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This is Gensokyo. A world that exists on the very precipice of existence. It is the bastion that stands between real and unreal, where beings human and non from all walks of life exist in peace and harmony. A real-life Garden of Eden. This is the Gensokyo we see today.

Yet it was not always so. A culmination of centuries of strife and struggle long since forgotten by the race of man, now spoken of only in legend and song has shaped this world into the paradise it has become. The eldest of us remember these forgotten times of bloodshed, and seek to preserve this peace at all costs. They have witnessed first-hand the battle between man and beast. They realize and accept the truth that many of us would seek to deny. That this world is built on the bodies of the fallen, that the sole purpose of Gensokyo’s existence is to hold captive the beast, away from the prying eyes of mankind. Ages ago, when the land still ran thick with blood, the Hakurei set a trap and sealed us inside. Many were caged willingly, having grown tired of the violence. They are the eldest of us, the preservers of our peace.

Yet this peace can be easily be broken, for as balanced as it is, like all things in Gensokyo it teeters unsteadily on the brink of existence. One push is all it takes, and there will be bloodshed anew. And as the world grows and gains new denizens who wish to be forgotten by the human world, our peace grows ever more fragile.

A cry for help rings forth from the depths; the wheels are put into motion.


[☒] Male (There are no men in Gensokyo!)
[☑] Female


[☐] God
Easy mode? You disgust me.
[☐ ] Youkai
Average difficulty for average people.
[☒ ] Human (Locked during first play through)
Increased difficulty due to lack of regenerative capabilities and decreased strength.


[☐] Warrior
Brute force-oriented character. HULK SMASH!
[☐] Mage
Strong elemental-type character. Useful against spiritual and elemental opponents. May be combined with another class with a penalty to magic damage.
[☐] Rogue
Stealth-oriented character. Useful against armored opponents.

Name will be automatically chosen depending on race and class.
[☑] Female
[ø] Youkai
Average difficulty for average people.
[ø] Mage
Strong elemental-type character. Useful against spiritual and elemental opponents. May be combined with another class with a penalty to magic damage.
[x] Male (THERE IS NOW.)
[x] God (IDDQD)
[x] Warrior (Rip and Tear.)
[x] Fairy
[x] Rogue

Bring on Lunatic mode, i want my Fairy stalker.
{X} Male (yeah well fuck your shit)
{X} Fairy
{X} Rogue

[☑] Female
[☑] Youkai (Can we pick type? Baku, a dream eater)
[☑] Mage (Learn no offensive spells, only support stuff)
[☑] Rogue (STABBY)

[☑] Tomboy.
[☑] Human.
[☑] Rogue, subclass ranger.
[☑] Name : Rally Vincent.

Stab shit is not as fun as snipe shit. Believe me.
[x] Male
[x] Human (Outsider)
[x] Rogue
[x] Name: Sam Fisher
[x] Male (Neither are Dragons, but look around you)
[x] Youkai (Maji? Easy Modo?)
[x] Rogue (Can you spell Sneak Attack?)
[☑] Female
[☒] Human (Locked during first play through)
[☒] Rogue
You know guys, given that tripwriter used the same symbol for the "locked" Human option as he used for the Male option that he barred us from choosing, I'm going to go ahead and venture a guess that Human is not a viable option.
[☑] Female
[☑] Fairy
[☑] Dancer

Fairy is the best race. Always.

Dancer is the best class. Always.

Fairy Dancer? Best thing ever. More importantly, the sexiest thing ever.


There are dragons in Gensokyo.
[☑] Tomboy
[☑] Fairy
[☑] Rogue
[☑] Female
[☑] Youkai
[☑] Mage
[☑] Female (Locked)
[☑] Youkai (Locked)
[☑] Rogue
Name: Ibuki Suika

Unfortunately, Fairy is not a viable race choice at this time. I’d go ahead and go through with it, but it would require me to come up with a new story on the fly. Too many delays with that, sadly. I hope the character is a decent compromise. She is rather short, after all. Writing commences.
>Name: Ibuki Suika

Sukia is an Oni. Oni don't lie and they hate sneaky underhanded tactics. How the hell is she a rogue?
Suika = str
Rogues, well dagger rogues in RO need tons of str.
At least that's my guess.
File 126039828824.jpg - (424.43KB, 1191x893 , 1acf8d6453704fbcdc171de86f1144fd.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm running from a rather small character pool and she just so happened to fit the role better than any of the others. Ability-wise I agree. she's more warrior than anything. I was playing more towards attitude. I'll make it work somehow. Probably.

Anyways, update!

I lay on my back with my eyes to the sky. The black of night fades slowly into the clean azure of day. The lack of clouds makes it tough to tell if my head’s still spinning, but the light-headed sensation I’m receiving could merely be the thin air this far up from the ground. I’m thankful for it nonetheless. An entire night of non-stop partying and yet the feeling of drunkenness refuses to fade even come morning. I don’t believe I slept a wink once the celebration finally ended.

“Ahh, this’s the life!” I breathe deeply, taking in the cold air. It’s refreshing, bringing along with it the earthy scent of grass and peaches. But with daylight comes more work. The celebration began rather abruptly thanks to some no-good meddler, yet with the shrine half-built there’s honestly no reason to hold such an event. Truth be told I think she enjoys the partying more than I do.

“Ahh, well.. I suppose that’s the way of things here.” I hop quickly to my feet, feeling far less drunk than I’d imagined I would. Perhaps the spinning I was experiencing was merely the rotation of the Earth. Or the Coriolis Effect. I dunno, but it isn’t going to help me find my clothes. The reason they’ve been scattered about rather than on me is stranger still. I don’t quite remember taking them off, but it’s clear that I did.. Once the last piece is collected and put in its proper place, I turn my attention to the matter that roused me initially.

The others, thanks to their minimal and nearly human-level alcohol tolerance are still quite unconscious from the ordeal. I suppose the work may have to wait until the Princess wakes. It would, I imagine, be unfair were we to get underway and begin the work while she lies blissfully slumbering in her bed. I suppose thanks are in order. She’s the entire reason behind this mess, but when I stop and think about it the glorious brouhaha last night was a rather welcomes side-effect. So safe to say she’s at fault for that too. Reimu probably won’t see it so clearly, though. Now, not only is she poor but she’s homeless as well. The mere thought of her begging for change on the outskirts of the village puts me in stitches! A rather impudent pair of hands pulling me by the horns cures me of this pleasant malady swiftly.

“Yoooooooouuuuuuuuuu!!” an angry voice says as the hands tighten their grip and begin to pull, “YOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!

“..Can I help you?” I try to get a clean look at my assailant, though she steers my head away with my every attempt. It is frustrating, sure, but not something that can’t be resolved with words. Diplomacy before fists, I was taught.

