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Thread four!


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"Do you mind if I come back here again?" You ask Patchouli.
"Of course not. The library is never locked. Just be cautious around some of the books. And don't damage them."
"I meant, come back to see you?"
She raises her eyebrows at you.
"Oh? And why would you want to see me?"
"Just wanted to talk to you again."

Patchouli sits forward in her chair and considers you for a moment. You can hear Flandre's running footsteps getting closer.
"Very well." Patchouli says. "Do not wake me if I am sleeping."
You wonder for a moment where exactly Patchouli sleeps. She never leaves the library. She can't possibly sleep in that chair, can she? You think of her lying on a bed made of books, or curled up on a shelf.

Flandre's footsteps slow to a walk as they get closer and she emerges from between two bookcases. Your heart leaps into your mouth for a moment when you see her face. There is dark red liquid dripping down her chin and smeared around her mouth. Then as she gets closer you relax. It's not red, it's more like dark reddish brown. It looks a little like chocolate. She's holding the sphere in one hand, now transparent. She rushes over to Patchouli and hugs her.
"Oh Patchy that was delicious! Thankyou!"
Patchouli looks surprised by the hug. She gently removes Flandre from herself and Flandre hands the sphere back to her.
"Wipe your mouth Flandre." She says, returning to her book. Flandre glances at you and blushes, turning around to hide her mouth. She starts wiping her face and licking her fingers.

[ ] Go wipe Flandre's mouth for her.
[ ] Let Flandre do it herself while you wait.
[ ] Ask Patchouli where she sleeps.
[ ] Surprise Flandre with a hug.

>> No. 1035
[C] Go wipe Flandre's mouth for her.
>> No. 1036
[x] Go wipe Flandre's mouth for her.
With our tongue
>> No. 1037
[ ] Let Flandre do it herself while you wait.
>> No. 1038
Is it just me or were the boards down for about 15 minutes just now?
>> No. 1039
It wasn't just you.

[X] Go wipe Flandre's mouth for her.
>> No. 1040
Yeah. I got that too.
[X] Go wipe Flandre's mouth for her.
>> No. 1041
[x] Let Flandre do it herself while you wait.
>> No. 1042

Yeah, for a short while. I blame internet pixies.
>> No. 1043
[x] Let Flandre do it herself while you wait.
>> No. 1044
Damn those pixies
>> No. 1045
File 120931404844.jpg - (32.33KB , 251x192 , somoe.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go wipe Flandre's mouth for her.
>> No. 1046
[ ] Go wipe Flandre's mouth for her.

Happens all the time
>> No. 1047
[x] Let Flandre do it herself while you wait.
>> No. 1048
I hope it means Holy uploaded some new shit. Gettin stale lately.
>> No. 1049
>With our tongue

You wish, Anon. Well, so do I.

Yeah, happens all the time. Just have patience or try to access boards from the main site - it sometimes helps.
>> No. 1050
[X] Go wipe Flandre's mouth for her.

Psycho loli is growing on me.
>> No. 1051
I bet she is growing on all of us
>> No. 1052
You get up and walk over to Flandre, who still has her back to you. You see that she's pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket but she's not using it. She's wiping her mouth and chin with the back of her hand and licking the chocolate off. Doesn't look very effective, the chocolate is just getting smeared around.

You reach over her shoulder and grab the handkerchief.
"Hey!" She half turns to you. Before she can say anything else you put your other hand to her cheek and use the handkerchief to gently wipe her mouth. She freezes as you do this, eyes wide, staring at the floor. Her face feels very soft, but you try to ignore that and focus on the task at hand. When she's all cleaned up you fold the handkerchief and hand it back to her.

"T-thankyou." She grabs the handkerchief and glances up at you, bright red, not smiling. Then she quickly runs off between the bookcases again.
"I hope you know what you're doing." Patchouli sounds vaguely amused but she's not smiling either. Why is everyone so damn serious in this Mansion? Then again Patchouli does have a point. Interacting with Flandre at all is like walking a tightrope with death on one side and horrible mutilation on the other. At least she seems to actually like you though.
"You shouldn't follow her just yet. Give her some space to blush all she likes." Patchouli says.

You notice there is some of that reddish-brown chocolate on your hand from where you touched Flandre.

[ ] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway.
[ ] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1053
[x] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway.

Time to do something no Anon has done before when in sdm. Don't be pussies men, it's just a bit of blood
>> No. 1054
[ ] Don't touch the stuff.

At least wait until Patchy can't see us.
>> No. 1055
[x] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway.

I wanna see Patchys shocked face
>> No. 1056

[X] Don't touch the stuff. Yet.
>> No. 1057
[ ] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway.
>> No. 1058
[X] Ask Patchy about the stuff.
>> No. 1059
[x] Don't touch the stuff.
It smells like chocolate, BUT IT'S MADE FROM PEOPLE.
>> No. 1060
That's just why it would be awesome. I'm not saying we turn into cannibalism, but crazy shit like taking a taste of Flandres chocolate is something that Anon Belmont would probably do
>> No. 1061
[x] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway.
Can't be bad end. Definately not.
>> No. 1062
>Flandres chocolate
[X] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1063
[C] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1064
[ ] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1065
[x] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway

>> No. 1066
File 120931657978.jpg - (120.47KB , 512x512 , 1206372173893.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway.
>> No. 1067
[X] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway.

