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"Say, how did you get in here?"
A childlike face. Ignorant, young looking. Everyday on the outside...
"Through the door of course." he explains with a neutral expression on his face.
"Indeed. I do forget to close it from time to time. I forget things. Things like day and s of the week or people's names. Tell. me. What's my name?" she asks with curiosity.
"It is something you Own. And you can only own it if it is given. I don't know it because I have yet to give it to you."
"You?" she chuckles resentfully. "You're so weak and fragile. I don't want anything from you. You're boring." she says, still smiling with content.
"Hmph." he exclaimed. "So say you, who's known nothing but boredom. One would think you'd know it well by now but 1 is often wrong. It is the majority that decides and the majority decides I'm alive, for now. You... you're nothing but a corpse.
A sick one.
Not since always no, but since the moment you realized you are, you have been- "
"Called many things before but that's the first I hear of that." She interrupts. "You... didn't you just give me a name? I thought I said I didn't want anything from you!" she says, her voice raised. "You're not very good at listening to people are you?!"
"You even asked me to give you your name..." the voice replies calmly.
"Not the same name! I want my name not yours! That name is yours and not mine!" she barks back.
"But to me it is unknown. Then what would you like to be called?"
"Never mind that." she retorts, annoyed. "What have you come here for?"
"That, eh? I grew bored. I suppose it's a shout thing. Something about shouting anyway."
"Well you better not shout in here or your head will roll yo..."
He looked at his surroundings. Pitch darkness everywhere, but he could make out the silhouettes of several everyday objects in the far reaches of the room.
"...u he..."
Dusty armchair, rickety table with a cracked bowl of fresh fruit. "Hah. Nice contrast." He thought to himself. It all seems very old. And somehow nostalgic for some reason. Why? He'd never been here before.
"ear me?? Do you even?"
Ignoring her completely, he turned his head where he thought west is "I wonder... is it morning yet?"
"Huh?" she asked, puzzled.
"Nights can be so long. Especially nights, or rather, cloudy whiles of reason. Most likely both though, since they both last forever."
"A-are you talking about me?!?" her face burning with shame and anger "How insolent!!" and with a swipe of her hand, off went his head.


"Well! That was surprising." he said cheerfully. "You finally feel like playing!"
"I see~ So you're one of us a re you?" a smile forming on her lips again.
""Oh no not at all-" is what I'd like to say... I suppose I can't but I am definitely not one of you."
She frowned. What nonsense! "What are you then?"

He smiled, delighted.

The head grinned delightedly
"Something that starts with a "phew", if you know what I mean. The silent p and almost h kind you know? The "Phew living is easy when you don't have to do anything to do it" you know? Just not that kind."
She frowned some more. This was getting out of hand. The body certainly is no longer moving but the head keeps yapping about confusing stuff. "Stop messing around already."
The head sighed.

He sighed.
"I'm you of course."
"What?" she queried, stunned
"Not the one you are but a different one. The one that's also everyone else, just like you. I'm here because I feel/felt you wanted me to be or at least have/had no objection to me being here. I'd have said something sooner but I'm not a very good spokesperson. Communicationsperson."
Her face turned "..." sour again. Sourer than sour even.
"Wha-""This conversation is over." she said, grasping him and clenching him in her hand.

"Well. That was a waste of time."
She sat down on her throne again.

And as she sat there in silence, contemplating his words once more, she realized.
"Oh. He was wrong in the end wasn't he? He was me to an extent but he was more you than he was me, though he did have a bit of everyone else in him."
"...maybe I should not have destroyed him." she said with a hint of regret. She leaned her head on her hand and puffed out her cheek sulkingly. "You always kill the fun ones before they get fun" she said. Her face took on a lonely expression.
"Maybe someone interesting will come tomorrow again... I should leave the door open."

I'm fine now thanks~
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