“Give me back my underwear!!” The woman roars, throwing me at a nearby tree. I curse my short stature as I’m flung, with just enough time remaining to catch my balance and hit the intended target face-first.

“Owowow!” I rub my injured nose. Had I been using more strength it likely wouldn’t have hurt quite as bad as it did. I turn and glare at my assailant, “The hell?! I don’t have yer fuckin’-“

Standing over me is none other than the self-proclaimed witch, Kirisame Marisa. When she says ‘normal’ of course, we all realize she means to say stereotypical. If one were to roll every single witch-related stereotype together and attribute them to one person, they would have Marisa. Sometimes, I wonder to myself if her skin truly is green, and that all the tan fleshy tones are merely makeup put on in an attempt to fool the lot of us. Perhaps she also happens to be water soluble? Putting that aside, I am reminded of one unquestionable and absolute fact. And that is that I do in fact have her panties. When I was looking for my clothes I couldn’t find mine, so I just borrowed hers instead. I didn’t actually think she’d notice, as hung over as she is and appears to be right now. Her outburst alone seems to have made her visibly ill, as she’s holding her head in the palms of her hands at this very moment as if it threatens to rip her brain out and bludgeon her to death with it.

“Okay, so I do have yer panties.” In my ignorance, I had nearly lied to her. Nothing worse than a liar in my book. I figure I owe her the truth as an apology. Nevertheless, I have no intention of walking around with my bottom bits hanging out, and its finder’s keepers the way I see it. “So what’re you gonna do? Take ‘em back? From me?”

“You bet your ass I will!” She lunges at me. A foolish move, considering I’m more than twice as fast than her at my worst.. And not to mention that tree still sitting behind me, which she of course cannot stop herself from greeting face-first. Ah, Glorious!

“A taste o’ yer own medicine! How d’ya like it?!” I laugh, watching her writhe in pain like I did moments ago. Despite my being at fault, I still find this reciprocation of events to be astoundingly funny. As she comes ‘round, I find myself unable to control my laughter once again. Does she forget that she’s minus her undergarments? Or is she just that devoted to taking them back that she’s willing to risk letting the Tengu take a few candid shots of her? Just because Aya is still out cold doesn’t mean she should let her guard down!

Her eyes are filled with rage once she finally stands. “A duel, then! I challenge you!” She yells with much dramatic flair. Aw man, why the heck did she have to go that route? I was having so much fun watching her chase me around, too! I’m a little disappointed..

[ ] Oh well. A duel’s a duel. Gotta oblige.
[ ] The hell with that! I’m outta here!
[ ] I’ve got a better idea! (Write-in)
[x] Oh well. A duel’s a duel. Gotta oblige.

It'll be easy Oni have an natural advantage against humans, especially hung over ones.
[x] The hell with that! I’m outta here!
Catch me if you can~
[x] I've got a better idea!
- (x) Help me find my own clothes and you can have yours back.
[x] The hell with that! I’m outta here!
I thought onis loved fights, odd...
[X] It's clobberin' time!
Suika is just showing her Tewi side~

[x] The hell with that! I’m outta here!
[x] The hell with that! I’m outta here!

[ø] The hell with that! I’m outta here!

( ゚∀゚)ニャハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
[x] Oh well. A duel’s a duel. Gotta oblige.

shouldn't Suika and Tewi be opposites?

More or less even though it's said that Suika's rather dishonest for an Oni (see one of the endings of IaMP), it's still infinitely more honest than Tewi is.

That and while Tewi would try to get out of fights, Suika might wade into one if she's bored enough.
File 126058570660.jpg - (46.96KB, 350x350 , nya.jpg) [iqdb]
Or, like >>107179 said:

( ゚∀゚)ニャハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
File 126059566130.jpg - (635.33KB, 1410x1600 , 7648c5e49ef356cc64c760d80c4b0f67.jpg) [iqdb]
So I say to hell with it! A fight with a human isn’t worth my time, and especially so when the human in question has become so enraged. Angered humans seem more prone to slipping up, and she’s practically tripping over herself already. I could simply stomp her into oblivion, but I think it would be best to save both of us the headache. With a cry of “Adios!” I take my leave. She tries to protest, but I don’t give her the time.

I vaporize, leaving behind anything and everything that isn’t a part of me as I lose shape. My consciousness fractures into innumerable pieces; the sensory gobbledygook of a million eyes and ears can only be deciphered fully once I become whole again. At the very least, I know where my location is currently. Marisa stands dumbfounded for a moment like most humans do after witnessing such an event, though she’s composed enough to grab her underpants from the pile of clothing I’d left behind and scram.

As for me, I’ve nowhere in particular I’d like to be. I could head deeper into the heavens-toward the palaces the noble lords and ladies have built to satisfy their heavenly egos. Or perhaps I should stay here and gather myself up once Marisa is out of sight. The possibilities are truly endless for me as I’ve no pressing matters to attend to.

Though I suddenly get the strangest feeling. There seems to be no reason behind it, but I want to see Reimu. She has handled the destruction of her home rather well, all things considered. ‘Rather well’ for her of course is the usual treading a path of destruction throughout the land, though I can’t help but wonder if despite it all she’s really taking it hard. I feel like I owe it to her to check up on her. She wasn’t present for the majority of this impromptu party held in her honor after all, and I did most of the merry-making in her absence. Decided, I gather myself and my belongings, and after liberating a few unneeded garments from one of the corpses littering the proverbial battlefield, I trudge off towards the heavenly city in Bhavagra.

The buildings here are truly a sight, and fit for a king indeed. I would expect nothing less from the heavenliest of heavens. All gold and white, and incredibly sized-each one a palace in its own right. I would presume Reimu is staying at the Hinanawi house, so I start to head in that direction. A number of the servant girls are already out and about, tending to the every whim of their keepers. Though at first glance they’d hardly appear servants at all, considering the elaborate dresses they wear. Really, is it truly good for a person to live in such extravagant splendor? Seems like a particularly sad existence to me..

Pondering this, I find myself shortly thereafter at the door I’ve been searching for. One might expect the name Hinanawi be printed on the doors as a sign of pride to say ‘this belongs to me, look at it,’ but it would seem that such outright displays of ownership are frowned upon up here. Well, despite their shortcomings it would seem celestials are rather decent folk. I could almost say that I consider the young Tenshi to be a friend were it not made clear by her that she simply think me a nuisance. I knock and wait, but nobody answers. Figures.. Maybe the servant that answers doors was with the group I’d just passed..? Or perhaps it’s ‘Onis out’ day again. Trying to enter the old fashioned way, I find the door is locked. Should I..

[ ] Just break it down.
[ ] Try the service entrance.
[ ] Go in through the chimney.
[x] Go in through the chimney.

We're a drunk Oni Santa. Our gifts are alcoholic in nature. All of them.
Ha, so we actually lose our clothing if we turn into the mist, in this story.

