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9441 No. 9441
[x] Continue like this.
[X] Ask her about whether she'd like to help educate Mokou. Or if there's anyone else she might want to help "educate."

Yep, a calm approach is a good thing in this situation. Even if you lose... It's still your win. After all, no matter the outcome, everyting is going according to the plan.
Next move from your side is half-baked as well. You don't even take time to consider other options. Just rush in, kick the reason to the curb, etc. That's how real men win wars, right? Like that one guy... What was his name..? He had something to do with combining swords and firearms, right? Damn, you can't remember...
"Hey, it's your move."
Akyu's voice brings you back to reality. Damn, it seems you've spaced out yet again.
"Right." Quickly glancing at the battlefield, you make another move "So, Akyu." you lean back "Keine was letting Mokou to watch to 'educate' her, right?"
She nods.
"As ridiculous as that sounds... Well, that was her excuse, I think. Maybe she likes being watched." Akyu giggles "I don't know, I don't know~."
Smiling, she hums the last part of her sentence while knocking down another pawn of yours. Seems she's enjoying herself.
"Alright" you say as you make another move "So what would you say if I suggested to 'help' Keine educate Mokou?"
"Eh?" she's suprised "Help? You mean...?"
"Basically" you say, smiling viciously "Let her watch us having sex."
Akyu's hand stops in it's tracks, halfway to the board. She's looking at you with a difficult to read face. Of course, she's suprised, but also... Hm, what is it? Curiosity? Her pink lips are slightly opened, making you want to put your finger in between them and wriggle it around a bit. Wait, that's a rather weird fantasy.
"W-watch us? B-but... You wouldn't feel embarassed?"
"Oh, no" you wave your hand "Not one bit. After all, I've seen her naked one time, so it would be more than appropriate to pay her back equally, right? I'm sure she'd... appreciate that."
"That's true, but..." her expression changes "'Pay her back'? You want to strip in front of her?"
Oh damn, she's angry. It's kinda weird to see Akyu ticked off, but... Crap, she's so cute, staring with that irritated face...
"Want? Oh, hm, I suppose I've got something from an exhibitionist in me." you put your chin on your palm, in a theatrical gesture of thought "After all, I've come up with this stripping chess game..."
"You won't strip in front of Mokou!"
"Why not?"
"B-b... Because!" Akyu puts her hands on her hips "Because the only one that can see you naked is me!"
"Akyu, are you... jealous?"
She backs off a bit at the mention of that word.
"J-jealous? I... I guess I am. Is that bad?"
Now she looks worried.
"No, not at all. It's only natural." oh, Akyu, you're going to have a hard time with me, aren't you... "So helping Mokou is a no-no?"
"Absolutely." she sits back on her chair
"What about other people? Is there someone you'd like to... educate?"
"Oh, well. Not even Vivi?"
"Wha?!" she freezes in place, with widened eyes "Don't even think about Vivi! You've got me, right? There is no need for you to look at anyone else, right?"
"Of course, of course." you laugh a bit "I only love you, Akyu."
"That's good."
She moves her piece. Oh damn, another one down. Akyu grins.
"Pay attention or you're going to lose."

After some time, the situation became critical. Having at least half of your forces wiped out, you were forced to go on offensive and stripped Akyu off her belt, skirt and kimono as a result. You on the other hand, only have your pants and socks left. And underwear. So does Akyu. She seemed to be uncomfortable sitting only in her underwear and shoes in the beggining, but she eventually grew used to it.
Damn, as much as you'd like to concentrate on the game, that white bra of hers is too tempting not to steal a glance at it every few seconds. Good thing you can't see her lower body, otherwise you'd be lost already.
She exclaims after moving her piece.
Hm, indeed, it is a check. Though her forces are vastly superior to yours, you could still use your wits to somehow turn the tables.

[ ] Your king... I'll be taking it
[ ] Set up the game in a way that she'll get a check mate
[ ] Let her win, but not in a suspicious manner

[ ] Remain silent
[ ] Ask her about ________ (blanks, blanks)

>> No. 9442
[X] Let her win, but not in a suspicious manner

Why would we want to win? This situation is delicious.
>> No. 9444
Note: plan means keikaku
>> No. 9445
[x] Let her win, but not in a suspicious manner
[x] Ask her about what you should do for a living. Bounty hunting, maybe?
>> No. 9446
[x] Your king... I'll be taking it
[x] Akyu, do you think Kourin sell cat ears?
>> No. 9447
[x] Let her win, but not in a suspicious manner
[x] Ask her about what you should do for a living.
>> No. 9448
[X] Let her win, but not in a suspicious manner.

She should know exactly what we want her to make us do. If not, we can gently stroke her while she tries to think up a punishment game, until she makes us do exactly what we want her to make us do because she's too horny to think straight.
>> No. 9449
[x] Let her win, but not in a suspicious manner
[x] Ask her about what you should do for a living.
>> No. 9456
[x] Let her win, but not in a suspicious manner
[x] Ask her about what you should do for a living.
>> No. 9460
[x] Your king... I'll be taking it
[x] So what's the deal with airline food?
>> No. 9529
[x] Your king... I'll be taking it
[x] Akyu, do you think Kourin sell cat ears?

This is awesome.
>> No. 9530
[ ] Let her win, but not in a suspicious manner
[ ] Ask her about her family.
I dunno.
>> No. 9531
[x] Your king... I'll be taking it
[x] Akyu, do you think Kourin sell cat ears?
>> No. 9549
[x] Your king... I'll be taking it
[x] Akyu, do you think Kourin sell cat ears?
>> No. 9552
[x] Your king... I'll be taking it
[x] Akyu, do you think Kourin sell cat ears?

Do it
>> No. 9553
[x] Your king... I'll be taking it
[x] Akyu, do you think Kourin sell cat ears?

think of the penalty game potential
>> No. 9554
[x] Your king... I'll be taking it
[x] Akyu, do you think Kourin sell cat ears?

>> No. 9563
File 121227034155.jpg - (113.50KB , 600x868 , 36v8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Your king... I'll be taking it
[x] Akyu, do you think Kourin sell cat ears?
[x] Ask her about what you should do for a living.

Let her win? Nah, let's use the shock factor and crush her forces, now shall we?
Time to get serious then.
'Accept it. Your loss.' you think, but smile at Akyu and say something else instead.
"So, what do you think I could do for a living?"
There it goes. Even though she's eradicated half of your army, the main reason of that was your leisure attitude. It doesn't have to mean she's necessarily a good player. Blocking a Fool's Mate isn't that big of a deal, after all. Here, here... That should give her a little trouble.
"For living?" she says while scanning the board "Hmm... What do you think you'd be suit to do?"
Suit? Well, there's one thing you're good at... Though would it really be applicable on normal labour market?
"Uh, I think I'm good at fighting. Be it with bare hands or melee weapons... I think I can manage firearms too, or bows or crossbows."
"Oh, that's easy then!" she clasps her hands together, giving you a cheerful smile "You could found an underground fight club!"
Now that was special. Akyu, are you right in the head? Underground fight club? Well, sure, it would be profitable and probably popular, but... A fight club?
"Got you!"
Oh shit. During your confusion, she's snatched another piece of yours.
"It was.... a feint..." you murmur while analyzing the situation
"A feint indeed!" Akyu answers happily "Concentrate, concentrate!"
Oh, are you sure you want that, Akyu? Do you REALLY want to go serious? Or haven't you realized, that your opponent was going easy on you up till now? Oh, you're not going to get away with that. Time to play seriously! Time to fight! Time to scream! Time... to die!
Nonchalantly moving your tower, you knock Akyu's bishop off the board.
"Another one bites the dust. Akyu, your turn. Take it off."
She stares at you for a bit, then reaches under the table. After a moment, she emerges back, golding a pair of white socks. With devilish grin, she throws them away.
"Those count as clothes too, right?" Oh, damn you. "Anyway, let's continue."

