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38868 No. 38868
“Just who exactly are you?” Maybe you could have worded that better, but something about this woman-- despite her casual and rather aloof personality-- is putting you on edge.

Yukari chuckles. “Straight to the point, I see.” She straightens up, looks right at you, and for just one brief instant radiates power. Then it's gone. “I am Yukari Yakumo, the youkai of boundaries.”

Holy shit. A lesser man would have lost control of his lower bodily functions. As it is, you break out into a cold sweat. This woman is powerful, even dwarfing Flandre, the most powerful person you know. This is the sort of person Remila deals with?

“Uh, um, let me just say right off the bat that I'm sorry for any trouble my me or my sisters have caused you.” You're going to try to stay on this woman's good side for as long as you can. “And the barrier's still working, right?”

“Oh, the barrier's fine.” the youkai giggles. “And your sisters haven't been a problem. They're adorable, actually.”

To hear someone other than your parents call your sisters “adorable” so casually is... rather unsettling.

“Well... I guess you can handle them. You're not a normal...” you pause, trying to think of a number. The lower the better, probably. “Seventeen-year-old?”

“Oh my,” say Yuyuko. “He got it right on his first try.”

“Very good, indeed.” agrees Yukari. “I almost wish I could keep him.”

That stops you short. It would be entirely within this woman's ability to follow up on that statement.

“... But that wouldn't be fair to Flan-chan, would it?” she finishes. You sigh, relieved. But wait a minute....

“I wasn't under the impression that Flandre... got out that much. Have you met her before?”

Yukari nods. “Remilia let her come to a party once. I met her there. Ever since, I've... snuck in occasionally to play with her.” She sighs, and her eyes harden slightly. “It's a shame she isn't allowed to come out more often.”

You wince. That's always been something you've regretted. “After... a certain event, it became clear that Flandre was not totally in control of her powers or emotions. Without our parents to guide our decisions, Remilia and I chose to lock her in the basement. But you're right. It is a shame. I'll talk to Remilia about giving her more freedom.”

Yukari smiles, her eyes losing their harshness. “You're a good brother, Wallace.”

“No,” you shake your head. “I'm not. A good brother wouldn't have left his sisters alone for two hundred and fifty years with only a handful of letters. If I'd been there for them, maybe I could agree with you.”

“I disagree,” says Yuyuko. “You're here now, thinking of them. That's what matters, right?”

“I guess...” you trail off. You aren't so sure about that. You can't honestly say that you've regretted going on your journey.

There's a knock on the door and Youmu enters, carrying a tray of sake and snacks. Yuyuko's face lights up.

“Youmuuuu! What took you?”

Youmu frowns. “It's only been fifteen minutes, Yuyuko-sama.”

Speaking of which, what time is it? You look at your wrist. There isn't anything there. That's right, you stopped wearing a watch years ago. Whoops.

“Um, do any of you know what time it is?”

Yukari nods. “Hold on a moment.”

And then the air opens up. You see a endless abyss, filled with red, blinking eyes, and... is that a clock?”

“It's half past two. Why, are you leaving already?”

[x] "Yes, in fact."
[x] "No, just curious."

You people are wonderful.

>> No. 38869
Yes... yes we are. and so are you.
[x] "Yes, in fact."
>> No. 38871
[x] "No, just curious."

Why would we leave the company of two beautiful seventeen-year-old girls?

Also, food. It would be rude to leave without eating something after Youmu got it for us.

Glad this is back.
>> No. 38872
{X} "No, just curious."
>> No. 38873
[x] "No, just curious."
Not yet Snake Yukari, is not over yet!
>> No. 38877
[ø] "No, just curious."
>> No. 38878
[x] "No, just curious."

Must be 2am in the morning, everyone else is most likely still asleep, and it's a bit too late to make other plans so why not enjoy the company. Now if this was a time where other folks were awake, I'd be more for going on a polite note.

That being said, Yukari being Flandre's playmate is both awesome and scary. I don't think there'd be much of anything that can keep Yukari out.

Welcome back!
>> No. 38880
[X] "No, just curious."

I have a feeling we'll be playing some Domination Sabotage with Yukari later.
>> No. 38883
[half-inch] "No, just curious."

It's nice to see an update from you.
>> No. 38884
[x] "No, just curious."

Hang out drinking with Yukari and Yuyuko and Youmu? Yes please.
>> No. 38886
Only until Patchy wakes up.
>> No. 38887

Patchy who? Isnt it sad?
>> No. 38889
You better be kidding. It's been too long without a Patchy route, and it's practically destined.

And nothing's worse than faggots who jump in the middle of a story with their own ideas of who to go after; that's how GH's shitstorms started
>> No. 38893
[x] "No, just curious."


Yes, you are sad. I'm sorry, but I will die before I let this story change routes.

Yes to both parts.

By the way it's very nice to see you back and writing.
>> No. 38894

Hah I couldn't resist saying that, too tempting!

Also about the faggots jumping in the middle, I don't think you can say that to anyone right now (Although I do understand where you're coming from). While we are on thread 3, we've only been in Gensokyo for how long? 2-3 days maybe, if we're thinking in typical VN terms some characters don't even come out till the 2nd week. We're not route locked yet!

Plus you can't be expect people to choose what you or the majority like, if they wish for Lily (Oh Gods no) then that's their right. Of course it might not mean a damn thing since it's actually majority rules.

Although speaking about a Patchy route, I'm actually one whose hoping GH swings back that way. It's leaning towards Flandre yes but with what current events are showing we still have a good chance possibly. Give me Patchy or give me death....Or Remilia.


Damn man calm down it's only a CYOA! Like I said to the above Anon it's only been a couple days into the story, we aren't heavily into someone's route or even route locked yet! And if the majority of Anon and tripfags vote for a character, be it Yukari like I wish or Patchy like others do, then that's something you'll have to deal with. It's not something you can force down our throats (also votes are marked by IP so vote spamming won't help).
>> No. 38902

Stubborn fools like you are why GH is on hiatus. And while this may not be exactly in the middle, A) That kind of shit caused the shitstorms in GH and B) This shit is disrupting the harmony. Also while this Yukari is nice, she's not SLDT's AoS grade. His Yukari was so lovable that everyone aimed for her.
>> No. 38910
[x] "No, just curious."

Too true. Remilia all the way!

Seriously, though, stop thinking in terms of routes routes routes fucking routes. It hurts the site overall when you do.
>> No. 39245
I'm having a bit of trouble writing the party (if it can be called that). Should I cop out and shorten it, allowing me to get an update out sooner? Or should I tough it out and take my time?
>> No. 39246

Cop-out. Don't want the story to stop because you can't write it anymore.
>> No. 39247
Holy shit that was fast. But I'll wait for a few more responses.
>> No. 39249
Take your time. You're writing it so I don't think you'll stop midway anyway and I preffer quality over quantity.
>> No. 39251
Take as much time as you need.
>> No. 39259
We're fine with waiting. We just hope that there aren't any problems other than speed. For your own sake, that is. It's not healthy to struggle too much with something.
>> No. 39380
File 127726595876.jpg - (911.56KB , 1250x1000 , 1272850813681.jpg ) [iqdb]
About two hours later, you're on your fourth cup. Youmu (who was dragged into the group) passed out after her second, and is snoring in a corner. Yukari and Yuyuko, however, have torn their way through a number of bottles and are thoroughly smashed.

“Sho Warrash,” slurs Yuyuko. “Hoo arr yu gowin aftir?”

“...What?” You have to take a minute to decipher what she just said. “'Who am I going after?' What do you mean by that?” You're almost afraid to ask.

“Wat gurl arr yu gowin aftir,” Yukari clarifies. “Raymoo? Arish? Passhy? Sockya? Orr meebee,” she puts on what you think is supposed to be a sultry face. “...mee?”

Normally, you'd end the conversation right there. But the alcohol has loosened your tongue a bit, so you give it some thought.

“I'd hesitate to say that I'm 'going after' any one of them, but I see what you mean.” You pause. “Reimu doesn't seem like my type, romantically-- but I think she'd make a great friend. Alice I don't know well enough to make any guesses about, but maybe. Sakuya I'm also not sure about. She's Remi's faithful servant, and I might get in the way of that. And if you get this drunk habitually,” You deadpan. “Then you're out of the picture. I like my women to be in full control of themselves as much as possible.”


“Hush. And finally, Patchouli....” Here you stop. How do you feel about Patchouli? She's incredibly smart, beautiful... kind? Well, not overtly malicious, as far as you can tell. But there's chemistry there, you're sure of that.

“You like her.” says Yukari.

