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[ℛ] Los Hooligans


No, goddammit. I'm not going down without a fight, this time.

I've spent far too long running, and not doing anything but running and hiding.

It is time for a change.

I don't think I'll win this one. I'm unprepared, caught off-guard, and have no idea where she is.

I am willing to accept the possibility of not coming out on top.

But enough is enough. I have had it with the motherfucking green girl on my motherfucking trail.

I don't move from my position next to Orange. Well, intentionally move; the wind's pushing us around pretty good.

"Not today!" I yell to Orange. She looks back at me, concern in her eyes.

"I'm sure I can take her, Kabuki! Just go while you can! Get to somewhere popul—UGH!"

Something green and white And I know what appears out of the air, and slams into her gut before disappearing. The impact drives her back, stumbling, and then plummeting a long ways before she manages some level of shaky stability.

I cry out in worry, and race for her.

She's frantically waving me away. I think, for a stupid split second, that she's trying to put on a brave front, reassuring me she's okay.

Only when I get closer do I see the panic in her eyes.


She's telling me to keep away.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I break off only barely in time before the white stripe in the sky blurs past me. Not past enough, though, as it still clips me hard in the ribs. I feel a few of them crack. However, just before dodging, I'd lashed out at the spot where I was, on a gamble. I'm rewarded with the sensation of rending flesh beneath my fingers as I manage to score one hit on the stripe before it disappears again.

Wincing as I breathe, I look back at Orange, whose head is turning this way and that.

"Where... ow, ow... where is she?" I shout to her.

"I don't know!" Even over the wind, I catch the note of uncertainty and alarm in her voice. "It's like she's not even here!"

The stripe blurs back into being just above her head, and before I can warn her, cracks her sharply across the back of her skull. Her eyes roll up in the back of her head, and she drops like a stone, basket falling beside her, having come loose from her limp fingers.

Tears spring up in my eyes, and I scream in rage at the white stripe, which disappears again.

The wind blows even harder and faster as I look around wildly. I'm certain of my loss, now. But if I can land one more hit, one good solid blow, I'll have firmly established a new trend, and that is something I can look forward to.

Look around, look around. Nothing but sky and land below and clouds being wrong and the wind in my eyes and where is she where is she WHERE IS SHE

Behind me.

I fling a fist back behind me, but too slow, no luck for it. Familiar hands, hateful hands, hands I know from days and minutes and hours and seconds spent screaming and in pain

those damnable hands

grab mine

And carry it through the rest of the movement, except that at a certain point the arm doesn't go any further. Or it shouldn't because arms don't work that way. But that helpful little carry through carries it on and on.

There is a wet 'pop', and a sensation of sudden imbalance, and pain pain pain pain and something is broken or moved where it shouldn't be and it hurts

it hurts

she lives to hurt

i hurt

she lives to hurt i

And I know this can't be right but it is all I have been knowing

I want to know something other than this and for this last week I knew everything but that

That was all I wanted

How and why and it hurts

It feels like the tears are freezing channels of ice down my cheeks as the wind blows past them, and I realize we are heading down



Because the ground is getting ever closer

And the green girl chuckles in my ear, before saying to me:

"She's entirely wrong, you know. I was all around her!"

Then, she lets go of me; almost pushes away, more like...

No, not almost. Exactly.

I barely sense the incoming blow in time, certainly not time enough to move.

There is a brilliant explosion of pain in the side of my head, and the last thing my conscious mind registers for a while is the sensation of being grabbed by my shirt collar, and a giggling laugh, followed by one last cheerful little comment.

"I am the wind, after all."

No. 112210
File 126621211054.jpg - (752.89KB , 768x1024 , Guess who`s coming to dinner~.jpg ) [iqdb]
I wake up, screaming.

...Fuck. I thought I was over that.

I look around me, blinking as I wake up. Grey-not-light of the hours before down filters in through the bright crack in the ceiling.



Here again.

A chill runs through me, followed by a new sensation: disgust.

That is followed by irritation, and then anger.

Hey. That's new.

Normally I'm panicking and terrified at this point, but now... Okay, I'm still worrying. I'm still afraid of what's going to happen.

But I feel more furious than anything. I strain against the bonds holding me to my usual place on the slab. Still tight.

This is darkly pleasant. Maybe this could even be considered good... or as good as things can get, here (Which is not very, but it's all I have).

I look around again. Same location. Same room.

Same fate.

My nose wrinkles in anger and contempt.

This place is such a mess.

...Sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn.

No. I'm certain I would.

I pull against the restraints again. Hard.

Still nothing. Worth a shot, at least.

...Hey, hold on a minute.

I look over at my arm as best I can. I try wiggling it a little. It feels fine.

I breathe in and out; big deep breaths. No lancing pain of a broken rib. Nothing at all.

In fact, I feel great. Physically, anyway.

What the hell is going on?

I'd check myself, but I can't tell because of the restraints, which won't let me look under my clothes.

My clothes?

I look back down again. No, I'm not naked, like I usually am by now.

What the hell is going on?

And these aren't even back to being my clothes, they're still the ones I borrowed from—

My gut suddenly clenches, and I feel very cold and terrified. It was only a matter of time.

Time that I took too long for me and I was selfish and I said all that because I thought I knew what I was doing and I've gotten her involved in this oh god no, no, no, no




I yell, and look around as much I can, which is unfortunately very little.


No no no no no no no no no no no



I did it I did this to her and I knew it was coming and I told her it was coming and we walked right into it goddammit I was a fucking idiot and a worthless selfish bitch and I've brought this on her goddammit god dammit I hate myself


...I should die.

I need to die.

There is no other way to apologize for this.

Youkai are exceptionally resilient creatures, as I well know.

But when one seeks to end themselves, really, truly end themselves, they can do it with anything that would kill even a mortal creature. There's no saving a soul that has no desire to return.

And that is what I will do as soon as I leave this place.

The sound of footsteps bring me momentarily out of the mire of despair.

...No. I can't bring things to a close, yet.

I will have my revenge.

But more than that, I won't let this whore have the goddamn satisfaction.

The green girl walks into the room, and seeing me awake, rushes over.

I steel myself for more mindless chatter, more taunting casualness, more hateful friendliness, all said with that innocent, pure smile in her perfect voice.

I am ready.

She puts a hand to my forehead, and looks at me with ...concern?

Yes. Honest, genuine concern.

"Are you all right?"

It turns out that I am not ready.

All the seething hatred is brought to a sudden halt from sheer stupefaction at this unexpected beginning.

Not waiting for an answer, she frets over me, checking me, does-this-hurt, how-about-here, and so on.

If she is seeking to break my mind from the sheer force of what the fuck, I'm sincerely worried that she may be off to a very good start.

Who the hell is this? This isn't my normal captor.

Her face hovers back over mine, again.

"Please say you're all right, won't you?"

That is one-hundred-percent genuine worry on her face and in her voice.


"Fuck you."

...It's not that I'm ungrateful, but I just think I've sort of earned at least that much.

All the same, I tense for some kind of painful response.

She sighs in relief. "Oh, thank goodness!"

I have just about given up trying to figure out what the hell is going on, but thoughts of Orange keep my anger fresh and sharp.

"Where is she?"

The green girl looks up, almost guiltily, and her words come out in a panicked rush. "She's fine, she's fine! Don't worry, please? I made, very, very sure you were both in the best of health before I went to bed last night. I haven't slept very much, you know."

She pouts slightly, and has a seat next to me after pulling up her chair.

"Don't you worry about her, really. She's right behind you, by the the wall."

Reaching under the table, she pulls something that angles it back a ways, but rather than propping it and me upright, this would eventually have me upside down, standing on my head.

I look back, and see the room flipped over.

Orange is there, apparently still unconscious. She looks relatively unharmed, though I can't say the same for her clothes. They're more than a little ragged and torn. I don't think mine were doing much better, either, but that isn't really what's bothering me at the moment.

She's upright, but hanging suspended between the ceiling and the floor with heavy, thick iron manacles clasping each wrist and ankle.

I guess not everybody gets a place at the table.

...Okay, that's a little too glib for the situation.

Something almost escapes my attention before she re-adjusts the table to normal horizontality: the rungs to which the chains are linked are grounded in neither ceiling nor floor, but are instead apparently driven into the air itself.

Back to flat again, and I can't see her anymore.

The green girl is looking a little uneasy. Almost embarrassed, in fact; fingers twiddling nervously.

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[ ] Apathy Tapestry


This update comes several hours overdue thanks to the hard-working combined forces of Feeling Sick and Great Dungeon in the Sky. Fuck them both with an industrial tunnel borer.

The effects of choosing for the protagonist to stay have not yet been fully seen. This choice was definitely not made in vain.
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File 126621269195.jpg - (139.47KB , 600x600 , Big Sister Is Watching You.jpg ) [iqdb]
Last thread: >>110934
No. 112213
What the fuck?

[X] Apprise Reprise

May as well ask what we will while she's in an answering mood.
No. 112215
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No. 112216
[x] Apprise Reprise

I want her to ask the biggest question: WHY?
No. 112217
It kind of go as I expected. Shit

[x] Apathy Tapestry
As for Sanae... she's so far beyond forgiviness that speaking to her is a sin on itself. Regardless of what's going on inside her head, she deserves apathy, scorn, pain and death. In that order.
No. 112219
It is less a matter of what is deserved and more a matter of what will get results. This is an unusual situation, and questioning her is more likely to get a meaningful reaction from her (that is, to change her behaviour from standard) than silence is. Complete silence may have had an effect but that opportunity is already lost.
No. 112220
[X]Apprise Reprise

You know, I want Kogasa to ask questions and get answers because 'This just don't add up!'
No. 112223
[X]Apprise Reprise
I think Sanae just hit another level of batshit insanity, or Kogasa. Ether way this is going to be emotionally painful.
No. 112224
Well, actually, Sanae did have Scorn visited upon her.

See "lol rape" in the Short Story section of the Archives (right near the bottom).
No. 112227
No. 112229
Despite how bad things look, I think this might prove better in the long run, even if it's to take the torture for Orange. There's other possibilities, since there might be someone looking for Orange.
No. 112233
[X] Apprise Reprise

So I was right about there being normal Sanae and Psycho!Sanae?

Then suddenly, I had another thought that was just way too crazy.

What if it was never Sanae who was going after Kogasa in the first place?

What made me think that was this one comment:

> "I am the wind, after all."

Sanae is NOT the wind. She never was. Plus she can't fly that fast anyway. Though there is one youkai that we know that can, and has the power of the wind at her disposal.

No. 112235
[X] Apprise Reprise

>Sanae is NOT the wind. She never was.
She's the priestess of a wind goddess and can summon it using her miracle power.
No. 112236
wat. Setting aside the issue of motive aside, we've seen, in first person, Sanae torturing us, and it's Sanae's name that the curse seals prevent us from hearing or saying. The comment about the wind presumably refers to the fact that she's a wind priestess.

As for Sanae's behavior, I don't think it's anything as simple as dissociative identity disorder. She's been stalking us for half a year; if it was just a matter of timing, we would have seen this side of her at least once before now. The only semi-plausible theory I've got for now is that she's somehow mistaken Orange for a human, and what we're seeing now is related to whatever fucked-up ideas she has about race relations.
No. 112237
File 126622623254.jpg - (102.15KB , 471x924 , talim.jpg ) [iqdb]
No, I am the wind.
No. 112239
>Semi-plausible theory

Alternatively, Sanae could categorize youkai into good and bad. Ones that prey on humans, like Kogasa, she would have no problems with torturing, while others that help humans, like Orange, could be seen as good.

Something about it being their nature? Kogasa feeds off of surprise, and that's a negative and she's therefore bad, while Orange feeds from amazement, which can often be good, so Orange qualifies as good.

And she's more pleasant because we're making friends with a good youkai and it'd be a good influence on us?

>There's other possibilities, since there might be someone looking for Orange.
Also that we could potentially talk Sanae into letting her go because if there's a disaster in the human village and Orange's not there to help people then there would be easily preventable deaths and it would be Sanae's fault.

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No. 112241
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eh is all i can say.
No. 112243
[+] Apprise Reprise

Exposition time.
No. 112244
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No. 112245
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File 126623830357.png - (366.78KB , 617x1081 , orange.png ) [iqdb]
>It is time for a change.

And yet the song remains the same.

[x] Apprise Reprise

Sanae, you dizzy cunt. You have no idea who's tail you just stepped on.
No. 112251
Something for consideration:

>I'm rewarded with the sensation of rending flesh beneath my fingers as I manage to score one hit on the stripe before it disappears again.

Yet there was no mention of green girl being wounded after Kogasa woke up. This could be a matter of author oversight or Kogasa not being fully alert yet, but clarification on whether or not green girl shows signs of the hit she took could tell us a lot about the situation.

[-] Apprise Reprise

>Great Dungeon in the Sky
No. 112252
File 126625831564.jpg - (77.67KB , 642x213 , Stripes all around her.jpg ) [iqdb]
There might also be the possibility that the "white stripe" wasn't technically Sanae; I have a feeling Kogasa would have instead called her "green girl" like usual if she knew it was her.

Of course, she may have simply settled for "stripe" due to the impossible speeds and disorientation.

[x] Apprise Reprise
No. 112258
Key word in that quote was "flesh"; we definitely hit our attacker during that fight. Which is why it's important that we find out whether or not green girl has a wound.

-If she does, then she's the same individual that attacked us and her personality is doing back-flips.

-If she doesn't, then either there's a third party involved here, or green girl is healing far faster than a human should, which is bad news for us.

Kanako would have made a much better guess, not that it matters. We just don't have enough information to form anything resembling a reasonable theory on whatever the fuck is going on here.

Speaking of crackpot theories, here's one:
bad Sanae = Nue, she's the only being in Gensokyo who both canonically has the abilities required to pose as someone else and knows enough about Kogasa to pick her for a target.
I seriously doubt it's her.
Though it would be one hell of a surprise.
No. 112263
Sanae is part god, so that might it.
No. 112265
>or green girl is healing far faster than a human should

Why would you have assumed otherwise? She's just 'miracle'-ing away her wounds in the same manner that Keine would sequester the history of her own.

To defeat her, you'd have to knock her out, kill her instantly, or otherwise prevent her for 'willing' her wounds away.

The problem I see is that this Sanae has no fear of pain. She must experience it, or there'd be no sensation to tell her to heal herself, but by her abilities she can either do so instantly, or is reducing the magnitude of such sensations in a continuous manner (similar to how one walks across a bed of burning coals).

If she doesn't experience pain, or if she's rather never experienced inescapable pain, then perhaps her sadism is built on childish curiosity?
No. 112267

[x] Apathy Tapestry
No. 112287
File 126630221433.jpg - (262.97KB , 596x842 , bee eff effs.jpg ) [iqdb]
[Ѣ] Apprise Reprise

It occurs to me that I've never actually really talked with the green girl. I generally haven't had time or I've been too scared to or had nothing to say.

She seems weirdly friendly right now, and I don't know why. More importantly, I don't know how long this will last.

Although... maybe she's more broken and head-sick than I ever thought, and she's normal right now...?


She'd be letting me go if that were the case.

No, she's still the green girl I know and hate. But right now she's just... off.


"What the fuck is going on?"

It's a little vague for an opening question, but it's what's at the forefront of my mind, right now.

The question seems to be enough for her, though, as it opens the floodgates and out come words words words.

"Look, I'm sorry. If I'd known who she was, then..." she wrings her hands, and smiles ruefully at me. "...Well, I'd probably have let you go that time." Her expression brightens up, and she reaches over, patting my head. "I'm very proud of you, you know. By all accounts of the good people of Shinon, dear Miss Orange is truly an exceptional person! I'm very happy to see you've finally decided to better yourself this way."

She gets up and begins idly pacing while continuing to chat.

"You're probably wondering how I found you like that, aren't you?"

She turns and looks at me with an impish grin.

"C'moooon. Say iiiiit."