The show must go on like the cliche goes, and so does your game. At first it became pretty even after you've gone serious, then, after getting a few checks, Akyu's play became more serious too. Was she holding back as well?
"On an unrelated note, do you think Kourin sells cat ears?"
"Cat ears?" Akyu looks up at you "You mean... Like bunny paws? Fortune talismans?"
Oh, right, how does an Akyu know what cat ears is?
"Uh, no... How to explain it..." you search for a proper word "It's a... headwear. Arrtificial cat ears you put on your head. Like this."
You use your hands and immitate cat ears on top of your head. That's kinda embarassing, explaining things like that, but... Oh well, you're playing stripping chess here, nothing should be embarassing anymore.
"Hmm..." Akyu stares at you in thought "Why are you asking?"
Uh. There comes the unevitable question.
"Well, OF COURSE, I ask because I'd like to see you wearing them."
"Hahaha!" she giggles "Me and cat ears? What am I, a youkai? You have strange fetishes, don't you?"
DAMN IT. You forgot that cat ears are a rather common occurence... Well, maybe not common in strict sense, but a possible thing nonetheless. Shit.
No matter. Kourin should be able to understand it if you ask him personally.
"Nevermind that. Let's get back to playing."
Yeah, that's what you need to do now. Concentrate. Focus. Too bad there is no shift key for brains. That'd be really appreciated right now.
Especially because...
There is something brushing against your thighs. Sliding up and down, smoothly and gently. Even through your pants' fabric, you can still feel the warmth.
"Oh, nevermind me. I'm just... paying back I guess." You steal a quick glance under the table and... Just as you thought - she'd doing exactly the same thing you were doing to her in the restaurant. That is, a prelude to a fine footjob. "Concentrate on the game."
Seriously, even though you're still feeling her feet through your pants, it's still quite-- No, wait. It's VERY arousing. Is that another fetish of yours?
Just as you're about to make another move, her feet slides further and rubs against the bulge on your pants. She backs off a beet after sensing it, but then smiles and begins rubbing with higher frequency. Oooooooooooh daaaaaaaaaaamn! FOCUS! FOOOOCUS!
You reach for the piece again, but as you're about to grab hold of it, you hear, and feel your fly being unzipped. Akyu's face remains smiling as she slides her feet inside your pants and....

[ ] Lean back and enjoy it
>> No. 9565
[ ] Lean back and enjoy it

>> No. 9566
[X] Lean back and enjoy it

No need to win. This is good~
>> No. 9567

>> No. 9568
[X] Lean back and enjoy it.

We have already won.
>> No. 9570
[X] Lean back and enjoy it.

She can undo a fly with her toe?

>> No. 9572
[x] Lean back and enjoy it


>> No. 9573
[x] Lean back and enjoy it

Haha, what.
>> No. 9574

Who the hell do you think I am!?
>> No. 9587
[x] Lean back and enjoy it
>> No. 9588
Channel viking spirit into it.
As soon as we finish the game, we shall PILLAGE!
>> No. 9590

(this is a will of steel vote)
>> No. 9592
>> No. 9593
[X] Lean back and enjoy it.

Don't you guys realize it? Do you really want Akyu to think she doesn't arouse you? Just let her win. It looks like she has the same idea as us.
>> No. 9596
It worked against Reimu, right?
>> No. 9598
File 121228042628.png - (117.18KB , 438x382 , IDORT2.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 9599
Nigger, work, etc.
>> No. 9601

<SHODYAFN> Thinking about considering deciding whether it would be good to write

lurk irc
>> No. 9603
No client installed, replacing pc in a few days, no motivation to install one for thouse few days.
in b4 "just install one you... you.... [insert double something here]"
>> No. 9605

Oh god, i think my inner scorn is waking.
4AM, time to sleep.
>> No. 9607


Enjoy your faggotry.
>> No. 9613
About half the writers are there right now, so yeah. We're talking about jew blood and Samurai Pizza Cats.
>> No. 9615
Gee, I'm sorry that I stay up till 4am to entertain you people. Maybe I'll just post during the day? Bah!
>> No. 9621

Same here. It's fucking 4AM, I'm going to sleep.
>> No. 9626

And that reduces the faggotry how exactly?
>> No. 9633
It doesn't reduce it, just makes it more. The place is even worse then /b/
>> No. 9638
[X] Lean back and enjoy it

I owe Gaatz one...
>> No. 9639
[x] Lean back and enjoy it
>> No. 9640
[X] Lean back and enjoy it
>> No. 9644
[X] Lean back and enjoy it.
>> No. 9648
Didn't mean you shouldn't stay up to 4AM, i do that every day.
I meant i started writing with a brittish accent ("thouse")
...time to cut back on Monty Python
>> No. 9649
Any normal Anon stay up till 4am anyway
>> No. 9650

>> No. 9656

>> No. 9657
You said it all.
>> No. 9691
I do. Because I have no life.

Please kill me.
>> No. 9709

I do. Because I also have no life.

I'm happy though. Emo fag.
>> No. 9855
>>Emo fag.

LOL no.
>> No. 9964
>Emo fag
>> No. 10049

So me being happy and calling someone else an emo fag does not compute...?
>> No. 10057
But I can't be emo... my heart is too full of RAGE.

And your mom didn't think I was a fag when she was calling my name...
>> No. 10058
>>10057 >>10049 >>9964 >>9855 >>9709 >>9691

Way to fag up the thread.

Also, this kind of flamewar is best suited to forums, not imageboards. If you want to to keep flaming each other, go somewhere else.
>> No. 10059
If you think that's a flamewar, you need to lurk the fuck more.
>> No. 10060
Nah, I'm good now.

BTW idle chiding while waiting for the return of a writefag is not a same as a flamewar. The more you know...
>> No. 10062
lol @ calling that a flamewar
>> No. 10069
'Emo' and 'happy' cannot appear on the same line wihtout a negative. It's the law.
>> No. 10102
It's Wednesday.

Where's my moe Akyu?
>> No. 10104

Up your ass.
In b4 scorn.
>> No. 10109
My stepmother accused me of stealing her money, and we had an argument. Yeah, she gave me money to buy textbooks (school...) and now she's suddenly changed her mind of whatever.
I don't think I'm going to be able to get in the mood to write either AAA or TS.
Maybe tomorrow.
>> No. 10110

Not your blog, back to work nigger, etc.
>> No. 10117
Goddamn I hope you weren't serious. Personal stuff takes precedent over writefaggotry.

All the best, YAF.
>> No. 10120


Your head.
>> No. 10121

>> No. 10122
File 121261480792.png - (11.26KB , 300x350 , 0a51247fb7c86e39347688c52d28c9eb.png ) [iqdb]

Oh u

Well damn, she does it all the time so I'm pretty used to it. I'm just incredibly pissed off, because she saw my Reimu folder. Well, whatever. I'm gonna relax a bit more (death metal + DMCEnemy Territory does it like a miracle) and try to squeeze something out of this stale brain of mine. Stay vigiliant, and carry a big F5.

pic unrelated
>> No. 10123
Yeah, guess it was obvious from the way you were acting like every other anon usually would.
>> No. 10126

You must be new here.
>> No. 10140
Really, really no.
>> No. 10398
File 121279490424.jpg - (66.31KB , 500x500 , 06c131c555260e057b7c4846e9d67dde.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is that sum AAA post to counter the faggotry?


[X] Lean back and enjoy it

Wait. No matter how much you want to win, isn't this pretty much a win-win situation? No matter what you do, it's a success. Then, why not take it easy? No need to strain your wits, she can win the match for all you care.
Leaning back, you tell Akyu to proceed.
Which she does.
She slides her foot inside your briefs, and without any hesitation, without stopping for even a moment, she simply wraps her toes around your erect penis' tip. The sensation alone makes your thoughts go wild. A bit brutally, she pulls it out of your underwear's imprisonment. Her toes wrap around your foreskin and pull it down. Then up. And back down. With unprecise movements, she begins to give you a full-blown footjob. Yeah, it may be a bit rough, but you kinda like that on-the-verge-of-pain feeling.
She sticks her tongue out a bit while she tries to make her moves more accurate.
"Hey," she says, not ceasing the caress "It's your turn."
Your turn? Feh, but you don't care. The impulses that your erection sends to your brain have the highest priority right now. Playing chess? Who cares about playing chess while you're having your penis stroked by such a beautiful girl?
"Just... Ooh... Just make a move... for me... Do whatever you want... Just don't stop..."
She mumbles and moves a piece. Her steady slides suddenly break, and you can feel her toes wrapping tightly around the very tip of your boner. Squeezing so hard it almost hurts... So hard it almost makes you come instantly, she begins to wriggle it around, like if she was playing a video game using an arcade stick.
You'd like to laugh at the thought, but you've totally lost the control by now. With the corner of you eye, you notice that Akyu makes move after move, practically playing the chess with herself. The other moves, though, the ones that you care about more right now, they don't stop even for a moment.
"Mmm..." Akyu purrs as she moves another piece. "It's a check mate."
"Check mate. You won."
Wait, what is she saying? You won? But you weren't even playing! Now what the---
You almost yell that out loud as the sensation on your penis disappears. She has stopped! Halfway through, she has stopped! Damn it!
"You won." she repeats, while standing up. "I guess it's time for me to take it all off then."
"Wait, what do you mean, I won?"
"Oh, that's easy. I've been moving your pieces, right? And you won. That's all."
So... she basically let you-- no, MADE you win.
The bra falls to the ground.
Akyu, if you wanted it that badly...
Her panties slide down along her slender legs.
You could've just...
She approaches you and sits on your lap. How bold. She's stark naked, yet she doesn't seem to be bothered by it one bit. Your thoughts become intoxicated by her closeness. Her underdeveloped chest. Her hairless genitals. Her purple eyes. Her hand that slides down your body, towards your still hard penis.
All of those make you go wild.
"So," se says, stopping her hand just above your erection "What is my penalty game?"

