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Well, here goes. I don't intend for it to be a very long series, but I hope enjoy it.
You've been riding for days since you left the last town. It doen't bother you, though. You're used to it by now. A wanderer by nature, you've been travelling from town to town for as long as you can remember, with only your loyal horse, your ten-gallon hat, your trusty six-shooter, some standard travel eqipment, and the clothes on your back. Just as you finish off the last of your food, a small town comes into sight. You hadn't heard of a town in this region, but you're not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. You nudge your steed in the direction of town and ride in.
Arriving in the town, you see that the buildings are homely, but sturdy. Looking around town, you see it has all the features you'd expect from a frontier town. Where do you go first?

[ ]Sheriff's Office
[ ]Saloon
[ ]Livery Stable
As with most stories, write-ins are allowed and, to an extent, encouraged.

First to 4?

>> No. 968
[X]Livery Stable

Is this the Keine and Mokou option?
>> No. 969
[x]Livery Stable
>> No. 970
[X]Livery Stable

Need to put up our horse before we wander about town.
>> No. 971
[X] Saloon

Call me old fashioned.
>> No. 972
[X]Livery Stable
>> No. 973
[ ]Livery Stable
>> No. 974
File 12119655585.jpg - (315.65KB , 1600x1200 , 8f3f51ab78901e4e0ae6bab40b6a7e6a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Of course, the first thing to do is stable your horse. Riding up to the modestly-sized stable, you see a young woman

working inside, shovelling hay. You call out to her, and she turns around, surprised, and runs over to you. Taking a

good look at her, she couldn't be any older than 22. Her long white hair, though tied back in an ankle-length

ponytail, seems unbefiting of someone in her line of work. Her hair is decorated with red-and-white patterned

ribbons, and she wears a dusty-looking shirt and some red overalls. Red seems to be a motif with her, as her eyes,

too, are a startling shade of red.
She loks at you and speaks, "Well, it's rare that we get a stranger 'round these parts lately. What can I do for

You tell her you'd like to stable your horse.
"You've come to the right place for that. Th'name's Mokou." She offers her hand, which you shake. "Only stable

you'll find around here. If ya want to stabler your horse, it'll be..." she names a price. Looking at your money on

hand, you feel somewhat dispirited. But, what could you do? As you hand the Money over, Mokou continues to explain

the service. "Well, we'll -that is to say, I- will hanle most everything the horse need. He'll be kept fed, washed,

and generally content. That isn't to say that you can't visit 'em every now and then, as you will. I'd truthfuly be

glad for the company." She smiles brightly as you dismount, and leads the horse in. "You jus' leave everything to

me, sir!" she calls as she leaves. Well, now that that seems done...

[ ]Saloon
[ ]Sheriff's Office
[ ]General Store
[ ]Talk with Mokou some more
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Use WordPad, Notepad++, or Win32Pad or something.
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But that said, I love how this is turning out. As the person who suggested Old West Touhou in the first place, I am overjoyed to see my idea being given form and substance. Excellent work thus far!

[x] Talk to Mokou some more
>> No. 977
huh, I was right.

[x] General Store
>> No. 978
Well, livery means something entirely different. But it might have been a pun.
>> No. 979
Thank you, I'm glad that people enjoy it.
Curses, foiled again! Thanks for the advice.
>> No. 980
[x]Talk with Mokou some more
Ask her about what other animals she keeps stabled here. Cows, maybe?
>> No. 981
[X] Saloon

I'm still old fashioned.
>> No. 982
...it took me a few seconds of confusion, but then I saw what you did there.
>> No. 983
[ ]Talk with Mokou some more

On one hand, I want to go to the saloon (what lame-ass western doesn't have a saloon scene?). On the other, Mokou. I loves me some Mokou.
>> No. 984
You enter the stables behind Mokou. It, of course, smells like a barn, but not as poor as it could be. These animals seem to be treated fairly well. There is a row of four stables to the right, four more opposite. Only four are filled, plus the stable farthest right and back where Mokou is leading your horse. Unbridling it, she notices you. "What seems ta be the problem? Got somethin' else ta talk about?"

[ ]The town
[ ]The townspeople
[ ]Mokou
>> No. 985

Reckon I'd like to be talkin' 'bout you, little lady.
>> No. 986
[X]The town

Info is good.
>> No. 987
[X] Mokou
[X] The townspeople
[X] The town

Start personal, then widen the net. The more we know.
>> No. 988
[ ]Mokou
>I'd truthfuly be glad for the company

Thanks for the invite
>> No. 989
[X] Mokou
[X] The townspeople
[X] The town

Ditto on this one
>> No. 990

Notepad, huh? That's why you use wordpad for writing and copypasting.
>> No. 993

I personally use the Message box, and then copypasta onto notepad so that i don't lose it.

Also, I'm using firefox, which automatically gives spellcheck.

[x] Mokou
>> No. 994
[X] Mokou
[X] The town
>> No. 996
[x] Mokou
[x] The town

>> No. 1002
Vote limit changed: 3
In fact, I thought the vote limit was 3 from the start, but now it's official. Oh well...
commencing writan
>> No. 1007
Delays, delays.
Mokou blushes slightly, shocked at the unexpected answer. She quickly recovers, however, and flashes a grin again. Stopping her work and turning to face you proper, she begins. "It's right nice of ya to take a friendly interest in a gal like me, but I'm not much to be interested in, to tell the truth. As I've said, I work these stables here. Jus' me an' myself, but it's not much of a chore. As you can see, there ain't many animals to take care of. Two horses an' these two catle here," she motions to her left, where you can see two healthy cows looking rather placidly at you. "they're Keine's by the way, not mine."
She seems to notice that the name is unfamiliar to you. "Oh, of course, you're new here, ya wouldn't know her. Keine's the teacher 'round here. Runs the town's school, near the center of town. She and I been friends since long before I can remember. She lives with me, jus' over there in that house right next to the stables." She points to the left where, indeed, you remember a house being. "Both orphans, y'see. My parents..." Her smile fades for a second, then returns in full force. "Eh, but the past ain't important. The important part's here an' now. I'm more than happy here; it's a good town." She says it like she means it. "Oh, but I've been going on! Any more and I might as well tell ya my whole life story. Ya just got in, ya must be tired. The saloon's best place to go for a stiff drink, and the inn's always friendly to visitors. Either of those should be right welcome after long riding." She's perectly right.
Mokou finishes stabling the horse. She bids you farewell as you leave. "Come again anytime, y'hear? I'll introduce ya to Keine next time!"
Well, Mokou reccommended the inn or the saloon. Looking at the sky, it is getting later on in the day, about 5:00pm or so. Next is...