I wait about a minute before grudgingly replying "...Maybe."

She claps her hands together in glee, like a child. "Ahaha~ I knew it!"

She turns to face me completely, and sneaks over next to me, looking very serious.

"The answer to this mystery is easy, once you've figured out the final clue. For you see...!"

I think she's trying to imitate some kind of performance she's seen.

She holds up a finger, and announces in a dramatic tone, "...It was an accident. Completely and utterly."


She bursts into a fit of giggles. "Ahahaha! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. But no, it really was an accident. You see, I was over at Reimu's shrine—"

I close my eyes and instinctively brace myself for the oncoming pain but it's too late too late too late too...

...where is it?

That should have hurt.

I will reiterate: what the hell is going on?

"—and I reply 'Well, can I stay over then?' And at first she was all 'No, I have enough freeloaders as it is,' and then I made her turn that frown upside-down when I showed her the food I brought." She giggles conspiratorially. "Lady Kanako says to win your enemies over with kindness, after all. But anyway, we were eating breakfast a couple days ago, and I saw this big kerploding thing off in the distance, over past the mountains around her shrine. I asked what it was, and she told me all about the signal flares and the system she set up after defeating Miss Orange and Miss Kurumi. It's a pretty good idea, I have to say."

I'm only half-listening to her babble, but I'm reminded that I completely forgot to ask what was up with that. I knew only what Bigwings had told me, but not much more than that. Maybe I was avoiding it.

Still completely lost on why I can suddenly hear her name without suffering a thousand agonizing pains. I mean, it's just—

A warning surge of brief pain gets me to back away from that thought before I can complete it.

Okay, so there are still some limits on thinking it.

Clenching my teeth as I ride out the momentary burst, she continues on, apparently unaware.

"So, the day after— that was... yeah, yesterday —I decided to have a look at this village she mentioned." She gives a little laugh, and shakes her head. "Did you know that place even existed? I didn't! You'd probably have been able to hide for another two weeks there, at least."

She shakes her head.

"Heh... just when you think you know everything about Gensokyo, something new comes along to prove otherwise. But, I guess it's silly to just think that there'd only be the one human settlement. I mean, sure, the main one is a pretty darn big town, but it can't be the only place. And sure enough, there's the farming village of Shinon. I flew on over, circled the place once or twice, then landed, and spent most of the rest of the day talking to people and helping them out as best I could. Lady Kanako calls it PR work, but it's all part of my job."

Does she ever shut up?
No. 112288
File 126630228323.jpg - (124.09KB , 780x970 , Sanaessa Explains It All.jpg ) [iqdb]
She chuckles a little, and sits back down in her chair again, facing me.

"...And then on my way back, who should I happen to see but my little runaway~?"

She tweaks my nose playfully, and is very fortunate that I can't move my head much. She'd have lost those fingers, otherwise.

"So I decided to come on down and collect you, and your new playmate, too~" After saying this, her face falls, and she looks at me, very apologetic. "I wanna say again, I'm reeeeeeally sorry about attacking her. I seriously would have let you two go if I'd known that was her."

I speak for the first time in a while.

"Sorry enough to let us go now?"

She snorts, tries to cover it, and fails. It turns into a joyous laugh, though it sounds more like the laughter of the damned.

"Aha, ahaha, aaaahahahaaaa! ...Oh, you're such a kidder, you are. No, it doesn't work that way."


I give her a bitter smile. "Worth a shot, I guess. Why not?"

She fidgets again, smiling a little. She looks like the sort of child who has a great big secret that they can't share.

"Weeelllll... You're not allowed to... hmm. Nope, I can't tell you."

She snaps her fingers and looks back up, grinning. "Oh, but I can tell you this: It has to do with making you a better person."

I simply stare at her, bewildered.

"...A better person?" I finally manage to spit that much out. "I'm pretty damn sure I was a decent sort of girl already."

"Nuh-uh." She begins kicking her legs back and forth as she sits there. "Sorry, but you aren't, even if you think you are."


"Well," she tells me, giving me a meaningful look, "would you trust an alcoholic's word on whether or not he has a drinking problem?"

"But I'm not—"

She says nothing, but grins, and points at me. I fall silent.

Okay, she's not right about that. She can't be. ...But it's a clever way to screw with somebody, for sure.

"See, you cause trouble and problems for humans simply by existing. You surprise people, give them frights. That's not good, and that's hardly the behavior of a model citizen. Face it: You have a problem."

"Wha... fucking please! The hell I've got a problem!"

"And we're back to the drunk analogy, again." She smiles, nodding sympathetically. "It's not healthy to deny it. You are a dangerous youkai, even if unintentionally. But I think there's hope for you, which is why you are the focus of my little project. And you've already begun making progress, finally, by making friends with dear Miss Orange."

She stops smiling, and places a hand gently on my shoulder, and speaks to me in an earnest, serious tone. "You have no idea the good it does my heart to see you finally accepting what you are— even if you don't know you're doing it —and making good company with an upstanding fellow youkai who can guide you on the path to self-improvement."


Great jumping Buddha in a flying raft on fire; this crazy whore has spun out so far that it isn't even funny.

I don't even know where to begin.
No. 112289
File 126630243311.jpg - (93.66KB , 600x450 , I am a helpful can-do sort of girl.jpg ) [iqdb]
...That's not true, I know exactly where to begin: With what's relevant.

"You know," I say, cocking my head to the side (or at least, trying to), "you're going to get into all kinds of trouble if you hurt her. Hell, even if you keep her here, what's going to happen the next time some farmhand gets kicked in the head by a horse?"

Amazingly, this seems to give her pause. I continue to work this angle.

"How about if somebody, say, falls off a roof? They're going to need her help, and where will she be? Here in your fucking nasty little room."

She pouts. "Don't say nasty... It's very well-designed for what it needs to do." She holds up a hand before I can reply to that creepy comment. "But... you are right."

I'm speechless for a fraction of a second, and hope begins to dawn anew. Is it possible? Can I seriously pull this off? If I can beat this crazy psychotic girl at her own game, I could end up walking out of here with her blessing!

...Not really too enamored with my chances, but fuck, if it's even slightly possible, while she's open to being talked to, and not cheerfully out for my blood in this lunatic quest of hers to make me a better person Whatever the fuck that's all about then I'm damn for sure going to take it.

I'll probably just kill her in her sleep, rather than laying her open like a fish, instead. She's not going to get away with having done this without any consequences, after all.

"If that's the case," I say, trying not to sound too eager, "then you have nothing to gain by holding us, and plenty to lose by keeping us."

"Mm..." she nods slowly, but says nothing.

"And she's a positive influence on me, you're all too right about that."

For the first time in forever, I smile a genuine smile of happiness in this room. It's brief, but it's real.

It existed.

"I love her," I say, emboldened by the rising feeling of hope. "I would never do anything that would make her upset."

Her eyes widen at this, and she looks at me. "Really?"


"Aww... That's so cu~te!" She actually reaches over and hugs me, rubbing her cheek against mine before pulling back, slightly embarrassed. She clears her throat, and tries to look casual once again. "A-anyway, though. I'm happy for the both of you, and that is the best news I've heard in a while."

She gets up, and goes over to the cabinet.

"All right, you've convinced me," says my captor.

...Is she getting the keys?

Holy fuck, is this working?

And then I hear a slightly metallic clunk that makes my entire body go numb, and dashes every last ounce of hope I'd had for getting out of here unharmed.

I know that sound.

It is a metal box, painted black, with soft material on the corners. Inside are all manner of pointy slicy cutty trimmy picky grabby splitty clippy choppy grindy little pieces of finely crafted metal, and a few types of handle to attach many of them to.

The green girl pulls over the rolling table and sets down the surgical kit, apparently not noticing my ashen face, as she continues in that same merry voice.

"You are quite right, in every way."



and the lid of the case of tools pops open. I can see some of them glinting even in the dull light. Not quite as dull anymore, I notice distractedly. It must have been a while.

"Buuuuuuut..." she says, in a 'that's not all, just yet' sort of tone, "before I send you two on your way, there needs to be some punishment for you, and a warning for her."


My mouth is dryer than the hottest pits of hell and maybe the sand is magic but I care about more important things right now.





I failed again.


"'Why?' See, this is what I meant. You're a dangerous youkai, even if you don't know it."

She ceases fitting some kind of blade to a handle and my impending agony is postponed another moment and this does not make me happy.

Terror is the order of the day on this day that is the worst day of days.

The sleeves on her arms which live alone and unconnected to the shirt (very lonely) are rolled up and she shows me an ugly nasty ha ha bitch it serves you right scar on the left one running from wrist to elbow non-stop service but


and this is the worrying-er-est (so far, but more like close) part: It is a scar.

Not fresh wounds, hours old, but still red and bandaged tightly, showing torn muscle and ligaments.

A scar.

"See?" And she is talking again, sounding a little put out like I stood her up for tea and she is being polite but miffed. "You hurt me when I came to pick you up, and that was very mean of you."

Apparently I am not allowed to fight back which is a crock of shit because bitch I will not only fight back but I will fight front, I will fight top, I will fight bottom, I will fight side. Upside your head.

Whore don't know what's in store.

No she does not.

But I do not know what is in store for me. Eyes wander back over to glinting metal and I feel cold and dead.

Down come the sleeves again, and she smiles again, wagging a finger reprovingly.

Bad youkai, no biscuit.

Maybe I could stuff her into an oven and make miko biscuits.

Or feed her noodles day, noon, and night every day until she dies from them.

Or maybe I prove her right and do it old-school; throw her on a spit and roast her on a fire. It would be quaint.

Human meat really isn't that good, though.
No. 112290
File 126630254384.png - (214.77KB , 550x700 , Well then; let`s get to work~!.png ) [iqdb]
"What the hell does that have to do with her?!" I demand. Fuck soothing and calm. "Why would you even harm her? Didn't you just say you shouldn't?!"

The green girl makes a face at me.

"Oh, don't be such a baby. You youkai can come back from almost anything. And anyway, I was speaking of excess. This will be just a friendly little reminder telling her that she should never stand in my way when I come for you. Nothing too big. I'd feel terrible being forced to harm as decent a soul as her."

I want to tear out my hair. "But isn't that exactly what you're going to do?!"

She rolls her eyes, and makes a halfheartedly conciliatory gesture.

"I guess, if you want to argue fine details. But it's part of your treatment, by extension. In the end, everyone benefits!" She winks at me, all cheery again.

Hold on, treatment?

"...What treatment?"

"To make you a better person, and to renounce your destructive habits. I'd tell you more... but I sorta can't," she says, makes a gesture of pleading, as though for understanding. "If I told you anymore than that, it'd ruin the efficacy of the process."

Another dead end.


I fix her with a deadly serious look, making sure her eyes are on me before I begin speaking. My voice is low, and clear, filled with calmness and hatred.

"I am letting you know, here and now, that I will kill you. When you sit, broken, beaten, and defeated, with your life's blood pouring out through your fingers, recall this moment, when I gave you ample warning."

I am silent for a minute before smiling unpleasantly at her. "Will that qualify as a step in the direction of eliminating my tendency to surprise?" I ask, mockingly.

She's quiet for a few beats, before tut-tutting, and shaking a finger at me before resuming her business with the surgical kit. "Sounds like somebody's grum-py~"

An innocent, sing-song voice.

I don't know if she took my threat seriously, or if she is in a broken land in her broken head where it does not reach her.

I was serious, and that is what is important to me.

"All done!" she announces, and turns back to me, with something curved and sharp in her hand. "Now, remember that I am letting you off with a slap on the wrist this time. I am doing you a kindness, letting you spend more time with her. In fact, I'll even send you off together. So, in the future, please don't be so rude, and contemplate what you must do in order to change yourself, all right?"

With a wink, and a perfect smile, she leans over, me, and brings the blade to my face.

To my eyes.

And for the next several minutes, all I know

is pain


and agony.


(one eye at a time)

my world goes dark.

[ ] i will not go quietly into the night
[ ] my name is not kabuki, and i'm very tired
No. 112291
[ ] i will not go quietly into the night
No. 112292
Holy shit. Way to call it.

[X] i will not go quietly into the night

Stay quiet while she hurts Orange? No fucking way.
No. 112293
[X] i will not go quietly into the night

Ah, the fun of hypocrisy. Sanae wants to remove what she thinks are destructive tendancies from Kogasa, and in the process has given herself actually destructive ones. No Sanae, you are the demons!
No. 112295
[X] i will not go quietly into the night

I would just like to say that this Sanae is now my new favorite mentally-unbalanced (or is she?) Touhou on this site.
Craziness is always so much more interesting when you can get a feel for the logic at work behind it. Especially if, when you try to following it and see things from their perspective, it makes sense.
No. 112296
So, good route or evil route? Human route or youkai route?
No. 112297
[+] i will not go quietly into the night

To the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee!

Crazy bitch is gonna die.
No. 112298
[X] i will not go quietly into the night

Sanae, your a fucking retard. Get rid of Kogasa's 'dangerous' ability to surprise? the very thing that makes her a youkai? The only way you can do that is to kill her.

Congradulations Fell, I now hate this version of Sanae like I hate Ex Nine's version of Yukari. I shall greatly anticipate her death.

And no, this isn't someone who is trying to start a shitstorm, just someone telling you that you made a character that moves me on a emotional level. Sure it may be anger, but still, good job.
No. 112300
Thank you. You can thank me further by remembering that it's "you're," please~
No. 112301
[X] i will not go quietly into the night
pure rage again
No. 112306
[x] i will not go quietly into the night

Immediately after we get thrown half-way across Gensokyo, we're coming back here in the middle of the night to deliver an ultimatum to her goddesses. Just plain murdering her means we lose, just like Brad Pitt lost when he discovers his wife's head in a box at the end of Se7en and kills Kevin Spacey.
No. 112308
If by 'deliver an ultimatum' you mean 'Kill them both and leave their corpses hanging from the outer walls of the shrine, words of threat written to sanae across the remaining walls in their still damp blood' then yes, lets send one.
No. 112309
[x] i will not go quietly into the night
No. 112317
[x] i will not go quietly into the night.

Once again, I'm struggling to convince myself that this isn't a fine honed form of reader torture.
No. 112319
File 126634053217.jpg - (315.22KB , 554x716 , kanako orange.jpg ) [iqdb]
>If by 'deliver an ultimatum' you mean 'Kill them both and leave their corpses hanging from the outer walls of the shrine, words of threat written to sanae across the remaining walls in their still damp blood' then yes, lets send one.

A dragon attacking and killing the mountain goddess will cause the tengu and kappa to freak. That's clearly an Incident. We can't destabilize the balance of power too badly, because that will involve Reimu, which will indirectly involve Yukari, who (if she is the dream voice) has admitted she has little wiggle room because of some kind of contractual obligation, probably pertaining to the goddesses.

Now if some Outsider shrine maiden went out on a routine hunt to kill some routine youkai and was never heard from again? Well, that might raise some eyebrows, but it's not really Incident material. Leak gets out she hadn't been using spellcard rules, then all the youkai will think it's comeuppance, and the humans will think outsider stupidity.

We have to remember why Sanae was chosen by Kanako in the Outside—Sanae had her own power, which allowed her to easily earn faith for Kanako. Now Kanako can earn faith directly from the source. She doesn't even need Sanae anymore, which probably contributes to Sanae's neuroses.

What will happen if Sanae goes missing is that the tengu or the goddesses will 'round up the usual suspects' find a scape goat, make an example out of it. We lay low, whole thing blows over in a month when Kanako strengthens her ties in the human Village by 'uplifting' a common human to serve as a proper priestess. Not this crazy, loose cannon, you-can-take-the-badge-but-the-gun-is-mine Outsider priestess.

On the other hand, with that last 'perhaps you should remember' remark, this may be a tool for Yukari as excellent way of killing multiple threats to her own control in Gensokyo. Dragon appears, everybody shits themselves when it kills the Outsiders, and then Yukari get the opportunity to publicly convince the dragon to stop its 'rampage' and go away, either herself or using the Reimu she's trained as a proxy.

