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Anon wanted trap wriggle sex, and I deliver. A bit late, but well, who would've thought that alcohol would mess up my schedule as much as it did?


You enter the well-known opening in the endless expanse of Forest Of Magic without any hesitation. It's way too familiar to be afraid of anything. How many times have you visited this apparently indistinguishable place? Well, indistinguishable for anyone other than you. And only one other person. Anyways, it's been a long time since your first time here, and hell, you lost the count of visits quite some time ago. Just another clearing, so alike to many others. No one would ever suspect it of carrying any significant meaning.
But, well, it does to you.
She's already there, sitting in front of a small bonfire, staring blanky into space. Ah, how careless of her. Lately, there's been more and more youkai hunters around, because of some incident a weeks ago. She shouldn't be sitting here like this... But then again, it was you who wanted to see her in the first place.
"Hey." you repeat your greeting.
This time, her reaction is a sudden movement of her shoulders. Did you scare her? Probably. She must've been deep in thought. It's not the first time you've seen her like this, but damn, it always hits you as somehow cute. But isn't everything she does cute?
"Hello, Wriggle."
She turns her small, green eyes at your figure, emerging from the nightly darkness, and into the ring of light coming from the fire.
"Ah," her face lights up at the discovery of your presence "Hello. Naya."

The two of you then proceed as usual. You take out the meal that you've brought with you, various kinds of meat, and she puts it on a stick, just like kids fry sausages above a bonfire when going out camping.
"So, what were you doing today?" she asks, while carefully observing her sizzling supper. You can't shake off a feeling that she's... avoiding your eyes today. Does she have something on her mind?
Well, there's nothing you can do beside shaking off the stupid premonition and giving her a warm smile.
"Nothing much. Went to the village, worked a bit, talked with some people..." she's still trying to not look into your eyes "Then I bought this and... Wriggle?"
She straightens up abruptly.
"Is there something wrong?"
She turns away again.
"N-no. Nothing. Go on."
You sigh with resignation. Definitely, there IS something wrong with her today. Ehh, if it's like this, you won't be able to talk normally...
She jumps up a bit as you stand up.
"W-Where are you going?"
And you just sit behind her without a word, wrapping your legs around her hips, and your arms around her chest.
She lets out a silent squeal, being suddenly hugged like that from behind. Well, it's not a given that this will work, but hell, her warmth is enough to make you forget about any consequences.
Why does she smell so good...?
"N-Naya, what are you-- Ah?!"
Without realizing it, you start running your hand along her small body, from thighs to belly, then her chest, and neck. Why? You don't know, neither do you give half a damn about it. It's just that she smells so nice...
"Nn... Wriggle..."
"No, w-what-- Ahhn!"
Damn it, you're getting aroused by this all. Just touching her through her clothes is enough to make you hard. It's not like you've never looked at her in erotic way, but... This is simply beyond belief. She doesn't have an impressive chest, neither does she look sexy... But, for the love of everything holy, doesn't she feel good to touch!
And she seems to be enjoying it too. At least judging by her moans and moving hips.
You swiftly slide your fingers into the gap between her blouse's buttons and undo them.
"Ahh, no--"
Disregarding her weak protest, you quickly grab a firm hold of her left breast. It's so small you could say she's not even a girl. So underdeveloped...
"I-- don't-- Ahhn!"
You slowly make your way down, towards those silly pants of her, caressing every single square inch of her skin as you do so. Then simply, without remorse, plunge your hand into them, and--

Freeze in place.

