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Plot: Completed.

Involves: The current residents of SDM, the mystery of the SDM and it’s previous residents, what happened to the previous residents and their untimely demise.

Write-ins: Always welcomed

Questions: Always welcomed
Darkness, a sensation for thousands upon thousands of years has sent humanity into their greatest fears, the most outstanding discovering--and horrific ill deeds that blurred the boundary of man and monster. The unknown, the forbidden, like moths to a flame human nature in understanding such things and conquer the darkness is inbred and often fatal. Humanities greatest ability to transcends their mortal skins and become the saviors of all or the demons lurking in the darkness have gathered amass of those who do not belong to either side to watch in interest. To see which side will win and which side to push forward. It is a never ending war of attrition.

But laying on the cool floor the only thing that came to the mind of one Edge Iden was that Jack Daniels was going on his restraining order of alcohols to never drink again. The mention or a party with some friends was enough encouragement to get him to drink last night, maybe a little too much. The [arty was nothing more then a black blur and he felt it might be better left that way. Head throbbing heavily, body feeling like it was in renal failure, all he wanted to do was sleep it off. The floor was cool to the touch and made his head feel better so he didn’t want to move, but like most things in life though he didn’t want to move he had little choice but to do so.

It was a Friday and there was school to go to, classes to sleep through, and of cores the gossip to sift through on what really happened at the party. Nothing he was looking forward to. Blinking open a pair of bloodshot eyes he found his reflection in the marble floor looking back at him and couldn’t help but cringe. He looked like hell. Craning his neck to side the side he could see the base of what he thought were large mahogany book shelves. The dimly lit room made it hard for to tell the precise species of dead tree but he was pretty sure it was mahogany.

“Wha, the library? Have I been at school this whole time a passed out?” he muttered as he got to his feet, “Well I wouldn’t put it past me to do something--holy mother of god, this place is huge!”

Looking up Edge nearly fell over. A massive row of bookshelves that could dwarf small buildings stood all around him. Even more incredibly was that they were entirely filled with books new and old in a multitude of colors and languages. Looking down the empty halls all he could see was small orbs of light. A slew of questions flew up in his mind: What is this place, what are those orbs, and why a library of all places? Suddenly a large crash breaks his train of thought. It sounded close.

[ ] Investigate noise
[ ] Do not investigate noise

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[X] sage

As much as the "I read everything!" group loves every new CYOA, I have to say no. The novelty has already been worn out, so don't kill it anymore.
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This. And not to be harsh, but the writing needs work.