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File 132980000832.jpg - (566.99KB, 1500x1214, konachan-com-66197-blue_eyes-green_hair-hat-kanari.jpg) [iqdb]
You spot a familiar miko nearby, talking to a young looking woman with green hair and a rather fancy hat. Choosing a course of action, you make your way over.

As you approach, Reimu notices you and smiles. “And here’s the man of the hour. That was a rather entertaining speech you gave up there.”

“I would have said more, but you know how Remi gets when she’s upstaged.”

The shrine maiden laughs a bit, and your attention turns to the woman she was talking to.

… A shiver runs up your spine. The way she’s looking at you is incredibly… piercing, as though she’s looking into your heart.


“The sin of abandoning your loved ones is a heavy one,” she says abruptly. “I would say more, but it looks as though you’re already reflecting on it.” Then she smiles. “It takes great strength of character to admit to your sins and work on redeeming them. I wish more people would do so.”

This conversation just got rather personal. You open your mouth to say as much, but you’re beaten to the punch by Reimu.

“Shiki, that was rude.”

‘Shiki’ frowns. “I was complimenting him, though.”

“Well, it didn’t come off as such. Besides, you didn’t even introduce yourself.”

Now the young woman has the decency to look embarrassed. “Ah, that’s true.” She then turns to you, and bows. “I am Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, the Yama in charge of Gensokyo.”

Yama? “I thought the Yama were the judges of the dead, not the living.” You say with a frown. “Or unliving, as the case may be.”

Reimu nods in affirmation. “That’s right. Judge him when he passes on.”

Shikieiki shakes her head. “I wouldn’t be able to. He’s a Christian, so he’s out of my jurisdiction. He’d be going to a different afterlife.”

You blink. “How are you able to tell?”

“It’s an inherent ability of the Yama and Shinigami. It helps us make sure that the souls of the deceased reach their proper destination. The amount of paperwork we have to go through if a soul goes to the wrong afterlife…” She trails off and shudders. “It’s horrible.”

She seems to be reliving some experience in her mind, so you turn to Reimu, who’s giving you an odd look.


“… Are you really a Christian? Can vampires even be religious?”

“I’m Catholic, to be specific. And to answer your second question… it’s kind of complicated. I mean, I haven’t been to a Mass in… what, five years? But anyways, vampires can be religious, though they rarely are. A little known fact is that vampires who subscribe to a religion— even if all they really do is pay lip service— are immune to holy symbols of that faith. And when I say that it’s ‘little-known’, I mean it. Not many vampires know about that.”

“Hmm, that would explain why Remi and Flan are immune to crosses, but not my ofuda.” Then she frowns. “But isn’t Christianity supposed to be about peace and not sucking blood?”

You shrug. “Well, vampires interpret it differently. To be perfectly honest, I’m not totally clear on how that’s supposed to work, but I didn’t study religion.”

The shrine maiden laughs a bit. “Well, at least you’re not an agnostic or atheist. Otherwise, Kanako would be all over you.”


“Oh, she’s a sky goddess who lives on the mountain. She’s… quite the character. And we should probably stop talking about her, or she’ll hear us.”

“Alright. Well, it was nice talking to you. I think I’ll socialize some more.”

Select a Touhou:
[x] Alice
[x] Yukari
[x] Nitori
[x] Pick a Touhou, any Touhou. (again, if it's one we haven't met in-story, describe her)
[x] Yukari
That was pretty cool, about the mortal jurisdictions. I wonder how religious Remilia and Flan are, if they're at least immune to crosses.

[x] Alice

Someone we're acquainted with. Easy stuff.
[x] Yukari
[x] Yukari

Thank you for giving Shiki screentime. She never gets enough...
[c] Alice
[x] Nitori
How far up the timeline/series are we again? I would guess before Ten Desires, but not sure otherwise...
[x] Yukari

Yeah, catholicism is praying god en masse.
[x] Yukari
[x] Yukari
[x] Kanako
After that introduction, I'm sure he's curious.
Is that criticism? If it is, please be clearer. I'm working on a very limited knowledge of Christianity, as I'm rather Jewish (and I'm pretty bad at that as well). Any helpful tips need to be delivered clearly.
I think its just a pun, but I am not Catholic either.
While I'm not Catholic, I grew up one. It's definitely not a criticism, as Mass is indeed the correct term for a Catholic religious gathering, and people speak of having been to mass as they would talk about having been to Paris, so you used it correctly in the grammar department as well.
Okay, my bad. I confused the words. You see, in french, it's "messe", and I never checked, therefore I assumed it was the same in english.
I checked right now, and >>51475 is right, it's really "mass" in english. My apologies about that.
[x] Yukari

Im starting to hope for an option where we can get a dance with Patchy going. That would be sweet...
I'm sure we can get the chance, but for now just enjoy the flow. I wouldn't be surprised if Yukari nudged Wallace in that direction.
That's Alice's job.
[X] Yukari
I do love me some gapbitch.

[opinion]Well at least you're not shipping AliceXPatchouli like too many people seem to do nowadays [/opinion]
[X] Yukari
Agreed. We need more Shiki around here in general.

[x] Kanako
Writing starts tomorrow.
File 133037765869.png - (474.42KB, 1600x1600, da19928b4c64f9cb682730d29407f953.png) [iqdb]
Looking around, your eyes land on a certain youkai conversing with a certain pink-haired ghost. Excellent, you need to talk to one of them.

“Yukari, how are you?”

She turns to you, smiling, and opens her mouth.

“Never mind that,” You interrupt, (hopefully) establishing dominance over the conversation. “We need to talk. Specifically, about what you’ve been putting in my youngest sister’s head.”

The gap youkai looks rather confused, and then she regains control of her face. “Oh. That. Well, she won’t be a child forever, you realize.”

“I’m well aware of that. What I’m worried about is the kind of adult she’s in danger of becoming.”


You sigh. “Listen. I’m not saying that you have to stop playing with her. I appreciate what you’ve been doing, I really do. But some of the things she’s said lately have had some adverse effects on us. She made Remilia faint with a few words, and I wasted a mouthful of fine cognac yesterday when she made a rather risqué comment.”

Yukari looks quite eager when you bring up the incident with Remilia, but looks rather embarrassed when you mention the cognac. Huh, you guess that alcohol really is a big thing in Gensokyo.

“… Alright. I’ll tone it down.” She says, and it sounds like she means it.

An indescribable feeling passes over you, as though you’ve just accomplished something that few mortal (or immortal) beings have ever done. It’s…

“At least it’s not as bad as the yukkuri incident.”

…Promptly forgotten as Yukari’s expression sours instantly. “Why does everyone keep bringing that up?!” She rants, whirling on the person who said it. “I made a mistake, I took care of it to the best of my ability, and I apologized nearly a thousand times! Why won’t you people let it go?!

The instigator of Yukari’s wrath— a young-looking blonde in a purple outfit, white stockings, and the absolute strangest hat you’ve ever seen— looks non-plussed, a relaxed grin on her face. “Because you always react to it.”

“Urgh!” The gap mistress throws her hands in the air and storms off.

The smaller blonde turns to you. “Man,” she chuckles. “That never gets old.”

You glance at Yuyuko, who looks as though she trying very hard not to laugh. “I get the feeling that I’m missing something.”

“You are. And you deserve an explanation. But first off,” she extends a hand. “I’m Suwako Moriya, vice-goddess.”

You take her hand and shake it. “Vice-goddess?”

“It’s a long story. But not nearly as interesting as the one I’m about to tell you.” She crosses her arms and looks thoughtful (and, eerily, so do the eyes on her hat). “Where to begin….”

“Actually,” interjects Yuyuko. “In the interest of fairness, I should be the one to explain.”

Suwako nods in deference, and the ghostly princess turns to you. “About seven months ago, Yukari gained access to a large collection of assorted Western alcohols. Naturally, she and I decided to go through about half, and then maybe distribute the rest amongst the inhabitants of Gensokyo. However, about halfway through drinking… we reached a bottle of absinthe.” She takes bite of what looks to be brie on a cracker before continuing. “To be fair, Yukari had no way of knowing what would happen next, since she had never had absinthe before.”

