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100131 No. 100131
A really short story, for the duration of Halloween.


It's Halloween, a time when ghosts abound, witches stalk the night, and monsters hide in bushes. Well, actually they do that all the time. Especially up at the shrine.


But that's beside the point! Today is Halloween, the one night of the year all good children can dress up and get candy by the armload!

This year, it is your solemn duty to visit the dangerous places in this world of Gensokyo, and return with the delicious spoils of adventure!

You stride through your front door overflowing with confidence, costume expertly worn, bucket ready to be filled. Grinning silently to yourself, you slip out into the dark.

The night is young~


You are a particularly adventurous human, out and about on Halloween. Get as much candy as possible. You can fly under your own power.

[ ] Specify costume (optional)

First destination? (pick only one)
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
[ ] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Underground & Ancient City
[ ] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
[ ] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine
[ ] Netherworld & Surrounding area

[ ] ON

*Crossovers means that anons from other stories may appear at certain locations. Briefly.

No. 100132
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion

[x] ON
No. 100133
[x] Netherworld & Surrounding area
[x] ON

Halloween is supposed to be about the dead, right? Go pay your respects to them first I say.
No. 100134
[ ] Underground & Ancient City
No. 100135
[x] Specify costume (Zombie. A really convincing one)
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[x] ON

Always hit up the rich neighborhood first.
No. 100143
{X} Scarlet Devil Mansion
{X} ON
No. 100144
[x] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[x] ON
No. 100145
[X] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine

You're a human, so you ought to get that over with since you're already there.

No. 100147

[X] Specify costume (a dancing zombie)
[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[X] ON
No. 100154
[X] Specify costume (a dancing zombie)
THRILLER! Let's scare Sanae again! But first...
[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[X] ON
No. 100156
[Q] Specify costume (a dancing zombie)
[Q] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[Q] ON

Called. Update when I finish work.
No. 100157

Chances are in the THPverse, Haku and Yuyuko beat you to it already.
No. 100166
[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[X] ON
No. 100170
File 125634110977.jpg - (11.83KB , 300x285 , 1096820-dancing_zombie_large.jpg ) [iqdb]

Where better to go on Halloween then the very devil's house itself?

You bound out over the plains, up, up,
over the lake.

You could have walked, but really, where's the fun in that?

Prancing on tip-toes, you reach the gate.


Meiling's asleep again, legs crossed, a little basket of candy beside her.

Ever so carefully, you uncap your marker and write

"Sleeping - Do not disturb"

On her forehead. Of course, you help yourself to a large helping of candy, too. After all, you helped.

Oh! You've got a great idea.

Since the gate guard is asleep, why not take a look inside?

[ ] Wander about the halls
[ ] Head straight for the library


You got:
(3) "fun size" chocolate bars from Hong Meiling.
No. 100171
[X] Wander about the halls.

Getting treats from Fairy Maids~
Playing tricks with Fairy Maids~

>"fun size" chocolate bars

"Fun size" is such a BS name. Less candy is not more fun.
No. 100172
[x] Wander about the halls
No. 100173
[x] Dance through the halls.
No. 100175
[x] Dance through the halls.
No. 100178
{X} Dance through the halls.
No. 100179
[x] Moonwalk through the halls.
No. 100180
[Q] Dance(walk) through the halls.

Writing now.
No. 100189
File 125634956393.jpg - (218.66KB , 600x848 , 9016d7903944dfba713c9c1d308561cc.jpg ) [iqdb]

You stride through the doors.

No, no, no. That's all wrong!

Try again!

You dance through the door, grooving to the beat only you can hear. Your steps reflect the rhythm of your soul, burning brightly for all to see.

Assuming, of course, there was anyone to see it.


So quiet~

Your groove slows to a little jig.

"Oh? The Mistress was hungrier than usual, it seems."

The head maid appeared!

"It's been some time since I had to clean up a zombie."

You correct her.

"Well, it's been even longer since I had to clean up a dancing zombie."

She pokes at your legs with the broom. The wings of your soul carry your feet out of the way, flowing into an increasingly exotic dance.

Two minutes later, she raps you lightly on the head as you try to get up off the ground.

"So, how did you get in?"

You tell her. She smiles at you, but you think you saw an evil look for a second. Taking you gently by the arm, she leads you back to the entrance.

You were kind of hoping to get some more candy.

Wait, did she just wink at you? You check your bucket.

What sound does a low whistle make? You just made it.

It's the French Stuff.

You pass by Meiling again on your way out. She's still asleep, but she seems to have stuck a knife in her hat while you were gone. It makes a much better costume you'd say.

As an after thought, you add

"Please take some," With an arrow toward the candy basket

on her cheek.

Second destination?
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
[ ] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Underground & Ancient City
[ ] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
[ ] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine
[ ] Netherworld & Surrounding area

Roll for encounter:
[ ] Gelatin Mold
[ ] Par-Course


You got:
(1) The French Stuff from Sakuya Izayoi.

No. 100192
[X] Netherworld & Surrounding area

Need to hit up Yuyuko early, before we have enough candy that she'll try to swipe it from us!

[X] Gelatin Mold

No. 100193
[x] Netherworld & Surrounding area
[x] Gelatin Mold
No. 100194
[X] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
[X] Gelatin Mold
No. 100196
[✠] Underground & Ancient City
[✠] Gelatin Mold

This is awesome.
No. 100198
[X] Netherworld & Surrounding area
[X] Par-Course
Gotta slim down in preparation for all the candy we're going to be eating.
No. 100202
[Q] Netherworld & Surrounding area
[Q] Gelatin Mold

Called. Writing now.
No. 100206
File 125635650893.jpg - (175.36KB , 425x661 , fe2d4c7578925c4e7e6a24226cf96895.jpg ) [iqdb]

You're feeling daring tonight, so why not knock on death's door?

As you rise up to the clouds, someone passes you on a broomstick.

The nerve!

You catch up to the offending witch.

"Oh, so even the dead are flying now? Halloween sure is something." She chuckles despite the severe lack anything funny. You decide to humor her.

To start with, you ask about the bag held under her humerus.

"Oh, that's a funny story. Y'see, I thought I go do some trick or treating."

She hefts it over her shoulder. That one's the scapula.

It's bulging, but not with candy. Unless the candy is shaped like books, or comes in very large boxes. Either way, it's probably stolen. People normally don't give out that much candy.

How a candy book work, anyway? You'd have to eat it as you read, and you'd probably get sick of it by the end. You certainly wouldn't be able to read it again.

The good-humored witch flies drops away into the forest.

Ah, you're here.

You've always wondered why people bothered to knock. You never heard about people Barging into Death's House and Shouting "I'm Here!". You never hear about people Jumping Death's Fence and Jimmying Death's Back Window either, which is what you'd do. People are polite about the strangest things.

Knock, Knock.

The doors swing open. Pity they don't squeak properly.

You start to drift up the staircase, and keep going

Yeah, that's pretty boring. You blast up the rest of the stairs at full speed.

The garden's pretty bare this time of year, isn't it? A bare garden isn't much fun. Now, a bear garden...

You emerge from your Ursine dreamings when the white swords-girl approaches you.

"What are you here for?"

So cold~

She could use a coat, you think.

You hold up the bucket expectantly. She sighs, putting her head in her palm.

"Right, Lady Yuyuko mentioned that... Wait here a moment, I think I have something."