[ø] Try the service entrance.
[x] Try the service entrance.

This seems set around SWR or past it.
[x] Go in through the chimney.

Oni Santa lol
[x] Go in through the chimney.
File 126083760519.png - (30.25KB, 500x600 , 5a7524e35c57f633341c6b5fe4fe4376.png) [iqdb]
..Go through the chimney, maybe? It sounds just crazy enough to work, though on the possible flipside it is cold enough up here for a few of the more fragile folk to want to have fires going. It’s a risk I’ll have to take, though actually getting caught in a fire would take a gross lack of perception on my part. Smoke isn’t exactly hard to spot.

I climb onto the roof, preferring to do it the old fashioned way than to make yet another unnecessary use of some special ability. The chimney seems wide enough for me to fit through, and all but the horns makes it down okay. I’m forced to vaporize just that part of me to prevent getting stuck. And what’s this? No fire at the bottom? What luck! This has got to be the easiest break-in I’ve ever accomplished!

As I move through the halls, I notice a number of servants observing me. None of them seem particularly suspicious, and they let me go on about my business without interfering. And no sooner do I pass them by just slightly less than ignored when I come across a strangely familiar face among a second group of servants. She wears a more colorful version of the servant dress than the others-a strikingly deep shade of red embroidered over the plain black and white gown. I cannot for the life of me remember her name, though I do remember crossing fists with her on more than one occasion.

I act natural, pretending like I’m supposed to be here. Hopefully she won’t so easily be able to tell the difference between an invited guest and an uninvited one. At first, the plan seems to go off without a hitch. She pays me no mind, giving directions to her fellow servants and watching as they fan out in all directions to accomplish the monumental list of tasks they’d been given. Though once they’ve left she gives me a rather cold glance.

I pay it no mind, pretend like I didn’t notice and just keep moving. It works, surprisingly, as she doesn’t bother to chase me down even once I’ve left the area. Out of sight, I start checking bedrooms. The first door I check, I’m shooed out by a high-pitched scream and something heavy chucked at me breaking against the door. Probably Tenshi. I pause, wondering if I should impose or not..

[ ] Why not? It’ll be interesting at least.
[ ] What ever happened to finding Reimu?
[ø] Why not? It’ll be interesting at least.

Reimu can wait~

[ ] What ever happened to finding Reimu?
[x] What ever happened to finding Reimu?
[x] Why not? It’ll be interesting at least.
Use 'hidden in plain sight'
File 126094144378.jpg - (166.67KB, 600x800 , e082992e0e01b45da2ce6b515d839905.jpg) [iqdb]
Of course, the answer is obvious! With an utterly delightful girlish scream like that, how can I help myself? Oh, this’ll be good! Just behind door number one lays a beautiful and naked celestial girl for me to do with what I will! Reimu can go shove off and weigh anchor somewhere as far as I care right now. I’m gonna have me a feast!

Upon opening the door once more, it is made abundantly clear to me that she will not simply go quietly into the night. A red glow only inches from my face reminds me of one of many brutal deaths I have averted by the skin of my teeth. Tenshi’s sword, embedded into the door and now pushed completely through towards me tells me of my narrowly avoided fate.

And behind the flaming steel of glowing red death stands the wielder herself, in all her hastily dressed glory: Hinanawi Tenshi in the flesh! Or.. whatever celestial beings are made of. I think it’s flesh, but I’m not quite so-

“You’ve a lot of nerve, runt!” She withdraws her blade, brandishing it before her in such a way that its glow almost hides the redness under her eyes. ..Almost. Ahh, it’s all so very amusing.

“Say, is that yer bra hangin’ out?” I ask, slurring my speech intentionally to avoid further suspicion. If she believes me to be drunk (which I usually am), perhaps she will permit me to enter on the grounds that I may not be as big of a threat as a sober Oni would pose.

“Ah-“ Her hands immediately reach for her chest, and upon finding that her bra isn’t actually hanging out or rather wasn’t present to begin with, her eyes dart around the furniture in her room. But of course, in the split second it took her to look away from me, I had already used my powers to ‘gather’ it for her.

And placing it on my head, I impose on her further as I step inside.

“Hey- You can’t- My BRA!!” She grabs for it, and I allow her to take it. The look on her face is far more valuable to me than any piece of lingerie she could ever have in her possession. “How did you-“

“Magic~” I laugh, jumping onto her bed and rolling around with a complacently stupid look on my face.

“How DARE you!” Again, she points that big red thing of hers at me, “I’ll have your head for this!”

And she charges, her strike nearly cleaving me in twain. Or, putting ‘nearly’ aside, it did cut me in two, though all that does is create two separate entities of myself. Downside is I’m out one perfectly good set of clothes. Those did get cut in half, and the damage to them can’t be mended quite so easily as what has happened to my person.

“Ehehe~” I laugh, running part of me behind her and grabbing her under the arms. A perfectly executed headlock, the only escape from which would be for her to do exactly as I command. “Gotcha~”

“You low down dirty-“ She struggles fruitlessly, enraged to the point of tears. “Unhand me!”

“Oh ho!” My other half sits at the foot of her bed, admiring the view as her struggling begins to undo her dress. With all her screaming, she’s sure to attract attention. I’m really out of options here.

So, taking her sword from her hand, I release her. As she fixes her dress, I reunite myself with.. myself. The sword now in my hand is light-far lighter than steel. I’d expect nothing less from such an ancient treasure. Who the hell knows how this brat got her dirty little mitts on it. Probably stole it as far as I can tell.

“I’ll take that~” I smile, taunting her with the sword I’ve taken. I intend fully on returning it, but only once she’s calmed herself. Being cut in half may not cause any lasting damage to my body, but that isn’t to say the sensation is painless.

“And what do you intend to do now?” Powerless without her sword, she resigns herself. Granted, she could still take on twenty or thirty humans unarmed, or even a handful of youkai. But an Oni? She knows her limits. She’s spoiled, but not stupid.

“Oh, I think I’ve had my fun for now.” I reply, “Seeing that crying face of yours really brightened my day!”

“Only at the cost of my dignity.” She holds out her hand, gesturing to the weapon in my hand. “Will you not return that now?”

[ ] Nuh-uh.
[ ] Uh-huh.
[X] "Only if you ask politely!"
[X] "... And give me a kiss for good measure!"
[X] Present your cheek.
[x] Nuh-uh.
[X] "Only if you ask politely!"
[X] "... And give me a kiss for good measure!"
[X] Present your cheek.

once Tenshi gets even more flustered

[ø] Leave the sword on the bed, and bolt.
-[ø] ( ゚∀゚)ニャハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
[X] "Only if you ask politely!"
[X] "... And give me a kiss for good measure!"
[X] Present your cheek.
[x] "Only if you ask politely!"
[x] "... And give me a kiss for good measure!"
[x] Present your cheek.
Due to freak snowstorms and power/internet outages, updates have been postponed. Hopefully this'll all clear up soon. This service announcenet brought to you by beer, the breakfast of champions!
File 126161330448.png - (35.15KB, 566x551 , 853594858640062474b12dbbef37b3f8.png) [iqdb]
A thought; a stroke of grand genius! Such things truly do come at a premium in this head of mine. I can already feel the alcohol beginning to lose its effect, replacing itself slowly with an unruly throbbing that may soon threaten to destroy my day. Nothing a little hair of the dog won’t fix.