Meddling outsiders are dead, people are back to using spellcard rules for 'extermination' purposes, and everyone else is glad Reimu/Yukari talked the dragon down before it killed everyone.
No. 112321
Does it really matter? She'll be dead and nothing than Humans, gods, kappa or tengu do will change that fact. Even if all Gensokyo turned against her they couldn't do anything worse than Sanae.

Too bad that there wasn't a write in option to speak to Sanae this time. I wanted to make a relatively long post explaining how the to the drunk analogy applies to her, how demigods can delude themselves thinking they're real gods or, ironically, that they're humans.
Since she's crazy, she probably wouldn't get half of it but well, it'd have been... therapeutic.

[x] My name is Kogasa and I will not go quietly into the night.
No. 112323
>Once again, I'm struggling to convince myself that this isn't a fine honed form of reader torture.

The thing I'm most regretful is that with the removal of the eyes, we won't be able to witness Orange beat the living tar out of Sanae. At least with the 'not go quietly' option, we have the chance to etch our screams in Orange's ear-drums.
No. 112328
[x] My name is Kogasa and I will not go quietly into the night.
No. 112331
>>We have to remember why Sanae was chosen by Kanako in the Outside —Sanae had her own power, which allowed her to easily earn faith for Kanako.

May I ask what you're basing this upon?
Because, officially, Sanae most likely wasn't chosen for her job, she was born into it, much like Reimu.

Secondly, divine ancestry aside, one of the big reasons she and the line of Wind Priestesses she comes from became powerful enough to become living gods in the first place was because worshipers were mistaking the miracles caused by Kanako as being caused by the Priestesses themselves.

In other words, Kanako's servants were as powerful as they were because they were getting faith that was supposed to be going to her.

On top of that, the whole reason for the move to Gensokyo was because earning faith wasn't easy anymore, not even for a living god like Sanae, and conditions Outside had likely reached that point before she had even been born.

I'll admit I haven't been following this story too closely, so if this is based upon information in it, instead, then I'm sorry.
However, I would still say I'm not sure that not being needed by Kanako as much anymore would be the reason for Sanae's state-of-mind.

If this was a complex created by no longer feeling useful to Kanako, I would think she would be trying to do things that make her seem useful to her again. Fucking with the indigenous population, especially when it's now a big source of faith for them, doesn't seem like something that would further that objective very well.
No. 112332
[x] i will not go quietly into the night.
Yes Sanae, because removing the nature of a youkai is so like doing it to humans and will not cause them to blink out of existence like when someone in Sigil thinks they don't exist.
Planescape logic aside, I think Sanae is also freaking out because she did something that might make others notice what she is doing to Kogasa.
No. 112334
What can change the nature of a Youkai?
Protip: It's the same thing that can change the nature of a man.
No. 112336
Sanae feels insignificant and like she's losing control. Her safety feels compromised.

We need to dig at this, somehow.

[x] i will not go quietly into the night
No. 112338
[x] My name is Kogasa and I will not go quietly into the night.
No. 112340

Money? Power?
No. 112342
Brain-damage and/or substance abuse?
No. 112345
Those are just tools, unable to change anything except for the most superficial things.
Substances or conditions that hinder or null the use of reason, if anything, only enforce the nature of a man by shutting down any attempt to hide it.
No. 112347
No. 112348

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Surprise. Surprise changes the nature of a youkai.
They could be all upset and mopey and stuff but then WOAH SURPRISE COOKIE. And they'd be like 'Awesome!' and happy.

So exactly why are we letting Sanae tell us that surprise is evil again? There are lots of nice surprises we could be using you know. Presents perhaps, raffle wins, that kind of stuff.
No. 112349
Highly invasive brain surgery.
No. 112350
It's easy to think that after all the speculation that's gone on, but there really hasn't been any in-story evidence to support that hypothesis. Sanae mentioned Kanako twice without any sign of unhappiness, and the fact that she gets along with Reimu and was present at the Prismriver concert indicates that she's leading a otherwise normal life outside of her interactions with Kogasa.

Besides, even if any of the theories above are true, none of them address the real root of the problem. When normal teenage girls feel useless and unloved, they don't start bizarre social welfare programs involving torture, they cut themselves and develop eating disorders. True, Sanae wasn't exactly normal to begin with, and it always could be just the shock of moving to Gensokyo that unhinged her, but I can't help but wonder if something more sinister isn't behind her madness.

Also, thought: with the curse seals not working at full capacity, this choice might be the only chance we get in the foreseeable future to tell Orange our real name.
No. 112351
File 126635767877.png - (924.40KB , 840x880 , 1262196932525.png ) [iqdb]
Hence, the write in. Well thought, regardless.

Same response.
Surprise? Well, that caught me offguard. Even though your post brings a smile on my face and makes me think on rainbows and unicorns, I have to say that it's wrong as well. A basic Reaction to an external stimulus can hardly change anything.
A chemical reaction? Hah! Laughable.

Hint#2: It's a trick question.
No. 112352
>It's the same thing that can change the nature of a man.
No. 112355
What can change the nature of a youkai? The simplest, most obvious answer is: that youkai. It may be dodging the question with a tautology to an extent, but all the previous answers are outside stimuli, and, by definition, the nature of something is what determines how it reacts to stimuli. A youkai's nature can only change if that youkai's nature is to change; to put it differently, something can only change its nature if its nature already dictates that under some set of stimuli, its nature may change. I think I'm fucking up the explanation here, but hopefully you see what I'm getting at.

That said, sorry to disagree with your platonic ideal of an example, but brain surgery probably does do the trick, too.
No. 112360
>A chemical reaction? Hah! Laughable.
>Pft, I'm too mature and cynical to believe in love, because cynicism is obviously maturity!
No. 112361
Now that we're thoroughly off topic:

[x] My name is Kunta Kinte

>That said, sorry to disagree with your platonic ideal of an example, but brain surgery probably does do the trick, too.

'Phineas Gage' anyone?
No. 112362
Regret? Kogasa have many regrets (The latest one being involving Orange) but that doesn't seem to have changed her.
>Something can only change its nature if its nature already dictates that under some set of stimuli, its nature may change.
So, only the nature of a man can change itself? Only a man can change it's own nature?
That is correct but what else does a man needs to change its own nature? What comes before anything?
No. 112364
You're fishing for one particular word here (probably 'belief'), but I'm not so sure that's right. To elucidate my definition from before, allow me a small metaphor: the nature of a being (or its soul, if you're into that sort of thing) is a proverbial black box, a computer program without the source code; give it input in the form of stimuli, some subroutine will run in the form of thoughts, and you'll receive output in the form of action. To change one's own nature, then, is to run a subroutine that modifies that program's source code; unusual, to be sure, but no different than running any other subroutine. Falling in love, getting religion, undergoing torture; they're all stimuli, and the only thing that determines whether they'll change your nature or not is what's inside that ineffable black box.

Incidentally, does this have anything to do with the story anymore?
No. 112366
File 126636485722.jpg - (104.58KB , 1200x768 , Whose eyes are these eyes﹖ Not yours anymore.jpg ) [iqdb]
[█] i will not go quietly into the night

My world goes dark but my mind does not.

After taking my second eye, the green girl sighs to herself in satisfaction.

"There we go; all done! ...Oh, do stop screaming, would you?"

I don't.

She huffs a little sigh, then makes a sound of exclamation.

"Oh, that gives me a perfect idea~ You'll be like an interlocking set, you two."

More humming, and clinking. She's changing the head on the tool, I think.

I feel cold and dead inside.

Uncertainty and panic over whatever she's about to do to Orange fights inside of me with my utter burning rage.

...I suppose I'm proving her exactly right, but right now, I can't find it within myself to give any particular amount of fuck.

I want to break these bonds, leap up from the table, and strangle her.

Gut her like a fish.

Take that fucking paperstick of hers and stab it through one ear until it came out the other side.

I want to stop her.

And I can't

I am helpless

And I have done this to my orange girl as surely as if I were the green girl herself

I am worthless

No amount of struggling will free me

I am thoughtless

My selfish wants brought this down upon her just as I knew they would

And there is nothing I can do but listen.

The green girl steps behind me, and I feel tears Or blood but either way it would be the same pour down my cheek from the wet and bloody holes where my eyes used to be.


"Let's make this quick now, time's a-wasting~"

The green girl's quiet murmurings, presumably to herself, reach my ears.

"Open wi~de!"

I hear soft, confused mumblings, the sound of a sleeper awakening

And even in the depths of my lightless sightless hell, I refuse to succumb.

I will listen, though it scars my soul.

I don't know if I'll ever sleep well again even if I kill the miko But I'll likely be sleeping the big sleep after I do that anyway because I think I'll be hearing what comes next at night.

She makes a sound of surprise as she realizes what's happening to her, and the chains clankclank-clinkity-clangle as she thrashes but the green girl knows how to restrain and tie down and secure

Muffled noises come from her mouth, a distorted cry of agony and fury, and my citrus princess rages against this horrific insult against her person and her being and her body and her everything

It is an insult and an injury all in one, added to itself, and that makes it all the worse

I don't know what's going on, but I can guess.

I think I will not hear her talk to me for a while.

A thousand deaths are not good enough for the green girl.

"Aaaand that wraps that up! Just give me a couple minutes, and I'll send you both on your way!"

Low, voiceless, screaming, interspersed with weirdly hollow crying.

Soft, light tinkle-clink as precise little tools of healing, twisted by hands of faith, are set aside.

The soft shwuff-shiff of hands being wiped clean.

Footsteps, coming back over to me, now.

In my ear, she speaks: "Now, be sure to tell Miss Orange what I've told you, okay~? I don't want such a nice person getting the wrong impression of me. A punishment with no explanation will only seem like merciless cruelty."
No. 112367
F5 like no tomorrow
No. 112368
File 126636519665.png - (1.30KB , 334x270 , Protagonist-O-Vision.png ) [iqdb]

"Now... we're going to have to do this a little differently than normal."

A quiet, dry shff.

She touches my with something that I feel for a fraction of a second, but not long enough to figure out what it is—

Because in the next instant my body goes limp.

I can barely feel anything. I can still hear, but I can't move much more than to breathe. I can't taste. I— oh, I can smell. Small comfort.

I damn for sure can't see.

The sound of the bonds holding me being undone reaches my ears, and she hauls me up onto her shoulders, humming a wordless little number.

Oranges's inarticulate screams grow louder, and then farther away.

I'm probably being carried up to the surface.

Time to go.

I hear a door opening, and then more footsteps, and I'm laid out on the ground. The footsteps retreat, and I listen to the quiet early morning mountain sounds.

Birds twitter and chirp, and a gentle breeze blows across the little lake.

After several minutes, I hear that door opening a ways off. Footsteps come again, and with them, that horrible empty sobbing with acoustics that fall wrong on the ear.

No tongue to shape them means an emptier mouth.

They come closer, and the green girl drops her next to me.

Dry, swift sounds, now. I think she's tying our arms together with something.

After she's done, she takes a step or two back, and starts to say something, stops, and then says, "Eh, whatever. I won't keep you two any longer. Have fun~!"

"Hold me," I croak to Orange, voice raw and quiet. "You don't want to watch this happen, trust me."

She takes me in her arms, sobbing, and buries her head in my shoulder.

The ugly lurch of sudden acceleration, the sound of rushing wind, the feeling of air racing past me.



Time passes, and the world passes by below.

I don't care.

I don't know where we are.

I don't know where we're going.

I don't care.

I want to get wherever we're going, wherever that is.


Something strange happens

After a while, I realize I can move, I can feel...

And I can't hear the air rushing past anymore.

I can feel the sensation of falling

But it's slower

Weird and wrong

She senses this too, and looks up—

And clutches me close. Out of worry, perhaps.

I can't really tell.

She makes a few alarmed, uncertain sounds, but I can't see what she's seeing, and she can't tell me what it might be.

She makes a frustrated sound, and then takes my hand and scrawls on the palm, tracing a kanji.


"Clouds?" I ask.


I twitch a little in mixed rage and unearthly chill at hearing her voice reduced to this.

She points again at my palm, poke, poke.


And then suddenly, I feel And hear air beginning to rush past me once more.

...Slower, though, as if we'd never been going as fast as we had been.

Next to me, a sound of urgent exclamation. She yanks my palm, and frantically scribbles in rushed katakana

(something too urgent to write the kanji for?)


The instant she finishes the last stroke, she grabs me tight, holding me close as if to tuck the pair of us into a ball, and yells something I can't understand.

I'm allowed a brief second of confusion before we hit something dry and brittle, but far softer than ground, like ancient thatch. We plunge through that, smash into something more firm, but just as easily broken through, then another, and finally, my head strikes hard stone hard stone before we come to a tangled stop.

The last thing I'm aware of is the intense pain of landing, the disorientation How? I don't have eyes and the clear smells of musty air, rotten wood, and dust.



Tap, tap.

Something small and soft And very, very quiet prods me experimentally.

A moment later, something small and slightly wet nudges my cheek.

[ ] Snooze Button
[ ] Gwrngh?


This marks the end of Part 2 of The Game, "Hiding."
No. 112369
[x] Snooze Button
No. 112370
>"Oh, that gives me a perfect idea~ You'll be like an interlocking set, you two."
Man, fuck you, green girl.

[X] Gwrngh?
No. 112371
File 126636625893.jpg - (333.33KB , 1000x943 , 1546845554555.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your metaphor, as interesting as it is, it's not entirely accurate in this case. Computers are machines:(duh) they just receive data and perform actions in consequence. If you order the machine to reboot, it'll do so immediately, regardless of its model.
However, for humans (or Youkai, as the case may be) it isn't that simple. They all may receive a certain stimuli but only a few will change.
Why? Well... first, modifying oneself's nature isn't something easy: it's a life changing action. Thus, there's something else that's needed and that little thing, like you spoiled, is belief.
Most of the answers so far were correct, but incomplete. Yes, love can change the nature of a man, so can power, money and regret. And (obviously) only a man can change its own nature. The stimuli may be provided by oneself or others, that doesn't matter really, but whatever the man truly believes on will be the catalyst for change. This is doubly true for Gensokyo, a land where belief takes from and creates life.
Regarding your question about the relevance of this topic, I could grasp at straws and say that the first step for Kogasa to break her eternal loop of torment is to believe that she can However, I'd be lying: I only asked that question as an inside joke and it ended up being a little game. I'll try not to shit up a thread with OT posts from now on though.
No. 112372
[ø] Gwrngh?
words cannot describe the amount of rage that has built up inside of me towards the green girl nor the despair that I am feeling right now.
No. 112373
[x] Snooze Button

...mmm... jus' 5 more minutes, mom...
No. 112374
[x] Gwrngh?
No. 112376
File 126636659138.jpg - (83.71KB , 450x450 , wacky sanae.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X]Snooze button

Sanae's lost it
No. 112377
[X] Gwrngh?

So we in mayohiga and that's one of the cats/Chen?
No. 112378
File 126636662580.jpg - (167.78KB , 582x800 , 30c7094279978d4e84b32f2331edfff5.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Snooze Button
Why bother?
No. 112379
[B] Gwrngh?
No. 112380
File 126636682954.jpg - (96.15KB , 449x288 , three_monkeys.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Gwrngh?

I wonder if, afterwards, the green girl perhaps felt some sort of regret.
Not for the suffering she inflicted on what she knew to be a good person. Oh, no.

Regret for the fact that there wasn't a third one with them, so that she could complete the set.
No. 112381
[X] Gwrngh?
No. 112383
...You realized that just now? Where have you been?
No. 112385
I think it's safe to say that Flandre has a higher sanity level than her.