She walks off in a jiffy.

Speaking of which, you've been neglecting your Rhythm. After all, what is a dancing zombie that doesn't dance? A miserable bile of bones.

You've moved on to jazz hands when she comes back. She eyes you oddly.

"What are you... nevermind. Here."

She hands you a little bag of chocolate balls. Oooh, handmade.

"I managed to stop Lady Yuyuko from eating all of them before she left. Really, with all the candy those two are going to eat..."

She shakes her head, at a loss.

Well, what's next?

[ ] Try the haunted mansion
[ ] The Sanzu river is nice and spooky


You got:
(5) Handmade chocolate from Youmu Konpaku.

No. 100207
Heading off for tonight, writing resumes tomorrow. Voting stays open.
No. 100208
[x] The Sanzu river is nice and spooky

Chances are we'd catch Komachi either sleeping with a candybowl or dressed up as something.
No. 100209
[x] The Sanzu river is nice and spooky
No. 100211
[X] The Sanzu river is nice and spooky
No. 100212
[ø] Try the haunted mansion
Let's go check out what the Prismrivers have in stock~
No. 100213
[✠] The Sanzu river is nice and spooky.
No. 100219
[x] Try the haunted mansion
No. 100236
[x] The Sanzu river is nice and spooky
No. 100244
[ø] Try the haunted mansion
No. 100245
{X} The Sanzu river is nice and spooky
No. 100249
[Q] The Sanzu river is nice and spooky.

Called, Writing now.
No. 100254
File 125639199630.jpg - (258.66KB , 450x636 , bab4dbe21bc0f3fae254b31da2617343.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ah! Since you already knocked on death's door, why not visit death herself?

It's not a long walk, but-

-it is quite a long fall. You always wondered why that staircase was there.

Oh well, you're here!

So many ghosts, you almost feel out of place.

There she is! You trot over, careful to keep your steps fanciful.

"Heya there!" Komachi waves at you idly. She does everything that way. "You're the first one here! Can you believe that?"

You wave back, carefully integrating it into your dance.

She's dressed up in a black cloak this year. You make sure to mention it.

"Yeah, 'boss didn't like my costume last year. 'Said I should try to look more business-like."

You nod sagely. It's a tough world, where people don't get Halloween.

Last year, she dressed up as a mummy. Though, you're pretty sure mummies were wrapped up all over, not just in two places. Oh well, it was pretty cool.

"Tell 'ya what, since you're the first one, I'll give you extra candy!"


You wave goodbye enthusiastically and hurry back to the world of the living.

Roll for encounter:
[ ] Gelatin Mold (Marisa)
[ ] Par-Course
[ ] Syrup & Pancakes
[ ] Bell Tower


You got:
(3) Licorice from Komachi Onozuka.
(2) Jawbreakers from Komachi Onozuka.
(4) Taffy from Komachi Onozuka.
(1) Full-size Chocolate bar from Komachi Onozuka.

No. 100262
So the role of that one cool house in everyone's neighborhood that gives out full-size candy bars is being played by Komachi? Makes me wonder who's going to give us apples and dental floss.

[X] Par-Course
No. 100263
[x] Syrup & Pancakes

I was wondering this, too.
No. 100264
{X} Par-Course
No. 100278
[x] Par-Course
No. 100279
[Q] Par-Course

Called, Writing Now.
No. 100288
File 125641312431.jpg - (312.78KB , 800x1131 , 4d59fef90c6540cf87e756689d41b3cb.jpg ) [iqdb]

The big doors swing shut behind you as you gently drift down the the earth.

Someone let go of their umbrella. You know because you just caught it.


Oh, there was somebody inside.

"Did I surprise you?" She giggles, clearly pleased with her latest efforts.

Actually, that was rather plain, but you don't say so.

"Halloween is the best time for surprising, isn't it?"

Maybe, but everyone expects to be surprised on Halloween, so it's no one's really surprised. They'd be more surprised if no one tried to surprise them at all. Which is a surprise in itself, actually.

Now, what would be a real surprise is a rain of goats. No one expects that.

"You'd need a big umbrella for that." Kogasa stares at you, wide-eyed.

Of course, no one wants to be hit by a falling goat. You don't the the umbrella would want to, either. It'd break. She puts a hand on her chin and looks thoughtful.

"Maybe I've been focusing too much on just becoming a better youkai..."

You'd certainly be surprised if an umbrella blocked a falling goat.

"I've decided! Starting today, I'm going to work on becoming a better umbrella, too!" She flies off.

She's all fired up. You hope she doesn't get fired.

Third destination?
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
[ ] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Underground & Ancient City
[ ] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
[ ] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine
[ ] Netherworld & Surrounding area

No. 100289
[✠] Underground & Ancient City.
No. 100290
[X] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine
No. 100291
[x] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine

On the note of Komachi, I'd gladly trick her treats, IYKWIM.
No. 100292

[X] Underground & Ancient City
No. 100293
[x] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine

This seems a fitting area for a haunted house and a lot of treats.
No. 100295
Who wouldn't?

[Q] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine

Called and Writing.
No. 100297
File 125641719223.jpg - (1.18MB , 1440x900 , 190d6c68820c852c82d94187c38d7fa8.jpg ) [iqdb]

Youkai Mountain. Said to be the residence of only the most feared youkai and the bravest humans.

You'd bet they've got loads of candy.

To the sky, to fight evil and liberate the sweet, sweet treasure!

Something smells really nice down by the foot of the mountain. You are most definitely not stalling or anything.

You fly down to investigate.

There's two people standing over a little fire. They're burning leaves. Are they homeless? So sad.

But leaves don't smell delicious.

"Leaves aren't just for burning!"

"What else are they good for, then? You should be happy, I'm doing something useful with them."

The first girl puffs up and storms off. She's probably finding something to rain on.

Maybe she'll rain goats?

You approach the remaining girl, who's still sticking her tongue out.

"Ah, a human! What are you here for?" She demands

You hold out your bucket for an answer. She smiles.

"So, you couldn't resist the delicious smell, huh?" She says it really loud. "Here, have one. They're really good and useful!" At least she's shouting the other way now. She holds up a baked sweet potato and set it in your bucket. You'll need to let that cool.

The first girl comes running back and shoves a bunch of leaves in after it.

"Bleh!" She sticks her tongue out at the potato girl and runs off again.

"Hey! Come back here!" The other girl runs after her.

You look up to the mountain. More treasure awaits!

[ ] Visit the Tengu.
[ ] The new shrine sounds fun.


You got:
(1) Roasted Sweet Potatoe from Minoriko Aki.
(too many) Dry Leaves from Shizuha Aki.

No. 100298
[x] The new shrine sounds fun.
[x] Remove some of the leaves from your bucket.
No. 100299
[ ] The new shrine sounds fun.
No. 100300
[x] The new shrine sounds fun.
[x] Remove some of the leaves from your bucket.
No. 100301
[✠] Visit the Tengu.
[✠] Remove some of the leaves from your bucket.
No. 100307
[ ] Call out for Dan Quayle.

[X] The new shrine sounds fun.
[X] Remove some of the leaves from your bucket.
No. 100315
[Q] The new shrine sounds fun.
[Q] Remove some of the leaves from your bucket.

Called. Writing sometime soon, probably.
No. 100322
File 12564365564.jpg - (213.04KB , 800x1103 , sample-d40aa440b11289eb00e74c289ea7ac84.jpg ) [iqdb]

Ugh. You wish people wouldn't keep sticking crap in your bucket.