“Sure, I’ll give it back..” I laugh inwardly as my lips begin to spout a bunch of nonsense. Though as I hold the blade in front of me, as my hand looses its grip on the hilt I know my time to torment poor Tenshi has not quite yet ended. And as she reaches for it my hand pulls away, leaving her grasping at nothing but air. “Hey, hey! Don’t you think you should say ‘please’ first?”

“Ugh, please.” She utters with indignation. Not used to submitting yourself to the will of others, eh, princess? Unfortunately for her, this lesson in humility will be taught the hard way.

“..And how about a kiss for good measure?” I find myself grinning from ear to ear in anticipation of her response. Will she submit.. Or will she try to fight? Oh, the suspense is killing me!

“You.. little..!!” She curbs her desire to protest, and biting her lip she steps down onto one knee. In her eyes is a burning hatred, though I find myself at a loss when I try to interpret the emotion. Is it a hatred of me, or a much more simple loathing of the situation I’ve forced her into? Nevertheless, she shows a stubborn willingness to comply with my last request.

“Good girl..” I smile, patting her on the head as if she were a small child, and all the while I hold the blade just within her reach, wondering if she might grab for it once the opportunity presents itself. Yet all of a sudden, the door swings wide open.

“Te-Tenshi..?” The woman in red stands agape upon spotting her owner in such a precarious position. Tenshi’s eyes widen with what could only be described as horror, and with the situation as such I can no longer contain my laughter.

With the loss of control of my diaphragm, I find myself brought to tears. I laugh and I laugh, and I fall to the floor laughing. I laugh until my stomach hurts, and then I laugh some more. Spotting Tenshi’s awkward gaze, I…

[ ] Vaporize. Leave the room.
[ ] Point and laugh.
[ ] Wait, what the hell is with this love comedy sort of development?!
[ ] Steal a kiss.
[ ] Mishap.

Oh god finally
[X] Steal a kiss.

Of course!

Then we can vaporize, and leave Tenshi's home to dissolve into a mess of teary-eyed drama and romantic comedy misunderstandings of love.
[x] Steal a kiss.
[X] Steal a kiss.
-[X]'I'm so happy that you feel the same! I'll go get the things for our wedding! See you around,my love'!
[x] Vaporize. Leave the room.
[x] Steal a kiss.
-[x]'I'm so happy that you feel the same! I'll go get the things for our wedding! See you around,my love'!
[x] Vaporize. Leave the room.
Too stupid to leave undone.
[x] Steal a kiss.
-[x] "I'm so happy that you feel the same! It's time to get the things for our wedding! See you around, my love!"
[x] Vaporize. Leave the room.

Edited a tiny bit for grammar and keeping Suika from technically possibly lying.
[x] Steal a kiss.
-[x] "I'm so happy that you feel the same! It's time to get the things for our wedding! See you around, my love!"
[x] Vaporize. Leave the room
[ø] Steal a kiss.
-[ø] "I'm so happy that you feel the same! It's time to get the things for our wedding! See you around, my love!"
[ø] Vaporize. Leave the room.

too tempting to pass up.
File 126188510766.jpg - (404.15KB, 600x600 , 9b9109e74e9bc3216610111a0255be61.jpg) [iqdb]
…I just can’t help myself. I don’t necessarily consider myself attracted to her, but I simply cannot allow myself the liberty of causing her distress without pushing her over the edge. As it stands, this situation is like a cake without icing – delicious sure, but I could stand do go a bit further before drawing my time here to a close.

As confused as she is, I don’t think Tenshi truly understands what I’m about to do. Even as my hands touch her shoulders and tilt her chin up she shows no sign of resistance. Perhaps she simply doesn’t believe that I’d go so far as to do what I’m about to, but to think that an Oni would stop at halfway is foolhardy.

I kiss her, and though I have no romantic intent the sensation alone is enough to send her reeling. She fights as I’d expected, but rather than risk having my lip bitten I allow her to push me away.

“Wha- How-“ She utters, speechless as she wipes her lips. And do I see her blushing? Oh ho, how… Cute? No, I rather find this development a little disturbing. The look in her eye considered, this wouldn’t appear so much as embarrassment as…

Anticipation? Enjoyment? …I can’t quite place it. Yet it is very clear to me that she didn’t necessarily dislike such a kiss, however forcefully I might’ve taken it.

“How wonderful!” I say, “So when is the wedding?”

I can’t help myself, yet I’m beginning to feel that I might be digging myself into a hole I can’t climb out from. But such an unexpected development simply can’t go to waste!

“Should I go get my things then? I assume we’ll be living together from here on?” I continue, though before she can respond I intend fully on not being here. The servant, quiet as she may be, has begun giving me the evil eye. I’m loathe to avoid a fight this time, but I’d rather not destroy this lovely little room. “Well, gotta run, love!”

I vaporize yet again, moving quickly away. Thankfully the air is still indoors, and I’m allowed a little more freedom in deciding where I’d like to go. I’m not at the mercy of some loathsome gust of wind that simply decides to pick me up. I wonder if it might be the Tengu having their revenge for all the thousands of years of servitude they’ve endured, but to say that is the truth would be a very troublesome stretch.

I believe I see Tenshi calling out to me, though without ears in this form I can’t quite hear what she wants to pass along. A shame, really. I can’t even tell if she’s angry or not as I’m swept from the room.

I next find myself in a utility closet of sorts. I’m surrounded by brooms, mops, and I just so happen to be completely naked. “Dammit!” I curse aloud, angry with myself for not having calculated this little issue into my escape plans. Well, I guess Tenshi has my clothes now. At least the undergarments aren’t mine. I would like to avoid imagining just what Tenshi might do with those, if at all possible.

I manage to fashion something workable out of a few old towels and an unused mop head. I can’t say I find the end result very attractive, but it’ll do until I find some child-sized clothes I can fit into. On the downside, however, I will be very, very conspicuous until I do.

[ ] Whatever. If I’m caught, I’m caught.
[ ] I could always try for an air vent…
[ ] Walking around naked would be better than this!
[ø] I could always try for an air vent…
We should just borrow a a servant's uniform. I'm sure there must be quite a few spares.
[x] Whatever. If I’m caught, I’m caught.
Who dares, wins.
[x] I could always try for an air vent…

Suika Willis!
[x] I could always try for an air vent…
[x] Walking around naked would be better than this!