This situation is incredibly hot.
>> No. 1068
[ ] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1069
[x] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1070
[X] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway

I don't know why, but you're right
>> No. 1071
[x] Don't touch the stuff.

Don't want Patchouli thinking we're weird. At least not yet.
>> No. 1072
[x] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1073
So...Does Hungry do things by the popularity or a vote that has reached ___ votes first?

x ] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway
>> No. 1074
[x] don't touch it

food poisoning/etc. by flying sphere chocolate isn't pleasant
>> No. 1075
[X] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1076
[x] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1077
File 120931763499.png - (92.76KB , 512x504 , 1209213800832.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway.

This chocolate. I'll be licking it.
>> No. 1078
[ ] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway.

Om nom nom nom
>> No. 1079
This is too much, and Pathy sees you.. First go out of the libary then lick it off
>> No. 1080
But wouldn't it be fun to see her reaction?
>> No. 1081

Sakuya tripfag sounds reasonable. The world is coming to an end.
>> No. 1082
[ ] Don't touch the stuff.
>> No. 1083
Just to stop people from doublevoting more, it seems that don't touch the stuff won, if I'm calculating right
>> No. 1084
Five more minutes for voting.
>> No. 1085
[ ] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway

>> No. 1086
Sorry, forgot my third ROW there
>> No. 1087
Licking it off - 13
Not touching it - 14

Come on people, lick it off!
>> No. 1088

Popularity, when it's close like this I'll give you a time limit. May have snap decisions as well later.
>> No. 1089
Yeah you got to lick it!
Lick it good
>> No. 1090
[X] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway
we are a vampire hunter
we hunt vampire girls
but not to kill them
>> No. 1091
File 120931867127.png - (20.25KB , 520x520 , 1208801295004.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] Lick it off, it smells like chocolate anyway
>> No. 1092
Saying stuff like that is inviting samefags to spam vote.
>> No. 1093
[X] Don't touch the stuff.

eating it may be a BAD END. like we'll vomit on patchy's library or something
>> No. 1094

Good point. Will do it differently in the future.

Also lick has won by a single vote.
>> No. 1095
I doubt it, it would actually be a good thing to lick. Things move in mysterious ways, they say
>> No. 1096

1. It's raw, not row.
2. There's only two.
>> No. 1097
File 120931922420.gif - (66.94KB , 457x461 , 1198855793713.gif ) [iqdb]
Sir, you are a faggot, as it is most certainly "row" and not "raw".
>> No. 1098
It's just chocolate, right? The stuff is gone after a couple of licks. It's damn good chocolate, really nice but ...

What the hell is that aftertaste? Metallic, kind of-

Oh shit, did that have blood in it? Of course it had blood it in, Flandre's food always does. Blegh. You feel a little bad about that, but not physically sick. That blood probably belonged to a human being once, whose drained corpse might now be rotting in a hole somewhere.

There's something else odd about it too though, some other unfamiliar quality to the blood taste, but you can't put your finger on it. Best not to think about it too much, if you considered all the implications of just having eaten part of another person it might make you nauseous and Patchouli wouldn't want you making a mess in her library. She hasn't looked up from her book, you hope she didn't see that little mistake of yours.

You bid Patchouli goodbye and after some time following the wall of the library back, you find the door. Flandre has already vanished off to some other part of the Mansion. Just before you head through the door you see Koakuma sitting on the top of one of the bookshelves, reading a book. She hasn't spotted you.

[ ] Say hello to Koakuma.
[ ] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.
[ ] Tactical Espionage Action time. Get as close to her as possible without her seeing you. Watch her.
[ ] Sneak up and surprise her somehow.
>> No. 1099

[X] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.
>> No. 1100
[x] Tactical Espionage Action time. Get as close to her as possible without her seeing you. Watch her.

Action. Fuck yeah
>> No. 1102
[ ] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.
>> No. 1103
[X] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.
>> No. 1104
[x] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.

I want Remilia, not anyone else. HY depicts her in the sexiest way.
>> No. 1105
i second this, remilia = fapfapfap.

[] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.
>> No. 1106
It was a hard decision, but
[x] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.
>> No. 1107
[X] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.

Eh, she's reading, and she probably doesn't want to be disturbed; it might be kind of hard not to disturb her, with her lust aura.
>> No. 1108
[C] Sneak up and surprise her somehow.

We'll never manage it but let's try anyway.
>> No. 1109
[X] Say hello to Koakuma.
>> No. 1110
[x] Tactical Espionage Action time. Get as close to her as possible without her seeing you. Watch her.