At least it wasn't literal this time.

You grab a handful of the leaves and toss them out of the bucket. That's as much as you can get without losing any candy. For once, you're glad for the wrappers.

This'll be the first time you've been to the shrine up here. Since they're new, maybe they'll be giving out lots of candy? You can certainly hope.

Also, there shouldn't be any youkai in this shrine.

You ascend the mountain at top speed, trees blurring past below you.

Ah, there it is. You touch down lightly at the base of the stairs and walk through the shinto gate. It's bad luck to go around it, right? You don't remember.

It strikes you at this point that you've been neglecting your dance. By gods, what kind of dancing zombie are you?

You set about rectifying the situation on the approach to the door.

Knock knock.

You heard somewhere that knocking on wood brings good luck.

Knock knock, a-knock knock knock, knock knock.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

She's coming~

The door slides open, you hold out your bucket, and-



Ow! You didn't even come here last time!

Also, you didn't know people's eyes got that wide.

"Ah... I-I'm sorry!" She bows deeply. "I thought you were someone else..." She rubs her head sheepishly as she stands up.

At this point she notices your bucket, and, most importantly, the candy.

"Ah! It's Halloween today, isn't it?" With an excited clap, she hurries back into the house. You hear her call out inside, and several people answer in turn. Huh, you didn't know there were any men here.

Several minutes later, she re-emerges, several hard candies cupped in her hands. Oh cool, they've got bugs in them.

"Just don't tell Suwako, alright?"

You nod. Whoever Suwako is, you won't tell her.

Roll for encounter:
[ ] Gelatin Mold (Marisa)
[ ] Par-Course (Kogasa)
[ ] Syrup & Pancakes
[ ] Bell Tower
[ ] Giant Cherries
[ ] Sing-Song
[ ] Stylistic Flaw


You got:
(3) Hard candies with bugs in them from Sanae Kochiya.

No. 100323
[x] Sing-Song
No. 100325
[x] Syrup & Pancakes

Did she mistake us for Haku?
No. 100326
[x] Syrup & Pancakes


Crossovers are on, so probably.
No. 100328
[ℤℯ] Syrup & Pancakes
No. 100329
[x] Syrup & Pancakes

>(3) Hard candies with bugs in them
Dear lord, leaves and now this.
No. 100330
File 125644111044.jpg - (10.96KB , 280x318 , Bug_Factor_Lollipop.jpg ) [iqdb]
See pic.

They were turned on at the start. You've just been dodging most of the chances so far.

Going to sleep now. Voting remains open, Updates return tomorrow.
No. 100337
[X] Sing-Song
No. 100353
[x] Sing-Song
No. 100356
[✠] Giant Cherries
No. 100360
[x] Stylistic Flaw
No. 100365

>Huh, you didn't know there were any men here.
Hmm... Hakunon and the anon from That Sanae Story?
No. 100370
"Syrup & Pancakes" is tied with "Sing-Song"

I'll call the vote proper when I get back this afternoon.
No. 100371
{X} Sing-Song
No. 100398
"[Q] Sing-song" Takes it.

Called and Writing.
No. 100449
File 125650669053.jpg - (189.97KB , 1024x768 , fb7724b8a972c33e12865322e4098a9d.jpg ) [iqdb]

Mission accomplished, you leave the shrine behind you.

You walk through the gate backward for fun. Who cares if it got funny looks from people?



off the mountain.

Your bucket's not even half full! You'd better pick up the pace, if you want to make the quota. You aren't entirely sure what the quota is, but you suspect it involves the bucket being a bit more full. More like that one.

Oh wow, that's a lot of candy.

"Heya there!"

Oh, it's a white rabbit. Lucky!

"Good evening."

And a Japanese princess. What a surprise. You make sure to return the bow.

"Oh, how much you got there?"

The nosy rabbit is poking it's nose into your candy. Maybe it smells the sweet potato?

"Oh, not bad for a normal person, I guess."

The princess looks daintily confused.

"Isn't this a normal amount?" She gestures to the radiant mass of joy on the cart beside her.

"Yea, but people like this guy here always have trouble." The rabbit pats you on the back hard enough to make sure she bruised your pride. It hurts.

"Perhaps we should share some, then?"

But what's a few bumps and bruises between friends?

"Nah, he wouldn't be able to enjoy it then. After all, it's only worth something if you get it yourself, right?"

You're pretty sure they make good luck charms out of rabbit's feet.

"I suppose so..."

She looks awfully concerned, now.

"Does that including Shiro too?"

"Of course! You can't just go sharing candy with people out of pity!"

The rabbit picks grabs the cart handle and the princess and drags them away. You make a rude gesture at her back.

Fourth destination?
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
[ ] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Underground & Ancient City
[ ] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
[ ] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine
[ ] Netherworld & Surrounding area

No. 100451
[ ] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
No. 100453
[x] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
No. 100457
[ø] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
No. 100458
[x] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
No. 100462
[Q] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine

Called and writing.
No. 100468
[x] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
No. 100473
No. 100478
File 125651318445.png - (430.44KB , 720x830 , 13d67a924dbfa38f94ae5963046e662a.png ) [iqdb]

You might as well get the yearly tradition out of the way.

Just by being near the village you can feel you groove dying. It's so... mundane, so safe and boring.

Well, you do have a stop to make here. You know she'll bug you for days if you don't.

At least it's not the full moon, right?


You quickly double-check. Waning Gibbous. Whew, safe.

You can't be a dancing zombie without your groove, though. Seems you'll have to disguise yourself as a regular zombie.

She's not a very good spotter, so she probably won't be able to see through your masterfully disguised costume.


Keine's house is the only one with real doorbell. She said she liked the sound. You think she bought it to impress Outsiders, personally.

The door opens, and you brace yourself for the worst case.

"Oh, you finally came by. I was thinking you got lost, or eaten by a Youkai."

She steps back inside, reaching for something by the door. Oh please don't let it be-

"Here you go."

She deposits a green apple and a white tube with pictures of teeth on it in your bucket.

You breathe an inward sigh of relief. Last year she gave you more homework.

"Thank you, Miss Kamishirashani," accompanied by a low bow. She gives you a side of teacherly scowls for butchering name, but it's the least you can do to repay her. While she's here, anyway.

Once the door is closed, you skip away. The night's looking brighter already. Freedom!

First, though, you should get your groove back.

[ ] Go up to the Hakurei Shrine. It's always full of youkai, isn't it?
[ ] The Heida house is rich. Groove or not, they might have good candy!

No. 100479

No. 100480
[ ] The Heida house is rich. Groove or not, they might have good candy!
No. 100485
[x] Go up to the Hakurei Shrine. It's always full of youkai, isn't it?

Sure it might not have candy, but I'm sure a party of some sorts is going on there. And it might not hurt to donate some candy to Reimu.
No. 100487
[✠] Go up to the Hakurei Shrine. It's always full of youkai, isn't it?
No. 100488
[X] Go up to the Hakurei Shrine. It's always full of youkai, isn't it?

Whiskey bonbons from Suika?
No. 100491
[x] Go up to the Hakurei Shrine. It's always full of youkai, isn't it?