I honestly think it would be less suspicious.
File 126203086492.jpg - (172.74KB, 700x525 , D8.jpg) [iqdb]
Therefore, the less chance of me being spotted, the better. Now, if I could just find a way to move around undetected…

Ah, I spy a grating on the wall! Poorly hidden behind some cleaning supplies and a fancy copper cover is what looks to be some manner of pipe work. I surmise its use is for heating, considering how cold it gets this high above the Earth during winter. Peeling the covering grate from the wall, I figure I could move throughout the building undetected via the steam ducts. Sadly, I won’t be able to fit as I am through the pipes, but thanks to my special ability I have a way to utilize this crude method of transportation. Shameful I think, but necessary. No need for delicacy, I easily tear the radiator from the wall, and as hot steam gushes forth I turn my body to vapor and force my way through the returning pipe.

After a good bit of time slinking around in the blistering heat and dark, I find myself climbing out into the heart of it all – the boiler room. Piping on all sides, and with no visibly way out from where I stand, I allow myself some time to recover from the ordeal. The heat isn’t particularly intense, but the steam burns on my skin from my romp through the ductwork would likely kill a creature with less constitution. All I get is a slight reddish tinge around my cheeks and shoulders and a bit of added sensitivity. Like sunburn to a human.

But alas, naked yet again! Such is the way of things today. Destined for yet another bout of public nudity, I search for the exit… or at least something to wrap around my unmentionables. I spot a large iron door in the far corner of the room – wide open. If it wasn’t so when I came in, the roaring of the boiler would have drowned out any sound in the immediate area. But… oh, that can’t be good. A light on the boiler flashes red – red flashing lights usually mean danger. Perhaps my tearing open the pipes might’ve set it off..

But never mind that! This development is bound to attract attention. Attention I’d rather not see me down here. So, I…

[ ] Run through the door
[ ] Jump back into the pipes
[X] Vaporize, wait for someone to enter the room, and then float out through the door. With all the steam that's bound to be coming through here pretty soon, no one should notice you.

Stealth games.
[X] Jump back into the pipes

Oh Wriggle boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling~
[ø] Vaporize, wait for someone to enter the room, and then float out through the door. With all the steam that's bound to be coming through here pretty soon, no one should notice you.
File 126231211196.png - (456.92KB, 1000x1000 , 6de4e05eab6bb4037367397820f0c610.png) [iqdb]
With nothing to do at this point but wait, I vanish in a puff of smoke. I take satisfaction in the knowledge that I’ve no clothing to lose this time around. My consciousness is pushed and pulled to and fro by small air currents caused by the rising steam, and I can only hope and pray I don’t get sucked away into some exhaust vent and pushed into the open air. I’d hate to have to sneak into the building a second time around.

Somebody walks into the room – a face unrecognizable by my fractured senses. I try catching an air current and float through the door – an effort made ridiculously easy because of the heat and pressure differences between here and the next room over. I’m blown out into the hallway and up a flight of stairs where I come to a dead stop. Yet another metal door stands in my way, and I’m forced to return to a more solid form to open it. Beyond the threshold is… Oh… Oh! What luck!

I’m in the baths! Those spoiled rotten Celestials have their own private indoor baths! Fortune smiles once more on this poor naked Oni! Lucky for me nobody in their right mind would want to take a bath at midday – the place is almost depressingly empty. Not a soul to be seen, though on the downside no people means no clothing to be stolen. And no clothing means I’m stuck being naked.

I head deeper into the room, the soft pitter-patter of my bare feet against the lukewarm tiled floor echoes strongly across the white stone walls. I can only marvel at how ostentatiously this place has been designed. The luxurious appearance of gold lines streaked across a white background would turn the heads of any mortal rich or poor, yet this manner of design seems common for the heavenly folk.

Steam from the heated water clouds my vision as I make for the exit, but what would be a normally simple act of leaving a room proves to be far more difficult as I would have imagined. The door leading out simply won’t budge. A wooden sliding door such as this would hardly impede me, yet even with all of my strength I cannot make it move.

“It’s no use, dear,” says an all too familiar voice from just beyond the water’s edge. “Only I can open that door.”

“Bah, then I’ll go through the wall!” I’ve no intention of wasting time playing one of her games! I wind up and slam my fist into the gold-inlaid stone with enough force to punch a hole straight through.

Again, nothing. I feel a slight pain in my knuckles – a proof that I did actually hit something, but I see not a dent in the wall.

“Seems I’m trapped,” I say hopelessly, marveling at the preparedness of the woman sitting just behind me. She snickers quietly as I hear her move through the water, or perhaps..

“It would seem that way~” The wall opens up, and I’m pulled inside. Next thing I know, I’m sitting in an awkward upside-down position with my head underwater.

I right myself quickly before water goes up my nose, and gasping for breath I say, “That was a dirty trick, Yukari..” And it is of course none other than Yakumo Yukari who sits before me, calmly sipping from a cup of some delicious-smelling alcohol and smiling like an old fox-woman like herself rightfully should.

“Was it, now?” she asks, acting surprised by my frustration. The smile on her face makes me uneasy – it is as if she knows about everything that I’ve done today, and despite the very probability that she does, my unease is unabated. “And what, may I ask… are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing much,” I laugh, “Just terrorizing some of the locals.”

“I see. Care for a drink?”

[ ] Abso-fucking-lutely!
[ ] No fucking way!
[x] Abso-fucking-lutely!

No way would Suika ever say no to an offer to drink.

That and Yukari would have some good stuff.

[x] Abso-fucking-lutely!

We're aslackin' so we might as well go the full nine with it.
[x] Abso-fucking-lutely!
-[x] ...But from my own gourd.

...If we even still have it with us.
[x] Abso-fucking-lutely!
[ø] Abso-fucking-lutely!
[x] Abso-fucking-lutely!
File 126256755864.jpg - (60.52KB, 640x480 , SUCCESS.jpg) [iqdb]
“Abso-fucking-lutely, I would!” That one’s a no-brainer. While I’m minus the usual necessities – I believe my gourd is laying somewhere in Tenshi’s room – I should make use of whatever generosity I can find. Yukari seems surprised for some reason. Perhaps she just didn’t expect me to respond with such enthusiasm. I would hope she wasn’t expecting me to refuse. Now, I could go a step further and grab the bottle out of her hands, but that just wouldn’t be polite.

“…What’s so funny?” She asks with uncertainty, “is there something stuck on my face?”

“Yeah,” I laugh, “that look! What’s with that face?!”

Of course, I get no answer. Not that I was expecting one from the likes of her. She quietly pours me a drink and I accept it without hesitation. Sure, one bottle isn’t gonna do much for me, but beggars can’t be choosers. She made the offer, sure, but I don’t think it’d be right of me to impose beyond her level of comfort.