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Wriggle is breathing hard, covering her face with her little palms.
"Haah... Haah..." Unable to believe your own senses, you try searching around a little more, but... There is nothing... "Ahhn!"
But something hard and moist... You wrap your fingers around it, making Wriggle jerk up a bit. No way. It's a...
She hiccups a little before weakly whispering out.
"I'm... a girl, okay? I'm a girl. I just... I just..."
Damn, now you feel kinda bad, for being so suprised. Sure, she has that kind of body, but her behaviour was so cute... You'd swear she was a girl. No, that's wrong.
You move your other hand to pat her head gently.
"That's okay." She's a girl. A fully fledged girl. There's just something wrong with her... But does it matter? "You're a girl, Wriggle."
".. nn..."
Yeah, it doesn't matter. You've come this far, why would you back away now? There's not point in doing so. It's already moist with pre-cum, and it's warmth feels good against the inside of your palm as you grab it tightly, placing your thump on it's wet tip.
The concerto of cute moans resumes as you move your hand up and down her shaft, brushing your finger against her glans. You wonder if you're being too rough, knowing how it can be sometimes, but the pre-cum is a good lubrication, and she's not complaining... Well, might as well make it more enjoyable for you too.
Not ceasing your caress, you bend forward, and find her cheeks with yours. Then, ignoring her slight flinch, connect your lips. Your fingers continue to slide up and down, and your thumb circling around her urethal opening, giving her, what you know from personal experience, heavenly sensations. You can't help, but hump her butt with your own bulge. She doesn't seem to mind too.
"..nnnm... ghh..."
She wants to moan, but you're not letting her, forcing her tongue to move along with yours, mixing your saliva, engaging in a crazy dance, seeking out for more pleasure.
"..nmm... gnn... cm..."
You catch the meaning of her muffled words, and quickly move your thumb onto the urethal opening itself, then press lightly. Her hips twitch at the same time you feel her sperm gushing out from under your thumb, spilling onto the rest of your hand and the inside of her pants. Disgusting? Not one bit. Hell, you're close to coming yourself.
She breaks the kiss, using the moment of your mute amazement.
"I... I'm sorry..."
She manages to pant out between deep sighs.
Sorry? About what? About coming on your hand?
"It's... not your... fault, Wriggle... Besides..."
You slowly slide your cumstained hand out of her pants, taking care not to let any of it drip onto her belly. Then slide your body back a little.
"Wriggle, stand up." you order her, and she obediently submits to your command "Now, take it off."
"Your pants. Take them off."
"Wriggle." you sigh with resignation "I've given you pleasure, now you should give me some, don't you think?"
She continues to stare at you with hazy eyes. Then, to your suprise, places her hands on her waist, and slowly, as if still scared, slides them down. You take that time to use your clean hand to unzip your own pants and take out what's been waiting for merciful release for so long.
Wriggle glances back at you, and quickly averts her gaze, her blush deepening even more.
"Oh come on. Don't be embarassed."
"But... If I am to give you pleasure... How... I don't have..."
You can't help but smile at her sincerity. How lovely. But little does she know.
"Oh, but you still can. There's another hole for that."
"Eh?!" she jumps up a little "But, without anything, it's going to be--"
"Heh." you interrupt her with a chuckle "But that's what this is for."
Then, to her horror, you start smearing her sperm all over your hard member. Glans, shaft, everywhere, even under the foreskin. She came so much it's enough to lubricate it all.
Your smile acts like a counterfeit to her terrified stare.
"Now. On all fours."
"Are you really going to.. I am..."
Oh damn it, not again.
You quickly stand up and approach her figure, it's back still turned to you. Then give her a gentle slap on the butt, to which she reacts with another squeal.
"Now, Wriggle."
Obediently like a dog, she descends down onto her arms, almost touching the ground with her forehead. The sight of her protruded ass cheeks is enough to make you go wild. Like an animal, you drop onto your knees, then smear the remaining semen on the opening of her anus.
Your body screams desperately for you to put it in already. To which call you are more than glad to oblige.
"Wriggle, I'm going in."
Then, without waiting for her response, you jam it in, as you just said you'd do.
Her loud moan has problems with breaking through the facade of incredible sensations that cloud your mind. Her tight walls, squeezing your cock so hard you could come in this very second, twitching of her muscles, it's just too much to endure.
Still, you refuse to give in to the warm, white blob that immidiately pops up in the back of your head, and push deeper, giving it all to defy the overthrowing impulse, telling you to just shoot your load already. And back out. And back in.
"Ahh-- Ahhn!"
As much as you'd like to moan as well, you hold back the ridiculous craving and instead grab Wriggle's little sides, and pull her back. Not leaving her even once, you sit back down on your ass, and pull her onto your thighs, making her sit down as well... And pushing it all the way in as a side-effect. Both yours and hers shoulders shake with breath-taking pleasure that attacks your senses with the force of chargin elephant. You could swear a little bit of your cum came out at that moment. But you don't give up!
"Ahh... Ahh... M... Mo..."
Accepting her unspoken wish, you grab her hips, then lift them up. She's light, extremely light. Light enough for your weakened muscles to raise her so high, you can see the edges of your glans, shining with the lubricant you have used before.
Then, almost violently, release your grasp, making her fall down, and your member enter her completely again. The air is filled with obscene slapping sounds as you repeat the process, over and over. Mixed with Wriggle's loud moans, there is no doubt that a random passerby would get a very good idea what you're doing here.
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You feel something touching the inner side of your thigh. What is it? Oh, it's that.
"Wriggle," you whisper into her ear "You just came, yet you're hard again?"
She tries to catch her breath before answering.
"It's... not.. my fault..."
"Right." you agree with a nod "Not your fault." Without any reserve, you grab her yet again hard member, and mimicing the previous caress, start jacking it off again. "Look. There's still some... of your semen here.... How... does it feel?"
Your hips cringe in craving to move, and you let your nerves do as they please, pump back and forth from inside of Wriggle's petite ass.
"Ahhn! Ahhn! D- Do-- Ahh!"
Words are not allowed to leave her lips, your combined efforts rending her unable to anything other than moaning and screaming.
"Wriggle-- hh... Yo're--nn..."
Damn it, you can't speak as well. The inside of her ass brushing against your cock is just too...

