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20732 No. 20732
[X] Nod
--[X] Try to attack her. Not using arms will be hard, but let's hope for the best.
--[X] Scream.
But in the end, do I really have a choice? I don't know how much of her threats can I treat seriously, and how much can I not, one thing's for sure - better to appease her now a bit before pulling off anything risky. And god my witness I'm not going to let it go. I don't give a shit about her reason, I don't give a flying dog's dick about her being Maribel's friend, right now they can all go choke on a dick. This girl broke into my house, dragged me out of my bed, humilated me, but most of all - she threatened my woman. I won't tolerate such behaviour. This offense requires an apology in form of sacrificial blood.
But now... Calm down, me. Let us not make any rash decisions. Lull her awareness to sleep. Let her become deconcentrated, and when she leasts expects it - strike with all might. It doesn't matter my arms are restrained. She's only a girl, I could probably easily throw her off, but that aside, I don't need my arms. Feh, you made one grave mistake, Aoi. My legs are still free to move, and as long as I'm conscious, even that can become your undoing. I will take you down with my legs alone, you threatening bitch!
Contradicting my rageful thoughts, my head follows the plan exactly as required. Giving her a light, meek nod, careful not to break the contact with her cool fingers. That could make her do something unreasonable.
It succeeds. Answering my nod in kind, she sets my lips free, and instead, strengthtens the pressure on my wrists. Brilliant, she's still unaware of the mistake that she made. And I will not give her any reason to do so.
"Quiet." as if she was afraid that I did not hear the first time, she mutters a whispered order. To stay quiet. Very well, I shall be quiet. For now. "One noise, and your precious girl is going down."
Going down? Your mannerism is not suitable for a killer, Aoi.
Still, I abide by that forceful request, and keep my mouth shut.
A few seconds pass in silence, almost making me think that she's trying to assure herself of my obedience.
"I can't believe my luck." her voice sounds again, at last "While everyone is looking for the fake, I found the real one... And he came to me on his own..."
Ah yes, just what I needed, a ridiculous monologue. Talk, Aoi. Talk your heart out. In the end, it will only serve my plans... And perhaps clear up the situation a little bit. Not that I really care about what's going on, but oh well, whatever. Always nice to know why would a girl I met just today bust into my house and threaten to kill my woman should I disturb her silence. Proceed, Aoi. Don't mind me, I'll just be plotting your downfall right here.
I nod at her to continue, and suprisingly, even though she's noticed that bold gesture, all she does it resume talking, without as much as changing her expression.
"I still can't believe it. But you fit the description perfectly." I try moving my leg. Perfect, with this... "I don't want to kill you, but... If I become a murderer, then so be it! I'm not going to hold back! I'll do everything to protect her!"
So desperate. But I won't let you take out whatever you may be hiding under your shirt, Aoi. No way. You see, this time, I have the advantage of suprise factor.
Sending her a grin, I tranfer all the strength from my body to my legs. She squeals briefly when I wrap one of them around her neck from behind. The pressure on my wrists weakens, and that is the trigger. A trigger for my body to spring up, catch her with every limb, in four places, and using this inhuman strength that somehow appeared in my muscles out of nowhere, lift her up. Lift her up, disregarding her flailing arms. Lift her up, roll over her, and slam her to the floor, like that invisible thing did to me before. There's no regret present in my thoughts when her cute face impacts with a hard-cover book that conveniently found itself right on the spot where I pinned her to the ground. It's going to leave a mark, and that's good. Let it be a remainder, Aoi.
"Screw with the spider," my voice remarks on it's own "And land in it's web. Welcome to my wonderful killing chamber, sweetheart."
Whatever it was she wanted to take out, it is now stuck under her own body, as well as her hands. I'm free to do with her as I wish, and the fact alone arouses my mind. I can do with her whatever I want. Whatever I desire. What's this? Am I drunk with power? Over defeating a girl in a physical battle? How lowly. A man shouldn't fight with a woman. But if there was another woman to take care of the fighting, now that would be fair, wouldn't it?
That's why... I should call out for the nearest avilable woman.
"Yuuka! Wake up and plaaaay! Look what I caught!"
But instead of a suprised 'what do you want?' from my dear partner, I hear Aoi screaming instead.
The covers fly off the bed as if someone sat up abruptly... But there's no one.
... crap, I forgot about the invisible guy!
It goes at me. I can't see it, but I know. That thing, that invisible blob of dense air, flies at me with the speed of a bullet. I can't see it, but I know. But how am I supposed to fight the unseen?! If I can't see it, if I can't touch it, if I can't--
There's a split-second to react. A brief moment of hesitation and I might end up dead. I can hear the constant ringing of blood flowing through my ears.

[ ] Take it head on, block it, be a man!
[ ] Dodge, roll aside.

>> No. 20733
[x] Dodge, roll aside.

Oh hi.

Is that you, YAF? Or are you acting as a proxy?
>> No. 20734
[ ] Dodge, roll aside.
>> No. 20735
A proxy. You'll find my story on /others/ is in a dissimilar style. YAF is still banned, and the mod in question is still overly touchy.
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{X} Dodge, roll aside.
>> No. 20737
[x] Dodge, roll aside.
>> No. 20738
We'll see what happens here. Please read the rules and the stickies on /th/ and keep them in mind.
>> No. 20739
[x] Dodge, roll aside.

Glad to see this again.
>> No. 20740
[x] Take it head on, block it, be a man!
[x] Scream for everything you're worth!
>> No. 20741
At the very least the story continues.

[x] Dodge, roll aside
>> No. 20742
Also I hope Aoi gets the stuffing beat out of him.

Goin' all ghostly
>> No. 20743
[x] Dodge, roll aside

It's wonderful to see this continue.
>> No. 20744
[X] Dodge, roll aside.

It is obvious I can't take on that thing. Although I was off guard, it managed to knock me over and pin me to the ground without any visible effort, it is clear that it has the advantage of being stronger. This is completely ridiculous, how can something so elusive and unseizable be able to do such things?! I've no idea, I've no goddamned idea how the hell is this possible, I've no idea why did this girl break into my room, I've no idea what sort of meaning her words had, I just have no idea about anything at all!
But this is not the time to be giving in to the anger. I can't let myself be swayed by those feelings. No, it'd be suicidal.
That's why, pushing them all back, I contract all the avilable muscles and throw myself aside. Letting go of Aoi's neck, not caring if I crush more books or whatever else is laying around here, I violently, recklessly throw my body aside.
Something, that imperceptible something rush through the space where I was a split-second ago. I could swear that I heard the sound of air being cut, the sound of air itself being cut by invisible blades.
And I can only continue to watch in horror as the cupboard that was behind me gets minced to shreds in no time at all. Should I remain where I was, I would've ended up as a human chaff. The sight alone strips me of the courage I was full of just a second ago. I can see Aoi glancing up at me, smirking, knowing that after this show of power, I'm the one trembling in fear. Perhaps she knew I wouldn't let myself get hit by that. Perhaps that's because she made the attack so obvious, gave me a warning so I could dodge and... Witness what can happen with me if I refuse to do her bidding.
Is that... what you wanted, Aoi? This is exactly what you wanted to achieve. But there's something off. There's something horribly off, and even you can't hide it, even from yourself.
You completely lack the killer intent, Aoi. You're not a killer. You're just a girl who fights for some ridiculous reason. How can I tell? Well...
I raise from the ground and grin an insane grin, directing it at the girl laying on the floor. As expected, it wipes the stupid smirk right off her face. I don't need any further proof. This is all I need to know.
"I enjoyed the show." my hands clap in a half-honest applause "That's some really nasty power you've got there. But..." I once again run my eyes over the debris "I hope you have enough to cover all this. For now..."
The roles have been reversed. Now I am the one standing victoriously a meter away from my victim, and she is the one shaking in fear. Her face, her eyes, express nothing but suprised, startled even fright, wrought by the lack of expected reaction on my side. It doesn't matter that this thing can cut furniture to splinters in a split-second. I may be afraid of it, but I'm not going to let it show. Besides... It's not like I'm completely unarmed either. Even if it is invisible, I still can...!
My right hand raises into the air, practically on it's own, following a strange, but familiar impulse coming from my own head. My lips begin to mutter unknown words.
"Verus novo." my voice is calm, completely devoid of any emotion "Create a blade capable of slicing through miasma."
The exact moment 'I' finish the phrase, something in my body starts to move. Like if there was a riverbed rapidly growing through my innards, that something begins to slowly makes it's way, from every single corner of this earthy shell, flowing through my every neuralgic point, and in the end, concentrating in the tips of my outstretched hand. I can feel it. I can feel the power traversing through my body. I can feel it trying to make it's way outside, to form the object of my wishes, a tool I would be able to defend myself with.

Yet, nothing happens.
"A seal? Where did it--?!"
Nothing at all. I can feel it pushing from inside, but there's no way for it to get out.
I'm screwed.

Noticing my failure, Aoi lifts her body up a little. It doesn't make me any happier to see a nasty bruise on her cheek. I'm totally screwed.

The stupid smirk I wiped away before makes it's triumphant return as her beautiful lips set ajar.
It's not a shout. Not a warning yell like before. This time, it's a command, a signal for the murderous air to come at me again.
Come at my defenseless, powerless, overconfident self. How foolish of me. How could I do something so idiotic?! I'm open, I'm totally open. Instead of trying something as ridiculous as magic, I should've started running away! What the hell was I thinking?! Magic?!
Fragments of wood scatter around when the thing raises from the debris.

And without any further ado, flies at me.

It's over.

I'm finished.

I judged you wrong, Aoi.

You lack the killer intent.

You lack it because there's someone else to do the killing for you.

Because you don't even have to do anything.

You don't have to move a finger to have a man die, as you desire.

And with the image of her smiling engraved in my thoughts, I quickly lose the most precious thing a human possesses.

The blades penetrate my body like if it was made of nothing at all. Initial shock of having my skin cut in hundreds of places isn't even allowed to reach my brain before...

With horrible, disgusting noises, multiple pieces of meat fall to the floor.

>> No. 20745
"Yo, didn't expect you to be back so fast."
The now-familiar voice greets me with a hint of sarcasm under the cheerful words. It's amazing how I still feel chopped to pieces, even though my body appears to be intact. Creepy. But just as before, there's not enough strength in my body to stand up and kick the guy in the balls, whoever he is.
"Well, fuck you too."
I sigh. It's the second time this happens. And I have a feeling that if things keep on progressing as they are, I might become more familiar with this place than I'd ever wish.
"No need to be so hostile, I'm here to help you, remember?" Yeah, I do remember you kicking my face a few hours back in the past. How bad is that? Next thing you're gonna do is punch my guts back to my 8th birthday. God, I'd rather not go through that again. "You know the drill, how about we skip the unnecessary stuff?"
"That's the first reasonable thing I've heard from you. What's on the menu?"
"Oh, not much. Just remember, third time's the charm. Be careful, alright?"

Select your scene
=Streets - walk
=Furniture shop
=Furniture shop 2
=Crossroads 2
=Cafe 'Phantom Killer'
=Cafe 'Phantom Killer 2'
=Safe Haven
=Safe Haven 2
=Safe Haven 3 - delivery
=Safe Haven 4 - dilemma
=Safe Haven 5 - last chance
=Night Assault
=Night Assault 2 - a momentary victory
>> No. 20749
[x]=Furniture shop

A happy Yuuka is a good Yuuka.
>> No. 20750
[x]=Furniture shop
[x] Something modern.

>> No. 20751
[x]=Furniture shop
[x] Something modern.
>> No. 20752
[x]=Furniture shop
[x] Something modern.

>> No. 20753
[x]=Furniture shop
[x] Something modern.
>> No. 20754
[x]=Night Assault 2 - a momentary victory
[x] Take it head on, block it, be a man!

We should crush Aoi's neck under our shoe.
>> No. 20755
[x]=Furniture shop
[x] Something modern.

Oh god fuck yes YAF writes again. The Guy cannot be stopped when he wants to write. Big Brother is watching you.
>> No. 20756
[x]=Furniture shop
[x] Something modern.
>> No. 20757

But that's another writefag's trip. A suitable successor, methinks.
>> No. 20758
>> No. 20759
[X]=Furniture shop
[X] Something modern.

Such a simple solution. No wonder we didn't see it at first.
>> No. 20761
[x]=Furniture shop
[x] Something modern.

"That far?" he asks in genuine suprise "You do realize that the progress you made will be erased, right?"
"Whatever." I answer honestly "I don't give a damn." And I'm sick of his remarks too. Does he think I do not know what I'm doing? How impudent, who the hell does he think he is? But like I said, whatever, I just want to go back already. I just want to go back, but... "Oh no, no, no, you don't."
I'm not gonna get my face kicked yet again. No. Neither will I believe that there's no other way - he's simply doing it to spite me. 'Getting killed by a little girl is enough of a humilation' - he said, and I don't need him kicking my face to add to it. No, not gonna let him do it this time.
"What is it?"
His foot freezes mid-air, already prepared to be swung at my poor nose. Whew, at the last second.
"Woah, woah, slow down, pal." I try to sound relaxed, but the prospect of getting my face kicked again kind of brushes my nerves "What the fuck is this about? I didn't get to ask the last time around, but what the hell, did you really have to kick my face?"
"Ah, no, not at all."
This is ridiculous. The fucker's lucky I can't fight back in this state.
"Then why?"
"There's some malicious satisfaction in infuriating you."
With that, my vision goes blank.


I awaken from momentary reverie with a muffled gasp. It feels weird. I've been standing here for only a few seconds, but it feels like if I remained unmoving for at least a few hours. My body is unpleasantly stiff.
Nevertheless, I don't let such triffles get to me. I'm here on a mission, a mission with a goal that should be above all the other goals I might have. That's right, Yuuka wants a table, and a table she will receive. What remains is the issue of choosing the right kind... And while I think something old-fashioned would suit her, there's this fleeting premonition my assumptions may be terribly wrong. Why? Hell if I know, but I've yet to experience a situation where my guts would give me a wrong advice. Besides, seeing how messy my flat is, anything that comes to mind when you think 'old-fashioned' wouldn't really fit in, unless we drastically changed all of the other decorations and furniture.
Then it is obvious what I should do. Besides, I've always wanted one of those fancy tables with transparent tops, so I could see the bottoms of things from under it. Like, for example, cats. Heh, cats. That'd look pretty silly, wouldn't it.
"Something modern." my lips decide to take initiative and voice my opinion at the very last "And as I said, not too expensive. Those are hard times we're living in."
"Certainly they are." the worker agrees with a smile that foretells speedy and unexpected death, should I lower my awareness a slightest bit. "Follow me."

And just as I expected, staying alert really did pay off. For instance, it spared me a lot boxes falling onto my head from above. 'Loosely placed', huh. Loosely placed my ass, those people are seriously trying to kill me! Nevermind, I'm in one piece, and until there's a definite proof, I can't really blame them for anything. So, here we are, in the section that I should've probably directed my steps to first.
Now, the only thing that remains is to find one that would fit both my tastes, and my skinny wallet.

Around ten minutes later, I'm free to breathe fresh air again. Having released a whole bunch of notes, and listened to them singing 'freedom, freedom at last', I was told to fill some forms, and that the table would be delivered to my place this evening. As much as I don't trust those people, lying to their customers would be going overboard, right? So the only thing I can do is hope that they're at least going to do the job they're being paid for.
Anyway, now that I got this thing off my head, it seems that another problem has taken up the top priority seat.
Namely, I'm hungry like a lion on a vegan diet. Should've seen this coming, normal people can't operate a whole day on just a few pancakes.

[ ] Return home, have a meal with Yuuka.
[ ] Eat somewhere in the city.
>> No. 20762
[ ] Return home, have a meal with Yuuka.
>> No. 20763
{X} Eat somewhere in the city.

Long rewind is long~
>> No. 20764
[x] Return home, have a meal with Yuuka.

I want a nice meal with Yuuka.
>> No. 20765
[x] Return home, have a meal with Yuuka.

Delicious Yuuka, must have her. So what progress did we lose after the rewind?
>> No. 20766
[x] Return home, have a meal with Yuuka.
>> No. 20767
[x] Return home, have a meal with Yuuka.
>> No. 20769
[x] Return home, have a meal with Yuuka.