[ ] "You know what it is."
[ ] "Make me a sandwich."
[ ] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[ ] "Let me do you anally."'
[ ] "Tell me how can I get into Vivi's pants."
>> No. 10399
AAA got an update?

I must be seeing things!

[X] "Let me do you anally."

If someone puts up a nice write-in, I'll switch to that though
>> No. 10401
[x] "Cat-ears."
>> No. 10402
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."
>> No. 10403
[ ] "You know what it is."
>> No. 10404
>[ ] "Make me a sandwich."
Back to the kitchen, bitch.

>[ ] "Let me do you anally."'

She's gonna enjoy it, so it's not a penalty.

How about [X]Let's help Keine to teach Mokou
>> No. 10405
File 121279588644.jpg - (13.65KB , 256x256 , 1205615696546.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] "Tell me how can I get into Vivi's pants."
Mood killer!

[x] "You know what it is."
>> No. 10406
How about
[ ] Marry me
>> No. 10407
[x] "Consensual sex in the missionary position for the sake of procreation, after marriage."
>> No. 10408

See what you've done! >>10407

Also, we still need the ring. That's why we haven't proposed her yet, remember?
>> No. 10409
[ ] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."

>> No. 10412
[ ] "Let me do you anally."'
>> No. 10413
[X] "Let me do you anally."
>> No. 10414
[x] "You know what it is."
And maybe this:
[x] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
>> No. 10415
You're all harsh faggots
>> No. 10416
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."
>> No. 10417
[X] "Let me do you anally."
>> No. 10418
[x] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
Hearing her babbling nonsense while she orgasming is hawt
>> No. 10419
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."

This is perfect. Before we're through, she'll be making mistakes on purpose.
>> No. 10420
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."

oh yeah
>> No. 10421
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."

>> No. 10423
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "Let me do you anally."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."
[x] "Make me a sandwich."
>> No. 10426
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."
>> No. 10428
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "Let me do you anally."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."
>> No. 10429
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."

Sex Sign [Endless Night]
>> No. 10430
[X] "You know what it is."
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."
>> No. 10448
[ ] "Make me a sandwich."
>> No. 10471
[ ] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[ ] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."

>> No. 10537
File 12128831103.gif - (102.38KB , 400x545 , 1xwx.gif ) [iqdb]
[X] "Recitate 'Raven' while we're having sex."
[X] "And every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."

"Alright." you smirk "I guess I can come up with something."
Akyu smiles at you seductively as her finger touches the urethal opening on your tip. An impulse goes trough your body, almost like an electric shock. Only less painful, and more... Urging. Her touch alone makes you want to take her here and now. She wraps two of her small fingers around your shaft.
"What will it be, I wonder?"
"Oh that's going to be an easy one. All you have to do is recite 'Raven' while we're having sex."
She looks at you with suprisement, but still keeps that seductive smile on.
"And that's all?"
"No, no, no. There's a catch. Every time you mess up, you have to start over from the beggining. We're not going to stop until you've done it perfectly."
She back off a little. Her fingers slide along your most sensitive skin, making your hips jerk up a little. Damn, you wonder if she's doing it on purpose or by an accident.
"You've got strange fetishes, don't you. Well," she smiles again "Fine with me."
Grabbing a firm hold of your erection, she begins to move her hand up and down. Those slightly inexperienced moves make you remember what is your purpose here.
You can't be the only one receiving pleasure, now can you?
Plus, you can't go in dry. That's why, a foreplay is needed.
So, you reach your hand to her slit, which is now touching your lap through the fabric of your pants. You urge her to lift herself up a bit by rubbing her clitoris. Oh man, what and understanding girl she is. Grinning at you mischievously, she lifts her hips up, allowing you to slide your finger inside her hole.
The movements of her hand become a bit irregular when you wriggle your finger around inside her. Hm, she's moderately wet already, perhaps because of the anticipation and being naked. Absent-mindedly, you start to slide your finger in and out. Her body immidiately answers by sychronising with your moves, soon making it unneeded to do anything. She simply thrusts her hips back and forth, making your finger slide in and out of her.
She moans and leans forward, supporting her chest on your extended arm. Her hand stops moving, falling to her side, as she continues to ride on your finger on your lap.
Her cute, muffled little yells fill the classroom, echoing from hard walls and ceiling. Heh, shool. How nostalgic.
Deciding it would be bad to stay passive, you grab Akyu's chin and pull her face upwards. Of course, your intent is to start kissing her, in a very adult way.
Which you do, with utmost pleasure.

After some time, she stops moving. Or rather, tries to stop, only making her movements a lot slower, but still present nonetheless. Looks like she can't control it anymore.
"L-let's do it..."
She says, looking straight in your eyes with bright red cheeks.
There's nothing else you need. You pull out your finger from inside of her and grab her butt, seating her on both your laps, directly in front of your raging boner. Her hips are still moving slightly, intoxicated with earlier sensations.
"Are you ready?" She nods "Well then, start the poem."
"O-okay..." she takes a deep breath While she does that, you put your tip at her hole's opening and grab her ass cheeks, ready to push it in at any moment. "I'm ready."
"Let's roll."
"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore..."
Akyu's clear voice fills the room. Though concentrated on the text, she glances down at your touching genitals, with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation on her face.
"While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
You're going to put it in or maybe no?'"
You chuckle at the last line. Impatient, aren't we?
"Of course I am. But first, I wanted you to finish the first part. Well, now you've made a mistake, so start from the beggining."
"Eeeeeh? But you didn't even--"
"Shh. Just do it."
"... Fine. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weaaAAAaaaaAh!"
With a fast move, almost brutally, you push your boner all the way inside her hole. Akyu's body convulses and falls onto your chest as she breathes heavily.
"Oops. you messed up again. Start over."
"Y-you're d-doing this on purpose!"
She looks at you with irritation.
"Of course I am." you asnwer her with a grin "Now, continue."
"...Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten looooOooOOoore...!"
She prolongs the word 'lore' as you push her ass away, pulling out of her. Then, you pull her again, sliding it back in.
"W-While I nodded, nearly naaaAaapping, suddenly there came a tappingggggg,
As of s-some one gently rapping, r-rapping at my chamber door.
`'T-Tis some visitor,' I mUUuuuuUUuuttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more!"
She screams out the last part.
"Ah, ah, ah, ahhh distinctly I remeeeember it was in the bl-bleak December,
A-And each separate dying EEeeeeEEember w-W-rought it's ghost UuuUuupon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrow"
Gradually, you speed up your pace. She wraps her arms around your neck, hugging to your chest as you continue to penetrate her most intimate place. Obscene noises accompany Akyu's shaking voice. The pleasure you're feeling is... indescribable. Her tight walls squeeze every square centimeter of your foreskin and tip, tenfolding the warm sensation. You're on the verge of losing yourself.
But you can't.
"From my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost Lenore -
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore -"
That's the hint!
Grabbing her ass more firmly, you pull her stronger, ramming in your shaft all the way in.
"Nameless here..." and again. And again. And again. "For evermore, more, more, MORE, MORE! Aaaahh!"
Akyu's embrace becomes tighter as you slam your tip against the back wall of her hole.
"Wrong! Wrong! Start over!"
Keeping last specks of control in your grasp, you yell at her to start it over.
"I, I, I," she stutters " I c-c-can'ttttttt!"
"Do it!"
"O-Once upon a midnight dreary...!"
>> No. 10538
File 121288316955.jpg - (196.82KB , 1000x1412 , 3d9c.jpg ) [iqdb]

"Wrong! Again!"
"O-one upooOOooon...!"


"Start over!"
"You're mEeeEaaAAn!"