Try and figure out what book she's reading. Also, notice how she acts. This will hopefully give us a clue as to why she is acting the she has around us.
>> No. 1111
Changing my vote into
[X] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.
>> No. 1112
[x] Say hello to Koakuma.

if anon sneaks up and he surprises her reading something that anon shouldn't see, that could lead to BAD END. So it's better to be direct
>> No. 1113
[X] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.
>> No. 1114
Delete your post as proof, then.

Also, [ ] Leave her alone for now, leave the library.
>> No. 1115
File 120932027789.jpg - (194.21KB , 1590x1792 , Booklet 10 copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> 1097

Sir, I do assure you that it is indeed "raw", as I have the scans of the OST booklet to prove it.
Also, I am not a homosexual.

Finally, [X] Tactical Espionage Action time. Get as close to her as possible without her seeing you. Watch her.
>> No. 1116
[X] Tactical Espionage Action time. Get as close to her as possible without her seeing you. Watch her.

Although I have the gut feeling we're gonna witness something we never wanted to see.
>> No. 1117
I guess they forgot that difference between the oh and aw sound.
>> No. 1118
[X] Tactical Espionage Action time. Get as close to her as possible without her seeing you. Watch her.
>> No. 1119

It's Japs speaking in english. What, were you expecting them to speak intelligably?
>> No. 1120
Alright then.
>> No. 1121
You decide to leave Koakuma alone. She looks very intent on that book. Pity, she has her legs crossed so her long black skirt has pulled up a little and tightened around her thighs She has one finger to her lips, which are parted slightly.

Such a sight is exactly what you think might be best to avoid, considering what happened when you first met her.

You step out of the library. The large window opposite the doors shows you it is nighttime now. You can see the hedge maze and some of the garden outside. From up here the hedge maze appears to have a cleared central section with some kind of grating set in the floor. At least it looks like a grating, you can't really tell from this distance. You put your hand to the window, it feels very cold. Must be a chilly night outside.

You wander through the Mansion back to your room, taking your time. Once there you memorize exactly where it is and head off to find a bathroom, it's been a while since you had a shower. You search the corridors surrounding your room and turn up nothing. Toilets, but no baths or showers. Feeling a little defeated, you find some stairs down. Maybe the bathroom is on the bottom floor?

[ ] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere.
[ ] Check the lower floors.
[ ] Call for Sakuya.
>> No. 1122
[X] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere.
>> No. 1123
[X] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere.

If most bedrooms are on this floor, I would imagine that most of the bathrooms are as well. There might be some downstairs, but this seems more reasonable.
>> No. 1124
[X] Call for Sakuya.

"Hey maid, I need a spongebath."
Cue horrible torture end.
>> No. 1125
[X] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere.
Calling for Sakuya to find a bathroom would be pretty pathetic.
>> No. 1126
[x] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere.

castlevania time!, Belmont has to go to the upper part of the mansion, increasing the map completion percentage and fight death or another monster in the clocktower!!!
>> No. 1127
[ ] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere.
>> No. 1128
[X] Call for Sakuya.
>> No. 1129
[ ] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere. .

Good logic
>> No. 1130
[C] Call Sakuya.
>> No. 1131
[x] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere.
>> No. 1132
[x] Call for Sakuya.
>> No. 1133
[X] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere.
>> No. 1134
[X] Call for Sakuya.
>> No. 1135
[x] Try further afield up here. Bound to be one somewhere.
>> No. 1136
There must be a bathroom somewhere on this floor. If there's bathrooms downstairs they're probably for the servants. Despite a sudden flicker of thought involving walking in on Sakuya in the shower, you leave the stairs and resume your search.

You've checked near your bedroom and then you found those stairs. You're pretty confident you can locate both of those landmarks again so you check the area around the stairs, wandering off deeper into the Mansion. You pass a large stone stairwell that appears to lead upwards. You poke your head in to have a look. The stairs are wide, enough to accommodate a whole crowd of people, but they spiral up on themselves so you can't see what's above. You leave them alone for now but remember where they are.

Eventually, after passing what you think you recognize as the door to Remilia's bedroom, you find a bathroom.

One hell of a bathroom.

It's huge. Marble flooring, marble sink so big you could probably sit in it with ease. The bath itself looks big enough to accommodate at least four people. There are fluffy pink towels on a heated rail and a cabinet full of various types of soap, bubble bath and shampoo. You close the door, noting there is no lock. That could be bad.

[ ] Leave your shoes outside the door to indicate the bathroom is in use.
[ ] Just shut the door, nobody's going to walk in.
>> No. 1137
[x] Leave your shoes outside the door to indicate the bathroom is in use.
>> No. 1138
[ ] Just shut the door, nobody's going to walk in.

i don't feel like having my shoes stolen anyway.
>> No. 1139
[X] Just shut the door, Sakuya's going to walk in.
>> No. 1140
[X] Leave your shoes outside the door to indicate the bathroom is in use.


Because it will be far more interesting, and far less dangerous, when someone decides to walk in on us anyway.
>> No. 1141
but if your shoes are stolen by flandre ...