But as much as I'm tempted to stroll around the city some more - perhaps simply because being asleep for several days put a subconscious need of moving around on my instincts - I don't really know any place where I could buy some food with my current funds. Restaurants are out of question, they're all incredibly expensive, and fast food... Well, fast food somehow doesn't look like a good idea right now. Besides, even if it requires me to get back indoors, how could I resist the vision of having a meal with my precious Yuuka?
"Heh." I chuckle to myself.
I just called her 'precious'. Really, even though I can't remember anything definite, my heart keeps telling me that it's normal - for her to be there. I don't really know if it's simply me who was affected by this... memory lapse, or if there's something going on behind the scenes and it's just the opposite - people's minds were tampered with to remember events that didn't happen... And only I was skipped. Neither sounds reasonable, but then again, how can I be talking about logical reasoning when there's a woman who's supposed not to exist at my place? So, in the end, all I can do is enjoy the situation until someone kindly decides to tell me what the hell really happened.
Having built up my spirit a bit, I set off in the direction I came from, this time much more careful not to bump into any closet sadistic girls. I wouldn't want that event to repeat, now would I.

It feels almost refreshing when the humble apartment building I'm staying at comes into view. Gentle, orange light of slowly setting sun fills the air, making the scene resemble something out of a reneissance painting. Of course, no one sane would paint apartment buildings in the reneissance period, bah, I doubt they had those things back then, but it simply gives off that feeling. Almost artistic.
With the corner of my eye, I notice - again - the small flowerbed Yuuka was working on when I was leaving. Neatly arranged patches mark the surface of that small, distinguishable square of earth. There's nothing sprouting out of the ground, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before a sunflower field surrounds this building like an army of bodyguards. Of course, I realize it's a silly thought. Such things don't happen overnight, and while I'm not an expert in this matter, I'm sure even two weeks wouldn't be quite enough.
Climbing up the stairs, I dig out the keys from my pockets. If she wasn't there, she's probably home already, huh. Well, not even someone like her can spend all day tending to flowers.
And here's the first suprise - instead of leaving the door open like I'd expect her too, not only is it closed and locked, but I can't turn my key inside the lock either. Hey, there's no need to be so cautious, now. Even if someone came to rob this modest flat, I'm sure Yuuka would just blast him to oblivion. This is how she's supposed to be like, right?
So, forfeiting the efforts to unlock the door, I push the doorbell instead. Happy chime sounds somewhere inside, followed by a bunch of hurried steps, that stop just on the other side.
"Who's there?"
Now this is a silly question, who else could it be?
"It's me." I give an equally silly answer "Would you kindly open up?"
Preceded by an agreeing mutter, there's a sound of metal grating against metal, and in no time, the door sets ajar, revealing Yuuka, who gives me an unsure, maybe a bit suprised stare.
"Hello. I'm back."
"I figured that much."
"So," I speak up again while untying my shoes "Care for a dinner?"
I can't see her face, but I know she's standing right beside me, arms crossed on her chest, staring down at me wrestling with the damn laces. Or rather, trying to buy myself some time and get her to answer before I finish.
"Actually, I was about to--"
"Forget it then." throwing the shoes aside, I cut into her sentence and straighten up "Whatever it was, forget it. I got back earlier to eat with you. I'm sure you can at least respect that and eat with me?"
Her gaze carries a hint of annoyance, like if there were diffirent plans she wanted to go with, but quickly looks aside, faced with my honest smile.
"... I suppose."
"Good girl."
Acting on a sudden impulse, I step towards her, and without caring about anything at all, grab her waist, grab her shoulders, and pull her into a kiss. Short, but genuine. Something like a welcome-back kiss she should've given me, but perhaps did not find enough courage, or whatever reason she could've had. Well, guru couldn't go to the mountain, the mountain had to visit guru. There's nothing wrong with taking what should be rightfully mine.
"Bold as always." she says after I pull back "You really did seem a bit changed in the morning, I was afraid that maybe you hit your head somewhere on the way back. But you haven't changed one bit."
I answer that irritated remark with a grin.
"Sorry for being me."

Not long after, we're both sitting in the living room - me at the desk, Yuuka on the floor - eating the makeshift dinner I made on the spot, out of whatever I could find in the fridge. That goddamn table impaired my finances enough, I'll probably have to live on without gorging myself anytime soon. I glance at Yuuka who silently, and without complains devours the rather poor meal. Wait, devour isn't a good word here. No matter how you look at it, no matter how primitive the thing on her plate may be, it would seem that when she's the one eating it, it suddenly becomes the most equisite meal. Effect of her aura, I'd guess. And it doesn't really conflict with the fact that she's sitting on the floor. Hell, I'd happily exchange places with her, but she insisted on staying there.
"Ehh." Sudden sigh interrupts my thoughts. "This place really needs a table..."

[ ] Keep silent.
--[ ] Turn on the TV, watch the news. It'd be nice to hear what's going on around.
--[ ] Do nothing.
[ ] Strike up a conversation.
--[ ] About the table.
--[ ] About what actually happened.
--[ ] About my memory loss.
--[ ] About the girl I met in the town.


You were one step from activating Naya's new hax.
>> No. 20770
--[x] Turn on the TV, watch the news. It'd be nice to hear what's going on around.
[x] Strike up a conversation.
--[x] About the girl I met in the town.

If Yuka takes this the wrong way, that'll only make it more fun~
>> No. 20771
--[ ] Turn on the TV, watch the news. It'd be nice to hear what's going on around.
[ ] Strike up a conversation.
--[ ] About the Flowerbed.

Telling Yuuka about other girls is a bad idea. If we can get her in a good mood we can maybe get some infos about what actually happened.
>> No. 20772
{X] Strike up a conversation.
--{X} About the girl I met in town.
--{X} About my memory loss.
>> No. 20774
>Telling Yuuka about other girls is a bad idea.

When said "other girls" are crazy bitches that accuse us of being "it" and nearly burn our face off with magic hands over it?

I think she ought to know, then we can ask her about "it".
>> No. 20775
--[x] Turn on the TV, watch the news. It'd be nice to hear what's going on around.
[x] Strike up a conversation.
--[x] About the girl I met in the town.
>> No. 20776
--[x] Turn on the TV, watch the news. It'd be nice to hear what's going on around.
[x] Strike up a conversation.
--[x] About the girl I met in the town.
>> No. 20777
--[x] Turn on the TV, watch the news. It'd be nice to hear what's going on around.
[x] Strike up a conversation.
--[x] About the girl I met in the town.

Hey Yuuka, I got accosted by this really freaky bitch girl whose grip burned my hands.
>> No. 20778
--[x] Turn on the TV, watch the news. It'd be nice to hear what's going on around.
[x] Strike up a conversation.
--[x] About the girl I met in the town.
>> No. 20779
--[x] Turn on the TV, watch the news. It'd be nice to hear what's going on around.
[x] Strike up a conversation.
--[x] About the girl I met in the town.

Though I feel tempted to reveal the fact that - yes, indeed! And that is exactly why I bought one this evening! - already, if it's to be a suprise, I cannot raise the courtain yet. Besides, telling her now would be pointless anyway, wouldn't it. Other than that, I really want to see her reaction when that thing drives into the room, and standing on it well be I, scanding 'Ta-dah!' in an overly enthusiastic voice. As if, but it's always nice to dream.
Putting that aside, being unable to answer her complain right now - at least without lying - I decide to do something to shift her attention. Grab the remote control that was where I remember always leaving it - among the clutter on my desk - and switch the telly on. Hm, if it were there, does that mean she didn't use it while I was unconscious? Somehow I don't think she'd bother with putting it back on the exact same spot... She may have that equisite aura, but in reality, she's much more messy than one would think. The fact that all the mess around doesn't bother her a slightest bit is enough of a proof. Plus I don't think she really was interested in something like watching TV. Do they even have that in Gensokyo? I doubt it, but I can't say for sure.
So while the damn thing warms up - a charm of vintage TVs - I try to clear it up a bit.
"Ever watched TV before?"
"Nope." she answers without even looking at me - or the TV, for that matter "Yukari showed me one once, but that's about it."
"But you know how they work?"
"They can show moving images, right?"
"More or less..."
This isn't going anywhere, so I may as well start watching. Just in time - evening news just kicked in one of the three channels this thing can catch.
"---in local news, we've been flooded with a ton of reports about strange events happening in the city." The presenter, an adult woman dressed in a brown suit-like shirt, announces that in an indiffirent voice. "Out of which, the ones most mentionworthy would be: a flying couple, young man walking around with a spear, and a dog-eared girl." the screen shifts to a recorded scene, somewhere in the more shabby district of the city. An excited middle-aged woman waves her arms at the camera, while spouting something I have problems with understanding. "They jumped off the edge and flew like planes!" she screams "No, there wasn't any smoke or nothing, so I don't think it was a military experiment. Magic, goodness! Magic! Two of them there were - a young boy and a young girl, both blonde like my grandmother Marie!"
Huh. I listen to the excited voice with one ear while slowly consuming my food. Flying couples, huh. Well, normally, I'd call bullshit, but seeing how there's a woman from Gensokyo sitting not two meters away, I'm ready to believe anything and everything. Gotta watch myself then. Remember, me - 'bombs away' is a signal to jump for the nearest shelter. Other than that... The guy with a spear doesn't surprise me, really. This city's population of freaks is - I'm sure - at least on the national average, if not higher, seeing that I live here. One guy with a spear doesn't make a sensation. And the girl with dog ears...
Wait a moment. This rings a bell. No, not literally, I didn't witness any dog-eared girls in the town today, but... There was that one with an oversized beret... And there was something wrong with it... Something I couldn't put a finger on... Or am I just overthinking things?
But that reminds me. There was also her companion. That batshit insane bitch who almost burned my palm. And while I'm able to believe that there are people insane enough to walk up to you and start burning your hands, what she said awakened some uncertainty in my mind. She called me it and said that if it hurts, it proves that I am it. Nonsensical as it may sound at first, there weren't any burn marks on my hands, so... Would it be safe to assume it was magic? I knew there was a chance of it existing, but...
But isn't there a person who knows incomparably more about magic than I do. Or at least, should know.
"Hm?" again, she answers without looking at me.
"Today, when I was strolling around, I bumped into a girl..."
ZING. Like if an invisible arrow just cut through the air beside my ear, my senses sharpen, reacting to this sudden wave of hostility. What is this...? This dense air...?
Her voice is neutral, but combined with the atmosphere, it's almost like an iron fist wrapped around my throat. Is she... jealous? If she is, this is one EXTREME case of jealousy. If I'm to proceed, I better proceed carefully.
"Er... Like I said, I bumped into her, accidentially..." this really is awkward "I apologized, but she grabbed my right hand and did some sumo move or something... Held it on my back, while saying... disturbing things. And burned it too. At least it felt like that." it's kind of hard to talk about this without knowing what the hell was actually happening "And she called me... It or something like that. And told me not to do anything with people around... And wait for the night... Do you have any idea what this could mean?"
A long moment of silence ensues, broken only by the rambling of the on-screen presenter, talking about something completely irrelevant to my current situation. And Yuuka is still not looking at me.
"... I have no idea." she says after a long pause "It's your business, don't involve me. And about your hand..." another pause, albeit shorter "I have no idea. I can't feel anything since I lost my magic affinity during the destruction of the border."
Wait. Wait, wait, wait, what did she just say? Destruction of the border? THE border? Nevermind the joy of that dense atmosphere disappearing, no, no, no, as far as I know... Hold it, that would explain her being outside, but...
"... lost? What do you mean, lost?"
She shrugs.
"Exactly what I said. I lost it. The border collapsed and sent a wave of negative energy along the fabric of magic... Flipping things upside down. I can't use it anymore. Neither can anyone who was in Gensokyo at that moment. You should be fine, though." the last remark sounded a bit more cheerful "You're not a youkai, and weren't born inside the border, so your affinity wasn't bound with it. My source - the one we put in your hand - should still be working. But if what you say is true and that girl tampered with it... It's your problem. I can't help, sorry."
With that, she falls silent, leaving me completely dumbfounded. Border collapsing? Messing up magic? Source in my hand?
I look down at my right palm, not any diffirent from how I remember it. Not really diffirent... Not diffirent at all... Except for this bruise here, I don't remember getting it... And this scar here... And here... And here...

And then it strikes me. Although I knew it already, only now do I realize the full weight of the fact.

I really did lose my memory.

My heart keeps on giving me hints and cues, but in reality, it's all I have. It's all I can cling onto. Other than that, all I have are the memories from before... stalking Maribel and Renko. Memories I was planning on throwing away, should the plan succeed.
And all the odds suggest that it did.
How ironic. That even after planning on discarding my previous life and start a new one, the situation turns out to be completely opposite.
How fucking ironic. I was right cursing my fortune, this really is a hopeless situation!
The worst thing is, I've no idea how to deal with it. After all, what is there I could do? Even if I could use magic before, which is hard to believe, but still, I can't do anything right now. I don't even know where to start.

The TV continues on buzzing silently, serving as a background for my scattered thoughts. Yuuka... It looks like she's almost finished with eating. It's getting pretty late too.

[ ] No point in hiding this, tell her about my memory loss.
[ ] At least ask her about what happened before the border collapsing.
[ ] Do nothing.
>> No. 20781
[x] No point in hiding this, tell her about my memory loss.

What's the worst that could happen?
>> No. 20782
{X} At least ask her about what happened before the border collapsing.

>> No. 20784
[x] At least ask her about what happened before the border collapsing.
>> No. 20785
[x] At least ask her about what happened before the border collapsing.
>> No. 20786
[X] No point in hiding this, tell her about my memory loss.
Eh, what the hell. I think she should know.
>> No. 20787
[x] No point in hiding this, tell her about my memory loss.
>> No. 20788
[x] No point in hiding this, tell her about my memory loss
>> No. 20789
[x] No point in hiding this, tell her about my memory loss.
>> No. 20795
Update Nigger.
>> No. 20796
[X] No point in hiding this, tell her about my memory loss.

What am I hesitating for? Even if I can recall some... data about the events of past few days... Or months, or however much time was cut from my memories, the fact still remains. I have no idea what happened. In other words, if I really did discard my 'previous' life and became a new person, I'm not me - not 'him' - now anymore. I'm back to who I was before. And Yuuka... I know I love her, I know I'm supposed to love her, but in reality... The person she loves is no longer here. And all I've been doing was playing along, playing her lover, as if not to hurt her feelings. Isn't that... unfair? Was I really right in assuming that this would be the right course of events, the right kind of behaviour? No, I know I didn't choose this because of fear, that she might go crazy or whatever, I chose this because my heart kept telling me it's right.
Still, it feels like if I was fooling her from the very beggining. I have to... I must tell her. Later may be too late.
"Yuuka." I almost choke on my own saliva, but manage to call her name without breaking into a fit of coughing.
Again, the same, disinterested mutter. Discouraging. Hellishly discouraging, but it's now or never. I can't be lying to her anymore, even if those are not lies in stricte sense.
"There's something I think I should tell you..."
She eyes me suspiciously over her shoulder.
"Don't tell me... That girl you bumped into was actually naked, and it didn't happen outside, but in her bedroom?"
Ack, what? Why such an assumption...? You, me from the lapse, what the hell did you do to earn this kind of reputation? Or is Yuuka simply playing with me, trying to see my reaction?
If so, I'm sorry, there's nothing to see here. I swallow heavily, but only inside my thoughts, retaining my face perfectly straight.
Instead of gasping in suprise, a sigh escapes my lips.
"No..." I exclaim in a mildly irritated tone "It's something... more complicated."
"There were two girls?"
"No, god damn, what are you...!" crap, let my nerves influence my words too much. How ironic, that there indeed were two girls, but... Hell, it has nothing to do with the current situation. Calm down, me. Back the fuck up, and calm the shit down. "Ehh." I sigh again "Look, I'm trying to be serious here. Besides, you don't possibly believe I'd betray you just like that?"
"You mean, on the first day you're up and running?"
"Yes, that too--" I begin to answer, but realize it was a trap and stop. Too late. Why is it that every time I need to exchange a few serious words, all the odds act against me? Am I cursed? What the hell is this? "I mean, drop the subject already, I just knocked her over and helped her up, it's all. And you should know, that if I bumped into a girl in a way you described, she wouldn't be burning my hand afterwards, being too exhausted after the whole thing, now am I mistaken?" Success. Yuuka returns her stare to the plate - now empty, but apparently containing something worth being gazed upon. "Look, I'm just trying to say something important here."
"... I know." she mutters after a few seconds of silence "I'm just trying to adapt a bit to... Forget it. What was it that you wanted to say?"
Finally. Something tells me that wasn't like you, Yuuka. To play with words and circumstances. It's my department, really. Anyway...
"So, the thing is..." I hesitate for a moment longer, but finally gain enough guts to spill the beans "I'm afraid, just like you lost your magic powers, I lost my memories."