Your arms have grown tired. Your movements slower.
The end is nearing.
So it's time to make a last effort.
"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering-- Eeeh?"
Akyu squeals in suprisement as you lift her up and place her on the table. Pieces of chess scatter around as you start humping her half-laying figure.
"Start.... Over..."
The rubbing on your shaft grows stronger. Or rather, your nerves just got more sensitive. You can feel a white nothingness seep into your mind.
"O-once...! Once! Once! Once!" Like a broken tape, she repeats that one word with each of your thrusts. "O-o-I can't!"
Her hands grab a hold of table's edges, making it slide back and forth along with your movements.
Her prolonged yells accompany your descendance into white haze.
Losing control, all you can do is to absorb all the sensations, as your thrusts speed up again. Thrust after thrust, you feel the whiteness taking over.
Her walls keep caressing your manhood, squeezing harder with every push.
Unable to hold back anymore, you moan as well, accompanying Akyu in her loud opera of pleasure.
She screams as you feel your climax gettin really close.
Your vision becomes blurry and blotted with white mist.
Like if there was a wire that got cut, all the strength in your body disappears. At the very last moment, you pull out of Akyu and fall to the chair. White droplets fall to the floor, forming a small puddle between your feet.
Akyu pants heavily, still laying on the table.
Regaining your sight, you notice that there is a white dribble flowing down from the opening of her hole. Looks like you were just a little bit too late...

After resting up a bit, the two of you clean up the mess you made and put your clothes back on. Then, you leave the school, locking the door behind you.
The rain already stopped. Walking on the wet street, holding onto your arm, Akyu hums happily.
You smirk at the scene. She looks so happy. And happy Akyu is cute Akyu. So totally difirent from erotic Akyu, but just as, if note more, beautiful.
"Hm? What are you laughing at?"
She looks at you curiously.
"Oh, nothing. Just thinking that you're absolutely adorable."
She smiles.
"Haha! You like me more like this? Or more like that?"
"I like all of you, Akyu."
Your duo continues to walk down a street.
"That was amazing." Akyu breaks the silence
"What was?"
"In school. I really had problems controlling myself."
"Oh, that. Yeah, I could hear that."
"And I was trying so hard too... Why did you have to come up with something like that?"
"Dunno. Just on a whim I guess."
"You're weird."
Another moment of silence.
"We have to do it more often."
"More often! I can kinda see why Keine likes it so much now!"
Woah, it's taking aback to see her being so open. Damn you Keine, you've raised a clone of yourself!
"Ahaha, I don't know if I'll be able to keep up..."
She groans in disappointment. Well, this subject was embarassing, so you're kinda happy the conversation ended.
"So," Akyu speaks again "Where are we going?"
Hm, good question. It's gotten kinda late, probably around 6, maybe 7 PM. Most shops would be closed at this time.

[ ] Keine's house
[ ] Check shops anyway
[ ] Akyu's house
[ ] Where does Mokou live?
[ ] Continue wandering around
[ ] Grab a lunch somewhere
>> No. 10539
[ ] Where does Mokou live?
>> No. 10540
[x] Keine's house

>Damn you Keine, you've raised a clone of yourself!
Now neither of them will be virgi-OH WAIT.
>> No. 10541
[ ] Akyu's house
>> No. 10542
I came buckets.
>> No. 10544
[ ] Akyu's house
>> No. 10545

Glad to hear that.

Hm, now that I think about it, if I write mindfuckery for RAGE, moe for D'AWWWWWs, what do I write H-scenes for? Anon's semen?
>> No. 10547
[x] Grab a lunch somewhere
>> No. 10548
[X] Akyu's house.

Time to spend some quality time with her. Quality time that doesn't involve sex, I mean.

Of course, you know, if she's still up for a round...
>> No. 10551
Buckets of sperm actually
>> No. 10552
H-scenes justify themselves.

[+] Akyu's house
Let's get home before dinner, lest VIVI hunt us down and emasculate us.
>> No. 10553
>> No. 10557
[x] Keine's house

Just dropping by
>> No. 10559
I approve.
>> No. 10560
Yukari's got to get that heir SOMEhow.
>> No. 10561
[ ] Akyu's house
>> No. 10563



>> No. 10574
[X] Akyu's house

Hm, wandering around would be nice, but it's getting late and cold. Sure, the air's refreshing, since it was raining earlier, but the lingering cool breeze makes shivers run down your spine.
It's... weird to say that, but you have a bad feeling about this atmosphere.
That's why, the best course of action would be to return to Akyu's house. Weird and cozy interior will make you feel better for sure.
"Mmm," you groan, straightening your back "I'm tired. why don't we just head back to your home?"
"Hm? Alright. It's getting cold."

So, the two of you head back to Hieda household. Opening the front doors, you see Vivi's bowing figure.
"Welcome back, miss Akyu."
"Vivi? No need to be so formal, really!"
With cheerful smile, Akyu pats Vivi's back. The latter eyes her suspiciously, then turns her gaze to you.
Uh! There's something in her eyes... A murderous intent?!
"Welcome back... Nanaya." She slowly syllabizes your name, as if it was pain to spit all the letters out. "I suppose you're going to... stay for a while longer before... Returning to your home?"
Oh damn. Now that she mentions it... You're practically homeless now, being thrown out of the shrine and all. For sure, you could rent a room in the inn again, but keeping carrying on like this would need you to find a job to earn the money...
"I... guess, Vivi. Thanks for... worrying."
Her eyes narrow.
"Of course. Now, excuse me."
She then leaves the entrance hall.
"Whew." you sigh with relief. Her hostile behaviour made your body sweat profusely. Not knowing why, you get a feeling that it would be BAD, and I mean VERY BAD to fuck with her. She's... hiding something. Like a time bomb hidden in a candy, ready to explode with nuclear power at any time.
Akyu takes off her shoes and glances at you with curiosity.
"Are you going to come in?"

[ ] "Yes, of course."
[ ] "I think I'll go take a look around the village. I'll be back in a few minutes."

if chose to come in
[ ] "Let's ask Vivi to drink tea with us."
[ ] "Can you show me your room, Akyu?"
[ ] "I'd like to have a word with your father. Where do you think he is?"
if chose to go out
[ ] Roam around the village
[ ] Shops
[ ] Keine's house
>> No. 10579
[ ] "I think I'll go take a look around the village. I'll be back in a few minutes.

How can we even think of marrying her without a job? Can we even afford a ring? Let's talk to dad at some point.

[ ] Keine's house

Maybe she can help us find work.
>> No. 10580
[X] "I think I'll go take a look around the village. I'll be back in a few minutes.
[X] Roam around the village
>> No. 10584
{X} "I think I'll go take a look around the village. I'll be back in a few minutes.
{X} Keine's house
>> No. 10587
[] "I think I'll go take a look around the village. I'll be back in a few minutes.
[] Keine's house
>> No. 10589
[] "I think I'll go take a look around the village. I'll be back in a few minutes.
[] Keine's house
>> No. 10590
[x] "I think I'll go take a look around the village. I'll be back in a few minutes.
[x] Keine's house

"Sorry for interrupting again, Keine. This is the lie--you & Kourin need to back me up on it: 'I am employed by Kourindou, which is also my current place of residence.'"
>> No. 10605
[x] "I think I'll go take a look around the village. I'll be back in a few minutes.
[x] Keine's house

Come in?
"Hm. Akyu, I have something to do in the village. I'll be back in a few minutes. Sorry."
"Oh." Akyu nods "I see. Well, take care of yourself. I'll... Try to talk things through with Vivi."
With that, you exchange goodbyes and you leave the house, dipping into cold afternoon yet again.

Now, where to? You said you have a few things to do, but in reality, you had no particular plans. Vivi was right. Though she had served you this hint in a hostile way, she was still right. You have to find a source of income to lead a decent lifestyle. But where you could look for work?
Hm, there's one person that could help you... Rinnosuke.
He has this shop of his, with all that junk from outside world laying about. If he would only organise more, make an exhibition or something... Or offer services instead of useless things...
Yeah, it would be a mutual income. He'd get more customers, and you'd get money. Now, if you remember correctly, he should still be with Keine. Probably in her house. Which is...
You forgot you don't know where Keine's house is. What a horrible mistake. Damn it. Well, you may as well ask someone. Too bad there's nobody in sight... Looks like you'll have to take a walk all the way to village's perimeter and ask the guards.

