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9952 No. 9952
"Meiling, go make sure Flandre is okay." You say. "I'm going to check the kitchen."
"Right." She says, pointing a finger at your face. "But you bring her to me if she's hurt, I'm taking to to Eientei the moment we find her."
You nod. "Promise."
"See you in a minute then." Meiling says. "Watch your back." She runs off down the hallway, toward the front door.
You turn and go the other way, to the kitchen.

As you approach it there is an overwhelming smell of blood. More and thicker smears of it on the floor, leading through the kitchen doors.
You walk softly, not wanting to give away your presence. You gently ease one of the doors open a crack, peeking inside. You can't see behind any of the counters, but there is a pool of blood off to the side. You can hear something breathing loudly, a tearing noise somewhere far off.
You push the kitchen door open some more, looking round. Making sure you're not walking into a trap or surprising something while it's feeding. The tearing sound appears to be coming from that back corridor behind the fridge.

Sitting in the pool of blood is Sakuya.

Forgetting the need to be quiet, you rush over to her and kneel down in her blood. She's a mess, propped up against the wall. Her eyes are closed and her face is extremely pale. Her clothes, her bare legs, her face and her hair are all covered with blood. There are ragged puncture wounds and huge rips in her clothes, some of them going much deeper.

Her neck is covered in teeth marks.

You notice one of her hands is still clutching her pocket watch, thumb pressed against the button on top. Ran out of time. Her other hand is hanging limp, the now empty bottle she used to hold the contents of your blood pack is on the floor next to her. Did she use it on the vampire or drink it herself? You realize the absurdity of such a thought at a time like this. Your mind is utterly blank as you reach with shaking fingers to check for Sakuya's pulse.


>> No. 9953
You can't ... you can't find her pulse. You press your fingers against her wrist again and again. There's nothing, you can't, what ...

No no no. It has to be there. You can feel yourself going cold, your heart hammering against your ribs. No, not Sakuya, not like this. You switch the position of your hands on her wrist, nothing. Then you remember a situation like this before, but you're sure you've never had to check a pulse like this in your life. You don't care right now, who gives a flying shit where that idea came from. You reach up to Sakuya's neck, ignoring the blood and the feeling of so many teeth marks under your fingers. You press under the curve of her jaw.

It's there! Oh god yes it's there!

It's weak, she feels on the very edge of death. But she's alive now. She must have drunk the blood. You could almost hug her, if she was awake. You do the next best thing, slipping an arm under her and moving to pick her up, putting the stopwatch into your pocket for safe keeping.

Then you hear that loud breathing from the back corridor again, closer this time.

[ ] Deal with it now.
[ ] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.
>> No. 9954
[x] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

>> No. 9955
[X] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

>> No. 9956
[x] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

Run like the wind and hope its emaciated little limbs can't keep up!
>> No. 9957
[ ] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

We'll have a Fairy Maid after us probably, but who cares?
>> No. 9958
[x] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

Can't really do much in an enclosed space anyway, right?
>> No. 9959
>> No. 9960
[x] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

We don't have the time to be fooling around with the monster. Let's just hope it doesn't run us down.
>> No. 9961

[ ] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

>> No. 9962
[X] Deal with it now.

Yo I'll fuck your ass up.
>> No. 9963
[x] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.
>> No. 9964
Castlevania protagonists move faster than 95% of their opponents. Let's hope this applies here.
>> No. 9965

[ x ] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

>> No. 9966
[X] Pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling while remaining conscious of it. We don't want a rescue mission to turn into two casualties.
>> No. 9967
>> No. 9968
[ ] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

>> No. 9969
[X] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

Fuck. That is all I can say. Two hourse ago I tried cleaning my cpu cooler and fan and I managed to completely mess up my pc. Now I am surfing on an eight year old laptop at the speed of a snail.
Fuck! I hope Sakuya pulls through. And my pc. ;_;
>> No. 9970
Writing now.
>> No. 9971

If the issue is that it won't stay on for anything more than say... 20 seconds... And it stays on even less if you keep trying to boot it up, then your heatsink probably is loose and needs to be re-applied along with some new thermal paste probably
>> No. 9972
[X] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.

Take the time to deal with whatever is coming towards us, and hope Sakuya doesn't croak in the meantime, or grab Sakuya and get the hell out of Dodge and hope you don't wind up leading whatever is in there to Meiling and Flandre.

Oh, and don't give any of that "but Flandre is immune to vampires" and shit. Patchy made it clear that those things might be drawn to her, and that for whatever reason that is A VERY BAD THING.
>> No. 9973

We'd still have Meiling to act as a support against anything that chases us if we head to her place, and then Meiling can rush her over to Eientei while we take Flandre back inside and head to the Library to meet back up with Patchy before trying to get involved in Remi vs Reimu
>> No. 9974
Thanks. Thermal paste was my guess, too. Don`t have any, so I`m going to have to wait for the shops to open in 8 hours.
Man, I`m just going through my old book marks. Half of the sites aren`t even online any longer.
>> No. 9975
[X] Ignore it, pick up Sakuya and run to Meiling.
Good time to start some WALLJUMPING.
>> No. 9976

I always have some to spare, but then again, I also build computers for people regularly so I have a reason to carry some around because I never use what comes with the CPUs themselves, only Arctic Silver.

I also lucked out and my Zalman heatsink came with its own stuff. Useless when I have the Arctic Silver, but the end of the stuff makes for an excellent spreading tool.
>> No. 9977
Mh, it's definitely the paste. There's hardly any in the middle and some is smeared or wiped off. Funny, I made sure not to touch that stuff.
Now I'm having fun with old stuff. Found the miko miko nurse swf on the desktop and some Roman Dirge comics like Lenore.
>> No. 9978
Hey HY, going for an all nighter again?
You need your fair share of sleep, you know? I mean, I need my sleep. ;_;
>> No. 9979
There is no time to stop and fight, only to run and hope. You scoop Sakuya up in your arms. She feels worryingly light. Holding her like this under any other circumstances would be rather a sight, but you don't have time to consider that. You turn and kick the kitchen doors open, dashing through them. You hear something start moving behind you.

You race down the corridor as fast as you can, ignoring the sound of running footsteps following you. The front door is ahead now, it's dark outside but you can see down the path and through the gate, Meiling is waiting. You pray she looks your way and sees you carrying Sakuya. She does. You see her start to move. Then something comes out from a side-corridor, just steps out straight in front of you.

It's Remilia, looking up in shock. Her eyes go wide at the sight of Sakuya.

"Move!" You yell.
She does, flicking through the air so fast you don't even see her. Somewhere behind you there is a wet crunch and the sound of screaming. You don't stop to look round. Meiling reaches you at the door after another moment.
"Oh god oh god oh god." She holds her hands to Sakuya, not quite touching her. Tears start to roll down her face.
"Meiling." You say.
"Oh ... what ... what do we do what do we do."
"Meiling. She's still alive, get her to Eientei, now." You say.
Meiling swallows and seems to gather herself together again. She holds out her arms and takes Sakuya, holding her tight. Then she does something you didn't expect.

She kisses Sakuya's lips.

No, she's not kissing, she's breathing. Meiling holds her mouth there for a moment and then straightens back up.
"She's not ... she's not bitten?" She asks.
You shake your head. "She got rid of it, no time to explain." You say. "Just go Meiling, go!"
Meiling nods and kicks backwards into the sky, taking off smoothly and zipping up and away.

You turn back around. There is no Remilia in the corridor, only the smashed and ruined body of the infected Fairy Maid that was following you.