“Did… she lose control of her powers?”

Yuyuko nods. “In the weirdest way possible. Yukari’s best guess is that the border between her dreams and reality was temporarily taken down. Anyway, she unintentionally brought the yukkuris— creatures from her nightmares— into Gensokyo.”

You’re almost afraid to ask, but… “What are yukkuris, though?”

“They’re sentient pastries that look like super deformed heads of the residents of Gensokyo.” Says Suwako.


“No, seriously. Although, when I say ‘sentient’, I’m sort of exaggerating. They’re dumber than faeries.”

“That’s… that’s…”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much how Gensokyo reacted. It got worse, though. Those things breed like wildfire. Before we knew it, we had an infestation on our hands.”

You give up trying to make sense of it. “So what happened? I haven’t seen any of these things, so where are they?”

“Yukari eventually worked up enough courage to face her fears and banished most of them,” Yuyuko says. “She missed a few, though, but they’ve seemed to realize that they’re not wanted here and have gone into hiding.”

“…So, people still resent her for it?”

“Not really,” Suwako replies. “Not everyone is like Fujiwara. But we still like to remind Yukari of it because it’s one of the few things that can always provoke a reaction from her.”

“… That’s kind of mean.” You say.

The goddess shrugs. “I guess. But if Yukari really hated it, she’d have retaliated by now.” Then she angles her head so that she’s looking past you. “Oh dear.”

“What’s wrong?” asks Yuyuko.

“It looks like Tewi is trying to get Sanae to drink some wine. I better go stop her before my dear descendant gets any alcohol in her system— she’s a complete lightweight and a vicious drunk. See you, Wallace.” And off she goes.

“…Sentient pastries, huh?” you say after a moment. Yuyuko nods.

“That’s right. Speaking of which, I’d better go check on Yukari. It was nice talking to you.”

Better find someone else to talk to.

[x] Alice
[x] Nitori
[x] There's a orange-haired girl with horns who looks vaguely familiar...
[x] Pick a touhou (you know the drill).
[x] Alice

Alice because >>51502
[x] Kanako
Because religion
[x] Complain to Yukari about not getting your own animated pastry.
[x] Alice
[x] Alice
Let me make two things clear, here.

First, I won't be counting votes for "Kanako" if that's all you vote for. This is because although Wallace knows her name, he has no clue as to what she looks like. As I've stated in the options for the last two updates, if it's someone we haven't met in-story, you need to describe her to me.

Also, if the reason you're picking Kanako is so that she and Wallace will have a discussion on religion... I don't know if I can write Wallace going up to her and initiating a conversation about their beliefs. First off, I don't see it as in character for him; and secondly, religion is a weird subject for me. I've made reference to it both in and out of the story... but the first was to give insight to Shiki and possibly lead the way to a discussion on celestial bureaucracy; and the second was to illustrate that frankly, I will go out of my depth and write about a subject I know very little about (see the updates involving nuclear power).

tl;dr= If you're going to vote for Kanako, describe her appearance and explain why you want to talk to her.
Sorry about that. There is an update, it's just hidden by me talking.
[x] Alice
[x] Complain to Yukari about not getting your own animated pastry.
[x] Alice

Well, it's not fair that we didn't get a yukkuri shaped like us.
Why would we want one?!

Seriously, those things are creepy as fuck. I only put them in this story because the idea of Yukari creating them on accident was funny.

Peersonally, I don't care about the Yukkuri either way. Though I do wonder what they looked like in Yukari's nightmares, as I doubt she was actually scared of a bunch of barely sentient meat pastries that look like heads.
[X] Alice

I'm not sure I want to know what anything looks like in Yukari's mind. At any time.
[x] The small blue-haired girl with crystal wings.

Because Cirno. And that since Meiling has previously mentioned her living near the lake, at least meeting our neighbors would be a good idea.
I think it's more the personalities they had, which are typically over the top absurd fanon parodies.

[x] Alice
[x] Follow Suwako. We might end up nipping an incident in the bud.
The yukkuris in Gensokyo are indistinguishable from the ones in her dreams, as yukkuris are already the stuff of nightmares.
[x] There's a orange-haired girl with horns who looks vaguely familiar...

mainly because the only orange haired Touhou with horns I know of is Suika, and I'm interested in how Wallace would deal with a perpetually drunk oni.

They're meat pastries that can move around. How does that make you fear them? Hell, how is that scary to Yukari 'I Can Give Your God A Wedgie' Yakumo?
Please, let's not have this turn into a skub fight.
Disgusting rather than scary.
I've had a few nightmares that'd fit into that category.
Even then, most of them don't have meat fillings. They tend to have some form of confection inside them, such as sweet azuki beans, chocolate, whipped cream, or the like. As far as I know, only Remilia, Flandre, and Meiling yukkuri have meat filling.
[x] Alice


Same reason the villagers find Alice's dolls creepy as fuck. Uncanny valley.
Just to mention, Alice's dolls are supposedly well-liked by the villagers. I believe in her profiles/article it is mentioned that she often enough puts on shows with her dolls that the people enjoy watching.
[x] The small blue-haired girl with crystal wings.
[x] The small blue-haired girl with crystal wings

I like this idea.
Writing starts tomorrow.

I haven't followed this story in a long damn time, but holy freaking crap, picked-the-fuck-back-up
File 133099183540.jpg - (154.60KB, 992x647, alice_and_marisa_touhou-992x647.jpg) [iqdb]
Seeing someone (actually two people) you know, you head over to them.

“Good evening, Alice, Marisa.”

Both magic-users turn to you.

“Ah, Wallach— Wallace.”

“Hey, Wally.”

Before you can respond, Alice frowns and turns to her companion. “Marisa, don’t be so rudely familiar. He has a proper name— use it.”

The black-and-white witch rolls her eyes, as if she’s heard this a thousand times before. “That ain’t my style, Alice. Besides, he gave me permission-ze.”

“Knowing you, you probably kept calling him ‘Wally’ until he gave up.” You guess that you lost control of your expression at this, because the puppeteer lets out a small noise of triumph. “See, I’m right.”

“W-Well, what about you? You nearly called him ‘Wallalalachia’! He probably hates that name!”

“It’s ‘Wallachia’, actually,“ you interject. “And I’d really prefer it if both of you called me ‘Wallace’—“

“Ha! I knew it-ze!”

Disregarding the gross abuse of your preferences for nomenclature, this looks really familiar. “If I didn’t know the truth, I’d say that the two of you were sisters. You certainly bicker like siblings.”

Marisa’s attention turns to you, as if she had never been arguing with her friend. “Speaking from personal experience, eh?”

At this, Alice looks slightly ill. “Does… that make me Remilia?”

Marisa laughs heartily. “Hahaha! But yeah, Alice here is the closest thing I have to a sister-ze.” She says, throwing an arm around the puppeteer’s shoulders, grinning wildly. Actually, it’s a rather masculine gesture…

“I agree,” Alice says, a bland look on her face. “You’re also the closest thing I have… to a brother.”

Looks like she thought so, too. The black-and-white witch is unfazed, though.

“Hehehe. Oh, speaking of which,” she asks as Alice disengages herself from her arm. “How do you two know each other?”

“Remilia was not pleased with the state of my wardrobe, and hired Alice to create something suitable,” you say. “I met her when she came to the mansion to take my measurements.”

“Thought it might be something like that. That suit looks like her work. Nice job on that, by the way-ze.”

“Thank you.”

Ignoring the conversation’s abrupt change in tone, you bring up something that’s been nagging at you for the last few minutes. “If you don’t mind me asking, how did the two of you meet?”

“Oh, she broke into my home about three and a half years ago and demanded that I teach her magic,” says Alice. “Typical Marisa, really.”

“That’s… uh…”

“Oh, it gets better. She somehow convinces me to teach her, goes off on her own a year later, and when we meet again a year and a half after that? She’s completely forgotten who I am.”

“…” You’re speechless. That’s a lot of chutzpah, for lack of a better term.