Are we going to be able to hit up every residence and pick every encounter by the end of this?
No. 100493
[x] The Heida house is rich. Groove or not, they might have good candy!
No. 100494
[ø] The Heida house is rich. Groove or not, they might have good candy!

unless this choice results in not being able to visit the Hakurei shrine.
No. 100495

Every residence, yes. Every encounter, probably not. There's just too many of them.
No. 100499
No. 100500

Why does my spelling suck so hard?
No. 100503
Typing while impaired?

[X]The Hidea house is rich. Groove or not, they might have good candy!
No. 100506
If you visit the Hieda house, you can't visit the shrine.

Forgot to post this:


You got:
(1) Green apple from Keine Kamishirasawa.
(1) Tube of Mint Toothpaste from Keine Kamishirasawa.


Going to bed for the night. Voting remains open.
No. 100507
Ah, revoting, then.

[ø] Go up to the Hakurei Shrine. It's always full of youkai, isn't it?
No. 100509
Clearly she was referring to Lily White.


No excuse at all for this.
No. 100528
I'm just a walking typo today, don't mind me...
No. 100535
Wait, but >>100495

No. 100543
[X]The Hidea house is rich. Groove or not, they might have good candy!
No. 100548
[X]The Hdiae house is rich. Groove or not, they might have good candy!
No. 100554

I probably misphrased that before. Each area has two scenes, only one of which you can get. I'm counting "Human Village & Hakurei Shrine" as a residence, not "Keine's house" "Hakurei Shrine" and "Hieda House". Sorry for any confusion.

Also, [Q] Hakurei shrine wins, and Writing Now.
No. 100570
So no Tengu or Prismrivers?

No. 100576
File 12565699051.jpg - (176.86KB , 500x500 , c439f2169c083aed3fc5d3520153ae9d.jpg ) [iqdb]

The Hakurei Shrine. It's the scariest place in the village, with a bad tempered miko and literal droves of youkai visitors. Worst yet, there's a crazy man who lives on the ceiling.

It's the perfect next stop!

The power of your soul's rhythm surges back like a mighty wind as you near the defiled holy land. Its overwhelming strength compels you to dance!

You moonwalk up the steps.

Knock knock. Timidly, of course.


No answer. No sounds of party. No screaming and yelling of threats. And the building is still in one piece.


Where are you, and what shrine is this?

Oh, wait, you hear someone snoring. It's just one of those days, then.

Time to let yourself in~

The door lock provides little obstacle, and you are soon inside, grooving silently through its many halls.

First stop: The kitchen, to scout for candy. It takes a lot of work to rummage through cupboards while dancing and still not make any sound.

Here it is! A little bowl marked "for halloween." It's mostly rice candies. Or was, it's mostly wrappers now. You take what's left.

You follow your flowing dance steps back out to the door. Above you, wood creaks.

...This building doesn't have a second floor, does it?

A small, white object clatters into your bucket.

You decide this is an ideal time to get the hell out of dodge.


Already, the shrine is now a small speck in the distance behind you.

Roll for encounter:
[ ] Gelatin Mold (Marisa)
[ ] Par-Course (Kogasa)
[ ] Syrup & Pancakes
[ ] Bell Tower
[ ] Giant Cherries
[ ] Sing-Song (Tewi & Kaguya)
[ ] Stylistic Flaw
[ ] Arm Wires


You got:
(10) Rice candies (stolen) from Reimu Hakurei.
(1) Chess piece from ???.

No. 100577
[x] Stylistic Flaw
No. 100578
[X]Stylistic flaw.

There are no old men, only Mima who wants to play ceiling chess.
No. 100580
[✠] Giant Cherries
No. 100581
[X] Stylistic Flaw
No. 100582
[X]Stylistic flaw.

Why not?
No. 100584
[X] Giant Cherries

Cherries are delicious. And enormous.
No. 100590
[X]Stylistic flaw.
I feel smart
No. 100591
[x] Arm Wires
No. 100620
[ℤℯ] Arm Wires
No. 100629
Your writefag has been shot by an honorless lion. Update delayed a few hours for recovery.
No. 100643
Said writefag should have moved to the interior of the nearest vehicle upon sighting of a Lion or any other kind of african predators.
No. 100647
[Q] Stylistic Flaw

Called and writing.
No. 100662
File 125659004774.jpg - (162.57KB , 626x800 , aa05553c2f3efd531647d60c996616d6.jpg ) [iqdb]

Oh? Someone's coming the other way.

"Ara? Someone's coming the other way."

"Indeed." This one sounds tired.

Some strange people. Dressed up as a pirate and a princess.

"Come on, Iku, you need to play the part!"

"Arrrgh. Ahoy."

"More enthusiasm! Look at how well I'm doing!" She leans back and mimes fanning herself.

Despite all the signs, you don't hear the famous Noblewoman's Laugh. Pity, sounds like she could do a real one. And why does everyone else have so much candy already?

"Arrgh. Ahoy, matey."

Oh hey the noticed you again. You quickly retract your hand before they see it near their candy. They tend to get snippy about that.

"And what is a boy like you doing, running from a shrine like that?"

You think for a bit. Saying "the crazy man on the ceiling gave me a chess piece" might raise a few eyebrows. A few more, anyway.

So instead you tell them the (partial) truth: There's no candy (anymore).

"Really? Awww. I was hoping to bother Reimu for a while... Now I don't have an excuse"

"Eldest Daughter, you shouldn't make it a habit of annoying people (more than you already do)."

Oh wow, she can talk like that too.

"Hmph. Fine then, let's go to the other shrine."

Iku sighs and looks at you wretchedly. You offer a silent prayer for her and the Moriya shrine. Not before nipping a few pieces of candy, though. It's only fair.

Fifth destination?
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
[ ] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Underground & Ancient City
[ ] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
[ ] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine
[ ] Netherworld & Surrounding area


You got:

(4) Caramels (stolen) from Tenshi Hinanawi.

No. 100664
[x] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
No. 100667
[X] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
No. 100668
[x] Bamboo Forest & Eientei

I wonder what stuff Eirin would have, hopefully not fruit.
No. 100686
[x] Underground & Ancient City

Packets of prescription medication samples.
No. 100707
[ø] Bamboo Forest & Eientei

I think we should save the underground palace as the final destination.
No. 100710
[ø] Bamboo Forest & Eientei

I just want to see what Eirin gives us.
No. 100714
[Q] Bamboo Forest & Eientei

Called and writing.
No. 100721
File 12566531649.png - (79.57KB , 600x600 , 0a85ccff0d0c26895d64073147c90a3f.png ) [iqdb]

Where to next? Well, why not visit the good doctor's house?

You rise up above the bamboo forest and scan the ground. You've only been there once or twice before, so-

Wait, there was that time you tried to break into the flower youkai's mansion.

Oh, and that time you tried to catch that kappa.

And after that fight with the giant spider.


Okay, so you've been there lots of times, but only once or twice while conscious.

There it is!

You drop down like a rock, feet first and go into a spin.


Just before your toes touch the ground you catch yourself, spinning in place.

Where better to practice than outside the hospital?


On the other hand, you can't fly when you can't find the ground.

When you find down again, you approach the door. It's the clinic door, but everyone (you) knows that you get the best stuff here.

Knock kno-

Wow, that was fast.

You quickly pull your hand a away from her chest.

"I do hope you're not a patient, we're quite busy right now..."

You shake your head. Out goes the bucket!

"Oh. Why didn't you go to the front door, then?"