[ ] Input destination.
>> No. 9980
Probably yes. I'm currently in the sweet spot between the end of the academic year and the start of summer employment, so I'm trying to write as much as possible before I have to slow down.
>> No. 9982
[X] Check on Flandre
>> No. 9984
▶ Remilia's Room
>> No. 9985

Are you stupid?
>> No. 9986
Right, forgot about Flandre. Changing vote.

[x] Meiling's room.
>> No. 9987
[x] Meiling's room.

Yo, Flan.
>> No. 9988
[x] Library.

>> No. 9989
[ ] Back to the corridor

Remilia's there, strength in numbers, yada yada, JUST MOVE!
>> No. 9991
[x] Check on Flandre, then try to find Remilia starting in her room.
>> No. 9992
[x] Meiling's room.

Flandre is probably ok, but Meiling didn't tell us anything so we will still worry.
>> No. 9993

[X] Check on Flandre
>> No. 9994
[X] Meiling's room.

Should probably check on Flan, since we're out there.
As mad as Remi might wind up being at us, that's nothing compared to how she will be if there was even a moment that her sister might come to harm because of us.
>> No. 9995
[x] Meiling's room.
>> No. 9996
[x] Meiling's room.
>> No. 9997
File 12124490815.jpg - (58.91KB , 261x223 , lolmarisa.jpg ) [iqdb]
>her sister
>come to harm

Good one, Anon!
>> No. 9998
[X] Meiling's room.
>> No. 10001
[X] Meiling's room
>> No. 10003
You really are a ⑨...
>> No. 10004

>> No. 10005
So close, so close for the perfect GET... What a shame, try again next time.
>> No. 10006
>> No. 10007
So am I but you don't see me writing like mother fucking fist of the no-


I made myself feel bad.

[X] Check on Flandre
>> No. 10008
Cool. Do you have trimesters in the UK or is the start/end just different from here? Where I live I'm right in the middle of spring semester. My very last semester that should wrap up my studies completely when I take the final exams in philosophy (which should be a cinch considering I'm going to write about Sloterdijk's Anger and Time).
/end of blog
>> No. 10009
>> No. 10010
Trimester? Isn't that something to do with pregnancy? I have no idea. I start at the end of September and finish whenever my last exams are, usually in May.
>> No. 10011
>> No. 10012
From September to May? Preposterous! What an outlandish concept. .__.

What places could we check in the mansion besides the ones we already went?
- Remi's room
- The bathroom
- Library
- Patchu's bed room
Am I forgetting something?
>> No. 10013
Writing now.
>> No. 10014
File 121245028635.gif - (19.49KB , 80x80 , 120769853042.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 10015
Check out Patchi's love nest!
>> No. 10016
A cat is added!
>> No. 10017
So where the fuck is Reimu? We are forgetting things here, we saw Remilia, who knows where she is.
>> No. 10018
You're just begging for a happycookie.jpg right now...
>> No. 10019
Agreed. We need to get back to Marisa like NAO.
>> No. 10020
You need to check on Flandre. Now that Meiling is gone nobody is there to make sure she doesn't encounter any Fairy Maids. What on earth did Patchouli mean by saying they'd be drawn to Flandre? You walk down the pathway, noticing that the decapitated body of the first Maid you encountered is still lying on the grass. Today is going to mean one hell of a clean-up operation, you tell yourself. You'd rather think about the mess than about the possibility that Sakuya might not make it to tomorrow.

Forcing the thoughts from your mind, you reach the gate. On the other side of it is another dead Fairy, huge holes torn through her torso and missing most of her head. All the wounds look melted somehow, like she was butter under a blowtorch. Well done Meiling, you think.
You open the door to Meiling's room. Flandre looks up from the bed, she's lying on her front, kicking her legs in the air, reading one of Meiling's comic books.
She smiles when she sees you.
"Hello." She says. "Is it all okay now?"
"Almost." You say, crossing to the bed and patting her on the head.
"Look!" She says, picking up the comic and holding it so you can see. "This is awesome. Meiling showed it to me." She says. "Where is she now?"
You fail to register anything Flandre is trying to show you, thoughts drifting back to Meiling on her way to Eientei.
"She's gone on an errand, Flan. She'll be back later."
Flandre sticks her bottom lip out. "Meiling is fun." She says.
"I know." You sit down heavily on the bed.
"Can I come back inside now? I want to play with Remilia." Flandre says.

[ ] Tell her she has to stay here a little longer, go back inside.
[ ] Take her inside, somehow.
[ ] Stay here with her.
>> No. 10021
[X] Take her inside, somehow.
For maximum damage, better not leave here alone.
>> No. 10022
[X] Take her inside, somehow.

"We're going to play a game, don't look."
>> No. 10023
[ ] Tell her she has to stay here a little longer, go back inside.

"Sorry, kiddo, but your sister and that red-white had an argument, and she doesn't want to be bothered right now."
>> No. 10024
[ ] Tell her she has to stay here a little longer, go back inside.
>> No. 10025
[x] Stay here with her.

It's amazing we were able to accomplish what little we were in this chaos. This is beyond our level, going back now just invites trouble for everyone involved. The best thing we can do now is keep Flan away from whatever the hell is going on inside.
>> No. 10026
[ ] Tell her she has to stay here a little longer, go back inside.

I don't wanna think of what would happen should we run into Vampire Koakuma with Flan, we might lose our little Succubus before we can even try to save her
>> No. 10027
[x] Take her inside, somehow.

This will be interesting.
>> No. 10028

Lessee, staying here means we may miss out on the chance to assist the others.
Going in with Flan risks putting her in a situation with...questionable stimuli.
And leaving her here means she may get jumped by fairy vampires anyway (not that she'd be in danger).

>> No. 10029
[X] Stay here with her.

Good things come to those who wait!
And vampiric fairies!
>> No. 10030
"We have a problem, Flan. The red-white is being mean to onee-sama."

No really, what do we do? Clearly Meiling was taking care of this until now, but if we leave Flandre all alone and the fairy maids attack her...

[X] Take her inside, somehow.

I somehow think this is the least bad choice. Let's just hope to god we avoid Reimu and Remilia then, or that they've cooled a little by the time they see her.
>> No. 10031
[x] Take her inside, somehow.

Maybe she'll be safe with Patchouli?
>> No. 10032
[ ] Take her inside, somehow.

Calming Remi down might be a bit easier if all of us go to her
>> No. 10033
Isn't succubi a kind of vampire (energy vampire)? Maybe she's immune to vampirism too? She might've just been attacked.
>> No. 10034
[X] Stay here with her.

Patchy is probably busy dealing with whatever attacked Koakuma, and Remi is likely dealing with the stragglers as well.

With everyone else's hands tied as they are, we really should stay with Flan in case something does come after her.

Flan's powerful, but if you'll recall Remi told us that not even she is invincible. And there's another thing to consider about her getting into an actual fight. Namely, what happens if she loses control?

Danmaku is one thing. Fighting to kill is another.
>> No. 10035
Ah heck, let's go with this:
[x] Take her inside, somehow.

Here's for hoping she has the mental fortitude not to flip out. Though if she flips out on Reimu, that might be interesting.
>> No. 10036
Then again, there should be only two fairy maids on the loose now:

- One was killed as soon as we arrived
- Another was frozen by Patchouli
- Another had her head blown up by Patchouli
- The fourth was killed by Remilia
- Meiling killed a fifth near Flan's room.

