you DO know is that you're in the room with KOGASA TATARA. Though she seems to be missing her umbrella for some unknown reason. Your benefactor-slash-kidnapper is sitting across the table from you, smiling politely, having just taken a sip of her tea.

[ ] Command Prompt
No. 115284
[X] Demand to see your lawyer
No. 115295
[x] Ask where Satori is.
[x] "You're being pretty nice to people you kidnapped."
-[x] Drink the tea as a sign of good faith; it's not like you're dealing with a mad doctor.
No. 115297
[x] Ask where Satori is.
[x] "You're being pretty nice to people you kidnapped."
No. 115300
[x] Ask where Satori is.
[x] "You're being pretty nice to people you kidnapped."
Reminds me of Grue
No. 115302
[ø] Ask where Satori is.
[ø] "You're being pretty nice to people you kidnapped."
-[ø] Drink the tea as a sign of good faith
No. 115303
[x] Ask where Satori is.
[x] "You're being pretty nice to people you kidnapped."
No. 115393
File 126948704536.png - (65.81KB , 996x472 , Teatime.png ) [iqdb]
You already know where SATORI KOMEIJI is. This woman let her use the bathroom. SATORI is currently taking a bath.

Idly you take a sip of the substance in front of you. It is tea. GOOD tea. Probably the best tea that you've had in your life. You glare at the woman. Why can SHE have good tea, and you're stuck with the god awful stuff that they have in the underground.

She's pretty too. TOO pretty too. Your glare becomes stronger. You narrow your mouth as much as you possibly can. The woman sits there smiling oblivious to your raging Jealousy.

"Strange of you to treat people that you've kidnapped so kindly." You quip.

"Kidnapped? Oh no! Nothing of the sort. You're my guests! Isn't that right, Ran?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, right. The people you forced to come here are your honored guests. Whatever you say Yukari-sama."
No. 115394
File 126948707417.png - (63.77KB , 987x439 , teatime2.png ) [iqdb]
"See? Guests." Her smile widens.

"I... See..." You don't believe her. "So." You glare again, "This is some really nice tea."

"Is it? It's just some old thing I had Ran pull out."

The best tea you've ever had in your life is just 'some old thing'? Your Jealousy knows no bounds.

"Err... are you ok?"

[ ] Command Input.
No. 115396
[x] Explode
No. 115397
[X] We are not your guests. You kidnapped us.

No. 115402
[x] "Just jealous, you can't find tea this nice underground."
[x] "Guests? Hard to tell with how that shrine maiden went about it."
[x] "Would you have any idea how that human is doing? Just curious to see how much havoc he's causing in his rescue attempt."
[x] "Is this how the surface handles its problems? Brute force and mugging? And you call us the bad ones"
No. 115490
[x] boot to the face
No. 115492
[X] Rape her.

No. 115499
[x] "Just jealous, you can't find tea this nice underground."
[x] "Guests? Hard to tell with how that shrine maiden went about it."
[x] "Would you have any idea how that human is doing? Just curious to see how much havoc he's causing in his rescue attempt."
No. 115618
[Jealoussic Park] Fume some more.
No. 115637
File 126964032651.png - (67.21KB , 997x439 , teatime3.png ) [iqdb]
"Just Jealous. Can't get tea like this in the underground." Your glare fades slightly. "And guests you say? Kind of hard to believe that with the way the shrine maiden went about it."

"I'm RIGHT HERE. You know." Reimu shouts.

Both you and Yukari ignore this outburst by a random person of no consequence.

You idly entertain the notion of taking off your shoe and throwing it at the woman across the table from you, but decide, given the fact she was able to kidnap you this easily... you really don't want to know what else she could do to you. You also doubt you could get close enough to even attempt to rape her, even if you went over the table. With nothing else to do, you sit there and fume. And fume. And fume some more.

"So, uh... About that human that was with you..." Yukari ventures, trying to break the silence.

"I wonder how he's doing. Of course he's going to be trying to rescue me. So I wonder what kind of havoc he's wreaking."
No. 115638
File 126964038486.png - (64.33KB , 960x448 , teatime4.png ) [iqdb]
"Well then! Let's see!"

The Television turns on, showing That Human, and some other youkai.

"BATS BATS! OH MY GOD! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!" Everyone on the screen is running around flailing at the bats that are flying past them.

"Blebeedieooo..." Kogasa seems to have spun backwards and is babbling incoherently on the floor.

"... right. So, You don't care if I leave now, do you?"

"No no. Not at all. Feel free." Yukari waves you off.


[ ] Input command.
No. 115639
[x] Ask Yukari to kindly gap Satori back home when she's done cleaning up. Her pets might start running amok otherwise. And you don't want to get blamed for it.
[x] Snap Kogasa out of her state as to get her to go with.
[x] Ask where that human is, just to try to stop the rampage of silliness, not that you like him.
No. 115640
[X] Gather your crew and hit the trail. You have an idiot to stop.
No. 115734
File 126973611771.png - (77.40KB , 1111x493 , dundunDUN2.png ) [iqdb]
"Well, Alright then. I'll be on my way. Come on Kogasa."



You grab Kogasa by the legs and start dragging her out behind you.

"Oh? Are we going?" Satori pops her head in. "Wait a moment, I'll go with you."

The three of you set fail... FOR ADVENTURE! Or something.

<System Message: Now back to our story already in progress.>

"I think we lost the bats..." You breath heavily.

"Goah Dahn" Mokou curses. "Whah tha hall dahd thase dahn bhats cahn frahm?"

Shou shudders, brushing bits of bat off of her skirt. "I have no idea. How far off course did they send us?"

"Naht Fahr. Shald ahnly bah ah fahew mahr hars."

"Alright then. Let's keep going."

