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12049 No. 12049
You ignore the doors for now. No sound seems to be coming from behind them anyway. You inch over towards the right wall and bring your torch up, not shining it directly into the alcove in case there is something waiting inside. You tense and turn sideways, presenting a smaller target, then you flick the torchlight into one of the alcoves.

A skeleton.

The alcove is only a couple of feet deep. Lying in the space is a person who died a long time ago. You flick the light up and down, looking at the other bodies in the other alcoves. They're all lying on their backs, arms by their sides or crossed over their chests. You edge closer for a better look. Some of them have the rotten remains of funeral vestments on their bones. Some of the ones further back have rusted pieces of armor, one even has a chain-mail shirt draped over the ribcage. You peer into some of the alcoves, seeing if any of them have perhaps an opening in their back wall. Nothing.

You start to notice the names caved above the heads of the skeletons. The ones further back are all French, unpronounceable. The ones close to the door are are French as well, but the surname you recognize. 'Scarlet.'

You're almost startled for a moment when you take a closer look at the skeletons in the alcoves closest to the doors. They all have long curving canine teeth, perfectly preserved. One of them has spikes of bone all along its forearms and another has a pair of horns on its head. A couple of them are sporting the stubs of elongated tailbones. One of them has a sword laid on its long-decayed breast. Only one of the skeletal hands is still clutching the hilt, the other one having slipped away. The skeleton holding the sword is, as far as you can tell, completely human. Surname is still Scarlet though.

The sword doesn't have a spot of rust on it, perfect sheen of silver lighting up under your torch.

[ ] Ignore the sword.
[ ] Take the sword.
[ ] Ask for the sword.
[ ] Take the skeleton's skull.
[ ] Do something else (specify).


[ ] Right door.
[ ] Left door.

>> No. 12053
[x] Ask for the sword.
if no response, then
[x] Take the sword.


[x] Left door.
>> No. 12055
[X] Ask for the sword.
Cursed skeletons?

[X] Ask for the Chainmail.
Chaimail is light and doesn't restrict movement.
>> No. 12056
[X] Ask for the sword.

[X] Right door.
Search thoroughly.
>> No. 12057
[ ] Take the sword.
[ ] Use Common Soul Gem.

[ ] Left door.

>[ ] Use Welkynd Stone.
>> No. 12058
[ ] Ask for the sword.

[ ] Right door.

I can has sword plz?
>> No. 12059
[x] Ask for the sword.

Oho, why not be a polite grave robber.

[x] Right Door.
>> No. 12060
[ ] Ask for the sword.
[ ] Take the sword.
[ ] Take the skeleton's skull.

The skull must be takeable for a reason, it's too obvious that it will be a bad idea for it to actually be one otherwise it would be ignored.

[ ] Left door.
>> No. 12061
[x] Ask for the sword.

And if that don't work,

[x] Take the sword.


[x] Right door.
>> No. 12062
>One of them has a sword laid on its long-decayed breast. Only one of the skeletal hands is still clutching the hilt, the other one having slipped away. The skeleton holding the sword is, as far as you can tell, completely human. Surname is still Scarlet though.

Is that you Belmonymous?
>> No. 12063
[x] Ask for the sword.
[x] Right door.

HY, if there's no reply, will Belmonymous just leave? Else, I'd rather make that "Ask for the sword, take it if there's no answer."
>> No. 12064
[x] Ask for the sword.
[x] Left door.
>> No. 12065
[X] Ask for the sword.
[X] Ask for the Chainmail.

And dammit HY, you've finally made me want to punch Sakuya in the fucking face. Are you happy now?
>> No. 12066
We should take the skull, it's there for a reason.
>> No. 12068
[ ] Ask for the sword.
[ ] Take the skeleton's skull.
[ ] Left door.
>> No. 12070
[x] Ask for the sword.
[x] Take the skeleton's skull.

[x] Right door.
>> No. 12071
[x] Take the skeleton's skull.
[x] Wrong door

And when we get the chance....

[x] "So Remilia, Do you know this guy?"
>> No. 12072
[X] Ask for the sword.
[X] Ask for the Chainmail.
[X] Right door.
Fuck yeah, next time I'm gonna be a pirate though!
>> No. 12073
[x] Press and hold CTRL to see which items are able to be equipped.

[x] Ask for the sword.

[x] Smoke 'em if you got 'em. May be your last chance.
>> No. 12074
[ ] Take the sword.
[ ] Take the skeleton's skull.



[ ] Right door.
>> No. 12075
[ ] Ask for the sword.
[ ] Take the skeleton's skull.
[ ] Ask for the Chainmail.

[ ] Right door.

Better ask for the sword, don't forget the chainmail, it might save your life.
>> No. 12076
>>back have rusted pieces of armor, one even has a chain-mail shirt draped over the ribcage

I think the chainmail is rusted, that's why the sword is special because it isn't.
>> No. 12077
Taking the skull desecrates the "burial", and the perpetrator becomes cursed. Do you really want that?

>> No. 12078
Sword made of silver, we're probably gonna face vampires, etcs. We need it.
>> No. 12079
Seems like we landed in the catacombs of the Mansion.
I wonder what else is down here... probably something on par with the vampire upstairs.
>> No. 12080

We realize this, but I'm sure rusted chainmail could take a couple hits before breaking.
>> No. 12081
[x] Ask for the sword.
[x] Left door.
>> No. 12082
or it's completely rusted and won't bend at all, greatly hampering our movements... in which case it's a deathtrap.
>> No. 12084


We won't survive this.
>> No. 12085
Have you ever worn chainmail before? It is NOT light. Furthermore, while Belmonymous is strong and quick, but monster is better. Chainmail can prevent slashes and stabs, but your bones are still going to break.

Taking the chainmail = teh lose.
>> No. 12086
Hello? Whip? 'Vampire Killer'?
>> No. 12087

If it really is that bad then Belmonymous will obviously not put it on.
>> No. 12089

Whoa, hold up. Fucking monster in the catacombs and a fucking monster in the attic? Holy fack.

Probably Beer Spiders retarded, insanely strong, vampire killan cousin.
>> No. 12090
If it's useless we can't put it on, if it is of any use to us we put it on.
The Sword looks like it could come in handy for us, and let's face it, where we are going we need everything we can get to survive.
And Belmonymous knows how to use a sword, cause he has the skills and the wisdom already in him.
>> No. 12091

HY stated that the chainmail is draped over the skeletons ribcage. I'm thinking the chainmail is only covering the torso, which would make it light.
>> No. 12092
>[ ] Use Welkynd Stone.

Oh god why did I laugh?

>> No. 12093
We've probably got more than monsters to worry about down here. The chainmail would help against spike traps and the like.
>> No. 12094
At least we hope.
>> No. 12095
It could still come in handy. Perhaps there's an specific purpose for it.
>> No. 12096
[X] Ask for the sword.
[X] Check out the chainmail.
[X] Right door.
> Have you ever worn chainmail before?
> It is NOT light.
Yes it is, actually. At least, real, useful chainmail intended to be worn in battle is. Corpses are usually buried in ceremonial armor, though, which is heavy and unsuitable for combat. Can't hurt to check.
>> No. 12097
<YAFKYU> Gee, anon sure doesnt know shit about medieval weaponry
<YAFKYU> I'd point that out on board but I dont want to cause a shitstorm
<YAFKYU> ./sdm/ gets enough of them anyway
<Kapow> do it
<Kapow> anon can't afford to be dumb now
<YAFKYU> ... naaaah.
<Kapow> do it or I'll post the log of this
<YAFKYU> do it
<Kapow> k
>> No. 12098

This man knows what he's talking about. Listen to him.
>> No. 12099
File 121294741020.png - (183.75KB , 1024x1024 , Awesome.png ) [iqdb]

oh Kapow you crazy motherfucker
>> No. 12100
>[ ] Take the skeleton's skull.

Hello obvious red herring.

Anyway, the sword is either a trap set by Sakuya, or it's been enchanted so that it won't be removed by normal people.

[x] Ask for the sword.
if no response, then
[x] Stand away and snatch the sword with your whip.

[x] Right door.
>> No. 12101
Not really, it's probably so old it'll shatter quite easily against inhuman strength


But it's not native american is it? This is European, while I generally agree with no desecrating the grave I still think it was put there for a reason.
Either the skull's spirit will travel with us giving us some kind of encounter when we see Remi or the big bad.
Or the skull contains a small item like an amulet that was hidden inside.
Or it can be used in a magical ritual as part of the big bad's family's dead to weaken it some how.
>> No. 12102
[x] Ask for the sword.
[x] Check out the chainmail.

Sounds good to me.
>> No. 12103
File 121294765997.jpg - (2.37KB , 79x108 , morte.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't trust the skull
>> No. 12104
You bring up a good point burial chainmail, unless its a "bury me in my armor" style.

However still argue that chainmail is heavy. Its like walking about with a scuba tank on your shoulders. Its light and less cumbersome in comparison to plate mail or..I don't know...a rock, but its by no means silk. Yes you can wear it and be minimally affected by its weight if you are strong, but you will fatigue alot quicker.

But I guess it doesn't matter. It will probably by a rusted out version anyways.
>> No. 12105
Shit, now you've activated my Resident Evil puzzle solving senses.