[ ]The saloon
[ ]The inn
>> No. 1008
The sensible me wants to get a room, first, but the Anon me says go to the saloon...

Damn, fine.
[ze] Inn.
>> No. 1009
Also, fucking love how you write.
>> No. 1010
[X]The saloon

And we'll get into an epic barroom brawl where we won't even lose our hat!
>> No. 1011
[x]The saloon
Where we'll have our inevitable encounter with Rinnosuke "Dead Eye" Morichika.
>> No. 1012
[X]The saloon
>> No. 1013
[ ]The saloon

Time to meet Sakuya, or is it run by Remillia?

Sakuya as the barmaid, china as the muscle\waitress, Patchy can play the piano and Remi can sing?
>> No. 1014
>>Time to meet Suika

>> No. 1017
I am now picturing China in a german drinking hall waitress outfit, and oh lord, it is a lovely image.
>> No. 1026
With big gorgeous red braids.
>> No. 1035
Warm food and cold drinks are exactly what you need right now. Having seen it when you first arrived in town, you're able to get there without too much trouble. The sign above the door states that it is known as the Border Saloon. Looking around as you walk inside, the establishment is amiably lit by ceiling lamps and reasonably clean. Five mi-size tables and some smaller ones are scattered across the room, and a bar is set to one side. Behind the bar there's a most welcome sight: alcohol. The room is bustling, with most of the tables full of chatting people. A small, brown-haired girl in a red dress is almost dancing through the crowd, taking orders and returning to the bar, where she lists them off to an older, maternal-looking lady with short blonde hair. On the far wall is a small stage, where three musicians play various instruents and a fourth sings. The mix of song and talk creates a wholesome, comfortable feeling. The unmistakable smell of food that hasn't been preserved permeates the room; it's a smell you've gone much too long without. Many of the patrons throw glances at you as you enter, some stare for longer than that. Mokou seemed right about visitors being uncommon. While walking through the people to the last of the empty smaller tables, you notice something odd. There are no men, only women. The subject would have to wait, however, as the girl in red has noticed you. Hurrying over, she cheerily greets you.
"Evenin' mister! Welcome to the Border saloon! What'll ya have? Ran over there," she motions to the lady at the bar "can make near anything s'long as it's food."
She takes your order and skips off back to the bar. The food soon comes, and is extraordinary in every possible way. The cooking itself is excellent, and contrasted with what you'd been eating out in the wilds, it could bring a grown man to tears. The drink, too, is refreshing after your dusty travelling. As you eat, another person enters the bar. They're neither tall nor short, and wearing a large brown travelling cloak that completely obscures their face and any other garments. The person, you can only assume it's a she,looks at you, then walks over and sits down at your table, directly across from you. The brown-haired girl again comes over to greet this new customer, but is waved away the the person. They just sit there, looking at you. Because of the hood, you can't make out their features very well, but her oddly yellow eyes catch the light.

[ ]Attempt conversation
[ ]Ignore the person
[ ]Leave
>> No. 1036
Name/Trip miss.
>> No. 1039
[x]Attempt conversation
I don't like this guy already.
>> No. 1041
[ ]Attempt conversation
>> No. 1042
[ ]Attempt conversation
>> No. 1043
[ ]Attempt conversation

>> No. 1044
You try to strike up a conversation with the figure. They blink and then lean forward, laying an arm on the table. She speaks; the voice is definitely female, and with an unexpected forwardness to it.
"You're not from around here, are ya? Don't answer that, I already know. Well, in that case, I think I'd better greet you properly." The figure rises with a flourish, and the cloak is flung back to reveal a black dress with an apron. The hood also falls during the sudden movement. The girl standing in front of you not only has yellow eyes, but long blond hair as well, tied on one side in a braid which casually hangs down her shoulder. She's grinning widely, here eyes glinting. "Marisa, vagabond and bandit extraordinaire!" A click, and a Colt Peacemaker is pointed across the table at your forehead. The other patrons have taken notice of the commotion. When she draws the weapon, Some flee, but a few stay and watch with varying levels of interest.
"Now then, hand over your money, and don't even think of trying anything."

[ ]Hand over the money
[ ]Duck under the table, draw your own gun
[ ]Attempt to knock her gun away
>> No. 1046
[ ] Hand over the Manet. Yes, the priceless Édouard Manet painting you've been lugging around all this time just so you could make this terrible pun.

Then, when she's distracted, punch her. In the face.
>> No. 1047
[X]Attempt to knock her gun away

We shouldn't start a gunfight with Marisa. I really don't want to give her our money either since we'll need it at the local brothel, so that means our only option is to disarm her.
>> No. 1048
If either of our hands are out of sight beneath the table already AND she can't see whether our gun is in its holster or not, then:
[x] Bluff: Smile, and say "Well, now, little lady, I could do that... But I've already got a gun pointed at you, myself." Nod towards the table. "Squeeze that trigger, and that pretty dress of yours is going to be a tad drafty. Now why don't you put down that gun before someone ends up hurt."
...or something along that line.
And if she ducks down to check, kick the table at her (assuming it's not bolted down), or a chair or something.
>> No. 1049
...It just occurred to me that that could MAYBE be interpreted as a dick reference. I don't know, would she think of that?