"Excuse me, kind sir. I've got a question."
"Hm?" the guard turns to you "Ah, it's you! Good to see you in one piece! How'd the things go?"
He conspirately touches his nose. Come to think of it, you recognize his face. He's the younger one of the guards that you've met yesterday. His older partned is nowhere to be seen.
"With miss village protector."
"Ah, that... Well, you could say that it went pretty well. I got a very... valuable reward."
"Really?" the guard smiles "That's good to hear! Good deeds should be rewarded with good prizes! So, what was it?"
"Uh..." you hesitate for a moment "I'm not sure if I'm allowed to just blurt it out like that..."
"Oh come on!" the guard... what was his name? Julian...? He gives you a pat on the shoulder. Armoured gauntlet feels heavy on your back "You can tell me, I'm not gonna tell anyone!"
His assuring smile tells you that indeed, he is saying the truth. But what is he expecting anyway?
"I'm sure you'll know soon enough."
"Aww. Too bad. Well, I guess you've got your own secrets." he nods with agreement "So, what was it you wanted?"
"Yeah, that. I need to know where Keine's house is. I've got a business with one of her friends."
"Keine's house, you say?" the guard grins "Well, that's easy. Just go down this street and turn left as soon as you reach old Grothel's grocery. Then look for a house with bull-shaped rattle on the door."
"I see. Thanks."
"No problem." he salutes "Always glad to help a citizen! Remember, we're watching you!"
"Wait, what?"
He laughs.
"Ahaha, that's what the old man told me to say. I guess it's a saying of the older guards."
"I see."
The two of your shake each other's hands and then you leave.

Finding Keine's house didn't prove any difficult. Her house, though identical to many others, really stood out.
It's not everyday you see someone have a stone flowerbed full of tall grass in their front yard.
Though you have no idea (no,wait, you have. But you'd rather not picture it now) what it's supposed to serve, you're still thankful of it for making your search easier.
Knocking on the door, you take a step back and wait.
"Yes, I'm coming!" Keine's voice sounds from inside, and the door slowly opens, revealing her figure, wearing a while bathing robe. "Oh, it's you!"
"Yeah, it's me."
"What is it you want of me, I wonder? Did something go wrong with Akyu?"
Though smiling, you can see a hint of uneasiness in her eyes. Looks like she still haven't gotten over the fact that you've seen her getting it on with Kourin.

[ ] "I need your help. Can I come inside?"
[ ] "Is Kourin inside? I need his help."
[ ] "Straight to the point, I need a job. Could you help me with that?"
>> No. 10608
[ ] "Is Kourin inside? I need his help."
>> No. 10609
[ ] "Is Kourin inside? I need his help."

BKC go?
>> No. 10610
[ ] "Is Kourin inside? I need his help."
>> No. 10614
[x] "Straight to the point, I need a job. Could you help me with that?"
>> No. 10615
[ ] "Straight to the point, I need a blowjob. Could you help me with that?"
>> No. 10617
[ ] "Is Kourin inside? I need his help."
>> No. 10618
[+] "Is Kourin inside? I need his help."
>> No. 10619
[x] "Is Kourin inside? I need his help."

"I don't care if he's fucked 'indisposed'! Tell him Nanaya, the spider who weaves a web of youkai entrails, is out here GENUFLECTING to his most necessary presence!"
>> No. 10621
[x] "Is Kourin inside? I need his help."

While you're almost sure you've interrupted something, you have no time to lose. You've wasted enough of it trying to find Keine's house.
"Is Kourin inside? I need his help."
Keine frowns.
"Uh, he is inside, but..."
"I get it. Sorry I've interrupted, but this is REALLY urgent."
She sighs and scratches her head.
"You know what, you're nosy. That's the second time you've... Aaaah, nevermind. Just give me a minute."
The door closes with a rather loud thump.

After two or so minutes, it opens again.
"Come in."
Keine gestures you to come inside.

Hm, this is a pretty ordinary house, you wonder what the fuss is all abo-- HOLY SHIT! This is awesome! You're admiring reneissance pantings like the fist of the fucking north star jesus christ! FUCK YES! This is the most artistic interior EVER!
Keine leads you through the narrow corridors to what seems to be a living room. Rinnosuke sits on the couch, fully dressed, tapping his foot on the floor impatiently.
"Here. Excuse me."
Keine bows and takes her leave.
Kourin stands up.
"Hello. I can't say it's particurarly good to see you."
"Sorry." you apologize and shake his outstreched hand "Hello."
Both of you sit down. Pouring two glasses of red liquid, Kourin looks at you with mild curiosity drawn on his face.
"So, what do you want to talk about?"
He hands you one of the glasses which you take with utmost care. This one looks very old and delicate. You wonder why does Keine even allow him to use them... Shouldn't things like this be kept only for decorative purposes?
"Ah, yes. I bring you an offer, Kourin. An offer you can't refuse."
"Oh?" he raises an eyebrow
"That, and I need your help."

After explaining your situation to him, both of you fall silent for a moment and sip your drinks. That's a damn good wine here. You start to wonder if Keine's powers would make it possible to make old wine appear in your own basement just like that...
"Alright. I get it. So what do you suggest?"
"That, my dear Kourin, should make both of us happy. What I propose is to... retrain your shop."
"By which you mean?"
"Oh that's simple. You have a whole lot of junk from the outside world. I can reorganize the stockpile, categorize them, make an exhibit to make it more famous. This world could use some modern inventions."
"Hm." he nods while sipping on his drink
"Also, I was thinking about offering services to customers. You know, I can handle lots of things, I could become a... handyman of sorts. Of course, you'll be the one employing me so part of the income would go straight to your pocket."
"I see."
"So, how about it? This way both of us will be satisfied. I know it's kind of rude to barge in and try to change things like that, but it's really an emergency situation."
A longer moment of silence ensues. Finally, Kourin nods again.
"Alright. I have to say, you've got me interested. I'd also like to know more about the things I've collected. Besides, it should be interesting to see how you will manage with reorganization."
"Great." you stand up and stretch your hand out to Kourin "It's a deal then?"
He stands up as well.
And shakes your hand.
Hm, there's one more thing to say...
"I've also thought it would be good to change the name."
"I like the current one, but... What do you suggest?"
"Oh believe me, you'll like it... What I thought would be suiting is..."

After chit-chatting for a little more while, you stand up and apologize.
"Sorry. I have to go. My... future wife is waiting."
"I understand."
"And sorry for interrupting you."
"Don't sweat it. We're partners now, right?"
"Right. See you tomorrow."

Running trough the dark streets, your mind is bursting with euphoria. He agreed to help you. That means, one more problem off your head. Besides, you're pretty eager to start the work and see what he has in stock. Perhaps you'll find something useful or interesting?
Your loud footsteps echoe off the houses as you make your way back to Hieda household.

"I'm back!"
Walking in, you shout to the empty corridor. No answer. Looks like everyone's occupied with something. Well, whatever.
Taking off your shoes, you come inside. Now, where to go?

[ ] Upstairs
[ ] Living room
[ ] Gym
[ ] Kitchen
>> No. 10623
[X] Kitchen.

Always the kitchen.
>> No. 10624
[ ] Kitchen
> Vivi is there. She kills you. Bad End.
[ ] Gym
> Akyu's father is there. He kills you. Bad End.
[ ] Living room
> Gates is there. He kills you. Bad end.

[X] Upstairs
>> No. 10625
[ ] Kitchen
>> No. 10626
[X] Kitchen.
>> No. 10627
[x] Upstairs
>> No. 10628
[X] Upstairs
>> No. 10630

... what?
>> No. 10631
[X] Kitchen
>> No. 10638
[X] Upstairs
>> No. 10639
[X] Kitchen
>> No. 10647
[X] Kitchen.

Hm, for no particular reason, you're feeling like visiting the kitchen. Well, then onward!

Reaching the destination, you knock lightly on the windowed door.
No response. Looks like there is no one inside. Well then.
You open the door and slip in.
Well, this looks like an ordinary kitchen. Only the stove and fridge are the of diffirent variant. While the furniture looks relatively new and... modern, to some extent, the stove is a traditional one, with fireplace beneath and stuff. And the fridge... Well, it's the same kind you've seen at Reimu's place. Just a chest with isolated interior. Nothing special to see here, move along.
Other than that, it's a pretty normal place for cooking meals. Well, you've been hoping to see a person rather than a room, but too bad, there's...
No one inside.
Just as you think that, you hear the door opening. Startled, you turn around, only to see Vivi closing them behind her. A bit suprised, she takes a step back and bows.
"W-Welcome back."
Wait... Why is she so polite? There's something wrong... She was so clearly hostile earlier, but now...
"H-Hello, Vivi..."
She straightens up and approaches one of the cupboards. Opening the doors, she takes out a glass.
"Interested in a drink?"
Whoa. There REALLY is something wrong. She's acting so... friendly... Definitely, there is something missing. Either it's not the real Vivi, or...
You slowly nod. It would be best not to refuse now.
She takes out another glass and closes the cupboard.
Then, placing those two glasses on the table in the middle of this room, she looks at you.
"Juice or something stronger?"
"Whatever you're drinking."
"I see."
She begins to walk towards the fridge. Realizing you're in her way, you take a few steps sideways, your hand almost automatically reaching for the knife in your back pocket. Crap, she's noticed that.
"Now, no need to act so scared." Smiling in assuring way, she takes out a bottle of unknown contents out of that weird fridge. "Take a seat."
Not seeing other options, you abide by her command.

