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I just stare at the bloody stain that is all that remains of Kasen. What happened to her body? Was she carried away? Dissolved somehow? I wonder if any of us will ever get to know. Tears sting at my eyes, but I forcefully blink them away. Now is not the time to break down. However much I might want to.

Parsee is staring at the empty crawlspace with dead eyes, the axe held limply in her hand. Behind us, I can hear the others whispering to each other, stunned, but right now I only have eyes for Parsee. I... think that I can understand. She tried so hard, but she just wasn't fast enough to save Kasen. How must that make her feel?

Carefully, I set my hand on Parsee's shoulder, and she reaches up to squeeze it. After a moment, I slide my arm around her shoulder, and Parsee drops the axe to the floor, turning to gather me into a hug. I return it, both seeking and returning comfort as the blonde youkai heaves a shuddering breath.

"Damn it..." she mutters under her breath. "Damn. Damn, damn, damn." Her voice starts to choke with emotion, and Parsee swallows heavily.

"I know," I whisper back to her. "But at least you could do something. At least you were able to help. Hell, you were the first of us to react."

"Didn't mean anything," Parsee sobs, "It just wasn't enough. I wasn't fast enough, strong enough... I couldn't do a damn thing!"

"I know," I murmur soothingly, rubbing her back. "I know. None of us could. And seeing her taken like that, right in front of us... I understand, Parsee. I really do."

Parsee shakes her head. "No. You don't get it. I... was trying to relive my past." I give the youkai a quizzical look, but she buries her head in my shoulder. "I used to be a guardian. I used to protect people crossing my bridge. And I took pride in my work, up until... things went sour for me." A shake of the head. "Life sucked ever since then. But tonight, when people started to get killed? I knew what to do. I just had to arm myself, and I could look after people. Protect them. I mean, I know how to fight, and I'm still pretty tough, right? So I could be a guardian, just once more." She swallows. "Fuck. I was almost happy, can you believe that?"

I don't say a word, just letting Parsee speak. I hold her tightly and stroke her hair. It's all that I can do right now.

After a moment, Parsee talks again. "So there I was, keeping people safe. Keeping YOU safe, and I start to think that if I do this, it'll make up for some of the shit I pulled in the past. A sort of redemption, you know? And then, I get my big moment, my big chance to end all of this, and I'm just not good enough. Again." The bridge guardian hugs me tightly. "I'm tired of not being good enough."

Again, I say nothing, just holding her. Words could only cause harm at this point. After a moment, Parsee gets a hold of herself and steps back, looked at me with reddened eyes. A glance at the others show that Lyrica and Suika are still holding each other, and Yumeko and Eiki are leaning on each other heavily. I give them a brave smile, then turn to the surprisingly well-lit channel running through the house. I ponder how our unknown enemy has been lurking around us this whole time. But now we know the secret, and all that it cost us was five lives.

And I start to feel rage.


I take a deep breath to try and control it, but fail. I've had enough of this shit. Enough of running around like a rat in a sick maze for this asshole's amusement, to be picked off at its leisure. Enough is enough.

With sudden energy, I lean down and peer into the secret corridor. It only leads one way, sloping downwards with simple light bulbs strung along its path to provide illumination.

Yumeko is suddenly by my side. "Are we going after it?" she asks, sounded both eager and angry.

"Not yet," I reply. "In a moment. But with that speed, it's probably long gone. We'll need to search this place carefully if we want to find it. And make it pay." That we will do such a thing is no longer in question. I have had enough. We all have.

"Then what now?" Eiki asks me, walking over with the others.

Wordlessly, I slide down into the corridor, lowering myself slowly so that the quickly-drying blood doesn't splatter. The hallway is very tight, but there is still room to move in single-file. I look around myself, searching for something, anything out of place. I find something.

Yumeko is the next down, and she looks at the bloodstains with a strained expression before following my gaze. "What is it, Alfred?" she asks me.

"...There's a set of wiring that shouldn't be here," I murmur. "A cable running along the walls, and then up into the wall of the lounge. It looks new." I stare up into the shadowy spaces of the interior walls. From this corridor, it is possible to carefully place just about anything. With a frown, I seize the cable and tug on it sharply. Above me, something is torn loose and tumbles down into my waiting hand. A black, boxy object with the words NITORI-TECH written on the side.

"A security camera," I say, my voice very cold.

At once, Lyrica spins around up in the lounge and I hear her moving a few objects to the side. After a moment, she speaks. "I think I found where it was peering in at us. How much you wanna bet that there's one in every room?"

"Not taking that bet," I growl. "That... bastard has been watching us this whole time, just waiting for the right moment to make its move. Probably sitting in a lair, just laughing at us running around."

"I recognize that brand-name," Suika says solemnly. "Nitori is one of the best-known kappa in Gensokyo. They're a race of tinkerers who love technology."

I look up sharply. "A suspect?"

Suika shakes her head. "Not necessarily. Nitori sells her gadgets to whoever wants them. But she might have been involved in setting this all up. When directed, kappa are damn good engineers." She peers at the corridor. "Good enough to set up a series of tunnels like this without anyone noticing. Hiding's what they do, after all."

"But were they acting on their own, or under someone's instructions?" Yumeko wonders.

"Hard to say," says Eiki, lowering herself into the corridor. "But I noticed something else." She taps a strange metal tablet on the wall, one engraved with a number of strange sigils. "This tablet is set up in a series. It's specifically designed to seal off magical powers."

I start at this. "Then if we destroy it..."

Eiki shakes her head. "No. Objects like this are probably set up all over the house and the grounds. Plus, this is solid steel. It's not too easy to destroy, and we'd have to break a majority of them in order to get our powers back. However, two things stand out to me. One: certain sigils allow a specific source of magical energy to be exempted from the seal, at least to a degree. Two, these seals are a relay; they're being powered from an external source. If I had to hazard a guess, the same thing that's being exempted from their seal."

As I mull this over, Suika lowers herself down into the corridor; we have to give her some space due to her horns. "I have something else you might find interesting," she says quietly. "I'm certain just because of the smell, but hang on a second." Carefully, the Oni girl reaches down into the pool of Kasen's blood and brings it to her mouth. After a moment, she turns and locks eyes with me, gaze very serious. She speaks:

"This is pig's blood."

[ ] Response to this?


[ ] Begin exploring these passages.
-[ ] Describe party order.
[ ] Retreat and do something else (specify).
No. 52844
[X] "Sonuvabitch."

[X] Retreat and do something else:
-[X] Return to the other crime scenes and check the blood there. Then search near each one for other hidden entrances to the passages - see if there's a pattern in terms of switch location such as height.

So our culprit either didn't actually kill Kasen, or did it bloodlessly and wants us to think she's alive. We should check each crime scene we haven't searched yet, thoroughly. I'm wanting to see if there's a way to predict where the culprit has been coming through; if there is such a pattern we can being to take preemptive action in stopping him/her/it from moving freely out of the hidden passages.
No. 52846
[ ] Begin exploring these passages.
-[] single party
No. 52850
No time to waste, we finally got her off-guard!

[X] 'Hey don't call Kasen that!'
-[X] ...sorry. Any ideas why this blood didn't fool you and the others did?

[x] Begin exploring these passages.
-[x] Describe party order: Parsee Suika Butler Lyrica Eiki Yumeko

Parsee and Yumeko are strong, so they keep the front and back sides on check. Suika is Parsee's support (more likely than not the action will come from the front) and Eiki is Yumeko's.
The frailest one, Lyrica in the middle, where she can shed some light. And we'll never let that damn culprit out of sight!
No. 52851
[x] Powered by an external source.... like a generator....
-[x] If this generator's like ours, it'll make a noise as it generates energy, say a light humming.....
--[x] Parsee heard humming earlier that was from an area of the mansion that I didn't recognise, but like this passage it might have been recently dug by the killer's engineers as part of the set up....
---[x] Those engineers will have linked all their tunnels for easy movement...
----[x] Then if we find the source of this other humming, which should be linked to these secret tunnels, and it's the generator running these seals, we can blow(up) the generator and restore everyone's powers! Leaving the killer at a huge disadvantage!
[x] Also if the killer had to use pigs blood this time rather then something that can fool Suika then they were in a hurry, likely because we surprised them by finding the tunnel(or with the axe), They didn't expect us to do this, so we may have them off guard.

[x] Press ahead,...
-[x] Parsee, see if you can find that humming again, we need to track that down.
--[x] Move as a group, lights on and eye's everywhere, we can't afford to be ambushed.
---[x] Kill any other cameras we find(if plausible) to blind them.
No. 52853
If the camera is wired we could also track it to the video control room.

[x] so, that would explain the amount of blood, do any of them know an ability to disguise the smell and taste of something?

[x] Have Parsee Track the previous humming in the tunnels.
I fear things would not be that simple but...
Re-powering, even just Suika or Eiki, would be an instant win button.

-[x] Describe party order: Parsee Suika Butler Lyrica Eiki Yumeko
No. 52854
No. 52857
>do any of them know an ability to disguise the smell and taste of something?

What if, instead, there's a character that, can, say, manipulate insanity, and make everyone just THINK that Yukari and the others are dead? What if this person went insane herself? What if this person forgot to manipulate everyone's minds at this crucial moment?

Gee, I wonder who has that power.

(Don't ask about motivation, I'm just throwing this out there.)

No. 52860
No. 52880
Hm, a thought. This whole mess seems very carefully orchestrated. Whoever arranged this did so quickly, quietly, and far in advance. They may also have the ability to control or influence minds. Everything seems very, very Special Ops- especially if they can overwhelm an Oni in one-on-one combat.


Udonge? Or Reisen II? R-II might have motive, if Stockholm Syndrome kicked in with regards to the Watatsukis. Not sure why Udon would go this far, though.
No. 52881
Looks like the hunt is on! Vote called, update later.
No. 52884
File 137555447647.png- (591.12KB , 782x825 , quite a pair really.png ) [iqdb]

There is a very long, pregnant silence. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. "Pig's blood," I say, my mouth dry. "You're certain."

Suika nods, very serious. "Never underestimate my sense of taste. I know what pig's blood tastes like. And I'm pretty sure that Kasen wouldn't taste anything like it."

The implications cause me to reel. I sure a hopeful glance with Eiki before turning my attention back to Suika. "Before, you were certain that it was Yukari and Hatate's blood," I recall. "Is there any way that one could, I don't know... disguise the taste of blood?"

"Easily," Suia nods. "Youkai blood has a very powerful taste, strong enough to overwhelm the relatively bland taste of pig blood. All anyone would have to do is out a little of their blood in to mask the flavor, and I wouldn't have known the difference." The Oni pauses. "Of course, there's no guarantee that the others are like that as well..."

"Why else carry around such a large quantity of pig's blood?" Yumeko notes. "Still, it's a spot of hope for us. It's entirely possible that the others were not murdered... they were taken."

"For what purpose, and by whom, though?" I ask, "Furthermore, why lead us to believe that the others were slain?"

Eiki shrugs. "There could be any reason for it, and we still don't know who could have gotten the kappa to do all of this. Let alone who could have gotten all the way here. As for why this individual would have made things look like murder, my guess is that they were trying to frighten us, to make us act irrationally. And it worked."

I think back to how I was the original suspect in all of this, and how much time we wasted floundering around. I nod in agreement with Eiki. "This is our chance," I say out loud, "This is our opportunity to track down the one responsible for all of this."

Eiki cocks her head and peers down the sloping passage. "I can vaguely hear that other generator, " she notes, "Perhaps we can follow it to the source."

"Could it be powering these glyphs?" I ask, staring at the steel plate.

Eiki shakes her head. "No. We need to be looking for a magical source for a magical effect. But it does indicate that whoever is behind all of this has some sort of headquarters. And an independent power source for this lighting, their surveillance system, and heavens know what else."