“I gue- wait.” That wasn't slurred. Neither was the 'darn' before that. You look up. Yukari is looking at you, and she looks very sober.

“Weren't you incredibly drunk a minute ago?” How did she return to normal so quickly?

“Oh, it was simple. I just manipulated the boundary between 'smashed' and 'sober' a bit. It's simple, really.”

“Cheater,” mumbles Yuyuko.

“So when you say 'boundaries, you mean...?”

“Exactly. I can manipulate any border or boundary, be they physical or abstract. The border between lies and the truth, the boundary between here and there... it's all within my power.”

“Fascinating,” you murmur. The potential that power holds is limitless. All physical and magical laws would crumble in this woman's hands.

“But!” Yukari's voice brings you out of your thoughts. “That's enough about me. We were talking about something much more interesting, I believe.”

You frown. “Are my hormone and alcohol riddled musings that intriguing?”

The blonde youkai laughs. “Dear, there are only two other interesting men in Gensokyo. One's an very old friend, so I've had my fun with him, and the other's something of a wet blanket. All the other men run at the sight of me. We get the occasional newcomer, but the interesting ones are almost always women. But you? A strapping, handsome young man that I can play with? Priceless. So,” She leans forward. “What's the verdict on Miss Knowledge?”

[x] "It's too early to say."
[x] "I guess I have a slight crush on her."

Reimu would totally be the best (wo)man at Wallace's wedding.
>> No. 39382
I am torn... the crap thing about it though, is that I know what the rest of the anon body is going to vote for...
[x] "It's too early to say."
Piss against the tide!
>> No. 39386
[x] "It's too early to say."
It is
>> No. 39387
[x] "It's too early to say."
>> No. 39388
I'd like to point out that Wallace never actually said those things about Patchy-- he just though them.
>> No. 39389
[x] "I guess I have a slight crush on her."
[x] "But I'd think it'd help you if you were... more down to earth and less aloof and imposing, if that helps. More down to earth would help."

Too early to have a mere crush? Bull. Crushes can spring up at a glance. I remember my first crush coming about like it was yesterday. And there's no other girl that Wallace has taken a liking to so fast.

Now if Yukari was asking if he loved her, I would say it's too early.
>> No. 39390
[x] "It's too early to say."

Feel exactly what the choice says, it's still too early! Maybe it'll be Patchy down the line but I wanna see how we interact with other characters. Hell for all we know we might just go fanatic for another character....Maybe even....Rinnosuke!
Hah that would seriously crack me up, think that would be the first male homosexual route on this site! But seriously I wanna see how this Yukari or Yuyuko plays out...maybe even Youmu?
>> No. 39392
[x] "I guess I have a slight crush on her."


That's impossible. True end is Youki end.
>> No. 39394
[x] "I guess I have a slight crush on her."

It's a crush. Man has a crush. It happens. This has little to no permanent bearing.
>> No. 39395
[X] "It's too early to say."
>> No. 39396
That'd take an absurd masterstroke ala SLDT's Yukari. And that doesn't happen too often at all.

This is called staying focused on target. Yukari would be bored by a bookworm like him anyways.
>> No. 39408
[X] "I guess I have a slight crush on her."

Admit it, Wallace. You like your fellow bookworm.
>> No. 39414
{X} "I guess I have a slight crush on her."
>> No. 39421
[Å] "I guess I have a slight crush on her."
>> No. 39430
Admitting it and being evasive. I can't figure out which option is less likely to make Yukari want to interfere. Or maybe this is just a chance to increment patchy_pts?
>> No. 39433

>Implying you can stop Yukari from interfering if she wants to

Good one.
>> No. 39436
[x] "I guess I have a slight crush on her."

>> No. 39439
File 127734517923.png - (20.30KB , 400x450 , 3742577.png ) [iqdb]
>if she wants to
>which option is less likely to make Yukari want to interfere
>> No. 39442
It sounded like she had an interest already in Wallace.
>> No. 39490
Votes called, writing begun.
>> No. 39538
>> No. 39584
File 127765253715.jpg - (336.92KB , 1280x986 , 1272396764238.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I... I guess I have a slight crush on her.” Yeah, that sounds right. It's only been two days, but you'd like to be closer to the lavender-haired librarian.

Yukari grins. “Wonderful. Now, who should I tell first? Patchy? Remilia? Or, how about Aya?”

You thought this might happen. “I have no idea who Aya is, but you're not telling anyone.”


You smile confidently. “Because if you tell anyone, I'll tell Flandre that you've been mean to me.”

The youkai's eyes widen in mock horror. “You wouldn't!”

“I believe you've underestimated me, Miss Yakumo. While I may seem like a polite and congenial person, you've forgotten that I am still a member of the noble Scarlet family. Do you understand what that means? It means that I have to protect our reputation, no matter what. So,” you shrug. “It's your call. Do you keep quiet, and ensure your friendship with my youngest sister? Or do you spill our little secret, and risk losing a playmate?”

The room is silent, save for the snores of Youmu and Yuyuko (who passed out a minute ago). And then the two of you burst into laughter.

“Bwahahaha! I almost thought you were serious for a moment there!” Yukari gasps, doubled over. “You sounded so much like your sister!”

“I know, right?” you chuckle. “If Remi was here to hear that, she'd wallop me!”

A moment passes. “But seriously though, I'd never hear the end of it if anyone found out about my crush. Could I ask you to keep quiet about it?”

Yukari nods. “Yes, your secret is safe with me. It's the least I could do in return for all the fun you've provided me with.”

You smile. “Thank you.” You stand. “Well, it's getting late, and I owe Flandre a bedtime story.”

“Well,” says Yukari. “I wouldn't want to deny her that. And, since I'm such a nice person, I'll give you a lift.” A bow-tipped gap appears in the air next to her. “Just step in and it'll take you to your mansion.”

“Is... it safe?” You trust her, but the multitude of eyes are... rather unsettling.

Yukari smiles. “There are only two types of people I'd have enter an unsafe gap-- people who willingly bring harm to those close to them, and vikings. Despite what you may think, you aren't the first, and unless you're not telling me something, you definitely aren't the second.”


She nods. “Yes, vikings. I don't know why, but they've always pissed me off.” A moment later, she shrugs. “Well, you'd best be going. That story won't read itself, after all.”

You smile and bow. “It was nice meeting you, Miss Yakumo. I hope to see you again sometime.”

She waves a hand. “If I know your sister, she'll throw a party announcing your presence to the whole of Gensokyo at some point in the near future.”

“She will, won't she? Ah well. Goodbye, then.” Waving once, you take a deep breath and step through the gap.

You blink. You're standing in front of the double doors leading into the mansion. You shake your head, and step on through.

“Ah, you're back.” The first person you see is Sakuya, dusting the vases in the foyer.

“Yes. I met the most interesting people tonight.” you respond. “Is everyone in this land so unique?”

The maid laughs. “You don't know the half of it. By the way,” she says. “Remilia wants to talk to you as soon as possible.”

“She does, does she? That's fine with me-- I need to talk to her as well. But first, I have a prior engagement. Is Flan going to bed soon?”

Sakuya nods. “She should be getting ready just about now. Bedtime story?”

“Bedtime story.”

She smiles. “Well, the mistress could learn some patience. Have fun.”

You nod and head towards the basement.

You knock on your sister's door. “Hey, Flan. You ready for bed?”

“Almost!” is the muffled reply. About two minutes later, the door opens, revealing Flandre in her nightgown. “I'm ready, Wally!” She skips over to her bed, jumps, and flops down, launching her pillows and stuffed animals into the air. As you approach her, she maneuvers herself under the covers.

“Now,” you say. “Before I start, I'd like to talk to you about something.”

Flandre tilts her head. “What is it?”

“I met a friend of yours today-- Yukari Yakumo. Don't worry, no one is in any trouble,” you reassure her as she flinches. “Relax. Anyways, we were talking, and she brought up a very good point.” You smile warmly at her. “You've grown more mature in years since I left. You're on your way to becoming a fine young lady. I'm very proud of you, Flandre. So tonight, I'm going to talk to Remi about giving you some more freedom. You deserve it.”

She looks oddly apprehensive. “Are you sure? I still break lots of things without meaning too...”

“Well,” You say. “We can work on that. Now, it's story time, so cheer up, alright? Good girl. So, where were we...”

You close the door softly behind you. Flandre is asleep, and you're vaugely tired yourself. A nap is in order, soon. But what to do until then?

[x] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.
[x] Head to the library. Remilia can wait a bit.