After pouring a full glass of what seems to be white wine, she hand you your glass and grabs a hold of her own.
"So, where have you been?"
Taking a sip, she looks at you with one eye closed.
There is no trace of hostility from earlier.

[ ] "... What's wrong with you?"
[ ] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
[ ] "More importantly, where's Akyu?"
[ ] "You're the scariest."
>> No. 10648
[ ] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."

We must keep ourselves looking as nice as possible to her, this works quite nicely.
>> No. 10650
[ ] Gym

What does dad even do for a living? Perhaps he can be brought into the business...
>> No. 10651

>> No. 10652
[X] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."

You're the scariest is so tempting. You should write it on the side if it loses, just for the lulz.
>> No. 10653
[X] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
[X] "More importantly, where's Akyu?"
>> No. 10658
[x] "You're the scariest."
>> No. 10661
[ ] "You're the scariest."
>> No. 10663
[ ] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
>> No. 10667
[X] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
[X] "More importantly, where's Akyu?"
>> No. 10673
{X} "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
{X} "More importantly, where's Akyu?"
>> No. 10676
[X] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
[X] "More importantly, you're the scariest."
>> No. 10680
[X] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
[X] "More importantly, where's Akyu?"

Do it, fags.
>> No. 10682
[X] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
[X] "More importantly, where's Akyu?"
>> No. 10684
[X] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
[X] "More importantly, where's Akyu?"

Ain't no gettin' off dis' bandwagon fool!
>> No. 10692
[x] "You're the scariest."
>> No. 10700
File 121296423051.png - (223.35KB , 550x600 , d87b07ded3035896a696044c0d47b1452f9a38c2.png ) [iqdb]
[X] "Had to talk about some job-related business with my employer."
[X] "More importantly, where's Akyu?"

"Well, I had something to discuss with an acquaintance of mine... Job business. Had to talk things through with my employer."
Vivi puts the glass down and continues to stare at you. It's kind of... unsettling, but you're still happy that she's calm.
"You have a job?"
"Why, yes of course I do! Who do you take me for? I'm not just a random bum from the outside!"
"Outside?" she sounds suprised "You're from the outside?"
Oh damn. So she didn't know? Well, no use in hiding it, now is there?
"Yeah, I'm from the outside."
"Really. And what an outsider like you could do as a job here in this dangerous world?"
"Oh, believe me, I can take care of myself. As for my job... I'll be working with Rinnosuke Morichika. As a... Bounty Hunter of sorts. A handyman for every task, if you will."
She takes another sip.
"I can somehow see you on that post. You give that kind of feeling." Was it a compliment? Or an insult? Crap, you're completely unable to read her intents. Almost like if she wasn't a normal human being, concealing her thoughts and intentions... Would you be able to fight this woman? If you can't read her... "So, from the use of future tense, I take it you're not yet... working?"
"Uh, that... Yeah, I'll be starting tomorrow. Since my offer was sudden, he wanted to think things through. You know how it is."
"Mhm." she nods.
"So, anyway, where's Akyu?"
"Akyu is... Well, we had a... nice talk in my room before you arrived, so I guess she's in hers right now. Or talking with father. Don't know."
Hm, a talk? Well that clears some things up. Like Vivi's nice behaviour. Looks like Akyu really made her reconsider her hostility... Though still, you have to be careful when talking with this unpredictable maid...
"I see."
"So, you gonna see her now or what?"

[ ] "Yes. Thanks for the drink."
[ ] "Hm... No. Let's talk some more. I get a feeling we'd get along well if we only spent more time together."
[ ] "Do you WANT me to see her?"


this = night, yaf = tired + sleepy, tomorrow = school + wake up early, yaf = out, votes = moar
>> No. 10706
[ ] "Yes. Thanks for the drink."
>> No. 10707
[] "Yes. Thanks for the drink."
>> No. 10709
>Though still, you have to be careful when talking with this quiet unsociable person...
>> No. 10711
[] "Yes. Thanks for the drink."
>> No. 10712
[ ] "Do you WANT me to see her?"
>> No. 10717
[X] moar
am i doing right?
>> No. 10720
[x] "I will in a moment. But since you are here, let's talk some more. I get a feeling we'd get along well if we only spent more time together."
>> No. 10722
[x] "Do you WANT me to see her?"

If affirmative,
[x] "Yes. Thanks for the drink."

If otherwise,
[x] "I will in a moment. But since you are here, let's talk some more. I get a feeling we'd get along well if we only spent more time together."
>> No. 10723
[ ] "Yes. Thanks for the drink."
>> No. 10726
[] "Yes. Thanks for the drink."
>> No. 10727
[x] "Hm... No. Let's talk some more. I get a feeling we'd get along well if we only spent more time together."
>> No. 10732
{X} "I will in a moment. But since you are here, let's talk some more. I get a feeling we'd get along well if we only spent more time together."
Must befriend deathtrap
>> No. 10737
File 121302520996.jpg - (60.60KB , 640x482 , 2e0cf0f7aed9b589bc0c688913d7c5acf295de23.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Yes. Thanks for the drink."

"Yes. I think I will." Standing up, you give Vivi a polite nod. "Thanks for the drink."
"Huh, that's too bad... You're welcome."
With unclear intentions, she gives you that weird response. Wondering what she could mean, you leave the kitchen and close the door behind you.
"Remember to give me a shout before you leave!"
She yells from behind it. Give her a shout? Well, might as well. Of course, you're not leaving just yet.

Now, where could Akyu be? Either in her room or talking with her father - is what Vivi said. Now, since you have no idea where exactly Akyu's father would spend his leisure time, you sure do know where Akyu's room is.
Upstairs. A small platform with two doors. Those on the right, with a yellow sticker with black gears, is Vivi's. The one on the left leads to your little tiger's den.
Well then, let's...

[ ] Knock like a polite chap you are
[ ] Barge in like the instinct tells you to
[ ] Fuck this, peek into Vivi's room
>> No. 10738
[X] Knock like a polite chap you are
>> No. 10739
[] Knock like a polite chap you are
>> No. 10740
[ ] Barge in like the instinct tells you to
>> No. 10745
{X} Knock like a polite chap you are
>> No. 10749
[] Knock like a polite chap you are
>> No. 10757
[x] Knock like a polite chap you are
>> No. 10768
{X} Knock like a polite chap you are
>> No. 10774
[x] Knock like a polite chap you are

Good sir, it appears she might not want you to enter the room.
Good sir, you are perfectly right. Thank you for your marvelous advice, kind sir.
Always glad to help my old chap brain. I wouldn't be called mr. Common Sense if I were so easy going. By the way... There appears to be a bratwurst in your eye.

Alright, there goes nothing.
Three light knocks, then a step back and patience.
"Just a moment!"
Akyu's voice comes from inside. Well, that means she indeed was is in her room. Though what she is doing, remains a mystery.
After a minute, her voice sounds again.
"Come in!"
And so you do.

Upon entering the room, your brain goes blank. Woah. Just WOAH. This room... It looks almost like if it was made of books. There are piles of thick tomes on the floor, shelves and bed. The only way to navigage from one corner to another is to use the narrow paths between mountains of papery knowledge.
Though... You get a feeling you've seen this room before. But that's impossible, right? You've never been here before, right?
Akyu's figure emerges from behind an unnaturally big pile of books. If she cleaned it up a little, she could build a city model with all those...
Now that's a funny thought. You can totally imagine Akyu siting around in her room all day, building a miniature city, with tall skycrapers, apartament buildings, offices... Wait, how would Akyu know what a skycraper is? Oh well.
"You're back!" she greets you with a smile "I'd hug you, but as you can see, it's pretty cramped in here. Take a seat, I'll clean up in the cupboard and get to you in a moment."
With that, she walks up to a large cupboard under one of the walls, manouvering between the piles of literature.
Well, as she said you did, making your way to the bed and sitting on it.
For no reason, there are two dominant urges in your head.
One tells you to beware of the door. Like if... something was to kick them open and punch you in the face.
The second one...
Tells you to...
Peek under the bed.
And that is all.