A tall rabbit runs in, carrying a man in a kimono. His eyes are rolled back into his head, and he's drooling a bit.

"He collapsed again!"

You turn back to the doctor, who is currently massaging her temples. Is he... dead?

"He's a friend of the princess. Sadly, this is becoming per usual."

She turns around, and you hear a snap as she pulls on a rubber glove.

"Udonge, get the defibrillator." what's a defribullater? "Oh, right. Here." She tosses several multi-colored balls into your bucket.

The tall rabbit walks quickly over to you and deposits a bit of paper after them.


She shoots you what could be an apologetic look and hurries about her job.

Huh. Turning, you fly off.



That doesn't sound comfortable.

Now, weren't there some food stalls around here?

[ ] Tastes like chicken.
[ ] Smells fishy.


You got:
(3) "Candies" from Eirin Yagokoro.
(1) Packet marked "Antidote" from Reisen Udongeing Inaba.

No. 100722
[x] Smells fishy.
No. 100725
[x] Smells fishy

I like this treat better.
No. 100736
[X] Tastes like chicken.

I hate fish.
No. 100737
[x] Smells fishy.

Let's visit Mystia
No. 100748
[Q] Smells fishy

Wins. Called and Writing.
No. 100761
[X] Smells fishy

Changing for Mystia~
No. 100805
File 125667922941.jpg - (100.73KB , 540x755 , 4167917fe8ed05a16829e2cbeda0b4d3.jpg ) [iqdb]

You'll leave the hoary-haired hermit alone for tonight. It's not good to tempt people who think pacifism is a buttery thing you eat with afternoon tea. It's even worse, since she probably doesn't have any of those. She doesn't strike you as much of a tea drinker.

Instead, you'll go after a certain occasionally-flightless bird. She's more likely to have real candy, anyway.

It's a good thing the smell of whatever strange fish she cooks permeates so well. You find the stall in no time.

"Oh~ Hello, little worm meat~"

Oh geeze, what a way to greet someone. You take a glance around.

"Rumia went off somehere~"

No Rumia! Yay!

You take a running leap (with just a pinch or flight) and land perfectly on one of the stools.

"Hehehe~" She ruffles your hair with her almost freakishly long, clawlike nails. "You're still too young for a drink~"

You frown a bit. That's not why you're here!

...not the only reason, anyway.

She scratches her head in thought.

"Ahahaha~ I don't think I have any candy~"



Well, carp. Up till now it'd gone swimmingly. This should've been easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.

Okay, enough puns. That last one was lame.

Nothing you can do now, you suppose.

"Oh, actually..." She reaches into her apron pocket and produces a small plastic bag that she sets in your bucket with almost exaggerated care. "I forgot I had these~"

It's a bag of marshmallows

You barely restrain yourself from spontaneously hugging her, instead settling for a bow.

Ouch, countertop there.

"Hahaha~" She giggles, covering her mouth with the back of her hand. "You've still got places left, right?"

You nod eagerly, bounding off with joy.

Roll for encounter:
[ ] Gelatin Mold (Marisa)
[ ] Par-Course (Kogasa)
[ ] Syrup & Pancakes
[ ] Bell Tower
[ ] Giant Cherries
[ ] Sing-Song (Tewi & Kaguya)
[ ] Stylistic Flaw (Iku & Tenshi)
[ ] Arm Wires


You got:
(1) Bag of Marshmallows from Mystia Lorelei.

No. 100806
[ ] Giant Cherries

Oh god, delicious marshmallows.
No. 100807
[X] Bell Tower
No. 100809
[X] Giant Cherries
No. 100810
[X] Arm Wires
No. 100811
[X] Giant Cherries

>You barely restrain yourself from spontaneously hugging her, instead settling for a bow.
>Ouch, countertop there.
We're... pretty moe.
No. 100813
[X] Giant Cherries

Mystia Marshmallows~
No. 100814
[x] Syrup & Pancakes

It keeps coming in second - don't give up now!
No. 100819
>Chess piece

I don't suppose this is a reference to Nanaya playing chess on the ceiling.
No. 100824

Took you long enough.
No. 100844
[Q] Giant Cherries

Called and Writing. I've been waiting for this one~
No. 100849
>"Udonge, get the defibrillator." what's a defribullater?
Fuck, I know I've heard this line somewhere. I remembered laughing at it, too.
No. 100863

I think it might be a DoLF reference in regards to Shirou, someone who often abused the "Anemia option"
No. 100921
That it was.

Also, the update comes tomorrow. Curse you, Life & Work!
No. 101015
File 125674444275.png - (327.01KB , 520x520 , 8bfd0093e84cd6360e541cc8df91f97e.png ) [iqdb]

You groove through the air and across the ground. You can feel the sugar high seeping out of the bag directly into your bloodstream. It's... intoxicating.

"My my, something smells delicious~"

A ghost! Dressed as a ghost. Oh my, how original.

"Don't take it from other people, Yuyu. It's not nice."

You've got years of experience, so you didn't flinch at that one.

It's another ghost, dressed in the same, boring white robe. They really have no sense of originality, no sense of style!

"No legs" is a nice touch, though. Awfully hard to fake.

"But it smells so goood~"

Oh, is she talking about the sweet potato? It is still warm...

"We'll make some when we get back, okay?"

You make sure to bow and greet them politely. After all, you didn't even need to break into their house to get candy.

"Ooooh~" She puffs out her cheeks indignantly and stamps her foot. Hey, when did she get those?

"People recognize us too easily! I told you we should have had the hoods..."

"Ahaha... I told you, that looks like something else."

Refusing to dwell on past failures, the ghostly princess-in-disguise has stuck her nose into your candy bucket. You jerk it away quickly.

"Yuyuko..." He blows out a long breath through his lips, and shoves his hand into his stomach.

Wait, what

He fishes around for a good half-minute, pulling out what appears to be one of those little chocolate balls Youmu gave you. Yuyuko's head snaps around like those rubber-band things.

The both of them smiling and giggling, she opens her mouth, allowing him to place it inside. She chews it slowly and deliberatly, the corners of her mouth turning up. You can almost sense a little bubble forming around them.

Oh wait, are their pupils turning into hearts?

You slip away quietly as they get lost in each other's eyes.

Man, ghosts are weird.

Sixth destination?
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
[ ] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Underground & Ancient City
[ ] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
[ ] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine
[ ] Netherworld & Surrounding area

No. 101017
[x] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
No. 101021
[x] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga

Let's see what costume Yukari's wearing.
No. 101024
[X] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
No. 101025
[x] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga

Yakumo Family in Halloween costumes. Fund it.
No. 101026
{X} Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
No. 101030
[Q] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga

Five votes unanimous! To the forest it is. Writing now.

Mystia thinks so too~
No. 101032
[✠] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
No. 101033
[X] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga

Ah, it's always nice to see Haku and Yuyu caught up in eachother like the silly lovebirds they are.

Here's hoping for some sexy costumes on Ran and Yukari. On Alice, too.
No. 101041
Encounters with Anon so far (Correct me if I'm wrong)

References to Shirou
Nanaya playing ceiling chess

Anything else?
No. 101043
Shirou was also the person Reisen carried in at Eientei.
No. 101044
[X] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
No. 101048

Man's voice in Moriya shrine (Cu Chulainn).
No. 101175
File 125675443028.jpg - (208.38KB , 602x850 , 9a46b4757563a627cc68ed627e4e1fba.jpg ) [iqdb]

Slip away quietly, into the woods~

The forest is a wonderful place for Trick-or-Treaters, especially those who lean toward the "Trick" end of the scale.