[x] Leave your shoes outside the door to indicate the bathroom is in use.
>> No. 1142
[X] Leave your shoes outside the door to indicate the bathroom is in use.
>> No. 1143

>when someone decides to walk in on us anyway.

the shoes are just a big neon sign
>> No. 1144
[X] Just shut the door, nobody's going to walk in.

Come on, this is obviously what we do to get the hilarious scene where someone walks in on us.
>> No. 1145

As noted, sexy scene where someone walks in on us despite knowing we're in there is superior.
>> No. 1146
[X] Leave your shoes outside the door to indicate the bathroom is in use.
>> No. 1147
[x] Just shut the door, nobody's going to walk in.

If we place the shoes, it's going to be Remi.
If we don't, it could be anyone.
>> No. 1148
[x] Just shut the door, nobody's going to walk in.
>> No. 1149
[C] Just shut the door, nobody's going to walk in.
>> No. 1150
[x] Leave your shoes outside the door to indicate the bathroom is in use.
>> No. 1151
File 120932545869.jpg - (303.23KB , 600x462 , remilia flandre bath2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hmmm, I thought vampires didn't like baths? Something about being surrounded by water hurts them or some shit?

Then again, Remilia can brave the light of the sun with a mere parasol, maybe she's grown out of old weaknesses.

[x] leave your shoes out.
>> No. 1152
if a parasol blocks sunlight, does a swimming suit block water?
>> No. 1153
I say she can take baths, just to make things simpler
>> No. 1154
She can't cross flowing water (river), baths and LAKES are ok.
>> No. 1155
I guess if it was holy water or something it might hurt her, maybe. Theres also that thing about vampires not being able to pass over moving water, but that never really made sense to me.
>> No. 1156

Most vampire mythology says they can't cross running water, rivers, etc. The only time I've seen vampires totally averse to water is in Legacy of Kain.

Also, writing.
>> No. 1157
In Gensokyo a vampire can take a bath, ZUN AGREED SO DON'T BOTHER IT!
>> No. 1158
File 12093267022.jpg - (17.64KB , 276x360 , 03.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Bother him about it
>> No. 1159

I can't remember exactly, because it's been a while since I looked into this, but I think the moving water bit has to do with pagan religions. Essentially, a lot of pagan religions consider water to be emblematic of life, and water that flows freely is supposed to be life unobstructed. Since vampires are dead/unlife, freely flowing water is anathema to them. For the same reason, stagnant water and polluted ponds don't mean much to them; lakes and the like, which aren't flowing, simply aren't powerful enough to have any effect.
>> No. 1160
>It goes without saying that she is weak against sunlight, can't cross flowing water, hates garlic, and despises sardine heads. Crosses have no effect on her. It puzzles her to hear that her kind are supposed to be weak against such a thing.

If R+V has taught me anything, herbal water doesn't have that effect on them like regular water does. Maybe the tap to the mansion contains nothing but herbal water?
>> No. 1161
Actually, Alucard takes damage from being in water that is more than knee deep.

What about the rain?
>> No. 1162
I can't stop the rain...
>> No. 1163
Best course of action would be to leave your shoes outside. Nobody in the Mansion knows you well enough yet to want to walk in on you naked, right?

Even the bath-taps here are fancy, golden and covered in ornate scrollwork. Why would anyone want writing on their bathroom fittings? You peer at them, but it looks to be in latin, can't read that. You run the taps for a while, starting to fill the bath. You strip off, dumping your clothes on the floor and grab a few different bottles from the cabinet. They're all labeled in French so you can't tell quite what they are, but at least one of them is bound to work. You ease yourself into the bath. Damn that feels good, you haven't really relaxed since getting here last night.

Has it only been twenty four hours? Feels like it's been ages already. You crack open a couple of the bottles until you find something that lathers like soap rather than shampoo. Maybe a proper wash will get rid of the smell of Flandre as well? At least it won't remind Remilia of that next time you see her, even if the worst damage is already done. After a good wash you lie back in the bath for a bit. You didn't sleep well last night so after a little while you struggle to keep your eyes open. You rest your head on the rim of the bathtub and shut your eyes.

You don't know how much time passes like this, but it's not so bad in a way. Your mind wanders back to grabbing Remilia's ass and being hugged by Flandre. you feel yourself getting hard. Would be a good idea to relieve some tension, make sure you don't make any stupid mistakes later. As you reach down, you hear a creak. Must be the floorboards.

Wait, the floor is marble.

Then you feel a pair of hands slip over your eyes.

[ ] Say nothing.
[ ] "Remilia?"
[ ] "Flandre?"
[ ] "Sakuya?"
[ ] "Koakuma?"
[ ] Start fapping.
>> No. 1164
[x] Start fapping.
I see no other option here
>> No. 1165

Actually, most of the vampire media and legends I've seen have them suffer from rain as well. They can move underneath it, but it usually hurts them.
>> No. 1166
[ ] "Koakuma?"
>> No. 1167
[X] "Sakuya?"
Is this like the dream from Tsukihime? Also,
>>Start fapping.
>> No. 1168
[ ] FAP

It's not like we can hide it now.
>> No. 1169
[X] Say nothing.