There's only two more out there. Supposedly. We might've gotten that information for a reason.
>> No. 10037
[X] Stay here with her.
>> No. 10038
Oh, presumably, there's a sixth attacking Koakuma, and Patchouli should've dealt with it. So that should leave only one.
>> No. 10039
[x] Take her inside, somehow.
beforehand tell her to be CALM and watchful; there may be danger around, but if startled the bigger danger will be Flan
>> No. 10040
Patchi's dealing with one (or two) that attacked Koakuma. 7 down, 1 to go.

Wonder is Koakuma suffered a breakdown due to all the negative vibes in the mansion, not unlike her "happy attack" earlier.
>> No. 10041
[0] Stay here with her.

Give her a hug.
"Don't worry, your sister can handle it." ;_;
>> No. 10042
>>Lessee, staying here means we may miss out on the chance to assist the others.

We helped get the thing upstairs locked away again, retrieved our whip, and extracted Sakuya so she could be taken to Eientei for treatment.

All that should be left are the two or three remaining vampire fairy maids, which I would think Remi and Patchy can deal with well enough on their own.

Considering how much we've fucked up lately, I think we've helped as much as we can hope to for the moment. Aside from decreasing the risk of someone getting caught off-guard, chances are we would just be in the way.
>> No. 10043
>"Seven of us are missing." The voices comes. "Please help them."

So there's 7 out there not eight. We saw 5 and 1 most likely attacked Koakuma. One is still missing.
>> No. 10044
Don't we also have to do something about Terminator Reimu?
>> No. 10045
[x] Stay here with her.
I think we can trust Remi/Patchy/Koakuma/Meiling to take care of two fairies.
>> No. 10046
If we do take Flandre in, we have to steer clear of the Kitchen. If the smell of blood was that strong then Flandre will definitely pick up on it. The best place to take her would probably be Remilia's room.
>> No. 10047
Oh yeah. Let's just go and pick a fight with the most powerful being in Gensokyo.

That'll end well for us.
>> No. 10048
HY, how good are actually doing with Remilia? Is there still a good end or True end with her possible, even after we screwed up so bad with Reimu and Sakuya?
>> No. 10049
Whoa, I wasn't aware Remilia was fighting Yukari or Suika. Nor I was aware that by deal with I meant pick a fight.
>> No. 10050
>chances are we would just be in the way.

Tell that to Omni-Slash'd Patchi and China in the alternate dimension. We were 5 for 5 in helpfulness since returning to the mansion. Since Remi's around and pissed, it's a crapshoot on whete we could press our luck further or stay put.

I say we push it and return back to the action, at least to show Remi we do give a damn about this place just as much as the residents themselves.
>> No. 10051
[x]Stay here with her.

We have to protect Flandre.
>> No. 10052
Good and Normal ends are still open.
>> No. 10053
[x] Take her inside, somehow.
[x] Leave her with the fairy maids.

Best I can think of, assuming we can get her in with them and they don't fear her or something. Maybe the faeries will prefer to have someone guard them?

That's it!
"Flan, I need you to be a big girl and take care of these faeries. You have to make sure no one will hurt them, they trust you. I trust you. Don't open this door unless Remillia comes."

I say Remillia because she can't be turned and if Remi falls then we've lost already.
>> No. 10054
Those 2 the only endings we get with Remilia? OR did we miss the True End?
>> No. 10055
....no BEST, huh?

Yep, we screwed up big time, guise.
>> No. 10056
Actually, what's the full ending list?
>> No. 10057
IIRC, there is no True. Only Normal, Good, and...the other, worse ends.
>> No. 10058
>> No. 10059
Looks like the creative juices have run dry for the night. Need to recharge.

Back tomorrow!
>> No. 10060
If you can't write, just answer the questions.
>> No. 10062
Oh god. What have I done. WHAT HAVE I DONE.
>> No. 10063
I'd like that. But better make clear to hear that fairy maids aren't toys.
>> No. 10064
Off to bed.
>> No. 10065
You have created a monster, now it has grown too big, you need to KILL IT.
>> No. 10066
What? Give you the full ending list? How about no, not yet.

As for the Remilia route? Well ...


Is this thing on? Sakuya? Oh, never mind, it's working!

Welcome to my room Anonymous! I hope you enjoyed your stay here last night, even if we were only cuddling. I hear you have some questions about the endings in my route? Well, I have a hint for you. You're well on the way to one of them, you've made very sure to fulfil all the requirements for it. So sure I suspect you've been cheating! Anyone would cheat for me though, I don't blame you. Now you just have to pull it off at the right moment. What is that moment? Why! That would be telling. If you want me badly enough, you'll know when.

You better do.

The other endings? One of them will make all of us cry, so don't go there. Please.



You poor sods.
>> No. 10067
Is that some Teach Me, Mistress Remilia?
>> No. 10068
SHE DIDN'T TEACH US SHIT!! It's just as vague as using "that" in a major fight!
>> No. 10069
>Now you just have to pull it off at the right moment
We have already lost the moment you said it. Time for another MiG ending.
>What is that moment? Why! That would be telling. If you want me badly enough, you'll know when.
At least we know when it will be.
>> No. 10070
>The other endings? One of them will make all of us cry, so don't go there. Please.

Belmonymous sacrifices himself to save the mansion. EPIC DESPAIR END.
>> No. 10071
GAR end ;_;
>> No. 10072
Where is my HOBO End?
>> No. 10073
"Punish me, Mistress Sakuya."
>> No. 10074
>> No. 10075
Gaaah, shit. Y u do dis?
>> No. 10076

This man is right, I just may stalk you and glare at you from the window 24/7 until you do so
>> No. 10077
And so Doujin got his first stalker.
>> No. 10078


I wouldn't mind getting one of those, honestly.
>> No. 10079
I tell you what. I'll make "Punish me, Mistress Sakuya" a special sexy Bad End in the Touhou VN. The only other story I'm planning on writing outside of the VN (been very busy with it) is the GA:SD Reimu one, since I promised some people.

Martyrs are EXTREMELY manly and badass.
>> No. 10080
>>Martyrs are EXTREMELY manly and badass.
Only if fucking Nantokanare plays in the background.
>> No. 10081
File 121247264997.jpg - (154.66KB , 900x711 , thepromqueen.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bah. Martyrdom is overrated.
What good is it to suffer for a goal if you can't even survive to reap the benefits? Dying with the knowledge that you did your best to the very end? How silly.

As a wise man once said:
LOSERS whine about their best.
WINNERS go home and fuck the prom queen.
>> No. 10082
Well, I was gonna say "Belmonymous runs off with Reimu END", but I think that would cause more of a "Why I assault moé-moé Flan-chan END" than a "crying mansion END".
>> No. 10083
File 121247992986.jpg - (318.77KB , 980x735 , Mistress Remilia.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 10084
[X] Tell her she has to stay here a little longer, go back inside.
Flandre leaving Meiling's room with all the blood and bodies around strikes me as a bad idea. We still have Remilia and a Lawful miko to worry about, so I suggest we return inside and get to finding them.
>> No. 10086
[X] Stay here with her.
>> No. 10087
[X] Take her inside, somehow.
>> No. 10088
Oh God yes, we did Remi.
>> No. 10089
[X] Tell her she has to stay here a little longer, tell her to fly up in the sky if any scary fairy maids come by, go back inside.

You meant "We still have Remilia, a Lawful miko and Koakuma to worry about" right? Right.
>> No. 10090
Looks like the site is back up, there goes my day of goofing off. Not that I mind.

That is awesome. Is that you Pyg?
>> No. 10091
Full power ahead, write until you drop.
>> No. 10092
We heart j00 too.

