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File 121510256666.png - (206.17KB , 600x600 , blood covered sakuya.png ) [iqdb]
15582 No. 15582
The air is glowing around her. The crystals on her wings are shining so hard that it blinds you. You cover your eyes with one of your hands.
"Miko of Hakurei!" you hear a voice, that sounds more viciously than the most evil. As if it would be the devil's. "How dare you?" it comes from Flandre's direction, but it can't be Flandre's.
"Mistress please behave yourself!" Sakuya shouts from somewhere beside you.
The land starts trembling. Even the moon disappears. Dark clouds are coming, and the sky is thundering. And it starts raining.
You got drenched to the skin under a couple of seconds.
"Miss Flandre!! I will make you a cake, if you stop this now!" you hear Sakuya's voice again.. Then she screams. You can't think anything, but to run. You search for Sakuya's hands with yours. You slowly open your eyes, showing your back for the light, and you see the maid face. She is injured. Her hands, her face is all covered by her blood. Her hands are hot, she probably has fever.
"Sakuya come!" you shout " We have to run away from here!
"No! I'm the responsible for her! I have to stay, and calm her down."
"I don't care! just come!" you began to hold her hand harder, and you start to run. She's holding you back. You feel it in that slowly, her resistance will be weaker and weaker. Then she trips in something and she pulls you with herself to the ground. She has fainted..
"Hey nigger! You stop this now or else I will kick your ass!" you shout at the top of your lung at the monster.
Then the storm suddenly begans to being calmer. It's pitch black again. You see the monster has vanished...
"What is a nigger?" Flandre asks it on an innocent sound. But then she sees Sakuya on the ground. "What have you done with her?"
"I didn't do anything. But it isn't the right time for explanations! We have to bring her to a hospital!" you say worried, knowing, that no hospitals lies in the near.
"Then we must bring her to Miss Eirin!"
"I don't know about this Eirin. Where is she?" you ask, while you're picking up Sakuya.
"This way!" Flandre says showing you the direction...

[ ] Ask her about her rage
[ ] Ask her about Eirin
[ ] Ask her about Sakuya
[ ] Ask her about, what should you do with Reimu?

>> No. 15585
[X] Ask her about, what should you do with Reimu?
[X] If Reimu is no longer a threat, get moving!
>> No. 15586
[ ] Ask her about, what should you do with Reimu?
[ ] Ask her about Sakuya
>> No. 15587
[ ] Ask her about, what should you do with Reimu?
[ ] Ask her about Sakuya
>> No. 15588
{x] Follow her without question
>> No. 15589
>Sakuya lies on you. You can feel her breasts pushed againt yours.

Are we a girl, or did you mean chest?
>> No. 15591
[X] Ask her about, what should you do with Reimu?
[X] Ask her about Sakuya

The idea of Anonko holding injured Sakuya and screaming "Hey nigger! You stop this now or else I will kick your ass!" is awesome.
>> No. 15594
>>15589 No Anon is a man. Sorry mister grammar nazi, but because I had to hurry. THE LAKE CALLED ME!

>>15591 Because the votes were tied I decide to write everything into this update.

ALSO: I need more than just 5 votes. It isn't enough to decide what must be the next, if you know what I mean..
And before I go sleep, I promise there will be at least 2 updates tomorrow, but only if you vote enough for it!
>> No. 15595
[x] Ask her about her rage
>> No. 15596
[x] Ask her about her age .
how loli are you, flandre?
>> No. 15597
[ ] Ask her about her rage
>> No. 15599
[x] Ask her about, what should you do with Reimu?
>> No. 15600
[x] Ask her about Sakuya's pads
>> No. 15601
[x] Ask her about her rage
>> No. 15606
>>"What is a nigger?"

Is this some twisted and refracted "what is a man?" I see here?
>> No. 15610
a miserable pile of chicken bones.
>> No. 15635
[X] Ask her about Eirin
>> No. 15654
[ ] Ask her about Sakuya
[ ] Ask her about, what should you do with Reimu?
>> No. 15658
okay writing now..
>> No. 15660
Cringing and rejoicing at the same time.
>> No. 15676
what is the word limit? Because my update still getting greater and greater...
>> No. 15677
I think someone said 10,000 characters, but don't nail me on it.
>> No. 15684
File 121520106231.jpg - (62.62KB , 600x900 , 1205791489566.jpg ) [iqdb]
"This way!" Flandre says, showing you the direction...
You're going after her, with Sakuya in your arms. She's breathing fast. Her forehead is hot. She probably suffers from traumatic fever. You remember some old films, in which the main character died because of this. You know that you must hurry.
You see Flandre far before you. You shout after her:
"HEY FLANDRE! JUST HOW FAR IS EIRIN'S PLACE?" Flandre turns back, and she flies back to you.
"I don't know" she answers you. After she catches sight of Sakuya face, her face becomes very sad. "She looks bad. Is she going to die?"
You shake your head. " No she won't die!" you say finally, not knowing about the fact that she would ever wake up again.
"Sakuya don't..." but she lowers her voice, and she just stares Sakuya's wounds, then she licks the edge of her mouth. You can see her fangs, fuck just what is she? She holds her hand out and touches Sakuya forehead. You are speechless. Then she strokes the maid's hair. "Oh no! What am I-" as if she would have awoken from some kind of dream, she suddenly snaps out of it and she flies away from you.
"Flandre, what's with you?" you ask her..
"I don't know, I-I've just had an odd feeling... " she is answering you on a hesitating voice. Then a long silence...