[X] Take the skull
[X] Examine skull; take hidden item
[X] Examine skeleton.
> "A skeleton without a skull. Looks a bit creepy..."
[X] Use Skull
> "Sounds like a door unlocked somewhere."
[X] Find typewriter room, STAT!
>> No. 12106
>> No. 12107
Writing now.
>> No. 12108

Push A button to write faster!
>> No. 12109
[X] Use FAS to write faster!
>> No. 12110

>> No. 12111
Too bad HY starts his work tomorrow, writing will slow down.
>> No. 12112

>> No. 12113
Tension meter is full!
→ ↘ ↓ ↙ ← → + F5
>> No. 12114
That sword looks useful, or at the very least a good backup. You don't want to desecrate a grave though, especially of someone who might have been Remilia's ancestor. You respectfully bow your head over the alcove and speak very quietly.
"I have more need of this sword in life than you do in death. Please forgive my intrusion. If I can, I will endeavor to return it to you again. May I take it?"
There is of course no reply. It's just a skeleton.

You gingerly reach out and move the skeleton's hand away from the hilt of the sword, placing it back down on the ribcage. Then you pick up the sword. It is surprisingly lightweight, you give it a couple of practice strokes through the air to get used to it. You have no idea if you have any implanted memories of how to use a sword, but this looks and feels about right. You carefully wipe the sword on your coat to remove any dust, but there isn't any on it. Not a speck. You look back at the skeleton and feel a strange sudden urge to take the skull. You turn and bow your head again, placing the torch down in the alcove to free your hand.
"To prove of my need for your sword, I will take you with me."
A small part of your mind is hurriedly checking the rest of itself for signs of insanity, but you ignore it and grip the skull from behind. It comes right away with only a slight sound of old bone splintering like rotten wood. You can't help but feel for a moment that you've just desecrated a grave beyond repair, but somehow you also feel that this warrior, whoever he was, probably deserves a good laugh watching you get butchered by whatever it is you'll find down here.

You slip the sword through your belt, making sure it's not going to cut you. Then you pick up your torch again and push the skull into one of your pockets, with the empty eye sockets staring out the top, right up at you.
'Well then, let's go." You say to your decapitated friend.

Did that bash on your head earlier do something funny to your brains?

You assume your former caution and inch back towards the door on the right. The splinted wood looks ominous but very old. You try the handle and the door swings slowly open. You don't shine the torch inside yet, waiting until you're sure you can't hear anything. The room is completely dark, but at the other end you can see a faint light coming from a doorway, maybe two hundred yards away. There is no way of telling what is in the room or how big it is. You hear only silence.

[ ] Go quietly towards the light, torch off.
[ ] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
[ ] Ask the skull for advice.
>> No. 12115
[ ] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
[ ] Ask the skull for advice.

>> No. 12116
[X] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
Better than walking in blindly.
>> No. 12117
[x] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
>> No. 12118
[ ] Ask the skull for advice.
>> No. 12119
[ ] Ask the skull for advice.

"Hey man, could you help me out here? I don't want to lose my head."

[X] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
>> No. 12120
File 121294963817.png - (301.64KB , 399x295 , Wilson.png ) [iqdb]
What Would Wilson Do?
>> No. 12121
[x] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
>> No. 12122
[X] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.

Anything down here probably has an easier time seeing in the dark than you. Put yourself on even ground with it and shine your light.
>> No. 12123
[X] Ask the skull for advice.
>> No. 12124

Take it easy?
>> No. 12125
[X] Ask the skull for advice.
Our new buddy keeps quiet:
[X] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
>> No. 12126
[ ] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
[ ] Ask the skull for advice.
>> No. 12127
[x] Ask the skull for advice.
Well, we are officially nuts. Might as well roll with it.
>> No. 12128
Hey, HY. How about taking a football break?
Germany - Poland should be on in about 15 minutes and that's quite the match.
Omg, I'm gonna get stoned for proposing this. *runs*
>> No. 12129
[ ] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
[ ] Ask the skull for advice.

The Skull = Belmonamous' equivalent to MiGAnon's Mr. Banana!
>> No. 12130
[X] Ask the skull for advice.
The Skull, it knows all the answers to our questions.
>> No. 12131
[x] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.

>> No. 12132

>> No. 12133
[X] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
[X] Ask the skull for advice.
Stealth is not going to help us here, the catacombs are uncharted territory for us. No sense in advertising our presence too much, but don't take stupid risks like walking into darkness. Better to fight things straight up.
>> No. 12134
[X] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
[X] Ask the skull for advice.
>> No. 12135
[x] Ask the skull for advice.
[x] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
>> No. 12136
[x] Ask the skull for advice.

My dear skull, I happen to be a situation where I am boned.
>> No. 12137
Hold the skull up in your hands and say:

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now?
>> No. 12138
Writing now.
>> No. 12139
[X] Shine the torch into the room before crossing it.
[X] Ask the skull for advice.

Both of them please.
>> No. 12140
"To spank or not to spank? That is the question!"
we should totally do that routine when we next meet sakuya.
Or shove it in her face for some shock value.
>> No. 12141
>> No. 12142
If we ever get out of there.
>> No. 12143
You glance down at the eye sockets, glaring up at you from your pocket.
"I have a question, do you know what's in this room?" You whisper to the skull.
There is of course, no reply.
"Okay, I'll take that as a no." You say, nodding. "Thanks anyway." You think for a moment.
"Do you think it would be a good idea to check out the room first?" You whisper. The skull stays silent. "Of course, if there is something in there, it can probably see in the dark. I can't." You shrug, talking to yourself. "Thanks skull."

You rub the back of your head. Why are you talking to a dead person?

Very slowly, you start to move the torch over the floor. The room extends off to your left and right by only about ten feet. It just seems to be a long, very plain corridor. There is something in the corner at the other end. You can't quite see what it is. Like a large mottled, indistinct lump on the ground. You step into the room and start to make your way across to the doorway with the light, gently moving your torch back and forth as you walk. You try to keep your footsteps light and your breathing shallow, just in case anything can hear you. Then a sudden bolt of cold fear goes up your spine. You stop dead in your tracks and with aching slowness you ease the torch up to point at the ceiling. It's the one thing you forgot to check before you entered the room.

Nothing. Just plain grey brickwork again.

You move your torch down and take a couple of steps forward, patting the skull to reassure yourself he is still there. Wait, you stop. You strain your ears but you can't hear any movement.

That thing, that lump in the far corner of the room is no longer there.

[ ] Stop where you are, check the whole room with the light.
[ ] Run for the far door, torch on.
[ ] Run for the far door, torch off.
[ ] Ignore it, keep going.
[ ] Draw your sword.
[ ] Ready your whip.
>> No. 12144
[X] Run for the far door, torch off.

Whatever that thing is, it's fast. Putting the torch away would make it harder to see, yes, but it would also make it easier to run away. Plus, we don't want the torch getting destroyed.
>> No. 12145
[x] Toss the torch to the ground to light the area
[x] Ready your whip.
>> No. 12146
File 121295174185.gif - (54.12KB , 384x512 , 1209438690082.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Draw your sword.

>> No. 12149
[x] Draw your sword

the whip requires a lot of room to be used correctly, remember? we're in a dungeon.
>> No. 12150
[X] Draw your sword.
>> No. 12151
[ ] Stop where you are, check the whole room with the light.
[ ] Ready your whip.

>> No. 12152
[x] Stop where you are, check the whole room with the light.
[x] Ready your whip.
>> No. 12153
[x] Draw your sword
>> No. 12155
[x] Stop where you are, check the whole room with the light.
[x] Ready your whip.
>> No. 12156
[X] Run for the far door, torch off.
[X] Draw your sword.

I'm not sure how big the sword is, but i'm sure we want our both hands on it.
>> No. 12157
Tie the sword to your whip.

Sword-Whip, now everyone is happy!
>> No. 12158

[+] Draw your sword
>> No. 12159
[X] Dispel it with a semen facial
>> No. 12160
Say HY, if we did anything differently, would Sakuya have won against whatever is in the tower ?
>> No. 12161
If I had a knife and was in stabbin' range, I would SOOOOOO Black Mage your ass right now...
>> No. 12162
[x] Stop where you are, check the whole room with the light.
[x] Draw your sword
>> No. 12163
[X] Stop where you are, check the whole room with the light.
[X] Draw your sword.
Not enough room for effective whip.
>> No. 12164
do this, and then tie the skull to the other end. Sword-flail!
>> No. 12165
Such a outcome was possible, as were many others.
>> No. 12166
I doubt Sakuya would've won on anyone's route except her own. Same "disorder" would occur, unless it was love for Belmonamous that drives her to kill the thing.
>> No. 12167

>> No. 12168
[X] Stop where you are, check the whole room with the light.
[X] Draw your sword.

Whip is not ideal in this situation. That thing is fast enough to close the distance between us in a heartbeat, and the whip requires more room and more distance to use effectively. We want a weapon that we can use at close range and quickly.
>> No. 12169
File 121295274368.jpg - (174.48KB , 600x639 , 121260199582.jpg ) [iqdb]

But Sakuya is a dyke in denial.
>> No. 12170
[x] Hold the electric torch with your teeth
[x] Draw your sword.
[x] Ready your whip.