[X] Tell her she has to stay here a little longer, go back inside.
>> No. 10093
Learn 2 will to power
>> No. 10094

>> No. 10095
>> No. 10096
7 minutes break?
>> No. 10097
He didn't say he was going to start writing right now. Give the man some space.
>> No. 10098
Yeah, he only said he was gonna write today. But it's good that the boards are back up either way.
>> No. 10099

All he did was ask, no need to get defensive.
>> No. 10100
[X] Take her inside, somehow.

probably best to keep it cool as if nothing really serious is going on
>> No. 10101
I was thinking, if we stay here for a bit and a fairy maid pops up in the next scene, that's the seventh and last. After that we can go in with Flan relatively safely.
>> No. 10102
You nod. "Okay, Flan. We're going to go inside, but I think Remilia is busy right now." You say.
"Aw, okay." Flandre says. She looks disappointed but not upset.
"I'm going to need you to do something for me again Flan." You say, reaching over to give her a hug. She holds onto you, arms over your shoulders and round your neck.
"Yes?" Flandre asks.
"I'm going to pick you up and carry you inside."
"Yay!" Flandre smiles at you.
"So I'm going to need you to keep your eyes shut." You say. "It's like a game, you have to resist the urge to open them until I say you can."
Flandre bites her lip for a moment, thinking. "So it's like ... hiding?"
Flandre nods happily. "Yeah! If I can't see anything then things can see me, right?" She grins. "I'mma hide now."
Flandre scrunches up her eyes and tightens her hold on you, pressing her face into your shoulder.
"Hiding!" She says.
You almost laugh, but you don't want to break the wonderful illusion Flandre has set up for herself. Sometimes you'd swear she knows more than she lets on, but that can't be. She's so sweet and child-like. You put one hand against her back for a long moment, reassuring yourself with her warmth after your horror over what might happen to Sakuya.

You slip both arms around her, one underneath her so you can support her weight. It hits you again, how small and light she and her sister both are. Passing the two Fairy corpses outside, Flandre stays where she is, eyes closed. Good. It sounds like she's whispering something to herself but you can't make it out. Inside the Mansion again, everything is quiet. You pass the shattered Fairy Remilia left behind.

[ ] Tell Flandre she can open her eyes now.
[ ] Take Flandre to her room.
[ ] Take Flandre to the library.
[ ] Take Flandre to Remilia's room.
[ ] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.
>> No. 10103
[X] Take Flandre to her room.
[X] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.

Must not expose her to blood. That would be bad.
>> No. 10104
[X] Take Flandre to her room.
[X] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.
>> No. 10105
[X] Take Flandre to her room.
[X] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.

Going to Flandre's room doesn't mean we have to pass the kitchen right?
>> No. 10106
[ ] Take Flandre to the library.
[ ] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.

Patchy knows best what to do with her, and in case something happened there, we need to help out.
>> No. 10107
[ ] Take Flandre to her room.
[ ] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.
Out of interest, why did we find Sakuya in the kitchen? Surely if she went up to the vamp's room to confront it and got owned there, she wouldn't have crawled all the way back down to the kitchen for no good reason. And there wasn't even a blood trail, so it looks like she was actually attacked in the kitchen. Was the vamp in the kitchen, or am I missing something?
>> No. 10108
[x] Take Flandre to Remilia's room.
So what, now we're playing 'relocate the loli' rather than doing something useful like looking for Remilia/Reimu or checking Patchy/Koakuma are okay?
>> No. 10109
I guess, though getting Flandre squared away is important, too. Taking her anywhere but her room runs a drastic risk of encountering Things Flandre Shouldn't See. Like Angry Reimu, or Dead Koakuma. Would've preferred to leave her where she was and go to the library straight away, but so it goes.
>> No. 10110
>[ ] Tell Flandre she can open her eyes now.

Are we sure we want to take her with Patchouli though? Most likely, Patchouli mauled a fairy there, the one that was trying to get to Koakuma. So perhaps the library isn't exactly safe now...

I say;
[x] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.
[x] Take Flandre to her room.

And make sure the door is shut tightly, so that nothing can get in. Let's just hope we don't run into that last fairy in the way.
>> No. 10111
>>Out of interest, why did we find Sakuya in the kitchen? Surely if she went up to the vamp's room to confront it and got owned there, she wouldn't have crawled all the way back down to the kitchen for no good reason. And there wasn't even a blood trail, so it looks like she was actually attacked in the kitchen. Was the vamp in the kitchen, or am I missing something?

I would think it should be obvious.
Sakuya had been bitten, and along with that and her other injuries she had lost a lot of blood.
If you'll recall what happened to that fairy we saved, when we cured her vampirism she died from the lack of blood after reverting.

Sakuya would know that if she cured herself, the same thing would likely happen to her, and so if she was to survive the best thing to do would be to wait until she get some more blood in herself.

And if you've forgotten, that passage we found her in just so happens to lead to where Remilia keeps her cold-storage blood supply.
She most likely was attempting to get to that supply to give herself a blood transfusion, but couldn't quite make it.
>> No. 10112
[x] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.
[x] Take Flandre to her room.

" I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain. "
- Flandre Scarlet
>> No. 10113
DAMMIT! I was about to write a fake scene with her saying that, then looking up with completely blue eyes, to see if anybody got it.
>> No. 10114
[x] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.
[x] Take Flandre to her room.

Okay I guess.
>> No. 10115
[X] Take Flandre to her room.
[X] Ask Flandre what she's whispering.
>> No. 10116
Writing now.
>> No. 10117
>> No. 10118
You head off in the direction of Flandre's bedroom, keeping your eyes peeled. You have no idea what you would do if you encounter any more vampires. Drop Flandre and go for the whip? Throw Flandre at it shouting 'Smaug Mode Activate'? Running would probably be best right now, maybe Flandre would think it's a game. Sounds like she's playing something right now.
"What are you whispering down there Flan?" You ask, keeping your voice low just in case.
She doesn't reply.
Then you notice there is just a hint of tears, from under her eyelids. You hold her tighter, noticing that she's shaking.
"Flan? Are you okay?"
No reply again. You bend your head down to catch what she's saying.

She's repeating numbers, directions, speeds, over and over and over again. Switching back and fourth faster than you can follow. You've got no idea what she's describing but you need to get her to her room as fast as possible. You need to find out what's wrong. You all but leap down the basement stairs, knocking the door open and shutting it with your foot. You sit down on the bed, still holding onto Flandre. She's sitting in your lap, not letting go of you.
"Flan, we're in your room now, it's okay." You say. "What's the matter?"
The whispering has stopped, but Flandre just shakes her head, face pressed against you again. You reach up and stroke her hair in silence for a long moment.
"It's okay, Flan, it's okay."
You reach over and turn the inside latch on the door, just in case.

[ ] Make sure Flandre isn't going to have a break down, but you have to leave.
[ ] Stay here with Flandre.
>> No. 10119
[X] Stay here with Flandre.

Yeeeeah...I'm getting the feeling bringing her inside right now wasn't the best of ideas.
>> No. 10120
... Argh.

[X] Make sure Flandre isn't going to have a break down, but you have to leave.
>> No. 10121
[X] Stay here with Flandre, make sure she isn't going to have a break down.
>> No. 10122
[X] Stay here with Flandre.