Damn, I don't want to rewrite that.
>> No. 1050
[X] Flip the table at her

If it is bolted down,

[X]Attempt to knock her gun away
>> No. 1051
Gee, I want to see Reimu as a self-righteous, imoral gunman priest, clutching all the town in her steel grip.
>> No. 1052
That would work...
I would assume that Hakugyokurou and Eientei are two of the larger ranches in the area, too.
>> No. 1053
[x] Bluff: Smile, and say "Well, now, little lady, I could do that... But I've already got a gun pointed at you, myself." Nod towards the table. "Squeeze that trigger, and that pretty dress of yours is going to be a tad drafty. Now why don't you put down that gun before someone ends up hurt."
>> No. 1055
I wrote this to be smooth and confident, but now I'm wondering if this also doesn't come across as pretty patronizing.
Then again, she's got a gun pointed at us, so fuck her feelings.
>> No. 1057
[ ] Hand over the Manet. Yes, the priceless Édouard Manet painting you've been lugging around all this time just so you could make this terrible pun.

This is too good not to use
>> No. 1072
[ ] Hand over the Manet. Yes, the priceless Édouard Manet painting you've been lugging around all this time just so you could make this terrible pun.
This amuses me.
>> No. 1073
[ ] Hand over the Manet. Yes, the priceless Édouard Manet painting you've been lugging around all this time just so you could make this terrible pun.

I might as well join in on the fun.
>> No. 1074
I'm assuming we don't really have a painting, which is going to make this all the more fun.
>> No. 1089
I apologize for the long delay between writing. I'll try to work on that.
[ ] Hand over the Manet. Yes, the priceless Édouard Manet painting you've been lugging around all this time just so you could make this terrible pun.

You ask her if she'll accept impressionist artwork. Of course, you have no actual Manet painting, but it'll give you time to think of a better plan. She looks at you with some confusion. "You haven't got any money, then?" She sighs. "Well, I guess if it's something of value..." A hint of uncertainty is in her voice.
Suddenly, a shout comes from outside the saloon. "WILL YOU JUST STOP CAUSING TROUBLE?"
"Wha-" Marisa turns, as yet another person comes barreling through the door. There's almost no time to react. The newcomer dashes across the floor, then jumps at your assailant. Using a backflip for momentum, she drives the heel of her shoe into Marisa's shoulder. she crumples, the gun clattering to the floor. Thankfully, it doesn't go off. You look up at the person who has just appeared. A young girl, about the same age as Marisa. She has long black hair and her eyes are a deeper red than Mokou's. She wears a red vest over a white shirt, and red pants. You note that the sleeves of her shirt are in fact detached from the shoulder. This black-haired girl looks down at Marisa on the floor, fuming.
"Reimu~ you're too hard on me~." Apparently the girl on the floor is conscious.
"And whose fault is that?" Asks the girl standing over her.
"We're friends, aren't we?"
"I'm a lawkeeper, and you're a troublemaker."
"I didn't mean any harm by it."
"No harm by it? You drew you gun in the middle of the Border and say you meant no harm by it?"
"A flashy introduction is most important, isn't it? I wanted to give this guy a memorable first impression."
At this, the black-haired girl looks up at you, and sems to ignore the figure on the floor. "Ah, a new face. I haven't introduced myself, have I? Reimu, Reimu Hakurei. I'm the sheriff of this town. Now, I'm sorry for the the trouble this person," she pokes Marisa with her toe, "has caused." She kneels down and hoists the girl in black onto her shoulder. "I'd like to talk more, but this person needs some things explained to her."
The sheriff leaves. Looking around, the bar itself seems to be fine. The small girl in the red dress is looking rather scared, and the Ran, concerned. The patrons who stayed and watched have returned to their own business, and with the disturbance over, people are filtering back in. Some people are staring at you, more than before.
What do you do?

[ ]Talk to Ran
[ ]Talk to the brown-haired girl
[ ]Put money on the table and leave
[ ]Leave without paying
>> No. 1090
[ ]Put money on the table and leave

Anything we do at the moment will be overshadowed by what just happened.

The only exception, I think, is saying "check please", but old west saloons don't use checks.
>> No. 1091
Also, I'd like to call to attention how we didn't actually say we were broke, we just asked if she'd accept artwork. Yay for technical honesty!
>> No. 1092
[x]Talk to Ran

Leaving and remaining a mysterious person to the locals may end up bringing forth more trouble. Give Ran the chance to learn about you as you also try and gain some info.
>> No. 1093
[X]Talk to Ran.
[X]Talk to the brown-haired girl.

"Sorry about that, darlings."
>> No. 1094
[x]Talk to Ran
>> No. 1095
[ ]Talk to Ran
>> No. 1102

[ ]Talk to the brown-haired girl

"So... You're the sheriff, huh?"
>> No. 1103
[X]Talk to Ran.
[X]Talk to the brown-haired girl.
>> No. 1104
That's Chen you're talking to, Reimu left.

[ ]Talk to Ran
>> No. 1121
You walk over to the worried-looking woman behind the bar. Much like the girl who had attempted to rob you, she has blond hair and matching golden eyes. She wears a white dress with a blue pattern in a stripe down the front. On her head is a matching white cloth hat with two peaks on either side. And on her face, she wears a look of concern. as you approach, she starts speaking to you at high speed. "Are you alright? Oh, I'm terribly sorry about this. It doesn't usually happen. Such a thing... The meal's free, of course. But that troublemaker, to threaten a guest- You're not hurt, are you?" She checks you up and down.
You assure her that you're fine.
"Ah, but when miss Yukari hears about this, what am I to do?"