But for those adventurous few who journey into it, seeking the Holy Grail of Treats, it is a place filled with adversity and strife. Those that survive refuse to speak of it, drowning in shame and blunt trauma.

You, however, are privy to a great secret: The perfect way to get lost. It is a mystic art, known only to he who has spent years of his life dedicated to not knowing or caring where he is. To him alone, that mystic, solitary shrine of sugar shall be revealed on this Halloween eve.

The white picket fence is a nice touch, though.

You sidle through the gate and shuffle across the yard.

"Oh! A person appeared!"

Oh! a per-

Hey, she's stealing your lines!

With a swish or her cape, the feral vampire-cat leaps from the rooftop, landing in a one knee-crouch, covering her mouth with the one hand.

"I will carry out my mission from Miss Ran! No one should wake Miss Yukari! Now go away!" She sticks her tongue out at you.

The guardian of the shrine... the Final Boss, huh? You groove side-to-side, waving your arms in slow, deliberate patterns of complete and utter nonsense.

You'll end this in one move! Hyaaaa!

"Heh!" She dodges away in a blink, your outstretched hand fly past her at speed.




That was easy~

"Huwa!" With a leap and a flip, she grabs the eaves of the roof, pulling herself up in a second.

You hear a rumbling that builds in intensity, followed by a loud "thunk" that shakes the door. The handle turns, and it flies open moments later.

Extra stage!?

"What are you doing!?" The fox woman whispers fiercely, rubbing the large red spot on her forehead. "You'll wake her up!"

"Wake who up, exactly?" Yukari blinks sleepily and fans herself, hanging halfway out of a gap. She's dressed in a witch costume, but... as Keine would have put it, she was missing a few yards of cloth and a half dozen buttons. You disagree.

"L-lady Yukari!"

"Hmmm...? Ran, what happened to you costume, I wonder?" Ran stiffens, noticably, eyes going wide.

In a single motion her hands slip down to the floor, grabbing the hem of Ran's robe, and tugs it up over her head.


Careful years of practice let you ignore the impulse to cover or avert your eyes.

Underneath, she's wearing an outfit much like Yukari's, but red. She tries to pull down enough of the fabric to cover her belly, but to no avail.

Yukari swipes off Ran's hat, replacing it with a proper pointy one.

You have enough sense not to whistle, instead remaining silent, if only for this moment to last a little longer.

"And who do we have here?" Yukari leans directly into your face, one hand barely concealing a smirk.

Oh damn, she noticed you.

You hold up the bucket, little bits of fuzz still floating around inside your head.

Yukari reaches into her gap, producing a handfull of sweets and treats, and setting them in your bucket. She crawls back into the gap with a wink, leaving a very crimson Ran to slam the door hard enough to shake the house.

Oh my god this was the best stop ever

There were other stops... around here... right?
[ ] ...Try the magicians, maybe? They live near each other...
[ ] That little store on the edge of town... they might have some... some... right, candy.


You got:
(1) Anpan from Yukari Yakumo.
(1) Cream Bread from Yukari Yakumo.
(2) Candy apple from Yukari Yakumo.
(2) Bags of Jellybeans from Yukari Yakumo.
(1) Glorious memory of youth from Yukari & Ran Yakumo.

No. 101183
[x] That little store on the edge of town... they might have some... some... right, candy.
No. 101184
[x] ...Try the magicians, maybe? They live near each other...

>Oh my god this was the best stop ever

I do concur here.
No. 101186
File 125675469283.jpg - (162.28KB , 600x414 , 124924712396.jpg ) [iqdb]
>(1) Glorious memory of youth from Yukari & Ran Yakumo.
I can't smile wider than right now after reading this. This was glorious.

[x] ...Try the magicians, maybe? They live near each other...
No. 101187
>(1) Glorious memory of youth from Yukari & Ran Yakumo.
I knew there was a reason I liked Halloween best of all.

[X] ...Try the magicians, maybe? They live near each other...
No. 101196
{X} ...Try the magicians, maybe? They live near each other...
No. 101197
[X] ...Try the magicians, maybe? They live near each other...

The Yakumo house is the most awesome house to stop at during Halloween! Candy for the stomach and the eyes...
No. 101261
[x] That little store on the edge of town... they might have some... some... right, candy.

Marisa is likely to steal our candy.
No. 101272
[x] ...Try the magicians, maybe? They live near each other...
We already saw Marisa. This is Alice time.
No. 101295
[Q] ...Try the magicians, maybe? They live near each other...

Wins. Writing soon~
No. 101317
[x] That little store on the edge of town... they might have some... some... right, candy.

Well that was interesting...
No. 101318
File 125677107210.jpg - (268.59KB , 700x700 , aaa0be2ebd70fc7682798fbec7869603.jpg ) [iqdb]

...Um, right, you should go see the magicians! They've usually got candy set out. And they live right near each other, too.

...More candy!

Ow, tree.

Reluctantly shaking off the last of the pink haze, you fly down to Alice's house. She's pretty punctual about putting out a bowl.

You manage to groove through the air, dancing without a floor. It's a feeling of utter freedom.

You land your moonwalk in front of Alice's house, descending in a wide, slow spiral.

There it is. A bowl of candy outside the house, and, perched atop the edge, one of her dolls. You think it's London, but you aren't sure. Seeing you, it pulls up stack of written cards.

"Happy Halloween!"

It shuffles to the next.

"Miss Alice is working right now."


"Please take some!"

And an arrow toward the bowl.

You obey gladly.

It shuffles to the next.

"Marisa, leave now."

Written in what almost looks like blood.

You stare at it blankly for several seconds. London turns the card around, then, blushing as much as a doll can, flips it over.

"You're welcome~"

With a little heart in the corner.

You bow, and the doll returns it. With a little skip backward, you soar off to the sky for a better vantage point. It doesn't take long to spot the only other column of chimney smoke, coming from Marisa's house. It seems to be a funny pinkish color, and you take extra care not to inhale it.

No-one out front. No-one out back.


No-one ins-

Oh wait, someone inside.


There's a man inside Marisa's house. Seriously, what is going on? And who is he?

"I'm David. I'm, ah, staying here."

You narrow your eyes. The only person burgling burglars is a burglar like you.

It appears the costume did not improve your image this time. The man takes some candy from a bowl by the door and places it your bucket. Hmph. Good enough.

He shuts the door, and you rise above the treeline again.

Roll for encounter:
[ ] Gelatin Mold (Marisa)
[ ] Par-Course (Kogasa)
[ ] Syrup & Pancakes
[ ] Bell Tower
[ ] Giant Cherries (Yuyuko & Hakuanon)
[ ] Sing-Song (Tewi & Kaguya)
[ ] Stylistic Flaw (Iku & Tenshi)
[ ] Arm Wires


You got:
(3) chocolate wafer-things from London (Alice Margatroid).
(2) packs of gummy candies from David Lee Roth.