You see Flandre's frightened face, and you decide that you change the topic. You're searching for a subject, then your sight catches on Reimu.
"Hey Flandre! What do you think, what should we do with Reimu?" you ask.
"I don't care about that stupid miko! Just come already!" she shouts from a long distance. But she is already too far away to hear her words clearly, and you pick up the miko as well. You start moving towards Flandre. It won't be an easy task to bring those two, to Eirin's place.You slowly catch up with her and you two begin your trip to a place that you've never heard...

You see that Flandre is still nervous. She's worried about Sakuya.
"Can't you go faster??" she asks you nervously. You just smile at her:
"That's funny. I was about to ask you to fly a little bit slower. My baggages are a little bit too heavy!"
"Then why did you brought her as well? You should left her there rotten!"
"No, I couldn't do that, I just can't leave an injured women alone."
"You're a stupid one.." she just flies a little further ahead. And you decide not to talk anymore, because it makes you only more tired.

Then there is silence again, you hear only your footsteps. You see the forest is completely destroyed. Nothing survived Flandre's attack. Your thoughts from her are totally messed. You just can't believe that she made this. As you are thinking about you trip in a stone, but you manage not to fell.
After an hour of walking, you feel your legs are became very heavy. You're about to ask Flandre, that you must take a little break. But you see Flandre stops she turns back and she waits for you with hands put onto her hip. As you arrives to her. She flies behind you, and she pushes you trough something dark. You feel like you're falling to somewhere...

The scene suddenly changes. You're standing in tall grass, the wind blows only a little, because of your clothes are wet, you feel cold.
"Don't you come?" Flandre yells at you. She's not far from you standing by a gate. "It's not too far away from here!" Behind the gate there is a forest. The Bamboo forest. Your feet hurt. You don't know how much further can you go, but you start moving again. You and Flandre slowly goes into the deep of the forest. Just a couple of minutes after, you see an old-fashioned Japanese mansion. As it comes to your sight, Flandre goes forward without saying any word to you. You have to overcome only some stairs. But with gathering all of your power, that you got, you managed to go up on it.
You're standing now before a big wooden gate.

[ ] Knock the gate.
[ ] Call for a doctor!
[ ] Collapse...
>> No. 15685
ALSO:the [X]Ask her about Sakuya option is still active, I've just didn't found it's place in my update. So it will appear later in one of my update...
>> No. 15689
[ ] Knock the gate.
[ ] Call for a doctor!
>> No. 15690
[X] You remember some old movies where the main character is saved after reaching his destination with a Herculean effort and dramatic entry.
[X] Call for a doctor!
[X] Collapse...
>> No. 15691
X]Ask her about Sakuya option

ALSO: I didn't read your second post, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 15694
[ ] Knock the gate.
[ ] Call for a doctor!
[ ] Collapse...
>> No. 15695
[ ] Knock the gate.
[ ] Call for a doctor!
[ ] Collapse...

In that order
>> No. 15699
[ ] Call for a doctor!
[ ] Collapse...
>> No. 15714
[X] Knock the gate.
>> No. 15718
Oh god yes.

>> No. 15721
>> No. 15727
[X] Knock the gate.
>> No. 15740
[x] Knock the gate.
[x] Call for a doctor!
[x] Collapse...
>> No. 15742
[x] Knock the gate.
[x] Call for a doctor!
[x] Collapse
>> No. 15743
okay I began to write it now..
>> No. 15744
Although this thread seems to be getting scant attention, you have my rapt attention.
>> No. 15745
More people reading it than you would think.
>> No. 15747
You didn't even vo-
Wait, this is your own story. Sorry.
>> No. 15748
Get back to work.
>> No. 15749
>>15745 please troll in your own thread if you know what I mean..

ALSO: I would like to peek at a Meiling Sakuya LESBIAN SCENE!
>> No. 15772
4 hours in the making. Wall or real quality this time?
>> No. 15785

No. HY has problems with his ISP.
>> No. 15786
Nah, I'm just lazy.
>> No. 15787
File 121529957048.jpg - (42.84KB , 370x278 , 102170359.jpg ) [iqdb]

Welcome, brother. Welcome to the family.
>> No. 15789
Neither of them..
There was a great storm and a blackout. So did happen that my
But here is your fucking update although you doesn't have any choice how to continue..
>> No. 15790
[ ] RAGE
[ ] Comfort Saguya
[ ] Ignore
>> No. 15791
File 121530129445.jpg - (134.03KB , 700x1108 , doktor.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're standing before a big wooden gate. You're shouting for a doctor, but no answers. You try it again and again, but still nothing. You put down the two girls slowly to the ground. Then you try knocking on the gate. Still nothing. After knocking it for about five minutes. You loose your temper and now you're kicking the gate. It makes a very loud noise.
As if nobody would live here, or they just don't want to let you in. No answer.
"HELP ME PLEASE!" you yell, but your voice is loosing its strenght. It becomes more and more quieter.
Was this all meaningless? Your long march this far. You give it up. Your eyesight dims and you collapse. The ground is cold and hard. Every part of your body hurts. Fuck! You've failed...
Then you hear steps, and the gate opens. You hear Flandre is arguing with a women:
"I won't take her in!" the woman says on a calm voice.
"But why? You're the doctor, you must help her!" you Flandre's voice, she is angry again.
"Because your sister, and she attacked the princess."
"My sister will give you enough payment for you!"
"She has a stabbed wound and several other injuries" she says very quietly, like she would speak to herself. But then she raises her voice. "Take the priestess in! Fast! I must operate her now!"
"But what will be with Sakuya?" Flandre asks her, impatiently. But the women doesn't answer.
A hand touches your forehead..
"Miss Eirin, this boy looks bad, he has fever. What should I do with him?" an other woman speaks now. Her voice seems younger than the one with Flandre argued.
"Take him in, and give him antipyretics! I will examine him after I finished with Reimu. Till then take care of him!"
"Eirin please save Sakuya's life!" you can hear Flandre, she is crying.
Meanwhile, you feel you're being picked up by someone.
"Pease help her, you're a doctor, aren't you.." but you can say only this much, and you faint...