I glance at the cables on the walls. "Fair point. By following the power cords, we can probably find the source of the power, and no doubt our enemy's headquarters as well. We should hurry, too. I think we may be able to take whoever this is by surprise."

"They didn't expect us to do this," Parsee realizes, still in the lounge. "So we might have them off-guard, just for a moment."

I nod in agreement. "Exactly. If we can track them down before they can prepare for us, then we may be able to finish them off once and for all."

"Good idea, but just give me a moment," Yukeko says, climbing out of the passage. "I want to make sure that the lounge door and the window are barricaded. The last thing we need is someone coming up behind us."

"I'll help," Suika offers, climbing up after her. This leaves just Eiki and myself alone in the cramped hallway.

I kneel down and peer as far down the passage as I can. "I wonder how extensive it is?" I wonder out loud.

Eiki places a gentle hand on my shoulder and squeezes reassuringly. "Hard to say. But it doesn't matter. We've finally got our enemy on the run; now is the time to capitalize on that."

"I suppose you're right." I stand up, and turn to face the judge of the dead. For a moment, we just stand there, looking at each other. I have to admit, Eiki is quite lovely. She's petite, but not scrawny, and she holds herself with a combination of regality and compassion. An officer of the law who genuinely cares about you, and wants you to remain safe; someone who honestly uses her abilities for the benefit of the whole.

And heaven help you if you prove to be a sinner.

After a moment, the two of us hug one another without speaking another word. We need it. This whole night feels like it has gone on forever, and I can feel our strength starting to ebb from all of the strain we've been put under.

"Just a little longer," I murmur.

Eiki rubs my back. "I know. We've almost got this thing wrapped up, right?" She releases me and steps back, chuckling a little bit. "You know something? Komachi always drives me up the wall with her laziness and lack of professionalism. It especially grates on me because she could be so much more if she tried. Hell, she's amazing at her job when she puts her mind to it! By now, she should have been promoted... but she stays in her ferryman job, all due to her own actions." Eiki heaves a sigh.

I raise an eyebrow, not sure where she's going with this. "Perhaps she's found where she wants to be, and has no intention of going anywhere? Some people don't want to advance; they find a place comfortable for them and remain there. It's what makes them happy."

Eiki nods, considering. "You may be right. I guess... the two of us really are a pair. I've known Komachi for a very long time, and she always infuriates me. And she's always the one to cheer me up, the one to make me relax." She laughs a bit. "Likewise, I'm the one who keeps her on task, We're a hell of a pair, she and I."

I smile warmly. "It sounds like you have a strong friendship."

Eiki nods, her eyes looking damp. "We do. For all that I complain, Komachi is... my closest friend. And that's why I can't help but think of her her right now. I wish she was here to help me through this." The Yama squeezes her eyes shut. "She'd make some inane comment to take my mind off of things, and then quip about how we should go see some male dancers after all of this was over, have a drink..." Eiki shakes her head, and then steps forward, pressing her face into my chest. Our arms go around one another again, and we share another hug.

"...I'm sorry," the Yama says after a moment, "I just need a second. I... can't act strong all of the time. Gods dammit, I'm so frightened."

"So am I," I say quietly, "And I know how you feel. I wish Eric and Sylvia were here. Those two have got to be the canniest people that I have ever met. They'd have resolved this thing within a half-hour, and then brought out the finest tea to apologize for the inconvenience." Eiki laughs a bit at this. "So yes, I understand. In a difficult situation, you want those you trust most near you, to help you get through things." I hesitate. "I'm not Komachi, but I hope I make a decent substitute. Just for now."

"...You do," Eiki says firmly, stepping away and wiping her eyes. "It's been a hell of a night, Alfred, and I feel that I can trust you. All of you, really." Eiki takes a deep breath and gives me a sparkling smile. "You know, I'm not used to acting this weak. In a weird way, it's almost a relief."

"We all need to let our guard down at some point," I note. "In fact, at our celebratory parties, we are under specific instructions not to stand on ceremony. It reminds us that we're all in this together."

Eiki nods. "A good sentiment." After a moment, the green-haired Yama smirks. "You know, I think you'd like Komachi. It'd be hilarious to see the two of you banter." She rolls her eyes. "Of course, there's a good chance that Komachi would just try to get in your pants. Or try to get me in them, knowing her." Eiki blushes as she says this last.

I roll with it easily. "My pants wouldn't fit you, I fear. Besides, you look so much nicer in that skirt." I take an exaggerated look at her legs.

Eiki raises an eyebrow in interest. "You know Alfred, speaking of legs, I'm pretty sure that I still have enough strength to kick you senseless."

I take another look at Eiki's slender, strong, silky legs. "I might enjoy it too much," I admit. Eiki bursts into laughter at this, her spirits considerably raised.

"So you ARE a leg man," Parsee says from the opening to the lounge, looking amused. "I figured as much. By the way, what're you gonna do about that?" She points at the surveillance camera, which I had tossed on the ground.

I scowl. Is the damned thing still running? If that's the case, was it just peeking in on our private moment? With everyone, all the time? Is our enemy some kind of damned voyeur? With a bit of a snarl I stomp on the camera, smashing it to pieces.

"I'll do that," I tell Parsee.

The bridge guardian shrugs. "Suits me. So, what's our game-plan?"

I look down the passageway. "You'll take point with Suika backing you up. I'll be behind you, followed by Lyrica. Then Eiki will come behind us, followed by Yumeko, who will guard our rear. We head in, and find out who is behind all of this. And then we end it." There are solemn nods at this.

A few minutes later, we make our way down the passage, Parsee leading the way with an axe at the ready. The rest of us are all armed in some way, and Yumeko keeps a careful watch behind us. After a ways, the passage flattens out, and then turns to the right. We follow it, and eventually come to a crossroads. Behind us, it leads back to the lounge. To what I believe to be the north, it stretches on towards the rest of the house. To the east, a passage which must lead under the various bedroom of the east wing. Fortunately, it's not too hard to keep our bearings down here.

Not too far from us is a small nook with a ladder leading up. Parsee looks up, then gestures me over. I take a peek myself to see that the ladder leads up to two small landings, no doubt the east wing bedrooms built on top of one another.

There is a tattered piece of purple cloth stuck to a piece of wood on one of the the landings.

After considering it for a moment, Parsee looks at me. "I can hear that humming coming from somewhere, but I'm not sure where. So, what now?"

[ ] Into the passages under the east wing.
[ ] Into the passages leading north.
[ ] Up the ladder.
[ ] Back to the lounge.
No. 52885
[X] Into the passages leading north.

Let's go deeper...
No. 52886
Before I vote, where were we when we first heard the humming, in the hallways? Was that the north, or the east wing?
No. 52887

Parsee first heard it while you were making your way to the basement. This was in the central building. However, the acoustics make it hard for her to figure out where it's coming from.
No. 52888
[X] Into the passages leading north.

Ayayaya, the piece of clothes...It could be either remnants of Yukari or Hatate's clothes, or something totally unrelated.
More importantly, it would cost us precious time to investigate it now. I'm really torn.
No. 52890
Ugh, there's torn cloth. It might be Yukari's.


On the one hand, that might be where they're keeping Yukari. On the other, it might also be where they pulled her down from. For now...

[x] Northward, ho.
No. 52891
[x] Into the passages leading north.
No. 52897
File 137558963879.jpg- (1.29MB , 1260x1748 , 54-1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Into the passages leading Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
No. 52900
If that passage was where they pulled Yukari from then surely that is evidence that Yukari knew about this from the start?
No. 52901
[X] Back to the Lounge.
-[X] Head to where we heard the humming. Start making holes in the ceiling and walls until we find the killer/kidnapper's hiding spot.
No. 52902
[X] Into the passages leading Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

Best write in
No. 52931
Vote called! Northbound, ho!



No. 52933
File 137564129923.jpg- (453.41KB , 552x800 , afraid of getting sober.jpg ) [iqdb]

For a long moment I stare up the shaft at the two landings, at the scrap of purple cloth. "...That obviously leads to the bedrooms," I say at last, "And we can conclude that Yukari was pulled down from there to somewhere else." I peer down the eastern passage, fairly certain that I can see other shafts that also lead upwards, likely to more bedrooms. "If this passage leads to the bedrooms, I'm relatively confident that we won't find that generator down there."

"You think that it would be in a more central location," Eiki notes.

"It's just a hunch, but yes," I nod. "In any case, we can leave that path for later. Let's head north for now, and see where that takes us." Parsee nods and takes the lead once more, and Suika follows behind her, then the rest of us.

After a bit, the passage slopes upwards slightly before leveling out. Then it slopes upwards once more.

"I have to wonder just why these passages were constructed in such a way," Yumeko murmurs behind us.

Lyrica snorts. "Please. It's the kappa. The stuff they make rarely makes sense, especially if they're working in a group. I mean, I've been to one of their expos, and it's just weird. Not just what they make, but HOW they make it."

"A very unusual sense of design aesthetics?" I query.

Lyrica shrugs. "Pretty much. I'm sure it made sense to them, anyway." She glances around at the carved walls. "Besides, they probably had to work around the mansion's existing structure. They likely had to make some weird design choices, like how this thing is recessed compared to the rest of the floor on the ground level."

I nod, as the passage starts to slope down. That does make sense.

The path comes to a brief plateau before sloping down once again. "How odd," Yumeko says, "It doesn't look as sloped looking back as it did going forward."

"Underground passages can play tricks on you," Parsee comments from the lead, "Believe me, I'd know. Still, does it look a little darker down here?"

"A bit," I agree. "Though it could just be our minds playing tricks on us. Or any number of technical issues. Besides, I can see just fine." Parsee grunts in response, and leads us to a sharp left-hand turn. Carefully, the blonde youkai peeks around the corner before nodding and gesturing us onward. She does this at the next few turns: right, then left, and then right again, each time pricking her ears up and peering around the corner before leading us on.

"Careful, there's a bump in the ground there," Parsee calls out. We carefully step over a strange hillock in the ground before pressing on. "Must be some really hard rock they had a hard time digging through."

"So what, they just said screw it at some point?" Suika wonders.

Parsee shrugs. "Probably." She taps her axe against the wall idly.

Suika grunts and shakes her heads. Then a moment later, she screeches to a halt. "Um."

In fact, Suika literally screeches to a halt, with the high-pitched sound on her horns scraping against the narrow walls. They were built particularly narrow here, and the Oni's broad horns appear to have jammed.

"Fuck," Suika grunts, "I'm stuck."

Lyrica peers over my shoulder. "...How did you fit in here with those, anyway?" she asks.

"She's been keeping her head turned a bit to the side," I explain. "It's why I've been keeping back a little ways; being impaled on an Oni horn is a lousy way to end the evening, wouldn't you agree?"

"Don't start with me Alf," Suika grumbles, "Now help me out here, would ya?"

Parsee and I each grab on to one of the Oni's horns, and with a bit of twisting manage to dislodge her. Thus released, Suika starts to advance down the hall behind Parsee once more, with her head again twisted at an uncomfortable angle.

After a bit more walking, we come to an area that is a bit wider than the others, forming a bit of a cube. Suika turns her head straight again with a sigh of relief, and Parsee peers further down the passage. I turn my attention to set of breaker boxes in the wall, marked L-30.

"I think we've earned a bit of a rest," I say out loud, "Besides, I'm worried about Suika's neck giving out." I give the Oni a concerned look, but she waves me off.

"No worries Alf, just give me a moment to relax my neck." I am given a courageous smile, which I return.

"What does L-30 mean?" Yumeko wonders, staring at the circuit boxes.

"Dunno. Probably some kind of Kappa code," Lyrica says, tapping the steel boxes with a finger.

"Want me to try and smash them?" Parsee offers, hefting her axe.

I wince. "Not a good idea. These boxes look pretty sturdy, and I don't think you could simply break through them. Not with your current level of strength." I examine the boxes myself, and shake my head. Definitely some kind of steel, and I can't get them open. "Besides, if you did manage to chop through, you stand a good chance of electrocuting yourself."