[ ]Insist on paying
[ ]"Miss Yukari?"
[ ]"Are you hurt?"
[ ]Continue listening
[ ]Leave
>> No. 1124
[X] "Are you hurt?"
[X] "Miss Yukari?"
[X] Work a compliment about the food in here somewhere.
>> No. 1125
[ ]Insist on paying
[ ]"Miss Yukari?"
>> No. 1126
[x]Continue listening
[x]"Miss Yukari?"
[x]Insist on paying
>> No. 1128
[x] "Miss Yukari?"
[x] Insist on paying

Why would she be hurt?
>> No. 1135
[x] "Miss Yukari?"
[x] Insist on paying
>> No. 1141
File 121245646095.jpg - (256.61KB , 806x1139 , 1207647304994.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ]"Miss Yukari?"
[ ]Insist on paying

"What? Oh, Miss Yukari? She's the owner of the Border. You'll be lucky to find her here, though. She hardly ever leaves her home these days. Chen and I live with her, up near the big house. I'd say she's grown to depend on me, for cooking and the like." She seems rather proud. At this point, Chen runs over with a few more orders. As she turns to listen to them, you produce a sum of money and place it on the counter. "Sir, I-"
You cut her off, insisting that she take the money. You add that the meal was good enough to be worth at least what you're paying her, armed robbery or no. At this, she smiles warmly and accepts the money.
"Thank you for your patronage." She says. Then she turns, and takes the orders that Chen gives her.
There doesn't seem much reason to stay much longer. The sun seems to be setting. It'd be a good Idea to go to the inn. Thinking of your expenses, you hope you have enough for a room...

[ ]Go to the Inn
>> No. 1142
[ ] Go to the Inn

There's only one choice, so nobody's going to even bother to keep up the pretense. Well, except me.
>> No. 1143
I should probably explain. Since write-ins are encouraged, you could always go somewhere completely different. I probably should have put a second "go elsewhere" option, and I could have sworn that I did.
>> No. 1144


[x] Sheriff's office.

Let's see what shenanigans are going on there.
>> No. 1145
[X] Sheriff's office

Actually might be a good idea to check in with the law here.
>> No. 1147
[ ] Sheriff's office

Oh ho, perhaps Reimu won't be a bitch this time around?
>> No. 1149
[x] Sheriff's office.
This suits Reimu a lot better than the vindictive sister of St. Hakurei Chapel I had envisioned.

I wonder if Mima and Suika are her deputies.
>> No. 1167
Even though it's getting late, you decide to check on the sheriff's office. Approaching the office, it's a mid-size building. Judging from the look, it probably doubles as the Sheriff's house as well. Beside it is a smaller building, the local jail. It has only three cells, and of them only one is occupied. A person sits against the far wall, one arm propped up on their knee. They are wearing blue, but it's hard to see any more clearly than that. They don't move, they may be sleeping.
In any case, you should...

[ ]Continue to sheriff's house
[ ]Inspect the jail
>> No. 1168
[ ]Continue to sheriff's house
>> No. 1185
[x] Continue to the Sheriff's house
>> No. 1190
[x] Inspect the jail

Bail out Mima
>> No. 1246
[X] Continue to sheriff's house

No time to fraternize with criminal elements.
>> No. 1247

There's always time for Mima.

[X] Inspect the jail
>> No. 1309
You figure it's probably better to keep away from dangerous folks like criminals. Once per day is enough, at least. In addition, it would be somewhat rude to wake them if they were sleeping. You continue on and arrive at the door to the office. Going through the door, you enter what seems to function as the actual office part of the house. A desk is near the far wall, with a lamp, a few stacks of papers, a glass, and some half-empty bottles of alcohol. Behind the desk is Reimu, leaning back in a wooden chair with her feet propped on the desk. In the corner is a small girl with long red-brown hair, wearing a white shirt and lavender skirt. She seems already fast asleep, curled up on the floor. Slightly worryingly, she too has alcohol bottles scattered around her. Reimu notices you entering and speaks up.
"What do you want, so late at night?"

[ ]Where's Marisa?
[ ]Who's in the jail?
[ ]Who's the girl?
[ ]Tell me about the town.
[ ]Tell me about yourself.
>> No. 1310
[x]Tell me about the town.
[x]Tell me about yourself.
>> No. 1311
[X] Who's in the jail?
[X] Tell me about the town.
[X] Tell me about yourself.
>> No. 1314
[x] Who's in the jail?
[x] Tell me about the town.
[x] Tell me about yourself.
>> No. 1410
[x] Who's in the jail?
[x] Tell me about the town.
[x] Tell me about yourself.
>> No. 1425
"Oh that? It's Mima. She's in there for convicted murder. A bandit and apparently the mentor of that girl you met, Marisa. She's currently waiting for some court in a larger town to call her for a trial, but with this being such a remote area I don't know how long we'll have to wait. It's been at least a month already. But don't go getting mixed up with those kinds of folks." She looks at you more seriously. "It's for your own good." Then, she gives a half-smile. "Well, that's what I gotta say as sheriff, in any case."
"Now, about the town? You've probably seen a lot of it, and there isn't a lot to see. It's good to know your way around though, if you're going to be staying here. Let's see; we've got the saloon, the stable, and the inn for travelers like you. If you need it, there's also the general store. We also have a doctor. She's a bit odd, but so are her neighbors. A physicist and some inventor of sorts. We've got our own mayor, just near there. On the other side of town is the school and a church. Our most prominent feature, though, is the big house. Some rich aristocrat lives there, but we hardly ever see them. That's about it for this place. It isn't too big, but it's got colorful characters enough for a city twice its size. We all like it here, though."
"About me? I'm the sheriff, that's pretty much it. Why this town has a female sheriff?" she smiles. "Just look around." She leaves it at that.
"Now then, it's getting late. You should probably go to the inn, if you haven't already."
[ ]Where's Marisa?
[ ]Who's the girl?
[ ]Go to the inn
>> No. 1444
[ ]Go to the inn
>> No. 1466
[x] Who's the girl?
[x] Go to the inn
>> No. 1469
[X] Go to the inn

Sleepy time.
>> No. 1516
[X] Go Out to the Inn
>> No. 1523
[X]Go to the inn

Reimu is right, it's getting late. You decide to head to the inn.
Arriving at the inn the first thing you notice is that it's small, like most of the buildings in town. Going through the door you enter a welcoming room. There's the reception desk on the right, and a door next to it. A staircase leads from this room to the upper floor. There is nobody behind the counter, but a bell sits atop it. You seem like you do have enough money for at least one night's stay.
[ ]Ring the bell
[ ]Go upstairs
[ ]Attempt to steal a room key
>> No. 1528
[x] Ring the bell
Can we get some less obvious choices soon?
>> No. 1533
[ ]Ring the bell
>> No. 1536
[x] Ring the bell
>> No. 1545
[ ]Ring the bell

