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File 13116186487.jpg - (58.25KB , 300x225 , 1175304163508.jpg ) [iqdb]
45845 No. 45845
… Let’s just find that book, shall we? Anton Pann, Anton Pann…. Ah, here it is. “I’ve found it!” you call out as you start to head back.

When you get back to the reading area, you hand the book to Alice. “Is this it?”

“Yes. Thank you… ah! I just remembered something else. Would you hand me your jacket?”

“Sure.” An odd request, but you shrug out of the blazer and hand to her. As you do, you meet eyes with Patchouli for a moment— a brief moment, as the second she meets your gaze, she turns away, blushing heavily.

Huh. What’s that about? Since she seems to be avoiding you, you turn fully to Alice. “Here you go.”

“Thank you again. Give me a moment…” She concentrates and pushes some of her power into the jacket. An intricate pattern glows white— almost like a lattice-work skeleton— and then fades. She takes your hand and wraps it around the back of the jacket collar. “Now, focus your magic through the channels.”

You do so, and the pattern glows blood red, the color of your magic. “There. What’s this about?”

“You’ll see in a second. Now, banish the jacket.”

You think you see what she’s done. Imagining the jacket disappearing, you let go of it. As you suspected, it disappears. “I get it. Now I call it back?”

The tailor nods. “That’s right.”

With a thought, the blazer appears back in your hand. “That’s useful. I’m curious, though, why…?”

“It’s in case you get into a fight. The jacket doesn’t have as good of a damage protection spell woven in, so if you’re fighting and have to take it off, you don’t have to just throw it on the ground.”

“But I don’t think I’ll get into any fights while I’m here…”

She sighs. “Fights are almost inevitable in Gensokyo. You’ll get into one sooner or later.”

We’ll see about that. “I haven’t been in a serious fight in… oh, fifty years. It’s a streak I’d like to keep up.”

Alice snorts, rather uncharacteristically. “Well, good luck with that.” Then she straightens up. “That aside, would you come with me? I need you to key your magic into the other jackets.”


“Good,” she says, and turns to Patchouli. “Well, I’m off. Oh… and good luck with ‘that’!”

There was a definite teasing note to that last word, and the librarian blushes heavily. She then lifts her book over her head in a somewhat threatening gesture. Alice giggles impishly and moves off.

…Women. Shaking your head, you follow the dollmaker.

Alice is gone. Now what?

[x] Head back to the library.
[x] Talk to Remilia
[x] Take a nap.

Making my main character blatantly oblivious to a woman’s feelings towards him, even though he should, by all means, notice? It’s like I’m really writing a manga!
>> No. 45846
[x] Head back to the library
>the second she meets your gaze, she turns away, blushing heavily.
Mou hou ha ha ha ha ha. Let's tease the innocent witch some more.
>> No. 45847
[X] Take a nap.

Sleep is essential for good health.
Rest and regain health.
>> No. 45849
[x] Head back to the library.

Not enough embarrassed Patchy this update. More is needed.
>> No. 45860
[x] Head back to the library.

Moar Patchy needed and it's not like he did anything straining today.
>> No. 45866
[x] Head back to the library.
>> No. 45873
[X] Talk to Remilia
-[X] Talk to Flandre later when you get the chance.

family talkin gaems
>> No. 45878
[x] Head back to the library
Seinen's reaction to blushing is a condescending smile or confusion regarding the motive. There are several reasons that make a person blush, you know?
>> No. 45892
[x] Talk to Remilia
>> No. 45912
[x] Head back to the library
>> No. 45932
I guess I’ll start writing in a few days.
>> No. 45969

>> No. 45970
No. What I want to read is "I'm writing right now, will update in a few hours". Not "I guess that, maybe, like, I'm probably going to start writing in a few days, maybe".
>> No. 45972
Well, too bad. Summer isn’t a good time for me to be writing—no inspiration or motivation on my part. I do my best writing during school, so once college starts up again, updates will probably come more frequently. I’ll try to pound something out before then, but it’s hard.

Oh, and sorry about the “V4”— I wiped my search history, and I can’t remember my password thing.
>> No. 45973
At least your name is fitting.

But seriously, we don't want to force you to write when you have no motivation. That just leads to sub-par work.
>> No. 46100
Alright. I’ll take a few more days, and then get off of my lazy ass and try to start writing.
>> No. 46107

>> No. 46136
Writing begins tomorrow
>> No. 46168
File 131420867984.jpg- (845.41KB , 1000x1414 , 1285444592126.jpg ) [iqdb]
You’ll head to the library, then. Maybe Patchouli has calmed down, and you’re pretty tired. Maybe you’ll get lost in a book and take a… nap…

Wait a minute. Ever since you got to Gensokyo, you’ve been oddly tired. While you can usually go a day or three without sleep, lately you’ve going to bed every morning and taking naps. Something is up.

…Might as well talk to the other mage in the house.

Once you’re in the library, you head over to the librarian. “Patchy?”

Her reaction is very strange. She blushes heavily, and then erupts in a fit of coughing. You start to move to her side, but she stalls you with a hand. Finally, after a bit, she settles down. “This is going to sound very strange, but for the next day or so could you not call me that? Just call me ‘Patchouli.’”

She’s right, that is very strange. Why would she… Suddenly, you recall something your father once told you.

“Son, women will sometimes make odd requests of the men in their lives. At those times, it’s best just to play along.”

…You’re normally hesitant to follow his advice— while you admire him greatly, most of his ‘sage wisdom’ was useless— but for some reason you’re compelled to this time.

“Alright, I’ll do it.”

“Thank you. Now, did you need something?”

“Yes,” you say. “I need a consultation. You see, ever since I got to Gensokyo, I’ve been inordinately tired. My intuition tells me that this isn’t natural. So I’m convinced it’s magical.”

Patchouli shifts in her chair. “Tell me, how did you enter Gensokyo?”

“I broke through the barrier, near Reimu’s shrine.”

“Ah, that explains it,” she says. “You came in the wrong way. We transferred the mansion in the same way, and everyone was tired for about a week. Except for me,” she adds. “I slept for nearly three weeks straight. It was the strain of transporting the mansion and breaking through the barrier.”

“Well then, what’s the right way?”

“You have to enter the Hakurei Shrine grounds in the outside world, and then walk past the shrine itself.”

“Hmm. Wish I’d know that.”

“Well, what’s done is done,” says the librarian. “There’s no point in lamenting.”

“True,” you agree. “Well, if you don’t mind me, I think I’ll take a nap.”

“Alright. Sleep well.”

This is a very odd dream. You’re on a path leading to a small mansion. The path itself winds through an immense field of sunflowers. Seeing no other option, you make your way to the door and knock.


Wait, you know that voice. It’s…

The door opens, revealing Yukari. “There you are! What took you so long?”

“I wasn’t aware that I was supposed to come. Besides, wasn’t I dreaming?”

“Yes, you were. You still are. But I’m real, though.”

Normally, you’d be more confused. But not so much now, for some reason. “Huh. So,” you say, looking past the youkai. “Nice place.”

She smiles. “Why, thank you.”

…Something seems a bit off. “It is yours, right?”

The smile turns into a slight pout. “…Not really. The real owner is out at the moment, and she probably won’t mind.”

“And if she does?”

“Well, then she’ll strong-arm us into buying her flowers. Either way, it isn’t that bad, so come on in!”

[x] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad. (go on in)
[x] This doesn’t seem entirely legal. (request a change of scenery)
>> No. 46169
[x] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad.

And suddenly Yukari. In Yuka's house.
>> No. 46170
[X] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad.