A short chat draws into a long discussion. I can’t even remember what about when the room starts to spin. It’s been hours since I found myself locked in here with Yukari, and she’s kept the drinks coming non-stop since. I just keep gabbing on and on about whatever comes to mind and…

“Hey, Yukari..” Drunk as I am, something strikes me as odd. She seems oddly sober for a change, and it makes me wonder if she’s up to something..


“Ya know, I just thought of somethin’..” My mind returns to the boiler room, how somebody walked down into the room shortly before I left. The only exit out of there is through here, and whoever it was hasn’t come back up for several hours now. Or maybe they have, only one of Yukari’s little tricks kept them from entering this room. I cannot for the life of me think of a reason why Yukari would want me alone in here. Maybe it’s just a bit of inebriation getting the better of me..

“Yer up to something, aren’t ya?”

“Oh?” She plays dumb, “Whatever do you mean?” Certainly, she’s a damn good liar, but I can always see right through it and she knows it. Now I think she’s just trying to aggravate me.

“You know what I mean!” I say, “You got me in here all naked and drunk, so now what?”

“Maybe I’ll just have my way with you.” She pushes up against me, clearly less sober than I initially thought. She grabs me by the shoulders, looking seductive. I’d be happy to oblige of course, but seeing as this is all a bluff she just backs down giggling like a schoolgirl. A shame, I think. Despite her womanly beauty and charm she doesn’t act very mature.

“Or not, huh?” I find myself smiling and wondering what could have been had she not been just playing around. But instead, she pours me another drink and I’m right back where I started. Still, something seems oddly suspicious about her.

[ ] But a drink’s a drink.
[ ] Time to go, then!
[X] If Yukari is acting suspicious, then she needs to be examined. Thoroughly. With all five senses.

Uncovering her secret. If you know what I mean.
>“Maybe I’ll just have my way with you.”
Yukari x Suika?

I'm finding this disturbingly acceptable.
[x] But a drink’s a drink.
[x] If Yukari is acting suspicious, then she needs to be examined. Thoroughly. With all five senses.
[X] Time to go, then!
[X] Take the drink while your at it.

Last time Yukari was 'acting strangely' she went on a psychopathic murderous rampage.

Do Not Want.

This isn't EX Nine's story you know.

[ø] But a drink’s a drink.
File 126275566624.jpg - (170.65KB, 1024x757 , a343ea4f23fab8f54f265117035e2853.jpg) [iqdb]
But a drink is a drink, and as an Oni and a child of Oni it is my civic duty to consume whatever alcohol is placed in front of me. Yukari just keeps ‘em coming like a drunken assembly line and I dare not turn down even a single one. Suspicious or no, she is being quite hospitable.

And then she smiles, handing me yet another drink. I stare at the cup thrust into my hands wondering what could be so special about this particular one. I’ve half a mind to believe it’s been poisoned, but once the liquid touches my lips the surprise is entirely spoiled. I cough and sputter, my throat on fire.

“Ah, you like that one?” Yukari asks, clearly trying not to laugh, “It was a little something I picked up outside the border.”

“Ugh..” I wipe my lips, the burning subsiding but the desire to quench it with bath water remaining strong, “what is this shit? I’ve heard the term ‘fire-water’ before but god-damn!”

“If I could read the label, I’d tell you. I just figured you might want something a little stronger~”

“Fine by me, but at least gimme a warning before you go switching liquors on me again!”

I’m given a number more drinks of this particularly strong stuff, the effects kicking in immediately. I can already feel my senses waning as I reach for a third… Or a fifth? How many was that now? All I know is that I’ve begun to feel very, very tired. The alcohol I’ve consumed suddenly hits me like a train, and I’m out like a light.

I figure I’ve passed out. I close my eyes for a moment only to open them to a very different surrounding. I pass it off as nothing and close them yet again…


The Oni child falls into a deep sleep. She will awake in the evening with the familiar alcohol-induced headache to remind her of days long since passed and the parties of ages ago. This is a routine she has followed unbroken for hundreds of years; now more out of habit than enjoyment. Ibuki Suika, believing herself to be the last of her kind in Gensokyo, has unwittingly stagnated. However, by doing so she allowed herself to be accepted into the ranks of humankind, holding feasts night after night to gather the attention of onlookers and surround herself with those in similar spirit. Though as the earthquakes cease, she may find herself forced from this decline and cast back into a world that had long ago forgotten her. But this is Gensokyo, where even the smallest ripple can create the largest of waves. Ibuki Suika will not be the only one affected.

RETURN TO CHARACTER SELECT… (x2 characters remaining)


[☐] God
Not as easy as you might think.
[☐] Youkai (Completed)
Average difficulty for average people.
[☐] Human/Demi-human (Unlocked)
Increased difficulty due to lack of regenerative capabilities and decreased strength.


[☐] Warrior
Brute force-oriented character. HULK SMASH!
[☐] Mage
Strong elemental-type character. Useful against spiritual and elemental opponents. May be combined with another class with a penalty to magic damage.
[☒] Rogue (Completed, Locked)
Stealth-oriented character. Useful against armored opponents.
So cat's out of the bag. The opening sequence will be repeated a total of three times (more if there's a call for more), and each individual character chosen will serve an important role in the ensuing main story. The character who serves as the protagonist will be decided democratically when that point is reached, and supporting characters will be assigned to their respective roles by me depending on where they fit into the story. Sounds good? Good. Now, on with the show~!
[☐] God
Not as easy as you might think.
[☐] Mage
Strong elemental-type character. Useful against spiritual and elemental opponents. May be combined with another class with a penalty to magic damage.

At the first glance, I thought we hit a bad end after getting drunk.
[x] God
[x] Mage.
We'll be Shinki, right?
[☒] Demi-human
[☒] Warrior

Hoping for EX-Keine.
[x] God
[x] Mage.
[x] God
[x] Mage.
File 126280590769.jpg - (712.97KB, 562x750 , 30705c7e7f64707e122ac23a091f6f0b.jpg) [iqdb]
Gensokyo is a world founded on disbelief. If enough people believe that something doesn’t exist, nine times out of ten you’ll find that object or creature lurking somewhere out in the woods. Though on the rarest of occasions, it also stands possible that a lie may become truth as well… If enough people choose to believe it to be true. It may seem stupid, but it does happen. For me, a little white lie became an undeniable truth.

I am become Goddess of Hakurei, destroyer of worlds! …Or so I’d like to say. Truth be told it’s a little too peaceful around here. Not like the old days where something popped up once every few days and the only way to force it back to the depths from whence it came was by the application of copious amounts of brute strength. Ahh.. Just thinking about it makes me feel all nostalgic. How I’d love to just get out there and beat something into oblivion.