Marisa has a goofy smile on her face, and is blushing. “You’re embarrassing me, Alice…”

The puppeteer gives her a look. “That wasn’t a compliment, Marisa.” Then her expression turns sly as she looks past her friend. “By the way, I see Rinnosuke over there… and he’s looking a bit lonely.”

The witch turns and looks in the direction that Alice is looking in. “Yeah, you’re right-ze.”



“… Maybe you should go talk to him?”

“Y-yeah. Yeah, you’re right. See you, Wally!” And with that, she makes her way over to the shopkeeper.

You look at Alice. “Are you trying to…?”

“I am.” She nods.

“Any luck?”

“No, because for some stupid reason, they’ve convinced themselves that the other doesn’t like them in that way, when it’s clear to anyone with a quarter of a brain that they do!” She sighs. “Rinnosuke at least has a plausible excuse, but I’ve had more luck setting up Keine and Mokou, who are almost as dense.”

“Does… Rinnosuke blame himself for her disownment?” you ask, more to yourself than to the woman besides you.

Surprise flits across her face for a moment. “Ah, you’ve heard about that?”

“Uh,” you say eloquently.

“Well, in any case, yes, you’re right. But Marisa has never once blamed him for it.” She looks embarrassed for a moment. “I lost control once, and outright told him about her feelings for him. The fool’s brain convinced him that I had simply yelled at him incomprehensibly.”

“You seem adamant about this.”

She nods. “I might have been taking a jab at her earlier when I said she was like a brother, but that wasn’t totally inaccurate. She really is the closest thing I have to a sibling, and as such I want to see her happy. Rinnosuke, dense though he may be, is also a friend, and the same goes for him.” She pauses. “And you, as well.”

You look at her, surprised. “You consider me a friend? We’ve only known each other for a few days.”

“Well, there’s something about you. But enough of that, go talk to Patchy. She’s over there.” She points to the librarian, who’s talking to a woman with a long, silver braid.

“Alright. Nice talking to you, Alice.”

However, about halfway to Patchouli, a thought strikes you. Could Alice be trying to set you and your housemate up?

… Nah. If she was trying to do so, she wouldn’t be so blatant about it. Satisfied, you keep moving forward.
That's part one of the update, now I need to write part two. Feel free to discuss what I've written, though.
Finish your update first.
I have no desire to discuss over a half-baked update because you couldn't write a real one.
That would be useless.
It's not that it isn't real; it's just that I wrote quite a bit and if I had continued, I would have had to break it up anyways. I thought it better to post what I'd written, and get out another huge update.
Still, I don't really see the point in starting a discussion if there's nothing to argue about. There's no vote going on, so except saying that your vision of the Malice pairing is quite unusual, there's nothing else to say.

So let's go drink some beer.
Deal. You're paying for the beer, though.
Heh. Loved that last line.

Wonder how he'd react if he ever learns the truth.
Yeah, he has no idea of the forces trying to match him and Patchy up. Alice's merely the in-universe matchmaker.
Alice truly is Shinki's daughter.
File 133132332433.jpg - (365.06KB, 850x700, 1307252091469.jpg) [iqdb]
“… I really have been feeling better lately.”

“That’s good. But you still need to exercise, Miss Knowledge. I cannot emphasize this enough.”

“But I can’t do it for long, and I feel terrible afterwards— ah, Wallachia.”

Patchouli breaks off her sentence as you approach. The woman she was talking to looks you over with a critical eye.

“Sorry,” you say. “I couldn’t help hearing the tail end of your converstation.”

The librarian looks slightly embarrassed, but the silver-haired woman laughs a bit. “I was just checking up on Miss Knowledge’s health. She’s a frequent patient, and I took this as an opportunity to check in before our next appointment.”

So she’s some sort of doctor, then. “Should you really be telling me this? What about doctor-patient confidentiality? Also, I don’t think I caught your name.”

“I’m Eirin Yagokoro. And doctor-patient confidentiality is an Earth concept, and as such I’m not beholden to it unless I choose to be.”

“You’re… an alien?” You’ve considered the possibility of extra-terrestrial life, but only to the extent of the average human. In retrospect, you should have been more open to the idea— you’re a vampire, for Christ’s sake— but you’ve never believed that aliens exist. Now, however…

“Yes. I’m a Lunarian, to be precise.”

“From the moon? But where… the dark side?”

Eirin nods. “Yes.”

“Then it must be hidden by magic, or this news would be all over the outside world.” You say.

“I’m not sure about the earthen governments, but the Moon has been agitated ever since that huamn planted that flag. Lunarians don’t take kindly to visitors, as your sister and her friends found out.”


The doctor looks at Patchouli with a bit of surprise. “He doesn’t know?”

The librarian shrugs. “Apparently not. Though I’d have thought Remilia would have bragged about it by now.”

For some reason, you can feel a headache coming on. “Will someone please explain?”

“Remilia, Sakuya, Reimu, and Marisa went to the moon about a year ago.” Says Patchouli.

“… The moon?”


“… The one that orbits the Earth?”


“… The one that’s about 407,000 kilometers from Earth?

“Why are you in such disbelief?” asks the librarian. “Shouldn’t you be excited, as a scholar?”

“It’s just… how did they get there?”

“In a rocket, of course.”

“’In a rocket’, she says. Can you show me this rocket?”

Patchouli frowns, and mutters a spell under her breath. An image appears over her palm. It’s…

“… That’s not a rocket,” you say after a moment. “That’s a house shaped vaguely like a rocket.”

The image dissipates, and the sorceress gives you a weird look. “Why are you acting like this? It’s something I’m very proud of, and I really wish you could see that.”

“… One last thing, and then I’ll explain. How was this thing, if it is what they used, powered?”

“A combination of magic and prayer.”


Patchouli opens her mouth, but you cut her off. “Sorry, but… I was in America in 1969! I watched the broadcast of Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon! I followed the whole thing as a scholar, and— do you know how much money and resources it cost? And don’t even get me started on the science involved! I barely know how the humans did it, and I heavily doubt the greatest mages of this or any era could replicate that feat!”

She looks furious for a moment, until the two of you are distracted by Eirin’s soft laughter.

“I see what’s going on. Miss Knowledge, Mister Scarlet is simply unable to comprehend the feat of going to the Moon from a magical standpoint.”

“But… he’s a mage!” protests the librarian.

“But he’s spent only a few days in Gensokyo. All the rest, he’s spent in the Outside world, amongst humans,” replies the doctor. “And from what I can tell, he admires them. Seeing a weak race achieve something that was only achieved by magic only recently affected how he views the feat.”

“…She’s right,” you say after a moment. “It was amazing to see, and they did it without magic. I was in awe. And I guess I’m a failure as a scholar, because I never once thought of using magic to reach the moon. So, I’m sorry for my enthusiastic disbelief.”

“… I’m sorry, too,” Patchouli responds. “If I’d know how you’d felt, I’d have eased you into the idea.”

The two of you smile at each other.

“Now hug.” Says Eirin, and you and the librarian start to take a step towards each other.

…Then what she said kicks in, and the two of you whirl on her, Patchouli blushing furiously.

The doctor looks oddly shocked, but her face soon twists in irritation, and she scans the crowd, finally locking on a person in a familiar dress. “MARGATROID!” She yells, and stomps off in the direction of the puppeteer.

Bewildered, you turn to Patchouli. “Why is she mad at Alice?”

Your companion looks furious, though you can tell that it isn’t directed at you. “Because Alice used her voice to tell us to hug. She’ll pay for that, of course.”

“… Alice used Eirin’s voice? How?”

“She can perfectly mimic the voices of a variety of people— she uses it in her puppet shows. And she swore that she wouldn’t abuse that ability!”

“But why would she… hey, why is it so quiet all of a sudden?” Indeed, the din of the crowd has died down. Everyone is looking in the same direction as well, and you turn your head…

And lock gazes with a pair of red eye, framed by green hair.

You gulp. It’s the scary woman from your dream.

She makes her way over, people moving out of her way. “It is you,” she says when she reaches you. “I didn’t get to properly introduce myself the other day, since you woke up before I could.”