I hope so, since it'd mean running into Chen and getting help for hopefully Kogasa and Orange. But Sanae did her usual thing with much more haste than she did last time, and perhaps right into an area which might cause things to unravel. Then again, this is just being too optimistic.
No. 112388

Flandre was never that insane; she's just disconnected and prone to destroying things.
No. 112389
Landing in a town, possibly Mayohiga, is a good thing - a big mistake on the part of Sanae.

But i have a more important question - Did Sanae make an even bigger mistake?

Orange lacks a tongue, she cannot talk. But did Sanae remember to curse her to silence as she did to us? Can Orange tell people what the fuck Sanae is doing?

That, i think, is our most pressing question after 'where the hell are we?'.
No. 112391
I didn't even think of that...
If Sanae truly did get sloppy this time and forgot to curse Orange like she did Kogasa, we may just be able to break free of this.

Except.. if we did land in Mayohiga and Yukari finds us... would her relation with Reimu be good or bad for us, since the curse included Reimu.
No. 112395
[x] Gwrngh?
No. 112396
[X] Gwrngh?
No. 112398
[x] Gwrngh?
Ether way, nether of them are in any shape to tell anyone at the moment, Orange's tongue is removed so we dunno if she cursed her or not unless someone says her name (which Kogasa can't do ether) til she gets her tongue back, and unless she can see though her friend's eye, Kogasa can't see until her eyes grow back, thus checking if Orange has a curse seal. This also doubles as a way to prevent them from moving too much for awhile unless someone caring finds them.
No. 112399
Bad. Sanae has everything well thought out. There's really no escape on sight unless they decide to make a run for it and go to Reimu's shrine, carrying a note stick to their bodies, so when they pass out from the pain, the shrine maiden can find out what happened.
And then she'll disregard all as a joke and go to sleep.
No. 112401
[X] Gwrngh?

Can't sleep on the job. The job, in this case, is revenge on Sanae.
No. 112402
I think it was mentioned way, way back that we didn't exactly have a good reaction to thinking about Yukari due to her close ties with Reimu. I assume that would also hold true of Marisa and maybe Suika and Alice too.
I suspect that meeting Yukari could... sting... somewhat. Though it would be a good indication of shit not being right, as she's one of the few people who'd know enough and care enough about youkai welfare to investigate what the hell was going on. (unless, y'know, she already knows and has been helping us in secret, in which case i suspect we wouldn't be meeting her at all.)

True - but she can write, she can have her thoughts picked over, and when she heals she can talk. We who can't even think about that shit can't do any of that, so even unable to speak a curse-free Orange would be more than worth her weight in really valuable stuff.

Besides, all we need is word of Orange's mutilation to filter back to her home area and you'll have an army of humans and youkai out for the blood of whoever did it.

Wouldn't it be sweet, sweet justice if Sanae was killed by a human for being a demon?
No. 112405
Hard to say, but I wonder if Ran could ignore Chen bringing home one or two Youkai, one without eyes and one without tongue. And Kogasa's guardian angel might have reached out. Yeah foolish optimism.

And Kurumi might go about looking for Orange, since despite her cold demeanor, I think she considers Orange her friend. Again Cirno-style optimism here.

Even with the curse, there are work-arounds to such people. I can imagine with Reimu, attempting to contact her didn't work because she really doesn't care. Yukari might be another matter, since she might have heard about Kogasa from either Kogasa's guardian spirit, or the Prismrivers. Maybe not, but the fact is Sanae got really sloppy.

As for the news of Orange's mutilation? That'd cause a shitstorm all over Gensokyo, since the villagers/Youkai in that area would not be quiet and the village would hear about it. Even if Sanae doesn't die horribly by their hands, the PR damage would be massive. Even "I don't care" Reimu would be aghast at this, since Rumia would be more of a threat than Kogasa. Damn optimism flaring up again. But if the writer isn't just torturing us, the tide will turn sooner or later.
No. 112406
File 126637757298.jpg - (9.57KB , 500x300 , orz.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Genuflect

It was total humiliation to be genuflecting before the miko who had raped my dignity and scooped out my lover's eyes.

But I didn't want to die. While there is life, there is hope. My precious life is irreplaceable.

So I plastered an obsequious smile on my face and meekly got down on my hands and knees.


Kochiya Bancho then lifted one of her legs, and sent it hurtling toward my prostrated head.

Its heel sank into the back of my head with a disgusting crunch. My head cracked open like a pomegranate and fresh blood splattered everywhere...

And I died.


Apologies to Snake? or Klaymen (whichever one of them did something almost identical to this, a long time ago.)

Also, I couldn't resist doing this, after the bit about the protagonist losing her eyes. This probably does not paint the best picture of how I look at my own story, so I apologize for that, as well.
No. 112408
Needs more Karl Gotch.
No. 112411
File 126637947783.jpg - (131.67KB , 582x800 , 9a0c5977547fb524b2255646e9906232.jpg ) [iqdb]
Dead. She dead. Dead dead. Die death die. Die the dead. Insert Umineko reference here.
No. 112412
Yes, but it's only simple at best and not good for when they're running. Not to mention that without a tongue, Orange is going to have a hard time eating without a tongue. It's less of a problem with if they're gonna be attacked and more of a problem of how to feed Orange without suffocating her.
Although a feeding scene with Kogasa might be worth it.....
No. 112413
[x] A moment later, something small and slightly wet nudges my cheek.

A village dog?
No. 112417
You really think, what with knowing just how well-known and liked her new captive was, that Sanae would let her see what she saw, do what she did to her, and then let the two of them go just like that, and not take into account what might happen once they were free and healed?

You really think she wasn't doing anything else to her in the several minutes between when our heroine was deposited outside, and when Orange was brought out to join her?
No. 112418

>You really think she wasn't doing anything else to her in the several minutes between when our heroine was deposited outside, and when Orange was brought out to join her?

Does it matter? I don't think she really knows what Orange is yet.

If she did, then she could play every divine trick up her sleeve and it wouldn't matter squat.
No. 112423
>>If she did, then she could play every divine trick up her sleeve and it wouldn't matter squat.

While I don't doubt Sanae will wind up reaping the whirlwind for this, to say her divine tricks will amount to nothing would probably carry a little more weight if she had not already demonstrated how effective they were in wiping the floor with those two, and keeping one of them very well-restrained until she was ready to send them on their way.

One way or another, the bitch is going down, but there's no way it will be without putting up one hell of a fight, first.
No. 112426
File 126639247025.jpg - (284.09KB , 514x800 , 20678bacfa04d5155d7f5f72981703ad.jpg ) [iqdb]
goddamn it
No. 112428

Reimu, you explained everyones thoughts exactly. Except for Fell, but he's keeping his mouth shut on the matter.
No. 112433
[x] Gwrngh?

goddamit, sanae!
No. 112441
File 126642865573.png - (587.85KB , 600x872 , 122b79b4880b4a8835f75e6b4ad9a251.png ) [iqdb]

After listening to this song I started to wonder if the only way that this story can end is with Kogasa paying the price of freedom.
Of course that can't be done right now. Sanae is still a threat to Orange and all other youkai so she must be stopped. Then, she should find out a way to heal her lover. She owes her that much.
But, what I wonder is, what will happen after the demigod threat is gone? Will there be a place in Gensokyo for her?
No. 112443
Well that's up to us voters really. If people continue to focus on getting bloody revenge on Sanae, then yes, this will end with Kogasa being expelled from Gensokyo by some means or another.

What many folks don't seem to realize (nor does Kogasa herself) is that all that pain, all that nauseating guilt and rage at not being able to do anything, and a desire to end ourselves for having let things come to this? All those horrid feelings we experienced while having to listen to Orange being tortured? That is exactly what we will be inflicting on her if we carry out our revenge only to doom ourselves in the process.

Simply torturing and/or killing Sanae in cold blood stopped being an option the moment we decided to care about someone else. We have to make sure that however she falls, she falls in the eyes of Gensokyo. Otherwise green girl becomes a martyr, we become a devil, and worse still Orange might become guilty by association. Let's not let that happen.
No. 112448
tldr; "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."
No. 112450
File 126643380973.jpg - (29.38KB , 633x355 , easg.jpg ) [iqdb]
>If people continue to focus on getting bloody revenge on Sanae, then yes, this will end with Kogasa being expelled from Gensokyo by some means or another.
Yes, she must be stopped and killed. No other way around. I don't even plan to get out of this alive anymore. This is no longer about us anymore, what would you do if someone you loved got tortured before your eyes? Yes, exactly. We ruined her life so it's up to us now to put it right again.
>Simply torturing and/or killing Sanae in cold blood stopped being an option the moment we decided to care about someone else.
This never stopped being an option. This is the only way.

The end where everyone goes home happily only happens on Dead on Arrival, but we are far from that.
No. 112451
File 126643700731.jpg - (693.03KB , 1200x863 , d7446332a804738a47c3047d44cbb9e8.jpg ) [iqdb]
'Guilty by association' wouldn't really fly because no anon would dare to involve Orange into a basically suicidal quest.
>Otherwise green girl becomes a martyr, we become a devil.
One person will know the truth and that's enough for me.
No. 112453
>I don't even plan to get out of this alive anymore.
>One person will know the truth and that's enough for me.
What? I'm sure martyring Kogasa for Orange's sake sounds very romantic to you two, but don't you think you're jumping the gun a little? Or are you really so bent on revenge that you're willing to give up everything that Kogasa has gained and break Orange's heart by leaving her behind?

>'Guilty by association' wouldn't really fly because no anon would dare to involve Orange into a basically suicidal quest.
Little late there. Only two people voted to leave her behind on the morning of the eighth day; everyone else has already voted to involve her, even if they didn't realize the full extent of their decision at that time.

And here's the thing: that's okay. Orange herself made the decision on multiple occasions to try to protect us, even after we told her more than once that it was a bad idea. It makes me feel like shit that Sanae hurt her, and I almost wish I would have voted for Kogasa to run away during the latest attack to protect Orange, but at some point you have to respect that Orange is capable of making her own decisions.

Now if we could just get our protagonist herself to believe that.
No. 112454
File 126644105361.jpg - (64.47KB , 263x350 , X-RAY SPEX - just send in $2_99 plus shipping.jpg ) [iqdb]
[z] Gwrngh?

I roll to the side, slightly, and wince.

The torture is pretty damn bad, I won't argue with that.

The landing isn't so bad, because it's over fast, and then I'm dead for a while, or at least unconscious.

The healing afterwards is what I hate the most, because I'm aware, and hurting like seven kinds of fuck— like now —and I can't do anything because it's better that I stay still. I could be moving, though, theoretically.

But I have to stay still, and recover.

It's the waiting that I hate.

I shift and twitch various parts of my body, getting a feel for how shitty I feel.

Let's see... More broken ribs, and probably some bruised organs.

Bruises all over me as well, by the feel of it.

Probably more than a few other broken bones.

No eyes, though that was there beforehand.

I poke around my mouth with my tongue. Two or three teeth loose-- oh, wait, there shouldn't Ow! be a molar there. One broken off as well, making three or four. ...No, definitely Those'll be back in shape soon, at least.

How about you, legs?

...Toes are fine. Feet.... yep. Knees? Good. The whole thing...?

Well, hot damn. I can still walk.

—Oooh, ow. Okay, I'll need to do it carefully. More than a little sore.

Arm check.

I whimper in sudden agony. Not going to be juggling for a few days, then. But is that both arms, th— Ow, fuck, ow, yes, dammit.

Handstands will also be out of the question, it seems.

The little soft thing nudges me again, then leans up against me, rubbing it body against my cheek. On the unbroken side, thankfully.

It meows once at me.

Okay, that's narrowed the possibilities down.

...I'm worried, though. I can't hear Orange nearby, which is up at the top of my panic list.

But the next item takes another few minutes to sink in, and makes me worried for the both of us.

This is a village, or a town, or something, right? Unless Orange mistook it for something else, but no, I think we smashed into some buildings. It explains some of the building-y smells.

But it's too quiet.


...Okay, aside from the cat.

But there aren't any sounds of people, not even off in the distance. I hear the sounds of nature, but none of civilization. I suppose maybe I only blacked out for a second, and people were still shocked at what happened, maybe. But I should have heard something by now.

I don't like this.

I sniff the air again.


"Not you, cat."

The air smells musty and moldy, sort of. I can smell the rotted wood, and I remember now the sound of landing on ancient, brittle thatch.

This place may not have people.

But if that's the case...

"Hey, cat."


"There anybody around here? D'you— ow, dammit —Do you belong to anyone?"


"...Okay, I should've seen that coming. Is there a dog I could talk to, maybe?"


I hear it softly tmp-tp-tp as it scampers off.

Well, that was fruitless.

you back here yet?

yes? no? maybe?

Damn. My friend's out of it, too, then.

Well, I could have landed in sorrier places. Smashing through a house and having my legs still be working is way, way better than the time I spent banged up after landing on that rocky outcropping, and lay in a crumpled mess for a few days with a broken spine and a branch piercing my liver.

Bad times all around, that was.

...I wish I knew where Orange was.

I don't think she's dead. I can't believe that for a moment— not out of denial, but out of what I think she's capable of withstanding.

Doesn't make me any less worried, though.

If I'm to find her, though, I need to get up, which is hard with my arms like they are.

But I'm screwed again, after that; I've got no eyes to navigate with. I don't know the area, and a half-collapsed house is not going to be a smooth or easy place to navigate.

At least nothing's fallen on me.

I suppose I might have landed in some ancient shed or barn or something, on a really huge farm. I don't smell the iron of tools nearby, nor the dusty but distinct smell of any grain I know, but maybe they just don't use this one anymore.

It'd explain the cat, at least.

...Crap. If this is a farm, I'm not really too hot on my chances if I'm found. At best, they'll spook and go get the militia or somebody, and they'll likely end up finishing me off, just to be sure that the Terrible Dangerous Youkai is taken care of.

Damn thoughtful of them.

And at worst, the farmer will do me in, himself.


I sigh, and lie back down.


Huh, one of my loose teeth is back in place again. That was fast.

...Which is odd, because they usually take a good four to six hours.

Maybe I've been out for longer than I thought? No way to tell the time, though...

Hold on, not true. My arms and face feel sort of warm, but not sun-overhead warm, so... either mid-morning, or afternoon. It's cold, but not like nighttime-cold kind of cold.

Which is colder.

Probably afternoon, then.

I sit and relax some more in this very unrelaxing heap I'm in. My back's feeling better than when I woke up, at least. Must have been on top of a chunk of rock or roof tile or something.


I hate waiting like this.

It is at that point that I hear footsteps.

They're not heavy, and not light. They're excited and uneven.

A child, then.



I was hoping someone would come to hurry me along.

I try not to growl too bitterly.

[ ] Can I help you?
[ ] Hide behind the couch, maybe they'll think we're not home.


You're assuming an awful lot, there.
While we're on the topic of being off the mark, I'd like to say this much: There's one element (unrelated to anything >>112443 said) that pretty much everyone so far takes as a given, but which just simply isn't so. Or at least, it's much more complicated than the immediately (and I will admit, extremely reasonable-seeming) leapt-to conclusion.

In other news, as I did this relatively early, I could theoretically write again tonight.
So vote hard and fast, because that's just the way I love it.
No. 112455
[X] Can I help you?

Somehow our prospects of hiding effectively do not seem very good.

Better than the other alternative too, I guess.
No. 112456
[l] Can I help you?
No. 112457
[x] Can I help you?

We need to get into contact with someone, and they might know where Orange is.

What I'm thinking is not physical revenge, but discrediting Sanae, as in making what she's doing known to Gensokyo, resulting in less faith for the shrine, and ultimately a defeat worse than death.
People wouldn't post such things if not for the massive despair inflicted upon them. I'm just saying it's a natural result.
No. 112458
>Or at least, it's much more complicated than the immediately (and I will admit, extremely reasonable-seeming) leapt-to conclusion.
The only thing that comes to mind is the possibility that we're not Kogasa. I don't see how that could impact the plot too terribly much, but then, this story has surprised me before.