<System Message: End chapter 8. Proceed to chapter 9?>

[ ] Y
[ ] N
[ ] DVD Menu
[ ] Skip to chapter 10
No. 115735
> The three of you set fail... FOR ADVENTURE! Or something.

Was that on purpose?

[X] Y
No. 115736
[X] Y

I honestly wonder if there's even any point to offering to skip chapters. Is there any actual benefit to doing it?
No. 115738
If you had skipped to chapter 8 back when that guy had wanted to in the last thread, you'd have been assulting the palaquin ship on the back of a giant unnamed catfish, nazrin clinging to you, while tengu assaulted and distractec Marisa.

So... loliunno.
No. 115739


[x] Skip to chapter 10
No. 115740
Bah, there's no fun in an awesome outcome if you don't give Anon the chance to reach it themselves.

[X] Y
No. 115741
[Q] Y
No. 115751
[x] Y

I wonder how tsundere Parsee is at the moment.
No. 115779
I know that i will succeed one time.
[x] Skip to chapter 12
No. 115780
[x] Skip to chapter 12
No. 115784
why not skip to ending while you're at it?
No. 115785
in before skipping to a BAD END
No. 115786
I just thought it would be interesting to just skip to another scene and end up in a situation that you have no idea what the hell is going on.
No. 115787
Yeah awesome events are best worked for and with a story, there has to be some structure for choices: normal, spaced out, SUPER spaced out (Palingenesia in /underground/)
No. 115855
Just a heads up on updates. This is getting put to the side for a little bit while I work on Moko again. Few days and I'll probabally be updating this again too.
No. 116977
You, Shou, Ichirin, and Nazrin find yourself on the outskirts of the village, having been pointed in the right direction by Mokou.

"So. What now?" You wonder aloud.

"Don't know. Figured you'd have a plan. Did you have a place where you were supposed to meet up with Murasa again?"

"Not really." You shrug, pushing Ichirin towards the village. "Maybe we'll be able to find something in the village."


Having asked a helpful passerby (More like terrorizing. Really, the guy looked like he would have rather been anywhere else but talking to two youkai, an outsider, and a nun.) you now had the names of several people you could learn the lay of the land from. With the sun low on the horizion, you'd likely only have time to meet with one today still, before having to find somewhere to stay. But who?

[ ] The school teacher.
[ ] The historian family.
[ ] The strange maid.
[ ] Just find some place to stay the night.
No. 116979
[X] The historian family

Because I feel like I haven't really seen her much.
No. 116980
[Q] The historian family.

I am going through an Akyuu withdrawal.
No. 116981
[x] The school teacher.
No. 116982
[x] The historian family.
No. 116984
[x] The school teacher.
why not her
No. 116990
[ø] The strange maid.
No. 116993
[x] Just find some place to stay the night.
No. 116995
[X] The historian family.
No. 117000
[x] The historian family.

Sounds good enough.
No. 117099
Your little quartette, having finished with the nice gentleman who now ran screaming into the late afternoon, set off towards the home of the historian.


As you approached the home, Shou and Nazrin both took to sniffing the air, much to the chagrin of the people around you.

"Something's not right here..." Shou continues sniffing at the air.

Though, for all intents and purposes, nothing looks out of the ordinary. Two guards are sitting at the entrance to the house, and people are walking by. Neither seem to be paying much attention to each other. Approaching the guards, however, draws no reaction from them.

"Excuse me?"


"Excuse me!" You reach out to shake one of the guards. His body slumps to the ground, revealing a blood stain on the wall behind him.

Shou and Nazrin spring into action before you can react. "You stay here with Ichirin. Nazrin, you know the drill."

The two of them bound into the grounds of the Hieda family.

Around you, people continue to pass occasionally, not noticing the two corpses playing guards. Where you and Ichirin are standing conveniently blocks the view of the scene. From somewhere on the grounds, the sound of a struggle can now be heard.

[ ] Stay put.
[ ] Follow Shou and Nazrin.
[ ] Flee the scene.
No. 117100
[c] Stay put.
No. 117101
File 127268453431.png - (18.49KB , 128x155 , turtleface.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Follow Shou and Nazrin.

No. 117102
No. 117103
[x] Follow Shou and Nazrin.
No. 117104
[x] Flee the scene.
quick escape.
No. 117105
[X] Stay put.
No. 117106
[x] Prop the guy back up.
[x] Follow Shou and Nazrin.

Shit just got real.
No. 117109
[x] Prop the guy back up.
[x] Follow Shou and Nazrin.
No. 117111
[x] Stay put Manwich, that's an order!
No. 117117
You can't just sit idly by while everything is going on. Shou and Nazrin might need your help. Bristle comes quickly around, resting in your hand, and you begin to push Ichirin onto the grounds. Almost as an afterthought, you put the corpse of the guard back up and mutter a silent prayer to no particular god.

Upon reaching the main house it becomes quite obvious that Ichirin's chair isn't going to be able to make it up onto the raised walkway that surrounds the house. Instead, you decide to hide her in the bushes near the wall. Satisfied that she's well hidden, you dash into the house. The sight that greets you was expected to be horrific, however, there's nobody--the place seems completely empty. Bristle twitches in your hand and starts pulling you towards the back of the house. Into the back of the house you go, following its lead. It isn't long before you find yourself in some sort of library. Scrolls, books, charts, and maps are scattered about in a half-hazard manner, and there's an overturned ink well, running out onto a scroll. This place is a mess.


Looking up, you finally take notice of the two girls in the corner. One is adorned with purple hair and an ornate kimono, the other one has short black hair and nigh-glowing red eyes, and is currently using the first girl as a shield. A glint of light reveals the knife that's held to the first's throat.

"You're not supposed to be here. How did you even... No matter. It's not like you can stop me from killing her."
Bristle is blazing out of your hands before you even have a chance to react.

"Wha-OOF." The dark haired girl takes the broom's handle directly to the face.