Parsee winces. "Never mind then. Eh, probably wouldn't do any good anyway." She returns to standing guard over the forward passage, while Yumeko stands guard over the rear. Eiki and Lyrica examine the circuit boxes, looking for a weak point, while Suika slumps against the opposite wall with a sigh.

After a moment, I walk over to stand next to the petite woman. "How are you holding up?" I ask.

Suika ponders it for a moment. "Well, Alf... I'm going sober, for starters. I have none of my strength or abilities, which makes me feel a lot more vulnerable than I like. I'm stuck in an underground passage with barely enough room to move, hunting for a crazed killer. Or possible a crazed kidnapper that can somehow take down some of the toughest people in Gensokyo." She looks up at me. "Take a wild guess, big guy."

I ponder it for a moment. "So, could be better?"

Suika snorts. "To say the least. Y'know what I wanted to be doing right about now?"

"A man?" I suggest. There is a round of laughter at this.

"Pretty much," the Oni says with a smirk. "Yeah, I was gonna have a nice drink with a handsome guy, and then go upstairs and have sex. Lots of it." She shakes her head, horns tapping against the wall. "Then, morning. Sex. Food. Sex. Pool. Sex. Boating. Sex. Lots of food and a decent movie or something. Sex."

"I'm noticing a theme here," I comment.

"Yeah, I figured this weekend would give me a half-decent shot at actually getting laid for a change. This really wasn't what I had in mind." Suika heaves a sigh.

I nod solemnly. "What, you're telling me that a mighty Oni such as yourself isn't beating the men off with a stick back home?" I say it in good humor, but Suika closes her eyes and says nothing in response. I sigh, feeling a bit guilty. "I'm sorry. I touched a nerve there, didn't I?"

Suika shakes her head again with another tapping. "S'okay. Not your fault. What can I say? Everyone fears the Oni and our power, which kinda cuts down on my prospects aside from other Oni, who see me as being a little too puny. A bit too child-like." I glance over at Suika. She's youthful and slender, certainly, but not what I would call child-like. But then, if these Oni are Japanese-style Ogres, perhaps that indicates that they are rather large, burly beings by nature. To them, Suika may very well appear as a child.

I am silent for a moment, thinking. What can I say to this? Suika doesn't seem to be the sort of person who would appreciate an empty compliment, or meaningless reassurance. So, what can I say?

...Anything, really. Don't be a fool, Alfred.

"You are strong," I say at last. "Honorable, trustworthy. And you can bring a smile to anyone's face. A man who wound up with you would be a fortunate man indeed, Suika." I give her a gentle smile.

Suika stares back at me, startled. I see a faint blush on her cheeks. After a moment, the Oni smirks at me. "Oooh. Such a charmer, Alfred," Suika chuckles. "Better be careful, or I might just sling you over my shoulder and lug you back home."

I raise an eyebrow. "Sounds dangerous for my health," I say, giving a deliberate look over her body.

Suika waves her hand in negation. "Don't worry. We have a good doctor in Gensokyo. I'm sure she knows how to treat pelvic injuries." She winks at me, and I chuckle in amusement.

Parsee rolls her eyes and turns to glare at us. "Are you two done flirting yet?

"Nah, give us a few more minutes," Suika says cheerfully.

Parsee glares for a moment longer before shaking her head. "Oni," she mutters under her breath.

"In any case, have you learned anything about those circuit boxes?" I ask Lyrica and Eiki. They shake their heads in the negative. "I feared as much. Well, that's enough of a rest, I think. Shall we continue on?" My companions nod, and after a moment to re-establish our order, we press onward.

A little further down the narrow hall, the hall turns sharply to the left again. Barely ten feet down, it again takes another ninety-degree turn to the left. "Weird," Parsee mutters, "This whole layout makes no sense whatsoever. What the hell is going on?" The bridge guardian walks over to the corner, peers around it... and freezes.

"Parsee?" I whisper, "What's wrong?" Silently, the youkai woman steps around the corner and peers down the hallway, eyes slightly wide. Suika looks around the corner, and then also freezes. Wordlessly, the two women beckon me forward. With a frown, I do so.

The hall extends for what looks like forever. It literally seems to have no end, instead stretching for miles.

I stare at it blankly, stunned. "I think we should turn back," I say quietly. Suika and Parsee nod.

"Um, Alfred?" Yumeko's worried voice comes from behind me. I turn around and see her staring down the way we had just come, wide-eyed. With a feeling of deep trepidation, I make my way past Lyrica and Eiki, over to her side...

And see the hall we have just come down, stretching on to infinity. If I look closely, I can almost see it lengthen before my very eyes.


This is certainly a conundrum.

What now?

[ ] Forward, down the endless hallway.
[ ] Backward, down the other endless hallway.
No. 52934
[X] Forward, down the endless hallway.


Also, everyone hold hands. Any sort of distance besides "in contact" might get turned into "very far away" and then snatchgrabbloodEVERYWHERE again.
No. 52935
>And see the hall we have just come down, stretching on to infinity. If I look closely, I can almost see it lengthen before my very eyes.
Hmmm. Looks like Komachi's in on this too.
No. 52941
[X] Forward, down the endless hallway.

It must be a trick to get us to turn back. Never surrender!
No. 52943
[X] Forward, down the endless hallway.
If you are to die, resolve to have your corpse facing the enemy!
No. 52945
[X] Forward, down the endless hallway.

When in doubt, march forward.
No. 52946
[X] Go forward, and don't let go of the others
No. 52947
[x] Forward, down the endless hallway.
Might has well.

So, Kaguya, Sakuya or Komachi...Hmmm...
Kaguya would fit if The moon rabbit is somehow involved, but what would she gain from any of this? Kappas...Eientei... no I've got nothing.
No. 52948
[X] Forward, down the endless hallway.

Manipulating distance? Illusions? Reisen.. Komachi.. That's not funny.
No. 52951
[X] Forward, down the endless hallway.
-[x] Periodically make marks on the wall with the axe, so we can tell if we're going in circles
No. 52953
[x] Forward, down the endless hallway.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.
No. 52954
[X] Forward, down the endless hallway.
-[X] Mark the wall periodically and have someone look backwards frequently.

This is not a good place to be right now.
No. 52955
So, should we ask if this new kind of power ring any bell for anything they know? Because that seems to be Komachi's thing.

Bad news is, whoever is playing the monster is probably coming here now that the group was detected.
No. 52957
Depending on who you're talking to, Sakuya has been noted as being able to manipulate space in order to rearrange the scarlet mansion.

Being able to stop time would also explain how each victim was able to be captured and each murder scene faked.

If it was Sakuya, it's likely the whole SDM cast. Patchouli could likely create the type of seal that's being used to block out everyone's powers.
No. 52964
[X] Forward, down the endless hallway.

Hmm, maybe it's everybody's friends. Komachi, Aya, Tenshi, Reimu, the other Prismrivers, the kappa, Koishi, Shinki, etc. That would certainly explain the formidable array of unique powers the opposition has demonstrated.
No. 52978
[X] Forward, down the endless hallway.
-[X] Hold hands, don't lose contact with each other.

Be careful, >>52934 has got the right idea.
No. 52979
[x] Forward, down the endless hallway.
-[x] Hold hands, don't lose contact with each other.
-[x] Periodically make marks on the wall with the axe, so we can tell if we're going in circles.

Either this is an illusion and we need to keep going, or it's not an illusion and we're fucked either way, so we might as well go forward.

It's definitely looking more like kidnapping than murder, but what do they need them for? To power something?
No. 52983
[x] Forward, down the endless hallway.
-[x] Hold hands, don't lose contact with each other.
-[x] Periodically make marks on the wall with the axe, so we can tell if we're going in circles.


Personally I think we're on the Touhou equivalent of Candid Camera.

As a side note, I'll be equal parts amused and annoyed if that's actually the case.
No. 52985
Just putting this out there, the whole "seemingly infinite hallway" is exactly what Reisen did in Imperishable Night.
No. 52988
[x] Forward, down the endless hallway.
-[x] Hold hands, don't lose contact with each other.
-[x] Periodically make marks on the wall with the axe, so we can tell if we're going in circles.

There are just too many people in Gensokyou who can pull stuff like that. Heck, I think even Sunny Milk can, at least with outdoor areas.
No. 52989
The blood spills and murder tones make no sense for a kidnapping. Why set up the murders when you can kidnap them anyway?
No. 53000
[x] Forward, down the endless hallway.
-[x] Hold hands, don't lose contact with each other.
-[x] Periodically make marks on the wall with the axe, so we can tell if we're going in circles.
No. 53001
It was set up to make them scared. Scared people are easy pickings I gather.

Either that or someone gets off with their fear.
No. 53006
I feel like writing. Forward, ho! With a few precautions taken, as well.
No. 53007
File 137572053118.jpg- (34.28KB , 850x604 , trying not to get stuck.jpg ) [iqdb]

I take a moment to wet my dry mouth. "We keep moving forward," I sat hoarsely. "Everyone, hold hands. Do NOT lose contact with the others. It's too easy for us to be separated by this... this. And you know what will happen then."

Yumeko nods. "Good idea," she says faintly.

I get back into position, taking Suika and Lyrica's hands. Ahead of us, Parsee glares down the lengthened hallway, her axe held at the ready. "Parsee, you might want to make marks in the wall every so often," I mention to her. "In case things get particularly twisted, it will let us know if we've been turned around on ourselves." Parsee nods her acknowledgement, and begins to press forward, leading the rest of us behind her.

The hallway seems to go on forever. Before us, it stretches to infinity, and I would almost swear that it's getting longer as I stare into the distance. Then shorter. Then longer again. And it almost seems to warp...

Our party is completely silent, aside from the occasional scrape of Parsee's axe as she scratches the walls. I glance behind me from time to time and frown. Her slashes sometimes seem closer than they should be. And then farther. Furthermore, the hall is no longer a straight run. It's begun to curve, visibly. As a matter of fact, it has begun to curve while we are looking at it.

"Weird," Parsee mutters, "It almost looks like this tunnel is alive."

Behind us, Yumeko runs her hand along the wall. "It feels like normal stone. But the texture is a bit strange..."

"Space-distortion," Eiki mutters, "I'd recognize it anywhere. Komachi can do something similar, but not on this scale."

I watch carefully and the tunnel seems to twist upwards, leading to an impossible slope. Despite this, we are able to walk along it normally. How baffling. "Does anyone else know how to do something like this?"

"Several," Eiki comments. "Aside from Komachi, the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion can distort space to a degree. If it's some sort of illusion, there are several others that could do such a thing, from minor fairies, to powerful Lunarians. Really, there's any number of beings that could do this."

"...It's a bit chaotic," Suika notes, "Not very controlled. I mean, just look at how the tunnel's convulsing around us."

"Someone who isn't good at using their powers?" Yumeko suggests, "But then how could they do this in the first place?"

"Dunno. Maybe someone who's pushing themselves too far, or isn't feeling all that well." Suika shrugs helplessly. "And if they can do this, why not do it in the first place? If they were trying to scare us, this would have been REALLY effective."

I glance at the walls. If one looks closely, it almost seems like the walls themselves are being stretched out like a piece of taffy. And then contracted again. How odd. "If they have such control over space, why not stretch the distance between us and forcibly separate us?" I wonder out loud.

"A fair point," Eiki agrees. "Once again, nothing about this makes sense. Someone with incredible speed, who is forced to resort to ambush to seize us one by one. Someone who manufactures violent murder scenes, but does so rather shabbily. Someone who goes to great pains to construct a series of passages to get around quietly, when they could likely use their other abilities to do so. Why bother, when they can move quickly and soundlessly?"

"And they were certainly quick to abandon this advantage, just to grab Kasen," I note, "Though perhaps they were simply trying to whittle down our numbers as quickly as possible while they had the opportunity. This was a secret we were about to uncover, after all."