[X] Can I help you?
Hopefully it's Chen.
No. 112459
>There's one element (unrelated to anything >>112443 said) that pretty much everyone so far takes as a given, but which just simply isn't so
Holy shit. What if Sanae isn't doing this in secret? What if everyone in the village knows? She might not have told them her methods, but if she pitched it as "I'm trying to rehabilitate a youkai who has attacked humans before," they might be willing to go along with it.
No. 112460
[x] Hide behind the couch, maybe they'll think we're not home.

Yeah, that'd be a surprise, but not all surprises are necessarily pleasant. I mean, that'd make us what? An OC? Jesus christ, please please please say it isn't so.
The other think that we assumed is that the main players in Gensokyo would give a fuck if they know what's going on.
No. 112461
File 126644379169.jpg - (13.84KB , 400x400 , moon_l1red.jpg ) [iqdb]

Fell: (from grace?) let me ask a question: is suicide possible for a Youkai in this story? There isn't a canon response and every writefag changes Youkai regenerative abilities a piacere
No. 112462
[-] Can I help you?

First, something I forgot to mention last time:

>Spoiler text.
That's... a very scary possibility to consider. It would mean quite the impending shit-storm for Gensokyo once other youkai catch wind of it. After all, while interpretations may vary, it's generally accepted that Yukari's goal in separating Gensokyo was as much for the safety of youkai as humans.

My thinking was on the opposite end of the spectrum:
Everyone seems to assume that both mountain goddesses know of or even endorse Sanae's extra-curricular activities with us. While it's hard to imagine this goes on without at least one of them approving of this, there's enough abstracts for it to be possible.

I think one question we should have started asking a while ago is, "Can Sanae invoke the powers of her goddesses without them knowing what it's for?" Heck, we're not even certain that where she takes us is actually the Moriya shrine, just that it's somewhere on the upper reaches of Youkai Mountain. Even if it is the shrine, it's not as if she'd be dragging us in and out the front door.

Even if they are aware of it, they could just be acting like a couple of over-protective parents who know their child has a problem, but are scared of what might happen if others found out. So instead of getting her treatment, they become enablers and help her hide it, in hopes that she'll eventually get better on her own.

No. 112463
Rehabilitation on a mostly harmless Youkai like Kogasa doesn't involve tearing eyes and tongues out. That's not something that someone remotely human does. And our 'guardian' knows, but seems to be in a powerless position due to whatever reason.
As far as the choices, talking to the person is the best bed just because: What do we have to lose by talking with them?
No. 112464
See >>112210:
>Youkai are exceptionally resilient creatures, as I well know.
>But when one seeks to end themselves, really, truly end themselves, they can do it with anything that would kill even a mortal creature. There's no saving a soul that has no desire to return.
No. 112465
[x] Can I help you?
No. 112466
> Even if they are aware of it, they could just be acting like a couple of over-protective parents who know their child has a problem, but are scared of what might happen if others found out. So instead of getting her treatment, they become enablers and help her hide it, in hopes that she'll eventually get better on her own.

This brings up the PR angle; they will have to do something once everyone knows about it, especially if they value their intake of faith from the Tengu and Kappa. Since what self-respecting youkai would pray at a shrine whose priestess is insane and engages in youkai torture?
No. 112467
[x] Can I help you?
Looks like Orange got thrown off further when we landed. Of course she might just be nearby and still knocked out.
No. 112468
Thank you.
No. 112470
[x] Can I help you?
No. 112471
[GAY?] Can I help you?
No. 112473
I'm hoping that whoever this person is found her already.
No. 112476
[X] Can I help you?

Please take pity on the broken, eyeless youkai.
No. 112477
[x] Can I help you?
No. 112478
>Well, hot damn. I can still walk.
Damnit pure rage building up again.
[x] Can I help you?

I need to skip a few updates until my hate is gone.
No. 112481
File 126645636981.jpg - (279.91KB , 1500x1100 , I love this artist.jpg ) [iqdb]
[☭] Can I help you?

Well, fine.

At worst I'm dead again, and at best, they'll be nice. Right?

I can only hope so.

Footsteps coming closer and closer, now.

Light hops and careful navigation of the mess I've caused. The quiet noises and grunts sound like they're made by the voice of a girl.

She probably won't scream and flip out, if she's coming here intentionally. I might get poked and prodded, though; this one seems seems like the curious type.

The footsteps stop nearby.


She begins walking again, moving in a slow circle around me.

I hear gentle sniffing closer to me, followed by the slightest of movements. Maybe a shift in posture? Or just standing up again? No, breathing's still closer to my level.

"You sleep in weird places, miss."

Definitely a child's voice. Not curious, exactly, but completely unfazed by the sight before her.

Maybe this isn't a farm, then.

"...Any chance you could help me up?" I say to her in a raspy sort of voice. I could really use some water.


...She isn't moving.

Very funny.

"Would you please help me up? I'm really not in the best shape right now. Ah, but lift from the middle; my arms aren't so hot at the moment."

"Oh, sure!" she replies enthusiastically.

With very little effort, she helps me up.

...Hmm. Stronger than a child should be, at her age. I'm not heavy or anything, but going by the sound of her voice, kids as old as her shouldn't be able to lift my weight so easily.

Finally, I'm back on my feet, and with careful guidance and spoken instructions, she has me out of the wrecked building.

"Where a—" I begin, but am interrupted.

"...So what shape are you normally?" It comes out in a thoughtful tone of voice, like she's been considering it for a while.

"Same as this one, but in better condition. I usually have eyes. Sometimes I'm pointier."

Damn kids and their weird questions. I'll be the screwy-minded one around here, thank you very much.


...Okay, once I stop hurting.

"Ohhhh..." She gives this some though as we step out onto a cobbled road. It feels old and uneven, with patches of grass and weeds softening my step and brushing my ankles.

"Where are we going?" I ask, finally. I should have asked that earlier. Seems she already has in mind what she wants to do with me.

...That's odd.

"I'm gonna find you a room to stay in. You need to rest, right?"

I make an unpleasant grimace, and nod.

"Got that right."

"I need to go ask Ran if we have any rooms open. You can kinda see that this place is run-do— Oh, oops. Eheh... sorry."

"Don't worry." I wave her apology aside, and then grit my teeth in pain, and then whimper in further pain as my teeth rub against the broken one.

My steps falter, but I keep my balance. Guess the earlier disorientation on landing didn't last too long. Usually it sticks around for a while. Maybe my head wasn't thumped all that hard this time around?

"...You all right, miss?"

"Not really," I groan.

"Aww... Well, that's why we're getting you to bed."


More silence passes before I ask her something that's been bothering me.

"Hey, uh..."


A Chinese name? Weird.

"...Yeah. How'd you know where to find me?"

"Well, I was playing with the cats here when I heard a really big crash over on the other side of the village. I guessed it was just one of the houses falling apart again, 'cause this place is really old, ya know? Anyway, I forgot about it, until Iki told me there was a woman there who was looking for a dog or something—"


"He's a cat."

The one from earlier, then.


"—so I decided to come over and have a look, and you know the rest."

"You didn't see another woman in the area, did you?"

"Nuh-uh. Was there one with you?"

"Yes. She's tall, and has red hair. Please keep an eye out for her; it's important that I find her as soon as possible."

"Sure. I'll ask the other cats to look for her, as well."

That again. I wonder...

"...You're a youkai, aren't you?" I ask her.

"Heehee. Sharp ey- er, sure am, miss~ I'm a nekomata."

"Oh. Explains a few things."

I still don't really know much of anything.

[ ] Sweet ride, man.
- [ ] Whose car is this?
- [ ] How fast can this thing go?
- [ ] Who do you race with?

[ ] Shut up and hang on.


Let's go for three! I sort of doubt it'll happen, but it's worth a shot.

>133 posts
>4 updates comprising ~10 posts in total

Does anybody have the Chen Guevara picture? I'd have used that, but it doesn't appear to be on the 'boorus, and Google Images gave me nothing useful.
No. 112482
[x] Shut up and hang on.
No. 112485
[x] Sweet ride, man.
- [x] Whose car is this?
- [x] Who do you race with?

This is valid, right? Nice Chen is nice.
No. 112486
[X] Sweet ride, man.
- [X] Whose car is this?
- [X] How fast can this thing go?
- [X] Who do you race with?

Why not?
No. 112487
{X} Sweet ride, man.
- {X} Whose car is this?
- {X} Who do you race with?
No. 112488
[X] Sweet ride, man.
- [X] Whose car is this?
- [X] How fast can this thing go?
- [X] Who do you race with?
No. 112492
[X] Sweet ride, man.
- [X] Whose car is this?
- [X] How fast can this thing go?
- [X] Who do you race with?

Countdown until we have another name induced aneurysm.
No. 112494
[x] Sweet ride, man.
- [x] Whose car is this?
- [x] How fast can this thing go?
- [x] Who do you race with?

>Let's go for three!
F5'ing like some kind of celestially-based hand configuration.
No. 112497
[X] Sweet ride, man.
- [X] Whose car is this?
- [X] How fast can this thing go?
- [X] Who do you race with?

Drive it into a wall!
No. 112499
[x] Sweet ride, man.
- [x] Whose car is this?
- [x] Who do you race with?
No. 112501
File 126646386017.png - (455.64KB , 900x750 , chen china.png ) [iqdb]
'Twin overhead cam. Sucks nitrous. It's the duck's guts.'

[x] Sweet ride, man.
- [x] Whose car is this?
- [x] How fast can this thing go?
- [x] Who do you race with?

>A Chinese name? Weird.

I know, right? They have a similar color scheme going on too.

You've got the name connection--well, here at least. Color-wise, not taste, but that might not mean much to a blind girl.

>Does anybody have the Chen Guevara picture?

Looking for one myself. Pixiv turns up nothing.

"El Chén" is an important faction leader in Gensokyo ca. 2277. (Along with another youkai who has rediscovered her revolutionary roots.)

Love this story, by the way.
No. 112502
[X] Sweet ride, man.
- [x] Whose car is this?
- [x] Who do you race with?
No. 112509
File 126646760985.jpg - (184.44KB , 806x781 , yakumo chen.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Chen Guevara
No idea. It's like
but with Chen?

Have some Yakumo Chen instead.
No. 112513
File 126646896012.png - (610.55KB , 600x941 , I like Chen`s hair in this.png ) [iqdb]
[⇉] Sweet ride, man.
- [zoom] Whose car is this?
- [zoom] How fast can this thing go?
- [zoom] Who do you race with?

Sighing to myself, I hope that my eyes come back soon.

And Orange.

And my friend.

I stumble a little over an unexpectedly large clump of grass sprouting up in the middle of the road.

We are still on the road, right?

clock-clack-clock go my geta and reassure me that indeed, we are.

I turn my head slightly in the direction of where I hear Little Cat Feet walking quietly.

"Where is this place, exactly? Where did I land?"

She giggles and begins to skip.


"You're in Mayohiga, miss. 's where Ran and Yu— uh, Lady Yukari live."


"Um... what's that?"

"'s an oooold, crumbly kinda place. A village nobody lives in anymore. Most of it is falling apart, except for the places we've fixed up. Those are nice and warm, especially in the winter, when they have the kotatsu going, and Ran lets me cuddle up in her tails, and sometimes I fall asleep in them, and—"

"That sounds, uh, nice. Where is this place, though, or what is it?"

Pause in the skipping, and then she picks up again.

"Huh? Oh! Haha, sorry. I didn't know you meant that. Umm... It's kind of a place in the middle of the Borders."


"Uh-huh. You,, know, around Gensokyo?"

I frown, thinking about this for a second.

"We're inside the Borders?"

"Yep~!" Her voice sounds a little confused in the next breath, though. "Except... not. I really don't know how it works, but I will, someday. I'm Ran's shikigami, after all. You know what that is?"

"Actually, yes."

"It's a— Oh, ya do? Neat! Nobody ever quite knows. Are you one, too?"

"No... I've studied the basic principle of the ritual, though."

And modified it. Greatly.

Very, very greatly.

"Coooool. Maybe you can talk to Ran about that."

Little Cat Feet sounds impressed.

"So..." I begin. "Who's that, again?"

"Oh, Ran? She's Lady Yukari's shikigami, and she's my master, too, at the same time!"

That would be Foxy Lady, then. I'd heard about a kitsune pet/lackey/love slave/henchman/other type of subordinate belonging to The Emperor's Color, before. Didn't know anything about her, though.

"All that, huh? Sounds like a busy lady."

"Yeah, she's really busy... Oh, she's making dinner right now, I think. Lemme go talk to her, but come on in!"

The nekomata scampers on ahead, and we must have entered a small courtyard, because now there is an echo, and much smoother, level, unbroken stone beneath my feet..

I hear her open a door, and then pause.

"Just keep walking straight for a little bit more, miss, then take a right!"

Following her directions as best I can, I go forward, feeling steps beginning to elevate. I take two more steps and then tread on thin air, falling off the porch into a painful heap.

She cries out in alarm, and rushes to help me up.

"...Was that your right, or my right?" I say, groaning.

"My right," she says, apologetically.

Children should not be trusted to guide the blind.

She helps me inside, and leads me to a seat. I hear her run off somewhere, then faint talking, a ways away.

Several minutes pass before a different person comes back down this way.

The footsteps are more measured and careful; Not of someone who worries about the efficiency of their path, but a trained fighter. They don't give off the air of a fighter, but unconscious habits die hard. I can't really see, though, so I can't tell what kind of air they give off.

She draws up short, though, inhaling slightly.

It's probably because you don't find an injured girl with two bloody holes in her head siting in your... waiting room, or wherever I am... every day.

"Oh," she says, taken aback. "It's you..."

...She knows me?

[ ] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'
[ ] Quitcher gabbin' and get me a cabin


After looking through even just the first 12 pages of "yakumo_ran+chen" on danbooru, it was incredibly hard to keep from having Chen refer to her as "Mama Ran."
So. Very. Fucking. Difficult. to restrain myself, even now.

Also, I am not even going to try for a fourth. Attempting it would drive me insane right now.

It makes my day to hear that you like it (again, I think? I'm not complaining). Yours is a fine and exceptionally lovely thing as well. (If you find the Chen picture, let me know, please?)
No. 112514
[x] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'

yes time to talk and see what Ran knows about things.
No. 112520
File 126647088743.jpg - (159.99KB , 1000x1000 , d7e0ca744884b60bd849e7dfe60f9b7c.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I studied the shikigami process. And modified it. Greatly. Very, very greatly.
What the fuck? So Kogasa is not the MC's identity, but her Shikigami?
No wait, that doesn't make sense. I need to stop thinking and sleep.

[x] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'
No. 112521
[x] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'

I'm interested in how she fits in.
No. 112522
[X] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'

>Foxy Lady
I should have expected that to be Ran's nickname. Appropriate in many ways.
No. 112525
File 126647300772.jpg - (470.54KB , 1241x962 , ChenRan12.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'

>After looking through even just the first 12 pages of "yakumo_ran+chen" on danbooru, it was incredibly hard to keep from having Chen refer to her as "Mama Ran."
>So. Very. Fucking. Difficult. to restrain myself, even now.

It's a goddamn disease, man, a wonderful, diabeetus-inflicting, warm-and-fuzzy disease, but a disease nonetheless. There is no cure, but one can mitigate the symptoms with a healthy dose of violent vidya gaems. Or by reading certain scenes in this story.
No. 112527
[ø] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'
No. 112529
Looking at those pictures is the best way to recover after certain scenes in this story.
No. 112530
File 126647451618.jpg - (715.42KB , 710x1024 , chenran.jpg ) [iqdb]
>kitsune pet/lackey/love slave/henchman

how lewd

[x] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'
No. 112532
>3 updates
Today has been a good day.

>Children should not be trusted to guide the blind.
There's a reason they don't have seeing-eye cats.

More like our friend is Kogasa's shikigami, of a sort.