“Uh,” you say. “Sorry about being in your mansion, by the way. If I’d known—“

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” she smiles. “Yakumo was there, so it was probably her fault. So!” she exclaims. “You must be Wallachia Scarlet! I’m Yuuka Kazami, and if I’m not mistaken, you’re in the mood to buy some flowers!”


“Trust me,” says Yuuka, the smile never leaving her face. “You want to buy some flowers.”

“… How much?”

“Well, I think that since it’s your first time, I’ll give you a discount! So, 50,000 yen.”

[x] “D-deal!”
[x] Haggle
>[ ] Haggle
I'm guessing this one is struck out because Wallace hasn't been boosting his Spine stat.

[x] “D-deal!”

And we press the knowledgeable among us for information on Kazami Yuuka ASAP. Best not to venture into the lion's den without your shotgun and dynamite.
[x] “D-deal!”

>“Now hug.” Says Eirin, and you and the librarian start to take a step towards each other.
Okay, I now like your version of Alice. Make me curious about what kind of person Shinki is.
[x] Pay.
-[x] Make a mental note, Yukari owes you 50000 yen.
The problem is is that ZUN hasn't really connected the PC-98 games and the Window ones (other than a few references), so I don't know how to work details from one series to the other. Initially, I was going to come up with a backstory for Alice that made a reference to Shinki but didn't actually include her. But now...

Well, I'll try to think something. Give me time.
If you really can't find a good excuse, you can always ditch Shinki. I'm interested in her mostly because your Alice is quite unusual (in a good way), but, hey, this is /sdm/, not /underground/. As long as I have my weekly Patch, I won't mind (even if I would like to double the dose, if you see what I mean).
[x] Pay.
-[x] Make a mental note, Yukari owes you 50,000 yen.
[x] Pay.
-[x] Make a mental note, Yukari owes you 50000 yen.

Yuuka just had to interrupt the promising moment.
[x] Haggle
If he doesn't have a spine, we'll have to make one
Make it a plot (Finding a way to Makai)
[x] Pay.
-[x] Make a mental note, Yukari owes you 50000 yen.
[x] Get you sisters favorites for arraignments around the mansion.
[X]Get your mother's favorites to place in a vase in front of your parents picture daily from here on out.
[X] Ask what kind of flowers she's wanting to sell.

We're not paying until we know what we're buying.
[X] Ask what kind of flowers she's wanting to sell.
[x] Ask what kind of flowers she's wanting to sell.

They are vampires after all. Aside from pure aesthetics, I think that some vampiric legends have that certain flowers can actually weaken/damage them. Not that the Scarlets are subject to all the traditional weaknesses, but still.
[x] Ask what kind of flowers she's wanting to sell.
-[x] Send the bill to Yukari.
[x] Ask what kind of flowers she's wanting to sell.
-[x] Send the bill to Yukari.
Goddamn it Yukari! Even when you're not trying to you still somehow troll us!
[x] Ask what kind of flowers she's wanting to sell.
-[x] Send the bill to Yukari.
[x] Ask what kind of flowers she's wanting to sell.
-[x] Send the bill to Yukari.
[x] Ask what kind of flowers she's wanting to sell.
-[x] Send the bill to Yukari.
I have doubts.
Yukka herself admits it was "probably Yakumo's fault" so a little probability adjustment is all it would need for it to stick.
That and Yukari in this doesn't seem that bad, I'm certain she'd be willing to foot some or all of the cost.
I'll start writing tomorrow or Wednesday.
[x] Pay.
-[x]zSend bill to the Yakumo house hold.
[x] Get you sisters favorites for arraignments around the mansion.
[X]Get your mother's favorites to place in a vase in front of your parents picture daily from here on out.
File 133192279668.jpg - (340.45KB, 1041x1200, 1315944974830.jpg) [iqdb]
A thought strikes you. Unfortunately, your mouth spits it out before you can stop it. “Do you mind if I send the bill to Yukari?”

A surprised murmur spreads through the crowd, but Yuuka just laughs.

“Sorry, kid. I’ve already gotten money from Yakumo before, and I need some from your family. Besides, this is a huge opportunity for you.”


She pulls you towards her so she can sling an arm around your shoulder. “See, this is a moment of growth. You can’t keep relying on others forever, right? You’ve got to take hold of your life, and take responsibility for your mistakes. It just so happens that your mistake was being in my home uninvited. So, this is something you’ve got to do yourself.” She pauses. “Or with the help of your sister. I’m not picky.”

“D-doesn’t that contradict what you—“

Her arm constricts around your neck.

“C-can I ask what kind of flowers you’re planning to sell me?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Alright then! Remilia!” you call out, eventually locating your sister in the crowd. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

Your sister wordlessly comes over as Yuuka lets you go, and then bodily drags you to a side room.

As soon as she slams the door shut, she whirls on you. “What happened?!” She hisses. “Why were you in Yuuka Kazami’s mansion?! It’s a miracle that you’re still alive!”

“Will you calm down and let me explain?” She’s acting very strange about this.


You give her the barebones details. “And then I woke up.”

“… And now you want some money, I’m guessing.”

“I can’t help it. I spent all my paper money on my watch. All I have are credit cards, and I highly doubt she takes those.”

“Watch? What watch?”

You show her. “This one.”

“…Are you stupid?! You spent all your money on a trinket?!

Something’s wrong. Normally, your sister would be appreciative of such a purchase, especially considering how it meshes with your outfit.

… Could she be…? You voice your hypothesis.

Remilia pales in shock, and then flushes in fury and embarrassment. “Not here! What if someone overhears?!”

You sigh. Her feelings are understandable, but she’s being more unreasonable than she usually is. “Why don’t we talk about this after the party? For now, let’s go back out there and pay Miss Kazami.”

“Fine. Sakuya!”

The maid appears as usual. “Yes, mistress?”

“Get me 50,000 yen.”

Sakuya hands over a jingling bag. “I prepared it as soon as Kazami named her price.”

Remilia nods, a disingenuous smile on her face. “Oh, you’re so dependable, Sakuya.” Then she glares at you. “Unlike this oaf.”

Fine, so she wants to be petty? “Whatever. Let’s just go and give the scary lady her money.”

You regret it the moment you say it, as your sister’s face contorts in fury. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. Let’s… just talk later. Please.”

“… This isn’t over, you know.”

“I never said it was.”

“Excuse me.” Says Yuuka as she walks through the door. “You people are taking too long.”

As you and your sister pale, the youkai’s eyes lock on the bag. “Is that it? I’ll just be taking that, then.” She plucks the bag of money from Remilia’s trembling fingers. “Well, thank you for your business! I’ll send you your flowers within the week. Now, then, I think I’ll go talk to Ibuki—“

She’s cut off however, as an orb with a yin-yang pattern smacks her in the back of her head, flooring her.

“Yuuka, just what do you think you’re doing?” asks Reimu as she steps into the room. “You can’t do things like this. It’s not allowed.”

The flower youkai stands up, and turns to the miko. “Are you trying to start something, Hakurei?

Reimu’s already disapproving frown deepens, and a dangerous, chilling glint enters her eyes. “Please do not push me, Kazami-san” she says, and you shiver. “Now, give them their money back.”

Yuuka stands still for a moment, and then, to your great surprise, hands the bag back to Remilia. “Fine, you win.”

“A-actually,” your sister says. “Since my idiot brother did trespass on your property, you’re welcome to the money.”

The youkai looks at your sister, then laughs and pats her on the head. “Hahaha! You’re alright, kiddo. But, I’ve had a change of heart. I won’t take your cash. Hell, I’ll send a few flowers over, free of charge. In exchange,” she says, and turns to Reimu. “Let me chat with Ibuki for a bit.”

The shrine maiden nods after a moment. “Fine. However, if you start something like last time…”

“I won’t, I won’t. Well, I’m off!” says Yuuka, as she exits.

As the color returns to Remilia’s face, Reimu sighs. “I’m really sorry about her. I would have intervened sooner, but that was a large crowd to navigate through.”