Now free, the purple haired girl makes a run for it, only to freeze when Nazrin and Shou burst into the room.

"What's going on in... I told you to wait outside!" Shou sounds quite angry. "Where's Ich-"

"We have more pressing problems!" You point at the girls.

The dark haired girl, wearing a long black shirt of some kind, stumbles out of the corner clutching her face. The purple haired girl seems at a loss, looking between you, the two youkai who had just burst into the room from the opposite side, and the girl who had just attacked her.

[ ] Rush the dark haired girl.
[ ] Get the purple haired girl out of here.
[ ] Let Nazrin and Shou do the work.
No. 117119
[X] Get the purple haired girl out of here.
Get the hostage to safety.
No. 117122
[X] Get the purple haired girl out of here.
No. 117123
[x] Get the purple haired girl out of here.
[x] Let Nazrin and Shou do the work.

We go out, they go in.
No. 117124
[X] Get the purple haired girl out of here.
[X] Let Nazrin and Shou deal with the black haired girl.

We must save the princess from the evil goblin.
No. 117125
[x] Get the purple haired girl out of here.
[x] Let Nazrin and Shou do the work.
[x] Try to find and direct Ichirin to the scene.

I know it's not Nue for sure (she'd use some other form), and while Shou and Nazrin can handle things, extra help woudln't hurt.
No. 117128
>Try to find and direct Ichirin to the scene.
We couldn't even take her into the house because she's in a wheelchair. She can't help.
No. 117129
[x] Get the purple haired girl out of here.
[x] Let Nazrin and Shou do the work.
No. 117130

I must have missed something... I don't recall her ending up in a wheelchair...
No. 117135
See >>115168
>Ichirin sits in a wheel chair
No. 117136
A plan quickly takes shape in your head. Glancing across the room to Shou, your eyes meet. You nod slightly which she returns, an understanding reached. In the next moment, everyone springs into action. You and the dark haired girl towards the assaulted, Shou and Nazrin towards the assaulter. The purple haired girl is quickly swept up in your arms as the other girl is intercepted by your youkai friends.

You clear the door that the youkai had burst in from and turn back to see the dark haired girl holding her own against the duo. An amazing feat considering she's fighting with nothing but the knife that she had held at the girl in your arm's throat just moments ago. A quick sidestep causes Nazrin and Shou to collide allowing the dark haired girl a chance to escape. As she runs out the door, she turns back to you, calling across the room.

"I don't know what Mother has told you of what's going on, brother of mine, but interfere with me again, and it will spell your demise. Mother's wrath or not." And then she was gone.

"You can put me down now. I'm no invalid." The girl in your arms seems rather nonplussed about the whole affair.

"Err... Sorry. Are you ok?"

"Yes. One doesn't get to be my age with out becoming accustomed to things of this nature." She brushes off her kimono, taking a moment to straighten herself up before speaking again. "Hieda no Akyuu." She curtsies slightly. "And whom do I owe the honor of saving my life?"

You tell her your name. By this time, your partners have extracted themselves from one another, and join in the conversation. "And this is Shou and Nazrin." You conclude, each one bowing in turn to Akyuu.

"A pleasure all. Now if you would excuse me, I must recover the work that I was so rudely prevented from completing."

"Uh... sure... Hey, are you sure you're ok? I mean, that girl just tried to kill you!"

"An unfortunate complication of my... condition. But such is of little interest to ones such as yourselves. Now, if you would be so kind as to allow me back to my work. Or is there some other matter upon which you wished to consult me?"

[ ] Notable landmarks.
[ ] Places of historical significance.
[ ] General lay of the land.
[ ] About Akyuu.
No. 117137
[x] Notable landmarks.
[x] Places of historical significance.
No. 117138
[X] About Akyuu.

No. 117139
[x] General lay of the land.
[x] About Akyuu.
No. 117140
[X] Notable landmarks.
[X] Places of historical significance.
[X] General lay of the land.
[X] About Akyuu.
No. 117188
[x] About Akyuu
No. 117209
"Actually, I'd like to know a little bit more about you. There aren't many humans that I've know that could just brush off a near death experience like that." Shou intercedes before you have a chance to ask anything else.

"When you live for as long as I have, you get used to that sort of thing."

Nazrin piques up at that. "Oh? So you're a youkai then?"

"No, I'm very much human. My existence, however, is owed to my... condition. I don't believe, however, that you were simply passing by and, out of the goodness of your hearts, were inclined to render assistance. So, to what is it that you seek?"

This time, you cut off Shou, "I was wondering if you could tell me about any notable landmarks, and the general lay of the land?"

Shou gives you a slight glare. It seems that she was interested in this girl's 'condition'. Well too bad for her. She can find that out later.

"Well," Akyuu begins, "A trifle, to be sure, but I suppose I could enlighten my saviors." Walking over to one of the many racks of scrolls, she chooses one and lays it out on a clear table. It seems to be a hand drawn map. Quite detailed as well. She points at the large mountain that you saw earlier. "This is know as the Youkai Mountain. Home to Kappa, Tengu, and dozens of less notable species of youkai. Recently, a shrine has taken up residence there. I believe the patron Deities are Kanako and Suwako. Their priestess is one Kochiya Sanae. Over here, we have the Scarlet Devil Mansion." Akyuu points at that large western building you saw earlier. "Not a place to go unless invited. Several strong Youkai live there, including a vampire, a magician, and one of an indeterminate type. They have a Human in their thrall, she goes by the name of Izayoi Sakuya--of the members of that mansion, she's the one you're most likely to encounter. The vampire, one miss Remilia Scarlett, rarely leaves the house."

"You sure know a lot about this place." Shou watches fascinated. "Betcha had to live a long, long time to see all that. Magic perhaps? Though I have heard legend of an elixir that's supposed to extend one's lifespan..."

