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A little swish was all the noise that Ran's entry into the Yakumo household made, clutching a large paper folder under her arm. It was banged up, scratched and had many patches of paint, ink, general dirt and what appeared to be oil or fat on it. As Ran opened the folder and took out the sheets inside it one could see that the paper was pristine and fresh, staggeringly so in contrast.

"Thank you, Ran." said her master in her usual lofty tone. "Please hand me his notes." Ran did so. "You may sit." Ran did so.

Yukari Yakumo began reading. And slowly, a smile spread over her face.
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As she finished the last page, she put the sheets back into the wrecked folder and stored it in one of her many gaps. Then she just leaned back onto her bed and pulled the sheets over herself.

"Lady Yukari?" her servant said. "Don't you think we should do something?"

"Leave him for now." Even though she could not see her master's face, Ran knew she was grinning from ear to ear. "I believe it would be quite entertaining to watch him drive himself insane."
No one got anything to say? [spoiler];_;
Its okay.

Seems kind of silly.

Whats a ROB?
>My main argument

Please tell me this is not the extent of your actual essay writing skill.
I struggled to make it as inane as possible. Also don't forget the "DO NOT PUBLISH FIRST DRAFT".
>Whats a ROB?

Robotic Operating Buddy.
I kind of liked it. He makes a few interesting points, and many, many more bad assumptions.

It's not bad, but it still could use some work. Keep tryin'!
Such as?
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The next time Ran brought her lady the battered folder, it began just like the last time.
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But ever so slowly, Lady Yukari's composure slipped.
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As she began the last two pages, she began crumpling he paper.
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And at the end of the last, she was flat out yelling at Ran.

"Stop him! Now! Why didn't you tell me of this before?"

"But my lady, you ordered me to-"

"This is beyond orders!"

"... I see. I am sad to inform you that he has already departed. He entered a contraption of some sort only moments after scanning these papers in. I believe the smoke you can see on the horizon is his house burning down. I had a weird sense of foreboding just before leaving it."

The Lady of Vagueness, Mistress of Borders looked up into the starry sky, saw the haze of fire at the horion and dreaded the misty future manifesting itself before her.

"Prepare. We need to be ready for whatever could come out of this."

It was an outside context problem. And for once she was not the cause.
Still here for Q&A.
Sounds like SCP bullshit or something. No good.
SCP was about the last thing I was thinking of when I wrote this, I tried to make it sound like a philosopher's analysis mixed with some scientist's observations. I hate the SCP archive, it's a clusterfuck of writefaggotry.

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