Two-Weapon Fighting to threaten anything within 15'. Bring it, motherfucker.
>> No. 12171
enjoy your hueg BAB penalties.
>> No. 12172
Say if we would have gone with her, and we would have killed that thing upstairs, and the same thing would have happened with Remilia, would Sakuya still knocked us out and put us through this now?
>> No. 12173
[x] Stop where you are, check the whole room with the light.
[x] Draw your sword.
>> No. 12174
File 121295289049.jpg - (51.95KB , 417x511 , chanun.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12175
File 121295295217.jpg - (18.32KB , 240x255 , Black%20Mage.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12176
File 121295301297.jpg - (82.95KB , 570x900 , sc3-ivy-01.jpg ) [iqdb]
If you want to have a sword-whip then better get one of these
>> No. 12177
No, the plot is not set in stone. Your actions do change things.

Also, sorry, 7 minutes.
>> No. 12178
It's brown mold! Don't use heat on it whatever you do!

[ ] Get ye flask.
>> No. 12179

>> No. 12180

Screw the rules, I have Improved Trip!
>> No. 12181
File 121295339419.jpg - (126.56KB , 750x720 , 1212953101775.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12182

Go check /forest/.
>> No. 12183
[X] Draw your sword.
[X] Run for the far door, torch on.
It's mottled? OH FUCK!
>> No. 12184
Criminey, there are MORE of those mottled bastards? And it moves completely silently? And we're in the middle of a 20 foot by 20(?) foot room, with only a focused source of light? Bloody hell.

I'm in too much despair to vote.
>> No. 12185

>> No. 12186
you know what this little mottled thing needs? a [x] Hug.
>> No. 12187
No, don't. It causes other issues, regardless of intent, and this is just getting really interesting. It's our first dungeon crawling adventure!
>> No. 12188
[X] Draw your sword.
[X] Run for the far door, torch on.
>> No. 12189
Watch this all be a test by Sakuya to see if we are capable of killing the thing upstairs since she couldn't. If we survive, we go on to show that bitch by killing it and making everything smooth sailing from there.
>> No. 12190
Back again, writing now.
>> No. 12191
>> No. 12193
>Watch this all be a test by Sakuya to see how long we can survive against the monsters down there. If we survive, that bitch will send Meiling to kill us and make everything smooth sailing for her.
>> No. 12194
[x] Run for the far door, torch on.
[x] Draw your sword.

belnonymous might have tiem stoppin abilities
>> No. 12195

If we can kill something that even Remi can't, though the ones down here are probably weaker so who knows, I don't think China would be much of a threat. Not to mention, China would have mixed emotions if it did come down to that and distracting her would be pretty easy.
>> No. 12196
Sakuya can force or talk Meiling into killing us pretty easy, i would not count on any help from her, Patchy or Koakuma at all.
They all know Sakuya longer than us, the only Allies we have are Remilia and Flandre.
Remember: HY said we are going too fast with the story, and it is vital that we get friends with the other inhabitants of the SDM.
I just hope they all like us good enough to not kill us on sight....
>> No. 12197
I highly doubt Meiling would kill us. It's not like she has anyone who gives a damn about her that Sakuya could hold hostage.
>> No. 12198
I don't think Patchy would fuck us over here. Remember that she's known Remi a whole lot longer than she's known Sakuya, and probably likes her better too. She'd probably cover us for her friend's sake.
>> No. 12199

Why would Sakuya need a hostage against Meiling? Though promising to destroy all her video games and stuff might do something, Sakuya would just toy with her emotions to get the job done.
>> No. 12200
What if we're just super effective against lumpires?
>> No. 12201
You're assuming that Meiling is thinking rationally. She seems to have more of a beaten wife mentality, it's not unbelievable that Sakuya could force her to do shit like this.
>> No. 12202
Agreed, remember how happy she was that Sakuya called her name for once.
Just imagine all the lies and things she could tell her and among other stuff how much she loves her and what ever you can think of.
But i am sure Sakuya knows that we will come out of this alive and stronger than ever.
That's why i am thinking she will send Meiling to finish us once at the exit.
>> No. 12203
You draw the sword from your belt in one swift motion, holding it point-down and tensing, ready to strike out in any direction. With your other hand you make a slow circle of the room, shining the light over the walls, up and down, across the ceiling. Nothing there. As you move the light back closer to you again there is a movement at the edge of your vision. You spin to face it, trying to get the light on it, bringing your sword up to parry any sudden blows.

The thing freezes for a moment in the torchlight. You get a glimpse of it, vaguely human outline but something horribly canine about the facial features, elongated and thrust forwards. It's skin is a dark greenish-brown and it looks completely emaciated. It makes a panicked, low, animalistic screeching noise and vanishes from the light before you can react again. You brace yourself for an impact, but it never comes. You spin the torch around, trying to catch it before it reaches you. Instead you manage to get a glimpse of it slipping through the door where the light is coming from. It moves out of sight beyond the doorway and you start to follow, slowly at first but picking up speed as you get closer to the light.

Beyond the doorway you can see more brick walling, jumbled this time, all corners and bits of fallen masonry. The light seems to be coming from several electric bulbs high up on the ceiling, lining the corridor, surrounded by metal casings. You switch off the torch to conserve the battery and start to check all around you as you step into this new section of corridor. Nothing here. Then you have an idea and look up. Those bulbs must be getting power from somewhere, probably the Mansion. There are wires connecting them on the ceiling, leading off down the corridor. If you follow that, maybe you have a chance. Then, as you take a step further into the corridor, you check around a corner of wall and look into a little dead-end side passage. The thing you saw before is in there, back to you, lying on the ground in a fetal position, hands cradling its head.

[ ] Follow the wiring.
[ ] Attack the creature while you can, make it a clean kill.
[ ] To try talk to the creature.
[ ] Poke the creature with your foot.
[ ] Ask the skull what to do.
>> No. 12204
[x] Attack the creature while you can, make it a clean kill.
[x] Ask the skull if that was the one.
>> No. 12205
[ ] Ask the skull what to do.
[ ] To try talk to the creature.

You know the drill, skull talk, but this time we have a new friend to talk to.
>> No. 12206
[ ] Ask the skull what to do.
[ ] To try talk to the creature.

If it attacks us, we can just attack it back anyway. Might as well try to reason with it.
>> No. 12207
Well then. If we have to hurt Meiling because of Sakuya, we're not gonna let pad make it out of this story alive.
>> No. 12208
[X] To try talk to the creature.
Hell, we are crazy enough to talk to a skull
>> No. 12209
[x] To try talk to the creature.
>> No. 12210
Someone needs to draw Belmonymous talking to the skull.
>> No. 12211
[ ] To try talk to the creature, but brace yourself.
>> No. 12212
[x] To try talk to the creature.

>> No. 12213
[ ] Ask the skull what to do.
[ ] To try talk to the creature.
>> No. 12214
[X] Try to talk to the creature.
More scared of us than we are of it, and probably not faking since it could have attacked us in the darkness.
>> No. 12215
[X] To try talk to the creature.
>> No. 12216
[ ] Ask the skull what to do
[ ] To try talk to the creature.

Hey, hey, we're cool. See? See? No more Mr. Bad Light Box!
>> No. 12217
Poor critter. I'm tempted to kill it, but that thing is bloody FAST. ...then again, if we can't handle it, we won't be able to handle what comes. Best to get rid of it, or it might get over its cowardice and attack us later.

[x] Attack the creature while you can, make it a clean kill.
>> No. 12218
[x] Ask the skull what to do.
[x] To try talk to the creature.

>> No. 12219
[x] To try talk to the creature.

Not making fun of the awesome grammar, serious vote.
>> No. 12220
[ ] To try talk to the creature, but brace yourself.
>> No. 12221
[ ] Ask the skull what to do.
[ ] To try talk to the creature.
If we pick this option long enough the skull will answer us.
>> No. 12222
[x] Three-way hug between the skull, the creature and Belmonymous.
>> No. 12223
[x] Try to talk to the creature.

sup, exposition monster
>> No. 12224
Yes, we should embrace our insanity.
>> No. 12225
[X] Ask the skull what to do.
[X] To try talk to the creature.
[X] Follow the wiring.
>> No. 12226
File 121295873314.jpg - (100.35KB , 850x782 , MiGAnon.jpg ) [iqdb]
>but that thing is bloody FAST.
>Best to get rid of it

Sounds like a familiar failed plan...
>> No. 12227
[ ] Ask the skull what to do.
[ ] To try talk to the creature.
>> No. 12228
If the creature doesn't respond, don't leave it alive. It'll probably appear later after we've been wounded fighting a more aggressive creature, attracted by the smell of blood. And then it will eat us while we're weakened.
>> No. 12229
Sanity is for the weak.
And we are already making friends down here, we already have mr skull and now mr weird bunny.
Soon we will find even more friends down here!
>> No. 12230
[X] Ask the skull what to do.
[X] To try talk to the creature.
Let's get a taste of the Flandre Route.
>> No. 12232
Sorry about the horrible word-swapping typo there.
>> No. 12233
[X] To try talk to the creature.
If it wanted to attack us it would have done so already.
>> No. 12235
[X] Ask the skull what to do.
[X] To try talk to the creature.
>> No. 12236
If we can't kill this horribly weakened critter though, we might as well give up here. I seriously doubt it's the harshest opposition we'll face, though I will laugh if Sakuya thought this single emaciated creature could finish us. (I'll also laugh if it subsequently kicks our ass.)
>> No. 12237
[X] Ask the skull what to do.
[X] Try to talk to the creature.