[X] Wake up tomorrow..
>> No. 15805
[X] 3.
>> No. 15808


>"She has a stabbed wound and several other injuries" she says very quietly, like she would speak to herself. But then she raises her voice. "Take the priestess in! Fast! I must operate her now!"
>> No. 15820
[X] Wake up tomorrow..

>> No. 15822
>"Because your sister, and she attacked the princess."

Did she meant Imperishable Night?
>> No. 15828
[X] Wake up at midnight
>> No. 15831
[x] Wake Up in Gensokyo
>> No. 15839
[X] Back to sleep.
>> No. 15845
[X] Wake up tomorrow..

Yesterday's tomorrow is almost over.
In before "I've slept too long!"
>> No. 15849
No updates today, I'm sorry. I was very busy all day.
Tomorrow I have to work, so I get up early etc.. But I will write something..
>> No. 15853
What do you work as?
>> No. 15855
That work at the Farm is really tiring you out.
>> No. 15879
We would wait forever for you! But please don't make us.
>> No. 15891
[X] Wake up tomorrow..
>> No. 15908
File 121540203889.jpg - (134.64KB , 1918x1012 , awesomeset.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Wake up yesterday
>> No. 15960
HY, can we have updates?
>> No. 15965
>>15960 just seven more minutes!
>> No. 16037
File 121546607765.jpg - (82.37KB , 628x800 , udongei48.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Ahh! It was a very busy night..."
"Will he be okay?"
"He was just too tired, and that little fever that he had. It was an easy task for me. All he needs is rest. But I think I should sleep as well."
"What if he wakes up?"
"I've put some medicine on that cupboard. He must take them... Oh and, I've almost forgot. Because he is an outsider, you must keep an eye on him!"
"You're mean! He appears so harmless. And he's just a human! And why not Tewi? Why me??"
"I can't give her such a task. Did you forget what she did last time? Anyway I'm going to sleep now."

Not much time passed, after the door was closed.
"Aww! Why always me??"

You're in a nice and warm bed. You stretch out, and with your hand you feel something soft. You open your eyes, but everything is so obscure. The thing that you've found feels good, it is so fluffy. You squeeze it a little, and
"Mmmm" you hear a womens moaning voice. "p-please don't do t-this.." she tries to say but "AH!" she moans again. So loud and so sudden, that you get frightened and you fall down from the bed. Oh fuck, it wasn't a dream!
Because of the sudden realization, you just can't decide it, whether you should swear or apologise. In the end you just get up from the floor, and you sit down onto the bed. You spot the girl in the room. She is beuntifull, she has a fucking sexy body. Her face is cute and her face all red. The perfect girl stays before you, but wha~? She has bunny ears?! And this is not your room!

Where the fuck are you now??
You slowly start to think clearly. You have thousands of questions in your mind!

[ ] Apologize to her
[ ] Ask her name
[ ] Ask her about Flandre
[ ] Ask her about Reimu
[ ] Ask her about Sakuya
[ ] Ask her about what happened yesterday night
>> No. 16038
ALSO: if you dare to choose them all, then don't expect the update tomorrow..
>> No. 16040
[X] Apologize to her
[X] Ask her about what happened yesterday night
[X] Ask her about Sakuya
[X] Ask her about Flandre
[X] Ask her about Reimu
>> No. 16041
ALSO: I didn't read your second post until I made my choice.
>> No. 16042
[X] Apologize to her
[X] Ask her about Sakuya
[X] Ask her about Flandre

Fuck Reimu!
>> No. 16044
[X] Ask her about Sakuya
[X] Ask her about Flandre
>> No. 16045

[X] Apologize to her
[X] Ask her about what happened yesterday night
[X] Ask her about Sakuya
[X] Ask her about Flandre
[X] Ask her about Reimu

WALL US, you guido!
>> No. 16046
[X] Apologize to her
[X] Ask her about what happened yesterday night
[X] Ask her about Sakuya
[X] Ask her about Flandre
[X] Ask her about Reimu
>> No. 16067
[x] Ask her about Sakuya!jOmBcI54aU!!WwAwN5BJHj
>> No. 16068
[X] Apologize to her
[X] Ask her about what happened yesterday night
[X] Ask her about Sakuya
[X] Ask her about Flandre
[X] Ask her about Reimu
>> No. 16080
[X] Apologize to her
[X] Ask her name
[X] Ask her about what happened yesterday night
>> No. 16088
[X] Apologize to her
[X] Ask her about what happened yesterday night
[X] Ask her about Sakuya
[X] Ask her about Flandre
[X] Ask her about Reimu

So you wanted the wall.. I will write something, if I won't be ready till midnight, then you will get it tomorrow. So seven minutes of writing.