[X] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'
No. 112536
>I studied the shikigami process. And modified it. Greatly. Very, very greatly.
Hmm, I think I get it.
Kogasa is her own Shikigami. Or something. Her friend and her.
No. 112538
[x] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'
No. 112539
[x] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'

We're blind, and that gives us crazy conversational cachet.
No. 112540
The umbrella which is notably absent.
No. 112542
The suspense is killing me on if Ran would just toss out Kogasa or actually try to help. I have a strong feeling this is when things change for the better.
No. 112543
>I studied the shikigami process. And modified it. Greatly. Very, very greatly.

No Anon, you are the Kagosa

And then Anon was Kagosas faculties of reason and decision making.

Crackpot theories? Fuck yes.

And of course,
[x] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'
No. 112544
Kagosa Freeman who was Honshuu Freeman's sister
No. 112549
We are our own shikigami who is our own shikigami who is our own shikigami who is our own shiki-

And people wonder why we're mentally unbalanced, we're our own goddamn recursion loop. A youkai in our youkai to comment on our work. Infinitely.
No. 112551
[x] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'
You know I just remembered we had a third voice talking to us, where did that come from?
No. 112552
File 126654339669.jpg - (4.00KB , 251x168 , xhibit1.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 112553
>We are our own shikigami who is our own shikigami who is our own shikigami who is our own shiki
No. 112554
File 126654456218.jpg - (27.56KB , 420x235 , chen is mexican.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"...Was that your right, or my right?" I say, groaning.
>"My right," she says, apologetically.
>Children should not be trusted to guide the blind.

>Kogasa has no eyes
Oh you.
No. 112557
File 126654603744.jpg - (132.33KB , 1280x720 , 1246694112857.jpg ) [iqdb]
We've entered an endless recursion of shikigamis
No. 112560
[X] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'

Ran-sama, denwa~
No. 112570
File 126655536916.png - (118.27KB , 450x600 , Just so you know-- Ran has glasses in this story.png ) [iqdb]
[ζ] Get to talkin' or I go a-walkin'

The other person's voice is that of a strong woman. Not so much as in body as in mind and behavior. She sounds like she is used to dealing with problems, as her voice is carefully measured to project just the right amounts of caring, confidence, and inquisitiveness.

It reminds me of Chop Clerk, in a way, but without the boredom and monotony that must have filled the scythe-wielder's life to the point where her voice and demeanor were able to betray it so easily.

This woman's voice also bespeaks intelligence, and cunning, and it would be wise to be honest with her. I am tricky, but I get the feeling this one could run loops around me in that area.

She's tipped her hand on accident, though.

I suppose going to greet someone and then seeing that their eyes are carved out is a bit disconcerting, no matter what.

She's said something very interesting, and I do not let go of it.

"You know me?" I ask. Not too sharply.

"Ah, no, I'm sorry." She's apologetic, not nervous, not frantic. "I mistook you for Miss Kazami, for a brief minute."

I still don't believe it.

Her mention of Tall Red makes me think of something, though.

hey, you back yet?


move it


I smile a little, glad that my friend is returning soon. The smile disappears shortly afterwards, though.

"What is going on?" I ask her. No point in making small talk, right now.

"Let's get those wounds looked at, first," she tells me, walking gently over.

...Fucking dodged with kindness.

She leads me to a room that smells... clean. Some kind of weird chemical scent lingers in the air.

She has me lie down on a bed of some sort, and then helps me remove the clothes I'm wearing, which feel like my own again.

Working in silence, she moves quickly but carefully, trained hands guiding skilled fingers.

I listen to the sounds of her treatment, little snips, zips, breathing carefully in time with the motions.

I can't take anymore of it.

"You know who I am." Stated, not asked.

"I've never met you before today," she replies calmly.


Something seems to tickle at the back of my memory, bringing questions to my mind, guided by thoughts I can't make out.

"You can't talk about this, can you."

She continues working.

"Is it can't, or won't?"

"If someone were in dire need of assistance in a horrible situation, I would help them if it was within my power to do so."

...Can't, then.

"It's good to know you're not soulless and terrible, then."


"Is this your mistress' request?"

"She has not asked me to refuse you anything."

Hmm. But she still can't, so...

"This can't be a compulsion, either, because she'd still need to give you an order. Then maybe... it's something she can't do, transferred to you by the shikigami bond. Is that it?"

Nothing, but I hear her smirk. There's that kind of short little "heh" sound that's made when one does it.

She begins to carefully, oh-so-gently work on my eye sockets now, cleaning the wound, wiping away the dried tears of blood on my cheek, and making me (I hope) look a little less terrifying.

I have more questions, but they won't be answered, and I'm at sort of a dead end, here. The biggest question that prevents me from proceeding is whether The Emperor's Color has been kept from helping me, or if she is staying neutral of her own will.

"Whatever the hell is going on, thank you for patching me up," I tell the woman. No sense in being an ungrateful bitch now, is there?

"You are more than welcome. I deeply regret the things that are happening to you, and you have both of our deepest apologies."


"The sorts of things that befall you," she replies smoothly.

"Are you or she making them happen?"

"Absolutely not." Huh. She sounds downright offended. Maybe even a little disgusted.

"But you can't give me any help?"


She begins to set my arms, now, carefully re-aligning the bones back to their proper places.

"What do you call this, then?" I nudge my head in the direction of my arms, knowing better than to try moving them to gesture or point.

"I am merely helping an errant youkai who got lost and ended up here. She seemed to be in very bad health, so I am simply assisting in her recovery. I am neither helping nor interfering."

Interfering? That's... a very interesting choice of words.

A very, very interesting choice.

I don't comment on it any further, as she continues speaking.

"It is rather fortunate that you ended up in Mayohiga, you know. I am not certain how you managed to do so, but there are very, very few destinations in Gensokyo right now that would have been better for you."


"Mayohiga has exceptionally good— Well, the simple version is that one's wounds heal far quicker in this empty village than they would elsewhere. One may become relaxed more easily, and sleep more restfully, as well. I can only assume my master chose this place for her home because of this."


"Not at all. But it is a convenient lie that makes explaining why you'll be back on your feet in better shape than you've likely ever been in your life in about two days so much easier."

I what now?


"Most definitely. I'm only slightly beginning to understand how it works, myself."

"So good vibes from the Borders are making me better?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Why bother with all the fixing-up, then?"

"It'd probably be three or four days, otherwise."

"It takes me about that long to recover anyway."

"You haven't felt as good as you will before, I'm almost certain."

I can hear the smile in her voice.

"Ah." She speaks that sound, suddenly.


"...Did you have somebody with you when you came here?"

I sit up in a flash, biting back a whimper from the pain coming from my ribs.

"...Nrgh...yes. I did! ow, dammit, fuck Where is she? Is she all right?!"

"Careful, careful..." The woman eases me back down. Not pushing, but simply helping me back down.

She sits back in her chair, and I hear soft, whispery brushing sounds.

...Oh, it's Foxy Lady, then? Probably. I assumed she had more people around to help, but maybe she just runs the place on a skeleton crew.

"Yes, she..." The (probably) kitsune makes a small frowning-sort of noise. Part "hmmm," and part puzzlement. "...she fell into the Borders again shortly after arriving, and there were ...problems."


"Don't get upset. It's nothing bad, they just..."

That frowning-sound again.

"...they were surprised."


"I'm sorry I can't help more, but that's all I can make out. I don't understand the Borders nearly as well as Yukari does. She could tell you where and what and when and how much and what color and how high, and... anything."

Foxy Lady gives a small little laugh.

"They're hers, after all. I'm only recently figuring out how to work with them, like I said."

"What happened to her?"

"Your ...companion? Well, there's the one that's been following you since halfway to the infirmary, here—"

you sneaky little fuck


you could have said something, dammit!

i was waiting to spring into your arms the next time you sat down

hmm; perhaps i've trained you well, or possibly too well

i promise not to usurp you for control for a good long time yet, still

well gee, you know just how to put a girl's heart at ease, you smooth-talking bastard, you

the ladies totally dig it

"—and the other one who was the cause of that...surprise... will be coming back around here in about five hours."

"You can't make it sooner?"

"I'm afraid not."

"How about your boss?"

"She told me she'd be out on business, which means... ah, but it would not be good for you to hear."

"Something dirty?"

"Ha, not this time. No, I mean it would not be good for you to ....hear."

She places some rather odd inflections on her words, and it takes me a moment before I get it.

"...Ah. I see. Thank you for your consideration. I don't suppose you can do anything about that particular condition of mine?"

She sighs. "No, unfortunately. I am a youkai, and my efforts would be both fruitless and painful."

"Damn. Thanks anyway."

Five hours before Orange comes back.

I'm going to go insane from waiting.

[ ] Stay busy until the delays are over.
- [ ] Keep talking to the hot stewardess flight attendant
- [ ] Locate and chat with the cute stewardess flight attendant
>[ ] TAIL FEEL SO GOOD (True, but now is really not the time nor the person for that. What the fuck is this option even doing here?!)
- [ ] Damn overpriced airport food
- [ ] Kick back and watch the planes take off

[ ] Wake me when my flight comes in.


Does anybody have any idea why a Sony Vaio VGC-V617G PC-TV would (after about 15-30 minutes of being on) suddenly shut off the screen but leave the computer itself running, and then refuse to turn the display back on, no matter what?
No. 112572
[x] Stay busy until the delays are over.
- [x] Damn overpriced airport food
- [x] Locate and chat with the cute stewardess flight attendant
- [x] Keep talking to the hot stewardess flight attendant
- [x] Kick back and watch the planes take off.

Sounds like a good plan. Ran is indeed helpful, though the way she said "interfering" is a bit particular. I hope Orange is okay after all she's been through, even if Sanae's stunt soured her feelings. But I'm curious as to why Yukari has stayed out of this if she had an idea of what was going on.
No. 112573
File 126655625274.jpg - (297.32KB , 1080x1507 , Those tails____so alluring.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Stay busy until the delays are over.
-[x] Keep talking to the hot stewardess
-[x] Damn overpriced airport food
>[x]TAIL FEEL GOOD(True, but now is really not the time nor the person for that. What the fuck is this option even doing here?!)
Not that its a bad thing or anything...
No. 112575

Always an appropriate choice whenever Ran is concerned, ALWAYS.

Buuut, if I must vote something else...
[X] Keep talking to the hot stewardess flight attendant
No. 112576
[x] Stay busy until the delays are over.
No. 112577
[x] Wake me when my flight comes in.

We're pretty fucked up right now, so we'd want to be at our best when Orange arrives.

Besides, we may get visions of these complications that Ran is not allowed to talk about.

Finally, I just really, really want to know Orange is okay, ASAP.

>Does anybody have any idea why a Sony Vaio VGC-V617G PC-TV would (after about 15-30 minutes of being on) suddenly shut off the screen but leave the computer itself running, and then refuse to turn the display back on, no matter what?

Check your power settings. Might be automatically turning your graphics card (if you have one) and display off. Device Settings -> display adapters for the 'may Windows turn off this device to save power'.
No. 112578
[X] Stay busy until the delays are over.
- [X] Keep talking to the hot stewardess flight attendant air hostess
- [X] Damn overpriced airport food
- [X] Kick back and watch the planes take off

>"No, unfortunately. I am a youkai, and my efforts would be both fruitless and painful."
Oho. Sounds like Ran might be trying to slip us another little bit of info through the cracks with that line: perhaps all we need to remove the seals is a ordinary human, not a divinely powered one?
No. 112579
I think it just means that it's specially guarded against Youkai... so she can't destroy it no matter what.
Would ripping out our flesh work?

[x] Stay busy until the delays are over.
As for my vote, blame it to PTSD.
No. 112581
Sleep alone isn't going to fix things nearly enough if Ran said it'd take a few days.

I think Ran didn't go into details because it dealt with Reimu and/or Sanae. This seems to show that she caught on to the nature of Kogasa's curse. Perhaps Chen's innocent observations might reveal something.

But who does Kogasa know on good terms that is just that, ordinary human? Kogasa has befriended mainly Youkai. And if she found one she'd need a way of telling them to remove it without triggering the effects and having them believe her.
No. 112585
[X] Stay busy until the delays are over.
- [X] Keep talking to the hot stewardess flight attendant
- [X] Damn overpriced airport food

Too bad Ran couldn't be a real flight attendant, her tails would get in the way with those narrow aisles. But she'd make those tight fitting dresses look awesome.
No. 112588
File 12665658691.png - (521.89KB , 588x1266 , ufomarisa.png ) [iqdb]
"You called-ze?"

>As for my vote, blame it to PTSD.
Passionate Tail-Stroking Desire? I think I've come down with a touch of that myself.
No. 112591
Well there goes Gap-hax as a solution. There must be a fourth curse seal that we don't know about. One that greatly damages youkai. Ran never said it would be Kogasa who would be the only one hurt if she tried to help, now did she?

Or it can't be removed by magic except Sanae's. Whichever.

And this is out of the blue, but will we be able to kill Sanae at a later time Fell?
No. 112592
X] Stay busy until the delays are over.
- [X] Keep talking to the hot stewardess
- [X] Damn overpriced airport food

"Flight attendant," my ass. You're a waitress with a death wish.

So, higher ups are aware of our heroine's plight, but for some reason are unable to directly assist her, What's troubling is why that might be.
Divine powers or not, the new kid on the block shouldn't hold that much sway over the one responsible for keeping the entire place from collapsing.

Is it just bad fortune that Kogasa was chosen for this little "rehabilitation project", or did someone higher up the ladder actually decide to throw her under the bus?
No. 112594
[x] Wake me when my flight comes in.
No. 112596
[+] Stay busy until the delays are over.
- [+] Keep talking to the hot stewardess flight attendant

I hope the eyes grow back before Orange gets there.
No. 112597
[x] Wake me when my flight comes in.
No. 112598
Or is it a case of "We can't help because doing so is going to land Gensokyo in a civil war over this shit." kind of deal. Because lets face it, if the youkai populace at large found out that a human had been doing this to a Youkai on a regular basis?

Well, remember that little 'we won't slaughter the humans wholesale' agreement? They might just be inclined to forget about that if they knew. And I'm pretty sure that Reimu and Yukari can't hold off *every* youkai at once if such a thing happened.
No. 112599
Ran said she was a mere youkai, she didn't say nothing about Yukari's power. But as far as most non-humans go, I think they have no chance of removing it and would just hurt themselves in the process.

And there are kinds of revenge far worse than death, such as utterly ruining Sanae's life as a whole in the process of the shit storm.

Yeah, I can't really see how Yukari could be kept in check by the Shrine so completely.

I think it's just misfortune, since Kogasa is a loner youkai, and while many truly harmful youkai travel in groups.

Doubt it, since it's not any of the long standing human groups that was doing it, but a newcomer. And it'd give Yukari an excuse to make a move against Kanako.
Even the humans in the village would be upset by this. Kogasa has gotten to know Keine of all people; if Kogasa was truly a threat, she'd have done something about it. The results would most likely be that people would stop praying at that shrine, possible exile, and/or a lynch mob made of both youkai and humans.
No. 112600
True. It was just a thought i threw out implying that the reason Yukari wasn't helping was less because Sanae/Kanako was capable of making her back off, but more because helping could cause more far more trouble for everyone.
No. 112601
File 12666004813.jpg - (172.80KB , 700x700 , e4e0709484d53bdcdd7d228340535381.jpg ) [iqdb]
A bit slowpoke-ish but this story is becoming one of the most popular on the site. Congratulations Fell.
No. 112602
[-] Wake me when my flight comes in.

Picking this since it's a good chance to see if Yukari actually is dream girl, since we happen to know she's preoccupied at the moment.
No. 112603
I didn't expect anything other than cryptic hints from the Yakumos, and it seems like that's going to be the case. Though a full rest and recovery in only two days is a nice plus. Regardless, Kogasa already has a plan, and we'll have six days at full strength to set it in motion before we get deus ex machina'd (perhaps literally) into another Sanae encounter. If Ran's comment about the seals means that we need the help of a non-youkai to remove them completely, then it's a fortunate coincidence that she intends to head for the bamboo forest.