"But then they abandoned that advantage by splashing pig's blood around," Yumeko points out. "If they had left no body, we would have been frightened, wondering. But now, we all but know that Kasen was abducted rather than being murdered. Honestly, that whole event seemed rather slapdash. Sloppy."

"The whole thing is kinda pathetic, in a way," Lyrica muses thoughtfully. I give her a surprised look. "No, really. Think about it. They capture Yukari, and then throw together a murder scene that doesn't hold together under observation. Then they start trying to nab us one buy one... but quickly start to lose their advantages as we catch on to them, even to the point of grabbing us visibly. Now, they're twisting the tunnel around, trying to scare us."

I understand at once. "They're off-guard," I say slowly, "Trying to alarm us. Trying to regain control. But it's not working, and they're rapidly losing credibility."

"We're in a twisting tunnel," Lyrica nods. "A bit disturbing, to be sure. But be honest: when you look at it as a desperate attempt to scare us, is it really so frightening?"

"...No," I agree, "It isn't. And I can't help but note that we haven't been attacked yet."

"Hey, speaking of Yukari," Suika says thoughtfully, "This all actually reminds me of her powers."

This surprises me. "I thought you didn't believe she was behind this," I remind her.

"I don't. But still, Yukari has a place in a lost town called Mayohiga. The house is big enough, but Yukari wanted it bigger. So she used her powers to manipulate the boundary between what is close and what is distant to stretch the whole place out. It wore her out a little bit, and she had to work on it some to make it stable, but I paid a visit while she was, uh... renovating, let's call it." Suika taps the walls with her horns. "It looked kinda like this. All stretched out."

Food for thought, that.

"Heads up," Parsee calls out, "I see one of those secret doors up ahead. We getting out?"

"Yes," I say with relief, "I could use a moment to stretch my shoulders. This whole place is a bit cramped."

"Tell me about it," Suika mutters.

We gather around the exit to... somewhere, when something catches my eye. Carefully, I reach over and pick up a black piece of cable, which looks for all the world like it has been pulled like taffy until it has broken. I raise an eyebrow. "It seems that someone has pushed things just a little bit too far."

Parsee looks up at where the other end of the cable leads. "There's another one of those security camera. Wherever this room is, it should be private."

"Another sign of a lack of control," Eiki mutters.

Parsee carefully stows her axe on her belt, and works the catch to the secret door one-handed, not releasing Suika with her other. After a moment, the door yawns open, and we all crawl out into the game room.

We take a moment to look around. The game-room seems completely untouched, with its billiard and card tables looking immaculate, just waiting for players that never arrived. It serves as an eerie contrast to the rest of the house, seeming calm and relaxed despite the storm raging outside. Taking a breath, the group of us separate and lean against the tables and couches, taking occasional glances at the small door leading to the hidden tunnels. This room seems normal. Perhaps the distortion effect only applies to those cramped hallways? In any case, this area seems safe at least. Now might be a good time to talk to the others, to see if they have any ideas as to a strategy-

The door to the mansion's hallway bangs open.

A silent shadow moves like lightning into the room.

A damp rag is slapped over Lyrica's mouth, the poltergeist gasping in reflex before her eyes roll up into her skull.

A figure clad in heavy black robes wraps its arm around her midsection, its body visibly heaving as it silently gasps for air.

There is a moment of shocked silence.

[ ] REACT.
No. 53008
[ ] Jump him
-[ ]Tell everyone to grab Lyrica

What it expects, us to stand still.
What it might expect, us to try and save Lyrica.
What it's not expecting, us attacking it directly.
No. 53009
[X]Have Parsee guard the door and Suika watch the passageway.
-[X]Tell the others to grab Lyrica.
--[X]Tackle the shadow.

It can't abduct Lyrica if it can't get out of the room.
No. 53010
[X] Saving private Lyrica
-[X] Try to pull the robe off

Go get him Alfred!
No. 53012
[x] Jump her
-[x]If successful, do whatever it takes to take it down, lethal or not.
[x]Tell everyone to grab Lyrica
-[x]And to physically block the exit/s
Choke her, attack in the eyes, bite, a stab if you can get the knife, the works. Anything goes.
No. 53014
[x] Jump her.

Grab at her hood, have everyone else restrain arms and legs.
No. 53018
They're together. Throw everyone at 'em!
No. 53019
[X] Jump at the shadow
[X]Tell everyone to grab Lyrica
-[X]And to physically block the exit/s

Oh hell no, they won't take Lyrica.
No. 53020
[x] Jump her
-[x]If successful, do whatever it takes to take it down, lethal or not.
[x]Tell everyone to grab Lyrica
-[x]And to physically block the exit/s

Gogogo time to wreck this fools shit. also if we have a knife, DON'T STOP STABBING.
No. 53026
File 137574458719.jpg- (147.65KB , 850x1062 , help me.jpg ) [iqdb]
"GET IT!" I shout.


I lunge with all of my might. Parsee screams and charges forward, axe raised and ready. Yumeko surges forward with blazing eyes, poker in a thrusting position. Suika lets out a tremendous battle-cry, a knife clutched in each hand. Eiki, hefting a crowbar like a club, charges forward, eyes promising only doom. As for myself, I raise my hatchet, eyes focused on the cloaked being's head.

There is no hesitation.

I have had enough.

This ends NOW.

And then the shadowy figure shoots away faster than my eye can follow, blasting through the double-doors so hard that it leaves them hanging off their hinges.

And then it smacks into the opposite wall so hard that it staggers and nearly drops Lyrica.

"GET BACK HERE YOU FUCKER!" Parsee shrieks, nearly foaming at the mouth. The cloaked figure looks up sharply at us before regaining its grip on Lyrica. It slaps something on its left wrist before charging down the hallway, the rest of us in hot pursuit.

As we chase the figure down the hallway, the hall lengthens, just as it had in the secret passages. I'm screaming, in rage and frustration, shouting a range of profanities I didn't know I was capable of.

This can't be happening.


And somehow... it doesn't

The figure pulls ahead of us, nearing the door to the pool, when all of a sudden we gain on it, the door to the pool room stretching far, far away. The figure grunts, its footsteps suddenly audible, and slings Lyrica over its shoulder like a sack of potatoes, frantically working whatever that something in its wrist happens to be.

The door gets closer. The figure gets further away. Around us, the halls seems to crack as some unknowable force is exerted on them. The figure in black... seems to be slowing, its body visibly wracked by exertion, and not showing any signs of its prior blinding speed.

I don't care.

I will NOT allow another person to be taken right in front of me!

The door to the pool suddenly zooms closer and the shrouded one screeches to a halt before lunging to the side and ramming through the doors shoulder-first. Barely seconds later, we follow in after it.

The pool is as huge as the mansion's luxury would suggest, an "L" shaped structure with a spacious hot-tub off to the side. Hell, there's even a small water-slide built into it, and a door to a sauna. And of course, a small changing room with showers. None of these matter at the moment, as the black-clad kidnapper sprints towards the far wall, towards the changing rooms.

Large glass windows that would show off the gardens during the day are instead blurred by the constant rainfall, the occasional flash of lightning serving to illuminate the room eerily. The figure frantically slows its pace before whirling around and slamming into the far wall back-first, panting with frantic breaths. Then it looks up at us and freezes.

We must make a terrifying sight, I'm sure. Four women and one man, all armed and with faces full of wrath, charging this intruder with all of the rage in our hearts plain to see.

We're barely twenty feet away.

It can't get away.

We've GOT you, you bastard!

And then the figure slaps some sort of bracelet on its wrist, and the ground explodes in front of us.

Something stands up.

Three somethings.

Tall and lanky, with bodies partially composed of masonry and tile, and partially composed of some sort of swirling, purplish-black substance. Long claws tip their hands, and they have no visible faces, despite being vaguely humanoid.

But the worst part is the eyes.

Purple eyes, looking around frantically. Golden eyes, focused on us with cold hatred. The three... things glare at us as we screech to a halt. My jaw gapes open as I regard the creatures in shock, unable to express what I'm feeling vocally.

One of the monstrosities steps toward us. The black-clad one staggers towards the changing rooms.

What do we do?

[ ] Fight.
[ ] Pursue.
[ ] Retreat.
No. 53028
[x] Retreat.

As much as I want to follow or fight but that is just suicidal.
No. 53029
[X] Pursue.

If my count is right, then we have Parsee, Suika, and Eiki left. Two of them know how to fight. So that's one, I'm going to call them Golems, for each of them while Alfred continues the chase.
No. 53030
[ ] Pursue.
No. 53031
[x] Retreat.
I don't think that we have enough firepower. We don't know what kind of punishment these things can soak OR if they aren't actually our companions (purple and gold eyes!)

Also, goddammit! the cigarettes butts in the changing room that Alfred described in the prologue, there is something important here.

Keymaster you magnificent bastard.
No. 53032
[x] Pursue
No. 53033
[X] Pursue.
Don't let him get away, maybe we should have a rearguard?
No. 53036
[x] Pursue.
Illusions, nothing else. They rely on deceit because they simply can't fight head on... I thought we already knew this?

The most funny part is her eyes and hair... they're just like Yukari's... as prideful as ever, that woman is.
No. 53037
[x] Pursue.

NO MERCY. Catch this bastard and bash her head in!
No. 53038
[x] Pursue.

The little shit isn't getting away with one of our friends.

>the cigarettes butts in the changing room that Alfred described in the prologue, there is something important here.
Does Mokou smoke in canon or Keymaster's version of it? I keep meaning to read Being Meiling.
No. 53039
[X] Pursue

No. 53040
I already voted, but I wanted to give my thoughts on the matter.

Everything else may be illusions, but I'm absolutely certain these golems aren't. Still, if we run now, we'll lose both Lyrica and the only lead we've got, alongside giving the enemy the advantage once again.

We've already lost too many people to get this chance. Let's not let it be in vain.


She didn't show up in Being Meiling, far as I can remember.
No. 53041
She did, once
No. 53042
Manipulating dimensions, super speed, now summoning a trio of what are likely Onryo-based poltergeists possessing parts of the house? This bastard might not just be negating abilities- he may be 'borrowing' them from those he kidnaps.

Allowing him to gain any more advantage is a terrible move.


[x] Pursue

No. 53044
[X] Pursue

The culprit is visibly exhausted, I don't think they can hold out much longer. We saw that when the space extension messed up, letting us catch up to them. I bet this golem is a last ditch attempt to distract us so they can get away.
No. 53046
>"This bastard might not just be negating abilities- he may be 'borrowing' them from those he kidnaps. "

I don't think it's a "he" so much as a satori.

-Satori's a bookworm so a locked-room murder mystery would be something she'd think of.
-She's been known to play tricks with your mind and copy powers.
-Given who she's forced to work with she may well have a line of access to kappa-tech.
-Are satoris anthropophagus or is that just her pets?

Oh, and:

[x] Persue
No. 53048
Satori as as species seem to be pure humanoid, not any Animal turned humanoid
No. 53049
[X] Pursue

Wait a minute, three figures, one with purple eyes, and one with golden eyes. Yukari, Ran, and Chen?
No. 53051
[x] Pursue

Press on.
No. 53053
[X] Pursue
>Purple and Golden eyes
>Hatatetate and Yukari

Well. Guess that's one explanation. It needs to time to convert its victims to its monstrous minions.
No. 53054

I know that, I'm just wondering if satoris eat corpses too.
No. 53069
Not that I recall.
No. 53075

No but if thousands of Touhou doujins are correct, they love drinking tons of sperms.
No. 53084
File 137579778856.jpg- (115.25KB , 429x570 , 1274619554134.jpg ) [iqdb]
get out
No. 53094
Over the Line.
No. 53095
Well, that's pretty clear vote. Consider it called; I'll update later.
No. 53096
No. 53098
File 137582112315.jpg- (184.10KB , 850x1200 , do not mess with.jpg ) [iqdb]
The horrors move closer, the eyes studded throughout their bodies either sweeping around wildly or glaring at us with dark purpose. Long claws stretch out, threatening to rend us into pieces. They are monsters, and no one can deny this.