ALSO: you've just missed your Reisen route..
>> No. 16099
WHAT? Apologizing is not enough? We don't care if we don't know who we fuck!

ITT: Voting in one's own story.
>> No. 16105
I meant that won! I've just forgot to write it. And because I read what I did yesterday, I realized, that my fucking tiredness gives too much quality loss to my story. So today I'll try sleep more than just 4 and a half hour..

And you should care..
>> No. 16108
You're a horribly disturbed man, HY.
>> No. 16115

Wait wut. We choose all the options.
>> No. 16116

This is why you don't trust guidos.
>> No. 16120
>you've just missed your Reisen route..

I frowned. Reisen route? In /sdm/?
>> No. 16121
>>I frowned. Reisen route? In /sdm/?

>> No. 16123
>>16121 see >>16116
>> No. 16124
Reisen Route in my /sdm/?
>> No. 16126
You retards left out [x] Ask her name
>> No. 16127
I was the first and I did that intentionally. Pets don't need a name.
>> No. 16128
File 121559566547.jpg - (172.50KB , 480x640 , 1209190651513.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 16129
>> No. 16130
>> No. 16131

You won't get me Raging that easily Anonymous~
>> No. 16133

1/10 but I laughed so you are somewhat successful.
>> No. 16139
>> No. 16145

Haven't you been told on multiple occasions that we don't want to listen to your Bleach shit?
>> No. 16146
>> No. 16154
File 121562612092.jpg - (83.73KB , 450x450 , udongei22.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're sitting on a bed, in a hospital. There is a cupboard near your bed and on it there is some pills and a glass of water. On the other side of the bed there are some machines. You wear a light blue kimono. And you're just now realizing, that you made the mistake, that you've touched the bunnygirl's tail. However it was a nice feeling, and you're sure that it felt her good too, you decide to apologize:
"I-I'm sorry!" you say on a hesitating voice, she comes closer to you "I'm Ano..." and she slaps you in the face.
"Hmpf! Don't dare to touch my tail again!" she says to you angrily.
"Okay, I won't Miss... miss bunnygirl." you say it on an offended sound. While you're stroking your face where she slaped you. "Just don't do it again!" she begans to calm down. " I'm Reisen Udongei Inaba. It's a pleasure to meet you, outsider." Then there is an embarrassing pause. And after seven minutes her expression changes, as she realize, that you must take those pills. But you're faster...
"Can I ask you some questions?" you say.
"Yes you can. But after I've answered them, you have to take those pills."
"I promise I will."you say and after a little pause you continue "So where is that maid? Is she allright?"
"Oh you mean Sakuya? That padded bitch!" she answers to you on a disapointed voice, "I'm surprised that Eirin wasted her time on Sakuya. And unfortunately she cured her."
"So you don't like her..." you would continue but she interupts you in the middle of your sentence:
"Miss Perfectness? Last year she and her mistress attacked us. And there is a some kind of conflict between Eirin and Sakuya, but it's a long story."
"I see.. I'm sorry, if I made you angry."
"Oh.." she smiles at you, then after your eyes meet, she looks away "please don't bother with it." Then a little silence, and you continue with your second question:
"Um.. Do you know where Flandre is?"
"She went home, I think they will come back to pay us for Sakuya's threatment." her voice is serious again. You feel bad because it's like you've asked the wrong questions. You can hear on her voice, that she doesn't like them..
"And what's with that miko girl?" you ask. Her expression suddenly becomes sad.
"Reimu. I just don't know how to say it. I'm sorry but she's in coma now. That stabbed wound nearly costed her life. That idiot Sakuya! If she would be a little more precise, but she couldn't hit Reimu's heart directly.Her knife slipped on a bone, and it hit a vein After you brought them here, Eirin has taken care of you all three. It was a very busy night. but I have also a question, after you took your medicine..."

[ ] Take the pills, it must be taken, you promised
[ ]Don't take the pills, it could be poisoned
[ ] Ask to see Sakuya
[ ] Ask to see Reimu
>> No. 16160
[X] "Actually, I stabbed Reimu, Miss Bunnygirl."
>> No. 16161
[X] Take the pills, it must be taken, you promised
[X] Ask to see Sakuya
>> No. 16162
[x] "Actually, I stabbed Reimu, Miss Bunnygirl."
[x] Take the pills, it must be taken, you promised
[x] Ask to see Sakuya
>> No. 16164
[X] Take the pills, it must be taken, you promised
[X] Ask to see Sakuya
>> No. 16165
[x] "Actually, I stabbed Reimu, Miss Bunnygirl."
[x] Take the pills, it must be taken, you promised
>> No. 16199
File 121563836363.jpg - (13.60KB , 258x305 , reisenwut.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 16200
File 121563849089.jpg - (139.24KB , 700x630 , 1212008798086.jpg ) [iqdb]

It is an eyesore.
>> No. 16215
File 121565308029.png - (141.77KB , 350x352 , a forlorn insect.png ) [iqdb]
>seven minutes
>fucking bipolar Reisen

[x] "Actually, I stabbed Reimu, Miss Bunnygirl."
>> No. 16221
[x] Pretend to take the pills; pocket them under your tongue.
[x] "Actually, I stabbed Reimu, Miss Bunnygirl."