Yes, it's a good idea to ring the bell. You do so, and a surprised exclamation is heard on the other side of the door. It opens, and a lady emerges. She's not really tall or short. She isn't fat, but she is more rounded out than most women you've seen. Her eyes are a shade of deep blue and her hair a faint purple. She wears white dress and a blue vest over it, with a matching white hat. A golden pin decorates the vest, a thin line which splits into three halfway up. She loks at you interstedly.
"Well, what can I do for you? I supose you want a room?"
you voice an affirmative.
"For a room then, that'll be..." She thinks, then names a price. You're taken aback by how low it is. For this, you could afford two nights' stay if you eat cheaply. You pay, and she accepts the amount. "Well, the rooms and bathroom are up on the second floor. This first floor here is where I live. Your room is the second on the right." She yawns. "It is getting late then. Pleasant dreams."
She waves you off as you climb the stairs, which turn so that the small landing ou emerge onto is above the main building. There's four doors on either side and one at the end. You wonder if you're the only one staying here, since visitors are so rare. With those prices, how could they stay in business, though? You walk over to your door and open it. Your room, like the building, is small, but not cramped. It has a bed, a chair, and a desk with a lamp. The bed is welcome after this long day. You collapse into it, and sleep dreamlessly.
--day 1 END--
>> No. 1546
You wake up to a new day. Getting out of bed drowsily, you look out the provided window. Since it faces east, you can see the sun just starting to rise. You have an entire day ahead of you. What do you do first?
[ ]Free vote
>> No. 1550
[+] Clean up and get dressed.
I've had DMs that will screw with the players if they don't specify things like this.
>> No. 1551
[x] Fap
>> No. 1565
[x] Visit Mokou at the stable
>> No. 1569
{X} Visit Mokou at the stable
>> No. 1587
[X] Visit Mokou at the stable
>> No. 1607
[X] Visit Mokou at the stable

Well, Mokou did say she wouldn’t mind if you visited her. It would also be a good idea to check how your horse is doing. You wake yourself up a bit, and then leave your door and go downstairs. The innkeeper is there, and wishes you a good day as you leave.
The journey to the stable is not long at all. However, nobody seems to be at the stable. As you wonder where Mokou could have got to, the door of her house opens, and Mokou walks out, along with another person.
“Ah? Oh, hey!” Mokou notices you and waves energetically. “Keine, this`s the guy I told ya about earlier!” She takes the hand of the startled girl next to her, and dashes over to where you are.
Keine looks nearly the same age as Mokou, but a little older. Her hair is silver-grey, though feint blue streaks are clearly visible. You wonder if maybe dying hair is popular in this town. Her eyes are brown. And she wears a dark blue dress, though her elbow-length sleeves are white. The collar of the dress is tied with a red ribbon.
“I said I would introduce ya to Keine, didn’t I ? This`s her.” Keine nods her head politely, and you return the gesture.
“I would like to stay and talk, but Mokou, I need to be at the school.”
“Right, right,” Mokou says, grinning.
Keine waves as she leaves. After she is well on her way, Mokou turns back to you.
“Well, what can I do for ya?”
[ ]I came to visit
[ ]I came to help out
[ ]I came to see my horse
>> No. 1608
[X]I came to visit, but if you need help with anything I'll gladly lend a hand.
>> No. 1609
[X] I came to visit, but if you need help with anything I'll gladly lend a hand.

Also, we should take the time later to try and get in good with our innkeeper. Letty's a babe, and she doesn't get enough love.
>> No. 1610
Letty route sounds dandy fine. Poor girl's only other appearance was in MiG, and that was about a paragraph's worth.
>> No. 1611
>You wonder if maybe dying hair is popular in this town.
Man, you have NO idea.
Whoever the hairstylist is here must make a fortune. Ditto with the tailor: all those frills? That shit's custom-made.
>> No. 1612
[X] I came to visit, but if you need help with anything I'll gladly lend a hand.
>> No. 1613

Actually, I'm kind of surprised that no one has started an LA here on /others/ dedicated to the characters that don't fit elsewhere. Like Letty, Lily, Yuuka, Medicine, or the new SWR girls.
>> No. 1614
{X} I came to visit, but if you need help with anything I'll gladly lend a hand.
Hand lendan gaems.
>> No. 1616
I apologize for the delay.
[X] I came to visit, but if you need help with anything I'll gladly lend a hand.

“Ah, naw, sir. Yer payin’ me for this work, wouldn’t be right if I had ya doin’ it yerself. Not ta say I don’t appreciate yer consideration. But ye’ll be wantin’ ta see yer horse I’d reckon.” She leads you in and shows you your horse. It seems overall very content and is munching on some hay. “She’s one o’ the best horses I e’er taken care of, sir. No trouble at all. She’s a good one, this girl.” Mokou strokes the horse, still grinning. “Now then, I heard ya got inta a bit o’ trouble over at th’ Border. Marisa, was it? Bad luck running inta her yer firs’ day here. She’s a troublemaker, that one. Yer not hurt, are ya?” She sounds genuinely concerned.
You tell her you’re perfectly fine.
“Tha’s good ta hear. She says she don’ mean no harm by it, but she can get a li’l outta hand sometimes.” Mokou turns to face you. “Speakin’ o’ yer first day, how ya likin’ tha town so far?” Mokou continues to talk to you while doing her chores.
About two hours have gone by, and the town is becoming active. People passing wave to Mokou as she works. The town’s community seems to be very familiar with each other, as only small towns can be. Breakfast sounds good right now.
[ ] Ask Mokou for breakfast
[ ] Ask the innkeeper for breakfast
[ ] Go to the Saloon
[ ] Wander
>> No. 1617
【Ⅹ】 Ask the innkeeper for breakfast
>> No. 1618
[X] Ask the innkeeper for breakfast.
[X] Hell, offer to make breakfast if she has the ingredients.
>> No. 1619
[X] Ask the innkeeper for breakfast
>> No. 1659
File 121305804981.jpg - (85.88KB , 800x748 , a71e570229dc619fc938a99e74ee1334c54c6582.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask the innkeeper for breakfast