On a side note, I'll be able to get legally drunk while working on this in 1 year.
>> No. 39585
File 127765373841.jpg - (38.29KB , 600x338 , miranda.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.

Wally is a good brother now.

I hope you enjoy being one year closer to death.
>> No. 39587
“There are only two types of people I'd have enter an unsafe gap-- people who willingly bring harm to those close to them, and vikings."

I see what you did there.

[x] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.
>> No. 39589
I know right? That story is really good. Makes me sad to think about ht recent speed but.. meh

[x] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.
>> No. 39590
[x] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.
We're late already why make her wait even more? MC does not seem like an ass.
>On a side note, I'll be able to get legally drunk while working on this in 1 year.
I guess congratulations are in order?
On a side not... you sure this is going to run for another year? That long? Nice.
>> No. 39592
[x] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.

It's important to get this done.
>> No. 39594
If anyone can needlessly drag something out, it's me.
>> No. 39598
[x] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.

Patchy might be asleep anyways, and she'd rather have us focus on family first.
>> No. 39600
[vikings] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.

For freedom.
>> No. 39604
File 127767110017.jpg - (19.88KB , 256x224 , Lost_Vikings_snes_ScreenShot1.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 39606
[X] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.

She may be our sister, but experience has shown that it is a bad idea to piss her off.
>> No. 39619

Go read Gensokyoland Saga, then you'll get the reason why.


Which one?
>> No. 39620
I think he was referring to Remilia, who actually THREW him out of the house one time. Between the two, Remi generally has the shorter temper.
>> No. 39621

But with Flandre, you'll be lucky if you still have a blood splatter left.
>> No. 39623
[X] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.
>> No. 39625
Unless you're a vampire. They have that weird habit of not dying when they're killed.
>> No. 39626
[X] Go talk to Remilia about Flandre.

Aye. And considering how much hell remi could make Wally's life, being Kyu-d is probably a fairly minor worry.
>> No. 39629
I've called the votes, and have begun writing. Please wait warmly. Or coolly, whichever you prefer.
>> No. 39630
Waiting warmly.
>> No. 39631
I'd think it'd take alot on a bad day for Flan to Kyu her big brother.
>> No. 39643
On a side note, do you guys mind if I give Remilia and Flandre middle names?
>> No. 39645
So long as they aren't particularly stupid then I would love it. Well, that's unless them being stupid would lead to something funny. Then I would have no complaints at all. I would have voted in this post too if I wasn't such a slowpoke.
>> No. 39646
Adèle for Remilia (meaning "Little Noble"), Corinne for Flandre (meaning "Maiden")
>> No. 39647
Yep, no complaints from me at all! Those are quite nice and fitting in my opinion.
>> No. 39649
Are you going to take a shot at explaining Remilia's infamous naming sense?

With spell cards like "BAD LADY SCRAMBLE", you can't help to laugh.
>> No. 39704
File 127791264545.jpg - (351.17KB , 800x864 , 1271083433758.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sakuya leads you to one of the verandas, where Remilia is sipping some tea. She looks up and smirks.

“Ah, there you are. Come, sit down and have some tea.”

“I think I will.” you say, and take the seat across from her. The maid pours you a cup as your sister leans forward.

“You look very content. Where did you go on your little excursion?”

You take a sip of the tea (it's amazing). “I went to Hakugyokurou, the mansion of a Yuyuko Saigyouji.”

Remilia raises an eyebrow. “How is Yuyuko?”

“Last I saw, she was passed out from drinking too much. But her friend was there as well, one...”

“Yukari Yakumo.” Is it just you, or is there a slight hint of worry in her eyes?

“Yes,” you say. “That's right. How did you know?”

She shrugs. “If there's a friend of Yuyuko's, it's bound to be Yukari. You didn't get into any trouble, I hope?”

You shake your head as she takes a sip from her cup. “I had a few drinks, and a conversation. Did you know that she sneaks into the mansion to play with Flandre?”

Your sister goes absolutely still for a moment, and then her cup starts to shake rapidly. You blink-- and it's gone. Out of the corner of your eye you see Sakuya holding the teacup. Remilia, however, is shaking, her face contorted in indignation.

“How dare she?! How dare both of them?! I'm going to talk to Flandre right now, and--”

“Remilia Adèle Scarlet, sit down.”

You don't like using what you call your “big brother voice” for two reasons; first, it makes you feel like the bad guy. Second, there's usually no point in using it-- Flan gets teary eyed when you use it, and Remilia is too strong-willed for it to be of any real effect. Now, however....

Remilia slowly sits down, a mystified look on her face. “You sounded exactly like Father just then.”

“I did? Huh...” Silence falls over the veranda, the two of you lost in your memories. Finally, your sister breaks the ice.

“So. What should we do?”

You sigh. “I told Flan that no one would get in trouble, so no one will. But that's not really what I wanted to talk to you about. Yukari wants us to let Flandre come out more often, and I agree with her.”

Remilia frowns. “Are you sure? She's still just a child....”

“Two and-a-half centuries ago, I'd have agreed with you. Do you remember how she was back then? Smiling one minute, throwing destructive tantrums the next, then refusing to come out for days at a time, all at the drop of a hat? But now... now, she's much more stable. When I confronted her with the possibility of coming out more, she hesitated, saying that 'she still breaks things without meaning to'. Does that sound like a child who we thought would never grow up?”


“She's grown, Remilia. She's grown at a rate that astounds me. Did you know that most humans who have been through what she's been through sometimes never recover?” You let that sink in for a second. “Back then... when we made the decision to lock her away... we didn't really try to help her, did we? Now, either on her own or with your help, she's made the necessary steps. And that, I believe, is more than enough reason to let her out.”

Your sister smiles softly. “Yes. You're right, Wallachia.”

“Don't call me that.”

“Hush. I'll talk to Flandre tomorrow. In the meantime, we have a party to plan.”

You roll your eyes. “Yukari warned me about this.”

Remila puffs out her cheeks. “Am I that predictable? No, don't answer that,” she says, as you open your mouth. “I won't like what you say. Anyways, this party is necessary to introduce you to society-- or at least, what passes as society in Gensokyo. We'll hold it after Alice finishes your clothes...”

About an hour later, you step into the hallway, knuckling back a yawn. Remi sure can talk. Now, there are two options; you can take a nap in your room, or read for a bit in the library and nap there. What should you do?

[x] Head to your room.
[x] Head to the library.
>> No. 39707
[x] Head to the library.

Couldn't we use our ability to manipulate the odds of Flandre breaking something or someone? You know, make those odds astronomical.
>> No. 39712
[x] Head to the library.

Hoping for good fortune there.
>> No. 39714
[x] Head to the library.

like say... one in a million?
>> No. 39715
[x] Head to the library.
>> No. 39716
[x] Head to the library.
>> No. 39717
[x] Head to your room.
Just to be contradictory. Oh wow the big brother voice. I like it!
>> No. 39722
Seems a little fate-y. Maybe manipulate the probability of anything happening to set her off, or of anyone actually getting hurt?

[x] Head to the library.

No reason not to!
>> No. 39726
[X] Head to the library.

>> No. 39737
One in a million chances happen nine times out of ten~
>> No. 39744
File 127794469499.jpg - (442.44KB , 690x763 , 1276244539195.jpg ) [iqdb]
As you open the doors to the library, the smell of old books assails you. You've always felt it was an intoxicating smell, almost on par with fresh blood. You just stand there for a moment, taking in the scent. Then you shake your head and walk down the stairs.

Patchouli is sitting in her usual chair, asleep. You can't help but stare-- she's beautiful in her natural environment, surrounded by books, her long hair framing her face... actually, you'd originally pegged her hair color as lavender, but now that you take a closer look, it's actually more of a violet color. Where were you? Oh right, moving on to her lips... huh. They look chapped. Lovely, but chapped. You wonder what it'd be like to kiss them....

Suddenly, the witch shifts a little, snapping you out of your reverie. Looking around reveals that no one caught you staring. Phew. Shaking your head again you move to the nearest shelf, grab a book at random, and return to the reading area. You plop yourself into the chair next to Patchouli. Opening the book, you blink. Hey, seems as though Patchouli's the author of this. Her name is written as 'Patchouli Voile', though. Maybe 'Knowledge' is a mage-name? Either way, it's a dissertation on elemental magic, so it's probably worth the read. The forward (and you assume the rest of the book) is in her usually no-nonsense tone. But as you read, you read it in her voice, and you smile as you imagine the barely restrained enthusiasm you remember from when you first heard her talk about her specialty. Slowly but surely, the voice in your head lulls you to sleep.

Blinking, you return to consciousness. You smile sleepily at Patchouli, who looks up and smiles back.