Give her a smile after that last bit, and she will forget all about the pills.
>> No. 16222
[x] Take three times the pills Reisen told you to
>> No. 16230

>> No. 16234
>> No. 16238
Fuck you. I want Mr. Banana to appear.
>> No. 16363
File 121582435217.jpg - (101.26KB , 860x1032 , Hy-Saguya shaded.jpg ) [iqdb]

While Mr. Banana isn't showing, I'm sure this can suffice.
>> No. 16366
I am now little bit embittered, because someone who was at least three times bigger than I am, on the party place humilated me before my precious Mei chan. So there will be a little pause in my story.
I just don't know if you know what I mean, but the main fact is that I am now very sad, and I just cannot concentrate on my writings, so please be patient...
>> No. 16367
you lost me.
>> No. 16377
We still love you!
>> No. 16378
Don't be so sulky. Cheer up!
>> No. 16401
Take it easy.
>> No. 16436
File 121589720597.png - (9.15KB , 384x384 , 1205098312002.png ) [iqdb]

You've lost me, you nigger guido.
>> No. 16465
Is it bad if i fap to this?
3 times
>> No. 16692
Is it can be update tiem nao?
>> No. 16964
HY probably won't be working on this sidestory until he's done with Remi's playthrough.
>> No. 16965
File 121616783015.jpg - (198.51KB , 533x933 , noupdates.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 16966
File 121616792245.jpg - (13.16KB , 242x195 , 1211329726536.jpg ) [iqdb]

Hungry is going door to door, oh fuck.
>> No. 16971
Fails for having no farmer Hat and pitchfork and not enough farm animals.
>> No. 16987

Well done.
>> No. 16990
[X] Take the pills, it must be taken, you promised
>> No. 17252
Wow, this is really bad.
>> No. 17253
You just now noticed?
>> No. 17268

C'mon, it's not that bad. We reached the GOOD END at least.
>> No. 17277
The ability to reach the end of a game is in no way indicative of that game's level of non-suckiness, as so very well illustrated herein.
>> No. 17297
Sakuyan~, where are you?
>> No. 17312
He is sleeping now. It's 0:32 here...
>> No. 17313
Well, I've always suspected you to be in cahoots with him. He alright? Sounded pretty pissed about something last time.
>> No. 17317
>>17313 We're friend's so yes i'll help him sometime to the story. I dont know is anithing bad happen. The only one thing i know he is have a lot work. Oh and someone break his father's car :)

He is not HY and im not HY and him too. Ill never want to start a VN cause im bad in whrite you can see clearly... I can read and translate.. I have some VN ideas but i not wanna whrite.. our own language is crap..
>> No. 17318

Jesus, just how many personas do you have HY?
>> No. 17344
[♪] Take the pills, it must be taken, you promised.
[♪] Go find Sakuya.
>> No. 17345
Hey HY, shouldn't you be updating this more? I know Pirates of Gensokyo is great and all, but to abandon another project simply like that...shame on you HY, shame on you.
>> No. 17355
writing now...
>> No. 17356
File 121725189044.jpg - (123.65KB , 485x461 , gilgameshshocked.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 17357
File 121725966464.jpg - (540.79KB , 800x640 , no1111.jpg ) [iqdb]
Despite of the fact that you do not know it, that you may trust in them, or not. You take the pills. You're preparing yourself for the worst one. But nothing. However you get a little bit dizzy from it. But in the next second, you feel nothing. You feel totally healthy...
"Where is Sakuya? Can I see her?" you ask
"She is somewhere else in the mansion." Reisen says. "So what happened before you took them here?" she says, impatience and curiosity gets mixed in her sound..

"Actually, I stabbed Reimu, Miss Bunnygirl." you say with a serious face.
"Whaaat?? I don't believe it. Y-you LIE!"
In the next moment she jolts you and you fell over the bed. You can see her eyes are shining in red. The girl who got your trust, suddenly attacks you, and wants to kill you. You look into her eyes. Your mind goes blank for a second, and some unbelievable great anger comes to you, deep from your soul.
The silver knife, that Sakuya gave you, lies on the cupboard. You must get it! That knife is the only way to survive this battle. You jump further in that way in order to attain the knife. Just in the perfect moment, you are able to dodge her bullets.
There is a huge explosion behind you, half of the room is competevly destroyed, but you got the knife.You get up, and now you are standing before Reisen..
You found an opening. You move your left hand with the knife in it towards Reisen. But she blocks it with her both hands. She has fallen into your trap, because your right hand is getting her stomach off guard. It is a weak punch, but it had enough power to tip her out of her balance. She steps one or two backwards, and she raises her right hand and points it on your knife. She shoots. The knife falls far behind you. It hurts your left hand, but the madness that came to your mind doesn't let to feel the pain now. She moves her finger towards your face, but as she would shoot, you toss her hand, and she misses you.
"GODDAMN YOUR LUCK!" she shouts, but you tackle her, and she fells on the ground, hitting her head on the edge of a table...