“Couldn’t you have just floated over them?” Asks Sakuya.

“Maybe,” shrugs the miko. “But it wouldn’t have felt polite. But as much as I’d like to stay and talk, I need to go keep an eye on Yuuka and Suika so that Yuuka doesn’t try anything funny.” She turns and walks out the door.

You sigh. “I need a nice conversation to get my mind off of this. And a stiff drink, probably.”

“I agree,” says Sakuya. “Mistress, do you need to lie down?”

“N-no. I’ll be fine.” Says Remilia, and all of a sudden her haughty socialite countenance is back. “Let’s go.”

Who to talk to now?

[x] Patchouli
[x] Flandre
[x] Aya

Last round of socializing with touhous, I swear.
[x] Patchouli

If Remilia turns out to be an annoyance, we can still scare her with the scary lady in the closet or under the bed.
[x] Flandre
Because the last party was a disaster to make sure she has a good time.
[x] Patchouli
As if there's any other option.
[X] Flandre

We can always talk to Patchy later in a more private location, if you know what I mean.
[x] Flandre
[X] Flandre
[x] Flandre

As much as wally likes patchy, nothing quite cheers him up like flan
[x] Flandre
[X] Flandre

Try thinking with the head above the waist. Having said that, hopefully this won't cost Wally a moment with Patchouli at the party. It'd be a dick move to make us choose between a love interest and the MC's little sister.
[x] Aya

This is the closest we're going to get to finishing the whole Robot Roll Call, guys. Besides, we can schmooze with our family and houseguests any time.
[x] Patchouli

Patchy~ It's amusing to see anon jump for every flandre option, never fails. I'm alright with it either way, but pissing against the tide because I can.
[X] Flandre
[X] Flandre
Cute little sister games all day every day
[x] Aya
She is the MC's sister and I already said my piece on it.
Been a bit sick. It's clearing up, so I'll start writing soon.
Isn't it about time for you to lose your password and start being SystemFailureV5?
No, that happens when I become an even bigger idiot by wiping my search history, even though I lost all my passwords when I did that the last time.

Also, my terrible cold is in its last vestiges. I will start writing tomorrow.
File 133279593072.jpg - (483.72KB, 534x800, 1281388114889.jpg) [iqdb]
On your way back to the party, you spot Flandre in the garden.

… Is she okay? You noticed her talking to people over the course of the evening, but she’s all alone now.

Better see how she’s doing.

“Hey, Flan. Is everything all right?” You say as you enter the garden. She turns to you.

“Ah, Wally,” she replies, a pensive expression on her face. “I guess I’m alright. But are you okay? You just had a run in with Yuuka Kazami, after all.”

“…Out of curiosity, have you meet Miss Kazami before?”

She shakes her head. “No, but I know of her reputation, and I’ve seen her from a distance. And also…” she trails off. “Remi’s really scared of her.”

“You know?”

“It’s hard not to. She pales a bit every time Yuuka is brought up. I’ve tried to talk to her about it, but she always pretends like nothing’s wrong, or she changes the subject,” Flandre frowns at this. “I wish she’d stop.”

“How come?” you ask.

“Because she’s lying. What’s worse is that she’s most likely lying for my sake— she’s trying not to let me see that she’s afraid.” She looks up at you, and for the first time in the years that you’ve known her, she looks old. “Wally, I’m nearly four hundred and ninety-seven years old. I know… I know ever since that day, I haven’t done much growing— it’s really hard— but I’m not a baby anymore, at least. And... I want to be treated like my age.”

You’re silent for a moment as you process how mature your youngest sister actually is. “…I think you should tell Remilia your feelings. After the party, of course.” Then, something strikes you. “Flan, did Mother or Father ever talks to you about how vampires age?”

“…No, I don’t think so.”

“… I’m going to tell you something that I think Remilia might not even know about herself. And I want you to keep it in mind when you talk to her.”

“Alright.” She says.

“…Father once told me that vampires are very ‘mental’ creatures. A vampire’s mindset will determine many things about them, like what they’re weak against, what they’re immune to, how physically strong they are… and how they age.”

Flan nods, and you go on. “Whether a vampire ages or not, and the rate at which they age, is determined by their self image. For instance, Mother and Father saw themselves as adults, so they appeared to be adults. I see myself as almost an adult, and I saw myself as this age rather quickly after that day, so I aged appropriately. And you— and I’m just stating a fact here— have sort of stagnated mentally. You’ve only recently begun to mature, I’m guessing, so you’ll start aging soon.”

“…So what about Remilia?”

“Flan, Remilia only looks to be a few years older than you.”

After a moment, comprehension dawns on your sister’s face. “So, are you saying…?”

“Yes. For all of her maturity, I think that there’s some part of our sister that doesn’t want to grow up.”

Flandre thinks about this for a moment. “But what does that mean?”

“It means that you might not be the only person Remilia is babying.”

“Think about it. Now,” you hold out a hand to her. “Let’s go back in.”

She giggles, and takes your hand.

As you walk in with your sister, you’re accosted by a certain black-and-white witch.

“Hey, just the man I wanted to see! Oh, and hey, Flan-ze.”

She’s grinning suspiciously and being louder than she usually is.

… This might not end well.

“…What is it, Marisa?”

“Refresh my memory— you’ve only had a practice spellcard duel with Patchy, right?”

“Yes…” Oh no, she’s not going to—?

“Well then!” she says jubilantly. “Allow me to challenge you to your first official spellcard match-ze!”

A wave of silence spreads through the crowd. No one says anything for a moment.

“… I think you should do it, Wally!”

Argh, Flan, what are you doing?!

You’re now acutely aware of everyone’s eyes on you. Dammit, there’s no way out.

“… Alright, I accept.”

A resounding cheer goes up through the room. As it dies down, Flandre takes the two of you by the arms and starts leading you towards the front doors. “Remi and Sakuya will throw a fit if you duel in here.” She says.

A few minutes later, you’re in the center of the crowd, facing Marisa, who is now holding her broom.

“Before we start, lemme ask you a question! What’s the most important part of magic?”

[x] “Intelligence.”
[x] “Hard work.”
[x] “Guts.”
[x] “…Love?”

Time for shitty danmaku sequences!
[x] “…Love?”
Love is the answer to everything ever.
>Time for shitty danmaku sequences!

I guarantee you it won't be as shameful as getting the operation of Evil Sealing Circle backwards like I did. Chill the fuck out. You got this.
File 133279845972.jpg - (256.42KB, 575x650, BattlerBadass.jpg) [iqdb]
Without Love, it cannot be seen.

More seriously,
[x] Intelligence
[x] “Hard work.”

None of the others are even remotely useful without putting in enough effort to back them up.
All I will say is that trowing a person's philosophy back in their face may lead to hilarity.
[x] “Hard work.”

I always figured that Marisa was the secretly hard-working type. You know, that kind of girl saying "na, didn't worked my test, was too busy playing Tribes" when in fact she spent the whole week working on it.
Does intelligence mean innate ability, or more like knowledge of how to cast magic?
x] “…Love?”
[X]"Hard work."

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent
[X] “Hard work.”
[X] “…Love?”

The man spent the better part of a century (I forget how long to be honest) studying magic all over the world and didn't notice the passage of time. That takes a kind of love that few can muster up.
I think he was more studying in general, rather than magic specifically.
[x] “Hard work.”

You only improve through hard work or bullshit contrivances.
[x] “…Love?”

Mutter the spell into the Mini-Hakkero tenderly. Aim at someone you don't like. Unleash your annihilation of love!
[Hard work]
Because no self respecting magician would not work hard.
[x] “Hard work.” Enough Said
[X] “Hard work.”

Workin hard at hardly workin.
[X] “Hard work.”
[x] “Intelligence.”

I feel this is more in character with him, but herps gonna derp.
[x] "Intelligence."

Manipulating streams of bullets in a precise manner to trap one's opponent takes a good head. Plus, you need brains to figure out how to unlock true power.
[X] “Hard work.”

I'm thinking intelligence isn't referring to knowledge, so I changed it.
[x] “…Love?”
[X] “…Love?”
[x] “…Love?”