>> No. 12238
I'm sorry Mr. Skull, but you're going to have to be a make-shift tambourine for a bit. We need that hairpin to get out of here.
>> No. 12239
>mr weird bunny
I'd rather call him mr gollum
>> No. 12240
[ ] Ask the skull what to do.
[ ] Try to talk to the creature
>> No. 12241

[ ] Attack the creature while you can, make it a clean kill.

Without a word, slice it's neck or bash it's body.
>> No. 12242

>> No. 12243
Writing now.
>> No. 12244
[x] Ask the skull what to do.
[x] Try to talk to the creature
>> No. 12245
We've made lots of friends down here already! Skull-tan is so cooooool!
>> No. 12246
You peer at the creature for a moment before stepping back and taking the skull out of your pocket. You hold the skull up, eye sockets forward, so he can see the thing lying on the floor.
"What do you think?" You whisper to the skull.
The skull stays silent.
"Uh-huh, I mean I don't get it either." You say. "Whatever it is, it must be scared or something."
No response from the skull.
"Okay, good idea." You say.

You take a step forwards, holding the skull next to you so he can join in if need be.
"Hello?" You ask the creature on the ground.
It swivels its head around to look at you. Well, it's certainly ugly. Its nose and jaw are disfigured, thrust forward like the face of a dog. It's eyes are tiny and pure red. The fingers on the hands holding its head are each tipped with what were probably once razor-sharp claws, but now just look ragged and twisted.
You hold the skull up so he can get a better look at the creature.
"We're not going to hurt you." You say to the creature. Well, you're going to hurt it if it tries to eat you, or perhaps if it tries to take the skull away.
The creature slowly picks itself up off the ground and peers at you, head bobbing up and down. It's hunched over, like its spine is curved.
"Do you understand me?" You ask. "Does he look like he understands me?" You ask the skull.
The creature says nothing in response, just looks between you and the skull.

This close up you get a whiff of the horrible stench coming off the creature. Smells like a stagnant lake full of rat piss. You also get a look at its mouth. It has fangs. Not as prominent as Remilia's or those on the skeletons you saw, but vampire's fangs all the same. Experimentally, you take a step back from the creature. It raises its head. You take another and it steps towards you. You step towards it and it cowers back a little.

You try walking a few steps away and it follows, still peering at you.

[ ] Allow it to follow.
[ ] Let the skull talk to it.
[ ] Kill it now.
[ ] Poke it.
[ ] Give it a name.
>> No. 12247
[x] Allow it to follow.
[x] Let the skull talk to it.

>> No. 12248
[ ] Give it a name.
[ ] Let the skull talk to it.
[ ] Allow it to follow.

>> No. 12249
[ ] Allow it to follow.
[ ] Give it a name.
>> No. 12250
[x] Let the skull talk to it.

WTF? Seriously I just give up. All aboard the crazy train.
>> No. 12251
[x] Allow it to follow.

shall we show sakuya our new pets? (provided it doesn't try to kill us in the process)
>> No. 12252
File 121296086138.jpg - (46.96KB , 520x520 , dante.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"What do you think?" You whisper to the skull.
>The skull stays silent.
>"Uh-huh, I mean I don't get it either." You say. "Whatever it is, it must be scared or something."
>No response from the skull.
>"Okay, good idea." You say.
>> No. 12253
[X] Give it a name. (William)

A fine name for a fine man.
>> No. 12254
[X] Allow it to follow.
[X] Give it a name - Dogmeat.
[X] Let the skull talk to it, if the skull wants to. Don't force anything. They'll become friends in their own way.
>> No. 12255
[ ] Give it a name.
[ ] Let the skull talk to it.
[ ] Allow it to follow.
>> No. 12256
[ ] Give it a name.
[ ] Let the skull talk to it.
[ ] Allow it to follow.

Giving into the insanity.
>> No. 12257
Let's call it Piss-tan!
>> No. 12258
[X] Allow it to follow.
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
>> No. 12259
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
[X] Allow it to follow.
[X] Give it a name. (Sakuya)
>> No. 12260
[x] Give it a name.
[x] Let the skull talk to it.
[x] Allow it to follow.
>> No. 12261
[X] Allow it to follow.
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
[X] Let the skull give it a name.
>> No. 12262
[X] Allow it to follow.

Don't allow it to leave your line of sight and keep your guard up.
>> No. 12263
[RED] Kill it now.

>> No. 12264


[ ] Give it a name.
[ ] Let the skull talk to it.
[ ] Allow it to follow.
>> No. 12265
[x] Give it a name.
[x] Allow it to follow.

Oh God, what the hell is going to happen when we get out of here? What are we going to tell Remilia?
"Oh, hey. I've got the skull of one of your ancestors here, and what I think may be one of your relatives followed me back. Can I keep them?"?
>> No. 12266
[x] Give it a name.
[x] Allow it to follow.

We'll let our little monster tag along,who knows, it might come in handy, but if there is any sense of him wanting to touch our bony friend -->[x] Kill it now.
>> No. 12267
[x] Allow it to follow.
[x] Give it a name.
>> No. 12268
This man is a Genius

[X] Allow it to follow.
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
[X] Let the skull give it a name.
>> No. 12269
[x] Kill it now.
This is gonna be one of those strength-in-numbers monsters. It may be harmless now, but when its mates turn up it's going to assist in ripping us to pieces. Sakuya sent us down here to DIE, so it's safe to assume that the monsters down here are dangerous.
>> No. 12270
[X] Give it a name.
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
[X] Allow it to follow.
Seems reasonable. But we're going to whack it good if it seems fishy.
>> No. 12273
[X] Give it a name.
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
[X] Allow it to follow.
>> No. 12274
[X] Kill it now.

Do you all really think it's a good idea to be merciful to this thing?
>> No. 12275
Also, you know, vote for a name?
>> No. 12276
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
[X] Allow it to follow.
[X] Give it a name. (Sakuya)
>> No. 12277
[X] Allow it to follow.
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
[X] Let the skull give it a name.

Deleted my post in favor of this. Skull will definately have better name ideas than us.
>> No. 12278
Let's call him Fluffy.
>> No. 12279
>> No. 12280
We'll call our new friend... Hong Meiling.
>> No. 12281

name it this
>> No. 12282
[X] Give it a name.
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
[X] Allow it to follow.

Name: Sakuya!jOmBcI54aU!!WwAwN5BJHj
>> No. 12283
We're about to die and Sakuya's plan will have worked. Remilia is going to be widowed and spend an eternity alone without Belmonymous.

>> No. 12284
>> No. 12286
>>Name: Sakuya!jOmBcI54aU!!WwAwN5BJHj

Oh ho, why not. We are going to die any minute anyways.
>> No. 12287
Lets call the beast Agent Moulder and the skull Agent Skully.
>> No. 12288
>> No. 12289
Wait, no, there was something even more awesome.

[X] Allow it to follow.
[X] Let the skull talk to it.
[X] Let the skull give it a name.
>> No. 12290
[x] Give it a name. (Saguya)
[x] Let the skull talk to it.
[x] Allow it to follow.

This is a good idea and I support it.
>> No. 12291

we befriended a fucking skull which will stand as a testament to our legacy, i believe that is sufficiant enough to warrent some semblance of a GOOD END
>> No. 12292
To be! Or not to be! That is the question!
>> No. 12293

This. Do it.
>> No. 12294

Pad fag.
>> No. 12295

>> No. 12296
We've gotten as far as we have in this path by being compassionate and merciful to everyone and urging restraint and kindness. So yes, it does seem like a sound plan.
As for name, repeating my earlier suggestion of Dogmeat. Pity Sakuya ransacked us, but we can promise it some iguana-on-a-stick later.
>> No. 12297
Why are we talking to a skull like a crazy sob?
>> No. 12298
[x] Kill it now.

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
>> No. 12299
I don't know what the fuck. Writing now.
>> No. 12300
We're going to fucking kill you when we get out, pad. Especially if you make us hurt Meiling.
>> No. 12301
Damn it anonymous, take this a bit more seriously. Things are really going to get fucked up if you continue to dick around with that skull and attempt to befriend basement monsters. Stop being nice, stop dicking around, grow some god damned balls and cut down anything that gets in the way of the exit.
>> No. 12302
Oh god, oh god, such a good game. Memories coming back to me.
>> No. 12303
File 121296229649.png - (403.45KB , 617x471 , sakuya killed smb.png ) [iqdb]
"Am I still the bad GIRL?? Silly Dumbass.. Can't you read in my sentences? I've said, Remilia will, also die because of that thing upstairs! I just hate you because of that. But you always say, fuck my balance theory.. no Belmonyous, you just fucked yourself.. HAHAHAHAHA!!"
>> No. 12304
Well shit, this seems like we are going at it the wrong way.
Bad end immiment.
>> No. 12305
We're not fucking around, we're acting out minor psychosis as a result of banging our head rather hard against something.
>> No. 12306
[x] Hold the skull in front of you

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times, and now how abhorr'd in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.
>> No. 12307
Nothing is lost, we can still win this.
>> No. 12308
He's still so moe though. I just can't bring myself to resent Sakuya.
>> No. 12309



Picking up a skull and talking to it isn't fucking around? Belmonymous wasn't going 'insane' until HY decided to allow him to take the skull. Belmonymous is mentally stable, maybe a BAD END is needed to make you see that.
>> No. 12310
But we are serious, who knows what the skull option is good for.
>> No. 12311
Picking up a skull and talking to it, is funny..
I like the Shakespeare route too.
>> No. 12312
ITT: we are hamlet
>> No. 12313
>> No. 12314
really i dont think taking the skull by itself will cause us a bad end, turned around and letting the monster follow us will probably though, having said that its always fun to try alternate sollutions
>> No. 12315

Not a damn thing, if you were in the IRC you would know this.
>> No. 12316
I just hope we recover from this after a little rest and medical treatment. Explaining it as the effects of isolation(albeit very short) and head trauma works best, as it can be repaired.
>> No. 12317
You take a couple more steps away from it, just to make sure it 's doing what you think it's doing. Yup, it hops along a few steps behind you. You decide to let it follow. It's not tried to attack you or anything and it seems pretty harmless, killing it would just be unnecessary violence. You put your sword back in your belt and start off down the corridor, making sure to keep one eye on your new stinky companion ambling along behind you.