One vampire maid left, I'm sure someone else can take care of it.
>> No. 10123
[X] Stay here with Flandre.
Poor little Flandre.
>> No. 10124
[ ] Make sure Flandre isn't going to have a break down, but you have to leave.

let's bust some fairy skulls
>> No. 10125
[x] Take Flan to the library. She should be safe with Patchouli and Koakuma.
>> No. 10126
[X] Stay here with Flandre.
>> No. 10127
>>One vampire maid and the Law of Gensokyo left, I'm sure someone else can take care of it.
>> No. 10128
[x] Stay here with Flandre.

"What's the matter, little dragon?"
>> No. 10129
Writing now.
>> No. 10130
Has there ever been an instance when having your companion suddenly start rambling incoherently to themselves wasn't a bad sign?
>> No. 10131
[ ] Rape Flandre

Now is the perfect time! Her defenses are down, the house is in chaos and everyone trusts us so much they'll never believe her!

GJ anonymous! Just as planned!

>> No. 10132
[X] Stay here with Flandre.

Flandre has no one. Absolutely no one. If we leave her here, nobody's even going to check on her again (until and unless we remind Remi to do it). Remi might appreciate our help dealing with Reimu... or not. But Flan needs us right now.
>> No. 10133

Flandre wouldn't have a mental breakdown, go insane, and kill us, Right?
>> No. 10134
There is always an option to get out of a shit situation. At least HY said that.
>> No. 10135
[ ] Backdash, SLAM DOOR, lock it?
>> No. 10136
You can't leave Flandre alone like this, not now. Thinking back to all the other times you've seen her upset, or on the verge of tears, you realize she's probably a lot more emotionally fragile than her usual happy mood suggests.
You sit back on the bed, settling into position. She leans against you and you just let her relax. You take off her hat and run your fingers through her hair, rubbing her back with your other hand. After a long time you can feel her breathing becoming steady again, she sniffs and rubs her face with her hand.
"Hey Flan." You say.
"Hey." She says in a very quiet voice, pushing her face against your chest again.
You decide not to rush her, rubbing her back up and down slowly for another minute.
"Are you okay, Flan?"
You hear her swallow and she gives a small nod.
"Good." You say, stroking her hair again. "What was the matter?" You ask.
She just shakes her head again.
"Okay." You say, but you sigh inwardly. On one hand you want to know what was making her cry like that, but on the other hand you feel like the best support you can offer is just to hold her.
Eventually you hear her swallow again, she looks up at you. Her eyes are a little red but it looks like she's feeling better now.
"I didn't like that smell." She says, voice shaking.
"What smell?" You ask, fearing the worst.
"The old smell." She says.
"I don't understand, Flan. What was the old smell?"
Flandre frowns, something looks wrong. "I don't know." She says eventually, tears reforming in her eyes. You quickly pull her back into a hug, reflexively stroking her hair.
"It's okay Flan, I won't ask again, it's okay."
She shakes her head, choking back a sob. "It's n-not that." She says. "I ... I-I just can't remember."
She goes silent, you hold her for a long time. The tears subside again and eventually she just lies there with her head against you.

Suddenly there is the sound of footsteps hurrying down the stairs outside. Flandre looks up at the door, then glances at you.

[ ] Stay silent, don't move. The door is locked anyway.
[ ] Tell Flandre to hide.
[ ] Find somewhere to hide yourself.
[ ] Get ready to fight/surprise attack.
[ ] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.
>> No. 10137
[x] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.
>> No. 10138
[X] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.

A fairy maid would probably be flying, not walking down the steps, and that vampire thing should be still up in it's room.
>> No. 10139
[ ] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.

China, Sakuya .... who else would walk\run rather than float?
>> No. 10140
[X] Tell Flandre to hide.
[X] Get ready to fight.
[X] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.
>> No. 10142
[X] "Who's there?" Shout through the door.

Let's try and upset Flan as little as we have to. If there's no answer, hey, the door's locked.
>> No. 10144
[X] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.
Someone noticed Flandre is not in Meiling's room?
>> No. 10145
[]"Who's there?" Shout through the door.
Betting it's china, though it could be Eirin or something. I don't know, did we get a message to Eientei yet? By the way, nice write in.
>> No. 10146
[x] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.

It better not be the Spanish Inquisition.
>> No. 10147
[ ] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.
Walking? Could be Meiling, Koakuma... Reimu.
>> No. 10148
[X] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.
[X] Get ready to fight/surprise attack.
>> No. 10149
Would be awfully fast for China to be back from Eientei. Probably Remilia or Patch, worst case Reimu.
>> No. 10150
[X] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.
[X] Get ready to fight/surprise attack.
>> No. 10152
[x] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.
>> No. 10153
There's no way it's Patchy.
She's shown a tendency to prefer either floating, or teleporting. Neither one of those would really lend themselves to the sounds of someone rapidly descending the stairs.

Besides that, even if she were walking for some reason, she probably wouldn't be moving too swiftly. That sort of physical exertion would be just a little too much for her to pull off.
>> No. 10154
[X] "Friend or Foe?" Shout through the door.
[X] Get ready to fight/surprise attack.
>> No. 10155
It's Reimu. She's the only one who could possibly be RUNNING around SDM. Both Remi and Patchy prefer floating, and I'm sure Patchi's keeping a close watch on Koakuma so it's not likely they'd split up, and China's on her way to Eientei.

The last vampire maid, maybe, but highly doubt it.
>> No. 10156
I saw her pose, and my first thought was "Welcome to my beautiful sleeping chamber."
>> No. 10157
Wait. The vampire maids are drawn to Flandre. The one in the hall, the one that Remi killed, was running, not flying. So... it could very well be the last Vampire-Fairy.
>> No. 10158
Then we have Flandre "awaken" and kill the maid.
>> No. 10159
Writing now.
>> No. 10160
No, then we comfort Flan and do nothing. The door's locked, and as you may recall it's built to keep things out, not in, for exactly this sort of situation.
>> No. 10161
Fuck yeah, let's kill all the improvement she had these days.
>> No. 10162
I want the why i assult moe moe Flan-chan, but this time without Remilia or Flandre coming in. I bet even thought she was in the basement for 500 years that she knows some kinky stuff, probably was assaulted when she was younger by some adults. She can teach us so much!
>> No. 10163
>> No. 10164
"I am not a fool. I am wise. I will run from my fear, I will out distance my fear, then I will hide from my fear, and I will wait for my fear, I will let my fear run past me, then I will follow my fear, I will track my fear until I can approach my fear in complete silence, then I will strike at my fear, I will charge my fear, I will grab hold of my fear, I will sink my fingers into my fear, then I will bite my fear, I will tear the throat of my fear, I will break the neck of my fear, I will drink the blood of my fear, I will gulp the flesh of my fear, I will crush the bones of my fear, and I will savor my fear, I will swallow my fear, all of it, and then I will digest my fear until I can do nothing else but shit out my fear. In this way I will be made stronger."
--Remilia Scarlet
>> No. 10165
You panic for a moment, forgetting that you're trying to keep Flandre calm.
"Friend or foe?" You yell.
There is no reply, only the sound of someone smacking into the door and fumbling with the handle. Flandre's eyes go wide and she scrambles back against you, screwing her eyes shut.
The door handle goes up and down a couple of times, the lock rattling. Then there is silence for a second, followed by a loud crash into the door and the sound of frustrated growling. You see a crack form along the doorframe.
"Flandre? I'm going to put you down on the bed." You say, slowly, not taking your eyes off the door.
She nods, not opening her eyes.
"I want you to keep your eyes shut and cover your ears, okay?" You say.
You gently lift Flandre to the side and put her down. She grabs a pillow and buries her face in it, hands over her ears. You stand up and take a couple of steps away from the door.