Best to still our tongue, lest we risk offending someone?

Although, I can't think of anyone other than Remilia or Flandre who would do this. China doesn't know us well enough, and seems to nervous; Sakuya is still too cold for this; and Koakuma tends to come on a whole hell of a lot stronger.
>> No. 1170
[X] "Remilia?"
>> No. 1171
The bad thing about the running water myth is where do you draw the line. Humans are made of mostly water, and blood runs through our veins, so it is technically running water. And they need it to live. I've also heard some dumb things about underground rivers and the like.
>> No. 1172
[X] "Sakuya?"
>> No. 1174
Guyss, don't you remember? The last topic?
>>I'd wash her up, if you know what I mean.

>>Hungry Youkai
>>You know, that's not a bad idea for an h-scene.
>> No. 1175
[X] Say nothing.
>> No. 1176
[X] Say nothing.

Too bad it's always the guy that's at fault in these kinds of situations.
>> No. 1178
>Koakuma tends to come on a whole hell of a lot stronger

I think putting your hands over someones eyes while they're naked in the bath is coming on pretty damn strong.
>> No. 1179
[X] "Remi?"

We need to start calling the vampires by some affectionate nicknames, just to surprise them.
>> No. 1180
[X] Say nothing.
>> No. 1181

I'm pretty sure that if this were Koakuma, she would have given us a reach-around.
>> No. 1182
Vote deleted and changed in light of this evidence!

[X] Sakuya?
>> No. 1183
[X] Say nothing.
>> No. 1184
[x] "Remilia?"
>> No. 1185
[X] Say nothing.

I'd keep quiet, personally. Don't want to ruin their expectations. If Remilia came along and we said Sakuya, she'd be ticked.
>> No. 1186
[ ] "Remilia?"
>> No. 1187
A bad choice could make things very bad.. like a bad end, but I belive, we can make a nasty vampire sex scene here, without any blood, if you know what I mean...

ALSO: the bath is still enough large for 4 people: Remilia, Flandre, Sakuya, and you <3
>> No. 1188
I think it's Flandre and we are in Remilia's personal bath (without permission)
Only Flandre is playful enough to act that way.

[X] Say nothing.
>> No. 1189
[Q] "Flandre?"

Why the hell are we saying nothing? The person obviously wants us to guess their name.
>> No. 1190
I know I should probably rage a bit at the <3 but I just can't bring myself to do it.
I think we won't be that lucky, sadly.
>> No. 1191
[ ] "Remilia?"
>> No. 1192
I'm sure a part of you is raging, in its own special way.
>> No. 1193
>You rest your head on the rim of the bathtub and shut your eyes.

We're asleep. Whoever it is is a figment of our imagination. So, guessing wrong could get us killed (our h-scene, rather) and wake us up. Saying nothing expands the field quite significantly, don't you think?

[x] Say nothing
>> No. 1194
[X] Say nothing.
>> No. 1195
We're getting so used to that tripfag's faggotry that we're becoming desensitized and just not caring.
>> No. 1196
[ ] "Remilia?"

Barring Koakuma no one else would be so aggressive, plus it's Remi's bath
>> No. 1197
Now how the hell did you know I was having a boner?
>> No. 1198
>> No. 1199
I'm Ceiling Cat.
>> No. 1200
[x] "Remilia?"
>> No. 1201
[ ] Say nothing.
>> No. 1202
Current situation up to vote >>1200

[9] Say nothing.
[7] "Remilia?"
[1] "Flandre?"
[3] "Sakuya?"
[1] "Koakuma?"
[2] Start fapping.
>> No. 1203
[x] "Remilia?"
>> No. 1204
Say nothing has won. Writing.
>> No. 1205
[x] "Remilia?"
>> No. 1206
No we're not, our eyes are merely closed. And I don't think anyone's gonna kill us over losing at a game of Guess Who, even in SDM. Worst case scenario is that it's Remi and she gets pissed at us for picking Flandre.

But it doesn't really matter, we probably won't lose anything for saying nothing, but we gain nothing as well.
>> No. 1207
You pause, not saying anything. Then you feel breath next to your ear.
"What are you doing?"
Dammit, the voice is so quiet that you can't tell who it is. It's not Koakuma, it's a normal whisper, not that infinitely quiet sound she makes.

"Taking a bath." You answer.
"No, I mean with your hand. What are you doing?"
"Uh ... nothing?"
"Uh-uh, don't lie."

[ ] Insist you were doing nothing.
[ ] Be honest.
>> No. 1208
[x] Be honest.
>> No. 1210
Forgot my vote. [ ] Be honest.
>> No. 1211
[x] Insist you were doing nothing.

If you must say anything, just scratching.
>> No. 1212
[x] Be honest.
I was shaking it, spanking the monkey, fapping like the fist of an angry god,Wanking, masturbating, whatever you want to call it.