Passion is what drives humans. It is passion that makes people persevere, in order to attain a goal. It is passion that allows one to utilize intelligence to achieve a goal. Without love, there is only apathy. And with apathy, there is only stagnation.
[x] “Intelligence.”
Danmaku is all about tactic.
[x] “…Love?”

You need love to start something and to keep going. After that you need hard work to achieve something and intelligence and guts can surely help but they aren't a requirement.

...plus I want to see what happens when we say this to marisa
[X] “Hard work.”

This just seems more in character to me for Wally, at lest in regards to what his opinion on magic should be. I can see 'love' as being included since his first act of alchemy was creating Flandre's wings, but not as the main driving force.
[x] “…Love?”

You need to be intelligent, it involves hard work, you might need some guts - but ultimately, it's your love of knowledge and magic that's behind it all!
It is your love for knowledge and magic that keeps you going.
Looks like hard work wins.

However, Passover preparations at my parent's place are hitting full swing, and all hands are needed on deck (that was a bit of sailor humor mostly directed at BackupWeasel, who is a horrible person who entices people with awesome things and then leaves them hanging like a kid who was on the monkey bars when a game of "The Ground Is Now Lava" is started by the rest of the kids on the playground, and now the first kid can't get off, or else he'll melt. Seriously, man, it's been a while). To get to the point, I'll try to get some writing in during the week, but I'll only truly be free next Saturday.

Please wait at whatever temperature you prefer.
Writing will start very soon.
>Writing will start very soon.

Goddamnit, HorrayAnon. If you're just going to say "Horray", at least sage. And don't do it on so many stories I'm reading.
I'm sorry, are you questioning Hooraynon?
He doesn't have to be an asshole about it.
I'm not >>52180 but I do agree with him.
File 133417041632.jpg - (537.76KB, 626x800, 1284480385594.jpg) [iqdb]
Behind Marisa, you see Reimu mouthing something to you.

…You can’t make it out, even with your excellent vision.

You switch your focus back to the witch’s question, and answer honestly. “Hard work, of course. You can be blessed with talent, but that means nothing if you don’t put to the test.”

Your opponent laughs heartily. “Haha, good answer! But, it’s the wrong one-ze.”

“… Well, then, what’s the correct one?”

She grins widely. “The most important part of magic is love! Love for what you do, love for what doesn’t work out, love for pushing yourself to the limit! Without love, nothing matters! And now,” she rises into the air. “I’ll show you my love!”

Reimu steps forward. “The rules are simple! Five spellcards each, no consecutive cards allowed! BEGIN!”

You take to the air, and immediately swerve to the left, dodging a wave of tiny, brightly colored stars. You wave your arm, and send out an arc of phantasmal, blood-red knives. Your opponent avoids them easily.

This goes on for about a minute and a half, until Marisa declares the first spellcard of the match.

“Magic Sign! ‘Milky Way’!”

A bright light surrounds her, and a quintet of magic circles appear and begin to rotate. They’re spitting out more tiny stars, but they’re not nearly as important as the arms of larger stars that are whirling around the witch.

…You see through the pattern soon enough, and keep on the defensive. Eventually, the card ends. It’s your turn.

[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)
[x] The most delicious part of the body. For you, anyways. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)
[x] The flow of life. Not normally how it’s supposed to go, though. (Feeding Sign “Life Drain”)

This took me far too long to write. Also, I know Wallace's spellcards look familiar, but there will be new ones in this match.
[x] The flow of life. Not normally how it’s supposed to go, though. (Feeding Sign “Life Drain”)

>but there will be new ones in this match.
Don't fall into the "new powers because plot needs it" cliché.
[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)

It was made to be a starting spellcard, might as well use it that way.
Just new spellcards, no actual powers.
He might as well, Wallace is weak as fuck.

[x] The most delicious part of the body. For you, anyways. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)
I was understood that he was physically weak compared to his sisters, not magically (where he'd be stronger than remilia at least)

[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)
[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic,though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)

We're doing this partly to gauge Marisa's strength, so it's probably best nkt to go all-out until the climax.
[x] The most delicious part of the body. For you, anyways. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)
[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)
Starters Go!
[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)

Start slow.
>(where he'd be stronger than remilia at least)
I seem to remember that he was weak in this aspect as well -Wealer than Patchouli-, but I might be wrong.
[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)

Can we save LifeDrain for later in the battle?
that isn't saying much as there's more people weaker than Patchouli than stronger and Wallace is both more versatile and generally healthier. For all her possible power, it's held back by her sometimes soddy health.
Wallace is superior to Remilia when it comes to magic (she's his physical better). Patchy is a different story-- she and Wallace are about equal in raw magical power, but they specialize in different fields, so it's not as easy to determine who's better.
[X] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)

Start slow, work our way up. 5 cards is plenty of time. During our practice with her Patchouli said Blood Stream was a card for later in duels, and just from the similar theme I'd presume Life Drain is the same.
[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)
I don't like to start like this, but I suppose that slow and steady wins the blah blah blah.

[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)
File 133437480385.jpg - (612.10KB, 1400x1600, Raphael Sorel (SC4).jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Graceful swordwork. Rather basic, though. (Sword Skill “Bloody Rose”)

I can't help but, vaguely, see Wallace as another character I've enjoyed in the past.
I can see where you're coming from. Maybe less "Wah, darkness and torment" and more sarcasm and kindness.

Also, I've had some school-related projects to attend to. They're mostly out of the way, so I'll start writing in about a day or two.
File 133454744034.png - (187.09KB, 302x400, TATARI.png) [iqdb]
When I think of Wallace, I just can't get my mind off of a certain phenomenon. It must be the name.
Oh I remember him! What a lunatic...
Shit. Forgot my sage!
Calm down sonny, there's no need to sage when the last bump was three days ago, and last update was eight days ago. Stories need bumps, sometimes.
File 133520736139.jpg - (44.43KB, 384x448, Th08SC086.jpg) [iqdb]
You summon Tyrfing to your hand with a snap, and call out the name of your card.

“Sword Skill! ‘Bloody Rose’!”

You start a series of jabs, and each one sends a needle of red energy forwards. After travelling a bit, they burst into a flowery pattern.

Your opponent is dodging them with a near-casual ease, though.

“Hey, that’s pretty good for a first-round card!” calls out Marisa, an easy grin on her face. “I guess I’ll have to kick it up a bit! Love Sign! ‘Non-Directional Laser’!”

On command, ten bright orbs cluster around the witch and produce colored lasers. You’re more concerned with the stars radiating outwards from her, though. She wasn’t kidding about ‘kicking it up’, as this one take a bit more concentration to avoid.

The card ends after what feels like ten minutes. What now?

[x] Crimson liquid. Don’t drink too much too fast, though. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)
[x] Lunch time. Or, considering the time and your species, breakfast. (Feeding Sign “Life Drain”)
[x] The raging demonic sword. Don’t let it have too much fun. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)

I am really sorry this took so long; I was caught off-guard by a few extra school assignments, and how disappointed I am in myself for being unable to satisfyingly write a sequence dealing with something so integral to this series.
[x] Crimson liquid. Don’t drink too much too fast, though. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)

I'm surprised Patchy didn't remark on Marisa using the spell card that belonged to her.
[x] Crimson liquid. Don’t drink too much too fast, though. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)
[x] Crimson liquid. Don’t drink too much too fast, though. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)

I wonder if Marisa can steal blood magic?
[X] Crimson liquid. Don’t drink too much too fast, though. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)

You're talking about red wine, right?
[x] Crimson liquid. Don’t drink too much too fast, though. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)
[x] Crimson liquid. Don’t drink too much too fast, though. (Blood Sign “Blood Stream”)
Personally I thing his cards flow best going int his order,
Sword Skill “Bloody Rose” Demonic Sword “Tyrfing” Blood Sign “Blood Stream” Feeding Sign “Life Drain”. As of such my vote is for
[x] The raging demonic sword. Don’t let it have too much fun. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)
I voted what I did to keep Marisa off guard.
Writing starts tomorrow.