And suddenly, like a lightbulb going out, blackness takes over your sight. Is it... over? So fast?
You can feel something gushing from under your thumb. Then, loud sizzling, as if someone threw something wet into the fire.

You fall, devoid of strength, onto your back, down to the ground, panting loudly. Wriggle does the same, resting whole of her shaking body on your chest. You can feel your gradually limping member slowly slide out of her, dripping with semen.
"Ahh... haah..."
Her soft, warm breath brushes your cheek. On an unknown impulse, your hand, the clean one, moves onto her head.
"Wriggle..." She nods lightly, signing that she heard you. "Tommorow... I'm going to take you to the village." She keeps silent. "People have to see that youkai... Aren't all horrible monsters."
"And after that..."
You smile at the prospect alone. Yeah, there's no need to back away now. You've done it, and hell, you'd rather shoot yourself than regret any of those exciting seconds you two had tonight. She's diffirent, so what? And if you'll have to change your outlook on life, then so be it. Everything... to protect her.

"And then, I'm going to show you a few tricks, okay?"
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YAF delivers.
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This is not NanayaxHieda Aki
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>> No. 17801
But still awesome
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This is not Aoi. This is in no way Aoi.
>> No. 17815

Next time.
>> No. 17820

Don't you dare.

The second one, that is. You can do what you want with that first request.
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Why is anon so gay lately?
>> No. 17829
Is it bad if i fap to this?
>> No. 17830

Christ, are you all new?

Being gay for a trap is being straight. Old news, confirmed quite some time ago.
>> No. 17836
Feels good, man.

Seriously, though, Wriggle looks like a boy. Wriggle being a trap means Wriggle has no penis.
But I would fap either way.
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Shitty meme logic is shitty.
>> No. 17861
>> No. 17864

Uh, what? Seriously, just about everyone on the internet other than you agrees on it.

Don't get me started on just why traps are fuckable, and why they're straight material. Please.
>> No. 17868
This is what happens when you take 4chan too seriously.

What about picking up a girl at the bar, finding out she has a dick, and fucking him anyway? Is that not gay, either? Is it different because it's anime, like how lolicon and pedophilia are supposedly different?
>> No. 17870
>picking up a girl at the bar

See, there's already a flaw in your plan.
Nobody here could accomplish the above, or even try.
>> No. 17872

Uh, duh?

Of course it's just an animu thing.
>> No. 17886
Straight, not straight, who cares? Those are your own fantasies, and you shouldn't care what other people think about them.

I am perfectly straight IRL, yet while writing this scene, I couldn't help but feel aroused by the whole thing. Does that make me gay? I don't think so.
>> No. 17888

>This is what happens when you take 4chan too seriously.

I believe your statement more properly applies to yourself.
>> No. 17901
No no, he's just taking seriously the people who apparently take meme logic seriously. It's the logicfag in us. We can't help it.

It means you're bi for fictional characters, I guess?
>> No. 17907

...Meme logic? Could you be a bigger faggot?

Seriously, just stop it. A large, large part of the internet likes traps. The part that doesn't like them are the normalfags like you.

Poor trolling today, YAF.
>> No. 17909
>What about picking up a girl at the bar, finding out she has a dick, and fucking him anyway?
Why, that's justice in action, friend. Both reward and subtle vengeance for the trap in question being convincing enough to get me into bed with him.
>> No. 17918
>Poor trolling today, YAF.

Not me, piss off, etc. Why did a trap H-scene devolve into a sagefest anyway?
>> No. 17921
People can like traps if they want, doesn't bother me. But if some people enjoy spouting old memes, I enjoy picking at errors in reasoning.
>> No. 17924
It was most satisfying for me
>> No. 17934

Homosexuals don't like traps in anime. Straight men do.

Now, before I get into the major and minor parts of sexuality and how a trap becomes more satisfying from this, shut your faggot mouth and fap.
>> No. 17935
Shut the fuck up, if you want to keep going with this then move onto somewhere else.
>> No. 17936

Why did you bump this?
>> No. 17937
YAF wants to bring more attention to his thread.
>> No. 17938
Makes sense.
>> No. 17941

also faggets
>> No. 17944

no u
>> No. 17946
I'm gonna bump this until you like it.
>> No. 17947
I already like it.
NanayaxHieda Aki, write it
You are being a faggot the whole day anyway, why not make it FABULOUS.
>> No. 17972

You mean with roses, glimmering bodies and cherry blossom petals? Sure, why not. As soon as I come up with a good scenario.
>> No. 17977
And Character designs by CLAMP. Old school clamp, before all this noodle people shit.
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>> No. 17980
And don't forget the mysteriously self-lubricating anus.