>Well, then she’ll strong-arm us into buying her flowers.
Yukari's omitting the part where you buy the whole flower, root, soil and all.
>> No. 46171
[x] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad. (go on in)

This guy seems legit.
>> No. 46182
[x] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad. (go on in)
>> No. 46183
[x] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad. (go on in)

What happened with Patchy to insist on calling her by her full name? I don't recall doing anything that might have worsened things between them.
>> No. 46185
She has a crush on him— a crush she’s very aware of at the moment. Wallace calling her by her nickname made her blush and cough, so she thinks that it’s a bit bad for her health for now. I hope I got the point across.
>> No. 46187
Oh-kay. That's a bit of a relief, well he didn't take it the wrong way.
>> No. 46188
That's a relief.
>> No. 46189
[x] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad. (go on in)

Enter Yuka's house uninvited with Yukari. What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 46196
[x] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad. (go on in)

There are worse things than having to care for a flower.
>> No. 46205
Could I get a few more votes, guys?
>> No. 46206
[x] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad. (go on in)
>> No. 46209
[x] This doesn't seem entirely legal...
[x] But that never stopped us before. Go on in.
>> No. 46247
[x] Buying flowers? That doesn’t sound so bad. (go on in)

Were you hoping for us to not go in, maybe?
>> No. 46253
No, I just felt like there were too few votes. I guess this amount will do. I'll start writing tomorrow.
>> No. 46275

>> No. 46280
Writing begun!
>> No. 46281
File 131509400452.jpg- (1.41MB , 1536x1152 , 127733727481.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Alright, I’ll bite.” This is a dream, right? You won’t get in trouble.

Yukari claps her hands. “Wonderful! Follow me!” She leads you through the rooms until you reach a room with a table. As you take a seat, the gap youkai turns towards another room.

“Ran, is the tea ready yet?”

“Not yet, Mistress,” comes a woman’s voice. “Give me another minute or two.”

“Who’s that?” you ask.

“Ah, that’s Ran. She’s my shikigami,” is the response. “My faithful servant. She also has her own shikigami— Chen— but she’s at home.”

“Shikigami? Oh, like a familiar,” you say, mostly to yourself. “I’ve considered getting one myself in the past, but I’ve never gone through with it.”

“Oh, you should. Having a shikigami is wonderful— they’ll do everything for you. I barely have to lift a finger anymore.”

“But you should still treat them with respect,” comes Ran’s voice. “We still have feelings and pride.” She enters the room. She’s an average sized woman in a white and indigo dress. Her most distinguishing feature, however, are her nine fluffy tails. She sets a tray with tea on it on the table and starts pouring. “You must be Wallachia.”

“Yes, I am. Pleased to meet you. Ah, but please call me ‘Wallace’.”

“I will.” She hands you a cup. You blow on the tea to cool it, and drink.

… There was probably no point to that. You can’t taste anything. But for some reason, you’re compelled to keep drinking.

“How very odd.” You mutter.

“Hm? What’s odd?”

“I want to keep drinking, but I can’t actually taste the tea.”

“Oh, that,” says Yukari. “I’m afraid I can’t quite explain it.”

“Hmm….” On a whim, you cast a scanning spell on the tea. “…Nothing. So I can’t use magic in this dream?”

“Apparently not. So give up, and let’s talk!”

“Talk? About what?”

“About how Gensokyo’s treating you! Have you had any adventures? Any battles? Steamy romance? Come on, tell me!”

“… I did get hit in the chest with a laser. And a reporter broke into my home. But other than that, nothing much.”


“Why are you so interested in me, anyways?”

“Because you’re new and exciting! And Gensokyo can be so boring. Sure, there’s the occasional incident… but Reimu handles those.”

“So why don’t you try your hand at it?” asks Ran. “You’d get your excitement, and Reimu’s gratitude.”

“I can’t do it,” the youkai says, as though that were obvious. “You have to fight all the bosses, and then the extra boss. I’d just gap straight to the final bosses and beat them up.”

“You make it sound like a video game.” You say.

“It sort of is, if you think about it. One of those bullet hell games, maybe. I hope not, because I’m bad at those.”

“That’s surprising. Isn’t a spellcard duel like a bullet hell game?”

“Yes, but it’s the keyboard that gets in my way. I don’t have good twitch reflexes.”

… Something about this conversation is odd. You decide to change the subject. “So, you weren’t quite clear on whose house this is. And what did you mean by ‘buying flowers’?”

Yukari leans back in her chair a bit. “This is Mugenkan, home of Yuuka Kazami— an incredibly powerful youkai at my level of power. She’s more akin to a force of nature, and she reacts violently to anything that displeases her. Or at least, she used to.”

“Used to?”

“At some point— I don’t know when, exactly— she changed her ways. She’s now a florist.”

“I see. That still doesn’t answer my second question, though.”

“Well,” says the youkai. “Everyone is still wary of her— and she knows it. So any time a person does something that could potentially upset her, she bullies them into buying flower. And she charges exorbitant prices for her flowers. So, really, nothing’s changed. In fact, I prefer the old Yuuka.”

[x] You're rich, you can handle it. (keep talking)
[x] ... Remilia might not like it if you use up the family money. [leave or request a change in scenery (specify)]

I thought the idea of Yukari being bad at bullet hell games was too silly to pass up.
>> No. 46282
[x] You're rich, you can handle it. (keep talking)

It's not our money that's being spent.
>> No. 46283
[x] You're rich, you can handle it. (keep talking)

We might be able to improve the gardens.
>> No. 46284
[x] You're rich, you can handle it. (keep talking)
>> No. 46288
[x] You're rich, you can handle it. (keep talking)
>> No. 46289
[x] You're rich, you can handle it. (keep talking)

Let's get some patchouli for the garden. (do herbs even count?)
>> No. 46303
[x] You're rich, you can handle it. (keep talking)

rules, screw them, etc.
>> No. 46309
[x]"I was thinking of buying flowers anyway. I know someone who might like them and these are quite beautiful"
>> No. 46315
[X] You're rich, you can handle it. (keep talking)

Soon Wally will be on the streets.
>> No. 46347
I'll start writing on Saturday.
>> No. 46348
>> No. 46478
File 131595335423.jpg- (368.47KB , 1039x1437 , 676055-yuka_kazami_182.jpg ) [iqdb]
“If she wants me to buy something, I’ve got the money.” You say.

Yukari raises an eyebrow. “That’s a bold statement. But isn’t your sister in charge of the family fortune?”

You shrug. “Does it matter? I’m not entirely convinced that this,” you gesture around. “Is real. There’s a chance that this is completely a dream. If it is, you happen to be remarkably in character.”

The gap youkai looks somewhat disappointed at this… and then she smiles devilishly. She focuses for a moment, drains her teacup, and then beans you in the forehead with it.

“OW! What the hell was that for?!”

“Smarts, doesn’t it?” she asks, rather smugly.

“Of course… it… does…” Hey, you actually felt that. Which means…

“This is real. You’re still dreaming, though. It’s very hard to explain.” Your companion says.

You ponder this for a moment. “So I’m an accessory to breaking and entering.”

Yukai shakes her head. “No. Gensokyo has no real law enforcement, so there technically aren’t any crimes to commit.”

“Hey, I have a set of morals that I abide by. You might not, but I do.”

“Is that so?” says a new voice that, for some reason, fills you with dread.

“Not now, Rumia.” Says the gap youkai, rather dismissively.

“… Excuse me?”

Yukari looks up at that, and you muster enough courage to turn around. The speaker is a green-haired, red-eyed woman in a red plaid dress. She’s idly playing with a parasol, and she looks distinctly unamused.

Nothing happens for a moment, and then-

You jolt upright. “WAUGH!”


You’re in your chair in the library. On the floor nearby is a mound of books, and Patchouli’s hat. Some violet hair is poking out from underneath. After a minute, it dawns on you.

“Patchouli!” You leap out of your chair and levitate the books off of the librarian.

“Oww….” She looks pretty dazed.

[x] Get some help. (specify whom)
[x] You've got this.
>> No. 46483
[X] You've got this.

Hmm... what could she have been doing to end up like that when startled?
>> No. 46490
[x] You've got this.
>> No. 46492
[X] You've got this.
>> No. 46493
[x] You got this.

Nothing like getting shoved back into reality.
>> No. 46498
[x] You got this.