You unfurl the whip as a second impact hits the door, opening the blade of your knife and holding it in the other hand. The doorframe makes a snapping sound just before you're ready. The door bursts off its hinges and you see Flandre flinch, pushing herself harder onto the bed.

In the doorway there is a Fairy, blood streaked down its chin, face covered in bruises. It screams at you and darts forwards.

No time to think.

[ ] Whip.
[ ] Knife.
[ ] Kick.
[ ] Sidestep.
[ ] Something else (specify)
>> No. 10166
[X] Whip it down.
[X] Knife into the skull.
>> No. 10168

[X] Whip.

Distance, people, keep our distance.
>> No. 10169
[x] Whip.
>> No. 10170
[X] Whip
>> No. 10171
[X] Whip it.
>> No. 10172
[x] Throw knife (head).
[x] Whip it while reeling.
Should be doable if it's charging straight at us. The blood's always an option, but I'd rather save some of it if possible.
>> No. 10173
[] Whip.
[] Kick.
If we can hold it down for minute,
[] Use the Belmont blood still in the bag.

We should kill them if we don't need to.
>> No. 10174
[X] Whip it down.
[X] Knife into the skull.

This post fails so very fucking hard, and for so many reasons.
>> No. 10175
[X] Whip.

It's the fucking Vampire Killer. Hell, if we could wrap the fairy maid up in it, we could use the rest of the Belmont blood to turn her back into a fairy.
>> No. 10176
[X] Whip it down.
[X] Knife into the skull.

Works for me.
>> No. 10177
[X] Use pocket watch
[X] Charge maid
[X] Shove blood packet down maid's throat
>> No. 10178

[X] Whip.
>> No. 10179
[x] Kick

Get it out of the room. We don't want its blood in Flan's room!
>> No. 10180
[X] Use pocket watch
Can we work this? It's be awesome if we could.
>> No. 10182
Did we ever take the watch from Sakuya? DAMN WE DIDN'T TAKE IT.
HY said we could have time stopping or like that items later on, we forgot that.
>> No. 10183
[X] Use pocket watch
Mainly so Flandre doesn't have to see the fight.
>> No. 10184
>putting the stopwatch into your pocket for safe keeping.
>> No. 10185
>>You do the next best thing, slipping an arm under her and moving to pick her up, putting the stopwatch into your pocket for safe keeping.
[x] Use pocket watch
Assuming we can use it. If we can't, we get a BAD END, and then we just choose something else.
>> No. 10186
[x] Whip.

If there ever was a time to WHIP IT GOOD, it would be now.
>> No. 10187
> putting the stopwatch into your pocket for safe keeping.
Second post in the thread. We have it. Question is, will it work? Hopefully heart counters are per person in this.
>> No. 10188
[x] Use pocket watch

It's worth a shot, put me down for one too.
>> No. 10189
[x] Use pocket watch
>> No. 10190
Should fling the knife at it; frees up a hand and maybe buys time.
>> No. 10191
[x] Use pocket watch

And then Belmonymous was a Jotaro.
>> No. 10192
[x] Use pocket watch
>> No. 10193

[X] Use pocket watch
>> No. 10194
[x] Use pocket watch
To one of the [x] Whip votes.
>> No. 10195
[x] Whip.
This isn't the best time to be experimenting with the watch.
>> No. 10196
Advantages of watch:
- Safer (if it works)
- Possible lead-in to greater Sakuya connection/understanding
- Widens our array of abilities
- Most importantly, makes the fight a blink of an eye for Flandre
- Also lets us keep the whip in reserve for a truly dramatic moment. We'll know when it's really time, dropkickable Fairy Maids aren't it.
>> No. 10197
[x] Use pocket watch
This will work.
>> No. 10198
Wait wait wait. How're we going to use the watch? We've the whip in one hand and the knife in the other. Even if we dropped the knife, the thing is barreling RIGHT TOWARDS US. Probably need to see if the whip (or knife, but looks like whip has the majority) even gives us the chance to pull the watch first.
>> No. 10199
[x] Use pocket watch
>> No. 10200
Haha! Well done.

Secret Option Found.

[x] Use Sakuya's watch.

Writing now.
>> No. 10201
If it doesn't work, we bad end and then fall back on whip. Heck, it only takes a second to click the watch, arguably we can still whip anyways if it fails. It's definitely worth a shot to find out.
>> No. 10202
>No time to think.

I can't believe I missed the hint.
>> No. 10203
>> No. 10205
thought about that when he wrote: "no time to stop"
>> No. 10206
File 121252101418.jpg - (59.87KB , 527x681 , 1209516758912.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 10207
Hitting F5 at the speed of light.
>> No. 10208
Holy shit. That is all.
>> No. 10209
BELNONYMOUS SIGN - "Killing Hunter" Lunatic
>> No. 10210
No time to think.

No time?

You shove your hand into your pocket in a flash, still holding the knife. It cuts your coat but you barely even notice. Your finger finds the button on the top of Sakuya's stopwatch as the Fairy is about to smash into you. You press down and step back.

You instantly feel like you're being crushed, like your limbs are filled with lead, holding yourself in place and not crumpling to the ground takes all the effort you can muster. You can see the Fairy Maid in front of you. She hasn't completely stopped, only slowed, moving a few millimeters a second. You lash out with the whip, doing the first thing that comes to mind. You move at normal speed but the sheer effort makes sweat pour from you, soaking your clothes. The whip wraps around the Fairy's neck and slowly, so slowly, her eyes go wide and her hands start to reach up as she falls to her knees.

You suck in breath after breath, feeling as if your lungs are going to collapse with the strain. You step forward, almost collapsing. You draw the knife back out of your pocket and swing it forwards into the Maid's eye socket. It connects and you hear a long, distorted scream echoing through the room as you twist the knife. You let go as you have an idea, grabbing the blood pack from your pocket. You rip open the seal as best you can with your free hand, kicking the Fairy to the floor and placing your foot on her chest. As you bring the blood pack down you feel yourself start to hyperventilate from exertion, your vision goes black for a moment and suddenly everything is moving at full speed again. The Maid is screaming and spitting, spraying blood everywhere. You stagger backwards, managing to keep hold of the whip. The Maid flips onto her feet again, tugging at the knife in her eye, it slips out and she drops it to the ground, leaping at you again.

You press the stopwatch button a second time and roll to the side before the Maid hits the ground, claws tearing chunks from the floor. She's moving a lot faster this time.

You feel yourself start to black out.

>> No. 10211
>> No. 10212
Great, now Flan's room is gonna smell.
>> No. 10213
>Belmonymous Sign "Private Square"

Well fuck.
>> No. 10214

No need to worry, she won't be living down there anymore. She'll be getting a proper room upstairs soon.
>> No. 10215
in b4 crying flandre vaporizes the fairy maid
>> No. 10216
As the Maid turns to you something bursts from out of the doorway, moving at normal speed. It smashes into the Fairy with a sickening crunch, breaking dozens of bones at once. It's a blur or red movement, the only fast thing in this slowed world. Blood flies everywhere, a limb lands next to you and you see the Fairy's head fly through the air in absurd slow-motion. You whip comes free and drops to the floor again.

The blur stops.

It's Remilia, not a speck of gore on her.

Time resumes again with a rush. Your head hits the ground and you feel all the energy drain from your limbs. You're dimly aware of Remilia kneeling next to you and the sound of Flandre's panicked voice. Your eyelids feel so heavy.