You realize you're still holding the skull and move to put it back in your pocket.
"Oh? What's that?" You hold the skull up again. "Okay, I guess."
You stop and turn around, holding up the skull so he can see the weird creature again. The thing stops and peers at the skull.
There is only silence.
"That sounds like a good idea." You say. "But what?"
More silence. The creature scratches it's stomach.
"You decide." You say.
"Saguya?" You laugh a little. "Haha! Saguya!" You turn the skull around and grin at it. "Good one, I think it's perfect, well done."
You pop the skull back into your pocket and look back up at the creature.
"Your name is now Saguya. I hope you like it."
The creature closes its eyes and opens its mouth. It makes a sound somewhat like an 'uuuuuunnnnn' and then just looks at you again.
"I'm glad you agree. Come on." You set off down the corridor again, scratching the back of your head. Hmm, feels kind of funny.

The corridor branches off in two different directions, fallen masonry clustered around the split. Saguya bounds past you and starts sniffing the air in front of one of the passageways. You can smell something very strange down from that direction. The other way is dark though, looks like the lightbulbs have been failing.

[ ] Smelly.
[ ] Dark.
[ ] Ask the skull.
>> No. 12318
HY can't believe you guys are doing this. What's it going to do, become our familiar? Unlock the secret skull route? This isn't TAiG, for fuck's sake.
>> No. 12319
[ ] Ask the skull.

>> No. 12321
Time to get serious, no more skull asking.
[X] Dark.
>> No. 12323
[x] Ask the skull.

It's been right so far.
>> No. 12324
A bit of morbid humor like carrying around a skull for company won't hurt Belmonymous.

On the other hand, letting a horrible aberration of flesh follow him around...
>> No. 12325
[X] Ask the skull.

in during shakespeare.
>> No. 12326
[X] Smelly.

If the lights are failing then the wiring in that direction is bad. I would think that the areas farther from the mansion would be the parts that fell into disrepair faster.

On another note, Sierra adventure games always irritated me. Interpret that as you will.
>> No. 12327
[x] Smelly.

oh jesus christ this is going to be an "Itchy. Tasty" ending isn't it?
>> No. 12328
[x] Ask the skull. its kept us alive so far (at the cost of our sanity)
>> No. 12329
[X] Dark.
Asking the Skull was funny for a while, but now we need to recognize that we are in a surrounding that is full of things that want to fucking kill us.
We need to stop being stupid and get serious.
>> No. 12330
[X] Drop the skull
>> No. 12331
[x] Dark.
>> No. 12332
[ ] Smelly.
>> No. 12333
I should have never dubbed that Sader-Sakuya Saguya. What have I created?
It's gonna get pissed and eat us if it ever finds out the meaning of its name.

[X] Smelly.
>> No. 12334
[x] Smelly.

the skull had its spotlight, now for saguya
>> No. 12335
[ ] Dark.
Smelly = BAD

Also, drop the damn skull. The dog-thing will probably protect us from what's down here, so no need to kill it or ditch it.
>> No. 12336
[x] Follow the wiring.

Unless it goes both ways, in which case:
[x] Dark
We have a flashlight, and we don't want to run into anything down here that has a smell.

[x] Leave the skull in front of the other passage, ask it to check it out for you
Enough of this. That's a good end to it, isn't it?
>> No. 12337
[x] Ask the skull.
And count the shadows.
>> No. 12338
[X] Smelly.
>> No. 12339
[X] Smelly.

Well, Remilia used the basement to store those hideous half-youkai bloodbags. The one we met stank pretty bad, so I guess this is closer to the mansion.
>> No. 12340
[X] Ask the skull, but barring a stern warning,
[X] Dark.
Smelly sounds bad. (Honestly, though, it's pretty much random.)

As regards screwing around - we went to sleep in Remilia's arms and woke up to psycho Sakuya and an apparently lethal dungeon crawl. A little skull talking is fine, takes our mind off the creeping fear that we may not see Remi again. Creature befriending is not only a generally good idea but possibly necessary; there's SOMETHING down here that Sakuya believes is not only capable of but assured to kill us, even with our full gear, and she knows the location better than we do. Entering combat when another option is possible is folly.
>> No. 12341
Mh, in the smelly direction there might be more of those things. Which could be for good or bad, they could dwell in the safe areas but with strength in number they might decide to eat us. We might also get killed in the dark spots down here, though.
>> No. 12342
File 12129633384.jpg - (20.34KB , 512x288 , ASTRO ZOMBIE.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 12343
[x] Smelly.

Belmonyous has conquered the tension of this situation by spontaneously developing schizophrenia.
>> No. 12344
We don't need to drop the skull, maybe it will has it's use later on. Can we just not be stupid and ask some skull questions?
>> No. 12346
File 121296353611.jpg - (17.26KB , 108x96 , headofnavigator.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask the skull.
Skulls have a long history of navigating through labyrinths
>> No. 12347
[X] Dark.
>> No. 12348

Don't know if I should be telling you this, but I will. HY is not pleased with this skull faggotry, he was surprised to see anonymous being this fucking retarded.
>> No. 12349

actually that seems the most rational explanation for this bout of insanity
>> No. 12350
[x] Dark.
[x] Engrave Elbereth on the floor in front of the smelly corridor.
>> No. 12351
Right, that's all for tonight, need to stop early because of work tomorrow morning.

And now for even worse news, this is the schedule for updates from now on, due to work. The writing itself will not slow down, but the only free time I have for updates is 5pm-11pm GMT. I can't afford to stay up late every night because frankly avoiding daytime tiredness is important when your job involves heavy machinery, large animals and a poor health and safety record. I will attempt to finish the Remilia route at as full a speed as I can without rushing it or leaving things out, but after that I'm not promising when the next route will start or how fast I can write it. I will do my best to make sure the quality of the writing stays as it is, or improves. That's all.

Back tomorrow!
>> No. 12352
Good point. We're probably in Flandre's food storage room. Meaning that the smelly route is full of half-dead youkai. Half-dead HUNGRY youkai, but it's also the path back to the mansion.
>> No. 12353
Seconding this!
[x] Ask the skull.
>> No. 12354
[X] Ask the skull.
>> No. 12355
[X] Dark.
>> No. 12356
Ah damn, good luck with your work.
>> No. 12357
>> No. 12358
[X] Put skull away for now, but not without some half-assed Shakespeare.
[X] Smelly.
>> No. 12359

Beware anonymous. If the writer thinks you're being retarded, then you should probably start making better decisions.
>> No. 12360
[X] Ask the skull.

Also you've chosen the LUNATIC MODO. enjoy the consequences.

ALSO that creature could show you, the unspotted enemies. Just watch its gestures, sounds, I mean maybe it will stop, or run away if the boss monster appears, or so and I know you know what I mean..
>> No. 12361
[x] Smelly.
>> No. 12362
[x] Drop the skull

I've learned not to piss off the DM. He'll make everyone think we're nuts when we get out or something.
>> No. 12363
[] Smelly.

Don't want to run into a Grue.
>> No. 12364
File 12129643707.jpg - (108.18KB , 530x655 , remi is alone.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12365

>> No. 12366

This is how everything will end if anonymous doesn't stop dicking around.
>> No. 12367
[x] Drop the skull

Shouldn't have even given us the option
>> No. 12368
>when your job involves heavy machinery, large animals
Sounds like your going to war or big game hunting. Good luck, we might avenge your death if you never come back.
>> No. 12369
>and I know you know what I mean
That's just too meta. You've lost me.
Good night, everybody!
>> No. 12371
>> No. 12372
[] Drop the skull

Also, when we get back to Remi, mention that it is remarkably hard to get out of the maze under the garden, and also mention you weren't aware of Sakuya having a key to her room. All this while looking tired, and then collapse afterward.
>> No. 12373
[X] Drop the skull
>> No. 12374

I laughed. Well done.
>> No. 12375
File 121296526161.gif - (40.57KB , 328x400 , youmuwut3.gif ) [iqdb]

>> No. 12376

Unless you want to find out, I suggest anonymous drops the skull and grows some balls.
>> No. 12377
File 121296537263.png - (120.54KB , 687x231 , WHATAREYOUDOING.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 12378
[x] Smelly.
>> No. 12379

I'm going to delete it in just a moment.
>> No. 12380
[x] Drop the skull
>> No. 12381
[] Drop the skull
>> No. 12383
File 121296573171.png - (7.26KB , 478x197 , lolno.png ) [iqdb]
Thanks for the heads up

>Another secret coming from IRC

>HY is planning to "punish" anonymous for his stupidity
>> No. 12384
File 12129658438.jpg - (172.33KB , 370x480 , daisy_imbesi_toy_poodle_march_2008_dog_model.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yet another secret incoming from IRC
HY is in fact a poodle and likes to play soccer. He is also italian.

wait what?
>> No. 12386
[] Drop the skull
>> No. 12387
Wow, my troll radar hasn't stopped beeping for the last 3 minutes!
>> No. 12388

It actually wasn't really a secret. He didn't tell anyone shit. His exact words were along the lines of "I didn't expect anonymous to do this".
>> No. 12389

>> No. 12390
File 121296668050.gif - (2.58KB , 59x80 , little_murray.gif ) [iqdb]
newfags don't know bout awesome skulls.