[ ] Peek under the bed
[ ] Pick a random book and see what it is
[ ] Call for Akyu
[ ] Stay sharp, observe the damn door
>> No. 10776
[X] Peek under the bed
>> No. 10778
[X] Stay sharp, observe the damn door
>> No. 10779
[] Peek under the bed
[] Stay sharp, observe the damn door

We're Nanaya, of course we can do both at the same time.
>> No. 10780
[ ] Peek under the bed
[ ] Stay sharp, observe the damn door
>> No. 10782
[] Peek under the bed
[] Stay sharp, observe the damn door
>> No. 10783
[ ] Peek under the bed
[ ] Stay sharp, observe the damn door

Huh? Why have we gone back in time? Or am I forgetting something?
>> No. 10787
No, there were options like this last time we were at her house. YAF posted the BAD ENDS corresponding to these actions after we made our choice.
>> No. 10788
{X} Peek under the bed
{X} Stay sharp, observe the damn door
>> No. 10790
[ ] Peek under the bed
[ ] Stay sharp, observe the damn door
>> No. 10806
[x] Peek under the bed
[x] Stay sharp, observe the damn door
>> No. 10881
[ ] Peek under the bed
>> No. 10922
Well the obvious answer to this is...

[x] Rip out eyes. Throw one at the door and one under the bed.
>> No. 11030
[x] Peek under the bed
[x] Stay sharp, observe the damn door

Damn, that cursed door... It's almost like if it's... observing you! That door is glaring at you! With it's eyeless stare, it carefully observes your every move, every breath, every action.
That door. That door. That door. That door. That door. That door. That door. That door.
Damn it. You can't take it anymore. It's hateful gaze, wooden expression, emanating with hostility. You can't take it anymore.
Trying to escape from it's evil eyes, you bend down, hiding behind a pile of books on the bed.
Whew, finally safe. That was close. One more second, and you'd be lost to it's malcious temptation. That door is SATAN himself! Get out! The power of Akyu compels you! The power of Akyu compels you!
Nothing happens.
The power of ultra moe moe loli Akyu with cat ears and glasses COMPELS YOU!
Now THAT worked! The evil aura concentrating on your person disappears, slowly creeping back towards the source. Towards that devilish door.
It's my win, door! You have no chance to survive, make your time!

Gloating over your victory, you remember another thing. There's something under the bed. Something that has been calling out to you since you've come to this room for the first time.
So, not wasting a second, you bend further down and steal a glance under the wooden skeleton of this miraclous invention.

Dark. But not dark enough to make the books stored there invisible. Suprisingly, there aren't many of them. Weird, seeing how the rest of the room overflows with papery goodness. Hm, it could mean two things. Either those books are just long-forgotten, unimportant pieces of maculature, or the lack of any other books beside them serves to avert the attention of anyone who would decide to look for them under the bed.
Now, which one could it be?

[ ] Reach for the books
[ ] Leave it alone. If she doesn't want anyone to see them, you have no right to without her permission.
[ ] Ask Akyu about those
>> No. 11032
[x] Reach for the books
>> No. 11034
[x] Reach for the books
>> No. 11038
[ ] Reach for the books
>> No. 11043
[] Reach for the books
[] Ask Akyu about those. While holding them.
>> No. 11045
[] Reach for the books
[] Ask Akyu about those. While holding them.
>> No. 11046
[x] Ask Akyu about those

I wanna see her reaction.
>> No. 11047
[X] Reach for the books
[X] Ask Akyu about those. While holding them.
>> No. 11049
[x] Ask Akyu about those
>> No. 11052
[X] Reach for the books
[X] Ask Akyu about those. While holding them.
>> No. 11053
[x] Ask Akyu about those. While holding them.
>> No. 11054
[x] Reach for the books
[x] Ask Akyu about those, while holding them
oho, why not embarrass her
>> No. 11088
[X] Reach for the books
[X] Ask Akyu about those. While holding them.

Only one way to find out. She's not going to get angry anyway, now is she? Not your precious Akyu. That's for sure.
So, you reach your arm under the bed.
It's too far. You can't grab a hold of them. Well then, further, further.
You bend down further, getting slowly closer to the books. Just... a... few... more...
Then suddenly, you lose ballance. Somersaulting over bed's edge, you land on the floor, flat on your back.
Maybe it was a bad idea to reach in there while still sitting on top of i-- OH MY GOD!
Delayed signals from your nerves bring a new information, making you spasm in pain.
"FFFFF!" Muffled curse escapes your lips, as you roll around, trying to shake off the stinging in your coccyx. "ARFARFAFFFF!"
What the hell happened? Ah, yes, you forgot. There was a small pile of hard-cover encyclopaedias near the bed. And you had to land your ass straight on them.
Tears well up in your eyes. The pain is unbearable. It's like if someone drove a nail in your ass and started wriggling it around! A baseball bat to the back! Like a brick hitting your weakest point!
"Is something wrong?"
Akyu asks with worried voice, still inside the cupboard.
"Nothing! I said nothing!"
Judging from the sounds, she's went back to what she was doing. Whatever it is.
Alright, time to get yourself together!
Mr. Pain! I request you to leave immidiately!
But this is my home!
Oh fuck you! Get out! My ass is not for you to live in! Disappear! You're a buttsore!
After laying down for some time, you can feel the pain finally fading away. Oooh, what a relief... But it is not the time to be delighted! A quest awaits! An adventure of dungeon crawling! Of unknown treasures! Onward! Under the bed!
With a new surge of resolve, you get on all fours. Unknown impulses steer your body, placing you in a spider-like position, with arms and legs spread widely apart. Your height... is now exactly the same as the gap's under the bed. Very well.
With a swift dash, you dive under the bed. Turning around, you catch the planks on the bottom side of it's wooden skeleton, and holding onto them, you hang a few millimeters above the floor. Those books, they are now in your reach. The only problem that remains...
Is that you have no free hands left. What a bother. Because you’re holding onto the ‘ceiling’ of this little ‘hole’, you can’t grab them.
What an ordeal.
But now that you’ve come so far, can you retreat? No!
Stretching your neck, you grab the books... with your teeth.
Good job, mission accomplished.
Quick turn, a few pulls, and without even touching the floor, you’re back on top of the bed.

... come to think of it why didn’t you just reach under it while laying on the floor?
Well, it doesn’t matter now.
You examine your precious loot.
Three thin books, all coated in black film-like texture. Actually, one of them is just a normal notebook. Taking off the coating, you smirk at the cover. Heh, isn’t this a kind of notebook children use in elementary schools? How did it get here anyway? You quickly run your eye over the contents, but since it’s in japanese, you can’t understand a word. Too bad.
The second one, is just an A5-format multi-page pamphlet about some sort of cultural event in human village. The strange thing is, it looks clearly... printed. You recognize the characteristic lines that ink printers leave on the paper. Hell, it even has full-colour pictures! Strange. How could anyone here achieve something like that, without all the electronic equipment? Or was it printed outside? Hell if you know.
And, finally, the third and largest book, roughly of the size of a A4 paper sheet. Removing the coating, you see a red, hard cover with something written in golden kanji on the top. Other than that, the cover is empty.
“Hey, Akyu.”
The noises stop for a moment as she answers your call.
“I’ve got some books here, but I can’t understand a word. Could you come here and read it for me?”
“Ahaha, there’s no need to, really!” even though you can’t see her, you can feel that she’s smiling at your silliness “Thanks to a lady named Yukari Yakumo, apparently outsiders will have no problem with understanding it if they concentrate a little. What language do you think we’re speaking now?”
Hm, sounds like pure english to you.
“Hm, I guess that’s what you hear. You see, I’m hearing japanese. I don’t know how it works, but it seems the barriers of languages don’t apply in here. With speaking, it’s automatic, but with written text... Well, you just have to concentrate a little.”
Hm, now that’s an interesting concept. You wonder if should you make a bad pun, would it get translated to the other language while still remaining bad and punny? And what about mouth movement?
Akyu returns to her cleaning duty.
You glance at the red book. Now that you think about it... Those characters look familiar...

[ ] Concentrate
[ ] Wait for Akyu to finish cleaning
>> No. 11091
[ ] Concentrate
>> No. 11092
[X] Concentrate
>> No. 11093
[x] Concentrate
in b4 aneurysm
>> No. 11098
[ ] Concentrate
>> No. 11100
[ ] Concentrate
>> No. 11101
[] Concatenate
>> No. 11102
[x] Concentrate
>> No. 11104
[X] Concentrate

... yeah, really familiar... If you could just... See 'further'... Their meaning, you can feel it lingering somewhere in the back of your head. Just a bit more...
Squinting your eyes, you continuously scan the caption.
Then, gradually, the letters blur out... and form new ones, this time, they look much more legible. Though still preserving their japanese curvyness, they are certainly readable now.
"K.. A... M... A...."
A loud thump interrupts your mental exertion, making you loose all the concentration. The letters become a mess of random lines again. Well, shit.
Brushing the dust off her hands, Akyu closes the cupboard.
"Done here. Na--" Her stare turns towards you, holding the red book on your lap. "Wha--..."
With a dash faster than your eyes can follow, she closes the distance between you, miraclously avoiding all the obstacles on her way. Before you know, the book is snatched from your hands.
Dumbfounded, you look at your hands in astonishment. When did she...?
Looking up at her, you see that she's clutching the book tightly pressed to ger chest. With her arms wrapped around it, as if shielding something very precious, she looks at you with strange face. Clearly, she is irritated.
"W-w-why did you..."