[ ] Sleep.
[ ] Resist.
>> No. 10217
[X] Resist.
KeyAIDS do not want.
>> No. 10218
Killing Doll woulda been better than this, I tell ya. Why couldn't we get 5000 flick knives out of our ass and make them fly on fucking random directions so that the goddamn fairy has to fucking continue before even fucking reaching Remilia because Patchouli is a fucking bitch too?

er. Nevermind.
>> No. 10219
[X] Resist.

If Sakuya can do this without passing out then so can belmonymous.
>> No. 10220
[X] Resist.
>> No. 10221
[X] Resist.
The only rest REAL men need is death.
>> No. 10222
[x] Resist.
There is a time and place to sleep. This is not it.
>> No. 10223
[x] Resist.
>> No. 10224
[ ] Resist.

I iron heart surge the effects of fatigue away.

Also, props to Sakuya to be able to repeatedly use the lunar dial and not be effected like we are.
>> No. 10225
[x] Resist.

This is no time to be sleeping.
>> No. 10226
[X] Resist.
>> No. 10227
[x] Resist.

>> No. 10228
[X] Resist.
>> No. 10229
[x] Resist.

Don't be a pansy.
>> No. 10230
[X] Resist.

>> No. 10231
[X] Resist.

... I have no words.
>> No. 10232
[x] Sleep.

Countering "Not a single one of you voted to sleep."

>> No. 10233
[] Resist.
I now see the true strength of Sakuya. If she can move even close to normal speed for any length of time while using that, she must have superhuman stamina.
>> No. 10234
[X] Resist.
Must comfort Flandre, apologize to Remilia, etc etc. They are more important.
>> No. 10235
>>I now see the true strength of Sakuya. If she can move even close to normal speed for any length of time while using that, she must have superhuman stamina.

We're going to have trouble walking after her H-scene in her route, aren't we?

I can hardly wait.
>> No. 10236
Too bad you will never see it, next route is Koakuma, Meiling and so on.
>> No. 10237
She's had a lot more practice with it than we have. Anyway,

[X] Sleep the sleep of the just, because we're fucking exhausted.
>> No. 10238
[ ] Sleep.
All the vampire maids have been taken care of, Remilia's with us, we can't do anything for Sakuya right now. I dunno, we'll need to sleep at some point, and now doesn't seem like a bad time.
>> No. 10239
Still worried about Patchy/Koakuma.
>> No. 10240
[X] Tell Remi we're sorry, then sleep.
>> No. 10241
Belnonymous still doesn't have a proper name and appearance, does he?
>> No. 10242
File 121252264429.jpg - (23.48KB , 300x230 , chopperdave.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sleep.
>> No. 10243
[ ] Resist.
>> No. 10244

>> No. 10245
I herd you liek DNM.
>> No. 10246
God, how does it feel sucking Sakuya's cock?
>> No. 10247
No, it won't kill us to sleep because we aren't badly hurt in the first place. Just very tired. But still, we need to be awake for a little bit longer, to see what happens.
>> No. 10248
We have no guarantee of that. Koakuma situation is still a complete unknown.

Also, did we just fucking waste the last of the Belmont blood? Don't know if the fairy maid drank it or it got knocked away and spilled, but we popped the seal on it.
>> No. 10249
File 121252310063.gif - (8.62KB , 310x106 , charsimon.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 10250
It seems that the vampire maid spat most of it out.

Better hope Eirin made something with that sample we gave her. We're probably going to be seeing her rather soon, anyway.
>> No. 10251
Appearance is a generally inferred/assumed thing, but HY specifically said he's been very careful to avoid ever needing to use or bring up Belmonymous' name in conversation.
>> No. 10252
Well-built pedo with 5am shadow, wearing brown trench with lots of pocket might work.
>> No. 10253
Eirin perhaps has the antidote for vampirism. We ourselves probably don't have Belmont blood in our veins though, if that guy we saw is the true Belmont.
>> No. 10254
True, we should mention Patchouli and Koakuma's situation. Remi could take care of it without much trouble, assuming that Patchi is actually having trouble. Either way, I don't think we can do much by ourselves, or we really will get a DNM end.
>> No. 10255
I also feel a little sad about killing these fairy maids. They said "seven of us are missing, please help them", and we mauled at least 6 out of 7 with Patchu most likely killing the last.

Yes I realize they can reincarnate, but still. I guess we'd have to administer that antidote right away though?
>> No. 10256
No, that dude was a knight. Full suit of armor, Englishmen, not bathing, big beard... He's probably gonna punch the sun or something. Or maybe the trigger to that side story HY mentioned at the end of the previous day.
>> No. 10257
>>if that guy we saw is the true Belmont.

I thought we already went over with this.
That guy we saw had a sword on him, and according to Reimu he arrived wearing a full suit of armor.

If you remember what HY hinted about one of the extras we could unlock, it isn't hard to guess who (or at least what) that guy is.
>> No. 10258

I think the only one capable of being reincarnated is the one Patchouli froze.
>> No. 10259

Oh right. I'd forgotten.
>> No. 10260
[X] Resist.
>> No. 10261
Bet you Remi has gone nuts and she kills you and Flan
>> No. 10262
Damn you with your scat-despair-slackin off fantasies.
>> No. 10263
>Or maybe the trigger to that side story HY mentioned at the end of the previous day.
>it isn't hard to guess who (or at least what) that guy is.
Refresh my memory? Because all I can think of is Ghouls n' Ghosts.
>> No. 10264
He does not and I would much prefer to keep it that way. My apologies.

Also, writing now.
>> No. 10265
That's possible too. I was thinking of one of the 'touhou love stories - bad ends'. It was one with Suika. You know the, "mongols can breath in space" one. You might be able to find it on the touhou wiki if it's up.
>> No. 10266

>>I have another idea for an extra, fleshing it out now but you'll have to unlock it. I'll give you the title as a hint: "A Knight in Gensokyo."
>> No. 10267
File 121252496125.jpg - (156.22KB , 842x596 , SDM escher.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 10269
Oooh, nice. My dad has a shirt with the original on it.
>> No. 10270
>>In the doorway there is a Fairy, blood streaked down its chin, face covered in bruises.

Anyone else curious about the state that fairy was in?
Why was her faced bruised, and more importantly why was there blood on her chin?
>> No. 10271
It doesn't necessarily mean she bit someone. Perhaps someone hit her in the head and she bit her own tongue.
>> No. 10272

It probably bit someone?
>> No. 10273
Maybe she bit another fairy? It didn't say that thing upstairs bit all 7 itself. Or yeah, it might have been beat up, maybe by Meiling. She wasn't actually finishing them off until we got there.
>> No. 10274
>>10272 >>10273
I just hope it wasn't Koakuma... ;_;
>> No. 10275
No rest, sleep when you're dead. People need you right now. You painfully lever yourself up into a sitting position, your muscles protesting like the creaking boards of an old boat. You slump forwards and feel a hand on your side. You turn and see Remilia looking at you, concern etched on her face.
"Are you hurt?"
You shake you head, blinking slowly. You could use a drink, a bath, a bed or indeed all three at once, right now. But there are still things to deal with.
Remilia smiles uncertainly, brushing your cheek with her hand.
"Thank you." She says.

