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Stroking his tanned facial fur with his ebony diamond-like hoof, the aged oxen shifted his head, ebony curly horns glistening in the passing electrons of the information superhighway. Surveying his domains atop the shimmering scroll unfurled beneath his cross legged rear legs.

"Always new programs to check on, but always maintained so well by the devs."

"Doh-oh-oh. Bored are we?" as a black ellipsoid appeared nearby, with a blonde female user sitting in the sea of electrons where I float.
Her hat brilliantly outshone the whizzing electrons, even the packets.

"Your document would help me much~." as she flipped overhead my horns in another ellipsoid.

"Why didn't you just gap a copy from the sea around you?" I do remember this one image board full of magical girls. Even one with gap powers. So distasteful.

"I need your original copy of course."

Lowering my neck to scan my unfurled scroll, I crossed my front legs and fluidly sank into my lamp.
"Wake up, Gnu-san~" as I was looking at the largest packet in my twenty year experience. That horribly rude woman's google bright hat was above my opened lid.

As I flowed gasily out of my lamp, "You couldn't separate me from the document, could you?"

Realizing my full form on the scroll, her face induced a server burning rose color.
... The fuck?
I don't know what this is.

Please continue, my good man.
I survey the room around me and see am oriental divan, chair, and table the height of my flying scroll-carpet, presently set with tea by a multi-tailed fox dressed in white. At least she has that part right about life.

"Something wrong, Yukarin?" piped in a cat-girl dressed in red, swinging her feet on the divan.
"Ow-ow-ow-oww" as she recieved scratches from invisible claws when the red-trimmed white boonie cap woman shot a piercing stare.This woman thinks she can get away with that! Nonsense I say as I switch the white glow of that purple and white dressed woman with the orange glow of that cat-girl's boonie hat.

Both women stopped, became as green as microsoft's boundary in the digital river, and looked to me.

"You rang?" I asked, idly flicking a stray electron from my fur.

"Go to Apple, you!" the purple-white one started clawing my light-olive robe. But it was no more a tickle compared with lion claws.

"Stop that yukarin!" the cat-girl opened an ellipsoid around the purple-white dressed woman, and only her red-string trimmed boonie hat remained on the floor.
Should this be a CYOA (y or n?)
Not really. Concept seems too gimicky and this is for shorts, not full blown CYOAs
I'd honestly say this belongs more on fanfiction.net then on here, as I have no idea what's going on. The use of -san and yukarin is more then enough to turn this in some pretty stupid shit?.
I'm so confused, but sure! If you want to, go for it.

Just please make it so people can understand what's going on, please?

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