But behind them, the true monster starts to slink towards the changing rooms, and presumably an escape into the hidden tunnels, taking Lyrica along for whatever malign purpose it has in mind.

I'm about to lose another friend right in front of my eyes.

I won't let it happen.


With a roar, I charge the monstrosities, causing their numerous eyes to widen in something approaching surprise. At the last moment, I dive between them, their claws tearing at my coat as I duck my head and roll as I hit the ground. In an adrenaline-driven motion so smooth you'd think I practiced it, I'm past the monsters and back on my feet, charging the figure in black.

My enemy freezes at the door to the changing rooms, seeing me rush forward with all of the speed that only rage can bring. A snarl comes from under its dark hood... and then it hurls Lyrica at me. The poltergeist's lightweight body smacks into me, knocking us both to the ground. Dazed, I can still see the figure rush into the changing rooms. Moments later, I hear the sound of wood being moved.

However, it is the sound from behind me that gets my attention the most. A screaming battle-cry. Several of them, actually. Tilting my head back from where I lie on the floor, I see Parsee rush one of the creatures, axe held at the ready.

In one terrific blow, the blonde youkai knocks the creature sprawling onto the ground with a sound somewhere between and axe hitting wood and a fist punching mud. To one side of her, Suika charges another creature with a headbutt to the stomach, driving a knife into each of the thing's wrists as it tries to claw her. Thus restrained, it can only struggle futilely as Eiki rushes up with her crow bar and smacks it in what passes for a face, knocking it to the ground. Finally, Yumeko rushes the last of the creatures, her poker raised like a sword. In a dizzying array of thrusting motions, Yumeko jabs her weapon into the thing's body over and over as it desperately tries to stop her.

Howling for blood, eyes pulsing with wrath, Parsee brings her axe down, over and over. While Suika holds her own creature down, Eiki brings her crowbar down repeatedly onto its head. Finally, Yumeko has taken to swinging her poker directly into her own monsters body, with squishy crunching sounds.

And in an instant, it's over.

One by one, the purplish tar making up their bodies dissipates, leaving only scattered debris of wood and tiles.

Then there is silence, punctuated only by our heavy breathing.

I stare down at Lyrica's unconscious body, hardly able to believe it.

"We did it," I breathe.


My companions, my friends, can only stare in shock at each other, at the remains of the things, at myself and Lyrica. Finally, Yumeko springs into motion, running over to the entrance to the changing rooms with Parsee close behind her. Suika and Eiki make their way over to me, with the Oni taking charge of Lyrica as Eiki pulls me to my feet.

"I can't believe we did that," Eiki says, her voice numb with shock.

"But we did," I reply, a stupid smile spreading across my face. "We did it. We showed that bastard that we're not prey to be hunted!"

There is a feral smile on Suika's face, the expression of a warrior triumphant. Meanwhile, Parsee and Yumeko make their way back over to us.

"Whoever that was has vanished," the maid tells me, "But we found where... it... went. There's another secret passage in the mens' changing room by the clothing lockers. Pretty easy to find, when you know they're there." She glances at the groaning poltergeist, eyes showing concern. "How is she?"

"Recovering, it looks like," I reply, unable to hide the relief in my voice. "What was that on the rag? Chloroform?"

"Probably something of the type," Eiki replies, "But we shouldn't discuss this here. Alfred, is there anywhere we can lay her down?"

I nod. "The TV room. There are couches in there, and it's just down the hall. Let's go." This said, we depart the pool and walk up the hallway, Suika and Yumeko carrying Lyrica between them. I lead the way down the corridor, which is showing extreme signs of wear and tear; an obvious side-effect of whatever power was used on it. Holding open the door, I gesture the others into the comfortable-looking TV room, its couches prepared to welcome guests into their embrace. For now, it can welcome us in this brief moment of respite.

Lyrica starts to come to as we sit her down on one of the couches. "Wha... huh? What happened? Why am I here?" she mumbles, looking around blearily.

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to tell her.

And so, with the storm still blasting away outside, we tell Lyrica what had happened, down to the last detail. As we do so, Yumeko hunts down the hidden door in this room, and guarded by Parsee, tears out the cable leading to the security camera. At least in this place, we have our privacy.

When the story concludes, Lyrica is pale and shaking, her eyes wide with fear. She turns her gaze to me, unsuccessfully blinking back tears. Then she lunges for me.

"Oh God!" the poltergeist wails, pressing her face into my chest. "I... I almost...!" Her voice breaks down as she starts sobbing. Gently, I wrap my arms around the frightened young woman and stroke her hair. Around us the others gather, forming a temporary, warm shelter from the terrors of the mansion. As Lyrica cries her horror away, a thought keeps coming back to me: We can win this. We can beat that bastard! And deep inside, I know it to be true.

After a while, Lyrica calms down and smiles at me dazzlingly. "Sounds like you have some serious guts, Alfred," she says shakily.

"Serious adrenaline," I correct her, "And happy for it." I pause. "We can win this. Whoever is doing this, they're not invincible. We can beat them. And we will. But for now, let's just take a moment to get our breath back. Then we can discuss strategy." There are a few nods at this, and the guests spread out, no one going to far.

I look out the window at the endless storm and take a deep breath. These women... isn't it strange just how quickly they became so precious to me? Maybe it's just the situation, bonds formed under pressure. But does that make them any less real? Somehow, I don't think so. I look back at the five women, feeling a deep need to talk to someone right now...


Route-lock decision.

With the story speeding toward its climax, it's time to choose a lady for Alfred. If you like, I can spend an update with him speaking a few words with each woman before you vote on a final decision. Or, we can go ahead and declare the lock next update. Your call.

[ ] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)
[ ] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[ ] Eiki, leafing through the movies.
-[ ] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
-[ ] Lyrica, sitting on the couch.
-[ ] Yumeko, considering the furniture.
-[ ] Suika, looking thirsty.
No. 53099
[X] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)

That said, though, my preliminary vote goes to Lyrica. It's a very tough call between her, Parsee and Yumeko, but I think she's the best match for Alfred's artistic spirit.

And THAT said, I predict well over 50% of the vote for Parsee, not least because you have to look into her plaintive eyes while typing a response here. But such is the way of waifu wars, and I'll not be too unhappy.
No. 53101
[x] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)
Eiki Yumeko or Parsee? Choices, choices choices.

Just curious, but who got more votes in total during this story? (When we had to choose who to talk to)
No. 53103
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.

My decision was already made ages ago. Another update would do nothing to change that.
No. 53105
Holy crap, we actually saved Lyrica!

[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[X] Eiki, leafing through the movies.

Delicious legs Judge route GOGOGOGOGO
No. 53106
[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
No. 53107
[X] Walk around and speak to everyone.

Just skimmed through again, my numbers may be off. Not counting introductions since we talked to all of them. If initial supporter/accuser and group options are counted, surprisingly Parsee and Eiki are tied at 4 choices. Yumeko close at 3.

And to remind ourselves before waifu war votespam begins, we chose to talk to Yumeko first. Keep that in mind.
No. 53112
[X] Walk around and speak to everyone.

No harm in putting this off for a bit longer.
No. 53113
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.
No. 53114
[x] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)

While I know who I'm going to choose I gotta give in to greed this time.

[x] Eiki. Felt bad choosing between her & Parsee. I like them both quite a bit.
The only one I don't really see the choice swinging for is Suika. She just seemed a bit overshadowed by the others in my opinion. Shame.
No. 53115
[x]Walk around and talk to everyone.

After its all said and done, though... [x]Parsee. I like Eiki, but Parsee needs to be jealous of the fact that Alfred loves her so much.
No. 53116
[x] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)

Brace yourselves. Waifuists are coming.
No. 53118
Seems to me that it will be a head to head race between Eiki and Parsee.

For now most just wish to squeeze one more update out of Keymaster.
No. 53120
[x] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)

Damn, this is it. Not enough time to talk more with Suika. I suspect the vote will go for either Eiki or Parsee.

Still probably voting for Suika.
No. 53121
-[ ] Yumeko, considering the furniture.
No. 53124
[X] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
No. 53125
[X]We need to talk to this person now.
-[x] Eiki

Oh hell no. I've been waiting for a good Eiki route and had my hopes and dreams dashed by MegaSen. Not this time.
No. 53126
[X] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
No. 53128
[X]We need to talk to this person now.
-[x] Eiki
No. 53129
Well, that was to be expected, it's all fun and cooperation until these choices, then it turn into battle royale.
No. 53131
[X] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)

>tfw we NTR Eiki with Komachi because of her nice boat.
No. 53132
[X] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)
No. 53133
[X] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)

I'm extremely torn between Eiki and Parsee, leaning towards the latter. One more update to talk with everyone seems good.
No. 53137
naturally; after all these are girls not likely to get routes any time soon.

>expecting a /th/ story to finish

You must have been new here.
No. 53138
[x] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)

No. 53139
[X] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
No. 53140
[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[X] Yumeko, considering the furniture.

Time for some hot maid action!

Although, wouldn't the traditional horror trope of "Anyone stupid enough to have sex gets killed" probably ruin any romances anyway? Ignoring of course, that anyone who'd actually want to have sex in this situation is likely insane.
No. 53142
I think at the moment most of the Parsee fans are just going with the flow of wanting one more update, though the next update will be quite something.

I hope Keymaster is going to have a votespam check done with the results.
No. 53144
Uh oh, it begins.

[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.

Imagine how jealous she'd be if you chose someone else. ;_;
No. 53146
[X]We need to talk to this person now.
-[x] Eiki

It is time. Pull together.
No. 53149
[X]We need to talk to this person now.
-[x] Eiki
No. 53164
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.

I can only sigh as I see this choice. I'll just have to go with my gut since I like this Eiki, even though the 'one more update' is leading by a rather large margin. Not that I'm not okay with that, it's just... Well... Stuff, yo.
No. 53166
she isn't terrible but with what we've seen I think Parsee's better. Kasen if not for what happened to her may have been a decent choice.
No. 53169
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.

We must have an Eiki route.
No. 53170
[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
No. 53171
I think we need a vote spam check for this update at this rate.
No. 53175
[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
No. 53180
[x] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)

-[x] Yumeko, considering the furniture.

Butler and maid anyone?
No. 53182
[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
No. 53184
Well, yeah. Probably.
No. 53185
[X] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[X] Yumeko, considering the furniture.

Alfred's on his way to being a battle butler. Now he just needs the weapons training.
No. 53186
but he doesn't want to be a battle bulter but a painter; just the fact your logic for going for Yumeko is "she's a maid so she goes with the guy that's a bulter" is not only insulting to her but just bad logic.
No. 53189
A tough choice between Parsee and Eiki; while I'd normally choose both, Parsee's the jealous type.

Based on the following reasons, I'm choosing:

[x] Parsee

-Choosing Parsee will have less negative repercussions.
-Albert has better rapport with Parsee then with Eiki. (At least to me, though I will admit it's a close thing.)
-Parsee's pulled her character weight the most in this fic.
No. 53190
I wasn't even thinking negative effects, just that they got along pretty well (fun snarking with one another) and the fact she did stuff like get that fire axe. (in case of emergency indeed)
No. 53197
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies. I've not read a story with an Eiki end or a Parsee end. You've made me love 'em both. Damn you Keymaster...Damn you!
No. 53198
[x] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.