File 133588633485.jpg - (811.28KB, 1440x1024, 1284507026470.jpg) [iqdb]
You declare your card. “Blood Sign! ‘Blood Stream’!”

At your command, countless large blood-red orbs appear, and move at a steady pace towards Marisa. As you expect, she figures out the pattern very soon. What you’re more surprised by is a wide grin appearing on her face. All of a sudden, you feel the magic keeping her aloft simply cancel, and she drops from the sky, conveniently avoiding the knives homing in on her location. After a few seconds of falling, she regains control, just in time for the orbs to change directions.

“Homing attacks and pattern changes? I was right, you are pretty good for a beginner-ze!”

“Why, thank you,” you reply, as your card fades away. “You’ve obviously done this a few times.”

“I guess you could say that,” she calls back. And then she grins. Unlike every other grin you’ve seen her grin, this one sends a slight shiver down your spine. “Now then… it’s time to show you my love!” With a practiced motion, she swipes something from beneath her hat and aims it at you. It looks like some sort of octagon? “Love Sign! ‘Master Spark’!”

The object in her hands emits a bright flash, and something in your head screams at you to move. You do, just in time to avoid a massive beam of raw magical power.

“Hey, nice job avoiding that-ze!” your opponent calls out.

“T-thanks…” you respond. There’s a slight shake to your voice, and that’s because you’re impressed and slightly intimidated. Producing a raw blast like that takes an incredible amount of magic power. Sure, she has an amplifying artifact— you can now feel the magic qualities in the octagon— but she still fired that off like it was nothing. And considering the format of the match you’re in, it looks like she’ll fire off a few more.

Which she does. You throw yourself to the side in time to avoid another beam, and then blast upwards to avoid a third. Three more beams, and it’s your turn.

[x] A pick-me-up would do nicely now. Sadly, now isn’t the time. (Feeding Sign “Life Drain”)
[x] The sword rages. Let it loose for a bit. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)
[x] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)
[x] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)

Everything for Schrödinger.
[X] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)

Okuu may have Oppenheimer, but we have Schrodinger.
[x] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)

As much as I may want to let Tyrfing off its leash I love me some Schrodinger.
[x] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)

[X] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)

All our attacks both hit her and miss her until the card runs out?
[x] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)
[x] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)

I'll be joining the bandwagon.
[x] A pick-me-up would do nicely now. Sadly, now isn’t the time. (Feeding Sign “Life Drain”)
Beginner, eh?
[x] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)
[x] An ode to a power you rarely use. And a pun as well. (Probability “Schrodinger’s Bat”)

In which we are a bat and not at the same time. Or the danmaku is a swarm of bats that are see-through because they might be dead. Or something.
[X] The sword rages. Let it loose for a bit. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)

Yeah, yeah, pissing against the tide and all.
Okay, that's enough of a break. Writing starts tomorrow.
File 133658925432.jpg - (47.07KB, 384x448, Th08SC096.jpg) [iqdb]
This is maybe a bit fancy for this point in the match, but you do want to put on a show.

“Probability! ‘Schrodinger’s Bat!’”

Your form wavers, and then bursts into a red mist. You will your particles to disperse, and then you shift their form.

“Wow, that’s a lot of bats.” Marisa says, with a low whistle.

You don’t reply, partly because it is incredibly difficult to talk in this form, partly because shifting your consciousness to one bat would affect your control, and partly because you’re busy having your particle-bats fly about the area radiating bullets.

Marisa starts dodging. It looks like you come close to hitting her a few times, but for some reason it looks as though she’s doing it on purpose. “Kind of simple, but there’s a sort of elaborateness to it as well-ze.”

Oh well, maybe you can’t impress everyone. Actually, only your sisters would truly appreciate that card, seeing how reliant it is on vampiric abilities.

The card ends, and you re-assemble yourself, just in time for the witch to declare her next card.

“Light Blast! ‘Shoot the Moon’!”

A pair of magic circles rocket past you. You turn on reflex, just in time to avoid the lasers they produce. And then, to your horror, they multiply. And then you realize that you really shouldn’t have turned your back on your opponent.

Panicking slightly, you whirl around and burst up and to the left, just in time to escape the stars and laser that now occupy the spot where you were.

“Hey, nice dodge!” Calls out Marisa. Considering her personality, you realize that that was probably a genuine compliment, but the cynic in you can’t help but take it as a passive insult. But that bit of contemplation takes up too much time, and you have to keep moving.

One minute of frenzied dodging later, and it’s your move again.

[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)
[x] You really didn’t get enough to eat at the party. Maybe this will help? (Feeding Sign “Life Drain
[x] Your field of expertise, combined with your natural affinity. “Corrupt Alchemy “Blood Elements”)
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)

It's time
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)

Sword time
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)

It's the time, indeed.
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)

I wanna save it for the finale but I'm just too impatient.
I thought that Corrupted Alchemy "Blood Elements" sounded like a good finisher, with the nice boost of being totally unknown to anyone present.
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)

Let's save "Blood Elements" for the finale.
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)
Let's save the alchemy for later.
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)
The alchemy's on hold for now.
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)
Sounds good. This battle is far from over.
[x] Let your partner loose. Only for a bit, though. (Demonic Sword “Tyrfing”)

I'll join this bandwagon.
Writing starts tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.
File 13373638565.jpg - (113.40KB, 500x600, 1309061938676.jpg) [iqdb]
With a thought, you summon your weapon to your hand. “Demonic Sword! ‘Tyrfing’!”

After a few slices and slashes, Marisa frowns. “Hey, this really familiar-ze.”

“So I’ve heard,” you reply, spinning around. “It’s a coincidence, really.”

“Huh. Well, if you say— hey, that’s new.” She answers, dodging the lance of energy.

You slash and spin a few more times, and then rear back to take the final thrust. To your immense disconcertion, the witch suddenly accelerates straight towards you, forcing you to attack sooner than you would have liked. You’re also forced to dodge very fast to the side.

Later, after everyone was done ribbing you, you were told that Marisa’s strategy was very unorthodox. That did very little to comfort you, because you really should have been aware of that tree.


Shitshitshitshit! How did you not see that?! As you struggle to disengage yourself from the tree, your opponent produces her artifact once more.


… You think you know what’s coming. It looks like you’ve lost.


[x] Do it.
[x] Don’t do it.

Goddamn final schedules.
[x] Do it.

Hell if I know what he's doing, but action is always better than no action
[x] Don’t do it.

I got a bad feeling that whatever it is, it'll escalate things badly.
[x] Do it.
Do nothing, get Final Spark'd.
Try anything, chance of avoiding said Spark.
[x] Do it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... ZERO!
[X] Do it.

If just to find out what 'it' is.
[X] Do it.

We shall use THAT.
[x] Do iiiit!
[X] Do it!

Time to roll the dice
[x] Do it.
Next thing we know Marisa gets hospitialized as this something goes outside the rules. Hopefully I'm wrong but it's the tendency with these votes.
[x] Don't do it.

Final Spark is under the spellcard rules, while this sounds like it just might not be.
[x] Don't do it.
[x] Do it, unless 'it' is unreasonable/illegal/extremely harmful.

I apologize for the write in, but I don't know what IT is, so I don't know if I want to vote for IT.
[x] Do it.
When a problem comes along
You must whip[X]Do it
[x] Do it.

Surely you don't mean that?
Game Over.

[x] Do it.

*Cue explosive rickroll*
[x] Do it.

Comeon it's only a danmaku duel. Remember all those borders, rules and stuff like that? She won't get badly hurt, maybe just a bit of a whoopin'.
There are exceptions and if he's hesitant to use IT, then there must be good reason. And manga has taught me the only reason why the main characer is hesitant to use his big move is the drawback, either towards user or overkill against a foe.
>manga has taught me
Found your problem.
This is Touhou. There is only 'kill' and 'not enough kill'. 'Overkill' is an impossibility.
Spellcard duels are supposed to be nonlethal.
Any kind of "kill" is overkill.
File 133747421770.jpg - (332.22KB, 773x513, 129686205239.jpg) [iqdb]
You don’t really like using your ability to manipulate probability. It’s a very odd power, as most of the time it’s rather useless.