On the other hand, the curse seems to get weaker (loud cracking noises last thread) on its own as Kogasa's mental and emotional state improves, so maybe getting rid of it is just a matter of keeping her in the right mindset, i.e. focused on Orange and less so on vengeance. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what convoluted tidbits of wisdom Yukari has for us.
No. 112604
I think you've misinterpreted a great many things.
No. 112605

If it does get weaker, then Sanae would have noticed, and reinforced it.

Also, I just had a very insane thought. What if Sanae had another reason behind this torture? What if Sanae was Yandere for Kogasa? A really messed up one?

Yes, I know, it's too crazy to actually be real.
No. 112606
Ah, but is it weakening on the inside and not the surface? I mean, is the curse being broken from the inside out - so that when Sanae looks it over it seems alright from her external perspective. Alternatively it could represent Kogasa adapting to the curse, in which case the curse is still fine but Kogasa is just growing immune to it.
No. 112607
File 126661680828.jpg - (59.01KB , 841x526 , 1266528814547.jpg ) [iqdb]
It makes sense, but sure I hope you're wrong. I want nothing but bloody vengeance at this point and if 'acting' like I don't is what's gonna weaken the seal... well, I'm in for a few rough threads...
>it's a fortunate coincidence that she intends to head for the bamboo forest.
Mokou could help and lunarians DO count as humans but... I'm not sure we should trust in the good doctor. Pic related.
No. 112616
Killing Sanae won't really make things better because the truth of the matter will be concealed and she'd be remembered as a martyr. What we should be doing is finding a way to expose the truth. But perhaps the reason why the curse is weakening is because it feeds off of negative emotions. Considered that, folks?
No. 112627
File 126662259667.jpg - (188.34KB , 800x640 , Shikigami Soup for the Soul.jpg ) [iqdb]
[◤] Stay busy until the delays are over.
- [◥] Keep talking to the hot stewardess flight attendant
- [☓] TAIL FEEL SO GOOD[/s] (True, but now is really not the time nor the person for that. What the fuck is this option even doing here?!)
- [◌] Damn overpriced airport food
- [◣] Locate and chat with the cute stewardess flight attendant
- [◢] Kick back and watch the planes take off

I'd sleep until the five hours are up, but I don't think I can, right now. Too awake.

"Hey, um..." I point to the hollow pits on my face. "...Think you can do something about this?"

"Make them come back sooner? No, I don't think so."

"Oh, not that—" Though that'd be awful nice "—I meant just about covering them up, or something. Your kid didn't seem too spooked by it, but I'd really rather not cause Orange any more discomfort over the whole thing."

"Is that her name, now...? Not a bad idea, however."

I hear her get up again

(more soft whispery sound)

and get something out of a cabinet.

She walks back over to me, and begins wrapping something soft and cloth-like around my head, covering my eyes.

Once finished, she takes a step back. "It looks fine. Does it feel all right?"

I nod. "It's good. Thank you."

She puts whatever it is back in the cabinet, before turning back to me.

"Is there anything else?"

"I could really, really use something to eat, honestly."

I don't know about how most people might feel after going what I go through, but I usually get hungry a little after waking up from my painful landings.

"Are you? We can do something about that, certainly," she replies pleasantly.

I get up from the table, carefully, assisted by my friend. Reaching out to steady myself, I grab for the corner of the bed, and grab a handful of something smooth and fluffy.

The kitsune yelps in surprise— even got a little rush off of it —and jumps, startled.

She clears her throat and takes a firm but careful grip of my wrist, and guides my hand to hers.

"Please just ask if you need help, next time," she says, sounding the tiniest bit strained.

I apologize, and the two of us set off to parts unknown, or at least unseen.

We come to a stop in a carpeted room, and she again directs me to a seat, before bringing out some soup... miso, by the smell of it. It tastes pretty decent, which is nice.

"How did you have that ready so soon?" I ask.

"My master would tell you that there is nothing unknown to her, if you asked. The truth is that I was making some when you came by, though."

When I came by?

Kind of an amusingly casual way of putting it.

"Hold on just a moment, please," she tells me, after a minute or so.

I hear her leave the room, and head off somewhere. There's the sound of a door opening, then she shouts for her shikigami, dragging the nekomata's name out.

Impressive set of lungs she's got.

The two of them return shortly thereafter, with Little Cat Feet talking animatedly about her day. I wave to her, and she responds with, "Hi, crashy lady!"

I narrowly avoid choking on my soup.


There's very little I can do, now.

I've eaten, I've talked, and now I've had the girl take me to "somewhere relaxing."

Apparently this place on the roof qualifies as such in her mind.

After a while of leaning back on the sloped surface and basking in the sun, I have to agree.

The quiet sounds of bugs and the chirping of birds echo faintly around the village. I can hear a small creek off in the distance, maybe.

I can't see the light, but I feel it in the heat on my skin, and the pleasant touch of warmth it gives to everything it shines on.

I could almost sleep like this.


...I might...



a little nap




I sit up suddenly, replying with that incredibly intelligent-sounding question-noise-thing.

"Yeah? Um, yes?"

"Ran said to tell you your orangey friend or something is coming sooner than she thought."

"What? Where? When?!"

"Uhh..." She pauses for a moment, then sounds as if she's hesitantly ticking the answers off on her fingers. "Well, I just told you the what, and... over down that way— oh, sorry, down about ten houses, in the old market square —and, about two minutes ago."

Oh, shit.

[ ] Take-out
[ ] Delivery


Not entirely satisfied with this update. Didn't think it through as much as I should have, and ended up half-assing it all around.
I apologize.

>Check your power settings. Might be automatically turning your graphics card (if you have one) and display off. Device Settings -> display adapters for the 'may Windows turn off this device to save power'.
Is this a Vista/7 option? This thing runs XP, and I saw nothing of the sort. Also, it isn't a laptop, despite the Vaio name. It's an all-in-one sort of unit.

Also, the screen flickers like a bad fluorescent bulb and dims a lot. I'm thinking that just maaaay have something to do with it.
No. 112631
Oops, should have included at the head of this:
"I can't be bothered to tally this all up. Too busy trying to write. Also tired."

Still don't think I ever said anything of the sort. Don't go spreading weird assumptions and bizarre conclusions.
No. 112632
[x] Take-out
If this means going to meet her ourself, then this is the choice.
No. 112633
[X] Take-out
I'm not entirely sure how we're going to get there, but by God, we're going.

I'm pretty sure what he meant was that the protagonist has pretty much said outright that killing Sanae will call forth the wrath of the gods, which constitutes an in-story hint that a roaring rampage of revenge which ends in bloody satisfaction might not be the best course of action. Saying "the author has hinted" was a bit irresponsible of him, but, well, you do write the story.
No. 112636
[x] Take-out

>I'm not entirely sure how we're going to get there, but by God, we're going.
We'll find her with the power of LOVE.
No. 112637
I'm curious just to see how this will affect the overall opinion of Sanae in the future, since stories have that habit. Not to say that THIS Sanae isn't a crazy bitch, but any current and future Sanaes might have to contend with the stigma of what this one did.

Did anyone see what someone posted:
>perhaps the reason why the curse is weakening is because it feeds off of negative emotions.

Ever since Kogasa started dating Orange, that curse seems to have been weakening for the most part, even in terms of her memory. It was that moment in which Kogasa didn't just have fear/etc. in her heart. Considering Sanae's twisted attempts at reabilitation, this might been intentional on Sanae's part.
No. 112638
[ø] Take-out
No. 112639
[x] Take-out
I'm sure Orange will appreciate that a blind girl had to wake up and look her up.
No. 112642
[-] Take-out

>telling Ran about Orange
>"Is that her name, now...?"
I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Hong Orange doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

>Not entirely satisfied with this update. Didn't think it through as much as I should have, and ended up half-assing it all around.
>I apologize.
I do so love your writing, which is why I'm going to hate myself for saying this.

If that's how you honestly feel about an update, just don't post it. You've made this story into something incredibly awesome, and I'd hate to see parts of it tarnished just because of some imaginary deadline. Not that today's update was particularly bad, but the first half seemed to lack the usual polish and flair that make this story come alive. So at times like these, just tell us the update's going to be a day late, and take the time to bring it up to the same standard of quality you usually do. Some of the weaker anon may not survive such a wait, but... that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
No. 112643
[x] Take-out

Don't worry, we can kill the other anon and eat them for sustenance if we have to.
No. 112649
[x] Take-out
No. 112659
I thought that Ran was surprised because Chen is orange...
No. 112662
[x] Take-out
No. 112666
That's about exactly the same realization and decision and course of action and conclusion and whatnot that I'd come to, as well.

Too bad I didn't follow through on it.
No. 112736
File 126672548737.jpg - (331.20KB , 800x534 , We walk this road together.jpg ) [iqdb]
[✛] Take-out

I sit up straight, and almost go tumbling off the roof if not for the timely intervention of my friend.

...Although it was less intervention and more that he happened to be in the way, but still. My friend likes to feel useful.

All the relaxation disappears in a flash, and I suddenly feel energized, ready to go.

I want to see my love again.

Though I cannot see her yet, I can touch her, and see with my fingers, and that will have to do.

But first:

"Take me there, now!"

Not a request.

It's probably not nice to demand things like this of one's hosts, but there is a place and a time for caring about that, and it is neither here nor now.

Little Cat Feet takes my hand, and with a shouted "Jump!" the two of us sail off the roof, landing feet first.

It's a short jump, so it doesn't hurt. Besides, I'm a youkai. It'd have to be a wee bit taller for that to be painful.

The girl drags me as we dash through the streets in a strange, slightly wandering path rather than straight down the road.

It takes me a minute to realize that I've had sure footing more or less the whole time through, as opposed to the stumbling trot from earlier.

...Good kid, this one.

She tugs me to the right, suddenly, and slows down. I can hear her make that frowning-sound— almost exactly the way Foxy Lady makes it; in different circumstances, I'd giggle at this behavior she's inherited —as she looks around, hair swishing slightly as her head turns.

She begins sniffing the air, and I strain my ears.




I hear a moan.

My other arm snaps out straight (causing no small amount of pain in the process) and I point, saying "There."

And then I groan, even though it's almost a whimper. That... reeeeeally hurt.

"Are you su—" She breaks off suddenly, and then chuckles quietly. "Ooh, I see, now."

See what?

Pulling me onto some harder, smoother cobbles, she takes me down what sounds like a short alley (from the way our footsteps echo) and then into another sort of courtyard-like area.

I smell dust and stone. Lots of it.

Another moan reaches my ears, and I urge the nekomata forward.

We carefully step through the rubble, until she tells me to wait. With a quiet grunt I guess I weigh less? Little Cat Feet picks the person up, and comes back over to me.

"'s okay, I... I got her," she tells me. I nod, absently, and stretch out a tentative hand.

Another hand, dust-covered, cut, and slightly bleeding, touches mine.

I know this hand.

Smooth on the back, slightly callused, palms, dexterous fingers.

"...Orange?" I ask. It has to be her, but I just want to be sure...

"Mm-hmm," says the owner of the hand, and our fingers interlace, and clasp the other's hand.

It hurts, but it's her. I can endure, for her.

I draw closer,

(wishing I could cry)

And we awkwardly hug. I kiss her on the cheek, the forehead, the nose...

I'm not missing the lips on accident. I just want to wait until she's better.

I start to cry, but for some reason... I feel a little happier.


We return, and Foxy Lady immediately takes my love off her shikigami's hands, getting her into a bed.

I stay with her throughout the rest of the day, talking when she's awake, talking for a while when she isn't until I realize that I'm hearing the gentle breathing of the currently-resting.

I fall asleep in my chair beside her bed more than once, holding her hand.


The next day passes far, far too slowly, and we don't see much of other two residents, let alone the third.

The occasional cat or two or three comes to curl up and sleep on Orange's bed, though.

I don't have to ask "Whose cat is this?"

I figure the nekomata is keeping watch on us in her own way.

It's fine with me. There are far more obtrusive means of surveillance than a warm purring soft thing.


I wake up in the early, early dawn hours of the next day.

It doesn't strike me as odd until I suddenly realize I'm able to see that it's dim.

More than that, I can see!

With a happy sound of delight, I undo the cloth-y wrappings Foxy Lady put around my head, and blink a few times.

My vision is nowhere near back to full form. I can only see in black and white, and it's kind of fuzzy and hazy, but dammit if that ain't a treat. This place really is good for recovery.

I almost wake Orange, but I hold back. It's an incredibly selfish thing to think, but I'm happy to have woken up before her, for once.

I flex my fingers, and test out my arms, experimentally.

They're a little sore, but I am back in action at last.

This morning shall not go to waste.

[ ] Crumbling Wonderland
[ ] Bountiful Farmland
[ ] People All Across This Land


Hoping this one was a little better than the last.
No. 112738
[x] People All Across This Land
No. 112740
[x] Bountiful Farmland

No. 112742
[x] Bountiful Farmland
Made me rage a bit but it was good.
No. 112744
>Hoping this one was a little better than the last.
Indeed it was~
Take confidence in knowing that last time was the exception, rather than the norm, for you.

My guesses at the options:
>[ ] Crumbling Wonderland
Relax indoors
>[ ] Bountiful Farmland
Relax outdoors
>[ ] People All Across This Land
Talk with the Yakumos

[x] People All Across This Land
Let's get to know our hosts better.
No. 112745
>Hoping this one was a little better than the last.
Honestly, I didn't think anything was wrong with the last one. (Except Ran responding "Are you?" to Kogasa saying "I could [...] use something to eat," but that sort of mistake doesn't detract from my enjoyment too terribly much.)

[X] People All Across This Land

I wonder what the choices mean this time.
No. 112746
[ø] People All Across This Land
No. 112747
[x] People All Across This Land

We should probably find a mirror though, to find out if our half-regenerated eyes are creepy-looking.
No. 112751
[X] People All Across This Land

Likewise. I'm by no means expert, but the other update wasn't really bad. It just felt a bit weird.
No. 112766
[X] People All Across This Land
No. 112767
[X]People all across this land.

Arrg, I miss one and a half-threads of updates and... gah!
No. 112770
Welcome back, Apple.
No. 112780
File 126679708914.png - (203.98KB , 540x615 , Of course it`s not tofu; That would be ridiculous.png ) [iqdb]
[にゃ] People All Across This Land

I sit up, wincing a little. My back still hurts a little, but not nearly as bad as it did before.

Whatever crazy mystical nonsense is going on in this place, it's doing me some good.

I look down at the sleeping figure in the bed next to me.

Her hair looks dark to my currently monochromatic vision.

It still looks beautiful, as does she.

I stroke her forehead gently, a smile gracing my lips, then leave the room.

I've only taken a few steps before I realize I have company: That sensitive hearing I got from out of nowhere over the last few days hasn't gone away, yet, and I hear soft little tp-tp-tp-tp-tp sounds following me out of the room.

I turn and look back.

Nobody there.

I look down.

Four eyes look back at me.

Two green ones belong to a black cat, who meows at me.

Two blue ones belong to a white cat with a ribbon tied into a bow around its neck. The ribbon has three stripes, but only two colors, both of them dark.


"...So are you two hungry, or keeping an eye on me, or what?" I ask them.

The black one doesn't bother responding, but after a moment, the white one meows at me, although in a bizarrely deep and grandiose-sounding tone.

Should cats have that kind of vocal range?

I look at them for a little while longer, but there is no sense in challenging four eyes to a staring contest because after you reduce your fractions, it is two against one, and those are bad odds for this sort of thing.

I shrug, and turn back, resuming my journey.

I vaguely remember where the various places indoors were, by counting the number of steps and turns, but some of them aren't quite what I expected. Some of the rooms are locked, meaning they may have been private rooms or personal offices, or something.