Akyuu ignores the bait and continues with her presentation. "This is the Garden of Sun." She points at a large field of sunflowers. "Do not go there unless you wish to die." She nods with some finality. "On this mountain here, we have the Hakurei Shrine. The Hakurei line is the primary defenders of Gensokyo, the current Hakurei being Reimu."

"Oh. I met her! She was running around trying to tear up the underground. Stuck a bucket on her head and threw her in a bag. Man, that was fun."

"Really now? You must have the devil's own luck if you survived that. I must admit, I find myself a tad envious that you crossed the Hakurei and survived... Few can brag of that."

"Well, she did give me a nasty kick to the crotch when I let her out of the bag, but she took off through these strange holes. Kidnapped some of my friends too."

"Ah. Yes. That would be the illustrious Yakumo Yukari. The Phantasmal Sun shower herself. She is the one who founded this Gensokyo, some... fifty years ago is it now? Generally considered the most powerful youkai in existence. To have met her, or at least seen her powers and living to tell the tale? Truly a rare occurrence."

"Huh... Anyways, as you were saying?"

"Ah, forgive me. I tend to forget myself when talking of others..."

Akyuu quickly pointed out a few more locations. Eientei, where you'd already been, the Forest of Magic, the entrance to the netherworld, and the human village, telling you more about Marisa and Reimu during the whole thing. It seemed that Reimu was tasked with resolving 'incidents', and that Marisa would frequently assist her, as well as receiving help from various other humans at different times. While they had been after a resolution in the underground, it seemed that they were now chasing some sort of treasure ship, along with the priestess from the Youkai Mountain shrine.

"Ah! That's the ship we're looking for! Do you know where it might be now?"

"I can't say that I do. Last I saw, though, it was heading towards the garden of sun. I, however, can't in good conscience tell you to go check there. Kazami Yuuka is terribly particular about the company she keeps, in that she doesn't keep any. Bothering her is signing your own death warrant."

"I see..."

"Have you ever heard of a Hijiri Byakuren?" Shou asks out of nowhere.

"I'm not familiar with that name."

"Ah. Hm... Alright. So, the only lead we have right now is this Garden of Sun place?"

"Well... Murasa might have wandered into the Netherworld too... She is a ghost you know..." Nazrin offers with some trepidation.

"Geh. Didn't think of that." An angry look crosses Shou's face. "She better not have. I don't want to think about what might have to be done to get her out of there."

"One last thing," You turn back to your host, "Is there someplace we could stay for the night? An Inn or something of that nature?"

"I'm afraid not. The inn is generally reserved for Outsiders until they get settled in Gensokyo. So while you might be able to stay there, I'm afraid your friends, being youkai, would not be quite as welcome there."

"Not like it's the first time we've spent a night outside, right Nazrin?"

"I suppose."

"Well then..."

For tonight:
[ ] Go to the inn.
[ ] Find somewhere else to stay.
[ ] Go camping.

For Tomorrow:
[ ] Garden of Sun
[ ] Netherworld
[ ] Forest of Magic
[ ] Somewhere else
-[ ] Write in.
No. 117210
[x] Go camping.
[x] Forest of Magic

Camping in the forest of Magic.
No. 117212
[X] Go camping.
[X] Garden of Sun

Lets see how far we can push our luck.
No. 117213
1884 + 50 = 1934
No. 117214
[x] Go camping.
[x] Garden of Sun
No. 117216

No. 117218
maybe you're going about it backwards. 2010+50=2060

or even 2010-50=1940. but like was pointed out, laptop.

So maybe the "fifty years" has another connotation...
No. 117220
Huh? What are you saying?
Isn't it canon that Gensokyo was created in 1884?
"She is the one who founded this Gensokyo, some... fifty years ago is it now?"
There really isn't any other way to take that.
No. 117221

Click on Reisen.
No. 117222
>>"She is the one who founded this Gensokyo, some... fifty years ago is it now?"

>>this Gensokyo

Assuming it was intentional, it's a rather interesting choice of words, don't you think?
No. 117228
Depends on if it's a badly translated Japanese kind of 'this' ("I saw you talking to that Eric again..."), or a literal, actual "this" (This Gensokyo, as opposed to Gensokyos 1-47).

Amusingly, I saw the Reisen link and the "created this Gensokyo fifty years ago" posts that precede this one, and thought maybe Reisen did something similar before returning to the Moon, and that we're really still fumbling about in the snowfield.
No. 117235
Lunar Victim ~ Extended Snowfield?
No. 117271

That could explain Reisen's mysterious absence from the story.
No. 117290
[x] Go camping.
[x] Netherworld
No. 117317
[ø] Go camping.
[ø] Netherworld
I'd also be happy if []Garden of Sun wins.
No. 117321
[X] Go camping.
[X] Garden of Sun

Yeah, this seems like a good idea.
No. 117537
Just a heads up. I'm tending to one of my cats who has fallen ill. She keeps going back and forth between between getting better and getting worse. So updates are going to be delayed for some time, how long I can't say. apologies.
No. 118228
Ugh. Sorry, 20+ days is a bit much, even for me. Bunch of messed up stuff happened, but as has been said many times in the past, not my blog, etc. So, updates coming soonish. Sometime with in the next few days. (Let's see if I can actually stick to this.)
No. 118249
Looking forward to it! I hope things go well.
No. 118296
I at least hope your cat is okay.
No. 118436

[x] Cat update
No. 118494
Oh, the cat's gotten much better. She was apparently eating a plant in the house that's rather toxic to cats, so plants cleaned up, moved back outside and she's doing much better now. Update forthcoming.
No. 118495
(Not worth nearly a month's wait, but something's better than nothing)

“Well, I’m not gonna leave these two alone. Who knows what kind of trouble they’d get into.” you joke, chuckling slightly.

The three girls just stare at you.

“... Ok, not funny. Got it.”