“You're awake.”

You get up and stretch. “That I am, Patchy.” That's odd, when did you start calling her 'Patchy'? “Did I miss anything while I was asleep?”

“Yes. Sakuya came down to tell us that they're here.”

“Who's here?”

She looks at you strangely. “Why, your parents, of course.”

[x]"So soon?"
[x]"Wait a minute...."
>> No. 39745
File 127794503948.jpg - (137.55KB , 1024x768 , 1277187403198.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]"Wait a minute...."

>> No. 39746
[x]"Wait a minute...."

?? that's impossible!
>> No. 39747
[x]"Wait a minute...."
>> No. 39748
[x]"Wait a minute...."
>> No. 39749
[x]"Wait a minute...."

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait.

"How long does this go on?"

"He's nearly done."
>> No. 39750
>The elder scarlets
One of these does not belong with the others.

[x]"So soon?"
>> No. 39756
Aren't their parents dead, particularly due to a certain someone?

I suspect it's a classic ploy to get Wallce out of the library.
>> No. 39758

Gensokyo isn't Discworld, sorry.

[x]"Wait a minute...."


I think it's more along the lines of a dream.
The 'So soon?' choice will probably mean continuation. However, it may also mean that it may turn into a nightmare.
>> No. 39759

Much more likely either a dream or some sort of psychic/mental interference (though not necessarily an aggressive/antagonistic one).

Aside from the previously mentioned fact that the Scarlet parents are dead, the detail that Wallace himself pauses wondering when he started calling Patchouli by a nickname (let alone when they reached a point when she would allow him to do so without reprimand) is also a tell that things aren't quite right.

Unless of course the entire CYOA up until *now* has been a dream sequence, which while hypothetically possible, isn't a very plausible development.
>> No. 39762
[x]"So soon?"
Yeah. Sure I'll go with this.
>> No. 39764
Or it might be Patchouli pranking him after hearing about it from Remilia.

That and it's a bit obvious that she has some sort of attachment if she remembers him after all this time.
>> No. 39767
[x]"So soon?"
I'm pegging this as some kind of dream sequence, and do want potential dream-exposition.

That would seem rather in bad taste for a prank from any of the SDM residents, considering what little we know of the Scarlet's history.
>> No. 39768
File 127797759726.jpg - (42.73KB , 320x310 , mpad.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 39770
[X]"So soon?"
Let the man have his enchantment day.
>> No. 39793
File 127804518546.jpg - (390.20KB , 829x726 , 1277967828546.jpg ) [iqdb]
“My... parents?” you echo. “They're... here?” Something feels wrong, but you can't quite put your finger on it.

“Yes. Are you alright... dear?” Patchouli blushes slightly at that last word.

“'Dear'? Why 'dear'”

“It's... what I should call you... right? We are, after all....” she blushes heavily. “...Engaged.”

Most of your worry leaves you. “That's right. We're engaged.” That feels more right.

Your fiance starts to open her mouth, but is interrupted by the doors opening. A tall, blonde man walks down the stairs, sees you, and breaks out into a large, cheerful grin. You swallow, feeling that this scene is wrong, that this man shouldn't be here.

“So this is the lucky lady,” says Gautier Scarlet, walking over to the two of you. He kneels before Patchouli, takes her hand, and kisses it. “You never told us that she was so lovely.”

As the violet-haired witch starts to blush and stammer, you sigh. “Father... can't you see that she's embarassed? Besides, what would Mother say if she saw you hitting on another woman-- your son's betrothed, no less?”

He stands and shakes his finger. “I'm not 'hitting' on her, I'm welcoming her into the family. She does, after all, need to become accostumed to my overflowing charm.”

Oh yeah, this is where Remi gets her playful arrogance from. “Right. I should have known. Where is Mother, anyways?” You frown as you say this.

“Upstairs with the girls. Is something wrong, Wally?”

“There... actually might be. I'm not entirely sure as to what it is, though.”

Your father scratches his chin. “Estée might know. She's the smart one, after all. I'm good at fighting, and brightening up a room simply by entering, but she's always known what to do when something's wrong.”

That's right. For as long as you've known her, your mother has always had an answer to any problem you've had. Why should now be any different?

“Alright. I'll go talk to her. Are you coming with us, Patchy?”

She shakes her head. “No... not yet.”

You smile “Too much to deal with?”


“Ah, well. Can't be helped. Come up when you're ready, though.”

“I will.”

You turn to your father. “Let's go, then.”

As you enter the dining room, you see your sisters crowded around a woman with long black hair. She turns to you and smiles.

“Hello, Wallachia.” says Estelle Scarlet. You frown.

[x] This isn't right....
[x] "Hello, Mother."
>> No. 39795
File 127804667048.png - (144.18KB , 354x600 , 123352030844.png ) [iqdb]
[x] This isn't right....

get out of my head get out get out GET OUT
>> No. 39796
[x] "Hello, Mother."
>> No. 39797
[x] This isn't right....

if this is yukaris doing, then it's just plain wrong.
>> No. 39798
[x] This isn't right....
>> No. 39799
[x] This isn't right....
>> No. 39801
I doubt it... it's most likely Koa's doing.

[x] This isn't right....
>> No. 39803
[x] This isn't right....


Agreed. Yukari is more likely to just enter a dream or hallucination directly and tease/taunt, not something like this.
>> No. 39806
[x] This isn't right....

Don't know exactly what's going on right now but I don't like ze smell of it.
>> No. 39809
[x]Ignore the zebras.
[x] This isn't right...

Seems this is going to happen regardless of if we question it, so we should probably fight it.

Also, I'm liking the parents so far!
Wally really did get the short end of the naming-stick in this family.
>> No. 39810
[X] "Hello, Mother."

>> No. 39812
[x] "Hello, Mother."
>> No. 39817
[x] This isn't right...

>> No. 39819
[x]"Hello, mother"
-[x]"Tell me, why did you have to die?"
>> No. 39822
Votes called, but by all means, continue discussing stuff. It warms my heart.
>> No. 39842
This isn't right. But why?

Oh. Of course.

They're dead.

Smiling sadly, you cross over to your mother and embrace her.

“Sorry, Mother.”

“Why are you sorry, dear?”

You hold the embrace for another moment, savoring the comforting warmth. “I... can't stay here. I've got to go.”

Your mother pats you on the back. “Then go. But remember... we'll always be here.”

“...Yeah. You will, won't you?” Everything fades to white. “Then, goodbye.”

You open your eyes. You're still in the library, but Patchouli's awake. She's also looking at you with a slightly worried expression.

“You're awake.”

Huh. Just like in the dream “That I am, Patchouli.” Now that you think about it, that's the probably first time you've called her by her name.

She tilts her head. “Are you alright? You're... crying.”

Blinking, you reach up to your eyes. Sure enough, they're wet.

“...I'm fine. I just had a dream. A sad dream, but not a bad one.”

“If... you don't mind me asking, what was it about?”

You smile. “I dreamt that my parents were still alive.” It'd probably be best not to mention that you also dreamt that you and she were engaged. “It's probably because of something Remilia said earlier.”

There's a moment of silence. “Would... you tell me about them? Remilia and Flandre rarely mention them.”

That's a decent request. “Certainly.” You take a breath. “My father, Gautier Scarlet, was a carefree man-- a mix of Flan's good cheer and Remi's ego. He was also a powerful warrior, and the only person I know of who could casually handle Flan's overwhelming strength. Despite his personality, he was fiercely devoted to his family, especially to my mother, Estelle.” You pause, recollecting your memories. “Mother was one of the wisest people I've ever encountered-- she always had an answer to any question we had. She was also an amateur mage, and she passed that passion to me. She was also pretty stern. Remi got that from her.” You sigh. “They were the strongest people I knew. But some things, I guess, you just can't fight.”


You look up at Patchouli.

[x] No point in trying to hide it now.
[x] "...Can we not talk about this right now?"

Just so you know, picking "Hello, Mother." would have turned the dream into a nightmare.
>> No. 39844
[x] No point in trying to hide it now.
>> No. 39845
[x] No point in trying to hide it now.

Learning more about Flan~
>> No. 39848
[x] No point in trying to hide it now.

Hoping it was somewhat indirect
>> No. 39850
This. Want.
Lovely update... I like it!
[x] No point in trying to hide it now.
Yeah so I decided not to give a -20% debuff to your writing morale with shit posts...
>> No. 39851
[x] No point in trying to hide it now.
>> No. 39852
[x] No point in trying to hide it now

A nightmare huh? Would we see why Wally's parents bit the big one?
>> No. 39853
[x] No point in trying to hide it now


Possibly, though probably distorted through the nightmare to some degree. We're about to see(hear) it now anyway, from the way the votes are going, so at least this way he had a pleasant enough sleep and can view it a bit more rationally (as much as anything of the sort can be).
>> No. 39855
[x] No point in trying to hide it now.
>> No. 39858
[X] No point in trying to hide it now.