[X] Don't drop the skull.
>> No. 12391
Anyone else think it's a bad idea to go the smelly way? If we end up in a room full of those vampire things then we may just get our ass kicked.
>> No. 12392
Christ, what's been happening here? Skull route confirmed for next playthrough?
>> No. 12393

Koakuma route next.
>> No. 12394
Can't we come to a compromise here?
>[x] Leave the skull in front of the other passage, ask it to check it out for you
>Enough of this. That's a good end to it, isn't it?
>> No. 12395
>Meiling route next
>> No. 12396
What the hell Anonymous.

Do you not remember what happened at the end of that Tom Hanks movie? HE BOUGHT ANOTHER WILSON.
>> No. 12397
Mei next please.
>> No. 12398

Where do you go to buy another skull?
>> No. 12399
We'll make one. OUT OF SAKUYA!
>> No. 12400

We can't actually kill Sakuya. What kind of SDM story would make you kill a member of the mansion? I'm all for bitch smacking her out of the chair then helping her back in it. But kill her?
>> No. 12401
No, killing her wouldn't work. Smack her in the face REALLY hard. Then, kick in the shins. Hard. Harder than could be imagined. Then move on. We shouldn't kill people, even when they try to kill us. Makes a better story.
>> No. 12402
This would work just as well. Only with kicking her in the shins after we help her back into the chair.
>> No. 12403
File 121296779615.gif - (56.81KB , 200x160 , 1194374427021.gif ) [iqdb]
You misspelled Meiling.
>> No. 12404
You misspelled Koakuma. Wrong pic too.
>> No. 12405

Fuck, I lol'd hard at the mental image of that.
>> No. 12406
File 121296815240.jpg - (35.93KB , 640x512 , patchy.jpg ) [iqdb]
>You misspelled Patchouli.
>> No. 12407
File 12129682745.jpg - (100.06KB , 400x400 , 1212801202541.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>You misspelled Flandre
>> No. 12408
It might be cool to just walk in to the mansion like nothing happened. Like, we find Sakuya eating breakfast with Remi and toss her flashlight back to her and wait for her to freak out.
>> No. 12409
Actually, Patchy route might be okay in the second playthrough. It DOES involve being awesome, after all. And we would be able to see Koakuma still.
>> No. 12410
Honestly, I want to do Sakuya route next. Koakuma is moe moe, but I'd rather do Patchouli's route than her's.
Sakuya's route smells of plot exposition and tsundere.
>> No. 12411
EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! HY confirmed it, all our actions can kill people in the SDM, including us.
I am sure there is a kill Sakuya option or a way to kill her after we get out of the catacombs.
The Bitch has to die, we even saved her life, and that is how she thanks us.
>> No. 12412
File 121296961318.gif - (116.63KB , 791x613 , 1205641940963.gif ) [iqdb]

>>Sakuya's route smells of plot exposition and tsuntsuntsuntsun.

Fix'd that for you Anon.
>> No. 12413
Save the plot heavy routes for last, which will tie up all routes together. Sakuya = TRUE ROUTE in this twisted tale, so we need to do the lighter (and joke) routes of Koakuma, China, Frisca, Flandre, and Patchi next, in that very order! HY can retire SDMLA forever when Sakuya route is in the books.
>> No. 12414

Just because you can kill Sakuya doesn't mean you should. Do you really think you can get a GOOD END from killing a member of the mansion?
>> No. 12416
ITT Pissing on Anon's parade

>> No. 12417

we won't be getting a good end by dying either
>> No. 12418

A good way to avoid dying is by killing the monsters you encounter under the mansion, not befriending them.
>> No. 12419
[X]Ask Skull

If I am going to encounter the damn thing down there I might as well see my own death, no use dying from something I can't see.
>> No. 12420
I hope they will put our corpse beside the Skull so we have someone to talk to.
>> No. 12421
Right attack the monster, it's probably faster and stronger than us.
It moved from the corner without us even noticing it and not even hearing it moving.
Provoking something to attack us is always a great idea. Who knows if it's alone, what do we do if it cries out and others of it come to look what is going on.
>> No. 12422
I don't think it's going to kill us. It probably would have earlier if that was the case.
>> No. 12423
[X] Dark

Might be a little late to do this but I change my vote to dark. Walking into a room full of rat-piss monsters isn't something I want to do. Then again walking into a dark room isn't a good idea either, oh well.
>> No. 12424
There's a disturbing trend in these posts. From the start:
>>Did that bash on your head earlier do something funny to your brains?
>>You rub the back of your head. Why are you talking to a dead person?
>>You set off down the corridor again, scratching the back of your head. Hmm, feels kind of funny.

All three occur in posts that have involved a "skull" choice. Now, the question is whether whatever is wrong with our head has caused our interaction with the skull, or if the skull is causing the problems with our head. In the case of the former, maybe we should use some of that medical knowledge we seemed to have inhereted from Yukarin to check for a concussion or something. MayoClinic.com: "The two most common concussion symptoms are confusion and amnesia," as well as "mood and cognitive disturbances," and "a loss of consciousness." Talking to the skull seems to indicate we're busted up a little more than we thought, and it would suck something awful to pass out in the middle of a fight.

In the case of the latter, "you've just desecrated a grave beyond repair..." Nothing says ancient curse like mysterious pains.
>> No. 12425
Maybe that's what HY meant when he said we have a problem.
Then this would mean it is a run against time until we pass out and die from the blood cloging up in our head.
We should avoid taking damage to the head and get out of there as fast as possible.
>> No. 12426
It's not too late to vote until he starts writing tomorrow.
>> No. 12427
I understand wanting to get back at Sakuya, but to go so far as to kill her strikes me as rather stupid.
Sure, she's pretty much doing the same to us, so it only seems fair to return the favor, but consider WHY she's doing.

As much of a bitch as she's being, Sakuya is ultimately acting in the way she views as the "best" means of protecting Remilia. When you get right down to it, our ends our the same as hers, it's just that we disagree upon the means to that end.

Sakuya tried the way we ultimately have to go, but failed because she tried to do it alone. Because the notion of ganging up on that thing doesn't seem to register with her as a possibility, she considered her own failure reason enough to consider that route a dead-end, switching to killing us as the back-up plan.

Unfortunately, this current plan of hers is bound to fail, whether we survive it or not. Even if we do die, Remilia likely won't just give up on killing that thing. She already gave Eirin the go-ahead to make that anti-vampirism stuff for her, meaning she is most likely perfectly willing to put it to use. Rather than losing her nerve, the sudden loss of her beloved could just as easily be that last straw that drives her to go after that thing solo with no regard for her own life. Either way, Remilia will likely go after that thing, her life will be in danger, and if she fails she will die, which is exactly what Sakuya DOESN'T want to have happen. At least if we were around, she probably wouldn't be so reckless to just go off on her own.

Ultimately, we have to kill that thing, and we're going to need Sakuya (along with everybody else) to do it.

We just have to get her to come around to our way of thinking, and possibly see how her way isn't for the best after all.
>> No. 12428
>We just have to get her to come around to our way of thinking, and possibly see how her way isn't for the best after all.

Sakuya will never ever do this. Not in a thousand years.
>> No. 12429
The symptoms most commonly produced by Enrichment Center testing are superstition, perceiving inanimate objects as alive, and hallucinations.

The Enrichment Center reminds you that the weighted companion skull will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.
>> No. 12430
Someone said it before, and it seemed to be an apt analogy: Sakuya is Lord Genome. She's tried to fight against the thing in the tower before and has failed, so the only thing she can do is maintain the status quo and not antagonize it. If neither her nor Remilia can kill it, how can some vampire hunter pretender? While recent actions seem to indicate otherwise, Anon can make some pretty crazy stuff work.

Now quit dicking around with that skull and treat this like the life and death situation this is, dammit.
>> No. 12431
Not true. After seeing some of the things we had done, particularly saving that fairy, she definitely changed her stance that the only way to go was to either kill us or drive us out of the mansion. For a brief period, she believed that it was possible to kill that thing, and that it was not necessary to murder someone who simply was trying to make everyone happy.

The trick is finding out how to re-ignite that fire. That last time, it seemed to be because we surprised her with pulling out that blood and using it on the fairy. I can only imagine she'd be even more surprised to see us walk out of those catacombs in one piece. If only we could find a way to resist her time-stop, or even use it ourselves without trouble while we're down there, and we'd be set.

Though, she might not be ENTIRELY surprised.
>>"I'm impressed." She says, lying back again. "Maybe you are more than you seem."
>> No. 12432
File 121297422159.jpg - (365.93KB , 920x750 , EoSD bosses.jpg ) [iqdb]
Listen to this man. Drop the skull, kill weird creature and go back and follow those wires so we can get back to the mansion and rally our forces and finally snuff out that attic monster for good!