Sorta just one more update, but honestly, it'd take one hell of an update to sway me away from Eiki.
No. 53199
>In one terrific blow, the blonde youkai knocks the creature sprawling onto the ground with a sound somewhere between and axe hitting wood and a fist punching mud. To one side of her, Suika charges another creature with a headbutt to the stomach, driving a knife into each of the thing's wrists as it tries to claw her. Thus restrained, it can only struggle futilely as Eiki rushes up with her crow bar and smacks it in what passes for a face, knocking it to the ground. Finally, Yumeko rushes the last of the creatures, her poker raised like a sword. In a dizzying array of thrusting motions, Yumeko jabs her weapon into the thing's body over and over as it desperately tries to stop her.
>Howling for blood, eyes pulsing with wrath, Parsee brings her axe down, over and over. While Suika holds her own creature down, Eiki brings her crowbar down repeatedly onto its head. Finally, Yumeko has taken to swinging her poker directly into her own monsters body, with squishy crunching sounds.

Hold the routes for a second. Isn't anyone else getting a sinking feeling about this?
No. 53200
Yeah, I was getting a bad feeling as I was reading that part.
No. 53202
Tis is a bit worrying but it's pointless to worry about it so late at night, not that it stops the waifuists.
No. 53203
In which way?

[X] Walk around and speak to everyone.
No. 53204

Yes, I'm certainly wondering about the things we just killed (or hopefully merely defeated).
No. 53206
>One by one, the purplish tar making up their bodies dissipates, leaving only scattered debris of wood and tiles.

I have serious doubts that anyone's been entirely processed into purple tar that disappears and that means they're dead. If anything, it was some sort of projection, or powered by them somehow.
No. 53207
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.

It seems like the one last update is losing to route lock, if that does happen can we allow those who voted for the one last update to vote again for their route? In interests of fair play, of course.
No. 53210
[x]Parsee, reclining in the corner.
[x] Route lock please
No. 53211
You already voted, pal. Did you forget? You can't vote for both anyway, what are you doing.

It won't change the result either way, so I'll let it slide this time.
No. 53212
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.

I wanted to [x] Walk around, but it's too close to risk it.
No. 53213
[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.

Screw you forever for forcing my hand, non-one-more-post voters.
No. 53214
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.
No. 53215
>>53099 here. I guess if Parsee/Eiki showdown is the way it must be, then,
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
No. 53216
Kinda wanted Yumeko, but since there'S no chance of her winning...

[x] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.
No. 53218
Considering that those who asked for a new update will not have their vote counted towards the route of their choosing, I believe that, regardless of the result, a new update and a re-do of the voting is needed.
No. 53219
File 137588491349.png- (1.00MB , 1360x768 , 2437662-kirrahe.png ) [iqdb]

No, screw you quitters for giving up and falling to the dark side of Waifuism! What happened to our fighting spirit? Who's going to hold the line now against the evil Waifuists?

At least me, that's who! If this neutral ship is going to sink, I'm going down with it, dammit!
No. 53221
[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
Must make best girl win.
No. 53224
[x] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[x] Parsee, reclining in the corner.

Lonely bridge princess is love.
No. 53225
Yeah as the results are a mess right now due to all the desperate Eiki fans (all the Parsee votes are likely just a response to them)

That and like you said the people voting for one more update will get overlooked due to it and that wouldn't be fair at all.
No. 53228
Oh dear, it looks like things are going crazy over here.

Welp, better do my part.

[x] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.

Because forcing things to come down to the wire is fun.
No. 53229
Keymaster, why did you have to do this and call it a route lock too... Why?!
No. 53230
The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. Or something. I don't know. All I know is that the neutral option has lost the lead and if Keymaster doesn't do a revote, Eiki wins.

Changing vote:
[x] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[x] Parsee, reclining in the corner.

If Yumeko can't win, at least we can secure an /Underground & Makai/ victory.
No. 53231
>>53100 here

Switching to

[X] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.

Goddammit guys.
No. 53232
[X] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.

Talk about forcing my hand as I was content to go with the flow but no, Eiki fans had be all desperate and taking advantage of it.
No. 53233
Because Parsee fans don't look desperate either?
No. 53234
[x] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[x] Eiki, leafing through the movies.
No. 53235
we're not the ones who went out of the way to go after her while everyone else was content on there being one more update. That and none of us are interested in Parsee because some dead story had a possiblity of a Parsee route, but on her own merits.
No. 53236
Sure is GH around here.
No. 53237

Agreed, hold the line and vote your conscience. You have nothing to lose and your ideals to win.

Just don't be a cloaca about it.
No. 53238
It hasn't gotten that bad... YET. But routefag desperation was indeed a key ingredient in GH.
No. 53240
Flandrefans were the problem. The rest of them were not that bad especially the Sakuya minority.

Here it seems that some, like this guy >>53225, of the Parsee voter are desperate and agressive.
No. 53241
"moral high ground" in this case sounds like a consolation for losing. It'd take a real saint to easily accept losing to what amounts to a cheap shot.

that was after the eiki fans went about taking advantage of people wanting one more update (and thus not voting against them)
No. 53242
[x] I need to talk to this person, now.
-[x] Parsee, reclining in the corner.

I don't understand what all the hate for Routelocks is for. We all knew it was coming. That said, it was a tough choice between Parsee and Yumeko for me. However, the Bridge Princess is the most interesting of the lot. Their personalities go together so well and they will make beautiful snark together.
No. 53243
[ ] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)
-[ ] Suika, looking thirsty.

I hope this vote is secretly for who's the last to die. C'mon, Keymaster, become the troll you were born to be.
No. 53244
the issue is how blatant it is as opposed to a natural thing based on past interactions. The way Keymaster did it is basically begging for a voting cluster fuck. That and unlike most normal stories, this has a rather volitile fan base as the story seems to have mainly neglected characters, some of which were in some rather well known dead stories (Eiki being in MegaSen's dead highschool story)
No. 53245
>I hope this vote is secretly for who's the first to die. C'mon, Keymaster, become the troll you were born to be.
No. 53247
Can't find my Yumeko vote but toss in one for [x]Parsee
No. 53248
I pity the guy who has to count those votes.
No. 53249
indeed since there were some sloppy vote changes (as people seem to be unable to learn how to delete their own posts)
No. 53250
What a sudden influx of votes!
Where were you people when our precious companions were taken from us? Where were you?!
No. 53251
Reading the backlogs of the previous threads. I don't know what the hell everyone else was doing. You NEVER split the party under any condition in a horror/suspense setting. We were just asking for someone to get taken when we split up to get supplies. Poor Iku...
No. 53253

Moral high ground? No, I meant that we lose nothing if we vote for someone who we don't think is going to win.

The fic is your friend, it helps you relax. Take it easy!
No. 53255
>The fic is your friend
Does it also fight for our freedom?

Seriously though, just vote the way you want. No one else can convince you otherwise. Isn't that the whole point of a Choose Your Own Adventure?
No. 53256
[X] I need to talk to this person, now. (Route-lock, please.)

-[X] Parsee, reclining in the corner.
No. 53259
Keymaster, a suggestion? Just forget this vote, continue neutral and just make an epilogue for every possible choice.

I mean, it's no longers an options of which side has more voters. It's clear by now, judging by the number of votes WAY higher than for others votes, that each side has people cheating. It's just a matter of how many computers one can access now.
No. 53261
[X] Walk around and speak to everyone. (Just one more update, please.)

I cannae decide at this point in time!

Maybe Keymaster will kill a few more of them off so the choice will be easier.
No. 53263
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

My bad on this one. I probably shouldn't have put in that "one more post" option, because it just made the voting WAY too complex.

Anyway, here's what I'm going to do. I'm gonna go ahead and write a brief scene with Alfred, and then start the vote from scratch.

Remember folks, it's all about having fun, and all of these ladies are worthy of some love, and have some mighty fine legs. Just be cool, okay?
No. 53266
File 13759050679.jpg- (49.58KB , 850x478 , just take it easy.jpg ) [iqdb]

I shake my head and take a deep breath, feeling a bit confused. This whole situation is insane. Still, I'm glad to have found a beacon of stability in my newfound companions. Friends, should I say?

It's strange, really. A judge of the dead. A poltergeist. An underworld-dwelling bridge guardian. An Oni. A maid from the home of demons itself. And right now, I'd trust any of them with my life. Hell, haven't I done so already? And haven't they returned the favor?

It's strange, really, the bonds that can form under these circumstances. I find myself wondering just how many of these women would have befriended one another under different circumstances. Would they have given one another the time of day? And yet, when Lyrica was threatened, we all moved as one to rescue her, and showed our tormentor that united, we were by far the superior.

Ah, but now I'm getting sentimental. On the other hand, is this not the time for sentiment? We're not clear yet, and there is still much to do before we can consider ourselves safe. I just hope that the others are actually safe, and not murdered as it first appeared. On the other hand, what has been done to them...?

I shake my head to clear it of these thought and walk over to the window. Outside, the storm is still raging away, but it somehow seems... lessened, as though its strength is beginning to run out. A glance at the clock shows me the it's well after midnight. 3 AM, actually. This nightmare has gone on for hours. But now, the dawn is so tantalizingly close.

I turn around to regard my companions, one by one. We've certainly gone through a lot. I just wish that the others were here with us. But if they were all here, it would be because none of this madness had happened in the first place, and I never would have gotten to know any of them. Fate can be a strange thing at times.

My eyes fall on Eiki, the Yama of Xanadu, judge of the dead whose will determines who will be permitted to ascend to heaven, and who will be condemned to hell. As she flips idly through stack of movies, I recall just how much of a burden this is for her. Behind her officious exterior is a kind, compassionate woman who genuinely wants the best for people. She just has a hard time demonstrating it.

I look over at Parsee, who seems to be meditating in the corner. Such a strange woman. Harsh and acerbic on the outside, with a vicious tongue. But when the going got difficult, she was quick to leap to everyone's defense, tearing into our enemy with absolute savagery. She's tough, but witty, and I once again wonder what it would be like to hear her sing.

Yumeko walks throughout the room, running her hands along the furniture. She seems a little impressed by some of the decor; perhaps she is making notes for when she heads home? I remember how Yumeko was the first of the guests that I spoke to, and how she all but begged me for something to do, something to occupy her. A strong woman, loyal maid, and bashful maiden all in one.

Lyrica is still perched on the couch, looking up at the ceiling. She seems to be doing just fine after her near-capture, which is a good sign. She's strong, really. Despite being constantly overlooked, the phantasmal sister constantly strives to maintain her lifestyle (literally) and that of her sisters. She has a keen mind, and a good heart. I wonder what it would be like to paint while listening to her music?

Finally, my eyes flick towards Suika, who looks... thirsty, really. Like she desperately needs some alcohol. For all that I know about Oni, maybe she does. Suika is such an anomaly. Youthful, but wise beyond her years. Terrified beyond words at the loss of her might, diving into alcohol to keep herself from having to contemplate it, she nevertheless came through when she was needed. A loyal friend who would be there for you no matter what.

...They all have very lovely legs.

And then there's me. Alfred Arthur Westcastle, pretend-butler and loyal servant of Pleasant Meadows. Fan of sailing and amateur painter who dreams of sailing the seven seas and leaving behind an oil and canvas record of his journeys. I've been through a lot tonight. And right now...

Right now, I just need to talk to someone.


[ ] Eiki
[ ] Parsee
[ ] Lyrica
[ ] Suika
[ ] Yumeko

Remember, folks. It's all in the name of fun. Take it easy, okay?
No. 53269
[X] Yumeko

Eh, why not.
No. 53270
File 137590548017.jpg- (371.74KB , 800x1066 , 217a85769da151597c2e53fc5764ecde.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Eiki

Let's get that Eiki route started!