You wonder if the innkeeper would provide breakfast for you. You go to the inn to ask.
“Breakfast?” asks the innkeeper. Her smile falters. “Well, customers are usually supposed to provide themselves with food, but…” she thinks for a moment, then she smiles again. “Alright, then. Could you please wait up in your room until it is ready?”
A short time later there’s a knock at your door. You open it and there’s the innkeeper standing there, holding three plates of food. She hands you one. “I hope you enjoy it,” She says. She closes the door, and you can hear as she knocks on two more doors in the hallway. It seems you weren’t the only one staying here after all, and not the only one with this idea.
You turn your attention to the breakfast. The meal is excellent, but in a different way from the food at the saloon. It’s the kind of taste you can only get from a home-cooked meal. It’s not a small meal, but you finish it quickly. With the empty plate in hand, you descend the stairs. The innkeeper is waiting for you downstairs, and takes the dish.
You attempt to thank her, but fumble with her name.
“It’s Letty,” she says, smiling, “Letty Whiterock.”
You thank her properly this time, and compliment her on her cooking.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it. But,” her smile disappears as she scolds you, “don’t expect dinner from me.” You nod and she seems satisfied. She smiles again and sends you on your way. It’s currently about 10:00am.
What do you do now?

[ ] Go somewhere
[ ] Wander
>> No. 1660
[ ] Go somewhere
Look for a job.
>> No. 1662
[ ] Go somewhere
>> No. 1695
[ ] Go somewhere
Maybe the saloon is in need of service?
>> No. 1697
You decide to go somewhere. Go where?
>> No. 1700

[X] Saloon to find work and flirt with the bartender.
>> No. 1703
Damn, slow night isn't it?
>> No. 1704
I would let Letty scold me all night long.
>> No. 1705
[ ] Sheriff's office to be a deputy.

Anon Wayne should be good with a 6 shooter.
>> No. 1706
[X] Saloon
>> No. 1750
[Y] Saloon
>> No. 1781
I've heard feedback that my story needs more things happening. This was intended to be more along the strain of GA:SD, but I'll take it into account.
[X] Go somewhere

The Border is busy as usual. At the table you were sitting at yesterday, there’s a black-haired girl. She seems to be writing something on a small notepad. She notices you looking at her, and her red eyes seem to glint, but she makes no other move. You quickly look away and your eyes rest on another girl, this one with short red hair tied up on either side. She seems to simply radiate the concept of “taking it easy”. What do you do?

[ ] Sit with the red-eyed girl
[ ] Sit with the red-haired girl
[ ] Sit at the bar
[ ] Sit at an empty table
[ ] Ask Ran about a job
>> No. 1791
[X] Ask Ran about a job

Business before pleasure.
>> No. 1801
[X] Sit with the red-haired girl
>> No. 1802
[x] Ask Ran about a job

Why not become a man whore? You'd have market control in this town.
>> No. 1829
[x] Sit with Red-Eye, the girl.
Nanaya genderswapped twin GET
>> No. 1839
[ ] Ask Ran about a job
>> No. 1840


[X] Sit with Red, offer him... her... a drink.
>> No. 1845
[X] Ask Ran about a job

“A job?” She asks, looking at you interestedly. “Well, I myself can’t help you there. Chen and I don’t really need an additional hand here. Even if I wanted to say yes, you’d have to talk to Miss Yukari first. As the owner, she’s the one who has the final say about the decisions here.” She thinks for a moment. “That being said, I can still point you to who might need you. First of all, if you can use that gun you have, you could go to the sheriff for a deputy position. I can’t say what the pay would be like, though. Also…” she hesitates for a moment. “You could try the big house, but I’m making no promises. We don’t know much about the people who live there, but it’s likely to be the best-paying job you could find. Mind you, these are just what comes to mind. Ask around, and I’m sure quite a few people would appreciate a helping hand.”
You thank her for the advice. The red-haired girl and red-eyed girl are still here, the latter is still looking at you. What do you do?

[ ] Sit with the red-eyed girl
[ ] Sit with the red-haired girl
[ ] Sit at the bar
[ ] Sit at an empty table
[ ]Leave (free vote)
>> No. 1846
[x] Sit with the red-haired girl
>> No. 1848
[x] Sit with the red-haired girl
I'm curious to see what Komachi does.
>> No. 1879
[X] Sit with the red-eyed girl

Interview time~
>> No. 1892
[X] Sit at the bar

Needs more votes. We are still in the introduction phase.
>> No. 1893
[X]sit near the red-colored bar
>> No. 1908
[X] Sit with the red-haired girl
>> No. 1928
>> No. 1931
File 12135355916.jpg - (115.17KB , 558x800 , 2qnk.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Sit with the red-haired girl

Yes, after the disturbance yesterday this innocuous person seems like a welcome companion. The girl wears a blue vest over a blue and white dress. Though you didn’t notice it before, her eyes, like the other girl’s, are red. She’s sitting with her chair tilted back, arms behind her head, and her eyes closed. In front of her is a glass of some transparent liquid, probably alcohol. As you walk over to her table, which is otherwise empty, she lazily opens one eye.
“Hmm? Ya need somethin`?”
You ask if she minds if you sit. She considers this for a moment.
“No, not at all.”
As you take a chair, she closes her eye again. She doesn’t seem to intend to make any sort of conversation.

[ ] Sit quietly
[ ] Ask the girl about herself
[ ] else(write-in)
>> No. 1933
[x] "You don't look like a local, as they seem to be too busy working at this hour to be drinking at the saloon..."