No wait what were we doing?
>> No. 1213
[ ] Insist you were doing nothing.

Free handjob with our diligence. Don't screw it up with your "conscience"!
>> No. 1214
[X] Be honest.

If it's Remi, this'll definitely show we're not afraid of her, right?

Flan wouldn't be this insistent or sultry about the issue. It might be Sakuya, but I doubt it, and knowing what we were doing probably wouldn't bother her too much; maybe it would make her scoff at us.
>> No. 1215
[x] Be honest.

I hope the answer will be "Let me help you!"
>> No. 1216
[x] Be honest.

This could be lulzy.
>> No. 1217
[x] Be honest.

>> No. 1218

[X] Insist you were doing nothing

'I have to wash my penis, you know.'
>> No. 1219
[X] Be honest.

It's the best policy.
>> No. 1220
[ ] Be honest
Lying hasn't gotten Anonymous Belmont much of anywhere.
>> No. 1221
[X] Be honest.
Anon Belmont is not a pussy. If vampire asks if he was masturbating he tells the truth.
>> No. 1222
[X] Be honest.
If Flan: "master baiting??? Is that fun?"
>> No. 1223
honest 9
nothing 3
>> No. 1224
"so you were jerking off in my bathtub?"

-painful death end-
>> No. 1225
Honesty time! Writing.
>> No. 1226
"Here let me teach you"

Even if it would end into a bad end as someone else walks in, it would be totally worth it
>> No. 1227
Oh yeah! Back in high school, I was the master of debaters!
>> No. 1228
Fuck. If this is Flandre, things could get out of hand(get it out of hand lolololololol). Does Flandre know about fapping? Cuz you know, it could really fuck shit up for us if she goes running around saying HEY EVERYBODY GUESS WHAT I SAW ANON DOING IT THE BATHROOM

[X] Insist you were doing nothing.
>> No. 1229
This will be EPIC. Maybe.
>> No. 1230
And we running naked after her yelling
>> No. 1231
What I'm afraid is that she'll ask us to show her how to do it or something. It would be way too good to pass up, but Remilia would kill us to pieces.
>> No. 1232
"Oneecha, oneechan, look what I can do!"
>> No. 1233
In before the animated gif of flan stroking herself.

>> No. 1234
Can't upload it, file size too big.
>> No. 1235
Remilia is selfish. She'd want the same treatment, except doubled!

We'll pass out from exhaustion before being brutally murdered.
>> No. 1236

>> No. 1237
Upload it somewhere else and link it, then.
>> No. 1238
I don't have this. Upload it to NSFW Touhou Imageboard, please?
>> No. 1239
She forces your member upwards, whips your penis to the side, then the other side. You catch a glimpse of her face as she does this. She's frowning and looking at your balls, obviously angry but not full-on fury. Her face relaxes a little, taking on a steely expression and finally she lets go.
>> No. 1240
[X] Insist you were doing nothing.
>> No. 1241
>>"Uh-uh, don't lie."

Whoever it is I think they have a good idea of how it goes.
>> No. 1242
Oh I lol'd
>> No. 1243
I'll post it in /cake/ on 7chan, sec.
>> No. 1244

>> No. 1245
It's a little embarrassing saying this when you don't know who you're telling, but you just come right out with it. On the other hand, being so open about it makes you harder. You wonder if you can summon up the nerves to actually do it with someone watching like this.
"Open your eyes and I'll kill you, understand?"
One of the hands moves away from your face and you feel hair touch your shoulder. What-

There is a hand gripping the end of your cock. Holy shit.
"Like this?" Whoever it is, she doesn't exactly sound confident.
The hand starts to move. It's so soft. The motion is jerky at first but then she starts to get the hang of it, slow strokes right down to the base and quickly back up again.
You move your own hand down to hers and adjust the grip and little.
"Like that, yeah." You can barely speak.
Whoever is jerking you off is now breathing almost as hard as you. She doesn't really seem to know what's she's doing, but that barely matters, it's good anyway.
The other hand moves away from your face as well and you hear a rustling behind you.
"Just ... ah ... don't open your eyes."

She's going faster now, making little moaning sounds too. You can't risk looking, you can't. But reason is slipping away as you get closer and closer. Oh-

[ ] Open your eyes and look.
[ ] Just enjoy it.
>> No. 1246
Oh, faggotry. Max file size on /cake/ is also 1mb. Will post on /h/.
>> No. 1247
[ ] Just enjoy it.
>> No. 1248
[x] Just enjoy it.
>> No. 1249

Yay! My first parody! Seriously, I lol'd.
>> No. 1250

[x] Just enjoy it.
>> No. 1251

Also, [ ] Just enjoy it.
>> No. 1252
[x] Just enjoy it.

Don't ruin a good thing.
>> No. 1253
[ ] Just enjoy it.