But there’s an aspect to it that makes it, occasionally, one of the greatest things you possess.


Driven by the desire to prove yourself to your peers (and by the desire to avoid whatever your dear sister might do to you if you lose like this), you clear your thoughts.


You select the event, and shift the probability of it occurring to “100%”.

Marisa’s nose twitches.

A look of dawning horror enters her eyes.


She sneezes, and as you’d hoped, the beam misses you by a mile.

You free yourself, and declare your final card.



A flash of light, a loud crunch, and the last thought you have before you black out is how Marisa has just a bit of acne.

You open your eyes.



That’s Patchy. You try to sit up, and you feel a set of delicate hands guiding you.

“Christ, I feel awful.” You mutter.

“Hey, buddy, you okay?” You look up, and see Marisa.

“I’m really sorry about that, but that’s never happened before, and I panicked, and—“

“Marisa, calm down.” Says Reimu’s voice, and the miko enters your field of vision. “Wallace, are you alright?”

“…I think so.”

“...Good.” She turns back to Marisa. “Now then… Marisa, I distinctly remember setting the rule of no consecutive cards.”

The witch looks supremely guilty. “Yeah, I know.”

“Then your punishment is…”

[x] Come clean.
[x] Say nothing.

Wallace's power works thusly: He can freely manipulate the probability of any given event, making it more likely or less likely to happen. The closer he gets to 0% or 100%, though, the more likely he is to experience a string of bad luck related to that event. For example, if he set the probability of an object falling on him to 0%, there is an almost certain chance of something else falling on him.
So, by getting 100% chance of her sneezing up, we got 100% chance of not dodging the most straightforward attack ever?

Oh, and, [x] Come clean.
No, his bad luck as a result of his action will be related to sneezing. Marisa panicking and using Blazing Star was bad luck, but coincidental bad luck.
So we won't be Bernkasteling around, using probability-hax? Damn.

In any case,
[x] Come clean.
[x] Come clean.
[x] Come clean.

It's the honorable thing to do.
[x] Say nothing.
Marisa kind of broke the rules too. So why mention it?
[x] Come clean.

I don't know if it's allowed to use abilities during a spellcard duel, but I doubt it is, so just in case, let's act like a gentleman.
[x] Come clean.
[x] Say nothing.
[x] Come clean.

Like the true gentleman we are.

Also, Patchy is back~
[x] Say nothing.
Well You could use this to get her to stop stealing books with an engraved invite to study any book in the library anytime.
I almost voted "Say nothing" because if we give away that we can do Probability Hax, some people are bound to suspect that we'll be constantly up to no good. However, I've decided on:

[x] Come clean.

Since full disclosure of our abilities might win a little trust; basically, we're showing we've got nothing to hide.

Also, Wallace is a gentleman, and gentlemen don't resort to such dirty tricks as blackmail and cheating at games. Except when there's a damned good reason, such as we know the other guy is going to do it first.
[x] Say nothing.
[x] Come clean.
[x] Say nothing.
I'll start writing on Sunday.
File 133832471596.jpg - (145.86KB, 400x549, plxtm955.jpg) [iqdb]
“Wait, Reimu.”

The miko turns to you. “What is it?”

“I have a confession to make. I caused Marisa to sneeze.”

Now you feel the full attention of the crowd on you. Reimu is now totally focused on you. “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, due to my own pride, and due to wanting to avoid the wrath of… certain parties were I to lose,” you say, sneaking a quick glance at Remilia. “I used an ability of mine to directly affect Marisa. I’m not clear on what, exactly, the rules on such things are, but I’m going to assume that they’re there.”

The shrine maiden frowns. “You have the power to cause people to sneeze?”

You shake your head. “Not quite. I can manipulate probability— A few centuries ago, I discovered that I could cause nearly any event to happen or not happen. In this case, I made the chance of Marisa sneezing ‘100%’.”

“… So what’s stopping you from making anything you want happen?” There’s a conflicted look on her face.

“The closer I set an event to ‘0%’ or ‘100%’, the more likely it is that I’ll experience bad luck related to the event. As things stand, I’m probably going to get a bad cold.”

“But vampires don’t get colds.” Pipes up your eldest sister.

“Just watch,” you say. “This is just how it works. I once set the probability of getting a discount on something I was trying to buy to ‘95%’, and for two weeks, everything I tried to buy was nearly twice as expensive. I’m still not sure how the global economy wasn’t affected.”

“Hmm…” Reimu processes this for a moment. “So now we have a situation. Marisa broke the rules of this engagement, so her official record should reflect that. However, you used your power to directly affect her, leading to that.”


“A draw?” says someone in the crowd after a bit.

“A draw!”

“Call it a draw!”

The crowd cheers. Reimu smiles.

“Well, that seems fair. Both participants cheated, so the official record will state that the outcome of this match was a tie.”

“Haha!” says Marisa, turning to you. “You’re pretty impressive, to fight me to a draw!”

“But… I cheated. I made you break the rules. Aren’t you angry?”

“Honestly? Nah. I’m going to be pretty honest here, you had only a tiny chance of winning legitimately. And I can appreciate quick thinking, ya know?” She grins. “Just don’t cheat again, alright-ze?”

It takes you a moment to find your words. “Alright.”

“Well, that was fun!” Says a familiar voice. You turn to see Yukari, hanging out of a gap. “However, you still need to be punished for your transgression.” She smiles evilly. “And I have just the thing!”

Before you can react, the world disappears, replaced by an expanse of red eyes. But just as quickly, it vanishes, replaced by the mansion’s ballroom. Everyone else is there, disoriented (and cursing Yukari), but you’re on the podium. And in front of you is…

“… Is this a karaoke machine?” you ask out loud.

“It is!” You look behind you to see the gap youkai. “I hope you’ve got a good set of chords on you, kid”

“Uh, it’s been a while since I’ve sung, and—“

“Do it!” yells the crowd (apparently having gotten over their abrupt displacement).

“…Fine, fine. At least let me choose the song…”

[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)
[x] “She keeps Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet…” (Killer Queen)
[x] “It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark…” (Thriller)
[x] Write-in
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)

I'm a man of wealth and taste~
[x] “It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark…” (Thriller)

I'm a man of wealth and taste, but sometimes I just want to see a vampire trying to mimic a zombie and looking like a fool in front of all Gensokyo.
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)

Bah. I'm too lazy to scrounge up something I think is better.
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)
On a related note: How meta would it be if we decided on a vocal remix of Remi's or Flan's theme?
[X] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)

I've been around through the long, long years and stolen many a man's soul and faith.
[x] Is this real life? Or is this just Fantasy? (Bohemian Rhapsody) get everyone to join you
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)

Hello! You're being replied to because you could stand to work on your grammar, spelling, capitalization, and/or punctuation a bit.

If you're new, welcome to THP! If you're old, you should know how things work by now. Either way, in the future, please try to take a little extra time to make your posts neat. It's much appreciated!
[x] “It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark…” (Thriller)

Never miss an opportunity for Thriller in Touhou.
[x] “It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark…” (Thriller)
Ah, I apologize for that. Using my psp as my browser, so I skimped on the grammar a bit to speed things up
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)
[x] “Please allow me to introduce myself…” (Sympathy for the Devil)

Hahaha so appropiate. Also, a completely random musical number after a fight? I feel like I'm watching a bollywood movie.
Stop with that copypasta bro. Just because someone made the mistake of making their post slightly awkward to read doesn't mean to jump on their shit with a copy/paste. We've never done that here. If anyone's new here, it's you. Saged because useless post and I already voted.
Two things.

One, you're replying to a vote, and two, the one you meant to reply to was one of the original copy/pastes and several days old. I've since stopped using copypasta due to (possibly your) complaints.

Saged for the same reasons.
Hey there! So, I'm going to take a break from this story for about 2 weeks. During this time, I'll be writing a short story or two related to this one. Check out the thread at >>/shorts/480

I also want to make it clear that this story is not dead.
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