It's better to talk about things like this rather than bottle it all up and wait for it to consume you.
>> No. 39859
[X] No point in trying to hide it now.

> Just so you know, picking "Hello, Mother." would have turned the dream into a nightmare.


Well, I was off by one choice, but I guess I was right.
>> No. 39873
[X] No point in trying to hide it now.

>System Shock 2
>> No. 39878
Somehow I'm slightly disappointed that we don't get to see the nightmare version of events. This is obviously the better resolution for all involved though.

[X] No point in trying to hide it now.
>> No. 39883
File 127826391247.jpg - (222.04KB , 1302x1227 , 1272984055133.jpg ) [iqdb]
If she's figured that much out, it'd be best to tell her the whole truth, before she sees your sister in the wrong light. “I'll tell you the whole story, so I want you to keep one thing in mind: It wasn't Flandre's fault.”

“I will. Opinions should not be formed until one has all of the data available to them.”

“Thank you,” you say, and try to think about where to start. “Back then, when our parents were alive, we thought nothing could stop them. The vampire hunters the Church sent were no match for my father. They'd attack, but he'd slay all of them. I didn't realize, but this made us a threat. A major threat. So the church sent their best. I never learned his name, but it didn't really matter.” You swallow. “He came in the afternoon, on the hottest, clearest day of the year. Flandre was sleeping with my parents-- Remilia and I had scared her with some stories that night, and she was afraid to sleep alone. The two of us were awakened by the sound of fighting. We went to our parent's room and saw Mother and Father fighting the hunter. Flan was in the corner, sobbing. She reached out a hand, yelled 'Stop!', and....” You trail off. “You know how her power works, I assume.”

Your companion nods, frowning. “Yes... she focuses on an object, drains the stress from it, and clenches her fist, destroying it.” She's almost figured it out, you think.

“Right. That was the first time she used her power. But back then... back then, when she'd just started using it, she couldn't focus on individual objects. She'd pull the stress out of anything within a large radius.”

Patchouli pales slightly. “You mean....”

“That's right. She'd meant to target the hunter. But she couldn't control it, and our parents were caught in her range.” You fall silent. “It crushed her, once she realized what she'd done. And worse... I resented her for it. I think a small, horrid part of me still does.” You sigh. “Remilia, bless her heart, either didn't blame Flan or repressed it enough to take care of her. But I was cold to her for a decade or so, until one day, when I found her crying alone. Turns out that she had accidentally blown off her own wings, and hadn't figured out that she could regenerate them. I melted, then, and told her that I'd make her a pair.” You smile. “You've seen her makeshift wings, I assume. They were the first items I ever alchemized. So I have her to thank for that passion.”

The witch is smiling slighty as you finish. “I have come to the conclusion that Flandre is not to blame.”

You sigh, grateful. “I don't know what I would have done if you had come upon a different opinion. That girl doesn't need anymore reminders of that day.”

There's a good minute of comfortable silence. Then Patchouli breaks it.

“Would you like to hear about my past? It's only fair, at this point.”

[x] "Sure."
[x] "Maybe some other time."
>> No. 39884
Poor Flandre...

[X] "Sure."
>> No. 39885
[x] "Sure."

We need to hug Flandre when we see her.
>> No. 39886
[x] "Sure."

It's a good atmosphere, take the opportunity and learn what you can.
>> No. 39888
[x] "Sure."
[x] Hug Flandre next time we see her.
>> No. 39890
[x] "Sure."

I thought regeneration was something innate and happened automatically, but it might be possible due to the shock, it got screwed up some.

Having that be said, bonding time with Patchy~
>> No. 39891
[x] "Sure."

Good backstory. i'm liking this story very much. please do continue
>> No. 39904
[x] "Sure."
[x] Hug Flandre next time we see her.
Ooh I like! Join the Flan hug campaign! Flan needs lots of hugs to make up for the decades...
>> No. 39919
[x] "Sure!"
[x] Flughander.

That was a surprisingly simple backstory. I was expecting something... heavier, I guess.
>> No. 39925
[X] "Sure."
[X] Fondle Flondles.
[X] Hug Flandre
>> No. 39926
I get the feeling that we might be shocked by Patchouli's past somehow, but we won't judge her for that.
>> No. 39928
Doesn't Wally usually end up being hugged by Flan anyway? Oh well, just in case.

[x] "Sure."
[x] Hug Flandre next time we see her.

It was quite a simple story, but it made sense and was touching. A simple accident is in some ways more tragic than the alternatives.
>> No. 39930
It was heavy. Just short. And a good explanation for Flandre's state as any other.

[x] "Sure!"
[x] Flughander.
>> No. 39936
Usually, but extra hugs don't hurt... at least if Flan controls her strength. Seems the sisters got the lion's share of the physical might. I remember the remark of how Remi threw him out of the mansion: LITERALLY!
>> No. 39960
File 127843387224.png - (839.11KB , 1500x2500 , 1273873659402.png ) [iqdb]
That'd be nice. You were wondering about them, anyways. “Sure.”

“It's nowhere near as... heavy as your tale, but I believe in exchanging knowledge for knowledge.” She clears her throat. “I was born on March twenty first, in the year fifteen-twenty-six, to Mint and Basil Voile, a witch and wizard.”

“Excuse me for interjecting,” you say. “But am I sensing a pattern...?”

Patchouli nods. “Yes. My parents were third cousins, and as custom demanded were named after members of Lamiaceae, as was I.” She pauses here. “I never knew my mother, as she died in childbirth. My father, though... I loved my father. He taught me how to read, how to write, how to learn. We traveled from library to library, not leaving until we'd read every book. He was my pillar of strength, and I like to think that I was his. However...”


She sighs sadly. “The last library we visited together was the Bibliotheces Secretus. We stayed there for nearly a century. But then it fell. My father bought me time to escape, but the church militants were everywhere. The odds of him having survived are incredibly low, and if he did, he would have found me.” She stares blankly into the distance. “I wandered aimlessly across Europe for decades after that until one hundred and six years, seven months, and twenty eight days ago, when I stumbled across a mansion in Romania one rainy night.”

“You mean...”

“Yes. This very one. I was let in and brought to your sister.” She pauses. “You have no idea what it's like to meet her for the first time. Such charisma, such self-confidence... I had no defense. She told me that she needed a magic user, since the old one had left-- I realize now that she was talking about you-- and that I was just the sort of person she was looking for.” She shakes her head. “I was overwhelmed. I agreed to stay, and the rest is history.”

“Seems like you've been through a lot.”

She nods. “Yes. I have no complaints. I like where I am in life.” She picks up a teacup and sips from it, and you notice that there's one next to you as well. “I've met many interesting people, learned many interesting things, all from the comfort of this library.” She opens the book on her lap. “So that's my story.”

Seems as though she doesn't want to socialize any more. “Thank you for telling me about yourself, Patchouli.”


You blink. “Excuse me?”

“You can call me 'Patchy',” She hides her face behind her book, but you can tell that she's blushing. “...I won't mind.”

You smile. Looks like you've gotten to know her a bit better. “I will. In return, you can call me 'Wally'...” you trail off. “...Or even 'Wallachia'. If it's from you... I don't think I'd mind.”

She makes a small sound in response. Shrugging, you go back to your book.

About two hours later, you finish. You put down the tome and get up, picking a shelf out at random. When you reach the shelf, to your surprise, you're not alone. There's a blond girl in a witch's outfit rifling through the books. She turns, sees you, and her golden eyes narrow in surprise and suspicion.

“Hey, buddy-- who're you-ze?”

[x] Introduce yourself.
[x] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
>> No. 39961
[X] Call for Patchy.
>> No. 39962
[x] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
[X] Call for Patchy.
>> No. 39965
[x] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
[X] Call for Patchy.

>She makes a small sound in response.

>> No. 39969
[x] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
[X] Call for Patchy.

No spellcards yet, right? Against Marisa it probably wouldn't matter, but at least we would be able to do something.
>> No. 39971
File 127844279129.jpg - (34.66KB , 481x357 , supze.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Suspicious. Manipulate the odds of a sucessful escape from her part and lower them as much as possible.
-[x] Act as normal and introduce yourself.
>> No. 39974
[x] Suspicious. Manipulate the odds of a sucessful escape from her part and lower them as much as possible.
-[x] Act as normal and introduce yourself.
>> No. 39975
>[x] Suspicious. Manipulate the odds of a sucessful escape from her part and lower them as much as possible.