“So am I, then, to assume that you’ll be braving the elements?”

“Yeah, I guess.” You scratch the back of your head. “I doubt that we could make it back to Eientei before nightfall, and if the inn won’t allow the youkai to stay... Well, I really don’t want to stay there then. Also, given the way that the townsfolk reacted to these two, I doubt that we’d be able to find anywhere else to stay.”

“You don’t have to do that, you know. Nazrin and I? we’re used to sleeping under the stars, and most youkai would have the good sense not to mess with us either. So we’ll be fine. Just go to the inn.”

“There are some things that I’m just not going to do, and that’s final.” You put your foot down, literally. Bristle rustles in agreement.

You and Shou continue going back and forth like this, oblivious to anything else. Oblivious, that is, until Akyuu interjects quite loudly.

“That is ENOUGH.” Stepping between you and Shou, she glares at each in turn. “Though it will likely vex me to no end, you can stay here for the night. I’m not about to turn my saviors out to the cold. But you will BEHAVE. Am I understood?”

Heads hanging low, both you and Shou mumble something in agreement.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you. AM I UNDERSTOOD?”

“Y-yes ma’am.” You answer in unison, drawing back from the small girl.

Akyuu nodded. “Very good then. ” Sighing she went to leave the room. “I’ll gather the rest of the household and explain what’s going on. If there’s anyone else traveling with you, bring them here. Father will want to meet them all, though he’ll be loathe to thank Youkai, I doubt that he’ll go against my suggestions. After that, dinner should be ready any time.” with that, she left the room.

“So uh..”

“Yeah. Quite forceful for a human, especially one that appears to be so young.” Shou crossed her arms, screwing up her face in concentration. Either figuring something out, or giving up on the train of thought she turns to the small grey haired girl. “Nazrin, let’s go get Ichirin.”

Nazrin fidgeted nervously with her tail. “R-right.”

The two of them quickly vacated the room, leaving you alone amongst all these scrolls.

<system message: Garden of Sun confirmed, on hold until Morning.>

[ ] Investigate the Scrolls.
[ ] Investigate the House.
[ ] Investigate the Room.
[ ] Investigate the nothing at all.
[ ] Go after Shou and Nazrin.
No. 118496
File 127560327680.jpg - (315.49KB , 740x1035 , 112924fa9a30c4f1600b49d8d95c8d20.jpg ) [iqdb]
>the cat's gotten much better
No. 118497
[Q] Investigate the Scrolls

If my experience has taught me anything, it's that you never want to end up with a scoll of polymorph instead of a scroll of teleport.


No. 118499
[x] Investigate the nothing at all.
-[x] ...if there is something which seems like it is totally not there but is there but is totally not there but is there but is totally not there.
-[x] ...Or did I?
--[x] <Seriously, though. If there's nothing there and the option was just worded that way for the hell of it, then...>
---[x] Investigate the Scrolls.
----[x] Investigate the Room.

I am well prepared for things that will never happen.
No. 118500
[x] Investigate the nothing at all.
-[x] ...if there is something which seems like it is totally not there but is there but is totally not there but is there but is totally not there.
--[x] ...Or did I?

There is definitely something nothing there. Investigating nothing which is not there.
No. 118502
[x] Investigate the nothing at all.

I'd rather not get everyone kicked out.
No. 118505
[ø] Investigate the nothing at all.
-[ø] ...if there is something which seems like it is totally not there but is there but is totally not there but is there but is totally not there.
--[ø] ...Or did I?
so this
No. 118506
[x] Investigate the nothing at all.
-[x] ...if there is something which seems like it is totally not there but is there but is totally not there but is there but is totally not there.
--[x] ...Or did I?
No. 118541
You wander around the room, looking at nothing in particular. The room is good sized, and seems to be in the center of the house. Two doors into the room, one at each end, and the walls with out doors have three scroll racks each... no wait, one side has four. There are several long tables evenly spaced around the room. There's not really much of interest... Wait, what was that? Out of the corner of your eye, you thought you saw something, but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be just another scroll rack. Strange. Looking around the room again provides the same results. A flicker out of the corner of your eye, but when you look back, nothing out of the ordinary.

After repeating this several times, you're startled by a sudden cough.

"May I ask, what is it that you think you're doing?"

You turn quickly to see Akyuu standing in the doorway, arms crossed, staring at you like you're crazy. "I'm... not sure. I keep seeing something out of the corner of my eye, but when I look it's nothing."

"Interesting. You must be going mad."

"No, really. It's always one of the scroll racks that does it, I'm just not sure which one."

"Well, You could do simply by the process of elimination. There's only six scroll racks in here, so I assure you, it wouldn't take very long."

Wait, something that she said was wrong. "Six scroll racks? Can you count them for me?"

An exasperated sigh escapes her lips. "Really. Must I?" Pointing at each in turn, she counts them aloud. "One... Two... Three... Four... Five... Six... Seven. See? Six."

"But you just counted seven."

"I most certainly..." A worried look crosses her face. "One two three four five six seven." The color drains slightly from her face. "I just counted seven again, didn't I?"

"Yes, yes you did."

"But there's only supposed to be six scroll racks in here."

"But there's seven. Which one doesn't belong?"

Each rack is stared at, and each is disregarded in turn.

"I... I find that I am most uncertain."

"The rest of the room seems to line up evenly, right? It's all supposed to be even."

"That is correct... Ah! I see it now!" Akyuu pointed at the one rack that didn't have a mate on the opposite wall. "That must be the one that is the impostor!"

Both of you hurry over to that particular rack. Upon closer examination it seems to be quite solid, until Akyuu attempts to remove a scroll. You watch as her hand passes right through it, causing the entire stand to shimmer slightly.

"Ok, that was weird."

"Indeed it was."

"Do it again?"

"Of course."