If I'm not mistaken, it should be the early morning hours of Day 6. We're very close to the end here. Any more faggotry may kill our chances for a Good End.
>> No. 12433
not a really dignified death to waddle around with some creature in the dark and talk to a skull all night. we should get our asses moving back to the wires first before playin explorin gaems
>> No. 12434
Late to the party, but for what it's worth:

[X] Smelly.

Listen to Saguya. If it's attracted to the smell, that means prey (blood of living youkai). If it's adverse to the smell, it's a known danger or predator (vampiric or otherwise strong youkai). From its readily adaptive behavior towards us we can assume it has at least enough competence to identify potential dangers.

More so that it has responded to us with non-violent vocalizations, that it displays initial skittishness but also situational willingness to move into our threat range suggests against mere parasitic, stalking, or exploratory behavior and more towards a pack mentality or higher form of social intelligence. With its silent movement, extreme agility, and vampiric regeneration, it would make a great harrier if it decides aiding us in battle is more likely to earn it dinner.

tl;dr: Saguya = +2 flanking bonus
>> No. 12435
Kill that monster so that it cries out and wakes up the whole fucking catacombs.
Whatever is down there seems to react to light and if we are quiet and do nothing agressive we can avoid a lot of trouble.
Now we only need a radio and we are good to go.
Don't go around slashing up everything that you see Jesus Christ.
>> No. 12436
While it appears that Sakuya clearly had help, I think that there's one possibility that hasn't been considered is that it isn't coming from inside the SDM

>"Youmu Konpaku." She says. "I already know your name, Izayoi spoke of you."

>She releases your hand again.
>"Ah ... er, good things, I hope?" You say, not quite sure to act around Youmu. She gives off an aura like cold steel, but with a hint of something else in her eyes. Her delicate manner of dress is more than slightly at odds with the impression of highly coiled tension evident in her expression and how she holds herself. The pair of swords hanging at her waist only serve to further the contrast.
>She nods to you. "Yes. She is aware of what you did for her." Youmu says.

It's possible that Sakuya discussed plans for the abducting us with Youmu in hospital before anyone else arrived.

Granted, this is unlikely given Youmu's lawful personality, but again it is possible that Sakuya rationalised it as the best course of action.

>You can't help but feel bashful. "I did only what anyone would do." You say.
>Youmu inclines her head at you slightly. "You are wrong." She says. "You have my eternal gratitude."
>She motions past you. "I must return home now." She says. "I hope we will meet again."

This is the part which makes it most unlikely, given Youmu isn't likely to give gratitude so lightly. But, just throwing out conspiracy theories, so yeah.
>> No. 12437
HY merely comments that our choice surprised him, and you dumb trainables start catastrophizing like he's Kira and we're calling out for Tewi.

10/10 to whoever started this troll.
>> No. 12438
Not everyone hangs out in IRC, and the people relaying the message to the thread did so with great faggotry. If you only had access to the comments people were making in the thread it did seem like thing were about to end in catastrophe.
>> No. 12439
See >>12383 , they weren't kidding.
>> No. 12440

IRC fag here, I may have over exaggerated the situation.
>> No. 12441
We have to remember to not underestimate Belmonymous's abilities. Remember he has abilities gathered from various sources because of Yukari's little mistake.
>> No. 12442
HY doesn't give many hints on the story on IRC, only a few from time to time, but nothing major.
His favorite line is "wait and see"
People on IRC know a very little bit more.
Still, i don't think it's fair of him to not tell people here the same.
>> No. 12443
>This is the part which makes it most unlikely, given Youmu isn't likely to give gratitude so lightly. But, just throwing out conspiracy theories, so yeah.

Your theory makes more sense than you think and gives Youmu's cameo a purpose.

While Youmu may have a more rigid sense of duty towards her charge, she displays the same obsessive, overprotective tendencies and has an even colder exterior. I think that like Sakuya, gratitude doesn't necessarily extend towards allowing us to live, if she can rationalize that it's for the greater good.

Note that she displayed no emotion to us, and her proposed involvement needn't contradict her statement or sentiments: The meeting she hopes for may be when our spirit passes through the netherworld after death.
>> No. 12444
I dunno. I find it hard to believe we can simply desecrate a corpse and not have it come back to bite us in the ass somehow.

Especially when the corpse belongs to an ancestor of our beloved.

I know it's not like we pissed on the body and skullfucked the eye socket, but it's still not a good thing to do.

If nothing else, either put both the skull and sword back where they belong, or at the very least make sure to not have them on our person when we get back into the mansion.
>> No. 12445
Soon we get to test what abilities Yukari has given us. Remember not to underestimate Belmonymous' strength but don't overestimate it. If it looks like a fight is imminent don't turn around and run, ready your weapon and hope for the best.
>> No. 12446
>If only we could find a way to resist her time-stop, or even use it ourselves without trouble while we're down there, and we'd be set.

I'm hoping for the more climatic Star Platinum End.

"Sakuya, there is a single, simple reason you lost: You pissed me off."
>> No. 12447
>If nothing else, either put both the skull and sword back where they belong, or at the very least make sure to not have them on our person when we get back into the mansion.

I believe it was our intention to return them after escaping. We know that we were sent in through the garden's central building, so there's no reason we can't return them to their proper place once we're done.

Also, all you people advocating killing the creature: what the fuck? Why would we do that when it hasn't been particularly hostile/aggressive to us? One of Belmonymous's best characteristics is that he's willing to look past initial impressions. If he weren't capable of that then he wouldn't have been able to see past Remilia and Flan being dangerous vampires.
>> No. 12448
<HY> I can't believe Anon has decided to do it like this.
<Terminal-tan> I can
<Terminal-tan> You really didn't see this coming?
<Bastille> We're a lover, not a fighter
<Kapow> I think I heard sakuya muttering something about the terrible secret of space
<Bastille> And so we charm things whenever possible to avoid fighting
<HY> Throw caution to the wind! Make impossible friends!

<HY> I don't know why I even gave them the 'go crazy' options.
<KChasm> He's acting just as I did when I was younger and thought I was hilarious.
<Terminal-tan> I think HY is going to have to threaten a permanent BAD END to make anonymous take this a bit more seriously.
<KChasm> At least someday he'll grow out of it and look back on those days ashamed.
<Kapow> they probably would have written them in anyway
<Kapow> after you let them take the skull
<HY> There will be punishment, but I'm not telling you what it will be yet.
<HY> 'Tis a surprise.
>> No. 12449

As long as he doesn't pull any of Sierra's bullshit "you have forever ruined any chance at a good ending or even reaching the ending just because you failed to do one thing in precisely the right way fifty turns back, or you did something that you weren't intended to do fifty choices back." That shit always infuriated me, and ruined my fun with the game. It's not entertaining when you can have your shit ruined by making the slightest god damn mistake.
>> No. 12450

I want to know what this punishment is, then again I don't.

Punish me HY!
>> No. 12451
We're NOT killing Saguya you heartless fucks.
We have to take him back to the mansion with us and keep him as our pet.

It will be worth it just for the moment we get him and Sakuya together in the same room, and act as if they're identical twins and we can't tell which is which.
>> No. 12452
Fuck your serious business shit, Hungry Youkai.

Some of us want to have fun, you know.
>> No. 12453

"Desecrate" is not a connotatively-neutral way of putting it. I'd prefer "borrow" or even "reclaim". Keep in mind we are half-delirious and using it as much for the sake of the Scarlet family as for ourselves.

Remember the skeleton looked human, and its blade silver. It's entirely possible that an analogous "Belmont" entered the family in past generations, which would add another source to the list Yukari created Belmonymous out of. Or maybe the sword is simply fated to be wielded in the hands of human protectors of the Scarlet family.
>> No. 12454
Agreed, Saguya can be useful, why the fuck kill it.
It knows the surrounding more than we do and seems not like a Threat.
>> No. 12455
><HY> I can't believe Anon has decided to do it like this.


><HY> I don't know why I even gave them the 'go crazy' options.

>> No. 12456
You're playing the wrong Limited Adventure then.
>> No. 12457

You want to have fun in some type of storage full of monsters? We have had fun plenty of times before, now is not the time for it. I'm having fun regardless of the situation, it's fun to try and figure out how to escape these situations.
>> No. 12458

Relax guys. Our "punishment" is likely along the lines of forced euthanasia of the Companion Skull in order to exit the test chamber.
>> No. 12459
Do not forget Sakuya is also precious to Remi as well, killing her would warrant a bad/sad end at one point or the other.

So, from that I think it's definitely not in our best interest to kill Sakuya. At all. Punishment would be the most we would do to her.
>> No. 12460

Troll harder
>> No. 12461
>>"Desecrate" is not a connotatively-neutral way of putting it. I'd prefer "borrow" or even "reclaim".