Isn't this meta-knowledge? As far as I can remember, we've never met Marisa or know anything about her escapades.
>> No. 39976
[x] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
[X] Call for Patchy.
>> No. 39978
Yep, we know it's her, but not Wallace.
>> No. 39979
[X] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
-[X] Call for Patchy.
>> No. 39982
[X] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.

>> No. 39984
[X] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
>> No. 39996
Preventing a sudden escape from someone who looks obviously like a thief is meta?
She's the first person we've met that wasn't presented to us, looks out of place and, on top of that, is nervous.
This isn't rocket science and much less for a 300 years old vampire.
>> No. 40007
[x] Introduce yourself.
She may seem like an intruder but there's no need to try and prevent Marisa from escaping. They may just end up badly.
>> No. 40012
[x] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
[x] If you are looking for anything in particular I'm sure Patchouli or her familiar could help you.

No need to be entirely impolite even if she seems a bit suspicious, while also confirming our suspicions by seeing if she'd prefer to avoid Patchy.
>> No. 40014
Marisa might get the wrong idea, very few people know that Remi has an older brother that's NOT a pain in the ass.
>> No. 40015
No I meant like in the hunter sense. Usually something that can't escape becomes increasingly dangerous and given Marisa rarely holds back if she's trapped Wally might have a Master Spark heading right to his face before he can speak.
>> No. 40025
but if he's suspicious he'd have his guard up. He is a skilled magician after all, so some sort of defensive measure would be in place. Now if it was say Suika... he'd be in trouble.
>> No. 40029
Until it actually says he has a defensive measure up lets assume he's got no magic defense. Trust me in one of my D&D campaigns my gm was really strict about that sort of thing. Besides we're not given two suspicious choices so Wally might not be suspicious.
>> No. 40032
Changing my vote to
[x] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
[x] If you are looking for anything in particular I'm sure Patchouli or her familiar could help you.

Except in tabletop roleplaying you can and are expected to control every aspect and action of your character. If the player displays a lack of common sense, so does the character.
In a CYOA we can't do that, nor would we want to. The character's have to display some of their own personality. We simply guide their approach to situations and character development.
Of course in this situation I'd agree. Wally probably doesn't have any magical defences up. This choice might make the difference between being surprised or not by an attack, but he wouldn't be totally defenceless either way.
>> No. 40048
[x] Ask for her name, instead. She looks rather suspicious.
[x] If you are looking for anything in particular I'm sure Patchouli or her familiar could help you.
>> No. 40049
Writing. It's giving me a bit of trouble, though, so it might take until the weekend (worst case scenario).
>> No. 40055
File 12786152564.jpg - (597.13KB , 901x766 , 1272579275199.jpg ) [iqdb]
Scratch that, update!

You frown internally. She's acting rather shady. “Who am I? Who are you?”

She smiles cockily. “I'm Marisa Kirisame, the Ordinary Black Magician.” She says it as though it were a title. An impressive display of confidence, but that doesn't excuse her actions-- you've got a sneaking suspicion that she's here to steal.

“Right. Why are you here?”

“I'm 'borrowing' books... ah! I see now.” She grins wildly and lowers her voice to a conspiritorial whisper. “That's what you're here for as well, right?”

Is... Is she accusing you of being a thief?

“It makes sense; you put on those wings to fool the gate guard and fairy maids into thinking you're a vampire-- nice job on those, by the way, I almost thought they were real-- sneak into the library, and tada! All you have to do is avoid Patchy and the rest of the household! It's genius! How would you like to be my apprentice-ze?”

You're silent for a moment, split between indignation at being accused of larceny, distaste at this girl's actions, and confusion over her offer. Distaste wins.

“Oi, Patchy,” you call out, and Marisa flinches. “Could you come here for a minute?”

A few moments later, Patchouli floats over, looking slightly annoyed.

“What are you yelling... oh.” Her annoyance shifts to exasperation as she spots the witch. “It's you.”

Marisa falters for a second, then grins. “Heya, Patchy. Guess what-- I found a thief.”

Patchouli levels a flat stare at her. “I only see one thief, and she's wearing black and white.”

The blonde shakes her finger, reminding you of your father. “for the umpteenth time, I don't 'steal', I 'borrow'. You can have the stuff back when I die.” She stops, and looks between the two of you. “So who's this guy?” Her eyes widen excitedly. “Don't tell me--!”

The violet-haired sorceress frowns. “Whatever you're thinking, stop. This is Wallachia Scarlet, Remilia and Flandre's elder brother.”

Marisa's eyes narrow. “You're shittin' me-ze.”

Patchouli rolls her eyes and sighs. “No, I am not 'shitting' you.”



“Huh.” The witch relaxes a bit. “Whaddya know. A brother. Nice to meet you... Wallachia? Too long. I know!” she puts her hands on her hips. “I'll call you 'Wally'-ze!”

“No you will not.” That name is reserved for your family and Patchouli.

“Whatver you say, Wally.”

You groan in exasperation. You might not win this one. “Screw it. Call me whatever you want.”

Marisa's grin grows wider. “You're not that bad of a guy, buddy. So,” she says. “When's the party? 'Cause if I know Remi, she's gonna annouce you to the whole of Gensokyo. And if she doesn't, I might end up blabbing to Aya.”

You still have no idea who 'Aya' is, but... “That sounds like a threat.”

The witch shakes her head. “Nah, more of a fact. I don't really keep secrets that well-ze.”

“Oh. By the way, who is Aya?”

“Aya Shameimaru,” says Patchouli. “The crow tengu who is the writer, photographer, and editor of the Bunbunmaru newspaper. If she gets her hands on a story, she'll write whatever she pleases, so it's best to get an interview. That way, you can somewhat control what she says.”

“That's about it,” agrees Marisa. “So, back to what I came here for...” she hefts the sack at her feet (it's probably filled with books), and grabs a broom leaning on the shelf next to her. “Nice meeting you, Wally. See ya-ze!” She jumps on the broom, and takes off with a whoop.

“Hey, wait!” You call out, but she's gone. “Dammit.”

Patcouli sighs, and starts to move off. “Excuse me...”

You turn to her, slightly shocked. “You're just going to let her steal whatever she pleases? Why?”

To your surprise, the sorceress grins a bit. “Because I want to see where she goes.”


“When Remilia caused the scarlet mist incident, Reimu and Marisa broke into the mansion. Reimu fought Sakuya and Remilia in order to take care of the mist, but Marisa defeated Meiling and came into the library to steal books. We fought, but my asthma was bad, and I lost.” She's talking faster, and more excitedly. “A few weeks later, Sakuya and Remilia went to visit Reimu at the shrine. Flandre picked that day to come out, and I was trying to herd her back to her room, when Marisa pops up, determined to steal again. I was in excellent shape that day, so I dueled her again, thinking I'd win. I didn't. Then Flandre shows up, and challenges Marisa to danmaku. And against all odds, Flandre loses.” She coughs a bit, and her smile grows slightly wider (it's still a faint smile). “Marisa is incredibly powerful, and she shouldn't be. She's a pure-blooded human, has only a sliver of the natural talent one usually needs to become great, a rather flaky attention span, and uses mushrooms-- mushrooms-- as catalysts. But with sheer bloody-mindedness, hard work, and a powerful magical artifact, she's at my level-- or higher.” She looks at you, and her eyes are almost sparkling. “I'll never admit it to her face-- her ego is swelled enough as it is-- but she's a genius. So I let her take what she wants, because I want to see where she goes with that knowledge. So far, I haven't been disappointed.”

[x] "That doesn't excuse thievery."
[x] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
>> No. 40056
[x] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.

About time someone stole Marisa's work instead of the other way around.
>> No. 40057
[x] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
-[x] Ask for some examples

I'd think Wallace would be interested in the advancements.
>> No. 40058
[it's good to have those gloves out of my nostrils] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.

I like manipulative Patchy.
>> No. 40062
[x] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
Damn right it is!
>> No. 40065
[x] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
-[x] Ask for some examples.
>> No. 40066
[x] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
-[x] Ask for some examples
>> No. 40069
{X} Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
-{x} Ask for some examples
>> No. 40073
[X] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
-[X] Ask for some examples
--[X] But remind her that it doesn't excuse thievery.
>> No. 40075
[x] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.