You breath fast. Slowly the madness leaves your mind. You began to think clearly, but in the same time you starts to feel the pain in your left hand. It is covered in blood, but nothings broken. Then watch down on Reisen. She's lying on the ground unconscious.

[] Search for the knife
[] Shout for help
[] Find Sakuya
[] Get out from Eientei
>> No. 17358
[x] Rape.
>> No. 17359
[x] Search for the knife
[x] Find Saguya
>> No. 17360
[x] Search for the knife
[x] Unleash the fire burning inside you
>> No. 17361
File 121727681251.jpg - (10.84KB , 220x217 , 1209029196516.jpg ) [iqdb]

Seriously. WAT.
>> No. 17362
[x] Search for the knife
[x] Go through the hidden door to FinalB

You must be new here.
>> No. 17363
[x] Take a closer look at her fingers. Did she really fire bullets from her finger? Like inspector Gadget used to? Is she some kind of robot? How fucked up is this place?
>> No. 17364
[x] Take a closer look at her fingers. Did she really fire bullets from her finger? Like inspector Gadget used to? Is she some kind of robot? How screwed up is this place?
>> No. 17373
[x] Take a closer look at her fingers. Did she really fire bullets from her finger? Like inspector Gadget used to? Is she some kind of robot? How fucked up is this place?


[x] Search for the knife
[x] Cut off her finger so she can't use again when she wakes up
>> No. 17374
writing now.. just a few hours and I am ready
>> No. 17375
File 121734661961.jpg - (112.63KB , 600x990 , udongei5.jpg ) [iqdb]
You start feeling badly, because of the blood loss. You can hear as your blood is dripping onto the floor. From the blanket of the bed you tear off a piece, and you wipe the blood from your hand. The knife bruised it, not the bullets. It just happened so, that the bullet hit the blade, and turned from your hand, and it cut into your hand. The intestine of the wound isn't too bad and the knife didn't cut at too deep. But it cut the veins on your hand. Because you see that the bleeding won't keep in a few minutes, you decide that with the blanket piece you torn it off.
You turn back to the unconsious Reisen.. But wait! Her left hand moved a little. She is awake! You cannot imagine, that she would awake, like nothing happened, and you don't have enough power to win the second round either...
You quickly check the room for something useful. Behind you, you can see that the half of the room is destroyed, and even the ceiling has some holes. You see that the sunlight percolates on the ceilings. But in the window behind Reisen, you spot a flowerpot. You grab it quickly, and from full your force you fling it at her head. It breakes in thousands of pieces, but it does its work perfectly.
You almost managed to kill her, but she still didn't died. You move your hand towards Reisens face, however you can barely feel it, but she's breathing.
You decide that you take away his weapon. but you find it nowhere. You unbutton her shirt,but there is nothing in her bra only her breasts. Just where is she holding her weapon??
You began thinking. You try to remember back, when she fired at you... Like there were nothing. Like inspector Gadget.
"Oh fuck! Where am I?" you say silently. You take a closer look of her finger. But you don't see anything suspicious. It's like a normal finger. Then you check her ears. You felt her breath and her heartbeat. The bunnyears are real. And she doesn't have normal human ears. Just what the fuck is she? She isn't a robot. She lives. Then suddenly, when you're deeply surprised in your decent researchings. You hear a crack. Then you hear steps. You quickly step up, and you silently walk to the other wall, where your knife is stucked in the wall. You pull it out, and you decide to hide behind the half destroyed cupboard and you wait.
You hear that the person that approaches to the room, stops just before the door. Then it screams, and runs trough the room to Reisen. She is like Reisen, better say she is just like Reisen, but in children version, and she has dark hair. You manage yourself not to make any noise, and luckily she didn't notice you. You can hear her crying, but you don't care.
You slowly slip out from the room. And you began your journey in Eintei, to find Sakuya, and to get out here in one piece...
"But which way now?" On the corridor there are many windows, and you can go:

[] To the left
[] To the right
[] Go trough a window out to the garden.
[]Go out trough a window, and climb up to the roof.
>> No. 17376
[X]Go out trough a window, and climb up to the roof.
>> No. 17377
[x] Go out trough a window, and climb up to the roof.
[x] Jump.
>> No. 17378
[]Go out trough a window, and climb up to the roof.
>> No. 17379
[x] Go out trough a window, and climb up to the roof.
>> No. 17380
[]Go out trough a window, and climb up to the roof.
>> No. 17381
[x] Go out through a window, and climb up to the roof.
>> No. 17382
Okay, though I would really like to discuss my next update with Ran, but she is on a trip far far away from here, so give me a little time untill I decide..

ALSO: votes closed, Belmont fags. I have something to do before todays update, but in 2-3 hours it will be posted.
>> No. 17383
>"Actually, I stabbed Reimu, Miss Bunnygirl." you say with a serious face.


[X] Catch Tewi. Gotta get her lucky charms!
[X] Go out trough a window, and climb up to the roof.
>> No. 17384
>ALSO: votes closed, Belmont fags.