Har har.
>> No. 1934
[ ] Do you play poker?
>> No. 1939
[ ] Ask the girl about herself
>> No. 1956
[x] "You don't look like a local, as they seem to be too busy working at this hour to be drinking at the saloon..."
And if we haven't pissed her off with that comment:
[x] "Do you play poker?"
>> No. 1969
[x] "You don't look like a local, as they seem to be too busy working at this hour to be drinking at the saloon..."
And if we haven't pissed her off with that comment:
[x] "Do you play poker?"
>> No. 2005
[x] "You don't look like a local, as they seem to be too busy working at this hour to be drinking at the saloon..."
And if we haven't pissed her off with that comment:
[x] "Do you play poker?"

All right, then.
>> No. 2027
[x] "You don't look like a local, as they seem to be too busy working at this hour to be drinking at the saloon..."
[x] "Do you play Poker?"

This goes against every cowboy movie ever. Trusting a Mexican with a card game.
>> No. 2028
File 121374427385.jpg - (155.34KB , 750x948 , akibakko-117793630815614.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Huh?” Once more, she opens her eye. She glances around the busy saloon. “Too busy, are they? Hadn’t noticed…” With one eye still closed, she grins at you across the table.
Taking the comment in stride, you ask her if she plays poker.
“Poker? I play sometimes, yeah. In fact-” she removes her arms from their position behind her head and produces a deck of cards from somewhere on her person. “Fancy a game?”
You feel a hand on your shoulder. “Oh, yes, can I join in as well?” A voice. The red-haired girl’s face pales. She blinks, and for the first time you see her open both eyes. Above you is the face of a green-haired girl. This girl herself is clothed in a rather businesslike navy blue dress and smiling in a way that suggests the imminent death of the subject.
“Such a diligent person you are Komachi, to have completed all that work already. You do remember I wanted it finished by sundown?”
Komachi’s grin has by this time turned into a nervous one. “Well, it’s not exactly finished, per se…”
The green-haired girl walks around the table to Komachi and firmly places a hand on her shoulder. She speaks to you this time, and in a more pleasant tone. “You must be the new visitor I’ve heard about. I am Eiki Shiki, the mayor of this town. I hope you’re finding everything well? I’m sure my assistant here, Komachi, would be more than willing to stay and chat for a bit more, but I’m afraid she has some business that needs attending to.” Shiki raises Komachi to her feet, and steers her out of the bar. Many of the patrons watch as they leave, then turn to look at you.

[ ] Go somewhere else
[ ] Ask Ran about those people
[ ] Ask the red-eyed girl about those people
>> No. 2029
[ ] Ask Ran about those people
>> No. 2031
...Hold on, since when is Komachi a Mex- OH GOD, OF COURSE!
Damn, you clever bastard.

Oh, and you are now imagining Komachi dancing the flamenco.Manually.
>> No. 2032
Next time you should write her as wearing a sombrero.
>> No. 2036
Not indoors.
>> No. 2041
[X] Ask Ran about those people
>> No. 2048
[X] Ask Ran about those people
>> No. 2053
[X] Ask Ran about those people

Ran chuckles at the question. “Those two? As you heard, they’re the mayor of the town and her assistant. About what you saw just now, don’t mind it, they’re always like that. It happens at least once a day. Honestly you wouldn’t think that they’d have that much work, what with this being such a small town, but they always seem to have something to do. Or, in Komachi’s case, to put off doing. But Eiki’s just as bad; she’s more serious than anyone else you’d meet. Together, though, they seem to work surprisingly well.” Ran sighs, then takes a bottle of some liquid and pours it into a glass. She smiles as she hands it to you. “Take it, on the house. An apology for the trouble you get into here.” You gratefully drain the glass.
The disturbance is over, and the Border quickly returns to normal. What do you do?

[ ] Pay anyway
[ ] Accept her charity

[ ] Stay at the bar, talk with Ran
[ ] Talk to red-eyed girl
[ ] Leave
>> No. 2056
[ ] Accept her charity
[ ] Stay at the bar, talk with Ran
>> No. 2057
[ ] Accept her charity
[ ] Stay at the bar, talk with Ran

So, what does a guy need to do to work at such a fine establishment as this?
>> No. 2061
[X] Accept her charity

[X] Stay at the bar, talk with Ran
>> No. 2062
[ ] Accept her charity
[ ] Talk to red-eyed girl
Interviewan tiems!
We can tell her recent events n' shit
>> No. 2063
>> No. 2066
[X] Accept her charity
[X] Stay at the bar, talk with Ran

Talk about what?
[ ] Her
[ ] Chen
[ ] Why are there only girls?
[ ] Free Write
>> No. 2067
[x] Why are there only girls?
When we find out there's one other guy, that's our cue to say "This town ain't big enough for the both of us"
>> No. 2068
[X] Her
[Y] Chen
[Z] Why are there only girls?
>> No. 2069

Enjoy getting owned by the Pawn Shop owner.
>> No. 2082
[x] Her
[x] Chen
[x] Why are there only girls?
>> No. 2084
[x] Her
[x] Chen
[x] Why are there only girls?
>> No. 2086
[+] Her
[+] Chen
[+] Why are there only girls?
>> No. 2095
[x] Her
[x] Chen
[x] Why are there only girls?

You sit at the bar and strike up conversation with Ran.
“Chen and I? I’ve been caring for Chen for some years now, ever since her parents disappeared. Though it may seem differently, we aren’t blood related. Even so, she’s still like a daughter to me. The same goes for Miss Yukari; I think of her as something between a mother and a good friend. Once I started caring for Chen, then, we found employment at this saloon and after a while it just ended up with us staying with Miss Yukari. Now we look after the Border every day and help Miss Yukari at home.”
The story reminds you that you’ve never actually seen a male around this town. You ask about it.
“Oh, but there is one man here, Rinnosuke. He’s in charge of the General Store. That’s just across the way from Mokou’s stables. But I know what you’re saying. It all comes down to being a big coincidence, really. This town’s residents used to change a lot, with people coming in and going out all the time. Some who liked it enough settled down here, and it slowly grew. Eventually the town settled down and ended up with only women left. That was about five years ago. Though some people think there may be more to it. You see, there’s quite a few children in this town who only have a mother, and some like Chen here with no parents at all. Their parents just up and vanished. Most say they moved on like the others, but I can’t see why they’d leave their own children behind.” Ran looks contemplative. “I doubt anyone here really knows the truth behind that. Most just say that it is what it is, and it’ll do little to no good wondering about it. Still, if you want to know more, you should go ask Shinki. She’s been here the longest, and probably knows the most out of anybody. She lives near the mayor’s office. But that’s why we’ve got so many women and so many adoptive families here.” Ran sighs and, still somewhat distant, continues on with her work.