I really liked her since the beginning when she was there for him. She just deserves it for the constant support.
No. 53271
[X] Parsee
No. 53272
[X] Parsee

It is time.
No. 53273
[x] Eiki
Good characterization for all of them really, hard choice.
No. 53274
[X] Parsee

She's been fun. Let's give her something to be happy about for once.
No. 53276
[X] Parsee
Can't say no to green eyes, pluck and an axe.
(Sorry, Lyrica, but it looks like this is a two horse race unless Keymaster adjusts the voting protocol again.)
No. 53277
[X] Eiki

There must be an Eiki route.
No. 53278
[X] Eiki
She was for him from the beginning of this mystery.
No. 53279
[x] Eiki
No. 53280
[x] Eiki
Eiki or Parsee is good either way. And for anyone questioning the decisions of the previous threads, well perhaps you should have voted in them? Everything done so far was what appeared to be the most sensible choice at the time, and anyone thinking otherwise is meta-gaming.
No. 53281
[x] Eiki
Quite the difficult choice. I'll be satisfied if either Eiki or Parsee wins to be honest.
No. 53282
[x] Yumeko

Pissing into the tide, so on and so forth.
No. 53283
Boy, it sure is waifu around here. Where are all of you in the other stories?
No. 53284
you forgot the snark

[x] Parsee

I hope there'll be another vote spam check.
No. 53286
[X] Eiki
No. 53288
[X] Parsee
Had to flip a coin to decide who to actually vote for.
No. 53289
...Against the tide, I mean.

Anyway, so we have a mysterious possible-killer who can summon golems, move super fast, distort space, and has access to Nitori gadgetry. However, it appears as though the figure has been kidnapping people, rather than killing them...

Is it possible there's a group of people trying to shake up the Gensokyan/Makaian order, lending their abilities to one individual in a sort of 'all our powers combined' sort of thing? (Not that anyone but Keymaster knows but conjecture is always fun)
No. 53290
It's not proper tide-pissing if you don't vote for the one option that has NO votes whatsoever.

Well, seriously.

Since there's no reason for me to actually piss against this tide the choice comes down to Parsee or Eiki, and of those two I guess I like Parsee the most.
Nuclear eyes and all that.
No. 53294
[x] Eiki
No. 53295
that implies Parsee hasn't, which isn't true.

I'd be more at rest if it didn't seem like people weren't going for Eiki just to have an Eiki route as opposed to actual interest in the character in this story.
No. 53296
[X] Parsee
No. 53297
[X] Suika

If no one will then I will.
No. 53299
[X] Eiki

Judge please
No. 53300
[X] Eiki

Had to do a coin flip between her and Parsee myself, but here's my result/vote. Besides the two of them getting the most coverage in the story (due to previous voting trends, of course), they also tend to be overlooked in 'routes' and the like from what I've seen on the site, so as much as I feel bad about the others being left behind (and to be future victims) so long as it's one of these two I'll be content.
No. 53301
I beg to differ was Eiki was rather typical if nice. And all the people voting for her lack reasons beyond "Eiki route" while Parsee fans have much better reasons.
No. 53303
>Remember, folks. It's all in the name of fun. Take it easy, okay?

Road to hell is paved with good intentions. Doesn't change the fact that making people vote for a route and calling it so is not exactly a smart move.

I for one would like to have something for each of them, but since only one can be chosen...

[x] Eiki
No. 53304
You really want to cause a shitstorm here, don't you? Just go and play in the YAF threads, will you now.
No. 53305
[X] Parsee

I'll be happy if either wins, but I still want Parsee to take it.
No. 53306
[x] Parsee
No. 53307
No. 53308
No. 53309
This is gonna come down to the wire, isn't it? Don't think I've ever been present for such a close vote.
No. 53310
No, it will just come down on whichever side has people who can cheat the most. There is no way all votes on both sides are legit.
No. 53311
This pretty much and a votespam check can only do so much.
No. 53313

Or, and hear me out here, the votes actually could be legit? Why does everything have to come down to the other side cheating?

It's a story, we all really should just relax.
No. 53314
[x] Parsee.

As of this vote, and assuming all prior votes were legit, there is a dead tie between Parsee and Eiki.
No. 53315
[x] Eiki

I hate to do this, but I can't resist.
No. 53317
[x] Eiki

I must admit, it's a very hard choice between her and Parsee - it basically came down to a coinflip in my mind.
No. 53318
No. 53319
Please don't tell me you actually believe that. There's far more vote than usual and you think it's just people who have decided to vote now? Or that there's almost an equal amount of Eiki and Parsee fans reading this? Or that it's normal the lead will change constantly by one vote until called?

No way.

Keymaster, that route thing? Really not smart of you. Now that will just make people frustrated.
No. 53320
We have 27 votes so far. in a few hours there will be 40 or so.

The story has 10 to 18 readers.

Now what could this possible mean!?!?
No. 53321
Scratch that 27, we have 31 votes now.
No. 53322
Same guy, confirming count now:
Eiki votes, 12:

Parsee votes, 12:
No. 53323
[X] Parsee
Put me down for Parsee please.
No. 53324
You're lacking recent posts. Don't do vote counts anyway, that will just make the cheaters act more.

Keymaster, if you're reading this, please listen to this advice: Scrap the vote now and try to find something else to satisfy people. Or do you really not see the blatant cheating going on?
No. 53325
>Now that will just make people frustrated.
By people you mean you?
Honestly I'll be fine either way. Both Parsee and Eiki were my preference anyway. I already voted so I'll just sit back and see where Keymaster takes us.
No. 53326
[ ] Yumeko

There will come a day when a non-Mima/Shinki PC98 will win a route vote.

Today is not that day.
No. 53327

>10 to 18 readers

People can read the story and not vote, you know.

For an important choice like this I'm not surprised a bunch of people decided to cast votes.
No. 53328
[X] Eiki

We can't do this in a legit way unless a mod checks who has actually voted in this story before.
No. 53329
Would be awesome if this was all a setup by Yukari and a few others specifically to make Alfred bond to one lucky woman to be their partner for life.
No. 53330
That would single out everyone who just read the story and only decided to vote now because routelock.
No. 53331
Those are included in the 10 to 18. If you look at how many people usually vote you will easily figure that out.
No. 53332
Man if that was true and I was Alfred, I would fucking beat Yukari to within an inch of her life.
No. 53333

Another GOD DAMNIT YUKARI!™ brought to you by Yukari.
No. 53334
Hm, I think I'll check and see how the voting's goi-

>Dozens of posts

>Arguments about waifuing

>About two hours since I posted


I feel like a real THP author!

Anyway, it clearly comes down to Parsee and Eiki at this point. Not surprising, those two had been doing the best throughout the story. Eiki has a marginal lead, but that could change quickly. Hmmm, how to deal with this...


Let me ask something.

Who here would be interested in RAPPING FOR ALFRED'S WAIFU?
No. 53335
Can't he have both Eiki and Parsee?
No. 53336
File 13759140669.jpg- (31.54KB , 353x270 , neutral president.jpg ) [iqdb]
I came here for the mystery and the murders. I could not care less for any romance routes.

That said, if I do have to cast a vote, I'll just put my dime in here:


Because personally I haven't seen much interaction with the Yama in any story, being the semi-newfag that I am, and I did see Parsee in a few threads in /underground/, /at/ and /shorts/. And because I simply like Eiki's characterization a little bit more than the bridge princess this time around.
No. 53337
So it's first rapper wins?

But Parsee has more characterization than Eiki in this.
No. 53338

oh jesus yes that's brilliant

give me time to work on a parsee rap
No. 53339
You want to solve this by rapping, really? I mean really?
No. 53340
Now this is a story all about how
Albert's wife got flipped, turned upside down.
I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there,
And I'll tell you all about this waifu war (with a little bit of flair).

In Pleasant Meadows, employed and raised,
Butlering and painting was how he spent most of his days.
Helping out, serving, snarking all cool,
Flirting with the guests like a lovelorn fool,
When a party crasher up to no good,
Started making trouble in the neighborhood
There was one little death and Hatate got scared,
Said "The butler did it!" and Alfred got chaired.

A buncha things happened since then and when the end neared,
The author said "Route lock" and the crowd came just as some feared.
If anything some would say that this wasn't fair,
But I thought, nah, forget it, yo Keymaster, I don't care!

I stopped keeping count of the votes around seven or eight,
And I yelled to the crowd, "Yo voters, smell you later!"
I looked at the chaos that was already there,
And to the world, "I don't mind whoever wins," I boldly declare.
No. 53341
>Who here would be interested in RAPPING FOR ALFRED'S WAIFU?

No. Just... No.
No. 53342
I think it's brilliant as it requires more effort than merely posting (likely from another computer)
No. 53343
Depend on if someone can do it on each side. And willing.

Frankly, this idea just looks stupid to me.
No. 53344

And we're off to a fantastic start. Good sir, if you had so wished, you could have won the waifu war in one single post. But you have chosen to remain neutral, and for that I shall honor and salute you.
No. 53345
it favors creativity, not having abusable computers and I think it'd produce a win-win scenario as if there's a winning Eiki one, it'd do more than all the commentless votes.
No. 53346
Honestly, I thought about actually selecting a character, but I'm fine with anyone winning. You've done a great job with characterizations.

I also may or may not have just wanted an excuse to rap.
No. 53347
Please. Like I said, it just favors those who can rap. Meaning that actual voters just get screwed over for ONE person's decision. And you call this fair?
No. 53348
This is starting to look silly, I propose Parsee and Eiki declare their undying love for each-over, Alfred goes on to be a forever single traveling painter.

Now, let's get on with the plot!
No. 53349

Paint my canvas, sail the seas
A sailor's all I ever wanted to be
Look at me, lost, thinkin' I'm free
When I see nothin' more to see

but then I found coast, a choice to set my anchor
I found Yumeko, my lighthouse, my saviour
A maid, an angel, my Makai flower
Made in Heaven, for me a harbour
My light, my love, my hope in darkest hours
My Yumeko, my home, wife, my strength in strife

Needless to say [♡] Yumeko

More where that came from. Just Ask.
No. 53350
File 137591573492.jpg- (524.82KB , 807x1000 , i_like_you.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd rather not.

Anyways, VOTES.


bcuz i liek her
No. 53352
Would be funny as shit if Yumeko ended up winning because only one guy rapped.
No. 53353
Actually, the Yumeko option may be the one with the most non-cheating votes in it. I wouldn't mind it at all.
No. 53355
You think having it come down to votes (and thus who has the most abusable computers) is better?
No. 53356
(Deleted the old one to edit it real quick, please don't murder me)

The name's Parsee Mizuhashi, Bridge Princess;
I've some jealousy issues, but I know I got your interest!

I'm was in a bad mood 'til the butler talked smack;
Now I think I'm in love, my head's all out of whack!

Everyone's getting snatched, but I'm not scared;
When I find the culprit he's gonna be living-impaired!

Eiki, you need a drunk midget to take a bitch down;
All I need is an axe and I'll go to town!

Now I'm done, so Alfred, make your pick!
If you go with the Judge, I'll chop off your dick!
No. 53357
Look, if you had one vote, or one opportunity
To seize every waifu you ever wanted. one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his suit already, Yumeko's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop Onis,
But he keeps on forgetting what vote he wrote down,
The whole waifu crowd goes so loud
He opens his mouth, but the explanations won't come out
He's choking how, everybody's getting taken now
The clock's run out, time's up, over, bloah!
Snap back to reality, Oh there goes company
Oh, there goes Yukari, he gets chaired
He's so mad, but he won't give up that
Easy, no
He won't have it, he knows his whole back's to these hoes
It don't matter, he's dope
He knows that but he's broke
He's so stagnant, he knows
When he goes back to his mobile home, that's when it's
Back to the lab again, yo
This whole votespam
He better go capture this moment and hope it don't pass him

You better dont lose yourself in the mansion, the routelock
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to vote
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo
You better dont lose yourself in the mansion, the routelock
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to vote
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo
(You better)

The hooded one's escaping, through this tunnel that is gaping
This route is mine for the taking
Give me Eiki, as we move toward a spamcheck order
A normal thread is boring, but shitpostin's close to post limit
It only grows harder, waifus grow hotter
He blows. It's all over. These hoes is all on him
Coast to coast shows, he's known as the Legmaster
Lonely roads, Keymaster only knows
He's grown farther from his known home, he's no fighter
He goes home and barely knows his own mansion
But hold your nose 'cause here goes the tension
His hoes don't want him no more, he's cold product
They moved on to the next butler who flows
He nose dove and sold nada
So the soap opera is told and unfolds
I suppose it's old partner but the beat goes on
Da da dum da dum da da

I would prefer Eiki, but if a Eiki/Parsee harem can be done, even better.
No. 53358
Now to see what Keymaster considers a winner.