Maybe we should have resisted Yukari's suggestion.
>> No. 46501
[x] You got this.
>> No. 46504
[X] You've got this.
Hahahaha, serves you right, Yukari.
>> No. 46505
[x] You've got this.

Gya hah hahaha. Alone in the BIG library with a wounded librarian to our mercy.
>> No. 46508
[x] You've got this.
Is it just me that thinks maybe Patchouli was on our lap possibly sleeping.
>> No. 46520
[X] You've got this.
CALM DOWN, we've got this.
>> No. 46525
Damn it, Yukari! times 100.
>> No. 46558
That would be a pretty bold move from this Patchy.
>> No. 46559
[X] You've got this.

More like she was leaning over him watching his face closely, possibly imagining kissing him, when he suddenly woke up.

Cute nonetheless.
>> No. 46574
[X] You've got this.

Yes, he does. Mwahahaha!
Seriously, this isn't that huge an issue. I think.
>> No. 46581
[X] You've got this.
>> No. 46605
[X] You've got this.
>> No. 46657
Writing begins in a a day or two.
>> No. 46749

>> No. 46837
Writing is on hold for a day or three. Statistics is a really hard class.
>> No. 46975
>> No. 46977
>> No. 47220
File 131752765970.jpg- (557.59KB , 1024x768 , 1282973476845.jpg ) [iqdb]
You drop the books somewhat unceremoniously off to the side, and focus on getting the sorceress upright. Gently, you prop her up against the base of one of the chairs. “Patchouli? Can you hear me?”

She looks at you with unfocused eyes. “…Papa?”

… Oh dear. “It’s me, Wallace. I’m not your father.”

She giggles a bit. It’s slightly unsettling. “Don’t be silly, Papa. You and Wally look completely different.”

Yeah, she’s out of it. “You’ve taken a book or four to the head. C’mon, Patchy. Focus.”

Now she starts blinking. Her eyes lose their dazed tint. “…Wallachia?”

“Good, you’re back to normal. How do you feel?”

“Feel…?” She winces, and weakly lifts her hands to her head. “Ow~”

“Hold on a moment.” You look around, trying to spot something to use. Your gaze rests on the librarian’s hat.

… That’ll do. It can be washed later. You take it, and conjure an ice pack. Placing it within the hat, you apply the contraption to Patchouli’s head.

She touches the pack. “…My hat?”

“Sorry. I needed something to put the ice in.”

“… It can be washed later, I suppose.” Eerie. “But more importantly… what happened?”

You blush a bit. “That’d be my fault, I’m afraid. I must have surprised you with my, uh, sudden awakening.”

She nods slowly. “That’s right… I was moving some books when you startled me.”

“Well, I apologize. My dream took a turn for the terrifying, at which point I awoke.”

“… If you don’t mind me asking, what were you dreaming about?”

[x] Tell her.
[x] Actually, you don't quite remember it that well.
>> No. 47221
[X] Tell her.
>> No. 47224
[x] Tell her.
>> No. 47238
[X] Tell her.

"Yukari showed up and took me to this mantion, whom actually belonged to someone else named Yuka. She showed up, then I woke up."
>> No. 47239
[x] Tell her.

Best she know. That way, we can prepare.
>> No. 47240
So, it seems the tendency for women to fall in love with men similar to their own fathers holds true for youkai as well.

[x] Tell her.
>> No. 47242
...wait,what? where did that come from?
>> No. 47247
Patchy is in love with Wallace for different reasons. That he's similar to her father is a coincidence.
>> No. 47249
She confused Wallachia for her father for a second there.

[x] Tell her.
>> No. 47250
[x] Tell her.
Don't hide anything.
>> No. 47270
[x] Tell her.
>> No. 47315
[x] Tell her.

Maybe Wallace looks similar to her father because they're connected by blood? If Patch was even tangentially related to the Scarlets, it would explain how a human magician came into the possession of the library of a vampire while not being a true servant to said vampire.
>> No. 47318
She was hallucinating. Wallace and her father look nothing alike.
>> No. 47322
Besides, I've established that Patchy's parents were a wizard and witch. She isn't, and never was a human.
>> No. 47340
[x] Tell her.
>> No. 47626
I'll start writing sometime soon.
>> No. 47631
>> No. 47870
Hey, remember when I said a few days ago that I'd be writing soon? Well, I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that I haven't gotten any writing done. This is due mostly to the fact that I'm very near failing one of my classes. I'm taking steps to remedy this, of course, but the solution has and will cut into my writing time.

The good news is that starting Friday, I will have three whole days to myself, during which I can hopefully get my ass in gear and pump out something.

Well, that's about it. Sorry, guys.
>> No. 47873
Eh, shit happens. No big deal.
>> No. 48130
I have started writing, and it's coming along nicely.
>> No. 48134
File 131888988049.jpg- (182.91KB , 800x960 , 130661646932.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I was in a place called… Mugenkan, was it?”

Patchouli pales a bit. “Oh, dear. You didn’t touch any flowers, did you?”

You shake your head. “None. But Yukari was there, and I wound up having tea.”

“Tea? But you didn’t touch any… You went inside, didn’t you?”

Uh… “In my defense, I thought it was a dream, and therefore not real. It wasn’t until it was too late that I realized I was in trouble.”

The librarian sighs. “Well, it isn’t so bad. Yuuka’s become… well, more reasonable in some ways. There is the issue of her business practices, though.”

“Well, that’s really myproblem. Remilia won’t be pleased, but I’ll survive.”

“As long as I don’t have to deal with her,” she says, and tries to lever herself off of the floor. “… Could you help me up?”

“Ah, yes. I’ll also take care of those books you dropped.”

Four days later, you’re in the library, in the middle of an alchemy lesson, when Sakuya interrupts.

“Aya is at the front gate, requesting an interview. Will you humor her?”

Wow, already? That means the party is tomorrow. You glance at Patchouli, who nods. “Alright, send her in.”

A few minutes later, you’re sitting across from Aya, who has a note pad that she’s scribbling in. You’ve also acquired a small audience, consisting of Remilia, Sakuya, and Patchouli.

The reporter finally lifts her head up. “Alright, let’s get this show on the road. Ready?”

You nod. “I am.”

“Good. What is your name?”

“Wallachia Émilien Scarlet.”

“What is your relation to Remilia and Flandre?”

“I am their elder brother.”

The tengu nods to herself. “I thought so. Do you have a different mother or father?”

Remilia’s eyes narrow at the exact same time yours do. It’s you who speaks first, though. “Strike one.”


“An outside phrase. I’ll explain later if I’m in a good mood, but you have three chances before I call this off and kick you out. That was your first chance.”

Aya laughs a little nervously. “Alright, that was stupid of me. I take it you have the same parents?”

“Yes, we do.”

“Okay. Now, why haven’t you been around? And why haven’t we heard of you until now?”

You lean back in your chair a bit. “Remilia and I had a disagreement about two and a half centuries ago, and I took what was supposed to be a few-months-long trip. Instead, I got sidetracked.”

“Huh. And the second question?”

“…I can only assume that Remilia was still mad at me for not coming home, so she refused to acknowledge my existence.” You say, glancing at the sibling in question. A brief expression of what looks like guilt crosses her face before disappearing.

The tengu chuckles. “Yeah, that does sound like her.”

“I’m right here, you realize.”

“Eh, I’m strong enough to take whatever you dish out.”

Your sister grins, shark-like. “Care to back up your talk?”

You clear your throat. “Excuse me.”

The attention is back on you. “Ah, right,” says Aya. “We can settle this later. Moving on… what are your plans for Gensokyo?”

“You make it sound like I’m some sort of villain,” you say, dryly. “My only intent is to be with my family and continue my studies.”


“Yes. I’m a scholar, not a fighter.”

“I see. Are you single?”

“… At the moment.”

“Boxers or briefs?”

You blink. “Excuse me?”

“…Isn’t that a common question in interviews on the Outside?”

“Not at all. In fact, it’s particularly invasive.”