Some time has passed, it’s midday.
[ ] Sit with the red-eyed girl
[ ] Look for a job
[ ] Go elsewhere
>> No. 2096
[X] Look for a job
>> No. 2097
[X] Look for a job

Necessity is the mother invention and evolution. By getting a job we shall open new routes.
>> No. 2099
[ ] Look for a job
[ ] Sit with the red-eyed girl
Tell us more of these child-stealans, O reporter lady.
>> No. 2103
[ ] Look for a job
>> No. 2108
A job would be prudent. Where do you go?
[ ] the "big house"
[ ] Yukari
[ ] Stable
[ ] Sheriff's office
[ ] Elsewhere
>> No. 2109
[X] Yukari

If that doesn't quite pan out then

[X] Stable
>> No. 2113
[x] Sheriff's office
Does the Sheriff have a deputy yet?
>> No. 2118
[X] the "big house"

>> No. 2138
[X] Sheriff's office

This is a Western. We must be outlaw-roundin' badasses.
>> No. 2139
[ ] Sheriff's office
>> No. 2145
I'm sorry for the delay.
[X] Look for a job
[X] Sheriff’s office

Since you think yourself a fine marksman, you decide to head for the sheriff’s office. A position as deputy doesn’t even seem too demanding a job, given what you’ve seen of this town. As for the pay, you can work it out when you get there.
Walking into the room, it’s much like it was last time. The bottles, Reimu with her feet propped up on her desk, and that child in the corner are all still there. However, this time the child is awake and stares at you with wide eyes as you approach the desk and explain your offer.
“So, you think you have what it takes to be a deputy in this town?” Reimu sizes you up as she says this, a faint smile on her face. “Well, I already have one.” At this you look around, as though expecting someone else to be hidden somewhere. “No, no.” Reimu’s smiling rather widely now, and pointing. Following her finger leads you to the small girl, who’s still staring. Reimu seems to notice your incredulity. “Don’t take that girl for granted. Her name’s Suika, and though she’s small, she’s probably the strongest person you’d meet. As I was saying, she’s my deputy. However, it wouldn’t hurt to have another on hand. You doo look like a good gunman. Call it intuition. Alright then, you’re hired.” This is good news. Next you ask her about the pay.
“The pay? I guess you’ll need it, huh? I’ll sort it out with the mayor this afternoon and see what I can get for you. Don’t expect anything extravagant, though.” You concede to this and bid her farewell.
Overall, you’d say that went well. As for the pay, you can’t really expect much from a job that hardly seems to be demanding. However, some money is better than none. At least you can support yourself.
As you muse you pass by the jail again. The inmate is still sitting against the wall. It almost seems like she hasn’t moved since you last saw her.

[ ] Stop
[ ] Move on
>> No. 2147
[ ] Stop
>> No. 2149
>It's a euphemism for jail/prison.
>> No. 2151
Not in this case.
>> No. 2152
[x] Stop

That's just a dummy. Marisa's escaped!
>> No. 2157
Oh. Well, shit.
>> No. 2159
[ ] Move on
>> No. 2186
[+] Stop
Veery suspicious...
>> No. 2191
[ ] Stop
>> No. 2199
[x] Stop
[x] Hammer time!
>> No. 2213
[X] Stop

That person… You move closer to the jail so that you can see her in more detail. Being just past noon, you can see much more than when you passed by yesterday. As you supposed, she does indeed wear what seems like a blue robe-like garment, but it’s a very rough fabric. Keeping with what seems to be a trend in this town, her long hair and eyes are a completely unnatural shade of green. Suddenly, the figure moves. For the first time, she raises her head and speaks. “Hey kid, you got a smoke?”
Is she talking to you? You say you don’t. The figure sighs.
“Too bad then.” There is a silence for a few seconds, then: “Kid, do you like your life?”

[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] Remain silent
>> No. 2214

[X] Depends, are you going to give some cheesy line depending on my answer?
>> No. 2215
{X} "Depends, are you going to give some cheesy line depending on my answer?"
>> No. 2216
[x] Depends, are you going to give some cheesy line depending on my answer?

Oh burn.
>> No. 2217
(X) Depends, are you going to give some cheesy line depending on my answer?
>> No. 2218
[x] Depends, are you going to give some cheesy line depending on my answer?

>> No. 2219
[x] Depends, are you going to give some cheesy line depending on my answer?
>> No. 2220
This took much longer to write than it should have.
[X] Depends, are you going to give some cheesy line depending on my answer?

“Heh. Yeah, I guess I was. Don’t mind the question, then.” She again falls silent for a time. “The name’s Mima, if you haven’t picked it up already. Y’know, I like you, kid. There’s just something about you. Any time you want to talk, come see me. She flashes you a grin, then puts her head back down.
The conversation seems to be over.

[ ] Ask Mima another question (freewrite)
[ ] Leave (also freewrite)
>> No. 2221
[x] Ask Mima how long she's been locked up.
[x] Ask Mima about the most troublesome residents in this town.

I'm sure she'd know about the people who frequently find themselves in jail.
>> No. 2223
[x] Ask Mima how long she's been locked up.
[x] Ask Mima about the most troublesome residents in this town.

"What're you in for?"
>> No. 2224
[x] Ask Mima how long she's been locked up.
[x] Ask Mima about the most troublesome residents in this town.
>> No. 2252
Sounds good.
[x] "What're you in for?"
[x] Ask Mima how long she's been locked up.
[x] Ask Mima about the most troublesome residents in this town.
>> No. 2257
[x] "What're you in for?"
[x] Ask Mima how long she's been locked up.
[x] Ask Mima about the most troublesome residents in this town.