We not only looted a corpse, but took off its head and are walking around with it in our fucking pocket. I don't know about you, but if that was MY ancestor's remains getting looted and damaged so some nutjob could pretend he had a friend to talk to, I would think "desecrate" is a perfectly accurate way to put it, to hell with connotative-neutrality.
>> No. 12462
>I don't know about you, but if that was MY ancestor's remains getting looted and damaged so some nutjob could pretend he had a friend to talk to

And if it was MY ancestor's remains I'd probably laugh my ass off and then see how much money I could auction these forgotten valuables off for.
>> No. 12463
And if it was MY ancestor's remains I'd probably HNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
>> No. 12464

Bear in mind that "nutjob" is Remilia's beloved, who was thrown down here to die with what may be a serious concussion. I think she'll forgive us for being just a little loopy when we stroll out of her basement in ragged condition, probably after fighting a bunch of things and getting doused in their blood.
>> No. 12465
By now I would think that the writefags would realize anon will always choose the interesting option over the logical one. That being said, I'd really rather not see how we're going to get punished for this, so

[X] Drop the Skull
>> No. 12466

True, true. Besides that, she'll likely be too preoccupied with the part about how we came to be in this situation and who is responsible for it to care what we did to one of her ancestors.

Still, I just know there's going to be at least ONE awkward moment because of this. Of course, we could just try to either blame the head injury, or fake some sort of post-traumatic stress to avoid taking blame.
>> No. 12467
>>By now I would think that the writefags would realize anon will always choose the interesting option over the logical one.

Likewise, by now I would think that Anon would realize that the "interesting" choice almost never pans out the way they expect it to, and more often than not winds up blowing up in their face somehow.

Quite a vicious cycle, really.
Writefag gives Anon interesting-yet-blatantly-stupid options.
Anon picks interesting-yet-blatantly-stupid options.
Interesting-yet-blatantly-stupid option yields obvious and unpleasant consequence.
Anon fills with RAGE and DESPAIR while Writefag wonders just why the fuck Anon keeps doing this shit.

Wash, rinse, repeat.
>> No. 12468
I can just imagine Remilia's reaction when we tell her what happened.

"I got beaned on the head and woke up in a crypt beneath the mansion. Sakuya told me she sent me there to die. But there were a bunch of skeletons from your family, and I asked one for his sword, and he didn't mind. So I took his skull with me, so he could watch. Skully gave me a lot of good advice to help me get out. The entrance was in the garden, so I'm going to go put these back. I think Skully might be lonely though, because the other skeletons don't talk much."

Big fucking oblivious smile on our face. Remi just looks stunned.

>> No. 12469

Then shouldn't HY not provide those options, knowing they'll be picked?
>> No. 12470

Maybe anon should learn to resist the temptation.
>> No. 12471
It's just too fun to not choose it. I would always do it again.
>> No. 12472
File 121298633746.jpg - (176.26KB , 650x650 , 1204196979663.jpg ) [iqdb]
There seems to be some confusion amongst the rank and file anons as to consistency with our previous decisions. I would like to take this moment to direct everyone to either http://sentrygun.com/touhou/ (not mine, but an excellent resource) or >>11495 for most of the updates until now. Since there will be plenty of time between updates now, I would advocate everyone familiarize themselves with the style and flow of the story hence far. Even if you have followed the story since the get go, going back to read everything that has happened is still a treat. Seriously, some of the romantic and moe scenes still get me all choked up.

As easy as it is to blame the author for drama and despair, the decisions ultimately lie with us. If those decisions are ill-informed with the body of precedent before us, an adverse fate is certainly merited. For the good of everyone, take a moment to enjoy the story so far and let it be the foundation upon which we crawl from despair to GOOD END.

As an aside, can any IRCfags enlighten me as to HY's receptiveness to some questions regarding past story facts? I'm hesitant to raise them here, but am adverse to IRC.
>> No. 12473

Story becomes less interesting due to generic choices probably
>> No. 12474
How about moderation? The skull was fun, but we can't be doing this the entire time we're down here.
>> No. 12476
If HY doesn't want us to mess with the skull, it might not be significant or magical in any way anyways, so we should toss it or "accidentally" drop it.
>> No. 12477
Exactly. We've had our fun moment of craziness, but now that we have a LIVING companion (albeit, one that might very well turn on us and bite our throat out at any moment) we should probably stop playing with the skull. It isn't healthy to play with dead things so much.

Not that playing with smelly catacomb-dwelling creatures is much healthier, of course. Especially since they probably haven't had their shots.
>> No. 12478

Get rid of the skull like a man. Walk up to some ugly bastard living down in this hell hole and smack 'em upside the head with it.
>> No. 12479
Or maybe we should keep the skull and just return it to its owner after we find the way out? I doubt Remilia would think it ideal if we lost the skull of one of her ancestors.
>> No. 12480
Calm down and stop being paranoid, I am not going to do this. I'm having as much fun writing this crazy part as you are reading it, so calm down and keep your hands inside the ride.
>> No. 12481

Paranoia is all apart of being in a bad situation. In fact, it can sometimes be healthy.
>> No. 12482
>[ ] Smelly.
>[ ] Dark.
>[ ] Ask the skull.

Hey, don't you see something? Our choice's "intelligence" have decreased a lot. That might be something regarding our bump on the head.

I won't vote, but I agreed on stop talking with the skull. Saguya can stay though. harmful or harmless asides, we kill it, stench of blood, scream, SUDDENLY LOTS OF 'EM, etc.
Better not take that chance.
>> No. 12483
It would be interesting if that's the trend our options are following.
It makes me wonder if we can expect something along the lines of:

>>[] Itchy
>>[] Tasty
>> No. 12484
[x] Smelly.

Largely for the reasons someone mentioned earlier. The parts of the mansion that are used more often probably are in a better state of repair, and the smell may be tied to the smell of those emaciated youkai mentioned earlier. Therefore, the smelly hall may lead to the kitchen corridor.

The dark hall...who knows where it leads. No guarantee of an exit, we use up some of our torch's energy, and there may be other dangerous critters in the dark too. Both smelly and dark halls are dangerous, but with the smelly hall I think we have a better idea of what we'll be facing.
>> No. 12485

Sorry. MiG has bred a certain degree of paranoia into me.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.
>> No. 12486
[X] Dark
>> No. 12487
>NOTE: Many of these stories contain NSFW content. If you're reading at school or at work, don't say you haven't been warned!
>reading at school or at work,
>> No. 12488
[x] Smelly.

Yeah, this is sounding better and better. In other news, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ON FUCKING FIRE HERE.
>> No. 12489

Perhaps he has underage browsers on his site?
>> No. 12490
We can. When Sakuya pulled us out of bed and clubbed us, we were still aware. We still move th same way we did when we tried to use the Luna Dial against the Fairy Maid, but we can move none the less. We just need some training.
>> No. 12491
Eh. We're a little bit crazy, in a good way. It's something of a requirement for living in the SDM, after all, check out the beginning of the story again for reference. I've always envisioned Belmonymous as a bit of a Dr. Who type, though perhaps that's just me. In any event, the skull talking - I hope! - is being voted as more of a harmless diversion than anything else. Nobody expects anything to come of it. Letting the creature follow is a legitimate choice, albeit possibly not a smart one, but it can be argued both ways.

Naming it Saguya, now, that's probably what's got HY up in arms. Alas, poor fourth wall!
>> No. 12492
But we are from the outside. We'd get the reference, obviously. Also, a concussion would explain all our problems. We can get better later, with care from the residents of SDM who are still our friends, and maybe some people from Eientei.
>> No. 12493
This man makes a good point. As shown before, our actions have influenced the choices, like when we didn't ask anything from Remilia, we got called a dog. Really, stop talking to skull.
>> No. 12494
>the skull talking - I hope! - is being voted as more of a harmless diversion than anything else.


The best way to keep from going completely crazy is to go only slightly crazy.
>> No. 12495
Anon just can't kill Sakuya. One reason that she is a main character, and Remilia likes her very much, the other reason is that she with her time hax can easily kill us (she doesn't get tired of using it like you, her body is a massive time paradox, that is why she does not get older).

Now you can only do, that you simply survive Sakuya. She is trying to kill you, but not directly, she fears Remi's anger.. She made her reasons very clear to you, you must accept her balance. Alone you can't win.
I see now only one way out of this shit. You must win Gensokyo's people to fight on your side againts the first vampire.
>> No. 12496
Okay Skauya tripfag made a valid point. I'm amazed. Though I should note that we may be able to fight on-level with Sakuya in her timestop at some point. We have the ability, but not the power to fuel it. For now.
>> No. 12497
>You must win Gensokyo's people to fight on your side againts the first vampire.
But we don't even know who that is!
>> No. 12498
But... but she could be nicer to us! ;_;
>> No. 12499
Okay, did you completely miss the last couple threads, or are you just a troll?
My troll radar broke a while back.
>> No. 12500
Better have someone fix it then.
>> No. 12501
I maintain the skull is worth clinging onto, not to talk to every chance we get but I have a vague feeling HY put it there for a reason.

I'm hoping for something along the lines of an Indiana Jones sequence where we swap it with something and release the giant rolling bolder.

I mean, whip and coat? Hell all we need is a hat and we're an official archaeologist!
>> No. 12502
File 121302799777.jpg - (18.32KB , 268x378 , macgyver.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 12503
Cup of tea in one hand, pulverized bird corpse in the other, I am back. Writing will commence when I have counted the votes.
>> No. 12504
Skull in one Hand, Sword in the other, Saguya behind us, READY TO TAKE ON THE CATACOMBS.
>> No. 12505
When you said "job that requires heavy duty machinery"...?
>> No. 12506
I've always thought your British eating habits strange. That just cements my opinion of it.
>> No. 12507

Heavy duty machinery and animals, it's a farm.
>> No. 12510
New thread is go.