Open eyes = action stop. Enjoy it as long as you can
>> No. 1254
[X] Just enjoy it.
>> No. 1255
File 120933189625.jpg - (98.63KB , 640x480 , 1209210285018.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Take it easy.
>> No. 1256
Not Flandre. She wouldn't threaten like that, not at this point. Too innocent. I'm thinking Sakuya or Remilia.
>> No. 1257
[X] Just enjoy it.

Don't spoil it. Please don't be a BAD END.
>> No. 1258

[x] enjoy it

handjob whooo
>> No. 1259
[X] Just enjoy it.
>> No. 1260
Óh holy Jesus, praise the lord.
>> No. 1261
thinking sakuya since her hair would be long enough to touch your shoulders. well, it'd depend on how far this person is getting down to give us a hand job.
>> No. 1262
[ ] Just enjoy it.

We open our eyes, we wake up. It's as simple as that.

BRB, beating NEET at PoFV!
>> No. 1263
[X] Just enjoy it.
>> No. 1264
>> No. 1265
[ ] Just enjoy it.
Woo! Handjob from the perfect maido.
>> No. 1266
After releasing your load into the bathwater, the girl speaks.

"Now do me"

As you turn around, Sakuya lifts her dress to reveal the largest penis you've ever seen.

>> No. 1267
[ ] Just enjoy it

Don't ruin a nice handjob.
>> No. 1268
I don't see an issue here.
>> No. 1269
File 120933232641.jpg - (191.00KB , 878x1102 , 1206299122465.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1270
She'd know exactly how to fap.
>> No. 1271
[C] Just enjoy it.
>> No. 1272
It's retracts back into a vagina. What part of "Perfect" are you not getting?
>> No. 1273
Hell no. Pegging is unmanly, and Sakuya only deserves the manliest of men as her husbando.
>> No. 1274
Did you know that...

The part in the human embryo that laterly develops into either a penis or a vagina is the same with either sexes? Basicly it means that the clit and the tip of your penis are the same thing, like pussy lips and testicles. Made from the same matter, shaped differently.
>> No. 1275
File 120933272017.jpg - (13.17KB , 344x226 , themoreyouknow.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1276
can't even bother to count, enjoy won
>> No. 1277
Dreaming stop!
Anon Belmont dreaming stop!
>> No. 1278
I like how no one even considered it could be Meilin.
>> No. 1279
File 120933313180.jpg - (12.19KB , 272x307 , 120422074064.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>"Open your eyes and I'll kill you, understand?"
>> No. 1280
File 120933315226.png - (30.49KB , 275x172 , Moarknow.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1281
I doubt she left the gate just so she could wrap her delicate fingers around our member and start to fap us off with her silky, smooth touch
>> No. 1282
You keep your eyes shut. If the threat of death wasn't enough then there's the threat of this stopping.

The hand keeps moving and whoever it is has laid her head on your shoulder, breathing rapidly now. Then she jerks, shudders. You hear a gasp. You pray she doesn't stop.
"Uhhh. Oh."
She gulps.

Your prayers are answered. She keeps going and you feel yourself losing it. You grit your teeth and hear a little "Oh" of surprise from her as you cum into the water. A tiny part of your mind reminds you that this is going to take some cleaning, but the rest of you tells it to shut up as your toes curl reflexively and grip the sides of the bath.

As quick as the hand was there in the first place, it's gone, along with the head resting on your shoulder. Followed by quick footsteps and the opening of the bathroom door.

You don't know how you manage it after that, but as fast as you can you turn around, leaning over the side of the bathtub and trying to catch a glimpse of whoever it was before the door shuts behind them. Why doesn't she want you to know anyway? Shit!

[ ] Lean further, you must know!
[ ] Give up, find out later.


Also, how's my h-scene writing? This is kind of the test for later ones.
>> No. 1283
>> No. 1284
China? INSIDE the mansion!? Preposterous!
>> No. 1285

Don't you dare mention that place.
>> No. 1286
[ ] Give up, find out later.

I like your h-scene writing. It's pretty good.
>> No. 1287

[ ] Give up, find out later.
>> No. 1288
[ ] Give up, find out later.

Needs more scat
>> No. 1289
[x] Give up, find out later.
>> No. 1290
>Needs more scat


[ ] Give up, find out later.
>> No. 1291
[C] Lean further DAMMIT, you must know!

H-scene is great, I came...
>> No. 1292
[x] Give up, find out later.

I'm not going to risk falling out of the bath and hitting my head on the floor. I'm just going to lay here, cin the water covered with my manjuices and possibly some female juices, enjoying this feeling of pleasure
>> No. 1293
[x] Give up, find out later.
>> No. 1294
[ ] Give up

It's obviously Remilia. Sakuya would've just stopped time and disappeared if fear of being caught was that imminent.

Also, scene was great for a first try!
>> No. 1295
[ ] Give up, find out later.
>> No. 1296
[ ] Give up, find out later.
>> No. 1297
I'm quite inclined to agree with this.

So, not Flandre. Would've been more innocent. Not Koakuma, since it was confirmed (because she doesn't talk). Not Sakuya, she would've stopped time when leaving the bathroom.
>> No. 1298
>Not Sakuya, she would've stopped time when leaving the bathroom.