The reporter frowns. “Bah, then that means the book Hatate gave me is worthless.” She shrugs. “Ah, well. It was probably a sabotage attempt, anyways. Back to business, how do you plan to deal with the shrine maiden and the gap mistress?”

“Reimu and Yukari? I’ve already met them.”

Aya blinks. “Seriously?”

“Yes. Reimu was the first person I met in Gensokyo, and she helped me locate the mansion. And Yukari…”

[x] "...Got me in deep trouble." (tell them about the dream)
[x] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)

Due to another writefag telling me to get off my ass, I pounded this out in a 4-5 hour period. Hopefully, the motivation received from his words will carry on for a few more updates.

Oh, and go read Curtain Fire Troubleshooting Game in /th/.
>> No. 48136
[x] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)

Yuuka hasn't noticed us/found out our identity yet, if it's a few days after the dream-visit. Why not keep it that way a bit longer?
>> No. 48140
You're writing again! HUZZAH! And thanks for the plug, sir.

But anyways, Yukari...

[x] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)

Because there are some things you really, really, really shouldn't advertise. Like being in trouble with the Spark Master Flower Master of the Four Seasons.
>> No. 48148
[x] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)

I'm willing to give Yukari the benefit of the doubt this time.

And is "Curtain Fire Troubleshooting Game" any good? as it seemed like a typical /th/ story (so-so quality, not likely to last)
>> No. 48150
[x] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)

Maybe I should hire someone to bug you constantly. That way, we'll have regular updates.
>> No. 48151
[x] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)

I have enjoyed it immensely myself.
>it seemed like...
I sure hope you didn't jump to conclusions without reading at least a four or five updates.
>> No. 48153
[x] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)
>> No. 48156
[x] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)
sharing dreams is a no-no
>> No. 48193
[x] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)

Asking about the parents? ouch.
>> No. 48201
It wasn't so much about the parents than the insinuation that one of the parents was unfaithful. From what I gather (read: the anime I've watched), it's not uncommon in Japan for a parent to have a child by a mistress/male equivalent. Though he could have been from a previous marriage... The point is is that Remilia and Wallace interpreted the question as an attack on their parent's fidelity.
>> No. 48202
Cultural shock, then?
>> No. 48203
[X] "...Seems nice, if a bit nosy." (tell them about your time at Hakugyokurou)

We'll deal with Yuka in due time. Now is not the time.
>> No. 48214

Hey. No arguing about my mediocrity in a thread made for someone else's quality. That way lies Shitstorms.
>> No. 48228
Overreacting a bit there, aren't you chief?
>> No. 48231
He seems perfectly reasonable to me.
>> No. 48234
There was no argument. One person asked for an opinion and another gave it. The end.
>> No. 48294
[x] "...Got me in deep trouble." (tell them about the dream)
Why can't I hold all this pissing against the tide.
>> No. 48370
I'll take another day or two, and then begin writing.
>> No. 48473
Writing begun!
>> No. 48500
>> No. 48980
Sorry about the delay, some stuff came up. Nothing drastic, just time consuming.
>> No. 49327
I just have to get through today, and then I'm free to write! And I swear to Jegus, I will write!
>> No. 49332
>> No. 49577
Haha! The update was coming out slowly, but then inspiration struck! Expect something in the next few days!
>> No. 49578
>> No. 49582
File 132071665734.jpg- (163.48KB , 1200x900 , newspaper_bw.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Well, she seems nice. A bit intrusive, but nice.”

The reporter raises an eyebrow. “That’s not a reaction most newcomers have. How did you meet her?”

“Due to a series of events, I wound up at Hakugyokurou, and she was visiting Miss Saigyuoji. When we met, she… well, she identified me as the one who broke through the Hakurei Barrier, but the way she worded it implied that I had done something of… questionable morality.”

Aya snickers a bit (you notice Remilia making a very un-lady-like sound as well). “Heh. You don’t have to tell me. I can probably guess what she said.”

“Yes, it took me a moment to realize she was playing around. Miss Konpaku didn’t get it until someone told her, though.”

The tengu lets out a full laugh this time. “Ahaha! Oh, Youmu. Still can’t take a joke, I see,” Her laughter dies down, and she stands up. “Well, I think I’ve got everything I need. I’ll head back to the mountain, get this formalized, and then run a copy by you.”

You nod. “Alright.”

Three hours later, you’re wrapping up the alchemy lesson when Sakuya enters the room, followed by Aya.

“Forget something?” You ask the reporter.

She shakes her head. “Nope, I’m done. I’ve brought a copy for you to look over.”

Wait, seriously? “That’s… quite the work ethic you’ve got there.”

She nods. “I wouldn’t be much of a Tengu if I didn’t do my best. Well, here you go.” She hands you a newspaper.

New Resident At Scarlet Devil Mansion

Estranged Sibling Returns To Family

As of about a week or so ago, there has been a new resident at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

His name is Wallachia Scarlet (or Wallace, as he prefers).

He is the elder sibling of the notorious vampire sisters.

Why hasn’t he been around, then?

Apparently, the eldest sister threw him out one day.

He traveled around the outside world for many years, and returned home only recently.

The eldest sister never talked about him because she was still angry at him, apparently.

So then, what does he intend to do here?

Nothing exciting, it seems.

“I’m a scholar, you see,” he told me.

Well, with a library like that in the house, he seems content.

Much to my surprise, he’s already made contact with the red-white shrine maiden.

“Wallace? He seems like a decent sort,” She says. “Much easier to deal with than either of his sisters.”

There is to be a party introducing him to Gensokyo tomorrow, so you can meet him then.

(Aya Shameimaru)

[X] "This works. Nice job."
[X] "Sorry, this won't do." (be specific)
>> No. 49585
[x] "This works. Nice job."

It does, too. Feels similar to BAiJR.
>> No. 49588
[X] "This works. Nice job."
-[x]... but she didn't "throw me out one day" you know?
>> No. 49589
[x] "This works. Nice job."

I'm a wee bit surprised at the lack of things to object to.
>> No. 49593
[X] "This works. Nice job."

The 'thrown out' part is the only thing anywhere near objectionable, and not even that; only in terms of vampire pride (which Wally has shown he isn't as much of a stickler for).

>It all began about two hundred and fifty years ago, when Remilia kicked you out of the mansion.
>> No. 49595
[X] "This works. Nice job."
>> No. 49596
[X] "This works. Nice job."

I see no problems with it and the only questionable thing wasn't included (the whole Yukari thing)
>> No. 49605
[X] "This works. Nice job."
>> No. 49609
[X] "This works. Nice job."
>> No. 49610
[x] "This works. Nice job."
-[x] Ruffle hair.
>> No. 49649
[X] "This works. Nice job."
Aya writing an unbiased article? It's more likely than you think.

Why must you put such HNGGGG-inducing thoughts in others' heads?
>> No. 49652
[X] "This works. Nice job."

Who are you? What have you done to Aya?!?
>> No. 49670
[X] "This works. Nice job."
>> No. 49672
She can't really be biased about him, I think, because his arrival was so sudden

That, and condition for publishing the article was that it had to be unbiased.
>> No. 49673
Though if Wallace has to ruffle anyone's hair, it'd be Flan's or Patchy's.
>> No. 49710
Or Remi's maybe, if he was tempted enough and thought he could run quick enough afterward.
>> No. 49730
He did, in fact ruffle Remi's hair. First post of the second thread.
>> No. 49769
Well, I guess that's just about enough of a break. I'll start writing in a day or two.
>> No. 49807
>> No. 50093
Sorry for the delay. I made some progress, but something about what I wrote was... unsatisfying, so I scrapped it. I'm trying to go at this update from a new angle.
>> No. 50099
[X] It all seems to be in order.
Let's try treating Aya with a bit of respect and professionalism. Maybe we can convert her into a real reporter.

Also, is anyone else slightly worried about the Yuuka situation. Don't get me wrong, I love this powerful-yet-not-evil-Yuuka, but Wallace seems to be blowing it off a bit. All we know is he mentioned it once to Patchy, ending with "Remi won't be pleased but I'll survive", then has put the thing off for four or so days.