No. 101320
[X] Bell Tower

I'm curious, because it can't be the obvious options...
No. 101321
[ ] Arm Wires
No. 101322
What are the obvious options?
No. 101323

Meiling and Reisen are the immediately obvious encounters, but we've already encountered them. Hence my curiosity.
No. 101324
[X] Arm Wires
No. 101325
[x] Arm Wires
No. 101326
[x] Syrup & Pancakes

I'm still rooting for this option. ;_;
No. 101327
Never got the "reisen - tower" connection at all.
No. 101328
[X] Bell Tower
I have AT&T but...
No. 101329
[x] Bell Tower

I wonder if this leads to Remy and Belmonyous or not.
No. 101331
Changing votes, because I really hope so.

[X] Bell Tower
No. 101340
[x] Bell Tower
No. 101345
Done writing for tonight. I'll call the vote tomorrow, when I get up.
No. 101355

It's a "bell" connection, actually. Meiling is "Beautiful Bell" and Reisen can be read as "Bell Wizard."
No. 101378
I learned something today~
No. 101526
File 125686377766.jpg - (538.18KB , 1000x1540 , dab9363132a04d9fe46097c558da8c38.jpg ) [iqdb]

Trees, trees, and more trees. Why does the forest always get bigger when you're inside it?

Maybe it's magic.

You reach the edge of the forest and touch down. Flying is hard work, you know.

And here's three people who agree with you, from the look of it.

Two vampires dressed as people and one person dressed as a vampire. Is it opposite day?

No, it's Halloween~

So you greet them.

"Oh, a good night to you too." The blue one drops a curtsy. You try to pick it up.

She chuckles softly into her hand, while the blond one just straight-up laughs. The man looks thoroughly bemused, confused, and maybe a bit apologetic. He reaches up to scratch his head with the arm not entangled in vampire.

You take a glance at their costumes. The blue one is wearing an extra-frilly black ball dress, and the blond one is dressed as a pretty pink princess. Ouch, bit your tongue.

The man is dressed in a long, red-lined black cape and a loose white shirt with more frills than you've ever seen on any man. Alive, anyway.

Though, seeing the Scarlet family out and about is quite rare in itself.

"Flan wanted to try Trick-or-Treating this year, so I thought we'd make it a family outing." Says the blue vampire, squeezing the man's arm between her own. "I must say, it's been quite fun."

Hmmm... you don't see a bag, though. Where are they keeping all their candy?


Huh? If you aren't keeping it, what are you doing?

All three of them point to their mouths.

They've simply been... eating it? What horrible depravity! What lawlessness! Outrage! Filled with a burning light of justice, you hold out your candy-blessed bucket, allowing them to bask in its glory.


"Is that a sweet potato?"

"It's full of leaves."

"Ew, those are bugs."

"That packet looks familiar..."

You pull it away angrily. If they can't appreciate the glory, they can't see it!

Fueled by righteous indignation, you launch into an impassioned speech on the power of Halloween, and the sacred ritual of Trick-or-Treating. How dare they take its name in vain!?

The two girls stand in awe, mouths slightly agape, as you bring your rousing oratory to a close. The man looks at you with a slight smirk on his face, which he is clearly trying very hard to suppress.

You say your goodbyes, waving as they walk away. From her position atop the man's shoulders, the blond girl calls back to you.

"Thanks, Mr. Zombie!"

Hey, is that a licorice in her mouth?

Your head snaps back to the bucket. She swiped one!

Grumbling, you set off.

Final destination?
[ ] Scarlet Devil Mansion
[ ] Forest of Magic & Mayohiga
[ ] Human Village & Hakurei Shrine
[Q] Underground & Ancient City (AUTO)
[ ] Bamboo Forest & Eientei
[ ] Youkai Mountain & Moriya Shrine
[ ] Netherworld & Surrounding area


You lost:
(1) Licorice to Flandre Scarlet.

No. 101529
Belmonyous as Alucard!? Awesome.

And losing a candy to Flan is no real loss. We still have our glorious memory of youth!
No. 101532
No. 101555
heh totally worth it
No. 101556
The memory of Flandre eating our twizzler-stick is just as good.
No. 101561
File 125687336131.png - (230.66KB , 711x711 , 1229961807302.png ) [iqdb]
I enjoy >>101526 thoroughly.

Now, the Palace of Earth Spirits is the only place we haven't visited. Wonder how the Komeiji Sisters are celebrating Halloween.
No. 101625
File 12569292903.jpg - (245.18KB , 720x960 , 616f1875851a3e9e7c93e7952ada9b75.jpg ) [iqdb]

One last place to go.


Down in the earth, among the tunnels of earth-spiders and decrepit webs of long-days-ago...

The city of the Oni, the old terrors of the night.

A paradise for treasure hunters, a deathtrap for the common man, and the world's longest party~

"Hey, you!" A girl runs up, a little scruffed and very out of breath. "What are you doing?"

Why, crossing a bridge of course. What else can you do with a bridge?

"Well cut it out!"

You suppose you could hide under it, but you're not a troll.

"Just go away." She scowls fiercely at you.

What, and miss out on candy? No way~

Oh wait, isn't she supposed to be handing some out?

"I don't know what you're talking about..." She glances guiltily to the side. Oho~

You plant yourself firmly in front of her. This is your final destination! There's no way you'd leave until your bucket's full!

She grinds her teeth, burning with the green fire of envy. She's burning with regular fire, too.

"Eh? Ah!" Swatting at her arms frantically, she attempts to extinguish the charred remains of her sleeves.

You groove past her and across the bridge before she finishes. Shame she didn't have anything, though.

It's time for the ultimate test of courage...

[ ] ...Visit the Oni!
[ ] ...Go up to the Palace!


You got:
Nothing from Parsee Mizuhashi.

No. 101626
[ ] ...Go up to the Palace!
No. 101627
[X] ...Visit the Oni!
No. 101628
[x] ...Go up to the Palace!

As much as seeing Suika and Yuugi crammed into something interesting is fun, I like to see how Orin and Okuu dress up.

But either way is fine with me.
No. 101629
>She grinds her teeth, burning with the green fire of envy. She's burning with regular fire, too.
[X] ...Go up to the Palace!
No. 101637
[X] ...Go up to the Palace!

The "hated" Satori lives there! Everyone is afraid of her! Clearly the best Halloween destination!
No. 101643
[x] ...Go up to the Palace!
No. 101644
Poor Parsee.
No. 101647
[Q] ...Go up to the Palace!

Called and Writing~
No. 101697
File 125695896911.jpg - (191.02KB , 900x900 , c1b5db346091de97828a5fe9124c13ef.jpg ) [iqdb]

...Visiting the Palace of the Earth Spirits. A place so fearsome and feared, even the Oni are afraid of it.


You trot down the the stone pathways.


and up the cliffside.

Front doors are boring.


You knock (softly) on the side door.

With mansion's like this, you can't just run up and bang on the door. You gotta come up slowly and grab 'em from behind.


...Maybe no one comes to this door?




That rust looked suspiciously like two iron bars, a door chain, and a deadbolt, but you got them off alright.

The cat-girl in front of you looks at you with predatory eyes. Wha-


"Rin, put him down."




"What if we-"

"No! I don't care how he smells! We are not burning him!"




Burlap is very uncomfortable, you know.

The pink eye-woman takes you by the arm, leading you through the mansion.

"Now, what are you doing here, exactly?" She looks at you eye to eye to eye.

You thoughts on the subject run something akin to:


She sighs and massages her forehead. People seem to do that a lot around you for some reason.

"Orin, hold on to him for a bit, okay?"

Affirming happily, the cat lifts you bodily into a lung-crushing embrace.