This time, you reach out and touch the scroll, instead of shimmering this time, the entire rack just vanishes. In it's place is a small, round, elevated table. A camera sits atop a photo album labeled 'Do Not Open. This means you. You know who you are.'

"Curiouser and curiouser..." Akyuu lifts the camera off of the book and begins examining it. "Quite like Aya's camera, but far more advanced it would seem. More advanced than the outside world as well. I wonder from whence it came?"

You, on the other hand, are fixated on the book. It's calling to you, for some reason, almost like there's a voice in your head telling you to open it. Pleading with you, begging with you, demanding that you open it, and open it now. Your hand is resting on the book with out you realizing that you'd even moved it.

"What are you... I don't know if that's the wisest course of action, opening it."

"Maybe you're right... I probably should-" Before you can finish your sentence a single picture flits out of the book and falls to the floor. It's a picture of three kids, standing in front of something wooden. Picking it up and looking at it closer reveals that it's one boy wearing a cape, a girl in a simple dress with something floating around her, and another girl in a dark plain dress with a ribbon in her hair. The thing that they're standing in front of is some sort of caricature of a rocket. It looks like a rocket, but it's cut into three parts with none of the parts lining up evenly. On top of it is a cone plated in metal and covered with strips of paper, and a single scrap of cloth.

Akyuu backs away slowly. "That... That picture, when was it taken?"

"I don't know there's no date on it." You flip the picture over in your hand. On the back someone scrawled something hastily. "There's something written here, but I can't make it out..."

"You should put that picture back and leave it alone. It's not something that should be messed with, understood? Just put the picture back, and leave it."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know! It's something that should be here! I know not why it was put here, only that it should NOT be here." her voice is trembling. "Please, put it back, and just forget. Forget about this, Forget about ever finding it."

[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Protest.
No. 118543
[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Protest.
No. 118544
[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Protest.
No. 118547
[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Protest.

It has been statistically proven that the third choice is always the best choice.
No. 118551
[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Protest.
No. 118552
[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Protest.

No. 118553
[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Protest.
No. 118556
[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Protest.
No. 118560
[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ] Protest.

One of these things is not like the others~
No. 118562
No. 118593
Oh. Someone is clever~ Someone is very clever~
No. 118594
>Multiple MiG references
>Threads are being numbered as though continuing after MiG
>The world and reality itself seem very strange and dodgy at times
>Reisen is curiously missing
>Remi's moon rocket from SSiB
Gentlemen, I think it's high fucking time we left the snowfield behind; what say you?

Let's go get us a rocket. There's a moon bunny waiting up there. Let's not keep her waiting any longer.
No. 118595

I've been thinking the same thing for a while. I'm just waiting for the opportunity.
No. 118599
[ ] Forget.
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[x] Protest.
No. 118609
To the moon it is!
No. 118612
What is Reisen doing up there in the first place? Help me.
No. 118613

SNOW END. MiG. Kira's greatest shame.
No. 118619
>SNOW END. MiG. Kira's greatest triumph.

An Arch should be built in his name, with all the tears and rage of Anon engraved on it.
Because as long as this site exists it will be forever known.
No. 118628
You seem to have forgotten the fact that caused Kira to be more or less ran off the site. Not all fame is good after all, just ask Taisa about GH's infamous shitstorms.
No. 118681
Eh, they tried, but they never really succeeded. Feeling shit, but I'm going to try and get an update out here before work. So, sometime roughly in the next three hours.
No. 118696

It's more important that you feel better than updating this. Sleep after work or something.
No. 118703
Unfortunately, Kirakishou will no longer be writing.

I spoke to his mother this morning, and he died last night in a car accident.

From AIM:

a semi swerved into his lane, he swerved to miss it and then came back on the road and over corrected and hit a semit-tractor

I imagine some people will think this is a joke. Please be considerate in this situation.
No. 118704
No fucking way
No. 118705

On the chance that this is a troll post, fuck you.
No. 118706
File 127600268692.jpg - (32.32KB , 260x195 , 120758663738.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fuck. Sympathies to his family and him, also sympathies for dying in a car crash of all things. Horrible way to go.

Died with an unfinished story. Even in death he causes despair.
No. 118707
File 127600294983.jpg - (5.49KB , 150x200 , McCoy.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 118708

No. 118709
I'm going to need the number on that "Hows my driving" sticker, I've got someone to yell at.
No. 118710
Even till the end, he leaves us in despair.

No. 118711
thank you to everyone for the kind words. it is true. and you're not the only one in despair. he was my best friend along with being my son. it's truly a sad day.
No. 118712
File 12760075612.gif - (479.23KB , 426x267 , 1236155236703.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 118714
I wish it snows forever wherever he has gone.
No. 118715
File 127600819727.jpg - (105.30KB , 716x800 , fucking near.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 118716
No way. There's no fucking way.
No. 118719
File 12760165352.jpg - (76.92KB , 619x595 , 1270964010518.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh god no...
No. 118722
File 127601881880.jpg - (17.18KB , 176x450 , bigsuccess.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 118723
File 127601896237.jpg - (51.18KB , 514x792 , sad_reimu.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 118724
...Wow, that's... Wow.

If this is serious, then that really sucks. I can't think of anything else to say, but that it sucks.
No. 118725
File 127601917490.png - (46.33KB , 569x571 , 1257176191754.png ) [iqdb]
Oh boy. Another fucking case of semi drivers being too sleepy or something again. Fuck.
No. 118735
File 127602391714.jpg - (29.33KB , 500x333 , 149327145_a6bebbe728.jpg ) [iqdb]
Look, it is snowing.

No. 118736
actually, we think he might have been texting. my insurance agent said that the same thing happened to her last week, by a white semi, just like with Bret
No. 118737
I meant that the semi driver was texting, not Bret. he knew better.
No. 118738
I am posting this with permission from his mother:

No. 118739
Well...well damn, I never expected something like this, I wouldn't think a writer would literally be dead.