Yukari said to him that Yuuka was at her level of power. She didn't say what Yuuka's ability was, but Wallace should know that Yuuka is apparently at the level of the local "do whatever the hell I want" being, and we may have offended her. Yukari also said that Yuuka used to have a tendency to "react violently to anything that displeased her". Well, there's only two real men in Gensokyo, and now we have a newspaper telling everyone who and where we are. I have a terrible image in my mind where two Yuukas gatecrash the party and accuse us of preordering a massive quantity of overpriced flowers, then leaving before paying. Remi's reaction would be...interesting to say the least.

Given that Wallace doesn't know what Yuuka's ability is, I also worry that if he is confronted, he'll assume that her "flower manipulation" is merely a secondary ability, and say something like "there's no way flower manipulation could equal boundry control". Which would not go down well.

(Random note: The way I feel Yuuka's flower manipulation works is based off a comic I saw a while ago where Yuuka duels Yukari, who eventually gaps in a nuke and forces a draw. Anyone know the name of that comic? Can't find it on Danbooru)
>> No. 50100
>(Random note: The way I feel Yuuka's flower manipulation works is based off a comic I saw a while ago where Yuuka duels Yukari, who eventually gaps in a nuke and forces a draw. Anyone know the name of that comic? Can't find it on Danbooru)


Quite simply, "Yuka VS Yukari"
>> No. 50101
As much as I like possible antagonists, isn't a plot driven by pissing Yuuka off a bit cliché at this point? Yuuka has more character than a classy bitch with a piss-me-off-or-mess-with-flowers-and-die mentality.
>> No. 50102
Herp derp. Now I feel silly.
Thanks, anyways.

I'm not saying Yuuka should be an 'anger and die bad end maker', or that she should be the antagonist (i don't think she should, both cause it wouldn't fit the story and my personal bias towards my favorite character), but I do feel that Yuuka has a right to be offended, the ability to track down at least one offender and the power to act. Which is why I suggested the whole 'ordered a bunch of overpriced flowers, so pay up' intro (heck, she could even keep her side of the bargain if he did apologize and explain) rather than just 'Double Spark, go back three choices and try again'. She could see this as some form of compensation for the whole house-invasion thing (she wouldn't know that he didn't know etc) and this could teach Wallace that there are some people in Gensokyo who take themselves seriously and have the power to back it up. In the outside world, it's kind of unlikely he had to deal with this kind of situation. At least, him not fully grasping how willing Gensokyians are to fight is obvious from him 'taking it easy' as if he expects this to just blow over.

Anyways, my iPad sucks for this so simply: not trying to make Yuuka a villain or hero-killer, but this could be a valuable learning experience for someone who hasn't been in Gensokyo, and that, from her POV, she's perfectly right to be at least a tad annoyed.
>> No. 50110
>>50101 here. You're absolutely correct. I was mainly complaining about the site's opinion of Yuuka in general, and that I hope SystemFailure doesn't stoop down to that level.
>> No. 50112
Totally agree with your annoyance at flanderisation of Yuuka. Still, Touhou wouldn't be Touhou without splits in the fandom as to how each and every character should act.
>> No. 50118
She isn't really angry, but no one else in the story knows that.
>> No. 50130
[X] "Sorry, this won't do."
-As of about a week or so ago, there has been an extremely handsome new resident at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

The article doesn't ONCE mention how handsome we are. This must be rectified!
>> No. 50231
Alright! Today is the last day of my finals, so that means I can get back to writing tomorrow!
>> No. 50258
File 132346687138.jpg- (38.69KB , 275x350 , 72910m.jpg ) [iqdb]
“This is pretty good,” you say, handing the paper to Patchouli. “The style is unique. However, I don’t recall saying the quote you put in there.”

The tengu shrugs. “What you said was basically that, right?”

“…I’ll let it slide this time, but in the future, editing a person’s words isn’t a very good technique for a reporter who wants to be trusted.”

She has the decency to look slightly abashed. “I guess…” After a moment, she shakes her head. “Moving on, am I invited to the party?”

“I suppose,” Says Remilia’s voice, and you jump slightly. When did she come in? “The article is… acceptable.” She’s reading over Patchouli’s shoulder.

Aya looks delighted, and then sobers up a bit. “Thanks. Actually, could you do me a favor?”

Your sister looks up at her. “That depends.”

“Could you write out an invitation to a ‘Hatate Himekaidou’ for me?”

Sakuya frowns. “Himekaidou… wasn’t that the name of a reporter who came here recently?”

“Yeah. She’s my cousin. We used to be close, but… something changed, and she considers me her rival now. I don’t know why. But that’s not why I want you to invite her. See, she’s rather uptight and socially awkward. She rarely leaves her office. My point is that I’d like for her to loosen up a bit, and maybe make a few friends. I’m hoping that this party will help.”

A contemplative and sentimental look crosses Remilia’s face. “…I can do that. Sakuya, prepare an invitation.”

The reporter bows to your sister as Sakuya disappears. “Thank you. This really means a lot to me.” Then she turns to you, her earlier cheer returning. “And thanks to you as well, Wallace. I haven’t gotten a scoop like this in a while.”

“It was my pleasure,” you say. “And it was nice meeting you, miss Shameimaru.”

She laughs a bit as Sakuya reappears, and takes the invitation from her. “No need to be so formal. Call me ‘Aya’. Well, I’ve got to get back to the mountain and give them the red light on this paper.”

What? “Red light?” you ask. “Don’t you mean ‘green’?”

The tengu blinks. “Oh yeah, that’s what I meant. It was either red or green— but green was the color the sky goddess used, now that I remember. But whatever. I’ve got to go. See you!” With a little wave, she zips up to the door and heads out.

Silence reigns for a minute, and then you turn to Remilia. “That was nice of you.”

She smiles softly. “Someone close to her who’s socially awkward… doesn’t that remind you of someone?”

Flan, obviously. “Yeah, it does. Speaking of which, shouldn’t we show her the article?”

Your sister nods. “I think I’ll go do that now. Are you going to go back to your lesson?”

You had nearly forgotten about that. “I think so. Are you ready to get back to work, Patchouli?

To your mild surprise, she shakes her head. “Actually, I’d appreciate a bit more time to myself.”

Huh, that’s reasonable. But, what will you do, then?

[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.
[X] The party is tomorrow, right? Sakuya might need some help setting up.
[X] Relax and read a book.

To clarify, I'm making up the fact that Aya and Hatate are cousins.
>> No. 50259
[X] Relax and read a book.

We haven't gotten a chance to really look at the library's selection, I don't think.

Also SFV4 is back, yay!
>> No. 50260
[x] Relax and read a book.
-[x] If you get bored, go help Sakuya set up the decorations.
>> No. 50261
[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.
>> No. 50271
[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.

Time with family is always nice.
>> No. 50273
[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.

For some reason, I don't think Sakuya will need your help to get everything finished on...time (I apologise).

Anyways, glad to see you aren't having Hatate and Aya try and brutalize each other. Making them family is a nice touch also.
>> No. 50276
[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.
>> No. 50277
[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.
>> No. 50278
[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.

Non-Crazy Cool Flan is best Flan.
>> No. 50293
[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.

>To clarify, I'm making up the fact that Aya and Hatate are cousins.
It wouldn't be that unlikely, considering how long Tengu live and how small their population must be to be contained entirely on one mountain.
Plus, "cousin" can be interpreted in many ways.
>> No. 50298
[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.

Also, I'm curious. I know Wallace knows about the Scarlet Mist incident... But does he know about the Meteor?
>> No. 50299
[X] The party is tomorrow, right? Sakuya might need some help setting up.
Short but sweet.
>> No. 50314
[X] Go see Flandre with Remilia.
Because you take care of family before all else.
Especially since you've neglected them for so long plus flandre needs an escort for the party.

[X] The party is tomorrow, right? Sakuya might need some help setting up.

After all Flandres coming out party must go perfectly.

[x] Relax and read a book
After you have everything perfect for flandre's debutante party.
>> No. 50334
Uh, the purpose of the party is to introduce Wallace to Gensokyo, not Flandre.
>> No. 50401
Give me just a few more days, and then I'll get to writing.
>> No. 50436

>> No. 50439

Congratulations, you have just shamed me into getting off my fat Rift-playing ass and getting back to work. Thank you, sir.

No, seriously, thank you.
>> No. 50444
About time. Goddamn.
>> No. 50445
I was wondering where you went. You promised us things, and we've been waiting.
>> No. 50465
Writing starts sometime today.
>> No. 50476

>> No. 50662
So I've run into some writers block. This is par for the course with me, but there are two additional problems.

A) I received Skyward Sword for Hannukah.

B) Katawa Shoujo has been released.

So I have two things that I've been waiting for at my doorstep. My dilemma is this: do I take a small break from writing? Or do I try to juggle all of this at once?

Can I get some input?
>> No. 50663
Meh. Either write or don't. I've come to accept that this story is on hiatus now.
>> No. 50665
I wouldn't call it exactly hiatus...

Tell you what. I'll restrict my video game time.
>> No. 50668
Writan nao.
>> No. 50670
File 132572492181.jpg- (428.78KB , 1000x858 , 1281110615800.jpg ) [iqdb]
You get up and turn to Remilia. “I’ll come with you, I think.”

“Very well. Let’s go, then.”

The two of you take your time, and your conversation turns to tomorrow’s party. From what your sister is describing, it’s going to be a grand affair.

“That reminds me,” you say at a lull in her words. “Will Flan be allowed to attend?”

Remilia stops walking, a pensive look on her face. “…She may not want to, after what happened last time.”

…Oh, dear. “Last time? What happened?”

“Everything was going fine… at first. Then Fujiwara and that Oni from the underground… Yoshiguma? Whatever, I don’t quite remember her name, and I don’t feel like making the effort. Anyways, they got roaring drunk, and challenged Flandre to a duel. Unfortunately for most of us, she panicked and took out a chunk of the mansion,” She sighs, and then smiles somewhat vindictively. “You should have seen Reimu. The oni and Fujiwara were trapped under rubble, and Reimu was lecturing them about proper manners and how to treat children. She didn’t let them out until she had extracted a thorough and very sober apology.”

Your already favorable opinion of the shrine maiden goes up another notch. “I take it they aren’t coming, then?”

Your sister shakes her head. “No, they’re invited. But they won’t pull that again. If they do, they’ll pay,” She grins, sharklike. “The oni would be facing the whole mansion. And I have something special planned for the phoenix.”

“This Fujiwara is a phoenix, then?”

“No, she’s just immortal. I hear her fire powers are something she acquired along the way.”

Immortal? …Knowing how vicious the middle Scarlet child can be, it’s probably some sort of torture that she has in mind.

Putting that out of your mind, you turn a corner and arrive at Flandre’s door. Your sister knocks. “Flan, dear? Are you decent?”


Remilia opens the door, and you both walk in.

“… Both of you? …Do the two of you have something important to tell me about your relationship?”

Remilia, who had started to open her mouth to say something, stands there slackjawed. It’s such a rare occurrence, that your own shock at what Flan was insinuating is erased. It’s probably Yukari’s influence, anyhow.

“I don’t know,” you say. “Is there something we need to tell her, dear?”

The middle child whirls on you. “DEAR?!” Christ in Heaven, the look and color on her face is priceless.

“Are… are the two of you separating?” asks Flandre, with a hint of nearly genuine anxiety.

Remilia turns to her, then back to you… and then collapses to the floor in a dead faint.

After a moment, the youngest child looks up at you. “Did we take it too far?”

You nod. “She’ll be absolutely furious when she realizes what happened. It was completely worth it, though. In the meantime, take a look at this article.”

You hand Flandre the newspaper, and as she starts reading, you levitate one of her pillows over to you and place it under the comatose Remilia.

“This is neat. Her own opinion seems to be missing, though.”

“One of the conditions of the interview was that I had to see what she wrote. Besides, she probably didn’t have much of a chance to form an opinion of me given how quickly this all happened.”


The room is bathed in silence for another minute or so.


You and Flan look to your side at Remilia, who’s eyes flutter open.

“… Why am I on the floor?”

She doesn’t rememer? You and your youngest sister exchange uneasy glances.

[x] "We pulled a fast one on you." (tell her the truth)
[x] "You tripped and hit your head." (lie your ass off)

Sorry about the inconsistency with my reliability. But I'll get better at this, I swear.
>> No. 50671
[x] Dearest! Are you all right?
>> No. 50672
Good to have you back on the keyboard, sir. Try not to get as thoroughly devoured by vidya gaems as I do; that's how month-and-a-half gaps between updates happen.

[x] "We pulled a fast one on you." (Tell her the truth...)
--[x] "And you fell for it, by the way." (...And juice the truth for everything it's worth.)

Yes, Remi will probably get a little violent with us, but that's okay. She's family. Which makes her an ideal trolling target.
>> No. 50674
[x] "We pulled a fast one on you." (Tell her the truth...)
--[x] "And you fell for it, by the way." (...And juice the truth for everything it's worth.)

He'll probably be too busy laughing to feel the pain.
>> No. 50676
[x] "We pulled a fast one on you." (Tell her the truth...)
--[x] "And you fell for it, by the way." (...And juice the truth for everything it's worth.)
>> No. 50678
[X] "We pulled a fast one on you." (Tell her the truth...)
-[X] "And you fell for it, by the way." (...And juice the truth for everything it's worth.)

The best part of any prank is that oh-so-delicious moment of dawning comprehension.
>> No. 50680
I snorted. How cruel, haha.

[x] Dearest! Are you all right?
>> No. 50682
[x] "We pulled a fast one on you." (Tell her the truth...)
--[x] "And you fell for it, by the way." (...And juice the truth for everything it's worth.)

Yes, Remi will probably get a little violent with us, but that's okay. She's family. After all you only tease those you love like this.
>> No. 50684
[x] Dearest! Are you all right?

We can't stop here, this is bat country.
>> No. 50686
[x] Dearest! Are you all right?
>> No. 50687
[x] Dearest! Are you all right?

Sure, why not?
>> No. 50688
[x] "We pulled a fast one on you." (Tell her the truth...)

Honesty is the best policy, especially when you can say "gotcha" at the end.
>> No. 50689
[X] Dearest! Are you all right?

We're not gonna get a window this time when she throws us out.

But it's too funny to pass up.
>> No. 50699
[x] "We pulled a fast one on you." (Tell her the truth...)
--[x] "And you fell for it, by the way." (...And juice the truth for everything it's worth.)
>> No. 50700
[X] Dearest! Are you all right?

Seems like an interesting choice.
>> No. 50706
[x] "We pulled a fast one on you." (Tell her the truth...)
--[x] "And you fell for it, by the way." (...And juice the truth for everything it's worth.)

Well played sir! You got me laughing for a good while.
>> No. 50760
So lording our success over Remilia won, but I'm going to go with the other option. Sorry, but the gag I now have in mind is something I can't pass up. Writing starts tomorrow.
>> No. 50763

Then what's the use of providing a vote if you're just going to ignore it for what you want anyway?
>> No. 50764
This is the first time I've chosen to pull a "writer's choice", if you will. I don't intend to do it very often at all.
>> No. 50765

If you're paying attention, he went with a write-in that gave him an idea. This is something that I cannot help but approve of.

Incidentally, I say this as the guy who first attached the "...And you fell for it" subvote.
>> No. 50815
Update coming in the next 3 to 4 days.
>> No. 50819
File 132691832113.jpg- (901.13KB , 1920x1200 , konachan-com-66846-sample.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, why the hell not. “Dearest!” You cry out. “Are you alright?”

Your sister’s eyes roll up into her head and her body goes limp.

“…You’re terrible, Wally,” Says Flandre, looking as though she’s trying very hard not to laugh. “She’ll be beyond enraged when she wakes up. Again.”

“Well, yes. But, as I said just a few minutes ago, it was completely worth it.”

Flan giggles a bit, and then looks at you. “Actually, why did the two of you come?”

“Ah, that. The first reason was to show you the article. But most importantly, we came to ask you if you wanted to be present at tomorrow’s party.”

Your youngest sister adopts a slightly troubled look. “… I’d like to. But, last time—“

You hold up a hand. “I heard about last time. If those two try to stir up trouble again, Remi will be very cross. I don’t think they want that.”


“Also, I’ll be there. You’d not only have Reimu and everyone in the mansion backing you up, you’d have me.”

At this, she smiles, and then nods. “Okay. I’ll come.”

“Atta girl. I’m proud of you, Flan.”

Flandre opens her mouth to respond, but is interrupted by a groan from the floor.

Remila props herself up slowly, and gingerly raises a hand to her head. “Ouch…”

Again, you and Flan trade uneasy glances. “Remi? Are you okay? Do… do you remember what happened?”

At this last question, the life goes out of your sister’s eyes, leaving an empty void. “I tripped and hit my head.” She replies in a dull monotone. A moment later, the life returns to her eyes, and she applies a bit of pressure to a spot on her head, wincing almost as soon as her fingers connect.

Her mind seems to be working in tandem with her body to pretend that the prank never happened.

…You guess you and Flandre are off the hook. For now, at least.

“Maybe we should call Sakuya,” you say, and on cue, the maid appears.


“Remilia tripped and hit her head. Could you escort her to her room?”

Sakuya gives you a probing look, and then nods, all business. “Certainly.”

She picks up her mistress, and the two of them vanish. Silence reigns for a minute.

“Are we… safe?” asks Flandre after a minute.

“Looks like it.”

“I actually kind of feel bad for Remi now.”

“Hmm. Well, let’s enjoy our escape for the time being.”

The door opens at this point, and Sakuya walks in. “The mistress is resting. However, I’d like some explanations.”

Looks like you’ll have to man up. “Alright.” You explain what happened.

When you reach the part where you knocked out Remilia a second time, the head maid snorts uncharacteristically. “That sounds hilarious. I’m sorry I missed it.”

That’s a bit surprising. “I was under the impression that you were Remilia’s biggest supporter.”

“I am. She gave me a purpose, and treats me with respect. I am and always will be unflinchingly loyal to her. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have some fun at her expense. Because let’s be frank, she needs to be taken down a peg every now and then— too much ego is bad for anyone. And if someone can get a laugh out of it, then cheers to them,” she says. “I have to say, though, I’m impressed. I’ve found that it takes quite a bit of preparation or natural talent to get to her like that.”

You gesture to your sister. “Flan here provided the set-up. I was lucky to catch on and react so quickly.”

“Well,” says the maid. “I think this calls for a celebratory treat. Since this was apparently your stunt, Flandre, why don’t you pick out something you’d like to eat.”

“… Could we have crepes?”

Sakuya nods, and gives you a glance.

[x] Offer to make the crepes.
[x] Defer to Sakuya this time.
>> No. 50820
[x] Defer to Sakuya this time.
>> No. 50821
[x] Defer to Sakuya this time.

I almost feel bad for laughing. Almost.
Poor Remi.
>> No. 50822
[x]Defer to Sakuya this time.

That was pro, Flan. Truly pro.
>> No. 50823
[x]Defer to Sakuya this time.

She's the expert after all, though we should find out what Patchy likes to eat and take some notes from Sakuya on how to make it.
>> No. 50833
[X] Defer to Sakuya this time.

Well, that was actually better than what I was hoping for with the winning vote.

Though Remilia's dulling of the eyes and monotone voice concern me. Bad things are on the horizon.
>> No. 50838
[x] Offer to make the crepes.

Brotherly love, or something.
>> No. 50839
[x] Offer to make the crepes.

Was Wally not pretty good at making crepes?
>> No. 50849
Hard to say but I don't think he stands up to snuff against Sakuya of all people.
>> No. 50863
Wallace's crepes are decent, but slightly bland.
>> No. 50866
[x] Offer to make the crepes.
[x]Ask if flandre would like to help make them
>> No. 50867
[X] Everybody helps!
>> No. 50869
[x] Offer to make the crepes.
[x] Ask if flandre would like to help make them.

Sakuya may be a superior pâtissier, but these will be baked with brotherly love. Also, since they'll take a while to bake, it's a good apology to Remi when she vertical again.
>> No. 50873
[x] Offer to make the crepes.
[x] Ask if flandre would like to help make them.

More family bonding perhaps your mom taught you how to cook the crepes
>> No. 50875
So the NFC Championship game is over. Give me two or three days to wallow in my misery, and then I'll start writing.
>> No. 50877
>> No. 50901
Uh, looks like the votes are tied. I need three more votes to break it, as I don't know if I can combine these.
>> No. 50902
[x] Offer to make the crepes, but ask Sakuya if she has nay advice on how to improve our skills.

She said they were a bit bland. Let's take this chance to improve our mad cooking skillz.
>> No. 50903
[x] Offer to make the crepes, but ask Sakuya if she has any advice on how to improve our skills.
[x] Ask if Flandre would like to help make them.

Hopefully asking Sakuya for cooking advice and having Flandre help fit together. If not, feel free to count it as a vote for either.

>> No. 50904
Bite me.
>> No. 50905
[x] Offer to make the crepes, but ask Sakuya if she has any advice on how to improve our skills.
[x] Ask if Flandre would like to help make them.

Trolls be trollin'.
>> No. 50930
A word of advice: don't take your sleep meds in the morning, and the stuff that keeps you focused at night.
>> No. 50949
I am back on a regular sleep schedule, and more importantly, I've begun writing.
>> No. 51029
File 132795228374.png- (912.34KB , 1000x850 , 1285994888530.png ) [iqdb]
An idea strikes you. “How about I make them?”

Flandre’s head snaps towards you. “You can make crepes?!”

You nod. “I’m probably not up to Sakuya’s level. I’ve been told mine are slightly bland.”

Your sister frowns, and looks downward, mumbling to herself. “What do we do…”

“…Flan? What’s wrong?”

She looks up. “It’s a tough decision. I want to eat your crepes, but I want them to be really good…”

Another idea comes to mind. “How about we all make them?

Flan shakes her head. “Crepes are really delicate. I’d just mess it up.”

Looks like she’s taking this seriously. “Well, then just Sakuya and me.”

The maid nods in approval. “Very well. I can also show you why yours are on the bland side.”

“That’d be much appreciated. Shall we?”

About forty-five minutes later, you and your sister are seated at the main table.

“Sakuya’s taking too long,” Flandre mutters. “The crepes were done five minutes ago; what is she doing?”

You put a hand on her shoulder. “Be patient, Flan. She said she had to get something from her room.”


“I’m back.” Says Sakuya as she walks into the room. She’s holding a pair of glass cups and a bottle, but you can’t see the label.

Your sister tilts her head. “What’s that?”

The maid places the bottle on the table, revealing the label. “Cognac. One of my better bottles.”

Flandre adopts a look of severe disinterest. “May I have a crepe now?”

Sakuya nods, and your sister takes one of the desserts and starts on it. The maid turns to you. “Would you like a glass?”

“That would be nice. I’m slightly surprised, though. I pegged you as more of a wine person,” you say, and then you smile guiltily. “Actually, I’d made the assumption that you weren’t a drinker.”

She chuckles a bit as she opens the bottle. “No offense taken. I drink moderately— which I admit is hard to do in Gensokyo. I have no desire to get drunk these days, nor do I have the luxury to do so. As to my tastes in drinks,” She pours the drink. “Wine is more of the mistresses’ fare. I actually collect expensive alcohol.”


“Mind you, I have to take strict measures to guard my collection— if Marisa ever caught wind of it, there would be trouble.”

You frown. “So she doesn’t just steal books?”

“I see you’ve met her.”

“Twice. First in the library, and then at Kourindo. She didn’t seem like a bad person, but…”

“She isn’t. It’s… complicated.”

[x] Gently press the issue.
[x] Drop it. You'll save your judgement of Marisa until you get to know her better.
>> No. 51030
[x] Drop it. You'll save your judgement of Marisa until you get to know her better.

Let's wait until we know more before asking Sakuya her take.
>> No. 51031
[x] Gently press the issue.
There's nothing wrong with having more input to consider as long we take it with a grain of salt.
>> No. 51033
[x] Gently press the issue.
>> No. 51076
Guys? It's been nearly three days, and I've only gotten three votes. I'm a bit concerned.
>> No. 51078
[x] Gently press the issue.

Sorry. Last time I had a look at this thread, you had said you were writing and I didn't notice the update.
>> No. 51079
[x] Gently press the issue.
>> No. 51080
[x] Gently press the issue.
>> No. 51081
It's cool.
>> No. 51085
[x] Gently press the issue.

Probably just a not-so-mild case of kleptomania.
>> No. 51116
[x] Gently press the issue.

Why not?
>> No. 51132
Hahaha! Suck it, Patriots!

Also, writing starts tomorrow.
>> No. 51161
File 132865369460.jpg- (93.43KB , 450x322 , 522974-bigthumbnail.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Well, since you brought it up…”

“…” The maid is silent for a moment. “Marisa is the eldest child of Norio Kirisame, the owner of the General Store in the Human Village. She has a younger brother, and that’s where this whole issue came to a head.” She takes a long sip of her drink. “From what I gather, Marisa has always been brash and headstrong. Such a personality in a child is bound to irritate parents; even more so when your father has very… pointed views about how the female gender should behave and be treated.”

Ah. “I think I see where this is going,” you say. “So she began stealing as a way to rebel?”

Sakuya shakes her head. “Not until sometime after her brother was born. When he came along, all the attention went to him. She was practically ignored by her whole family. The only person who gave her attention was Rinnosuke.”

You blink. “The same Rinnosuke who runs Kourindou?”

“Yes. He was her father’s apprentice at the time. Anyways, he kick-started her interest in magic. She began studying in secret, and when her father found out…”

“He disowned her.” Saying it leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

“Exactly. And that’s when she started to steal.”

“To survive?” You prod.


…Something doesn’t seem right, though. “Then why does she still do it?”

“… I’d assume she enjoys the thrill. That, and… I think she’s still rebelling against her father.”

You take a sip of your drink. “While I sympathize with her, that still doesn’t excuse thievery.” You’re getting sort of tired of saying that.

“True. But… somewhere along the line, we started taking it in stride. Sure, there are lines that she’s crossed, and we’ve reprimanded her for it. But in the end…” she trails off. “You need to understand, there’s a sort of bond between the youkai of Gensokyo and the humans who can go toe-to-toe with them. We may not always get along, but at the end of the day, there’s a sense of unity amongst us. And if someone important to us like Marisa were to change her behavior that drastically… well, we like her as she is.”

There’s a noise of agreement from your sister, and you turn to her. “Any input, Flan?”

“I like Marisa. She treats me like she treats everyone else— kind of like Reimu, only more blunt.”

“… That’s not usually a positive trait, dear.”

“I know. But….” She looks thoughtful. “She kind of reminds me of Papa.”

Your father? They both have that same flippant disregard for formality, and they’re both magnetically upbeat… yeah, you can see it. “So what is she to you? A surrogate father figure?” You ask jokingly as you take another sip.

“… Well, she has the chest for it.”

The fine cognac sprays across the table. “Excuse me?!”

Sakuya frowns. “Flandre, if you’re going to say things like that, wait until after he’s swallowed his drink. That’s expensive stuff.”

You whirl on her. “That’s what you’re taking issue with?!” You and Yukari are going to have a long talk on what she’s been putting in your sister’s head.

Giggling from the side distracts you, though, and as you watch Flandre laugh, you decide that maybe you’ll put it off for later.

“Quit fidgeting!

“I’m not fidgeting, you are!”

It’s the evening of the party, and Remilia is now fussing over your outfit, as she has been for the last five minutes.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Your tie is crooked, and if you’d just let me fix it—“

“It’s not crooked, Remi!”

Your sister opens her mouth, then shuts it. “Fine, fine. I give up. Just stand behind the curtain, wait for your cue, and then walk onstage so that they can laugh at your tie.” With that, she turns and heads off. On a whim, you summon a water mirror, enchanted to show your reflection.

…She’s crazy. Your tie is perfectly fine.

About fifteen minutes later, the murmur of voices in the party room die down as your sister begins to speak. Lost in your thoughts, you’re only half listening to her grandiose speech.

“…And so I’d like to introduce to you my brother, Wallachia Émilien Scarlet!”

There’s your cue. You walk on out.

Wow, that’s a lot of women.

“Anything you’d like to say?” asks your sister. You nod, and look over the crowd.

“…It must have been hard for all of you, dealing with Remilia,” you say. You can feel Remi’s glare, and you just know she’ll get you back for that, but the hearty laughs from the crowd is worth it. “I don’t know how successful I’ll be, but I’ll try to reign her in.”

“Well, that’s enough out of him for now,” declares your sister. “Now it’s time for food and drink!”

Cheeky, but she seems to have successfully shifted the attention off of you. You guess you’ll mingle with the crowd.

Touhou Roll Call!

[x] Reimu! (miko time)
[x] Rinnosuke! (hi, dude)
[x] Yukari! (what a cool gal)
[x] Ayaaaa!
[x] Alternatively, pick a Touhou. (if it’s one we haven’t met in-story, describe their appearance)
>> No. 51162
[x] Reimu! (miko time)

Reimu's been pretty cool with us. May as well give her a greeting.
>> No. 51165
[x] Reimu! (miko time)
>> No. 51166
[X] Miko Miko Reimu
-[x]Yukari if we have more time or can combine it.

Damnit for some reason this option made that song pop up in my head.
>> No. 51167
[x] Yukari! (what a cool gal)

We need to have words with her. Also, I always liked Tim Servo.
>> No. 51168
[x] Reimu! (miko time)
Miko it up.
>> No. 51170
[x] Patchouli (booooooks)
>> No. 51172
[x] Yukari! (what a cool gal)
>> No. 51173
Let's go talk to the green-haired, red-eyed woman in the plaid dress who's pointing a parasol at u-

On a more serious note,
[x] Reimu
-[x]Yukari also, if she's nearby or we have time
>> No. 51174
I couldn't find a way to mention this, but she hasn't arrived at the party yet. She'll be there soon, though
>> No. 51176
That's Tom, Weasy.
>> No. 51179
[x] Yukari! (what a cool gal)
>> No. 51180
[x] Yukari! (what a cool gal)
[x] Ayaaaa!
[x] Reimu! (miko time)
[x] Rinnosuke! (hi, dude)
Reimu if she shows up after you get done talking to yukari
>> No. 51181
[x] Reimu! (miko time)

It's been a bit of while since we last talked to Reimu. It's also too soon to go about seeking Patchouli.
>> No. 51183
[x] Reimu! (miko time)
>> No. 51184
[x] Yukari! (what a cool gal)
>> No. 51185
[x] Yukari! (what a cool gal)
>> No. 51186
[x] Reimu! (miko time)

Just for friendly banter. I will defend this Patchy route with my all.
>> No. 51187
[x] Reimu! (miko time)
>> No. 51206
Raymoo may be my favorite Touhou, but she and Wallace will be good friends at the very most.
>> No. 51207
Heyyy.... Aya's in Crow's place.
>> No. 51208
And with four A's to match Croooow's four O's. I'm particularly proud of that bit.
>> No. 51209
[X] Marisa
[X] The green haired one that is wearing similar clothing to Reimu, except there's blue instead of red.
-[X] Is she waving you over?

Moriya Shrine Conspiricy go!
>> No. 51286
[x] Yukari! (what a cool gal)
>> No. 51291
Writing starts today.

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