>> No. 17402
File 121745450523.gif - (484.73KB , 972x862 , eirin1234423.gif ) [iqdb]
You look out of the window. You see a small closed garden. It could not be more perfect! Nobody is there.You climb out of the window, and you stand up onto the ledge Then. you cling to the gutter and pull up yourself onto the roof. It was an easy task. You go to the top of the roof, and you check the other side of the building. On the ground you can see hundreds of rabbit eared people. They didn't noticed you. You decide to go on this side of the roof, so they can't see you. While you are moving towards a tower that has a window on it, you hear that they start ringing the bell. You're sure, that this is some kind of an alarm signal. You watch back on those people you saw before. Now they start running into all directions, you see it how they panic, and you enjoy it. But you can't watch them forever, you must concentrate on your main task. You silently go to that tower's window. You peek inside. There is a women. And she saw you. She wears a red blue dress, and she even has a bow in her right hand.
"Well, well.." she says, as she's walking closer to the window. "I didn't thought, that you could defeat Reisen."
You step back a few a few steps. "W-who are you?" you ask her surprised, because you didn't expect anyone could be inside there.
"I am Eirin, I cured you, with my new medicine. I see that it worked well. How was it?" she says, while her smile goes wider.
"I'm allright. Thank you!" you say doubtingly, not knowing about what her are plans with you.
"I'm glad to hear it!" she says still smiling at you.
"Where is Sakuya? I want to see her!" you say on a calm voice.
"She is in the other tower, well seperated from the others." she responses to you, but her face is serious now and she slowly point with her bow at you. "Now. This is the end of playtime."
"What? I thought.." but she doesn't let you to finish your sentence.
"You have two choices. You come with me on your free will, or I have to force you!" then she does a little pause between her words. You would say yes, I'll go, but she continues: "I need a experimental body since the old one's body couldn't bear the chemicals..." and she smiles again at you. Both have the same endings, the same painfull endings. You don't think a moment about it. But you quickly think about, how could you survive it, this time. You still have the knife in your right end. But she has a very big advantage againts you. She has distance, and a bow...
But as you would have the idea, you hear a shouting voice saying "I'll kill you!" from the left to you, and it's approaching fast. You give a side-glance at the source of the sound, but in the same time you're trying not to loose Eirin's sight as well. It's the little bunnygirl that you saw in your room, after you have defeated Reisen, and she has a big hammer in her hands. Meanwhile Eirin pulls her bow, and fires...

You just managed to jump back, and the hammer misses you, like Eirin's arrow. It hit the bunnygirl. But the impact, that these attacks made, almost throws you down from the roof. Now, you are hanging on at the gutter. You hear your knife is hitting the ground. You look at the roof, but you can't see them, because of the thick dust is covering everything.

[ ] Jump down, (the ground is not too far away)
[ ] Climb up, and fight some more
>> No. 17408
[x] Jump down, (the ground is not too far away)
[x] Grab the knife, then run like hell.
>> No. 17409
[x] Jump down, (the ground is not too far away)
[x] Grab the knife, then run like hell.
[x] Head for the other tower.
>> No. 17414
[x] Jump down, (the ground is not too far away)
[x] gb2/sdm/
>> No. 17427
only 3 votes?? AMAZING!
I don't feel like I could update now, because some problems, so I'll be back tomorrow..
>> No. 17435
[X] Climb up, and fight some more
[X] Turn Youmu-soft, after you see Eirin crying over Tewi.

Wait a minute, Eirin's a bitch and she wouldn't cry over Tewi (who also happens to be a bitch)!
I think the only nice person in Eientei is the one we already pissed off big time.
>> No. 17459
[X] Climb up, and fight some more

>> No. 17462
[ ] Jump down, (the ground is not too far away)
>> No. 17497
Update will be ready in a few minutes so be patiant just a little moar!
>> No. 17499
File 121767208663.png - (148.05KB , 383x706 , eintei.png ) [iqdb]
You look down. You see that the ground is about 2 metres below you. You release the gutter, and you began falling, but the second shooting just bangs there, where you hanged on little while ago. Its impact pushes you away from the wall. Is this your end? You fly in the air long enough to die, from the landing...
But you fall upon some those rabbits, and you survive it. You can hear, Eirin's shoutings voice, and she is really angry now. You stand up, and you look back at the roof. The rabbits are running away from you. The clouds are slowly disappearing at the roof, and you see a flashing red light. Your reflexes are still good, and you spring back, the arrow hits the ground, and it blows up. You cover your eyes and the the explosion's impact tosses you back a few metres, but you remain on your feet. In the clouds you can barely see anything, you don't know wich is the right direction.
"Don't think you can escape from me!" you hear Eirin's shouting voice. And an other explosion, near you. She is shooting her arrows randomly at you, and you know she doesn't see you. You starts walking in a direction, trying to make not much noise. As you walk you see in the clouds something flashy, as you approach it you slowly realize that it is your knife. You put it up. And a few steps later you collide with the wall. Fuck you went in the wrong direction, but at least you have your weapon again.
Then you hear a few more explosions behind you. And you decide not to go trough that deadly way, through the main area of Eintei. You search for a door and you go inside the building. Knowing that you don't have much time before Eirin realises that you aren't there, you began to run as fast as you can in the corridor.
You don't know the exact possition of the other tower, but you belive that you go on the right way. As you run you take a left corner, and in the and of that corridor you see a rabbit man, but this one doesn't run away, he makes totally the opposite. He points at you with his spear.
"So you wanna have a fight?" you say, having a confidient smile on your face. You put your knife away, because you have found out a better strategy againts it. Also you know that againts a spear, you doesn't have much chance with a knife...
"Lay down the weapon and come with me or else.." he says keeping his spear more strongly.
"Or else what happens?" you say. As you reached him. He attacks with his spear, but your plan just works fine, you easily dodge it. Obvious stabbing attack was just too obvious! You grab with your both hands the pikestaff, and you kick him. Because of the swift, he flies back, and he hits the wall. You knocked him out, and he is now laying in an other corner of the hallway. You go to the edge corner, and you peek...
You see two more from this type of rabbit. You see they're have quite a frightened face. They're guarding a door, maybe it's where they Sakuya held. No it must be the right place!