It proceeds just like I expected it to. Silence ensues, leaving me wondering whether she's simply taken aback, amazed, frightened, or just didn't hear me. Next second might decide on the following course of my life, and I'm not really sure if I'm eager to speed them up, just to get to the conclusion already.
Nevertheless, this wait is killing me.
The TV buzzes in the background like an annoying bug, so I turn it off. I've no interest in flying couples, nor in haunted shrines, thank you very much.
Then, I notice my fingers have been playing with the cup I drank from before. Careful not to make any noise, I put it back on the desk.

But even with this kind of caution, my hands can't hide the nervousness. Instead of placing it there and continuing the wait, I almost slam it against the wooden surface.
"Wait." as if on a cue, Yuuka speaks up "... what did you say?"
An expectable reaction. I knew she wouldn't believe me so easily. I knew it, yet...
Oh hell, did I deplete all my balls saying it for the first time? No, I can't look at it like that. This is a hint for me to elaborate a bit.
"What I meant was..." I pause for a moment "I can't remember anything happening after the evening I entered Gensokyo... Up to the point where I woke up here... With you at my side." I cough up nervousness and continue "Actually, it's not like I don't remember anything at all, I... I know some facts, I know that I can trust you, for example, but... I can't recall anything that happened. I can't remember anything about magic, I can't remember how our home looked like, I can't... It just all disappeared."
Silence. Damning, full of suspense, feeding my rickety mind with even more stress.
But I persist in idleness, not muttering a single word, waiting for her response. Like I said, depending on it...
"You did not just say that." her face turns to me, frozen in an expression of shock, maybe even horror. It's... I know it's unusual to see her like that. And it's hard to bear with her stare. "I knew Yukari put something in your head, but... I thought that if we left, it wouldn't... But why..." she shakes her head "You're joking, right? You've been acting so... normally up till now, gave me hope that Yukari's plan didn't trigger after all... Why?!"
Finally breaking the stale atmosphere, she stands - or rather jumps - up, throwing her empty plate at the nearest wall. I don't even flinch when it shatters into multiple white pieces, I don't even blink when one of them hits my face.
And say nothing.
"Then this is how it is?! It wasn't even my fault, yet I'm the one being robbed of something precious?! Curse you, Yukari! If I could, if I only could, I'd kill you over, and over, and over, and OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER AGAIN!" throwing in anger, she screams those words. Even if I wanted to move, all the alarms going off in my head wouldn't let me. "It's all your fault! Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME, YAKUMO?! IT ALL HAPPENED BECAUSE OF YOUR ACCURSED ENDEAVOURS! And you!" her hateful gaze lands on me at last "I don't know you. You're not 'Kazami Nanaya'. You're not the 'Dreamscape Spider'. You're just... just... JUST AN IMPOSTER! Be grateful," she lowers her voice to a whisper "That I can't bring myself to kill you on the spot."
With that, she leaves. In a hasty, angry manner, growling silently under her nose, she puts on her shoes and leaves. Slamming the door close behind her, she disappears into the night.

And I, dumbfounded, confused about the whole thing, am left to wonder...
"What the hell did I just do?"

[ ] Pursue Yuuka. I may not remember, but she's still my woman.
[ ] Do not pursue Yuuka. She has nowhere else to go, let her calm down and she'll be back.
>> No. 20797
[X] Pursue Yuuka. I may not remember, but she's still my woman.
At least we didn't annoy her with the table.
>> No. 20798
Fuck this shit, why not give a bad end instead.
Seems like Nanaya was even worse than Yuuka to earn her respect and fear.
Next Bad End fuck it, go for every girl on sight and kill whatever opposes us. No more holding back and being nice at all.

[x] Pursue Yuuka. I may not remember, but she's still my woman.
>> No. 20799
{X} Pursue Yuuka. I may not remember, but she's still my woman.

Saw that coming.
>> No. 20800
[X] Pursue Yuuka. I may not remember, but she's still my woman.
>> No. 20801
[X] Pursue Yuuka. I may not remember, but she's still my woman.
>> No. 20802
[x] Pursue Yuuka. I may not remember, but she's still my woman.
>> No. 20803
[X] Pursue Yuuka. I may not remember, but she's still my woman.

But no matter my foolishness, I didn't mean anything bad. It is simply that she misunderstood, heard wrong meanings of words that weren't supposed to hurt her at all. No, just the opposite actually, I wanted to fess up so I wouldn't have to keep on lying. And here's what I receive in return - a shameful title of imposter. No, I can't blame her, after all, it's me who kept on deceiving her until this moment. Even though I considered telling her, at least a few times. I wanted to tell her, but add, that no matter if I remember or not, there's no reason why she shouldn't trust me. Our intentions, for her, for our futures are not so diverse. How do I know?

Well, that's simple. Yuuka is my woman whether she acknowledges that or not, and I don't need something as pesky as memories to prove it. It is my heart which first informed me of the bond that's supposed to be formed between us, and even if I'm not the one she bound herself with, she is the one I bound myself with. It doesn't mater whether I remember or not, facts are facts, my feelings are my own, and I'm not going to defy them just because she's acting all suprised. No, Yuuka. You're mine, and it's not going to change because of trivial triffles like losing one's memory.
The confusion I felt gets pushed back by anger and overwhelming will to act. I know what has to be done, and she can resist all she wants. Right now, I only want to take back what is rightfully mine. And mine it will be, Kazami Yuuka. Either you accept the fact or...
"... or what?"
What will I do if she refuses to cooperate? I may be in possession of her 'source', whatever that is, she may be unable to use magic anymore, but in the end, what chance do I stand against a pure, undefiled youkai? If what I read about her is right, then even without the support of magic, she's still a considerable threat.
Aha, a threat. I just called her a threat. Indeed, if she doesn't comply, it's going to be a bloodbath. In the end, only one of us will be left standing. And I'll do whatever it takes to be the fortunate winner, Yuuka. Prepare yourself, or there'll be some consequences.
Throwing my favourite jacket onto my shoulders, I storm out of the flat.

... when did I become so possessive?

The sun is slowly setting, filling the air with pleasant, orange light, while I run, aimlessly, around the city, looking for a slightest hint of her presence. The amount of people seems to be lesser than what I have experienced before, and now it's much easier to navigate around the streets than it was in the afternoon. Thank god for that, at least I hope it will spare me the trouble of bumping into freaky girls.
But the real goal of running around like an insane footballer is not making new acquaintances, it is to find the one that escaped from me, just because I didn't turn out to be the same exact person she had expected me to be. One would think that spotting her specific figure and - as infantile as it sounds - colour scheme, but lo and behold - I can't catch even smallest sight of her. Neither do I think asking people would work. As proved earlier, those bastards don't pay any attention to anything but themselves. I'm on my own then.
Muttering a curse, I resume my marathon.


It's getting dark. The sun has already set, the street lamps are already on. And I still haven't found her.


The hour is almost eleventh in the evening. It being autumn, the night has already fallen, in fact, it already started dominating the atmosphere two or so hours ago, but only now did I stop in front of a convenience store, out of breath, with a sore, dry throat. There's a vending machine there, I think... I think I have some change on me.
Still, it's amazing I managed to run around for so long without getting tired. Normally even a trek to school would tire me out, but now... I wonder if it has anything to do with my right hand and what's sitting inside of it. I didn't have time and will to examine my body either, but judging from how fit I am, I must've worked out during all that time spent with Yuuka. Or something like that. Don't know about it, but this body - it really does feel... Harder, better, faster, stronger. More than ever. I've never felt something like this in my life, being the lazy bastard I am, but... I know, this isn't my merit, but I still can't help and feel somehow proud of myself. Boastful, even. Makes me want to... Hell, rip my shirt off and flex, flex those muscles like there's no tommorow!
How stupid I am. This isn't what I'm supposed to be doing at all. Yuuka. I have to find Yuuka. It doesn't matter if she's a youkai, there are still many dangers lurking in the streets that can befall even someone as powerful as her. Like girls with burners in their hands, for example.
I throw away the empty can and start running again.


Yet, there's nothing. Not a single sighting of either her characteristic clothes or even more distinguishable hair. Not even a hint of where she'd gone off too. The initian wave of emotions subsided long ago, and now, common sense working at 100% operativity again, I'm starting to think I might've made a mistake.
"... ehh."
In the first place, what was I thinking, that I would really find her just by blidnly jumping around? It's not a big city, but it's not a small one either, the chance of spotting a single person in an over 200 thousand population is something beyond even my abilities, and Yuuka being so distinctive, it was foolish to assume I'd be able to catch her.
This is hopeless. Was I really so blinded with anger that I proceeded without analyzing the situation first? How could I let emotions get ahead of me?
... no, wait. This is wrong. Because of considerate thinking and too much planning, I found myself in this situation. No matter how you look at it, if I simply followed my guts, this wouldn't be happening. It is exactly because of overthinking stuff that I'm here now.
"... then there's no point..."
No point in searching further. That's right. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I'm never going to find her. This is not a movie, and I really was foolish to think that such a turn of events would even be possible.

Angry, but this time at myself, I direct my steps back to the apartment block. Yuuka knows she has nowhere else to go, and sooner or later, she will be back, I'm sure of it. She's not the kind of woman to hold a grudge over something like that. I know she can't use magic, but together - maybe, just maybe - we'll be able to fix this jacked up situation. Together.


Sounds of a commotion reach my ears when I climb the dark staircase, but I pay no heed to it, wanting to simply get back home as fast as possible. Whatever it is, it does not concern me.
That's what I thought until I reached the second floor.
The sight before me is enough to make all the thought processes disappear at once.

Laying on the cold floor, just before the door to my flat, lies no other than the one I was searching around so frantically for.
Not moving, apparently asleep, or worse, with one hand twisted in an unatural way.
And over that body, resembling a broken lily...
"Are you sure we nailed the right person?"
"I'm fairly sure it's her."
A pair of strangers - no, wait, let's call them assaulters - one girl, with long, green-ish hair, dressed in a white winter jacket, beding over the body of my woman, as if examining something. Standing beside her, smoking a ciggarette, leisurely glancing around is a man, probably around his twenties. And in his hand...

... is a red spear, shining grimly in the dim light of a pair of cheap lamps.
>> No. 20804
The door to my room is closed. She... she must've forgotten her keys...

"How did you find her anyway?" the girl asks, still staring at her victim "I thought he told you Yuuka wasn't with him?"
"Ah, yeah..." the guy answers in an uncaring tone "But it's what you'd expect from a coward, really. Ain't no warrior, him. The few times we met he just denied everything I said and escaped... Come to think of it, he didn't even want to admit destroying the border." What? This is bullshit, it's the first time I see this guy, what the hell is he on about? "When will she wake up?"
"I'm not sure..." a short pause "I can't really control my magic as well as I used to."
"Hah?" the guy almost lets the ciggarette fall out of his mouth "You said you could still use it!"
"I can, dummy. I'm just saying I can't control it that good."
"So... when?"
"I don't know." another short pause "May as well be in a second, may as well be never."
"What?! Why didn't you tell me before?!"
"You didn't ask."
"Damn... Anyway, let's take her back to headquarters, if she wakes up, we're screwed, if not, she's going to be a great trump card."
"Do you want to use her to lure him out?"
"Pretty much, yes. Bright as always, Sanae. Well then, let's get to work."
The moment he reaches for Yuuka's shoulder with the free hand, I lose it. Trump card? Lure out? Ain't no warrior? I don't care what kind of drugs he's on, I don't give a damn why the hell would he claim meeting with me before, I don't give a shit why exactly Yuuka was their target. I don't care about them mentioning the border either. Right now, there's only one thing that dominates my mind.
That bastard is about to touch my woman. Shamelessly, without asking, without even hesitating, right in front of my eyes. Takes some serious ball, that, eh, Spear Freak? I'm sorry, but this disgrace won't be allowed to slip by unnoticed.
No, in fact...

I step out of the darkness and into the shallow ring of light. My steps, carefully measured, carry a distinctive, ominous echo. Silent enough not to cause too much ruckus, loud enough for them to notice it... And I hope get the hint as well.
"Don't touch her."
In case they don't, I spell it out. Sometimes you gotta deal with other people's ignorance when it comes to disregarding obvious clues. I've no idea about that guy, but in the end - it succeeded. He turns to me with a grin plastered over his face.
"Ah, how fortunate." he says in a mocking tone "I didn't expect you to catch up so fast."
"Is that so."
He answers my rhetorical question by strengthtening the grip on his spear.
"So you're finally willing to fight?"
"Fight?" I ask "Haha, no. I'm not here to fight. I'm here to rip your goddamn hands off for wanting to touch my woman."
Now I too am smiling a big, menacing grin. Let him know. That whoever he met, it wasn't me. For I am not a coward you think you have before you, jackass.
"Now we're talking." I swear, if he doesn't stop with this amused tone, I'm going to gouge his eyes out "Guess you can't run away anymore, now that we've dragged her into this?"
He's talking about Yuuka. Dragged her into this? Ah, yes, for sure, knocking her out in such a place, right in front of my home could be called 'dragging into this'. Whatever 'this' is. But does it matter now. I don't care what's this guy's reason, I just want to claw out his throat.
The red weapon makes a swift spin in the air, landing in a classic, two-handed grip, it's tip directed at me. I can tell - that guy is a professional.
My senses sharpen.
"Shall we have a go at it, then?" he asks.
"... bring it."
"Not gonna run?"
"... bring it."
"Are you sure?"
"... bring it or I swear I'm going to rape your girlfriend, using your dead body as a pillow."
"That's enough, I guess."

And simply as that, he rushes at me.

[ ] Enough running. Take him head on.
[ ] Try magic. I can't remember how to use it, but it should be instinctive, right?
[ ] Dodge, try to confuse him. Dash past both him and the girl, grab Yuuka and run.
>> No. 20806
[x] Enough running. Take him head on.
>> No. 20807
File 122938157388.jpg - (78.42KB , 544x395 , nanaya0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Enough running. Take him head on.

Are we fast enough?

...of course we are.

>> No. 20808
[x] Enough running. Take him head on.
>> No. 20809
[x] Enough running. Take him head on.

There goes /youkai/ Anon, Sanae sure won't enjoy that night
>> No. 20810
[x] Enough running. Take him head on.
>> No. 20816
[x] Grab one of your trusty knives, slit the girl's throat and try to push the man off of the second story railing.
>> No. 20817
[X] Enough running. Take him head on.

There's not enough time to react. Not enough time to even blink. Not enough time to collect my thoughts. His speed equals that of the fastest racing car you could ever imagine. Like a rocket, with an ominous tip, like a living bullet, he charges at me. If there's such a thing as 'becoming one with one's weapon', this guy achieved it - I can't even make out which part of him is the body and which is the spear. No matter how hard I try, it's just a blur of colours flying at me, intending to deal a fatal blow the second it gets in contact with this fragile body. Such speed... Can it even be matched?
But it is not the time to wonder about that. It is not the time to hesitate. I might've said that there's not enough time to as much as blink, but in reality... The whole world appears to have slowed down. The blur remains, but everything around... Everything, me included, moves like in an overly dramatic thriller movie. Slow. Slow. Slow. Slow. But that means, even he is slow. Nevermind those previous remarks about how fast he is, after all, he's as slow as me... If not slower.
I've no idea what's your business, punk, but there's other thing I know. You wounded my woman, wanted to kidnap her and use her for some lowly goals of yours. I don't need another reason than that. I don't need any other fuel than the rage you provided. And it doesn't matter that I am unarmed, for by those hands, you will die tonight. Run away? Feh, who would? You're just a weakling that needs to rely on a weapon and a girl, you're just a nuisance, using suprise factor and taunting to your advantage. You're just a splinter under a fingernail, a cut lip, a small scratch on a foot, a pesky, irrelevant vermin, feeding upon the misfortune of others. You're just...
"...an eyesore."
I raise my arm, and the same exact instant, the normal flow of time resumes.

And I can only watch helplessly as the red blade pierces my forearm.

The world disappears in an explosion of whiteness.


"Ah, here you are." the overly friendly voice greets me - again - to this hollow plane. But this time... "Things, I gather, have gone out of control."
Only this time, there's none of that annoying darkness shrouding the place in shade. There are no more conveniently places shadows to conceal my conversant's face. And finally, I'm not laying on the floor anymore.
It's empty, but brightly lit. Empty, totally devoid of anything at all, except...

And him.

Only now do I see his face in full detail, and it's familiarity strikes my poor mind with the force of a charging rhino.
I know that face. And I know it well.
Standing before me... With hands in his pockets... Is no one other than...

Me myself.

"Suprised?" he asks, with a beaming grin "Didn't expect this?"
"... not really." I try to stop my head from spinning by grabbing my forehead. In vain.
"Who else could it be? Your mother? Don't be silly."
I don't get this. Why am I having a conversation with myself inside my head? Schizophremia? Double personality? Or am I simply dreaming another ridiculous dream? This is too much. If there was a chair, I'd gladly take a seat. This whole situation makes me want to puke.
"So..." I manage to gasp out "What now? You're going to send me back in time again?"
Through the gaps between my fingers I see him spasm in something I think was a mute chuckle. Distressing.
"No. Didn't I tell you? Third time's the charm. And this is the third time we meet." That I cannot deny, but what exactly does he... "How convenient that the seal was broken right now too... This way I don't even have to do anything! Great progress, has-been-me."
"What are you--"
I want to speak, but glancing at him again, I see only a blur coming towards me. Just like the guy with the spear, only faster, much faster, so fast I don't even manage to think a single thought before his hands wrap around my neck.
"All that is mine is rightfully yours." he whispers "But I won't let you have it. Begone, nuisance."
In a single moment, all his fingers tighten their grasp, rending me from ability to breathe. But that's not what he's striving for. He doesn't want to strangle me. No, that would take too long. All he wants to do, is make me die, as fast as possible. By breaking my nape in several places at once.

And after a second, he does.
>> No. 20818

Wrapped in the light of magical explosion, I return to life. Full of energy, full of determination, full of images, that slowly making their way along the surface of my brain, finding their place, where they previously fit. Images of the days spent in Kazami mansion. Images of the days spent on the Dreamscape sunflower field. Images of the days of harrassing Shio. Images of the brief days I spent with Reimu.
And finally, the image of piercing her beautiful, maiden throat with my sword.
All those, and many more, make their triumphant return, slowly reforming my old self. My good, old self, the very one who almost got into Alice's bloomers by an accident, good old me who unwillingly seduced Reimu, good old me who conquered the supposedly unconquerable Yuuka Kazami.

I am reborn.

In waves of pulsating energy, pushing everything around away, I am reborn.

And though the memory of my forearm getting pierced still resides somewhere in the shallow depths of short-term memory, I know that it was not how it happened. Because right now, my arm appears to be fully intact. Changed, but intact. Glowing with radiant, green light, covered in fragments of carapace that looks harder than metal, but intact. Sporting intimidating claws, but intact.
And the enemy's blade is helplessly scratching against it's surface, while we try out each other's strength.
"You've got a trick up your sleeve." he drawls through grit teeth.
"You don't say."
I grow tired of this. He's no match for me, one way or the other. I don't even acknowledge the possiblity that there could be a human capable of defeating me. Me - the Spider of Dreamscame, Kazami Nanaya. How ridiculous, who the hell does he think he is? Hello? You've no chance to even scratch me? A speck like you shouldn't even be allowed near me in the first place!
This is boring. I've no time for such triffles.
And so, letting the blade slide along the armour of my forearm, I grab a hold of his spear, just behind the blade.
Not even letting him retaliate, I raise it in the air - along with it's owner. Like a banana on a stick, really.
"You're a bother."
And then, like the trash he is, I discard him over my shoulder.
Loud sound of something hard hitting against the metar railing on the stairs, followed by a lot of thumps, assures me - he won't be disturbing me again. Dusting off my palms, I return my stare to the other oppressor. Yeah... Flawed shrine maiden, who can't even conjure up her magic properly anymore. And a perfectly normal human girl at that. Nothing worthy of even getting pumped up about. Man, tonight is inexplicibly boring! How am I to have fun when there are no challenges waiting for me?
"I am the spider that set up this web..." I start speaking in a menacing tone, but stop in the middle. Something's off here. "I am the spider... No, this is kinda old." really, it is. A new motto would be adequate for this rebirth. A new one, but... Hell, I've never been good at coming up with badass lines. "Let's go on a date in hell? No... I'll show you hell? No... I'll violate you like a rag doll? Nope, this one's stupid... Hmm." I tap my head in thought. Goddamn, who would've thought that I'd run out of one-liners in such a situation? Stupid, stupid, ridiculously stupid Nanaya! How could you forget something so vital?!
"D-don't move!"
Ah right, the other nuisance reminds me about herself by throwing a frightened yell. How annoying, couldn't she keep silent for a few more minutes? How am I supposed to concetrate with all the ruckus going on around?
Her hands are aimed at me in some sort of complicated gesture. Oh, I recognize that one. One of the most basic danmaku combinations, is it, Sanae? Can't you come up with anything more elaborate? This crap doesn't even hurt, you know.
I sigh.
Man, what a bother... Why is it always me getting in this kind of shit?

[ ] Scorch her alive.
[ ] Strangle her to death, but listen to her final words.
[ ] Spare her. She might prove to be useful.
[ ] Accept her challenge. It's been a while since I last had a danmaku duel.
[ ] Just ignore her. She's doesn't deserve my attention. Yuuka, on the other hand...
>> No. 20821
[x] Fling her off the railing.
>> No. 20823
[x] Bash her head against the wall until there is nothing but pulp.
>> No. 20824
{~} Fling her off the railing.
>> No. 20825
[X] Just ignore her. She's doesn't deserve my attention. Yuuka, on the other hand...

Let the fear grow in her heart, kill her next time when she's stronger.
And you should take care of Yuuka as soon as possible.
>> No. 20827
[x] Just ignore her. She's doesn't deserve my attention. Yuuka, on the other hand...

Fine, let her alive, time to wake up Yuuka and have her deal with Sanae.
>> No. 20828
>'Kazami Nanaya'.
Oh god, that's sweet. ;_;
>> No. 20829
[x] Just ignore her. She's doesn't deserve my attention. Yuuka, on the other hand...
>> No. 20830
[x] Just ignore her. She's doesn't deserve my attention. Yuuka, on the other hand...
>> No. 20831
[x] Just ignore her. She's doesn't deserve my attention. Yuuka, on the other hand...

"If you have any strength left, then get up and leave. If you don't have any strength left, then lay down and die."

I can imagine Nanaya callously delivering that line to Cu Chulainn now. Mmn, yes..
>> No. 20832
YAF, where are my daily updates.
>> No. 20833
File 122946224679.jpg - (8.03KB , 200x200 , NeroBurningRom.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Just ignore her. She's doesn't deserve my attention. Yuuka, on the other hand...

What a bother indeed. Why do I always have to deal with idiots and idiots only? She can't be seriously thinking about opposing me, there's no way anyone would be so foolish. I mean, why bother? Heroics? Wanna make an epic last stand against a superior power? That's not the way, Sanae. You're simply submitting to your delusions. You cannot defeat me. Face the truth, you stupid shrine maiden. You can't even use magic properly. How the hell - I repeat: how the hell do you think you can stop me?
This is unexpectedly boring. This sort of outcome is boring. Uneventful. Fighting her wouldn't even be fun, and to simply violate her body like a doll wouldn't give me the satisfaction. It's not entertaining if they don't put up a good fight before dying, right, Yuuka?
That is why, rejoice, Sanae. You're not going to die.
I glance behind her legs, at my precious woman laying on the cold floor. Ah, yes. I can't leave her like this, now can I?
"What a mess."
Completely ignoring the wave of upcoming energy from Sanae's fingers, I start walking towards Yuuka's body. Again and again, colourful projectiles pass through my body, not inflicting any damage, not even making me feel any diffirent. I was right. She's a weakling. A mere nuisance, not even worthy of looking at. Next barrage, how many has it been already? You're only wasting time, Sanae.
"Don't come..." she steps back, still firing those pitiful bullets at my slowly approaching figure "Stay away... Stay away!"
Irrelevant speck, how come you feel authorized to give me orders? It's my possession you're standing beside. Get out of the way, or there'll be some consequences.
Another step.
I click my tongue when she trips on Yuuka's legs and falls to the floor, onto her butt. What the hell was that? What the fuck are you doing to my woman? Tsk, this is not the time to get angry. Despite all the odds, the one I need to pay attention to now is Yuuka. That girl can just disappear for all I care. And I would appreciate it if she did.
I don't even feel the weight of Yuuka's body when I lift it by the shoulders and the legs. Of course, I knew she didn't weight too much to begin with, but with this body, it feels like if I was holding nothing at all.
Sanae gives me a frightened, mute look when I straighten up.
I can't help but smirk.
"Be glad, Sanae. I'm in no mood for playing with leftovers today. If you have enough strength, run. Take your friend's body along, I don't want any trash wallowing around my block."
I treat the first tear she sheds as a cue to get inside at last.

They say one should feel refreshed when returning home. They say that no matter where you stay, you're going to feel attracted, tempted, compelled, even, to return to the place where you spent most of your days.
I do not feel such a thing.
All that haunts my head when I enter the narrow, suffocating interior is disgust. Who would've thought I'd ever see those atrocious walls again? This ceiling, those lamps, this furniture, this carpet, this bed, this desk, this computer, this pile of rubbish in the corner, those dirty clothes, everything, every single thing reminding me of my previous life that I had discarded long ago. Yet now, it would seem that I'm forced to pick it up again. What a bother. Not that I have the right to complain. Be it border collapsing or whatever else happened, the one at fault is me. Perhaps I should also take blame for making the situation like it is - by which I mean lunatics hunting for Yuuka. Whatever their cause, Sanae is a former Gensokyo inhabitant, and I find it highly implausible that she would be the only one - let alone me and Yuuka - who had gotten out before the disaster struck. That would mean I also am responsible for my precious' current state, though by a proxy.
Well, it's not like she's going to hold any grudge against me. For the time being, let her sleep.

I place her body on my bed and silently retreat to the kitchen.

First of all, I must say that my former self did a nice job with the hand. Although he allowed that damn girl place a makeshift seal on it, he also allowed the smoking bastard to dispel it, and even make it... evolve, somehow. Nasty bit of work, that. I owe him one. Too bad he'll never get rewarded, heh.
I roll up my sleeve and examine the target of my concern.
And it is like I previously described - up to my elbow, my skin is covered in carapace-like armour, dark in shade, almost black, with irregular cracks here and there, green light seeping from between them like if there was a coloured lightbulb hidden beneath. The only place that left relatively unchanged is the inside of my palm and my fingers - now sporting intimidating, albeit not long enough to impede with any movements, claws. And of course, glowing skin. It looks a bit retarded, I admit, but... Hell, this is what happens when you carelessly remove seals like these.
The flow of energy would suggest that the source itself remains stable. Capacity is at normal levels. Current amount of mana - almost maximum. It seems a bit leaked out during the act of breaking the seal, but it's nothing I would regret losing.
What suprises me, is that it doesn't feel any weird. I mean, there are those pieces of sturdy looking carapace, but when I twist my wrist, wave my arm around and try diffirent gestures, they don't get in the way a slightest bit. And, just like the rest of my body, they're warm. Not unnatural at all. If I didn't look, I'd have probably never noticed it. Now that's convenient.

Now then, it's already rather late, I wonder if I'm going to get any more unexpected guests tonight. Of course, those are just silly hopes, I don't even know if there's anyone else from Gensokyo in this city in the first place... That is, with an exception of Maribel and Renko. Ah... I haven't seen them for a long time, have I. Perhaps I should pay a visit to my school tommorow.
I may have said that I dislike this place, but it's the people here that make it interesting. Yuuka, those two from a moment ago, Maribel and Renko, that girl from the city... Looks like those next few days are going to be unexpectedly entertaining.

[ ] Go to sleep, wake up refreshed in the morning.
[ ] Don't sleep yet.
--[ ] The night is young. Let us take flight.
--[ ] Go outside and see if Sanae left any trash behind.
--[ ] Examine Yuuka.


Sorry for the delays, I'm feeling kind of sick lately, and it really doesn't help that I have to walk using a stick because of an accident I got myself into today. Motivation levels = extremely low.
>> No. 20834
{X} Don't sleep yet.
--{X} Examine Yuuka.
>> No. 20835
[x] Don't sleep yet.
--[x] Examine Yuuka.
>> No. 20836
[X] Don't sleep yet.
--[X] Examine Yuuka.
Hmm. Aoi has killed us twice, Ku-chan killed us for the third time...
Since there's no chance for us to get Aoi, I want some of sweet Adahn ass.
>> No. 20837
[x] Don't sleep yet.
--[x] Examine Yuuka.
>> No. 20841
[x] Don't sleep yet.
--[x] Examine Yuuka.
>> No. 20842
[X] Don't sleep yet.
--[X] Examine Yuuka.
>> No. 20843
[X] Don't sleep yet.
--[X] Examine Yuuka.

That "former self" talk is a little bit worrying, but I can roll with it. Back to being the good old arrogant bastard we all know and love.
>> No. 20844
Fuck. Ku-chan got kicked to the curb. Oh well, had to happen to somebody, I suppose.

[X] Don't sleep yet.
--[X] Examine Yuuka.
>> No. 20845
[X] Don't sleep yet.
--[X] Examine Yuuka.

Though the show for today is over, it is not yet time for the actors to fade away. It is a fact that I am feeling a bit tired - mainly thanks to my former self's careless management of energy - but I cannot allow myself to rest yet. My primary worry is Yuuka's state - those two had to do something really nasty to knock her out, and if it turns out to be something dangerous, I swear I'm gonna hunt them down and kill them off in the same manner. Only with a few tortures thrown in for the spice.
Still, that's something I'll do later, now, Yuuka needs my help.

Having returned to the living room, I kneel beside the bed and take a look at her body. She's breathing, and as far as I can tell, there are no exterior wounds, proven by the lack of blood. I have a feeling that stripping her naked would be highly unnecessary - and a bit rude as well, so... Well, I can only wonder what she'd do, if I performed such an act on her unconscious body. What's what, but she's one of the few people I actually respect - and honestly, you're not supposed to strip a woman you respect naked, just because you're not quite sure if there are any wounds or not. Hell, even if there were, they'd have to be small - lack of visible blood traces or smell - and those usually close up on their own.
But, that's only one side of the coin. Sanae is - or at least was - a shrine maiden, and as I could witness, she's still able to use magic to a certain extent.
"Hmm... I wonder if..."
That could work. There's been only one time I did an analysis of a magically modified body, but... It wasn't that hard. At least not harder than Yuuka was trying to make it out to be. A bit of math, remembering some energy patterns, and that's all.
I concentrate, and rolling up my sleeve, run the glowing hand along her body.

But there's nothing out of the ordinary - with an exception of a little, almost unnoticeable point inside her head... If I recall correctly, she said that she'd lost all of her magical abilities, and since I seriously doubt she'd lie about something like that, this cannot be any of her own energies... Plus it's clearly foreign - even I can tell.
The problem is, I've no idea how to remove or dispel it. Truth be told, there's only one method I know, and it involves forcefully ripping out the source from the body, destroying a serious amount of flesh in the process. Now I'm sure Yuuka likes her head as it is - intact.
I sigh.
Then what? Am I forced to wait for it to disappear? That slut shrine maiden said she didn't have a slightest idea when would it stop working, and with my current knowledge, I can't determine that either. Shouldn't she be able to dispel it though? It's her own spell, what manner of spellcaster would she be if she couldn't un-do her own spells? I'll have to catch her tommorow, and as fast as I can. I'm worried.

Sighing again, I let my body fall to the floor.
Today was a long day. First my former self did some unreasonable things, let the girl in the town tamper with my source, bought something that didn't even make it's way here in the end, and to top it off, let those two land a sneak attack on Yuuka. Really, how reckless. What was he thinking? If I could, I'd kick his ass again.
Nevertheless, like I said, this body is sort of tired right now. And to give it a rest would be a good thing to do, I guess.
Tommorow's going to be busy as well.


The awakening is one of the least pleasuring I've ever had. Almost like if someone was hitting my head with a hammer, again and again, in a steady rhythm, forcing my poor consciousness back onto it's rightful place.
The sunlight seeping through the dirty windows attacks my eyes with a legion of spiked photons.
"God... damn..."
Ironic, how even though I regained all the memories sealed away, there's still so much I have in common with that wimpy former self of mine. Rather, isn't that logical?
To hell with logic.
There's someone knocking at my door right now. Those sounds, they turn out to be of an impatient knocking.

[ ] Open the door.
[ ] Screw it. If I ignore it, it'll go away, right?
>> No. 20846
[x] Screw it. If I ignore it, it'll go away, right?
>> No. 20847
{X} Opan dorr.
>> No. 20848
[X] Open the door.
I bet it's somebody trying to kill us again.
>> No. 20849
[ ] Open the door.
>> No. 20850
[x] Screw it. If I ignore it, it'll go away, right?
[x] Cuddle with our Yuuka.
>> No. 20851
[x] Open the door.

Nobody's going to be dumb enough to do things in broad daylight, right?
>> No. 20852
[X] Open the door.
>> No. 20853
[X] Open the door.

Hell if I know who the hell would want anything from me at such a barbaric hour, but there's something else I know. If he, she, or whatever it is ramming my door, has the balls to wake me up, it also has to have a death wish of sorts. Why is it that people always come to me wanting to die? No, perhaps I'm giving them too much credit. After all, humanity is rotten - full of fools and overconfident assholes, convinced about their superiority over everyone and everything else. Like that bastard yesterday. One of so many I killed, another scratch on my inner wall of guilt. Still, there'd have to be at least four hundred times more to make me feel bad.
Yawning like a tired lion, I raise my kinda stiff body from the floor and stretch. Bones' creaking sounds almost refreshing in this stale atmosphere. Yuuka is still asleep, oblivious to the irritating noises, good for her. Goddamn, that's one deep nap, I'd gladly present one of my livers to the first person who'd teach me how to sleep like that. That'd save me a lot of trouble of opening the door for bothersome visitors, that's for sure.
But, enough of that, there's something else to take care of.
Knock, knock, knock, knock.
Whoever the hell is there, it's one persistent creature. What if I weren't home, huh? Would you continue until there was a hole in the door? What a moron.
Shamble, shamble, shamble, I drag my body to the entrance hall.
"Yeah, a minute, damn."
Turn the key, slide the bar, grab the knob... And set it ajar.

And at the first glimpse of what's on the other side, my right hand springs forward, practically on it's own, straight ahead, aimed perfectly, and equally perfectly closing the intruder's eyes and forehead in an iron grip. She doesn't even flinch when I do that, only opens her mouth a little, obviously startled a little. No wonder, it's not everyday you knock on a door, only to have your head grabbed by some sort of demon hand a second after. But then again, it's not your ordinary door - it happens to be the one leading to my den.
"... do you so enjoy teasing death?"
Resignated, I ask a rhetorical question. Seriously, what the hell is this? I was right, calling her a fool.
The one standing before me, hands hung along her body, gritting her teeth, is no one other than the girl whom I spared just yesterday. I told her to run, I told her to escape. I spared her pitiful life, yet here she is, confronting me in broad daylight.
"... yes." she seems to whisper "I have nothing to lose."
I can't believe it. Either there's something wrong with her head - which I'm sure there is - or she simply didn't get the yesterday's hint. Of course, there's also a possibility that she came here with some sort of ultimate trump card that would force me to spare her again, but... No, such a thing isn't possible. Not here in this world, not anywhere else. The only one who could put up a decent fight was Yuuka. And it would seem that now, even her power is lesser than mine.
"If you really have a death wish," I strengthten my grip a little, but not enough to crush her skull. Not yet. Truth be told, I'm kind of curious. It's not everyday your prey runs back into the web you set, just a few hours after you release it. "I'll grant it with utmost pleasure. It would be like a dream to take you apart."
"Before that..." wow, she still has the guts to continue? Wasn't she pretty much speechless just yesterday? Where does this courage come from, Sanae? "I was told to... fetch you... and show you... something..."
Show me something, is it.
Led by this pesky curiosity, I let go of her face. Amazing, even though her voice was perfectly stable, it seems that her eyes still betrayed the fright she felt, having her head suddenly grabbed like that. Tears flow down her face, slowly, but inevitably forcing their way from under her eyelids. What a pathetic sight.
"If you want to kill me..." she resumes talking, while wiping her face with a sleeve "Wait until dawn..."
"What is it."
I grow tired of this. If there's something you want to show me, show it already, I've no time for such triffles!
"Get to the point. Or you wanna keep on crying?"
Finally, some sort of effect. Letting out the last, silent weep, she reaches into her skirt's pocket, and takes out... Oh no, you gotta be shitting me. All this hassle, just for a crumbled piece of paper? Sanae, don't test my patience.
She hands it to me with trembling fingers, and I simply snatch it out of them.



Just wanted to tell ya, I'm still alive, and requesting a meeting with you.
I suppose there's something you should know, and I owe you an explanation.
After all, we share the same goal.

--Cu Chullain

PS. if you do something to Sanae, I'll personally rape your skull


... is what it says. The writing is a bit messy, but the words are legible. So it's from that freak from yesterday? He didn't die? Well, no shit, looks like I screwed up a little. Still, this is ridiculous. That guy sent his own girlfriend - if I understood correctly - to deliver a message to someone who nearly murdered him with cold blood? Alright, I called Sanae foolish, but this is beyond foolery. That guy's out of his mind.
"This isn't how you treat your women..."
Seriously, send his own girl for certain death, just to deliver a cryptic message I'd never otherwise listen to? Guts or coconuts, I can't decide which one it is. Why does it even concern me anyway?
But, I can't be simply standing here, with that pathetic excuse for a girl looking at me with intent, although still a bit scared eyes. An answer would be only appropriate in this kind of situation.

[ ] Agree. Let's see if that mutual goal he mentioned really is mutual.
[ ] He sent his girl to die, and die she shall. Let it be a lesson to you, Chullain!
[ ] Ask her for directions and let her go. I've had enough of her pitiful face.
[ ] Refuse. Whatever it is, I'm not interested.
>> No. 20854
[X] Agree. Let's see if that mutual goal he mentioned really is mutual.
[X] She should help me too, ask about Yuuka's condition.
>> No. 20856
>[ ] He sent his girl to die, and die she shall. Let it be a lesson to you, Chullain!

Is what i wanted, but i am too soft

[X] Tell her to cure Yuuka of whatever she did to her.
[X] Knock her unconscious. Tie her up. You shall bring her to the meeting in case that this is a trap.
>> No. 20857
File 122953139832.jpg - (284.36KB , 810x1284 , OnOneCondition.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Agree. Let's see if that mutual goal he mentioned really is mutual.
[x] She should help me too, ask about Yuuka's condition.

...But I'm not gonna like this if it means no super sleuthing with Crazy Adahn.

>PS. if you do something to Sanae, I'll personally rape your skull

Pic related.
>> No. 20858
>>...But I'm not gonna like this if it means no super sleuthing with Crazy Adahn.
It's just a meeting, there's no way just going there would remove the Adahn option~
>> No. 20859
[x] Agree. Let's see if that mutual goal he mentioned really is mutual.
[x] She should help me too, ask about Yuuka's condition.
>> No. 20860
[x] Agree. Let's see if that mutual goal he mentioned really is mutual.
[x] She should help me too, ask about Yuuka's condition.
>> No. 20861
{X} Agree. Let's see if that mutual goal he mentioned really is mutual.
{X} She should help me too, ask about Yuuka's condition.
>> No. 20862
[ ] He sent his girl to die, and die she shall. Let it be a lesson to you, Chullain!

I'm not too soft.
>> No. 20863
File 122954074185.jpg - (27.66KB , 704x396 , Fuku&Sakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Agree. Let's see if that mutual goal he mentioned really is mutual.
[x] She should help me too, ask about Yuuka's condition.

It seems that I'm dealing here with a mere messenger, and that the true perpetrator is hiding behind her back, forcing her to deliver nonsensical messages, instead of troubling his lazy ass to hand them in person. Cowardly, but I must take into consideration that I might've rended him unable to move around with that throw yesterday... In which case this selfish behaviour would be partially justified. Still, it pisses me off. If you want to play with death, play with it yourself, damn it!
I don't even feel like killing her anymore.
"I get it." stepping back, I let my shoulders relax "I'll go meet that coward boyfriend of yours."
As if to mock my gesture, she too steps back, her face instantly covering with reddish hue. Another one... Ridiculous how they like to defy their own feelings. Just like someone I knew.
"He's not my--!"
"Spare me that." but I've no intention of listening to her bullshit "I will go, but on one condition."
"One... condition?"
Ah, that's more like it. You see, Sanae, I don't give a slightest damn what you do with that guy, as long as I can use you as a trump card in case this is a trap... Not that I'd be defeated anyway, just - let's call it - insuring my triumph. You're a mere item in my hands, and to think that I care about your affairs is simply another act of foolishness on your side. It suits you, but really, I'm not the one you should be giving it. That's why, I appreciate it - that you got straight to business so soon after an outburst. She wouldn't be able to do that... It seems that Cu trained you well... Or that you're simply better person than the one I'm comparing you to. Whether it's this or that, it's not for me to ponder about.
"Come inside, I will explain the situation there."
Obviously, I didn't expect her to agree right away, but I understand hesitation is a natural thing to feel around someone as dangerous as me. After all, I could end her pitiful life in a matter of seconds, if not less, and she knows that full well... Plus now that my power acquired a physical manifestation, I guess it's even more intimidating. As in appropriate as it is, given our current circumstances, I can't help but feel kind of cool.

... not that I wasn't devilishly cool already, of course.

That aside, she finally makes her mind and enters the humble household at my side, still giving me occasional, unsure glances, as if afraid that I would kill her before getting to know what I need and want to know.
"The thing is," I begin to speak as we enter the living room "Thanks to your yesterday actions, I am afraid my dear partner lost contact with reality..." The two of us stop in front of the bed where Yuuka lies, with - as I notice, a bit displeased - quite a silly smile plastered onto her lips. Either she's having nice dreams, or... Hell, I don't know. I'd rather have her grimace horribly, for atmosphere's sake, but well, what can I do. I'll scold her for that later. "Ahem," I clear my throat after this brief pause "It doesn't take the brains of a mensa employee to figure it out, I think. Get to work."
"Eh?" she turns to me with a suprised gasp, but mitigates herself a second after, returning her stare back to the floor. "I-I can't!"
Now this is unbelievable. She can't? She can't dispel her own goddamn spell?
No, wait, didn't I pretty much know that already? What was I counting on?
"I see." my eyes grant her a slightly annoyed glance "Don't act so scared, I'm not going to kill you just because of that."
"... you were going to kill me a minute ago..."
"I'm a whimsical man like that." I reply without shame "But let me ask you this instead, then. Other than waiting it out, how do I get rid of this pesky spell?"
Sanae puts a finger to her lips.
"... I don't know. Perhaps someone with purifying powers would be able to help..."
"Would killing you work?"
Again, that shocked fright in both her gaze and gestures.
"I-I don't know!"
Of course she doesn't. She doesn't know anything. After all, even in her life inside Gensokyo, wasn't she just a puppet for two gods to play with? And even now, it would seem, that she's still being played around by someone.
"Screw that." I let out a troubled groan "Let's get going then."
And quickly, without any regard for my 'guest', storm off to put on my shoes.

"Um... Are you going to walk around with that?"
Interrupting that basic - or so you'd think - activity, Sanae points at my changed arm. Hm. Right, it feels so comfortable I totally forgot about it's existence... And unusual looks. Still, what can I do? Wrap it around in decorative paper?
But since there's nothing coming to mind, I just keep on staring at it.
"Do you have... um... a first aid kit?"
"Yeah, top drawer, on the right." I reply, almost out of reflex "Why--?"
But it seems she's regained enough courage to forget about my presence and instead go and steal something from my kitchen. Ehh, what a bother. At this pace, we're never going to make it to the place of meeting. Where is it anyway?
I'm starting to think that killing her would be a silly thing to do, if I'm to listen to Cu's story. Thank fuck I didn't do anything to her... As long as she's of use, she's safe, I guess. Could it be the factor that made the guy feel authorized to send her here? But how would he know I'd agree to receive the message? Or was he simply taking chances with fate?
"Here." Sanae returns with a roll of bandage in her hands. "Let's use this. Give me your hand."

[ ] Let her do as she pleases. Paw, Nanaya.
[ ] Do it myself.
[ ] Screw that, if someone complains about my arm, I can simply eradicate them.


Again, sorry for delays, I got caught in watching Ga-Rei after marathoning the manga yesterday.
Sesshouseki-influenced Yomi is moe. As opposed to her pre-transformation self.
"Hello~ Kagura." almost made me come.

pic related

>> No. 20864
{X} Do it myself.
>> No. 20865
[X] Do it myself.
Thanks Sanae, but that's enough.
>> No. 20866
[X] Do it myself.
[X]Let her know that if this is a trap, then I will kill him but not her, and let her know that he was destined to die because he met her and if he didn't, he'd still be alive today.

Or something along those lines. Because I'm feeling reasonably macabre today
>> No. 20867
[X] Do it myself.

God damn, I am seriously enjoying this.
>> No. 20868
[X] Do it myself.
>> No. 20869
[X] Do it myself.
>> No. 20870
I stopped reading after Yomi died, killing off the best character in the whole manga.
all that was left is a boring character and a generic shoujo character.

[X] Do it myself.
>> No. 20871
>"... I don't know. Perhaps someone with purifying powers would be able to help..."
An idea. If Adahn is(or rather was, before border broke) Hina's shrine-maiden in this story, she might be able to help here.
If she learned about curse-removal, I don't think it'd be unreasonable to assume that she'd have other kind of skills too.

Might not work, but it's worth looking into.
>> No. 20872
[x] Wear a sweater that covers the arms.
[x] Change in front of her shamelessly.
>> No. 20874
[x] Wear a sweater that covers the arms.
[x] Change in front of her shamelessly.
>> No. 20877
>I stopped reading after Yomi died, killing off the best character in the whole manga.

Wholeheartedly seconded, although the plot does get somehow interesting later on, when the whole department gets HAXX'd by a bitch from another organisation. But I admit, I kept on reading it only in hopes of getting more KaguraxKen and cool swords.
Now, the anime is a diffirent story. At first I'd hoped it would be the manga's adaptation, and was severly disappointed when it turned out to be a prequel... The whole opinion of it changed at the last minute though, when Yomi appeared. God, she's a sexy beast. And that voice...

To think that I became interested in the whole thing just because that screencap posted earlier immidiately made me think of Fuku getting 'cured' by Sakuya - a plan I had somehow prepared for CoMN2.



>> No. 20878
File 122955139724.jpg - (10.93KB , 271x478 , 1229173836244.jpg ) [iqdb]
Way to spoil things, if you ever write another CoMN i just hope that you won't run out of ideas....
I don't really like it that much, but the first one was rather entertaining, sometimes boring but overall too many questions open and the wish for a good end.

I can't find the gif file, take this isntead to help you write
>> No. 20879

>> No. 20880
File 122955358887.jpg - (202.08KB , 1200x1555 , 1227770891475.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not related but whatever
>> No. 20882
File 122955408779.png - (371.77KB , 800x900 , 1227770778365.png ) [iqdb]
Last one i swear, i don't want to post more or mod is going to ban me for not being Touhou related or whatever....
Blame YAF

update now nigger
>> No. 20883
[X] Do it myself.

That's kind of clever, I must admit. Indeed, showing in public with this glowing, mutated arm isn't something I'd like to do - too much attention is never a good thing, especially since I nearly killed those two yesterday... Well, keyword: nearly. Fortunately, there were no bodies for anyone to discover. Not that I care about my reputation, and I don't fear the cops either... It's just that if I become a criminal, I'll be forced to eradicate all the ones trying to imprison me. And if I kill more people, more will come, in the end forcing me to kill the entire population of this town, then this country, then the whole continent... That wouldn't be good - even I depend on society from time to time, for example by using the electricity ordinary workers provide by maintaining all that complicated machinery. Would I know how to take care of a power plant? Fuck no, and that is why even kings need the simplest of people to serve them. That's how it is, and it's not gonna change just because you're an asshole.
Still... Wait a second. Did I just hear an imperative mood? Give me your hand? How imprudently impudent, Sanae! I don't even know what those words mean - at least not in detail - but you don't seem to know who you're dealing with either! Even after that show of power from yesterday. Really, some people never learn.
"Give me that."
Without waiting for her unneeded approval, I snatch the bandage from her fingers and proceed to wrap the arm with it.
"S-sorry..." she mutters in apologetic tone. Hah, no wonder she let that guy trick her into performing this undoubtedly dangerous and reckless task! She's so submissive it looks like she was begging to dominate her! But of course, as much as true my previous statement is, I'm not going to anything to her. No, not because I fear for my skull, but because I don't want to lose what is perhaps the only chance to hunt that Cu guy down. I can kill her later all I want.
Tying a small bond when at the end of the bandage, I admire the fruits of my work with a satsfied expression. Well, it does look a little retarded, but to hell with it. Bandages have their own charm too. And no one should get suspicious of a guy with a wounded forearm, now am I mistaken?
"Let's go." I nod at the door while looking at the troubled shrine maiden "You first. I'll be watching you."
And your butt, but there's no need for you to know that.
Nodding, she abides by my command. I feel rather bad for leaving Yuuka on her own, but in case she wakes up prematurely - that is, before I return home - I don't think she'll be having any problems with managing on her own. Of course, there's still the issue of my former self leading her to think I'm an imposter, but that should be easily aided without much effort.

I'll just show her the same thing I showed her on the day of our first meeting.

While Sanae leads me god-knows-where, I try not to make us look any more suspicious than we already are. Accompanying this whole mess is a weird premonition, lingering inside my thoughts, that for some reason, I should be wary of my surroundings when outside. Why? It's only a premonition, but I have a feeling those two weren't the only ones looking for Yuuka, or rather, for me. And while I don't care about anyone discovering my presence and challenging me to a battle, I'm afraid someone might think of just the same plan those two did, and thus involve Yuuka again... Which I cannot allow to happen. She doesn't want to fight anymore. Seeing how she acted during the time my former self ruled over this body, I can tell, that all she wants to is live a peaceful life. Of course, I've no right to judge her thoughts, it's just an assumption, but knowing her, it wouldn't really be weird. After all, having lived for centuries and fought a million of battles, one would finally realize that what really counts is to find a home, a family, and live a distracted, but happy life, till the end of days.
If that is her wish, I'm going to grant it.
And if it takes thousands of casualties, I'll still do my best to keep her out of this. Whatever comes at us, I will repel it. Whoever tries to attack us, I will kill them.
To protect that fragile dream of a monster I learned to love.

A loud chime sounds when we enter the building that seems to be our destination - the only hospital in the city, currently a bit desolate, only some staff members striding around, not even bothering us with a greeting. For which I'm grateful. The less attention the better, and if some overzealous doctor demands to take a look at my arm, I swear I'm going to claw his eyes out.

The elevator takes us - in silence, to the second-top floor.

There's no one in the corridor we pass, and finally stop in front of one of the doors.
"It's here." Sanae simply states and knocks on the door, first twice, then thrice. A secret signal, how amusing. Playing spies, are you, bastards?
I hold back the mocking smirk and follow her inside.

Uho. Seeing the effects of my work with my own eyes somehow fills my heart with joy. I failed to kill him, but judging by all those bandages, the drip, and the pain in his eyes assure me - having him live through the thing was even better than having him die instantly. The more pain your victim experiences, the more fun it is, am I right?
"You showed up."
And despite all that, he still greets me with an outright mocking phrase. Balls or foolery, I can't decide - again. Sanae takes a seat beside the bed, and appears to be preparing some medicaments for the patient. Not paying any heed to my grin at all. As expected from a woman servant. You trained her well, Cu, and I commend you for that. Not enough to gain my admiration though, I'm sorry.
"The message was delivered and so I appeared."
"I can see that." he makes a gesture as if though he wanted to scratch his head, but retreats the healthy hand after a second "Thanks for not hurting Sanae. I appreciate that."
"Ah, I was wondering whether you were taking chances in sending her to me." I answer with genuine amusement.
And he replies with a weak smile.
"I did, and I'm taking chances here as well."
"How brave of you, the one who got his ass handed to him by me only a few hours ago. I'm amazed that they patched you up so fast."
"Lucky streak." he states as-a-matter-of-factly "If I didn't raise my hand a little back then, I would've hit my head on the railing... And it'd be over. Thank god I had some acquaintances here in this hospital."
"Acquaintances, huh."
"There are no dirty moves when it comes to preserving one's life. You should be aware of that."
I nod.
"That is correct. But we're wasting time, mister See You."
"It's Ku." he cuts in with a correction "Ku, like in 'ruckus'."
... he dares to correct me?
"All I see is 'CU'. CU. See-you. It says so right here - in your own letter."
"English is not the only language in the world, you kno--"
"You wanna die?"
This time it is me cutting in with an irritated question. Seriously, such hassle. If he called me here because of mutual interests, shouldn't he have already gotten down to business? Yet all we do is trash talk at each other. You're testing my patience, See-You.
"Now, now," he tries to soothe the situation by casting me that weak smile again "I've got a doozy of a story for you, and if you cut my voice like that, I won't be able to tell you, now will I?"

[ ] "Whatever. You attacked my woman and deserve to be punished. How convenient, here I can kill both of you without any witnesses."
[ ] "Why would someone who assaulted my Yuuka want to cooperate with me? Explain yourself, See-You, and make it believable."
[ ] "Well then, start talking already."
[ ] "How about we spice it up a little?" grab Sanae and restrain her "One word I don't like, and she's going to bleed all over the place. Choose your words carefully, pal."
[ ] Leave in silence and ignorance. Burn the room. Leave no traces. Kill everyone on the way outside. Let's welcome Chaos.

>> No. 20884
File 122956014539.jpg - (81.22KB , 500x700 , b7e76c7aec8633bde933f2b44b1d569c.jpg ) [iqdb]

First of all, I do not mind Yomi hijacking my thread. And the mod doesn't visit /shrine/ unless there's a bot being reported, so you're free to do as you please.


Damn right.

>> No. 20885
[ ] "Why would someone who assaulted my Yuuka want to cooperate with me? Explain yourself, See-You, and make it believable."
>> No. 20886
[x] "Why would someone who assaulted my Yuuka want to cooperate with me? Explain yourself, See-You, and make it believable."
>> No. 20887
[x] Leave in silence and ignorance. Burn the room. Leave no traces. Kill everyone on the way outside. Let's welcome Chaos.
>> No. 20888
[x] "Why would someone who assaulted my Yuuka want to cooperate with me? Explain yourself, See-You, and make it believable."

Give me some answers See-You.
>> No. 20890
[x] "Why would someone who assaulted my Yuuka want to cooperate with me? Explain yourself, See-You, and make it believable."
>> No. 20891
[X] "Why would someone who assaulted my Yuuka want to cooperate with me? Explain yourself, See-You, and make it believable."
>> No. 20894
[ ] "Why would someone who assaulted my Yuuka want to cooperate with me? Explain yourself, See-You, and make it believable."

lol most of the options lately are kill everything, destroy everything. Is there something you want to tell us YAF?
Now there are not enough rape options, i want some Sanae
>> No. 20897
File 122959554442.png - (53.58KB , 600x480 , 2395891.png ) [iqdb]
>Is there something you want to tell us YAF?

Playing Freud on me? But I must disappoint you - those options are meant to test your resolve, which should and will be useful in the upcoming... events.
What is it that one needs to rule over the world? It is the will to destroy, even yourself!

>> No. 20898
File 122960324744.jpg - (29.60KB , 855x485 , weak.jpg ) [iqdb]
>What is it that one needs to rule over the world? It is the will to destroy, even yourself!
>> No. 20899
[ ] "How about we spice it up a little?" grab Sanae and restrain her "One word I don't like, and she's going to bleed all over the place. Choose your words carefully, pal."

This is good. Stop being pussies, you faggots, act like the arrogant bastard who fears nothing and doesn't care about others.
>> No. 20900
[ ] "How about we spice it up a little?" grab Sanae and restrain her "One word I don't like, and she's going to bleed all over the place. Choose your words carefully, pal."

This is good. Stop being pussies, you faggots, act like the arrogant bastard who fears nothing and doesn't care about others.
>> No. 20901
>> No. 20902
[X] "Why would someone who assaulted my Yuuka want to cooperate with me? Explain yourself, See-You, and make it believable."

His attempts to place some conditions on this meeting are irritating to say the least, but for the sake of the conversation, I should preserve a calm attitude. It does not please me that someone who attacked my woman, in front of my household is trying to gain a momentary situational advantage, especially since he's in no position to demand anything, let alone trying my patience with such blatant, pesky tries to insure his safety, but in the end, as much as I hate to admit it - do I really have a choice here? If I want to know what would be important enough to disturb my peace again, I should forgive him this affront and listen to the whole explanation before doing anything reckless. Truth be told, if I had my goddamn choice - that is, if my curiosity wasn't such a bitch to deal with - I'd be strangling him already, for both attacking my woman and endandgering his own. Sure, I do like it when a girl knows her place, but somehow, this treatment kind of pisses me off. I may have complimented the way you trained her, but there's one fatal flaw I failed to notice earlier. You see, there's no pleasure in ruling over a submissive one, unless she struggles, even a slightest bit. The way Sanae behaves is... I've no idea if it's natural for her, but if it isn't, you've gone too far. The golden center is somewhere else, and you failed to stop on the right step. That is why you, Chullain, or whatever your name is, deserve to be punished. Severely.
But let's leave it, for now. Impatience is one thing, but I too have some questions that need answering, preferably before he breaks into a long and boring story of how his life got flipped turned upside down and he was forced to move with his girl back to the outside world. First of all.
"I admire your courage, See-You, because in calling me here, you've most probably signed your death contract."
Against all odds, he answers with that cocky grin, yet again.
"Yeah, I know. Like I said, I'm taking chances, I was taking them back then as well, this morning too. But I also know that the information I'm able to provide should be of utmost interest to you. Treat it... as my trump card. And I assure you," he interrupts my would-be answer "No one else is able to provide it... at least not for free."
"I see." this is an interesting thing to know. Not for free? Well, there are other currencies than money... "First of all though, I do not see a reason for someone who attacked my Yuuka to hope for cooperation from my side. It's like trying to pet a dog you've just kicked in the ass."
"Beautiful analogy." he's still smiling "But seeing how you've changed your way since our last meeting, I decided not to hold back anymore. If you're serious, then I may as well give up the half measures and start working on the goal... That I think we both share."
"If you can't defeat your enemy - join him, huh?" I slide my hand along my hair, just to hide the sarcastic smirk that somehow found it's way onto my mouth. This really is pathetic. But let him think he's something more than just a nuisance, for now. "I do not like your reasoning, but again, your courage is admirable." at least this one I can say without lying "But I don't think I can simply trust someone who tried to involve my woman into a private matter. You're the lowest of scum, using others--"
"I thought I'd already compensated you for that?"
What? Putting him interrupting my words - again - aside, what the hell is it now? Compensated? A thousand years of slavery wouldn't be enough to make up for this insult!
"I don't think you know what you're sayi--"
"I gave you Sanae."
Oh. I find myself speechless at that blatant and honest response. I find myself speechless that all the said girl does is shiver briefly, and doesn't mutter a single word. I find myself speechless that this Chullain bastard doesn't even flinch while stating something so obviously insulting for his - nomen omen - girl. For some reason, this doesn't feel right. This is why I didn't treat Reimu seriously. This is why Yuuka is far superior to anyone I've ever met. Submission is entertaining only to a certain extent, Chullain. And you're going overboard.
Still, I hold my horses and simply frown at him.
"I grow weary of this." my lips exclaim, truthfully "Let us assume that reckless excess of yours was enough to... soothe my anger. What now, See-You." I cock my head to the side a little, giving him a menacing look "Will you feed me another insignificiant excuse, begin to beat around the bush, or simply start talki--"
"The goal is," I swear, he takes pleasure in cutting my sentences short. How... impudent. But hold still, spider. For now, let us forgive him. For now. "Penetrate the Yakumo Border and rebuild Gensokyo."
I can't help but let my mouth open a bit.
With that smile still on, he drops the bomb.

Rebuild... Gensokyo? Not possible. I saw it burn. I killed the last Hakurei. Yakumo is dead. There's no one to maintain either of the borders. Gensokyo is finished, there's nothing left there but an interdimensional blob of scorched earth and bleaching bones, all covered by a thick cover of ash. It should've shattered into a thousand small pieces and cease to exist. Wasn't the Yakumo border the only thing keeping it... Intact, in a way? If it's gone, how is it possible to penetrate it? Even if Gensokyo still existed - through some sort of unexplainable miracle - there's nothing there left to claim. Rebuild? House built on ash will burn sooner or later, just as it's precedesors. There's no reason to go back there anymore. Everything is gone, Chullain. You're clinging onto vain hopes, fooling yourself into believing that it's still possible to return. Bullshit, Chullain. You're feeding me blatant bullshit. If it were possible to return, me and Yuuka....
"Lies." I mutter through grit teeth "All lies. Gensokyo doesn't exist anymore. I watched it burn. Me and Hakurei destroyed it, Chullain." I try my best to keep up the menacing tone, but his face doesn't change one bit "She killed the last Yakumo, I killed her - the last Hakurei. There's nothing left there to collect. Give up."
"Heheh..." I can't believe it. Despite the obvious authenticity of my words, he has the courage to laugh them off. "Hahahaha!"
Soon, he's laughing heartily, to my and Sanae's astonishment. What is it this time, Chullain? Another idiotic trump card? Another false information to wake up my long silenced hopes? Whatever it is, you better choose your next words well. I'm listening, Chullain. I'm listening, and if I don't like it...
I don't mutter a single word throughout this burst of laughter, not to disturb the flow of things. Against my pride, but right now, business comes before that.
"Hahaha! I can't believe it!" it seems that he's amused to the point where tears are forcing their way out of his eyes. I don't know what to think anymore. "You don't know about it? You really don't?"
"Don't try my patience." I really am annoyed, now.
>> No. 20903
"Of course, we wouldn't want to make you angry, now would we?" despite the meek nature of his words, his face still looks as if though it was constantly challenging me to some sort of mute fight "You may have killed the last Hakurei, for whatever reason you had, it's none of my business, but Yakumo... Yakumos aren't wiped out so easily, it seems."
"What does that mean."
"The border is still in place, only slightly modified." he replies "According to what Sanae sensed, both the borders got reconfigured at the last minute before the catastrophe struck. Hakurei, originally meant to block outsiders from stumbling in, exchanged roles with the Yakumo border, which was originally meant to keep people and youkai contained inside. I gather it was Yukari's doing, her last... Let's call it a dying wish. She knew you'd kill Hakurei soon after her passing."
Of course she knew. I can remember it like if it was yesterday. An ordinary day in the mansion, I was on my way to the library when Yukari popped out of nowhere, screaming something illegible, when suddenly... The ceiling was torn open, revealing Hakurei Reimu's figure, surrounded by hundreds of those spikes she cherished using so much. And then, launched them all at Yukari's back.
But shouldn't she have revived soon after that? Youkai don't die, even if they're as old as Yukari. I've witnessed Yuuka revive numerous times, sometimes from a death caused by this clumsy me, but if that is true, then why did Yukari stay dead?
... does it have something to do with that wave of energy Yuuka spoke about? The one that disturbed the fabric of magic, stripping her off her powers?
"I... see." I answer after a moment of silence "But I still don't understand what does it have to do with us."
"It took several hours for the Hakurei border to dissolve. The amount of magic was simply too great to disappear instantly." he explains in a calm manner "During those hours, everyone who could evacuated outside... Moments before the collapsing, all hell broke loose. But from what I understand, you were one of the chaos' witnesses."
I nod. There's no hiding it. Although it's only a hazy vision, I saw it. The Forest of Magic burning. The Human Village burning. Everything there ceased to exist in a sea of flames.
"I still don't get it." my lips speak on their own "So the Yakumo border is preventing anyone from entering... But if Yukari is dead, how come it's still functional?"
"Oh, that's simple." he gives me what I take is his trademark cocky smirk "There's another Yakumo running around."
"Cut to the chase."
"It's you."

... ridiculous. No matter how you look at it, it's simply ridiculous. That guy is out of his mind, which he's already proven several times. Me? A Yakumo? No, smartass. I'm no Yakumo. All I pledge loyalty to is the name of Kazami. You're simply a delusional maniac, who - shaken by the destruction of Gensokyo - seeks comfort in false theories and hopes. How can I trust such a person? No, more importantly, if what he says is true - though I'm sure it isn't - why does it all suddenly make sense? Yukari did seem to be awfully friendly towards me since the very beggining, but I thought it was simply her natural attitude. It would explain why she would warn me of Reimu's assault and reconfigure the borders at the last second before dying. To keep her little world closed, even if life inside ceases to exist... For what? So that someone could rebuild it some day? Is that what you wished for, Yukari?
It's bullshit. I don't believe a single word.
"You're shitting me."
"I've no reason to."
I put my hand to my face and scratch my forehead. I... I can't help but want to believe it. I know it's all but filthy lies made by an insane freak, but if it were true, then I could... I could return with Yuuka... And resume that peaceful life we once led. Mutual goal, huh...? He's the same as me, then. He wants Gensokyo to continue on existing, and possibly to regain it's former glory. For what, Chullain? Do you too detest this world? Or is it something else?
"... I'll allow myself to walk on it for a bit."
My thoughts are in conflict. On one hand, all I want is to scorch him alive already, so this madness ends, but on the other, if what he says is true... He knows much, he may still be of use.
"Go ahead." he nods "I won't be moving from here for some more time anyway, so feel free to come whenever you want."
I turn to the door, but suddenly remember something.
"Mind if I... borrow Sanae for a minute?"
"Eh?!" the object of my question squeals like a suprised puppy "W-why?!"
And her would-be guardian gives me a careful, analyzing look.
"If it's just for a short while... Though if you do anything to her..."
"Why so suspicious?" I try to soothe both my and his nerves by throwing a half-assed comment "Weren't you expecting cooperation from me just a few minutes ago?"
"Still," he persists in whatever he may be thinking right now "If you do something to her--"
"Trust me," I say while grabbing Sanae's shoulder "There will be a time when you'll thank me for this."
And not paying heed to her protests, I drag her outside.

And push her up against a wall with my 'healthy' hand.
Her flushed face expresses either embarrassment or fright, I can't tell, nor do I really care right now.
"Listen," I keep my voice down, in case the bastard is trying to eavesdrop "I don't like the way that guy is manipulating you."
"Eh? But he's no--"
"He is." I cut short her words with another push "You're being too submissive, and I don't like it." Her gaze drops down to the floor, but other than that, there's no reaction. I decide to continue. "The way he endangers you does not suit a man. A man is meant to protect his belongings. Just like I protected mine yesterday. I didn't see him jump at my throat when I grabbed you on his eyes, now did I?" still nothing "That faggot needs some fixing. Show him that you care, show him that not only do you belong to him, but that he belongs to you as well. Trust me, I know something about those kinds of relationships."
"... you think...?"
"Right now, just continue supporting him. Oh," I suddenly get a nice idea "He can't move around too much, can he?"
".. .no?"
"Great. Try to have sex with him, then."
Jebus, keep it down, girl! Hell, you're still my enemy, but at least appreciate the advice I give you, damn it!
"See, we may not look like it, but we're 'strong' even in most ridiculous circumstances." I sigh "It's your chance to show him what you're made of."
Not waiting for whatever response she might throw at me, I give her shoulder a pat and quickly disappear on the stairs leading to the floor below. I've no need to hear it, what she does is her own will, and if she insists on remaining a servant, then so be it. In fact, I only helped her to get my mind off the issue of Gensokyo for a moment. I'm not suddenly being kind or anything. Besides, if they grow more attached to each other, this might provide even a greater advantage if we end up fighting again.

I really need to calm down now.

[ ] Go to the roof.
[ ] Stroll around the hospital.
[ ] Screw this, for now. Go grab something to eat in the town.
[ ] Didn't I forget something? Head back to Chullain's room.
[ ] I've had enough excitements. Go back home.


... and I wasn't even planning to update this today.
>> No. 20904
>"I gave you Sanae."
I commend you YAF. Never before in your story have I felt feelings towards character that I feel to Cu Chulain now. I wish I could strangle him and bash his face repeatedly with a brick.

Christ. I wish Davey isn't going to kill us too and that he isn't abusing Marisa.
[X] Go to the roof.
>> No. 20905
[ ] Didn't I forget something? Head back to Chullain's room.

>"Ah, yeah..." the guy answers in an uncaring tone "But it's what you'd expect from a coward, really. Ain't no warrior, him. The few times we met he just denied everything I said and escaped... Come to think of it, he didn't even want to admit destroying the border." What? This is bullshit, it's the first time I see this guy, what the hell is he on about?

We need to find Red ;_;
>> No. 20906
[x] Go to the roof.

Hoping this leads to Pyramid Head Red showing up.
>> No. 20907
[x] Didn't I forget something? Head back to Chullain's room.

This. Hoping to see Sanae raping Cu.
>> No. 20910
[x] Screw this, for now. Go grab something to eat in the town.
>> No. 20911
[X] Go to the roof.

Give her some privacy. Seems like it's going to be hard enough for her without us sneaking a peek. In before.
>> No. 20913
[X] Go to the roof.
>> No. 20914
>and that he isn't abusing Marisa
You misspelled Wriggle.
>> No. 20915
come on YAF update
>> No. 20916
[X] Go to the roof.
>> No. 20917
[X] Go to the roof.

My shattered thoughts require gathering, if I'm to come to any useful and reasonable conclusions. I would like to believe that all he said was a lie, but should it be even partially true, this might present an entirely new chance for me and Yuuka. Nevermind those two, I couldn't care less for them. That advice just now was... Well, I gave it out of spite for that guy, not to help Sanae or anything. It's her fault in the first place, she should feel bad for letting herself be dominated like that. Now, the rest of the things? Me being a Yakumo? The border still standing? Even if it is, what's the point in breaking through it? What's the point of unlocking a totally barren realm? There's no one alive remaining inside, and to rebuild it would be a task almost impossible to accomplish without... Without magic.
But if...
I look down at my bandaged arm.
Kazami Yuuka. Manipulator of Nature. Said to possess superior physical strength and an ability to make flowers bloom wherever she goes. That's what I remember learning about her, and that's what I had so many chances to witness. And this power is now residing in my body... With this... Could I achieve the same as her? Fill - or rather, refill - a world with life? That would be... an adequate present for her, wouldn't it. Come to think of it, I've never shown my gratitude for all the things she's done for me...
But I'm getting excited. The chances of it being true are slim, and the thought of me being a Yakumo are disgusting to say the least. I do not know where exactly did he suck this info out from, and I bet it wasn't Sanae's breasts. He's either a filthy liar, trying to trick me into perhaps sparing his life, since I 'need' his knowledge, or believes his own words to the extent where he endangers other people's lives to verify them. It doesn't matter one way or the other. His life in my hands now, and whether I cooperate him or not should be decided in a more stable state of mind. That's why, right now, I should calm down. For some reason, I don't think I should leave those two's vicinity right now, although leaving them alone for a few minutes should be a given, seeing what kind of advice I gave to Sanae. Sighable. Where should I go then? Somehow, I don't think the atmosphere of a hospital is particularly soothing, especially with all those smells, reminding me of unpleasant things, so the most logical thing to do would be to go outside...
"... the roof."
That thought attacks me suddenly and unexpectedly, but hell, it sounds reasonable. It's not a long way up either, so there.
Jumping over two or three steps a go, I rush to the top of this building, trying not to hear any hypothetical noises that might be coming from Chullain's room.

Outside world greets me with a light and sort of chilly breeze, closing the door behind my back practically without any interference. I start strolling along the white, tiled floor towards the nearest edge, wanting to take a look at the panorama beneath.
The sky is a clear, vast expanse of blue. Disturbed only in a few places by occassional, milky clouds, is fills my mind with ease. How ironic. This is exactly how I remember Gensokyo's sky. Yet it turns out that it was perfectly similiar to the one I'd always had above me... Or maybe, I just never bothered looking up?
I'm here, just a step ahead from the railing. Placing one hand on it, more to give it a rest than to support myself, I gaze at the spectacle ahead.

Beneath my feet, a grey, grim jungle of steel and concrete, besudded with colourful dots of people, road signs, cars, all without an exception hustling about among the artificial buildings, every single one busy with it's own life, it's own goals, it's own ways. Somewhere there, I see a postman crossing a street on red light. Somewhere else, there's a woman dragging a child behind her. In yet another spot, I notice an ice-cream van that sometimes stops in front of my apartment block. But they're all so small now, so distant. Like ants running around aimlessly under someone's feet, too busy, too occupied to look up and realize, that those two giant objects are in fact a pair of shoes of some bastard elementary school kid who takes pleasure in stomping on their houses.
I raise my eyes a bit and see the suburbs, with houses' red roofs scattered around in an unorderly manner. A field of blue flowers someone planted in his front yard. A scrap of a forest, a remnant of something that used to be something a lot greater than just a tiny grove plastered onto a small space between two parcels, probably to be cut down as well when the time comes and someone buys the land it grows on.
And a bit farther...
>> No. 20919
The clouded mass of the mountain-chain surrounding this city. Distant, ominous, sending constant challenging glances around, daring people to brave it's peaks. They say that those are one of the biggest chains of our country.
I smirk and reach out my hand to those grey shadows on the otherwise clear horizon, then clench it into a fist.
"Don't seem so big from where I'm standing."
That's right. I do not belong in this world. I'm something else, I'm high above all this. I'm not just a human anymore. From one, I evolved into something greater, something more divine than one would ever hope to become. This hand is one of the numerous proofs of my superiority. I'm a Kazami. I wield the same powers one of the most dangerous youkai did. And recently, I also became a Yakumo. If that is so, what is there for me to fear? In this world, nothing can challenge me, there is nothing I could fight without the irritating ease, the damning triviality making me unable to unwind completely. If that is so, the only way to reach that goal would be to construct a new world. Create an entirely new realm, where I would live - with Yuuka - for years to come, where everything would be just as we wish.
A heartwarming thought, that. So pleasant I can't help but grin.
Then it is decided. I shall milk that Chullain bastard for information and then throw him away like a useless rag!
"Fooound you~!" Accompanying that cheerful exclamation, there are two - no, four taps, barely three or four meters behind me, if my ears report correctly. They just come one after another, huh? Well, no need to greet them, I guess. "You're like a giant, flashing lighthouse of energy!"
"Impossible to miss, ze!"
That voice... I recognize it. No, more than the voice, I recognize the accent. Enough bickery, it's time to face the newcomers.
"Who would've thought we'd find you that easily, heh!"
Blonde hair, both of them, one girl and one boy, although not looking much younger than me. I can't help but notice how there's a single, lone strang of standing hair on the top of his mop, making the image composed of a cheerful smile, playful eyes, and ridiculously clothes even less serious. And beside him...
"Marisa." I exclaim her name "Long time no see."
She flashes me a grin, but...
"Do I know you?" I almost take a step back at that. What does she mean...? Didn't we fool around together at Reimu's party? "Just joking!"
"... spare me that." I sigh out loud.
"You're the one who destroyed Gensokyo, right?" the guy takes the initiative "No wonder, with this kind of power leaking out of you, it was bound to go off sooner or later. Too bad, really, that Reimu had to be around..."
Oho? This is new. Do I hear a completely new take on the story here? Interesting. But I hold back a smile and lean back on the railing instead.
"So?" my voice is calm "What's your business?"
To my suprise, he whips out something from behind his back. Something... Er, is that a rose? Yeah, it fits with that green-and-white vest of his, and those pantaloons, bah, it even completes the ridiculous image of an unfashionable freak running around flashing smiles everywhere, but... A rose? What's he planning to do with it?
"Obviously," he marks a single circle in the air with the flower "All the odds foretell a fight, don't you think?"
I sigh. He's just like her - in both the style of actions and words. But if it's a fight you seek...

[ ] ... it's a fight you get. Start unwrapping the bandage.
[ ] ... he's not worthy. Fighting someone in such a flashy costume would only make me look like an idiot. Stand still.
[ ] "... I see. But let me ask you a question, no matter how ungentlemanly it might seem at first. Can I fight Marisa instead? It would be nostalgic to see her in action again."
[ ] "Are you sure, kid? I don't think you know what you're up to. How about we have a little chat first?"
[ ] Sigh. Take him apart like the nuisance he is.
>> No. 20920
[x] ... he's not worthy. Fighting someone in such a flashy costume would only make me look like an idiot. Stand still.
>> No. 20921
{X} ... he's not worthy. Fighting someone in such a flashy costume would only make me look like an idiot. Stand still.
>> No. 20922
[ ] ... it's a fight you get. Start unwrapping the bandage.
>> No. 20923
Nope. No I didn't.

[X] ... he's not worthy. Fighting someone in such a flashy costume would only make me look like an idiot. Stand still.
We're going to die for this.
>> No. 20924
[x] ... he's not worthy. Fighting someone in such a flashy costume would only make me look like an idiot. Stand still.
>> No. 20925
[X] ... he's not worthy. Fighting someone in such a flashy costume would only make me look like an idiot. Stand still.

Well, he may boast, but who in his sanity goes to fight dressed in an eyesore getup like that? While the answer pries at the lips from inside, I don't think it needs to be voiced right now. Besides, I can understand Marisa would act in such a way - she'd always been like this, from what I can remember - but seeing an adult guy mimic her ridiculous behaviour only makes fighting him seem even more unreasonable. To top it off, he's totally unarmed, unless he's planning on slapping my handsome face with that rose, of course. Which is, no matter how you look at it, rather stupid. Suits him? Perhaps, but there's no fun in fighting idiots. Chullain was weak, but at least he acted his age, unlike this kid. You lookin' to fight, huh? Well, too bad. Try again after you've changed, then we'll talk. And cave each other's faces in, if you'd like.
For now, I'll just stand there, leaning on this railing, thank you.
Too bad the most flashy ones also tend to be the most stubborn, him not being an exception, unfortunately. Having received no response, he swings the rose again, in the same gesture.
"I said: all the odds foretell a fight, don't you think?" again, he flashes me the exact same smile as before. I'm having difficulties with holding back my own, but a decision made is not to be taken back for something as trivial as this. And as I said - I don't wanna make myself look like an idiot. Exchanging blows with a guy dressed as a medieval gay pole dancer? Speaks for itself. "Hey, are you even listening to me?"
I relax my body even more and shake my head a little. Talking is one thing, but this could be entertaining. For some reason, the stupid ones were always the best when it comes to teasing. Let's take that idiot gate guard back from Yuuka's Dreamscape. I don't know if being a gate guard in Gensokyo automatically makes you stupid, or if being stupid is a foremost requirement when it comes to becoming one, but the fact still stands - she was one, big, silly rack of breasts. I loved annoying the tears out of her. Fun times. Too bad they're gone.
I let out a sigh. Theoretically speaking, I wasn't supposed to think about this anymore, was I, now. My former self was right - if there's one thing I hate about myself, it's this rotten luck. Here I want to relax and whoop-zee-zoom, Marisa with and boyfriend decide to crash on my head. What a bother. Can't a man be alone for a few minutes? What's up with that treatment! I'm supposed to be an important persona, you know! I destroyed the godforsaken Gensokyo! There's a possibility that I'm a Yakumo, goddamnit! Cut me some slack already! Why do I always have to take the heat of everyone else's recklessness?! Not a moment of break for lil' old me? To hell with you all, fuck!
"So are you going to fight or not?" he persists in that stupid death wish of his. How annoying. Aren't I showing my lack of interest visibly enough? "Wait, don't tell me..." yeah, smile, idiot. Let's see who's going to smile in the end. "You can't use magic, can you?" genius. I want to congratulate him the brains, but remain silent. "Even with that all energy leaking out, you can't actually cast any spells? Hahaha! That's pathetic!"
Says who? Hey, you're contradicting your own words, mister gay pole dancer. Calling me pathetic while dressed in that outfit? Who are you trying to fool? Well, other than Marisa, I can't really see anyone else, so the answer should be obvious. Really, those two suit each other like a hammer and a nail, slowly digging deeper into my patience, attempting to make it burst like a balloon. Well, there's one thing my patience shares with balloons - if it bursts, there's going to be a lot of red scraps laying around afterwards. Are you ready for that, faggot rider? Come on, then! I won't fight you, but simply throwing whatever you cast at me back - strengthened tenfold - you can't really call that 'fighting', now can you? Do you have enough guts?
But despite all the irritation, I somehow manage to stay silent and only lightly smirking at the beaming duo. Whatever is going on in their heads now, I don't even want to know what it is.
>> No. 20926
"Aw." he lowers the rose that he's been pointing at me up till now "That's disappointing. I kind of feel stupid now." yeah, you should, freak "Er... I'd propose a fist fight, but..." he glances at one of my sleeves "I can't be fighting a cripple. Man, this really is disappointing..."
I shrug. Well, hell, there goes his high spirit. Is that for the better, I can't tell.
"... whatever."
I return my eyes to the sky above. Troublesome, how am I to deal with this situation? Sure, I could kill them both on the spot, but that would be boring, besides, I'd need to dispose of the corpses, and that would be too much of a pain. I don't think they'll simply leave either.
"Hey." oh, great. Another stupid idea? Bracing for impact. "How about we... Um..." he glances at my face and my arm alternately. "Maybe I should use one hand as well? It should be fair that way, right?"
I shrug, yet again.
"Beats me. Do as you please."
"So should I... er..." looking a bit confused there, fag "Should I start or what?"
And again. I swear, if he keeps carrying on like this, I'm going to surpass my limit of shrugs for today in no time.
"Like I said, do as you please."
"Okay then."
I don't know where that rose went, but it's neither in his hand nor anywhere around. Wait, when did it even disappear? Wow, that's some seriously awesome magic there, faggot. How about you show me how to do it after you've broken your arm trying to punch me? Well, whatever. I've never really intended to fight him, but it seems he's made up his mind. What is that, is he warming up? At least I have to say he's being honest - doing all the exercises with only one arm and whatnot. If I had a wristwatch, I'd be looking at it in irritation. It's amazing how Marisa kept silent all this time. Well, she's the only one here who knows what kind of opponent I can be, no wonder she's not too amused, but if that's the case, why isn't she trying to stop him?
"I'm ready," the little green man states after finishing a series of push-ups. "What about you?"
"Here I go!"
And indeed he does. Recklessly, almost without any considerations for my potential movements, he rushes at me with a battle cry on his lips. And I remain still, looking at him with one eye. How boring. Well, what did I expect.
Ten, nine, eight...
My mind automatically counts his steps.
Seven, six, five, four... Oh?
But instead of the last two, I see his body raise in the air instead, legs first, flying straight at my face.
But it's nothing. After all, I'm the superior one here, the one with faster reaction, senses and wits.

So, ignoring his desperately cheesy yell, I do a light, almost unnoticeable step to the right.
His clothes graze my cheeks as he passes by, all that like if in a slow-motion movie. What next? Oh, wait, was I standing on the edge of the roof? That means there's no ground behind me, is there? Not counting the one several tens of meters below, of course. It's a long way down, I wonder how much it will take him to reach the end? Hm...
I lean back on the railing and start doing calculations. This building is around.... That would be.... that many meters? No, it's too many, I guess I should... And his weight...
An obnoxious cough breaks my reverie. Oh, right. That was only one assailant I've dealt with, the other one has yet to be taken care of.
"You still here?" I ask in an innocent tone.
Marisa smiles weakly in response.
"Shouldn't you, er..." I glance over my shoulder, but to expect him to hover behind my back would be stupid "Like... Follow him?"
She shakes her head and continues to stare at me.

[ ] "Then I suppose you can answer a question?"
--[ ] "What do you know about that day?"
--[ ] "Who the hell was that guy?"
--[ ] "What are your plans?"
[ ] "No, look." start walking towards her "I really, really think you should follow him. Really."
[ ] "Do as you please." then leave the roof, and the hospital.
[ ] "Do as you please." then leave the roof. It's time to check up on those two love birds.
>> No. 20927
[ ] "Then I suppose you can answer a question?"
--[ ] "What do you know about that day?"
--[ ] "What are your plans?"
>> No. 20928
[x] "No, look." start walking towards her "I really, really think you should follow him. Really."

Team rocket's blasting off again!
>> No. 20929
[x] "So... Wanna fuck?"
>> No. 20930
[ ] "Then I suppose you can answer a question?"
--[ ] "What do you know about that day?"
--[ ] "What are your plans?"
>> No. 20932
[x] "Then I suppose you can answer a question?"
--[x] "What do you know about that day?"
--[x] "What are your plans?"
>> No. 20933
[x] "No, look." start walking towards her "I really, really think you should follow him. Really."

Enough being nice, Nanaya needs to be evil without mercy.
>> No. 20934
Due to continued abuse, this won't be continuing. For good this time. No more warnings.
>> No. 20995

Read it.
>> No. 20999
Jesus Christ, that is harsh. But fair. Works for me.
All i ever wanted is for him to come back to write.
But a question: What about All Together At Once?
Is he allowed to continue this?
>> No. 21000

If he were to post without name or trip, how would regular anonymous know whether or not they are responding to him if they decide to?
>> No. 21004
YAF refused the offer. HY is gone and now's the time to bitch at holy to get rid of Ran unless you want to suffer under his heel from now on.
>> No. 21005
Exception added for All Together At Once. Forgot about that story.
Then they are not responding to YAF, they are responding to Anonymous. Bans will not happen. If those responses happen to be trolling anyway then yes, bans.
I'm still here. These new rules are not 'an offer'. They are the rules, they will be enforced. YAF can abide by them and post or he can leave, up to him.
>> No. 21007

Would you kindly stop inciting shitstorms all over the place? I thought you were against this kind of behaviour. If you want to troll, do it anyonymously, or do it without using your powers, that's cheating.

And you people, stop falling for it. HY threatened to 'bomb run' the site last night, it's painfully obvious he's trolling, and as we should all know - trolls are to be ignored. It's sad that he's stepped so low, but let us not let a single demotivated writer ruin all the remaining fun.

That being said, expect updates later today.

>> No. 21008

>Would you kindly stop inciting shitstorms all over the place?

It'd be nice if you actually took your own advice.
>> No. 21009
This counts as breaking the rules I have set down. Well done. Enjoy your three day ban.
>> No. 21010
Making up rules and doing exactly the same things YAF was banned for. GJ.
>> No. 21011

I'm just curious, have you ever moderated a site before?
>> No. 21012
Stop being retarded.
>> No. 21013
I fail to see the problem here. I gave YAF an opening to come back to the site and write his stories. Instead, he trolled, again. Thus, punishment. This cycle will continue until he learns to control himself, until writing becomes more important to him than his ego and proving he is right.
>> No. 21014

Is this not /shrine/?
>> No. 21015

Reported for trolling.
>> No. 21016
Is it story discussion or an update? No.
>> No. 21017
He posted response to your post in this thread. This is discussion in his thread.
>> No. 21018

>I fail to see the problem here.

>> No. 21019
I saw it. Drama, Shitstorm, people leaving, angry people. Before Kira banned the channel.
I started the other Thread saying unban YAF, mod suck etc. But seeing you post something like that again... Please now behave YAF and shut the fuck up already, your post is a provocation again.
Just write and prove yourself... leave this whole thing behind you, bring Joy to the people with your stories and if you feel like being a troll or wanting to argue go to /a/ or on IRC.

>And you people, stop falling for it. HY threatened to 'bomb run' the site last night, it's painfully obvious he's trolling, and as we should all know - trolls are to be ignored. It's sad that he's stepped so low, but let us not let a single demotivated writer ruin all the remaining fun.

Write something like that on IRC, pm it to the people or whatever, just don't do this on the board. This is NOT the place for this

Make the Board sole for writing and discussing your stories. HY is extreme with the actions he took, but at least the gave you the chance to write. Don't waste it please.

probably going to get banned, but it needs to be said.
>> No. 21020
What >>21017 said. Also,
>That being said, expect updates later today
Clearly on-topic discussion of the story. The rest was just a side-note. God forbid he be a little sarcastic in his discussions.
>> No. 21021
It's not story discussion though, and YAF did word it in an incredibly smarmy way to try and get a reaction.
>> No. 21022
I can't tell who's worse

YAF or the mods?
>> No. 21024
Ah fuck it, i write this shit and he gets banned and drama and shitstorm appear all over again.

I got enough of that. Save the updates, delete the Thread.
>> No. 21025
The mods are tired of YAF's trolling and smug lying about trolling and lying about being unbanned etc. etc. and he is completely incapable of not pushing their buttons. This is never going to end well.

I say we need a mod without buttons to push, who will delete his trolling bullshit in other writers' threads and let him do pretty much whatever the fuck he wants in his own threads.

Shit like this really needs to be dealt with somehow. Just...not like this.

>the drama and the nonsense have demotivated me to the point where I am probably not coming back to the site to write for the foreseeable future
>This is, as a user-base, your last chance.
These are things a moderator should never, ever say. Ever. This is bad moderating. Stop it.
>> No. 21026

>> No. 21027
>That post has been cleared as not requiring any deletion.

So trolling is allowed now?
>> No. 21029

Yeah the mods are beyond hope.
>> No. 21030
IRC brings out the worst in people.
>> No. 21031
You deny me the right to vent?
>> No. 21032

><HY> I used to like this place.
><HY> I really did.
><HY> Pretty much given up writing now. Pretty much given up on the site.

This site is being moderated by someone who has given up on it?

I think you need to chill out, take a break or something. This site is a lot less fun when even the mods are bitching about everything.
>> No. 21033
You post in YAF's thread, and then ban YAF for responding to what you said in YAF's thread?

Jesus Christ. That's like dropping a rubber ball and being pissed off when it bounces.
>> No. 21034

So you should be allowed to shit up #MiG just because you're angry? Hey why not. I suppose we should let YAF shit up threads when he's angry too since we wouldn't want to deny his right to vent.
>> No. 21035
Shitting up MiG and getting the rage out of my system was vital in changing the plan from 'delete everything YAF has ever written here and ban him forever' to the current one.
I post on /th/, he breaks the rule by responding to it here, knowing he would be banned for such an action, in order to goad you into defending him.
If I remove the post then I will be accused of 'hiding evidence'.
>>This is bad moderating.
We tried the other method, detached. it did not work.
>>I say we need a mod without buttons to push, who will delete his trolling bullshit in other writers' threads and let him do pretty much whatever the fuck he wants in his own threads.

We do have lives, you know, things to do other than sit on the boards hunting YAF. He will learn to control himself.
>>God forbid he be a little sarcastic in his discussions.
Trolling is not sarcasm. He phrased that intentionally to cause this. He will no longer be allowed to do so.
>> No. 21036

>We tried the other method, detached. it did not work.

This method isn't working either. In fact, this method is turning out worse.
>> No. 21037
This method allows for YAF to actually write. The other does not. I made this choice because I actually want to see writing happen here again.
>> No. 21038

>Shitting up MiG and getting the rage out of my system was vital in changing the plan from 'delete everything YAF has ever written here and ban him forever' to the current one.

>Shitting up MiG and getting the rage out of my system was vital

This is the point at which I say you've lost your head somewhere in your small intestine. Or alternatively, that you've lost your goddamn mind fighting a fight that never should have started.
>> No. 21039
>Trolling is not sarcasm. He phrased that intentionally to cause this. He will no longer be allowed to do so.

I could say the same about you. You only posted in this thread to provoke YAF into saying something giving you an excuse to ban him.

Seriously you're doing nothing to help the site. YAF's bitching and trolling was way better than what you and Ran have done.
You want to help the site? Never post as a mod again and only delete the spambots and troll posts. No bannings, no threatening stickies.
>> No. 21040
>We tried the other method, detached. it did not work.
That's ridiculous. "Don't talk about things you don't know anything about." and "This is, as a user-base, your last chance." are not dichotomous. Handing down bans without explanation (especially for things that weren't seen on the board) and getting pissed off at the entire site are not the only two choices you have as moderator.

You are going between two extremes that are both bad ways to run a site.
>> No. 21041
>YAF's bitching and trolling was way better than what you and Ran have done.

This, YAF is acceptable alone. We can ignore him, like you do it with trolls. But you two making such a big thing out of this makes YAF win and i am sure he is sitting at home and laughing because his plan came true.

Everything ran 6 months long smooth without problems and suddenly this.
TP is going down at this rate
>> No. 21042
[17:46] <holy> mods have been removed
[17:46] <holy> seriously now

Yeah. It's over.
>> No. 21043
File 122988274414.gif - (80.88KB , 400x300 , l.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 21044
who are our new mods?
>> No. 21045
Vodka, Kapow and Mode.
>> No. 21046

Kapow, Mode, and Vodka.
>> No. 21047

I voted for him!
>> No. 21048
Kapow archives the CYOAs on the Touhou VN forum
Mode writes Flight of the Lost Soul on /th/
Vodka writes SHaG on /th/

Overall we've got some pretty good mods now.
>> No. 21049
At least vodka is about as calm as they come, I'm just slightly worried about Kapow's stability, but we'll see. I don't think anybody wants people with shot nerves like HY and ranm again. Wish they'd just go back to writing after this, but I'm afraid it'll just end up with minor firestorms as they leave with doors banging. Well, time will tell.
>> No. 21050

Well, that's their problem. They'll have to deal with it like adults. All I know is that if the shitstorms and drama stop, I'll be glad.
>> No. 21051
File 122990275888.jpg - (134.00KB , 666x500 , 1229896396593.jpg ) [iqdb]
Eh. It finally ended, huh. Man, I'd never have thought that telling people NOT to fall for an obvious troll would have such repercussions.

Anyway, let us welcome our new mod overlords and quit shitstorming already.

Now, I know I said I would update today, but this whole ordeal kind of tired me out. I'm actually considering taking a few days break to calm down a little. So, for now, no updates for 4S.
Faggotry is a diffirent thing, I don't have to put so much effort in writing it since Vodka helps me with both ideas and reviewing the actual update before it gets posted, but I still have to pretty much force it out, that's why it's been so shitty lately. Nevertheless, should inspiration strike my soul, I shall answer it's call and update. Will that happen? Who knows, I'm not even sure myself.

On the last note, I would like you people to vote in AAA, since the thread's been opened - a bit late, but still. To be honest, I allowed myself to write a short scene to go with one of the options, but wasn't satisfied with it. So, go and vote so that I won't have to decide things on my own.

Sharks always related.
>> No. 21053
File 122990386733.gif - (574.23KB , 322x322 , the_awesome_man.gif ) [iqdb]
>Man, I'd never have thought that telling people NOT to fall for an obvious troll would have such repercussions.
This is getting pretty sad.
>> No. 21056
File 122990573274.jpg - (174.92KB , 500x665 , 1229700785200.jpg ) [iqdb]
YAF = evil Yomi
>> No. 21081
[ ] "Then I suppose you can answer a question?"
--[ ] "What do you know about that day?"
[ ] "But you see..." start walking towards her "I really, really think you should follow him. Really."

Why did people want to avoid fighting David?