The two hangers-on/members of the security detail assigned to me/food-seeking animals quietly follow me through the house, which is becoming much larger than I thought it was.

I try and compare my mental step-based map against what I'm seeing now, and eventually arrive at a central point that was on the way of most of the destinations.

Fine, rather than looking for people, I'll look for food. I'm sort of hungry, anyway, what with it being morning and all.

I hear a quiet sound that's too low to be tinkling, and not sharp enough to be clattering. Like something being dropped into a ceramic bowl. A lot of somethings. I follow the general direction of the sound, even though it stops a few seconds after it begins.

The halls of this place are a little smaller than those of Orange's house, but the basic construction and appearance seems to have more or less the same traditional sort of look and feel. It seems right for a house, but not entirely right. Something about it seems ever so slightly off.

I come upon the kitchen, at last, and find Foxy Lady at work. There is a white bottle, and a bowl of something multi-colored on the counter next to where she is making something I can't see. They look like little rings.

"Good morning," she says, without so much as turning around or pausing. "Did the cats lead you here, or has your eyesight returned?"

She's good.

Not a surprise, though. The Emperor's Color would hardly make a shikigami of her if she wasn't skilled.

"I'm... yes, it's back, a little."

"I'm glad to hear it," she replies. "Have a seat if you'd like some breakfast. Or are you going back to sleep?"

"Breakfast sounds good."

I sit down at a table with chairs and everything, and she brings me a plate of some kind of lightly-colored bready squares with a lot more tiny squares punched into it.

I have a few bites. Not too bad, though a little dry.

"You might want to use the syrup. They taste better that way. A bit of butter, too, if you're so inclined."

I follow her advice, and add the items mentioned as she pours some kind of batter into a grill that I think makes more of these. It folds over, and she closes it shut.

...Oh, definitely better.

And it gets better still And far less tricky once she tells me that they're generally eaten with a fork and knife, not chopsticks.

After my third plate of them, I sit back happily, and sigh. Still no color back, yet, though I think I saw flickers of yellow when I looked at the rectangles, her hair, or her tails.

She covers a stack of them, and switches off the grill.

Just as she sits down and has a seat across from me with her own plate of rectangles, Little Cat Feet trudges blearily into the dim kitchen.

The two cats that had curled up on or around me (The black one at my feet, the white on my lap. Sort of heavy, that cat, though you wouldn't think it to look at her/him) get up as she enters the room.

Her eyes are closed, and she's wearing some kind of pajamas. Her hair is sort of a mess at the moment.

She clearly enjoys her sleep.

"Nnmgh?" she asks after a moment, head turning slowly to look in the kitsune's direction.

"On the counter, dear. The milk is right next to it," she answers.

"Mmgpf," replies the mostly-asleep girl, ears twitching slowly. She heads towards the counter, somehow managing to walk More like a shuffle to it without tripping over the cats twining about her feet and rubbing against her shins.

I watch, amused, as she pours the white out of the bottle into the multi-hued rocks, and it's only then that I realize the resemblance to the green-bird food at the poltergeist's house. The white would be milk, then.

She replaces the cap on the bottle, puts a spoon into the bowl, and then shuffles over to the table where we sit, and takes the third seat.

I don't think she opened her eyes once.

Sort of reminds me of Black Hand of Slap, now that I think about it. Not morning people.

...I hope they were smart enough to not come looking for me. I like the thought of being cared about enough to be worried over, but I wouldn't want to bring the green girl down on their heads. She'd rip through the four of them easily, and then shit would hit the fan, and it'd be all my fault.


I shudder, remembering what happened to Orange.

That, times four?

I'd be an empty, guilt-wracked wreck right now, instead of just feeling horrible and guilt-wracked.

"Is everything all right?"

I look up, suddenly. Foxy Lady is peering at me with concern in her eyes. That, or scrutiny.

"Uh, I'm, uh," I reply, fumbling for words momentarily.

"...I'm... no. But I'm getting better. A little."

She looks at me a moment longer, then sits back in her chair. Almost unconsciously, she reaches out a hand to stroke her own shikigami's head. The girl, eyes still closed, and as far as I can tell, still as good as asleep except that she's slowly eating the food in the bowl, leans into it and sighs an odd, humming little sigh.

...No, wait. I think she's purring.

I feel myself smiling, despite my thoughts.

The elder shikigami looks at her with a smile on her lips as well, before turning back to me.

"What are your plans?"

I sigh, and lean my head on my hands.

"Dunno. We'll stay another day or two, if that's okay... probably."

I look up. She nods, slowly.

"After that," I continue, "We'll have gotten what we're doing next figured out."

"I see," she says softly.

I don't know what she can see with such vague information as that.

I really don't quite know what we're going to do, though, despite what I just said.

On the other hand, maybe we'll do more or less that: Once we recover and are feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed— well, neither of us have tails, but whatever —then we'll spend a day or two planning our next move. I'd personally like nothing more than to put the plan I discussed with her on the way home that night into action as soon as possible. I'll have to see what she says about it, though.

After all, we didn't really have much time to discuss it properly that night.

She takes my unclear words as some sort of wish not to be bothered about the whole issue right now, apparently, as she says nothing more.

We sit there without talking for a while, and I pass the time watching the nekomata purring in between bites of her multicolored crunchy circles as Foxy Lady pets her, then moves onto scratching her behind the ears.

It's disgustingly heart-warming.

Can't stop watching it, or smiling like a dope as I do, though.

After a while, the older woman looks up at me again.

"Will your friend be well enough to come here, or would you like to take breakfast to her in bed, yourself?"

...I hadn't thought about that.

I should have.

[ ] Come commala
[ ] And we all say thankya


Whoever invented curling, tell them they can have it back.
No. 112783
>...No, wait. I think she's purring.

[X] And we all say thankya
No. 112784
[ø] And we all say thankya
No. 112787
>Whoever invented curling, tell them they can have it back.

The stone make you its bitch, Fell? That's what the brooms are for.

[circumlocution] And we all say thankya
No. 112788
>my currently monochromatic vision.
>Four eyes look back at me, Two green ones, Two blue ones


[x] And we all say thankya
No. 112789

Replace with "Two pale ones and two dark ones."
No. 112791
I found that kind of weird too

[x] And we all say thankya
No. 112792
>my currently monochromatic vision.
I could get used to this.
[x] And we all say thankya
No. 112794
>[ ] And we all say thankya

Is this the bring Orange to breakfast choice?
No. 112795
File 126680931571.jpg - (376.79KB , 662x800 , 24a0465fec63202bba7b6ab8663fbb44.jpg ) [iqdb]
We think that it is.
No. 112798
I think I speak for everyone who's voted for it so far when I say "It had fucking better be."
No. 112799

Wrong thread for posting that picture. Sorry.

Now, if Kogasa was looking like she was nervous, then it would be appropriate.
No. 112802
[THIS BETTER BE BREAKFAST IN BED] And we all say thankya
No. 112807
Fell isn't a jerk. He'll do what we vote for in a situation like this, not what he intends for the options to mean. Right?
No. 112811

Hard to say, he generally has a specific meaning behind the votes that we have to figure out. Thing is the implied meaning is rather obscure for once, so unless someone has an idea what the choices reference to, we're in the dark.
No. 112831
I thought of something scary regarding both ways of resolving this incident and the fall out of both. I won't go into it lest I freak people out.
No. 112832
This choice refers to the Dark Tower series, but I don't think that knowledge makes its meaning any less opaque in this case.

>I won't go into it lest I freak people out.


are you serious
No. 112834
File 126687856638.jpg - (877.52KB , 2500x2500 , Voiced by Wakamoto himself.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ϐ] And we all say thankya

I like that idea.

I liked it before, and I like it now.

She's made me food often enough; the very least I can do is bring some to her.

"That sounds great, actually."

Foxy Lady smiles at me, and gives her shikigami one last scratch before patting her gently on the head, and standing up. She walks over to the counter, and begins making the appropriate preparations.

Meanwhile, the girl stays in that tilted-to-the-side position she was in while being petted and scratched for several seconds. Eventually, she pauses in mid-chew, makes a sound of questioning, and then slowly finishes the mouthful of food.

Her eyes slowly crack open, blinking once... twice.

"...Oh. Hi, crashy lady."

She waves her spoon at me, and I give a little wave back.

"Good morning," I reply.

The cats come trotting back over to her to offer their own greetings.


"Morning, Iki."


"Morning, Wa-ne."

She reaches under the table and pets them, looking back up at me after a moment.

"Iki says hi, and hopes your friend gets better soon. Wa-ne says your lap was a most suitable location to rest, and that you have pleased him."

...I'd think she was making this up, but she doesn't seem the type to pull wording like that out of nowhere.

I lean under the table and look at the cats.

Four eyes looking back and I lose again.

Crafty cats.

I look at the black one.

"Hello, and thank you. I hope she does, as well," I say to it.

Next, the white one.

"You are most gracious, and I am happy to serve." I close my eyes and bow to it, although in my current position, it's more of a slight downward-inclining of the head.

I sit back up, straightening. The nekomata looks at me, grinning.

"Hey, you're pretty good, crashy lady. How'd you know which was which?"

I give a faint, knowing smile.

"Intuition," I reply simply.

Well, actually, I guessed.
No. 112835
File 126687866555.jpg - (31.99KB , 500x249 , Enormous waffles are impostors.jpg ) [iqdb]
The other shikigami comes back with a tray filled with a couple eggs, two square-filled rectangles, a small pitcher of syrup, and a glass of milk.

"There you go. I hope she enjoys it."


"Thank you very much," I say to her. "This really means a lot."

She smiles, and ruffles my hair lightly. "You're very welcome."

It'd almost feel condescending, but when coming from her, it feels sort of motherly.

I like it.

Bowing to the both of them, I make my way out of the kitchen and head back for Orange's room.

It really is nice of her to do this. She doesn't owe either of us anything, and yet, she does it anyway. With a smile, too.

...Although for all I know, this whole situation is The Emperor's Color's fault, and such gratitude is only some form of penance.

I'd like to think better of them than that, though.

Shouldn't let such a desire blind me to the possibility, though.

Just not sure I get the feeling that this is being done out of guilt, I guess. I'd probably be picking up on that, or something. Maybe.

...Hell, I don't know.

They aren't stabbing us in our sleep or calling the green girl on over, so for now, I'll put it down to genuine goodwill.

Oh, wait.

...If she's missing her tongue... can she even eat?

I pause, two hallways away from the room, and ponder this grisly possibility.

That time she took my tongue out, it had already grown back by the time I was conscious and alive again after landing.


Hope for the best, I suppose.

I can't really do much more than that, can I?

Sighing, I resume my trip down the hall, and soon arrive at the room.

She's still asleep.

I notice, though, that her hair has some actual red, to it, now. It's more like black, but black with some hue and life to it.

A quick look around the room reveals similar things happening with yellow and green. Faint, but still there, emerging ever so hesitantly from the land of greys.

Setting the tray down, I gently nudge her.
No. 112836
File 126687892214.jpg - (163.43KB , 500x757 , Good morning Sunshine~.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Wake up, love," I say, softly. Softly enough that even I barely hear it.

She turns slightly, and mumbles something. Another turn, red hair spilling to the side with the movement.

Her eyes snap open, and dart around, looking at the new surroundings.





And then they focus on me, and her gaze softens.

"Good morning," she says with a smile.

"Good mo—" I start to reply, then break off. "...You can speak? It's..."

I point in the direction of my mouth.

"...It's back?"

"It's always been one of the first things that heals for me," she says, still smiling.

"So you can eat?"


"...Can you kiss?"

"Come and find out."

I do.

...She can.

We draw back slightly for breath, catch each other's eyes, and giggle slightly.

"I brought you breakfast again," I tell her.

"Again? But you don't get to walk in on me taking a shower this time, unfortunately."

Very unfortunately.

"Well, I can't win every time, I suppose," I say, sighing in mock defeat.

"Bide your time, then," she tells me, amusement in her voice. "...Now, what's for breakfast? I can smell it from here, and it's driving me insane."

I snicker, and place the tray across her lap, as she sits up in bed. There are two little flip-down support-ish things that let it stand on its own, making it more like a table or a desk. Very clever design, this.

"Eat and enjoy," I say, and she sets to work devouring the food.

...I was not aware it was possible to devour gracefully, but she seems to be managing to do so. It involves eating delicately, but quickly. Much harder than it sounds, really.

After a minute or so, I get up.

"There's something I need to talk to you about, but it can wait after breakfast. I'm going to go take a bath, so come find me there, okay?"

She pauses, looking slightly quizzical at this sudden departure, but eventually nods.

Breakfast, the great conversation-delayer.

I leave the room, giving her a little wave, and then walk about the place, looking for either a person or something that looks like a bath or a shower.

I run into Foxy Lady, first, after passing a few cats here and there. She directs me to an outdoor bath, which I promptly set off for.

After cleaning myself and rinsing off, I put my hair up, and head out to the bath, which —as far as I can tell— is a genuine, proper onsen.

...This place is pretty nice, isn't it?

Steam hangs lightly in the air among the plants and trees, and water flows out of little bamboo pipes into the pool.

I step in, and with a happy sigh, relax in the heated water, closing my eyes, and listening to my surroundings.

The peacefulness doesn't last forever, though.

My thoughts slowly turn to that talk.

I guess this place only relaxes the body, not the mind.


That talk.

I need to apologize to her, completely and absolutely, about what happened. A chill that has nothing to do with temperature runs through my body as I think about what I've exposed her to, what I've made her go through, the consequences my selfish desires have had on her...

Everything I feared came to pass.

She doesn't seem that mad at me, though.

Maybe she's just happy to be in one piece?

I don't know.

I don't dammit know, and that scares me.

I don't want to be hated.

I could just bring that up later, though. Sometime tonight, maybe.

After all, we still need to discuss the battle plan, such as it were. I know she can offer plenty of insight and doubtless, more than a few improvements. What to plan for, what might happen, contingencies...

There's a storm coming.

I intend to be the one who brings it.

I sigh again, and sink a little deeper into the water.

Either way, I'll have covered both by the end of the day...

But one of those is much more important, and needs to be talked about now.

[ ] Past participle
[ ] Future tense


It occurred to me while I was writing this: I gripe about how hard it is to find decent pictures of Orange, but you know, at least I'm not writing LA:AG. Then I'd have to be hunting down pictures of HRtP characters, and I imagine that the pickings for such are even more slim.


Well, in this case, it was sort of simple.
>Come commala = (her coming there)
>And we all say thankya = (thanking her for bringing it.)
No. 112837
[ø] Past participle
No. 112839
[x] Past participle

Cover what happened before what's next.

I hope we get some more answers out of someone here. I'm staring to get a feeling about this whole thing.
No. 112840
[x] Past participle
Forgive and forget.
No. 112842
[x] Past participle
No. 112844
[X] Past participle

Plans can wait a little while longer.
No. 112846
I think Orange has forgiven us, though I doubt Kogasa is quite so forgiving of herself.

But my feeling? If Kogasa goes and takes out Sanae without revealing anything, it'll enrage the humans, causing more huntdowns. If the truth is revealed, it's the Youkai that get upset. I hope I'm merely reading too much into this
No. 112850
[x] Past participle
This has nothing to do with someone else. Neither Human or Youkai. This is personal.
No. 112853
True, but it won't change the possible reactions when they find out, and with Aya around, they will find out.
No. 112868
File 126690258293.jpg - (196.15KB , 1596x1071 , 1262160394270.jpg ) [iqdb]
This was kind of nice imagery, though.
No. 112874
File 126690922120.jpg - (1.34MB , 1920x1200 , 1262160752610.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 112875
>It's always been one of the first things that heals for me

Isn't that bird the one that's associated with the tongue, not the dragon?

[x] Past participle
No. 112887
[X] Past participle
No. 112914
New thread: >>112909