You hear the sound of loud sobbing. Remilia looks up at the bed and so do you. Flandre is sitting up, hugging a pillow to her chest, tears streaming down her face, mouth contorted as she cries.
"Oh Flandre." Remilia leaves your side and is on Flandre in an instant, arms wrapped around her. Flandre lets go of the pillow and clings to Remilia, she seems to calm a little.
You manage to get to your knees, then to your feet. It takes a long time, your legs ache like they've been given a working over with a meat tenderizer.
"I need to take Flandre upstairs." Remilia says to you. "You follow, I don't know how many of them are left and you can't fight any more like that."
There is a soft pop and a rush of wind.
"None are left. The door is shut." Patchouli says, hovering in the doorway. "It is over."
Patchouli isn't alone, Koakuma is hanging off her sleeve, face hidden against Patchouli's arm, sobbing quietly.
You nod, a little flame of triumph lit somewhere inside you struggling with the discomfort at seeing Koakuma crying as well as Flandre.
Remilia closes her eyes and breathes out in relief. Patchouli notices the smear of blood and gore that was once a Fairy, she raises an eyebrow.
"I'm taking Flandre upstairs." Remilia says. "Patchouli, Eientei, now. Check on Sakuya."
Patchouli nods and strokes Koakuma's hair once, whispering something in her ear. Koakuma lets go and holds her face in her hands, still sobbing.
"I needed to go there anyway, we have two Fairies on ice." Patchouli says. Then she vanishes in a gust of wind again.

Remilia gently floats off the bed, still holding Flandre.
"Come on Flandre." She says. Flandre nods weakly. Remilia turns back to you again.

"Thank you."

You nod. Remilia floats through the doorway and up the stairs. Koakuma is silent now, tears still rolling out between her fingers.

[ ] Follow Remilia.
[ ] Hug Koakuma.
[ ] Ask Koakuma what's wrong.
[ ] Go tell the Maids it's safe to come out.
[ ] Collapse on Flandre's bed.
>> No. 10276
[] Hug Koakuma.
[] Ask Koakuma what's wrong.
[] Go tell the Maids it's safe to come out.

Hoping for a not DNM, but I think we are safe for now.
>> No. 10277
[x] Hug Koakuma.

If you have to ask whats wrong then you are terminally fucking retarded.
>> No. 10278
>[ ] Hug Koakuma.

[X] Ask Koakuma what's wrong.
afterwards possibly:
[X] Go tell the Maids it's safe to come out.
>> No. 10279
[ ] Follow Remilia.
>> No. 10280
It's nicer to ask. Plus, we can help her get over it faster that way.
>> No. 10281
[X] Follow Remilia.

It might be okay to ask Koakuma what's wrong, but between all the negative emotions around right now and her getting attacked, it might be kind of stupid to ask.

Just don't hug her, unless she asks you to.
No touching her without her permission, remember?

The maids have to come out sometime, but it might be hard when some of their comrades are splattered throughout the mansion.

Otherwise, it might be best to stick with Remi and Flan.
>> No. 10283
[x] Follow Remilia.
>> No. 10284
[x] Hug Koakuma.
comfort her, then

[x] Follow Remilia.
Some talking needs to be done.
>> No. 10285
[x] Ask Koakuma if it's alright to hug her.
[x] Go tell the Maids it's safe to come out.

Need confirmation before physical contact, I think?
>> No. 10286
[x] Hug Koakuma.
[x] Follow Remilia.
A brief hug for reassurance, then we follow Remilia.

I'm sure she said a while back that we were clear to hug her whenever.
>> No. 10288
[X] Hug Koakuma.
[X] Ask Koakuma what's wrong.
>> No. 10289
[ ] Follow Remilia.
>> No. 10290
[x] Hug Koakuma.
[x] Follow Remilia.

Bring her with us, just because Patchy says it's safe doesn't mean it is.
>> No. 10291
By the way, HY, can the fairies we killed not come back anymore? It'd be troublesome if they revived because they'd do so as vampires, so we'd have to deal with it immediately. Or are they permanently gone?
>> No. 10292
[x] Hug Koakuma.
>> No. 10293
[X] Follow Remilia.
[x] Go tell the Maids it's safe to come out.
[x] Give Koakuma a reassuring smile.

As much as I want to comfort our little succubus, we can't touch her. It's also pretty stupid to ask whats wrong at a time like this.
>> No. 10294
[x] Ask Koakuma if it's alright to hug her.
[x] Go tell the Maids it's safe to come out.

Don't blindly bad end us now anon, hugging Koakuma without permission = OM NOM NOM
>> No. 10295
[x] Follow Remilia.
>> No. 10296
[x] Hug Koakuma.

It's safe to hug her. If it's not then oh fucking well, back one choice. Worth the risk.
>> No. 10297
[x] Follow Remilia.

Koa's probably feeling the negative emotion all over the damn place.
>> No. 10298
Can we just assume we ask her permission before hugging? Belnonymous should be able to solve this.
>> No. 10299
[x] Reassure Koakuma in whatever way is safe, I don't remember if she said it was okay to hug her.
[x] Follow Remilia.
>> No. 10300
[ ] Collapse on Flandre's bed.



>> No. 10301
[x] Hug Koakuma.
>> No. 10302
Yeah, but remember how we cured her happy attack by hugging her when we were worried about shit? She needs to feel our relief, especially after Remi thanked us like that.
>> No. 10303
[+] Follow Remilia.
>> No. 10304
[x] Follow Remilia.


>> No. 10305
[X] Rape Koakuma
>> No. 10306
[x] Hug Koakuma.
>> No. 10307
[x] Ask Koakuma what's wrong.
Perhaps pointless, but it leaves us clear for:
[x] Ask Koakuma to tell the Maids it's safe.
[x] Follow Remilia
>> No. 10308
[x] Hug Koakuma.
[x] Ask Koakuma what's wrong.
>> No. 10309
[x] Ask Koakuma if it's alright to hug her.
[x] Follow Remilia.

I wouldn't tell the maids it's safe yet, at least with those bodies everywhere.
>> No. 10310
I don't know why some of you are afraid to hug Koakuma. I assumed we would ask permission first, if not, it's not like this hug is fueled by lust.
>> No. 10311
[x] Ask Koakuma to tell the Maids it's safe.
[x] Follow Remilia
This is a good idea.
>> No. 10312
[x] Hug Koakuma.
>> No. 10313
Writing now.
>> No. 10314
I bet she fucks like a tiger!
>> No. 10315
The /eientei/ Koakuma bad end is how i imagine her end in /sdm/
>> No. 10316
If you read way back, towards the very beginning we got a bizarre Bad End out of nowhere where Koakuma imitated Remi (maybe? I'm still not even sure exactly what happened!) and then Nrvnqsr-sharked us. And she did state quite clearly that people who touch her without permission die.
>> No. 10317
Don't you mean /eientei/ Koakuma good end?
>> No. 10319
Do the "nameless fairy maids" actually have names, and nobody bothers to learn them? I think I heard fairies name themselves but that might be fanon.

If they do have names, we need to make sure to find out the names of the 5 that died.
>> No. 10328
She stole the shoe remember? She is "safe" to us
>> No. 10331
Oh, so that's what it was all about?
>> No. 10335
derp. Thanks.
>> No. 10338
>If they do have names, we need to make sure to find out the names of the 5 that died.
This. It's thoughtful, a good gesture of respect, wins points with the maids, and as a side bonus, might unlock Fairy Maid route stuff.
>> No. 10386
It's still important to be sure to not go hugging her unless she wants us to, though.

Part of the reason she likes us is because we don't touch her without her permission, remember.
>> No. 10471
>Part of the reason she likes us is because we don't touch her without her permission, remember.

It's more that we don't expect contact from her to be sexual contact, unlike normal men who would become lust-borne by simply touching her.
>> No. 29158