Oh wow, that's a pretty admirable and not entirely unbelievable take on Patchu's and Marisa's relationship. I wholeheartedly approve.
As an aside, I took most of today getting caught up after lapsing (stopped a little after meeting Patchouli for the first time). Great stuff! I love when a writer really gets a good grip and really takes their own personal ownership of the history behind the Scarlet Devil Mansion. The interpretations are all vastly different, but most of them feel coherent, believable, and compelling in their own way. This story is no exception. Looking forward to more.
>> No. 40076
Hey, thanks!
>> No. 40077
[X] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
[X] Ask for some examples
>> No. 40078
[X] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
-[X] Ask for some examples
>> No. 40091
[x] "That doesn't excuse thievery."
It really doesn't.
>> No. 40097
File 127876793285.jpg - (69.10KB , 500x429 , runge.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 40106
[X] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
-[X] Ask if she wouldn't mind you testing by yourself how much a 'genius' she is.
Hey, a defeat will only make her try harder.
>> No. 40107
[X] Actually, now you're a bit intrigued.
-[X] Ask if she wouldn't mind you testing by yourself how much a 'genius' she is.
>> No. 40135
File 127886704453.jpg - (127.71KB , 550x733 , f92dd0c9bb3597032a466fa304eb9c40.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's... pretty interesting, actually. You personally believe that Marisa's being human has nothing to do with it-- you've seen humans accomplish great things, magical or scientific-- but the rest of those factors ring true. You do need quite a bit of talent to succeed at the magical arts, and a good attention span helps. Also, mushrooms? Who uses those? But if Patchouli says the black and white witch is that powerful, then you're inclined to believe her. “Tell me more.”

“Marisa uses light and heat based magic, and has a habit of adapting spells she's seen others use to her own purposes. She's stolen one of my own standard spells, and I believe that her signature spell is based off of the attack of an incredibly powerful youkai. Also, she and Reimu have worked together on solving incidents in the past. While Reimu is ultimately the one who takes care of the troublemakers, I have no doubt that Marisa could handle them herself. However....”

“However...?” you prompt.

Patchouli sighs. “She never does, because she gets sidetracked by new things to steal.”

You frown disapprovingly. “So she's just a thief. So why do you....”

“Because... she's a friend.” She starts to float back to the chairs, and you follow her. “One of the many things I've learned since coming to Gensokyo is that people are interesting. I've never been good with people, but I am good at learning. And to learn something, you have to try something new. I've made friends outside of those at this mansion, something I never would have done before. All because of Marisa, who smashed her way into my life, and refused to leave.” She lowers herself into her chair. “So many interesting things have happened because I made friends. I've learned so much. So I don't care if Marisa steals from people. She would change if she stopped, and so would our friendship. And I don't know how I would handle that.”

Huh. Looking at it from that perspective, wouldn't you turn a blind eye to someone's behavior in order to continue a friendship? You've never really had any friends yourself, on account of your wandering, but if you were really antisocial, you might be more sympathetic. “...Maybe I've been a bit hard on the two of you.”

“...No,” the sorceress sighs. “You're probably right. Next time she comes, I'll tell her she's welcome to take things freely from here. I don't know if that will set her straight.”

You smile. “We'll see. And maybe next time she's around, I can see just how powerful she is.”

“You, challenge Marisa to danmaku? You would lose, unless...” A thoughtful look crosses her face. “You've never participated in a spellcard duel, I assume.”

“That's right. I've made some cards, though-- Reimu explained the system to me when I first arrived.”

“...Excellent.” A determined glint enters her eyes. “How would you like a practice duel?”

You blink. “Right here, against you?”

She nods. “Yes. My asthma has been good, lately.”

[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
[x] Decline.

If the first option, make up a title for Wallace.
>> No. 40136
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
a title? like alice's "The seven coloured Puppeteer"?
beats me... my naming sense is on par with remilia's
>> No. 40138
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[x] Wallachia Scarlet, Brother of the Scarlet Devil

Scarlet charisma at work.
>> No. 40139
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."

Potential Title(s):
"The Vampiric Magus"
"The Vampiric Scholar"
"Elder Brother of the Devil"
>> No. 40141
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."

Hmm it should somehow be connected to what we can do and that should somehow be connected to our magic and... ...
I'm guessing water is our primary element, if only for personality and Magic:The Gathering reasons... and we obviously have some physical strength and skill.
"The Scarlet Waterfall/River" or something? Has an eerie sound to it, sounds pretty good, coincides with our personality relatively well,...
I don't know though this is not really my naming day...
>> No. 40142
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[x] The scarlet Devil's Beleaguered brother.
>> No. 40147
[X] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[X] The Scarlet Sage
>> No. 40155
This i like, "The Scarlet Sage"
do append it to my vote
>> No. 40156
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[x] The Scarlet Sage
>> No. 40158
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[x] The Scarlet Wanderer
>> No. 40161
[x] "I'd like that."
And The Scarlet Sage is acceptable, though I was thinking more along the lines of Scarlet Devil Mansion Magician, or something along those lines, as that was our actual title before we left to travel
>> No. 40164
How didn't I notice the obvious [x] The Eldest Scarlet yet? Too late now I guess.
>> No. 40166
File 12789099815.png - (14.49KB , 300x463 , it`s so obvious.png ) [iqdb]
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
[x] The Red Mage

I can't believe nobody thought of this, yet.
>> No. 40167

We can't call ourselves that until we get a hat with a feather in it.
>> No. 40171
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
[x] The Eldest Scarlet
>> No. 40173
A cool hat and a feather in it.
>> No. 40180
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[x] The Scarlet Sage

"The Eldest Scarlet", though entirely true, doesn't really work as a title. It's relative to our siblings, and unlike "The Sister of the Devil" requires knowledge of what "Scarlet" implies to make sense. It doesn't have any weight.
I kinda want to incorporate wandering and chance-hax, but I can't think of anything. Sage is good.
>> No. 40181
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[x] Scarlet Sage
>> No. 40189
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
[x] The Eldest Scarlet
>> No. 40190
>>40189 Change to this.
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
[x] The Eldest Scarlet
>> No. 40191
>>40190 Sorry, I failed
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
[x] The Eldest Scarlet, Wallachia Scarlet
>> No. 40192
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[x] Scarlet Sage
>> No. 40199
>>40141 here
Change to
[X] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[X] The Scarlet Sage
>> No. 40200
[x] "I'll take you up on your offer."
-[x] The Wayward Scarlet Sage of Infinite Possibilities, Wallachia Scarlet

Yes, I liked being long-winded.
>> No. 40213
File 127904541193.jpg - (14.14KB , 192x224 , Th06sc18.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I'll take you up on your offer.” You stand, and offer a hand to Patchouli. She hesitates for a moment, then takes it.

“Follow me.” She floats up towards the ceiling and turns to face you. “I am Patchouli Knowledge, the Unmoving Great Library! And I challenge you to a duel!”

So you need a title. What would work... ah. “I am Wallachia Scarlet, the Scarlet Sage! And I accept your challenge!”

A card appears in Patchouli's hand and she raises it towards the sky. “Three cards each! Earth Sign「Rage Trilithon」!”

The card explodes into light. Rocks fill the space between the two of you and start to erratically trickle towards you. It's an easy card, you think as you weave in between the obstacles. “Are you going easy on me, Patchy?”

“Yes. This is just practice, after all. And remember, the point is to show off and avoid!”

Soon, the boulders fade away. It's your turn. Which card do you use?

[x] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)
[x] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)

Sorry it's so short. But for spellcard battles, I might have no real choice.
>> No. 40214
[x] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)

I have this feeling that wally is better vampire than he is a swordsman and the idea is to show off.
>> No. 40217
[X] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)
>> No. 40219
I dunno he might not be terribly strong, so he might have made up for it by being very skilled.

[x] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)
>> No. 40220
[x] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)

Magic must defeat magic!
>> No. 40221
Blood Sign「Blood Stream」
I want to see his bloody vampire side already!
>> No. 40226
[x] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)

I'll get on the bandwagon I guess. Getting tired of walking anyway.
>> No. 40227
[x] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)

Might be considered a water-element? Though I don't know if that would have an advantage against and Earth-aligned spell... or if that even matters in danmaku.
>> No. 40228
[X] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)

Well blood magic is a specialty of Wally's.
>> No. 40229
[x] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)
is the last card predetermined or did we only prepare 2?
>> No. 40233
[X] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)

>> No. 40235
[x] A vampire's feeding place. (Blood Sign「Blood Stream」)
You know, compared to the great moving library, our name is kinda.... small.
>> No. 40243
I'd think it'd be similar to the more generic cards of his sisters.
>> No. 40246
I've got a bunch planned out.
>> No. 40247
To be honest, I'm eager to see the power of the oldest scarlet alive (technically untrue, but you know how vampires are)
>> No. 40258
[x] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)
Sounds campy, I like it. Do we even carry a sword on us?
>> No. 40302
Writing started. I've been having a bad few days, so it's taking me a bit.
>> No. 40356
File 127929865775.jpg - (13.95KB , 192x224 , Th06sc15.jpg ) [iqdb]
With a thought, your first card appears in your hand. “Here we go! Blood Sign「Blood Stream」!”