If she'd stopped time, she could as well just have said it's her.
>> No. 1299
[X] Lean further, you must know!

Her back is turned, she won't know we peeked. It's a win-win!
>> No. 1300
why couldn't it be patchy
or some nameless fairymaid, ha
>> No. 1302
Patchy doesn't walk. She floats. We heard footsteps.
>> No. 1303
Nameless Random Fairies dislike/hate humans. What would possess one to come beat one off?
>> No. 1304
[X] Lean further, you must know!
>> No. 1305
[x] Give up, find out later.
>> No. 1306
[x] Give up, find out later.
I'm pretty sure it was Remilia, but wouldn't we have caught on that scent of her hair that was mentioned earlier? Or are we too involved in getting jacked off to notice such things?
>> No. 1307
can't smell scent due to soap and stuff
>> No. 1310
give up 12
lean further 3
>> No. 1311
Can't smell shit, Cap'n!
>> No. 1312
You sit back. Good thing too, you narrowly avoided putting your hand in what you're pretty sure is a smear of vaginal mucus on the side of the bath. Despite how awesome that would have been on some levels, cracking your head open when your hand slipped would not have been.

You grab some more soap to wash yourself off again while your mind races. Who was that? The only person you're sure it wasn't is Koakuma. Then again she is a Succubus, she can produce illusions and disguise her form, right?

You realize how little detail you actually know about the supernatural here. You might (might) be carrying a vampire killing whip, but your knowledge of vampires and demons is woefully lacking. If you're going to survive for any length of time in the Mansion you'll need to know more. You make a mental note to ask Patchouli if she has any books on the subject.

Gah! Shit that could have been Patchouli just now for all you know. You assumed before that she wouldn't have left her library just to sneak up on you but now ... No no. She would read about such things. She's not one for direct experience.

You decide to stop thinking about it now, as much as is possible. You have no way of telling who it was other than directly asking or watching how they act. You get out of the bath and let it drain. You wipe the mucus off the side as well, just to be safe. After getting dressed you leave the bathroom.

And one of your shoes is gone. The left one. Oh for fuck's sake.

[ ] Get angry!
[ ] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
>> No. 1313
[X] Get angry!
Anonymous Belmont yelled at the top of lung!
>> No. 1314
[ ] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.

the mansion is clean, don't worry about it.
>> No. 1315
[ ] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
>> No. 1316
>>vaginal mucus

You're a goddamn poet, I'm so using mucus in my next H scene.


Whip apart the chair, blame it on Flan.
>> No. 1317
[x] Get angry!

>> No. 1318
we avoided death by cooter-goo

>> No. 1319
[ ] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
>> No. 1320
[ ] Resign yourself to walking without shoes
>> No. 1321

>> No. 1322
Anonymous (Belmont?) is very cautious and sensible compared to the other Anons. You people are avoiding BAD ENDS like the fist of the north star.
>> No. 1323
>> No. 1324
Too bad we sem to be loosing our balls in the process. Before we know it they turn black and drop off.
>> No. 1325
[x] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
>> No. 1326
[X] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
>> No. 1327
Thats because the idiots are all in /th/, not /sdm/. More or less. Also, [ ] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
>> No. 1328
[x] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
We'll get a spare pair or something.
>> No. 1329
>> No. 1330
[x] Get angry!
>> No. 1331

>> No. 1332

So what we skullfuck patchy and she vomits snot on our cock?

>> No. 1333
Cautious and sensible gets you a handjob in the tub. There are times for GAR, and there are times for being careful.
>> No. 1334
I want us to whip it apart. We didn't do it when the chair got on our way and we hitted our toe into it, but this is the last straw! Damn chair goes around stealing our shoes
>> No. 1335
[X] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
>> No. 1336
[X] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
>> No. 1337
Hungry, if we don't get to whip THIS CHAIR now, please give us one more chance in the future.
>> No. 1338
[X] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.

Bah, who needs shoes?
>> No. 1339
[X] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.

Not too bad. Should let our feet breathe at least, right?

Plus, a boot for a handjob isn't exactly a bad trade.
>> No. 1340
File 120933649443.jpg - (77.88KB , 302x232 , Shiki.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1341
no wait, she stole a boot for the h andjob?

>> No. 1342
Methinks someone in the mansion has a fetish for our feet/shoes.
>> No. 1343
guess what. even chairs can be female.
that's why you will not hurt the chair, it will give you another hand job later.
if you still don't believe it was the chair, check her again and see that she is still wet.

[x] Resign yourself to walking without shoes.
>> No. 1344

>>You give the chair a glance, promising slow retribution later on, and leave the kitchen.

You were born to fight that chair, don't worry.
>> No. 1345
what will she do for your second shoe?
>> No. 1346
File 120933686353.jpg - (74.94KB , 741x592 , photon is for niggers.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1347
Kill us.
>> No. 1348

note to self: purchase Klondike bars
>> No. 1351
get angry 3
resing 11