‘But Mima,’ the rules say, ‘you are a goddess, and a goddess must act properly!’ Rubbish, I think. Just look at the two squatters living up on high at the Youkai Mountain. All they do is bicker and squabble all day long, and between that and the infighting they hardly have time to act like a proper pair of goddesses. Their shrine maiden does all of their goddessing for them! What a laugh, right?

Oh, but here comes yet another non-believer! Here to beg for yet another handout, I presume.. “O God of Hakurei,” she says, “will I ever become wealthy?”

Heh, she sounds like Reimu. As the goes through the motions of praying and such, I’m given time to think up a proper response.

“Sure, why not?” so sayeth the voice of god, “Just take whatever lies in yonder donation box and be on your way.” But as sure as the box is empty, the girl walks off with her hopes somewhat dashed. I’m hardly sympathetic. This is exactly what should happen when something people would refer to as an evil spirit becomes a god. I’m merely maintaining the order of things, and the current status quo currently states that not only should the donations box be empty, but that the Hakurei shrine should receive little to no visitors at all.

..Doesn’t really help to quell this boredom. It got awfully interesting for a spell when some girl blew the shrine down, but now that it’s been rebuilt, well... Back to the same old, same old. Reimu and the others are all off partying and living it up somewhere, and I’m stuck here all alone, trying to hide my form and play goddess to a newly rebuilt shrine. Fresh timber smells wonderful, but not that wonderful.

[ ] I think I should pay them all a visit.
[ ] I should be a good goddess and stay here.
[x] I think I should pay them all a visit.

Sure a good goddess stays where she's at, but Mima is hardly ever good. (She's the evil spirit you'd never bring home to mother)

[ø] I think I should pay them all a visit.
[x] I think I should pay them all a visit.
[x] I think I should pay them all a visit.

This came dangerously close to hiveminding my idea for Mima in my next story.
File 126310056870.jpg - (241.34KB, 639x769 , WORSHIP ME.jpg) [iqdb]
Besides, it isn’t like I’m paid to do this. If anything, the position seems more reminiscent to slave labor than anything. And I can’t say I have any particular responsibility to play goddess to a slowly rotting or what will soon become a yet again slowly rotting shrine. So I think I’ll pay my dear old Hakurei priestess a visit, wherever she might be.

Though for an ordinary spirit, finding her might prove a somewhat troublesome task. The locations where parties can be held have grown exponentially in these past years, and she could be at any one of them. Thankfully, I’m no ordinary spirit. I once read long ago that priestesses are spiritually linked with the gods they enshrine. Thinking it was a load of baloney, I had abandoned the thought and the book I had read it from. At least, up until recently my disbelief had continued. For it was made painfully obvious to me upon becoming the Hakurei goddess that it is actually quite true, and that my initial dismissive attitude towards the writings so long ago has put me today at a bit of a disadvantage.

The spiritual link between me and her should serve as a channel – for power, life energy, what have you. But the link is broken… at least to a point. All I can gather from it is Reimu’s location at any given moment. That, and nothing more.

And by my own power can I manifest myself beside her. A simple teleportation magic and a bit of concentration are all that is required for me to be at her side…

Or standing over her bed, in this particular instance. I’ve no clue where this place is, but it seems that Reimu has been well cared for in my absence. I can faintly sense a few other familiar presences in the surrounding area upon further investigation and magical probing. Perhaps maybe two rooms away I can sense that drunkard Oni and the woman who broke down the shrine, and there are many more moving about inside the building like ants busy putting together a nest.

“Mnnnngh…” Reimu stirs, awakening slowly. Her eyes flutter open but she has yet to catch sight of me.

“That’s a bad habit you have, watching other people sleep,” she says, stretching her arms as she speaks. Her eyes are still unfocused, and she still has yet to actually see me. It would be prudent of me to remember during future endeavors that this spiritual link works both ways.

“..Least I didn’t sit on your face and force you to wake up,” I smile, locking the heavy hardwood door to the room. I’ve no ill intentions… yet, but I’d rather not find a picture of myself in tomorrow’s paper below some outrageous headline. That woman is in the area too, though farther away than the others.

“And I thank you for that…” Reimu finally sits up, letting her hair down after tossing the covers aside, “But I have to ask, what are you doing here, exactly?”

“Meh, bored. Got tired of tending the flock.” I rest my head at the foot of the bed, watching and smiling as she dresses herself. She gives me an uncomfortable grimace at first, but I find myself ignored overall.

“Well, perhaps you can help me then, so long as you still intend to ignore your position,” she looks into a nearby mirror, still refusing to make direct eye contact with me, “I need to collect some personal effects from the cellar before I leave today. Perhaps you could bring them to me?”

“Aaaaand… What, exactly, am I looking for then?”

“Clothes, hopefully washed by now…” the look in her eye passes in an instant, but displays a certain utter contempt for something or someone before she continues, “and a few other priestessing tools. I’m sure you’ll know it when you see it.”

[ ] Back in a flash!
[ ] Wait, when did I agree to this?
[x] Back in a flash!

Why not. There's plenty of time to be a complete ass later.
[x] Back in a flash!
[x] Back in a flash!

She never said to behave afterwards.
[ø] Back in a flash!
Forgive this poor writefag for his lack of updates. I've been working pretty much non-stop all week, so I haven't been able to find the time to write anything. Hopefully this will be subject to change shortlly. This public service announcement brought to you by all-nighters!
File 126403373813.jpg - (208.07KB, 612x771 , 5e0ce791adf34ee710e45f81ef1a6e58.jpg) [iqdb]
“Alright, gotcha!” I almost run through the door when I realize I’ve forgotten something very important, “But Reimu..”

“Yeah?” She gives me a dirty look, certainly no way to treat a poor little soul doing her favors, but then again... she’s always a little on edge. I get the feeling she doesn’t completely trust nor really even like anyone who isn’t one-hundred percent human, and for me that goes double. I’m one hell of a thorn in her side, and that isn’t all in her head.

“Err…” But her unusually cold gesture does take a bit of the wind out of my sails, “Which way is the cellar?”

“Down the hall, to the left. Look for the big red signs that say ‘KEEP OUT’ in big letters. You can’t miss it.” She waves me from the room, and turns back to what she was doing previously before I had interrupted. I can see her crawling back into bed as I slam the door shut.

I follow her directions almost to the letter, and sure enough only a few paces away is a door with the big red sign she mentioned posted right at eye-level. Of course it’s locked, but such physical barriers will hardly slow me down. Ghosts can walk through walls. Everybody knows that! And I, hardly a ghost by any meaning of the word, possess this ghostly sort of characteristic. Perhaps it applies to all ethereal beings and not just to ghosts as the myths might have one believe.

In any case, I follow the fairly linear path straight down under the building. And once I travel far down enough, I’m left wondering exactly how deep this place goes. The heavens are basically built on top of floating islands, right? So it has to have a bottom somewhere! This long, downward-sloping corridor of storage rooms and utility closets cannot possibly go on forever, can it?