The woman returns a moment later, carrying a couple pieces of candy. Oooh~

She places them in your bucket, then shoos you out the door.

Well, that's that. You fly up back to the surface.

Roll for encounter:
[ ] Gelatin Mold (Marisa)
[ ] Par-Course (Kogasa)
[ ] Syrup & Pancakes
[ ] Bell Tower (Scarlets & Belnonymous)
[ ] Giant Cherries (Yuyuko & Hakuanon)
[ ] Sing-Song (Tewi & Kaguya)
[ ] Stylistic Flaw (Iku & Tenshi)
[ ] Arm Wires


You got:
(3) Peanut butter cups from Satori Komeiji.

No. 101698
[x] Syrup & Pancakes

So our quest ends so soon? oh well...
No. 101703
[X] Syrup & Pancakes
[X] Arm Wires

No point in wasting a perfectly good planned encounter.
No. 101709
[X] Arm Wires
No. 101719
[X]Arm Wires

'Scuse me while I wipe the cat-induced drool off my mouth...
No. 101726

[x] Syrup & Pancakes
[x] Arm Wires
No. 101736
[x] Syrup & Pancakes
No. 101748
{X} Arm Wires
No. 101749
[x] Syrup & Pancakes
No. 101752
Coin tossed, '[Q] arm wires' it is.

Writing now.
No. 101755
File 125699737743.png - (236.67KB , 700x865 , 1256977313857.png ) [iqdb]

Up, above the ground, with the fresh air swirling 'round. You take a deep breath. It has been oddly warm for this season...

Why do you smell flowers?

...Hide now!

"Oh, what have we were?"

Too late.

"A festering corpse of meat? Or a little scamp in fancy clothes?"

You'll take Option C, thank you very much.

"She covers her mouth with the back of her hand, laughing."

You both turn to the man with her.

He yawns absently, and looks between the two of you.


He busies himself working a crick out of his neck.

Yuuka turns back to you, "pleasantly". You pull up your collar over your mouth.

"Well, I suppose we should be finishing up our walk. Here." She places something in your bucket.

Wait, what? Did that burlap bag have something in it?


Maybe Yuuka's going soft? She's gained a bit of weight around the belly, it looks like...

Oh well!

(Final begins soon. Please wait warmly.)


You got:
(1) Coconut bar from Yuuka Kazami.

No. 101757
Mama Yuuka~
No. 101759
File 125700018522.jpg - (259.71KB , 1000x1004 , 8c25d609d5fd353f2710285d16d711b3.jpg ) [iqdb]

As you approach home, your groove slows to a softer beat, and a familiar Melancholy fills your soul.

Halloween is... over.

You turn your face to the east, where the sun is just about to rise. A single tear of passion roll down your cheek.

Tap tap tap

You climb the steps, pushing open the door of your house. Your parent's have long gone to bed, and the lights are extinguished. On the table, though, a lone candle burns beside a basket, and on it, a note.

"You can have any leftovers - Mom"

A smile spreads itself across your face. Truly, this was an excellent Halloween.


Ending theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFrbKv2irzs

Congratulations! Trick-or-treating in Gensokyo Complete!

Have a Happy Halloween~


74% Clear!

You got:
(3) "Fun size" chocolate bars from Hong Meiling.
(1) The French Stuff from Sakuya Izayoi.
(5) Handmade chocolates from Youmu Konpaku.
(32) Licorice from Komachi Onozuka.
(2) Jawbreakers from Komachi Onozuka.
(4) Taffy from Komachi Onozuka.
(1) Full-size chocolate bar from Komachi Onozuka.
(1) Roasted sweet potato from Minoriko Aki.
(Too many) Dry leaves from Shizuha Aki.
(3) Hard candies with bugs in them from Sanae Kochiya.
(1) Green apple from Keine Kamishirasawa.
(1) Tube of mint toothpaste from Keine Kamishirasawa.
(10) Rice candies (stolen) from Reimu Hakurei.
(1) Chess piece from ???.
(4) Caramels (stolen) from Tenshi Hinanawi.
(3) "Candies" from Eirin Yagokoro.
(1) Packet marked "Antidote" from Reisen Udongein Inaba.
(1) Bag of marshmallows from Mystia Lorelei.
(1) Anpan from Yukari Yakumo.
(1) Cream bread from Yukari Yakumo.
(2) Candy apple from Yukari Yakumo.
(2) Bags of jellybeans from Yukari Yakumo.
(1) Glorious memory of youth from Yukari & Ran Yakumo.
(3) Chocolate wafer-things from London (Alice Margatroid).
(2) Packs of gummy candies from David Lee Roth.
(3) Peanut butter cups from Satori Komeiji.
(1) Coconut bar from Yuuka Kazami.

Missed scenes:

[Scarlet Devil Mansion] Head straight for the library (Patchouli, Koakuma, Sera)
[Netherworld] Try the haunted mansion (Prismriver sisters)
[Youkai Mountain] Visit the Tengu. (Mikio)
[Village] The Heida house is rich. Groove or not, they might have good candy! (Akyu)
[Eientei] Tastes like chicken. (Mokou, naturalist anon)
[Forest] That little store on the edge of town... they might have some... some... right, candy. (Rinnosuke/Knight Blazer)
[Underground] ...Visit the Oni! (Yuugi, Yamame, Taizou)
[Encounter] Syrup & Pancakes (Aya & Adahn)

Bonus features:
[ ] Just one more scene! (select only one)
[ ] Darth Rumia
[ ] Magical Cupid Koishi: Episode 1
[ ] Nothing
No. 101760
[x] Darth Rumia

Or, if more than one is allowed...

[x] Just one more scene! ([Scarlet Devil Mansion] Head straight for the library)
No. 101761
[ ] Just one more scene! ([Youkai Mountain] Visit the Tengu.)

No. 101762
[x] Darth Rumia
No. 101764
{X} Just one more scene! ([Youkai Mountain] Visit the Tengu.)
No. 101767
[x] Darth Rumia

I can hardly wait.
No. 101768
[x] Darth Rumia

What the fuck
No. 101769
[x] Darth Rumia
No. 101771
[✠] Just one more scene! ([Underground] ...Visit the Oni!)
No. 101772
[x] Magical Cupid Koishi: Episode 1
No. 101773
[x] Just one more scene! ([Youkai Mountain] Visit the Tengu.)
No. 101775
[x] Just one more scene! ([Scarlet Devil Mansion] Head straight for the library)
[x] Magical Cupid Koishi: Episode 1

No. 101781
I'm writing Dead Enterprise again over in /underground/.
No. 101782
[X] Just one more scene! ([Underground] ...Visit the Oni!)
No. 101786
[X] Just one more scene! ([Scarlet Devil Mansion] Head straight for the library)
[X] Magical Cupid Koishi: Episode 1

The Aya/Adahn encounter is awfully tempting, but Sera is a fairy! I can't pass up fairy!
No. 101787
[x] Just one more scene! ([Youkai Mountain] Visit the Tengu.)
No. 101790
[X] Just one more scene! ([Underground] ...Visit the Oni!)
No. 101802
[x] Just one more scene! ([Underground] ...Visit the Oni!)
No. 101804
[X] Just one more scene! ([Underground] ...Visit the Oni!)

Because my egotism knows no bounds.
No. 101805
Get back to work, nigger.
No. 101808
[x] Just one more scene! ([Youkai Mountain] Visit the Tengu.)