It's hard to express in mere emotionless typed words, but my condolences.
No. 118740

How did that retarded fucker even get his CDL? There's not a lot of room for error when you drive a large vehicle like that. Those vehicles damn near take up the entire lane, so you can't afford to drift around the lane like you can in a smaller car.
No. 118742
Bad End

[x]Go back one choice

I knew it was bad and I should feel bad. ;_;
Damn, why?
No. 118743
File 127602564193.jpg - (471.34KB , 552x779 , f06345539cea4330729e5818d849a76d.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kira definitely left his mark on THP. I really don't know what else to say. We hadn't spoken much, but when I did talk to him, he seemed like a pretty chill guy. Rest his soul. You will be missed, Kira. THP won't be the same without you.
No. 118744

You mean, he more or less made THP.

Well, shit. Goodnight, Kira.
No. 118746
File 127602688212.jpg - (72.31KB , 550x550 , 9612c3ed233e6b1152720681a953a8ab.jpg ) [iqdb]
I was kind of skeptic about this. But goddamn.

Kira picked right up where GM left and helped shape the site to what it is today.

May your soul forever rest in Gensokyo.
No. 118747
Well, I barely knew the guy. I'm completely indifferent about his death.

I guess the least I can do is to say thanks for the role he played in getting this site going. Without MiG, we could well have never ended up here. He had a big part in what this site is today.
Never forget.

[X] Call for Tewi
No. 118748
I might not have known the guy much, but I am sad that he's gone.

All I can hope for is that his afterlife being nice, such as being Yuyuko's hug ghost.
No. 118750
anonymaster: that was a cruel thing to say that you're completely indifferent. it really wasn't necessary to state that.
No. 118751
I...Holy shit. What a thing to wake up to.

I know I'm kind of quoting QWL on this, but I can't really think of much else to say. Goodnight, Kira.

No. 118752
Ah...wow. You never expect these kinds of things to happen, so it's always a complete shock when it does. Man, that's incredibly sad because I remember him talking recently about having just found a girl who was interested in him...

I didn't know him very well, but I recognized that he was a very influential writer on the site and one of the more easily recognizable faces, as well as someone who's been around since the beginning. (the IRC might not have had it's first name if not for him)

Rest in peace, my good friend.
No. 118753

I'm going to miss him.
No. 118755

Sorry, I didn't mean it in a negative way. I just barely knew the guy.
He was a huge part of this site and the community. I just didn't know him well personally.
No. 118757
Why I was joking about dying writer a while ago.

Good bye, RIP.
No. 118759
Never thought he would top SNOW END. Sad to see that he managed to prove us wrong.

No. 118761
This... Goddamn.
Take it easy and rest in peace, Kira.
No. 118763
this is Bret's mom, again. thank you for all of your kind words. it would have meant the world to him. you knew him in a way I didn't and this is comforting. thank you.
No. 118764
Well that changes the mood for the evening. RIP Kira, you were a great guy and you will be missed.
No. 118765
"And alien tears will fill for him
Pity's long broken urn,
For his mourners will be outcast men,
And outcasts always mourn."

To me, this fits him. The Wilde of our day.
No. 118767
I had half-written some kind of big speech about how he and I have been friends for years but, honestly, I think he probably would have kicked me if he saw it.

Now if it was an awesome, high-energy, hotblooded, Gurren-Lagann style thing he'd probably have got a kick out of it but honestly I don't think I could write something like that without sounding so terribly fake - because I know my heart wouldn't be in it.

I'll miss you man.
No. 118768
He broke through.
No. 118769
File 127603944220.jpg - (364.83KB , 1000x688 , saigyou_ayakashi.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 118770
I never really read many of his things, but still. He was Kira. Everyone knew him.
No. 118771
No. 118775
File 127604639729.jpg - (158.03KB , 546x592 , singing reisen.jpg ) [iqdb]

THIS SONG GOES OUT TO YOU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo_0UXRY_rY
No. 118776
I see things like this all the time in the news, but it's always a shock to hear them happen to someone I knew, even when it wasn't in person.

Rest in peace Kira.
No. 118777
Goodnight, sweet prince.
No. 118778
Man.. who would of thought this'd be his final thread. Rest well Kira, May Siki be merciful on you.
No. 118787
File 12760566953.png - (284.31KB , 579x890 , 121144853442.png ) [iqdb]
I really didn't believe this when I first heard it. It seems too strangely unreal and distant.

Kira was a friend. He was clever and passionate, and his stories left their mark in our minds and the history of our website. He was one of the first writers, and those of us there for the birth of THP will long remember the meme origins and demands for updates with a constant drumming of F5s. Hell we'll even remember #MIG on Rizon, where all our IRC idiocy began.

I enjoyed working with Kira on some of Gensokyo Academy: School Days, my few surprise hijacks of it, and our hours of brainstorming about other story settings and plot twists which sadly I now know will never be completed. He was an idea man, which is one of the reasons why I think we got along so well. Even if we had difficulty making narratives flow, Kira always put his heart into his work and anxiously enjoyed seeing the readers' responses and encouragement (even the rage was appreciated, though in a different way.)

We are a community of misfits, and Kira was one of our elders. We have all had good moments and bad moments with him, but now there are no more moments except for those that we make with his memory and spirit. I have long said that immortality is the impact we've made on peoples' lives; even when you are gone you still live on in the hearts and minds of others. Kira has left his mark with me, and I will remember him.

Goodbye Kira. Take care. You will be missed.
No. 118789
File 127605748194.jpg - (61.69KB , 698x680 , 1208227286373.jpg ) [iqdb]
I've tried so hard to remain cool headed about this. All day I've tried, it's not working. What makes it worse is knowing that the guy who caused the accident didn't stop and two other drivers had to pay for his lack of attention. I can't blame the second truck driver at all.
No. 118792
File 127606116339.jpg - (121.33KB , 662x807 , 1245709563443.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is not what I wanted to find when I decided to check for updates.