[ ] You frighten them a little more
[ ] Fight!
[ ] Find an other way
[ ] Pretend that you have given up
[ ] Write in! (if you know a better way)
>> No. 17500
[x] You frighten them a little more
>> No. 17528
[x] You frighten them a little more
>> No. 17531
[x] You frighten them a little more
>> No. 17536
[X] You frighten them a little more
>> No. 17537
[X] Fight!
>> No. 17538
[x] You frighten them a little more

Scare the shit out of them.
>> No. 17540
[X] Pretend that you have given up

They just don't know about our resolve.
We have resolve, right?
>> No. 17541
[x] You frighten them with a little moe
>> No. 17580
[x] You frighten them with a little moe

This should turn out rather awkward.
>> No. 17593
[x] You frighten them a little more has won writing now...
>> No. 17595
Waiting now.
>> No. 17607
File 121788770226.jpg - (93.59KB , 700x688 , 16a7597de8d5b593de04b0ca00422ade92157169.jpg ) [iqdb]
You sneak back from the corner to the middle of the corridor.You put on your most frightening face. You take out your knife, and you slowly walk towards the rabbit, that you have been knocked out.
"I asked you little rabbit! Where is Sakuya?" you say on a frightening voice. You lift up the rabbit with a hand, and you press him to the wall. Meanwhile you are pretending that you haven't noticed the two other. Then you suddenly throw the rabbit from your hand before they legs and you turn to them:
"I thought you could bear more. It is really pathetic to die just from one hit.." you say, as if you would talk to yourself. "Hey! You two!" you shout at them. One of them gets frightened so much, that he throws away his weapon, and runs away. But the other doesn't move. He thrills with fear. "Reisen and Eirin are already dead.." you continue "Are there in Eintei somebody, who could stand againts me?" you give him a little pause to answer, but you've scared him too much. "If you tell me, where you keep Sakuya, then I maybe spare your life."
He gulps, and he raises his left hand, and points at the door. As he does this, you spot on his belts some keys. The room must be locked...
"OPEN THE DOOR!" you shout at him and you take some steps towards him, but it was too much to him. He suddenly collapses. He has been fainted. Poor guy!
You take the keys. There are hundreds of keys on the key-ring. And time is working againts you. Eirin will come here first, after she realizes that you aren't there anymore and she is just shooting at the rabbits instead of you. You randomly try the keys into the lock, but the great wooden door just doesn't open. You're damning it, and in your hurry, you drop the keys. You take them again, you try some more. And the lock suddenly clicks, and the door opens. You go into the room, and you see that this room looks exactly like where you were kept. You see Sakuya in the bed, she is watching you from under the blanket...

[ ] "Hi Miss Sakuya!"
[ ] "Come Sakuya we must escape from here!"
[ ] "The great hero has arrived to save you, my princess"
[ ] Say nothing, just go to the bed and take Sakuya with you...
>> No. 17609
[ ] "Come Sakuya we must escape from here!"
>> No. 17610
[x] "Come with me if you want to live!"
>> No. 17612

No, Sakuya, you are the test subjects.

And then she was a paddo meido.
>> No. 17617
[x] Say nothing, just go to the bed and take Sakuya with you...
>> No. 17623

I see what you did there, friend!
>> No. 17624
[x] "Come Sakuya we must escape from here!"
>> No. 17626
[x] "Sakuya run out of here fast as you can!" and Sakuya walked real fast out.
>> No. 17627
[X] Sakuya: "Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?"
[X] You: "I'm Anonymous and I'm here to rescue you."
>> No. 17629
Because today I have lots of works, I don't update. But I give you an other poll:
[ ] Sakuya is naked under the sheet.
[ ] She has the maid costume on her.

It will decide, on which path you will continue...
>> No. 17630
>>17626 Sakuya run out of here fast as you can!" and Sakuya walked real fast out

ALSO: 'THE storm trooper' - I just don't get it...
>> No. 17631
[x] Sakuya is naked under the sheet.

This is going to be awkward.
>> No. 17634
[x] Sakuya is naked under the sheet.

This is going to be saucy.
>> No. 17635
You silly! Every path is a knife path!
>> No. 17637
>ALSO: 'THE storm trooper' - I just don't get it...

It's fucking Star Wars. Luke shows up to save Leia disguised as a storm trooper. Do you not have Star Wars in your country of Euroslavia or whatever?
>> No. 17640
[x] Sakuya is naked under the sheet.
>> No. 17730
[x] Saguya needs to make an update.
>> No. 17738
[x] Sakuya is naked under the sheet.

Fucking awesome.
>> No. 17779
[X] "The great hero has arrived to save you, my princess"
>> No. 17793
Today I had some freetime in my workplace so at least I could make the raw. The update will be ready today.

ALSO: I saw Star Wars, but I just didn't knew what a storm trooper is..
>> No. 17800
New thread: