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File 143341616024.jpg - (190.16KB, 700x993, image.jpg)
"Everyone get down!" I shout amidst the roar of the battle. Not a second later a huge wave of frost engulfs the area where my head was not too long ago. "Damn it!” I curse under my breath, “Holly what's our status?" I take this brief moment of respite against the enemy to see how the party is doing.

Holly, our dwarven cleric, responds with her thick norsemen accent, "We ain't doin so well Cap! Wee James just got hit by the the bastards tail and I'm all out of juice!" Her thick accent made it hard to hear over the din of battle but you could understand what she meant. "Hate to say it Cap'n but I think we may be in trouble."

"Why is that?" The answer comes by her pointing behind me, only for me to get a face full of dragon, "FUCK! Dude! personal space!" Startled by my proximity to the dragon I respond by stabbing my dagger straight into its eye. His pained reaction, while hilarious, only proceeds to anger the creature further.

"Foolish pests!" It roars, anger filling its lungs, "how dare you assault my chamber! I am Arereseafulafar the Frozen King of the North!" The dragon once more takes a deep breath, about to make Holly and I icicles.

"Yeah? And you're about to be the frozen king of the floorboards you fat fuck!" A very familiar voice shouts back as the dragon receives a fireball straight to the face. God bless Averine that magnificent bastard, taking this opportunity I quickly duck behind another pillar and dive for the item we were sent here to get. Not too pretty I must admit, but why the hell a dragon would keep a mithril short sword of dragon slaying is beyond me. After taking a firm grip on the handle I pull my cowl over my head and slinking lower to the ground avoiding detection. Our fighter, after my sudden retreat, gets the attention of the dragon with a well placed claymore to the leg. I know we have one shot left to finish this before things go south, we have been fighting the beast for almost three minutes and everyone's running on fumes. With the final bit of courage I can muster I climb the stone pillar next to me to reach the rafters high above the dragons pit where our fighter is luring the dragon. This wasn't exactly our first choice, to fight an enemy in its own home, but you have to take what chances you can get.

Shortly after I reach the top I sprint towards the beasts location, the wood cracking and falling apart as I finish crossing the old wood and prepare myself for what will come next. Dragons can usually sense everything within thirty feet of them, but when you fall on top of them from high speeds? I take a deep breath as I prepare for the impact of the eighty foot drop that awaits my final strike to slay the beast. "Well, here goes nothing." I whisper under my breath as I close my eyes and leap off the rafter, short sword ready in my hands. After a second of falling I open my eyes again to see the dragons form quickly approaching and push my hands forward, the sword now between myself and the dragon. I'm fairly certain not even the gods know why what is about to happen came to pass.

The sword strikes straight and true, plunging right between his armored scales on his head. I am met with a satisfying thunk as the sword hits flesh and I continue to plunge it even further into his skull blood pouring out of the wound. The dragon roars in pain as it thrashes around, its death all but assured. Still this dragon was no joke and even though it's going to die, it will at least take one of us with him, and I'm gonna take a wild guess it's me. The dragon rears backwards and let's out a string of angrily spoken arcane words, those of a teleport. The spell finishes but not before Avern gets a counterspell in, but by the sounds of it, it didn't turn out too well. With a screech reality warps between the dragon and myself sending us off to some unknown location.

Teleportation isn't something new to me as Avern used it a lot in our travels, but seeing something while teleporting, that's a new one. Nothing but eyes, red eyes seem to stare at me through tears in reality itself. Completely entranced I barely noticed that the spell has finished its travel and I can see out the other side. "Oh fuck!" I scream as the teleport finishes only to have Areressessafullafat or something and myself, three-hundred feet in the air above forest ground. Nothing left but my trusty daggers, cloak, and fancy combat outfit, I cling onto the back of the dragon for dear life as it rapidly descends crashing into the forest and rendering myself unconscious on the corpse of the now dead dragon.

Black. Nothing but black all around me. Am I dreaming? I ponder, it's near impossible to tell what's going on. Deciding there is nothing else to do I try to move forward only to realize my legs are stuck and won't move. That's weird, I attempt to do the same with my arms only to have my right hand give a weak but still useable response. Something is wrong here… Wait… is that burning flesh I smell? Forcing my hand to my face I force open my right eye and yet still I see nothing, I try again with my left and I am met with the sight of a roaring fireplace, and I am stuck too what appears to be a bed. Glancing around I notice, just barely, a small girl sipping tea in a chair by the bed, upon seeing myself feebly look around she quickly rises from her seat and rushes out the door. Now that I think of it why am I… Oh gods no. Glancing to what I thought were just nonfunctioning legs I notice that my left leg has been severely burned and my right leg is none existent. My left arm is in the same condition as my leg and my torso heavily scarred. The only limb that doesn't seem to be damaged is my right arm, but even that looks to have been going through cold injuries earlier. Fucking bastard, must have used his last bit of magic to use a point blank fireball. Wishes are a bitch aren't they? Slowly lying back down I think about what has happened today and even with just these slight movement I feel extremely tired, a few moments later I am back asleep.


[] male
[] female

- [] Fighter
- [] Rouge
- [] Ranger
- [] War Mage
- [] Artificer
- [] Elementalist


-- [] red
-- [] blue
-- [] green

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Heya everyone, newer writer here and wanted to have a go at something a bit free form with a combat style fairly live action and realistic, but still implement some rules from D&D and the sort. So here goes this short (or not so short) series. Only expect to make it 7 or so posts before wanting to make a real decision on keeping the idea or not. First to 3 votes wins.
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So, she got into Gensokyo after fighting a dragon that, on its last legs, attempted a plane shi- err, a teleport that went awry? That sounds awfully familiar...

[x] Female
[x] Blue
[x] Elementalist
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Actually I'll call the vote here and write some more. (Don't worry about the class, if it isnt really wanted it will be possible to change through choices.)
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“Wake up sweetie.” The calm, soothing voice of my mother speaks as she shakes me gently. “Today’s the day.” I open my eyes and jump out of my bed ecstatic as I realize what day it is. That's right! Today is the day that Jerim told me he would take me to the city for my fifteenth birthday! I rush over to my dresser and quickly change into the outfit mom and I had picked out for this occasion, a cute white dress with small doves along the arms. To top it off I'm also bringing my mother's old travel shoes and a white hat, which compliments my long blonde, almost silver, hair.

"Not too bad mom. Although the dress could be slightly longer." Checking myself once over I notice the dress just barely reaches my thighs.

Mother simply laughs in reply, "Don't be silly. You have to show off to your boyfriend after all." An evil smirk crossing her face as she sees my face start turning red.

"He's not my boyfriend." I meekly voice back, only for my mom to laugh and dismiss my weak response with a wave of her hand.

I look out the open window and see Jerim outside in his wagon full of supplies talking to my father. My heart feels like it skips a beat when I look at him those broad shoulders and that rugged beard...No! I mentally slap myself. He's just a friend that's all. I reassure myself while I finish my last bit of preparations and grab my travel bag. I give my mother a hug and say goodbye as I rush out the door towards where Jerim is standing tending to the horses. My father has already moved back towards the fields tending to the crops again. As I exit the door Jerim waves to me while patting one of the cart seats inviting me to sit next to him. I quickly run over with a smile on my face as I climb the wagon and take a seat next to Jerim, about to begin a long journey with my favorite friend.

“So my dear little fox,” Jerim says as he helps me onto the wagon and breaks me from my revelry, “are ya ready for an adventure?” His thick accent, almost like a dwarves, making his statement seem much more promising than what it actually entails. I nod enthusiastically as a smile forms on his face and he whips his horses into action. I look behind me waving to my father and mother goodbye as I travel off with Jerim towards the city.

“...In most situations I don't think a normal human could live through this Reisen." I awake to a girls voice, it sounds weary, almost as if she has been running errands all day and has finally caught a break.

"Don't worry Aya. I'm sure she will be fine, after all I don't think a normal human could survive that sort of fight and fall anyway." This women, I presume Reisen, says reassuringly. The other girl just sighs in response clearly unsure of what to do.

While one of them continues to apply medical care and the other talking with no real purpose, I decide to assess my own situation while in a more conscious state. I send a small wave of mana tracers through my body pinging back to me failed or missing nerves and any type of serious damage.

Huh. It appears as if most of the nerves in my arms are burned out completely and one of my legs is still workable although the other appears to be gone completely. My chest and back are covered in scorch marks but, thankfully, are relatively tame in comparison to my limbs. My left eye seems to be damaged but fixable with some mana infusions, and I seem to be hard of hearing in my right ear, although also fixable. Considering what I just lived through I guess the situation isn't so bad, at least my magical capability is still intact. As I recall the tracers, my scan complete, someone knocks on the door to the room.

"Coming!" Shouts Reisen as she moves towards the door.

"Finally." Aya says with a sigh of relief.

A few moments later I hear the door to the room open and another pair of footsteps enters into the abode. "So where is the victim Reisen?" A mature and authoritative voice questions the girl. At this moment I chance to open my right eye, and it does so with minimal pain. I take this moment to glance around the room for which I have been temporarily hospitalized.

It's a rather large hospice living quarters placed inside of what would appear to be a huge oriental building. The room itself is comprised of two beds, one currently empty, a nightstand, a small table and a small fireplace for when it gets cold. It seems large enough to hold maybe six or more people inside with a little bit of breathing room. Satisfied with my cursory examination of the room I turn to look at, what I would guess, is my rescuer. A tall girl wearing a men's dress shirt with a very short black skirt and to top it off she has a giant pair of raven wings that are conveniently folded for more room space. As I am eyeing her she seems to have noticed that I am now awake and staring at her. She smiles at me in acknowledgement of my glance.

A few moments later an elegant women enters the room wearing a red and blue dress and with long silver hair in a long braid. Her profession, I assume, is a doctor by the hat she wears and the medical supplies she is carrying in her right hand. As the women enters the room Aya quickly stands up from the chair near the bed.

“Hmm.” The woman thinks as she looks at my situation. “Aya what time did she receive these wounds?” As she pulls out a flip book and a pen.

“I think it was yesterday, or at least that's when Nitori found her.”

“Interesting, and she was found in exactly this way?” She writes something down in the book.

Aya shifts nervously, “Well no, her leg was amputated at the sight. It was crushed almost entirely by the giant lizard we found there.”

The doctor merely notes this on her book and continues to flip through until she finishes writing and puts the book away. Glancing at me once more she walks closer to the side of the bed and looks at my good eye and gestures for me to open my other eye. I do so receiving minimal pain, but lack too see anything from the eye. “Missing her left eye, and a leg...Can you speak?” She moves to inspect my burns more closely as she asks me this question.

“Yes.” I croak, only before I am sent into a coughing fit.

“Must have scorched a decent portion of your mouth, but nothing that can't be fixed.” The doctor reassures me, as she writes something else down in the book.

After a few more experimentation's and examinations by the doctor, I am able to use both of my arms to a limited degree and my good leg should be fine. My hearing will be slightly muddled for the next few days and my good eye should start to compensate for the others blindness within a few weeks. All in all I was considered ‘lucky’ for my wounds. The doctor was slightly confused at the temperature of my wounds however, as they looked like scorch marks but upon closer examination appear to be more like a flash frost that then immediately increased to scorching temperatures, shocking the system and searing the skin.

“Well in any case,” the doctor says as she stands back up. “You should be expected to make a recovery on most of your body, however you might end up experiencing breathing problems in the near future from that injury,” she points to my throat. “Other than that all I can say is that if you wish to make a faster recovery remain in the bed and rest, if you need anything I am sure one of my assistants or your guest can help you.”

She leaves the room and makes a gesture to someone standing outside before a small girl with rabbit ears carts in some sort of ointment. Before she applies it though she reaches into her dress and takes out a needle and injects it into my arm and I am quickly knocked out.

Remember me:
[] The Return
[] A Child’s Revenge


Find us:
[] Water Spirit
[] Fire Spirit

Choose only one choice.

Also (optional)
[] Name for protagonist

The first choice is more background to the character as well as an understanding of why she became an adventurer. However it may also cause you to lose a certain affinity to a certain spirit and thus combat/utility with said element is significantly reduced until the memory is found/restored later.

The second choice advances her spiritual aptitude at manipulating the element, but will also fog one of her memories making it inaccessible and gone for a time.
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[X] Water Spirit

Temporary memory loss vs permanent power loss? Easy choice
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Should have made this clear, but choosing a memory will Physically boost the character while choosing a spirit will Spiritually boost them. AKA if you choose a memory you may react faster, or if you choose a spirit your manipulation of said spirit is more seamless. I thought I wrote something about that before I posted but oh well.
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[X] Water Spirit
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File 143853132852.jpg - (104.91KB, 900x670, image.jpg)
Boom! The sound of thunder resonates through the hospice room as I slowly open up my eye. Rain hitting the roof of the building with small thuds. Sitting in a chair not too far from my bed is the girl from earlier, Aya was it? It’s hard to tell from the rain but it appears to be nighttime outside and I don’t even know what day it...Is that a calendar? I squint my good eye to try and see through the darkness to the other side of the room where there appears to be a paper calendar situated to the left of the window. Bah! I can’t even tell what those symbols mean, I must be running low on spirit reserves. Sending a mental ping to check my power reserves they are indeed low probably spent making sure I didn't die, barely functioning in fact, however that isn’t the only reason.

A small gap in my spirit energies tells me one of them is made manifest around here. It's strange that one of them would manifest themselves outside of combat situations so this must have been important for them.