I wouldn't mind though I hope there's making up for lost time and maybe an amusing scene of Alfred trying to help her relax.
No. 53359
Why can't he have both? Keymaster is an expert when it comes to the MC getting both girls.
No. 53360
Monday sucks, gotta say
Tuesday still butlerring, still getting paid
Wednesday I met a Maid, never got her name
Thursday I made a painting, smile's not the same
Friday I saw her smile again, and it came to me
Saturday I fell in love, it was always meant to be
Sunday to eternity, Yumeko, Yumeko's her name
No. 53361
Oh you made a horrible mistake. You should have told them that it needs to be recorded and put on youtube.
No. 53362
Oh for fairness sake I thought I should menation the two Yumeko ones are by the same person, me. I didn't even bother voting as I saw Yumeko had no chance. Now I want to try and give her one.
No. 53363
File 137591734075.jpg- (497.21KB , 632x1001 , 2910070.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Eiki

Parsee's probably done the most to help us through this, but Eiki's been the most emotionally supportive. Besides, we're not a damsel in distress looking for a hero. Eiki's been my favorite since we met her. Really love this portrayal of her.
No. 53364
Here, I feel like the hooded ones feelings should be considered and rap doesnt cant accurately portray them.

And so I rage sometimes when I'm lying in wait
Just to get it all out, when my targets are still not dead
And I, I am feeling a little peculiar
And so I wait between the walls and I fly outside
And I take some fresh meat and I get real high
And they scream from the top of thier lungs,
What's goin' on

And they say hey, hey, hey, hey hey
Hey, hey, hey
They said hey, what's goin' on

And they say hey, hey, hey, hey hey
Hey, hey, hey
They said hey, what's goin' on

And the butler tries
oh my God, does he try
He tries all the time in this maniac mansion

And he prays
oh my God, does he pray
He prays every single day FOR A SOLUTION!

And they say hey, hey, hey, hey hey
Hey, hey, hey
They say hey, what's goin' on

Don't cry out loud
Just keep your blood inside
Learn how to hide your screaming

(Hey, hey, hey, hey hey)
(Hey, hey)
He said HEY
What's goin' on
No. 53367
I just want to say this whole debacle of Super Waifu Wars is 23 kinds of fucked up.

Also quit worrying about different computers. Multiple PCs using the same connection would use the same IP in the vast majority of cases. They only have different IPs when it comes to the router and the intranet itself. Now if you're worried about multiple PC's from multiple IPs from the same person, you'd have to recount the entire damn site due to multiple IPs voting in every bloody story. Course this is the only tine I've seen this concern brought up and its only since you want your waifu to win and maybe want to rig it in her favor.
No. 53368

Clearly he wants a threesome route! :D
No. 53369
I was going to vote for Parsee because she genuinely seems more interesting, but it looks like we're having a rap battle now.

I miss the story.
No. 53370
Honestly, go ahead and vote guys. But if it gets out of hand, I'm judging based on the rap songs. Just try and be chill, okay?

...But keep the rap coming. Got some awesome shit here.
No. 53371
when are you going to call votes? If it's not tonight, I'd imagine the thread would double in size by tomorrow.
No. 53375
[x] Eiki

Prettiest that I've seeeeen
No. 53376
[X] Parsee
No. 53377

...Point. I'll probably call it before I hop into bed tonight, just to keep things under control.

The rap songs were really hilarious, though.
No. 53378
I'd vote for a threesome if it had any chance of mattering, but since it's down to two, I have to vote for one of them for my vote to count.

[x] Eiki
No. 53379
[X] Parsee
No. 53380
File 137592338117.jpg- (218.96KB , 850x1157 , 1475491366067.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Parsee
She seems so... fragile in this story. But also strong. Does that make any sense?
She fought so hard to protect us- to protect everyone. She was so angry at being a failure *again* everytime someone was captured.
She's so mad at herself for being like she is. That only makes it worse once you realize she didn't had a choice in the matter.

I dunno, of all the character, she was the most realistic of all. The most independent of the bunch, yet also the one that needs him the most. I dread the thought of her returning to that bridge alone, after all this. After seeing a glimpse of hope, a light in the darkness-only for it to disappear in an instant. It seems... almost cruel.

And that OP jesus christ.
No. 53381
Screw it, this vote doesn't matter but I don't want anyone to be ignored.

[X] Lyrica
No. 53383
File 137592514295.jpg- (335.55KB , 850x990 , 9723873f8ff6504d61aef0c3acd3d900.jpg ) [iqdb]
If you having best girl problems I feel bad for son
I got 99 problems but a waifu ain't one

I got, admin patrol on vote control
Eikifags wantin' shut the thread down closed
Parsee fans tryin to molest the ears on their hoe
Low tiers, worst girls, I'd rather pin hopes on the meido

Girl got, silkin legs below, frilly dresses of blood and snow.
Trace them to the swords on her thigh, strapped low, so
Follow them up to the sash above, flutterin flow
Sashays those hips, walkin to serve tea with scones, classy.

Faggots got shit taste if the pinin' their hopes
On a short jealous midget, on her bridge all broke
Don't put your dick in judge crazy, so the saying goes.

Both leading girls are shit taste tier bad
That the blindness of eiki and paru-fags
The only girl worth voting fo' is Yumeko.

Got 99 problems, but a waifu ain't one, fight me.
No. 53385
Because I am going to sleep now, and I intend to plot this thing out tomorrow.

Tally is as follows, with each rap counting as a single vote (except for the one guy who admitted to making two of Yumeko- I appreciate the honesty!)

Yumeko: 6
Eiki: 21
Parsee: 18
Suika: 1
Lyrica: 1
Neutral vote(super-special harem route!): 1
Mysterious cloaked figure: 1

Poor mysterious cloaked figure... no love throughout the story.

Alfred will be speaking to Eiki. Update will be in a new thread sometime tomorrow.

Alfred's fate is now sealed.
No. 53386
File 137592905895.jpg- (18.51KB , 800x533 , HoodedFigure_zps1c1ba74a.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 53387
File 137592931245.jpg- (8.29KB , 588x248 , OneTrueWaifu.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 53388
>Alfred's fate is now sealed.

Stop scaring me.
No. 53390
I hope part of it is showing more of Eiki's character as it is, she's little more than a typical one.
No. 53391
To all the Parsee lovers out there, fear not! For I have a little something in mind for out bridge guard after the main story finishes. Trust me.
No. 53392
File 137593018797.png- (42.23KB , 378x754 , votespam check.png ) [iqdb]
You know what shitstorms really don't need? Backseat moderation!

* Every vote was from a different residential ISP/region.
* Over 75% of the votes have been from IPs with 10+ posts or dynamic IPs that most likely belong to a regular (and that's the highest I've ever seen).
* And if we only counted those, the same choice would have won.

Now, if you think some votes are suspicious/cheating, you want to point it out and ask for a votespam check, that's fine!

If it's already been brought up 3 or 4 times, you don't really need to repeat it, right? And you especially shouldn't:
>>53342 >>53345 >>53355
Repeat it 3 times in 20 minutes
>>53225 >>53232 >>53235 >>53241 >>53295 >>53301 >>53390
Post insults and conspiracy theories about the votes you don't agree with
Complain about "routefag" shitstorms that you were greatly responsible for and are still doing RIGHT NOW YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKER

Yes, all of these came from one very special person. This is your last warning, Wiseman. Stop shitposting or get shitcanned.
No. 53393
43 votes! Half of your readers don't vote and often just read.

Guess I owe an apologize to this guy >>53313.

You guys are great.
No. 53394

Fucking TOLDhou 6 - EmTOLDiment of Scarlet TOLD!

Sorry but how do you read that chart? The blacked out votes are the vote spammers or are the colored named ones the vote spammer(s)?

And the vote spammers couldn't even spam enough votes to change the outcome?

Damn Wiseman, way to fail.

Also done with this, just wanted a bit of clarification on this, thanks.
No. 53395

Goddamn, I'm just amazed that he's still here after so long.

Hey cool. I see my vote!
Isn't it sad, Suika?
No. 53398
File 13759375644.jpg- (63.75KB , 451x720 , flipped out.jpg ) [iqdb]

>parsee loses




well okay, i'll roll with it

doesn't matter since she lost anyway, but if I knew you were gonna count my Parsee rap as a vote I'd have said I'd already voted before I posted it
No. 53403
That image is a perfect summation of my reaction. So sad. Eiki was my second choice though, so it's all good.
No. 53407
Wait, no, there was absolutely no votespam. Names (mostly writers) are blacked out for privacy. Color is just to make the trustworthiness levels more apparent.
No. 53420

Oh, totally fucking misread and misinterpreted it then.

No. 53421
I've been here for a while now but I still have no idea who Wiseman is. He appears to be some kind of mythical shit stirrer that hides in the shadows, like satan.
No. 53422

Not so much a shit stirrer (although he certainly did cause shitstorms, but not GH or Wizard Tier ones,by his actions) as more of a being a totally dense fucking idiot.
No. 53427
>>53356 posting.

I know the voting's over, same for the rapping, but now that I have no time pressure before votes are called I made a full version of my Parsee rap. I don't want to clog up the next thread with it, so fuck it I'm gonna post it here.


The name's Parsee Mizuhashi, Bridge Princess;
I've issues with jealousy, but I know I got your interest!

Yukari invited me along on a party to the Outside;
I figured, why the fuck not? So I went along for the ride!

A storm rose once we got there, locked us in with a real shower;
No end in sight, all I could do was sit in the corner and glower.

Turned out the butler, Alfred, can talk some real smack;
Son of a bitch made me laugh, threw me off track!

Everything was going fine up 'til he learned Yukari died;
Then Hatate hit him with a chair, that isn't something I'd abide!

She tried to justify herself by saying 'The Butler Did It'
Everyone glared and told her she was an idiot.

Alfred made her feel despised, so she went to the lounge and cried;
But the killer was waiting, and so the birdie was fried.

Lyrica found her first and screamed, horror-stricken;
A message written in blood, apparently tengu taste like chicken?

I say we split some copies up, Suika agreed;
Then we find out we're powerless, the oni's displeased.

Skip ahead, people keep dying, but I'm not scared;
When we find the culprit I'm gonna make him living-impaired!

We've lost half the party now, things are getting bad;
Killer grabs Lyrica next, and I get real mad!

We give chase, corner him in the pool room;
Bastard hits a button, calls up a trio of doom!

I axe one to pieces, rage clouding my vision;
Vengeance for all who've been taken, that was my mission!

The monsters were underwhelming, but I'm not complaining;
We gave those fuckers one hell of a caning!

Killer got away, but we saved Lyrica, now we're taking a break;
Route-lock choice soon, my love is at stake!

Make your choice, Alfred, it's me or the judge;
If you go with Eiki, you know I'll hold a grudge!

That last verse was a joke, please don't be mad!
Eiki's great, really! I just... for once, I want to be glad.

Voting's over, my heart sinks at being beaten by three;
What's the matter, everyone? I thought you liked me?

Looking past the jealousy, I still don't think the outcome's fair;
But with a murderer waiting for us, I really want to rip and tear!
No. 53443
File 137599294272.jpg- (189.47KB , 800x800 , far far from forgotten.jpg ) [iqdb]
New Thread:


Thread Watcher x