But along the way, a faint sensation stops me dead in my tracks. It would seem that I’ve passed through some kind of magical barrier. I’ve no idea what it’s doing so far down here, but it doesn’t seem to prevent anything from passing through. Rather, it’s almost as if…

Yeah, as if! It doesn’t impede my progress in any way, so despite my curiosity I travel onward through the next door into… a dead end. A couple of boilers are seated dead-center in the chamber, but there seems to be no way out. A light flashes red and a couple of pipes on the walls seem to have burst…

[ ] Whatever, backtrack.
[ ] Maybe try fixing them?
[ ] Investigate! SCIENCE!!


FINALLY. It's bit short, but better than nothing, right?
[x] Maybe try fixing them?

I don't think this'd take too long.
[ø] Maybe try fixing them?
[x] Investigate! SCIENCE!!
[x] Investigate! SCIENCE!!
[ℤℯ] Maybe try fixing them? SCIENCE!
File 126444950419.jpg - (730.83KB, 1000x600 , Mass Effect 2 in one day expect delays.jpg) [iqdb]
I’m no good samaritan, but I know danger when I see it. These pipes need to be fixed, and let’s just hope the whole thing doesn’t blow up on me if I connect something wrong. I never did trust steam technology. Too volatile, too explosive if even the slightest thing goes wrong. Well, if I need to make an excuse for fixing this later, I’ll just say I didn’t want my shrine maiden getting blown to smithereens with the rest of the rabble here. Sadly, I really can’t say for certain if she truly deserves better…

But of course, touching the pipes bare-handed is out of the question. Too hot. Wouldn’t want to scar my beautiful and delicate skin with steam burns, so a few basic telekinesis spells and a metal sign to weld the pipes back together will have to suffice. It’s a pretty basic fix even without the knowledge of how one of these things works. The pipe bone’s connected to the pipe bone~♪ Once fixed, I continue back the way I came.

On the way out, I notice something different. Beyond the strange barrier I’d noticed earlier, everything has been moved around. It would take too long to simply arrange so much garbage by hand, so I figure some form of magic is behind this. Wait, this isn’t even the same room, is it? What an odd turn of events… And the ward itself is visible to the naked eye – not exactly what I would consider normal. I expect foul play is at work here. Somebody must be trying to trap me down here, though I can’t for the life of me figure why. I suppose it’s merely human nature to abhor vengeful spirits.

“Oh?” I muse, “What an interesting little toy…”

As I get closer to the faintly glowing magic circle, I can feel myself being drawn towards it, and I quickly dispel it before I’m sucked in and forced to face some grisly fate like being sealed away for the rest of time. But it all seems strange… Aside from the single ward, I can detect no further tricks and traps as I make my way through the halls.

Eventually, I find myself back where I started outside of the maintenance rooms. Unless the celestials have seen fit to decorate a maintenance access way with marble flooring and gold leaf trim, I would figure I’m back in the main hall. Of course, I wouldn’t dare return to Reimu empty-handed after making such a thoughtless promise to retrieve her stuff, so I’m left with really only one option – back down the rabbit hole I go. Ahh, life really sucks with roommates. Or shrinemates, in this instance.

To my surprise, the maintenance tunnels are different yet again. I wonder if they were intended to be variable in this manner like an ever-rearranging labyrinth, or if somebody behind the scenes is simply toying with me. I can feel no magic at work in this place beyond the ever-present flow of mana, so it would seem that the change is purely physical in nature. Perhaps I should…

[ ] Wait and see if it changes again.
[ ] Go back into the main hall.
[ ] See where this hall arrangement leads.
[x] See where this hall arrangement leads.

I'm starting to get the feeling Reimu's messing with Mima.
[ø] See where this hall arrangement leads.
[x] See where this hall arrangement leads.
I am so fucking lost.
File 126533405349.jpg - (59.67KB, 450x632 , Heres to hoping avp doesnt suck like the mp demo.jpg) [iqdb]
So I just beat Mass Effect 2. You know what that means!


I suppose delving once more into the maze couldn’t hurt. At the very least, it won’t kill me. I’m already dead. Or am I? This whole becoming a goddess thing has really blurred the lines and… Well, the lines were pretty damned unclear to begin with so it only puts me at a disadvantage. Maybe I should hire a priest, ha ha ha.

Making my way deeper down the corridor, I’m met with dark hall after dark, smelly hall. And did I ever mention the cobwebs? I can pass through them thanks to my ethereal nature, but it looks like nobody’s been down here in centuries. Those celestials really ought to hire a housecleaner. Or fire the old one and get one who’s a little more thorough…

But after I turn down a few more corners it’s made abundantly clear that I’m probably not even in the same building any more. First of all, I don’t remember there being a pit of lava down here. And second of all… Why’s it so goddamned hot? No wait, dumb question. I’m sweating in my boots, and I’m not even wearing shoes! Advantage of not having feet… Or more specifically the freedom to choose whether I prefer walking or just floating everywhere. The latter is far easier on the back, I must say.

Choosing the smartest route, I turn back. This isn’t some adventure game after all. I’m not here to go spelunking in pits of molten rock or fight monsters. All I want to do is find Reimu’s britches and prevent the subsequent scolding upon not finding them in a timely manner. And I’d rather not get stuck down here if the hall arrangement changes on me again. I prefer cobwebs and old house smell to this blistering heat.

Halfway back to the celestial palace, a wall drops down in front of me. Heavy brick, clearly designed to hinder my progress. I take it somebody seriously doesn’t want me finding Reimu’s underpants. I sit on the dusty floor for a moment thinking to myself as to how exactly to get out of here, and then it dawns on me. I’m a goddamn evil spirit! I can just pass right through this as if it were made of air!

…Though I’d much prefer it to be made out of vanilla pudding. As an afterthought, I could probably accomplish this with magic, but I’ve stood around long enough.

Passing through the wall puts me right back where I started in the main hall, all golden and glittering and really starting to get on my nerves. At this rate I might as well hand Reimu my underwear and call us even.

…Terrible idea, I’ll forget I even came up with it. I’m left feeling somewhat exhausted after that last trek into the unknown, so maybe…

[ ] Go back empty-handed.
[ ] Master-spark the wall.
[ ] Mishap.
[ ] Master-spark the wall.
[x] Master-spark the wall.

Sure why not.
[x] Twilight-spark the wall.
[ø] Mishap.
[x] Master-spark the wall.
[x] At an angle, though, in case it's reflective or something absurd.
[]I'm firing mah laser beam!
> at an angle, in case it's a reflective wall.

Then we can do mishap. But lasers always come first.

Way to bump a dead thread.

With a name, too. Just a roiling torrent of fail, here.
You know. Something that did not get updated in 8 months is dead.

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