Fucking goddammit.
No. 118793
I think all of his dolls will miss him, and he will miss them...

And I'll miss Kira too. Damnit.
No. 118794
I have searched for the right words, and I find that there is not much to say.

For all his faults, Kira remained a good person. He worked hard, and he enjoyed his work. Like so many others, he did not deserve to have his time cut short, and he will be missed.

If there is anything that waits after death, let it be peace; for him now, for us in times yet to come.
No. 118795
File 127606575344.jpg - (114.44KB , 750x1086 , dun2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kira is not a bad guy at all. He is one of the THP's founder I love and respect. To see his time being cut short like this... It's really sad.

I don't know what to type after hearing this.

Kira. I hope you finally find your paradise.
And I wish you born a little Asian girl in japan in the afterlife.
No. 118797
Good night sweet prince. May you find your ideal peace and happiness in the afterlife.
No. 118804
File 127608679974.jpg - (16.29KB , 244x320 , mantears.jpg ) [iqdb]
There are no words.
No. 118805
I have many thoughts, but no words to describe them. However, know that I truly respected you, and am grateful for the many gifts you have brought us.

Rest in peace, Kira. You'll be missed.
No. 118808
I honestly didn't want to draw attention to myself by posting with a name, but I guess I might as well now that everyone else is doing it.

I also didn't want to post with a name, initially, because I thought this may become a thread where people act more grieved than they actually are. That's human nature, though.

All I can really say is that Kira was great. He helped to shape this site to what it now is, and influenced many a writer and left a lasting impact on them, myself included.

He was also a swell guy. Not saying he was some amazing superman or anything, since I'd really harbor hatred for anybody so perfect. What I mean is that he wasn't someone who deliberately makes an ass of himself, and he wasn't chock full of himself to boot. Hell, I even enjoyed some brainstorming and badinage with him in the time that he was around. My respect for him faltered at times, sure, but he was able to restore it to what it was unlike so many others who I'd much rather not name.

To one of our greatest writers, and one of our greatest friends. Rest in peace, Kira.
No. 118812
Bloody truckers.
No. 118824
Into eternity ...

Rest in peace. ;_;
No. 118830
It's taken me a good while to work up the courage to say anything. Honestly, I barely knew the guy, save by reputation. If we ever exchanged more than six words in a sitting, I don't recall it. But even for so casual an acquaintance, to be taken in so suddenly, and i so thoughtless a manner, it leaves a wound in one. I cannot begin to imagine how his closest friends and family must feel... I only wish there were some balm I could offer them beyond my condolences.

Linger not on our account, Kira. We will not soon forget you here. Go in peace.
No. 118833
this is his mom again. thank you, again, for the kind words and thoughts and sharing how you knew him with me. you cannot believe how much it helps me right now. I will save this page for later, when the pain isn't quite so fresh.
No. 118864
Take my feelings for the paying the ferrywoman, Kira.
And my wishes, that the crossing will not be over too fast so you can enjoy some quality time with her.
No. 118901
File 127623489758.jpg - (617.78KB , 1500x1125 , wip yuyuko kira.jpg ) [iqdb]
Good bye Kira, thank you for all you've done.
I wish I could dedicate a beautiful poem for you, but I was not gifted in eloquence with words.
Rest In Peace.
No. 118902
For the last month or so, I had been on hiatus from writing on this site to deal with college studies. However, I still stopped by the IRC chat from time to time, and this is where I knew Kira, as little as I did.

I'd only spoken to him directly maybe two or three times, but he really came off as a good-natured person that I found myself liking right off the bat. It didn't hurt that I enjoyed the bits of his writing I had read.

However, that's as much as I knew about him. I didn't even know how important to THP he really was, and now the only way I'll know anything about him is secondhand. Kira was taken away before I had the chance to really know him, and that's a grief all in itself.

RIP, Kirakishou.
No. 118912
File 127629127060.jpg - (46.48KB , 1041x529 , stereo-final-salute-1899.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm utterly surprised by this news. I mean, both of us don't talk very often, and I don't read his stories to be honest. Knowing that one of THP's most influential individuals has met his demise makes my heart shaky to the point I'm not sure if I want to cry over this loss.

I so wanted to find that truck driver and stick a dynamite up his ass while tying him on a speeding train, but alas.

I know I am too late for this, but this is all I can do.

*stands up and performs the final salute*

Rest in Peace, Kirakishou. You shall never be forgotten, dear sir.
No. 118931
Man, I've followed and participated in Kira's stories since MiG. It's depressing to accept that he is gone, at least he won't be forgotten. Even after all this time I saw a MiG reference on that hellhole we call /jp/ today.

This place won't be the same without you, Kira.
No. 118959
File 127638662337.jpg - (115.72KB , 400x536 , brotear.jpg ) [iqdb]
Rest in peace, Kira.
No. 118960
everyone might appreciate this. As the time for the funeral approached this morning, the sky darkened and continued to darken. When the organist began to play, about ten minutes before the service, the rain poured. Just as the minister stepped up to start the service, there was a huge crack of thunder above the church. only one, no more during the entire service, just the rain pouring down, which we could hear.
No. 118989

That's pretty interesting.

Also, thanks for having what I wrote read.
No. 119036

It's as if the very Heavens were in mourning.
No. 119056
File 127664342285.jpg - (314.42KB , 800x623 , c26e854b746c1a9e5060fad2b3f15d9f.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 119062
May you take Gensokyo by storm Kira.

You will be missed.
No. 119066

No. 119068
Give Yukari hell, Kira.
No. 119070
He might rather give her pleasure you know. What if Yuyuko wants to share her hug ghost with her best friend?