A number of large red orbs fill the air and slowly travel towards the sorceress. She floats between them with a practiced ease. This goes on for a while, until...

Patchouli's eyes widen slightly, and she starts moving a bit faster, outpacing the glistening white knives that were coming up behind her. The knives slowly change course to follow her.

“I see the basis behind this card, I believe.” She calls out.

“Yes. Red blood cells and white blood cells.” you respond. The orbs change direction and knives disappear, a new set materialzing and homing in on her location. It's no use, as she contiues to avoid them. The pattern eventually dissipates, and the sorceress declares her second card.

“Fire Sign「Agni Shine」!” With that, flames burst into existence around her and spiral outwards. Again, another easy card. It's serving it's purpose, though. You're forced to make tight, controlled movements in order to pass the flames. Sure enough....

“Done!” It's your turn again.

[x] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)
[x] The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)

Wow, I really suck at spellcard battles.
>> No. 40357
[X] The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)

Don't worry about it too much, you should get better in due time.
>> No. 40358
[x] The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)
>> No. 40359
[X] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)

Busting out Tyrfing seems a little overkill for a friendly duel meant to teach us the ropes. This is an opportunity to play up the suave and sophisticated angle, especially if we're keen on Patchouli.

Also, don't worry about spellcard battles, you're doing fine. They're tough to accurately portray in text, and I'm hard pressed to actually think of anyone that's done them especially well. If you can, put a little more emphasis on the banter and interactions between the characters while they duel, or maybe their expressions, actions, and thought processes. Just some ideas to consider.
>> No. 40362
[X] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)
Make it suave
>> No. 40364
[x] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)

Too soon to use the big guns.
>> No. 40366
[x] The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)

Practice makes perfect~
>> No. 40371
[x] Sword Skill 「Bloody Rose」
>> No. 40373
[X] Graceful sword-work. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)
>> No. 40374
[x] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)

Tyrfing making his glorious debut in a peaceful match of danmaku between friends? Not on my watch.

Tyrfing deserves nothing less than Reimu, Yukari, Remilia, or Flandre. Not that Patchouli doesn't deserve our best effort, but the extent of Wally's full effort should be an ace in his/our sleeve.
>> No. 40375
[x] The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)
This is just too cool to pass up.
>> No. 40377
File 127934911415.jpg - (18.97KB , 229x407 , richard.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill 「Bloody Rose」)
>> No. 40385
Convinced me

[x] Graceful swordwork. (Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」)
>> No. 40480
File 127950880843.jpg - (17.44KB , 192x224 , Th06sc31.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Sword Skill「Bloody Rose」!” With a muttered incantation, Tyrfing appears in your grasp. You can feel the transformed blade trying to release its full might, but you quell it. That's a different spellcard.

“Let's begin.” You say, and begin a series of graceful jabs, each one releasing a needle of energy. The needles travel towards Patchouli and when they're a short distance away, burst into a flower-like pattern.

“This seems like a starting-type card.” She calls out.

“It's supposed to be,” you respond. “I just felt like using “Blood Stream” first, for some reason.”

“Generally, patterns with homing projectiles come later.”

You shrug. “I'll keep that in mind.” Soon, your arm tires, and the spell finishes.

The librarian holds up her final card. “I believe that it's time, as they say, to 'kick it up a bit'. Metal and Water Sign「Mercury Poison」!”

With that, multitudes of silver and blue bullets radiate from her. This card is a step up from her others, you muse, focusing all your attention on dodging the onslaught. But, you manage to pull through, and it's finally your move.

The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)

The fate of caught prey. (Feeding Sign「Life Drain」)
>> No. 40481
The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)
it should be the game ender right?
>> No. 40483
[x]The fate of caught prey. (Feeding Sign「Life Drain」)

This intrigues me.
>> No. 40484
[x]The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)
Finish her!

Also, you could always make regular battles, instead of spellcards ones. They're less common, but easily doable.
>> No. 40485
The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)

I was all about being conservative and keeping it low key, but if this is our final card, it's time to end on a high note. I remember how intrigued Patchouli was when we mentioned our transmutation of Tyrfing. Might as well give her a demonstration. Also,

>The fate of caught prey.
I like the title, but I feel uneasy using something like that against Patchu.

>“Generally, patterns with homing projectiles come later.”
Good advice; duly noted.
>> No. 40486
[x] The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)

One could try to do things SWR style instead of normal danmaku.
>> No. 40489
[X] The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)

If the blade wishes for us to unleash its true power, let us fulfill its wish.
>> No. 40490
[X] The fate of caught prey. (Feeding Sign「Life Drain」)
>> No. 40496
[X] The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)
>> No. 40582
[x] The fate of caught prey. (Feeding Sign「Life Drain」)
>> No. 40587
[x]The dancing demonic sword. (Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」)
Did I vote yet? I have no idea probably no...
>> No. 40590
Writing. See ya in a few days.
>> No. 40591
>>See ya in a few days.
>> No. 40650
File 128001146769.jpg - (108.29KB , 601x909 , 1274386313620.jpg ) [iqdb]
Might as well go all out... or close to it, at least. “Demonic Sword「Tyrfing」!” A massive aura surrounds Tyrfing, and you begin a series of sweeps, bullets appearing behind the blade. Patchouli frowns as she dodges.

“This is very similar to one of Flandre's cards....”

You frown as well. “Really?” you say as you thrust forward, sending the energy blade forwards.

“Not that part,” the sorceress admits, narrowly avoiding the lance of power and the bullets trailing in its wake. “That's actually more like one of Remilia's cards.”

“I guess it's a family style, then.”

“Perha- ah.” A stray bullet hits her. The energy surrounding Tyrfing dissipates.

“...Did I win?” you ask, slightly confused.

“Yes. That's what I get for not paying attention.”

You open your mouth to speak, but the sound of applause reaches your ears. You turn, and see Remilia and Sakuya clapping. The latter is smiling, and the former is smirking wildly.

“Bravo, bravo! Well done, Brother!”

Sighing, you float down. “It doesn't feel like a win, though. The only reason I won was because I distracted her.”

“That's part of how you're supposed to win,” says Sakuya. “An... acquaintance of ours once said that danmaku is 'a very mental contest'. She was probably talking about a different aspect, but it applies here as well. The one who is able to focus the most usually wins. Trying to throw your opponent off balance is a major part of a duel.”

“She's right,” agrees Patchouli, hovering a bit above the ground. “I was too engrossed in my thoughts, and that cost me.”

“See, even your opponent agrees! You won, so act like it!” Remilia says. You roll your eyes.

“I'm not going to gloat, Remi. I'm a gentleman. So what I will do is this.” You turn to the librarian and bow. “Thank you for the the duel, Miss Knowledge.”

She nods. “You're welcome. And you did do well.” She pauses, mulling something over. “I'd like to talk to you, Remilia, about something I learned today. At your convenience, of course.”

Something she learned today... oh. She's talking about what you told her earlier, about Flandre and that day. You might want to tell Remilia that Patchouli knows before any volcanoes erupt.

[x] Tell Remilia now.
[x] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.
>> No. 40651
[x] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.
>> No. 40654
[X] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.
>> No. 40655
{X} Actually... let Patchouli handle it.
>> No. 40656
[x] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.

It may even be possible that she's referring to something else, which we may have missed/not thought was important. Not that likely, but it may be possible twist from our (whether as reader or as Wallace) expectations.
>> No. 40657
[x] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.

Trust the librarian.
>> No. 40658
[ø] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.
>> No. 40661
[x] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.
She probably knows how to handle her, being her friend for over 100 years and all that.
>> No. 40665
[X] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.
-[X] Though stay just in case things get ugly...
>> No. 40676
[x] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.
I sense an incoming punch to the stomach for us.
>> No. 40680
[x] Tell Remilia now.
"I told you so" or "piss against the tide" option... I win.
>> No. 40684
[X] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.
-[X] Though stay just in case things get ugly...
>> No. 40878
[x] Actually... let Patchouli handle it.

Feels like we're putting her through the ringer, but I suppose it's necessary.