A small whimpering comes from the left of the bed. I shift slightly to get a closer look, and peer over the edge. Leaning against the bed huddling in a small ball is my dear Siara, my spirit of water, crying.

This girl is my manifestation of the water spirit, these spirits come in many different forms, depending on the relation between the elementalist and the spirit. For me, Siara is a small girl of eastern origin. She has long black hair that reaches down to her waist, and stands roughly a meter tall. She has eyes the color of crystal clear water, and wears an all blue dress with wave patterns riddled across its surface. You could say I treat her like a daughter. She is a real cry baby but I can’t bring myself to be hard on her compared to the other spirits because of it.

She continues to stifle small tears as I gently whisper to her and ask what's wrong?

She jumps a bit, as if not expecting me to even be conscious right now. Collecting herself she stands up, her head barely able to look over the bed and turns to look at me. "Well umm... The other spirits and myself were worried about your conditions. You seem to be taken care of rather well but we haven't received any information from you in two weeks."

Two weeks?! That's how long I've been unconscious? I lay my head back down against the pillow and let out a ragged sigh. The rest of the group is probably worried sick about me, but I can't even do anything in this state unless... I turn my head to look back at Siara. "What's the spirit readings in this place? Has it been touched by any of your kind?"

Siara thinks for a moment before concentrating, a small glow of blue light swirls around her before dispersing back into the air. She stands there for a moment, before her face changes from awe to shock and awe again.

"What is it dear?" I ask her, concern very prevalent. She may be a crybaby but nothing shocks her that badly.

She looks up at me, a joyful type of fear in her eyes, "It's untouched by any of our spirits master. Water, earth, fire, life or air and anything in between. Not only that but the air itself radiates energy so strongly in this place it's almost overwhelming if I don't suppress it in some way."

This is a mixture of good and bad news indeed. Adventure abound in unexplored lands? That's a very tempting notion of it weren't for my current debilitated state, and the energy? I myself send out a small globe to check the air around me and... Oh my.

I don't need to be a high class elementalist to see this, but how did I not notice it sooner?

The air glows vibrantly with all of the power around here, a cascade of colors and power. I wonder if... I take a small ragged breath and reach forth towards a strand of power in the air here my arm hurting the whole way there, but if this works... Once it's within reach I grasp it both mentally and physically and siphon power from it.

I'm taken aback almost immediately by how strong it is, almost losing myself to the first rush of its power before flowing along with it. The sensation is indescribable, almost like feeling reborn again. The power within the strand is a higher essence then I could ever create, but I break down its essence to a more useable form, that of life.

I take this moment to refill my energy reserves and look down at myself and my injuries. I slowly guide the strand of energy towards my wounds and they start to recover at a miraculous rate. Months of healing gone by in a second and it's not long before the pain goes away. Sadly the healing will be temporary even though the strand was powerful I predict I only have a few weeks before my wounds deteriorate back to their original state the the stronger wounds might only be a few days or hours I'm not sure.

Using this moment I assess how bad my situation actual is. My eye is completely gone, even with the spiritual healing it doesn't work, damn that's unfortunate. My leg and arms should be fine in fact I could probably manifest my other leg with some effort perhaps, but my throat is still rather sore, meaning it will leave a permanent effect no doubt. It's healing effect will be gone within the next day in fact.

I let out a relieved sigh and stretch my limbs, a gratifying sensation fills me. That felt good. I turn towards Siara who has been standing there in awe. "So just for the record Siara the fix is temporary but at least I'm functional again for the time being." I can confirm that assumption as the strand I used is withering away and seeping back into the earth it's power spent healing me.

Looking at the nearby window the sun is just starting to rise and the girl next to should be waking soon so the question is what to do now? If I so choose I could probably continue on my way and find the person in charge here, or I could stay and commune with the others before the girl wakes up.

Ability gained! Spiritual Drain - The spiritual strands found throughout Genaokyo can now be drained to heal the serious wounds temporarily and the time healed is based on their strength. These strands do NOT regenerate so they should be used wisely.

Elemental gained! Siara - Siara is the spirit of water and is based around controlling the battlefield and healing her master and her friends. She has a very sincere attitude, cries a lot, but always is vigilant and tries her best to make sure everyone is okay.

[] stay in the hospice and pass the time until someone finds me.
[] Commune with the others. Find out what happened in those two weeks... Maybe?
[] Go out and explore. Perhaps there are more of those strands around? If so it might be best to find them before this ones power runs out.

No excuse for not posting. Also should I continue posting this in /shorts or move it to another board? I planned on keeping this series short but I like the idea and feel like I should roll with it.
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Post to another board
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New thread is here; >>/others/62265
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