[ ] "I didn't look inside! I couldn't even read the cover! I swear!"
[ ] "What is that book anyway? Is it really so important to you?"
[ ] "What about those?" point to the other books
[ ] "Hey! Lemme read!"
>> No. 11105
WTF, Akyu has kama sutra books?
[X] Oh hooo? What have we here, my dear Akyu?
>> No. 11106
[X] Oh hoo? What have we here, my dear Akyu?
>> No. 11109
[X] Oh hooo? What have we here, my dear Akyu?
>> No. 11110
File 121321239883.png - (10.26KB , 400x305 , ayawinkwink.png ) [iqdb]
{X} Oh hoo? What have we here, my dear Akyu?
>> No. 11111
[x] "I didn't look inside! I couldn't even read the cover! I swear!"
It might be something important?
>> No. 11113
[X] Oh hooo? What have we here, my dear Akyu?
>> No. 11114
[X] Oh hooo? What have we here, my dear Akyu?
>> No. 11116
[X] Oh hooo? What have we here, my dear Akyu?
>> No. 11118

And then the book's title was KAMAS - USAGE AND MAINTANANCE.

>> No. 11126

An Akyu with a hidden interest in weapons is fine, too. She could help out at BKC.
>> No. 11128
[X] Oh hooo? What have we here, my dear Akyu?

"Oooh? What do we have here, my dear Akyu?"
Holding onto it so tightly, not letting you see... Your curiosity, it is rising with every second.
"It's nothing! Really! J-just let me put this back and--"
Now you've lost it. You know you must read this book. The truth is just beyond the cover.
But what could it be anyway? What could it be to make her so obsessive about hiding it from you? KAMA... Kamas? Kama... Kama... Sutra?
"Could that be 'Kama Sutra'?"
Suprised, she takes a step back. Uh oh, uncautious. She trips on one of the books, and...
Time slows down. You can see every little move, every little detail. Though suprising, it feels so natural...
She falls... and falls... At this rate, she's going to fall straight on her back. Still clutching the book, she opens her mouth, as if to scream...
One of her legs flies up, flipping her skirt, under which...
You groan and sigh. You have no idea what's going on, but you can't simply let her fall and hurt that cute butt of hers. So, utlizing all your strength, you dash at her side and slide your arms under her knees and shoulders.
Whispering that in playful tone, you feel time come back to it's normal flow. With a muffled squeal, Akyu falls on your arms.
"Eh?" suprised, she looks around "Huh? Huh?" she's confused about something "How did you...? You were there a second ago..."
"Oh that? That's just.... a special trait of mine."
Yeah, that's a good word. It seems to have impressed her as well.
"You're that fast?"
"Well, I DID won in a duel with your father..."
"You what?"
"Oops." you say that again, this time for real. Argh, you weren't supposed to reveal that! Fuck!
Curiously, she awaits your response.
"More importantly..."
Collecting your thoughts, you notice that her grasp on the book has gotten weaker.

The book is out of her hands.
You sit on the floor, cross-legged.
And make Akyu sit in your lap.
Just as fucking planned.
Too confused to react, she simply squeals silently and you place the book on her knees and open it on random page.
Glancing at it...
"Gubwah!" you have problems with holding back the laugher. It's not like... the drawings are bad... Or anything... But... Those positions... "Eheh... Akyu... If you like it, we could-- pfffft! I mean, try someahah... of them..."
Turning her head around, she looks at you, totally red-faced.
"It's not like I'd WANT to try them! I just... uh, Keine gave me this book and--"
"And you kept it under your bed, in a protective coating?"
"Aah?! I-It was a present, so! So!"
Oh god, totally adorable. You'd like to pet her head, but first, that would look stupid after what you've been through with her, and second, your hands are occupied. Forcing a serious face, you glance at Akyu.
"Well," you cough "I think your attitude needs some correction, Akyu."
"You see, Kama Sutra isn't just a collection of random erotic images and descriptions. It's a... guide. A guide to life. A guide to heaven. A neatly written little piece of advice that will allow you to pierce the border of extacy! Tenfold the sensations! Akyu, this book I'm holding here, it is a holy grail of all couples in the world!"
Raising it up like a religious symbol, you nod at the book, in a respectful half-bow.
Akyu, rather confused at your behaviour, simply watches in silence.
"So," you decide to break it "Do you want to try some of these out?"
"Ah? Um? Ah, that... Uhh..." she hesitates "I'm still kinda... sensitive down there, so..."
"I understand." putting on a reassuring smile, you throw the book aside "Of course, I wouldn't force my precious Akyu to do anything she doesn't want to do."
Standing up, you lift Akyu as well, helping her to get on her feet.
"It's not like I don't want to do that!" Huh, she's still trying to clear that out. "It's just--"
"Don't explain yourself. I understand."
Bending down, you plant a quick kiss on her lips.
That successfully assures her of your trust.
"Um, then I'll..."
"Yeah, do whatever you were doing earlier."
She picks up the book you threw aside and gets back to her work. That is, cleaning up.

"So, where are you going to sleep?" she asks while folding some clothes
"Hm, I guess I could rent a room in the inn."
"What about the money?"
"Still got some left. Besides, I'm going to start working tomorrow."
"Yeah, I talked with Rinnosuke, and I'm going to help him with his shop. And open a new branch of services, possibly."
"What are you going to do?"
"What I'm best at."
"That means?"
"I'll be webbing in the darkness."

An hour or two later, after Akyu had finished cleaning up, and Vivi brought some tea, the two of you enjoy a pointless chit-chat about various things. You tell her some stories of what was happening to you in the outside world, and she shares some rumours and stories about incidents of the human village.
It's gotten pretty late, now that you look out the window. It's already dark outside.
"Hm, I guess I'll be going."
Deciding now would be the best time to take your leave, you stand up. Akyu does so as well.
She nods.
"Yeah, if you want to get a good sleep, you have to go now."
The two of you leave the room. Now, was there anything else to do here before you leave?

[ ] Go say goodbye to Dad
[ ] Go say goodbye to Vivi
[ ] Run out the house like a madman
>> No. 11129
[X] Go say goodbye to Vivi.

I just want to see her in her gear-and-cactus-print pajamas.
>> No. 11130
{X} Go say goodbye to Vivi
She asked us to, didn't she?
>> No. 11131
[X] Go say goodbye to Dad

Daddy is awesome.
>> No. 11132
File 121322130180.gif - (98.82KB , 640x470 , smith[2].gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Go say goodbye to Mr. Anderson
>> No. 11133

Mr. Nanaya! Welcome back.
>> No. 11134
[+] Go say goodbye to Vivi
>> No. 11135
[X] Go say goodbye to Vivi.
>> No. 11136
Thread is on autosage. New thread tiem!
>> No. 11137
[X] Go say goodbye to Vivi.

I'd like to try and figure out why exactly she's so much nicer to us. I can't imagine one talk with Akyu could do that.
>> No. 11142
[X] Run out the house like a madman

Just because.
>> No. 11143
[ ] Go say goodbye to Dad
>> No. 11147
[x] Go say goodbye to Vivi

Kama Sutra eh? Looks like someone has been paying attention in #MIG....
Still, its a "novel" idea.
>> No. 11148
Contrary to popular belief, the Kama Sutra is actually rather useless when it comes to women. It was written with the man's pleasure exclusively in mind. Furthermore, many of the positions are physically impossible, and still more are nowhere resembling pleasurable due to the strain involved in executing them.

It has an undeserved reputation, gained only from being effectively an ancient sex manual.

But Akyu is cute, so yeah.
>> No. 11152
So, basically, it's the Guide to Erotic Writing, by Nasu Kinoko.
That clears up... quite a lot, really.
>> No. 11153
Now when i hear "Kama sutra" i think of a large naked man with a Sctyhe.
I knew Kama means scythe, but.... aw hell ;__;
(btw, funfact- Ookama= both "Great scythe" and "queer")
>> No. 11155

But Naya is an idiot, so yeah.
>> No. 11186
>>Kama means scythe

They're completely different tools. A kama is closer to handsickle
>> No. 11236
Also, it's "o-kama" for "fag". The "kama" part means "pot" (Edo era poetic speech), the "o" is merely an affectation attached to objects. The kanji for "big" doesn't enter into it.